The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Thirteen

Eden hated having to kneel in the Master of the House’s office, what had just a week before been his own office! The hard wooden floor was painful on the knees. At least in the other rooms he knelt on comfortable carpet.

Moreover, wherever he knelt his maid’s trousered, uniform tightened uncomfortably about him. The trousers and corset squeezed his waist, the slight heel on the shoes bowed his feet, and the straps from the body corset dug into his shoulders.

He knew better than complain.

A livid Marcus was tight lipped, and Erika, still perturbed was shaking her head at her kneeling husband. Though why, Eden couldn’t tell.

“So,” Marcus said at last, “the maid wants to have a discussion. Let’s give it to her.”

Swallowing Eden was about to speak when his wife shook her head quickly at him as a warning, so he remained silent.

“It’s about time I nailed down some fresh rules around here. Both of you,” he indicated Erika as well as Eden, “have been a little bratty lately.”

Erika let her cheek fall against his shoulder, “Sorry Master.”

Taking his cue from his wife, who seemed to have a sixth sense when dealing with the Master of the House, Eden breathlessly said, “Yes, sorry Master.”

“You got to understand, maid, you can’t just do something that’s not prescribed housework without permission. Imagine if a dumb bitch like you was seeking to do stuff on her own initiative.”

He looked at Eden’s wife who nodded in warm agreement as if welcoming the advice.

Seeing Marcus’ arm run around his wife’s shoulders, irritated Eden. That was his wife! The master was holding her as if she were his property. Nibbling his lip, Eden sought to quell his rising anger at the injustice.

“Got any questions?” Marcus said.

At last! Eden knelt up straight, feeling his bra straps tighten.

“Yes, Master …”

But he was quickly cut off.

“Not talking to you, airhead, I’m talking to your tramp of a wife!”

“Oh, sorry Master,” Eden said, feeling small at being berated in front of his wife.

“I can’t think of any questions, Master,” Erika said slowly as if thinking while speaking.

Apparently satisfied, Marcus cuddled her and announced, “Great. Then its settled.”

Eden’s wife folded her long, bare legs up on the sofa, as if to huddle closer into the brute.

“Erm Master,” Eden squeaked, his eyes fixed on his wife being nuzzled by the bully. “Sorry but, I don’t know, I hope you don’t mind me saying that it may not work.”

Erika took in a deep intake of breath, her eyes looking away from the maid, as if terrified for her.

The room collapsed into an icy silence, like the threatening glare of an Alsatian before an attack.

“Well, let’s see, maid,” Marcus relaxed into a grin that he shared knowingly with Erika, “who’s the dumb maid who is so wrong that she gets punished all the time?”

Thinking it was rhetorical question Eden simply bowed his head and waited for the moment to pass.

It didn’t.

“You gone deaf girl?”

Erika moved forwards in the arms of her lover to whisper to the maid.

“Honey, your Master asked you a question.”

Anger boils incessantly, the heat increasing until it explodes …

“She isn’t your wife! She is mine! This is just a game! And it’s gone too far. I’m not dumb!”

Tears of indignation blurred his vision, so he didn’t see the hand lash out until it painfully grabbed the maid’s ear.


“On your feet maid!”

Already Marcus stood at his full impressive height and Eden had no option other than to rise up too, before his ear was pulled off.

“A game is it?”

Marcus dragged the sobbing pleading maid into the room overlooking the front of the house.

When Eden stumbled, Marcus slapped the maid’s thigh – hard.

“Keep up!”

Within moments, Eden found his nose pressed against the front window over looking the neat lawn descending down to the bushes before the street.

“Hands on head,” Marcus declared. “Like, now!”

Like an automaton Marcus’ hands sped into his curly blonde hair. He turned anxiously to Marcus. He didn’t want to be stood in the front window where his neighbours might catch sight of him.

“Eyes front girl!”

Gasping, Eden complied, looking through the window which steamed up before him.

Suddenly The Master of the House was tearing frantically at the maid’s trousers. In moments they were hauled down to wrap about the maid’s Cuban heels. They were quickly followed by the dark tights, making Eden’s legs feel suddenly cold and exposed.

“Master, please, I …”

The slap to his pantied buttocks shut him up instantly.

“Back straight!”

“Yes, master.”

As he pulled back his shoulders, so Eden felt his corset tighten around him and press out his small artificially formed boobs.

Erika spoke softly, seeking to calm the enraged Bull.

“Master, she didn’t mean it. You know how dumb she is.”

Oh, how Eden hoped that the Master of the House would accept that he was merely dumb and not naughty.

Marcus’ voice was now softer.

“I know you love your maid and want to protect her, but you can’t save her from herself. I don’t want her mouthing off whenever she feels bratty. Now be a good girl and fetch me the cane.”

The cane! Eden sucked in a series of breaths. If only he was permitted to speak so he could apologise. He didn’t mean to be bratty. It just came out like that.

For a moment Erika thought to continue pleading her husband’s case but seeing that her lover was now calming down she thought it wise to comply. Perhaps she could have another go when she returned.

Down on the street a noisy car slowly drove passed. It was giving them plenty of opportunities to glance through the small spaces between the branches.  Oh My God. Eden could see there were gaps in the bushes through which pedestrians might, if they stopped and looked up, see the odd sight of what would appear to be a girl, standing with her hands on her blonde, frizzy hair style. They would instantly know she was being punished.

Deep, grinding shame overwhelmed him, making him light headed, as if he had stood up too quickly.

“I brought the medium length cane,” Erika said, returning to the room. “Perhaps you can let the silly maid apologise for behaving so naughtily.”

“Maybe,” Marcus mused.

Was he being genuine? Eden felt hope.

A large hand firmly patted the maid’s bottom through the light silk of the mauve panties.

“Listen, girl, I know you can get a little over excited, isn’t that right?”

“Yes Master, yes!”

Eden was clutching at any straw offered his way.

“But you cannot be permitted to be bratty, can you?”

“No Master. Quite right, I am so sorry for my errant behaviour.”

The Bull laughed, “Errant. Hey, I like that word!”

This was going well, Eden thought. He liked the word. Almost certainly he would be reprieved – surely.

Another firm pat on his arse.

“Are you going to be a good maid or a naughty maid?”

“Oh! A good maid, Master. I promise.”

“I see.”

The Master fell silent while the maid held her breath.

“Tell me maid, what do you say if you want a cup of tea?”

“Oh! I don’t make the tea, Master. I say, I want a cup of tea.”

“Try harder, little one. Say, please may I have a cup of tea. Like the good girl I know you can be.”

“Yes Master. Please may I have a cup of tea.”

More hard pats whereby Eden could feel the size of his Master’s palm along with the thick outstretched fingers.

“Suppose you want to ask permission to stay up late?”

“Oh, erm, please Master, may I stay up late.”

“What about if you want a pee?”

“Please Master may I have a pee?”

A thunderous slap to his ill protected arse, sent Eden’s groin forward striking against the window sill.


“Maids aren’t allowed to use words like pee. Say bathroom!”

“Yes Master. Please Master may I use the bathroom.”

More light pats.

“Good girl, clever girl.”

“Ok, maid, this is what is going to happen. So listen up!”

Eden concentrated all his attention on the words of the Master of the House.

“I am going to give you six strikes of the cane. You will then apologise to the Mistress of the House for behaving like a naughty little girl.”

“Yes Master. I will.”

It was at this moment that Erika’s pussy simply melted, bringing down all her capacity to think. To watch this alpha male, tame her husband so completely created deep needy sexual urges. How she wanted to please the bull. There was something so masculine and powerful about the way Marcus simply was the Master of the House. This was no role playing game. It was real.

So it was that Marcus sliced the maid’s buttocks six times.

And so it was, in accordance with the bull’s instructions that Eden apologised to his wife.

Not at any moment did his damp eyes move disobediently from the street, fearful that someone would surely stop at some point and see his shame. He would be destroyed. Everyone in the street would know.

Eden felt it easy to apologise to his wife when the master of the House had ordered him to do so.

“Please, Mistress of the House, I am deeply regretful that I was naughty earlier. I promise it won’t happen again.”

The hot wife emitted a long primordial groan. She stared hard at the Master of the House, knowing she was little more than a woman in total need. Her mouth hung open inviting in anything the Master of the House wished to drill into her.

“Ok,” Marcus spoke softly, his eyes fixed on the sexy hot wife fully available to him, while quietly issuing instructions to the house help.

“You be a good girl and stay exactly there until you are released. Clear?”

Eden licked his lips. But someone might see him! There was a gap at the end of the drive where people could stop and stare up the drive.


“Ouch. Yes Master. Of course, Master.”

So it was that, in the earlier chapter we found Eden in his predicament of staring into the street through the bushes near the road dreading that he will be observed at some stage. At that point his life wouldn’t be worth living. All the neighbours would be laughing at him.

 Dare he step away? His bottom sang with pain as he thought through his naughtiness. He obviously might have waited for the Master of the House to invite him to speak. Or better still, ask, ‘please, Master, may I speak?’

He was fully aware of how the Bull had helped him learn a valuable lesson, and in so far, he felt grateful to the Master of the House

But what about his predicament?

Perhaps he could hide to one side of the window until his Master came down. Surely, he would hear warning footsteps on the stairs? Especially of such a hefty man. A dreadful fear gripped his tummy. What if he didn’t hear his Master’s footsteps and discovered him being disobedient? What if the bull had a means to spy on him here?

Eden closed his eyes, the worst fear of all would be that the Master of the House would simply ask him if had moved. He would stare into Eden’s eyes in that way he did, like he was looking into the maid’s soul. How could he lie?

So it was that for a period Eden had no ability to measure, he stood obediently upright, back straight, small tits straining at the blouse, mauve panties possibly on display if they were above the windowsill.

It was during this time that Eden rehearsed the thought of him obediently asking the Master for various things. “Please may I have a glass of water.” “Please may I sit down?” “Please may I do the laundry later?”

How pleased the Master of the House would be with him!

Eden jumped. What was that?

The front door had slammed shut. Beneath the window he saw the Master of the House moving swiftly down the drive to his Mercedes. Without a glance back at the maid standing dutifully to attention, hands on head , in the window, the Bull drove away down the drive and vanished around the bushes int the street.


Should he remain in place?

It was always so difficult to know what to do when not actually being commanded to act.

“Oh Honey!”

There was a giggle in his wife’s voice.

“You look so cute!”



She stood by the side of him, wearing a white silk kimono that fell open showing her lovely breasts. Eden’s dick immediately and uselessly tried to expand, thwarted by the tiny chastity enclosure.

She patted his pantied bottom. Had she ever done that before?

“Now the Master of the House has asked me to check you have understood his latest instructions. Ok?”

He swallowed. “Yes Mistress. Should I turn away from the window?”

Leaning so close, he could smell her flowery perfume and feel the heat from her body, she said, “Oh silly maid. Have you been told to move yet?”

“Oh! No Mistress. Sorry Mistress.”

When would he be released from his ordeal?

Erika loved the addition of ‘sorry Mistress’. Who had ever before apologised so readily to her. It made her feel powerful and confident.

After all, hadn’t a wonderful alpha male brute of a man just ravished her senseless? Her confidence grew.

“So tell me, Honey,” s a giggle still tickled her words, “what would you do when you want some lunch?”

He had rehearsed this. He must be careful not too nervous and gabble.

“Please Mistress, may I have some lunch.”

“Good girl.”

A light pat to the maid’s bottom. More delicate than that of the Master of the House.

“And should a maid jabber away with some nonsense her little brain has just thought up?”

“Oh no Mistress. I should say, please may I speak Mistress.”

She kissed his arm through the thin material of the blouse.

“Shame you hadn’t been so dutiful earlier, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress.  I promise it won’t happen again.”

Her voice creaked lower by a few tones. “Oh God, maid. You are so fucking hot! You and I are going to have a ball in your bedroom! Now get your tights back up and get your dumb arse upstairs. Oh my, the things we are going to do!”

Had he been released. He dared to turn his head slightly towards her, maintaining his hands on head stance.

She slapped his backside playfully. “Now maid!”

Oh God, how could she be so hot again, just minutes after an almighty orgasm from her well endowed lover.

3 thoughts on “The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Thirteen

  1. Marcus is not only dominate the Eden, he also makes Eden to accept her/his wife as a mistress I must say strict mistress … I am wondering how all this start may be, sometime Eden or her/his wife recall how a game become real life.

  2. Marcus not only converting Eden to sissy he’s also making his wife into a strict Mistress for Eden and a slave to Marcus I mean he had power to control the whole family, lets see what happen next.

  3. Marcus is not only dominate the Eden, he also makes Eden to accept her/his wife as a mistress I must say strict mistress … I am wondering how all this start may be, sometime Eden or her/his wife recall how a game become real life.

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