The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twelve


Maids are often regarded as figures of amusement. Welcome, calming influences in any household. A joy to have around in life’s turbulent times.

Yet little consideration is given to what maids actually think, even for maids themselves.

So it is for Eden, standing before the window, his cute nose barely an inch from the glass, staring out onto the front garden, the line of bushes and the street beyond. He wasn’t sure what to think.

With his hands fixed flat to his head, his maid’s trousers and tights pulled down to his ankles, his mauve panties with the delightful detail and bows at the side are on display. Nor was he sure whether the panties were on display to any curious onlooker in the street below. Hopefully they were below the line of the windowsill, but as he’d been ordered not to look away from the street, he couldn’t check.

Of course, the passers-by would have to peer between the bushes at the odd figure with the wide eyed fearful expression standing before the glass to actually see him, but if they stopped they would certainly observe him.

There was a small gap at the bottom of the drive but people who had scurried past never looked back up at the house from that spot. If they did, Eden was convinced he would simply pass out. As it was, he could feel his heart thumping in his chest. The pain from his caned bottom was nothing compared to the pounding blood in his chest and his head. It was thunderous.

Of course, he had been commanded to keep his back straight and his eyes fixed on the street, so he dared not glance down to see if his panties were above the sill. By standing straight, the straps from his corset painfully gripped his waist and shoulders. He was left in no doubt as to his attire, he could feel it.

The small bumps on his chest, advanced by the corset shape, were heightened by the tight white blouse. He might as well have B sized boobs when his back was straight.

Worse the timer, also on the sill, was twisted away from him so he would only know his time was up when the alarm sounded.

Oh God!

Why had he been so foolish?

The morning had started so well …

He had served the scrambled eggs and bacon breakfast at the correct time of 8 o’clock, with the toast still so hot the butter was melting through it. The Mistress of the House said it was ‘yummy’. Even the Master of the house didn’t berate the maid for any short comings. As Eden, in his tight trouser maid’s outfit, refilled the coffee cups the Master of the House cleared his throat, with his eyes fixed on Erika

“You’ve done ok, this morning maid,” he said without looking at Eden.

The maid was thrilled. Praise indeed!

Marcus sat back in his shirt, “Well, better than yesterday anyway.”

Just the thought of the previous day’s spanking made Eden wince. “Thank you, Master.”

Again without moving his dark eyes from Eden’s wife, Marcus said, “You can see what a good teacher I am.”

“Yes Master.” Eden was about to add that ‘he was most grateful’, but he had been punished for jabbering too often, so just let the words rest in his mind.


Eden was shocked. Dismissed? Before they had finished their breakfast? Had he heard correctly? Should he put down the coffee pot, still held in his hand?

“You still here?” Marcus asked.

Eden’s wife giggled and when the maid turned in her direction, he could see his wife’s eyes were fixed on those of the Master of the House.

The lids were half closed, but the eyes glistened. There was an intensity in her stare with her lover. An intensity Eden had never experienced himself but of which he had become aware of since Marcus had started calling around. He never before seen in that expression in her eyes in his twenty years of marriage.

Making a decision, Eden plopped the coffee pot on the table, carefully so as not to spill any on the white tablecloth and stepped back.

Should he say anything? He could see they were both engrossed in each other, so retreated quietly to the door and closed it lightly behind him.

It was only in the kitchen, when the relief drained away that rebellious thoughts stirred in the mind of the maid. For some reason, when he was in a room with the Master of the House he just aimed to be complainant and obedient. Over the last day or so he had even been wary of misbehaving before his wife, ensuring speedy compliance to any request. The Mistress often couched instructions in the form of a request rather than a command unlike the more gruff Marcus. There was no doubt in his tone when he requested something.

So he stood in the kitchen and felt irritation gnaw at him. Irritation is like a bubbly gas. Once it starts so it multiplies.  

That was his own wife that Marcus was hitting on in the dining room! Eden had wooed and married her. Erika was his. They had a daughter together, who would be returning to their marital shortly. Yet here he was, in the kitchen about to clear up the breakfast dishes and start hoovering through the house.

He felt anger and jealousy fizz. Ok yes, this was his fantasy, but this was no longer a fantasy. In fact, Eden worked hard all day. He was constantly on call since Marcus had brought home those two house bells for him and Erika. And how the Master of the house loved summoning the maid by clanging the bell wherever he was.

Eden felt there were times when, somehow, the Master of the House knew Eden was in the middle of putting a load into the washing machine when he would tinkle the bell in another room, or worse. Upstairs!

Perhaps it was time to call a halt and finally reclaim his own wife. In his imagination, he imagined Erika being impressed at his standing up to the bully. She would be so much in awe of her powerful husband defeating the swaggering bully, that as soon as Marcus was out of the front door and in his sportscar, she would drag her long lost husband into bed.

Eden’s dick firmed up inside the tiny confines of Marcus’ miniscule chastity cage. What was it made of again? Oh, he could never remember. Graphite? His eyes closed; his breathing became short as he rubbed at his groin through the tight trousers.

His dick was now so large it was painfully crushed inside the container.

Words floated into his dreamy head, “Yes Master.” “Thank you, Master.” “I will obey you Master.” “I adore you Master.”

As such it was a long moment before he realised Marcus was shouting at him from the kitchen doorway.

“Maid! MAID! M A I D!”

Eden jumped to his short heels.

“Master. Sorry, Master. Sorry!”

Not sure of what exactly he was sorry, Eden stared with terror at the Master of the House, whose thick arm was locked around the shoulders of Eden’s wife. She looked half asleep with sexual arousal.

Marcus raised his chin, “What you doing?”

What was he doing? Eden could barely remember his name when the Master of the House spoke to him like that, never mind what he was actually doing.

“I, erm, well, just having a coffee. Sorry Master.”

“Who told you, you could have a coffee?”

Eden raised his eyebrows in shock. “Well, erm, no one. I was just having a coffee and …”

“Dumb bitch,” Marcus said.

Erika places her hand with fingers wide apart on Marcus’ deep chest, as if to stem her lover’s fury.

“She didn’t mean to be naughty, Master.” She tugged on his arm. “Why don’t we go upstairs and leave the maid to clear up the kitchen?”

Marcus nodded. “Yeh, sure. You mean what she should have been doing in the first place. Drinking coffee when there’s dishes to be washed! Dumb bitch.”

“I’ll get onto it immediately Master,” Eden said, ready to throw himself at his chores.

“Stop right there! Have you been told to do anything? Eh?”

“Well, no, no I guess not, Master.”

“Dumb bitch. Right, in future you wanna drink a coffee then you ask permission first!”

Even Erika gasped at that one.

“You want to eat, you ask permission. You Got it? You want to do anything then you ask first!”

“Yes Master. Yes.” Eden’s head was full of problems. What if the master was out? What if the Master was busy? The Master clearly hadn’t thought this through.

Eden pouted, before saying, “Perhaps we should discuss it.”

Erika sighed out loud and closed her eyes waiting for the storm.

Marcus froze in astonishment.

“Yeh maid. Yes. Let’s discuss it! Get your fat arse in my office!”

Eden swallowed, about to apologise.

Taking a quick step back from the door, Marcus shouted, “Now!”

Eden noticed his wife staring at him with rebuke, as if he was spoiling her and her lover’s fun.

Well that ‘fun’ about to come to an end. They’d discuss it all right, Eden said to himself as he clip clopped on his short Cuban heels out of the room. It was about time they had a discussion on what was unfolding.



The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Eleven






“Maid,” Marcus spoke with his quiet emphatic tones that quietly underlined his dominance in the house, “pay attention.”

Pay attention, were words that made Eden hold his breath. He concentrated on every syllable spoken to ensure complete compliance. Anything less would lead to a swift punishment.

“Press start on your new laptop.”

Eden obeyed.

Oddly, only a few programs were available on the opening screen. Obviously, there was a problem with the laptop and equally obviously Eden felt it wise not to point these out to the Master of the House.

“Select Surveillance.”

Eden was aware that both the girls were watching every action with absorbed interest.

When the program Surveillance was selected a camera image filled the screen. It showed the bed and behind Eden, and Eden himself in his basque, stockings and frizzy blonde hair staring into the camera on the computer. He appeared nervous, like a squirrel in a garden.

“Maid,” Marcus announced, “That program always remains on. Don’t let me ever see it off.”

“Yes, Master.” Eden shuffled on his heels, took an intake of breath and bravely asked a question. “Erm, Master, hope you don’t mind me asking, it’s just that I thought I might, you know, if I …”

The Bull shook his head with impatience. “Get on with it, girl. I haven’t got all day to listen to your inane jabbering.”

Eden blushed, his embarrassment made worse by the two girls tittering behind him.

“Yes Master of course.”

Evidently, the maid reasoned, the Master of the House would have important matters to attend to! Eden cursed himself for being so silly. “Well Master, I was wondering who sees this image.”

Marcus became even more impatient. “Obviously anyone I want. I need to keep an eye on you, don’t I?”

Did he?

“Erm, well I suppose so, Master, but …”

The Master of the House was in no mood for the maid’s mindless chitchat and pointed at the raised pillows.

“Kneel astride the pillows, maid.”

“Yes Master.”

Eden climbed uncertainly on to the bed knowing how often he had misunderstood instructions from the Master of the House. He wrapped his stocking clad thighs about the pillows, that felt firmer than he expected as they pushed up against his panties and the cock cage locked beneath them.

“Lie face down.”

Obeying, Marcus gingerly lay down on the bed, feeling his legs spread by the pillows and his head now on the duvet. His pantied bottom was stuck in the air with nothing to hide his shame. He stared up expectantly wondering what next. He noted his wife and Lynn were staring with fascination at him as he complied with the commands.

“Tramps,” Marcus said to the girls, “put the pillow with my underwear under his head.”

“Yes Master,” Erika said as she pulled the unevenly packed pillow beneath Eden’s head.

Yuk. Eden sniffed. He could only breathe in the musky odours from the pillow now. He moved his head slightly to one side but still couldn’t escape the pungent smell.

Crouching next to the mystified but horny maid, the Bull spoke softly.

“Put your hands up so they are beneath the pillow. Good girl. Now they must remain there. Remember, maid, I will be watching you meticulously.”

He indicated the laptop screen image where Eden could see his dreamy face staring back.

Marcus continued, “Listen carefully to your instructions. You can rub yourself against the pillows between your legs. You can bounce up and down and wiggle all you like. What you mustn’t do is stop.”

“Yes, Master,” Eden spoke distractedly, desperate to hear his instructions but feeling the overwhelming erotic state wash through his body and mind. It rolled away all logic and all thought.

“You must not remove your hands from beneath the pillow. Not until told to so. Got it, maid?”

Eden found it difficult to even speak, his words coming out slowly, “Yes Master. I understand”

“So you cannot finger yourself like a man. Understood?”

On the screen Marcus watched the dumb maid’s eyes flicker as if she were about to fall asleep. The reply was slow in coming back.

“Yes Master.”

“You will never be permitted to play with yourself like that ever again. Understood?”

“Yes Master.”

Eden felt a heavy series of pats to his bottom, just a little less fierce than a spanking.

“Good girl. Clever girl.” Marcus stood upright, in command of all he surveyed. “Now girl, open your eyes and look at the screen.”

For Eden the voice came from a distance as if spoken somewhere else to someone else.

He managed to open his drowsy eyes sufficiently to take in the screen showing him lying in his tight basque on the bed, his hands beneath the pillow stuffed with his Master’s underpants.

He was vaguely aware of the Bull taking out a tablet and typing on it.

On the screen in large blue letters emerged the phrase, My Master owns me.

“Now be a good girl and repeat what it says on the screen.”

A dreamy, “Yes Master,” was mumbled, followed by, “My Master owns me.”

“Louder maid. I have the mic on, and we will be able to hear you in the master bedroom.”

“Yes Master.” Eden wiggled, the pillows keeping his legs firmly spread. “My Master owns me.”

“Good maid. But you must keep pumping and rubbing yourself at the same time.”

“Yes Master.”

Eden couldn’t think clearly but was dimly aware of there being a great deal to think about.

He massaged his pantied groin against the pillow feeling himself becoming soppy wet between his legs.

“Watch the screen, maid. Like a good girl.”

“Yes Master.”

The maid simply wanted to close her eyes and be washed away to orgasm even though he was aware that an orgasm was impossible with his cock locked in the cage.

The words on the laptop had vanished and were replaced with, Thank you Master.

With his mouth squashed by the pillow Eden said out loud, “Thank you Master.”

Then the words became: I will always obey my Master.

“I will always obey my Master,” the maid mumbled.

For Marcus this was a huge step in his plans for the dumb sissy. Each time the sissy progressed in her education, so doors were closing behind her. There was never any going back.

The dumb sissy would now associate his Master’s manly smells with arousal, the way a woman does. The bull’s musky scent would stimulate the sissy’s sexual needs, which would always be on a high due to his inability to cum.

The Bull caught sight of the two girls staring at the maid’s antics with their own burning arousal. The hot wife was nibbling her lips while her eyes dropped with sexual stimulation. He grinned. They would both cum in seconds as he entered them, associating their orgasms with him. He would become the wife’s world, her only source of penetrative orgasm.

He wrapped an arm around each girl tugging them back towards the open doorway. They instinctively followed his guiding arms, their eyes still locked on the stimulating sight humping hopelessly on the bed.

The maid mumbled, “Master I adore you.”

The threesome made their way to the master bedroom and were locked about each other the moment they entered.

On a monitor sat on the dressing room, a sexily clad maid humped and ground herself into the pillow. Her voice thin through the speakers.

“I love my Master. I adore my Master.”

A long groan followed by, “My Master is my world …”

Satisfied the plan with the dumb sissy was well on course he turned his attention, and that of his erection to the two panting women.

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Ten




In his silk smooth, black lingerie, Eden could barely think. His brain could have resided in another universe.

Erika and Lynn fussed busily over the maid’s lingerie, snapping garters into place and ensuring fastenings were securely in place.

The Master of the House had been most particular. The maid’s out fit was to be sexy, tight fitting, with stockings and high heels. He wanted the maid’s feet to be dramatically arched when lying down for some reason.

So Erika had chosen the red and black basque as the centre piece. It’s suspender straps were rigid and thick, as were the shoulder bands that she tightened to dig into her husband’s shoulder.  It was like being fixed into bondage.

The waist of the basque was pulled slim and then squeezed again until the girls each had to hang onto the fastening ribbons to maintain its rigidity while they fastened it in a pretty bow behind him.

They took a last look at him, anxiously taking him in, from the strappy heels to his hair.

Lynn pushed up his hair at the sides, stepped back, appearing concerned, before fluffing up his hair some more. And still she agonized over the appearance.

For Eden the effect was as if he had taken a potion to make his brain melt. His thoughts floated ineffectually above his head as if his skull were empty.

He just needed to cum to think again, and the Master of the House had said he could cum because he had been so well behaved.

A niggling thought troubled him. What if he were inadvertently naughty and suffered the consequences? Oh My God! The Master would keep him locked away for at least another day, and that would be his opportunity lost for another night. How long is it since he had cum?

He closed his eyes, sighing with concern.

Erika spoke softly to Lynn, so that her Bull, still in their bedroom down the hall, couldn’t hear her, “What do you think?”

Lynn was equally as troubled. “Oh, I don’t know. You know what he’s like. Even when you do what he commands he finds fault.” She breathed out long and hard through her nose before adding, as if bravely, “I think she’s ready.”

Erika said to Eden, “Now you behave. He’s in a good mood. Don’t do anything to disturb that else we’ll all be in trouble.”

Eden understood. The master wanted everything just so, which Eden was finding comforting in an odd way. All he had to do was obey and keep out of the way and he could evade a spanking. After all Marcus was the Master of the House. It was for him to ensure the smooth running of the household and clearly, he was excellent at that. As a consequence, Eden knew he had to satisfy the whims of the difficult Master of the House.

As he stared at his erotic, pampered reflection in the full length mirror his dick threated to grow so large as to break out of its confinements. Of course, the materials the Master had chosen for the chastity cage were not going to give into such a minuscule force. The Master had made it clear when putting it on the now domesticated husband that it was impregnable. Hadn’t he said ‘graphite’ or something like that? Perhaps when the Master wasn’t busy he would ask the Master to explain the nature of the tiny robust chastity device he had secured to his equipment.

“Ready, Master.”

Erika had called down the corridor.

The three girls, or rather two girls and one dumb maid, stood staring uneasily at the open doorway. Would the Master of the House approve? Or would they all be punished?

Marcus surveyed the scene with hidden, dick tingling glee. The two sluts were hot in their short dresses, he knew they’d be creaming themselves desperate for his hard cock. The maid in her tight fitting lingerie was exactly what he wanted.

He wore his shirt and pants and carried the sports bag that always troubled Eden. The maid shuffled on her heels, stressing over its contents. What did he have in it this time?

The Bull took in the full appearance of the maid, running his eyes slowly up from the heels, over the shapely legs in their sheer black stockings, the hour glass figure with the artificially created breasts and to the worried lightly made up features.

When he reached the hair, he said:

“Turn around, maid.”

Holding his breath, fearful of the Master finding fault with his dress, Eden turned so that his pantied bottom was to the Bull. He felt eyes burrowing into him, making him feel embarrassed, self-conscious and, surprisingly, aroused.

“Not bad,” Marcus mumbled.

Marcus had learnt over the years to never praise the subs, else they always became carried away and then, as a consequence, wayward.

Erika and Lynn, giggled.

“I knew you’d love it Master,” Erika said.

Marcus sniffed. “Didn’t say I loved it. Just not bad.”

Erika lowered her head, “Yes, Master.”

Eden noticed Erika offer a sly smile to Lynn as if they were naughty school children.

“Ok, girls,” the Master of the House said. “Get the maid’s new laptop out of my sports bag. Set it up on the cabinet, next to the mirrored wardrobe doors. I want the slut to see what’s happening to her.”

“Yes Master,” the two girls said, before rummaging eagerly through the bag.

Eden felt wantonly helpless. Here he is standing in what had once been his daughter’s bedroom, which was now allocated to him as the maid. He felt as if he were the only one in the room who didn’t know what the Master of the House had planned. As such he had to stand in his heels in the middle of the room while the two girls flurried purposefully about him.

As instructed a pink laptop was placed on the cabinet.

Marcus said to the maid, “pile two pillows, one on top of the other near the edge of the bed. There.”

His finger was pointing at a spot nearer the cupboard and wardrobe mirrored doors than the wall side of the double bed.

Dutifully, Eden complied, dragging two pillows into the position requested.

“No,” Marcus said, “there!”

Eden wondered if his finger had moved slightly as he felt certain that he had placed them where he had been commanded to do so. But how often is Master of the House wrong? Never. And how often is the maid wrong? Always it would seem, so Eden wisely edged the pillows into their new position.

“Good maid,” Marcus said. “Sluts!” he had turned his attention to the two girls who had opened the laptop and started it so that the password screen was present.

“You’ve got a lot to take in, maid,” announced Marcus. “So listen carefully.”

Eden nodded readily, “Yes, Master.”

He didn’t want another beating, particularly from the Master’s belt, so he hung on nervously to every word. Somehow, he felt certain he would mess up and earn further punishment and be denied the chance to cum.

“Girls,” Marcus turned his attention to the two girls. “My underwear is in a bin bag in the sports bag. Stuff them all into the maids pillow slip. Don’t touch the pillows the maid has set on top of each other.”

The two girls looked quizzically at each other for a brief moment. They didn’t pause sufficiently long to earn a punishment, of course. They dug into the sports bag and pulled out the packed bin liner.

Lynn giggled. “Master, how many pairs are in here?”

Shrugging, Marcus said. “Dunno, about two weeks supply.”

Eden hated not knowing what was happening. What on earth was the laptop about and what was the underwear for? He shivered. Ignorance made him feel wholly helpless.


The Master was addressing Eden again, making him skip in his heels in surprise.

“Yes Master?”

“This is your new laptop. You will be given a matching mobile phone too.”

Erm … Eden needed to say to the Master that obviously he couldn’t have a pink mobile phone! What would people say? But this wasn’t the moment to approach the Master of the House.

Marcus continued, evenly, “I’ve set both so you can only have basic access, after all you are just a maid.”

That made sense, Eden thought. A maid shouldn’t have complete access to a computer or phone.

“Your logon and password are both dumbmaid , all one word. That way you won’t forget your logon and password.”

Eden felt breathless. The power and control being exerted over him was overwhelming. “Yes Master.”

“Log on, maid. Let’s see if you can remember your name and password.”

“Yes, Master.”

The laptop seemed new. Did the Master really buy it for him? Wasn’t that sweet?

He typed in the required logon and password, dumbmaid , while the giggling girls shoved the Master’s underwear deep into the pillow.

The laptop screen flashed up with a picture of a naked Erika collared and leashed, on her knees staring out of the image with wanton wide eyes and a drooping mouth. The leash ran up to the hand of the Master of the House, who held it with his chin pushed up so he was staring down at the camera. He was naked save a pair of dark boxers and Eden could make out his tight muscles encompassing his fit body.

Oddly there were very few icons on the screen, save the start button and the Microsoft Word link.

Where were all the apps?

“Finished Master,” Erika said holding the crammed pillowcase.

“Use masking tape from my bag to seal it.”

“Yes Master,” Eden’s wife said, before complying with the command.

Eden glanced at the bulging pillowcase, then the two stacked pillows on the bed before gazing back at the pink laptop that appeared to have so few programs.

He nibbled his lip, tasting the lip toned lipstick, as he pondered what was happening about him. He found his heavy breathing restricted in his corset.

Oh, when would be permitted to cum? How he ached to have the chastity cage removed to free up his needy little cock that it could spurt and release his pent up frustrations.

He just knew he dare not ask, for fear of jeopardising his promised sexual relief.

He needed to be patient and not say a word. That was the way forward.

Everything was in the hands of the Master of the House, so Eden felt relived that at least the Master knew what he was doing.

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Nine



It is just ten minutes before Marcus calls on the phone.

They are standing before the full length mirror in the maid’s room, curtains drawn against the mid-morning sun. Birds tweeting.

The maid is turning this way and that, stunned at the sight in the mirror. The uniform is the ‘male’ one, as directed by his wife Erika. There is nothing male about it and nothing other than feminine about the wearer.

Erika and Lynn also check the image reflected back, while occasionally examining the actual outfoot.

All are dazed by the maid’s appearance.

She is wearing a crisp, translucent white blouse, tiny buttons run up the front all the way up to the delicate collar. The black trousers are secured tightly about the waist, with a tiny front zip and an elegant thin belt. The pants might as well be painted on.

Erika had shown Eden that by lying on his back on the bed he could secure the top button of the trousers and then pull up the zip. They flared out around the ankle length, Cuban heeled black boots with their zips on the inside of the leg.

Beneath the blouse, it was possible to see the faint out line of the hefty basque tightened around the now narrow waist with tiny breasts formed by the bra element.

No stockings under trousers, Erika had said. He was about to pull on the shapewear tights when Erika and Lynn had giggled knowingly.

“Silly maid,” Lynn laughed. “Panties on first. Beneath tights. Only guys think panties go on over tights.”

So, he wore a pair of frilly rose coloured panties.

“It’s important,” Erika pointed out, “to wear something girly under trousers.”

As he twisted to his side, so he could see the effect of the tights and shaped trousers on his backside. It jutted out roundly, emphasising even more his narrowed waist.

The face wore, what Lynn now referred to as, the light make up. Subtle colouring to enhance the eyes, lips and cheeks, but virtually invisible to most eyes.

Of course there was nothing subtle about the blonde, frizzed out hair style.

The effect was most certainly not of a man, but of a girly maid.

Eden turned to Erika with alarm in his eyes. “Mistress, I honestly cannot answer the door wearing this.”

She half closed her eyes and smiled, “The Master of the House says you will soon get used to it.”

He glanced back at his sexy reflection.

“But Mistress …”

She cut him off, still sympathetic, but never the less firm in tone, “You can always argue with the Master of the House. Prove him wrong.”

He moaned in despair.

He was certainly aroused, he could feel his panties dampening around his tiny chastity cage, but the arousal wasn’t overwhelming the alarmed tingling in his tummy.

Lynn rubbed his arm.

“Honestly, maid. I’ve done this a few times. You will get used to it.”

Panic! Lynn and Marcus had done this a few times?

“How many times, Miss Lynn?”

“Oh maid,” Lynn smiled, “just relax and let yourself know you are in the hands of experts here. We will take care of you and help you through every stage.”

His reflection showed wide terrified eyes and a hanging open mouth of soft, barely pink lips.

“I simply cannot answer the door like this!” His wide eyes turned to his wife. Surely she would save him. “Mistress, please you must speak to the Master of the House. This is getting crazy.”

She shook her head, so that her blonde hair shook about her face and smiled, “Maid, he’s been right so far, hasn’t he? And haven’t you been always wrong?”

Other than knowing this was crazy Eden couldn’t think of any further arguments. Not least, he didn’t want to be on the receiving end of a belting from Marcus. At one time the punishments from Marcus were hot and arousing. But now they were served the practical purpose of keeping the maid in check. Rather than looking forward to a spanking, he now did all he could to avoid any level of punishment.

He dutifully replied, “Yes Mistress.”

But his heart wasn’t in the agreement.

And then the phone went!

Erika’s mobile. All three stared at it in shock, knowing who was calling.

Erika, under the surveillance of the other two, picked up her phone, breathed in a deep breath, fixed a smile and then answered.

“Hi, Master,” her smile grew wider. She looked Eden up and down and narrowed her eyes, “Oh yes Master. The maid is properly attired. Oh no. She looks great. Me and Lynn have worked hard.” There was a pause, during which Erika concentrated on what she was hearing before her shoulders sagged with relief. She laughed. “Oh no Master. She has been totally obedient. No Master, really, I am not just saying that. She has. Lynn has even shown her how to sit. Silly girl was sitting like a truck driver with legs apart.”

Something was said, but the desperate Eden couldn’t hear anything form the other end of the call other than the thin garbled noise you hear from a distance.

Erika gasped, her mouth fell open.

Eden was terrified. What had the Master said that had so alarmed his wife? Lynn stepped forward putting her hands up to her mouth. The three ‘girl’s waited to hear words form Erika to know what was going on.

“But Master,” Erika said, “we won’t be ready yet. Lynn wants to show the maid how to stand properly too and …” She had obviously been cut short and her tone lowered. “Yes Master. Of course, Master. No, Master I will tell the maid.”

Eden’s hands rose to his lips. Tell him what?

Erika turned off the phone and held it before her, simply staring at it.

Eden and Lynn waited silently for her to share the news.

She placed the phone on a set of drawers and said with raised eyebrows, “it seems Master has decided to give himself the rest of the day off. He will be with us in half an hour!”

“Its not long enough!” Lynn said.

“I told him!” Erika closed her eyes and shook her head. “You know what he’s like. He speaks, we all jump.”

Eden stepped close to her. “What must you tell me, Mistress?”

She stared at her husband bewildered and then suddenly remembered. “Oh yes.” She giggled. “Your Master said that if you continue to be well behaved when he gets here then you’ll get to play with yourself.”

Eden was shocked he will be permitted to play with himself? At last. How many days was it since he had cum?

Lynn laughed and patted the maid’s bottom.

“Aren’t you the lucky one!”

He was. Eden felt elation. Dare he hope? Yet, his wife was right. When Marcus said he’d do something then that something happened. No matter what. Gosh, so long as he behaved then he will be able to have relief. He’d finally be able to free his head of all the erotic clouds of sexual need and finally be able to think straight.

“Right maid,” suddenly Lynn was all business. “We must get you to sit and stand straight. We haven’t got much time!”

“But, Miss Lynn …”

The maid had other, more troubling matter son her mind, but Lynn and Erika were now anxious.

Erika said, “Maid! Pay attention. It won’t just be you who feels the Master’s belt.”

He was about to argue when a stinging slap to his thigh from his wife brought him up short. Clearly the tight fitting material of the trousers and tights offered little protection against a whack.

“Maid,” Erika sounded annoyed. “Listen up. Listen to every word Miss Lynn tells you. Remember, it won’t just be a spanking, you won’t be permitted to play with yourself. Yes?”

Oh God! Yes, he must concentrate.

And concentrate he did as for the next half hour Miss Lynn showed him various standing and sitting positions.


Marcus was later than expected. When the doorbell finally rang the three girls gasped together.

His arrival was always met with the same levels of fear and excitement, and maybe the fear fired the excitement. There is something erotically charged about an alpha male in the house. Prior to his arrival life is calm and collected, post his arrival the world become hyper.

“Well answer the door maid!”

Erika glared at him, as if frightened he wouldn’t let in Marcus.

“I can’t Mistress. I mean suppose it isn’t him.”

His wife closed her eyes. “How dumb are you? It no longer matters. That is the outfit you answer the door in.”

He swallowed. He still wanted to believe all this was a game but that reliving notion was quickly sliding away like a balloon disappearing into the sky.

Erika knew she couldn’t let Marcus think she couldn’t be mistress of the house if he wasn’t around.

Speaking quickly, she said, “do you want it to answer it in the little black maid’s uniform?”

The doorbell rang again. Somehow it sounded insistent, threating. Demanding.

In his low heels Eden made his way downstairs to the front door, through the frosted glass he could make out the hazy figure of the Master of the House.

He knew he had no alternative. All escape routes were closed down.

 He swallowed, pulled back his shoulders in their tight confines of the corset and opened the door to the Master of the House …

… who seemed more angry than usual.

He was dressed in a dark grey suit that fitted neatly around his broad shoulders. He simply stood and glared at the shuffling maid before him.

“Just how long does it take you to answer the damned door?”

“Erm, sorry Master. We were upstairs.”

For a moment he thought about lying, but that notion was chased from his senses by the horror of the consequences once Marcus knew he had lied.

So instead of making up an excuse, he said, “Master, I am very sorry for my tardiness.”

Marcus was unimpressed and pushed the maid aside as he entered.

“Where’s those two dumb tramps?”

“We’re here Master.”

Erika and Lynn giggled as the hurried down the stairs to the imposing figure in the hallway.

They stood expectantly before him, both grinning inanely.

Eden felt sick, why didn’t anyone look at him like that.

“Is that it?” Marcus’ jaw jutted out.

The two women stared at him, the smiles disappearing with trepidation.

“Right! When the Master of the House gets in, he’s to be greeted by all the girls in the house as if they puppies!”

After a brief pause, Erika threw her arms around his neck and started kissing his cheek. Lynn quickly followed suit, pecking at his chin.

The sickness increased in Eden’s tum. His wife had never greeted him like that. Not ever.

A click of fingers.

Though smothered by Eden’s wife and his hairdresser, Marcus raised his hand and clicked his fingers at the maid.

“I said, all the girls in the house. Get your dumb arse over here now!”


Eden stared. His mind refused to understand, but of course he knew he had to force himself to understand. He stepped forward, holding his breath and put his arms to rest on the muscular male’s waist.

The two girls, though still clinging around his neck, stopped to observe this unpredicted event.

“No maid. Girls put their arms around a guy’s neck!”

“Yes Master.”

Eden immediately threated his arms around the other two girls about the hunky man’s shoulders.

“Why aren’t you girls welcoming me?”

Erika and Lynn returned to their enthusiastic kissing of his face. Marcus’ eyes were fixed on the hesitant maid.

Eden pulled himself closer, amazed at the muscular strength about Marcus’ neck, and then lightly kissed the rough, hairy skin of the alpha male.

Marcus pulled himself clear.

“Right tramps. That’s how I am to be greeted from now on. Every time I arrive you are like dumb puppies who have missed their Master.”

The two girls nodded and said “Yes, Master.”

Eden quickly added his own, slightly shocked, Yes, Master.”

Marcus raised a finger and wagged it at the fearful maid. “I’m expecting good reports about you. You want to be permitted to play with yourself, yes?”

“Yes, Master,” Eden said quickly, his eyes wide with expectation.

“Ok. I’ll tell you exactly how you play with yourself from now on. And, bitch?”

“Yes Master?” Eden asked.

“You deviate from your instructions and your play time ends. Right there and then. Got it bitch?”

“Yes Master!”

Oh My God! He was going to be allowed to play with himself. The maid stood in the hallway in his sexy tight fitting outfit and beamed.

“Thank you Master.”

Marcus’ face darkened with an evil grin. He thought, if only the dumb bitch you knew what I was about to put her through!”

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Eight





Eden felt brow beaten. It was really unfair. Obviously he would require male clothes if guests called over or he had to go out.

He noticed that his wife Erika, and the hairdresser Lynn remained not only quiet but appeared nervous. Their eyes flited from the large Bull to the cowed sissy and back, but never ventured a word.

“You dumb bitch,” Marcus fired at the intimidated maid. “Don’t you think I’ve thought of stuff like that?”

Oh! Gosh, now Marcus has pointed that out, it felt obvious to Eden that, yes, he would have thought through details like that.

“I’m sorry Master. Yes, I should have asked you first.” He swallowed, fearing a hard spanking. “But then I’m sure you see that I just didn’t know what …”

“You know fuck all,” Marcus pointed out.

Eden nodded his head in agreement, though resisted reminding Marcus how he  didn’t tell him anything at all. How was he supposed to know what was going to happen?

The maid, shuffled, took stock of the situation and said, “Yes Master. Sorry Master.”

“Haven’t I warned you before about thinking, maid?” Marcus asked.

The husband sighed, “Yes Master.”

Marcus was right, as usual. Yes, he had been warned about thinking. A few times in fact, so he could have no complaints about being reprimanded.

“Bring that chair into the centre of the room.”

Marcus was pointing at the upright chair near the desk.

“Yes Master.”

Eden complied quickly, he desperately needed to earn some brownie points from the master of the House. It had not been a good morning.

“Face the seat towards your Mistress!”

“Yes Master.”

As he placed the chair in the required position the maid noted that his wife and his hairdresser’s frown had intensified. Erika was chewing her lip with concern.

“Bend over the back of the chair and place both hands on the seat of the chair.”

“Yes Master.” The maid obeyed the instruction quickly, in order to impress the irritated Master.

As the maid bent forward, he felt the short skirt part of his maid’s outfit slide up, revealing his stocking tops, and then, once he had settled, exposed his panties.

Eden felt it worth one more desperate attempt to avoid his physical punishment.

“If it pleases Master, may I say that I didn’t intend to be naughty. It’s just that …”

“Quiet, Maid. A maid should be silent when being spanked. She should think about why she has been so naughty.”

Closing his eyes, Eden squirmed both physically and inwardly. Ever since he could remember, he fantasised about some firm man punishing him in a humiliating manner. As he grew older, he thought about his girlfriends being present for the chastisement and more recently, since he married, his wife observing his downfall.

Yet since Marcus had begun spanking him when he was adjudged to be disobedient, Eden found that the helplessness made him feel small. Somehow reduced in life. Indeed, right now his dick was shrinking further in its tiny steel confinement. He wished the two women would leave. In fact, he felt a little angry that they didn’t go somewhere while he was being corrected.

As ever with a Marcus punishment, just when Eden thought he had a grip on the fate to befall him his Master made matters worse in a unique way.

First, Eden heard the sliding of material close by. He wondered what that was about until he heard Erika say …

“Oh, Master not the belt!”

Lynn slapped her fingers to her lips, a reaction Eden recognised she did when alarmed.

“She did behave,” Lynn said. “When I was doing her hair. She was very well behaved. You’d have been proud of her.”

Erika cut in, “Yes Master. And she was well behaved before you got here, too.”

Marcus strode around so he was between the nervous, bent over maid and the two anxious women.

“Listen you two dumb bitches. First,” he looked at Lynn, “you said, the maid didn’t use the proper titles for me and the Mistress of the House.”

Lynn peered around the brute to look plaintively at the maid.

“You were sorry though, weren’t you maid?”

Might this save him? “Yes Miss Lynn. I deeply regret being bratty. Really.”

The hairdresser looked hopefully at Marcus who shook his head, his voice agitated with impatience. “Its no good the maid being sorry after she’s been naughty. Or do you want to end up over the chair after her?”

The Bull raised the belt to shoulder height and Lynn stepped backwards. “Oh no, Sir. I see you have a point.”

Marcus directed his gaze on Erika, “Well behaved you say? You dumb bitch. You told me on the phone how she refused to answer the door, didn’t you?”

“Oh! Yes!” Erika appeared genuinely surprised, as if she had forgotten that conversation.

“What is the good of a maid if she won’t answer the fucking door? Eh?” There was no response, so Marcus answered his own question. “Zilch! Zero! Fuck all! Maids answer the door. Always.”

“Yes Master,” Erika said. “I can see what you mean. Good point.”

As Marcus turned his attentions back to the trembling maid so Erika winced an apology to her husband, as if to say, ‘I tried’.

For Eden his life tumbled away into despair. He had been hoping the two women could save him, but now he had no choice other than to face the consequences for his errant conduct. He decided then and there to work harder at being compliant.

But worse for the already tormented maid, Marcus fully understood how to maximise the mental anguish of a punishment to go with the physical pain.

As he pulled down the maid’s panties over her suspenders, he said in that quiet, authoritative voice that always made Eden listen intently …

“Now maid, you will look at the Mistress of the house and Miss Lynn.”

Oh no! The thought of having to look at his wife and another woman while being chastised would be horrific for the subjugated husband. It never failed to impress Eden, how the Master of the House ensured that his punishments were always so intense.

“Girls,” Marcus said, “you watch her eyes closely and tell me when you see any tears. Then you let me know. Got it?”

“Yes Master,” Erika said, already fixing her eyes on her dumbstruck husband.

Lynn nodded and said breathlessly, “Yes Sir. Of course, Sir.”

There was nothing like seeing the Master of the House punish one of the girls to make the other girls improve their disposition.

For Marcus, this was like Christmas. None the tramps appreciated what he was doing. The dumb sissy’s wife would see exactly when her husband began to weep. She would never forget it. The dumb fuck bent over the chair just didn’t realise that his life was changing irrevocably with very passing day.

Eden felt a hand grip his chin and raise his troubled eyes to those of the Bull.

“Maid, it is important you remember these lessons. You understand?”

The maid’s voice was squeaky, “Yes Master. Please Master I promise I won’t forget again.”

At that moment Marcus felt like smiling and patting her pretty, blonde permed, little head. She looked so cute and forlorn that the belt whipping appeared to be over the top.

The Bull considered revoking the punishment.

Instead, he crouched down, combing his fingers through the newly acquired blonde curls.

“You know maid, I think you mean it. But consider this. If I let you off now, then forever and a day you will think you can be naughty and then get out of the consequences by simply showing me your big brown eyes. Then where would we be? You would always be naughty and always talking back to me. Worse, you will think that you can get away with not calling me Master if I am not in the house.”

Sadly, for the poor maid, all of Marcus’ points seemed valid to Eden.

“I will try harder, Master.”

A soft smile grew on the Bull’s mouth and Eden gathered in hope, promising himself that he would be well behaved in future.

The Bull rose to his full height with the maid staring hopefully up at him.

“Sadly maid, there is only one outcome following bratty behaviour, and that is punishment.”

Eden bowed his head, why had he been so naughty?

“Eyes fixed on the women in your life, maid,” Marcus commanded in his even quiet tones.


Eden was thrown into the seat so that his he felt his tiny steel chastity container strike the wood of the chair, even through his skirt and voluminous petticoats.

He yowled and for a brief moment was going to stand up straight to rub his bottom. But he knew he couldn’t dare be naughty, not in the slightest of ways.

The pain was shearing.

A whoosh and again the agony crushed his soul. He squealed.

But he kept his eyes fixed on Erika, who appeared to be feeling each of the blows, as if they were delivered to her own bottom.

As he wasn’t counting the slices on his sore bottom, he didn’t know how many he had received before he heard Erika say …

“He’s crying master. I can see a tear.”

“A tear isn’t crying you dumb bitch,” Marcus stated bluntly.

Everyone in the room was forced to agree to the logic of the Bull.

So the stinging assault continued. Whack after whack. Now Eden felt the tears rolling down his face, but kept his shameful stare locked on that of his wife.

It is the nature of a truly awful punishment that there comes a moment of total regret from the miscreant being punished. And knowing that his wife was seeing him blubber like a child was the most demeaning punishment he had received from Marcus. Maybe he cried a little when Marcus was pissed off the time his wig fell off during a spanking. He then really laid into beating his backside. But the sobbing was nothing compared to this.

There was no danger of his blonde permed hair falling off! It was part of him.

“She’s crying, Sir,” shouted Lynn with urgency. “Really!”

Marcus had to see this. He loved control but he fed off his own sadism too. The maid’s arse was stripped red, with some of the belt marks already turning a bruised blue. This was one maid who wouldn’t be sitting down in a hurry.

He squatted next to the blubbering maid and lifted up her chin. How satisfying. Tiny thin black lines from the mascara had run down both cheeks. The maid’s expression was one of absolute contrition.

“Maid, tell me what you have learned.”

The Master’s voice was soft, even. Calm, as if gently inquiring.

For Eden though, the question was fraught with terrifying danger. What if he answered incorrectly, or not to the satisfaction of the powerful Bull?”

He knew he had to reply.

Coughing on the fluids passing from his nose to his throat, Eden squeaked, “Master, thanks to your firm guidance I have learnt to always address people in the right manner, even if they are not present.”

The words failed to placate the dominant man, who continued his fixed gaze, expecting more.

Eden’s blurry eyes grew huge. Oh God! What else?

“Erm, that Master will always find time to correct me, no matter how busy he is.”

Marcus nodded, “Clever girl, but there is something even more important. Now think hard, I know that’s difficult for you, but think what it might be.”

With the pain still searing through his body, the terror bubbling in his mind, Eden couldn’t think straight. He sniffed up a few tears and then remembered!

“Master,” the maid beamed, “when Master says he will punish the maid, then the maid will be punished, no matter what.”

Marcus ruffled the delightful blonde curls. “Clever girl, good girl.”

Despite the pain Eden giggled with relief.

“Its an important lesson, maid. You will always be aware of any consequences of your errant behaviour. Even if your friends or office colleagues are here. Or if we invite neighbours over. You will know that if I say you will be spanked, then it doesn’t matter who is around, how much you apologise, you will be spanked. Good and hard!”

The maid’s mouth fell open.

What? Office colleagues? Neighbours? Friends?

“Erm, Master ….” the maid saw Marcus’ face darken and immediately said, “yes Master I understand. Thank you, for my punishment.”

The Master of the House smiled, job done. “I think you have little maid.”

Marcus rose so his groin was inches from the intimidated maid’s face. He wanted the cuckold to see the huge erection bulging his pants.

“Now maid. Me, your Mistress and your hairdresser are going to the Master bedroom for some entertainment. While we are there you will go online and learn how to make a bed like a hotel maid. Got that?”

Not daring to rise from his bent over position, Eden, spoke eagerly, “Oh yes Master. I will do that immediately.”

“No, you won’t!” Marcus spoke with his firm authoritative voice. He always wanted to correct the dumb fuck of a husband so he would never know whether he was coming or going. Everything the maid said or did would be corrected. “You’ll wait until the master bedroom door closes and then count to one hundred before you log on. Got it, maid?”

“Oh yes Master. Yes.”

With that the Master of the House gathered the two women near the door, under each arm, and led them away to pleasure him. He laughed out loud, none of these dumb fuckers knew what he had planned. But after he finished fucking the tramps he would have to get Erika and Lynn to do a few things for him with Eden.

His plan was going in the right direction.

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part seven






While Erika stood leaning against the door jamb, the guest she took out a mirror from her large case and placed it on a kitchen cupboard before opening it up to a couple of feet in height.

“Now I am Lynn, obviously you refer to me as Miss Lynn, else just Miss. I really don’t mind.” She moved in a girly manner, and when she spoke, at a rate of knots, she used her flapping hands in a decidedly feminine manner.

She wore a hairdresser’s trouser suit in a shade of light blue with white piping.

Eden was sat in his maid’s uniform on a kitchen chair staring fearfully at his reflection. What was going on? He could see his face, subtly feminised by the delicate use of make up. He could also see in the reflection, Erika, standing behind him with arms folded and a mischievous smile on her lips.

She seemed thoughtful as she laid out on the countertop an array of brushes, scissors and trimmers that Eden now regarded as torture equipment. For some reason, feeling helpless about their use made the hairdressers tools formidable weapons.

“There we are,” Lynn said. “So let’s get started.”

She took hold of Eden’s wig with her thumb and forefinger as if it were a dead rat she was picking up from a dinner plate. Plucking it off, she gazed at it with disgust before saying to Erika, “Bin?”

Erika winced comically, as if at a bad smell, before nodding emphatically.

Taking the bedraggled wig from Lynn, Erika dropped it in the kitchen pedal bin.

“You’re not the only one relieved to see the back of that,” Erika said, shutting the lid with a clang.

Lynn shivered theatrically, before standing directly behind Eden so that he could observe her delicate actions in the mirror. She used both hands to cup the rear of his hair while pursing her lips in thought.

“I’ll leave you to it,” Erika said. “If you need anything just send the maid to fetch me.”

“Oh, don’t you worry. I’ve done this many times before for Marcus.” She giggled, “we’ll let you know when we’re done.”

Smiling, Erika nodded and left.

“Now then,” Lynn said, “your Master has told me what he wants, but you know men, they haven’t got a clue about hair …”

In order to clarify any misunderstandings, Eden cut in, “That wig. Its special, I’ve had it for years and …”

“Maid, it looks like you’ve had it for years! The rubbish bin is too good for it!”

At that she took out a note pad and pen from her bag before writing in it.

Noticing she had neat handwriting, Eden struggled to see what it read.

“Are you making notes?” He asked lamely, not able to think of what else to say.

The silence felt threatening, at least when she was speaking the kitchen felt more welcoming.

“Yes that’s right maid,” she said with a beaming smile, as if congratulating him on being right. “Your owner wants a full report. You know what men are like. So, I have to tell him when you don’t refer to me in an appropriate manner.” She shook her head as if exasperated, “I mean why it’s so important to him I really do not know.”

“You’re going to tell him I didn’t say Miss Lynn?”

“Oh yes, and anything else he might deem as bratty. You know what he’s like. In fact there, you did it again.”

She wrote out another neat line on her pad.

“Oh!” he was shocked. “You mean I should have said, ‘I didn’t say Miss Lynn’, Miss Lynn.”

She laughed. “And he said you were dumb. Clever maid.”

Oh no! her notes were bound to lead to more punishment and less chance of his frustrated little dick being unlocked.

“Erm, please, Miss Lynn, you don’t have to tell him that.”

Did he sound as desperate to her as he did to himself?

Lynn frowned. “Oh dear. Now I am going to have to report that you wanted me to tell him fibs. Oh dear.”

She wrote out yet another line.

Oh my God. No! Clearly she didn’t know how much he could be punished by Marcus.

“Miss Lynn, I’m really sorry. Honestly I am. I didn’t mean for you to fib to him,” his brain raced, but the best he could come up with sounded lame as soon as he heard the words exiting from his mouth. “I just think he’s too busy to be bothered with such matters.”

Suddenly she was behind him again, once more balancing his hair in both her palms. “I don’t think you should be trying to second guess your Master, do you?”

“Oh no! I wouldn’t do that, Miss Lynn. Really.”

“Now then, he wants a hair style that will feminise your face. Of course he doesn’t know, being a guy, that we girls have all sorts of tricks to soften our features.”

She pushed his hair forward over his cheeks. “Curl it down over the face. Lengthen it. We will need extensions. That will give us length and body. Give me something to play with. Then we’ll perm it …”

“Perm it, Miss Lynn?”

He didn’t have a clue what she was jabbering on about.

“Perm it. Then dye it blonde. I think honey blonde. Butterfly blonde may be a little too light for your delicate skin tones. Anything darker would be a little heavy on you.”

“Erm, Miss Lynn,” he spoke urgently, “Please. My daughter, Alicia, is home next week, and I don’t think it would be good for her to see me like that.”

“Oh!” Lynn froze as if troubled. She returned to her pen and pad and wrote out a long sentence.

Eden felt his heart pounding. “Miss Lynn? What are you writing, please?”

“Oh, I am just asking your owner whether you are allowed to call Alicia by her name without a title.” She looked back at him. “I mean I don’t know. Has he told you?”

“Erm, no, well no, Miss Lynn. What do you mean title?”

“Oh, you know, Miss, Mistress, Mistress Alicia. I’ll just leave it for him to think about.”

With his mouth hanging open Eden didn’t know how to respond to such madness. His daughter couldn’t be involved in their games!

“You know, Miss Lynn. Thank you for all your trouble, but I think I should have a talk with the Master of the House, this is all a little bit further than I …”

She shut him up by sweeping a hairdressing cape around his uniform before fastening it behind his neck.

“That’s a real good idea. You chat to him tonight. I’m sure he can explain it far better than me.”

He felt desperate, “I really think a wig is fine for what we are doing right now, Miss Lynn.”

She laughed.

“Oh, your master told me all about your wig falling off when he was spanking you!”

Grimacing, Eden recalled how angry Marcus had become. As if the wig falling off could be prevented when he was over the brute’s lap. He became so cross, he used a tawse to finish off the crying maid.

“But can’t we clip it on with hair clips and …”

She laughed again. “Silly. This will be the best way. I promise you will never want to go back to boy’s hair. Maid’s and their hair!” She exclaimed. “A marriage made in heaven.”

After an hour of feeling the pain of hair extenders being tightened into his hair, of curlers being rolled agonisingly tight to his scalp and his hair being dyed over the sink, the two of them were giggling and chatting as if they had been close friends for years.

She told him funny stories about men not understanding hair styles.

“One guy didn’t even notice when his sissy maid’s hair was changed from a black pixie look into a flowing ash blonde. Can you believe it?”

He laughed with her. How can men be so ridiculous he thought.

“I can believe it, Miss Lynn.”

He also felt pleased that after the first quarter of an hour she didn’t have to make any notes whatsoever. It made him feel proud of his accomplishments. He felt sure Marcus would be delighted in his good manners. Eden imagined Marcus being so pleased with his maid’s achievement that he would release the chastity cage. Then Eden could free his throbbing trapped dick and enjoy a moment of release.

The doorbell!

The maid sat up straight in her seat. He’s back already.

Miss Lynn also took in a sharp breath before ducking down and whispering straight into his ear.

“Now just behave. We’ll see what he says. I hope he likes it. Oh, he must like it.”

Now Eden was terrified, “Why wouldn’t he like it, Miss Lynn? Isn’t it what he wanted?”

They heard the front door open, and Erika’s giggle floated down the hallway.

The hairdresser patted both his shoulders at the same time. “Just don’t say anything. Oh God, you can never tell with real men like him.”

Eden saw his fearful wide-eyed reflection in the mirror. His fizzed out blonde curls softly framing his face. Oh no, he thought. It is absurdly over the top. Marcus will hate it!

The kitchen door clattered open.

Marcus, in his neat suit, white shirt and blue tie holding Erika, Eden’s wife, around her shoulders as if she were his property. He carried a black sports bag that instantly increased Eden’s nervousness. What was in it?

“Stand up, maid,” said the hairdresser briskly, as if nervous.

Leaping to his heels, Eden felt a little lightheaded. He held his hands together before him, cursing the fact that maid’s outfits failed to possess pockets in which to place his awkward hands.

“Wow!” Erika put her long fingers to her mouth. “That is amazing!”

“You like it?” Lynn asked, her eyes wide with anxiety.

Eden could see his wife was about to say yes, but then stopped and looked up at the glowering Marcus. Marcus was one of those guys who never looked happy. Constantly grumpy.

The room waited for the Master’s verdict.

At last, he grunted. “Yeh. Not bad.”

“Not bad?” Giggled Erika. “It’s astonishing. You wouldn’t know he was a guy. No one would!”

“He never was,” Marcus grinned.

Lynn and Erika laughed too loudly at his joke and Eden felt it wise to join them, until Marcus asked:

“Was the maid naughty?” Marcus asked.

“Oh no, not really,” Lynn said. “I made a list. It’s there on the counter. Just silly little things really. Nothing major. I’m sure she …”

Closing his eyes, Marcus said. “Yeh. I get it. Bring the list upstairs. Come on, I need you to do one last thing before you drive home.”

“Yes Sir,” Lynn said.

The Bull and the two women entered the hall. Marcus stopped to turn and glare at Eden. “Oi, Maid! You included! Get your fat arse upstairs with us!”

“Yes Master, of course Master.”

Eden tripped forward on his heels. At that moment he was fully aware of the powerful commanding presence of the Bull. Without any great effort the three girls in the house awaited his instructions and his views. Eden wondered how weak he appeared when he tried to lead people, especially to women.

Oddly, rather than heading for the Master Bedroom, Marcus led the way to Alicia’s room at the rear of the house. Of course, her stuff had been cleared out by Eden and neatly stored in the adjoining room to the Master Bedroom.

It was a large bedroom, with nice views of fields and trees from the main window. It had a neat, modern en-suite, and the decorations in a light pink and grey colours reflected those of a teenage girl.

There were two large suitcases on the floor, both open revealing Eden’s clothes, shoes and jackets. In fact, all his clothing in the world was stuffed in to the two cases.

They awaited Marcus’ instructions.

After a moment’s reflection, he said to the nervous maid, “So let’s get this straight. All your old clothes are in those cases, yeh?”

He was speaking to a maid so nervous, she swallowed before replying, “Yes Master. Everything.”

He raised his eyebrows, “You sure, Maid?”

“Yes Master. I double checked all the drawers and cupboards.”

Marcus didn’t look convinced. “And your coats and shoes from downstairs?”

“Yes Master. I promise. I even got my gym stuff from the bag in the garage.”

Marcus turned his firm attention to Erika, “You agree, slut? All his stuff is in those cases.”

She appeared anxious. “I – I – I think so. Yes.” Then she had a long think.

Marcus felt relief and smiled, until Erika gasped:

 “Oh! The dirty washing basket! There might be stuff in there!”

At that moment Eden felt himself sway. He had double checked everywhere, even under the bed and in Alicia’s wardrobe, but he had omitted the laundry basket from his search.

“Fetch it,” commanded the Bull.

Moments later an apprehensive Erika removed the lid from the straw laundry basket to reveal shirts and under wear belonging to Eden.

“This deliberate?” he demanded of the maid.

“Oh no, Master. Honestly. No. I forgot about it. Please believe me.”

“Dumb bitch,” the Master of the House said. “Get it your dirty things into a bag and in one of the cases.”

“Yes Master, of course Master.”

In seconds Eden had jammed the shirts and underwear into a polythene bag and placed it the first large case.

Marcus crouched down checking the internal tumbler of the lock for the case. “Everyone turn around while I set the combination locks.

The two women and the maid obeyed his demand.

Eden held his breath as he heard the tumblers turning into place. Then he jumped as the lid of the case was thumped shut. Seconds later the other lock was set before that case was also closed.

“Turn around, all you dumb tramps.”

The two women and the maid turned quickly to face the dominant male.

“Ok girls, watch!”

From his black sports bag he took out a long chain and lock, the type motor bikers use to secure their bikes to railings for security. He wrapped it tightly around the first case, winding its length about the handle before sealing it shut with a hefty lock. He did the same to the other case.

All of Eden’s male clothing was now locked in those two formidable cases. Oh no! Even without the chains he would never be able to open them without knowing the combination number Marcus had chosen.

“Ok maid. Carry them down and put them into the boot of Miss Lynn’s car.”

What? His clothing would be locked away securely in those cases and kept in a place he wouldn’t know the address of. He had no idea where Miss Lynn lived.

It was time to make a stand. This was getting silly.

He knew he needed to be polite and well behaved, but nevertheless, he needed to make his point – before it was too late.

“Erm, Master, permission to speak please.”

“No. Get on with your task.”


Obediently, the maid lifted the two heavy cases, but then immediately settled them back onto the rug. He had to explain this to Marcus.

“But Master, I just wanted to say, that suppose friends came over? Or I had to go out. Or …”

He wasn’t able to finish the sentence.

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part six



Eden was exhausted, he had been toiling all day, his heels were uncomfortable and his calves burnt.

As soon as he heard Erika’s bell, he stopped pulling the sheets tight on the guest room bed, flattened out his maid’s dress and used a tissue from a box on the sideboard to mop the sweat from his brow. Erika had explained that appearance was everything for a maid, though Eden felt certain those words emanated from the Master of the House.

He checked his hair and face, the subtle make up, gently enhancing some features, such as his eyes, cheeks and lips while diminishing his nose and jaw line were still intact. His wig required straightening, but within seconds he was able to return downstairs to the living room where Erika languished on the sofa with one of her endless magazines in her lap. She wore tight jeans around her long shapely legs and a light white blouse. She had enjoyed a quiet, peaceful day.

As instructed by Marcus she pointed to a spot before her and when the maid reached the spot, followed the Master’s instructions of shaking her head, sighing and pointing slightly to one side.

Marcus had told her, “It is imperative that the maid is always off balance. Whenever she has obeyed a command ensure her service is corrected. That way,” he wisely pointed out, “she will always be alert to instructions.”

As Marcus had predicted, the maid shuffled to the new position, inches to the right, without complaint.

She looked up and asked, “Have you completed your task, maid?”

Erika had to refer to the maid as maid at all times to help the maid acclimatise to her new situation. Another point made firmly by the decisive Marcus.

Eden nodded, staring at the sofa and chairs with need. How he craved to sit down on the soft, comfortable furniture.

“Yes Mistress. All my clothing has been placed into the two large suitcases as the Master of the House instructed. I have moved Alicia’s items into the adjoining room of the Master bedroom.”

Tilting her head slightly to one side, Erika raised her eyebrows, expecting the maid to continue.

“Oh yes! Sorry, and my maid items have now been placed in Alicia’s former room. Though,” he looked away finding the strength to point out something that was obvious to him, “I can’t see that she will be happy being moved down the corridor to be in an adjacent room to the master bedroom.”

Crossing her legs, Erika said, “I am sure that when the Master of the House wants your views he will make a point of asking you.”

“Yes Mistress.” Eden felt foolish. Why had he said that? Marcus clearly knew what he was doing. He always seemed very prescient in his instructions, as if he knew exactly how everything would turn out.

She checked her watch. “In ten minutes we will have a visitor …”

“A visitor?” Eden was startled, and had to quickly add, “Mistress.”

“Yes honey. A visitor. You will greet her at the door and lead her into the kitchen.”

“What?” What the hell was going on? “Look, this isn’t happening! We can’t involve someone in our games!”

Picking up her mobile phone, Erika used speed dial to tap out a number.

Eden heard the ringing tone and was mortified. “Mistress, who are you ringing? Mistress?”

“Oh, it’s Mistress now, is it?” The call was answered, and Erika turned her face away from the maid. “Master? Oh hi!”

She giggled while Eden held his breath. Obviously, his wife wouldn’t betray him to the Master of the House.

Would she?

“No, Master. All is fine. Yes, she has been a good girl …”

Eden closed his eyes and felt his entire body relax. Phew. She wasn’t going to squeal on him to Master. She was simply frightening him as a warning. Well job done!

“Yes. Yes,” Erika appeared proud of the maid’s achievements. “Her old stuff is all in the two suitcases you ordered him to put his clothes into. Yes. Shoes, coats, everything. Oh, and he has moved his new girly stuff that we bought him into Alicia’s room.”

This was going well, Eden thought. Not so much a smack on the bottom tonight as a congratulatory pat on his behind from his Master.

“Yes, the maid has been very good in referring to you appropriately. I know, you are a brilliant teacher.”

A broad grin lit up the maid’s face. Perhaps not only a series of pats but also, maybe he could be freed from the chastity device for a quick play. The Master of the House had said that could happen to a well behaved maid.

A long sigh from the wife. “Yes. All was going well until I told the maid about the visitor.” She checked her watch again. “In just two minutes. It seems our, oh, so clever maid, has ideas of her own. Said we shouldn’t involve others in our games. Yes, yes Master, she called them games.”

Oh no! The maid’s tummy felt tingly. Maybe his wife is merely teasing, maybe Master isn’t on the phone. That’s it. Just having a joke, he thought, simply to keep the maid in line. He gripped that thin straw with all the hope a maid could muster.

“Yes, I know. But you did say she is only a maid and can’t be expected to work things out for herself.” She paused to eye the terrified maid. “The Master would like a word with you.”

She held the phone out to the uniformed maid whose hands remained determinedly down by her side. “Please Mistress,” he whispered, hoping Master wouldn’t hear.

Erika pushed her arm insistently out further with the alarming phone between her thumb and forefinger.

The Maid accepted the device as if it were poisoned, raising it to her ear slowly in the hope that something would happen to curtail the call before the mobile reached her head.

But nothing happened to prevent her hearing her firm Master’s voice. In fact, that was the story of Eden’s domestic life right now. If it could go wrong, then it would go wrong.

The maid’s voice croaked, “Hello Master.”

Rather than sounding admonitory, the Master seemed in good spirits. “Hi maid. I hear you’ve been especially industrious today.”

With relief the maid said, “Oh yes, Master. I’ve been very busy. Doing all that Mistress has directed me to do.”

“That’s great. Good girl, maid. I’m pleased with you.”

The maid closed her eyes and simpered. “Thank you Master, thank you.”

She knew she sounded desperate, but her tone reflected her true emotional state.

With the Master in good spirits, Eden was wondering whether to point out the error of moving Alicia into the adjacent room of the master bedroom when Marcus cut in.

“I gather you are reticent about answering the door.”

“Exactly, Master.” Marcus understood Eden’s fears. What a release!

“I can understand that. Only the Mistress of the House and I have seen you in your new uniform. Yes?”

“Yes Master.”

“So you are bound to be a little shy about others seeing you, isn’t that right?”

“Well, I, well, it’s not just about being shy, though obviously you are right Master. I do feel embarrassed about showing anyone how I look right now. But really, I don’t want this getting out. You know. Just our secret.”

“Of course. But you needn’t worry your silly little head about anything.”

Eden felt reassurance well up in his stomach. Yes, of course Marcus would have thought such matters through.

“You see,” his Master continued, “the visitor is a special friend of mine, whom you can trust. Because I say so. And the visitor has a special present for you which you will love.”

A present? Now Eden was excited. A present for him. How intriguing.

“So be a good girl and listen very carefully to the visitor’s instructions and follow them to the letter. I don’t want any of your silliness getting in the way of her helping you.”

“Yes, Master.”

Doubts still floated around Eden but his fear of challenging Marcus dampened them.

“Master,” Eden ventured, “perhaps we should talk about this, and then decide on the best way forward?”

He left the end of the sentence hang in the air like a question, the better not to enrage the volatile Bull, who seemed in such a good mood.

“Good idea, Maid!”

Eden was thrilled. “Thank you Master!”

“So do as the visitor tells you and then indeed tonight, after you have served dinner, then we will have a chat about your experiences.”

“Erm,” that was not what Eden had meant. “Yes Master.”

“So be a good girl and run along to answer the door. And remember, do as you are told like the good girl, I know you can be when you try extra special hard.”

“Well,” there didn’t seem to be any further argument, and Marcus’ brain was so flooded with sexual desire it couldn’t think for him.

“So be the good girl you aspire to, and hand the phone back to your Mistress.”

“Yes Master.”

Eden returned the phone hesitantly to the woman who yesterday had been his wife, but now ran the household – and him, her husband.

She accepted the mobile just as the doorbell rang.

The visitor!

“The door, maid.”

Erika held the phone in her hand as she raised her eyebrows expectantly at the maid.

“Yes Mistress.”

How could he escape this ordeal?

Again, the insistent clang of the doorbell, somehow sounding impatient.

“Well?” Erika asked.

Nodding, Eden shuffled to the hallway in his painful heels.

As soon as he was in the hall, he heard his wife’s voice. She was relaxed, giggly.

“All is fine Master. You needn’t worry. You’ve sorted out this household really well!” She laughed. “Yes Master, you are a wonderful teacher.”

Approaching the door, Eden felt he was moving closer to a savage dog that might bite him.

The alarming doorbell once more! Clanging in his head.

Oh no!

He reached out for the door catch, closed his eyes, knowing there was no alternative.

The fully uniformed maid opened the front door onto the warm afternoon sun.

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Five




Marcus slid from the bed wearing only his black boxers, decorated with damp cum patches.


Eden was always struck by how muscular and masculine the Bull looked without his clothes. A firm stomach, square shoulders all covered in furry hair.

Even without his basque, heels, stockings and panties, Eden would have felt feminine and weak.

Swallowing, Eden watched the formidable Alpha male approach him, without eye contact as if he was thinking through some difficult problem.

As soon as the Bull grabbed a chair and swung it around, Eden’s tummy turned. Oh my God another spanking! And his bottom was still sore from the over zealous beating from his wife, Erika only hours previous.

The Bull sunk onto the upright chair and patted his lap.

Oh no! He knew from past experiences not to protest, no matter how unfair was the chastisement. Thus he clip clopped over in his heels and spread himself over the man’s lap without dispute.

Marcus laughed.

Eh? Why did he laugh?

“Dumb sissy,” Marcus said.

Looking up Eden could see that the man was grinning merrily.

Should he stand? Eden remained in position, not knowing what to do.

“I want you to sit on my lap!” Marcus said.

Oh! Eden slid hesitatingly off the man’s thighs, in case he was joking, and he ought to remain in the punishment position.

Giggling, Erika crawled down the bed, in her flimsy nightie. She wanted to get a better look at what was to happen.

“Erm,” Eden felt uncertain. “You want me to sit … erm, on your lap?”

The humour vanished from the Bull’s face. “You need me to tell you again, you dumb sissy?”

“No! No, sir. Honestly. It’s just that it seems strange …”

“Get your arse on my lap before I put you there!”

In the smallest moment of time known to physics, Eden plopped down on to the man’s knees, edging back gingerly.

As soon as his heels left the carpet, so Eden felt vulnerable and helpless. God, Marcus always knew what he was doing! No wonder it felt instinctively right to obey him.

Two meaty hands grabbed the sissy’s hips to drag him tight into the Bull’s body. A beefy arm slid around Eden’s shoulders holding him tightly up against the chest of the masculine man.

How hard his body felt to Eden, how soft he felt. Feeling uncomfortable on the lap of a man, Eden angled his body and head away from his tormentor. But Marcus held him firmly, pulling Eden tight to his chest.

With Eden held firmly in position, Marcus fixed him with a hard, unwavering stare.

“So you want to know who I think I am?”

“No, no, Sir, I guess, what I meant, now I come to think of it …”

Marcus cut in, “Well let me tell you who I think I am. I think I am Master of this house and Master of all I survey. What do you think of that?”

Trying to swallow but finding his throat too dry, Eden croaked, “yes, fine. I see that.”

“So, you agree?”

“Well …” Eden didn’t have the courage to argue. Anyway, surely what Marcus said was perfectly right. He was dominant here and could be said to be Master of the house. “Yes, I see what you are saying, Sir.”

“That’s good. Not as dumb as you look, sissy.”

Erika giggled, kneeling up to eagerly take in the scene before her. Why did it arouse her so much to see her husband put in his place by her manly lover?

“So then,” Marcus said slowly, “obviously you should both refer to me as Master.”

Eh? Crossing his stockinged legs, Eden made to object. Calling the bully Sir was bad enough.

“Well, I think,” Eden said, his cheeks aflame, “That is something we could all discuss. Chat about it.”

Marcus nodded, leaving Eden to believe the brute was seeing sense at last. Erika leaned forward, her eyes fixed on the Bull wondering where he was going with these thoughts.

“The thing is,” Marcus said coldly, “as you just agreed that I am Master of the House and all I survey, I don’t need to indulge you and your slut of a wife in girly chit chat.”

Looking at his wife for support, Eden saw her licking her pink lips, eyes glued on her lover while totally ignoring her husband.

“It’s just that I think,” Eden said, with a winning smile, “if we all discussed the terms you propose then  …”

“ … fuck all would ever get done. You two could gossip all night. So as Master of the House I declare that is how you should both refer to me from now on. You always address me as Master when replying to me and if you are talking about me when I am not present then you refer to me as Master of the House. Have you both understood that?”

Giggling, Erika said, “Oh yes, Master. Very wise, Master.”

The Bull turned his intimidating attention on Eden who nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, yes Master. Of course.”

The very mention of the term master made tummy tingling shame rise up inside him. It had all sorts of connotations of slavery and ownership. Clearly Erika hadn’t grasped the full implications of this development, else she wouldn’t so readily agree! It would have to be explained to her later.

“I’ll continue to teach you both in bite sized chunks so that I may educate you easier.”

Again, Erika tittered and again Eden felt a coldness fill his body.

Marcus continued, his voice even and confident, “That means that your slut of a wife is now referred to as Mistress, at all times. If you mention her to me then you call her Mistress. Got it?”

Eden nodded, his eyes fixed on his stocking tops, “Yes master.”

That word again, how strange and humiliating it felt. As if the mere mention of it demoted him further, if that were possible.

“And you will be the household maid.”

Eden’s dick immediately attempted to thicken in the tight chastity device.

“Yes Master.”

“Ok, maid. Fetch us a couple of cold beers. Present them on a tray.” Marcus smiled at the panting wife on the bed but continued to give directions to the maid without looking at her. “You stay outside the door until you are summoned. The Mistress of the house has business with the Master of the house, and we’ll call you when we are ready.”

“Yes Master.”


Marcus had risen from the chair so quickly, Eden was sent tumbling to the floor on his sore bottom. Looking up he realised that he wasn’t the only person aroused. Marcus’ shorts were poled outwards to an astonishing degree. His hidden cock appeared staggeringly long and thick.

If Eden had few doubt as to the business the Master and Mistress of the house were attending to as he prepared the drinks in the kitchen, in his lingerie. He knew exactly what they were up to from the bed creaking and Erika’s gasps.

As he placed the frothing beers on the silver tray, he smiled and relaxed. Fortunately, Alicia will be home in a few days, and then they could return to some sort of normality in their lives! Marcus would have to leave and they could return to their normal, quiet lives.


The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Four

Eden didn’t know why Marcus had to be so dismissively cruel.

There he was still in his crushing basque, heels and stockings, his head adorned by a wig. He had worn them all day, even when Erika had so unfairly caned him for not referring to Marcus as ‘Sir’.

Now he was stood along on the landing just feet from the bedroom door through which he could hear them screwing.

Only he wasn’t even allowed to look at the door. He had to keep his eyes fixed on the wall.

Marcus had arrived in a hungry mood for sex.

Erika had changed into a short blue dress that tightly hugged her curvy body. The moment the thug was through the front door he gripped Eden’s wife as if he were going to devour her.

Their mouths hoovered together, only drifting apart when Marcus scooped her up into his arms and carried the giggling wife up the stairs. The giggling was suffocated by another passionate kiss as they paused on the landing.

Creeping up in his heels, Eden felt it wise to wait until they parted, and he was addressed before speaking. Though he was looking forward to watching them screw.

As he observed the powerful brute flatten his wife against the wall, his huge paw grabbing her backside, Eden felt his dick engorge in its confines.

Fuck! This metal chastity device was uncomfortable when he was aroused. Yet something else he best point out to Marcus. There was no way the ape would be able to know unless he was told.

Now the driven couple pushed through the master bedroom door, Eden in his heels followed.

“Oi!” Marcus was staring hard at him.

The command froze Eden in his tracks.

Eden gasped before stepping back.

“You stay out there until you are summoned!”

“Yes Sir.” Eden swallowed hard.

“Stand facing the wall until I call you in!”

His wife giggled as she watched her shocked hubbie turn stiffly around to face the wall.

“You stay like that until I call you in, got it sissy?”

Feeling his hot breath bounce back from the wall, Eden said. “Yes Sir.”

Suddenly Eden felt the Bull standing right behind him. There was a hard slap to Eden’s pantied arse.

“And get this,” Marcus said slowly, “if you move from there then I’ll know about it. Got it?”

“Yes Sir,” Eden croaked.

The chastised husband heard the couple kissing again, before Marcus said …

“You know, we’ll have to get a naughty step for your dumb hubby to stand on when he’s naughty.”

Giggling, Erika asked, “Are they real? I mean can you actually get them?”

“Sure. Had to get a couple in the past for naughty hubbies.”

“Oh, but Sir,” she said quietly, “wouldn’t that be totally humiliating for him?”

Why was Eden’s dick so firm in its uncomfortable container?

“Listen girl, you call the sissy ‘him’ again, and I’ll spank the senses out of you.”

Eden heard his wife utter a breathless ‘wow’ before adding, “Yes Sir.”

Thus, it was that Eden could still feel the imprint of Marcus’ hand on his bottom as he stared at the wall while wild lovemaking sounded from beyond the door.

How would Marcus know if he remained fixed in position? Surely he was bluffing! But maybe, behind Eden sat a camera that went straight to the brute’s phone. Anyway, he most certainly wasn’t going to turn around and earn the Bull’s further ire! That would be too dumb for words.

Thus, he waited as the couple powered onwards in their incessant raucous rutting.

Finally, it fell silent. Marcus held his breath listening hard, but the house had fallen oddly still after the relentless noise.

Now he could hear low chattering, but far too quiet to make anything out. Occasionally Erika would giggle or gasp, but other than that the conversation was too low for him to make out what was being said. Which made him even more paranoid. Were they talking about him?

He shifted from aching heeled foot to the other.

God, he felt silly standing like this when Marcus wasn’t even present!

“Sissy!” It was Erika calling out. “Come in.”

He had heard her correctly? He turned slowly fearing he’d made a mistake. There was no obvious camera. He cautiously turned the handle and opened the bedroom door.

He stepped inside a room whose temperature had risen with the love making and in which a heavy sultry sex smell hung.

They were under the sheets, both naked from the chest up, the rest of their bodies hidden. Marcus held Eden’s wife in the crook of his hefty arms, so that her head rested against his hairy chest.

After a few uneasy moments of silence, Eden asked, “Yes, Mistress? You called?”

“Yes,” she looked half asleep, dreamy and exhausted. “Didn’t you want to ask Sir something?”

Relief! Of course he did!

“Oh yes, yes,” he spoke quickly. At last. “Sir, I’ve loads of points to make. Firstly …”

“Sissy,” She said, waiting for his jabbering to subside. “No, you wanted to ask him who he thought he was.” She stared at him, her eyes widening with innocence.

Eden’s mouth fell open in terrified shock. Oh God! No!