Tease – A classic tale from C.C.


"Ray," Tanya gave me her exasperated smile, "You're just a terrible

"Whatever do you mean, Love?" I smiled right back with mock innocence.

"You know very well what I mean. For two years now, we've been talking
Marriage, and for two years you've been putting me off with weak excuses
and empty promises. Now I'm not giving ultimatums or anything, but a girl
starts to wonder after awhile; especially a girl who's been as
accommodating to a man as I have to you!"

I had to admit - to myself, anyway - she was right. We'd been seeing each
other pretty exclusively (and very intimately) for some time now, and all
that time Tanya had been an obliging companion and a skillful lover...
perfect company for a young, wealthy, and somewhat eccentric bachelor like

Maybe too perfect.

The problem with being rich is that you never know how much you owe to it.
People tend to fawn over you, cater to your whims, and generally oblige
you in the small things, and you are seldom certain whether they're doing
it because they're genuinely pleasant people who really like you, or
because they want your money and a chance to get at it... though it's
generally safe to assume the latter.

Tanya was a case in point: A lovely, intelligent woman, with long, sexy
auburn tresses and a body that just never quit. A woman, in short, who
could have her pick of men -or women, for that matter. Yet she seemed
perfectly content to let me fit her into my schedule, put up with my mild
eccentricities (Had she really never noticed that except for my head and
crotch, I was totally smooth and hairless?) mysterious absences and vague
excuses, and generally do her best to accommodate me.

Why? Was it my personal charm or personal fortune that attracted her?

And in either case, would it really be wise to let her in on my Big

No matter. I soon put her off for the umpteenth time with a nice present,
pleasant talk and empty promises, and got rid of her for the evening. So I
could visit Art.

Let me explain about Art. He's not Gay. Neither am I. Yet both of us share
the Big Secret.

Once a week or so, we get together for an evening, make up our faces,
style our hair in feminine curls, dress up in the most daring and elegant
female attire money can buy, and go out on the town. For both of us are
dyed-in-the-wool (or silk, as the case may be) Transvestites!

Those who cling to old-fashioned beliefs about Transvestites - that
they're Gay or Masochistic, or both - will never understand the totally
non-sexual relationship that Art and I share - or the odd affinity between

Before we met, I had always wanted to pass for Female, but lacked the
knowledge and skill. Art, on the other hand, was a talented closet TV,
whose bitchy wife and low-paying job as a Research Assistant in a
Pharmacology Lab never gave him the means to use his artistry to its full
potential. But together, we were dynamite! I bought the tools and he
brought the talent! I rented a lovely apartment and he picked out the
equipment and accessories to fill it with. I paid for the elegant attire
that filled our closets, and he showed me how to move about in it with
graceful femininity. I bought the most expensive depilatories, makeup and
hair-styling concoctions, and he taught me how to use them to their
fullest sexy advantage. We brought out the best in each other, and after a
few months our weekly get-togethers had yielded truly amazing
developments. We could both now pass as completely feminine at will, yet
return to our normal masculine identities with no trouble at all!

It was Art who first showed me the experimental bust-enlarging (and bust-
reducing) drugs they'd developed at the lab where he worked. Real Jekyll-
and-Hyde stuff, except that when you took it, your Hide turned totally
female, with curvy hips, round, bouncy bottom, and a really dishy set of
titties! A perfect feminine shape! Then, when you'd had enough fun, a dose
of the Antidote returned you to dull masculine normal.

But it was I who discovered the Pussy-Wigs: totally convincing crotch-
covers, styled to look like inviting feminine vulvae, complete with
triangular hirsute patch, they bonded over our male privates securely with
latex that could only be removed by a special solvent, yet they permitted
us total freedom to relieve ourselves whenever necessary. Wearing these,
and with a dose of Art's Bust-Enlarging Drug, we could look completely
feminine under any conditions... and believe me, I mean any! The two of us
had gone to beauty parlors, health spas, lingerie shops, and even a
tanning salon, without the slightest flicker of suspicion!

And tonight, as Art and I took the drugs, made up out faces, styled our
hair and glued on the Pussy-Wigs, I smiled, remembering how Tanya had
accused me of being a Tease - She didn't know how right she was!

For once Art (now "Annie") and I ("Regina") had completely feminized
ourselves, we proceeded to dress up in expensive black silk stockings,
mine sheer, with a sexy seam up the back, Annie's textured in lacy

Next came the garter belts, delicate black lace with rustling ruffled
taffeta straps, pulling the lovely stockings gently but snugly up our
shapely stems.

Then, the Shoes: dark patent leather high-heeled pumps, open-toed (to show
off our painted toenails!) with four-inch spikes. Months of practice had
taught us to move gracefully in them, and to make the most of the sexy,
hip-swishing gait they gave us.

And now, with a naughty thrill of anticipation, we took out the final
items of our costume for the evening and tried them on: Elegant fur
jackets, mine in white Ermine, Annie's in dark Mink.

"Regina!" Annie squealed, pulling hers closed about her (for neither of
them had any buttons!)

"It's lovely! But - ooo! - too short!"

"Nonsense, Dear," I smiled at her and pirouetted as I drew my own wrap
about me, thrilling to the feel of satin brushing across my stiffened
nipples and the tickle of soft fur on my thighs, "It's no shorter than
mine; See?"

"But Darling," Annie's lips pursed in a cute pout, "I have to stand
perfectly straight in this thing just to cover my bottom! And if I bend
over or anything..."

She bent over to demonstrate, and the pale pink oval of her bottom darted
daringly out from beneath the dark fur hem of her jacket.

"...Why, we won't even be able to sit down in public!"

"That's right, Dear," I smiled a naughty smile at her, "Can you imagine
the stares we'll get from men as they get flashes of our breasts and
bottoms?" I glanced significantly down at the generous expanse of ivory
white bosom that was still visible when I pulled my coat about me,

"Can't you just see their stupid eyes popping and their silly tongues
hanging out?"

I couldn't help giggling at the thought of teasing this way. And my laugh
was infectious! Annie caught the humor of the situation at once and
smiled, pirouetting before the mirror.

"You're right!" She tittered, "We'll having them falling all over
themselves... so hard, they'll have to pass a law against us!"

"That's right," I raised my head proudly, "And it'll be 'Look But Don't
Touch!'" And I bent casually forward, flashing a thigh and "accidentally"
spilling out most of a shapely breast.

"But where could we go dressed like this?" Annie asked, "And how will we
get there?"


"So how do you like Antonio's?" I asked Annie as we sat comfortably at our
table, looking over the Wine List, "Does it live up to it's reputation as
the finest Restaurant in San Francisco?"

"Well it's certainly the most expensive," Annie scanned the menu, her
massacred eyes wide, "But I don't know which I like best: This restaurant
or the Limo Ride over here!"

"That was nice," I sighed, "And did you feel the Driver's eyes on us as we
climbed in while he held the door?"

"Almost as big as our Waiter's every time he leans over me and glances
down!" Annie smirked, "Oh, Regina, this is going to be a real night to

Dinner went beautifully. I think every male employee in the place found
some excuse to come around and faun over us, offering napkins, filling our
glasses, and just generally giving the best service I've ever had in a
restaurant. All through Dinner, I could feel every eye in the place on us,
two lovely women, obviously wealthy, dressed expensively but skimpily,
flashing glimpses of their feminine charms at teasing intervals... The
power of it was positively intoxicating!

Then, Dinner over and the check paid, slightly high on a couple of
Martinis, Annie and I sauntered out of the dining room, swishing our
derrieres enticingly as we made for the Little Girls Room. Inside the
luxurious private stall, I hung my wrap on the hook on the door and sat
down to relieve myself while, just next door, Annie did likewise. Tingling
with the eroticism of the whole situation, I leaned back, feeling my bare
spine against the cold marble, closing my eyes to savor the heady pleasure
of the moment. A few seconds of bliss, the rapturous feeling of having
teased and fooled so many people this way, and,

"Eeek! Regina!"

Annie's voice brought me back to reality. I opened my eyes and looked at
the marble slab separating us .

"Regina! My wrap!" Her voice was a desperate whisper, "It's gone!"
Instantly my long-lashed eyes flew to the door of my stall. The hook was
empty. Someone had taken my fur, too!

I looked down at myself, sitting there. Bare breasts. Bare bottom. Lewdly
exposed pussy. All framed by the scanty garter belt, expensive stockings
and sexy spike heels. I looked incredibly vulnerable this way! And I
remembered that my wallet, mad money, even the keys to our apartment were
all in the pocket of that coat!

Quivering, shivering, Annie and I moved in unison, tiptoeing in our high
heels to the stall doors, opening them a crack, trying to shield our
feminine privates with our arms, as we peeked out fearfully.

Tanya stood out there, smiling. No sign of our furs. Just the big, leering
smirk all over her pretty features.

"Tanya!" I squealed softly, "What are you doing here?"

"That's some question," She grinned, "Coming from someone in your
condition, Dearie!" She ran her eyes up and down my feminine near-nudity,
then shot a withering glance next door.

"And why haven't you ever introduced me to your friend Annie here? She's
every bit as cute as you are!"

She knew her name! But how-?

Just then, the door of the rest room swung open and a cute, petite blonde
came in, carrying a couple of cheap plastic raincoats under her arm. I
recognized her immediately as Art's wife Toni!

"I stashed the furs, Tanya,"

She looked over at us. "And I see our Girls have come out... so to speak!"
She flung a raincoat at Annie and one at me. "Put these on before someone
comes. Then get over here!"

Totally bewildered by this strange turn of events, completely at a loss
for what else to do, Annie and I scrambled into the cheap raincoats.
But they were so tight! And sheer! By the time we managed to snap the
clasps, our nipples were clearly outlined though the thin plastic. There
were confusing metal snaps just below the breasts and above the hips, and
the strong fabric rustled noisily with our every move, hampering us with
its snug fit. They were longer than our fur wraps had been - thank
heavens! - stretching down to mid-thigh, but I found as soon as I went
over to Tanya at the mirrors that they restricted our legs terribly,
permitting only a mincing walk that outlined the curve of our asses with
every step!

Working quickly, Tanya pulled out a makeup kit and went to work on my
face. Before I knew it, she had painted over my subtle, tasteful makeup
with bold, waterproof colors, making my lips pouty and bright red, my
cheeks a vivid blush, and my eyelids and lashes dramatically dark.

Looking over at Annie, I saw that Toni had given her the same treatment.
In our garish raincoats, we looked like a couple of....

"Cheap whores!" Toni read my mind. "And that's just what we'll turn you
into unless you obey us completely," She gripped poor Annie's jaw between
her strong fingers and squeezed as she turned her husband's face up to

"Understand, Sweetie?"

"OWWW!" Annie moaned piteously, "Yes! Yes Dear!"

"Poor thing," Tanya patted my crimson cheek lightly, "Toni certainly is
hard on little Annie, isn't she? Of course, being Married, I guess she has
a right to be. Since you and I were only Intimate, I'll be much gentler
with you, Darling!"

"What do you mean?" I sputtered, totally aghast at my tacky appearance,
"What are you doing here anyway?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Tanya replied, "I got suspicious about your
unexplained absences and the fact that you obviously had the hair removed
from your body. So I had you followed. Then, when I'd learned enough, I
got together with Art's wife Toni and told her how her devoted husband had
been spending his Late Work Nights!"

"Worm!" Toni practically spat in Annie's painted face, "I'll make you
sorry you ever even thought about cheating on me with this faggot!"

"Now Toni," Tanya soothed, "I told you, I don't think our little girl-boys
were ever actually lovers! I think they just like to dress up and show off
their expensive finery to each other!"

"Right," Toni nodded, not softening a bit, "Which doesn't alter the fact
that this simpering little sissy lied to me!"

"Just as this one lied to me, Dear," Tanya agreed, "But they'll pay dearly
for it! Let's get started!"

Unceremoniously, they hustled the two of us out of the restaurant to
Tanya's car. We let them, not knowing what else to do. Once in the car,
they seemed to relax.

"I'm not worried about either of you escaping," Tanya explained as she
nosed into traffic, "Even if you got up the courage to jump out, where
would you go? We have your money and the keys to that darling little
apartment of yours! And dressed as you are, I'm afraid you'd find the
going a bit rough out there!"

She was right! Looking out the window, I saw that she had taken us into a
rather bohemian part of town. Every street corner featured at least two
girls dressed as Annie and I were, shamelessly soliciting passers-by. No,
better to sit tight and see what they had planned.


The sign over the bar said BEAUVOIRE'S. Before going in, Toni and Tanya
put collars around our necks: Wide, black leather ones with studs and
locking buckles, joined to each other with a thin stainless steel chain
about six feet long. Locked together this way, Annie and I tiptoed in,
just ahead of the women, and stood apprehensively, looking at the women
gathered about the bar and seated at tables. Women of every size, shape,
color.... only women!

While someone cleared a table. We were led over to it, trying to conceal
that embarrassing chain. But it was no use because as soon as we got
there, Toni clipped it to a chair leg and we were forced to squat down
beside them!

"Comfy, Dear?" Toni teased, "Is that jacket a bit tight for crouching in?
Here, let me help you!"

Both girls reached down and began undoing the snaps that had confused me
earlier. Before either of us could react, we felt the arms and shoulders
of our raincoats being pulled off, leaving us bare-breasted! And next came
the part below the waist! When they were through, all Annie and I had left
was the middle portion of those tight plastic raincoats, looking like
bizarre corsets!

"Oooo!" I moaned, blushed, and tried to huddle against Tanya's leg for
cover, all without drawing too much attention to us. It was a losing
battle, but I managed to ask, "Tanya, what are you doing to us? What do
you want?"

"Just a little return on my investment, Sweetheart," She smiled gently,
"After all, I put quite a lot of time into you, and now that I see you're
not suitable 'Marriage Material', I want a little something for all the
months I spent chasing you. I think everything you have would be
appropriate, don't you?"

"What? you can't mean it! I can't give you everything I own!"

"Why not?" She smiled, "You're getting along just fine now without a great
deal of equipment! Even your 'Equipment' is put away," She nudged the
false pussy that covered my manhood and I blushed all over again, "But
seriously, all I want you to do is turn over your assets to me. Your
stocks, bonds, checking accounts, house, cars, that sort of thing. I've a
list here somewhere. In return, I'll agree to pay you a small allowance
and let you live with me as a sort of Ladies' Maid. We'll also pay Toni a
more generous amount, so that she can get along without Art's income. Then
the two of you can be our feminine slaves for as long as we wish! Doesn't
that sound nice?"

"NO!" I protested, "It sounds awful!"

"I warn you," Tanya cautioned, "This is the best offer you'll get. Toni
and I have some alternate plans for you both if you should refuse this
settlement... and they're not nearly so pleasant!"

"Don't do it!" Annie urged, "All Toni can get from me is a quiet divorce
and our savings. But if they get their hands on all your assets, there's
no telling what they might do to us!"

"You mean you don't trust us?" Toni asked, "You're the one who's been
doing the lying all this time!"

"Hah!" Annie crossed her arms over her bare breasts and squeezed her legs
together for protection, "You needn't think I don't know about those women
you've been-"

SMACK! Toni's hand shot out, knocking poor Annie literally on her ass!

"Steady," Tanya said quietly, "I can see tempers are getting frayed, so
perhaps we'd better just part company now and renew this discussion
tomorrow. The owner of this place is a very close friend of ours, and
she's agreed to 'Take Care' of you two for awhile."

Both women roes, taking the remains of our raincoats with them. Crouched
there, wide eyed, incredibly feminine, collared, chained and corseted,
wearing only stockings, heels and garter belts, Annie and I looked up at
them in disbelief.

"You mean you're just leaving us here?" Annie asked, "What'll we do?"

"Whatever Beauvoire tells you to, Sweets," Toni called over her shoulder
as the two of them sauntered out, arm in arm, "See you tomorrow!"


Ever have a wet dream that turned into a nightmare? That's what the next
five days were for both of us. We had to sleep together, on a narrow cot,
locked in a small room with our wrists cuffed around each other's waist.
Each morning, we were unlocked and escorted to a bathroom by two of
Beauvoire's muscular girlfriends. Once cleaned up, we had to style each
other's hair, freshen each other's makeup, and even do each other's

Then, after a meager breakfast, we were put to work, sweeping, dusting,
mopping and polishing, all in a state of degrading nakedness, overseen by
lusting lesbians, who had forbidden us to speak, either to them or each

Towards afternoon, we were permitted a short nap, then it was up again,
showered once more, makeup re-applied, and into our shoes, stockings,
corsets and collars.

Chained together, we had to spend the entire night on stage, under a
spotlight, kissing, caressing, fondling and embracing each other in a
bizarre mockery of lesbian love, moving in time to music in the
background. The notes would sound and the crowd of gay women would grow
excited as I tongued Annie's nipples until they thrust out like thumbs,
breathed softly over her throat, nibbled her earlobes, rouged her pink
round bottom with my lips, then slowly kissed my way up her perfumed,
shapely legs to her crotch, where I buried my face, just as if her
privates weren't covered, till she faked orgasm. And then.....

I had to let her do it to me, while everyone watched and lusted after us!
It was terribly humiliating and terribly, terribly frustrating! I knew
Annie was really a man, and I am not gay; Still, the enforced intimacy
with a feminine shape like hers affected me strangely. I felt myself grow
moist and quivery when we made love, felt my confined manhood stiffen
painfully beneath the tight, immovable pussy-wig... I was getting turned
on! And worse yet, I couldn't get myself off! With that feminine disguise
over my manhood, I couldn't even get completely erect, much less

Women would try to talk with us, try to buy our services... first from us,
then from the mannish Beauvoire. But we were forbidden to speak, and
Beauvoire insisted that our job was to tease the customers only. Actual
contact with us was strictly taboo!

So I suffered the agony of erotic tension. And so did Annie. Along with
the embarrassment of public exposure, the teasing of our lesbian guards,
and the indignity of our living conditions.

And every night, Toni and Tanya came to see us teasing everyone. They'd
smile wickedly and suggest some new trick for us to perform. They brought
us earrings made from garters, bondage boots and single mittens, and
applauded as we applied them to each other.

We'd plead with them to get us out of here and get these pussy-wigs off us
so we could get some relief, and each evening they'd smile sweetly and
shake their heads No.

"Not until you sign these papers for us! No? All right, then. We'll drop
around tomorrow night and catch your act again! It's so sweet seeing you
girls make out! And we've got some new items you simply must try on for

Then they would kiss each other deeply, to let us know they were enjoying
the kind of pleasure that Annie and I could only mimic, and watch as we
climbed, aching with frustration, back up on stage.


It was the fifth night, I think, before we got a chance to talk together
away from our guards, and Annie reminded me of something.

"This stuff we took," She said, "You know, the chemical I got from the lab
to make us grow breasts. And the antidote. Do you remember that you have
to take the antidote within seven days! Otherwise, you just keep getting
more and more feminine!

"You mean," My massacred eyes widened in shock, "If we don't get out of
here and get to that antidote in the next two days..."

"We'll be stuck this way always! Our breasts will keep growing, our
bottoms will get rounder, and our body hair will never grow back!"

"Then we'd better sign those papers when the girls come in tonight-"

"If they come in," Annie interrupted fearfully.

"- and try to find some way to get out of all this once they've let us
take the antidote," I finished. "We'll have to do whatever they say, just
so long as they promise to let us be males again, and let them think we've
given up. Once we get out of here and back to my place we're sure to think
of something!"


"...Just this one last document"...

Tanya passed the paper across the table to me. There were two female
attorneys and a female notary at the table, between her and Toni, and,
acting on strict instructions, Annie and I had sworn repeatedly that we
were giving up everything voluntarily.

"...legally changing your names to Anne and Regina."

"There! That should do it. Now kiss everyone's feet and thank them
sweetly, and we'll get started."

Annie and I cringed under the table as we hurried to obey the humiliating
command. When I got to the notary, she slipped off her heels and had me
kiss her stocking-clad toes! It was awful, but this looked like the best
way out. Both Toni and Tanya had sworn solemnly to get us out of here and
let us be males again, and Annie and I both figured once we got over that
hurdle, it should be fairly easy to escape their clutches.

Inside the luxurious van (Toni's first purchase!) Annie and I were
handcuffed once again and strapped into chairs.

"Don't want you two getting rambunctious once we start your
transformation," Toni said taking up an electric razor.

"You mean you're going to change us back right here?" I asked

"That's right," Tanya tittered, "And no telling what two randy she-males
like you might do once we release your cute little tools!" She picked up a
bottle of solvent, "So hold still now!"

But to my surprise, while Tanya removed that awful false pussy from my
male genitals, Toni was working on Annie's hair with the electric razor!
As I watched in disbelief, she shaved the sides of Annie's head, reducing
the hair there to a short burr, then combed the center part back, like a
horse's mane, and even attached a fall, so it ran down her bare back! The
whole thing was washed with cheap dye to a garish auburn, and then the two
women switched places, Toni trimming my hair (dying it a tawny gold) while
Tanya loosened Annie's crotch-cover.

"That's enough for the delicate work," Toni said at last, removing her
rubber gloves, "You want to drive while I get them tricked out, Darling?"

"Sure thing Sweet." Tanya blew her a kiss and moved into the driver's

As the van started up, Toni got into a seat facing us and set to work once
more. Strange boots went on our calves. They were built up in the back,
like high heels, forcing us to stay on tip-toe, but the outside of the
shoes were padded and rounded to look like.... Horses' hooves!!

Next, corsets were laced onto us. Strong nylon, covered in flesh-tone
latex that blended with our skin. And that's not all they blended with!
These corsets had special attachments that held our upper arms into our
backs and folded our forearms to our sides. Once they were laced on,
tightened, and re-tightened, our arms had just about disappeared!

"We're here!" Tanya called from the front as I felt the van ease to a


Toni began un-strapping us. As she pulled us to our feet, we lurched and
scampered in the unfamiliar shoes, wiggling our naked backsides for
balance, since we lacked the use of our arms, and somehow kept our
footing. As we stood, the last remnants of those awful pussy-wigs fell
away and our cocks sprang free. I looked down to see that mine was
embarrassingly erect, as was Annie's. With her smooth skin, perky bottom,
and round, pink breasts, plus her bizarre hairstyle and arm-less bondage,
she was a strange sight indeed, sporting a manly cock, and I blushed with
shame to realize that I must look just as odd! I wished I had my hands
free to cover my jiggling breasts or jutting rod, but they were locked
securely in that corset!

Then, through the one-way glass of a small window, I saw that we weren't
at my place! Or Annie's! We were parked in front of some nightclub, just a
few blocks from where we had been!

"That's right," Tanya gave my cock a teasing caress as she fastened a wide
collar about my neck, forcing me to keep my head upright. "We're at
another kinky nightclub, a lot like BEAUVOIRE'S!"

"But what for?" I squeaked, "What are we doing here?"

Tanya slipped a plastic ring in my mouth. The edges were grooved, for my
teeth to fit into, and they were filled with some kind of glue that forced
me to hold it there, propping my mouth open!

"You're here to stay for a week or two," She said calmly. "Toni and I want
to make sure it's too late for you to take the antidote to that feminizing
stuff. And of course, we'll want to stash your property away where you'll
never get it!"

"And as for what you're doing here," Toni put in, as she fitted a ring in
Annie's mouth, "You'll do the same routine you did at BEAUVOIRE'S! plus
anything else Oscar or his customers think of!"

We were led mincing off the truck, sashaying in our corseted, high-heeled,
high-collared bondage, our breasts and cocks swaying in front of us while
our round pink shiny bottoms bounced behind, and the hair on our heads
tickled our bare backs. Toni had put ribbons over our collars, with big
bows and dangling ends that tickled my defenseless ribs

I saw the neon sign over the door that said WILDE MAN'S. Saw the crowds of
interested-looking men lined up at the bar, watching us. As we were led up
onto the small stage. Beneath the merciless spotlight. Toni looked down at
our rampant erections and grinned.

"I swear," She giggled, tweaking Annie's nipples until she quivered with
desire, "These two are so horny you can hear them honk!"

"Well," Tanya's smile was sharp as a knife, "We promised to get you out of
BEAUVOIRE'S and let you be male again! I think you'll find your
masculinity is definitely appreciated here!"

Leashes ran from our collars to rings in the floor, fixed so that we had
to bend slightly at the waist, flaunting our bottoms. Or else flex our
knees, showing off our firm breasts and firmer erections. Tanya slapped my
ass playfully and I whinnied,  my made-up eyes wide with shock at the
sound that escaped my full red lips.

"Poor thing!" She cooed, "You've lost everything you had in the World!
Your money, property, clothes, even your masculine body hair and name! All
you've got left is that dishy pair of titties and this".

She squeezed my male organs gently, and, despite the awfulness of this
situation, I felt myself growing even more desperately aroused!

"And all because you just couldn't help being such a tease!" Tanya went
on. "Well, I certainly hope you enjoy it!"

They left. Half-crouching there beneath the spotlight, peering into the
darkness beyond, I heard a voice announce our names. The music started.
And we went into our act!


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