****** Property of Harding Ltd. ******

The stories have been removed while I think about publishing them as a self contained novel

She is eye opening, mouth gaping stunning.

Neatly cropped blond hair, dark eye makeup and sweet pink lips. She is decorated in a translucent Peter Pan blouse with short cuffed sleeves and an elegant tan coloured tie. Her high waist shorts are in a matching brown, clinging around her hips before being cinched tight around her waist. Two rows of silver buttons secure them at the front. On her legs are calf height high heeled boots perfectly matching the shorts and tie.

Above her left breasts a metal badge with her name “Chrissy” emblazoned on it.

If that wasn’t erotic enough she wears a steel collar locked about her neck engraved with the words “Property of Hardman Ltd.”

The story …

It starts. You know where you are going with one my tales so please sit back and enjoy the journey.

Has Daniel miscalculated? He is out to impress his gorgeous wife and his two beautiful 16 year old twin daughters by being employed by Mister Harding in his secluded castle. Surely he hasn’t misunderstood?


Daniel’s training

Daniel begins to learn his place and shows his red bottom to a tough impatient man.

18 thoughts on “****** Property of Harding Ltd. ******

    1. Ah well … he began life as Hardman in the first draft somehow became Harding by the later drafts …. will probably end up being Mister Smith by the final draft.

    1. Whoops, there are a few more too I am afraid. I posted before my volunteer editor came back to me. Will update this weekend. And offer my thanks to her for the help.

      Deborah Ford

  1. Before going commercial you may want to have things edited. In the announcement of the story on the new web site, it says:

    “If that wasn’t erotic enough she wears a steel collar locked about her neck engraved with the words “Property of Hardman Ltd.” “.

    This error was already corrected, see correspondence #3….

    1. Reeta,

      To be clear there are many stories on this site which you can view totally free. They are classic tales in this genre I am collecting with the help of supporters of this site and there will be more to come. I have also some links on the site to many other excellent free depositories of these types of tales.

      You have had the benefit of my work free for over a decade and if I am to write more then I must see if I can offset the time away from work with some income. Many of my stories are novel length, (Office Dupe, Hotel series, etc) and take a long time to write probably a lot more time than people imagine.

      I am sure you are not alone in your disappointment but I hope you understand.

      Best wishes


  2. Deborah,
    I realize full well that your work is superior to that of mine, however if you wish to incorporate anything I’ve written, feel free to do so.
    I have posted in fictionmania and BigCloset.
    Janet Baker

      1. Janet baker. I cannot access bigcloset for some reason. There is a large collection of your tales on fictionmania does this include all of them?


    1. There have been some issues with the servers which I think have now been resolved

      The link you had problems with is now ok but please let me know if you are still having difficulties


  3. Dear Deborah – being a bull love how the puny sissies not only in their onboarding get spanked, punished and humiliated by the Amazon sort of women such as Misses Leopard/Jaguar (The Hotel) or Miss Willis (Property of Harding), while the wives indulge in all amenities with the strong bull.
    Do you have special sources, links or recommendations for additional own stories that cover these type of F/m scenarios ? Btw: am also a fan of tying up and lift, carry and suspension to a hook of weak little sissies.
    Thanks G

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