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Melissa Chapter Two



Chapter 2  

By Deborah ford



Thus Christian ended up caned but was now lying, snuggled up in bed with his mistress. His bottom may have burnt from the punishment, but he felt very snug and dreamy crushed up against his wife, Melissa.

His head rested near her gorgeous soft breasts encased in the black silk nightie with the delicate lacing that Christian so much adored. He still wore his white lingerie, with the basque , matching panties and stockings.

Feeling his wife’s naked arm wind around him, he snuggled tighter to her, instinctively kissing her tit.

“Boy!” His wife spoke with a humorous warning tone, as if speaking to a small child. “Naughty boys aren’t allowed any treats.”

She grinned as he bowed his head under the sheets before sweeping her hand over his smooth basque feeling his stocking rub against her bare legs. The world felt as if it were in its correct orbit.

Six canings had been suffice to reduce her boy to a tearful sobbing apology of a maid. So she just added another couple, making a total of eight and felt satisfied with her work.

“So maid, how should you address me in future?”

Christians sniffed for a moment before replying, “Mistress.”

“And should a silly maid not carry out her chores as instructed by her mistress?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Christian now realised how ridiculous he had been the previous night in growing so angry that he didn’t follow his instructions.

She tilted up his chin, leaning down to kiss his nose. My god he looked so cute. Why had she spent so many years resisting her husband’s request for her to be dominant. Have him wear girl’s frillies and  cuckold him? What a life she now led.

She was at ease with the world.

From Christian’s perspective, apart from his throbbing backside, he felt perfectly safe and cosy in his Mistress’ arms under the comforting sheets.

Her phone jangled, shaking them both from their reverie.

Christian didn’t want this moment to end, hoping that he would be allowed to kiss his wife’s body at some stage. He didn’t want her to answer.

Nor, initially, did Melissa. Reluctantly she lifted up the pulsating phone from near her tray of tea and toast crumbs and checked it.


Alerted by her shock, Christian asked, “Who is it Mistress?”

“It’s him! Sir.”

Sir? Christian hated how his wife referred to her latest lover as Sir. She had never done so in the past with her previous lovers. Moreover, her past lovers  didn’t mind Christian watching them screw his wife. This guy, so called Sir(!), didn’t want anything to do with her husband. Christian had to stay at home while they screwed, no matter how he complained.

“Mistress, don’t answer it.”

She glanced at him and smiled slyly. She had not intended to answer as she was enjoying the moment, but she was damned if her boy was going to dictate anything.

Staring at him to make the point, she pressed the answer button and lay back on the pillow and said a soft, “Yes?”

She listened, and Christian made an attempt to move up her body to hear what was being said by this guy who was ruining everything.

Melissa brought her hand up to his shoulder and pushed him back down with a warning glare.

Gritting his teeth with the indignity of not being permitted to hear, he looked up through his long fringe trying to discern the conversation.

Melissa laughed. “Oh yes, last night was wonderful. Oh my God! Sir you were amazing!”

Sighing, Christian noted how his wife addressed him over the phone as Sir. Why she had to placate his ego, he didn’t understand. Now he was feeling left out, with his wife’s full attention beamed at her lover.

“Yes, it was late. My boy had a little strop about that,” she laughed.

Now Christian was fuming. How dare his wife share that intimate event in such a humiliating way.

“Oh, he’s fine now. Yes.” She listened for a bit and then said, “Oh I sent him to the spare bedroom down the landing, at the back of the house.” She laughed cheerily at something she heard, before continuing, “Oh no. I caned him this morning. Sorry? Oh, eight strokes.”

This was too much. Christian raised his chin and said under his breath, “Mistress!”

“Quiet boy!” Was all she said back, before speaking into the phone again. “No, it’s ok. He’s just being bratty.” Her eyes locked with those of her husband, “In fact I can see one little boy and having another eight strokes if he’s not careful.”

Pulling a face at his wife, Christian burrowed back under the sheets. How dare she share any of their adventures with a perfect stranger. He was feeling crushed inside. This would be the last day they would play the maid games or let her go off shagging other guys. She had gone too far.

“No. It’s fine,” she smiled into the phone. “ I have made my point. Oh I miss you. Well, I miss your amazing cock!”

She laughed at his response.

“I’ve never felt so full. And last night, you were so aggressive!”

Oddly, in Christian’s chastity cage, his little dick swelled with the humiliation of hearing his wife praise another man’s lovemaking in his presence. But it sounded as if he, her husband, couldn’t satisfy her. He hated it, yet it turned him on. But as his guts gnawed so he wanted the conversation to come to an end, so that they could discuss it.

“Oh no. Nothing for my boy. No sex for naughty boys. Maybe let him eat me later if he his behaviour improves.”

This was too much. Again he tried to squirm upwards out of her embrace, and then, as a warning, he whispered, “Mistress!”

“Just a moment, Sir,” she pressed the phone down onto her body so Sir couldn’t hear her, before saying. “Boy. You are heading for a whole world of punishment if you do not improve your conduct. If you want to be unlocked before next year you’d better behave!”

As a defeated and demoralised Christian sulked under the sheets, she took the phone back to her ear.

“Sorry? Oh, unlocked. I mean his chastity cage …”

At that moment, Christian felt his insides crushed. How could she share such secret personal information with this guy?

“Oh, I don’t know.” She looked down at her blushing husband who couldn’t return her look, “Boy. What sort of chastity cage have you got on?”

“Sorry?” he peered up at her, barely able to hold her gaze.

She listened to her phone and then said, “Sir wants to know if it is just a generic device.”

“I don’t know!” he said sharply to end the conversation. He sure as hell wasn’t going to tell her lover what sort of chastity cage he was locked in – even if he knew.

“I don’t think he knows,” she said before listening carefully to a long message from her lover.

Christian was perplexed, what on earth would that ape be saying.

Finally, she said, ”OK”, and pulled back the sheet over him. “Stand boy. Next to the bed.”

What? He glared at her with angry incredulity.

She simply raised her eyebrows and with a huge huff he clambered out of the bed before standing next to it waiting for whatever was the next daft instruction.

Leaning up, she said, “Pull down your panties boy.”

Again a pause, before a long sigh matched him pulling down his gorgeous silky white panties over his suspender belt straps. Now he felt naked, with his chastity caged member exposed so coldly before his wife.

Suddenly the camera on her phone let off a series of flashes.

An astonished Christian said, “Melissa!”

“Get back into bed quickly and cuddle up to me again.”

She pressed some buttons and as a shocked husband climbed gratefully under the sheets where he could hide, she finally wrapped her free arm around him, again he was held near her breast. But this time he was too much in shock to attempt to kiss the normally inviting mound.

 “You get the picture? Is it a generic device?” She asked.

Then she nodded and listened and hummed as if understanding what was being said. Finally she placed the phone face down on her body and said to her husband.

“Sir, says it is a cheap Chinese generic rip off.”

“Oh so he’s a big expert in chastity cages is he?” He spat back.

Melissa ran her fingers through his lovely soft hair. “Sir is an expert in many things, boy. That’s why you should pay attention.”

Christian seethed.

“Apparently,” she continued to her incensed husband, “It is cheap plastic that you can cut through. Though Sir says most cucks wouldn’t dare.” She laughed at that, though her husband couldn’t see anything remotely amusing in it. “Also the lock is a cheap generic one. Easy to pick and apparently you can order spare keys online. So not very secure really.”

He felt as she was admonishing him. “Mistress! I did research, and this is a good one.”

She smiled and shook her head indulgently at him before lifting up the phone.

“I’ve told him it’s a shoddy rip off. Oh, I don’t know. How do I test that Sir? OK.”

She put down the phone and slid her fingers into the front of his panties gripping the chastity cage.

“Sir wants to know if there is much movement on the ring behind your balls.”

She twisted the plastic hoop one way then the other before lifting up the phone.

“I’d say yes, there is a lot of movement.” She listened, nodding her head and making murmurs of understanding. “So it is possible for him to escape by pulling free? Oh dear.” She gave her husband a withering stare. “But how would you know when a ring is tight enough? Oh I see.”

She lowered the phone and said to her dazed hubbie, “Apparently it is straightforward to get the right size rear ring. So leave it to him.”

Leave it to him? Christian sat up in bed with wide eyes.

“Mistress, what do you mean?”

“Hush boy, your Mistress is busy,” she then continued into the phone, “OK. So how about midday?”


She giggled at something her lover said. “I’ll have the maid prepare some sandwiches for you. Get you a beer. Sorry? His suspenders and panties? Aren’t they gorgeous! I could send you a pic of his entire get up if you like. With the basque. Oh, he has a full white lingerie on when being my maid. I wear black as a Mistress.”

Christian buried his head into his hands, along with his dignity and sensibilities. He was crushed.

“Speak soon.” She gave a series of kisses into the phone.

As she dreamily lay back with her phone turned off she quietly whispered, “Maid, you must learn to behave when I am on the phone. You need the benefit of the cane again, and then I need to explain some things to you.”






So it was that Christian was sniffling from his second bout of the cane when he helped Melissa prepare for her lover, the mysterious Sir.

Thankfully she only gave him six strikes of the whippy instrument, but on top of his burning chastisement from earlier, it was the worst penalty he had suffered. He had agreed at the outset of their arrangement for Melissa to be able to punish him whenever she thought it necessary, She had always seemed so reserved and cautious that he never thought she would ever beat him.


Christian remained in his white basque, panties and stockings while he made sandwiches and prepared bowls of crisps for the so called Sir who was about to visit them. He kept the beer bottles in the fridge so they would be chilled on the arrival of Sir.

After Melissa’s bath, during which Christian completed the ironing with which he had been entrusted the previous night, he had to brush her long, thick blonde hair.

Wearing only her pink light bathrobe, she studied herself in the mirror, occasionally adjusting her make up, as her maid sulked while brushing  her hair.

“You haven’t really released yourself from that cheap cage of yours have you, boy?”

He stopped brushing, feeling offended. “No Mistress. Honestly!”

She didn’t appear convinced. “Well Sir says it is easy to pick, because it only has one cylinder or some such. You know men with their technical talk.”

Pouting at the idea that he was not part of the group called men, he continued brushing.

“I have no idea how to pick any lock Mistress.”

“He also says you could get out of it as the back ring isn’t tight enough.”

“I don’t think so!”

“And it’s made out of cheap Chinese plastic!”

“It is sturdy enough, Mistress. Really.”

She stared at his reflection in disbelief. “You can even cut it off apparently.” She laughed. “Though Sir says few cucks would have the courage to do that.”

Feeling sarcastic, he said, “So, Sir knows a lot about cucks does he? Is he one?”

She grinned. “No. Not a man like him, honey. He makes cucks. He takes great pride and delight in doing so to, so watch out!”

Christian swallowed and froze with fright. Somewhere out there in the world, and heading their way was some strong, alpha male with a big cock who made cucks. And he was going to be in his house soon! In his own home, eating the food he prepared and drinking the beer Christian had chilled for him.

“Mistress, perhaps you should go to his place. I thought he preferred that.”

“Oh yes, he does prefer me going there. He doesn’t like the idea of another man in the house while he’s screwing a wife. But now he’s seen the pic of you in stockings and panties he no longer sees that as a problem.”

Letting his arms fall to his sides, Christian said, “Mistress, I think we need to have a sit down and long chat about this.”

“I agree, honey.”

Immediately feeling relief, his shoulders sagged. “Thank you, Mistress.”

“We’ll hear what Sir has to say and then discuss it.”

“No, Mistress, I meant …”

“Now, I want my black basque that does up at the front, with the lovely detail. The matching panties and my best black stockings. So you in your white maid’s gear and me as the mistress in all black. Be quite the contrast for Sir, don’t you think?”

“Mistress, I don’t want to wear women’s underwear while he is here, Mistress. You can see the basque through my shirts and the stockings under my jeans.

She laughed. “Silly. You won’t be wearing, jeans and shirt.” She turned in her seat to face him, “He has seen what you wear, so don’t you worry your little head about it. Now fetch my black basque, stockings and a good pair of black heels.

Just thirty minutes later she had shimmied into a tight black dress over her cock throbbing lingerie and was ready for Sir.

“Now then boy, lie on the bed with your hands through the bedhead bars.”

Melissa raised the silver handcuffs Christian had bought in a toy shop at the start of their adventures. Obviously, she was unaware that the toy handcuffs had a safety catch, so he felt quite comfortable lying on his back and pushing his hands through the cold bars of the headboard. If it became too much then he could release himself.

What could go wrong if he could unlock his cuffs whenever he chose?


End of part two.



Melissa Chapter One


Chapter one



Had Christian taken a moment before he spoke, he’d have seen how knackered Melissa looked.

But his indignation had been welling up for hours that fateful night.

As she came through the door, Melissa’s coat flapped around her. He could see that she had dressed hurriedly as she was less than her perfect self. Her hair was a mess, and her cheeks flushed. Her tired eyes tried a smile when she saw Christian in the hall.

He wasn’t dressed as she had ordered but she was too weary to fight right now. So she smiled,

“Honey. You still up? It’s gone two.”

“What’s going on?” Hours of fuming burst out of his mouth unregulated by any sense.

She sighed, lowered her head and brushed past him heading for the stairs where she draped her coat and scarf over the stair post.

“I’m tired honey. I’ll check your ironing in the morning.”

“I haven’t done it!”

As soon as he uttered the words, he wished he could recover them. He could do the ironing tomorrow morning and then she wouldn’t have known he hadn’t completed his chore for the night.

She tilted her head to one side, her blonde hair spreading over her shoulder.

“Oh? Is there a problem?”

Now he was livid. “Is there a problem? Is there a problem?”

He stepped forward and paused when he saw her close her eyes.

“I’ll deal with it in the morning,” she sighed.

“No. let us deal with it right now. You said you’d phone if you were going to be late.”

“Honey …”

“Don’t Honey me! It’s gone two o’clock.”

Her eyes remained closed. “He wanted to try stuff. You know how it is.”

“He! He! Always he.” He paused. Fumed some more, put out his upturned palm and said, “Give me the key to this damned chastity cage!”

For a long while she stared at him with sleepy eyes as if reluctantly assessing a maths problem.

“No.” She spoke quietly. “I don’t like your attitude. In fact, this is the last thing I want spoiling a perfect night. You can sleep in the spare bedroom and then report to me tomorrow morning with tea and toast.”

She started up the stairs on tired legs, calling back, “But make it after nine. You are in enough trouble.”


Christian couldn’t believe this. Didn’t she know how annoyed with her he was? he raced up the stairs but too late. He heard the master bedroom lock turn and click home.

Dumbly he tried the handle, even though he knew it would be locked.

“We need to talk!” he shouted through the closed door.

But he was shouting into silence and soon slopped off in misery to the spare bedroom. He was going to use one of the guest bedrooms, with the larger beds, just to get back at her, but somehow couldn’t find the courage.

So he stripped down to the white lingerie he had been ordered to wear for the ironing while she was with her dick head of a lover.

He smoothed his palms down the silky smoothness of the bodice, to the gorgeous panties and then the stockings themselves.

Oh God! So arousing. He rubbed his locked dick through the panties, having to sit on the bed as his head swirled with sensuous joy. He was so desperate to cum. At least the bitch could have let him have the key for ten minutes. Five minutes! One minute! It wouldn’t have taken long to release himself and cum.

As it was, defeated,  he pulled the silky sheets around his silky form and slid up and down in the bed in complete sexual need.

As his erotically charged brain tried to make sense of his predicament. He knew only one thing. He would have it out with Melissa tomorrow morning. Then he groaned and dragged a pillow between his thighs and started to rub futilely at his caged dick.




So it was at one minute to nine Christian, wearing a colourful bathrobe over his naked body, stood outside the master bedroom, with a tray of tea and toast.

He watched his watch tick up to nine o’clock and tapped the door gently.


He tapped harder.

A groggy voice. “It’s unlocked.”

Taking a deep breath, he entered. He was determined not to get angry this time, his locked cock cage a compelling reason to behave.

“I brought you your tea and toast,” he said.

Removing her sleep blindfold, she groggily leaned up one arm.

“What on earth are you wearing?”

“Oh!” He froze with the tray.

“Should a Mistress of the House be served by a slovenly boy in his old bathrobe. Which could also do with a wash and iron!”

“Well … I …”

“Go and get dressed, boy. And consider yourself in serious trouble!”

He had to make a stand! This was ridiculous. Their game was becoming a real grind for him.

“Mel, I think we need to talk.”

She eyed him coldly. “Oh yes boy, believe me, we do need to talk. But with you wearing the white lingerie I laid out for you last night.”

Oh! He would feel so embarrassed wearing lingerie before he when he wanted to admonish her and set her straight on a few points.

“To be honest, I think a five or ten minutes chat would help us …”

“You do want your little dicklette unlocked at some stage, don’t you?”

She asked the question in such a calm, reasonable way, like a teacher rebuking a child, that he swallowed.

“Well. Yes. Of course. The deal is that you remove it when you get home from your lover and …”

“Boy. The deal was for you to be appropriately dressed. Then to complete the chores demanded of you and for you to be tucked up in bed when I return.”

Now he had to speak.

“Yes, and you are supposed to tell me when you are going to be late, so I am not waiting around worried about …”

“The conversation will start when you are dressed as instructed.” She eyed him coldly. “And not before.”

For a long moment he stared at her. Damn this locked cage, it made him feel so docile and dumb.

Finally he said, “Ok. But we will have that chat.”

With that he headed for the door.


She called out after him, freezing him.

“Leave the tray on the table here. It’s no good my tea and toast getting cold while waiting for you to dress as you should, is it?”

Now he felt cheek blushingly foolish and avoided her eye contact as he slid the tray into position on her bedside cabinet and fled the room gnashing his teeth at his silliness.

They had come a long way since Melissa agreed to try a Female Led Relationship. That led to bondage, then male maid play and then, finally, cuckolding.

As Christian checked his face and chest were smooth of hair, and donned the white basque, panties and stockings, he decided that Melissa had to understand this was a two way relationship. If it wasn’t that, then it wasn’t working!

He brushed his dark hair in the mirror, as Melissa was a stickler for his lengthy hair to be neatly styled, before returning to the master bedroom.

It took him a moment to summon the courage, but finally he knocked the door. He had not been allowed to enter a room in which she sat without knocking for a few weeks – which, to his mind, showed how ridiculous their relationship was all becoming.

“Enter maid.”

Her voice was soft, and relaxed. That eased the tension for Christian.

He entered, closed the door behind him as Melissa didn’t like doors to be left open, and stood before her.

God she looked hot!

She always appeared sexy following a bout with her lover. Whoever that was. Christian wasn’t permitted to know anything about her Bull.

Placing her half drunk tea cup carefully on the tray, she snuggled  so that she was sitting up against the bedhead bars, to which he had been so often chained.

She surveyed him and raised her eyebrows.

“You did hang your lingerie up last night didn’t you? It looks creased to hell?”

Had she already forgotten that he was upset last night?

“As you know, you upset me last night.”

He spoke firmly, even though he felt ridiculous standing in girls’ lingerie before his wife. His cock was locked away and all the keys were hidden. It made him feel relegated, perhaps as a real maid might feel before the Mistress of the House.

“Did I maid? Was that when you refused to address me as Mistress?”

“Well, I … er … it was just that …”

“And haven’t we got a rule for when you forget to address me appropriately?”

Feeling his face flush again, he wished he hadn’t changed into the lingerie on her instructions, as now he felt totally submissive.

“Well, we are talking out of character here, Melissa and …”

She smiled, her eyes glittering, “No boy. We said that you should adopt the principle of addressing me as Mistress until we agreed to stop. No mention of stopping if you stamp your little foot.”

He was having his own terms thrown back at him.

“Ok, yes Mistress,” he said with overdue emphasis making his wife’s eyebrows rise. He nodded, and continued with a more subdued tone. “Yes Mistress. We did agree to that. But we also agreed that …”

She held up a finger to stop him talking. “And what was the price of failing to address me appropriately? Can you remember?”

He swallowed. “Yes, I do Mistress.”

He lowered his head and put his hands behind his back.

Oh my God, thought Melissa! It was just as her Bull said. If she laid down the law to her husband, he would submit to her will. Here it was happening before her. She felt wet between her legs, and her lover’s juices were mingling with her own dampness making her feel totally hot. She wanted to dismiss the maid and call the Bull over. She needed a big thick cock. She needed it bad.

Thus she was now doubly irritated. It seemed to her that her maid was denying her access to her own pleasures.

She smoothed out the bed sheets, “And what did you agree as a forfeit, boy?”

“Mistress, can’t we just say I was upset and ….”

“Remind me boy. What is the forfeit that you insisted upon when you failed to address me as Mistress?”

Christian, groaned, clenched his fists and looked down at the ground.

“A spanking, Mistress.”

“Good boy, now fetch the cane.”


End of part one

Friedes_Evil_Twinsis has kindly allowed me to share this wonderful story with you. I hope you enjoy it too.


Synopsis: Keith, an average, orgasm-addicted college student, tries out one of the Cyberlok cages, smart cages remote-controlled by phone apps. An accident leaves him open to his roommate Kim’s mercy.

All characters are 18+.

Keith sat on the bedside of his small but cozy if a little chaotic dorm room. He had a nice view over parts of the campus, one that he often used to spy when he was bored and observe the hot girls in their skirts straddling across the courtyard, only to stroke his cock to their nice legs and asses moments later.

But today, he wasn’t interested in the pretty view from his window. He had a weighty package next to him, one that had cost him a small fortune for his limited student finances.

A Cyberlok cage. The last craze since a while now in the chastity community, one that had taken girls’ hearts and men’s cocks by storm. A ‘smart cage’ remote-controlled by the Cyberlok app on someone else’s phone, with all kinds of nasty functions and surprises, depending on the model of choice.

The Cyberlok cage looked larger from the outside than from the inside, that Keith was certain of, probably to house the electronics. It was a clean, opaque cage out of white plastic that looked a little bulky. He weighed it in his hands before carefully going through the instructions and putting it on.

His cock wasn’t particularly impressive, and hadn’t been seen by an awful lot of girls yet – which might have been the reason why he loved to masturbate so much. Chastity and denial were a curiosity of his that he had stumbled upon a few months ago, one that made him harder than he had liked to admit at first. As the horny masturbation addict he was, it hadn’t been long until he ordered his first cage – a cheap plastic one, but one that did its job. He never wore it for long though, and as he read more about the Cyberlok craze online, he decided to take the leap and order one for himself.

Keith was semi-hard, but limp enough to the point where he could just put the cage on top of his member and press down until it slid right over. He giggled from the weird feeling as the cold, weighty plastic of the smart cage slid over his sensitive cockskin.

The Cyberlok cage turned on with a little beep and a flashing light as soon as the base ring of the cage was inserted into the cage part. The lock itself was an electric, remote-controlled mechanism.

He grabbed his phone and navigated to the Cyberlok app. He had already signed up for an account in advance – it was really simple, he just needed to pick if he was a keyholder or a ‘Chaster’ as the app called it, and fill out a few questions. He hadn’t read into the specifics, but he knew the two groups had different rights, and keyholders could obviously control the Chasters to an extend.

As soon as he opened the app, it already recognized the new cage. Unassigned Cyberlok cage found nearby. Do you want to pair the cage to this account?

“Damn, that’s quick”, he said impressed. He held his phone next to the cage in his lap as he tapped through the pairing process and accepted a couple of questions without reading into them too much. Soon enough, there was a green checkmark in the app.

Congratulations! Your setup is complete. To lock and unlock the cage, press the lock below.

There was a big symbol of an unlocked lock in the middle of the screen. He tapped it. The lock on the screen snapped shut, and a moment later, a small click came from his cage. The cage had suddenly tightened a little, making it more uncomfortable for his already crammed cock.

He tapped the lock again, and it opened up, along with another click from his cage. He pulled on the cage and sure enough, it came loose.

Keith chuckled as he secured the cage again and stroked his hand over his new, expensive toy. He was already growing hard inside the smart cage. This was simple yet pretty awesome. He tapped the lock a few more times, feeling the cage tighten and then get loose again each time, accompanied by another click.

He tapped around the app some more and found a bunch of checkboxes and settings. He hadn’t bought the most expensive model, so it didn’t have all the fancy bells and whistles, but he knew even his model had some kind of basic teasing functionality inside. His eyes came to rest on a big scroll wheel for a timer.

Warning: as a Chaster, you can only add time to a sentence. Only key holders can add and subtract time from a sentence. The lock won’t disengage until the chosen sentence is over. Use at your own risk.

Keith felt his cock tighten in his cage. He heard about this functionality; it was one of the main differences between keyholders and Chasters. Seeing it with his own eyes made him pretty excited.

He knew he was a chicken though, and he just wanted to toy with the cage for a bit. He did want to feel the thrill of not being able to release himself, but not so long that he’d actually regret it. He looked at his watch, it was early afternoon. He contemplated for a moment, then he scrolled the wheel to 3:00 hours and pressed Start.

Only keyholders can subtract time from a sentence. Do you really wish to continue?

He rolled his eyes and pressed Yes. A second later, he heard the click from his cage, and a timer appeared across the big lock symbol in the app that slowly ticked down from 3:00 hours.

He grinned as he fumbled with the cage, unable to pull it off now; it sat neat and tight. He read online that the electronic lock was pretty secure, it was apparently a big selling point of these Cyberlok devices. He tapped the lock in the app a couple times, but it didn’t do anything now as the timer slowly ticked down. He almost regretted his choice already – the whole prospect of being locked for 3 hours with nothing he could do to get out earlier made him incredibly horny, to the point where he’d probably wank off right here if he wasn’t locked.

“At least I know precisely what I’m going to do in 2 hours 58 minutes”, he chuckled to himself.

He stood in the mirror, looking down on him, wearing only a shirt and no pants with the snow-white cage between his legs. He was a slim 19-year-old college student and not particularly proud of his body.

He threw on some shorts and a towel, deciding he’d take a shower to get his mind off it.

As he stood under the hot shower stream, he panicked briefly afraid of breaking the cage from the water, before remembering that the cage had an IP68 waterproof rating. It needed to have one, of course, as some people were wearing it for weeks or months. Plus he was sure some naughty guys would otherwise cheat their sentence if a bit of water could open up the cage already.

As he was just about to finish up, he suddenly heard another beeping sound come from his cage. He stroked over it briefly, but nothing seemed to have changed, so he didn’t think much of it.

He dried it off properly, then he put on his boxers and shorts again. As he walked through the community room of his flat without wearing a shirt, he saw his female roommate on the couch. Kim was an 18-year-old, beautiful girl who had a lively energy about her. Keith was secretly crushing on her a little, and when he wasn’t spying on hot girls out on the campus or watching porn, he was sometimes thinking about Kim in his wank fantasies. She was a smart, flirtatious girl with a lot of self-confidence, but also a gentle heart and friend that he oftentimes hung out with.

“Hey Keith!”, she called out as he walked by, his hairs still slightly wet from the shower. She stretched out her beautiful, bare legs on the couch as she looked over to him, her phone in her lap. She was dressed in some black hot pants that barely covered her nice legs and a simple white T-Shirt that hinted at her nice breasts below. Her fiery-red hair was bound to a pretty pigtail, and she looked smoking hot in her summerly outfit.

“Hey, Kim!”

“Want to join me? I wanna show you something.”

“Uh… yeah, give me a few minutes.”


He walked back into his room and made sure to close the door properly. His dick had already hardened in his cage already as he rummaged through his wardrobe for a new shirt. Kim didn’t mind seeing him shirtless and he had sometimes seen her walk through the flat with only a bra aswell, but they had never seen each other completely naked. She loved to hang out the warm flat with just some thin clothes plenty of times though, to the point where he oftentimes got a boner from just hanging out with her.

After putting on a shirt, he dropped his pants and inspected the smart cage again. It sat tight and tidy down there, with the electronic lock firmly holding it in place without any wiggle room. He sighed as he looked out the window into the courtyard, and when he didn’t see any hot girls walking by, he thoughtlessly opened the Cyberlok app on his phone again.

Remaining sentence: 50 hours 27 minutes 18 seconds

He froze, then he inspected it more closely. 50 hours? That couldn’t be right – he had set a sentence for just 3 hours! He panicked a little inside and tapped around the app. There was a button to add more time to the sentence, but none to subtract any.

Of course not, because he wasn’t a keyholder. But where did the time come from?

Fortunately, there was a history of recent actions. He saw his own 3 hour sentence from 33 minutes ago. But there was another entry: 13 minutes ago, 48 hours were added by [hidden]. He tapped on it, but it wouldn’t show more info.

He died a little inside as he felt his heart start to race. Weren’t these devices supposed to be secure? He hadn’t even added a keyholder yet, so how was this possible?

He took a few deep breaths and stroked over the smart cage in which his dick was firmly held in place, crammed and squeezed tightly by the white plastic walls. 2 days. Not the end of the world. He had once spent almost 2 days in his old plastic cage, so this was manageable.

Strangely, the prospect of someone else adding time to his sentence turned him on even more. But he tried to focus. Fantasy was one thing, but he really didn’t like someone else to prolong his sentence indefinitely. He’d go crazy if he couldn’t wank off for weeks on end and had to carry around this stupid thing between his legs.

After buttoning up again, he went out of his room into the kitchen. The small community kitchen was part of the living room that lead to his and his roommate’s private bedrooms.

“There you are!” Kim looked up to him as he tried to hush by.

“Kim, I’m in a little bit of a hurry…”

He froze as he saw her phone lying in her lap, right on top of her jeans shorts, with an all-too familiar app color scheme on it.

“Oh okay. Don’t want to stop you then.” She shrugged and readjusted her bare, beautiful legs on the couch before swiping the app away. “It’s not that important.”

“Oh. I – I can join you now!”, he suggested.

“Cool.” She smiled lightly as she pulled up her bare legs to make space for him on the couch. She now sat with her knees pulled up to her chin on the couch, barefoot and her phone resting on her upper thighs. They had hung out like that many times before, yet Keith’s heart was suddenly racing in his chest. He took a moment to admire his beautiful roommate’s legs and smell her perfume.

“How was your day?”, he slowly asked.

“Good. Came home from college early. Yours?”

“Yeah, good aswell. I mean, unexciting. Haven’t really done much.” He waited as she finished up a message on her phone. “So, what did you want to show me?”

“Right.” She swiped back to the app, one that was all-too familiar to Keith now. Except hers looked a little different, presumably because she had registered as a keyholder.

“A while ago, I installed this funny app”, Kim explained as she grinned at him. He tried his hardest to keep a pokerface. He was glad that he had dressed up in some firm shorts where his cage wasn’t really visible. “I read about it online, and as you know, I install all kinds of crap on my phone. Well, this app is some kind of fetish app. It was trending like crazy online, so I figured why not. I think the hype has somewhat died down, but whatever.”

“What’s it about?”

“Right. So you probably haven’t heard of it because it’s more for the naughty part of the population and you’re always such a straight grade A student. That’s a compliment!”, she added when he raised his eyebrows. “Anyway, it’s for these new electronic chastity devices. You know what that is? It’s a device that encapsulates a guy’s pecker and is secured with a key. Except with these new things, it’s all electronic now and remote-controlled by an app. Smart watches, smart fridges… smart chastity cages. I guess it only makes sense, right?”

“Yeah, I guess”, he swallowed. He subtly inched a little closer to his hot roommate on the couch while his dick pressed badly against the plastic walls of the Cyberlok. He had never heard her talk about this kind of stuff, but now that she did, it suddenly made him super-horny. “So, do you know anyone who’s locked up in such a thing?”

“Not until now. That’s the thing, if you register and verify as a keyholder, they have a function where the app can continuously scan for ‘public’ cages in the background. Public means that the ‘Chaster’, that’s the guy who’s wearing it, has set it up to be accessible by any keyholders in the cage’s vicinity to take control over it. I guess most people set their cage to ‘private’ right away, which means that only keyholders paired with the Chaster can control him. But I guess some people like the thrill of strangers who are into it taking control over them. I read some desperate guys are even hoping to meet a new girl that way; can you imagine?”

She giggled loudly, throwing her head back, her pigtail brushing over her shoulder. He let out a forced lough along with her.

“Yeah, that sounds totally stupid”, he nodded. Secretly he cursed himself. He shouldn’t have tapped through the setup so fast. He most likely set his cage to ‘public’ without even knowing…

“Anyway, I installed the app, verified as a keyholder and let it running. I didn’t really expect anything. But then, half an hour ago, I suddenly got a notification from the app that a public cage was detected in my vicinity! While I just walked up the final stairs to the apartment! Can you imagine?”

Yes, he could imagine. “Wow”, he said with a meek voice. “That means…?”

“Someone else is wearing one of these cages nearby.” She suddenly turned her whole upper body around and stared in his eyes intensely. “Keith, is there something you like to tell me?”

He swallowed deeply, blushing as she suddenly gave him her full attention. His dick twitched badly in the cage, to the point where he feared the twitch would be visible from the outside. “Well, I, uhm…”

Kim laughed and gently rubbed over his arm. “I’m kidding, dude. I know you’re too uptight for this, and it’s probably for the better anyway. Because I already added two days to the poor lad’s chastity sentence and thought about adding more.”

“Really? You… can just do that? Can you show me?”

“Sure.” She held her phone between the two of them. The app showed a list of connected cages that contained a grand total of one right now. When she tapped it, he could see the big timer, along with options to add and remove time and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Remaining sentence: 50 hours 13 minutes 8 seconds

“Woah”, he said. His eyes were fixed on the sentence, then on the innocent Remove time button below it. “That’s… so cool.”

“Freaky, right? That means someone in my phone’s Bluetooth range is wearing such a cage right now. They advertise their Cyberlok cages with a large Bluetooth range for maximum accessibility, so that covers maybe 2 or 3, maybe 4 floors above and below us? Plus of course the other dorm rooms on our own floor.” She bit her lip. “I bet it’s that cute guy Ben two rooms down from us. Or maybe that guy Danny one floor above us. He always seemed a little perv-y to me.”

He stared at the slowly ticking timer before looking back to his hot roommate. He briefly considering coming out to her, but he just couldn’t do it. It’d be too awkward, plus then, she’d see him as a pervert rather than the casual, cheerful but also inquisitive and hard-working roommate she currently thought of him.

Plus, her sexy talk about the cage only made him realize how much he was crushing on her.

“So… do you think that guy intentionally set his cage to public? Or per accident?”

She shrugged. “Could be either, but I’m leaning towards an accident. The timer was less than 3 hours when I came home. My guess is, someone just got the cage and carelessly clicked through the setup because he was eager to try it out. He probably wanted to kicks things off lightly with such a low sentence.”

“Can he just set it to private and deny you access?”

She nodded contemplatively. “Yeah, totally. He can switch between public and private at anytime, and once it’s private, only keyholders he paired with have control over him.” She grinned cheekily. “My guess is, he hasn’t noticed the added sentence yet. And as long as that’s the case, he’s at my mercy.”

Keith nervously shifted around on the couch. He could excuse himself to his room where he left his phone and switch the cage to private. But then Kim would notice something was up. Plus as long as she still had access, she could also shorten his sentence. Maybe there was a chance he could cum today after all…

“So if he left it public accidentally, then adding two whole days for him to spend in that smart contraption is a pretty hard bargain, right?”, he started slowly, staring at her phone screen. He felt her eyes on him. “Maybe you could be nice and take some of that time off for him? He can’t do that himself, right?”

She smiled at him amused. “Oh, Keith, always such a sweetheart. Yeah, I totally could. But my thinking is, if he put that cage on in the first place, he’s into that shit, right? Plus the Terms of Use make it clear that keyholders aren’t liable for anything they do to a Chaster; he bears full responsibility for everything that happens to him because the burden to use that smart cock prison responsibly is on him.”

Her voice grew darker, meaner while her smile widened to a joyful smirk.

“So I’m thinking, I’ll add some more time to his sentence to really ruin his day once he sees it.”

Keith’s heart sunk into his stomach. “Come on, Kim, really? That poor guy.”

She just continued smirking, then she leaned over to him and put her arm around his shoulders. Her sudden, gentle touch sent waves of arousal through his body. “You know I’m a bit mean sometimes. I have way too few opportunities to just be a mean bitch, so this is just what I need. Plus, I’ve had a stressful week and ruining a pervert’s day like this is perfect.”

He watched in shock as she opened the scroll wheel where she could add time and scrolled along it.

“How much do you think I should add, Keith?”, she flirted, visibly enjoying the power she had over someone. “Come on, I need your input.”

He once again considered sprinting to his room, but then she’d be sure it was him, plus he may not even make it in time. “Well, he’s already at 50 hours, so maybe another day or two?”

“Nah, too easy.” She bit her lip. “What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without orgasms?”

“Me?” He looked at her in panic. “W… why me?”

She shrugged. “You’re a guy, so you have a better idea about other guys’ masturbation habits. Plus you’re my partner in crime here.”

He frowned like he was thinking about it. “Maybe a week or so?”

She froze and looked up to him. He couldn’t help but admire her pretty face while his cock was rock-hard in his cage. “A week? An uptight guy like you? I wasn’t asking for your average time between wanks”, she chuckled.

“Maybe it was two weeks, I don’t know”, he said nervously. It was a lie – he couldn’t even remember the last time where he didn’t wank off for a full week. “I don’t really do it very often, but sometimes a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do…”

“Sure. Sorry, it was a very personal question.” Kim smiled at him apologetically before drawing his attention to her phone again. “You say two weeks, but you aren’t very sure, plus I have to account for some differences between each man. So I’m going to round it up to three.”

He watched in awe as she entered a number on her phone. “Three weeks? That’s how much time you’re going to add to m… the poor guy’s sentence?”

She looked up and grinned at him devilishly. “No. I’m going to take that number and double it. Six weeks.”

He stared at the phone screen and gulped. She had entered 42:00:00 into the slide wheel.

“Can you just add that much time to a stranger’s cage?”, he said with an occupied voice.

“I think the time you can add to strangers maxed out at 90 days or something”, she contemplated. “Per day. So you could add a full year in four days. But I don’t remember the specifics.” She shrugged. “As I said – personal responsibility and all that.”

He tried his hardest to suppress the urge to stroke over his cage through his pants; not with his innocent, hot roommate sitting next to him as she unknowingly plotted his chastity sentence with him.

He watched her tap the red button. A confirmation message appeared on-screen. She was just about to tap it, but then she turned the phone to him.

“I think you should do it”, she smiled at him and gently boxed his shoulder. “You need to learn to be more mean to others aswell. You’re always so up-tight. Plus – we’re partners in crime. Just two roommates, on a quest to deprive every pervert in this world of his orgasms.”

He let out a deep sigh while she giggled and held up the phone.

You’re about to add 42:00:00 days to this stranger’s chastity sentence. Only keyholders can subtract time from his sentence. Do you really wish to continue?

Keith swallowed, then he reached out and tapped the big, red YES.

A faint beep came from the cage in his pants, but faint enough that she probably didn’t notice it. At least she didn’t act like she did. Otherwise, nothing about his cage changed – there was no indication that his chastity sentence had just grown in size by more than an order of magnitude.

44 days, 2 hours, 1 minute and 50 seconds remaining.

“Nice. See, it was fun, right?” Kim had a satisfied grin on her face as she watched the new timer. “You know what, I’m going to add 22 more hours. Makes it a round 45 days.”

“Poor guy”, Keith mumbled as he watched her add almost another day to his sentence. His cage briefly beeped again in his pants.

“Perfect”, she quipped with satisfaction as she put her phone down and readjusted her ponytail.

A strange feeling of defeat overcame him. Keith couldn’t really grasp that he was going to be locked for more than 6 weeks, yet unless Kim decided to subtract time at some point again, it looked like this was it.

45 days without orgasms. And he had just wanted to try out the fancy smart cage for a little while before ripping it off and shaking it to his denial fantasies. But now a masturbation addict like him who barely had one day without shaking the palm tree was going to be locked for 45 days?

He let out a frustrated sigh, feeling the hard cage wall press back against his straining cock. His eyes subtly wandered over his hot roommate’s body; her nice hips below her tight T-Shirt, her wonderful legs that she proudly displayed below her shorts…

“If he hasn’t switched his cage to private tomorrow, I’m going to add more time to his sentence again”, Kim chuckled while exploring the interface of the app.

“He probably noticed it by then and changed it.”

“Yeah, probably. But unless he finds another girl as a keyholder who isn’t as mean as me, tough luck getting that sentence removed. Talk about getting more than he bargained for.” She yawned. “Oh look, his cage also has some teasing functionality. I thought only the higher-up cages had that, but apparently a very basic teasing function it’s in every Cyberlok cage now.”

Keith suddenly realized how close he was sitting to her. She still had one arm around his shoulder and leaned against his chest with her upper body. He subtly shifted a little away from her, making it look like he was trying to sit more comfortably. She casually removed her arm from his shoulders as she read through the app.

“I’m going to activate it. That’s going to get his attention. When he checks his app to turn it off, he’s in for a bad surprise”, she chuckled with a devilish voice.

“Is that a good idea? What if he’s currently busy with something?”, Keith wondered.

“Your concern for him is so cute”, she grinned as she looked up. “Don’t worry, I’ll only use the first level – ‘gentle touch’. I think it goes up to 3 – ‘lapdance’. It’ll get his attention and probably rile him up and make him hard. It’s also a very ‘socially acceptable’ tease; other people in the room aren’t even supposed to notice it, I think. The higher-end cages go up to level 10 or so; I think the highest level is named ‘pornstar’.” She chuckled. “It’s apparently so intense that some guys cum right in the cage within minutes. A shame this dude has only bought the base cage.”

“Yeah, a shame”, Keith agreed as he remembered the hole the Cyberlok had left in his bank account.

“All these silly warnings. Yes, I do. There were go.”

Keith immediately felt something change in his cage. It took a moment, then he felt a light but noticeable vibration in the walls of the cock cage. It was the most bizarre feeling – the vibration came from all directions at once, evenly spread out over the cage. It wasn’t particularly strong, but his already hard cock only became more erect from it, and it suddenly became hard to focus on anything else.

“Perfect. Now I’m curious how fast he changes the privacy setting on his cage. I’m going to have an eye on it for the rest of the afternoon. But I don’t expect it to be too long.” She put her phone down, then she looked up to Keith. “Hey, everything alright?”

“Y… yeah, sure”, he said. “It’s just all a little much, that’s all.”

“Yeah”, Kim grinned, fully turning around to him now and pulling her bare legs up on the couch again. Her bare feet brushed his thigh. If she could feel any of the vibrations, she didn’t let it on. “I mean, cock cages? Can you imagine? Horny people invent funny things.”

“Absolutely. It’s such a weird concept.” Distracted by the buzzing sound and immersed in his superb roommate’s handsome body, he decided that he needed a break before she noticed it was him after all. “I’m going to be in my room. Wanted to get some studies going.”

At this moment, the doorbell to their small dorm room rang. Kim put her phone down – not without locking it first – and walked towards the door. “Ordered some pizza. Want to eat with me first before you jump into your studies?”

“Sure. I’m up for that.”

“Great! Why don’t you make the table.”

While Kim accepted the pizza at the door, he was about to go back to his room, but then he hesitated. If he turned off the vibration and switched the privacy setting now during the one minute he was in his room, that’d probably be suspicious to Kim. On the other hand, even the lowest teasing setting was really working him up.

He sighed, then he turned around and walked towards the kitchen counter to grab some plates.

It never felt as long to eat a few slices of pizza as it did today. He sat opposite of Kim on their small dining table by the window, overlooking the dreary campus place, as they chewed on their pizza. He was mostly silent, more so than usual, but Kim talked a lot over casual things – her studies, a new Netflix TV show she was watching, the new shoes she was going to buy. Keith listened and observed the beautiful girl as she sat opposite to him, all while his cock was gently being massaged by the smart cage. Above the table they were just some roommates, below the table she teased him without even knowing it.

“That was great”, Keith said as he finally finished up. Kim had already finished her last piece a few minutes ago. “It’s really time for me to get going. See you later?”

“Sure. Oh wait, you’re going to love this.” She showed him her phone screen. “That idiot still hasn’t changed his cage setting! Either he actually is busy, or his choice to make the cage public was intentional after all. Either way, I’m going to punish him some more while I still can – what do you say, are 3 days appropriate?”

Before he could contest it, he felt another subtle beep in his pants. He groaned as he quickly stood up from the table, making Kim look up to him.

“I’m sorry, I must be boring you with this. This was the last time I’ve mentioned it for now.”

“It’s fine”, he shrugged, trying his hardest not to let his arousal and torment show through. “I’m gonna be at my room now.”

“Sure thing. See ya!” Kim gave him a wide, beautiful smile. His eyes rested for a few more seconds on the sexy, thinly dressed slim girl with a neat pigtail before he turned around and walked to his room.

As he finally closed the door behind him, he immediately grabbed his phone and opened the app. He had to see it for himself.

Remaining sentence: 47 days 23 hours 27 minutes 4 seconds

He groaned in despair, thinking about the many days and nights of denial ahead of him. Whenever he didn’t wank off for a few days, he suddenly got hypersensitive to every remotely hot girl he saw around him at college. And there were a lot of hot gals at college – not least of all his gorgeous, sexy roommate.

And that already happened when he didn’t wank off for a few days, let alone weeks.

He quickly switched off the teasing function which was right below the timer – and sighed in relief as the constant massaging on his dick finally stopped. He quickly scouted the settings for his chastity cage until he found the toggle he was looking for and switched the cage to ‘private’. He heard a faint beep coming from his pants; other than that, nothing changed.

He threw his phone onto the bed, then he threw himself after it and stroked over the hard Cyberlok cage in his pants as he stared at the white, dull ceiling. What had he gotten himself into?

Inspired by the many Cyberlok captions over on keyholdercaptions, mostly pioneered by /u/Allychaste/.

My stories.

Damon, Jules and Marianna Part Seven




As Jules set about his chores on that fateful afternoon, his image of the dominatrix sent to train him became more and more embellished in his mind. Even when ironing Damon’s shirts so firmly they were crisply prepared for the Bull, Jules realised that the dominatrix might well be black.

How about that?

He pictured a tall, dark skinned Goddess of a woman in a skintight catsuit of shiny black leather, flailing a long coiled whip. Of course, then the simple minded maid could no longer continue her chores. She held the steaming iron above the shirt, eyes closed, his little dick filling out like a beach ball in its tiny chastity confines.

Maybe maid training could be fun. Obviously, he wouldn’t wish to suffer the humiliation of being trained in front of a man, especially one as masculine as Damon, but nevertheless, if she educated him when the Bull was out of the house, then he’d love to know how to be a better maid.

You are right, observant reader, not for one moment did this foolish sissy think that perhaps the trainer might be male. In fact, not just male, but 6’4”, sturdy and one of those men who are full of masculine energy. Like a gale in full force.

But sadly, that is sissy maids for you.

A happy, distracted Marianne came downstairs yet, oddly for her, didn’t check the ironing.

Her eyes were sleepy from being shagged silly. She filled a glass with water and took a long draught before saying, with her back still to her husband:

“Maid, tonight, do your salmon salad. Everyone loves that.”

She gulped down the water as if she hadn’t drunk for a week, then refilled the glass.

Jules placed the iron carefully into its holder.

“Mistress,” he began.

She swallowed, turned and stared at him vacantly.

“Yes, maid?”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about this maid training for me, and well, I think I might give it a go. It might be fun.”

She giggled, “It’s very nice that you are happy to follow our instructions, maid. I am very pleased for you.”

Being too aroused and too anxious to make his own point, Jules didn’t hear the sarcasm in his wife’s words as he continued. “Thank you , Mistress. But the thing is, I think, and I’m sure you agree, that it would be nice if I did it with her in my bedroom, upstairs. Or perhaps when you’re both out. Well, at least when Sir is not here.”

Marianne appeared even more cute, with her wayward blonde hair and a furrowed expression. “She, maid? Who?”

Jules smiled patiently. “She, Mistress. The maid trainer!”

Obviously, his wife had so enjoyed the sex with the Bull that she had forgotten the conversation they had held just an hour previously. He thought it wise not to mention her foolishness.

Suddenly Jules was concerned. “There is a maid trainer coming isn’t there?”

Horrible thought, Damon could have been pulling a prank on him. There was no maid trainer after all! Suddenly he felt a gnawing of bitter disappointment.

Laughing, Marianne filled a second glass and carried them both back to the hallway.

“Don’t worry maid. There is a maid trainer. That’ll happen this evening.” She pecked her maid on the nose with a light kiss of amusement.

“She,” Marianne emphasised the ‘she’, “She, will be here tonight. As for training you in private, I’m sure that Sir has more important things to do than to watch you scrub the kitchen floor under the direction of an expert.”

“Scrub the kitchen floor?” Jules was shocked.

“Oh, you are so cute when you are trying to think!”

Marianne put her arms loosely around her foolish maid, careful not to spill any water.

“Maid. Swanning around looking cute is only part of your job. You have so much to learn.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Jules said, overjoyed at the compliment.

“Oh,” she said as she headed for the stairs, “chill a nice white for the dinner, but also get out a red. Your maid trainer prefers red.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Marianne was full of herself as she left her gorgeously, dumb maid of a husband in the kitchen. Did she have a story that would make Damon laugh! The dumb maid thinking her trainer was female. She’d love telling it and she knew he’d love hearing it.

While Marianne entertained the Bull with her tale, and her tail, Jules had an idea.

Knowing the couple upstairs would be busy for a while he quickly ironed the final shirts, and hung them on hangers as instructed, before tip toeing upstairs.

“Fuck me! Fuck me, you Bastard!”

It never failed to amaze Jules how his wife would play act for her lover like that. He had known her for over ten years and she never screamed out anything when they had sex. Nor would she use a profanity, Marianne was just too nice.

“Fuck! Fuck. Oh my God!”

Obviously, she said it to make the Bull happy. One day Jules would ask her to do it for him.

Once in his temporary maid bedroom near the rear of the house, he turned on his laptop. When ever he wasn’t busy he would settle down and go to his favourite porn channels.

The reason on this occasion was to look up the dominatrix stories he so loved. Whilst idolizing their erotic videos and pictures.

Misty was one of his favourites. She was so tall! Maybe, over six foot in bare feet, without heels. Often leather clad though some of the hottest pix were of her in basques, tights and thigh high boots, with heels that would require precision balancing capabilities.

Oh my!

Perhaps it was because he hadn’t cum for so long, but now, in his stirred imagination Misty would be his maid trainer.

He groaned, closing his eyes, his fingers slipping beneath his short skirt and petticoats. He rubbed at the steel object through the soft panties.

He didn’t know how long he played, nor how many little playlets flooded through his mind as Misty dealt with him, each time in a more savage manner than the last. All he knew was that by the time  he heard the loo flush on the landing his hand was soaked, and he was as frustrated as an alcoholic standing outside a liquor store.

In a flurry of movement, he shut down all the web pages and quickly stood near his closed door, breathing as quietly as he could.

The last thing he wanted was for Damon and Marianne to catch him avoiding doing his chores. Especially after his horrible punishment earlier.

He heard Marianne moan and giggle. Clearly they were cuddling in the hallway. One having been to the loo and meeting the other on their way back.

“You are an incredible lover!” Marianne giggled.

Jules heard them kissing.

“The best,” she said breathlessly.

“And you’re a wanton slut,” he said in a  low voice.

More kissing.

Jules would love to be able to fling open the door and tell Damon, that Marianne often complimented him on his love making. It was just that he couldn’t ever recall when exactly. She did once say that he lasted 5 minutes, so must be getting better. And he was sure that she orgasmed for him, just not in the big overly dramatic way she always did for Damon. But Jules knew all those noises and shouts were just to feed the Bull’s ego. Just pure pantomime to fluff the Bull’s fragile ego.

A few minutes later, it grew quiet, so Jules charily opened his door and peered out into an empty landing area. He noted that the main bedroom’s door was shut. Phew. Excellent.

He slipped out of his room, and as slowly and quietly as he could, he closed his bedroom door.

It shut with a satisfyingly barely audible pair of clicks.

Good. Now just sneak back downstairs and start preparations for the dinner.

“Hello, maid.”


Naked, save for his grey boxers, Damon was standing holding a barely dressed Marianne, who burst in to schoolgirl giggles.

Had they been watching him come out all the time? He closed his eyes feeling a complete idiot. Why hadn’t they said something? He knew why! They’d both enjoy surprising him. Making him jump.


“Shouldn’t you be downstairs, preparing dinner, maid?” Damon asked in that relaxed easy manner of his.

“Well, yes. Yes. Er, Sir. Yes, Sir. Exactly! But I forgot ….” Why did his brain always refuse to work when he most needed it? Why didn’t he think up his lie before he started speaking.

Jules looked hopefully at his wife, but she was finding it all too amusing for words. She started giggling again.

Damon gently asked, “Have you forgotten what you forgot?”

“Erm, yes Sir.”

Marianne guffawed a huge laugh and slapped Damon’s arm, “Oh stop it. You’re being mean.”

Jules didn’t want to look silly again in his wife’s eyes, so quickly cut in with, “No! No, Sir. I do remember. Of course, I remember.”

What could he have forgotten? Oh my God. He was too aroused to perceive any object he might have forgotten upstairs.

“Have you forgotten again, maid?” Damon asked innocently. “Forgotten, what you forgot, what you forgot.”

Marianne threw her hands over face as she laughed loudly.

“Sir, please,” she spluttered. “You’re killing me.”

“Coat hangers!” Jules announced, shocking himself.

Marianne straightened in the bare arms of her hunk lover, tears still running down her cheeks. “Coat hangers, maid?”

“Oh yes, Mistress. I need them for Sir’s shirts.” He turned to Damon and added, “I have ironed all the shirts you asked me to iron.”

Damon would be so pleased with him. Jules hoped to get his wig ruffled or a pat and the bottom. Perhaps lose some of the spankings he had in his suspended sentence.

So standing in his favourite maid’s uniform, Jules smiled winningly up at the Bull awaiting the praise.

“Well,” Damon said in his slow easy manner, “looks like you’ve forgotten them again.”


Jules actually looked at his empty palms with incredulity. It was almost as if he thought he could wish something into existence. Of course, they weren’t in his hands! He hadn’t picked them up, because he had only just made up the story.

His wife laughed so much, she was finding it hard to catch her breath.

“Oh yes Sir. Yes. Sir I’m just going to fetch them now.”

Damon swept Marianne’s nearly naked body up into his brawny arms and squeezed her. In return she ran her arms about his neck and within seconds they were in the zone.

Though Jules knew he hadn’t been told he couldn’t watch, he also realised he hadn’t been given permission to do so either. So he slunk back into his room, grabbed a few coat hangers.

Back in the hall he had to step over the two lovers grappling on the floor, who could have been two animals fighting in a woodland. When Jules reached the top of the stairs, he shook his head at the couple so amorously caught up in each other. Yet again his cock filled its confines and spurted into his damp panties.

It was Damon’s fault for making him feel so nervous.

More than anything else Jules needed to be released for at least a quick wank merely to clear his poor overstuffed brain. But he knew that wasn’t to be. So he prepped the meal, laid the dinning room table, all with his head swimming with sexual need.

An hour or so later, Marianne stepped into the steamy busy kitchen in a body suffocating, short grey dress, that flared around her amazing boobs and hips as if the material flowed over her skin.

“Something smells good,” she said, giving her maid a peck on the cheek.

“Mistress! You look amazing!” Jules eyes grew extra large to take in the sexy visage before him.

She laughed, pulling the lid from the veg pan to peer past the vapour at the vegetables.

“A quick shower, some lippy and I’m good to go. Now don’t let the veg get soggy. You know Sir won’t like that.” She put the lid back on the saucepan and grinned at the maid. “You know what will happen if Sir isn’t happy!”

“Mistress, this maid trainer. Is she nice? Or mean? I mean does she do corporal punishment or …”

She laughed easily, relaxed and cuddled her adorable maid.

“Oh maid, you are so amusing. Don’t you trouble that silly little head of yours …”

The doorbell sounded and Jules straightened with shock. She is here!


“Oh, look at you. My delectable maid, so flustered. You don’t need to trouble yourself about anything. Sir will sort out what he wants done with you and no doubt the trainer will also have some suggestions.”

“Yes Mistress, but …”

The doorbell sounded again, and Marianne shouted, “I’ll get it!” She then turned back to a flummoxed maid and said, now just be yourself. Don’t speak unless spoken to. Make sure the wine goes into the glass! Just stay at attention near the cupboards with the drinks. For refills.”

She patted her finger on his nose. “You look like a terrified puppy. You are going to love it!”

Then she was gone, closing door on the steamy kitchen.

An immobile maid stood, with mouth gaping, staring at the closed door. He heard the twang of blues guitar music start in the dining room. But he couldn’t make out what the voices at the front door were saying.

The timer tinged and the maid brought the warm plates out of the lower oven and reached in the main oven for the salmon fillets.

He laid it all carefully on the plates, used a tea towel to pick up two of the plates and set forward for the dining room.

What would this dominatrix look like? Tall and black like Misty on his favourite videos? Or a middle aged chubby woman you might see queuing at the post office?

Well, he was right about one thing: The maid trainer was indeed, black.

Damon, Jules and Marianna Part Six



In the mind of poor Jules, he may have been standing for days on the naughty girl’s step with his maid’s skirt raised revealing his naked rear.

Upstairs in the master bedroom, it took Damon and Jules’ wife, Marianne less than thirty minutes to satisfy their sexual hunger for each other – twice.

Normally, Jules would fret about the ease with which his wife orgasmed as soon as the Bull entered her. Not least the fact that she would hang onto his muscular frame is if he were saving her from drowning. Why was she never like that for him? Jules worked hard to be considerate and caring in his lovemaking, and he was certain his wife appreciated that concern when compared to Damon, who behaved like a rabid dog once on top of Marianne.

But right now, Jules was petrified. Not so much of the gaping windows at the front of the house, where he felt that at any moment, someone would pass by and look in, but by fear of him accidently dropping the back of the skirt in a moment of madness.

Even if he quickly retrieved the skirt, he felt certain Damon would notice that it was held slightly differently, and would add to his six strokes of the crop. He felt like crying. All that work he had done to lower his beating from an horrific 24 to a comparatively meagre six. Now he could receive all of them plus an additional six for dropping the skirt.

His tummy whirred as if it an eddy was building inside it.

So worried was he that when Damon and Marianne eventually came down stairs, poor Jules literally jumped on the small naughty girl’s step.

“Hey maid,” Damon said good humouredly. “Good girl for staying in position. What do you think slut?”

Marianne giggled. “I think her good behaviour is down to your hard work, Sir.”

Closing his eyes, Jules took in a deep breath, just waiting for Damon to notice the skirt was held in the wrong place. Marianne resumed her place on her padded armchair. She was now wearing one of her short, bathrobes, the sky blue, fluffy one. Her legs were still bare, and her hair was tousled as if she had been running.

For his part, Damon was now minus his suit jacket and tie, simply in shirt and suit pants minus the shoes.

“So, maid. Can you remember where we left this?”

Oh my God. Abject fear! Jules knew it! He had noticed the skirt’s different position already.

“Sir!” Jules shifted around on the step in his heels, his knees held together by his lowered panties. “Sir. Sir. It wasn’t my fault. Really!”

Damon stared back as if he didn’t understand what he was saying!

Oh! Why did the bull have to tease the cuckold husband in this way.

Rolling his eyes to the ceiling and trying to keep a grip on his hysteria, Jules finally blurted out. “It just fell. Nothing I could do!”

Marianne tried to soothe her frantic husband, “Maid. Did you get down from the step and try to close the curtains?”

Clearly, they were endeavouring to trap him. “You know full well,” he swallowed before adding, “Mistress. I dropped my skirt. I mean what do you both expect. How long was I up here on this stupid naughty girl’s step? An hour? Two hours?” he stamped a heeled foot. “I couldn’t help it. I just sort of dropped the skirt and then the petticoats were heavy and then it all fell down .” He sniffled up a tear. “Then I couldn’t grab it back in place. It fell back. Don’t blame me. It’s not my fault!”

Damon raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Oh,” Jules cried, “Sir. Sir!”

Suddenly, Marianne bent forward with laughter, her hand over her mouth.

What on earth was so funny? Jules would have a word with his wife later, when the Bull went home and left them some ‘me’ time together.

“I see,” Damon spoke evenly, as ever, s if totally at ease with the world. “So you dropped your skirt?”

“Yes!” Said Jules, as it were obvious. “But not deliberately. It just, sort of, fell.”

Again, the Bull waited until Jules added, “Sir. Yes, Sir. I dropped my skirt. But I’m not to blame!”

The Bull nodded as if understanding the situation, having sympathy for the plight of the unfortunate maid.

Marianne said, “Aw, don’t be too harsh on the maid. She said she couldn’t help it.”

“True,” Damon nodded.

Jules relaxed and was as close to smiling as he had been all afternoon. They empathised with his dilemma!

“Thank you, Sir. I knew you’d understand.”

“So, let’s see,” mused the broad man as he pondered the maid’s predicament. “Firstly, you have only stood there for just over a half an hour. One or two hours is the sort of flight of fantasy I’d expect from a silly maid.”

Jules groaned, and his distress increased when he heard his wife giggling. Why did Damon always make him look foolish in front of his wife?

“Secondly,” Damon said quietly, “There is a clock on the mantle piece so you should have known that.”

What? Oh God. He had forgotten about his mother in law’s clock. Why hadn’t he checked it? How dumb did he look now?

“Thirdly, all you had to do was remain in position while I fucked all sense out of my slut. No more. You didn’t have to learn another language, do a difficulty sum or mow the lawn. Just simply stand there.”

Oh God. Now his misdemeanour seemed even worse. Jules glanced with hope at his wife, but Marianne was clearly fighting the laughter she felt brimming up to the surface.

Jules swallowed, “I didn’t mean to, Sir.”

The Bull patted the maid’s exposed buttocks, “I know you didn’t. You can’t help being a dumb incompetent maid, can you?”

”Well…” Jules began, but there seemed no straightforward answer to that, so he fell silent.

“Let’s see,” Damon continued in his measured thoughtful manner. “You earned twenty four spanks with the crop.”

Jules gasped. He hated the crop.

“But then we brought that sentence down to  twelve. We are retaining the additional twelve as part of a suspended sentence. If you are naughty in the future, then I will add them on.”

Jules groaned. He wasn’t going to be judged naughty merely for dropping his skirt, was he?

The Bull continued in his slow relaxed voice, as if weighing up all options. “But we dropped your twelve spanks to six, didn’t we? Depending up on your apology to your Mistress. Remember?”

“Yes Sir. We did, Sir. Thank you.”

Damon grinned at the maid’s eagerness. For all the masochism of sissy husbands they all hated a good beating with a crop or a cane. It became a serious instrument of punishment.

“So go ahead, maid,” offered Damon, waving a hand at the slut he had twice fucked in the last hour. “Apologise to her. And then we’ll see if she accepts your apology.”

“Yes, Sir,” a shocked Jules said.

Damon leaned close to the maid’s ear, “but better make it good. You only have one opportunity.”

Jules’ head swam. How was he supposed to form a cogent statement when so terrified, when humiliated by standing on the step with a skirt in his hands, and even worse, with his little dick throbbing with excitement at his humiliations?

His wife curled up her lovely bare legs beneath her on the deep-set armchair before staring curiously at her husband, wondering what he would say.

Jules’ eyes batted quickly, until he finally squeaked, “Mistress, may I say, er no, please may I say, how sorry I am about my behaviour earlier.”

Marianne stared back at him, and her husband knew more was expected.

Oh God!

“Yes,” Jules continued, “in failing to address you in the appropriate manner I realise that, erm, I, er, was rude. And that shouldn’t happen.”

Jules held his breath while his wife wrinkled her nose in thought.

Damon said, “Maid. Didn’t you also answer back and argue?”

“Oh yes!” Jules blurted out, thankful to be reminded. “Yes. So sorry, Sir. So Sorry Mistress. Yes, it was wrong of me to argue with you.” He noticed Marianne was still just looking at him in thought, rather than nodding her head as if satisfied. He continued quickly. “Indeed Mistress, I say that I will never again dispute, for any reason, anything you instruct me to do or say.”

At last, his wife looked back at the Bull, with her eyebrows raised, as if asking what he thought.

Damon tapped the crop against the maid’s bare bottom.

“Now maid,” he said, “How do I know you are being genuine and not just avoiding some well deserved spanks?”

“Ah yes, Sir. Good point Sir.” Jules’ mind raced. “Because Sir. I mean it. Promise. Honest.”

Marianne smiled, “I think the maid does mean it, Sir.”

Straightening his back, Damon reached a decision.

“Right maid. I will give you the six spanks with the crop and then see if you can convince me of your future behaviour.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Jules closed his eyes. He hated the crop and the cane, they stang terribly. At least a hand spanking was merely just humiliating, but the crop often made him cry.

The shaking maid felt the crop pat threateningly against his bare buttocks as the Bull took aim.

“Open your eyes maid,” Damon said softly.

The last thing the Bull wanted was for the dumb arsed maid to hide her embarrassment behind closed eyes.

Jules opened his eyes, taking in the dreaded windows with the curtains drawn back.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Now, maid, look at your Mistress.”

What? He would have to look into his wife’s eyes as he was being punished? Ooooh. Jules felt sick. If only he hadn’t become so angry that afternoon.

Reluctantly he fixed his gaze on his wife and held his breath.


Jules squealed. The pain burnt as a line across the fullness of his backside. He stamped a foot.



In pain, he crouched down on the step, shaking his arse. “Please, Sir. I am so sorry!”

As soon as he straightened his legs …



Jules wailed. This was too much! The pain was ghastly.

Damon lowered the crop. “Maid. Your eyes were closed. That spank will not count.”


“Please, Sir!” Jules’ eyes swam with tears. The pain, the humiliation of having to share his disgrace with his wife and now the injustice. It was so unfair. “Sir, I didn’t mean …”

Damon beat the crop gently against his sore arse. “Maid, eyes on your Mistress.”

“Yes Sir!”

On the naughty girl step, Jules looked down at his wife seeing an expression of curiosity. She was absorbed in his punishment, and his reaction to that punishment.


“Oh. Oh. Oh!”

Jules danced on the step, his cheeks on fire.

Looking through his watery eyes he could see Marianne was shocked. Her fingers over her mouth. Surely, she would put a stop to this.


Jules screamed. No longer caring if the neighbours could hear his cries.

He opened his eyes quickly but could only see a blur now.


Jules cried out while dipping so far down his hot arse was on his heels.

“That was six spanks with the crop,” Damon said. “Good maid.”

Was it over? It had to be. Jules couldn’t take any more.

For Damon there is no better sight than a dumb arsed husband, dressed as a girl, chastity caged and well spanked before his own wife. Damon’s dick was thickly erect in his pants.

“Now, maid, I would hate to have to give you the second batch of six strokes. Will you do all you can to be more obedient and better behaved.”

Somehow Jules was stood back in position and still holding up the rear of his skirt. Surely Damon and Marianne would be impressed at his ability to do that after such a fierce spanking.

Jules sniffed up some tears. “Oh, yes, I will, Sir.”

“Excellent, maid. So I am sure you will agree to a few maid lessons on behaviour.”

“Oh yes, indeed Sir. Whatever you say.” Jules would say anything to avoid enduring any more pain.

“Then I’ll ask over my friend. They’ll help you.”

Friend? Jules was staggered.

Damon was already tapping out numbers on his mobile.

“Erm, Sir. I thought, you know, when we started this, that we wouldn’t involve anyone else.”

Jules could already hear the ringing over the phone’s speaker.

“Yes,” Damon readily agreed, “but you just assented to some maid lessons. I’m sure they will help you.”

“But … but … but …”

As Jules sought the courage and the right words, Damon was already speaking into his phone.

“Oh hi. Me again. You still ok to help a maid improve her domestic skills?”

What? Jules’ jaw fell.

“No,” Damon said, easily, “she wants the education. She’s agreed” He held the phone out towards the maid’s mouth. “Maid, say that you want to be educated in the skills of a domestic maid.”

Was there really someone on the end of the phone? Or was the Bull teasing him, to make him look even more foolish before his own wife?

Jules stared with tearful horror at the Bull.

“Unless,” Damon said, patting the crop against the heated, sore backside of Jules, “you want to have the next six strokes?”

Hurriedly, Jules said into the phone, “Yes I want domestic maid lessons.”

“Please,” Damon said pointedly.

“Oh yes,” Jules added into the mic of the phone. “Please .”

Snatching back the phone, Damon said into it, “There you are. She will be an enthusiastic pupil. If not, let me know. So why not call round tonight for dinner. See the scale of the task you have.”

Dinner? Tonight? Jules was aghast.

Whoever this maid trainer was, Jules wanted nothing to do with her. No part of the deal they all made involved anyone else. Certainly not a dominant bitch who probably hated men and that’s why she did maid training! He envisaged a sexy middle-aged woman wielding a long coiled whip.

Damon put away his phone and looked triumphant. “Excellent. Maid. I can see how a few strokes of the crop can concentrate your wayward mind.”

“Yes Sir. But about this so called maid trainer ….”

“Now girl,” Damon said, “I know you have chores to do. You were telling me about them earlier. And now you have a dinner for three people to prep[are. So why not pull up your panties and set about your errands like the good girl I know you can be.”

Jules was already pulling up the flimsy tiny panties around his scorching bottom. He was eager to get down off the naughty girl step and escape any further punishment. But clearly no woman should be allowed to be involved in their game.

Damon turned to Marianne. “After all that I need to unwind with my cock in some slut’s mouth.”

Jules closed his eyes and shook his head at such obscenities. He knew Marianne would be offended.

Marianne leapt from her chair and spoke hoarsely, “Oh my God yes!”

Seconds later they were slamming the bedroom door upstairs.

With his heeled feet back on the floor, Jules extended his arms out before him with a soft moan. It was so good to be able to stretch and ease his aching  muscles. Obviously, the ache from his arse would take a few hours to subside. But at least his ordeal was over.

Once they came back down Jules would explain to them how it would be unwise to involve a third party in their games. Particularly a dominant woman. Damon pictured a leather class dominatrix towering above him, which was hot, but it was clear to him that he needed to find the right person to involve in their past time. Not just some shrew Damon knew.

On the other side of the city, Jules notion of a dominatrix in black leather was actually preparing for his mid afternoon jog. But the thought of dealing with a sissy made him too aroused to think. He’d have to have a wank before leaving his home. Maybe pull together his paraphernalia of gags, cuffs and spreaders so he was ready for tonight.

He laughed out loud at the thought of the entertainment he was going to enjoy that evening. Life was good.