The House by Lisa Smith part 5

The House on the Hill


Chapter 5


Following both Isabel and Sophie, Michael decided it was easier to walk in his heels if he followed their example with his elbows held close to his waist. Taking smaller steps, he swished his hips in a natural rhythm while walking a straight line with his heels clicking as his shoes touched heel first then toe. He held his purse on his right hand which swayed softly with his hips while he held his left hand limp at the wrist and slightly forward and higher than his elbow.

“Why are you walking like that?” Chantal nearly screamed as she saw Isabel, Sophie and Evelyn walking to the next room. “You’re walking like a bunch of drag queens. This is a sick joke but that doesn’t mean we have to act like queens.”

“I’ve tried every which way to walk in these damn heels,” Michael began slowly trying to hold his temper in check. He realized that Chantal was partially right. They weren’t walking like queens. They were actually walking like women. “You can walk however you want but I found it much easier to walk by following Sophie and Isabel. Taking smaller steps and putting one foot in front of the other really helps. You need to have your heel touch first and then your toe and you’ll find that swaying your hips help you keep your balance when you are trying to stay on a straight line.”

“I only care about being comfortable until I can get out of here and out of these heels,” Sophie added. “If walking like a queen is what it takes to walk without pain then I’ll walk like a queen.”

“Well, I may be forced to wear heels but there is no way I am walking like any of you,” Chantal sneered.


Once again when they arrived at the next door it opened automatically while the room lights slowly turned on. Sophie was the first one in the room and she immediately noticed it was set up identically to her own room as well as Chantal’s room. Once again, sitting tied and blindfolded in a chair was another person dressed from head to toe in an identical French maid’s uniform. Quickly walking over to the chair, Sophie said, “Let me help you, dear,” as she untied her bindings and removed her blindfold. “I see your name is Christine. I’m Sophie and over there is Isabel, Chantal and Evelyn. If your situation is the same as ours then you have been tied in this chair for at least a day and you have something that is up your backside that is holding you to the chair. Is this about right?”

“Yes, Sophie,” Christine whispered with tears streaming down her cheeks. “I was told that someone would eventually come and that I should do whatever I was told. They also told me to tell you that there is a letter for Evelyn over on the desk.”

Walking to the desk, Michael looked over at Christine and said, “Don’t worry, Christine, I’m Evelyn and I promise that we will get you out of here.”  Reaching into the desk drawer she immediately found the letter opener and then she reached down and opened the letter once again addressed to ‘Evelyn’. She began reading,


                                Congratulations once again! We are all very impressed at your success so far. It is difficult for people who don’t know each other to work together to solve problems. Your next assignment will test this thesis.

                                Once again our new maid, Christine, is being held very securely by a butt plug that is carefully secured to her chair. The butt plug will only deflate when Christine is able to release her love juices. Our lovely fluffer, Isabel, will start the team effort by swishing her feather duster over Christine’s groin to get her sufficiently excited while Sophie holds Christine’s skirt. Then our latest lovely, Chantal, will have the honor of sliding her lovely backside up and down Christine’s love tool until she releases her load.

                                Evelyn, you will have the most difficult job. You have to convince Chantal that she has to be a member of the team or you all lose. Remind her of the C4 that is still in your butt plug and also let her know that the door to this room is already closed and locked. When she is convinced you will need to lubricate her sufficiently and then help her impale herself gently on Christine’s love pole. Be her friend and mentor, Evelyn. She needs you. Of all of you she is the most homophobic and she will probably resist unless you can convince her. If she succeeds you need to quickly plug her up with all of Christine’s love juices buried deep inside of her. If you succeed here you have one more person to release before we can all get together.


                Hugs and Kisses   XOXOXOX



“There is no way I am letting someone fuck me in the ass,” Chantal screamed. “No fucking way and no one here can force me’”

“We don’t want to force you, Chantal, we need you to do it because you want to help us all,” Michael replied. “If you haven’t been listening our choice is to follow the instructions or to die. The butt plug that is up my ass is made of C4 plastic and if we don’t follow the instructions they will set it off. It will kill all of us in this room.”

“I don’t care,” Chantal whispered. “I’d rather be dead than let someone fuck me.”

“You are not letting someone fuck you,” Isabel broke in. “You will just be sitting and sliding on Christine’s penis until she comes. She can’t thrust into you. You are just performing a task to help us all accomplish this task.”

“That’s bullshit, Isabel. It’s nothing but semantics,” Chantal wept. “Sliding or thrusting, I still have someone’s dick in my ass. Worse they want him to cum in my ass and keep it there. I don’t want to do it. Can’t someone else do it for me?”

“We have to follow the instructions, Chantal,” Michael added. “If we can get Christine completely aroused and dripping pre-cum then I am sure that it will take only a few slides. It will be over before you even know it and we all promise that whatever happens in this house will never be repeated outside of here, ever!”

“Do you promise that it will be over quickly and that no one will ever tell anyone about this?”

“I promise no one will ever know and we’ll make it as quick as we can,” Michael replied. “Isabel, can you and Sophie get started with the fluffing? Sophie, it doesn’t say anything about not providing any assistance. Maybe you can suck on Christine’s penis when it is sufficiently excited to make it even easier for Chantal—just don’t go too far. We need her to come in Chantal’s ass.”

“What should I do?” Chantal whispered watching Evelyn approach her with her KY tube.

“Just bend over and hold your skirt up,” Michael replied. “I am going to lube you up with one finger and then two and finally three. I want to make sure I get enough lubricant inside of you and I want to prepare you to be able to open your sphincter to take in Christine’s penis. Don’t worry, once you learn to open your sphincter it gets real easy.’

“Easy for you to say, Ughhhhh!” Chantal moaned as Michael entered her with one finger.

“Just concentrate on opening your sphincter, dear,” Michael whispered. “Pretend that you are constipated and you are trying to push out to go to the bathroom.”

“Perfect, Chantal,” Michael soothed, “I probably got three more inches in. One more push and I’ll try to get my second finger in. Awesome, dear, I have them both in as deep as they can go. Now I am going to take them out and lube three fingers and try one more time. Are you ok?”

“Yes, just do it quickly. I want this over with. Is Christine ready?”

Looking over at Christine, Michael saw that Sophie was on her knees sucking on Christine’s penis, “yes, it looks like Sophie almost has Christine ready. She is moaning and looks ready to explode. Are you ready to push hard one more time and I’ll really lube you up with three fingers.”

“Yes, go,” Chantal replied while moaning deeply.

“Perfect,” Michael replied,” let me help you back up and I’ll guide Christine’s penis into your hole. Sophie can you get a butt plug for me so I am able to plug Chantal when Christine cums? Ok, Chantal, I have Christine’s penis touching your hole. I need you to gently push back and release you sphincter like you did with my fingers. Perfect, you have about an inch in. So really bear down and push gently again. Oh, my God that was great. You took in about 4 inches that time. 2 more and you can begin to slide up and down.”

“Ughhhhhh, that’s all I can do,” Chantal moaned with a final push.

“Perfect, honey,” Michael said. “Christine’s completely inside of you. Are you ready to begin to slide?”

“Sure, I hope Christine cums quickly,” Chantal whispered as she slid up Christine’s penis before sliding back down again.

“I don’t even know if I can wait for two slides,” Christine moaned as she felt herself explode in a wonderful orgasm. “I knew it would be quick. Thank you so much, Chantal. I can already feel my butt plug deflating.”

“Oh, my God, that wasn’t as bad as I expected,” Chantal moaned breathing deeply.

“Ok, Chantal, I have the butt plug ready,” Michael smiled, “You were wonderful and as soon as Christine slides out I am going to push this in.”


A few minutes later they were ready to go. Looking in the mirror in the corner of the room, Michael couldn’t help but admire his silk-covered legs perched on his 4 inch heels. He couldn’t compete with an 18 year old fashion model but certainly his legs looked better that most women his age. Immediately after this thought came to his mind he wondered if he was getting as bad as Isabel and Sophie. Well, if you had to dress as a woman you may as well want to look as good as you can. Frankly, women in their early thirties like him always looked best to him. They were still young enough to still dress extremely sexy but mature enough to appear sophisticated. “Everyone has their purse, right?” Michael asked. “One final look around for any toys they want us to bring and let’s free our final prisoner,” he said as he led everyone mincing out of the room.


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