Property of Harding Ltd-Part One

“Property of Harding Ltd.”

Deborah Ford

She is eye opening, mouth gapingly stunning.

Neatly cropped blond hair, dark eye makeup and sweet pink lips.  Decorated in a translucent Peter Pan blouse with short cuffed sleeves, V shaped neckline and an elegant tan coloured tie. Her high waist shorts are in a matching brown, clinging around her hips before being cinched tight around her waist. Two rows of silver buttons secure them at the front. On her legs are calf height high heeled boots perfectly matching the shorts and tie.

Above her left breasts a metal badge with her name “Chrissy” emblazoned on it.

If that wasn’t erotic enough she wears a steel collar locked about her neck engraved with the words “Property of Harding Ltd.” A small loop hangs on the front below the lettering.

Daniel blushes as his eyes sweep up and down the dream like figure. His cock twitches, as would any man’s.  Of course Daniel has a little secret. He loves to dress in girly clothes when his wife is out and adores the shorts. Especially how they flatten so tautly around her groin.


The gruff voice of Patrick Harding brings him back into the land of the living.

They are sat around a wooden picnic table on a balcony jutting out from one of the castle towers. Below them the drawbridge is being pulled up from over the moat. Daniel and his family arrived only a few minutes before and here he is sipping a cool beer on the sun trap of a terrace. A road winds away to trees and mountains.

“You listening?”

Harding wasn’t known for his manners in school and has learnt little since he left. Daniel smiles still feeling his cheeks glowing. “Er yes, yes, of course. You were, er, saying about ….”

He noticed the girl drop one knee in front of another and his mind falls blank. Her pink nail varnished fingers flick elegantly out so they are at 90 degrees to the ground.

Harding shakes his head. He is about six four and powerfully built so towers over Daniel’s five three and slender shape. He had bullied Daniel throughout school culminating in the moment Daniel desperately tries to forget. The moment that shaped the rest of school days, ultimately forcing him to move away from his town as soon as he was old enough to leave school.

“I was telling you about the job offer!”

Daniel wonders if he has to bellow at him like that. Especially before his wife and kids.

“Oh you have to shout loudly sometimes,” Daniel’s wife, Davina, giggles. “He is such a day dreamer.”

She arrives with the twins, Zoe and Katie  in their sensible shoes and knee length dresses. Davina wears a sober knee length dress that rides up as she sits next to the table with the drinks.

The twins giggle too making Daniel feel uncomfortable. He needs to assert himself here,so he coughs. “Yes, yes, the job I was listening.”

“And you got we are talking about a hundred grand a year for the manager’s job and statutory minimum for the office job?”

“Yes,” Daniel smiles. He had resigned his job in the civil service the day after they met up at the city business fair. It took a while into talking Davina to give up her sales executive post but as Daniel explained, a hundred grand is twice as much as their combined earnings.

The twins affect boredom. “Can we go back to our room now dad?” Zoe whines.

Katie pulls a face. “We want to watch the tv.”

“No!” Announces Daniel pulling back his shoulders.

“Yes,” states Patrick Harding. “You kids settle down. Maybe I can find some work for you two.Get you some summer money eh?”

They giggle a “yes”.

“They are only sixteen,” Daniel says, “I am not sure ….”

Waving a huge palm Harding turns to face Davina. “It’ll be fine.”

The girls skip away into the darkness of the castle.

“Yeh, as I was telling your husband here Harding Ltd has been expanding in the holiday market for some time. We need fresh faces around here. New ideas.”

“Yes,” Daniel cuts in, “Patrick was saying ….”

“It is a generous offer,” Davina smiles.

“Na, I pay for quality.”

“I am sure I …” Daniel starts but Harding again speaks over him as he takes a chair next to Daniel’s wife. “This is a growing empire. You two and the girls will be joining an outfit at just the right time.”

Davina eyes the beauty in the high cut shorts. “My husband is a bit of a prude when it comes to dress. But we did discuss the outfit. He is cool about it.”

“As long as the girls don’t have to wear it!” Daniel squeaks, feeling ignored.

“Na. Don’t worry. But what’s wrong with it? Hey Chrissy turn your fat arse around to face us. You two have a good look and tell me what’s wrong with that!”

The girl’s face doesn’t change as she edges around bringing her curvy bum to face them. Daniel feels his dick engorge and his cheeks heat up.

“Very nice,” Davina says with a knowing smile on her face.

Harding grunts. “She better be. Highly trained. Discipline is important to me. Give these girls an inch and they will run riot.”

“What’s that?” Daniel almost shouts. Attached to the small of her back is a dark little booklet with a pen clipped to it.

“What the little black book? All office girls have got them. Anyone want to make any observations about them, then just fill in a few lines in there.”

Daniel feels flustered. “I don’t get it. How can they read them if they are behind their backs?”

He hears his wife sigh and knows he is being foolish but cannot reason why.

Harding barks. “They are not supposed to read them are they? What the hell is the point of that? Customers and clients must feel free to say what they want about the girls’ behaviour. Jeez. Come on now !”

“Oh yes, I see,” Daniel says, not really seeing. He wonders about the human rights of the office staff here.

“And when do we start?” His wife asks.

Chrissy turns full circle as Daniel ogles the swell of her boobs through the tight cotton blouse.

“Right now. No time like the present. Hey Chrissy take Daniel here down to Miss Willis.”

“Yes Mister Harding sir.”

She steps back on her heeled boots to the door indicating Daniel should move through it.

“Right, yes,” Daniel splutters. “Right.”

He walks up to the cool of the entrance leading back into the castle.

“And Daniel?” his wife cooes.

“Yes dear?”

“Keep your hands to yourself,” she smiles.

“Yeh,” Harding grunts. “She is my property. No touching unless I give permission.”

Davina laughs and Daniel offers a blushing chortle.

“Ah yeh, that reminds me.” Harding looks aggrieved as if he is about to say something he thought might cause offence. He rises and takes a couple of steps until he is close enough to grip Daniel’s arm and lead him away from his wife and Chrissy.

They stood  near the balustrades overlooking the Scottish hills.  A light breeze cools Daniel’s glowing cheeks.

“Listen,” Harding stares out over the forests and lakes before laughing staccato style. “One thing. Bit silly really.”

“Anything Patrick really.” Daniel feels a well of desperation build up. Could he be in danger losing this opportunity? As he has resigned he has nothing to fall back on.

“Glad to hear you say that. It’s just that this is a busy place. I don’t really want wives and husbands to be, how can I put it, distracted.”

“Oh I get it. Don’t worry. That won’t happen.”

“Yeh I am sure. Yeh. But how can I be really sure you see? I mean the girls around here are pretty sexy aren’t they?”

“Yes you can say that again!”

“And Davina is a little sexy tramp too.”

What? Did he really just say that? But Harding is continuing on his eyes fixed on the landscape. “So I don’t want you spending all your time screwing each other when there is work to be done.”

“You don’t need to worry about that I ….”

“Well I do worry about it. So all I ask,” he chuckles, shaking his head, “and you are going to laugh at this I am sure. But all I ask is you wear a little chastity belt.You know keep you in line. Help with the urges.”

“Chastity belt? Eh?”

“It fits around your willy and stops you getting erect.”

“Are you joking?”

Harding glares down at him making him feel queasy.

“Sorry, it’s just that you know …I ….”

“Yeh, maybe we should not think anymore about the job. You all go home and ….”

“No wait. No. Really I assure you. I give you my word I won’t make love to my wife here. Well not on office time.”

“Yeh well that’s the thing isn’t it. Managers sometimes need to do work in the evenings too.”

“I assure you I can control myself and …”

“Good intentions aren’t always enough are they? Hey why don’t we give it a try for a few days? Yeh? See how it goes.”

Daniel swallowed. “Well a day maybe? Yes?”

“Good suggestion.” Harding thinks. “Let’s make it a few days. Just to make sure. Keep your attention on the job yes?”

“Well I ….”

Daniel feels his arm gripped again as he is led back to the arched entrance and the gorgeous Chrissy. “Glad we sorted out that little problem.

“No, I …” Daniel sees his wife look up at him before seeing Chrissy waiting for him near the castle entrance. Daring not to discuss the matter further with an audience he whispers, “can we talk later about it?”

“Sure yeh. See how it goes.”

Turning around to shake Mr Harding’s hand he finds his new boss is already striding  back to Davinia, where he lifted up his glass of beer to take a took along greedy draught.

Not sure what to do or say Daniel side steps close to Chrissy to squeeze past the girl’s breasts into the corridor. Even in the cool dark interior he can hear Harding continue his bluster. “We have grown by twenty percent this year already.”

At least his wife is pretending to be impressed. “Wow. Amazing.”

Chrissy closes the door. “Follow me.” She wiggles away to an alcove and presses a button.

The lift doors swoosh open. She glances back at Daniel. “You coming or not? You heard Mister Harding . He told you to see Miss Willis.”

Wondering what has happened to her subservience on the terrace he replies, “all right.I am coming,” as frostily as he can muster to the sexy dream before him.

Pretty soon he would be a manager on a hundred “k” and this sexy vision will be calling him sir, obeying him without question, just as she did for Patrick Harding on the balcony.

The lift trundles downwards. They had taken a lift to the sixth floor of the tower to reach the balcony yet, judging by the display above the door, they were now going back to the ground.

Then it continues.

“Basement, basement two, car park level one, car park level two.” All are listed as the lift continues its descent. “Staff quarters” lights up as the doors pinged open.

“How far underground are we?” He asks trying to hide his timidity.

Ignoring him she wiggles down a modern office corridor.

“Wow!” he exclaims. Two beauties in exactly the same brown high waisted shorts outfit wiggle towards them carrying quilts and pillows. Their eyes are wide open and their lips neatly pursed. They could have been triplets save for the different coloured hair they had. Yet even the hair had a similar short neat style.

Daniel steps aside to let them into the lift. The girls turn as one to face out of the lift and the doors close.

For a moment he feels trapped. They are deep underground and the lift has just swept away.

“Miss Willis is waiting!”

He couldn’t believe how she spoke to him. There were certainly going to be changes around here once he got his feet under  the manager’s desk.

They walk down the corridor where he can hear the distant clickty-click of keyboards. Occasionally a door would open and a girl attired as the others would emerge. His cock is now seriously thickening. He juggles his pants to try and hide it.

Then he just stops in his tracks.

Two girls appear  through the doors at the end of the corridor. One attired in the usual tan outfit.The other, although wearing the same high waisted shorts and boots is clad in all white. White shorts, white boots.

He groans. Too sexy for words. But then the most bizarre realisation. The girl in brown at thefront is carrying a leash attached to the girl in white’s collar. They march passed Daniel and Chrissy without any acknowledgment. Their hips swinging musically as they continued on their journey to a doorway. The girl in white stands patiently posed, one knee before the other whilst the first girl opens the door to let her inside.

The door closes leaving him standing gawping. “What the hell was that about?”

Chrissy blinked. “Swearing is not tolerated amongst the office girls.”

“Sorry, quite right. But what was that?”

“May we obey Mister Harding?” She raises her eyebrows.

“Yes of course, yes. Please continue.”

“Thank you,” she whispers ironically with a roll of the eyes.

What a little madam she is.

They go through the double swing doors at the end of the corridor and down a short flight of carpeted steps.

Chrissy pauses outside a door, adjusts her little tie, smoothes out her tight shorts before clearing her throat. Only then does she tap on the door.


Chrissy looked relieved. She opens the door and wiggles inside.

A woman’s deep voice growls. “And? You lose him or something you bimbo trash?”

Chrissy pokes her head back through the doorway to nod angrily  at him to follow.

He enters a spacious office complete with rugs, a sofa, a coffee machine and a huge desk. Behind it a black woman sits. She leap up to meet him.

Oddly her outfit is exactly the same. High waisted shorts, blouse and sexy calf length boots, except for one major difference. She is attired in all black.

Her figure is stunning , true Marilyn Monroe curves and a Beyonce set of hips and bum. Yet her arms and thighs are bulging with muscles. She must be at least 6 foot even without the high heels.She reminds him of the tennis playing Williams sisters.

As she approaches he holds out his hand. With her authority she must be a manager he assumes. She ignores it and put her long fingers under his chin to lift up his head to hers.

“Took your time you tramp!” She keeps her gaze fixed on his face twisting him slightly one way then the other as if to examine him.

“I am sorry Madam Willis.” Chrissy offers.

“Yeh, too straight! You will be sorry!”

Chrissy’s face momentarily falls before reasserting the wide eyes and pouting lips look.  “Madam if I may explain. The new recruit is …”

“Shut it. You know what your mouth is good for and it’s not for talking.”

Daniel pulls his head off her fingers shrinking away from her stare. “If I may explain. It wasn’t entirely her fault  …”

“No you can’t explain.” She glowers down at him with huge brown eyes, her lips pullback to show large white teeth. “You keep it buttoned too!”

Daniel falls silent.

She faces Chrissy. “Turn around bitch!”

“Yes madam.” Chrissy spins around on her heels.

The black woman grips the black book at the small of her back, pulling out  a pen and sift through page after page of hand written notes. “Tardiness is a disease girl!”

“Yes Madam.”

The black woman scrawls a few lines ending them with a swirl of a signature. “Who is your house manager?”

“Miss Tibbits Madam.”

“Report straight to her. Before you forget that!”

“Yes Madam.”


“Yes Madam.” Chrissy wiggles out as fast as her heels will allow.

When the door shuts Miss Willis settles onto her desk, her thigh muscles bulging. “Ok. Get this firmly planted in that empty pretty head of yours …”

“Wait, please I think there’s been …”

Miss Willis holds up her palm to stop him before glancing around the room. “Can you hear something?”

He listens carefully. Somewhere he could hear a feint hum but nothing more. “No. I don’t  think so.”

She slips from the desk, ambling languidly towards him her ear cast upwards. “Shhh. Listen ….”

He listens again. “I can’t hear anything.”

Raising his chin she glares down at him. “Yeh? Well that’s good right? Cos when I am speaking I don’t want to heard anything. Got it?”

A shiver runs through to his tummy. He knows he should stand up to her but she is so menacing.

He can feel the heat of her breath in his face. “Cos if I think one of my staff members isn’t listening then I do something about it. You want me to do something about it?”

“N, n, no,” he stammered.

She pats his nose with her forefinger. “Excellent. The right answer. Well done!”

Smiling with relief he watches her wiggle back to her desk to perch on it again.

“I was giving you the heads up. Listen carefully. I won’t repeat any of it. My staff are famous for their obedience, good manners, neat presentation. I will not tolerate anything less!”

Daniel nods. “Good yes. Erm,” he feels himself cower, “may I say something?” He swallows before adding, “please?”

She sighs lookings up at the ceiling and then back to him. “Make it quick. If you start jabbering mindlessly I will put a stop to it. Got it?”

“Oh yes, yes indeed. Thank you.” He says breathlessly. “You see I am not the one working in the office. I am the manager. It is my wife ….”

Her hand flies up again. He notices the palm is oddly pinkish where as the rest of her hand is black.She rummages through a few papers on her desk. “Daniel Lowe?”

“Yes that’s me. But it is my wife who is supposed to be ….”

“Yeh, yeh, you were allowed to speak once and that is enough for a whole week in your case. Well Danney boy not according to these notes. According to this you are mine!” She says “mine” with the relish of a bear about to devour a picnic.

Shivering he wonders how on earth his wife be able to deal with her?

She pulls up the phone and presses a few buttons. “Don’t I just love having the staff waste my time!”

“I’m sorry but I just thought …”

“Hey? Patrick? Hi. Yeh, yeh. Sorry. Appreciate you are busy. Got myself some wimp called Daniel Lowe down here with me. Yeh. That’s right. But he is saying it should be his wife down here. Yeh I know. Not that bright is he.” She laughs at something and shakes her head in his direction. “yeh, I’ll explain it to little birdbrain here. Catch you later. Oh are you. A date eh? Three females. You old dog you.”

She puts down the phone delicately before baring her teeth. “Not the best of starts birdbrain.”

“Did, did, did he explain?”

“Oh yeh sure. Let’s get this straight. Your wife was some high powered executive running her own department. Overseeing some ten people and had risen to the position in a year from scratch. Yeh?”

“Well yes. But as she will tell you, she landed on her feet there when …”

“Whereas birdbrain here has been in the civil service for twenty years since he was eighteen and is still not allowed to sharpen his own pencils. Is that about right?”

He swallows. “Well I have had certificates for good attendance for three years running.”

She nods sadly. “So then birdbrain who is better equipped to run a department for Mister Harding? A wimp who needs permission to tie his own shoelaces or a high powered thrusting executive like your wife?”

Daniel is quiet for a moment. His eyes widen with understanding. “Oh my god!”

The black woman smiles. “The penny has dropped?”

He closes his eyes. It had taken him an hour to rack up the courage to approach Harding at the business fair. He was going to lambast him for being such a horrible bully in school. Harding of course pretends to ignore him, carrying on as if Daniel is not saying anything.  Until that is Daniel’s wife Davina arrives then all of a sudden he is giving them one hundred per cent of his attention.

Well, more accurately, he gave her a hundred percent attention. She pretended to find the mindless brute’s jokes and stories amusing.  And then came the job offer. Well two job offers. One for a new office manager and the other for an office worker. Daniel had assumed ….

“Look Miss Willis I am afraid I have made a mistake and  I would like to leave now. So sorry to have troubled you. I will see myself out.”

He reaches around to pull the door handle but it doesn’t catch. It swings up and down withoutengaging a lever. He feels a well of panic. “Awfully sorry but can you unlock the door?”

She smiles sweetly. “Of course I can.”

“Good.” He stands there waiting until he finally says, “I mean now.”

“Well not now birdbrain.” She slides from the desk moving towards him with a grin.“You see from now on doors don’t open when you want them to open but when others decide for you.”

“Look I have pointed out …”

“You signed the contract right birdbrain?”

She is now towering above him.

“I made a silly mistake. I am so sorry.”

“Exactly. Which is why it will be safer for you not to make any more decisions for yourself.From now on you are just sweet and obedient like my other staff members.

He backs up to the wall his breathing growing short. The memory of being bullied in school floods back. “Please. Look I would like to speak to Patrick.”

She shakes her head. “Well he is busy for a while. Three attractive women to entertainthis evening. Now I wonder who they might be?”

“Oh my god!” he squeals.

“Penny dropped yet again has it birdbrain? Now then let’s get you started.” She unplucks his shirt buttons.  “Strip!”

End of part one

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  1. I am so happy that you’ve decided to write more stories. When you finished posting the excellent Bunny Trap, it sounded like that was going to be it – no more force fem tales from the best force fem writer in the world. The first instalment of ‘Property of Harding’ leaves me in no doubt that this is going to be another classic serial from you. I can’t wait for part 2.


    – Emma xx

    1. Cordellian,

      It had been my intention to retire. There were projects outside this genre I wanted to complete. However this tale kept gnawing at me until I had to get it down.

      Thank you for your kind comments.

      I am very much enjoying your exciting tale on fictionmania and hope my tale doesn’t distract you too much from your own writing.

      Please also check out C.C.’s tales on this site I feel you may well like them too.


  2. Love it!
    But it is diminished by a few, very few, spelling/usage errors.
    manger’s should be manager’s

  3. OMG! I had no idea you knew who I was and that you’ve read and enjoyed my stories! That’s really made my day! It’s always been your stories that inspired me to try and write my own, so that really means a lot to me. Thank you so much. 🙂

    – Emma (doing a little happy dance) xx

  4. I have read all of Deborah’s stories to date and this has the potential to be the best yet. Her ‘The Hotel’ is truly a classic. But this could well be better depending on its length (longer is better) and its forced adventures (sexual, humiliation and femdom sissy forced changes). Can’t wait for part 2.

  5. Thank you so much for returning to this theme – I have had the luck to live thru a similar situation az many of your stories and your fiction always touches a spot for me that is very deep and meaningful. You are changing lives 🙂 please continue to flourish and explore!

  6. It is so, so wonderful to have you back again! And, what a breathtaking start. Although I still cannot think of anything more perfect than the penultimate chapter of Bunny Trap.

    I also think it’s wonderful that you, too, enjoy Emma Reid’s story. I have been a fan of her work for ages and despaired when Ayesha stopped on StorySite some years ago. Now Emma is back, too, and in fabulous form.

    The stars seem to be in alignment at the moment, and I feel like a very lucky girl.

    Thanks, Michelle

  7. What a wonderful story site I have just discovered! So many beautiful stories to read and I’ve just started. Thank you so much, love, tommee

  8. Hi Deborah – super pleasure to meet you!!!

    would be happy to provide more info via email, etc if you want to hear more, but here is a quick bio I originally posted to another board.

    I’m fulltime female now, but back before I transitioned, my fiancee and i often went out to clubs, etc., with me dressing female (i was always pretty passable). After a few months of this, we met Paul, an intelligent and sexy black man.

    We brought him home, and they hit it off.

    After we got together, when he came over in the days and weeks thereafter, he demanded I appear female. He moved in, and I started hormones – seeing a ‘real man’ of the house really helped me face my issues and go full time. They soon fell in love and as he became more a part of her life, they encouraged me to go further with my therapy and gender issues, etc., eventually helping me to get implants, and I began dating black men of my own.

    10 years later, i’m female and they have three kids.

    While my life went in ways I never thought I’d have courage to pursue, i don’t have any regrets – since to be honest, I always wanted to be female and she always wanted a man who didn’t and now, I also get to enjoy dating strong and passionate black guys too!

    Life is sweet when u follow your dreams.  

    Seriously, life and transition, etc. can be tough, especially starting later in life. I was very fortunate to start in my early 20’s and to have just the right bit of help at just the right time to propel me towards womanhood, the direction in which i was absolutely meant to go.

  9. Excellent beginning and such a delight to see you out of ‘retirement’ and back into this genre. I particularly like the little book on the back of each girl… quite a good idea. And curious about ‘the moment’ that shaped our heroine’s school days with his new boss. We demand answers. 😀

    Seriously… great start… keep them coming…


    1. The little book idea came from a dom I once met. Although we never played together she told me fascinating stories. The idea of a book commenting about a maid but one which the maid couldnt read herself seemed a truly hot notion.

      As for “the moment”, all will be revealed … one day!


  10. Just checked out Lissa’s great site – what a great place! Deborah, thank you again for posting this story and giving us more of your wonderful work.

  11. I’m actually working on a series of novellas, the first one is in final edit and getting graphics done for it. I’m very excited about getting it out to everyone, but if you want to read a few sneak peek chapters:

    Would love your input Deb… drop me a line if you have any brilliant thoughts. Each novella is going to be 10 chapters following our lovely heroine’s exploits. 😉

  12. Briefly, sheer unadulterated horniness and a grievously overwrote
    imagination have me panting for the next chapter. You do good work girl!!!

  13. I was dazzeled by the September 5, 2010 sneak preview. Have you carried this project forward? Do you intend to completed this story? Is it available? Thanks for the peek. CN

  14. I hope you are aware there are 7 parts now posted. Please check the right hand side bar. I am a busy at the moment but the final part of this first series will be posted very soon. DF

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