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Austin and Riley Part 20








“Sissy cuck,” Corbin had finished his resting following his arduous screwing of Austen’s wife, Riley, and had sat up in bed, “Go and face the wall.”

Face the wall? Austin hated how passive he had become since his wife had brought home her Bull, only days before.

In his corset, stockings and heels, he rose from the bed, where he had been resting after his ordeal on the dildo, and stepped up to the wall, not daring to look away from the sky-blue paint.

He heard Riley giggle.

“You’re going?”

Austin heard the Bull yawn. “Yeh. Early start. And hey, bitch,” there was a pause, as Austin fixed his gaze on a section of the wall with small paint bubbles. “You’re doing well with the Mistress stuff.”

His wife laughed again, “Thank you kind Sir. Only due to your guidance.”

Austin could hear the Bull dressing, talking at the same time, as if delivering a lecture.

“Just keep an eye on your dumb tramp of a maid. Don’t let her get away with anything. Got it? Fuck all!”

His wife replied with a smile in her tone, “I won’t Sir. I promise.”

“I know these maids. You give them an inch, and then you’re gonna have to spend a whole ocean of time putting them back in their place.”

The clothes continued to be pulled on, “And keep her nose out of my sports bag.”

Another kiss, more slobbery this time. “Yes Sir.”

The bedroom door opened, “Bitch, stay facing the wall until your Mistress gets back.”

Austin rolled his eyes, thankfully hidden from the view of the Bull or his Mistress because his back was to them. “Yes Sir.”

He heard more giggling and snogging as the couple made their clumsy way downstairs.

The cucked maid, obviously remained perfectly in place, fearful of being discovered to have moved even an inch from position.

He felt the sticky sweat from his exertions on the dildo and his bottom was sore and bizarrely vacant following his own exertions on the dildo. It was such an indignity to be standing here facing the wall, like a naughty child, while his wife and her lover chatted downstairs. He could hear their voices but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Mostly Sir spoke, with just the occasional giggle and whispering from Riley.

How he wished he was permitted to just hear what they were saying. In a previous life he’d have been with them, making his own points clear.

He shuffled in his heels, which were making his ankles sore. He had been wearing them for hours, the longest he had ever worn shoes like this.

To the maid it was a lifetime, but in fact the couple only spent ten minutes chatting out of the earshot of the maid.

Eventually, the front door closed, and his Mistress clip clopped up leisurely the stairs in her heels, which matched those of Austin’s.

Once in the main bedroom, she paused. Her entire body was exhausted from the pounding Sir had given her. Her legs still felt shaky, but how rewarding it was to see her sexily clad maid standing obediently in position facing the wall.

God, she wanted her friends to see this. To witness how powerful she was. They wouldn’t be able to believe it. She was certain she could garner new respect from her demonstration of dominance.

An awfully perverted thought wandered into the dark side of her mind like smoke in a tunnel. It was so sick that she wanted to quickly dispel the notion but couldn’t.

As she took in her maid’s stockings, sagging a little at the back, but still sufficiently smart on her husband’s legs beneath his corset before closing her eyes. She knew she was smiling but it was such a dreadful idea.

The dark thoughts blossomed into getting all Austin’s friends and work colleagues to their home … oh my, her breath grew shallow … and have her maid serve everyone in his new hotel pink maid tunic. It looked so good on him and left no one in any doubt as to the wearer’s status.

Of course, she knew that her husband would never recover from such a profound debasement. That everyone would snigger when they saw him or even, and this next thought made her even hotter, even order him to do something. Maybe fetch them a coffee to their desk in work.

Jesus. How powerful and commanding she would then appear in their eyes.

But it could never happen. No. What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. Their private lives are exactly that. Yet, her pussy still dampened from the thought.

The maid’s head gave a slight, nervous turn to see if his Mistress was in the room. She had been quietly lost in her erotic thoughts, and unmoving for a while.

“Oh maid. You are so fucking hot!”

Should he step away from the wall now?

He decided to remain in position, “Thank you Mistress. And so do you.”

She laughed. “Oh my God, between you and Sir I feel truly alive and so turned on.”

Crawling up onto the disorderly bedsheets, she felt her aching muscles remonstrate with her.

“Fetch me a glass of water, maid. Two ice cubes and a slice of lemon.

Turning on his heels, he said, “Yes Mistress,” and set off on his task.

When he returned carrying the water glass on the same tray with which he had waited for Sir by the front door, only hours previously, he offered the drink to his sleepy Mistress.

“Good girl,” she sipped the refreshing cold water, imagining it to energise her body. “Put my glass on the cupboard next to the bed and get in.”

She raised the quilt.

“Yes mistress,” Austin complied, feeling the suspenders stretched around his thighs and the corset tighten around his body as he complied.

She snuggled up her maid, relishing his sticky flesh against her own. It felt lewd and illicit. Excitingly so.

With knowing amusement in her voice, she asked, “How did it feel, fucking yourself on Sir’s dildo?”

Where had all this swearing come from? Riley never used to swear until she had become so dominant. As if her new position gave her fresh entitlements.

Using her arm to squeeze her maid’s bare shoulders, she kissed her maid’s hot forehead.

“Go on maid. Girls talk about everything. No need to hold back.”

“Yes, Mistress.” How could he put it? “To be honest it was humiliating having to sit on Sir’s dildo, under his direction. And having to obey him.”

As convincingly as possible, she said, “Aww,” but thought, ‘good’.

“And it was so big. I was scared at first.”

Abruptly, it was as if his wife had woken up, she quickly pulled herself onto her side, staring down at her cute maid. “I know. Isn’t it? I feel exactly that when guys are about to screw me. They look so big. It is scary. Not you obviously.” She smiled and winked. “But I mean real guys. Their cocks are so damned big.”

His jaw dropped in shock. Real men? Not him? He mustn’t cry. One day they would both be beyond this cuckold game, and they could go back to their man and wife love making. Riley wouldn’t complain about his size and performance again.

The nightmare of when Sir had forced Austin to try to make love to Riley flooded back with all the emotions of humiliation and despair he felt at the time.

He winced, recalling how Sir had fucked her quickly to orgasm but he, her own husband, couldn’t get any reaction. How Riley had chatted absent mindedly with the Bull about doorknobs while he was doing his best to make her cum.

But his wife seemed to be oblivious to his torments. Rather, her eyes were wide with excitement.

“Wow. You and I have so much in common. Come on. Come on. What else did you feel?”

“Well, I guess, you know, it was arousing. Like Sir said, when the dildo rubbed against my G Spot.”

Her eyes sparkled in the dimly lit bedroom, “Exactly. Then, with him inside me, fucking me hard, all the fear goes, and you can’t help yourself. You just cum.”

Austin felt his cheeks burn, and wished he could deny his wife’s painful words. But he had cum like a slut while riding the dildo under Sir’s instructions.

She pressed on, with ever greater excitement, “And Sir says, that with your little thingee locked up in chastity you can keep on cumming. Just like a girl.”

He couldn’t look her in the eyes as he compliantly nodded.

My God, watching her husband’s submission through shame was wholly thrilling. The most exciting thing that had ever happened to her.

“Come on. We’re besties. We share stuff. Sir doesn’t have to know. It’s between you and me. What else?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” he thought back, “When it came out, when I stood up, it felt odd. Difficult to put into … I guess, you know. I felt empty.”

She laughed. “I know! It’s like you want it back in there as soon as possible!” She shook her head. “Oh, you and I are so like. Two total cock sluts!”

He wanted to stand up for himself, but how could he? Yes, he did want the dildo back inside him. Surely that didn’t make him a cock slut!

She kissed his nose, “Wait until you are standing in a room with dominant males. You won’t believe how you feel. You’ll know that if they fuck you, then you’d become theirs. Like your body just gives into them. Your legs will be shaky. They have so much power over we cock sluts!” She laughed louder. “And most of them don’t know it. But we girls know it. And we know there’s nothing we can do about it. And even that makes us hotter and wetter.”

He had to put a stop to this. No way was he going to respond to a man in the room sexually, simply because he now knew that a thick cock could make him cum so easily.

Yet even now, he felt that vacant throbbing in his bottom.

He dipped his head down to avoid her eyes.

“Mistress, please may I play with the dildo again?”

She snuggled him up, squeezing him tight. “No, sexy maid. Sir says I must ensure you have been well behaved if you are to get treats. And I don’t mean just obedient. Sir says you must be specially submissive and maid like to deserve rewards.”

“But Mistress …”

Her expression grew instantly dark. The eyes and mouth narrowing in that by now familiar way when she was cross with him.

He instantly knew to shut up and avoid eye contact.

“Do you really think that a maid who argues gets treats?”

Feeling totally ashamed, he spoke with barely moving his lips, “No Mistress.”

“No! No indeed. I may have to whip that out of you. I’d hate it, if you started questioning me when given an instruction in front of our acquaintances.”

His eyes blinked huge. “Acquaintances?”

She hadn’t meant to say that. “No, sorry. Well, say, in front of Sir.”

“Oh, I see,” he said, unconvinced, fear making lines appear on his forehead. “Because obviously we cannot involve others in this game.”

She stared at him, that coldness in her features growing harsher.

Why was she staring at him with such anger?

She despised him for thinking it is a game. Her power was as real and solid as any marriage vow, and she was not about to give it up. And how dare he say their friends shouldn’t be involved. It wasn’t for him to make decisions. Just to accept her instructions.

At last, she said, with her face barely moving, and her teeth close together. “Don’t you ever speak to me with out addressing me in an appropriate manner, maid.”

“Sorry Mistress. I forgot. It won’t happen again.”

Releasing him she sat up in bed, her eyes still narrow but remaining disturbingly silent.

Finally, she looked down at his frightened maid and brushed her fingers down his hot cheek.

“Maid. It must not happen again. So here’s what we are going to do to ensure you don’t forget. I will whip your bottom enough times to make you cry. Then I’ll video you telling Sir what has happened and why it has happened. You will then thank Sir, for putting you in your place and thank him for ensuring you get your bum caned when you are naughty.”

He leaned up on his elbows. “But Mistress. No. Please ….”

Raising her eyebrows was all she had to do to quell his protests. He fell back onto the bed. “Mistress, you said this was between you and me. Sir shouldn’t see everything.”

She pushed away his fringe from his sweet pixie hair style. “Silly maid. This is isn’t for Sir. It is for me. And for you. It will be painful for you saying those things for Sir. Having it recorded.” Again, she kissed his cute nose. “But it will ensure that you learn not to answer back.”

With eyes closed, he groaned.

“Silly maid. You’ll thank me for it. Now you need to repair your make up and brush your hair before your punishment and video. And we need to straighten up your corset and stockings. I don’t want Sir thinking I have an unkempt maid.”

How could he argue with his Mistress, when even if it appeared he was protesting could result in further punishment?

Austin and Riley Part 19






There may come a time in every sissy’s life when they realise that they are in the centre of a predicament that they have created but cannot control.

So it is with Austin right now, as he stands uneasily in what had been his and his wife’s master bedroom, but had become his wife and her Bull’s bedroom.

He stood in his heels, with his relentlessly gripping basque with the decorative frills, the black stockings, heels, and tungsten chastity cage. Similarly attired to his wife, and both had been instructed to remove their tiny mesh panties by the Bull, Corbin.

And now, with triumph, the Bull was brandishing a black dildo sitting in a squat base.

Austin’s wife simply stared at the object, having never before seen one quite like that. She had asked Austin to purchase her one to help her achieve orgasms when they were making love. But that was a simple short pole, whilst this was moulded to resemble a cock. A black cock. A firm, hard black cock complete with twisty veins.

“Turn one of those upright wooden chairs around so it fully faces the mirror, maid,” Corbin said in his usual relaxed tone. He knew that after the caning over the same chair, Austin wouldn’t dare disobey him.

Austin pulled the chair slightly to one side and turned to stare at the object, whose base was now being pushed into his face by his wife’s lover. There was a black sucker, just millimetres from his lips.

“Lick it bitch,” Corbin commanded.

Austin did so, his tongue tasting the sour plastic.

“Again, maid,” Corbin said. “Do it properly. I want it as wet as your Mistress’ cunt.”

Austin hated the foul language and knew Riley would be upset by the uncouth Bull, but fearing further punishment, he licked the rubber with great vigour, until his spittle shone under the bedroom light.

Riley squeezed herself tighter under Sir’s arm, relishing being held by this powerful man as her husband was reduced to suffer indignity after indignity. She felt sympathy for her husband’s constant relegation, and it made her feel ashamed, how could her husband let this happen. Yet it also aroused her.

Little did the innocent wife know, that as humiliating as it was for Austin to be dressed in this way, and to obey the man who was screwing his wife, his sissy brain was almost comatose with conflicting pleasure at his humiliations.

Part of him wished it were otherwise, that he could behave like a man and call a halt to the continuous mortifications, but his dick filled his tight, tungsten chastity cage and his sissy brain was awol with pleasure and arousal.

In a single sweep of his arm, the Bull planted the dildo, on the wooden chair surface so that the rubber sucker stuck tightly to it.

Releasing the hot, melting wife, Corbin stepped over to his mysterious dark, sports bag and returned with a long thick white tube. He pulled off the cap and smeared its contents over the tip of the dildo, so that the thick gooey substance clung to the plastic, black phallic representation.

“Okay, maid,” Corbin smirked, making Austin feel sick. “Sit on my toy.”

Taking in the size of the phallic object Austin cowered.

“Sir, please it’s too big.”

Corbin’s response was a simple short, unpleasant laugh.

Seeing that his Mistress was staring in shock at the dildo, Austin said to her, “Please, Mistress. Tell Sir it is too big.”

As ever with Mistresses in this predicament, Riley wanted to protect her maid, but also relished the thought of him sitting down on it and following her lover’s instructions.

Looking up at her grinning Sir, “Perhaps it is a bit big for her, Sir?”

She asked it as a question, as she desperately wanted to see her maid take it inside herself.

“Na,” Corbin, shook his head with amused disdain. “You sluts are always like that. Moaning it’s too big, but desperate to take it inside yourselves. Remember you, on our first time? You saw my dong and telling me you could never take anything that size?”

Why was everything Sir said such an insult to Austin. Sir was unusually big, that was for sure, but it was horribly debasing the way he kept referring to the difference in their sizes.

For her part, Rily’s cheeks grew dull pink, and she giggled, her tongue touching her top lip.

After kissing her lover’s hairy cheek, she said, “But I was so aroused. You make me so wet.”

“Feel your maid,” Corbin said, “give her a rub between her legs.”

Gasping with amused shock, Riley pushed out her fingers and rubbed her hubby’s tiny metal cage.

“Oh my God,” She shrieked. “My maid is so fucking wet!”

With a dismissive shrug of his naked shoulders, Corbin said, “Of course she is. You two have a lot in common.” He needed her to see that her hubby was less of a husband and more of a dumb slut, like her.

That dark mocking grin returned as he said to the nervous maid, “There you go, maid. Now sit on it like the good girl I know you can be.”

The words ‘good girl’ had long lost their ability to excite Austin, though his entrapped dick pulsated and emitted a short stream of pre cum at the words.

The Bull took a small step forward knowing his sheer mass would intimidate the sissy cuck.

“Of course maid, I could always pick you up and impale you on it.”

“No!” Austin’s eyes were fully round with fear, though he dared not look at his tormentor.

How hard could it be to sit down on it?

He stepped to the front of the chair, placed his hands on the seat and gently lowered himself.

In the mirror’s reflection he could see his tormentor grinning so wide that his teeth showed.

His Mistress’ attention was totally fixed on his actions as his bottom touched the cold fluid on the dildo.

Surely Sir would call all this off. Hadn’t Austin demonstrated that he was willing to obey Sir and sit on the object?

Austin made a pitiful face to Sir. “Please Sir, must I?”

“You want it, you slut,” he said. “Now get it in your tight hole.”

Using his shaking arms for support, Austin pressed his rectum on the gooey mess. Thankfully it resisted penetration.

“Sir,” Austin said, with relief, “It is too big. It won’t go in.”

Releasing the engrossed wife, Corbin bent over the alarmed maid, ruffling his pixie haircut.

“Babe. The first time is the same for all you girls. You always claim it’s too big.” He flicked up his eyes to Riley, “Isn’t that right, slut?”

She replied hoarsely as if her voice had been lost. “Oh, yes Sir.”

“So be a big girl, just press down. Do it gently. That’s it. And again.”

As he obeyed his tormentor Austin felt his hole open a little.


Corbin laughed, his voice still encouraging and gentle. “Good girl. Go on press harder, like the slut you really are.”

Oddly, a sudden urge to please this uncouth bully of a man overwhelmed the hapless sissy. He found himself settling further down on the plastic intruder. The cold wetness pushed further up his bottom.

Suddenly …


Austin looked up in shock at the Bull and everyone in the room knew that he had accepted the bulbous end of the invader into himself.

“Push down, slut,” Corbin said, quietly, encouraging the shocked sissy.

“It’s … it’s too … big …”

Of course Austin was receiving the rounded, bulbous head of the dildo which would push him wider, ready to easily accept the next long section. But he and his bum didn’t yet know that the first, large part was the most difficult.

“Sir, I … I can’t … do … it ….”

“Sure you can, maid,” Corbin said with a warm smile. “Just one more big push.”

The unrelenting dildo grew painfully large, and just as Austin was about to give up, stand, and beg for forgiveness, the rounded end filled him and plopped deeper inside. How his winking rectum gripped at the pole part of the plastic cock, just as a woman’s pussy grabs at the shaft of a genuine penis.

For Riley this felt like a shared experience. She recognised the conflicts in her maid’s face. The fear and the excitement.

She crouched down next to her maid and kissed his forehead, feeling the sticky sweat on her lips.

“Oh my, maid. I am so proud of you.”

Riley felt tears of joy sting his eyes. His Mistress was so genuine with her words.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Push down on the shaft, bitch,” Corbin said, anxious that he didn’t lose the initiative to these two dumb sluts. “There’s a surprise for you.”

Riley grinned at her lover, “And what’s that, Sir?”

Corbin felt his dick engorge and float up so it stuck out at right angles. He would love to spurt his juice over both of them right now. Another sign of his ownership.

He said, “’cos sissies have their G spot in their arseholes. So when they get fucked with cocks, they cum like the sluts they really are. They cannot help themselves. It just happens.”

Austin had heard about the male G spot being inconsiderately located in the back passage, but had never before tried to locate it.

“Now maid,” Corbin maintained, his pleasant reassuring tone, “when you feel the dick hit your spot I want you to say, ‘yes’, like the good girl I know you can be.”

Austin nodded, not sure how he’d know when his G spot was touched by the trespasser in his back passage.

Riley put her fingers lightly onto her lips, astonished at the sight of her husband rising and falling on the dildo under the precise instructions of her lover.

The uncomfortable experience for Austin was made worse by having to perform this humbling experience before his wife. He’d always fantasised about dildos, but never wanted to use one in front of his wife.

The shame was mitigated by the fact he was obeying Corbin, like all sissies the instructions of a firm dominant overruled any sense of shame. At least the embarrassment was still felt, but the sissy’s need to comply over rules any hesitation.

Right now though, the dildo was filling him, and the bulbous end made it difficult to slip it out, as if it was trapped inside him.

“Just slowly,” Corbin, said, in that even commanding, somehow comforting tone of his.

Riley pressed herself up against the strong naked Bull, seeking support. The sight of her husband riding the dildo before her was so shocking yet so thrilling, that her legs were growing shaky.

And suddenly, from nowhere, there it was.

A brief spark of electric that Austin felt as the rounded end of the dildo struck a spot.

It was like pushing an internal pleasure button.


His shocked eyes stared at Corbin as if for explanation for the tiny explosion of arousal.

Then …

“Oh!” again.

Corbin said, “Good girl, clever girl. And what do you say?”

This time as he pressed down, Austin knew the point would be pressed by the dildo and. As instructed, said, “Yes.”

“Faster, slut. Be the slut you really want to be,” the Bull said with a dark grin.

By now, the continued impacts on his G spot were fucking away Austin’s senses. He was robotic in his actions. He quickly learned that by arching his back he could increase the exciting effect of the knob end on his sensitive spot.

His eyes closed. “God, yes. Yes. Oh. Oh my God, yes …yes …”

Riley was shaken. “Sir, that is like me, when you are having me.”

Corbin needed to rub this in, she must never see her chastity locked, sissy cuck as a man again.

“You got it, slut, “he smiled at her. “You two have so much in common.” He kissed her hair, and she melted into his hardening embrace. “Look at your maid. Watch her perform on a cock. When ever she denies she is a dumb slut, like you, you remember this sight. Picture her performing exactly like the wanton slut she really is.”

Austin’s head lolled back, eyes closed. “Yes. Oh yes. Yes. My God!”

Suddenly he spurted like a fountain, through the bars his chastity cage.

His motions became faster as his body possessed a motion of its own.

The Bull laughed, saying to Riley, “Run your fingers under the maid’s sissy dicklette. Go on. See how wet it is.”

Like Austin, she had an irresistible compulsion to obey the imposing, dominant male.

Unsure if she had said, “Yes, Sir,” she dragged her fingertips beneath the unforgiving tiny tungsten cage. As minutes earlier, when she performed the same action, she knew it was going to be wet, but was shocked to now find it soaking.

She wiped her fingers clean on her husband’s exposed soft thigh above the stocking tops and stepped back into the arms of her lover wondering who was more wet between the legs, she or her hubby.

Corbin whispered into her ear, confident that the dumb sissy cuck was too brain dead to hear. “There’s a strap-on in my bag. Use it on your maid. Give her hell and watch her perform for you.”

And at that moment, Riley lost it. Her body was not hers. She gripped the rough cheeks of her lover and she rose up on her tiptoes to gnaw at his face.

“Fuck me. Please. Please.”

Corbin’s dick thickened into one of those erections that’s so full it hurts.

He lifted her up off her heels and threw on the bed.

Austin became aware of the movement in the room, and sleepily stopped riding the dildo to watch as the Bull took his wife on his former marital bed as if she were a mindless, hungry slut.

Pressing down, slowly Austin ensured that the knob hit his G-Spot. It was an addiction.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.”

He said this at the same time as Riley spoke exactly the same words, in exactly the same brain-dead manner. Both sluts lost in erotic lust. Both out of control and helplessly in need of satisfaction.

Nastily, Corbin took hold of the wife’s chin, “watch your bitch of a maid perform as you perform for me.”

Her hooded, half closed eyes, could barely take in much that made sense, but suddenly she and her maid’s locked together.

“Oh Mistress,” Austin said raspingly. “I’m yours!”

And she smiled at him, before looking up at her triumphant lover saying, “And I’m yours!”


Austin and Riley Part 18









Now, hotwives and sissies never put themselves into the hefty shoes of Bulls. Each taking it for granted that dominant males do what they do effortlessly and with little thought.

However, the Bull’s authoritarian desires that are on constant alert, forever watching for any challenge to their position in the household, remaining only relaxed when the hot wife and dumb cuck know their positions in his life. There must be no tiresome challenges to their authority.

To achieve this, they have their strategies which the more experienced Bulls like Corbyn have polished to perfection.

You will recall that Riley, the hotwife, and Austin, the sissy cuck are dressed in matching black frilly basques, stockings and high heels. In the previous episode, the Bull, had ordered them to remove their sexy tight mesh panties to make a painfully, humbling point to his playthings.

You will also recall that following the threat of being made to lie out of the window and have a caning so harsh that Austin’s screaming would bring the neighbours out to investigate, Austin had knuckled under and obeyed the Bull. This of course wasn’t satisfying for Corbin as he now had an itch to humiliate and control further the sissy cuck.

The Bull had ordered the two ‘girls’ onto the bed, and they both, crawled up the sheets to lay face up, looking at him awaiting their next instruction.

With a grin, Corbin began to disrobe. His thick cock was already painfully erect in his pants, and he knew how both his toys would react to seeing the revealed weapon.

Austin was fully aware how his wife couldn’t keep her eyes from the hunk. In fact, her mouth hung agape, and her eyes barely blinked as each item of clothing was shed with that arrogant shit eating grin of Corbin’s.

As the muscular Corbin finally finished his disrobing by pushing down his boxers, with his eyes fixed on Riley, his huge member, finally freed, leapt up, as if on a spring, flicking silvery precum into the air like a shower.

Austin heard his wife growl with sexual need as the painful memory of his member being compared to Corbin’s hit his mind like a brick. He recalled how his wife had cum as soon as Corbin entered her and seemed to cum endlessly thereafter. Yet, when the bull directed him to make love to his wife, he couldn’t feel her, and she never physically responded to any of his efforts. Rather, she actually just chatted idly to Corbin about nothing in particular as Austin made every derisory effort to make some sort of impact on her.

The bed seemed to sink as Corbin clambered up it towards Riley, whose one stockinged leg, bent at the knee as if ready accommodate the Bull. Her hands rose up to his naked, taut shoulders and her back arched accommodatingly as her lover took his position at her pussy.

Knowing his size can cause discomfort and even turn women off, Corbin pressed in slowly, but as usual, Riley immediately moaned, her eyes closed, and she gripped his body with needy arms.

As he pressed home she came instantly.

Austin gasped almost as loudly as his wife. His own little member filling the steel chastity cage Corbin had bought for him and so cruelly locked on to his penis.

Losing count of the number of times his wife came, Austin was so turned on that he pressed his fingers against his exposed chastity cage and rubbed hard.

When Corbin finally pulled back out of his slut’s cunt, leaving a long golden trail of goo, Riley moaned, bucked and finally lay still, her breasts rising and falling through the basque as she caught her breath.

Corbin’s self satisfied smile froze as he caught sight of the foolish cuck trying to wank.

“What you doing, sissy boy?”

Having been caned not long before, with his bottom still raw, a fearful wide-eyed Austin mumbled, “Nothing. No. Sorry. Sir. I … . I …”

The smile was now gone from the Bull’s features, replaced by a hard intimidating glare.

“Don’t recall you asking permission to play with your boy pussy.”

Austin felt his eyes become hot. He knew tears weren’t far away.

He looked pleadingly at his wife, “Mistress!”

Riley smiled, placed her palm on her hubby’s hot cheek. “Aw.” She looked up at her Bull, “She didn’t mean it, Sir. I’m sure.”

He glanced down at the slut, his eyes unblinking, “You make sure your maid asks you for everything. You don’t want her taking the initiative. Not any time. They become a pain in the arse to control then.”

Riley nodded. “Oh, Sir. No. Of course not!” She turned to look at her terrified maid, looking so hot, cute and helpless, “Apologise to Sir for not asking permission to masturbate.”

Now the tears came. Full on sissy tears of helpless rage. “But Mistress. I cannot play with myself. Sir has me locked up down there and I feel so in need. Please. Please.” His wet eyes rose from his mistress to his Sir. “Please, Sir. I really need to cum. Really.”

A sympathetic Riley said, “Sir, perhaps you can allow it, this once. She does try to be good.”

Corbin was unimpressed. “Tries to be good? You mean like using my Christian name and then pleading with you to lie about her naughtiness? You mean like her trying to play with herself without asking?”

The wife felt hurt, as if her maid’s misbehaviour was somehow her fault. She felt her maid’s actions reflected badly on her, perhaps the way a mother may feel when her child is playing up amongst other children.

“Maid! Tell Sir how sorry you are.”

Austin had learnt over the last week that his once placid wife could turn in a brief moment into this tough dominatrix. Yet, it still shocked him. He recognised the change in her face, the narrowing of the eyes, the hardening of the lips. He easily recognised the chillingly cold tone she used when about to threaten him.

Yet still he felt that foolish sissy urge to rebel. To seek to reassert himself, despite wearing stockings, basque, light make up, heels and his new pixie hair style.

Apologise to Sir! To the man who had changed his relationship with his wife, from husband to maid? The dreadful bully who had locked his member into a tungsten chastity cage and not yet released him? The man who effortlessly made his wife cum. And perhaps worse, the man to whom his adorable wife now looked up to as the dominant male of the household.

“Mistress, please …”

Her look became darker, and Austin closed his wet eyes, fully aware of the inevitability of what now followed.

“Sir, I am so sorry I, erm, well, I didn’t seek your permission before I played with myself.”

The pitiful husband’s gut turned over at the shame of his actions.

Riley dropped her hand onto the sweaty, hard chest of her lover. “There, Sir. The maid’s apologised.”

Again, Sir wasn’t impressed, and Riley felt concern trouble her as Sir sarcastically laughed.

“You think the maid apologised without even looking at me? Yeh? You reckon she can close her eyes and say shit without even thinking about it? I need to see remorse!”

Riley was furious with her maid for making her look bad in her lover’s eyes. She twisted her body so she was facing her shocked maid.

“Maid!” The wife said, barely moving her lips, “Apologise to Sir this instant. And have the good grace to look at him when you are doing it. I want to see you being genuinely remorseful!”

This was too much. Shouldn’t his Mistress support him against this bully of a man?

“Mistress, I …”
She only had to raise her eyebrows for Austin to sigh and nod. Defeat was becoming easier and easier for the sissy to accept as his avenues for rebelling grew ever smaller.

Through his tearful eyes, Sir was a blur, which made it a little easier. Yet, even though he could barely discern Sir’s eyes, Austin was sickened at the humiliation. The man he most hated in the world was expecting an apology and he knew he had to deliver it.

Shame made him shake as he said, “Sir, please. I am so sorry for my naughtiness today.” How it stung to use the word naughtiness, as if he were a mere child in their presence. “Please forgive me.”

Both Riley and her Hubbie held their breaths as they studied Corbin for his reaction.

Finally, as if feeling that was the best he could expect, Corbin said, “All right.”

Riley giggled with relief, feeling that somehow, she was victorious. Her maid had complied to her lover under her instructions.

Her hubby simply let himself be swallowed by the blankets on the bed, shame immobilizing him.

The bull kissed his slut on her forehead, making her grin and said, “Just give your maid six swats with the cane and I’ll consider the matter closed.”

Austin’s eyes flashed open with disbelief. The cane?

Riley relaxed and smiled. “Yes, Sir. You are so good to my maid.”

She pulled up her self up, gripped his strong shoulders and kissed him rapidly around his cheeks and mouth. Her arousal flared up again. She needed him inside her.

Corbin knew what she wanted and understood how denying her would ensure her acquiescence to his whims.

As of course, the dumb sissy cuck’s denial by being locked in chastity enhanced his submission.

His strategy was working effortlessly.

“You need to deal with your maid first,” he announced.

Austin couldn’t believe this was happening. He had already been caned. By both of them!

He desperately wanted to speak up, but he feared the reaction of the dominant Bull. He was learning, as sissies do, sometimes quickly, sometimes punishingly slowly, that a sissy does not mess with real men.

Desperately needing the thick cock inside her, Riley spoke to her maid with a tremor of impatience, “What are you waiting for? You heard Sir. Fetch your cane.”

This was so unfair!

Riley slid from the bed, feeling his basque tighten around his waist as his heels stood on the carpet.

Once he had handed his Mistress the cane he awaited her next instruction.

Wondering whether to beat him over the chair as she had done previously under the tutelage of her Master, she felt a need to impress Corbin. She would demonstrate she had her own initiative.

She knelt up on the bed as her lover released his hold on his slut.

“Maid. Face down on the quilt. Now!”

Seeing his pitiful, helpless frown, she felt empathy for her defeated hubby, but it was more important to impress Sir than to placate her maid. She could always do that later.

This was outrageous, Austin thought as he slid up the bed, feeling his sexy garb slide erotically on the smooth sheets.

Though embarrassing to have his naked buttocks exposed to his wife and her Bull whilst awaiting punishment, like all true sissies, Austin felt the stirring of sexual urges. It was a tickly warm feeling in his tummy that led to his dick filling the small tungsten cage that Sir had locked him in.

Though the six swipes of the cane stung away his stimulation, it quickly returned as his Mistress threw the cane to the floor and twisted to grin at her lover awaiting his praise.

She was perplexed to see Corbin ignore her and pat her maid’s red striped bottom. She noticed the various colours emerging around the welts, blues, pinks and angry purples.

“Maid,” Corbin said.

Fearful of being slow in responding, Austin rolled onto his side looking up at the dominant male. It was as is if the man filled their bedroom with his dark presence.

“Sir?” His eyes were like blue traffic lights as his panic overwhelmed him. Had he done something wrong?

“Maid?” Corbin repeated, all at ease and relaxed, the man in charge. “Do you want permission to cum?”

God, was this some dreadful trap. Of course he wanted to cum! Austin flashed his false eyelashes at his Mistress, in the hope of being helped with the answer.

Riley was furious. “Well, answer Sir. He has asked you a question!”

Curling his stockinged legs beneath himself, Austin knelt up and whispered, “Well, yes Sir.” Fearing he might appear forward, he smartly added, “I mean, if that is okay. I mean okay with you. Oh, no. If it is all right with you and Mistress.”

He gripped the sheets in his little fists as he glanced nervously away from the Bull, desperate to hear what he was about to say.

He heard Corbin words, “What do you think Slut? You think she’s learned her lesson.”

Kissing Sir on his bristled cheeks, she replied excitedly. “Yes, Sir. She’s pretty good most of the time. Shall I unlock her, or will you?”

Austin noticed how effortless it was for his wife to see him as a ‘her’. It gave him pangs of unease, yet at the same time added to his arousal.

The naked, hairy hunk clambered off the bed and made his way to his mysterious large sports bag. The one Austin was not permitted to even look inside.

“Na,” the Bull said casually, “There won’t be any need to unlock her useless little peanut.”

Austin knelt up on the bed, his fingers to his lips. How could he cum if he wasn’t to be released?

Bent over so that Riley could study her lover’s hot, tight arse, Corbin continued, “In fact, once I’ve finished training her, she won’t ever need to be unlocked, save for cleaning.”

Riley giggled. Wow, wouldn’t that be amazing. Keeping her hubby locked away and submissive and in need. She would be so much in control!

The dominant male unzipped the bag and pulled out a device, which made Riley catch her breath and draw her hands up over her mouth.

As the Bull turned around, so the dumb cuck of a maid caught sight of the mysterious object.

He two placed the fingers of both hands over his lips, making the wife and her sissy look sexily alike, like bookends. This amused Corbin.

He laughed. This was going to be mega fun.

Austin and Riley part 17

Couldn’t decide on which 2 pix, so left it for the reader to decide.






There is power, and there is Power with a capital P.

Power with a capital P was the very emotion Corbin felt as he whooshed the cane behind the two girls, or rather the wife and the sissy cuck.

And what a sight they made.

They lay over the back of the dining room chairs, their hands on the seat, as instructed. The cuck’s pink, hotel maid’s uniform was raised showing his stockings and black lacy panties, and the wife’s sky blue dress was pushed up over her hips, showing her panties and stockings.

The chairs had been lined up as instructed, right in front of the large mirror so that Corbin could watch the expressions on his girls’ faces as he tormented them.

Readers may recall that Riley, the wife, in order to entertain her Bull, thought it a laugh if both she and her cuck maid dressed in a matching basque, panties and stockings,

Sadly for her, Corbin, being a masculine male, was incapable of noticing that the tight black panties, with their mesh see through panels and delicate detail about the legs, were perfectly matched. His only reaction was to have to push his enlarged cock around in his pants for comfort at the sexy sight before him.

Riley, glanced back over her shoulder, her eyebrows raised high with pleading.

“Sir. I’m really sorry. I promise I’ll keep my mouth shut in future.” She noticed that Corbin’s expression was unchanged, as if he hadn’t heard her. So she added a desperate, “Really.”

Tapping the cane against the delightful arse of another man’s wife, Corbin said, “It’s a problem with you slut wives. You get to dominate your sissy cuck hubbies and then you think the world revolves around you.”

“No, Sir! Honestly.”

“Quiet, slut. You are each going to receive six stripes on your cute arses.”

“But Sir!” Riley’s lower lip hung open. “Please. Not in front of my maid. That’s not fair.”

Continuing to tap his cane on the wife’s pert cheeks, Corbin said, as if it was an obvious fact. “It’s important for you both that you see me as fair. When I am here, I am in charge. When I am not then you are in charge.”

Austin heard his wife moan and look to him for support. He had to look away. There was nothing he could do or say that would protect his wife. Bent over in this horrible, exposed position made him feel lost and helpless.

“Right girls,” the Bull said evenly, “You will look in the mirror, not at yourselves, but at each other’s reflection. I want the maid to see what happens when his Mistress upsets the master of the house. And I want the Mistress to see that the maid, the person she married to protect and look after her, is incapable of either. This will be a harsh lesson for you both. But a necessary one.”

He stepped to one side and rapped the cane quickly on the wife’s bottom.

With careful movements, he then swiped her cheeks twice quickly. He didn’t want to harm her too much for her first caning.

Riley shot up in pain, her palms on her rear cheeks.


“Mistress!” Austin squealed with horror at his the beating his wife had received.

Corbin gave the maid a string of harsher taps with the cane. “We don’t need to hear from you.”

“Sir,” Austin said, his words tumbling out. “Please don’t hurt her. I’ll accept all her punishment.”

Riley was staggered. She stared with wide eyes at her helpless hubby, bowed over the chair back offering to take her punishment.

“No maid. You keep your mouth shut until told to say something. Clear?”

“But Sir, please,” Austin said. “Just beat me.”

Riley lolled her head to one side, feeling her blonde hair tickle her bare shoulders, “Awww.”

“Slut,” Corbin said. “Back in position, before I put you there and add on a few more stripes.”

She leaned over the chair back looking directly at her maid and smiled.

Austin mouthed, ‘I love you’.

The wife felt tears warm her eyes.

Corbin set about the maid’s posterior, which he had to confess was just as perky and sexy as that of the sissy cuck’s wife. It wasn’t as large, but it was cute, especially in those panties.

He had to remind them to watch each other in the mirror as they were punished. He alternated a couple of strokes on each of the backsides, in turn.

Annoyingly, Corbin had hoped to establish shame between the husband and wife. Shame because the hubby was relegated from protector and man of the house to helpless child being punished, while the wife had to endure the ignominy of witnessing it. Yet they both looked at each other in the mirror with adoration.

Corbin shook his head. He’d never understand women.

“Slut. Stand. Maid, remain in position.”

They both said, “Yes, Sir.”

He used his thumb to wipe away the tears on side of the sexy wife’s red face. He thought the tears were from the pain, he didn’t understand the deep affection she now shared with her maid. Men wouldn’t.

“Learnt your lesson slut?” He asked.

She smiled, “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

Jeez. She was so fucking hot. His cock couldn’t be harder in his pants. It was that sort of erection that was so big it hurt.

“So your maid used my Christian name?”

“Yes Sir,” Riley nodded, before wincing. “But she is so dumb, it is the sort of silliness you would expect from her. She has learnt her lesson, haven’t you maid?”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you Mistress,” Austin blabbed hoping he would escape further punishment.

Corbin snorted a laugh at the wife’s attempt to save the sissy from further punishment. “In future, you, as Mistress of the house will cane the maid for any short comings.”

Riley was taken aback, “Gosh. I don’t think I could hurt her.”

“Take this cane, and stand like this,” Corbin instructed.

Corbin struck a pose behind the maid’s knicker clad bum.

She complied, as she felt her dominant Bull grip her hips and guide her into position.

For the next ten minutes, Corbin coached his slut into how to punish her maid. Dictating how the stripes should fall across the bottom, and then on the back of thighs.

Riley was reluctant at first, holding back on the power of the strokes. But as she caught sight of her adorable maid in the mirror and noticed the flinching, she felt the power, with a capital P. And it was erotic power. Controlling power. The power of a deep unique love between two like minded souls.

She witnessed the cheeks of her maid shiver and jiggle as the bamboo made contact. She heard the enticing sounds, the squeals, the gasps, and knew that she was creating them. Her pussy was a mess of wetness that uncomfortably filled her tiny net panties.

“Good girl,” Corbin said to Riley, taking the cane from her hand. “Stand up maid.”

A sniffling maid rose stiffly to her heels, looking wide eyed at Sir awaiting the next instruction.

Surprisingly, the Bull leaned forward and used his massive free hand to stroke through the maid’s pixie hair style, “Good girl.”

With damp eyes, the maid smiled. She loved hearing those words, they were like a comforting warm bath.

“Thank you, Sir,” Austin said with genuine gratitude.

Proud of her maid, and indeed, proud of herself, Riley stood side by side with her hubby, both looking at Sir with expectation filling their eyes. What would happen next?

The Bull threw the cane to the floor, and said in that even confident tone of his, “Both of you, dresses off. Now.”

The mistress and maid exchanged shy smiles and immediately set about disrobing each other. Riley turned her back on her maid so that her servant could pull down the tight zipper from just below her neck.

Then Austin took off her frilly white apron and impatiently set about undoing the buttons on her rose pink hotel tunic.

Within moments both the Mistress and the maid had hung up their dresses and stood before their Master in their matching black, frilly basques, tight, see through net panties, stockings and heels.

Corbin roared with laughter.

“Tramps! Just look at you! Sex on a stick!”

As the two proud girls giggled and grinned knowingly at each other, the dominant male took in the erotic sight before him. Somehow, them both being attired like that added to the explosive nature of the sight.

Even he noticed they were dressed the same, and now he needed to the thrill of taking total control of the two of them.

“Turn around, girls. Slowly!”

With more giggling, they did as instructed, ending up facing away from the appreciative dominant male.

Riley dropped her mouth open at her maid as if to say, ‘aren’t we a sight for Sir. I told you he’d love it!’

Austin simply lowered his blushing chin and coyly smiled back. He had never before been admired in such a lascivious manner.

“And just look at the arses on you two. Fuck me! One day I’ll bring round my mates to get an eyeful of what I own!”

Riley laughed at the thought, but Austin gasped, staring with amused shock at his laughing Mistress.

“Turn back, you sluts.”

The girls spun back around on their heels.

“Panties off,” he commanded.

Both girls hesitated, but a quick rise of Sir’s eyebrows had them simultaneously reaching for their delicate lacey underwear.

Riley pulled hers off first, crossing her legs, thigh over thigh to hide her private areas.

Austin pulled his kickers down to his thighs but then saw the hated, miniature tungsten chastity cage hiding his privates. He had no cock at all! He felt abject shame shake through his body.

Peeping up at Sir, he said, “Sir, I …”

“Quickly girl!”

If he’d felt like crying during the caning, now he feared he would burst in to torrential blubbing. He slid the panties down the silky stockings until he could step out of them. Placing his hands, still holding the black underwear, over his privates, he hoped he could maintain some level of dignity.

Dignity wasn’t a quality the bull was going to allow either of his subjects. “None of that maid. Both of you, hands behind heads!”

The girls obeyed both feeling vulnerable, exposed and fully on display.

“Legs apart!”

There was no exchange of smiles between the girls now. They felt the full mortification of being put on display for Sir.

Austin closed his eyes to the shivering mortification he felt.


Corbin’s single word opened Austin’s eyes in a flash.

The Bull continued, “Both of you turn and face each other. Look at what each of you has between your legs.”

They did so, both with trepidation.

The Bull grinned. “Maid. What do you see?”

“Erm, well, Mistress’ pussy, Sir.”

Corbin sneered. “You see my cunt. What do you see?”


Austin stared at the clearly damp vagina between his wife’s thighs. That was the pussy of the woman he married. It should be his!

He hates this. In the back of his mind, Riley is his wife!

“Do you need to feel the cane on your backside maid?”

With her hands behind her head, Riley dropped her head to one said and tried a brave smile. “It’s okay maid. Really.”

Why had he agreed to all this? Here he was standing helpless before this dreadful bully locked in the hated chastity cage, having to say words he despised.

Feeling a sickness in his tummy, he whispered, “I see, Sir’s cunt.”

Just calling his wife’s pussy a cunt was bad enough, but he felt that by uttering the words he was formerly giving away his wife’s body to Corbin.

“Louder maid,” Corbin said.

Swallowing, Austin said, “Sir, I see your cunt.”

A harsh pat on the maid’s bare bottom followed. “Good girl.”

For the first time, Austin was too distressed to appreciate the joy of the words, ‘good girl’. He felt too sick. Yet, his little dick was seeking to grow in its unrelenting confines and was growing wetter by the second at his predicament. His sissy self was adapting to the situation better than his old male self, which was now in retreat.

“Now slut,” Corbin continued, look between your maid’s thighs. What do you see?”

Shocked at being asked to perform the same task, Riley inhaled loudly as she took in the tiny, but neat circular metal where her hubby’s cock had once been.

She wasn’t sure what to say.

“I, er …. I don’t know Sir. Your chastity cage.”

Corbin laughed. “I hadn’t thought of that. But quite right. All you can see is your Sir’s chastity cage. And all your maid can see is my cunt. How about that. Both of you locked down and completely owned.”

Riley felt the room tumble around her.

“Sir. I need you,” she said, with half closed eyes. “Sir, please take me.”

Corbin was loving this, even though his thick dick was now painfully huge in his pants, he wanted more fun before he took his prize.

“Maid,” he said, “beg me to fuck your Mistress. Beg me to show her how a real man fucks her.”

This was too much!

“Sir, please, I …”

“Knees, bitch,” Corbin commanded the maid.

Tears filled his eyes as Austin humbly settled on his knees as directed. He felt his soft bottom rest on his heels. The basque tightened uncomfortably around his waist, and seemed to push out two small breasts at the top.

“Say it bitch else I’ll bend you out through your bedroom window and cane you until the entire neighbourhood come round to see why you’re screaming.”

The words were stated so firmly that Austin knew it was no idle threat, no empty attempt at intimidation. He had no choice but to comply to the dreadful instructions.

Aware that his wife was studying him, Austin said, “Sir, please make love to my Mistress and show her how a real man makes love to her.”

At those words, Riley threw herself into the arms of her lover, “Just fuck me please. For God’s sake!”

“Wait slut,” he said, his glinting eyes totally held on the bent head of the cute maid. “That’s not what I said maid. Try again.”

This was intolerable!

Clenching his little fists, Austin sniffed up the tears as he used the same coarse language as the horrible bully. “Please Sir fuck my Mistress and show her how a real man fucks her.”

Wincing, Corbin gritted his teeth. Having made the threat of bending the maid out of his own bedroom window and spanking him before the neighbours, he now had a deep urge to follow through with the punishment. Just to make a point.

But as the maid had complied, learnt her place, he’d have to let it go for now.

He looked down at the need in his slut’s blue eyes, desperate for a fucking and knew he had more urgent matters to attend to.

“Both of you, on the bed right now! I’ve got plans for both of you!”

Austin and Riley Part Sixteen







You may think that after a week of being Riley’s maid, Austin would have become weary of the daily routine, but surprisingly there was barely a dull moment. Oh yes, the constant cleaning and ironing were a drudge but the outfits and dressing for each other was great fun. Likewise, shopping, rather than being a mundane chore had become a daily buzz for them both. Matching tops with bottoms, and then with shoes and bags involved huge amounts of time and chatting.

Austin’s favourite was the lingerie shopping. Then the giggling pair would spend way too much time, money and effort on their sprees. After which they would spend hours doing fashion shows for each other.

When they were out, their relationship was like two fashion conscious teenagers, but it was a different matter when they were in the house. The Mistress/maid paradigm was central to their interactions. One was the boss and the other a lowly employee, and the boss rarely let the maid forget her place.

This is where life became fraught for poor Austin.

That day, Riley had bought them matching basques, panties, stockings and heels.

They both giggled at the thought of Corbin’s reaction when he told them to strip out of their dresses and they emerged as a matching, sexy pair of girls dressed exactly the same.

So over his own black, frilly basque, Austin pulled on his hotel maid dress, the rose pink one, being their favourite, and tied up the apron.

With Riley in such a good, giggly frame of mind, Austin said, “Mistress. Do you think you could ask Sir for the key to my chastity device tonight?”

The laughing stopped, giving way to a troublesome silence, as Riley pulled down her sky blue dress over her basque, flattening it around her thighs over her stocking tops.

Her lips tightened and Austin lowered his head. He had become terrified of her mood swings.

He pleaded quietly, “But Mistress, it’s been over six days. Please. You said today that you were proud of your maid.”

Her eyes glittered with anger. “I am getting fed up with your me-me-me attitude maid.”

Quickly, Austin cut in with, “Sorry Mistress.”

She approached him, her eyes fixed hard on her troublesome servant.

“If Sir thought you warranted another release, then it would have happened, wouldn’t it?”

“Well, yes Mistress,” he said doubtfully, “But you know what Corbin is like …”


Oh my God, what had prompted Austin to use Sir’s actual name? It had just come out.

“Mistress, sorry. Really. I don’t know where that came from ….I …I …”

Impatiently, she emphasised each word, “Go and stand facing the wall. Right now!”

“Yes Mistress. Of course, Mistress.”

He trotted on his heels to face the wall, not daring to turn around as he heard her approach from behind.

“Sir says I spoil you,” she said.

Spoil him? Unless they were out shopping or having lunch in a café, he never stopped performing chores around the house, but he said, “Yes Mistress.”

“I get you a new outfit almost every day.”

Austin knew that she enjoyed dressing him, but replied, “Yes Mistress.”

This was not a time to rock the boat.

“Do you know what I am going to do with you, maid?”

A tremor of fear nibbled at his tummy. He most of all dreaded the cane, as Mistress had become very adept at using that under the insistent instruction of Sir.

“No Mistress. Please. I am so sorry. It really won’t happen again.”

Oh Jesus, the power. She closed her eyes, feeling her entire being pulsate with the sense of unrelenting dominance she had over her sissy maid. She would give anything to show off her command over her cute maid to her friends and the neighbours. Demonstrate how powerful she really was. That would be a shock to those who only saw her as a submissive, girly wife.

“Oh maid, no it will never happen again. I am going to get you to tell Sir what you said.”

She saw her maid’s shoulders crunch up with distress and heard his sharp intake of air. It made her grin and feel light headed with power. Why had she never done this before? Her dumb cuck of a sissy maid, as Sir referred to her hubby, had always begged her to be his Mistress. Somehow it had seemed perverted and silly in the past, yet now it felt totally right, natural even.

Here she was relishing the shaking, crushed maid’s reactions.

“M-m-mistress. Please no. Perhaps the cane would be too much …”

She laughed. Her maid was frightened of her using the cane, so the fact that Austin mentioned it demonstrated how terrified he was of her threat. She had him!

“Well, why don’t we see what Sir says?” She just had to rub it in, “You never know maid. He might be say the cane is too much of a punishment. What do you think Sir will feel about you using his Christian name?”

Austin’s stockinged knees trembled. He felt abject misery. “Please, Mistress, I don’t think he’ll like it. Oh, please Mistress, you punish me. We don’t have to tell him.”

She grinned, “I see maid. So you are suggesting we lie to Sir?”

“No! No!” Oh, why did everything he said, seem so wrong? Why didn’t he keep his dumb trap shut?

“Well, maid.” Riley’s voice was hoarse, and her pussy sopping damp. “You can tell Sir how you used his Christian name and then how you suggested lying about it. How about that?”

It was with some effort that Austin remained glaring with watery eyes at the wall. How he wanted to spin around and beg his Mistress not to make him do any such thing.

“I am so sorry, Mistress. I promise I have learned my lesson.”

Her tongue tapped at her top lip, “Well why don’t you show me how well behaved you can be and phone Sir, and ask if he can call around for lunch? Tell him you have something to say to him.”

Austin stamped his heeled foot, “Please Mistress! No.”

“Use your phone, maid, so he knows who is calling. Do it now.”

Austin picked up his mobile phone from the bedside cabinet and hunted with shaking fingers for Sir’s number. Corbin was even called Sir on his phone list, as he was on his Mistress’ phone list.

With damp eyes he tried one final time, “Please Mistress, I promise …”

“Do it!” That scary glare from his wife ended the discussion like a car hitting a concrete wall.

He pressed the green call button, feeling totally sick.

The phone rang a few times, and Austin prayed that Sir couldn’t answer.

But then the dreaded click and the familiar voice:

“Hey, dumb sissy. What’s happening?”

Austin’s jaw shook up and down, but words didn’t come out until he finally said, “Please, Sir, Mistress and I wonder if you’d be kind enough to join us for lunch today.”

“Yeh, I guess. Tell her that’s fine.”

Riley leaned close to her blonde maid and said, “Tell him you have something to say to him.”

Closing his eyes, Austin said quickly, “Thank you Sir. I have something to say to you.”

Corbin laughed. “Well that sounds wild. Not sure if a maid has anything to say to her master, but I looking forward to it. See you near one. Got it?”

“Yes Sir.”

As the line went dead, Austin stared helplessly at his Mistress. Tears had now welled up, blurring his eyes.

Riley, said, “Aw,” and cuddled her poor, helpless maid tightly.

She patted his bottom through his dress, and said, “Good maid. It isn’t easy being a well behaved maid, is it?”

He tried to say no, but just blubbed.

The ordeal ahead of him was unimaginable as he knew Corbin was capable of anything to keep him in his place as a lowly maid.

So at quarter to one, you can imagine the trepidation felt by Austin as he stood in his rose pink, hotel tunic, just inside his front door, holding the silver tray with the glass of scotch for Sir.

Sir had put up a full length mirror just at the end of the hallway so that Austin would be forced to look at himself as he obediently awaited Sir’s arrival. Initially he would look away from the humbling image of himself as a maid, but his eyes would be hauled back by his sissy brain’s insistence on checking his blonde pixie hair style, his lacy maid’s cap. Then he would have to examine his make up. Mistress was a stickler for getting the eyes and the lips right.

Then he would examine the hotel tunic for wrinkles and check that the frilly white apron was perfectly aligned. Obviously, his ego took in his legs which both Mistress and Sir always complimented him on. He knew it was the strappy high heels that made them look good, and he did smile at the thought of the compliments.

Sir preferred the silver tray, saying it was befitting that he should be served with his scotch in a sturdy cut glass tumbler from a silver tray. But oh my, his arms ached so much.

Mistress would send him to his position fifteen minutes early in case Sir arrived before his allotted time. But Sir was always late, and Austin had to shift around, from one heeled foot to the other as he remained obediently in his position.

But today there was the added fear of knowing he was going to have to tell Sir, that he had used his first name. He closed his eyes, how foolish had he been? Sometimes the wait for the punishment is punishment enough for a maid. If only Sirs and Mistresses knew how the horrible ache of waiting for chastisement ground down silly, helpless maids.

The key clicking through the tumblers of the door, shook Austin to stand at full attention. The scotch washed around the glass, but thankfully nothing spilled out.

Sir was wearing his usual business suit, grey this time, that looked as if it cost a fortune, but instead of his briefcase, he carried a small polyethene shopping bag.

As customary, the bull took in the submissive maid holding his drink, with a superior grin.

“Just look at you. Don’t you look hot and cute!”

Blushing, Austin looked down and giggled. “Thank you, Sir.”

Sir was in a good mood. How he and Mistress hated it when Sir arrived back from work grumpy and ready to lash out at them.

“I’ve got a present for you!” Sir held up the small shopping bag and shook it.

Austin beamed, “Oh, thank you Sir.”

Sir laughed.

“Dumb bitch, it could be a spiked dildo!”

Austin giggled at his own foolishness and automatically said, “Yes, Sir. Sorry Sir.”

Then Sir was racing into the sitting room.

Austin clip clopped in his heels behind him, keeping the tray and drink upright.

“Hey Slut!” Sir said.

Austin arrived as his Mistress threw herself into Sir’s arms.

As she peeled back from his kiss, she said, “Oh, we’ve missed you. Haven’t we maid?”

On cue, Austin said, “Yes, Sir. We’ve missed you.”

As ever with a sissy maid, the thoughts of the ordeal ahead of telling Sir he had used his Christian name had evaporated from his empty mind. Now he was totally engrossed with the compliments from Sir and seeing the excitement of his Mistress in the arms of her powerful lover.

Wrapping his arm around the bare shoulders of the wife, to demonstrate his ownership, Corbin said, “Hey dumb cuck, fetch me your phone. I have a surprise for you.”

“Yes, Sir!”

A delighted Austin slid the tray carefully onto the coffee table so that he didn’t spill a drop of scotch and scurried out to the hallway where he had left his mobile on a small table.

When he returned, his Mistress and Sir were grappling together in a passionate embrace.

His mindless joy was chased away by the irritation of seeing his wife, his love, his life, giving herself to another man. Resentment burnt within Austin. The regrets of their current situation clouded into his mind. Jealousy and self loathing for allowing it to happen filled his being.

At that moment he hated the bull more than ever, yet loved and cherished his wife more than he had ever done.

Corbin settled on the sofa, dragging the placid Riley onto his lap. He noticed the maid standing in her neat uniform holding her phone.

“Ah,” Corbin said, as if waking up. “Get your sim out of that phone. Now.”

“Yes Sir.”

Austin used a paper clip from a drawer to force out the tiny rectangular plastic.

“Now open the bag and take out your new phone.”

A new phone? Austin was delighted. Sir had bought him a new phone? Aw, Sir  could be so thoughtful.

Then the shock. Followed by the tummy churning understanding. The parts fell into place.

Austin’s new phone was bubblegum pink. Oh God. He obviously couldn’t be seen with that!

“Sir, I …. Er …”

“Now be a good girl and put your sim into your new phone.”

Unable to argue, or even offer his own feelings on the matter, Austin did as instructed.

“Now give me your new phone.”

As soon as Austin’s hand was close to him, the bull snatched the bright pink phone from the confused maid and turned it on.

Riley curled up her black stockinged legs on the sofa, and with her hand resting on her Bull’s strong shoulders stared at the screen as the phone awoke.

“Aw,” she said, “Isn’t Sir the kindest Sir in the world?”

“Shut it,” Corbin said as he set about the settings on the phone. “I’m concentrating.”

Within seconds, a familiar tune belted out of the small phone …

“I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world …”

Riley giggled. “Oh, maid. How right is that for you?”

Austin was beside himself, “But mistress …”

Corbin, said, “Shut it, both you dumb sluts. I’m busy here.”

From behind her lover’s shoulder, Riley shared an, ‘aren’t we naughty’ smile with her cute maid. Two girls together.

Austin dared not return it in case the brute noticed him smiling.

Not that Corbin had eyes for anything other than the screen, as he hit the buttons with ever increasing speed. Occasionally pausing as he checked the screen for information.

At long last he chuckled nastily.

“There you go Sissy. That is the only phone you are permitted.”

He handed the luminous pink phone back to a shocked Austin.

The screen on the surface showed the phrase: “I need dominant men”, with a picture of a tough looking black male staring out.

Austin knew he could change everything once Corbin left, but still. It was a hell of a humbling situation to be in.

Corbin kept his eyes on the shocked maid as he said to Riley. “The phone will send you every detail the maid has on the phone. Where she is. Any messages she sends or gets, and phone numbers she calls. All her web activity. You’ll be able to keep an eye on her at all times.”

“Oh my!” Riley loved that idea. So much control over her maid! “But Sir, what if she changes the settings? I wouldn’t want her losing that Barbie song. It’s gorgeous for her.”

Corbin settled back into the sofa, squeezing her shoulders, his eyes holding on the maid.

“Well, the phone is now locked. And only I know the pass code. I’ll even be sent details if the dumb cuck tries to get around the lock. Na. She can’t do anything about it.”

The wife looked up at her dazed hubby in his hotel maid’s uniform, “Oh my God. That is amazing! I love it!”

“It gets better,” the bull said, a smug grin stretching his face. “I’m gonna do the same on her pc and laptop. Put child locks on it so she can only view sites we allow her to use. We’ll be able to watch her emails in and out, and chats. Everything we want.”

Closing her eyes, Riley growled. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“Sir, please, I ….” Austin’s face was wide with pleading.

Corbin laughed. “What’s the matter, maid, don’t you want your Mistress and Sir to know what pervy sites you go to?” He looked at the sleepy-eyed wife, “I wonder what the maid’s frightened of.”

Riley leaned forward on the sofa, so her soft boobs jiggled in the light blue, tight, dress, “You are not allowed a single private thought from me, maid. Oh, Jesus. This is such a turn on!” She kissed the rough, unshaven Corbin. “Oh Sir. It so fantastic owning a maid so totally.”

Corbin nodded, “And who have you got to thank for this?”

Coiling her legs up beneath her so she was kneeling, Riley put her hands on her lover’s shoulders. “It is all down to you. I owe you everything, Sir.”

Austin stood up straight. This was outrageous! How dare she look at this bully like that! How dare this mindless thug assume so much ownership over his wife.

Jealousy gave way to rage and envy.  Yet the rage was empty as he dared not even say anything. He gritted his teeth. Once Sir was gone, he would make it clear to his Mistress, that she had to make a choice. Him or that brute.

As the maid burnt with a rage he was not permitted to express, Riley was lost in complete adoration. Adoration that showed in her every moment and every wide eyed stare at her God. She placed her palm flat on his face, loving the roughness of his stubble in comparison to the smooth cheeks of her hubby.

“I love you.”

Of course, the foolish sissy didn’t understand that a woman when aroused utters those words, often to regret them later. Austin’s anger boiled over.

“Mistress! No. You can’t say that!”

The mood was broken, and Riley flashed her dark narrow eyed glare at her maid.

“What did you dare say?”

Austin swallowed. Why hadn’t he kept his mouth shut and waited until after Sir had left. He took a step back in his heels and brought his palms down to the front of his service uniform, the way maids do when caught out by their betters.

Pissed off at his slut moving away from him, Corbin said, “Just hang on a second you two dumb bitches.”

Riley had shuffled to the edge of the sofa, her own heels now back on the carpet. She leaned forward, her dress tightening around her breasts.

“Don’t you dare speak when Sir and I are together!”

Austin looked down at the carpet wishing to escape to the safety of the kitchen. “Sorry Mistress.”

Corbin leapt to his feet in that effortless manner athletes exhibit when moving quickly.

“Maid, fetch the cane!”

“Yes Sir!”

Almost grateful to leave the warzone in the sitting room, Austn raced to the cupboard under the stairs where Sir had insisted he keep one of his canes. Sir wanted a cane to hand where ever he was in the house.

As the maid returned with the terrifying instrument he saw, Riley step close to Sir, and put her hands on his shoulders.

“Aw, Sir. Leave it to me. You know she hates the cane.”

Rather than embracing her as he would normally do, Corbin pushed her backwards.

“It’s not just her getting the cane. I’ve had enough of both you!”

Riley stood straight up, so that her perky bottom, nicely pushed up against the tight blue dress. “Sir? Me? But it was the maid who …”

“Quiet slut,” Corbin said in that quiet, authoritative voice he used when he expected to be obeyed. “You Mistresses are all the same. You think you are above a good spanking.”

Riley placed her hands on her hips, as her stare became defiant. “If you even think about spanking me, especially in front of my maid, then we are finished.”

There is an expression Corbin adopts that truly irritates Austin. It is a cocky grin that pushes up one side of his face. It seems to be saying, ‘look at me, I’m master of the world’.

That was exactly the appearance he had now, as he looked down on a woman he regarded as an easy slut.

Corbin spoke evenly, “That’s up to you. But right now, you and your mouthy maid are going to get a caning you won’t forget.”

With those words, Riley lost all confidence. Her minor rebellion melted away to trepidation.

In desperation, Riley gabbled quickly: “Sir. The maid used your Christian name today!”

Austin threw her hands to her pretty mouth and gasped. Oh no!

Corbin’s attention was now full on the trembling maid. “What?”

“Yes Sir,” Riley said, her words tumbling out as she sought escape from her punishment. “And she said we shouldn’t tell you.”

Austin couldn’t believe the betrayal. “Mistress!”

Now the world’s attention was focused on Corbin. What would Sir do.

He appeared to relax, “Maid, into the dining room, and face two of the chairs to the large mirror. Then I want you both bent over them.”

Neither the Mistress nor the Sissy moved.

Riley started to say some words, but she was cut short by Sir, saying, quite evenly, “Now.”

Two slack jawed girls moved hypnotically into the dining room. Surely this wasn’t happening.


Austin and Riley Part 15







From Corbin’s perspective it was like having two submissive, but wary girls in the bedroom.

The wife Riley, hanging onto his every instruction with wide eyed eagerness. The dumb, sissy, cuck hanging to his every instruction but as much from fear of the consequences than an eagerness to obey.

Corbin, couldn’t give a shit for the reason for compliance, he just didn’t want to be challenged by either of his toys. Being challenged was a time consuming irritation that delayed his fun.

He dropped his sports bag near the door and pulled back his shoulders to adopt his relaxed, commanding presence.

“Get your dress off, slut,” he said quietly to Riley.

She giggled and grew short breathed as she turned her back on her hubby maid.

Like all good sissy maids, he instinctively knew what she wanted and pulled down the zipper of her silver dress, surprised at how tight it held together her clingy garment.

Her dress slid down her body over her bare legs revealing her white bra and panties. She blushed, looking up at her Bull for approval.

Corbin said, “Hot as ever slut.”

She giggled self consciously, putting her hands over the front of her tiny tight panties.

“Now you maid,” Corbin said, with more force, “Get that maid’s dress off. Right now.”

After his punishment earlier, Austin didn’t hesitate for a second. He immediately unbuttoned the front of the genuine hotel maid’s dress, until it fell loose about him.

He pulled it down, feeling his cheeks heat up as his body-hugging, black corset came into view. Self-consciously, he tugged down the uniform dress over his hips so his pink panties with the embarrassing ruffles popped into view.

Corbin laughed, “Don’t you look a sight, maid.”

Austin hung his head, as his wife, leaned across and kissed her hubby on his cheek for support.

“I think you look wonderful.”

She rubbed her palm up the ribboned corset back and they exchanged two red faced smiles of mutual understanding.

“Ok, maid. You’re going to be unlocked and permitted to have sex with your Mistress.”

Austin took in a deep breath and found himself replying, “Thank you, Sir.”

Then he wished he hadn’t said anything. Why should he have to thank this bully for being allowed to make love to his own wife?

“But first maid, you’re going to see how a real man shags the brains out of your Mistress. Take off my jacket.”

Again, the instruction was issued quietly. Calmly, as if expecting nothing other than compliance.

Clip clopping across the floor in his heels, Austin stood behind the Bull and pulled his smooth, designer jacket from his shoulders and down his shirt sleeved arms.

Somehow Corbin looked even tougher with his muscles and square shoulders outlining the crisp white shirt.

“Hang up my jacket in the wardrobe. If there is so much as a crease in it, then you’ll be sorry.”

Swallowing hard Austin carefully carried out his instructions. No maid ever took more time over hanging a jacket on a hanger than Austin at that moment.

In what felt like an excruciatingly long time, but was only about five minutes, Austin removed each item of clothing from the Bull that he was instructed to do so.

Finally, a confident Corbin stood, in just his dark blue boxers, his hairy chest, arms and legs showing firm muscles. But what caught Austin’s attention was the extraordinary thick, bulge snaking down the insides of his boxers. It was brutally big, yet only semi erect.

“Good girl,” Corbin sneered. “Now watch and learn, so that when it’s your turn you can screw your Mistress properly. Maybe not like a man, but like an eager little boy.”

Laughing, Riley playfully slapped her lover’s sexy bare chest, “Aw, stop it. You are so cruel!”

“Lie on the bed slut. Spread those slutty thighs for the man in your life.”

Austin saw his wife’s demeanour change. Her laughter fell away into a sleepy, wide eyed expression.

She robotically stepped backwards and sat on the bed, before pulling back the quilt and lying down. Her gorgeous bare legs shifted a few inches apart.

Austin felt his dick fill his chastity cage. For fuck’s sake he wanted her. He needed to shag his wife. Why the hell did he have these subby, cuck fantasies when he possessed such a gorgeous, sexy wife? He became light headed with need. He would never share her again.

Corbin slapped the outside of Riley’s thighs with the back of his hand.

“Wider, slut!”

She complied, her legs spreading as if on a spring. Her blonde hair cascading across the pillow, her hooded eyes fixed on this masculine, brutish presence towering over her.

Corbin pulled down his boxers, stepping out of them as both husband and wife drank in the sight before them with a chorused gasp.

His cock was now semi erect yet must already be seven inches. It was so fat it would be difficult to grip it.

Corbin pulled a little on it, and instantly it powered up to eight inches of thick cock sticking threateningly out before him, like a weapon.

Riley arched her back, and shook her head, with a long animal groan.

“Please. Oh please.”

Austin had never seen his wife so wanton. Normally she viewed lesbian porn online to get into the mood to make love with him. Yet here she was, desperately alive and in need of the cock that was, by now, pointing arrogantly at the ceiling.

On the tip of the astonishing cock a golden gleam reflected the bedroom lamps light.

Corbin climbed between Riley’s legs, kicking them further apart and making her moan deeper. Her noises were animal like, arising from deep inside her tummy.

Never before had Austin witnessed any woman reacting like this.  

The hard cock pushed at Riley’s body hugging white panties like a boxer’s fist jabbing an opponent into submission.

She squealed, grabbing at his shoulders, trying to drag him into her.

But he just grinned, a man fully in charge. He pressed into her, and then used his fingers to peel back her panties and press his cock head against her pussy.

The following moments left Ausitn in deep shock. As soon as the head entered his wife, so Riley, the woman he had known so closely for the last four years, orgasmed.

Her back arched, her fingernails became talons on the Bull’s back, as she pressed herself deep onto his much desired cock. Her scream was that of a wounded animal. Her hips pulsated and shook, forcing the bed to almost bounce in the room.

Austin had only ever seen her cum when she used her fingers, even when he was making love to her. She would press her fingers against her clit to make herself cum. But even then her orgasms were quiet, controlled. Nothing like what Austin witnessed.

Right now it was as if she couldn’t stop cumming.

Finally, her body stopped quaking and she wrapped her arms drowsily around her lover’s back, her thighs gripping his hairy legs.

“Fuck me, you bastard,” she mumbled.

He began a slow rhythmic pumping action, and in moments she came again. This time her legs tightening vice like around her lover’s thighs. Her back arched, almost painfully.

Again, the hoarse animalistic noise emanating from deep within her.

Austin felt his confined dick squirt into his panties.

If he was allowed to, he would have sat down. His legs were feeling weak, and shaky.

A short while after this orgasm, Riley opened her eyes just enough to smile at her lover, her pink lips hanging open.

Unbelievable, Austin thought. How many times had she cum? And with such intensity. He had never before seen anything like that, even in online videos.

Corbin’s hips recommenced their pushing, and again, Riley gripped her lover as if trying to capture him, her body responding to his every movement.

“I’m gonna cum deep inside you, bitch,” Corbin said through clenched teeth, as if he were in a fight.

“Yes. Yes. Oh yes.”

And then they both seemed to explode.

Corbin grinding with staggering hostility and Riley reacting with screams and groans.

Corbin came. And then he came. And he continued to cum.

He was like a machine and throughout his performance Riley simply shook her head and shouted and squealed.

Finally, the earthquake subsided, and the couple gently kissed, their forces spent.

A half-awake Riley let herself be cuddled and held by Corbin as she, in a daze, kissed at his face.

Austin was beside himself. He had seen Riley being made love to before by Bulls, but she never reacted as she just had. It was as if she completely lost herself. He found himself rubbing futilely at his imprisoned cock through the silky, ruffled panties. His head lolled back, he was desperate to cum. Totally desperate and the thought of being able to make love to his wife filled his senses with need.

As Corbin rose stiffly from the bed, Austin could see a trail of golden liquid hanging from his still semi erect tool. How could he be so big?

“Ok, maid, your turn. Show me how you can make your Mistress cum.”

“Y-y-yes, Sir,” he squeaked under his breath, unable to speak.

He made to pull down his panties, but Corbin was now on his feet, and totally naked and totally the centre of power in the room.

“Keep your frillies on, maid.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Austin wasn’t able to think. He stared at his wife, still in her white lingerie, her hair matted with sweat, her panties darkened with juices from her love making with her Bull.

“Lie on the bed next to your Mistress, maid,” Corbin said, unzipping his sports bag.

Austin climbed onto the bed, feeling the corset crush his tummy. He worried his heels might catch the sheets and tear them, so laid down carefully.

His wife opened her eyes, and stared blankly at her husband, in his cute blonde hairstyle and light make up. He looked so adorable and harmless especially in the same room as her commanding Bull. The contrast was delightful. She smiled softly before closing her eyes, half a dream away from sleep.

Corbin was far from sleep. He was busily opening up two pairs of heavy duty handcuffs.

“Wrists,” he said without emphasis.

Austin complied as if hypnotised, holding up his arms. Corbin locked one set of cuffs around each wrist.

The Bull tugged one arm of the cuck’s up towards the metal barred bedhead. He clunked the handcuff around one bar and then, kneeling on the bed stretched Austin’s other arm so that it was far from the first one and ratcheted the cuff shut around the nearest bar.

Suddenly, Austin felt alarm. His arms spread wide around his head made him feel totally vulnerable. If he were playing a game with Riley, this would be fun, but with the authoritative Corbin taking control it was decidedly scary. He pulled on the chains and found they had no give in them at all. He was firmly held helpless until released.

But if the cuffs were alarming, they were nothing compared with the contraption Corbin dragged clanking from his sports bag.

It was a telescopic spreader bar, with two black leather cuffs at either end. Austin could see that the bar could be elongated and held firm by a clip. It could be opened wider or pulled narrower.

“Ankles bitch,” Corbin said.

An alarmed Austin pulled his legs away from the dominant male, feeling his stockings rub on the smooth sheets.

“Erm, Sir. I am not sure …”

Corbin slapped Austin’s thigh, just above his stocking tops, making him squeal. He then gripped one ankle and swiftly wrapped the leather cuff about it. Seconds later he did the same with the second, leaving Austin’s ankles held together, firmly fixed some eight inches apart.

Pulling out the fixing clip, Corbin stretched out the two bars pushing Austin’s stockinged ankles a couple of feet wide, before reinserting the clip.

He grunted as if satisfied, with his actions.

Spread eagled, on his back, Austin felt a cold wave of panic sweep through him.

“Sir, please. I don’t like this.”

Corbin stared blankly at him and nodded, as if he heard the plaintive words from the dumb cuck, but that they simply didn’t matter to him.

A sleepy Riley emitted a soft, “Oh.”

Her eyes were barely open, but she was taking in the bondage of her Hubbie. He was secured by his wrists to the headboard, and his high heeled feet were forced apart.

Inwardly she thought, ‘wow’. It was such a hot sight. Her maid was absolutely helpless. She yawned and woozily pushed herself up trying to stay awake for whatever her inventive Bull had planned.

“So, maid,” Corbin said matter of factly, “you want to shag your slut of a wife?”

Austin hated hearing his wife referred to as a slut by this odious bully, but he desperately needed to cum, so just nodded yes.

“Here’s how it works, maid. You must make her cum just once. Just that one time. You saw how many times I made her cum. So not hard is it? Then you can stay out of your chastity cage all night. How about that?”

Again, Austin didn’t want to upset the Bull, as he so needed to cum so keenly, he nodded as he said, “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

Austin knew that his wife could cum by playing with herself when he was shagging her, so he knew he was in a win-win situation.

As we all know, silly sissy cucks are never in a win-win situation, but right now Austin was only concerned with one matter. Cumming inside his adorable wife, the woman he loved.

“Of course,” Corbin continued, as if thinking through options, “If you fail there will be consequences. Like, I’ll lock you in my chastity cage.”

Even in Austin’s fevered state he was able to reason that it wouldn’t matter whose cage he was locked in if he failed. Besides, Riley always tickled her clit when he made love to her. So she was bound to cum.

Dipping his hand into his neatly hung up jacket pocket, Corbin retrieved the key to Austin’s chastity cage.

Austin groaned at the sight of it. In seconds he would be unlocked!

It took a little longer as Corbin hated the wetness of the plastic cage inside the cuck’s frilly pink panties. But eventually he pulled it off, letting the cuck’s dribbling prick rise free. Corbin pulled the ring from behind the ball sack cruelly off making Austin squeal.


“Is that it?” Corbin laughed at the sight before him.

The husband felt defensive. He always convinced himself he was average in penis size, sissy cucks often do. It’s a self deceit that helps them get through the day.

Feeling defensive, Austin immediately croaked, “Sir, it isn’t erect yet.”

“Glad to hear it!” Corbin continued to chuckle.

An exhausted Riley crawled down the bed, feeling sorry for her silly Hubbie.

“Aw,” she said. “Let’s see what I can do.”

She was going to suck it, but the little dick looked so ineffectual in comparison to the monster cock of Corbin’s that she had been sucking for the last few days. So she simply ran her fingers up and down the damp shaft until it hardened and rose to point apologetically at the ceiling.

“There,” she said.

Corbin thought this was hysterical.

“You had to put up with that before you met me?”

Riley giggled, “Oh stop it. Not many guys are built like you.”

Corbin let his ego expand with the compliment.

“Ok, let’s see some action here,” he said. “Though it will be more like lesbian action, when your maid is so insignificant down there.”

Riley shook her head with a sleepy grin at her lover, “You are awful, you know.”

She clambered over her husband’s bound frame.

Austin’s eyes widened at the sight of his hot wife still in her white lingerie, hovering above him. Oh my God! She was the sexiest woman he had ever known!

When her boobs jiggled in the bra his hips jabbed upwards. He just needed to be inside her. To take her. To own her.

Parting her panties she settled down on her husband’s cock.

Austin was shocked.

“I can’t feel you!”

“Oh silly. Sir has widened me. You saw how big he is. It takes a while to go back to normal.”

Corbin chortled. “Dumb arsed sissy. How you gonna make your Mistress cum if she cannot even feel you?”

With renewed vigour Austin pounded at his wife’s pussy, but she seemed unaware of anything. Gone was her screaming, moaning and gyrating when Corbin took her. She simply appeared tired and dreamy.

“Come on dumb maid,” Corbin grinned. “Let’s see you put some effort into it!”

Austin felt a pang of fear as he pushed harder and harder.

Riley smiled, her eyelids barely able to stay open, “Let me help you, maid.”

She pushed her fingers down her panties hunting for her clit.

The slap to her pantied arse shook her awake.

Corbin said, “Naughty, naughty. I want to see your maid in action.” Then he grinned, showing his teeth, like an animal hunting its prey. “And there’s not much action right now!”

Quickly she snatched her hand from her panties feeling aroused at obeying her Sir.

She leaned down and kissed her Hubbie on his nose and winked. Then she stretched forwards lying on top of him, pushing her clit around until she felt his little dick rub against it.

She moaned at the first impact and then moved tighter to it and let out a long groan.

Corbin could see what she was doing, and said, quietly, “You know a lot of your doors aren’t fitted properly.”

Her movements stopped, as she looked around at her lover. “Oh, I know. Hubby isn’t very practical really.”

“Well, I know a guy who can sort that. Check all your kitchen cupboard doors too.”

“Really?” She was now wide awake, “My god, they’ve been crap for years.”

Austin couldn’t believe this. He was working so hard at fucking his own wife and she was more concerned with cupboard doors!

“Mistress!” Austin said, as if in pain.

She glanced down at him as if remembering he was present. “Oh, you should cum now, maid. Be a good maid and just cum.”

But he couldn’t! Without some friction to help him, he just could not ejaculate.

His frustration was exacerbated as he saw his sexy wife rise up off his dick. Once sitting upright, she reached down with her hand to gently rub his hard cock. And he exploded. And exploded. And exploded again.

All those days of pent-up need betraying him. His hips had a dancing life of their own.

He groaned loudly as his final cum spurted out like a fountain.

Corbin grabbed Riley’s sweaty blond hair and kissed her harshly. As he pulled away he grinned in triumph.

“Your maid even cums like a girl.”

Riley found herself laughing and her pussy aching for her cruel lover’s big hard cock.

Corbin’s cock was its enormous self again, pushing out of him like a monstrous animal.

“Clean up your maid’s pussy and pull down her panties,” Corbin said.

Lazily, she went to the ensuite to retrieve a flannel. She ran the tap until the water was hot and soaked the flannel before drying it out, leaving it moist and warm.

She returned to see Corbin opening a small cardboard box.

As she set about cleaning her husband, with his pink ruffled panties pulled clear, she noticed the horror on her husband’s eyes.

He was staring at Corbin. She turned around to see her lover holding up a small metallic contraption. She instantly recognised it as an intricate chastity cage. She noted the circular metal, she understood would go behind the balls, but the actual cage was small and oddly curved that it didn’t look like it could fit over a penis.

Austin started jabbering. “Sir, no please. I’ll put on my old one. I promise.”

Corbin raised his eyebrows in mock surprise. “Will you? I don’t think so. Your days of cheap plastic cages from China are over. This is made of tungsten. The same tungsten they make bullets from.” He moved closer to hold it before the horrified face of the dumb cuck maid. “Once I lock you in this, you are in my wheelhouse. You are mine. You will feel more owned than a puppy being taken for a walk by its master.”


Austin’s hands pulled at his cuffs, but there was little give, and with his ankles prised apart he could attain very little movement.

Tears of fear and apprehension washed from his huge eyes.

Riley bent down and pushed up her husband’s bangs from his forehead with her palm and kissed at the salty tears.

“I want you to be an extra strong, brave maid for me,” she said with a soft soothing tone. “Will you do that, babes? For me?”

Austin’s lips parted into a big, shocked O shape as he shook his head.

“Please. No. No. We must stop this game now. What’s our safe word?”

“Aw, maid,” Riley cooed. “You don’t have one. Isn’t that such a shame?”

Austin frantically pulled at his steel bonds, but they were unyielding.

“Riley, please. Riley! This is too far.”

That look. That look of his wife’s that he has never seen before they met up with Corbin and she became his Mistress. Where the eyes narrow, the lips grow hard and straight. As if her soul is darkening.

Leaning her head to one side, as if to study him, she said, “I hate it when you use my name now. You’ve lost that right. You gave it away. You are mine. You are my maid! I do not want to hear my name on your lips ever again.” She leaned closer, so that Austin could feel the heat from her breath. “You got that?”

In fear he nodded.

Corbin lifted up the limp apology of Austin’s manhood and began the process of pushing the metallic ring over one ball.

“You know,” he said to his slut. “I think once I’ve locked up your maid, we need to teach her about how to address others. Get it sunk into the maid’s little brain.”

Riley’s response was to kiss at her lover’s unshaven face as if she were a hungry cat devouring a meal.

Riley squealed as the tungsten ring pinched over the second ball.

This just couldn’t be happening. Tears stung his eyes.