Club ZerØ Nine Book One – Free preview

Club ZerØ  Nine

By Deborah Ford


A disturbing tale of forced feminisation

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Warning: This work is for adults only. It contains material relating to forced feminisation, cuckoldry, bondage, gay situations, humiliation and other aspects some people may find offensive.


Imagine a club, an S&M club, catering to doms and subs.

Imagine it in a nearby city, in a huge vacant lot near the disused docklands. No one can hear you scream.

Imagine a club that has been in existence for over five years, long enough to develop its own code of practice.

Imagine it, as it develops into a place where Bulls can meet married women in a BDSM setting.

A club that understands there are people who long to have submissive maids serve them.

A club that knows there are many who would adore the opportunity to wear one of the club’s prized maid’s outfits.

A club that has developed an intensive training plan to take anyone from scratch to licenced maid within a matter of days. Anyone, yes anyone.

A club where no maid has every failed to qualify to be a licenced maid. No one is allowed to fail the strict tests and assessments. No one.

A club which has no gender bar, either sex can apply for the maid course.

A club run by a dedicated band of severe, sexy women who single mindedly train even the most recalcitrant of maids.

A club where the dominant Bull males know the beneficial effects of a wife seeing her husband completely transformed. Thus the males do all they can to ensure the complete submission of any maid before his wife.

A club that draws on enhanced, intense, one on one, behavioural modification therapy.


Dream or nightmare?


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Chapter 1 Reception. 5

Chapter 2 The Hair Salon. 14

Chapter 3 The Make Up Room.. 22

Chapter 4 The Department Store. 27

Chapter 5 The Dance and Display Room.. 32

Chapter 6 The Classroom, Miss Hall. 43

Chapter 7 The Dance Room.. 55

Chapter 8 Sleeping Quarters. 64

Chapter 9 Therapy Room.. 76

Chapter 10 Office 414B. 88

Chapter 11 Sleeping Quarters and the Recordings. 97

Chapter 12 The Classroom, Miss Martinique. 101

Chapter 13 Dining Room, Dance Room 2. 112

Chapter 14 The Classroom and Miss Richter 2. 131

Chapter 15 Mister Harrison’s Office and Madison. 138

Chapter 16 Sleeping Quarters and The Second Present. 148

Chapter 17 Classroom, The Assessment Beckons. 151

Chapter 18 The Assessment. 159

Chapter 19 The Department Store Return. 169




Chapter 1 Reception






This was unexpected.


Kyle had planned his diversion for over a year. Right down to the last detail. He had researched the requirements of Club Zero Nine, met twice with the charming Principal Miss Hall and carried out the physical changes they had demanded of him.


But no one had mentioned this.


He had shed over twenty pounds in an exacting eight weeks of prescribed exercises and diet. His hair had remained uncut in that time and now just tickled his shoulders. As instructed he waxed his entire body, though he fell short of the humiliating proviso to create a neat ‘runway detail’ above his cock and balls. That was just too much. As a concession he trimmed back his pubic hairs, but not smoothed out the area to leave a neat, girly lawn just above his cock. There were some demands that were just too embarrassing.


He even spent a fortune on the specified steel chastity cage to replace his cheap ebay plastic one. As instructed he had even worn it for a full five days before this meeting just as Miss Hall demanded.


Kyle had spent most of his twenty eight years fantasising about what it would be like to be a maid. Club Zero Nine offered him that opportunity, indeed guaranteed that over the course of a weekend he would experience fully what it means to be a true maid. He just had to agree to the five day intensive training course.


The money wasn’t a problem, though it certainly wasn’t cheap! Nor the time for that induction week. He worked for himself, thus could organise everything to free himself up for a week or two. There was even a promise of future weekends as a maid at Club Zero Nine if all should go well on the first one.


He had even won over Madison, his wife. She had never been happy with his dressing up box in the spare room, and though giving him the freedom to try out the club, she was somewhat reluctant to join him at Club Zero Nine. It was shudderingly too pervy for her to stomach. On hearing about him having to spend a week in the steel chastity cage she sighed, raised her eyebrows and shook her head. That was the sum total of her disapproval.


As for the weekend at Club Zero 9 she was initially disparaging.


“I don’t want to see a bunch of fairies twinkle toeing about,” Madison had said.


Yet a single meeting with the winning Miss Hall had crushed her objections sufficiently to ‘give it a try’. Kyle didn’t know what was discussed nor what changed Madison’s mind but she emerged from the meeting at a hotel room in the city with the words, “ok then, we will give it a go. But don’t go on about it.”


So there Madison stood, just behind him in the small office in her shortest black dress and heels. For some reason she was wearing stockings and very sexy lingerie. When Kyle expressed his surprise at her attire she simply dismissed his question.


“You wear what you want, and I will wear what I want.”


“It is an S and M club, not the usual nightclub.”


She had flushed but continued applying her make up whilst dressed in just her beguiling lingerie.


Despite his cock expanding in its confines Kyle was so excited at the prospect of the club that he soon put her dressing out of his mind. As his cock ached in its metal container he reasoned that she was just getting a womanly revenge on him. Saying if you dress like that then so can I!


But at that moment, in Miss Hall’s office, he was suddenly troubled about her provocative style of dressing.


Now, somehow, he was vulnerable and he felt his little pretty wife, Madison, was even more vulnerable.


Vulnerable in a way that he couldn’t protect her from.


Normally he would take command in a difficult situation, give her comfort but now he was feeling exposed, confused and deeply embarrassed.


The two other people in the room were both men. Mister Harrison was about 6 foot 2 inches, with a very masculine square jawed appearance. He looked like he hadn’t shaved that morning and his thinning dark hair was a mess. Yet he wore an expensive looking neat, light grey suit with smart tie and crisp white shirt. He could have been some middle-aged powerful CEO of a large listed company. He had a relaxed no-nonsense manner conveying controlling charm.


The other guy was around six foot but chunky, in a soft jacket that seemed too small for his muscles. You would have taken him for a night club bouncer and you wouldn’t want to mess with him. His expression was locked into a superior smirk and right now the smirk was growing as he enjoyed Kyle’s discomfort.


They were the most alpha males Kyle had met since he stopped going to the rugby club all those years ago.


Yet he, with his slight frame, wore just casual light clothes and felt like a child in a room with strong adults. Worse of course, he was fixed into the metal chastity cage so didn’t even feel manly.


Feeling his throat constrict with nerves and his voice grow squeaky, Kyle stuttered, “I, well, we, we had expected to meet Miss Hall here.”


Mister Harrison had introduced himself as the chair of Club Zero Nine and neither offered his Christian name nor a handshake during the introductions, leaving Kyle feeling even more nervous and powerless. He was one of those men who spoke in short staccato sentences as if not bothered to chat to anyone.


“You’re late. You missed her. So strip.” The man with Mister Harrison announced. The words weren’t so much an order as a matter of inevitable fact.


With his mouth dangling open Kyle tried to laugh away the tension. “No, really. It is on the form I filled. We were supposed to meet Miss Hall. Well, yeh. I guess we are a bit late.” It was all he could do to avoid adding the word ‘sorry’ to this impolite arsehole.


Madison had last minute nerves as they parked outside the sprawling seemingly unoccupied 1930s building. It was covered in ‘Office Space to let’ signs, but with it being sited in the wrong part of the city to attract clients Kyle bet they would remain unoccupied for many years to come. The club was tucked by the closed dockland area and was the only part of the city almost devoid of traffic. With its layer of dark bricks and facing north it was a building that would rarely catch much sunlight. Forever in the shadows of the docklands.


The tall man nodded as if he wasn’t concerned. “If you don’t get a move on you’ll miss the course.”


“Well,” Kyle felt trapped. “If you could leave the room for …”


At that point Mister Harrison displayed a flicker of impatience. “Look. You either want to be downstairs or you don’t. If you don’t then push off. Don’t waste my time.”


Kyle resented being spoken to in that manner, particularly before his wife. His cheeks flushed.


“If you think Mister Williams here,” he thumbed at the chunky doorman, “or I are interested in what is inside your pants you misread the signals.”


The doorman laughed and Kyle felt sure that he heard Madison snigger behind him.


At that Mister Harrison ambled past Kyle, gently took Madison’s bare arm and guided her to a wide drawer unit on which there were catalogues and books.


“Miss Hall tell you all about our little club here?” he asked.


Kyle watched as his wife stared up at the powerful man, her cheeks reddening. “Well a little,” she giggled, her heels shifting nervously on the carpet.


“Take a look at these.” He opened a book and turned back to Kyle. “I mean it. You either strip or leave. No skin off my nose.”


He flattened the album out at its first page and patted a huge finger on the page. “We set up just over five years ago. Now we are the biggest S and M club for miles around. We cater for everyone. So don’t think about being judgemental here.”


Kyle half looked at Mister Williams whose eyes now seemed fixed on his wife’s legs.


He had read about power shifts but this was the first time he was in a room where people openly gawped at his wife, or led her around by her elbow without at least acknowledging him as the husband. He was virtually invisible.


He slid off his light jacket, hanging it over the back of a chair, and set about his shoelaces.


Meanwhile Mister Harrison went on with quiet, warm voice. “We do the maid training for girls too if you are interested.”


Madison giggled, flushed a deeper red, but keeping her eyes fixed on the book, didn’t reply.


Kyle pulled off his tee shirt laying it over his jacket and then undid his belt. He paused. Mister Williams was now checking messages on his mobile phone whilst Mister Harrison growled on. Neither was interested in him undressing which gave him the courage to continue.


“So we sort of grew over the first few years. It wasn’t planned. Then, now get this, we had been here for two years before someone discovered that part of this unit used to be the downtown city police station. That was when the port was busy. So we took over this section and even more floors. We needed the space. Folk were coming from all over the world to experience what we offered. You won’t believe this, but we found they even had cages and cells down in the basement. How cool is that? We are the only S and M club in the country to have real cells.”


Madison gushed a sound of amazement followed by another giggle.


Kyle slipped his pants down over his smooth hairless legs, relieved no one was paying him any attention. It still felt unnatural to have no hair on his body save the little around his genitals and that on his head.


“Now, we have a strict no camera policy for party nights. But we are a bit more relaxed during non-event days for the inner club members. If the owners want to show off their pets then why stop them? But always ask before snapping.” He rustled over a thick page. “So here we see some of the pictures.”


Madison gasped and Kyle stopped with his pants around his ankles wondering what he was showing her. But they were tight together so he couldn’t see the pages.


“It’s called a George cross. Subs like being strapped up on this and sometimes left or maybe spanked or beaten. They are all different in their own ways. There is a dominant to take control of any situation a sub desires. All winners then yeh?”


Madison giggled.


“I take it you are not a dom.”


“A dom?” she asked.


“A dominant. Here folk are either doms or subs. Sometimes they can switch too.”


“Oh I am definitely not a dom,” she laughed.


He paused staring into her eyes. “I thought not. After years of doing this you get to read people pretty quickly.”


Kyle heard his wife’s intake of breath as he stepped out of his pants leaving himself in his blue boxers. His heart was thumping and his stomach tickled as if someone was running their fingers over his insides. He knew his underwear would have to go too. He wished he hadn’t had to wear this new steel chastity device. His old plastic one felt secure enough but this thin steel one was clearly impenetrable.


“This is an A frame. She’s got a cute arse, yeh?”


Madison giggled, “not my type.”


“How about this arse.” He turned a page and Kyle heard his wife catch her breath. “Hey don’t worry, just six lines from a cane. Looks like they have been applied just before the camera shot. But I am told that girls really like this sub’s cute arse.”


“It does look cute,” she said with laughter in her voice.


Kyle dropped the boxers over the rear of the chair and half crouched, half stood up with his hands over his chastity cage.


He decided to say nothing. In fact if he was wondering if he should walk back to the car and think this entire plan through.


At that moment the door crunched open and a breathless Miss Hall stood in the doorway. Kyle smiled at the sight of this charming patient woman with whom he had discussed so much. At least she would treat him without disdain. However he was alarmed to see she was looking none too pleased. “And what time do you call this Kyle?”


“I, er, I’m, I’m sorry Miss Hall. I am a bit late.”


Miss Hall was a matronly woman in her late fifties who wore conservative blouses and knee length skirts with short heeled sensible shoes. Far from being the understanding matronly woman at the hotel interview she now gave the impression of an impatient woman who was always aggravated by the inadequacies of others.


“A bit late? A bit? Kyle, the other two maids are already downstairs. Now quickly. Hands behind your back.”


Kyle obeyed her before he realised what he was doing. She clamped the handcuffs around his wrists with a scary ratchet sound followed by twin dull clicks. He was cuffed, naked and helpless. Suddenly he felt faint.


“Now then, he must get a move on. She brought out a small android tablet from her bag and called up an app. “Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. Ah here we are. Kyle. The sub is Kyle. Dominant is the wife.”


She put the tablet next to a computer and printer on a desk and opened a drawer from which she pulled a narrow steel hinged collar.


Kyle’s mouth hung open. No one had mentioned being cuffed and collared. He pulled on the cuffs but instantly knew he was held helplessly secure. He needed to just call a halt to all this and discuss it further with Miss Hall.


“There is a problem,” Mister Harrison smiled.


“Oh?” Miss Hall wasn’t the sort of woman who liked to hear about problems.


Kyle wondered if he had met her sister in the interview.


“Yes. Madison here isn’t a dom. Could have told you that just by looking at her.”


Placing both hands on the table, Miss Hall bowed over it, exhaling loudly. “This little sissy told me she was! How can we enter him into the course without an owner?”


Kyle felt it was time to assert himself and nervously offered. “Darling. You do play the dominant sometimes for me.”


“Kyle!” Miss Hall stated coldly, “Was your opinion sought?”


“I was just saying …”


“I said,” she glared, “was your opinion sought?”


“Erm. No. Not really Miss Hall.”


She turned away as if she had dismissed him, making Kyle feel like a little child. He couldn’t catch Madison’s eye. How would she react to see him being treated like that?


“May I make a suggestion?” The Alpha male said raising his chin.


“I thought you might Mister Harrison. I suspect I know what it will be.”


He laughed easily, as relaxed as Sunday. “I’ll take temporary ownership of him and maybe Madison here.” He smiled at Kyle’s wife. “Would you mind? That way you can have a tour around with me. It will be fun. Maybe get some lunch later.”


It was a moment before Madison mouthed ‘yes’, her face scorching red.


“There you are. Sorted.”


“Aye,” Miss Hall said turning to glower at Kyle, “but someone will pay for messing up my system!”


Kyle felt his bowels move. He was helpless and frightened, and all before his wife. This wasn’t what he expected. He had looked forward to his training, dressed as a sweet sexy maid. This hadn’t figured in any of his fantasies over the last year.


Miss Hall typed on the keyboard and the printer whirred out a sticky label. She tore off a strip and stuck it onto a short piece of card. This in turn she slid into a slim compartment on the front of the collar.


She placed the collar about Kyle’s neck and he felt the chill line of steel around his skin as she locked it home with a key.


“Property of Mister Harrison,” She read off the collar. “Yeh! Do not look so terrified sissy! It is only registered as temporary. When you leave here it will be removed from the collar and checked off our computers. Then you will be unowned again.”


She shook her head as if Kyle had caused her no end of suffering and inconvenience.


“Open wide.”


Kyle parted his lips to ask ‘why’ but before he could say anything a rubber ball was pressed into his mouth which was attached to a strap that was clipped at the back of his head. “There. That’s the last we will hear from you until you are taught how to speak.”


Mister Williams laughed out loud holding his eyes on Kyle until Kyle had to look away. Worse, he heard Madison giggle. He felt his cheeks glow red. Now he couldn’t even call a halt to all this.


He was naked, cuffed, gagged, wearing a chastity cage and collared with a note saying he was some guy’s property! How had this happened?


For all his shame his dick grew hard in his tube and he feared it would grow wet and spurt precum, thus totally humiliating him. He had to get a grip.


“So you will show the young lady around Mister Harrison?”


“I certainly will Miss Hall. It will be a pleasure.”


Miss Hall eyed Madison from her heels to her blond hair until the young wife flushed red. “Yeh, I bet it will be for you.” She then turned back to the computer and it whirred out a sticky label. This she put over a plastic band the sort you get around patient’s wrists in hospitals.


Turning on Kyle, she gripped his elbow a good deal harsher than Mister Harrison had grabbed Madison’s. Kyle could see the band had a barcode, some numbers and the words ‘Property of Mister Harrison’ running around it. He felt it being affixed around his right wrist.


“Mister Williams, leash this sissy and get his uneducated arse downstairs with the other two before he misses any more of the course.”


Within a moment he was leashed as if Mister Williams kept a lead in his pocket for such an event.


Mister Williams gave gentle tugs on the lead as if testing it, just as Kyle saw Mister Harrison take his wife’s arm again.


“Madison, there is no need to be alarmed, but all visitors here have to be under the care of a dom.”


Madison let her head fall to one side waiting for him to continue.


“It seems strange but as my guest you will have to have my collar. It just notifies the staff here as to who is responsible for you.”


Miss Hall was already printing out a label and bringing another collar from her desk. “Small do you think Mister Harrison?”


The dominant male lightly ran his hand around the blushing young wife’s neck. “Oh I would think so, thank you Miss Hall.”


Madison edged back raising her hands. “Well, I am not sure.”


“Just house rules. It is only procedure You’ll forget you are even wearing it after a few minutes.”


With the label placed inside, Mister Harrison tenderly pulled it around her neck, edging it beneath her hair. When it locked both she and Kyle jumped.


Kyle was furious. This was not part of what he had signed up for at all. He shouted into his gag but with the rubber ball sitting on his tongue he sounded like a distressed puppy.


This has to stop.


Suddenly Kyle felt himself tugged towards the open doorway.


Madison locked eyes on him, her face cloudy with concern. He needed to protect her but one more yank and he was outside in the corridor.


It was here that Kyle stopped in his tracks at the most sexy sight he had ever seen outside an online video.


She was tall in her high heeled leather boots. Wonderful curvy legs in fishnet tights leading to a single body made of tight black leather boosting her boobs. Her face was a bit too long to be called beautiful but her eyes were like huge blue traffic lights. She wore black elbow length dark gloves and had messy tussled blonde hair. She looked like she had just had rampant sex.


Miss Hall sighed with relief. “Miss Taylor. Thank goodness. Can you escort this new sissy downstairs?”


The sight from heaven leered at Kyle’s naked body, “I most certainly can Miss Hall!”


“First day. So only beat his arse. Oh and no more than six times for each offence.”


“Awww!” Miss Taylor rubbed her gloved finger over Kyle’s nipples which responded by growing hard. She pouted. “Not even a little whack at these Miss Hall?”


“Oh you are incorrigible Miss Taylor. I don’t know what the sissies see in you. Really. No you may not! Just the bottom. Off you all go.”


Mister Williams tugged harshly at his collar and it took a moment before Kyle could catch his balance. Everyone laughed.


Kyle turned to look impotently at the sight of his sexy, short dressed, wife leaning over the photographs. Mister Harrison smiled at him as if he knew something Kyle didn’t.


At that moment Kyle panicked. He pulled back on the leash as Miss Hall closed the door to the office leaving him at the mercy of Miss Taylor and Mister Williams.


He screamed ‘no, no stop,’ through the gag but it just came out as ‘mmmmoaaaa, mmmmmoaaaa, sssshhhhhwwww.’


Tears formed in his eyes. He was not in control and it felt terrifying.