Melissa Chapter Five




  • Christians outfit is somewhat more demure, but they lovely pix!


Melissa Chapter Five


By Deborah Ford


“I want you to be a very brave little boy for your Mistress.”

They were standing before the full-length mirror in the master bedroom, Christian still wearing his constricting white, basque with matching stockings and panties, and Melissa in her sexy tight black dress, looking unusually dishevelled. Normally she looked immaculate, as if ready for a catwalk.

Though she had quickly brushed her hair, she looked curiously messy. Her makeup needed redressing and her dress was creased.

Her exertions with Sir and then with her boy had left her far removed from her usually flawless self.

Christian had noticed her seriousness and that she gripped his fingers tightly, as if comforting a child.

For his part, the moment he rose from the bed, he felt the full weight of his new chastity cage locked on his privates by Sir. His own flimsy plastic cages had always had no real weight to them. Once on, they were quickly forgotten. This was different. It gripped him securely and its heaviness tugged when he moved.

His wife was concerned. “Sir says I must do this gently. So pay attention boy.”

Christian nodded, a bubbling of fear in his tummy. What on earth could she mean?

“You heard Sir,” she continued softly, her eyes large, full of sympathy. “When you see your new chastity cage it will be a shock.”

Sighing, Christian said, “Mistress, I have seen enough chastity cages. We bought our first one, over two years ago.”

She shook her head and said, “Hmmm. Not like this, boy. So here we go.”

Now his eyes were fully on his panties as his Mistress used her free hand to grip the lacy top before tugging them down. He noticed a dark, grey area on the crisp whiteness where, despite the tight cage, he had still managed to spurt a great deal of pre cum.

Another delicate yank pulled the panties over his suspender straps, and he could see his pubic hairs bustling into sight. He swallowed. What spectacle was about to greet him?

And then came the shock.

The panties were dragged down to his thighs and when Christian caught sight of the place where his dick normally sat, he squealed out loud.

“Come and sit on the bed, boy. Quickly. You’ve gone white as a sheet.”

Docilely he allowed himself to be sat on the bed and manoeuvred around so that his Mistress could now grip both his hands in hers. She sat close to him, a picture of concern.

She exhaled in sympathy. “Oh, Boy! I warned you. Sir warned you.”

“B-b-but Mistress. I can barely see it.”

Bravely, he stole another glance between his thighs. Where his dick normally jutted out was now a silver mesh, the size of a large coin.

She kissed his cheek. “I know boy. Amazing, isn’t it? Sir knows so much about all this stuff.”

Christian was sick and tired of hearing ‘Sir’ spoken about with all this damned reverence. It was as if Melissa was speaking about some God that had landed in their life to spread energy and goodness.

It was time for Christian to make a stand.

“Look, we really need to talk about all this. And this Sir guy who you seem completely smitten by.”

He stopped yammering when he saw her expression change instantly from concern to irritation.

“Have you already forgotten the magic word, boy?”

Rolling his eyes he blurted out “Mistress!”

Unsatisfied, she raised her eyebrows.

He mellowed, and said softly, “Mistress.”

She stroked a hand through his wonderfully girly hair style.

“Sir will be expecting a report on your behaviour tonight. I’m not sure he is going to like what he’ll hear.”

“Oh God, Mistress, does it really matter what he thinks?”

With a sly smile she said, “Only if you want to be unlocked and play with yourself, I guess.”

Then she laughed. “Oh silly boy. Look at your face! You’ve been told. Tonight, you will be the maid of the house. And I expect you to be on your best behaviour.” She leaned closer for emphasis. “At all times! I don’t want you embarrassing me with any brattiness. Is that clear?”

“Mistress, I’m scared. I don’t think I can do this.”

“You’ve been wanting to be a maid since we married,” she added more firmly, “Now’s your chance and it’s going to happen. So deal with it.” Relaxing she kissed his nose. “Boy, you will be fine. Really. You’ll see.”

Moving to the edge of the bed, he was about to protest further when Melissa rose and pressed down her dress as she did from habit before talking quickly.

“Now obviously, you will wear that maid’s outfit that stops just above your knees. I don’t want you in that silly little one that doesn’t reach your stocking tops. You’ll have to wear the black basque, matching panties, stockings, and oh! The three inch heels! Those 5 inch ones are fine for posing and bedroom games but hopeless for serving.”

She studied her shocked husband for a moment before tilting up his chin. “You’ll need some eye make up. Those false eyelashes I got for you. Make your lipstick pink. But don’t go mad! You are not a drag act.”

“Erm, Mistress, sorry, but I can’t wear make up in front of a man. It will be mortifying.”

“Don’t be silly. You’ve been given your instructions.” Closing her eyes, she continued as if remembering, “Oh and with you in black I’ll need to be in a different colour. I think the rose pink mini dress, flesh coloured stockings and my nude heels. The ones with the nice straps around the ankle. So if you iron my dress when you iron your maid’s dress, that will be an efficient use of your time.”

Christian crossed his legs wondering when to interrupt his Mistress’s long list of instructions. He suddenly realised that with this tight, small chastity he could cross his legs tightly one over the other without discomfort.

“Are you listening, boy?”

“Erm, yes Mistress. Yes. But I was thinking …”

“Do a chicken roast dinner. You’ve done that before. With the herbs. Make sure the potatoes are nice and crisp too, I don’t want Sir disappointed. Oh, and lay the table carefully. As if waitressing in a top notch restaurant. The cloth napkins. Maybe a light pudding. Crème Caramel. You can make that, can’t you?”

“Well yes Mistress, but I really think …”

“We’ll chat later, boy. I am going to take a long bath and start preparing myself for his visit.”

She paused at the door.

“Maid, wow, isn’t it exciting? Everything we have both wanted and it’s actually happening!”

Then she was gone, and Christian stood on his stockinged feet in complete disbelief. The moment he stood upright he felt the insistent weighty tug from between his legs and moaned, partly in frustration and concern but also with, and he had to admit, a heightened degree of arousal from his humiliation.




By six thirty, wonderous aromas of cooking roamed the downstairs. Once he dressed to his wife’s specific instructions, Christian had decided to roast the vegetables so only the peas sat in a pan waiting to be boiled on the stove. He had opened a Chianti Classico to let the red wine breathe and parked an Italian white in the fridge for cooling.

“Maid!” Melissa called out from another room.

He moved quickly in his strappy heels and maid’s dress, which, being tight above the waist but flirtily loose about his thighs made him feel vulnerable. Somehow a tight top made a flouncy A line skirt seem even more revealing and embarrassing.


His Mistress stood in the dining room edging the cutlery into perfect positions, looking stunning! Her rose pink dress hugged her perfect figure superbly, tightly gripping her thighs and ending four inches above the knee. She had brushed her blonde hair herself, usually one of Christian’s duties, and wore dark tan stockings with the nude strappy heels Christian had cleaned earlier.

“Maid, we need some water. A jug. Ice of course. Oh, and lemon!” She was jabbering quickly. “Use the large glass jug and be sure to add the lemons first. Put in the ice when he gets here. Oh! That won’t be long.”

“Oh maid,” she paused, “I am just so, so nervous!”

At that moment, Christian realised he held a tea towel in his hands, just in front of the short frilly apron Melissa had ordered him to wear for the evening.

“Would you like a cuddle Mistress?”

She laughed. “Silly boy. No, I mean maid! Silly maid. I must get used to referring to you as the maid now. Sir says it will help with you dealing with your adaption to your new position in the household.” She smiled and shook her head with wonderment. “Isn’t he amazing how he thinks of everything?”

Melissa clearly didn’t understand how irritating it was for Christian to hear this constant praise and adoration for the guy who was shagging his wife and had locked him into this monstrous chastity device. Worse, this yob that his wife worshipped was taking total control of their lives.

“Mistress,” Christian said, “I know you think highly of …”

“Now, maid. You must be totally respectful of Sir. And me! I don’t want him thinking I can’t keep a silly maid in her place.”

“Yes, Mistress, I get that, it’s just that …”

“And just look at you! You look fantastic.” She giggled. “I saw you ogling yourself in the full length mirror upstairs!”

He felt his cheeks flush at the memory of Mistress emerging from the steaming bath room and catching him twisting this way, then that to catch the movement of his skirt when he moved. And the three inch heels he wore were delightful, somehow making his feet look smaller. How his dick grew and struggled in its confines, somehow heightening his erotic buzz.

“And that silly little maid’s hat in your hair is so delightful!”

He loved the maid’s hat in the bedroom, it was so deliciously humiliating, but the idea of being seen by a man while he wore it was so shaming that it hurt. He had to bring a stop to the planned events of the day.

She was talking again, her nervousness translating into an endless volley of jabbering.

“Oh my. Maid! When you first mentioned this fantasy of being a maid who served me while I was being screwed by real men, I have to say, I was disgusted. I’d never heard anything like it before. And to be honest, those first guys you chose, well, they weren’t exactly brilliant. A couple were ok. But Sir is absolutely perfect. He has got everything!” She winked. “Know what I mean. Everything?”

He had never before heard his wife being so lewd. He knew exactly what she meant, and her compliment of Sir’s manhood felt like a back handed swipe at his own ordinary dick. He wanted some small dick humiliation, that was part of being a cuck after all, but now it was really happening it was excruciating. Like being stabbed. Worse, being stabbed by the woman he loved and wanted to respect him. He could always remove the maid’s outfit and the chastity but he could never go back to his wife respecting his cock!

And why did she have to run down the guys he had chosen? At the start they were learning, weren’t they?

“So, boy,” She laughed. “Oh, look at me! I mean maid! What am I like?”

Like a silly schoolgirl, Christian thought, waiting for some hunk of a boyfriend she had lusted over, but he thought it wise to remain silent – for now.

“So, don’t forget, be prim and proper. Don’t speak unless you are spoken to. Always Mistress and Sir. That’s important. In every line you speak, as Sir says that will also help you acclimatise yourself to your new position. You know, for you to understand completely that this isn’t just a …”

The doorbell sounded and for the first time in a while, she stopped gabbling to look in terrified shock at her maid.

Returning her stare, her maid was also frozen with mouth hanging open.

They stared at each other for a long immeasurable moment, neither even daring to breathe.

The doorbell impatiently sounded again, more insistent.

A nervous Melissa put her fingers to her mouth, her voice low with anxiety, “Oh maid. You best answer it. You won’t like him when he gets cross.”


11 thoughts on “Melissa Chapter Five

  1. Your style is so sophisticated compared to that of most sissy stories, Ms F .
    I’m trying to emulate it to a certain extent, in a story of my own about a nervous young man who is forced to become a chastity-wearing cuckold to his beautiful new bride by a couple of mischievous female ghosts.
    I have titled it “Grabbed by the Ghoulies”

  2. Yes dress is small bit raveling but very good for sissy maid .. who’s actually locked in real chastity device.
    I like the first one i know socks too small and full legs on display …but … at least sandal are tied with ankle because in mule is too difficult to balance while serving.
    I also understand this type of dress choice is kind of trap for sissy but do sissy maid have any other choice.
    whats your opinion about this any one agree with me or not plz write about it

    1. A trap for the sissy? Sounds delicious Arvi! I’m not sure that I see the danger in it though. I would certainly put it on without hesitation. So the trap?

  3. Chloe-anne i explain the trap.
    In first pic dress is too reveling but sandal have strap, mean easy to serve less chance of spilling but in 2nd pic you have full stockings and sleeve,So less reveling but footwear is mule mean it is difficult to balance while serving so when you spill there is more chance for punishment.
    So now it’s your choice, what you want more punishment or showing to people you are slut who like too reveling dress.

  4. Wow Arvi, you really are smart! I never would have figured that out. You probably already know that though. I do so love the stockings and high-heeled mules. But I also love slutty. And it would be kinda exciting to be dressed sluttily and to have to wear the stockings and mules—knowing the whole time that there might be consequences if you misstep. But then punishment? I don’t know. I don’t think that’s a decision I should be allowed to make. They’re both lucky girls!

    Thanks Arvi!

  5. Chloe-anne when mistress give you choice then it is not a decision it is a trap both way you suffer. Still i also love that dress but any kind of corporal punishment no i don’t want…
    Did you get cane on your bottom ever you can’t sit the whole day. Even a slit touch of any thing will remind you why you get that cane.
    I know dress and heels are haven for every sissy but Chloe-anne which corporal punishment do you experienced. And which one is you nightmare.

  6. Arvi—

    To be honest, I am a big fan of the cane and long flexible crops, or really anything that is quick, painful and not cumbersome. But never too many strikes—but enough to be mindful for the next time. Over the knee spanking is kind of inelegant, though it can be embarrassing if done in front of someone or videoed. Clips or clamps on tender places can be effective, but do need time in order for their full effects to be felt. I do not like clamps on the tongue. Not at all. Most most unpleasant!

  7. Chloe-anne you are really big fan sissy of BDSM sub slave … good luck then i suggest you always go for high heel mule and i must say you are really brave sissy. Thanks for sharing your view with us.

  8. Chloe-anne your welcome i am hear you can share with me what ever you want after all sissy maid can share here what ever they want. and your are very brave SISSY … i don’t know any sissy can be that breve too i mean who like any hard corporal punishment.

    You can share me your other idea for punishment i hope the queen of this haven for sissy maid miss Deborah ford also like them.

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