The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Nineteen.


Coffee making was a trembling agony of decision making for Eden.

He knew how they all preferred their coffees, but should he bring the cream in a jug or pour it in to the cups now before he left the kitchen? Obviously, he would put the sugar bowl on the tray, but there again he knew exactly how much sugar each preferred so could drop it into the cups here and now.

In fact, should he be using the china cups, rather than mugs?

If it were all on the tray, then one slip while opening a door could cascade the entire  contents all over the floor in a dark steaming mess. God, it could even stain the carpets and rugs!

Few appreciate the dilemma of a maid fearful of further punishment – until they find themselves  in that fearsome position. It’s not all about posing in a nice uniform.

Marcus had some dilemmas of his own as he watched the sexy girls dance on a rock music channel. Erika was sluttily in need of his attention, curling her legs beneath her on the chair whilst emitting a low groan. Thankfully, with the maid out of the room Alicia had relaxed. The copious amounts of alcohol she drunk probably helped her disposition. But he would have to be wary of her. He didn’t want her to bolt back to university in shock. She was now the bedrock of Marcus’ plan.

The dumb cuckold would regret not apologising, even when told to . He would regret it for the rest of his days. Fore ever he would ensure he was always polite and well mannered, even to a child.

The door was knocked.

Marcus said, “Enter.”

Only Alicia glanced up to see the timid maid entering the room with eyes the size of tennis balls, the mistress’ eyes were firmly on the Master. Whereas the Master of the House kept staring at the erotic dancers.

Eden hoovered in breath for courage as he said, “Your coffees Master.”

“Put them on the table. Hand them out to everyone.”

Eden wrinkled his nose with irritation. Did no one appreciate his efforts in making the coffees? It was as if he was invisible. Not a single thank you, and no comments. Never again would he take a waitress or maid for granted.

The tremor of his hand as he poured the cream for Alicia before delivering the coffee to the teenager, did not lead to any dreadful calamity. But he was guarding against over confidence. Serve the coffees and get out.

“You know maid,” the Master of the House was saying, almost to himself, “I think Miss Alicia may have been too kind to you.”

The maid’s eyes widened even more. Oh my God, what was the Master on about?

Nevertheless, despite his qualms, he was able to deliver the black coffee with half a sugar to his wife without his shaking hand spilling the liquid.

Marcus carried on, as if thinking aloud, “You weren’t that long in the corner.” He sniffed. “ And we never set a bedtime for you, did we?”

“A bedtime, Master?” Eden stood bolt upright as a video finished and the room fell into silence before the bass energy of the next song began.

“Of course. We need you up early in the morning for your chores, so we need to put you to bed early.”

Alicia held her coffee to her lips, feeling the heat on her nose. She was frozen by the extraordinary conversation before her. Surely her dad would stand up for himself.

Yes, he was about to speak. Alicia felt relief. Finally!

“But Master, I hope you don’t mind me saying so,” Eden began, his voice squeaking with fear, “But I am always up early to prepare your breakfasts and orange juice.”

The Master shook his head, “Dumb bitch.”

Alicia gasped.

Marcus sighed and continued, “What you can’t get your empty little head around is that one day you mightn’t. I have to ensure that won’t happen. Your bedtime from now on will be nine o’clock.”

Erika watched her husband’s jaw drop with helpless shock. Her pussy squeezed out even more sticky fluid into her already uncomfortably damp panties.

Alicia still hadn’t sipped the coffee that remained millimetres from her lips.

“Nine o’clock, Master? But Master, I …” he needed an excuse. Why did his brain always cease up when speaking to this effortlessly, dominant male? “Master, I won’t have time to clear up the kitchen after dinner.”

“You really are an airhead aren’t you, maid?”

Bass thumping music filled the room, how could Eden answer that question before his own daughter?

He was saved by the Master pointing out, “If you are up at six then you have plenty of time to clear up everything before you attend to our breakfast.”

Blinking his eyes quickly in terror, Eden was about to say, ‘But Master’ when he actually said, “Yes, Master.”

Infuriatingly to Eden, the Bull always seemed to have a sound reason for everything.

“Of course,” the Master continued, “if you are good, then I may let you stay up a little later.”

Eden swallowed, “Erm, thank you Master.”

This was not the time to debate with the Master. Especially not in front of Alicia. Eden rarely won any of their discussions – in fact he couldn’t think of a single time he had come out on top in a discussion with the Bull, even when they first met.

“Yes, but there again, if you are naughty, as you were tonight, especially in front of guests,” the Master nodded towards Alicia, who remained as immovable as a stone statue with her coffee hovering before her lips. “Then I will send you to bed earlier.”

Erika closed her eyes with sheer gasping sexual need. At that moment, if the Master merely touched her then she would explode in an orgasm with the power of a rocket leaving the Earth.

Eden was in shock, he thinks he is nodding but doesn’t know, and certainly hasn’t got a clue how to respond to this fresh development. Demonstrably, he ought not debate the issue right now, but wait until the Master of the House and he were alone.

“What do you think, Mistress of the House,” Marcus asked the slut of the wife of Eden. “That all seem fair? Or do you think nine o’clock is a bit late?”

A bit late! Eden turned on his heels to stare desperately at his wife. For some reason, Erika appeared as is she were about to drop off to sleep. When she finally spoke, she was breathless.

“I leave these matters to the Master of the House,” she said.

“Ok.” The Bull nodded and turned to the dazed teenager, looking so sexy in her tight jeans and tee shirt. “Miss Alicia, how about you?”

She was lost for words and sought visual assistance from her mother. But her look was only exchanged with a half lidded, stupefied expression denoting nothing. She knew she had to respond to the commanding male.

“Well, Master. I think …”

Eden held his breath hoping against hope that his daughter would save him by knocking the bedtime idea on its head.

“… nine does sound a bit early.”

Eden didn’t know what to think. ‘A bit early? ‘. What? It was crazy! He wasn’t a child!

Marcus had scored! He got her! The daughter was now involved with discussions about her own dad’s bedtime. Marcus wanted to laugh out loud, but he kept a straight face as he said:

“A bit early you think?” He rubbed his unshaven rough chin. “So what time do you think would be appropriate for the maid’s bedtime?”

Eden looked expectantly at Alicia, please let her say eleven, or something reasonable.

The teenager was shaken. How the fuck could she know? But the Master of the House had actually asked her! As if her opinion was important. She was no longer a child in the household, but someone invited to form a view on a matter pertaining to the home.

“I don’t know, really. I mean nine sounds a bit early. When I was ten, I was allowed to stay up until ten.”

The Bull nodded and smiled. “Good point.”

Brilliant, the Master thought, even the daughter is using references to children now for her own father. Outwardly he half closed his eyes and nodded, as if mulling over the ‘good point’, inwardly he knew where he was heading.

“But ten is far too late for a busy maid.” He suppressed a sadistic grin as he added, “maybe fine for a ten year old, but I can’t help feeling that’s a tad too late for a domestic. How about we say bedtime’s nine thirty for the maid? Then we’ll see how we get on.”

There was a compelling quality about this masculine brute of a man that made Alicia desperate to agree with him. After all, had the Master of the House not asked for her views? Had he not contemplated her response? In fact, he had adjusted his own view after hearing her observations.

So she replied, “Yes Master. That sounds wise.”

“Excellent!” The Bull proclaimed. “Miss Alicia, you are adapting to your new responsibilities as if you have been a mistress all your life.”

Alicia giggled and finally rewarded herself with a sip of the coffee.

“So, maid,” the Bull said to the still stunned Eden, “aren’t you going to thank Miss Alicia for allowing you to stay up until nine thirty? Wasn’t that good of her?”

God! This was crazy. “Erm, yes Master, but please may we have a little word. You know, in private. If you are not too busy? Master?”

“Not right now maid, I’m watching the telly. But I tell you what, if you are still awake when I come up then we’ll have a little chat. How about that?”

The bastard! He could have spared Eden a couple of damned minutes so Eden could outline the pitfalls of him being sent to bed. “Yes Master. Thank you Master.”

The Bulls face darkened, and Eden brought his hands together defensively over his apron.

“Maid! I thought you were told to thank someone?”

Eden jumped.

This just couldn’t be happening. But like other humiliating punishments meted out by the Master of the House, it was best over with quickly.

He turned to face his daughter and with bowed head, said, “Miss Alicia, thank you.”

No reaction. Alicia looked at the Bull, unsure as how to respond.

Marcus groaned. “Dumb maid. What are you thanking her for?”

“Oh yes!” Eden said.

Eden often felt relief when the Master of the House helped him by explaining exactly what he should say or do. Less chance of punishment if he got it wrong.

Still not able to raise his eyes to his daughter, Eden said, “Thank you Miss Alicia for allowing me to stay up until …”


Roaring, gut burning shame.

How could he finish the sentence?

A welcoming thought rose optimistically to his mind. Just say it now, avoid a dreadful punishment and then explain it all to Alicia later.

So he continued, with a dry mouth but eyes becoming increasingly damp.

“Miss Alicia, thank you for allowing me to stay up until nine thirty.”

The teenager felt pity for the poor maid but she adopted a smile.

“That’s alright. You are welcome.”

Surely the ordeal was over now.

The maid, still with her chin on her chest said.

“Master. May I be excused? So that I can do some tidying and have a coffee myself?”

“Leave the tidying until tomorrow. You were naughty in the dining room when you spilled wine like the dumb maid you are. And you were bratty in here, having to be told to thank Miss Alicia.”

What? This was outrageous. Eden had complied with every instruction!

“For that reason,” the Bull glanced at his watch, “You shall be in bed in ten minutes. Eight thirty. An hour early for being naughty and disrespectful.”

Knowing she now had power in the new household hierarchy, Alicia said, “Master. It’s all right. Really. I don’t mind.”

“No, Alicia, you can’t be too soft on the domestic servants. They will really take advantage. “So off you go to bed, maid. And I don’t want a peep from you until I see you tomorrow.”

This was outrageous. Worse, should he say ‘yes Master’ or silently leave?

He chose the latter heading for the safety of the kitchen where he couldn’t be bullied. But after he turned off the oven’s extractor and kitchen lights he was totally fuming. This was all wrong. So unfair! Not least he hadn’t meant to be disrespectful! It just sorta happened.

It was only when he was tucked up in bed, in the nightie and panties allowed to him by the Master and Mistress of the House, that his rage gave way to anger at himself. If only he hadn’t spilled the wine, he wouldn’t have ended up in the corner. If only he had spoken to his daughter properly, then he might still be downstairs, enjoying his coffee.

Oh! He must improve as a maid.

At some point he realised he was rubbing his tiny, unyielding chastity cage through his silky panties. He was groaning in a need that could never be fulfilled.

He twisted over, dragging a pillow between his bare smooth thighs and humped it. Despite his brain being foggy with need he remembered his master’s instructions about how he was to wank from now on and hauled a second pillow between his legs. Now his arse was pushed self consciously high. But his need was too great to let the shame stop him. He grinded away at the pillows, feeling himself soak his panties in useless precum.

As he did so, the mantras slowly rolled into his main and he looked at the laptop oblivious as to whether it was on or off, not knowing if the Master was checking on him.

“Thank you Master … I adore you Master ….” A load groan. Oh, if only he could cum. “I adore you Master. I ….”

It was to be a long night for poor Eden. A maid unable to cum, yet dominated and in need, would do anything to be unlocked. Sleep was a merciful release from his torment.

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Eighteen



The elephant in the room, or rather the corner of the room, appeared cute and sexy from the rear as she stood stiffly upright in the corner.

Her tight clothing enhancing her curves, her erect stance, with hands tucked into the frizzy blonde hair, indictive of her submission and punishment.

But like the proverbial elephant, Eden’s plight was known by all in the room, yet, they ignored the maid’s plight – all for different reasons.

Marcus felt at ease as Master of the House. An unchallenged position boosted by him cracking down on the maid’s errant behaviour when serving the wine and slopping it over the glass.

Why the sight of the Bull humiliating her husband excited Erika so much she couldn’t say. But it did! Erika was so dreamily hot, her panties uncomfortably soaked.

For her part, Alicia didn’t know what to say, nor how to act. Her father, the man she respected all her life was stood behind her in the corner, in his maid’s uniform, but thankfully out of sight. Like a naughty child He had been sent there by the bear of man sitting at the head of the table now telling an anecdote about a supplier to his company. It was as if nothing untoward had happened in the house.

The teenage girl could barely take in the Master’s story because of what happened to her father. She had to say something, but what?

For Eden it was all too harrowing to comprehend. Stood like this before his family. Unable to even challenge the punishment which seemed wholly out of step with the misdeed of spilling wine. Hence his indignant rage. The Master was so unfair at times!

He hadn’t done been deliberately clumsy and his daughter had moved her glass as he had poured. She was partly to blame, wasn’t she?

How long he had been stood there he didn’t know because when stuck in the corner, as he had learnt before, time passes in its own dimension. His bottom still stung from the belting he had received from the tawse that afternoon. A punishment he had been assured would help his behaviour and aid him in avoiding punishment. So much for that! God, it was doubly unfair!

If only the Master of the House would unlock the chastity cage, no matter how briefly. If he could quickly cum then he could think clearly. His brain was so foggy he barely made sense of anything.

In a flash, it dawned on Eden that for the first time since he had met the Bull, the punishment inflicted upon him by the Master of the House, wasn’t part of an erotic game to make his wife hot, or satisfy his own submissive needs, nor indeed satisfy the Bull’s sadism. This was a true punishment designed to make Eden see he had been genuinely  naughty and must improve his performance. As such, he now understood how a genuine maid would feel: Helpless, chastised, but in a way, oddly grateful that someone was taking the time to help her become a better maid.

Oh! But why before his own daughter?

He listened to the chatter from the table. He noticed his wife and daughter no longer laughed uproariously at the Master’s jokes. Rather they tittered and giggled, as if self-consciously.

Maybe a half hour had sauntered by, perhaps longer, perhaps only ten minutes, Eden couldn’t tell, when Alicia finally spoke.

Her voice sounded strained, as if she was fearful in speaking.

“Master, I mean, I am not interfering, or anything, it’s just that …” She trailed off.

“Go on,” the Bull said softly.

“Well dad, I mean the maid,” she forced a laugh. “I mean it wasn’t his fault. Not totally.”

At last! Eden sighed with relief. The Bull was finally being told how unfair he was being by punishing him alone.

“Well,” the Bull spoke quietly, “what you must understand is, if the maid thinks she can get away with anything, even some minor error, then she will feel she can get away with something a little bigger. Then a little bigger. Then of course I would be compelled to punish her very severely. So, it is best to nip these matters in the bud.”

Silence for a moment until, a more confident, energetic Alicia said, “Yes. That makes sense. I guess. Sort of spare the rod, spare the child.”

She then giggled to cover her embarrassment as out of sight behind her, the maid winced at being compared with a child by his own daughter.

“Yes, exactly!” The Bull said, “discipline has to be maintained else the consequences are bad for the maid as well as the household.”

Silence again.

“But,” Alicia said, eventually, “how long does she, I mean dad, the maid, have to stay there in the corner?”

“Well, these are matters both you and the Mistress of the House have to face up to, as well as me. I may not be here 24/7. So you two will have to decide on the maid’s punishments.”

Alicia erupted.

“Oh God! No! I couldn’t decide on anything like that with the,” she paused, batting her eyelids with her struggle to find the right word, “maid.”

Laughing good naturedly, the Bull said, “I totally get that. Don’t worry about it. It’s not your problem.”

“Thank you,” Alicia said, breathless with relief.

“If you feel the maid has been naughty then have her stand in the corner and come and tell me. Or even the Mistress of the House. We will decide the punishment if it makes it easier for you.”

Eden gasped. What? What the hell was the Master of the House saying now? His daughter couldn’t tell him to stand in the corner! Hadn’t she just said so much? Oh! If only he was permitted to interject, he would point this out to the Master.

Erika spoke, “It’s easier than you think. The Master has his rules, and we must follow them. You just let him know if the maid is naughty. He will deal with it.” Her eyes grew large as she admired the Bull. “He always does.”

“Mum!” Alicia stretched out her name as if remonstrating with her. “Listen, I don’t know what the games you two are playing, but maybe, like, just maybe, I shouldn’t be involved? Yeh?”

The Bull raised his eyebrows, “Does it look like a game to you?”

“Erm, no. No. It looks mega crazy!”

“I understand that.”

Eden heard the Bull rise from the table and held his breath. Would he be punished again?

“Ok,” the Bull said, “I think another bottle is called for. Especially as little miss fumble fingers over there spilled some of this bottle.

Erika laughed at the joke, “Master I will go and fetch a bottle.”

“Good girl,” the Master said, settling back down in his place as head of the table.

Both mother and daughter melted at the Alpha Male using the term, ‘good girl’.

Alicia wondered how she could elicit that remark for her own behaviour.

So, the drinking and chat continued with good humour again as the Bull told a funny story about a colleague, he played a prank upon.

Eden realised he was totally out of the conversation. His annoyance was subsiding now. Draining into the realisation that had he concentrated he would not have spilled the wine and would not have ended up being punished.

Now he felt disappointed in himself.

Obviously, he was going to be punished if he was silly enough to spill wine so that it splashed over a guest at the table.

What a dizzy maid he felt himself to be. He had to try harder.

He wished he could turn around and apologise to the Master of the House and thank him for the time in the corner to reflect up on his behaviour. He could explain to the Master that the punishment was working.

Surely then he would be freed?

Oh, how his arms ached!

The Master was right, as usual. Eden’s hot bottom should have served as stern warning for the maid, if only he had paid attention to the spanking rather than feeling aggrieved at the punishment.

Maybe he was dumb, just as the Bull kept telling him he was.

Should he find the courage to say something? Even ‘sorry Master’?

But he lacked that nerve. He needed the Bull to unlock his chastity cage and wanted to avoid further punishment. So silence was the best and safest way forward.

It was then that he heard Alicia say something that stopped the conversation:

“Master, hasn’t the maid been punished for long enough?”

The Bull thought for a moment before replying, “I don’t know. Do you think so?”

“Yes,” was all Alicia said. There was uncertainty in her voice.

The Bull nodded and said to his slut, “As the Mistress of the House, do you agree?”

Erika sat bolt upright. Oh God, if she said the wrong thing then the Master might not let her cum tonight.

After a moment’s consideration she replied, “Master, I leave it to you to decide.”

The Master turned his dark eyes back to the younger girl, “But you feel the maid has been sufficiently punished?”


Alicia’s eyes betrayed indecision. Teenagers are rarely confident of their own views when speaking to adults.

“There you are. You have made your first decision as Miss Alicia of the house.” He clicked his fingers. “Maid come back here and tell me if you have learnt your lesson. We’ll see if Miss Alicia is correct.”

Eden’s eyes grew wide. Had he been called back?

“Maid!” The bull clicked his fingers. “Quickly!”

“Yes Master.”

A further conundrum for the hapless maid. The Master hadn’t said to remove her hands from her head, so should she leave them in place?

This is why the maid felt even more foolish when she reported back to the Master sat at the head of the table. How daft did he look stood to attention with his hands on his blond head?

Once the maid had shuffled into position, the Bull pointed to a spot slightly closer.

Eden immediately edged forward.

The Bull nodded, saying, “So Maid, what lesson has your punishment taught you?”

The nervous, desperate Eden had to get this right if he was avoid returning to the corner.

“Please Master, I must worker harder on my serving skills at the table. And thank you for the punishment, as it has helped me appreciate how naughty I was.”

The Master shook his head as if dispirited. “Maid. Should it be me you are saying these things to? Who did you spill the wine over?”

Eden’s mouth dropped open as if a catch had been removed. To Alicia? He felt sick, a little feint,  just as if the floor and ceiling were rolling around.

He was about to argue but he had become used to the Master of the House’s demeanour when he wasn’t going ready to debate anything with anyone, let alone the maid.

It just could not be happening.

He turned on his Cuban heels, hands still firmly on head, to face his daughter but his eyes couldn’t meet hers. Rather he looked over her head.

“Please Miss Alicia,” he swallowed, his voice sounding squeaky, “I, I, erm, promise not to be so incompetent again.”

There was sharp pat to Eden’s bottom as the Bull spoke, “Explain to the young Miss how the punishment helps you be obedient and competent.”

Eden closed his eyes. His breath became short. He had to fight back the tears of total humiliation.

“Please Miss Alicia, I am so grateful for the Master putting me in the corner, where I could contemplate my failings and vow not to repeat them.”

With Alicia unsure as how to respond, the room fell into a deafening hush.

The Bull said, “young lady, do you think the maid is repentant? Do you think she has learnt her lesson?”

Alicia said, “Oh yes, Master. She is very contrite.”

The Bull nodded, “Do you see. You can become a Miss in my household! Good girl.”

That adorable phrase from an Alpha male!

A huge smile swept over Alicia’s face. “Thank you  Master. I owe it all to you.”

From where had those words emerged? She was thanking him as if he truly was the Master of the House.

“Excellent” The Bull announced. “Maid, thank the young Miss for releasing you from the corner.”

“Yes Master.” Eden swallowed. Oh God this was painfully hard, his eyes desperately avoiding those of his daughter. “Please Miss Alicia, I am most grateful for you releasing me from my punishment.”

Without catching his eyes, Alicia said quietly, “You are welcome.”

“So,” the Bull said, rising form his seat. “We will go to the sitting room while the maid is a good maid and clears the table and tidies up in here. Oh, maid, three coffees too.”

“Yes Master.”

Eden kept his hands on his head, still avoiding looking at his daughter and wife.

Feeling her panties dampen being in the presence of a confident Alpha male Alicia left the room with a smile on her face.

Erika’s knees were so weak from mindless lust that she could barely walk. She reached the Master, put her arms tight around his neck and bit at his chin, as if she were devouring him.

Her voice was low, guttural, “Oh, for fuck’s sake. I need you deep inside me. Now. Now!”

“Haven’t you been warned about your language, young lady?”

Dreamy eyed she banged her forehead against his solid chest. “I don’t care. I just need it so bad. So, so, bad”

The Bull laughed. “Don’t you dare even finger yourself until I get you into the bed!”

“Master, I can’t wait. Please. I am in need!”

She rubbed her thigh up against his like a dog in heat.

“Do you need to be punished before the young miss as well?”

She shook her head, her hair sweeping back and forth.

“Then you do not swear! And you will be a good girl and wait!”

She emitted a deep moan, more animal than human, and with half closed eyes left the room.

Eden had never before seen his wife behave like that. He was in shock. She would have cum on the spot had the Master commanded her to do so.

With hands still enmeshed in his hair, he looked at the Master of the House and realised he truly was the Master, and he, Eden the maid. This wasn’t a game. This was happening.

Which made it easy and natural for him to say to the Bull, “Master, may I remove my hands from my head?”

“After I have left the room, you dumb bitch.”

“Yes Master.”

Suddenly the Master was wagging his finger in the frightened maid’s face.

“You ever embarrass me again when we have guests, and it will be the worse for you. Got it?”

“Yes Master, of course Master.”

When the bull departed, Eden waited a moment and then removed his hands from his curly hair. He even felt naughty doing so out of sight of the Bull, after being given permission to do so.

It had been a lesson well learnt yet still difficult to process. Perhaps Eden would never process it. But at that moment he vowed to himself to be the best, most obedient, well-behaved maid a Master could want.

Of course, a person’s ambitions, as lowly as they might be, are often more difficult to attain than might be expected.

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Seventeen



Being on your best behaviour you would think would be perfectly straight forward. All Eden had to do was be obedient, polite and deferential while serving the dinner he had made of salmon and vegetables.

Eden realised that the Master of the House had been absolutely correct when he pointed out that giving the maid a red hot, sore bottom would concentrate her mind. Though the results of the spanking were also distracting and could lead to below par work. After all his flaming buttocks rubbed against the nylon of the tights, and the trousers were so constricting that whenever he leaned forward his clothing seemed to abrasively grind over his sore buttocks, like sand paper.

Preparing the meal had involved a few oohs and one or two squeals, every time the maid moved.

Obviously, he took full care to ensure that the plates were hot, a particular requirement of the Master of the House, and that the white wine, for the Mistress of the House, was chilled.

The red wine, for the Master, had been opened for almost two hours to breathe, Eden had checked the clock when he did so, just in case the Master asked how long it had been opened.

The table was laid to perfection, with various glasses for wine and water, side by side, and cutlery placed perfectly around the table mats, like a photo in an advert for dining ware.

He had turned off the main light of the dining room and turned on the uplighters, something his wife, Erika, insisted up on for a meal.

Satisfied that all is in place, he nibbled his lip as double checked all the points of the dinner, before using the dining room bell to summon the diners.

Again, all went well.

Eden held his breath as he stood to onside of the door, hands behind back, shoulders pulled rearwards making his A sized bra push out  his pretend breasts. He kept his head bowed.

The Master had whispered something to Erika as she entered, making her burst out with a spluttering guffaw.  How Eden wished he was permitted to know what they said to each other in private.

As they took their places at either end of the impeccably set  table, so the Master and Mistress of the house took out their napkins and laid them over their laps.

Oh! The Master of the house had glanced across to Eden making the poor maid hold her breath in trepidation. Was something out of place?

“Maid, summon the young miss. The family must dine together.”

“Yes Master, of course Master.”

Using the bell to ring up the stairs, Eden raised his voice, but only slightly, not wishing to offend the Master before his meal.

“Oh, Miss Alicia? Miss Alicia? Dinner is served.”

Silence from upstairs. Oh no. Would Eden get in to trouble for not bringing her down?

Louder, more firmly, “Miss Alicia?”

Then a door opened, music was heard, which was immediately turned off. The door slammed shut and Alicia descended the stairs in her tight jeans and tee shirt, breasts bouncing.

“For God’s sake, dad! I heard you the first time!”

She pushed passed the maid with a disparaging tut.

Eden opened his mouth to remonstrate with the little madam when he just caught himself. His eyes went straight to the Master of the House, who raised his eyebrows in the maid’s direction. As if saying, do not dare!

And of course, Eden didn’t dare. His bottom was already tender.

Inwardly, Eden seethed. Here he was locked up in the constricted chastity, feeling his body and tights grip and compress him into shape, with his humiliating curly blonde hair. Worse, he wasn’t even permitted to tell his own daughter to behave herself with guests present.

Taking the chair nearest Eden, so that her back was to her father, ensuring she didn’t have to look at him, she slumped back and looked at the dinner before her. Exhaling a sigh rich in contempt for the adults, she kept her eyes on her plate.

Marcus was pissed off with the young lady’s conduct, but hid it behind a friendly smile.

“Maid, pour the wine.”

“Yes, Master.”

Eden felt as if at any moment he might let the cold, slippery bottle slide from his hands leaving it to crash to the floor. His tummy was in knots as he poured for the Mistress of the House first, as he had been instructed.

“Thank you, maid,” Erika said, grinning at Marcus.

He then tentatively poured wine into the Master’s glass, his hand shaking.

All eyes were on the nervous maid as he held the bottle over Alicia’s glass.

Should he ask if she wanted a drink? Dare he speak?

Alicia erupted.

“For God’s sake Dad. I’ll pour my own!”

She snatched the bottle from the shocked maid’s grasp.

The Bull flicked a few fingers at Eden who knew instantly what was required of him. He stepped back from the table and put his hands behind his back to await the next instruction. Thankfully Alicia was looking away from him, yet it didn’t hide his burning shame.

Actually, the meal went well.

Marcus told a few stories, that, with the wine flowing freely, went down well. Alicia found herself giggling at this macho male’s exuberant confidence. He no longer seemed the irritating ogre she had met earlier that day.

Rather his self-assurance made her feel at ease, and she laughed freely at humorous story after story.

When she told a tale of her own, from her first week in college, the Master of the House was all ears. Hanging onto every word. Even when she messed up the ending, he laughed before adding a witty quip.

Soon the room was a lively cauldron of laughter and incessant chatter.

How frustrating for the maid, to stand aside and not even be permitted to speak. Indeed, with his bottom already aching from the afternoon’s spanking, he dared not even laugh. This was a nightmare! He was little more than an object for the use of those indulging in their meal.


Oh My god.

The Master of the House had called out to him twice! He was so adrift in his own selfish misery that he hadn’t heard the summons.

The Bull was holding up the empty wine bottle.


“Yes, Master, straight away master.”

He fled the raucous room , heading for the wine cooler fridge in the corner of the kitchen.

He took out another bottle and kept saying to himself to slow down. Oh, God, if his trembling hands dropped it then there would be all hell to pay!

So, to calm himself down he paused at the kitchen door, eyes closed, shoulders pulled back so far back he could feel the straps dig into his flesh. He slowed to a deliberate amble, carrying the bottle warily in both hands.

Back in the dining room Alicia was giggling about a boy she met at college who was too nervous to ask her out.

The thought of his daughter being asked out at college by all sorts of guys turned Eden’s tummy. He placed the bottle on a side table and unscrewed the icy top.

Alicia said, “I mean, how can I look up to a guy like that?”

The Master of the House, barked, “What a pussy”

And both women laughed.

Steeling himself to work diligently, he poured the Mistress of the House’s glass first, but she was to besot with the Bull to even notice. He then replenished the Master’s glass, again being ignored.

What should he do about Alicia’s glass?

Holding his breath, he hovered the bottle over the glass but didn’t pour.

Impatiently, Alicia said, “Just pour it, will you?”

Despite being spoken to like that, it came as a relief for the maid to be told what to do. Eden poured the glass and took the bottle back to the small table.

He felt as if he had won a gold medal at the Olympics. Success!

“Stand to attention, maid,” the Master barked.

Oh! Eden had completely forgotten himself. In his relief at performing his duties correctly he had totally forgotten himself and relaxed. He stood, with shoulders back, hands behind back.

Alicia laughed, “I could get used to having a maid.”

“Exactly,” the Bull said, leaning towards her, “Who wouldn’t.”

“Just, it seems kinda crazy. You know. Your own dad skipping around in his maid get up,” she mimicked a sissy, “’Oh please may I open the door for you.’ ‘Please may I close it for you’.” She giggled. “I mean, like, you know?”

“I did explain all this to you earlier, young lady,” the Master of the House pointed out.

“Oh yeh. Sure. The immersive experience and everything. And we all gotta contribute. Yeh, I guess so. But it’s all a bit weird, you know?”

Erika said, “You’ll get used to it. Just think, no more ironing.”

Alicia laughed. “No more ironing? Wow! I buy that!”

Erika looked to her Master for approval. She knew how much Alicia despised ironing. She could be a bit of a slob at times, hence the state of her room. But troublingly, the Master’s attention was fully on her daughter.

Finally, Marcus smiled back at his slut. But he was smiling because his own plan was slotting in to place. Yup! The cuck’s wife got it! The dumb arsed maid was slipping down the pecking order in the household. And the dumb fuck had a good deal further to fall.

The Bull felt an erection swell in his pants. He loved winning and would do whatever it took to gain first prize.

He looked at his new sought after first prize, the eighteen year old daughter of the man he had spanked and put into his place as a maid.

“You know, young lady,” he began.

“God, I love it when you call me that. Young lady!” She laughed and held up her already drained glass shaking it in the air.

Eden’s eyes widened. Eh? Oh. It required refilling.

He stepped forward and meticulously dispensed some wine slowly into the moving glass. He didn’t want to let a drop fall onto the table cloth, the consequences would be too dreadful to contemplate.

When it was full, Alicia snatched the glass away , took a slurp before placing the glass on the table. She rested her chin on her palm, her elbow on the table and stared into the dreamy eyes of this dominant male.

“You were saying? ‘Young lady’, you said,” she giggled.

Eden was annoyed. She shouldn’t have her elbows on the table. That was a complete no-no in his household.

“Yeh,” the Bull said, “you just do whatever you are comfortable with. Nothing more. The maid is my responsibility.”

Stealing a quick glance over her shoulder at the bowed head of the maid, Alicia blushed.

“That sounds fair, I guess,” the teenager said. Her eyes narrowed with mischief,  “So I gotta call you, Master, yes?”

“That’s it. And the Mistress of the House is addressed as Mistress or Mistress of the House.”

Laughing, Alicia did a finger wave at her mother, “Hi Mistress of the House!”

Erika laughed.

“And I’m, what? The princess round here?”

“If you want,” Marcus smiled. “But you should be Miss Alicia to the maid, but Alicia to the rest of us. How does that sound?”

“Hmm.” She slid her wine glass around on the tablecloth watching the golden fluid rise and fall around the glass. “Maybe. I don’t know yet.”

“Fair enough!” Boomed the Bull as if a decision had been reached.

Erika, leaned towards her daughter, “It would be much easier if we all followed the same plan you know.”

Nodding, Alicia said, “I know.”

“Maid!” the Master of the House said, “fill the glasses. Let us have a drink to those courageous enough to take on responsibility!”

Jumping to life, Eden, began by filling his wife’s glass with his shaking hand. When would this ordeal be over, and he could retreat to the safety and security of the kitchen? The kitchen was a wonderfully safe place for a maid, the Master and Mistress only using it for breakfast and occasionally lunch.

Why the following occurred, would dwell on Eden’s mind for a long time afterwards.

Perhaps it was these comforting thoughts that distracted Eden. Perhaps it was the fact that he was following the chat about nomenclature without being able to put in his own thoughts. It could have been the frustrations of feeling invisible to those around  the table whom he served.

Maybe it was his outfit, whose gripping, silky tightness erotically reminded him of his station with every move. Maybe it was his tiny chastity cage from which he knew there was no escape without the Master of the House releasing him.

Few realise the many tortuous thoughts that fill a maid’s mind, distracting her from tasks in hand. No wonder most maids are continuously punished throughout the day.

What ever the reason, then it happened.

So it was that Eden leaned over and made to pour wine into the glass of his daughter, now Miss Alicia, when she raised the glass up, ostensibly to help the maid by taking it closer to the bottle.

The glass went in one direction, the wine in the other.

In slow motion the golden liquid poured onto Miss Alicia’s plate, splashing onto her tee shirt.

Alicia screamed.


Eden was so mortified that he couldn’t think what to do. So the wine continued to pour as if the maid was frozen into inaction.

“Maid!” Barked the Bull. “Stop!”

Eden righted the bottle and began jabbering, barely coherently.

“I’m so sorry, Miss Alicia. I didn’t mean to. Really.” He stared terrified at the Master of the House. “Should I get a cloth, Master?”

As if saddened by the maid’s incompetence, Marcus simply shook his head, and spoke quietly, like a headmaster disappointed with a pupil on open day. “Girl, you have caused enough trouble for one day. Go and stand in the corner.”

With that Marcus raised his own napkin to dab at the pools of wine on the table.

Eden was frozen to the spot. What, the corner? Now? In front of Alicia? Surely not! The Master of the House had made a mistake.

Eden couldn’t stand shamefully in the corner before his own daughter.

So the bewildered husband stood, open mouthed and wide eyed, as now Erika joined the dabbing of the fluid pooling around Alicia.

Marcus paused for a moment to look at the agitated maid.

“Girl? Do I need to repeat myself?”

Oh God, that terrifying low tone the Bull used when emphasising a point to the maid. It was quiet. Determined. A sort of don’t mess with me, I don’t expect to be disobeyed.

“No Master. It’s just that … I thought ….”

Then the chilling glare from the Master’s dark eyes. That look that instantly put an end to any talking back.

Placing the bottle carefully on the table, Eden, in mind numbing shock walked slowly towards the corner of the dining room. Surely there had been some inadvertent mistake on the part of the Master of the House.

Soon they would all realise the error and how they would all laugh when Eden reached the corner.

But there was no laughter. As the light blue paint of the walls filled his view, as his shadow grew large against the wall, he found himself inches from the stonework.

Surely now, the Master of the House would demand to know what the maid was doing standing in the corner like a naughty child and haul her back. How they would all laugh at Eden’s silliness.

“Hands on head, girl!”

“Yes, Master.”

His fingers threaded themselves into his blonde curls.

What? He was really to stand in the corner?

Before his family? He felt sick.

“Legs straight girl! Quickly!”

“Yes, Master!”

Eden brought his legs together in the tight trousers, staring with horror at the miniscule lumps in the wall.

He heard his heart thumping in his chest beneath the figure controlling, girly underwear.

He was in a nightmare over which he had no control.

Incongruously, his little dick tried to inflate and pumped out a little precum into his panties. Now he was wet and uncomfortable as well as mortifyingly helpless before his entire family.

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Sixteen




Sometimes Eden had to have things explained to him slowly. I’m sure the reader will empathise.

He stood before the Master of the House In his tight-fitting, black trousers, crisp white blouse and low heeled shoes. His lingerie was a crushing bodyshaper and constricting control tights. Below those items was the graphite, tiny chastity cage, to which only the Master of the House had a key.

The curls from Eden’s enforced hair style flicked around his cheeks, tickling them whenever he moved quickly.

Had he been playing a game, as he once did with Bulls and his wife Erika, the package would have excited him greatly, but now, stood before the Master and Mistress of the House in the downstairs large office, he felt a fissure of shame and helplessness.

He truly was a fearful maid awaiting the Master and Mistress’ instructions.

“But, Master, I haven’t been naughty,” Eden said, with a cute pout.

The Bull smiled indulgently, making Eden feel a little more at ease. He hated it when he upset the Master of the House and required a firmer punishment.

“You are of course, quite right, little maid,” again Marcus remained calm. “But you see …”

Eden relaxed further, life was always better when the Master of the House explained things to him.

“I’ll say it in bite sized chunks so that you can keep up,” he continued

The maid relaxed, ready to fully absorb her lesson. Sat in high backed leather office chair, even Erika, leaned forwards to listen carefully to the explanation.

“Tonight, you will not be just serving the Master and Mistress of the House for dinner. In fairness, you perform this job less ineptly than when you began …”

Eden beamed, “Thank you, Master.”

It felt good to have his hard work recognised. Too often he felt ignored as he carried out his endless chores.

“Good girl,” Marcus said, grinning at the reaction of the dumb fuck of a maid. “But tonight is different. Is it not?”

The maid widened her lightly made up eyes. She hated being asked questions. Invariably she got the answers wrong, then she could be sent to her room or spanked hard.

“Erm, because,” now her eyes narrowed in deep thought before opening wide like a flower. “Ah yes, master, I know, I know! It is because Miss Alicia is here.”

“Clever girl!” Marcus glanced at Eden’s wife, “Do you see how good a teacher I am?”

Erika crossed her sexy legs and grinned. “Oh, yes Master.”

She loved Marcus doing his mansplaining to her, a reaction she didn’t understand, as normally she hated men patronising her. With Marcus, it was different. With Marcus everything was different.

Sitting back on the main office chair, Marcus took in the eager maid, who now looked so pleased with herself.

“So, we have a young girl here, your daughter. Now, do you wish to be punished in front of her?”

Taking in a huge tank of breath, Eden said, “Oh, God, no Master!”

“Exactly. Hence why I am going to give you a good spanking now so that throughout serving dinner your bottom will feel hot and you will remember your place and your manners.”

The maid was horrified, “I’ll be serving dinner, Master?”

“Who do you think will serve it? The Mistress of the House?”

Erika laughed at the lunacy of the remark. Erika, Eden’s wife, hadn’t served a meal since Marcus had taken over the house as Master.

“No, Master, of course not Master,” for a while Eden’s lips moved without sound as he sought the politest way to continue, “It’s just that, well, you know, I thought, that with Miss Alicia staying here, I might be allowed to sit at the table.”

Shaking his head with dismay, the Bull said, “Look young lady, you are the maid here. It matters not who is present in the house. You are the maid of the house.”

Everything Marcus said, made such perfect sense that suddenly Eden felt foolish even raising the point.

“Hence,” the Bull continued slowly, “you wouldn’t want to be bratty while serving dinner, would you? I’m quite sure that you being over my knee before your young miss, would be the end of the world for you.”

“Oh, my, yes Master.”

“And of course, you must think of the young Miss, too.”

Eden felt horrified that the Master of the House might have thought he wasn’t thinking of her. “Oh indeed, yes, Master.”

Marcus opened up his palms as he smiled, “There you are then. A hearty spanking now will ensure you will know your place, and your cute arse will still be sore while serving. That way you won’t forget your place.”

Eden felt doubtful, but the bull had made the points carefully, a logical step at a time.

“Thank you, Master.”

Why did Eden thank him? It sounded so irrational to be spanked, not for an errant deed, but the possibility in the future of being naughty. Why should he be grateful, but how the Master had described the situation made it appear as if Eden would benefit from the immediate punishment.

“Excellent. You are learning a few simple things,” the Bull said. Not quickly, but it is coming.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Did the bull really have to patronise him down like that in front of his own wife? In fact, why didn’t Erika ever speak up to protect him?

“So now, you are finally up to speed,” Marcus said, rolling his eyes towards Erika, who supressed a giggle, “which implement would be best for your shapely backside?”

“What?” Eden was so taken aback he was horrified to realise he had forgotten to say ‘Master’.

In fact, as it happens, Marcus didn’t notice, “Maid, now you know you require severe punishment, which implement would be best for you? To help you fully learn your lesson.”

Having never before been asked how he ought be punished, Marcus was flummoxed, but knowing he had to offer an answer to the Master of the House’s question he replied, “a hand spanking, please, Master”

Again, Marcus was forced to shake his head and sigh, “Young lady, do you really feel a hand spanking is going to last until tonight?”

“Oh!” Eden hadn’t thought of that. “I suppose not Master. Erm, then a paddle, Master.”

“One more dumb answer and I’m going to tell you to fetch two canes. I’ll tie them together to beat you.”

Eden winced. That sounded dreadful! A single cane was terrible enough, let alone one tied to another.

“Master, may I leave it to your guidance to decide?”

Marcus looked sever. “No, girl, I expect you to learn in future to suggest a punishment and an implement when necessary. Now quickly. Else it will be the double cane for you.”

Oh God! Ever since Eden had become the maid of the house, he was finding it increasingly difficult to think for himself. Now, he was under testing pressure from the masterful brute who sat before him.

He could think of only one more punishment tool that Marcus had used, that wasn’t as bad as the cane,

“The tawse Master!”

For a moment a terrified maid simply stared at her tormentor and then Marcus relaxed.

“I knew you’d get there eventually,” he paused, before adding for the wife’s benefit, “if I helped you along the way.”

Phew! “Thank you, Master.”

Eden closed his eyes in relief. It always felt good to please the Master of the House.

“So, Maid, fetch the tawse from the cupboard, pull down your trousers and underwear. And, as has been explained to you, this will be a harsh punishment.”

Even when Eden was dragging himself over his Master’s lap, with trousers and tights about his calves, it felt somehow unfair. But the Master of the House had taken time to explain the reasoning to him, and it all made sense – sort of.

Until his tight chastity device caught a little in the groin of the Bull’s trousers and then Eden knew he had to quickly edge over the lap into position to avoid appearing naughty.

Following the beating and dismissal of the weeping maid to prepare dinner, Erika had breathlessly pleaded  to be fucked hard.

What was it about the Bull’s dominance of her husband that provoked such a response? As with other sluts like her, seeing Marcus take command of her spouse elevated the Bull in the slut’s eyes to be a guy whose cock she needed to take, and whose seed needed to be pumped deep inside her.

So as he lay there on the married couple’s bed, with Erika gently sleeping in his arm, he thought about the coming evening.

With the maid’s arse spanked sore by the tawse, even a hand spanking would reduce her to tearful mess. The dumb arsed maid was now totally in his control, not daring to be disobedient.

Yet Marcus would have to be careful, the highly strung teenage girl could just flip the wrong way if he made a single mistake.

Tonight’s dinner would be a challenge, a challenge of which he had to be wary. It was going to require all of his experience to keep everyone in their place, and to bring this ship home.

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Fifteen



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The doorbell rang with an impatience that sent Eden scurrying down the hallway in his built up heels. Even as he was hurridly checking his curly hair in the mirror and smoothing down his blouse around the waist belt, the bell sounded three times, incessantly.

Hoping that the Master of the House would not feel that the rude ringing was because she was being slovenly, the maid adopted her ‘ready to greet’ smile, pulled back her shoulders and opened the door.

She was about to say, ‘Good afternoon, welcome to our residence,’ as commanded by the Master of the House, when Eden’s brain froze. Froze solid like a brittle ice cube.

Alicia stood on the step fuming. Her case was at her feet, her features burning with rage.

“Oh my God!” Was all she said.

“I, erm, I,” what could Eden say to his own daughter seeing him feminised like this and answering the door like a servant?

“What the fuck is all this?”

Had she ever sworn before? Was this a product of her new student life? Or was she just so shocked by his appearance that she lost all sense of decency?

Her lips pressed forward with indignant rage.

Obviously, he wouldn’t upbraid her now for her language, not when she was clearly so shaken at what she was seeing. He could understand her confusion.

“Come in,” he said, before quietly adding, “please.”

In the safety of the hallway, with the door closed, Eden’s instinct was to ask if he could take her coat, but that seemed inappropriate right now. So, they stood in awkward silence as she eyeballed him from head to toe.

“Perhaps I should explain,” Eden began.

But he was quickly silenced by her closing her eyes and waving a hand.

Alicia said, “Apparently I can only hear the full story from some guy called Marcus. Who, now get this, is gonna explain everything to me? Well, I don’t want to hear anything from him!”

“Maid, you haven’t taken her coat yet.”

How long had Marcus been standing in the hallway?

Oh God. He could hardly address him as Master, so Eden bowed his head and nibbled his lip.

Taking in a deep breath, as if ready to attack, Alicia said to Marcus, “Now you better understand. I don’t want to know about this. From anyone. Let alone a stranger. I am going up to my room. And I kinda don’t want to hear about anything until its dinner time!”

Marcus smiled and nodded. “Yes. I quite understand. I did say in our phone call that I needed to appraise you of the situation.”

Eden’s eyes opened wide in shock. Marcus had phoned his daughter? What had he said?

“Appraise me? Of why my dad looks like a fairy at one of the gay bars at college?”

Laughing, as if relaxed with the world, Marcus said, “Please come in and take a seat. That’s quite a journey you’ve had. The maid will take your case to your room for you.”

As ever Marcus had that dominant, casual, in charge, demeanour.

Alicia knew Marcus was hot, in that way alpha males are. They had that assertive manner other guys lacked. So she was now intrigued enough to shrug and drop her coat form her shoulders to the floor before walking into the sitting room with a quick roll of her eyes to show her teenage contempt of it all.

Marcus said, “Maid, be a good girl and put her coat in the cupboard and then take her case to the bedroom. Make sure you place all her garments carefully in her drawers and wardrobe. I’ll summon you when you are required.”

As they were now alone in the corridor, Eden said, “Yes, master.” But did so in a low whispering voice.

The Master of the House appeared to accept the response before entering the sitting room, closing the door. It was as if Eden was cut off from his family.

Suddenly Eden could breathe again.

Jesus Christ!

He needed to stand up to Marcus. They hadn’t discussed this. What on earth was he doing, involving his 18 year old daughter in their adventures?

If they’d spoken Marcus and Alicia had spoken yesterday then surely the Master of the House would have known she was coming back a week early. Why hadn’t he said anything? This was just ludicrous. And exasperating!

Yet here he was, alone in the hallway, whilst the Master of the House, Eden’s Wife, Erika, and their daughter Alicia were behind a closed door. A closed door that might as well have been locked as he was forbidden to enter any room that wasn’t empty without knocking first.

After placing the coat neatly on a hanger in the cupboard under the stairs, he lifted the heavy case ready to go upstairs as instructed. He paused at the sitting room door to see if he could hear anything, but music was playing and the only sound of voices he could hear was low and muffled. He recognised one of the voices as that of the Master of the House but couldn’t make out the words.

Obviously, Eden wasn’t going to remain in the hallway lest he got caught, so carried his daughter’s case up to her new room.

While a traumatised Maid sat on his daughter’s new bed, in her new room attached to the master bedroom, his brain tried to work – but couldn’t. He needed to make sense of it all, but until the Master of the House clarified the situation he would know nothing.

He groaned, feeling sick at his helpless ignorance.


Downstairs Marcus was in his element: mansplaining.

Alicia was sat on a large cushion on the floor, her legs curled up beneath her, as she sipped at a lager held in both hands.

A cute image for a very cute young girl, Marcus thought.

Her hair was blonde like her mothers, but her eyes a lighter, more icy blue and her tight jeans showed a gorgeous arse and shapely legs.

“I knew it was going to be a shock …” Marcus began.

“A shock! Too fucking true!”

Marcus didn’t approve of his girls swearing but decided to let that slide – for now. After all Alicia was untrained, though that state wouldn’t last for very long.

Erika brought in her own small glass of Italian lager and sat on an armchair, enthralled in what was about to take place. How would even the Master of the House explain this away?

Marcus stood before the two women, “All that this is about, is that the maid wanted to see what it was like to be a real maid in an actual household.”

The burly guy before Alicia spoke so authoritatively that Alicia didn’t snort with the derision she felt. But feeling that she ought to show some contempt, shook her head. It was time to speak:

“My dad is not a maid. Look, I don’t know what you’re pulling here. But what ever it is I am not buying it!”

Smiling with understanding, Marcus said, “Of course not. Nor should you.”

“Look!” Alicia held her glass tightly, “I don’t care what pervy games are going on here. But I am not to be a part of it. I am not a kid. I can see what is happening.”

“Ah!” Marcus raised his eyebrows and widened his eyes. “Oh, I see. You think it’s a sex game. Yes, I can see that. But no, far from it. This is all very real. You see the maid …”

Alicia sighed, “will you call him my father, or Eden, or Mr Dawes. Anything but the bloody maid.”

More swearing! Marcus’ eyes narrowed, but he maintained his air of humorous detachment. “You see, the maid, and you’ll see why I am calling her the maid, in a moment.”

“Her! Calling her?” Alicia turned to her mother, “mum, what’s going on here? This a crazy joke?”

Her mother smiled, lolling her head to one side. “No babes. You listen to the Master of the House. He will explain it better than me.”

At this, Alicia gave a forced teenage laugh. “Master of the House. Yeh? I am in some eighteenth century manor. Oh My God!”

“The maid wished to know what it would be like to be a servant in a house.,” Marcus kept his voice even, thinking about he would love to spank the bratty teenager’s arse through those hot jeans she wore. “After all in her previous life she was a very successful business man. So, I can understand that she would wish to appreciate the opposite world view.”

“Oh sure, yeh, and become a maid?” Alicia’s eyebrows rose under her blonde fringe.

“Yes. But she was insistent that this world was to be real and exact. Hence why it requires me to be Master of the House and your Mother to be Mistress of the House.”

“And what am I? Another maid? Or don’t I get a job title?”

Her mocking tone was getting to Marcus. He was very close to dropping the little madam over his knee and spanking her bare arse until she became less of a spoiled brat.

Instead, he forced a smile. “Quite right, Alicia. You do have a part to play in the household. But certainly not maid. As the daughter of the Mistress of the House you are clearly another Mistress.”

“Oh great. I am a princess all of a sudden!”

One more bitchy remark and she’d be a weeping princess, Marcus thought. He grunted a laugh.

“You see, this is why I felt it necessary to have a word with you. If you don’t treat the maid in an appropriate manner, then it will ruin everything. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?”

She stood up. “You know, mister Master of the House, I don’t give a fucking toss. I am not a princess or whatever it is. And my dad is my dad. Now that you understand that, I’m going to my bedroom!”

As she reached the door in a flurry of righteous indignation, a point having been made, Marcus spoke. Was his tone more stern? She paused, the door handle in her fingers, but feeling compelled to remain.

“One thing. It became necessary to move you out of your room into the bedroom adjacent to the Master bedroom.

What? She was too shocked to even turn around. Finally, she turned, her eyes intense.

“Now listen, Mister Master of the House, or whatever. I want my old room back, like right now.”

“Well, you’ve been moved. Let’s discuss it over dinner.”

She shook her head theatrically and looked at Erika, “mum!”

When her mother simply shrugged, she fled from the room, making sure the door banged back on its hinges.

In her new room, Eden was moving her underwear from the case into a drawer.

“Hey. That’s my personal stuff!”

She stood in the doorway, glaring at her father.

“Sorry,” Eden stepped back knowing he had to add ‘mistress’, but couldn’t.

“Sorry? You’re sorry? Like how did all this shit even happen.” She offered up her palm like a police officer stopping traffic and closed her eyes. “You know, I don’t give a fuck! Just get out and leave me in peace!”

How he wanted to exit this uncomfortable situation.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Jesus Christ dad. Don’t, like just don’t ever call me that again!”

Eden nodded his head, feeling his curls brush his cheeks, “No Mistress. Erm, Miss.”

“Oh my God, just go!”

And he did, scampering back to his new room decorated in teenage pink colours. There he stood in shock, his head thumping. It may have been a long five minutes before he heard the bell from downstairs, summoning him. Checking his appearance he raced down stairs.

 The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Fourteen



Eden knew a number of things as his wife Erika played with him in his new bedroom. The girly, light pink bedroom that had once belonged to Alicia, his daughter.

Firstly, he knew his wife seemed more relaxed than he had ever before known. She giggled and fussed but was at complete ease with the situation. He was also aware of the precise outfit she wished to see him dressed in: a black and red basque, with delicate lace features. To this was attached black stockings, for which a pair of 5” heels were provided.

“You won’t have to walk far, so heels like that are fine,” she pointed out as she tugged the basque into position.

The basque, she had explained, would give him a curvy shape, more so than even the tight body she and the Master of the House had forced him to wear.

Around his neck was a black collar with red decorations, to match, as she put it, the basque.

He was also aware that she expected him to be obedient and patted his bottom, just like the Master, when she felt he was sufficiently compliant.

Somehow it felt odd, perverse even, to be accepting commands from his wife. Often he had asked her to be dominant in the bedroom, but now he had no say in the proceedings. A tang of discomfort made him feel wary, perhaps a little fearful.

Yet he was also aware of his dick pulsating and leaking in the chastity device, so part of him was responding to her demands.

But Eden was unaware of two matters:

Firstly, that Erika had been given precise instructions by Marcus on how she was to play with her husband. This included not permitting any backchat, threatening to use the paddle or even the cane if he were naughty. She was also encouraged to warn Eden that she would call Marcus if the maid appeared rebellious.

Erika only had to issue this threat once, when Eden had complained about the corset being too tight.

“It’s strangling me! I can barely breathe!”

She stood before him, feeling nervous, how would he take the warning of her calling Marcus? What if he didn’t succumb? What if he braved it out? Then she would lose all credibility!

If he was aware of her trepidation, then he didn’t show it.

He was defeated the moment she lifted up her mobile phone and said, “Perhaps you might like to discuss it with the Master of the House?”

He looked horrified and bowed his head.

“No Mistress. I am just saying it is very tight, that’s all.”

“And how does a good maid say that?”

Beneath his dyed blonde, curly hair, he blushed hard red, and whispered, “Please, Mistress will you slacken off the cords a little.”

“There,” she said, as her tone gave way from anxiety to relief to authority. “Good girl. Your Master will be pleased with you.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“I will paddle your bottom six times and then you can ask politely again. Ok maid?”

He was horrified, his bottom was already sore from the caning earlier, but a glance at her phone, still gripped in her fingers brought sense to his troubled head.

“Yes Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”

“Good girl. Now why don’t you bend over the end of the bed like a good girl so I can deal with you.”

He knelt down slowly, hoping she might change her mind, or he could find the words to convince her to not beat him. But nothing was forth coming. So he bowed stiffly over the mattress in his unyielding basque so that his knees fell to the carpet and his face to the soft bed covers.

Enjoying the acquiescing site before her, Erika felt, for the first time in her life, truly powerful. Marcus had told her she would feel the full joyful experience of being the mistress of the house. He said it wouldn’t feel like role playing, it would be her new position. As usual he was totally right.

As the wife set about spanking her husband’s black pantied bottom, so she became more fierce with each blow. When she found the right force, he would whimper loudly with each blow.

What a feeling of true power.

How did Marcus know so much!

There was something that neither Eden nor Erika knew: Marcus’ full plan.

The dumb husband was going to learn the lesson of respecting everyone else. That was what he had told the dumb fuck would happen and that is what would take place. The dumb maid would be obedient and polite to everyone. Marcus had explained this on that fateful night, and that was going to happen. He would teach the cuckold about not apologising when told to do so. All Eden had to do was apologise when told. He didn’t now he would be subservient to everyone.

For that to happen the former husband, and head of the household, would have to be demoted to maid of the house. A full time position. Not just when the Bull was present but always.



After the maid’s paddling, following Marcus’ clear instructions, Erika had the maid kneel before her and said.

“Now the Master of the House is very concerned with your reticence to answer the front door.”

Still barely able to breath because of the constricting basque and now made uncomfortable by his sore bottom resting on his tall, killer heels, Eden sighed.

He was irritated that he had been reduced to an actual maid, not even permitted to offer a comment with out asking politely.

Raising her eyebrows, in full Mistress mode, Erika asked, “was that a sigh I heard little maid?”

“Mistress, please may I speak?”

She ruffled his curls.

“Of course, maid. Its easier with me. Its just that the Master is often too busy to listen to your babbling. So go ahead.”

“Mistress, clearly I cannot answer the front door to people when I’m dressed like a maid. Even if it is trousers!”

Smiling she said, “Whilst the Master won’t indulge your silly whims, I as your Mistress will. So, who else will answer the door of not the maid? Is that not one of the fundamental duties of an efficient maid?”

Oh! Now Erika was sounding like the Bull, twisting everything Eden said until he felt confused.

“Yes Mistress. Of course those are important duties of a maid. But obviously I can’t just open the door like this.”

“You think the delivery drivers or post people give a damn how you look?”

“Well, no, I guess not.”

He hadn’t thought of that.

“But what if it is friends or family?”

She lolled her head to one side, making her blonde hair fall over her shoulder. “Silly maid. Who comes out to visit us without contacting us first?”

“Well, I … I hadn’t thought of that.”

Now Eden felt foolish, the way he did when ever the Master of the House pointed out something to him. It was always obvious when he was told it.

“But I just don’t want you answering the door, maid. I want you performing that duty like all your duties, enthusiastically. With a welcoming smile. Everyone loves a happy maid.”

Everything she had said had come from Marcus. He had instructed her in this, an important function of a well behaved maid. But she had one additional point, that she wished to add.

Erika raised the head of her maid by lifting up her chin.

“And it is very important to me that you always appear to anyone, looking nice and fresh and immaculate. I don’t want anyone thinking the Mistress of the house puts up with a sloppy, lazy maid. Clear?”

Wanting so badly to please her, Eden gushed: “Yes Mistress. Of course. I’ll use the hall mirror to check my appearance.”

“What a good girl you can be!”

He beamed at her compliment.

“Now,” Erika grinned, “how about some entertainment between you and me. Without any angry Bulls around telling us what to do?”

Eden nodded with enthusiasm; this was like a fantasy come true.

Erika took command, having the maid lie on her back on the bed before ordering her to spread her stockinged legs. The laptop on the dressing table was on, and showed the image of the bed, with the reclined maid staring fearfully at his own image on the screen. Was Marcus watching?

Erika settled between his opened out legs and rubbed herself on her maid’s groin. Just as Marcus had told her, the hard chastity device rubbed straight against her clitoris making her feel dreamily hot.

Pushing her nose amongst his thick curls, she whispered, “I love my little maid,” before pausing a moment and then adding, “when she is behaving.”

She kissed his cheek, hearing him sigh with arousal.

“Tell the camera, you love your mistress.”

Eyes half closed, he leaned his head to one side, facing the camera in the laptop: “I love my Mistress.”

It felt so good to hear those words, for Erika. Her pussy melted. Her heart pounded.

“Say it again, maid, make me believe it.”

At that moment it felt easy to for Eden to say anything she wanted.

“I love my Mistress. I adore my Mistress. She is the world to ….”

He broke off with a groan and gripped her waist.

 His hands moved down to his wife’s bottom though the silky kimono.

Giggling, she whispered, “no Honey. That’s only for real men like your Master. You are forbidden to touch any of my erogenous zones.”

She kissed and sucked at his cheek, her mouth suddenly finding his and they were kissing. Tongue on tongue, sucking on sucking. Deep arousal from both.

Heat. Heat. Killing heat. Burning away all before it.

Then they came.

For the first time since his Master had locked away his cock Eden felt the equivalent of an orgasm. His mind went blank, before his body was overwhelmed with a compulsion bounce rhythmically on the bed. He was vaguely aware of how his Mistress also increased the pace of her grinding.

They both moaned and shouted together.

Eden came without cumming. He certainly ejaculated as he could feel the wet goo on his bare thighs, above the stockings. Yet he hadn’t cum. He needed to cum. Yet he had cum.

Yet he hadn’t.

It was a weird dichotomy. Cumming without satisfaction.

His mouth chewed on his Mistress’ face until she rolled off him, exhausted, spent.

Moments later she lay on her back, still above the sheets, sweaty, gasping for air. Her maid’s fizzed out hairy head in the crook of her arm. The maid’s curly hair tickling her bare flesh.

She was hot, languid, sleepily tired.

She might as well have run a marathon. Her heart pounded like it would never lessen in intensity.


“Shhh.” She said, her eyes closed.

For a moment he was quiet but then he whispered, “Please Mistress will you unlock my chastity cage. Just for a moment. Just for a minute. That’s all it will take.”

Leaning up on her arm, she smiled down at the maid she loved with all her heart.

Kissing him on the nose she spoke softly.

“Your Master has taken the keys.” She smiled, as if sympathetic to his plight. “He didn’t trust me with them. Thought I might go soft on you.”

She didn’t have the keys! They weren’t in the house!

His eyes grew wide with horror at the full implications. He couldn’t be unlocked until the Master of the House returned.

“But Mistress …”

“Hush, honey. You must learn to accept these things.” She stroked his hair. “Oh heavens, maid. I love your new hair. We should have done this years ago.”

Quickly, she kissed his inviting face a number of times. For some reason his helplessness and his needy eyes sent her orbiting the moon with love. Also, she knew Marcus would be proud with the manner in which she had dealt with the maid. That was a fresh joy in itself. Pleasing a real Alpha Male.

Glancing at the laptop screen she knew it was not possible for anyone in the maid’s bedroom to know whether or not they were being observed or even recorded. That was an important point for Marcus. She knew that he had to have the power and those around him to only know subjugation.


Her thoughts were brought back to her needy maid.

“Yes Honey?”

“Do you think we can play this again. After Alicia goes back to college?”

She knelt up, her eyes wide with bewilderment.

“I don’t know maid. I don’t know Marcus’ plans. I guess so.” She smiled, her eyes glittering. “I hope so. He hasn’t said anything about that.”

“Before she gets back, I’ll need to get my hair trimmed and dyed back to being black. Guess, I’ll have to move my stiff back out of the maid’s room …”

The slap to his bare thighs, just below his panties surprised him.

His eyes looked up to see an irate Mistress glaring down on him. The smiles and glinting eyes had vanished, replaced with a hard, determined glare.

“Why do you have to be so naughty?”

“Sorry Mistress?” he didn’t understand.

“We were having such a great time and you spoil it!”

“Mistress? I don’t follow. Really.”

Her tone lowered a pitch. “No. You damn well don’t understand.” She sighed and said, more softly, “I don’t know when you will be moving your stuff out of here or even if.”

She saw her maid’s face scrunch up, looking perplexed.

“That is for the Master of the house to decide,” she explained.

Trying to lighten the situation, Eden said, “Well he can’t let Alicia see me like this can he?”

He caught his breath. His Mistress had not agreed. Rather she closed her eyes and wearily shook her head.

“Maid. I am sure the Master of the House can explain anything to anyone. Or hadn’t you noticed?”

He rolled the words over in his mind. It was almost as if his Mistress was saying that the Master of the House was going to explain Eden as the maid to Eden’s own daughter.

“Mistress, I …”

Placing her finger on his mouth she whispered, “Quiet Honey, you just don’t know who might be listening.”

She kissed his nose and left the shocked and puzzled maid to mull over what she had just heard.

Thirty miles away in his home office, Marcus watched the proceedings with his firm, thick dick in his hand. He loved girl on girl sex and looked forward to directing the traffic in the maid’s bedroom. He turned off the video recorder on his PC and filed the video away for future reference along with the 125 other videos he had of various hotwives and their cucks.

All going well.

Now for stage two.

He picked up his phone and glanced at the paper with the phone number Erika had written out for him.

He punched out the number and grinned to himself. Why did he always win?

A girl’s voice answered, breathless as if impatient.

“Alicia. Yeh?”

“Hi Alicia. Now we haven’t met but I’ve been chatting to your mum and thought it best to bring you up to speed on a few changes to your household. You got two minutes?”

She sounded suspicious. “Do I know you?”

“Friend of your parents. We’ll meet tomorrow.”

“Ok. Go on …”

And he did, all the time thinking about the excitement of stage three.

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Thirteen

Eden hated having to kneel in the Master of the House’s office, what had just a week before been his own office! The hard wooden floor was painful on the knees. At least in the other rooms he knelt on comfortable carpet.

Moreover, wherever he knelt his maid’s trousered, uniform tightened uncomfortably about him. The trousers and corset squeezed his waist, the slight heel on the shoes bowed his feet, and the straps from the body corset dug into his shoulders.

He knew better than complain.

A livid Marcus was tight lipped, and Erika, still perturbed was shaking her head at her kneeling husband. Though why, Eden couldn’t tell.

“So,” Marcus said at last, “the maid wants to have a discussion. Let’s give it to her.”

Swallowing Eden was about to speak when his wife shook her head quickly at him as a warning, so he remained silent.

“It’s about time I nailed down some fresh rules around here. Both of you,” he indicated Erika as well as Eden, “have been a little bratty lately.”

Erika let her cheek fall against his shoulder, “Sorry Master.”

Taking his cue from his wife, who seemed to have a sixth sense when dealing with the Master of the House, Eden breathlessly said, “Yes, sorry Master.”

“You got to understand, maid, you can’t just do something that’s not prescribed housework without permission. Imagine if a dumb bitch like you was seeking to do stuff on her own initiative.”

He looked at Eden’s wife who nodded in warm agreement as if welcoming the advice.

Seeing Marcus’ arm run around his wife’s shoulders, irritated Eden. That was his wife! The master was holding her as if she were his property. Nibbling his lip, Eden sought to quell his rising anger at the injustice.

“Got any questions?” Marcus said.

At last! Eden knelt up straight, feeling his bra straps tighten.

“Yes, Master …”

But he was quickly cut off.

“Not talking to you, airhead, I’m talking to your tramp of a wife!”

“Oh, sorry Master,” Eden said, feeling small at being berated in front of his wife.

“I can’t think of any questions, Master,” Erika said slowly as if thinking while speaking.

Apparently satisfied, Marcus cuddled her and announced, “Great. Then its settled.”

Eden’s wife folded her long, bare legs up on the sofa, as if to huddle closer into the brute.

“Erm Master,” Eden squeaked, his eyes fixed on his wife being nuzzled by the bully. “Sorry but, I don’t know, I hope you don’t mind me saying that it may not work.”

Erika took in a deep intake of breath, her eyes looking away from the maid, as if terrified for her.

The room collapsed into an icy silence, like the threatening glare of an Alsatian before an attack.

“Well, let’s see, maid,” Marcus relaxed into a grin that he shared knowingly with Erika, “who’s the dumb maid who is so wrong that she gets punished all the time?”

Thinking it was rhetorical question Eden simply bowed his head and waited for the moment to pass.

It didn’t.

“You gone deaf girl?”

Erika moved forwards in the arms of her lover to whisper to the maid.

“Honey, your Master asked you a question.”

Anger boils incessantly, the heat increasing until it explodes …

“She isn’t your wife! She is mine! This is just a game! And it’s gone too far. I’m not dumb!”

Tears of indignation blurred his vision, so he didn’t see the hand lash out until it painfully grabbed the maid’s ear.


“On your feet maid!”

Already Marcus stood at his full impressive height and Eden had no option other than to rise up too, before his ear was pulled off.

“A game is it?”

Marcus dragged the sobbing pleading maid into the room overlooking the front of the house.

When Eden stumbled, Marcus slapped the maid’s thigh – hard.

“Keep up!”

Within moments, Eden found his nose pressed against the front window over looking the neat lawn descending down to the bushes before the street.

“Hands on head,” Marcus declared. “Like, now!”

Like an automaton Marcus’ hands sped into his curly blonde hair. He turned anxiously to Marcus. He didn’t want to be stood in the front window where his neighbours might catch sight of him.

“Eyes front girl!”

Gasping, Eden complied, looking through the window which steamed up before him.

Suddenly The Master of the House was tearing frantically at the maid’s trousers. In moments they were hauled down to wrap about the maid’s Cuban heels. They were quickly followed by the dark tights, making Eden’s legs feel suddenly cold and exposed.

“Master, please, I …”

The slap to his pantied buttocks shut him up instantly.

“Back straight!”

“Yes, master.”

As he pulled back his shoulders, so Eden felt his corset tighten around him and press out his small artificially formed boobs.

Erika spoke softly, seeking to calm the enraged Bull.

“Master, she didn’t mean it. You know how dumb she is.”

Oh, how Eden hoped that the Master of the House would accept that he was merely dumb and not naughty.

Marcus’ voice was now softer.

“I know you love your maid and want to protect her, but you can’t save her from herself. I don’t want her mouthing off whenever she feels bratty. Now be a good girl and fetch me the cane.”

The cane! Eden sucked in a series of breaths. If only he was permitted to speak so he could apologise. He didn’t mean to be bratty. It just came out like that.

For a moment Erika thought to continue pleading her husband’s case but seeing that her lover was now calming down she thought it wise to comply. Perhaps she could have another go when she returned.

Down on the street a noisy car slowly drove passed. It was giving them plenty of opportunities to glance through the small spaces between the branches.  Oh My God. Eden could see there were gaps in the bushes through which pedestrians might, if they stopped and looked up, see the odd sight of what would appear to be a girl, standing with her hands on her blonde, frizzy hair style. They would instantly know she was being punished.

Deep, grinding shame overwhelmed him, making him light headed, as if he had stood up too quickly.

“I brought the medium length cane,” Erika said, returning to the room. “Perhaps you can let the silly maid apologise for behaving so naughtily.”

“Maybe,” Marcus mused.

Was he being genuine? Eden felt hope.

A large hand firmly patted the maid’s bottom through the light silk of the mauve panties.

“Listen, girl, I know you can get a little over excited, isn’t that right?”

“Yes Master, yes!”

Eden was clutching at any straw offered his way.

“But you cannot be permitted to be bratty, can you?”

“No Master. Quite right, I am so sorry for my errant behaviour.”

The Bull laughed, “Errant. Hey, I like that word!”

This was going well, Eden thought. He liked the word. Almost certainly he would be reprieved – surely.

Another firm pat on his arse.

“Are you going to be a good maid or a naughty maid?”

“Oh! A good maid, Master. I promise.”

“I see.”

The Master fell silent while the maid held her breath.

“Tell me maid, what do you say if you want a cup of tea?”

“Oh! I don’t make the tea, Master. I say, I want a cup of tea.”

“Try harder, little one. Say, please may I have a cup of tea. Like the good girl I know you can be.”

“Yes Master. Please may I have a cup of tea.”

More hard pats whereby Eden could feel the size of his Master’s palm along with the thick outstretched fingers.

“Suppose you want to ask permission to stay up late?”

“Oh, erm, please Master, may I stay up late.”

“What about if you want a pee?”

“Please Master may I have a pee?”

A thunderous slap to his ill protected arse, sent Eden’s groin forward striking against the window sill.


“Maids aren’t allowed to use words like pee. Say bathroom!”

“Yes Master. Please Master may I use the bathroom.”

More light pats.

“Good girl, clever girl.”

“Ok, maid, this is what is going to happen. So listen up!”

Eden concentrated all his attention on the words of the Master of the House.

“I am going to give you six strikes of the cane. You will then apologise to the Mistress of the House for behaving like a naughty little girl.”

“Yes Master. I will.”

It was at this moment that Erika’s pussy simply melted, bringing down all her capacity to think. To watch this alpha male, tame her husband so completely created deep needy sexual urges. How she wanted to please the bull. There was something so masculine and powerful about the way Marcus simply was the Master of the House. This was no role playing game. It was real.

So it was that Marcus sliced the maid’s buttocks six times.

And so it was, in accordance with the bull’s instructions that Eden apologised to his wife.

Not at any moment did his damp eyes move disobediently from the street, fearful that someone would surely stop at some point and see his shame. He would be destroyed. Everyone in the street would know.

Eden felt it easy to apologise to his wife when the master of the House had ordered him to do so.

“Please, Mistress of the House, I am deeply regretful that I was naughty earlier. I promise it won’t happen again.”

The hot wife emitted a long primordial groan. She stared hard at the Master of the House, knowing she was little more than a woman in total need. Her mouth hung open inviting in anything the Master of the House wished to drill into her.

“Ok,” Marcus spoke softly, his eyes fixed on the sexy hot wife fully available to him, while quietly issuing instructions to the house help.

“You be a good girl and stay exactly there until you are released. Clear?”

Eden licked his lips. But someone might see him! There was a gap at the end of the drive where people could stop and stare up the drive.


“Ouch. Yes Master. Of course, Master.”

So it was that, in the earlier chapter we found Eden in his predicament of staring into the street through the bushes near the road dreading that he will be observed at some stage. At that point his life wouldn’t be worth living. All the neighbours would be laughing at him.

 Dare he step away? His bottom sang with pain as he thought through his naughtiness. He obviously might have waited for the Master of the House to invite him to speak. Or better still, ask, ‘please, Master, may I speak?’

He was fully aware of how the Bull had helped him learn a valuable lesson, and in so far, he felt grateful to the Master of the House

But what about his predicament?

Perhaps he could hide to one side of the window until his Master came down. Surely, he would hear warning footsteps on the stairs? Especially of such a hefty man. A dreadful fear gripped his tummy. What if he didn’t hear his Master’s footsteps and discovered him being disobedient? What if the bull had a means to spy on him here?

Eden closed his eyes, the worst fear of all would be that the Master of the House would simply ask him if had moved. He would stare into Eden’s eyes in that way he did, like he was looking into the maid’s soul. How could he lie?

So it was that for a period Eden had no ability to measure, he stood obediently upright, back straight, small tits straining at the blouse, mauve panties possibly on display if they were above the windowsill.

It was during this time that Eden rehearsed the thought of him obediently asking the Master for various things. “Please may I have a glass of water.” “Please may I sit down?” “Please may I do the laundry later?”

How pleased the Master of the House would be with him!

Eden jumped. What was that?

The front door had slammed shut. Beneath the window he saw the Master of the House moving swiftly down the drive to his Mercedes. Without a glance back at the maid standing dutifully to attention, hands on head , in the window, the Bull drove away down the drive and vanished around the bushes int the street.


Should he remain in place?

It was always so difficult to know what to do when not actually being commanded to act.

“Oh Honey!”

There was a giggle in his wife’s voice.

“You look so cute!”



She stood by the side of him, wearing a white silk kimono that fell open showing her lovely breasts. Eden’s dick immediately and uselessly tried to expand, thwarted by the tiny chastity enclosure.

She patted his pantied bottom. Had she ever done that before?

“Now the Master of the House has asked me to check you have understood his latest instructions. Ok?”

He swallowed. “Yes Mistress. Should I turn away from the window?”

Leaning so close, he could smell her flowery perfume and feel the heat from her body, she said, “Oh silly maid. Have you been told to move yet?”

“Oh! No Mistress. Sorry Mistress.”

When would he be released from his ordeal?

Erika loved the addition of ‘sorry Mistress’. Who had ever before apologised so readily to her. It made her feel powerful and confident.

After all, hadn’t a wonderful alpha male brute of a man just ravished her senseless? Her confidence grew.

“So tell me, Honey,” s a giggle still tickled her words, “what would you do when you want some lunch?”

He had rehearsed this. He must be careful not too nervous and gabble.

“Please Mistress, may I have some lunch.”

“Good girl.”

A light pat to the maid’s bottom. More delicate than that of the Master of the House.

“And should a maid jabber away with some nonsense her little brain has just thought up?”

“Oh no Mistress. I should say, please may I speak Mistress.”

She kissed his arm through the thin material of the blouse.

“Shame you hadn’t been so dutiful earlier, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress.  I promise it won’t happen again.”

Her voice creaked lower by a few tones. “Oh God, maid. You are so fucking hot! You and I are going to have a ball in your bedroom! Now get your tights back up and get your dumb arse upstairs. Oh my, the things we are going to do!”

Had he been released. He dared to turn his head slightly towards her, maintaining his hands on head stance.

She slapped his backside playfully. “Now maid!”

Oh God, how could she be so hot again, just minutes after an almighty orgasm from her well endowed lover.

 The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twelve


Maids are often regarded as figures of amusement. Welcome, calming influences in any household. A joy to have around in life’s turbulent times.

Yet little consideration is given to what maids actually think, even for maids themselves.

So it is for Eden, standing before the window, his cute nose barely an inch from the glass, staring out onto the front garden, the line of bushes and the street beyond. He wasn’t sure what to think.

With his hands fixed flat to his head, his maid’s trousers and tights pulled down to his ankles, his mauve panties with the delightful detail and bows at the side are on display. Nor was he sure whether the panties were on display to any curious onlooker in the street below. Hopefully they were below the line of the windowsill, but as he’d been ordered not to look away from the street, he couldn’t check.

Of course, the passers-by would have to peer between the bushes at the odd figure with the wide eyed fearful expression standing before the glass to actually see him, but if they stopped they would certainly observe him.

There was a small gap at the bottom of the drive but people who had scurried past never looked back up at the house from that spot. If they did, Eden was convinced he would simply pass out. As it was, he could feel his heart thumping in his chest. The pain from his caned bottom was nothing compared to the pounding blood in his chest and his head. It was thunderous.

Of course, he had been commanded to keep his back straight and his eyes fixed on the street, so he dared not glance down to see if his panties were above the sill. By standing straight, the straps from his corset painfully gripped his waist and shoulders. He was left in no doubt as to his attire, he could feel it.

The small bumps on his chest, advanced by the corset shape, were heightened by the tight white blouse. He might as well have B sized boobs when his back was straight.

Worse the timer, also on the sill, was twisted away from him so he would only know his time was up when the alarm sounded.

Oh God!

Why had he been so foolish?

The morning had started so well …

He had served the scrambled eggs and bacon breakfast at the correct time of 8 o’clock, with the toast still so hot the butter was melting through it. The Mistress of the House said it was ‘yummy’. Even the Master of the house didn’t berate the maid for any short comings. As Eden, in his tight trouser maid’s outfit, refilled the coffee cups the Master of the House cleared his throat, with his eyes fixed on Erika

“You’ve done ok, this morning maid,” he said without looking at Eden.

The maid was thrilled. Praise indeed!

Marcus sat back in his shirt, “Well, better than yesterday anyway.”

Just the thought of the previous day’s spanking made Eden wince. “Thank you, Master.”

Again without moving his dark eyes from Eden’s wife, Marcus said, “You can see what a good teacher I am.”

“Yes Master.” Eden was about to add that ‘he was most grateful’, but he had been punished for jabbering too often, so just let the words rest in his mind.


Eden was shocked. Dismissed? Before they had finished their breakfast? Had he heard correctly? Should he put down the coffee pot, still held in his hand?

“You still here?” Marcus asked.

Eden’s wife giggled and when the maid turned in her direction, he could see his wife’s eyes were fixed on those of the Master of the House.

The lids were half closed, but the eyes glistened. There was an intensity in her stare with her lover. An intensity Eden had never experienced himself but of which he had become aware of since Marcus had started calling around. He never before seen in that expression in her eyes in his twenty years of marriage.

Making a decision, Eden plopped the coffee pot on the table, carefully so as not to spill any on the white tablecloth and stepped back.

Should he say anything? He could see they were both engrossed in each other, so retreated quietly to the door and closed it lightly behind him.

It was only in the kitchen, when the relief drained away that rebellious thoughts stirred in the mind of the maid. For some reason, when he was in a room with the Master of the House he just aimed to be complainant and obedient. Over the last day or so he had even been wary of misbehaving before his wife, ensuring speedy compliance to any request. The Mistress often couched instructions in the form of a request rather than a command unlike the more gruff Marcus. There was no doubt in his tone when he requested something.

So he stood in the kitchen and felt irritation gnaw at him. Irritation is like a bubbly gas. Once it starts so it multiplies.  

That was his own wife that Marcus was hitting on in the dining room! Eden had wooed and married her. Erika was his. They had a daughter together, who would be returning to their marital shortly. Yet here he was, in the kitchen about to clear up the breakfast dishes and start hoovering through the house.

He felt anger and jealousy fizz. Ok yes, this was his fantasy, but this was no longer a fantasy. In fact, Eden worked hard all day. He was constantly on call since Marcus had brought home those two house bells for him and Erika. And how the Master of the house loved summoning the maid by clanging the bell wherever he was.

Eden felt there were times when, somehow, the Master of the House knew Eden was in the middle of putting a load into the washing machine when he would tinkle the bell in another room, or worse. Upstairs!

Perhaps it was time to call a halt and finally reclaim his own wife. In his imagination, he imagined Erika being impressed at his standing up to the bully. She would be so much in awe of her powerful husband defeating the swaggering bully, that as soon as Marcus was out of the front door and in his sportscar, she would drag her long lost husband into bed.

Eden’s dick firmed up inside the tiny confines of Marcus’ miniscule chastity cage. What was it made of again? Oh, he could never remember. Graphite? His eyes closed; his breathing became short as he rubbed at his groin through the tight trousers.

His dick was now so large it was painfully crushed inside the container.

Words floated into his dreamy head, “Yes Master.” “Thank you, Master.” “I will obey you Master.” “I adore you Master.”

As such it was a long moment before he realised Marcus was shouting at him from the kitchen doorway.

“Maid! MAID! M A I D!”

Eden jumped to his short heels.

“Master. Sorry, Master. Sorry!”

Not sure of what exactly he was sorry, Eden stared with terror at the Master of the House, whose thick arm was locked around the shoulders of Eden’s wife. She looked half asleep with sexual arousal.

Marcus raised his chin, “What you doing?”

What was he doing? Eden could barely remember his name when the Master of the House spoke to him like that, never mind what he was actually doing.

“I, erm, well, just having a coffee. Sorry Master.”

“Who told you, you could have a coffee?”

Eden raised his eyebrows in shock. “Well, erm, no one. I was just having a coffee and …”

“Dumb bitch,” Marcus said.

Erika places her hand with fingers wide apart on Marcus’ deep chest, as if to stem her lover’s fury.

“She didn’t mean to be naughty, Master.” She tugged on his arm. “Why don’t we go upstairs and leave the maid to clear up the kitchen?”

Marcus nodded. “Yeh, sure. You mean what she should have been doing in the first place. Drinking coffee when there’s dishes to be washed! Dumb bitch.”

“I’ll get onto it immediately Master,” Eden said, ready to throw himself at his chores.

“Stop right there! Have you been told to do anything? Eh?”

“Well, no, no I guess not, Master.”

“Dumb bitch. Right, in future you wanna drink a coffee then you ask permission first!”

Even Erika gasped at that one.

“You want to eat, you ask permission. You Got it? You want to do anything then you ask first!”

“Yes Master. Yes.” Eden’s head was full of problems. What if the master was out? What if the Master was busy? The Master clearly hadn’t thought this through.

Eden pouted, before saying, “Perhaps we should discuss it.”

Erika sighed out loud and closed her eyes waiting for the storm.

Marcus froze in astonishment.

“Yeh maid. Yes. Let’s discuss it! Get your fat arse in my office!”

Eden swallowed, about to apologise.

Taking a quick step back from the door, Marcus shouted, “Now!”

Eden noticed his wife staring at him with rebuke, as if he was spoiling her and her lover’s fun.

Well that ‘fun’ about to come to an end. They’d discuss it all right, Eden said to himself as he clip clopped on his short Cuban heels out of the room. It was about time they had a discussion on what was unfolding.



The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Eleven






“Maid,” Marcus spoke with his quiet emphatic tones that quietly underlined his dominance in the house, “pay attention.”

Pay attention, were words that made Eden hold his breath. He concentrated on every syllable spoken to ensure complete compliance. Anything less would lead to a swift punishment.

“Press start on your new laptop.”

Eden obeyed.

Oddly, only a few programs were available on the opening screen. Obviously, there was a problem with the laptop and equally obviously Eden felt it wise not to point these out to the Master of the House.

“Select Surveillance.”

Eden was aware that both the girls were watching every action with absorbed interest.

When the program Surveillance was selected a camera image filled the screen. It showed the bed and behind Eden, and Eden himself in his basque, stockings and frizzy blonde hair staring into the camera on the computer. He appeared nervous, like a squirrel in a garden.

“Maid,” Marcus announced, “That program always remains on. Don’t let me ever see it off.”

“Yes, Master.” Eden shuffled on his heels, took an intake of breath and bravely asked a question. “Erm, Master, hope you don’t mind me asking, it’s just that I thought I might, you know, if I …”

The Bull shook his head with impatience. “Get on with it, girl. I haven’t got all day to listen to your inane jabbering.”

Eden blushed, his embarrassment made worse by the two girls tittering behind him.

“Yes Master of course.”

Evidently, the maid reasoned, the Master of the House would have important matters to attend to! Eden cursed himself for being so silly. “Well Master, I was wondering who sees this image.”

Marcus became even more impatient. “Obviously anyone I want. I need to keep an eye on you, don’t I?”

Did he?

“Erm, well I suppose so, Master, but …”

The Master of the House was in no mood for the maid’s mindless chitchat and pointed at the raised pillows.

“Kneel astride the pillows, maid.”

“Yes Master.”

Eden climbed uncertainly on to the bed knowing how often he had misunderstood instructions from the Master of the House. He wrapped his stocking clad thighs about the pillows, that felt firmer than he expected as they pushed up against his panties and the cock cage locked beneath them.

“Lie face down.”

Obeying, Marcus gingerly lay down on the bed, feeling his legs spread by the pillows and his head now on the duvet. His pantied bottom was stuck in the air with nothing to hide his shame. He stared up expectantly wondering what next. He noted his wife and Lynn were staring with fascination at him as he complied with the commands.

“Tramps,” Marcus said to the girls, “put the pillow with my underwear under his head.”

“Yes Master,” Erika said as she pulled the unevenly packed pillow beneath Eden’s head.

Yuk. Eden sniffed. He could only breathe in the musky odours from the pillow now. He moved his head slightly to one side but still couldn’t escape the pungent smell.

Crouching next to the mystified but horny maid, the Bull spoke softly.

“Put your hands up so they are beneath the pillow. Good girl. Now they must remain there. Remember, maid, I will be watching you meticulously.”

He indicated the laptop screen image where Eden could see his dreamy face staring back.

Marcus continued, “Listen carefully to your instructions. You can rub yourself against the pillows between your legs. You can bounce up and down and wiggle all you like. What you mustn’t do is stop.”

“Yes, Master,” Eden spoke distractedly, desperate to hear his instructions but feeling the overwhelming erotic state wash through his body and mind. It rolled away all logic and all thought.

“You must not remove your hands from beneath the pillow. Not until told to so. Got it, maid?”

Eden found it difficult to even speak, his words coming out slowly, “Yes Master. I understand”

“So you cannot finger yourself like a man. Understood?”

On the screen Marcus watched the dumb maid’s eyes flicker as if she were about to fall asleep. The reply was slow in coming back.

“Yes Master.”

“You will never be permitted to play with yourself like that ever again. Understood?”

“Yes Master.”

Eden felt a heavy series of pats to his bottom, just a little less fierce than a spanking.

“Good girl. Clever girl.” Marcus stood upright, in command of all he surveyed. “Now girl, open your eyes and look at the screen.”

For Eden the voice came from a distance as if spoken somewhere else to someone else.

He managed to open his drowsy eyes sufficiently to take in the screen showing him lying in his tight basque on the bed, his hands beneath the pillow stuffed with his Master’s underpants.

He was vaguely aware of the Bull taking out a tablet and typing on it.

On the screen in large blue letters emerged the phrase, My Master owns me.

“Now be a good girl and repeat what it says on the screen.”

A dreamy, “Yes Master,” was mumbled, followed by, “My Master owns me.”

“Louder maid. I have the mic on, and we will be able to hear you in the master bedroom.”

“Yes Master.” Eden wiggled, the pillows keeping his legs firmly spread. “My Master owns me.”

“Good maid. But you must keep pumping and rubbing yourself at the same time.”

“Yes Master.”

Eden couldn’t think clearly but was dimly aware of there being a great deal to think about.

He massaged his pantied groin against the pillow feeling himself becoming soppy wet between his legs.

“Watch the screen, maid. Like a good girl.”

“Yes Master.”

The maid simply wanted to close her eyes and be washed away to orgasm even though he was aware that an orgasm was impossible with his cock locked in the cage.

The words on the laptop had vanished and were replaced with, Thank you Master.

With his mouth squashed by the pillow Eden said out loud, “Thank you Master.”

Then the words became: I will always obey my Master.

“I will always obey my Master,” the maid mumbled.

For Marcus this was a huge step in his plans for the dumb sissy. Each time the sissy progressed in her education, so doors were closing behind her. There was never any going back.

The dumb sissy would now associate his Master’s manly smells with arousal, the way a woman does. The bull’s musky scent would stimulate the sissy’s sexual needs, which would always be on a high due to his inability to cum.

The Bull caught sight of the two girls staring at the maid’s antics with their own burning arousal. The hot wife was nibbling her lips while her eyes dropped with sexual stimulation. He grinned. They would both cum in seconds as he entered them, associating their orgasms with him. He would become the wife’s world, her only source of penetrative orgasm.

He wrapped an arm around each girl tugging them back towards the open doorway. They instinctively followed his guiding arms, their eyes still locked on the stimulating sight humping hopelessly on the bed.

The maid mumbled, “Master I adore you.”

The threesome made their way to the master bedroom and were locked about each other the moment they entered.

On a monitor sat on the dressing room, a sexily clad maid humped and ground herself into the pillow. Her voice thin through the speakers.

“I love my Master. I adore my Master.”

A long groan followed by, “My Master is my world …”

Satisfied the plan with the dumb sissy was well on course he turned his attention, and that of his erection to the two panting women.

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Ten




In his silk smooth, black lingerie, Eden could barely think. His brain could have resided in another universe.

Erika and Lynn fussed busily over the maid’s lingerie, snapping garters into place and ensuring fastenings were securely in place.

The Master of the House had been most particular. The maid’s out fit was to be sexy, tight fitting, with stockings and high heels. He wanted the maid’s feet to be dramatically arched when lying down for some reason.

So Erika had chosen the red and black basque as the centre piece. It’s suspender straps were rigid and thick, as were the shoulder bands that she tightened to dig into her husband’s shoulder.  It was like being fixed into bondage.

The waist of the basque was pulled slim and then squeezed again until the girls each had to hang onto the fastening ribbons to maintain its rigidity while they fastened it in a pretty bow behind him.

They took a last look at him, anxiously taking him in, from the strappy heels to his hair.

Lynn pushed up his hair at the sides, stepped back, appearing concerned, before fluffing up his hair some more. And still she agonized over the appearance.

For Eden the effect was as if he had taken a potion to make his brain melt. His thoughts floated ineffectually above his head as if his skull were empty.

He just needed to cum to think again, and the Master of the House had said he could cum because he had been so well behaved.

A niggling thought troubled him. What if he were inadvertently naughty and suffered the consequences? Oh My God! The Master would keep him locked away for at least another day, and that would be his opportunity lost for another night. How long is it since he had cum?

He closed his eyes, sighing with concern.

Erika spoke softly to Lynn, so that her Bull, still in their bedroom down the hall, couldn’t hear her, “What do you think?”

Lynn was equally as troubled. “Oh, I don’t know. You know what he’s like. Even when you do what he commands he finds fault.” She breathed out long and hard through her nose before adding, as if bravely, “I think she’s ready.”

Erika said to Eden, “Now you behave. He’s in a good mood. Don’t do anything to disturb that else we’ll all be in trouble.”

Eden understood. The master wanted everything just so, which Eden was finding comforting in an odd way. All he had to do was obey and keep out of the way and he could evade a spanking. After all Marcus was the Master of the House. It was for him to ensure the smooth running of the household and clearly, he was excellent at that. As a consequence, Eden knew he had to satisfy the whims of the difficult Master of the House.

As he stared at his erotic, pampered reflection in the full length mirror his dick threated to grow so large as to break out of its confinements. Of course, the materials the Master had chosen for the chastity cage were not going to give into such a minuscule force. The Master had made it clear when putting it on the now domesticated husband that it was impregnable. Hadn’t he said ‘graphite’ or something like that? Perhaps when the Master wasn’t busy he would ask the Master to explain the nature of the tiny robust chastity device he had secured to his equipment.

“Ready, Master.”

Erika had called down the corridor.

The three girls, or rather two girls and one dumb maid, stood staring uneasily at the open doorway. Would the Master of the House approve? Or would they all be punished?

Marcus surveyed the scene with hidden, dick tingling glee. The two sluts were hot in their short dresses, he knew they’d be creaming themselves desperate for his hard cock. The maid in her tight fitting lingerie was exactly what he wanted.

He wore his shirt and pants and carried the sports bag that always troubled Eden. The maid shuffled on her heels, stressing over its contents. What did he have in it this time?

The Bull took in the full appearance of the maid, running his eyes slowly up from the heels, over the shapely legs in their sheer black stockings, the hour glass figure with the artificially created breasts and to the worried lightly made up features.

When he reached the hair, he said:

“Turn around, maid.”

Holding his breath, fearful of the Master finding fault with his dress, Eden turned so that his pantied bottom was to the Bull. He felt eyes burrowing into him, making him feel embarrassed, self-conscious and, surprisingly, aroused.

“Not bad,” Marcus mumbled.

Marcus had learnt over the years to never praise the subs, else they always became carried away and then, as a consequence, wayward.

Erika and Lynn, giggled.

“I knew you’d love it Master,” Erika said.

Marcus sniffed. “Didn’t say I loved it. Just not bad.”

Erika lowered her head, “Yes, Master.”

Eden noticed Erika offer a sly smile to Lynn as if they were naughty school children.

“Ok, girls,” the Master of the House said. “Get the maid’s new laptop out of my sports bag. Set it up on the cabinet, next to the mirrored wardrobe doors. I want the slut to see what’s happening to her.”

“Yes Master,” the two girls said, before rummaging eagerly through the bag.

Eden felt wantonly helpless. Here he is standing in what had once been his daughter’s bedroom, which was now allocated to him as the maid. He felt as if he were the only one in the room who didn’t know what the Master of the House had planned. As such he had to stand in his heels in the middle of the room while the two girls flurried purposefully about him.

As instructed a pink laptop was placed on the cabinet.

Marcus said to the maid, “pile two pillows, one on top of the other near the edge of the bed. There.”

His finger was pointing at a spot nearer the cupboard and wardrobe mirrored doors than the wall side of the double bed.

Dutifully, Eden complied, dragging two pillows into the position requested.

“No,” Marcus said, “there!”

Eden wondered if his finger had moved slightly as he felt certain that he had placed them where he had been commanded to do so. But how often is Master of the House wrong? Never. And how often is the maid wrong? Always it would seem, so Eden wisely edged the pillows into their new position.

“Good maid,” Marcus said. “Sluts!” he had turned his attention to the two girls who had opened the laptop and started it so that the password screen was present.

“You’ve got a lot to take in, maid,” announced Marcus. “So listen carefully.”

Eden nodded readily, “Yes, Master.”

He didn’t want another beating, particularly from the Master’s belt, so he hung on nervously to every word. Somehow, he felt certain he would mess up and earn further punishment and be denied the chance to cum.

“Girls,” Marcus turned his attention to the two girls. “My underwear is in a bin bag in the sports bag. Stuff them all into the maids pillow slip. Don’t touch the pillows the maid has set on top of each other.”

The two girls looked quizzically at each other for a brief moment. They didn’t pause sufficiently long to earn a punishment, of course. They dug into the sports bag and pulled out the packed bin liner.

Lynn giggled. “Master, how many pairs are in here?”

Shrugging, Marcus said. “Dunno, about two weeks supply.”

Eden hated not knowing what was happening. What on earth was the laptop about and what was the underwear for? He shivered. Ignorance made him feel wholly helpless.


The Master was addressing Eden again, making him skip in his heels in surprise.

“Yes Master?”

“This is your new laptop. You will be given a matching mobile phone too.”

Erm … Eden needed to say to the Master that obviously he couldn’t have a pink mobile phone! What would people say? But this wasn’t the moment to approach the Master of the House.

Marcus continued, evenly, “I’ve set both so you can only have basic access, after all you are just a maid.”

That made sense, Eden thought. A maid shouldn’t have complete access to a computer or phone.

“Your logon and password are both dumbmaid , all one word. That way you won’t forget your logon and password.”

Eden felt breathless. The power and control being exerted over him was overwhelming. “Yes Master.”

“Log on, maid. Let’s see if you can remember your name and password.”

“Yes, Master.”

The laptop seemed new. Did the Master really buy it for him? Wasn’t that sweet?

He typed in the required logon and password, dumbmaid , while the giggling girls shoved the Master’s underwear deep into the pillow.

The laptop screen flashed up with a picture of a naked Erika collared and leashed, on her knees staring out of the image with wanton wide eyes and a drooping mouth. The leash ran up to the hand of the Master of the House, who held it with his chin pushed up so he was staring down at the camera. He was naked save a pair of dark boxers and Eden could make out his tight muscles encompassing his fit body.

Oddly there were very few icons on the screen, save the start button and the Microsoft Word link.

Where were all the apps?

“Finished Master,” Erika said holding the crammed pillowcase.

“Use masking tape from my bag to seal it.”

“Yes Master,” Eden’s wife said, before complying with the command.

Eden glanced at the bulging pillowcase, then the two stacked pillows on the bed before gazing back at the pink laptop that appeared to have so few programs.

He nibbled his lip, tasting the lip toned lipstick, as he pondered what was happening about him. He found his heavy breathing restricted in his corset.

Oh, when would be permitted to cum? How he ached to have the chastity cage removed to free up his needy little cock that it could spurt and release his pent up frustrations.

He just knew he dare not ask, for fear of jeopardising his promised sexual relief.

He needed to be patient and not say a word. That was the way forward.

Everything was in the hands of the Master of the House, so Eden felt relived that at least the Master knew what he was doing.