Sascha Davison : Stupid Parts 1, 2 and 3

Stupid 01

It’s about Humiliation and someone who’s not yet at one


with his other self but is forcibly outed. Please don’t


read it if you don’t like the sound of this.






Part I


By Sascha Davison.




“Oh… My… God!”




I turned and the blood drained from my face. My ex


girlfriend Deborah stood at the door to her room with an


expression of utter shock. This was not surprising really


because she had returned to her room to find me standing in


front of her full length mirror admiring myself wearing


only her best set of black satin underwear. My mouth


flapped open and shut a few times, but I couldn’t think of


anything appropriate to say. I heard another pair of feet


running up the stairs behind her – this was about to get


twice as bad.




“Oh my God…” Deborah repeated, frozen to the spot.




“What’s wrong Debs? What… ooooh, shit!” Isabelle our


Spanish flatmate walked straight past the frozen Deborah


and over to where I was standing. “Martin, I had no idea


you were into this kind of thing!” Isabelle smiled broadly


and started to circle round me.




At this point I was shaking, my hands moved from my sides,


up to the bra and then down to the bulging panties. I kept


my eyes fixed on Deborah. Her expression had not yet


evolved from her initial mask of horror.




“I’m… I’m s-sorry Deborah,” I managed to whimper.




Isabelle began to chuckle as she stood behind me. “Nice ass


Martin!” she laughed as she pulled one of my, or rather


Deborah’s, suspenders and let it snap back onto my thigh.




The impact made me jump ridiculously -I was feeling a


little uptight at this point- and I moved my hands to


protect my ‘nice ass’. Isabelle started to laugh even more


at this. Deborah dropped the bags she was carrying and


finally her face changed expression. Not good. She started


to try to control her breathing. Isabelle stood by my side


with one hand over her mouth, the other pointing at my






“Oh God, look at his dick, Debs, he’s got a hard on! You


like to dress in ladies’ clothes Martin? Does it turn you


on?” she taunted.




Deborah had managed to get a grip on herself and unlike


Isabelle she didn’t think all this was funny. She crossed


the room to me and slapped my face hard.




“How DARE you, you little pervert. How dare you come into


my room and wear my clothes” She pushed me back against her


cupboard door and slapped my face again three times. “You


fucking perverted little moron, what the FUCK do you think


you’re doing.” Her hands started to fly in a torrent of






“Please, Debs, I’m sorry.” I managed pathetically in


between holding my hands up to shield my face. Isabelle


pulled Deborah away from me.




“Deborah, DEBORAH, calm down.” she managed to haul Deborah


back across the room and they fell together onto the floor.


“Listen Deborah, I hate the little bastard too, but slow






Deborah relaxed for a moment so Isabelle released her grip.


Deborah seized the opportunity and ran over and kicked me


full on in the balls. I fell to the floor clutching my


crotch, making a kind of mewing, gurgling noise as the pain


started to take me over. This seemed to satiate Deborah’s


immediate anger as instead of continuing to attack me she


stood back and put her hands on her hips, tapping one of


her feet as she caught her breath. She looked down at my


writhing with a disgusted expression on her face. Every so


often she would shake her head or run her hands through her


long blonde hair.




“Deborah, please, don’t…”




“Shut up you little shit.” Deborah walked over to me and


looked down at me. I was still doubled up in agony from the


blow to my crotch. “What are you anyway, walking into my


room and dressing up in my underwear? A faggot? I swear you


little piece of shit that’s it. What am I going to do with


you now you snivelling little… I bet that slut you’re


sleeping with, what’s she called?”




“‘Sweet ickle Catherine'” Isabelle helped out. “I bet sweet


little Cathy doesn’t know you like to do this. Oh yes, I


know she hates me from the way she looks at me, but I bet


she doesn’t know that her boyfriend likes to sneak in when


I’m out, dress up in my underwear and parade round my


room!” She had brought her mouth close to my face and


suddenly I felt like I was in the army.




“Please, Deborah, don’t tell…”




“I’ll tell who I bloody well feel like telling and you’ll


keep your stupid fucking mouth shut while I’m talking.” On


this last word, she brought the heal of her boot hard down


into my stomach.




Deborah and I had been going out together on and off almost


since the first week of university up until a few months


before this. During that time, Deborah seemed to think that


she was free to sleep with as many other men as she wanted


to and there were no shortage of willing studs attracted to


her slim body, one wiggle of her shapely bum on the dance


floor and they were getting in line. However, she and her


best friend Isabelle had always managed to convince me


later that I was the unreasonable one for complaining.


Besides, she could convince well in the bedroom.




Later, in what turned out to be a terrible decision,


Deborah, Isabelle my friend Sean and I moved into the same


apartment but in different rooms – hers above mine.


Everything was going a bit better until one night when she


brought someone else to her room and I had to lie awake all


night listening to him bringing her to shrieking orgasms a


few metres above my head. It was when I realised to my


disgust that the sound of this man pounding my girlfriend


had given me a huge erection that I began to cry and I


decided enough was enough. I couldn’t afford to move out


and lose the deposit, but I wasn’t going to put up with


this any longer, even though I still loved Deborah. I went


and found a new girlfriend, Cathy.




Cathy was the polar opposite of Deborah. Although she


looked sexy enough, very beautiful with shoulder length


wavy black hair, a small pouty mouth, and a petite but


curvaceous body, she had only had sex on a few occasions


before she met me and was extremely awkward in bed. The sex


was pretty lousy in fact and although she said that she


enjoyed it, I don’t think I made her come once. She loved


me though, and she didn’t take me for granted, so I was


happy for the first time in years.




Deborah didn’t like the fact that I was doing okay without


her and things at home started to deteriorate. She found a


new boyfriend, Geoff, who had more muscles in his right arm


than I had in my whole slim body and they proceeded to


embark on a nightly marathon of house shaking. She, and


Isabelle, picked at every little thing that I did. I tried


to keep things cool by doing more than my fair share of


cleaning and staying out of their way, but the atmosphere


grew so bad that Sean decided to move out, leaving me with


the Hitler sisters.




Now our flat had four rooms, and Sean’s room was as big as


the rest of the house put together. Sean was working, so he


could afford the proportionally higher rent, but after he


moved out we were unable to find a replacement, and being


broke and still angry with Deborah, I had flatly refused to


pay my share, leaving Deborah and Isabelle with massive


rent bill that they could ill afford with their student


incomes. They had got very mad at this, but seeing as the


contract was in Deborah’s name (she liked to be in charge


of everything) they had no choice but to take extra jobs.


Since then atmosphere had become explosive.




So how did I end up in her underwear? Well, how can I put


it, yes that’s it, I was stupid. I’d been a closet


crossdresser since I was a small boy. No-one had ever known


that I like to wear lingerie. Somehow the fact that it was


Deborah’s underwear excited me more. Panties that had


covered her wiggling bottom. Stockings that actually had


been used to drive men wild. Pair that with the obvious


risk that she hates my guts, and it all become too much of


a heady cocktail for me to resist.




Up until that point, my cross-dressing and my real life


were not the same thing. That afternoon, doubled up in pain


on Deborah’s bedroom floor wearing bra, panties, stockings


and suspenders, I got the distinct impression that my two


worlds were about to collide.




Isabelle had managed to convince Deborah to sit down next


to her on the edge of her bed and they lit up cigarettes.


Still writhing on the floor, I saw that Isabelle was still


trying desperately to suppress a laugh whilst Deborah was


staring at me with disgusted half closed eyes, blowing


smoke out from between her thin lips. She started talking


to Isabelle.




“Right, I’m phoning the police, I’m going to get him






“Relax, Debs, try to see the funny side. I think he looks


quite cute. Bit hairy, but he’s got great legs.”




“There’s nothing funny about it, it’s disgusting. How many


of my clothes has he worn?” the idea of this seemed to fill


her with rage again and I cowered as she came over to me


again. “Tell me, panty boy, how many of my clothes have you






“It’s… the first time.” I lied.




“I doubt it.” She carefully placed the sharp heel of her


boot on the soft bit of my neck below my Adam’s apple. She


smiled at me as if she had just given me my change in a


shop and said lightly, “Don’t move, or I’ll kill you.


Isabelle go and search his room.”




I squirmed at these words and she drove the heel into the


soft flesh until I was having trouble breathing. After a


few seconds she let off a bit, but I wasn’t going anywhere.


Isabelle ran down to my room and I heard things being flung


about. I decided to try and reason with Deborah.




“Please, Deborah, I’m begging you, please, don’t tell


anyone, I swear, I’ll do anything you want. What do you


want? I’ll give you money. I’ll find someone for the extra






“Oh please, shut up Martin, we both know you’ve got no


money, and I’m in no mood for grovelling. As for what’s


going to happen now, well that all depends upon what


Isabelle finds in your room, doesn’t it?” she raised one of


her eyebrows in a very knowing way and smiled a very thin






I wasn’t worried about Isabelle finding anything though,


since in order to find any of my ‘things’, you had to take


out the entire inside back wall of the fitted cupboard to


reveal the hole in the bricks. I was at least happy that I


would only have to explain this one incident when I heard a


sharp crack from downstairs and the familiar creaking noise


of, yes you’ve guessed it, the back wall of the cupboard


falling forwards and crashing onto the floor. Isabelle let


out a whoop and I could hear her crawling across the wood


towards the hole in the brick. Suddenly a horrible thought


crossed my mind. I needed to get down there.




The feeling of power seemed to have calmed Deborah’s nerves


so I tried desperately. “Please, Deborah, Let me go…”




“Shush now, sweetie, just wait a minute.”




I heard loud expression of gleeful surprise from downstairs


and then, quietly. “Cacorro, mierda, maricon, you little


English marica.” I heard feet running upstairs and Isabelle


burst into the room. She wasn’t laughing anymore.




“Look what the LITTLE SHIT did to my pants!!” she held up


an expensive pair of French knickers I had stolen from her


room some months ago.




There was a huge white semen stain at the front of them.


She ran over to me and started to beat me around the head


with them swearing in Spanish. Finally she paused for






Deborah smiled down at this. “So, now you know how it feels


to have some little worm going through your undies


Isabelle. Did you find anything else”




“Just some shitty magazines, they’re over on the bed.”




“Please, I’m sorry.” I tried.






cleared her nose and spat the results out onto my face.




Deborah started to flick through my magazines. “Oooh, all


with men dressed up as ladies, it seems that this is a bit


of a long term interest with you Martin? OH look at that!”




She ran over to Isabelle and showed her a picture of a


transvestite sucking a large penis. And then she thrust the


full page spread into my face.




“I bet you wish that was you sucking his cock, don’t you…


you little faggot! Well I think that you’re in trouble now,


don’t you agree.” Now that she had calmed down I could see


the wheels turning in her head. I knew her well and that


was why I was scared. “You’ve been acting like a complete


arsehole over the past few months and now we come and find


that you’ve been stealing our underwear, dressing like a


girly and reading dirty magazines. I don’t know how we’re


going to be able to keep it secret, do you Isabelle? And to


think, I slept with you.”




“You were right, let’s call the police.” said Isabelle.




“Please don’t do that Isabelle, I’m sorry for everything,


I’m sorry I’ve been such a shit to you.”




Deborah walked slowly back and sat on the edge of the bed.


She casually flicked through the magazines. Isabelle threw


the French knickers down on the ground and stormed over to


sit by Deborah, fuming. After a minute or so, Deborah


closed the magazine and put it down by her side.




“Listen, you little pussy, you’re going to do exactly what


we say, and if you don’t, I’m going to tell everybody you


know, all of your family and friends exactly what you’ve


been up to.”




“Please, I’ll do anything you want, anything.” I got up on


my elbows; apparently there was a glimmer of hope.




“Oh, I know you will, sweetie.”




Isabelle wasn’t feeling so forgiving. “DEBORAH? I want to


wring his scrawny little neck! What are you saying?”




Deborah put her hand on her friends back. “Relax Isabelle,


we’ll see him suffer, don’t worry. If we call the police,


he’ll get put away. Sure I’d love to see what his friends


say when they find out, not to mention what the other


inmates would do when they find out why he’s inside. But


that won’t solve our financial problem. I think I’ve got a


better way to do that.” She turned to me “Listen, sissy,


Isabelle and I are going to go and have a little chat. You


get back to your own room and stay there.”




I started to take off the underwear but Deborah stopped me.




“Leave it on, you think I want that back now?”




“And take my pants with you too, shit-head!” spat Isabelle.




“Just leave your magazines for us and get lost, there’s a


good little girl.” said Deborah, and I did.




As I sat in my room, I thought about my situation. I kept


on asking myself again and again how I could have been so


stupid to get caught by those two, and what would happen if


my friends found out. I didn’t know what they had planned


for me, but I thought it could only be better than having


my big secret outed.




I though again about being kicked and spat at and having my


deepest secrets thrown into my face. I thought about those


two beautiful women upstairs, disgusted with me. Every so


often I heard laughter coming down stairs. I sat down to


wipe the spit off my face and started to sob. I could smell


the saliva on the tissue as I cleaned the gooey mess. I


went to throw the tissue in the bin, but I hesitated and


brought it to my nose. I felt like I’d been hit by a train.




As I smelled the spit on the tissue I remembered the


expression of disgust on Isabelle’s face as she spat at me


and a wave of total humiliation came over me. Gingerly, I


dipped my tongue into the spit on the tissue and then I


noticed that once more, I had an erection straining against


the thin material of the panties.




Tears rolled down my face as I started to touch myself.



Part 2

Stupid 2


Stupid (Part II)


By Sascha Davison




“Okay, sweetie, this is what’s going to happen next.”


purred Deborah. Deborah and Isabelle had come down to my


room having spent a long hour up in Deborah’s room


together. I had changed back into my male clothes.




Deborah was standing with her hands on her hips and with


the help of her beige tight skirt and brown knee high


boots, she had assumed her usual air of somebody not to be


messed with. Isabelle stood at the door with her arms


folded over her ample breasts. My eyes quickly flitted over


her and I thought about how magnificent she would look


naked with her long black hair falling over that lovely


olive skin. When I met her gaze, it became clear she was


thinking of me in her red French knickers, and she wasn’t


enjoying the thought. I’d heard a lot of laughing come down


from upstairs while they were talking, but the expression


of disgust on Isabelle’s face had returned to how it was


last time I saw her-contempt and disgust.




“We have been wracking our brains to find a way to turn


your… hobby… to our advantage…” said Deborah.




“While we get even with you at the same time.” interrupted


Isabelle flatly.




“Yes, that was the tricky part. You see we could destroy


you by telling everybody about you fact that you get your


kicks by dressing in our underwear…” as Deborah said


these words, Isabelle shook her head slowly, her eyes fixed


on me.




Deborah continued, “But as soon as we’d let the cat out of


the bag, that would be that. Yes you’d be fucked and we’d


have fun watching it, but we’d still be here, and we’d


probably have to pay for your room too.”




“Another possibility would be for you to take our jobs






I groaned silently. They were both working every night and


at the weekend to pay for the extra room. There was no way


I could take over their jobs.




“Yes, we might still do that. Thirdly, we’ve got some other


options that we’re going to explore, but that requires some


further investigation. So, take your clothes off.”




I stood in the middle of the room looking from one to the


other pleadingly.




“NOW!” barked Isabelle.




“Yes, that would be a good idea if you want this to stay


just between the three of us.” said Deborah




I slowly stepped out of my clothes and lay them on the


floor. Once naked, I stood red-faced with my hands covering


my crotch.




“Now do a little turn for us, lovely. Stand so that we can


see you from the side.”




I followed their instructions with my head bowed.




“Oh do stand up straight Martin. See I told you Isabelle,


he’s got pathetically girly shoulders.”




“Put your arms down and pull your stomach in gay boy.”


ordered Isabelle




“I’m not gay.” I said quietly Deborah walked over to me and


grabbed my head by the ear and pulled my face to hers.




“What did you say? Did you say something to Isabelle?”




“I said I’m not gay.” I grimaced.




“Oh you’re not gay? You just like to pretend to be a girl,


well whatever, I don’t give a shit really. But you seem to


have forgotten something. DON’T!” with her other hand she


suddenly slapped me across face with all her force, “TALK!”


another slap, “UNLESS WE ASK YOUR OPINION. NOW, put your


arms by your sides, pull your stomach in and STAND UP






Fighting back tears, I did what she said. I lifted my head


to the ceiling and closed my eyes. My cheeks were already


red from the slapping, but I could feel the blood flow into


them even more. The situation was bad enough, but I knew


that my dick was pointing straight up and with my hands by


my sides, there was no way I could cover it up. I tried to


imagine I was somewhere else




“Oh, look, he’s hard again. What is it with you, you little


pervert?” Isabelle spat.




She grabbed my long hair and roughly pulled my face close


to hers so that I could feel the spit as she spoke.




“Hey gay-boy! Are you listening to me? What are you? Why do


you dress as a woman?”




“Yes, and why don’t you tell the truth,” Deborah had walked


over. “because if we think you’re lying, we’ll call Cathy.”




She showed me the face of her mobile phone and there was


Cathy’s number. Isabelle continued the questioning




“How long have you been dressing like a woman?”




I decided to tell the truth. “Since I was a little boy. I


don’t do it often, normally I don’t want to. I tried to


give up, honest, but every do often, I just feel…






Isabelle finished for me. “…like you want to put on our


underwear, we know. But tell me this. Why do you dress as a


woman if you don’t want to fuck men? Don’t you ever think


about fucking men?”




“NO, like I said, I’m NOT GAY!” I shouted.




“Oh come on,” Deborah walked over and started to twirl my


hair in between her fingers. She started to speak in a sexy


whisper “you’re trying to tell me that all these times


you’ve been wearing my lovely, sexy satin undies and


stockings, you haven’t imagined what it would feel like to


be in the arms of a real man?”




I was flustered. I’d already said too much, but the


situation was moving too fast for me, and the thought of


breaking down and telling all was turning me on all too






“You’ve never imagined feeling his hands on your butt or


wanted to touch the bulge in his trousers?”




“…No, honestly. Please…” I tried not to think. Deborah


walked away.




“Bullshit.” she pressed the call button on her phone and I


could here the number dialling.




“STOP! Please don’t do that!” I was shaking as Deborah was


holding the phone to her ear.




“Well tell me the truth, then.”




“Okay, okay, a couple of times, maybe.” Deborah stopped the


call but kept the phone in her hand.




Isabelle grinned. “And? What exactly did you think about?”




“Just, … you know… stuff.”




Deborah walked back over to me. “Listen, sweetie tell us


every detail of your favourite fantasy in gory details now


or I’m going to phone her and tell all. And I want to hear


ALL the details!” with that she pressed to call button


again on her phone.




Isabelle clapped her hands and laughed, “NO, oh come on…”




I was panicking even more; Deborah just waved the phone in


the air at me and raised her eyebrows. I began to sweat. I


tried to make something up, but I couldn’t think. I screwed


my face up, took a deep breath and told the truth.




“Okay, I fantasize about being with a guy and being forced


to do stuff.” My voice shook. My face was red.




“Come on! It’s nearly ringing!” laughed Deborah.




“What do you want? Its the truth.”




“SMUT!” roared Isabelle “DETAILS!”




“Okay… I dream about being made to suck his dick.”




Deborah stopped the phone and smiled, “Go on quick, we’re


listening.” She held the phone at arms length with one


finger on the call button. “Hurry up!”




“Look, in the fantasy, he’s my master and I dress as a


woman, and I’m his slave and I have to do whatever he says,


or get punished, and he ties me up and whips me and stuff,


and after that I have to suck his dick. Okay???”




I was shaking. The girls went quiet. I thought I’d shocked


them, and I took the opportunity to try and talk my way


out. “So please, Okay, I’ve told you, now, tell me what


I’ve got to do, and I’ll do it, but please stop this…”




“I bet you swallow in your fantasies. Do you think about


him fucking you too?” interrupted Isabelle. She put her


hand on my naked bottom. “Does he give you a good pounding?






Tears filled my eyes. I couldn’t believe she wanted more.


“Y-yes.” I sniffed.




“YES WHAT?” Shrieked Isabelle into my face.




“YES, I like to imagine him fucking me and pounding into


me!” I sobbed.




I had never heard these fantasies come out of my mouth


before, and now I was telling them to these two I felt


ashamed and disgusted. Tears were rolling down my cheeks






Isabelle smiled contentedly. “GAY-BOY!” she exclaimed






Deborah took over. “Right, we don’t have all day, hold your


arms out away from your sides and stand still.” She walked


over to me and started to spray what looked like shaving


foam all over my body from the neck down.




“Oh God, Deborah is this hair remover?” I was still


mewling. “What are you doing? What am I going to tell


Cathy?” I moaned. I started to put my arms down and moved


to get a towel. Deborah grabbed my arm tight.




“DON’T move a muscle…” she barked, “if you want us to


keep your secret, you’re going to have to do what we say


and we say NO HAIR. You’re going to have to let us worry


about Cathy; you’ve got no choice. Now get back, stand


still and SHUT UP!”




I knew what she was saying was true so I returned to the


centre of the room and she continued to spray from my neck


down to the tips of my hands and to my feet. There was a


brief pause while Isabelle tied my long hair up onto the


top of my head. By the time she was finished, the can had


started to make noises like it was running out and the


parts that she had sprayed first were starting to burn.




“Now stay like that until I say you can move.”




I stood there in the middle of the room with my hands out.


Nobody said anything for a couple of minutes. The burning


sensation from the cream had levelled out. The girls stared


at my foam covered body with smiles on their faces.




Isabelle started to chuckle and muttered to Deborah under


her breath. “I’m enjoying this you know. I can’t wait.”




Deborah started to speak, and although they were standing


behind me, I could tell she was smiling. “Me too. I want to


see the expression on his face.” Then she rose her voice


and spoke to me loudly like she was talking to someone deaf


or stupid. “You okay over there?”




Isabelle burst out laughing. I was confused, they were


obviously disgusted when they found me in women’s clothes,


but now they seemed to be encouraging it by getting rid of


my body hair. The girls carried on talking to each other






“Uh, girls, can I ask a question? Uh… please?”




“What is it gay-boy?” laughed Isabelle.




I decided not to complain again. “Why are you doing this, I


mean taking my hair off?”




“None of your business!” said Isabelle. “We feel like it.”




Deborah walked up to my face smiling. “We just want to help


you look as pretty as you can be, isn’t that right


Isabelle?” She smirked at the other girl.




“That’s it, we are consumed with curiosity, so we’re going


to go and buy you some sexy new clothes and make your face






“Right, times up, go and get in the shower and then we can


go out.” Deborah ordered.




The hair remover worked, and as I watched my hair run away


down the plughole I ran my fingers up and down my smooth


legs and arms. This was a feeling I had dreamt of many


times, but I was unable to stop thinking about what Cathy


would say, and how I was going to explain the lack of hair.


I thought about making up some medical story, but I knew


that it was hopeless. Suddenly the curtain flew back and


Deborah was there.




“We haven’t got all day you know. This place only stays


open till 10.”




A few minutes later, we were in the car. Isabelle turned to


Deborah and said, “Any progress?”




“Yes, I got another text. It’s going better than I


expected.” Isabelle’s car pulled up outside my bank and


Deborah turned to me in the back seat “Okay, give me your


bankcard and tell me the code.”




My mouth opened and shut a few times, but the situation was


clear. I reached into my pocket, pulled out my card and


handed it over. “1768”




“Thank you sweetie!” Deborah beamed as she opened the door.




A few seconds later she was back with a wad of notes.


“It’ll only give me 300. We’ll have to come back again


tomorrow, but this should be enough for now.” She held onto


my card.




“Hey, look, I’ve only got 1300 in there for the next three


months. That’s for food and stuff. What am I going to eat?”




Isabelle turned round from the wheel. “Don’t worry, we’ll


find something to put in your mouth!”




At this the two girls starting giggling uncontrollably and


my blood ran cold.




“Anyway, you didn’t think we were going to pay for


everything,” said Deborah “you are the man, after all!”




They burst out laughing again. I sat back and sighed.




Ten minutes later we had parked on what appeared to be


perfectly boring street just outside the centre of town. We


walked down some steps to a shop below street level. As


Deborah opened the door I could hear the deep throb of some


industrial techno and smelt marijuana. Isabelle pushed me


in and I saw that there were rubber garments hanging from


the ceiling and bondage equipment on the walls.




On the other side of the room was a beautiful Goth girl


with long black hair standing behind a counter smoking a


joint. She was wearing a long black dress, which was loose


apart from a tight corset around her mid-riff that pulled


her waist into an hourglass figure.




“Hi there!” she said.




Deborah put her arm around me and pulled me over to the


counter. “Hello, this is our flatmate. We caught him


jerking off whilst wearing our underwear and so we’ve come


to make him dress like a slut.”




I lowered my head to the floor in complete shame.




Deborah hit me around the back of the head. “Look at the


nice lady while we’re talking to her sweetie.”




As I looked into the eyes of the shop assistant, she smiled


and winked at me. “Who’s a lucky sissy then? Two lovely


girls to play with you!”




Isabelle leaned over and whispered something in her ear. As


she was talking, the girl stopped smiling. Whatever


Isabelle had said seemed to shock her.




Isabelle leaned back and smiled. “Oh, uh. Okay…”


stammered the assistant and walked around the front of the






Her air had become distant, and she seemed a bit taken


aback and seemed to pretend I wasn’t there. “So do you have


any idea what you’re looking for?”




Deborah took a list out her bag. “Yes, we’ve done some


research and we’ve got a pretty specific list.” she handed


it to the shop assistant. “Does that look about right?”




“Okay, lets see, yes, I think we can help you.” She turned


to me. “Take your shirt off, I’ll have to take some






I muttered something about a changing room but Isabelle


started to whack me round the head, so I pulled the shirt


off and she carried on.




“Waist, 30, chest, 38, yes, no problem. Okay, I’ll be right






She disappeared into the back of the shop. I started to


pull the shirt back on but Isabelle stopped me.




“Leave your shirt off, you’re going to have to try it on.”


I stood in the middle of the shop with my hairless torso


exposed. The assistant returned.




“Right, he’ll have to try the corset on, you never know


which one will fit.”




She held up a black satin corset. The back of the corset


was heavily laced and there appeared to be a great deal of


boning, as well as 6 thick suspender belts.




“You sure you don’t want PVC for this as well?”




“No, satin is fine for the corset, besides, I doubt this


will be his last one. Let’s see how it fits. Take your


jeans off, sweetie.”




Soon I was standing in my briefs and the assistant was


trying to ignore the wet patch. The assistant took a long


time undoing the laces to the point where I could step into


the thing and then the three women started to lace it up. I


realised that I was right about the boning.




As they pulled the strings tighter and tighter, I started


to find it difficult to breathe. Suddenly, I heard the bell


go and a blonde woman holding a motorcycle helmet walked


into the shop followed by a tall man who was clearly the


owner of the bike. I looked at the muscles in his chest


visible through the T-shirt underneath his motorbike


leathers and contrasted them to my weedy torso. I felt


their eyes bore into me, and the woman giggled something


into the man’s ear, which made him laugh. Isabelle and


Deborah smiled at each other and then at me. The shop


assistant started to hurry with the strings, wanting to get


rid of us.




“This should reduce his waist by about 4 inches and give


him more than the right shape.” As the strings got tighter,


I found I could only take short breaths, and the heady mix


of hyperventilation and humiliation made me feel woozy.




“Okay, that seems to be okay. Now these pants, don’t you


want something a bit more flattening?”




“No, I want to be able to see how much he’s enjoying it!”


Deborah smiled.




“Okay.” The assistant walked around the shop and threw some


stuff into a bag, which she then brought back to Deborah.


“That’s everything except the boots. Size 9?”




During the trip back, Isabelle and Deborah discussed make






When we got home they lead me up the stairs into Deborah’s


room and ordered me to strip. Having sat me on a chair in


the middle of the room, Isabelle started to pluck my


eyebrows while Deborah knelt down and painted my finger and


toe nails bright red.




“You’ll be wearing gloves tomorrow, but it’s important to


feel pretty underneath, don’t you think?”












After making me shave my face closer than I ever had


before, the girls set about dressing me. I soon found out


the PVC they were referring to were black glossy PVC


panties which clung to the contours of my bum while


“allowing plenty of room for when you start imagining Geoff


naked.” The corset went back on, along with seamed brown


stockings. They pulled the corsets strings tight again, and


the same feeling of light headedness that I had felt in the


shop came over me again. Things started to take on a dream


like quality.




Finally they did my make-up and I sat still while they


applied foundation, eyeliner and mascara. “You’re going to


have to learn how to do this yourself, you know.” said


Deborah. Finally they put on lipstick and stood back to


admire their work.




“Wow, what a sexy little slut.” gasped Isabelle. “I’ll get


the camera!” She left the room. I looked up at Deborah






“Now don’t be scared, we’re just going to take a few little


pics for our personal use. Take a look at yourself.”




I stepped over to the mirror and my mouth dropped. The make


up and the new eyebrows had transformed my face into that


of a genuinely passable female. The thick black eye make-up


and blood red lipstick had indeed made me look extremely


sluttish. The corset had completely changed the shape of my


body and my waist looked almost unnaturally small. Isabelle


came back with her digital camera.




“Here we are, now just strike a few poses for us.”




I stood motionless.




“Oh come on!” said Deborah, “Let’s see a smile on those


pretty lips.”




I smiled feebly.




“No, no, give us a pout, that’s it, now put your hands on


your hips.”




The camera flashed more times than I could count as the


girls made me take up various provocative poses. I resigned


myself to giving them what they wanted and followed their


instructions as they told me to get down on all fours and


to lie on the bed with my head in my hands and my stocking


clad legs up in the air. Isabelle disappeared and returned


with a lollipop.




“Now lick it… no, put your tongue out further, that’s it.


Now put it in your mouth. Try to look like you’re having


fun, good! Stick out your bum!”




After a good half hour of this, they decided they’d


finished and told me to go back to my room and take off the






“After that, get something to eat then go back to your room


and stay in there until we come to get you, we’ve got a lot


of work to do.” ordered Deborah.




I stood there thinking I should ask about what they were


going to do with the photos, but nothing came out of my






“Well go on!” shouted Isabelle, and I scurried out.




I fixed some food and then returned to my room and waited


for them. I tried to read a book, but my mind was filled


with the day’s goings on. About an hour later, I heard


Geoff arrive and the three of them laughing and talking in


the kitchen. Some time later, I heard the doorbell ring


again and I wondered who it could be. After the arrival of


the new guest, I didn’t hear anything at all. Soon,


however, Deborah walked into my room.




“Right, come on, there’s someone who wants a word with you.


Don’t worry, I’ve arranged things so that only us four will


know about it.”








“But if you want it to stay like that, you’d better keep


your mouth shut.”




I followed her down the corridor into the living room.


There, sat at the table was Isabelle. Next to her Geoff


smiled up at me shaking his head. Next to him sat my


beloved Cathy. She had obviously been crying for a long


time, as her eyes were red. My heart sank as I looked in


front of her on the table where there lay print outs of the


evening’s photo session. Nobody said a word for a moment,


then Cathy stood up and walked over to me.




“Cathy, I…”




But Cathy silenced me with another hard slap across my


face. I was getting used to being slapped.




“SHUT UP!” Tears began to roll down her face afresh. “Just


shut up.”




I could tell from the way she was talking that she had been


drinking, and I knew she couldn’t handle her alcohol.




“I feel so… ashamed, it’s so humiliating what you’ve been


doing.” she’d obviously been planning her speech. “I loved


you so much, you’ll never know, but Deborah has shown me


that you’re a dirty little pervert, and I don’t want


anything else to do with you.”




At that she fell down onto a chair and began to weep. Geoff


put his arm around her to comfort her and she wept into his


large chest while Isabelle poured her some more wine.




Deborah turned to me. “Well I think you’ve caused enough


trouble for tonight, don’t you? Now I want you to go back


to your room and stay there. We’ve got a big day tomorrow.”




“But Cathy…”




Geoff stood up then. “Get the fuck out of this room you


little maggot before I beat the crap out of your sissy






I looked at Deborah and back to where Cathy lay in tears


and then I turned and left the room.




Two hours later and I hadn’t heard anybody leave. I thought


that I’d heard people go to bed, so I assumed that Cathy


had crashed out onto the sofa. Seizing the opportunity, I


tiptoed down the corridor to the lounge to see if I could


talk to her, but I didn’t see her anywhere. Confused I went


back to my room and lay on my bed.




A few minutes later, I heard the familiar sound of Geoff


and Deborah having sex. My room shook as they went for it


harder and harder. I could hear Deborah crying out and


tried to imagine the scene. Geoff was so much bigger than


Deborah; he must have been lifting her off the bed with his


large hands.




I started to think about the things that the girls had made


me say. I had to admit to myself that when I was in the


mood for crossdressing, I did fantasize about men. However,


I knew that I wasn’t gay normally, only when I was en


femme, and the majority of the time, my femme side stayed


quiet, and I cringed when I thought about it.




I thought about how Deborah must be feeling with the big


strong man pounding into her and after a couple of minutes,


I reached for Isabelle’s red French knickers and pulled


them over my smooth legs. I lay on the bed running my hands


over my soft skin.




They got louder and louder until Deborah came to a


shrieking orgasm and there was a moment of quiet.




However, I quickly heard the Geoff fucking machine starting


its long wind up again and small whimpers coming down from


above. Suddenly, I realised the sound of the voice was


different, surely Isabelle hadn’t joined them? Then as I


slowly came to realise that the new groans were Cathy’s. My


beloved Cathy, innocent Cathy was being worked over by that


caveman Geoff while Deborah looked on.




I heard her groans get louder and louder as he speeded up,


guttural animal noises and purrings I’d never heard her


make for me. Finally the whole room was shaking, much more


than I’d ever known it before, and I started to hear her


unearthly screams and groans quite clearly.




“Uuuuh, yeees, oh God, fuck me, ummm FUCK ME!!!” And then


an out of control gurgling shriek drifted down.




I was weeping uncontrollably as my hand moved up and down,


my penis hard inside the silky fabric of Isabelle’s French





Part 3

Stupid 3

Okay, part II wasn’t as good as part I. Here’s part III and

like the other two parts, it’s silly stuff, but I hope you

like it. You can e-mail me at


Stupid part III


Next morning I was woken up by a banging on my door early

in the morning. Deborah walked in with a huge grin on her

face. She was wearing tight jeans with heals and a loose



“And how is our little slut this morning? Been dreaming

about real men? I hope you’re ready for a busy day darling,

time to get going.”


She ordered me into the shower telling me to hurry up. I

had been under the hot water for less than five minutes

when she started banging on the bathroom door.


“Get a move on, for godsake, we haven’t got all day.”


I quickly finished up and had started to dry myself when

Deborah knocked to be let in. I wrapped a towel around

myself and opened the door. Deborah bustled in with a spray

can in her hand.


“We don’t want you smelling of your male deodorant today.

Come on drop the towel.”


I let the towel drop to the floor and Deborah proceeded to

spray me all over with something vaguely flower scented. As

she sprayed she started to talk to me casually.


“As you’ve probably noticed, Cathy stayed with Geoff and I

last night. Anyway, she seemed to have a nice time, so we

might be seeing more of her round here, and I don’t want

you constantly bothering her to take you back when she’s

here. She’s ours now. You should forget all about ever

getting her back anyway since she thinks you’re a filthy

little pervert. Right, in case you haven’t already guessed

we want you to dress for us again today, so after you’ve

shaved, go back to your room and put on the same things as

yesterday and then come up to Isabelle’s room and we can

sort out your make-up. And don’t use any male shaving foam

or after shave,” she plonked a bottle into my hand.

“there’s some moisturiser. And hurry up.”


Resigned to whatever humiliations the girls had thought up

for me today, I followed her instructions and then walked

back to my bedroom.


I wondered why I hadn’t just got up and run away during the

night, what power it was that was keeping me there. Deborah

seemed to have persuaded my girlfriend to join her and

Geoff in a threesome and the girls clearly had something

specific planned for me today. Things were spiralling out

of control but it wasn’t just the fact that my dressing

would be revealed if I got found out that was keeping me

there, something else was stopping me from standing up and

walking out on the worsening situation. Some sort of

dizzying sick fascination with what they were going to do

with me. I couldn’t be enjoying this?


I shook my head and pulled on the black PVC pants first and

then ran my hands over my plastic covered behind. Although

there was plenty of give, they seemed to cling to my body.

The pants went right up to my navel, so I had to put them

on underneath the corset, which came down nearly to where

my pubic hair used to be. I tried to lace it up as tightly

as I could on my own, but it wasn’t close to the

frightening feeling of restriction the girls had inflicted

on me yesterday. Next I pulled the stockings up my smooth

legs and attached them to the six suspenders hanging from

the bottom of the corset.


I rushed up the stairs to Isabelle’s room and knocked on

the door, praying that it would open before either

Deborah’s boyfriend Geoff or what used to be my girlfriend

Cathy came out of Deborah’s room next-door, where I was

sure they were still in bed together. After a few heart in

mouth moments, Isabelle opened the door with her usual

expression of disgust and looked me up and down.


“Mariquita, your corset is not tight enough.” she said in a

loud voice so that anyone awake next door would be able to

hear and then she moved her arm and beckoned me inside.


The girls spent the next 10 minutes tightening the corset

to the point where I could only take shallow breaths again.

Then they sat me down on a chair in the middle of the room

and started to work on my make up. As they made up my face,

they seemed to be paying just as much if not more attention

as yesterday when they had made me up for the pictures of

me making suggestive poses in my feminine clothes. Isabelle

was wearing a low cut top, which showed off her full

breasts well, and as she bent over to put on my make-up I

was trying hard not to stare at them.


Having these two girls’ beautiful faces inches away from my

own and all of their attention concentrated on me made me

feel very sexy. It was like the woman in the shop had said;

I was lucky to have two such stunning women to dress me. I

could feel and smell their sweet breath as they spoke.

Deborah’s thin lips were permanently curved into a slight

expression of amusement whilst Isabelle luscious mouth

remained in a disdainful pout.


They chatted idly as if I wasn’t there. Suddenly the

conversation changed to Cathy and I was shaken out of my



“So, you had some extra company last night Deborah?”


“Oh yes, well we couldn’t let her go home alone, she was in

a terrible state poor girl. Best to take her mind off it.”


“From the sounds of things, she wasn’t worried for too

long.” The girls carried on knowing full well the effect

that their words were having on me. Deborah continued.


“Oh yeah, it was a great night. That Cathy is a terrible



I nearly choked at this; Cathy had always been very demure

with me. Mind you, it had never persuaded her to drink more

than half a glass of wine either. My coughing made Isabelle

nearly mess up applying my eyeliner.


“Mierda, you little mariconazo bastard, keep still. And you

can stop looking at my fucking tits puta, they’re only for

real men. You must be really shitty in bed, cuz your

girlfriend is fucking the first people she meets now. She

must really need fucking properly to have a threesome with

Deborah and Geoff.” turning to Deborah, “I mean, that’s

what happened right?”


Deborah continued, but now she was talking directly to me

as well. “Well, at first she wasn’t so sure, but after

Geoff had given her what she needed, she was begging for



The girls bent down and started to work on my face again.


“Oh my god, I can’t imagine her even saying the word sex!”


“I’m serious, and I when I say begging, I mean literally

begging.” she lowered her voice. “Isabelle, you’d be amazed

the places I persuaded her to put her tongue before I would

let her get fucked again. You should have a go. We’re

thinking of keeping her.” Deborah smiled at me as she

brushed blusher over my cheek.


I couldn’t believe that they were talking about my Cathy as

if she were some kind of pet but with the photos and

everything; I didn’t see what I could do about it. The

image of Cathy crawling around Deborah’s feet naked became

fixed in my head. The corset was really making me feel

dazed again, and I felt myself getting hard. I remained

quiet as they made my face up with lots of black mascara

and red lipstick so that I looked almost like a whore. They

told me to comb my shoulder length brown hair, which

already looked quite feminine.


Next they handed me some new additions to my outfit, a pair

of black stretchy shoulder length gloves and shiny black

knee-high boots with stiletto heels. The boots had a zip up

the outside and the soft leather moulded itself to the

shape of my calf so that it felt great to touch as I

smoothed them against my legs. Finally the girls fastened a

thin leather choker with a D-ring at the front around my

neck, then they stood back to admire their work.


“Nice, how do you feel Mariquita?” asked Isabelle. Deborah

got some perfume and sprayed it liberally around my neck.

“Pass that to me Deborah.” Isabelle took the perfume and

sprayed a little on the skin between my stocking-tops and

my pants. “Just in case you get lucky.” The girls giggled.


Deborah checked her watch. “Okay, we’ve only got about 10

minutes, lets take him down to the lounge.” The girls

helped me stand in my heels then frog-marched me down to

the living room. They sat me down on the couch and then

they took seats facing me.


“So I suppose we’d better let you know what’s going on.”

Deborah started. “After we found out about your little

secret we did some research on the Internet and we came up

with the idea of trying to rent out the spare room. As you

know, we’re running short on cash, DON’T SLOUCH LIKE THAT

AS IF YOU’RE WEARING TROUSERS! Cross your legs and sit up

straight.” I jumped as she shouted and crossed my legs and

sat up with my hands on my knees without thinking about it.

“Better. Yes, well we’re running short on cash, so we

wanted to see how much money we could get for it, so we

thought about how we could make the room more, let’s say,

interesting. Then we wondered if anybody would actually be

willing to pay more if there was a, well a transvestite

like you around.”


These words landed in my brain like bombs. “What do you

mean, I’m not about to…”


“QUIET, I haven’t finished!” continued Deborah. “Anyway, we

found a chat-page where there were lots of people who are

interested in sissy-boys like you, and I mean there were

really lots of people. We explained the situation, about

you and our underwear and the room and everything and they

got terribly excited and started asking for photos. So we

went and got you all dressed up, and I must say you do look

very hot as a girl, took the photos and posted them on the

web. Well they went wild, so we decided to auction off the

room there and then.” The doorbell rang. “Oh, a bit early.

Could you get that Isabelle?” Isabelle left the room.

“Anyway, one person offered considerably more rent than the

rest and said that he would be willing to rent the room for

an indefinite period.”


The word ‘he’ rang through my ears and I started to



“What is it? Oh surely you didn’t seriously expect a woman

to be interested in such a terrible little faggot? The name

of the man is Mr. Fields. He is a lawyer and he has drawn

us up some papers that should… ah here he is now.”


Isabelle walked back into the room followed by a tall, well

built man wearing a smart suit and carrying a briefcase.

The man had short wiry black hair and a slight tan. He was

at least two inches taller than me even with my heels. As

he stared at me with a glazed expression on his face, I

noticed a scar on the left hand side of his mouth, which

made his smile a bit crooked. Apart from that he was

reasonably good-looking. Deborah walked over to him

extending her hand


“Hello, I’m Deborah Sanders and you must be Mr. Fields.”


Fields broke his gaze away from me and shook her hand.

“Yes, I’m very pleased to meet you.” He had a deep, well

educated voice. He looked over to me and said, “And this

must be, what is your name?”


“You can call him whatever the fuck you want.” added

Isabelle coldly.


“Stand up for Mr. Fields dear.” Deborah said as she walked

over to me, grabbed my hand and pulled me up onto my feet.


I swayed unsteadily on my feet, things were getting out of

my control way too fast. “I… I’m not really sure that…”


Isabelle slapped my face. “SHUT UP MARIQUITA!”


I saw Fields looking at the way the girl had slapped me

down. He was smiling at me again and I felt completely

exposed to him. I saw his eyes run up and down my body.

“You know, you’re even prettier in real life than in your



I looked at Deborah desperately for some help, but she was

looking at Fields. “Then I expect you’ll want to get the

business out of the way as soon as possible. Can we see the

contracts, please?”


Fields placed his briefcase on the table and pulled out

some contracts, which he handed to Deborah. She took them

and started to look over them. “Okay, so this is the

standard contract for sub-letting of a room, well standard

except for the price!” Deborah said as Isabelle walked over

to read it with her.


I stood there swaying on my heels, the tightness of the

corset and the exposure to this stranger was making me feel

extremely light-headed now, and I started to breathe more

rapidly. Deborah was flicking through another of the

documents Fields had handed to her. She looked at him


“Yes, this is all as we discussed.” Deborah turned to me

“This is for you. It’s not strictly legal, but it should

help you understand what Mr. Fields will expect from you.

He wants your signature on it.” She held the document out

towards me but I just stood there. “Oh for GOD’S SAKE, take

a loot at it.” Deborah shouted as she waved it in my face.

I took it from her and dizzily my eyes flicked over a few



‘Contract between the Master and slave…’




‘-The slave will regard the Master with an attitude of

respect and submission at all times. The slave will

maintain a position behind him when in public, and will sit

at his feet when appropriate…’


I felt my stomach contract and my hair felt like it was

standing on end. My mouth went dry and I looked up at

Fields who was staring straight at me, or was it my crotch?

I read on some more, my eyes unable to focus clearly

through the panic and the dizziness.


‘-The slave agrees that the Master may use the slave as he

sees fit to perform any personal services, errands, sexual

services and to accept any training, humiliation,

degradation or other use which may please him. The slave

specifically gives up all personal rights to his penis

which may be…’


What the fuck? This had suddenly gone too far. I tried to

think of a way out.


‘-The slave agrees to accept any punishment the Master

decides to inflict, whether earned or not. The slave will

thank the Master for any punishment which is given to him.’


Trying not to look at Fields again I made a mental note of

his muscular body, I was not going to be able to fight my

way out of this. I was only half reading the words, which

were swimming in a blur…


‘-The Master may give the slave to other Masters…’


I glanced up briefly at the girls, who were ignoring me,

pouring over the contract, and then I glanced even more

briefly in the direction of Fields. Was it my imagination,

or did I spot the outline of something long in his



‘-The slave agrees and is expected to, 24 hours a day 7

days a week, take any of the Masters bodily fluids, either

internally orally or anally or externally. The slave will

thank the master for any bodily fluid which is given to



The image of me on my knees in front of Fields unzipping

his trousers came into my head. No this was not right.

Suddenly, I realised that this was too much, I had been

completely passive, going along with my private fantasies

too much, getting turned on by the humiliation. Now

everything was fucked up. My girlfriend had gone and the

girls could expose me but there was now way I was actually

going to become this man’s sex-slave. I threw the contract

down onto the floor.


“Wait a minute, if you think I’m going to be some S&M whore

for a random man I’ve never met can forget it.”


Isabelle turned to me and pointed her finger. “You’ll do

whatever the fuck we tell you to, or we’ll paste pictures

of you posing in your lingerie over every wall within 10

miles of the campus.”


“Look, Isabelle, you can do what ever you want, I’m not

doing this.”


Deborah stepped forward. “Think about it for a second,

EVERYBODY who knows you will find out about this if you

don’t do what we say. You can’t live with that!”


I paused for a second, but my temper was up and I started

to storm from the room. “No way, I’m off. Do whatever you

want with the damn photos.”


I had made it to the door when a hand grabbed me and jerked

me back. Before I knew what was happening, Fields had

punched me hard in the stomach knocking the air out of my

lungs and sending me stumbling backwards onto the floor. I

failed to get my balance before he had walked over to where

I had fallen and pulled me roughly to my feet by my left

wrist. He twisted my left arm behind my back into an arm

lock. I was unsteady on my heels and my other arm flailed

around as I tried to balance until Fields grabbed that by

the forearm and twisted it too behind my back over the

other. The vice-like grip of one of his big hands was

enough to keep my arms pinned there and to stop me from

falling over. The blow to my stomach had temporarily

knocked all the fight out of me.


I paused as I tried to catch my breath through the corset

and work out what was going on. Was he going to rape me?

Fields’ free hand slowly stroked my naked shoulders and the

top of my arms, I shivered and felt my crotch tingle. Did I

want this to happen? I remembered that I was supposed to be

fighting and tried to free my arms while I stamped behind

me trying to drive my heels into his feet. Fields slapped

my face hard and I gasped in panic. The pain of his blow

was many times more than the girl slapping I’d been

receiving lately and I felt unsure if I was about to pass

out. My body started to become limp and I felt my bottom

fall back against Fields’s legs as I saw stars. My head

fell forward as Fields held my waist with his free hand to

stop me from falling. Several long seconds passed with my

heavy breathing filling the room, my head lolled around,

and although I couldn’t focus on them, I could see Deborah

and Isabelle watching these events avidly. I felt something

hard poking into my back…


Fields started to stroke my hair. I tried to jerk my head

away from his hands but he grabbed a handful of the hair on

top of my head and jerked my head upright, after which I

let him his fingers run through my hair without trying

anything else. He was gently moving it out of my eyes and

over my ears. I could feel his breath on my ear.


“My sweet little thing, you’ll have to learn not to storm

around like that.”


“Get off my…” I started, but grabbing my hair again,

Fields pulled my head painfully back so that all I could

see was his face and the ceiling. He started to speak

slowly and assuredly.


“Listen, I am a successful man, through my own hard work I

have become totally independent and quite rich. I like to

own the things I want, and as I have owned more things my

tastes have become more focused.


“To know what one wants is one of the hardest things in the

world, but these days, I know exactly what things I want,

and I always get what I want. Right now for instance, I

have very specific needs from you, I am going to pay money

to these girls and you are going to give me the things I

want. It’s all spelt out in your contract but since we seem

to be having tantrums today, I’d better tell you some of it



“For instance, from now on, there are very few things that

I want to hear coming from your mouth. FIRST…” he jerked

my head further back as I tried to catch a breath through

my closed throat. “Do not ever presume to speak unless I

ask you a question. And if I DO ask you a question, your

response will be ‘yes please, sir’. No matter what the

question is, that will be your response. This may sound

stupid to you, but it is what I want, and it is what you

are going to do.” Fields pulled my head further back so

that I was starting to face behind me. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”


I could hardly breath and felt like I was about to pass out

again. I decided to do whatever was necessary to get out of

his hands, so that I could make my escape later.


“Yes please, sir.” I muttered.


“Good. Now you are going to do whatever I tell you to do,

when I tell you to do it and in the way I want you to do

  1. From time to time I may feel that you are not working

hard enough to please me, and when that happens I will

punish you. Sometimes I may just punish you for my own



“Punishment is a gift, it involves my hard work, and I

expect to be thanked for it. Every blow of it. I think you

also understand that you’ll be fulfilling my sexual needs,”

I wriggled in his arms but he ignored this. Fields did not

seem to be at all ashamed about going into details in front

of the girls. “and I expect you to be appropriately

grateful every time I allow you to please me sexually.

Unless I tell you otherwise, these are the only times you

will talk.”


Fields right hand reduced its pressure on my waste and

slowly moved down the side of my body. It passed over my

pants and onto the bare patch of skin above my stocking

tops. As his skin came into contact with mine I could feel

the strength in his fingers.


He started to speak again. “Finally, you’re going to have

to admit, right now, in front of the girls, what we both

know is true. That is that you want this more than you can

say.” His hand started to move around to the back of my leg

then slowly up to my buttocks, which he squeezed gently.

The only thing I could think of was how I was being

controlled by this man, and how he could do what he chose

with me, how this was my darkest fantasy and how scared I

was. “You’re going to sign that contract and it’s not

because of the threat of being exposed, or the threat of

what I’ll do to you if you don’t.”


His hand was needing my buttocks now and despite the rapid

rise and fall of my chest I could feel myself being aroused

by this powerful man. Tears filled my eyes again as I

realised that my cock was getting hard.


“But because YOU know that the only place you really belong

from now on is at my knees, giving me pleasure.”


At these words something snapped in my head and I relaxed.

I could feel my cock sticking out at right angles from my

body. Fields let my hair go, and I looked down in shame at

the huge erection bulging through the black PVC. I felt sue

that the deep red of my cheeks could be seen through my

make up. My body relaxed and tears rolled down my face.

Fields started to talk again


“There’s no need to be ashamed. It’s okay, really, it will

be okay. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”


Isabelle was standing with a glass of water in her right

hand and something else in her left. She coughed and Fields

noticed her.


“Oh, yes. Isabelle here put a small condition on my having

you.” Deborah, who was standing on the other side of the

room with her arms folded, started to speak sarcastically.

“Personally, I feel satisfied with turning your girlfriend

into our little whore and selling your body for sex, but

you REALLY pissed off Isabelle, and since we are equal

partners in this venture, I had to back down.”


Suddenly Fields wrenched down my pants over my erect penis

so that it pointed out naked into the room. I struggled

again briefly but he tightened his grip and warned me to

stay still. Isabelle walked over to me and knelt down


“This is the only time you’re ever going to feel my hands

on your dick, so enjoy it.”


She pulled my erect penis down and dipped it into the ice

cold water until it shrivelled up to an extremely small

size. Next she took a metal cylinder and started to try and

put it round my penis. I started to struggle again with

panic but Fields landed a hard spank on my buttocks,

grabbed my chin and pulled it round to his face.


“What do you say?” I looked at him confused. He whacked my

ass-cheeks even harder and I gasped. “WHAT DO YOU SAY?”


“Oh, thank you. Thank you, sir.”


“Now STAY STILL, or I’ll flog your backside properly.”


Isabelle fastened the cylinder over my flaccid penis

tightly with a click. “After all the shit you’ve given us

over the past year, there’s no way I’m going to let you

have too much of a good time sucking this guys cock.”


She passed a small chain around my testicles and pulled it

tight, locking it to the cylinder and locking the cylinder

at the same time with a tiny padlock. She stood up and

looked me straight in the eyes smiling as she brushed her

hands off.


“I hope you enjoyed jacking off in my panties, because

that’s it for a while!” she beamed.


She handed one key to Fields and made a show of putting one

in her pocket. Finally Fields let my arms go and my hands

went straight to my crotch to examine the device.


“Leave it alone and pull up your pants.” Ordered Fields.

“Perhaps that thing will help you learn that from now on,

it’s only my pleasure which is important to you. Besides,

it should keep you in the mood and on your toes.”


After I did as he said he passed me the contract.


“So now we all know that we’re about to get exactly what we

want. Isabelle and Deborah are about to get plenty of cash,

and for that, I’m going to get a room and complete

ownership of their sexy cross-dressing flatmate! And

you…” Fields pulled me so that I was facing him “are

going to become an obedient slut belonging to another man.

You do want to become my slut don’t you?”


Fields stopped and stared at me. I looked at him and over

to the girls who were standing at me. My hand started to

move towards my locked in crotch, and then I remembered the

threat of flogging and I stopped. I looked at Fields and I

could see the thick bulge of his penis underneath his

trousers. I suddenly imagined me on my hands and knees

begging to be flogged, or fucked, or both. I felt my

erection my eyes moved over his strong body. My mouth

opened and shut a couple of times. Then I spoke


“Yes please, sir.” With a shaking hand I signed the

contract and passed it back to Fields. He smiled at me and

walked over to the table where the girls sat down too in

order to sign the contract for the room. Fields sat down

and pulled a huge wad of banknotes from his case and handed

it to Deborah. I stood there and felt like my life was

falling away from me unable to believe what I was doing.


“Three months rent in advance, as discussed.” He turned to

  1. “Come and kneel down here, that’s right, next to my

chair.” I knelt next to him. “Now suck my finger.” He held

out the thick middle finger of his left hand and I put it

in my mouth and gently sucked. “NO, NOT LIKE THAT. Imagine

it’s my penis.” The girls looked on amused. “Go on, lick

the head first, then up and down that shaft.” I started to

work my tongue up and down his salty finger as he ordered.

The girls were smiling at my efforts. “That’s a bit better,

now carry on while I finish up here.”


Finally, after all of the paper work was done, Fields

looked down at me and said that I should show him to his

new room. I stood up shaking and pointed the way into the

corridor. He set off and I followed behind him slowly,

halfway down the corridor, I heard the sounds of steps

coming down the staircase and I hurried ahead. Fields

stopped me and waited with an amused expression on his face

to see who it was. Cathy walked into the corridor and froze

as she saw the back of my head.


Fields looked at her. “Hello, you must be Cathy!” he said

brightly, he grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me

round so that I was facing her but I kept my head bowed

“Say hello to Cathy!” I mumbled something like a greeting.

Fields whacked my bottom hard and I let out an exclamation

of pain. Then I remembered.


“Thank you, sir.” I said.


“That was very impolite. Let’s try that again, but look her

in the eyes when you’re talking to her.”


So there I stood, rubbing my bottom as I raised my tear

stained face to Cathy and said hello, humiliation burning

into me. The look of disgust on her face was almost too

much to bear.


“Martin, who’s this? What’s going on?”


“My name is Mr. Fields and Martin will be in my employ from

now on. Also, I want you to start thinking of him as, let’s

see, ‘Sophie’.” said Fields. Cathy looked at the two of us

with disgust verging on fear. Fields started to speak

again. “Well Cathy, we have to go now.” he put his head to

my ear, but said in a clearly audible voice. “Sophie, would

you like me to show you how to suck my dick properly?”


I grimaced, Cathy’s mouth dropped open. My shoulders and

head fell in submission. I shrugged like a little…

girl… and I could feel my lower lip jutting out.


“Well?” demanded Fields.


I raised my tear stained face to my master’s and looked him

in the eyes. I sniffed and cleared my throat then said



“Yes please, sir”


For a moment there was complete quiet in the hall, then I

took my master’s hand and lead him to our room while Cathy

stood open-mouthed.