Silly sissies, fear and gossip

Fear stalks the land … it is coming


Fear can be felt. It is visceral, like a cold shiver.

It makes a sissy quiver and rub at her useless, chastity caged dinkie, remorselessly locked away from her needy fingers.

It can sting tears to bewildered eyes. Why pick on me? It’s like being caned and sent to bed early with a penis gag, all for some imagined offence. It’s never wise to argue with your Mistress wife or her resolute, tough Bull of a boyfriend. It only makes the punishment worse.

Just pout, stamp the little foot and cry, “It’s not fair.”

And now the dread is amplified by the hushed whispers at the local Sissy School, where wide eyed sissies gasp at the latest gossip. They plead to be released from lessons, have their cages unlocked, all before it is too late.


Could the idle chit chat of mindless, silly sissies be correct?


Is it possible true?


Can it be?


Is there really a new Deborah Ford story about to be released on the trembling world?

Oh my.

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