deep trance hypnosis

For those in need of girly, bimbo conditioning, you may wish to try this …

Hypnosis works for about 40% of the population and you should start with :

Using the first three and the tenth file to start.

This is hours and hours of deep trance hypnosis and you follow these links at your own risk. Be warned, they are addicitve.

Vivian and Mad Madeline are both seeking a new husband …

… to play with. They prefer silly boys who think they can control a situation and dictate terms. Vivian says, “they are so much more fun when they are broken into toys.”

Mad Madeline says it is important to think about the sissy hubbie’s need. She says, “for example if he desperately needs to cum then look him square in the eyes and say, not for another week, you useless pink brained sissy.”

Both domes like to laugh, especially at you.

Vivian says it is important to cut off the sissy from his old friends, and introduce him to her friends, like Angry Bruno.  Mad Madeline says she loves the look of defeat in her maids eyes when she has two hunky boyfriends around.