Can you see why Ariana is in error?

Ariana loves to make those around her happy.

Here she is getting ready to retrieve the post from the cute postman. But Ariana is so desperate to please that she has forgotten something. can you see what it is?

20 minutes after this pic was taken Arianna was spanked and sent to bed for the rest of the day. Why?


Please spend some time examining every inch of this picture for clues.


Ariana Marie in white lingerie 03

8 thoughts on “Can you see why Ariana is in error?

  1. Kandi thinks Arianna is at fault in not wearing a pretty dress. She should only be in her underwear to meet a postman if her Master or Mistress has told her to. Even if he’s cute.(giggles) Kandi thinks undies are for Master’s benefit! Poor Arianna, but p’raps she’ll learn and be better next time.

  2. All interesting suggestions, and perhaps she ought to have been punished for those Jez and kandi.

    But she was spanked for an entirely different ommission.

  3. Excellent Louise! Will be publishing the results on the blog very shortly. Please give yourself 6 pats on the bottom for being so clever.

    Deborah Ford

  4. I noticed the price tag too, but what about the tab on the left garter that is not straight? Also, it appears that there is a bulge showing int the front. Did she forget to tuck?

  5. Renee, well observed indeed. Sometimes even the tightest of chastity devices leaves a small budge, but no excuse for the suspender tab!

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