Sasha Davison: Out of the Way: Parts one to five

Out of the Way 01


Looking down at her husband as he knelt at her feet on the floor of the

club, Sarah reflected on how she had come to be in this situation. She

had discovered her husband’s dressing more than a year ago and although

it disturbed her, she genuinely loved her husband as a person and was

willing to try and understand. She was having trouble understanding



For her, cross-dressers were men and women who felt uncomfortable with

the gender that they had been given and needed to live as the opposite

sex. However her husband Robert was not acting in that way as far as

she could see. He had persuaded her to go along with his dressing once

a month and they would play games with her acting as the mistress of

the house and him the maid. Sarah wasn’t keen on these games. She took

little pleasure in seeing her husband powerless through feminization

and she couldn’t understand why he craved that kind of humiliation.


Indeed as time went on and as Robert’s monthly sessions became

fortnightly and then weekly things became worse as far as Sarah was

concerned. There was progressively less sex between Sarah and Robert

and more games between Sarah and ‘Roberta’. Over the year they had

amassed quite a collection of whips, cuffs and floggers and the like.

It wasn’t that Sarah was completely immune to the attractions of an S

and M relationship. Sarah had a trim body and full round breasts and

she would feel sexy and powerful as she pulled on whatever pair of

rubber panties or thigh high boots he had bought for her last and

looked at herself in the mirror. She would strike poses with the whip

and imagine having a group of naked young men at her feet before she

rang her little bell which meant the arrival of Robert in his maid’s

uniform. Seeing him mince into the room dressed as a woman always

seemed to dampen her enthusiasm and the curses and orders she barked

out were learnt rather than felt.


And then there was the chastity thing that Robert had started where he

would have her lock his penis into a tube which didn’t allow him to

have an erection. This meant that Robert got so turned on by the

whippings and orders that he begged Sarah to dish out to him he could

barely breathe in his corset. For Sarah it meant that the sessions went

on for longer and that her husband spent his time even more self

absorbed and focussed on his own pleasure.


Above all of this, the biggest problem by far for Sarah was the

underlying motivations for Robert’s behaviour. Why did he associate

being dressed as a woman with vulnerability and humiliation? What did

that really mean about who he was as a person underneath? She had tried

to talk about these things to Robert, but he had taken her words as

sexy chit-chat, a different way for her to humiliate him. He seemed to

view everything through a kind of erotic haze. These worries had

combined over time and had started to erode the love that she had for

him to the point where she had thought about leaving. She was still



Their weekly sessions together continued to become more and more

adventurous until Robert had persuaded her to take him to a fetish club

as her slave. She was very unsure of the idea and saw it as Robert

starting to persuade her to bring someone else into the relationship

but he had made it quite clear to her that he didn’t want to get

anybody else involved, it was simply the idea of him at her feet

dressed in front of strangers that turned him on.


So it was that she found herself looking down at Robert at her feet on

the floor of the club whilst he gazed back up at her. His fantasy was

for her to put his arms into an elbow binder behind his back before she

lead him into the room by a leash attached to the thin collar padlocked

around his neck. The tight satin corset she had prized him into

accentuated the puffy arms and flared skirt of the fitted black satin

maid’s dress he was wearing. Tonight he had chosen his favourite red-

brown curly wig and Sarah thought again about what a convincing woman

he made. Sometimes she told herself that that was the problem, Sarah

was no lesbian. ‘Roberta’ was trying to pout with his red lips around

the ball gag filling his mouth. He had said earlier that his plan was

for Sarah to take a drink and then for them to go home again.


Sarah had sat at a small table and as the waitress went to get her a

martini, she looked around at the other people in the club. There were

about 30 people, mostly couples. She noticed that mostly the women were

dom, although there were a couple of men with scantily clad females

either hanging onto their arms or kneeling attentively at their feet.

Sarah and Roberta were attracting a fair amount of attention. Whether

Sarah liked it or not, Roberta looked hot. However, it was difficult

not to notice Sarah in her tight leather trousers and thin white

blouse, thin enough to clearly draw attention to the red bra

underneath. Sarah’s long wavy brown hair framed her pretty round face

very well and her full red lips finished off the picture perfectly. As

she saw heads turn in her direction, she started to relax and to breath

in the feeling of power that she felt.


Suddenly a rather fat middle aged man dressed from head to foot in

rubber crawled over and started to try to get near her shoes.


‘Please mistress, would you whip me, just a little?’


Sarah tried to kicked him away but he lay there, obviously persuading

her to kick him some more.


‘Will you just fuck off you old creep.’ said Sarah. Roberta started to

grunt from beneath his gag, but with his arms pinned behind his back he

could do little else but remain motionless looking slightly confused.

Sarah looked down at him with disgust ‘and you can shut up, it’s not

like you’re going to scare anybody off dressed like that!’


The man squirmed some more until an arm reached down to grab his collar

and dragged him away across the floor like a seal sliding down the

beach. Sarah looked up to see who had helped her and saw a tall blonde

woman a little older than herself dragging the man off. She finally

kicked him hard in the balls and left him doubled up on the floor.


‘Yes do fuck off Gerald and stop bothering the nice lady.’


The woman was dressed in tight leather and carried a long crop. She had

a powerful muscular body and her face, although rather plain, bore a

smile which exuded confidence and control. Standing over Roberta she

smiled at Sarah and held out her hand.


‘Jodie. I’m pleased to meet you.’


Sarah stood up and shook her hand ‘Sarah, thanks for that, the old

creep wouldn’t go away.’


‘Oh that’s just Gerald, you must be new. That’s good, God knows we need

some fresh blood around here.’


Jodie’s eyes turned down to Roberta who was gazing up the length of her

leather clad leg. Jodie lifted the skirt of his maid’s dress with the

tip of her boot revealing the frilly black panties beneath.


‘And what’s the name of this pretty little thing?’


‘Robert… Roberta’


Jodie noticed that Sarah looked slightly uncomfortable using the female

version of the name


‘Such a pretty little sissy, we were just saying when we saw you come

  1. And she belongs to you?’


‘for better or for worse’


‘Oh how delightful! You’ve done a great job on her’


‘She did most of it herself. And by the way we don’t really use the

word “sissy”‘


‘really, why ever not?’


‘Well he doesn’t… well we just don’t use it.’


Jodie nodded thoughtfully.


At home, Robert didn’t like Sarah to call him a sissy, he preferred the

term cross-dresser. Sarah couldn’t understand how he could try and

pretend he was trying to look like a normal woman dressed in such

frilly maid’s outfits, but she went along with him. Trying to explain

that to this dominant woman brought home to Sarah how much of a sissy

Roberta really was.


Jodie knelt down on one knee so that her face was level with Roberta’s.

Sarah could see that Roberta was shaking slightly, scared but

transfixed by the stranger’s attention. Jodie took his face in her hand

and moved it from left to right, examining it. Roberta’s eyes flicked

between Jodie’s and Sarah’s and his wife noticed he was shaking. Sarah

was momentarily mesmerised at the sight of this powerful woman handling

her husband, but then she came back to her senses


‘I should say, we’re just here for fun, we’re not looking for



Jodie glanced up at Sarah


‘anything what?’


turning back to Roberta, she helped him to his feet. He rose unsteadily

on the stiletto heels strapped to his ankles.


‘Be a good sissy and go and stand facing the pillar over there, I want

to talk to your mistress’


Roberta looked at her with a confused expression on his face and then

back to Sarah


‘well go on then!’ barked Sarah and the two women watched as he

scurried away to the wall.


Jodie sat down on the chair next to Sarah, crossed her long legs and

smiled at her. She took out a cigarette case and, having offered one to

Sarah, who declined, she lit her own cigarette and inhaled deeply

whilst studying Roberta as if she was trying to understand a

complicated piece of art. Sarah didn’t really know what to say and

started to become uncomfortable with the silence.


‘It’s our first time at a place like this’ she blurted out, immediately

regretting the lame comment. Jodie glanced at her and raised her

eyebrows in mock surprise, then turned back to Roberta. After a few

deep drags she exhaled and started to speak.


‘She’s a sexy little thing but it’s a shame that you don’t seem

altogether enchanted with the idea of having a husband as a sissy.’


‘Well, I didn’t say that…’


‘Dear, you didn’t have to. I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but it’s

fairly obvious who’s really on the leash here.’


Sarah’s eyes flashed at this accusation


‘How dare you, you don’t know anything about me!’


‘I’m sorry, I say what I think. But are you saying that I’m wrong?’


Their eyes stayed locked for a moment. Nothing was said. Jodie

uncrossed her legs and leaned closer to Sarah. Sarah could smell the

tobacco on her breath.


‘You know, if you want, she can come and stay with us for a while. It’s

always fun to have a new sissy around and, to be frank, I think that

she needs some… education… in who’s wishes are paramount. You would

have some time to yourself, and when she came back I guarantee she’ll

be a new woman.’


Sarah stared at the woman’s smiling face as she said this. After a

slight pause Sarah laughed a bit unconvincingly


‘No, thank you all the same, but I think I’ll hold onto him for the

time being!’ Jodie didn’t move for a few seconds and then stood up and



‘Well, please have a think about it. If you change your mind, I’ll be

around for a couple of hours.’


‘I don’t’ think I will.’ Jodie walked over to Roberta and pulled him

back over to Sarah’s feet


‘SISSY, get back over to your mistress here. I tried to get her to lend

you to me, but she’s not interested.’ Jodie raised her whip and brushed

it slowly over Roberta’s cheek. ‘pity.’ She winked at Sarah and then

walked off. Roberta watched her leather clad ass slowly recede and then

turned to Sarah, his eyes were huge and he was breathing heavily.


‘Oh get back down here, for God’s sake’ said Sarah disgustedly. Roberta

scurried down to her feet and looked up at her questioningly. He

started to moan like he wanted her to remove his gag.


‘Please shut up, I’m not taking that off. That freak wanted to take you

home. I don’t know why I didn’t give you to her.’ Roberta remained

still. Sarah leaned down to him and smiled


‘would you like that? Would you like me to give you to the next freak

who asks so that you can serve them instead?’


Roberta shook his head rapidly with fear in his eyes.


‘Oh don’t worry, I won’t do that today. Not if you’re a good sissy.’


Roberta’s eyes became wide when he heard her using that word. Sarah

looked down at him meaningfully, then she became aware of a presence at

her side. Glancing up, she saw that about a metre away there was a

young man dressed only in a tight pair of leather briefs and with a

thick collar round his neck. The man’s tanned body was strong and well

defined. Sarah took in his handsome face and dark hair. He was standing

staring at her, obviously waiting to be addressed.


‘Can I help you?’ Sarah smiled.


‘Mistress, I saw you when you came in and I was wondering would you…

could I please kiss your shoes? Or… anything?’


Sarah smiled down at Roberta jokingly, Roberta stared up at her and

then over to the hunky young man. Sarah saw the colour run out of her

husband’s face and she looked up again at the young man. Robert was

scared by this man, surely he must know that she wouldn’t break her

promise to him. But look at this hunk! What a turn on to have someone

like that at your feet! At that second it passed through Sarah’s mind

exactly why she was there in the club and how Robert had manipulated

her to be there. There was no reason for her to not have a little fun.

Sarah smiled up at the man.


‘Well, yes, I suppose there’s no harm in that, is there Roberta?’


Roberta grunted and started to raise up from his knees but Sarah pushed

the top of his head down hard to keep him on the floor. Roberta’s face

turned into a mixture of anger and panic.


Ignoring Roberta the man fell to his hands and knees and began to lick

Sarah’s left shoe desperately. Sarah gasped at the sight of this but

quickly tried to regain her composure


‘Slow down, slow down. Right, better. Lick the side’


The slave’s tongue moved up the inside of Sarah’s high heeled shoes and

Sarah felt it’s wetness over the top of the shoe on her bare skin. She

shuddered. He carried on for a while and she had him lick the heels of

the shoe.


‘Now, stop. What’s your name, boy


‘whatever you want it to be mistress’


‘Good’ smiled Sarah ‘good, I like that.’ Feeling brave, Sarah pulled

off her shoe and thrust her foot towards his mouth.


‘be a good boy and lick my toes’


‘Thank you mistress’ Said the man and eagerly set about sucking and

licking each toe on Sarah’s naked foot. Sarah’s head went back in

ecstasy and as it came forward again, her eyes fell on her husband.

Roberta was looking up at her forlornly with a desperate expression on

his face. Sarah giggled


‘What’s wrong Roberta? Don’t you think the nice young man is very

handsome? I do. No don’t stop licking boy. Don’t you think he’s sweet

Roberta? Wouldn’t you like to take him home with us?’ Roberta shook his

head vigorously


‘You wouldn’t? I think I would. I bet he’s much more attentive to my

needs than you. I bet he’d do anything I wanted, wouldn’t you boy?’


‘oh yes, please take me home tonight mistress, I’ll do anything you



‘OK, get back to your licking boy. What do you think Roberta? We could

take him home and play with him. Don’t you think that would be fun? You

could watch?’


Roberta shook her head vigorously as she mumbled her opinion of the

idea through the gag. She started to shuffle forwards on her knees.


‘Stop that. I can see you’re going to be selfish about this. OK boy,

stop licking my toes and stand up’ The boy rose up and stood with his

hands behind his back looking at Sarah. His crotch was at eye level and

Sarah couldn’t help but notice the large bulge in his tight briefs.


‘Well it seems that we won’t be able to take you home tonight.’

Roberta’s eyes lit up in relief at this. ‘My sissy doesn’t seem to like

the idea.’


‘Oh please mistress, please take me home. You can do anything you want

with me, let me live on your floor. I can be your sissy if you want.’


Sarah’s head filled with images of the young man tied to her bed. In

her day dream she was whipping him hard with a long riding crop, and

that was just the beginning. He wasn’t dressed as a sissy.


‘No’ Sarah said slowly, her hand reaching out to stroke the side of the

man’s leg dreamily ‘no, I wouldn’t want you to be my sissy’ her eyes

met his and she smiled. As she touched him, she felt aroused in a way

she hadn’t felt for a long time. Compulsively, her hand reached across

and grasped his penis through the briefs. She stroked it slowly and

felt it become hard in her hands. The man gasped. Roberta was trying to

voice his displeasure at the sight of his wife and this man but they

seemed not to hear him at all. Sarah’s heart was beating fast now as

the boy’s cock became longer and thicker. She wanted him.


As Sarah was turning around to look for Jodie, Roberta tried to catch

her attention again by thrashing about and moaning. Sarah slapped his

face sharply and his eyes became huge with fear. Sarah held one finger

up at his face ‘shut up Roberta. I’ve been thinking and if you ever

want to come home with me again just shut up.’ She caught sight of

Jodie and beckoned her to come over. Jodie excused herself from the

conversation she was having and made her way over. As she got closer

she caught sight of the young man standing to the side of Sarah and

appeared taken aback for a moment, then slightly amused.


‘Well, Sarah, you act quickly. Very nice, I must say.’


Sarah’s hands moved back to the young man’s body and she smiled ‘Take

your eyes off him. He’s mine!’ Roberta blanched and started to get to

her feet groaning. Sarah tried to push him down ‘Did I say you could

stand up?’ but he forced himself to his feet.


Calmly Jodie walked over and grabbed hole of the leash hanging from the

collar round his neck. She threw it around his head twice and pulled it

hard towards her, nearly throttling him and he stumbled over to her

with choking noise coming from behind the gag.


‘You’re not going anywhere for a moment sissy.’


Roberta’s face started to turn red and his eyes began to water, Sarah

idly wondered if that was the throttling.


Slowly Jodie pulled the sissy over to a chair and she sat down pulling

Roberta back down to the floor with his back to her, only then did she

slightly release the pressure round his neck, although periodically she

gave the leash a tug to remind Roberta of his place. She smiled up at

Sarah warmly.


‘Well, I hope you’ve re-considered my offer.’


‘I need you to give me more details’ Roberta’s fresh whimpers at

hearing this were quickly cut short by a fresh pull on the leash ‘what

would you require from Roberta. What’s in it for you?’


‘Oh it’s Roberta is it? Well, he seems to like dressing as a maid, so

I’ll have him clean my house a bit, serve drinks and food to me and my

guests. I’ll teach him how to behave the way a maid should and punish

him when I feel like it.’


‘What do you mean, punish’


‘well whippings mostly’ Jodie whirled her metre long riding crop in the

air ‘I like these, a lot, and I’ve got some other stuff, nothing

serious. I’m not into piercings or tattoos or blood of any kind if

that’s what you mean’ Jodie lowered her head and spoke to Roberta in a

baby voice ‘If the little sissy is naughty mommy will have to tie his

balls up with string…’ Roberta stared up at Sarah, who’s attention

was in turn consumed by her slave. Jodie brought Roberta’s attention

back by yanking his leash again and hissing ‘…TIGHT’


‘that sounds reasonable.’ Said Sarah, although it wasn’t clear if she

was even listening any more as she stroked the bulge in the boys pants

again. She couldn’t wait to get him home.


‘Oh and I’ll keep his cock locked away too’


‘Well, he’s already taken care of that’


‘Really, I bet he lets himself out after a couple of hours’ Jodie

pulled Roberta’s head round and their eyes met. Jodie smiled ‘I’m just

going to keep you locked up.’ she said quietly then she lowered her

face until it was only a couple of inches from Roberta’s and he could

feel her warm breath as she whispered ‘what do you think of that?’.

Jodie turned back to Sarah


‘right, Do you have a key with you?’


‘No, I’m afraid we left it at home.’


‘Oh, well, I really will be keeping him locked up then! And then

there’s the usual personal services, I’ll put his tongue to good use

during the day. Then there’s my husband of course’


Roberta’s gasp was audible at this point. Sarah snapped back into



‘Your husband?’


‘Of course. My husband is the one who really loves sissy-maids. Roberta

will have to see to his needs every evening when he gets home from

work.’ Sarah looked down at Roberta, who was looking up at her with a

fresh expression of panic on his face. ‘He also likes to start the

morning in a very particular way. I’m sure you can imagine.’


‘Oh I see.’


‘Well, naturally, I mean you didn’t think it was just for me did you?

Don’t worry, I’ll try to get him to use protection during any actual

fucking. Anyway, from the looks of him, I bet he’s a pretty eager

little cock sucker isn’t he?’


Nobody spoke for a moment. Jodie looked from the terrified expression

on Roberta’s face to the slightly shocked one on Sarah’s and started to



‘Oh my God!’ she let out a laugh ‘No, you don’t mean? Never?’ Sarah

shook her head ‘Oh my husband is going to be so…’ Jodie’s expression

of surprise changed into one of amusement ‘…enthusiastic!’


Roberta began to struggle now and Jodie pulled harder on the leash

around his neck. Sarah left her chair and knelt down to talk to him.


‘Roberta, I’m tired of always playing your games. Tonight I’m going to

take this man home with me whether you like it or not. I want you out

of the way, and from the looks of things I’m inclined to believe Jodie

here when she says she can make you more attentive’


‘Oh, I guarantee it Sarah.’ Sarah smiled up at Jodie who was now

lifting up Roberta’s skirts with her crop and lightly flicking it

against the thin material of his panties. ‘I’m going to teach your

sissy do whatever he’s told, and I mean whatever.’


Sarah continued talking to her husband ‘You know I could make things

difficult for you, so if you don’t do this, there’s no coming back

home, and lets just say I’ll let everyone know what you’re really

like.’ Sarah looked up and spoke to Jodie ‘Listen I was thinking, how

does meeting you back here in a week sound. I’ll phone his work and

tell them he’s got the flu or something.’


‘Sounds great. Do you want my phone number?’


Sarah looked into Roberta’s eyes and a slightly sad expression filled

her eyes. She shrugged slightly, as if to apologise. ‘No, I don’t think



Roberta’s eyes were starting to glisten with tears. Sarah brushed his

hair out of his face and kissed his forehead lightly. She moved back a

little and smiled at her husband.


‘Don’t worry, you look pretty baby. I’m sure it’ll work out OK. I’m

sure… her husband will be… just…’ tears rolled down Roberta’s

face as Sarah tried to justify her actions to herself ‘Well. I hope you

enjoy it.’


Standing up abruptly as if to change the subject, Sarah beckoned the

young man over. She reached down and grasped his balls in her hand.

Kissing him full on the mouth she squeezed his balls until he pulled

away and gasped.


‘Did I tell you to pull away?’ Sarah asked


‘No, I’m sorry mistress.’


Sarah squeezed again harder and the man cried out but didn’t pull away.

Smiling, Sarah said quietly ‘you’ll be more than sorry next time’ She

looked over at Jodie who had got Roberta to her feet.


Roberta was still grunting and looking imploringly in Sarah’s

direction. Jodie lifted Roberta’s skirts and brought home her crop on

his backside.


‘Oh do shut up. Sarah, are you sure you don’t want to come and join us

for a while? I think a woman like you might enjoy seeing just how

quickly a man like my husband can persuade one like yours to be his

willing slut.’


Sarah shook her head, shot a commiserating pout at her husband and then

headed for the exit, dragging her new slave by his balls.


part two

Out of the Way 2


Sorry about the delay but thanks for the comments.  (Much) more coming

soon, SD



By keeping a tight hold on the leash in one hand and wrapping her other

arm around his head, Jodie made Roberta watch as Sarah left with the

young man.  Roberta’s imploring moans through the gag were drowned out

by the background music playing in the club. Together they watched

Sarah’s ass sway from side to side sexily as the couple moved towards

the exit. Roberta silently willed her to turn back or even just look

over her shoulder…


‘Don’t they look great together.’ cooed Jodie ‘I know she THINKS she’s

quite the dominatrix, but I wonder how long Sarah will be able to

resist having that cock inside her…’ at the word cock she yanked

Roberta’s leash. Sarah and the man went out of view and Roberta tried

very hard to say something through the gag at this point. Jodie turned

to her ‘what did you say sweetie?’ Roberta shook his head and opened

and closed his eyes, trying to put an end to this stupid game which had

gone too far ‘You think she’ll manage to keep her hands off that cock?

I mean yes, she’ll be able to start OK by making him lick her out, but

I doubt very much that she’ll be able to last even one night without

making use of that beautiful package.’ Roberta started to struggle and

grunt again and Jodie pulled the leash tight once more. ‘You see she

loses the initiative then, when she lets his cock inside her, she’s

telling the slave she needs him. Oh well, she’s got to start

somewhere.’ Roberta let out a particularly loud whimper. ‘Shhh, be

quiet sweetie’ Jodie whispered in his ear ‘You know it’s better this

way’ Roberta grunted his disagreement and Jodie put the end of the crop

in his face angrily ‘now don’t be silly, Sarah gets her own sexy hunk

to play with for a week instead of her pathetic excuse for a husband,

and you get to act out all your dirty little sissy fantasies.’ Jodie

stroked away locks of curly brown hair which had fallen in front of

Roberta’s face and leaned in to whisper conspiratorially ‘You know, all

the ones where you become a real little maid servant?’ Roberta shook

his head vigorously in denial and Jodie threatened him again with the

crop ‘don’t lie to me!’ she spat ‘You have no idea how bored I am of

nasty little sissies that lie’ she stood up and yanked on Roberta’s

leash. ‘Come on, time to go’


Jodie walked briskly towards the exit dragging Roberta behind her who

was desperately trying to keep up and stay upright on his heels. At the

cloakroom while Jodie waited for her coat, Roberta tried to catch the

attention of the girl behind the counter. The girl finally looked up at

him and he stamped his foot and grunted loudly for help, a tear rolling

down his cheek. The girl smiled back at Jodie as she handed over her



‘Reminds me of the time I made mine dress up for my new boyfriend.

Sissies are all the same, aren’t they?’


‘That was just what I was telling her’ smiled Jodie ‘they’re so

predictable. Can you hold this for a second while I put my coat on?’

Jodie passed the leash to the girl behind the counter who took it

gladly and smiled at Roberta.


‘She’s a cute one. Yours?’


‘Well, her wife just left her with me. But she’s mine for now’ The

cloakroom attendant giggled. Suddenly her eyes lit up


‘Wait… the wife… it wasn’t that brunette who just left with that

guy in the thong was it?’ Jodie pulled a long fur coat over her tight

leather and then she took back the leash.


‘That’s the one, white top, leather pants’ The cloakroom girl’s smile



‘Oh they were so hot for each other, she could barely keep her hands

off that guy’s butt. I thought they were going to get down to it right

here on the counter. Did you see the bulge in his pants?’ Roberta

groaned and started to stamp her heel again


‘I know. I wouldn’t mind having him to myself for a while’ said Jodie.

The cloakroom attendant turned to Roberta


‘I’ll never understand what it is that makes you sissies love having

your wives worked over by other men so much.’ Jodie chuckled as

Roberta’s head hung.  The girl watched this in puzzlement then smiled

at Jodie conspiratorially ‘Oh, I guess she had no choice in coming down

here tonight, did she?’ she turned back to Roberta ‘Wild!’


Jodie stroked Roberta’s hair ‘No, it was your idea, wasn’t it Roberta?’

Roberta remained motionless, another tear rolling down his cheek ‘just

look at that mascara would you, Roberta KINDLY tell this nice lady how

it was your idea to come here’ Roberta looked up and slowly nodded his

head at the attendant.


This seemed to appeal to the attendant and a smile spread across her

face ‘Well, there’s no point crying about it when you finally get what

you want, is there you little sissy?’ she said coldly


‘That’s right. Well, the night is young’ said Jodie as she dropped a

note in the girl’s tip box ‘thanks for the chat’


‘Anytime! I hope you have a ball’


Roberta desperately tried to grunt at the doormen as he passed, but

they had learnt to turn a blind eye to proceedings long ago. As the

outer doors to the club opened, Roberta felt a draft of cold air around

the top of his stockings and he found himself being lead across the

parking lot. As he looked up he saw a gang of kids, maybe 18 years old,

sitting by a wall on the other side of the parking lot smoking

cigarettes and drinking beer from cans. To Roberta’s horror Jodie shook

the lead and pointed in their direction.


‘Come on, my rides over there.’ Jodie lead him directly towards the

group of kids and they started to whistle and make comments as they



‘Nice maid’s outfit, sexy!’ shouted one


‘Put some clothes on you nasty whore’ yelled one of the two girls

hovering round the boys.


‘Look she’s all tied up and shit! Fuck look at that’


‘I’ve got something for you to clean’ shouted another and they all

started to laugh. Jodie ignored the calls and stopped at a large SUV

about five yards away from the wall where the youths were. Opening the

driver door she reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a

small box. She turned to Jodie holding the box.


‘Bend over the bonnet Roberta’ Roberta froze looking from Jodie to the

gang of kids in confusion. Jodie slapped his face hard provoking

surprise and yells of ‘whoa, kinky!’ from the youths. Roberta bent over

the bonnet of the car, acutely aware that his skirt was lifting up to

give the youths a clear view of his panties. The whistles grew

stronger. One of the guys got up from the wall and his hand went to his



‘That’s right, get her ready for us lady’ Roberta felt Jodie yank down

his panties and cold air on her buttocks, then he heard gasps from the

group of kids. Jodie turned to face the boy


‘If you must know, I’m getting HIM ready for my husband’ then Roberta

felt something hard and slimy being pushed into his ass hole, he

tightened his buttocks in protest but Jodie slapped his ass hard and in

the shock he felt the plug move in past his ring. The silence of the

group turned to loud expressions of disgust as he felt the panties

being pulled back into place. Jodie led him round to the passenger side

and strapped him into the seat before going back and getting in

herself. As they pulled away one of the youths ran alongside the SUV

banging on the glass of Roberta’s door, trying to work the handle.

Roberta looked on in terror. Finally the boy realising he was going to

be outrun spat at the glass and yelled ‘FAGGOT’ as he pounded the

window one last time. Jodie shook her head.


‘Honestly, the youth of today. Pity I don’t have a bit more time to

teach them what to do with all that excess energy.’


The SUV picked up speed on the empty dark road and they remained quiet

for a moment, the silence only broken by the sound of the engine and

the occasional sob from Roberta. His arms were still locked tight

behind his back in the binder which meant he had to lean forward

slightly in the seat and the tight corset was restricting his

breathing. Not being able to put any weight on his back meant that

every tiny motion and vibration of the car was transmitted deep into

Roberta’s ass hole by the plug. The new sensations and the unreal

situation were lulling Roberta into a kind of dream state. Jodie

glanced over at him then back to the road


‘How does it feel?’ she asked. Roberta remained quiet ‘the plug, how

does it feel Roberta? Do you like it?’ No sound from Roberta. Jodie

reached over and pulled his chin round with her hand ‘ANSWER ME, DO YOU

LIKE THE PLUG?’ Roberta, eyes wide open, shook her head.  ‘Wrong

answer.’ said Jodie and hit the brakes, sending a jolt up the plug deep

into Roberta. Jodie pulled the car to the side of the road, switched

off the engine, reached again inside the glove compartment and got out

of the car. She walked round to the passenger side swinging her crop

and opened Roberta’s door. ‘Get out.’ Roberta looked around into the

night, they were parked next to some woodland. Scared of being left

there, Roberta shook her head. Jodie reached up and grabbed Roberta’s

leash and yanked him from his seat and down onto the ground. Jodie

pulled Roberta round to the front hood of the car and pushed him down

in the same position as earlier, ass high and vulnerable then she felt

her panties being pulled down. Roberta heard the swish of the crop and

felt the sting as it landed across her bare buttocks. She instinctively

tried to raise herself up but Jodie grabbed her collar and held her

down and Roberta could only protest loudly round the gag. Jodie landed

four more lashes of her crop across Roberta’s wriggling ass cheeks

while the maid wailed loudly and thrashed around. Finally Jodie backed

off and calmly said.


‘You do what I say.’ Getting behind him, Jodie reached down and yanked

the plug free from Roberta’s ass and held it up to examine ‘Ugh,

filthy! I’m going to have to teach you about personal hygiene as soon

as we get back.’ she threw the plug into the darkness behind them ‘OK

sweetie, you didn’t like the plug. That was probably because it was too

small, I know, I’m sorry.’ Roberta turned and shook her head vigorously

but Jodie, ignoring this, reached into the new box she had retrieved

from the glove compartment ‘I was trying to be nice but you’re probably

right, we’ll try a medium!’ Roberta squealed as he felt the new

intrusion into his anus. Jodie had to grab hold of Roberta’s collar and

push hard and rotate the plug before it popped in. Roberta gasped round

the gag and waited for the stretched feeling to go away, but it didn’t.

Before Roberta had felt stretched just as the plug went in, the new one

made him feel stretched all of the time. He looked up at Jodie in

discomfort, his knees suddenly feeling weak. Jodie smiled back at him

‘Do you like the plug?’ Roberta felt the intruding shape inside him and

looked up at Jodie imploringly ‘No? Hold on then’ Jodie started back

towards the drivers side and Roberta started grunting loudly and

nodding his head furiously. Jodie stopped ‘What, you do like it?’ asked

Jodie, walking back to her. Roberta nodded. Jodie smiled at him and

stroked his face ‘You like your new butt plug? Smile then.’ Roberta’s

face cracked into a kind of grimace around the ball gag.  ‘Good. So

nice. You see, its easy to be nice to each other, isn’t it?’ Roberta

nodded. Jodie’s hand snaked around his waist and pulled him close ‘And

I bet you like this tight little corset, too, don’t you?  Just tell me

if you don’t because I’ve got a leather one for a 22 inch waist

somewhere.’ Roberta nodded furiously ‘what? You want the 22 inch one?’

Roberta shook her head ‘Oh, you like this one?’ Roberta nodded and

smiled like an idiot. ‘Good, good. I want you to be happy. I imagine

you like that little cage around your cock too, don’t you?’ again

Roberta nodded and tried hard to smile, eyes wide in terror. Jodie

smiled at her maid. She was keeping him close with her arm around his

waist and stroking her hair with her free hand. Roberta, trying not to

move in Jodie’s vice like grip didn’t know what to do with her eyes.


‘Roberta, I’m going to take your gag off now. I don’t want you to say

anything…’ she stroked the side of Roberta’s cheek with the handle of

the crop for emphasis ‘…ever. Understand?’ Roberta looked up wide

eyed then slowly nodded his head. Jodie ran the crop handle through his

hair thoughtfully ‘You want me to call your wife and call it off, don’t

you?’ Roberta started to nod desperately, tears coming back to his

eyes. Jodie held Roberta’s head in two hands and looked deep into her

eyes. ‘Roberta, I know. But that’s NOT going to happen. Now listen,

this is very simple. You’re cute and cute sissies disappear all the

time, there’s quite a market for them. If you speak without being asked

to speak (and I probably won’t ask you to speak) or try to get to a

phone or send a message of any kind, you’ll never see her again,

understand?’ Roberta paused in shock then nodded. Jodie reached around

behind Roberta’s head and unfastened the gag, pulling it out of his

mouth. Roberta’s jaws relaxed after the stretching. Jodie pushed him

back against the side of the SUV and pressed her body up against his.

Roberta tried to avoid her gaze but she grabbed his chin and pulled his

face round to face hers. Suddenly she kissed him deeply, her tongue

exploring the inside of his mouth. She held his chin with one hand as

she assaulted his face and the other hand moved below his skirt and

into his panties. Roberta tried to go along with her kissing and offer

no resistance, too terrified to think about how he was feeling. After a

few minutes Jodie stopped, leaving Roberta breathless.


‘OK, lets get you back in the car now’


Roberta perched gingerly on the seat as the car pulled away, trying

unsuccessfully to take weight off his plugged ass by pushing downwards

into the leather with his fingertips. Jodie pressed the button to lower

the window on her side, made a loud hawking noise and spat out onto the

street before raising the window and wiping her mouth with her sleeve.

She looked at Roberta thoughtfully and then back at the road.


‘You know what Roberta, you really are the worst kind of sissy that

there is.’ Roberta looked over at Jodie and opened his mouth, closed it

and then turned back to the road ‘I think that there are all sort of

people in this world. There are people like me and my husband who like

nothing better than to bring somebody else to their knees, other

people, submissives, gays, lesbians, men who want to be women, women

who want to be men. But you, your kind, it’s not like you’re a man

trapped in a woman’s body, are you? I don’t mind that, I like sissies,

so long as they know what a sissy is and what they are good for.’ Jodie

reached for a packet of cigarettes and pulled one out. Roberta watched

as she put one in her mouth and lit it. She took a deep drag and took

the cigarette out of her mouth and looked at it as she exhaled. Then

she turned back to Roberta.


‘YOU, you’re too much of a pussy to be a real man so you act like a

sissy. But then you’re too much of a coward to admit that what you

really want to be is a real cock sucking sissy so you stay with your

wife. I’m going to spell it out to you because I know how self-

delusional ‘girls’ like you get. You weren’t man enough to keep your

wife happy or she wouldn’t have given you to me. And then, THEN you

have the audacity to be surprised and upset when your wife ships you

out to someone else, as if she hasn’t got the right to after what

you’ve been putting her through. She doesn’t want a sissy maid, I think

we established that tonight, so hard luck sweetie.’


‘And then you learn that we expect a few personal services in return

you freak out even more!’ Jodie turned to Roberta ‘I mean what the hell

do you want? You should be grateful!’


‘Well I’ve got some news, Roberta, now that you’ve learnt to like your

butt plug so much, you’re going to learn to love doing all sorts of

things you’ve never tried before, understand?’ Seeing that Jodie

expected a response, Roberta nodded her head. ‘I do want you to be

happy though. So I’ve got some friends who live just a short detour

from here. They’re a gay couple who own a farm and make… specialist

videos. I can take you there if you prefer.’ Roberta started shaking

his head furiously ‘I don’t know.’ Jodie turned to Roberta ‘Do you like

the idea of being our sissy maid?’ Roberta nodded his head. ‘I thought

  1. Do you like the fact that when my husband returns tomorrow you’re

going to be waiting to welcome him in his bed wearing something pink

and frilly?’ Roberta’s breathing became rapid ‘No? The turning to that

farm is just coming up here on the right.’ Roberta thought about

shaking his head, presumably he would end up getting a drilling either

way. But she said they made movies? He couldn’t bare the thought of

Sarah seeing his humiliation on videotape. He turned to Jodie and

nodded his head. ‘Good sweetie, then smile!’ Roberta’s face slowly

cracked into a smile and she felt herself starting to sob again as

images of pink satin and lace filled her head and she felt her cock

trying to harden.


part 3

Out of the way 3


Jodie opened to door to the house then turned back to the SUV besides

which stood Roberta, motionless.


“Come on then,  we’ve got a lot to do, lets get inside!” said Jodie.

Roberta stood watching the door, his rate of breathing round the gag had

sky-rocketed when Jodie helped him down from the vehicle then left him

standing there alone. (The ball gag had gone back in his mouth when he had

yelped as the SUV had bounced over a pothole and the plug in his ass has

been driven deep into him.) He was acutely aware that this might be his

only chance of escape. Was she actually going to leave him here? He lifted

one high heeled foot and stepped forward gingerly. Seeing that he was

following, Jodie smiled and entered the house moving out of view.


Roberta froze and tried to decide what to do. The night air was cold, and

in those heels, he knew he couldn’t move quickly, especially with his arms

bound up behind his back. He turned and saw that the electric doors in the

high wall surrounding the courtyard were still open. He took a few steps

in their direction and then his stomach felt weak with fear and he stopped

and looked over his shoulder at the door. She was sure to catch him; he

would never make it. Anyway, where would he run to? Sarah was busy with

another man…


The thought of Sarah and the man had been swimming round his head for the

whole journey; the very idea of them together in his house drove him

insane with frustration. Each picture that came into Roberta’s imagination

filled him with despair and he felt sick, his internal eyes closing to

stop the images, but then some small but persistent, nagging part of his

psyche would suddenly become curious- ‘she’s just trying to prove a

point’ ‘she wouldn’t actually… touch him…’ ‘it’s not like she would

let him into our bed… would she?’  and Roberta’s imagination would be

forced to serve up another even more extreme scene. His brain simply was

not equipped to cope with the present situation. His impending loss of

virginity seemed to be very far away compared to the feeling inside, a

toxic mix of nausea, defeat and sheer, red panic.


Feeling extremely weak, he actually considered staying there in the

driveway. If he was to just stay there then everything would stop, at

least for a while. Telling himself off for being a coward, he shook his

head and started tiptoeing hesitantly towards the open gates, his heart

feeling like it was about to burst. He was sure that he had to take this

opportunity to run away; it was his only chance. Stumbling in his heels he

got to within a few feet of the doors when he heard their mechanism buzz

to life and they very slowly started to close shut. He looked round at the

open door and his mind began to race.


‘She would catch him. She would catch him and then she would skin him

alive with that crop of hers. The doors are moving shut…  I just need to

walk through them to get away…’ He hesitated and looked through the

gates down the long drive back to the road. Suddenly an image of Sarah

came into his head, she was on top of the man, riding him, her hands

clawing her own breasts. He grimaced to get the image out of his mind.

‘What’s the point, I can’t run anyway, not dressed like this, everyone

will see me. But if I got to the road I could flag down a car or a truck.

No, Jodie will catch me, Sarah doesn’t want me, everyone will laugh at

me.’  He turned and walked away from the doors dejectedly then paused.

‘Just walk through… what the hell is wrong with me?’ He hesitated for

another moment then he thought about the impending arrival of Jodie’s

husband and broke for the gate, driving his shoulder into the tiny gap

that remained open. He tried to force the doors apart, but the motor was

powerful and the satin of the maid’s outfit did little to protect his arm

from the metal. He manouvered to change the angle he was pushing from but

slipped and his shoulder fell from in between the gates.


The doors clanged shut and Roberta stood staring at them, panting. ‘There

would be another chance, a better chance later’ he lied to himself. ‘You

need to pick the right time.’  Then he moaned audibly and stamped his foot

with self-loathing. Another image filled his head – Sarah walking away

from him in the club with her new slave, disappointment written on her

face before she turned her back on him.


Roberta turned and trudged towards the open door of the house and entered.

Turning the corner, he was suddenly sent flying as he collided with Jodie

who was moving rapidly towards the door. Roberta fell backwards hard, his

satin covered backside landing on the doormat, long silk-stocking covered

legs splayed out in front of him. Jodie was now wearing an outdoor green

wax jacket and some kind of a cowboy hat. She showed no physical signs of

suffering from the collision but she did look extremely surprised to see



“What!” she looked completely confused. “You didn’t run?”  Roberta opened

his mouth and shut it again. Jodie shook her head in wonder “I left the

gate open for god knows how many minutes and you just… you just came

in?”  Roberta noticed she was carrying a long length of rope and a torch.

He tried smiling up at her hopefully but Jodie looked back at him in

disgust, unable to find the words.


“Why!? Why, you pathetic… spineless…  I just can’t believe you didn’t

even try…” Jodie moved round to the door and bolted it shut, taking the

key out and placing it in her coat pocket. “Well that’s your chance gone.

Fuck!” Suddenly she grabbed Roberta by the shoulders and shook him as she

shouted in his face “What’s wrong with you, you stupid sissy prick? I was

looking forward to chasing you down.”


Jodie had become incandescent with rage. Roberta realized that she was

suddenly acting like a little girl, a dangerous little girl who was very,

very pissed. Her voice became louder still.


“If you’d have got to the road, you could have flagged a car down.”


Roberta felt sick again with self hate as Jodie strode up and down before

him. Surely she was playing with him, he would have had no chance, that’s

why he gave up, wasn’t it?


“I thought you wanted to see your wife. I even felt sorry for you, but I

guess you actually want to become our fuck toy.”


Roberta grunted through the gag.


“I would have given you a chance to get to the road.”


Roberta swallowed, she must be lying, she wouldn’t have let him go…


“It’s not like you would have gone to the police now is it?”


Roberta cursed himself. She stood astride the sissy and grabbed his leash,

pulling him physically from the floor so that his face was inches from

hers and he could feel her spit as she shrieked, “I was even going to keep

the dogs on their leashes, JUST TO MAKE IT INTERESTING!!” Then she dropped

him hard and started to pace up and down like a lion, her hands clenching

and unclenching.


“I was looking forward to some midnight rope practice, but SOMEBODY is too

much of a god damn sissy to even TRY and run. so now I’m in a BAD mood.”

She strode back to Roberta and started to slap him hard round the face. “A

really… shitty… MOOD.”


Roberta whimpered for her to stop.


“God you really are pathetic, aren’t you?”


Roberta’s lip quivered.


“Well I don’t know what the fuck we’re going to do now. I was expecting to

be chasing you up and down for and hour or two…”


She picked up a long crop from an umbrella stand next to the door and

started thrashing it through the air so that it let out high pitched

whooshing noises, “And now I’ve got all this GOD…”


Robert flinched as the crop flew inches from his face.




A close miss on the return swipe too, Jodie’s face was bright red and she

was bearing her teeth.




The crop sliced into the carpet inches from Roberta’s left leg.




Roberta rolled onto his left just in time to avoid a blow to his right

which would have drawn blood.


Jodie stood panting with her hands on her hips. “Let me see, what to do,

what to do.” She shook her head and ran her fingers through her hair

“Stuck with a sissy who wouldn’t say boo to a bunny rabbit and a whole

evening to kill. He’d better be grateful for this. “Oh yes!” Jodie’s face

lit up and she clasped her hands together grinning at Roberta

hysterically. “We said we have to do something about your feminine hygiene

problem, didn’t we?”


Jodie grabbed the leash still hanging from Roberta’s collar and dragged

him along the ground. “COME ON,” she roared, her voice actually sounding

like a lion now. Unable to get back onto his heels, Roberta tried to

scurry after her on his knees, his silk stockings rubbing hot against the

carpeted floor.


Jodie stopped in the hallway of the house beside a staircase and opened a

small cupboard under the stairs. Still obviously livid with rage, She tore

items from the cupboard and threw them on the floor until with an

exclamation she found what she wanted. Turning to Roberta she held what

looked like a long steel butt-plug attached by a long tube to a large

rubber bag. Roberta’s mouth went dry. Jodie brought the thing close to her

own eye level as if she was about to talk to it.


“Enema nozzle, this Stupid Sissy Slut is Roberta. Roberta, meet your new

best friend Enema nozzle. You two will be spending quality time

together… oh… at least twice daily from now on I’d imagine. RIGHT, get

up those stairs, NOW!”


Roberta managed to push himself to his feet by sliding his back up against

the wood of the staircase and did not need to be told twice as he looked

at the wild eyes of Jodie.


He had climbed two steps when Jodie bellowed, “WAIT!”


She seemed to be deep in thought. Roberta heard her quietly muttering to



“Let’s see, soap, olive oil, castor oil, backing soda, vinegar…” Then

she looked up at Roberta. “Sweety, a suggestion. What with all this time

and me in such a SPECIAL mood, I think we’ll have more fun in the kitchen,

don’t you?”


Roberta stood motionless on the staircase, his buttocks clenching hard

around his butt plug.


Jodie pushed the tip of her crop into his cheek, “You would like to try

putting some of my special recipes up your cute little butt-hole, wouldn’t

you, darling?”


Roberta had little idea what she was talking about but he knew by now to

nod his head.


The next two hours on the kitchen floor were the most painful and

humiliating of Roberta’s life to date. Jodie’s mood seem to get worse each

second. She would fill him with whatever terrible hot concoction she could

dream of feeding through his asshole and then replace his butt-plug,

leaving the mixture to take its awful toll on his insides as she raided

the cupboards looking for inspiration for the next ‘course’. She had

stripped him down to his bra and stockings, leather wrist cuffs fastened

together by a short length of chain. She would make him crawl round on all

fours, stomach painfully full of some mixture from hell as she whipped his

backside as she told him exactly what she thought of him. The kitchen had

a back door out onto a large garden and Jodie had placed a large bucket

just outside into which he had to go and relieve himself when she was

ready with the next mixture.


He lost count as Jodie applied the fourth enema (lemon and glycerin).

Actually, losing count is the wrong word, he lost hope as Jodie applied

the fourth enema. As she pulled out the nozzle and replaced his butt plug,

he broke down in tears, great sobs racking his entire body. He lay on his

side on the cold tiles of the strange kitchen floor and let everything

out. The look on Sarah’s face as she left him in the club like she

couldn’t care less if she ever saw him again was burned onto his retinas.


Jodie watched quietly – she would have liked nothing better than to make

the sissy suffer even more for such a pathetic display, but her experience

told her that this was an important watershed in the relationship, and

that if she left Roberta for a few seconds to get through it alone, it

would be the start of his next phase of submission to her.


Eventually the sobs died down and Roberta lay there pouting and panting,

occasionally murmuring his discomfort at the mixture in his stomach. Jodie

looked down at him. She had to say the right thing now, something not too

hard. She wanted to thrash the little bastard, she had forgotten how much

work it was breaking in a new sissy. However, at some point he was going

to have to learn to like his new life so she knew she had to try and

summon up some patience, at least for a little while…


She knelt down next to him on the floor and stroked his hair from his face

and then caressed his cheek “Shhh, baby. I know it’s hard, I know. Does

your tummy hurt?”  Roberta nodded his head “I’m so sorry, but you have to

get used to this, honey. You do want to see Sarah again, don’t you?”

Roberta closed his eyes as he nodded now, more tears rolling from his

eyes. ‘My god’ thought Jodie ‘how did this guy get her in the first

place?’ she took a deep breath and put her best mummy voice on again.


“Well, then we have to make you into the most obedient, most sexy and most

perfect little maid that there has ever been, don’t we?”


Roberta hesitated and sniffed looking puzzled, he didn’t quite follow this



Jodie pinched his earlobe painfully. “Don’t we?” and Roberta nodded his

head enthusiastically. “You look confused, don’t be. It’s pretty simple.

You’re a sissy maid to her and now you always will be. The only way she’ll

want you back is if we can turn you into a perfect sissy maid who will

make her glad to have you. And one of the things you’ll have to do to be

perfect is to clean yourself like this right before every time you have to

serve a mistress or a master.”


She pulled gently on his caged penis with her fingers and continued to

gurgle, trying to keep calm. “You never know what they might want you to

do, do you?”


Roberta looked confused, he couldn’t see why Sarah would ever want to

stick anything down there, but then seeing that she was waiting for an

answer, he shook his head.


“So I want you to give yourself the next one, so that you can learn how.”


Roberta’s eyes became frantic again and he started to push himself up to a

standing position from the floor. Jodie slapped his face back down to the

tiled floor viciously, then pointing to the door, she repeated through

gritted teeth, “I want you to give yourself the next one.”


Roberta rubbed the side of his face in shock then slowly started to crawl

towards the door with his head down.


After Jodie had supervised his enema, she announced to his huge relief

that they could stop for now and that he should follow her to his

quarters. He followed her up the stairs and into a very large but

otherwise remarkably normal looking master bedroom. On one wall there was

a large bed covered with ornate embroidered sheets. The wall facing the

bed had a  large window underneath which there was an antique dressing

table. Expensive looking fitted closets covered the walls of the room.


Jodie turned to Roberta and smiled. “So this is where we sleep, and where

you will start your daily duties.” She opened one of the closet doors

which turned out to be an entrance to an en-suite bathroom with

beautifully tiled walls surrounding a large hot tub and a european style

toilet and bidet, all with gleaming brass fittings. On the other side of

the bathroom was another door with an incongruous electronic keypad next

to the handle. Jodie tapped a code into the pad, the door beeped and

clicked and she opened it. “And this is your place,” she announced,

pushing Roberta through in front of her.


As he peered at the room in the dim light of the 40 watt bulb hanging on a

bare wire from the ceiling, Roberta saw that the contrast between this

room and the rest of the house was staggering. The floor was concrete and

the walls bare bricks. A single mattress lay in the corner next to a thick

steel ring bolted to the wall and in the next corner there was a simple

shower with no curtain, a bare toilet without a seat and a dirty looking

sink. Next to that lay a tiny kitchenette with an elaborate looking coffee

machine, the only thing in the room that looked in reasonable condition.

There was a large wooden chest on the floor and a large clothes rack on

which was hanging, amongst other things, an array of maid’s uniforms that

normally would have had Roberta jumping up and down with excitement.

Underneath the rack lay an assortment of uncomfortable looking footwear

ranging from black patent 3 inch heeled pumps to 6+ inch lockable torture

devices. There was no window and the only door was the one that they had

just entered through that led out through into the bathroom and the master



It was the apartment from hell.


Jodie removed Roberta’s gag and handcuffs. For the first time he stood

before her unfettered and free and as he rubbed his wrists he looked at

Jodie with a resentful expression on his face. Jodie stared straight back

at him, both of them silently thinking how this was the moment Roberta

really ought to fight back. Nothing happened for a few seconds, the two

staring each other down. Then Jodie put one finger under his chin and

lifted it powerfully, sending him staggering back into the room. Smiling,

she turned to leave.


“Clean up, take a shower. You have ten minutes,” she barked over her

shoulder as the door clicked shut.


Eight minutes later, Roberta was sitting on the edge of the wooden chest,

freshly showered and naked apart from his wig and the cage on his prick.

The door was locked and he looked round at the featureless walls

helplessly, relieved that at least that the room wasn’t cold and that he

seemed to have plenty of hot water. He cursed himself for not trying to

run away when he had the chance. A week, a full week of this to come with

horrors that he could not even begin to think about in store for him. He

couldn’t believe how far he had fallen in the few hours since they had met

Jodie. She had stripped him of all dignity, even making him doubt that he

would ever see Sarah again.


It was precisely that moment that it became clear to him that she was

playing with his head. Yes! That was it, there is no way that Sarah would

really desert him like this, she was just trying to prove a point and it

had got out of hand. She probably came back into the club to find him a

few minutes later, but they had already left. Of course, that was it, and

right now she would be on her way to pick him up and they would laugh

about it all. That had to be what had happened, there was no way that

after their years together she would really leave him in the hands of

actual physical crazy sadists like this, it was all a joke that had gone

way too far.


And as for the other guy, how silly of Robert to worry, she didn’t need

any other guy. Robert was a great lover, he knew most women would kill to

have such an imaginative lover as him. No she couldn’t live without him,

that was clear. All he had to do was sit tight and try and cope with

psycho-woman and prey to god Sarah gets the address before the husband

gets home.


Robert glanced over at the rack of maid’s uniform and his eyes rested on a

pink satin number with a puffed out skirts. He couldn’t help but imagine

how good he would look in it, maybe with a blonde wig… maybe light

brown… definitely not brunette.


He found himself in a daydream standing in the outfit combined with white

stockings, pink patent heels and a light brown wig. He was holding a tray.

To his initial surprise he saw that a variety of condoms, lotions and

lubricants lay on the tray but quickly he admired how neatly and cleverly

he had laid them out, apart from one empty wrapper. Still in the dream, he

heard noises and looked up. Sarah was bent over a large bed, her hair was

in a ponytail and the ponytail was being by the man from the club, he was

using it as leverage to help him as he drove into her noisily from behind,

expressions of pure animal lust on both their faces…


Suddenly Roberta was brought back to the present by the click of the

electronic lock. Jodie strode into the room wearing a silk komono with a

towel wrapped round her head.


“Here, put these on.” She threw some clothes at him – a pair of sky blue

silk French knickers and matching cropped top – and he scrambled into

them. Jodie then led the way through to the main bedroom and sat down on

the side of the bed. She took the towel from her head and passed it to

Roberta. “Dry my hair.”


Roberta scrambled up onto the bed behind her and started to towel down her

long blonde hair.


“Gently now, massage my scalp while you’re doing it.” Roberta slowed his



“Roberta, frankly darling, so far you’re a bit of a disappointment to me.

Making a sissy into a sissy isn’t fun if he has no fight to start off



Roberta thought this was unfair, was he supposed to put himself in line

for a beating? He was just being sensible, anybody else would do the same.


“I was looking forward to spending the night with you, but I’m not sure

any more. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll make you sleep down with the dogs.”


Roberta’s head blotted this out – he must be very tired, he thought she

had just said ‘dogs’. Jodie was talking to him in a very casual and

relaxed manner in contrast to earlier in the evening.


She started to relate a story, laughing as she went, “You know we had this

little rich girl here in the spring, twenty one and as cute as a button

but her daddy was some CEO and she was arrogant as hell. We thought we’d

make her sleep down with the dogs so we chained her collar to the kennel

and left here there.”


‘Shit,’ thought Roberta, ‘she did say dogs, what is wrong with these

people? I hope Roberta turns up’ he prayed to himself, aware of how

unlikely that was


“Anyway, normally our three Alsatian boys are not at all interested in

girls but it must have been something about the way she smelt, or her

cycle or something, because when we came down in the morning, the dogs

were still queuing up to mount her!”


Roberta listened to Jodie’s laughter in horror.


“Next night we made sure we had it all on camera, I can show you later if

you like. My husband Mark tells me its her daddy’s favourite movie.

Anyway, apart from that they’ve shown zero interest in anyone else, so I

think you’ll be OK. Is that alright with you or would you rather stay up

here with me?”


Without the gag in his mouth, Roberta didn’t think twice about making sure

she knew how he felt about this idea.


“Up here with you, please,” Jodie gasped and turned to Roberta. She

grabbed his ear and pulled his head down to the bed so that his butt was

sticking up in the air.


“Didn’t I tell you to never say a word?” she asked then let rip a volley

of 5 swats where the skin came out from under the silk that made Roberta

yelp. “I don’t want to hear that nasty voice. If I ask you a question and

you are behind me, get to where I can see you then nod or shake your



She let Roberta back up and sat on the edge of the bed again so he was

behind her. “Right, would you rather stay with me tonight?”


Roberta felt ridiculous as he minced round on his knees until Jodie could

see him and nodded his head with imploring eyes. “OK then. So far you have

nothing going for you so…”


Jodie dropped her kimono from her shoulders and then spread her legs,

showing her hairy bush to Roberta. “If you want to stay here with me, you

had better be very good with your tongue.”


Then she pointed at the floor between her legs. As Roberta assumed the

position the strong scent of her pussy reached his nostrils. He looked up

at Jodie and she smiled down at him, “And I mean extraordinarily good…”



Next:  The master of the house returns…


Part 4

Out of the way 4


“Hello,  wake up sleepy-head!”  Roberta found himself being jolted out of

a dream involving lots of white lace “come on, tomorrow you’ll be getting

up much earlier than this.”


Roberta opened his eyes and slowly his brain started to make sense of his

surroundings, slotting pieces of yesterday’s hell together.  As he looked

up at Jodie who was kneeling astride him still in her night dress, the

reality of the new morning flooded in.


Jodie reached down and stroked his face. “Ouch, starting to get prickly

there. Now that I know what you’re like with your tongue we’re going to

have to keep this face silky smooth.”


Roberta felt relief at the apparent change in her mood since yesterday.

Jodie swung her leg over him and rose from the bed, taking his hand and

pulling him up as she moved “Come on sexy, it’s time for you to find out

how a maid starts the day round here.”


They moved through the bathroom to the door of the locked room where

Roberta would be staying.  Jodie tapped a code into the keypad on the



“Listen, this electronic look may look like overkill, but it wasn’t that

expensive, and it works.  The door is programmed to unlock itself between

7 and 7:05 am. You’ll be ready and dressed by then, and you’ll come out

and bring us coffee.”


The sunlight pouring through the bathroom window made the situation,

Jodie and the house seem much less threatening to Roberta. He was just

caught up in a silly game played by silly adults who were behaving like

bullies and all he needed to do was to keep them happy until he could get

away.  Just like school.


She opened the door and ushered Roberta into the room and followed him

in, letting the door swing shut behind her.  She gestured to the coffee



“Do you know how to use one of these?”


Roberta eyed the complicated looking machine and looked uncertain.


Jodie shrugged, “Well, you’ve got all night to figure it out.  It takes

about ten minutes to warm up before you can use it.  We like a medium

coffee, about 1/2 of one of those cups there.”


She turned to face Roberta “Now before you even think of coming out of

this room you need to check that you are completely shaved and clean…”


Jodie picked up the rubber hose that Roberta had become so familiar with

the day before, “…inside and out, understand?”


Roberta nodded his head sulkily.  He leaned back against the wall and

folded his arms as Jodie walked over to the shower.


“These are the soaps you will use, and only these.  If you run out you

can…”  She glanced back and her face turned grey “ROBERTA?”


Roberta jumped up from the wall.


“Stand up straight!”


Roberta did so and Jodie moved back and stood by his side.


“Put your left arm down straight and hold it with your right hand behind

your back.”


Roberta did so, finding the position slightly uncomfortable. Jodie moved

round him and reached out and pinched his nipple through the satin top.

Then she then pulled him by the nipple up onto his toes.


“Of course you’ll be in heels normally, so lets pretend you are right



Roberta grimaced and looked questioningly at Jodie.


Yes, stay like that on your toes, stomach in, ass out.”


Roberta yelped and tried to do as best as he could.


“Good.  Now.  This is how you will stand whenever you are not doing

anything else.  So when you are being spoken to like now or stood in the

corner waiting on us.  Eyes STRAIGHT ahead, whatever is going on.  OK?”


Roberta nodded, his eyes glued to the opposite wall.  Jodie moved over to

the box and Roberta remained motionless, now facing in the opposite

direction.  He heard Jodie sigh.


“Oh alright, you need to face the person who is talking to you, turn to

face me.”


Roberta shuffled round on his toes to face Jodie, who was opening the

chest on the floor.


“There’s underwear and make up in this box.” Jodie pulled out a pair of

red satin knickers and walked over to the rack, holding them against a

red satin maid’s uniform. “Choose the underwear that matches the uniform

I pick out for you.  It should be pretty obvious…”  Then Jodie turned

back to Roberta and smiled, “…I’ll let you know if you fuck it up.”


Jodie turned back to the rack of outfits. “You will dress in whatever

outfit I have left at the end of the rack.  As for today… well, let’s



She pulled out the pink satin one that Roberta had admired yesterday.


“This one maybe, or… no… it has to be this one.”


Jodie had put back the pink uniform and instead pulled out a shiny black

PVC maid’s dress with matching shiny black PVC gloves and white apron.


‘Oh, I’m too nice to you but it’s your first day and last night…’

Roberta thought he saw a slight blush in her cheeks. He tried hard not to

let the recognition show on his face as she walked over to him and

pressed it against his body.


“Seems to fit you.  I know you sissy boys all go wild over this kind of

thing, so… I’ll give you an hour and then you’ll be clean, smooth and

dressed for me, alright dear?”


Roberta nodded and Jodie placed the outfit on the bed and left.  As soon

as the door shut, Roberta ran over to the bed and ran the fingers of one

hand over the glossy black material while the other ran down uselessly to

his caged prick.


All thoughts of Sarah left his head as he rushed to prepare his body so

that he could squeeze into the sexy outfit. Even with an hour, Roberta

barely had time to do everything he had to do.  He thought about how on a

normal morning he was going to have to wake long before six in order to

be ready for seven.  He saved time by shaving his legs and face while he

was waiting for the depilatory cream to work on his torso and arms.  Once

smooth, he did the revolting enema thing then showered quickly, dried and

moisturized then sprayed himself with the body spray.  The soap,

moisturizer and the spray all had the same floral scent.


Not at all sophisticated but very feminine, ‘exactly the way a maid

should smell,’ thought Roberta to himself as the cloud of spray descended

onto his naked shoulders.  ‘In fact,’ he thought to himself, ‘this is

what I have always fantasized about, so why shouldn’t I try and enjoy



Humming to himself, he opened the box and looked for the underwear to

match the PVC dress.  Roberta held the black PVC knickers out in front of

himself in delight.  They were full, like a panty girdle,  and the behind

was covered with white ruffles, also made from PVC.  They had four short

suspenders hanging down from them.  He quickly pulled them up his legs

and squeezed them over his bottom then spent some moments touching

himself and checking himself out in the mirror.  There was a matching

strapless bra which he put on, stuffing it with some expensive looking

bra fillers, then again he spent a few seconds enjoying how he looked in

the mirror.


Together with the matching underwear he had found some shiny flesh

colored stockings which he slid up his legs and fastened to the

suspenders hanging from the panties.  Having put on the underwear he

started on his face by plucking his eyebrows and carefully doing his make

up and then putting his wig on and pulling the gloves up his arms.


Finally he lifted the dress over his head, it was tight, even over his

thin shoulders.  He wondered with a thrill if the last person to wear it

had been a real woman.  Reaching behind his back he managed to zip up the

dress and then stood back to admire it in the mirror.  The dress was

tightly fitted round his waist and had a round cut neck which was low,

but not too low to show his fake cleavage.  Roberta particularly liked

the puffy sleeves and the built in petticoat which made the dress stand

out from his waist, the dress gave him a knockout figure.


He thought about how there could be only one kind of shoes appropriate

for this outfit and sure enough he found some patent black high heels

with ankle straps underneath the rack of clothes.  Sitting back on the

bed, he pulled on the left shoe.  It was very tight, but he managed to

squeeze his foot into it.  After a few seconds fumbling he realized that

the straps around the ankles could only be fastened with a padlock and he

took the shoe off, disappointed. Walking back over to the rack, he

noticed two tiny brass padlocks on the floor next to where he had found

the shoes and he picked them up, they were open, but there was no key to

be seen.  He decided to put them in place, but not lock them.  Then he

stood up and took in the full effect in the mirror.


Roberta was still enjoying himself in this way a few minutes later as

Jodie walked back into the room.


“Well, somebody looks fantastic, lets have a look at you.”


She stepped back and surveyed Roberta up and down as he took up the

stance she had shown him earlier that morning.


“Very good… oh, you forgot to fasten the locks.”


She got down and fastened the padlocks in the ankle straps while Roberta,

starting to feel the shoes nip his toes, silently prayed that she

actually had a key somewhere.


“OK, well done Roberta, now follow me.”


Jodie led him down to the kitchen and gave him a tour of the cupboards,

showing him where she kept the various food stuffs and equipment for

cooking as Roberta minced after her unsteadily, the discomfort from the

heels compensated for the time being by the delightful feeling of being

able to wear such a wonderful uniform.  The large kitchen was built

around a central surface for food preparation.


“OK, so my husband Mark will be back this evening, and I happen to know

he’s been incredibly busy, so we’re going to give him a proper welcome



Roberta’s heart sank as he was forced to remember this unwelcome fact.


“We’re going to prepare dinner and I need to go out to get some fresh



She moved over to the fridge and pulled out some vegetables, placing them

on the central table.


“In the meantime, you can wash and prepare the vegetables. Stay here for

a moment.”


Jodie left the kitchen, returning moments later with a large black sports

bag.  Opening it, she pulled out a long thick chain and a couple of

padlocks.  She walked over to Roberta and, bending down, wrapped the

chain round his left ankle and locked it in place.  Then she fastened the

other end to a circular metal ring bolted into the side of the central

table, leaving enough chain for him to move round the kitchen, but not to

leave it.  Roberta smirked at her.


“That’s right,” said Jodie, seeing the joke “Chained to the kitchen

sink!” Then she returned to the bag and pulled out another ball gag and

walked back to Roberta .


“While I’m gone, I’ll have to make sure you don’t run out on me or try to

make a scene, not that anybody would hear you,” She said as she fastened

the gag into his mouth and locked it shut behind his head with yet

another padlock. Roberta wondered again if she would remember where all

her keys were later.


“Now I’ll be gone for an hour or two, and when I get back I want all of

those vegetables prepared, you do know how to do that right?”


Roberta nodded.


“Don’t peel the potatoes, just wash them, and make sure the skins are

left on them, but spotless, got it?”


Roberta nodded his understanding again and then Jodie stroked his hair.


“OK, so everything will be fine.  I’ll leave you then.”  And she strolled

out of the room, shouting “BE GOOD” over her shoulder as she went.


Roberta stood motionless in the kitchen for some minutes, contemplating

his situation.  His thrill at the uniform mixed with dread at the return

of Jodie’s husband and a weird feeling about the situation.  This was the

first time he had actually been forced to behave like a maid rather than

just prance round in the uniform.


‘OK, come on Roberta, do you really want to be here when the husband gets

back?’ An image of him standing in front of a man flashed into his eyes,

he had had enough of that at the club and he didn’t think he liked how it

had felt one bit.  Roberta decided he should try to get out of the

situation.  Getting down to his knees was awkward because of the heels,

but he managed to get down to where the chain was fastened to the bolt

and he tugged on it with both hands.  The bolt didn’t budge.  Roberta sat

on the floor, the tiles cold on the naked flesh between his stocking tops

and the panties.  Placing the toes of his shoes against the table, he

tried again, this time pushing with his feet as he tried to pull the

metal loop out of the wood.  After pulling with all his might for a

minute or so, his hands slipped and he fell backwards, lying on the floor

and lay there panting out of breath.  The chain was not going to budge.

He scanned the room for inspiration and his eyes fell on a telephone

fastened to the kitchen wall.


‘Surely not, a phone?  That would be too easy’ he thought to himself.

After a few seconds staring in disbelief, he pulled himself back to his

feet and walked over to it.  He hesitated before lifting the receiver,

not allowing himself to hope that it would be actually connected.

Finally he reached out and grabbed the phone, quickly bringing it to his

ear.  He yelped with triumph through the gag as he heard the dialing

tone.  Without wasting any time, he dialed home, praying that his wife

Sarah would be there to pick it up.


The phone rang once… twice… three times… ‘come on Sarah, pick it

up, please…’  four rings… five… still no answer ‘please,  oh god

please…’ thought Roberta to himself then, after the sixth ring…



“Hello?” Sarah’s voice, she was there!  Oh god, he had to communicate

with her and quickly!  Roberta grunted throught the gag fastened deep

between his teeth


“Fuu-wuhh, fuh-wuhh!  Ef-we, wo-wuhh”


“Hello?  Hello?  What do you think… just… keep… good. Uh Hello, Who

is this?”




“I can’t understand what… Oh, Robert?  Is that… Robert, is that you?”


“Eehh, ehh, wo-wuhh, wo-wuhh-wuhh!”


“I don’t understand, look, uh, if that is Robert, grunt twice for yes,

once for no.”


“Wuh wuh”


“Robert, Honey, are you OK?” Roberta heard, then in a quieter, muffled

voice, “Just WAIT, just…keep on doing that…”  Wwhat was she saying?

Then her voice came back clear again. “Is that you?  Are you OK?”


“Woe.  Weh wee!”


“No?  what’s wrong honey, are you hurt or something?”


Roberta paused.  He should lie if he wanted to get out of this.


“Wuh wuh”


“What they hurt you?  What’s going on, are you gagged?” Then again, off

phone Robert heard her muffled voice. “Stop that, LICK.”  What… was she

talking to someone else?  Lick?  Lick what? “Sorry Robert, I’m a little

busy, umm, what were you saying?”


‘A little busy?’ thought Roberta. ‘Get me out of here Sarah, what the

hell are you doing?’ “WUH WUH!”


“Robert, did they um, really hurt you?  I mean, I don’t know where you

are, I could only call the police… No LICK!  Sorry Robert, I’m…

ohhhh… I’m a bit busy, can you call back?”




“Hello, is someone on the phone?” A male voice came on the line to

Roberta’s surprise and horror.


“Um, hello, who is that?” He heard Sarah say


“Jodie?  Is that you?”


“No, I… I thought Jodie was there, isn’t she? Whom am I talking to?”


“It’s Mark Norton here, are you talking to Jodie?” Roberta’s head started

to spin, what was going on?


“Well actually I was talking to Robert… sorry… Roberta, at least I

think its Roberta.”


“Roberta?  Who’s Roberta? I don’t understand..”


“Umm, Roberta is my husband, he’s… visiting… Jodie”


“Your husband is called Roberta?  What’s…”


“Can you just hold on a second.” Then Sarah’s voice became muffled again

and this time very quiet. “If you don’t lick up that mess right now, I

swear…” Roberta’s head was spinning. “Sorry, right, Roberta is my

husband, yes, but he’s a… well he’s kind of a… a sissy, aren’t you





“Yes, and he’s staying with Jodie for a few days.  Are you her…”


“Husband, yes and she didn’t mention anything about a sissy.”


“Oh, well perhaps it was a surprise.  I hope I didn’t spoil anything.”


“I just got in the door.”


‘Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit,’ thought Roberta, suddenly feeling the

urge to go to the bathroom.


“Got back early.  I wonder where he is.  He sounds like he’s gagged or

something, did you phone us?”


“No, he phoned me!”


“Well, there’s no sign of Jodie’s car, I don’t understand.”


“Would he be, I mean normally, would you let your… any… sissies that

you were… well, use the phone like that?”


“WUH WUH!” ‘Shut up Sarah!’ thought Roberta to himself.


“Absolutely not!  But… Sarah… is it?”


“Hi!”  Roberta actually thought he heard his wife giggle.


“Hi, well, if he’s using the phone I would normally have to punish him,

but I don’t know what you discussed with Jodie.”


“OH, oh no, you should feel free to do… whatever it is you do!”


‘Sarah?  What are you saying?’ screamed Roberta’s brain to himself.


“I wonder where he is, he’s not in the hall.”


To Roberta’s horror he heard the kitchen door open and a tall man

wearing a business suit walked in.  He had blonde hair and he had a phone

pressed to his ear and a slight smile on his face.


“Oh, it’s OK, I found him.”


Roberta felt the man’s eyes bore into him hungrily.


“Hello, you must be Roberta!”


Roberta kept the phone to his ear uselessly and backed himself into a gap

between two work surfaces, realizing too late that he had effectively

trapped himself between the two kitchen units.  The man dropped his hand

from his ear.


“Very pretty,” he said quietly as he walked slowly across the kitchen.


As he approached Roberta raised his gloved hand in front of him, acutely

aware that his thin arm wouldn’t keep this well built man off for long.

Remembering the phone in his hand Norton lifted it back to his ear and

said to Sarah, “He’s really very pretty. Do I have you to thank for this



“Oh well, not really.  What… um… what’s he doing?”


“Well he’s sort of… hiding in the corner looking frightened.”


Nobody said anything for a moment, Roberta’s rapid breathing the loudest

noise in the room.


“So… what are you going to do now?” asked Sarah, with a hushed tone of

eager curiosity.


“Well, I’m pretty sure he shouldn’t be using the phone, so I’ll have to

think of something.”


The man walked over to where Roberta was huddled against the wall and

stood directly in front of him, blocking his escape from the small

alcove.  He reached his hand out to stroke Roberta’s face, Roberta moving

his arm out to block him but then pulling it back before it made contact,

too scared to defend himself.  Norton chuckled at his flinching and Sarah

heard his amusement.


“What’s funny, what’s he doing?”


“Oh, nothing.  His eyes get so big when he’s scared.”


Norton continued to stroke his face, Roberta closing his eyes for a few

seconds then opening them in the hope that he would find himself

somewhere else.  The feeling of being dressed like this in front of a man

was indescribable.  Roberta felt completely powerless and he felt his

head drop in submission to the situation.  Norton stopped stroking and

gently but firmly gripped Roberta’s face by the chin and brought his eyes

up to his own.


Maintaining eye contact he spoke again into the phone, “Tell me Sarah,

what do you think I should do to him?”




“Yes, what do you think would get the message across?”


“Oh! Well, I really don’t know…” To his horror, Roberta heard his wife

giggling. “Maybe…  Maybe you should… Oh I don’t know… maybe spank

him or something?”


Roberta flinched as the man gripped his shoulder through the puffy PVC

sleeve of the uniform.


“Do you think that would get the message across?”


Roberta definitely heard Sarah giggle this time.


“Oh yes, I’m sure, so long as you did it hard enough!”


Roberta’s eyes started to roll as he silently cursed his wife but he

stopped himself, worried about appearing insolent to the man.


“And then you could… No.”


“What is it, Sarah?” smiled Norton, his eyes boring into Roberta’s.


“Well I was just thinking that he’ll probably secretly enjoy it, so maybe

you should get him to thank you afterwards.”  ‘Sarah, what are you

saying!’ thought Roberta.


“Thank me?”


Sarah’s voice became quieter as if she was getting short of breath. “I

mean properly.  I mean with his mouth.”  Then she giggled nervously

again, still sounding out of breath.


Norton’s eyes lit up at this suggestion. “Does he like doing that?”


“Actually, he’s never tried, but he’s always going on about how he would

love a real cock in his mouth,” said Sarah, lying to the stranger.


“WUH WY-ER! WO! WO!” exclaimed Roberta, his hand finally reaching out to

push the man away.  Norton exchanged the phone to his left hand and

simply slapped Roberta’s face once with his right, silencing him

instantly and (to Norton’s delight) making the sissy’s eyes even bigger

with awe and fear.


“What’s going on?” asked Sarah.


“Oh nothing.” Norton raised his large hand in front of Roberta’s face

“There’s no problem, is there?”


Roberta shook his head instantly, eyes still wide in terror.


“Sarah, do you want to listen, or shall I hang the phone up?”


“Oh I’d love to hear it, don’t hang up,” exclaimed Sarah

enthusiastically, “just leave the phone on the side or something.”


Norton took Roberta’s phone from him and placed it back on the wall,

while he placed his own wireless phone on the kitchen surface.  Then,

reaching into his pocket he pulled out his car keys, attached to which

were four or five much smaller brass keys.  Norton then turned Roberta’s

head to the side to unfasten the lock on the maid’s gag and pull it from

Roberta’s mouth.  Roberta licked his dry lips.


“L-Listen, about what my wife just said…” started Roberta.


“SHHH!” hissed Norton loudly as he waved a finger menacingly at Roberta.

“Don’t piss me off,” he said calmly.  Then he took Roberta’s arm gently

and led the maid out of the alcove.  Roberta’s arm started to shake as he

felt himself becoming hysterical with fear.  His other hand moved to his

face and Norton wondered if he was going to start crying.  Norton reached

out to grab him again, but Roberta slapped his arm away, rebellion

suddenly written on the maid’s face.


Norton decided to stop being gentle and moved in, grabbing one of the

sissy’s thin gloved arms in each of his hands before pulling them to

cross horizontally behind Roberta’s back and holding them there with one

large hand.  Then he bent Roberta forward over the table in the centre of

the kitchen, pinning him face down with the hand round his arms. The

skirts billowed up, like the petals of a flower round its centre,

Roberta’s pantied ass. Roberta’s head moved to one side and he started to

sob slightly as he felt his exposure and his cock bulging inside its



“Now Roberta, it is always important that you understand your punishment.

Do you know what you did wrong?”


Roberta hesitated, then nodded.


“Well speak up so that your wife can hear!” exclaimed Norton.


“I… I used the phone,” said Roberta quietly.


Norton reached behind him with his free hand, having to lift Roberta

slightly as he did, and picked up the wireless receiver placing it on the

table to the left of Roberta’s head.  Then he turned Roberta’s head to

rest so that he was facing the phone.  Finally he resumed his previous



“You used the phone WHAT?”


Roberta cringed with embarrassment, knowing his wife would hear every

second of his humiliation.


“I used the phone… Sir.”


Was that another giggle he heard from the phone?


“And what’s going to happen to you now?”


Norton strengthened his grip on Roberta’s arms and added in a menacing

hiss. “Be sure to speak up.” The front of Norton’s trousers was pressing

against Roberta’s panties,


“I’m… You’re going to spank me.”


Roberta felt Norton’s hold tighten uncomfortably.


“SIR, sorry sir.”


He definitely heard a peal of laughter coming from the phone.


“That’s right.  I’m going to spank your ass.  Then what are you going to



“Don’t know Sir,” said Roberta sulkily.


“Yes you do, you heard.  What are you going to do?”


Roberta’s eyes opened and shut.  He could feel the man’s trousers against

his stockings.  He suddenly realized that Norton had started to very

slowly grind the front of his trousers against his ass.  He could feel

the man getting hard.


“I.. I am going to suck your cock, Sir.”


“Good, so now you’re going to explain the situation to Sarah.”


Norton picked up the phone and held it to Roberta’s face. “Tell her what

you did, how you are going to be punished and what you are going to do to

thank me.”


Roberta looked round at the man with pleading in his eyes.


“Go on!”


“Hello Sarah?”


“Hi Honey!”


Roberta felt Norton signal to him to get on with it by applying painful

pressure to his arms again.


“Listen Sarah, I have been told I have to say something to you.  I…”

Roberta paused, disgusted at having to go through with the humiliating

confession. “I used his… Mr. Norton’s phone without permission and…

so… now he is going to spank… me…”


“OK, well that’s appropriate I think, don’t you baby? He sounds nice. Is

he good looking?” he heard his wife ask.  Roberta turned to look at the



“I don’t know, I suppose.”  Norton shook him again. “Listen, I have to

carry on. After he spanks me, he’s going to make me…” Roberta paused.


“Yes?” asked Sarah.


“Suck him,” said Roberta quickly and quietly.


Norton applied painful pressure to his arms.


“I’m going to suck his cock! I’m going to suck his cock!” blurted out

Roberta.  Sure enough Norton eased up on the pressure.


“My, honey, you do sound excited! Now just remember to say please and

thank you whenever Mr Norton does anything.” Sarah paused for a moment.

“Sweety, are you OK?” Sarah actually sounded sympathetic and the kindness

in her voice started Roberta’s tears again.


“No,” he sobbed in a small voice. “No.”


“Oh you will be honey, don’t worry, you’re just nervous.”


Tears filled his eyes.  Sarah had to get him out of this.




“Be sure and take your time at the beginning and swallow at the end, OK



“Sarah please…”


“Now tell Mr Norton you’re done.”


“Sarah, please, you’ve got to….”




Roberta slowly turned and nodded to Norton who took the receiver and

placed it back on the counter a few inches from his face.  Then reaching

under the skirt of the uniform he slowly pulled Roberta’s PVC ruffled

panties down and sighed as he saw the sissy’s little ass quiver in fear.

He took a few moments to run his hand over the smooth skin before raising

his hand in preparation for the first blow…


Part 5

Out of the Way 5




Sarah smiled and stared at the ceiling.  She síghed and then looked down

at her slave who was diligently licking away between her legs.  She idly

tired to guess his name again, then chuckled to herself. He was called

‘boy’ now.  She wondered if she should give him a rest, but he seemed to

have much more stamina than her.  She reflected on how she had not been

able to resist some of his more passionate advances instead of punishing

him like she had been doing when he arrived four nights ago.


She thought back dreamily to that first night and her fear and

excitement.  She remembered when they arrived home and she had

momentarily lost her nerve, thinking about how she had to go back and try

and find Robert, or maybe that it would be already too late.  She had

phoned the club but as she was waiting for the answer, the boy had

crawled over behind her and stared to nuzzle her leather clad ass with

his face.  Sarah’s eyes were closed and her mind on other things when the

answer came on the phone.


“Hello?  HELLO?” Sarah placed the phone back on the hook and turned round

to face her prey.  A few minutes later she was discovering at first hand

what a pleasure it was to have a slaves tongue in your ass-hole,

especially after making him beg…


The next morning she had lain awake while her boy slept next to her, his

head resting on her bosom.  As she stroked his hair she thought again

about Robert and wondered if he was OK.  At first she had felt a terrible

sense of guilt at how she had betrayed him and sent him away with

strangers.  She wondered about what kind of humiliations he would be put

through. She imagined a scene with him standing in his little maid’s

outfit in front of a room of strangers, tears rolling down his cheeks as

he was being told off by Jodie for some transgression.


Sarah had caught herself smiling at this point. ‘Well, why not?’ she had

thought to herself.  ‘The little bastard made me feel inadequate with his

dressing.  What’s wrong with me that he has to go off and fantasize about

being a woman?  I hope he gets all that’s coming to him… (and on him,

and in him!),’ she chuckled to herself.


Her imagined scene had then continued in her head. Jodie had now stopped

scolding Robert but was instead watching, whip in hand, as a strange man

came up behind Robert and, wrapping his arms around his waist, had

started to kiss his neck.  To her surprise, Sarah had felt herself

becoming wet at this thought.  Then her boy moved suddenly in his sleep

and she was brought back to the present.


Without disturbing her sleeping sweetheart she looked around herself at

the debris of the night before. Clothes were strewn about the place and

empty glasses lay on many of the surfaces.  Sarah thought about how she

really needed a maid right now.  She wondered how long it would take

Jodie to re-educate Robert into actually being useful.  She imagined her

husband right there in the room with them now, moving around in his

little uniform picking up their dirty underwear and dirty glasses as they

lay in the bed watching.


She wondered if the boy would be aroused at the sight of Robert’s

elaborate panties and stockings as he bent over…


She imagined making Robert take a break from his cleaning to stand next

to the bed ‘right here’ she said to herself, choosing a spot on the floor

about two feet away from where she lay.  Then she would make him watch as

she mounted her slave and rode him to another earth-stopping orgasm like

the one he had given her last night, all the time clawing at her own

breasts and shooting withering looks at Robert.  Then once she was done

she would say something mean like ‘now get back to work, you pathetic

sissy’ or a bit kinder ‘I’m afraid I want you to get out now, but please

feel free to sniff my dirty panties’.


These cruel thoughts were totally new to Sarah, but they were making her

wet.  Her eyes fell on the can of whipped cream by the bed they had been

playing with last night.  Smiling, she reached out and picked up the can,

feeling that there was still a small amount in the bottom.  She then

opened her legs slightly and reached down and sprayed the contents over

her pussy. She felt her slave stir at the hiss of the can and she smiled

at him


“Good morning honey.  It’s time for your breakfast!”


The slave smiled sleepily then slowly but immediately moved down to

between her open legs and started to lick at the cream.  Sarah lent back.

She felt herself going back to the daydream of Robert being kissed by the

strange man.  The man had now pulled Roberta over to a couch and he was

kissing him passionately.  Then he turned him over and started spanking

him, Robert’s eyes wild with shock and disbelief…


Suddenly the phone by the bed started to ring. ‘Shit’ thought Sarah ‘let

it ring’.  She tried to block out the noise of the phone as she went back

to her fantasy.  Now Robert had been made to get on his knees in front of

the couch.  The phone was still ringing. ‘For god’s sake, I’m not in,’

she thought to herself. In the dream, Robert was undoing the man’s



‘Enough of this phone,’ thought Sarah. ‘I’ll just get rid of whoever it

is quickly.’  She reached over to the phone and picked it up.


“Hello?” She heard some muffled grunting at the other end of the phone.

The line was bad, but there was something about the voice she



The slave had stopped licking and was looking up at her, wondering what

to do.  ‘God damn phone,’ she thought to herself.  “Hello?  Hello?” more

muffled grunting.  Her boy started to get up on all fours and she looked

down at him. “What do you think you’re doing?” she pointed back at her

pussy. “Just… keep…”


The boy started to lick again.


“Good.”  She turned her attention back to the caller. “Uh Hello, Who is







That was 3 days ago now.  She had felt guilty and a little embarassed

about telling Mark to spank Robert then make him thank him with his

mouth, but it had just been what had come up in her fantasy, not her

idea, really.  Besides, she had loved listening to it actually happening.

To her surprise it wasn’t the sound of Norton’s hand slapping Robert’s

bare buttocks that had made her come, it was while her husband was being

made to repeatedly beg for his master’s cock until his voice had sounded

feminine enough that the first orgasm had wracked her body.


Since then she had been making a conscious effort not to feel guilty

about what she had done or what situation her husband was in.  She had

been trying to convince herself that he would be having a great time

whenever she thought about it, she had giggled a little and (to her

continued surprise) become very aroused as she thought about him getting

spanked over some stranger’s knee.


Again she was in bed, again her lover was licking her pussy, although

slowly this time.


Last night she had had to lock his hands to the top of the bed to be sure

of keeping him off her during the night.  He had complained and looked so

broken at the thought of not being able to touch her she had felt sorry

for him and climbed on top of him and let him suck her breasts, and then

one thing had led to another and before she knew it she was pulling his

hard cock inside her again.  In fact she had let him make love to her

more than once a day.  She knew this wasn’t the done thing for a dominant

woman in her position, so she tried to think about how much she had

enjoyed his frustration during the first few hours after he had arrived.

Yes, today she was going to use a bit more whip and not let him come.  At

least not until midnight.  Or the evening.


Suddenly she heard a beep on her computer, new mail. She worked at home,

so officially she ought to see who it came from.   She waited for a few

seconds then ruffled the hair on the boys head. “Hold that tongue, I’ll

be back in a minute.”


Sarah stepped from the bed and stretched, the boy watching her cat-like

movements with visible lust.  As she was yawning she caught him looking

and smiled at him, then pulled on a green silk kimono and languidly moved

through to the next room where the computer was.


She sat before the computer and looked at the address of the new mail:-  Jodie?  Robert must have given her the address.  She

opened the mail.


“Hello Sarah, hope everything is going well with the leather thong guy.

Thought you might like to see this.  Jodie”


Sarah’s heart skipped. ‘At least I have a way of contacting them now,”

she thought, trying to convince her guilty side that this made things

better.  There seemed to be some kind of movie attached, it was very

large anyway.  Oh, had Jodie filmed Robert?  Sarah’s hand moved to her

mouth as she wondered what she was about to see.  Her heart started to

beat quickly and she clicked on the movie.


The movie started in a small box on Sarah’s screen, the picture was clear

but the sound seemed not to be working properly.  It showed a large room,

decorated and carpeted.  The room was too large to be a bedroom but there

was a bed in the middle with a small table to the side of it and a thick

rug to the side of the bed that seemed to be made from some kind of fur.


There was a woman kneeling on the bed in lingerie with her head lowered

and her hands together in front of her.  The woman raised her hand to

flick hair from her face and Sarah felt her stomach contract a little as

she realised it was Robert.  Jodie had put him in a different wig, it was

shoulder length and light brown and looked very realistic.


The camera zoomed in on Robert who still had his head lowered.  He was

wearing a little red off-the-shoulder satin gypsy top and had on a

matching red satin suspender belt and red stockings.  He had a red ribbon

tied in a bow round his neck.


The sound on the movie was very bad but Jodie began to make out someone’s

voice.  It sounded like a mumble but she could just about hear that it

was Jodie and she sounded pissed.  After she had spoken Robert shook his

head and kept his head down, not wanting to look up into the lens.

Suddenly the image went black and Sarah saw that Jodie had walked in

front of the camera and was moving towards Robert purposefully carrying a



‘So there were more than just the two of them,’ thought Sarah, the

cameraman must be her husband Mark!  The thought of Robert feminised and

so vulnerable in the hands of these strangers captivated Sarah.


She watched breathlessly to see what happened next. The image sudddenly

moved rapidly and Sarah realised the camera had been put down and was

facing some other out of focus corner.  It continued to roll though and

Sarah heard the muffled voice of a man join Jodie’s. Nothing happened for

a couple of minutes, just periods of talk and periods of apparent silence

with some occasional distinct cracking noise.  Then she thought she heard

footsteps approach the camera and sure enough the image rotated back to

Robert who had now raised his head and was facing the camera.  Sarah saw

he was fully made up with bright red lipstick making his lips seem full

and glossy. His eyes appeared puffy and the elaborate eye make up seemed

slightly smudged as if he had been crying, but he seemed to be holding a

fake smile as he now faced the camera.


‘Sorry, Robert,’ said Sarah to the screen earnestly, as she realised the

impact her decision was making on her husband’s life.  Even as these

thoughts went through her mind, she couldn’t help but comment to herself

silently on how cute Robert looked in the red outfit. Sarah saw Robert’s

face turn to something off screen and the camera zoomed out to show a man

standing to Robert’s right.  Sarah’s open mouth had become dry and she

licked her lips watching with a mixture of horror and fascination as she

realised there must be at least three people surrounding her semi-naked



The idea was so strange, so obscene that she tried to stop thinking.  As

she did this, her hand moved down to her sex and she slowly started to

massage herself.  The new character was about thirty, with thick dark

hair, he looked latin or greek.  He was wearing jeans but no top and had

an extremely muscular body, someone who spends most of the day in the gym

thought Sarah to herself.  She thought about how feminine Robert looked

next to him – skinny. scared and shaking on the bed, waiting.


The man walked over to Robert, placed two large hands round his waist and

lifted him from the bed through the air to bring him close to him.  Sarah

saw a look of panic on Robert’s face as he was lifted through the air and

his stocking legs flailed before tentatively touching down on the rug.

Robert stood next to the huge man with his arms raised uselessly by his

sides. Now he was standing upright, Sarah could see that Robert was

wearing a pair of red panties, very plainly cut with rather deep sides

but made from almost totally transparent red chiffon, so that his bottom

was completely visible.


Idly she thought about how much it would normally turn him on to be

forced to wear such an outfit and she wondered how he felt dressed in

front of these men.  The greek held the sissy close with one arm round

his back and reached his mouth down to kiss Robert’s face.  Robert moved

his head quickly to the side and Sarah could see he had his eyes and

mouth tightly closed.  Sarah could just about make out Jodie’s raised

voice again, much sharper than before, and the greek took Robert’s chin

firmly in his free hand and pulled his face to his own.  As his tongue

went inside her husband’s mouth, Sarah sped up the motion of her fingers

on her soaking wet pussy.


Sarah tried to make out if her husband was kissing back or just opening

his mouth to allow his lover’s tongue full access, an access he seemed to

be taking full advantage of.  She heard another muffled order from off

screen and Robert put his thin arms loosely around the man’s large

shoulders.  The man now moved one hand to behind Robert’s neck so he

could continue to direct the kissing and his other moved down Robert’s

back.  The greek’s kisses seemed to become more passionate as he moved

his hand down towards Roberts ass, Sarah watched her husband’s head

moving backwards and forwards in response to the motion of the man’s



Sarah’s finger started to move more quickly around her clitoris as the

greek’s large hand reached Robert’s ass and he cupped one cheek through

the thin chiffon, pulling Robert up and further towards his mouth.  His

hand continued down to the bare flesh between Robert’s panties and his

stocking tops and explored for a few seconds.  Then he stopped kissing

his ‘girl” and looked at him with a menacing smile.  Robert looked back

apprehensively, then his body lurched as the greek gave a single hard

spank to his buttock and said something to him.


Robert turned round uncertainly with his back to the greek and his glance

moved from the camera lens, to Jodie off camera and then over his

shoulder to see what the man was doing.  The man put two hands round his

waist and pulled Robert towards him so that his bottom was pressed

against the front of the man’s jeans.


Another order came from Jodie and Robert put his two hands behind his

head and round behind his lover’s neck and then turned his face to allow

himself to be kissed again.  The camera zoomed in on their faces and

Sarah watched her husband for any sign of expression.  She was unable to

tell if he was enjoying the experience or not.  The camera panned down

Robert’s body to his crotch where the greek’s hand was moving inside the

front of his panties.


Sarah moved a second hand down to her crotch.  The camera zoomed in on

Robert’s small, caged, hairless prick as the greek played with it gently

and showed it off to the camera. He took it in just two of his large

fingers and showed it to the camera from various angles before jiggling

it up and down a bit.  Sarah cringed for her husband and just for a

second felt outrage on his behalf, wondering why it was necessary to add

this extra element of humiliation.  She slipped one finger between her

pussy lips.


The Greek played with Robert’s cock for a few more seconds, jiggling the

tiny thing around, pretending to try and get it hard. The camera zoomed

out a bit and to Sarah’s surprise she saw that her husband was now

definitely kissing back, his tongue tangling with the greek’s

passionately outside their mouths, but also that tears had started to run

down his face.  Her finger stopped moving inside her as she froze, trying

to avoid the deeper implications of what she was seeing. Then she saw

Robert’s hips start to grind back against the greek’s and hypnotised by

the screen, guiltily tried to match the rhythm with her fingers.


After a minute or so, the two split up following another order from Jodie

and the greek removed his jeans as Robert went and fetched some items

which Sarah could not make out from a the table by the bed. When Robert

had returned to the rug the greek was waiting in a pair of white boxer

shorts.  Robert knelt, putting the items down by his side and pulled down

the shorts, all the time maintaining eye contact with the greek.  Sarah

gasped as the camera zoomed in and she saw the contents of his shorts.


It was truly long, perhaps eight inches and thick with a bulging head and

Sarah covered her mouth with her hand as she felt an amused smile grow

there.  Robert’s eyes grew large and he looked desperately off camera,

presumably to where Jodie was standing thought Sarah.  Robert said

something that Sarah couldn’t hear, his lips forming the shape of either

‘too’ or ‘huge’ she thought with a giggle and then she heard the sharpest

response yet from Jodie.


Sarah heard her shouting a sentence, and for the first time she made out

three words “DON’T YOU DARE…” and then the rest of the sentence was

lost in the noise of the recording. Sarah watched as Robert’s now visibly

shaking hand started to slowly masturbate the huge cock.  Jodie’s orders

were coming more quickly now.  Another bark in the stratchy soundtrack

and Robert started to tongue the man’s balls.  Then, following the orders

he took the erect penis in his mouth and Sarah’s hands started to move

furiously round her sex. The greek held Robert’s head with two hands and

started to fuck his mouth deeply and Sarah started to whimper at the

sight of the huge shaft sliding in and out of her husband’s glossy

painted lips.


This didn’t go on before very long before a new order was barked and

Robert instantly started to move quickly, Sarah saw him trying to unwrap

a condom desperately then rolling it along the length of the man’s penis.

Then the man’s arms moved down to lift him but he fought the away with

his hands and looked up, saying something, panic written on his face.

Sarah saw him open a tube of lubricant and squeeze a load of it onto the



Then the greek, who was looking impatient, did lift him to his feet by

his hands.  Robert broke his right hand free with the lubricant in it and

seemed to be trying to reach round to his ass when the greek man lifted

him off the ground and brought his mouth to his own and started to kiss

him again.  As his feet left the ground, Sarah saw the lubricant fall

from Robert’s hand which flailed in the air for a second until it seemed

to give up and go round the back of the greeks head.  The greek pulled

Robert over to the bed and then lay down on his back himself, pulling

Robert down to kneel astride his legs, facing him.


The camera moved up to the side of the bed where both faces could be

seen. The greek reached down and tore away the thin chiffon panties in

three short motions then, holding it in both hands, pulled Robert’s Ass

into position above his penis.  Robert fell forwards and stopped himself

with his hands on the huge chest of the dark man then got upright

slightly and looked off camera. His eyes full of fear, he nodded and

reached a shaking hand behind himself to grasp the huge penis and

position it at the opening of his ass hole.


The greek, still holding Robert with two large hands round his ass then

lowered the sissy onto him. Sarah was panting and sweating, her fingers

moving furiously while the camera zoomed in on Robert’s tight little

buttocks.  She watched as the whole length of the huge shaft slowly but

surely disappeared inside Robert’s ass.


The camera moved round to their faces, the greek man’s eyes closed in an

expression of ecstasy and Robert’s eyes wide open, overwhelmed as he held

herself up from the man’s chest on thin, shaking arms. Sarah heard

another order but nothing happened, Robert not seeming to want to move

with the huge cock inside him.  Then the order was repeated and Robert

started to slowly move himself up and down carefully, apparently in

significant discomfort.


Sarah watched mesmerized, her own hands matching the speed of the

fucking.  As he raised and lowered herself onto him, the greek’s hands

caressed Robert’s stocking clad legs and ran round to stroke his

buttocks.  He reached up his head and the two kissed for a few seconds

before he fell back.  Sarah could see that Robert was trying not to let

him all the way in again and was restricting his movements to bouncing

around on the end of the man’s cock.  Periodically the greek would pull

him down onto him and Roberta’s mouth would let out some kind of

exclamation, although Sarah couldn’t hear it.  The look of panic was all

the time growing on Robert’s face.


The greek man seemed to be getting impatient again and instead of pulling

Robert down to him he now would give him a slap on the ass cheek at which

point Sarah saw her husband go faster and let him deeper momentarily then

slow down and try and move away again.  This went on for a few minutes

until the greek man seemed to lose his patience completely and he went to

push Robert off him.


Sarah watched as Robert tried to push him back down onto the bed but he

lifted the sissy up with no difficulty and pushed him onto all fours,

positioning himself behind him and between his legs.  Then holding one of

his skinny hips with one of his large hands he began to spank his bare

ass hard, the camera catching the wild expression on Robert’s face as his

feminine body shook with each blow.  Then he buried his cock deep inside

the sissy and began to fuck his ass mercilessly.


Sarah’s hands started to rub her clit hard, fascinated as she watched her

husband being worked over on the screen.  Robert kept trying to pull away

but then the greek would spank his ass (which had become red by now to

match his outfit) and pull back on his hips even harder.  Sarah felt the

first waves of her orgasm hit as she watched the greek grasp Robert’s

shoulders to stop the sissy from pulling away.  He was fucking Robert

hard and deep, Robert’s painted mouth wide open and his large eyes

opening and closing, sweat pouring from both of them.


Sarah’s orgasm racked her body as the man started to go faster still, his

huge muscles rippling as he pumped into her husband, who’s body was now

being thrown around like a rag doll.  Sarah continued to rub herself, the

spasms continuing to shake her as she watched Robert’s face suddenly

screw up into an expression of either pain or ecstasy and then finally

everything stopped as the greek buried his cock to the hilt inside his

sissy and obviously came.


Roberta’s front end was lying face down on the bed, and she brought her

hands to her face, seemingly wanting to hide herself as the greek

shuddered and writhed, filling her ass with warm semen.


Neither moved for a short time then the greek started to come down from

the moment and start to tenderly stroke Roberta’s red-spanked ass cheeks,

Sarah saw an expression of surprise come onto his face.  He started to

turn her over but she fought him and waved her hand around apparently

trying to get the camera to stop filming.


Ignoring this, the smiling greek turned and beckoned for the camera to do

a close up and pulled Roberta round in front of him so that she was

facing the camera.  Roberta was covering her face with one hand and her

crotch with the other until he pulled both her hands above her head and

held them there. Sarah watched as the camera zoomed into Roberta’s

crotch, wondering what was going on until she gasped as the camera

focused on the end of Roberta’s caged penis. A large amount of semen was

dripping from the end of the little cage in which Roberta was locked



‘Much more than my husband used to manage,’ thought Sarah to herself

spontaneously.  The camera moved back up to their faces and Sarah saw the

greek was laughing into the lens while Roberta, totally mortified, tried

to cover the shame rolling down her face with her elbows.  Sarah started

to giggle as the greek started to kiss the side of Roberta’s face

tenderly against her wishes.


The film finished and Sarah sat there in silence, stunned at how aroused

the whole thing had made her feel.  Suddenly she missed Roberta very much

and longed to be able to comfort her as she lay on the bed crying

(‘although the greek hunk didn’t neccesarily have to go anywhere,’ she

thought dreamily).  Then she noticed there was second email from Jodie.

She opened it


Hi Sarah, So pretty hot, no?  As you can see, we’re all going

to miss Roberta very much when you take her away from us, we

think she’s a special girl.  So cute when she gets embarrassed!


Of course you know people would pay a LOT to see stuff like this.

It goes without saying that I would never do anything without your

permission but…  If she was mine….  So I’ll see you on Friday.


Unless you email first?





Sarah sat motionless with her mouth wide open for a few seconds then

shook her head.  The massive orgasm was still dying down between her

legs.  She read the mail again and the glanced over her shoulder as if to

check that the gorgeous boy was still safely tucked up in her bed (an

unnecessary thing to do since he was chained there.)  She closed her

mouth and felt an insane smile spread onto her face.


She picked up a framed photograph from the table next to the computer

monitor.  It was a photo of Robert and her on their wedding day, just

leaving the church. She brought it close to examine Robert’s face which

she stroked with one of her fingers.  Still smirking she began to shake

her head again and then quietly chuckle to herself.


She started to talk to the photo.


“Robert…  Roberta.”  She shook her head again, her smile growing all

the time, “My love, you know you always used to complain that our sex

life wasn’t original enough? Well don’t worry honey.  Don’t worry.

Because now… now I am getting SO many ideas….”