Hollow Weenie….. By Timothy Reisling Betticut

Hollow Weenie…..

By Timothy Reisling Betticut

“Whu uh hell?? Whu ih ihs eh mah mowh?” Tim shook his head with a start.

His first sensation as he regained reality was the thing stuck deep into

his mouth- glued taught between his lips… something…. He wrenched his

hands upward but….

“Eh? Muh hanz…. won’uh muhve…. Wha uh fuhk goehn ohn?” Both wrists

were attached to the armrests. He wriggled but other straps were holding

him…. fixing him to the swivel chair. He shook and tugged, his ankle

too…. belted tight…. And his feet were…. Arched?

He twirled his head and felt… hair? Curls? Blond curls spraying around

his face? In the mirror. Someone else was trapped in her chair. Whipping

about. Someone else with blond curls and dangling ear sparkles and showing

too much leg dangling from under a tiny full skirt. And look… look at

her tits! Enormous and they jiggled in unison to the odd tugs… no.. the

painful tugging on Tim’s chest…. And sticking out of her big fat red

lips…. What? A round, fleshy, stump? No… a … a.. Holy SHIT!

“Don’t ruin your do Passion, Honey,” Heather giggled.

Heather? Yea, Heather was behind that bimbo in satiny red, struggling on

the chair. “Hea-uh?” Tim tried to look around, where the mirror said

Heather stood? But she was behind him! Over his shoulder… over his red

satiny shoulder….. Red satin that glossed and shimmered down to the

flouncy cuffs, that surrounded his own long fingered…. Shiny red….

“MUH NAY-UHZ! Whu ih uh ooo uh muh nay-uz?? They were a garish red, they

matched the big fat lips of the struggling blond. And they …. they each

seemed to have letters…. Shiny, gold letters that glimmered in their red

settings . Tim pulled them up, couldn’t tug his wrists free. Tried to read

them. Upside down… so hard… Seemed to spell something. Could make out

the letter …. Made no sense… starting from little finger of left hand

to little finger of right hand….. “D.R.A.H. E.M. K.C.U.F” ” The hell did

that mean? What the hell was he wearing girls long red fingernails for?

Who was that girl in the mirror? A sexy bimbo. Nosebleed heels, must be

four inches. And her ankles seemed to be strapped to the chair platform.

Her legs were shaved smooth and showed through the shiny, pink plastic….

She’s wearing stockings! Hr hem was up that far. In fact, were they

panties? RED PANTIES peeking through that cloud of petticoats? God with

that narrow waist and those enormous tits? C cups? D cups? Was she mocking

Tim? She was matching his struggles. Was she some sort of cruel joke?

“Hea-uh? Whu ih ihz? Whuh hah yuh douh uh meh?  Who ihz ah girl? Lemmeh

loozz!” Nothing would come clearly from whatever was glued into his mouth.

Worse yet it poked so far back, that it was getting difficult to talk at

all… starting to trigger his gag reflex. Tim explored the tube with his

tongue. It felt… familiar? What was this thing? Was it a semi soft

rue were nipples poking through the satiny

red fabric that seemed to go from his too tight collar down to his…..

HIS FULL SKIRTS! And underneath that dress, something was crunching his

waist so horribly tight, he could hardly struggle anymore. And like the

sexy blond with the fat lips, sucking on some sort of fleshy rod…. He

started to pant and calm back down into his chair…..

The clock up there said nine o’clock. He’d come in here with Heather at

five. Just a soothing facial and massage? Tiffany, the operator gave him a

drink and….. No other memories? Until, this… this…

“You’re set for our Halloween Teather Baby! I told you I’d find you a

costume while you got this little treat.”

“Tea-uh? Meh? You talkeh uh meh?” He tried to look around, too much blond


“I guess there won’t be too many penis mouths here tonight? You could get

the costume award Teather Baby,” Heather giggled. “That thing’s hollow you

know…. And it’s take a great big…. uh, piece of meat. Lots of them in

fact. See what happens when I lower your chair?”

The girl in the mirror went down, so did Tim. Her head was about…. well,

at little higher than Heather’s crotch. God she was pretty, no… sexy was

a better word. Big smoky eyes, deep blushing cheeks, and that mouth in a

great big juicy “O” just begging for…… Just begging for….. Tim came

completely awake…. Froze and stared into the mirror. Into the face of

the airheaded, big titted, bound bimbo with the invitingly open mouth. The

invitation to ……

“Ohhh…. was that the door? Our first party guests have arrived Teather

Baby!” Heather skipped past him….. off to the door, and out to the

larger part of this beauty parlor, out there… the technicians in

costume, the decorations…. The bar…. and farther down, through the

glass, couples waiting in leather… and someone else in … in a…..

straight jacket? Teather? Was she calling Tim, Teather? He started to

pull, and tug and jiggle and swish. This time for… for dear life. He

knew who that blond was now. And he knew unless he got something loose.

Something loose and hard would get inserted into the thing…. the giant

penis straw he sucked upon. In fact lots of loose things would go into

that tonight. He was both the trick and the treat sucking on a giant

hollow weenie! And then something clicked as he  peered down at his

nails….. he was reading those shiny letters backwards. “Uhhhhhh


D.R.A.H. E.M. K.C.U.F

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    1. Sadly Michelle the wonderful Timothy Reisling Betticut has moved on from this genre. However I have a collection of more classic tales from him to be posted very soon.


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