The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part seven






While Erika stood leaning against the door jamb, the guest she took out a mirror from her large case and placed it on a kitchen cupboard before opening it up to a couple of feet in height.

“Now I am Lynn, obviously you refer to me as Miss Lynn, else just Miss. I really don’t mind.” She moved in a girly manner, and when she spoke, at a rate of knots, she used her flapping hands in a decidedly feminine manner.

She wore a hairdresser’s trouser suit in a shade of light blue with white piping.

Eden was sat in his maid’s uniform on a kitchen chair staring fearfully at his reflection. What was going on? He could see his face, subtly feminised by the delicate use of make up. He could also see in the reflection, Erika, standing behind him with arms folded and a mischievous smile on her lips.

She seemed thoughtful as she laid out on the countertop an array of brushes, scissors and trimmers that Eden now regarded as torture equipment. For some reason, feeling helpless about their use made the hairdressers tools formidable weapons.

“There we are,” Lynn said. “So let’s get started.”

She took hold of Eden’s wig with her thumb and forefinger as if it were a dead rat she was picking up from a dinner plate. Plucking it off, she gazed at it with disgust before saying to Erika, “Bin?”

Erika winced comically, as if at a bad smell, before nodding emphatically.

Taking the bedraggled wig from Lynn, Erika dropped it in the kitchen pedal bin.

“You’re not the only one relieved to see the back of that,” Erika said, shutting the lid with a clang.

Lynn shivered theatrically, before standing directly behind Eden so that he could observe her delicate actions in the mirror. She used both hands to cup the rear of his hair while pursing her lips in thought.

“I’ll leave you to it,” Erika said. “If you need anything just send the maid to fetch me.”

“Oh, don’t you worry. I’ve done this many times before for Marcus.” She giggled, “we’ll let you know when we’re done.”

Smiling, Erika nodded and left.

“Now then,” Lynn said, “your Master has told me what he wants, but you know men, they haven’t got a clue about hair …”

In order to clarify any misunderstandings, Eden cut in, “That wig. Its special, I’ve had it for years and …”

“Maid, it looks like you’ve had it for years! The rubbish bin is too good for it!”

At that she took out a note pad and pen from her bag before writing in it.

Noticing she had neat handwriting, Eden struggled to see what it read.

“Are you making notes?” He asked lamely, not able to think of what else to say.

The silence felt threatening, at least when she was speaking the kitchen felt more welcoming.

“Yes that’s right maid,” she said with a beaming smile, as if congratulating him on being right. “Your owner wants a full report. You know what men are like. So, I have to tell him when you don’t refer to me in an appropriate manner.” She shook her head as if exasperated, “I mean why it’s so important to him I really do not know.”

“You’re going to tell him I didn’t say Miss Lynn?”

“Oh yes, and anything else he might deem as bratty. You know what he’s like. In fact there, you did it again.”

She wrote out another neat line on her pad.

“Oh!” he was shocked. “You mean I should have said, ‘I didn’t say Miss Lynn’, Miss Lynn.”

She laughed. “And he said you were dumb. Clever maid.”

Oh no! her notes were bound to lead to more punishment and less chance of his frustrated little dick being unlocked.

“Erm, please, Miss Lynn, you don’t have to tell him that.”

Did he sound as desperate to her as he did to himself?

Lynn frowned. “Oh dear. Now I am going to have to report that you wanted me to tell him fibs. Oh dear.”

She wrote out yet another line.

Oh my God. No! Clearly she didn’t know how much he could be punished by Marcus.

“Miss Lynn, I’m really sorry. Honestly I am. I didn’t mean for you to fib to him,” his brain raced, but the best he could come up with sounded lame as soon as he heard the words exiting from his mouth. “I just think he’s too busy to be bothered with such matters.”

Suddenly she was behind him again, once more balancing his hair in both her palms. “I don’t think you should be trying to second guess your Master, do you?”

“Oh no! I wouldn’t do that, Miss Lynn. Really.”

“Now then, he wants a hair style that will feminise your face. Of course he doesn’t know, being a guy, that we girls have all sorts of tricks to soften our features.”

She pushed his hair forward over his cheeks. “Curl it down over the face. Lengthen it. We will need extensions. That will give us length and body. Give me something to play with. Then we’ll perm it …”

“Perm it, Miss Lynn?”

He didn’t have a clue what she was jabbering on about.

“Perm it. Then dye it blonde. I think honey blonde. Butterfly blonde may be a little too light for your delicate skin tones. Anything darker would be a little heavy on you.”

“Erm, Miss Lynn,” he spoke urgently, “Please. My daughter, Alicia, is home next week, and I don’t think it would be good for her to see me like that.”

“Oh!” Lynn froze as if troubled. She returned to her pen and pad and wrote out a long sentence.

Eden felt his heart pounding. “Miss Lynn? What are you writing, please?”

“Oh, I am just asking your owner whether you are allowed to call Alicia by her name without a title.” She looked back at him. “I mean I don’t know. Has he told you?”

“Erm, no, well no, Miss Lynn. What do you mean title?”

“Oh, you know, Miss, Mistress, Mistress Alicia. I’ll just leave it for him to think about.”

With his mouth hanging open Eden didn’t know how to respond to such madness. His daughter couldn’t be involved in their games!

“You know, Miss Lynn. Thank you for all your trouble, but I think I should have a talk with the Master of the House, this is all a little bit further than I …”

She shut him up by sweeping a hairdressing cape around his uniform before fastening it behind his neck.

“That’s a real good idea. You chat to him tonight. I’m sure he can explain it far better than me.”

He felt desperate, “I really think a wig is fine for what we are doing right now, Miss Lynn.”

She laughed.

“Oh, your master told me all about your wig falling off when he was spanking you!”

Grimacing, Eden recalled how angry Marcus had become. As if the wig falling off could be prevented when he was over the brute’s lap. He became so cross, he used a tawse to finish off the crying maid.

“But can’t we clip it on with hair clips and …”

She laughed again. “Silly. This will be the best way. I promise you will never want to go back to boy’s hair. Maid’s and their hair!” She exclaimed. “A marriage made in heaven.”

After an hour of feeling the pain of hair extenders being tightened into his hair, of curlers being rolled agonisingly tight to his scalp and his hair being dyed over the sink, the two of them were giggling and chatting as if they had been close friends for years.

She told him funny stories about men not understanding hair styles.

“One guy didn’t even notice when his sissy maid’s hair was changed from a black pixie look into a flowing ash blonde. Can you believe it?”

He laughed with her. How can men be so ridiculous he thought.

“I can believe it, Miss Lynn.”

He also felt pleased that after the first quarter of an hour she didn’t have to make any notes whatsoever. It made him feel proud of his accomplishments. He felt sure Marcus would be delighted in his good manners. Eden imagined Marcus being so pleased with his maid’s achievement that he would release the chastity cage. Then Eden could free his throbbing trapped dick and enjoy a moment of release.

The doorbell!

The maid sat up straight in her seat. He’s back already.

Miss Lynn also took in a sharp breath before ducking down and whispering straight into his ear.

“Now just behave. We’ll see what he says. I hope he likes it. Oh, he must like it.”

Now Eden was terrified, “Why wouldn’t he like it, Miss Lynn? Isn’t it what he wanted?”

They heard the front door open, and Erika’s giggle floated down the hallway.

The hairdresser patted both his shoulders at the same time. “Just don’t say anything. Oh God, you can never tell with real men like him.”

Eden saw his fearful wide-eyed reflection in the mirror. His fizzed out blonde curls softly framing his face. Oh no, he thought. It is absurdly over the top. Marcus will hate it!

The kitchen door clattered open.

Marcus, in his neat suit, white shirt and blue tie holding Erika, Eden’s wife, around her shoulders as if she were his property. He carried a black sports bag that instantly increased Eden’s nervousness. What was in it?

“Stand up, maid,” said the hairdresser briskly, as if nervous.

Leaping to his heels, Eden felt a little lightheaded. He held his hands together before him, cursing the fact that maid’s outfits failed to possess pockets in which to place his awkward hands.

“Wow!” Erika put her long fingers to her mouth. “That is amazing!”

“You like it?” Lynn asked, her eyes wide with anxiety.

Eden could see his wife was about to say yes, but then stopped and looked up at the glowering Marcus. Marcus was one of those guys who never looked happy. Constantly grumpy.

The room waited for the Master’s verdict.

At last, he grunted. “Yeh. Not bad.”

“Not bad?” Giggled Erika. “It’s astonishing. You wouldn’t know he was a guy. No one would!”

“He never was,” Marcus grinned.

Lynn and Erika laughed too loudly at his joke and Eden felt it wise to join them, until Marcus asked:

“Was the maid naughty?” Marcus asked.

“Oh no, not really,” Lynn said. “I made a list. It’s there on the counter. Just silly little things really. Nothing major. I’m sure she …”

Closing his eyes, Marcus said. “Yeh. I get it. Bring the list upstairs. Come on, I need you to do one last thing before you drive home.”

“Yes Sir,” Lynn said.

The Bull and the two women entered the hall. Marcus stopped to turn and glare at Eden. “Oi, Maid! You included! Get your fat arse upstairs with us!”

“Yes Master, of course Master.”

Eden tripped forward on his heels. At that moment he was fully aware of the powerful commanding presence of the Bull. Without any great effort the three girls in the house awaited his instructions and his views. Eden wondered how weak he appeared when he tried to lead people, especially to women.

Oddly, rather than heading for the Master Bedroom, Marcus led the way to Alicia’s room at the rear of the house. Of course, her stuff had been cleared out by Eden and neatly stored in the adjoining room to the Master Bedroom.

It was a large bedroom, with nice views of fields and trees from the main window. It had a neat, modern en-suite, and the decorations in a light pink and grey colours reflected those of a teenage girl.

There were two large suitcases on the floor, both open revealing Eden’s clothes, shoes and jackets. In fact, all his clothing in the world was stuffed in to the two cases.

They awaited Marcus’ instructions.

After a moment’s reflection, he said to the nervous maid, “So let’s get this straight. All your old clothes are in those cases, yeh?”

He was speaking to a maid so nervous, she swallowed before replying, “Yes Master. Everything.”

He raised his eyebrows, “You sure, Maid?”

“Yes Master. I double checked all the drawers and cupboards.”

Marcus didn’t look convinced. “And your coats and shoes from downstairs?”

“Yes Master. I promise. I even got my gym stuff from the bag in the garage.”

Marcus turned his firm attention to Erika, “You agree, slut? All his stuff is in those cases.”

She appeared anxious. “I – I – I think so. Yes.” Then she had a long think.

Marcus felt relief and smiled, until Erika gasped:

 “Oh! The dirty washing basket! There might be stuff in there!”

At that moment Eden felt himself sway. He had double checked everywhere, even under the bed and in Alicia’s wardrobe, but he had omitted the laundry basket from his search.

“Fetch it,” commanded the Bull.

Moments later an apprehensive Erika removed the lid from the straw laundry basket to reveal shirts and under wear belonging to Eden.

“This deliberate?” he demanded of the maid.

“Oh no, Master. Honestly. No. I forgot about it. Please believe me.”

“Dumb bitch,” the Master of the House said. “Get it your dirty things into a bag and in one of the cases.”

“Yes Master, of course Master.”

In seconds Eden had jammed the shirts and underwear into a polythene bag and placed it the first large case.

Marcus crouched down checking the internal tumbler of the lock for the case. “Everyone turn around while I set the combination locks.

The two women and the maid obeyed his demand.

Eden held his breath as he heard the tumblers turning into place. Then he jumped as the lid of the case was thumped shut. Seconds later the other lock was set before that case was also closed.

“Turn around, all you dumb tramps.”

The two women and the maid turned quickly to face the dominant male.

“Ok girls, watch!”

From his black sports bag he took out a long chain and lock, the type motor bikers use to secure their bikes to railings for security. He wrapped it tightly around the first case, winding its length about the handle before sealing it shut with a hefty lock. He did the same to the other case.

All of Eden’s male clothing was now locked in those two formidable cases. Oh no! Even without the chains he would never be able to open them without knowing the combination number Marcus had chosen.

“Ok maid. Carry them down and put them into the boot of Miss Lynn’s car.”

What? His clothing would be locked away securely in those cases and kept in a place he wouldn’t know the address of. He had no idea where Miss Lynn lived.

It was time to make a stand. This was getting silly.

He knew he needed to be polite and well behaved, but nevertheless, he needed to make his point – before it was too late.

“Erm, Master, permission to speak please.”

“No. Get on with your task.”


Obediently, the maid lifted the two heavy cases, but then immediately settled them back onto the rug. He had to explain this to Marcus.

“But Master, I just wanted to say, that suppose friends came over? Or I had to go out. Or …”

He wasn’t able to finish the sentence.

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part six



Eden was exhausted, he had been toiling all day, his heels were uncomfortable and his calves burnt.

As soon as he heard Erika’s bell, he stopped pulling the sheets tight on the guest room bed, flattened out his maid’s dress and used a tissue from a box on the sideboard to mop the sweat from his brow. Erika had explained that appearance was everything for a maid, though Eden felt certain those words emanated from the Master of the House.

He checked his hair and face, the subtle make up, gently enhancing some features, such as his eyes, cheeks and lips while diminishing his nose and jaw line were still intact. His wig required straightening, but within seconds he was able to return downstairs to the living room where Erika languished on the sofa with one of her endless magazines in her lap. She wore tight jeans around her long shapely legs and a light white blouse. She had enjoyed a quiet, peaceful day.

As instructed by Marcus she pointed to a spot before her and when the maid reached the spot, followed the Master’s instructions of shaking her head, sighing and pointing slightly to one side.

Marcus had told her, “It is imperative that the maid is always off balance. Whenever she has obeyed a command ensure her service is corrected. That way,” he wisely pointed out, “she will always be alert to instructions.”

As Marcus had predicted, the maid shuffled to the new position, inches to the right, without complaint.

She looked up and asked, “Have you completed your task, maid?”

Erika had to refer to the maid as maid at all times to help the maid acclimatise to her new situation. Another point made firmly by the decisive Marcus.

Eden nodded, staring at the sofa and chairs with need. How he craved to sit down on the soft, comfortable furniture.

“Yes Mistress. All my clothing has been placed into the two large suitcases as the Master of the House instructed. I have moved Alicia’s items into the adjoining room of the Master bedroom.”

Tilting her head slightly to one side, Erika raised her eyebrows, expecting the maid to continue.

“Oh yes! Sorry, and my maid items have now been placed in Alicia’s former room. Though,” he looked away finding the strength to point out something that was obvious to him, “I can’t see that she will be happy being moved down the corridor to be in an adjacent room to the master bedroom.”

Crossing her legs, Erika said, “I am sure that when the Master of the House wants your views he will make a point of asking you.”

“Yes Mistress.” Eden felt foolish. Why had he said that? Marcus clearly knew what he was doing. He always seemed very prescient in his instructions, as if he knew exactly how everything would turn out.

She checked her watch. “In ten minutes we will have a visitor …”

“A visitor?” Eden was startled, and had to quickly add, “Mistress.”

“Yes honey. A visitor. You will greet her at the door and lead her into the kitchen.”

“What?” What the hell was going on? “Look, this isn’t happening! We can’t involve someone in our games!”

Picking up her mobile phone, Erika used speed dial to tap out a number.

Eden heard the ringing tone and was mortified. “Mistress, who are you ringing? Mistress?”

“Oh, it’s Mistress now, is it?” The call was answered, and Erika turned her face away from the maid. “Master? Oh hi!”

She giggled while Eden held his breath. Obviously, his wife wouldn’t betray him to the Master of the House.

Would she?

“No, Master. All is fine. Yes, she has been a good girl …”

Eden closed his eyes and felt his entire body relax. Phew. She wasn’t going to squeal on him to Master. She was simply frightening him as a warning. Well job done!

“Yes. Yes,” Erika appeared proud of the maid’s achievements. “Her old stuff is all in the two suitcases you ordered him to put his clothes into. Yes. Shoes, coats, everything. Oh, and he has moved his new girly stuff that we bought him into Alicia’s room.”

This was going well, Eden thought. Not so much a smack on the bottom tonight as a congratulatory pat on his behind from his Master.

“Yes, the maid has been very good in referring to you appropriately. I know, you are a brilliant teacher.”

A broad grin lit up the maid’s face. Perhaps not only a series of pats but also, maybe he could be freed from the chastity device for a quick play. The Master of the House had said that could happen to a well behaved maid.

A long sigh from the wife. “Yes. All was going well until I told the maid about the visitor.” She checked her watch again. “In just two minutes. It seems our, oh, so clever maid, has ideas of her own. Said we shouldn’t involve others in our games. Yes, yes Master, she called them games.”

Oh no! The maid’s tummy felt tingly. Maybe his wife is merely teasing, maybe Master isn’t on the phone. That’s it. Just having a joke, he thought, simply to keep the maid in line. He gripped that thin straw with all the hope a maid could muster.

“Yes, I know. But you did say she is only a maid and can’t be expected to work things out for herself.” She paused to eye the terrified maid. “The Master would like a word with you.”

She held the phone out to the uniformed maid whose hands remained determinedly down by her side. “Please Mistress,” he whispered, hoping Master wouldn’t hear.

Erika pushed her arm insistently out further with the alarming phone between her thumb and forefinger.

The Maid accepted the device as if it were poisoned, raising it to her ear slowly in the hope that something would happen to curtail the call before the mobile reached her head.

But nothing happened to prevent her hearing her firm Master’s voice. In fact, that was the story of Eden’s domestic life right now. If it could go wrong, then it would go wrong.

The maid’s voice croaked, “Hello Master.”

Rather than sounding admonitory, the Master seemed in good spirits. “Hi maid. I hear you’ve been especially industrious today.”

With relief the maid said, “Oh yes, Master. I’ve been very busy. Doing all that Mistress has directed me to do.”

“That’s great. Good girl, maid. I’m pleased with you.”

The maid closed her eyes and simpered. “Thank you Master, thank you.”

She knew she sounded desperate, but her tone reflected her true emotional state.

With the Master in good spirits, Eden was wondering whether to point out the error of moving Alicia into the adjacent room of the master bedroom when Marcus cut in.

“I gather you are reticent about answering the door.”

“Exactly, Master.” Marcus understood Eden’s fears. What a release!

“I can understand that. Only the Mistress of the House and I have seen you in your new uniform. Yes?”

“Yes Master.”

“So you are bound to be a little shy about others seeing you, isn’t that right?”

“Well, I, well, it’s not just about being shy, though obviously you are right Master. I do feel embarrassed about showing anyone how I look right now. But really, I don’t want this getting out. You know. Just our secret.”

“Of course. But you needn’t worry your silly little head about anything.”

Eden felt reassurance well up in his stomach. Yes, of course Marcus would have thought such matters through.

“You see,” his Master continued, “the visitor is a special friend of mine, whom you can trust. Because I say so. And the visitor has a special present for you which you will love.”

A present? Now Eden was excited. A present for him. How intriguing.

“So be a good girl and listen very carefully to the visitor’s instructions and follow them to the letter. I don’t want any of your silliness getting in the way of her helping you.”

“Yes, Master.”

Doubts still floated around Eden but his fear of challenging Marcus dampened them.

“Master,” Eden ventured, “perhaps we should talk about this, and then decide on the best way forward?”

He left the end of the sentence hang in the air like a question, the better not to enrage the volatile Bull, who seemed in such a good mood.

“Good idea, Maid!”

Eden was thrilled. “Thank you Master!”

“So do as the visitor tells you and then indeed tonight, after you have served dinner, then we will have a chat about your experiences.”

“Erm,” that was not what Eden had meant. “Yes Master.”

“So be a good girl and run along to answer the door. And remember, do as you are told like the good girl, I know you can be when you try extra special hard.”

“Well,” there didn’t seem to be any further argument, and Marcus’ brain was so flooded with sexual desire it couldn’t think for him.

“So be the good girl you aspire to, and hand the phone back to your Mistress.”

“Yes Master.”

Eden returned the phone hesitantly to the woman who yesterday had been his wife, but now ran the household – and him, her husband.

She accepted the mobile just as the doorbell rang.

The visitor!

“The door, maid.”

Erika held the phone in her hand as she raised her eyebrows expectantly at the maid.

“Yes Mistress.”

How could he escape this ordeal?

Again, the insistent clang of the doorbell, somehow sounding impatient.

“Well?” Erika asked.

Nodding, Eden shuffled to the hallway in his painful heels.

As soon as he was in the hall, he heard his wife’s voice. She was relaxed, giggly.

“All is fine Master. You needn’t worry. You’ve sorted out this household really well!” She laughed. “Yes Master, you are a wonderful teacher.”

Approaching the door, Eden felt he was moving closer to a savage dog that might bite him.

The alarming doorbell once more! Clanging in his head.

Oh no!

He reached out for the door catch, closed his eyes, knowing there was no alternative.

The fully uniformed maid opened the front door onto the warm afternoon sun.

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Five




Marcus slid from the bed wearing only his black boxers, decorated with damp cum patches.


Eden was always struck by how muscular and masculine the Bull looked without his clothes. A firm stomach, square shoulders all covered in furry hair.

Even without his basque, heels, stockings and panties, Eden would have felt feminine and weak.

Swallowing, Eden watched the formidable Alpha male approach him, without eye contact as if he was thinking through some difficult problem.

As soon as the Bull grabbed a chair and swung it around, Eden’s tummy turned. Oh my God another spanking! And his bottom was still sore from the over zealous beating from his wife, Erika only hours previous.

The Bull sunk onto the upright chair and patted his lap.

Oh no! He knew from past experiences not to protest, no matter how unfair was the chastisement. Thus he clip clopped over in his heels and spread himself over the man’s lap without dispute.

Marcus laughed.

Eh? Why did he laugh?

“Dumb sissy,” Marcus said.

Looking up Eden could see that the man was grinning merrily.

Should he stand? Eden remained in position, not knowing what to do.

“I want you to sit on my lap!” Marcus said.

Oh! Eden slid hesitatingly off the man’s thighs, in case he was joking, and he ought to remain in the punishment position.

Giggling, Erika crawled down the bed, in her flimsy nightie. She wanted to get a better look at what was to happen.

“Erm,” Eden felt uncertain. “You want me to sit … erm, on your lap?”

The humour vanished from the Bull’s face. “You need me to tell you again, you dumb sissy?”

“No! No, sir. Honestly. It’s just that it seems strange …”

“Get your arse on my lap before I put you there!”

In the smallest moment of time known to physics, Eden plopped down on to the man’s knees, edging back gingerly.

As soon as his heels left the carpet, so Eden felt vulnerable and helpless. God, Marcus always knew what he was doing! No wonder it felt instinctively right to obey him.

Two meaty hands grabbed the sissy’s hips to drag him tight into the Bull’s body. A beefy arm slid around Eden’s shoulders holding him tightly up against the chest of the masculine man.

How hard his body felt to Eden, how soft he felt. Feeling uncomfortable on the lap of a man, Eden angled his body and head away from his tormentor. But Marcus held him firmly, pulling Eden tight to his chest.

With Eden held firmly in position, Marcus fixed him with a hard, unwavering stare.

“So you want to know who I think I am?”

“No, no, Sir, I guess, what I meant, now I come to think of it …”

Marcus cut in, “Well let me tell you who I think I am. I think I am Master of this house and Master of all I survey. What do you think of that?”

Trying to swallow but finding his throat too dry, Eden croaked, “yes, fine. I see that.”

“So, you agree?”

“Well …” Eden didn’t have the courage to argue. Anyway, surely what Marcus said was perfectly right. He was dominant here and could be said to be Master of the house. “Yes, I see what you are saying, Sir.”

“That’s good. Not as dumb as you look, sissy.”

Erika giggled, kneeling up to eagerly take in the scene before her. Why did it arouse her so much to see her husband put in his place by her manly lover?

“So then,” Marcus said slowly, “obviously you should both refer to me as Master.”

Eh? Crossing his stockinged legs, Eden made to object. Calling the bully Sir was bad enough.

“Well, I think,” Eden said, his cheeks aflame, “That is something we could all discuss. Chat about it.”

Marcus nodded, leaving Eden to believe the brute was seeing sense at last. Erika leaned forward, her eyes fixed on the Bull wondering where he was going with these thoughts.

“The thing is,” Marcus said coldly, “as you just agreed that I am Master of the House and all I survey, I don’t need to indulge you and your slut of a wife in girly chit chat.”

Looking at his wife for support, Eden saw her licking her pink lips, eyes glued on her lover while totally ignoring her husband.

“It’s just that I think,” Eden said, with a winning smile, “if we all discussed the terms you propose then  …”

“ … fuck all would ever get done. You two could gossip all night. So as Master of the House I declare that is how you should both refer to me from now on. You always address me as Master when replying to me and if you are talking about me when I am not present then you refer to me as Master of the House. Have you both understood that?”

Giggling, Erika said, “Oh yes, Master. Very wise, Master.”

The Bull turned his intimidating attention on Eden who nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, yes Master. Of course.”

The very mention of the term master made tummy tingling shame rise up inside him. It had all sorts of connotations of slavery and ownership. Clearly Erika hadn’t grasped the full implications of this development, else she wouldn’t so readily agree! It would have to be explained to her later.

“I’ll continue to teach you both in bite sized chunks so that I may educate you easier.”

Again, Erika tittered and again Eden felt a coldness fill his body.

Marcus continued, his voice even and confident, “That means that your slut of a wife is now referred to as Mistress, at all times. If you mention her to me then you call her Mistress. Got it?”

Eden nodded, his eyes fixed on his stocking tops, “Yes master.”

That word again, how strange and humiliating it felt. As if the mere mention of it demoted him further, if that were possible.

“And you will be the household maid.”

Eden’s dick immediately attempted to thicken in the tight chastity device.

“Yes Master.”

“Ok, maid. Fetch us a couple of cold beers. Present them on a tray.” Marcus smiled at the panting wife on the bed but continued to give directions to the maid without looking at her. “You stay outside the door until you are summoned. The Mistress of the house has business with the Master of the house, and we’ll call you when we are ready.”

“Yes Master.”


Marcus had risen from the chair so quickly, Eden was sent tumbling to the floor on his sore bottom. Looking up he realised that he wasn’t the only person aroused. Marcus’ shorts were poled outwards to an astonishing degree. His hidden cock appeared staggeringly long and thick.

If Eden had few doubt as to the business the Master and Mistress of the house were attending to as he prepared the drinks in the kitchen, in his lingerie. He knew exactly what they were up to from the bed creaking and Erika’s gasps.

As he placed the frothing beers on the silver tray, he smiled and relaxed. Fortunately, Alicia will be home in a few days, and then they could return to some sort of normality in their lives! Marcus would have to leave and they could return to their normal, quiet lives.


The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Four

Eden didn’t know why Marcus had to be so dismissively cruel.

There he was still in his crushing basque, heels and stockings, his head adorned by a wig. He had worn them all day, even when Erika had so unfairly caned him for not referring to Marcus as ‘Sir’.

Now he was stood along on the landing just feet from the bedroom door through which he could hear them screwing.

Only he wasn’t even allowed to look at the door. He had to keep his eyes fixed on the wall.

Marcus had arrived in a hungry mood for sex.

Erika had changed into a short blue dress that tightly hugged her curvy body. The moment the thug was through the front door he gripped Eden’s wife as if he were going to devour her.

Their mouths hoovered together, only drifting apart when Marcus scooped her up into his arms and carried the giggling wife up the stairs. The giggling was suffocated by another passionate kiss as they paused on the landing.

Creeping up in his heels, Eden felt it wise to wait until they parted, and he was addressed before speaking. Though he was looking forward to watching them screw.

As he observed the powerful brute flatten his wife against the wall, his huge paw grabbing her backside, Eden felt his dick engorge in its confines.

Fuck! This metal chastity device was uncomfortable when he was aroused. Yet something else he best point out to Marcus. There was no way the ape would be able to know unless he was told.

Now the driven couple pushed through the master bedroom door, Eden in his heels followed.

“Oi!” Marcus was staring hard at him.

The command froze Eden in his tracks.

Eden gasped before stepping back.

“You stay out there until you are summoned!”

“Yes Sir.” Eden swallowed hard.

“Stand facing the wall until I call you in!”

His wife giggled as she watched her shocked hubbie turn stiffly around to face the wall.

“You stay like that until I call you in, got it sissy?”

Feeling his hot breath bounce back from the wall, Eden said. “Yes Sir.”

Suddenly Eden felt the Bull standing right behind him. There was a hard slap to Eden’s pantied arse.

“And get this,” Marcus said slowly, “if you move from there then I’ll know about it. Got it?”

“Yes Sir,” Eden croaked.

The chastised husband heard the couple kissing again, before Marcus said …

“You know, we’ll have to get a naughty step for your dumb hubby to stand on when he’s naughty.”

Giggling, Erika asked, “Are they real? I mean can you actually get them?”

“Sure. Had to get a couple in the past for naughty hubbies.”

“Oh, but Sir,” she said quietly, “wouldn’t that be totally humiliating for him?”

Why was Eden’s dick so firm in its uncomfortable container?

“Listen girl, you call the sissy ‘him’ again, and I’ll spank the senses out of you.”

Eden heard his wife utter a breathless ‘wow’ before adding, “Yes Sir.”

Thus, it was that Eden could still feel the imprint of Marcus’ hand on his bottom as he stared at the wall while wild lovemaking sounded from beyond the door.

How would Marcus know if he remained fixed in position? Surely he was bluffing! But maybe, behind Eden sat a camera that went straight to the brute’s phone. Anyway, he most certainly wasn’t going to turn around and earn the Bull’s further ire! That would be too dumb for words.

Thus, he waited as the couple powered onwards in their incessant raucous rutting.

Finally, it fell silent. Marcus held his breath listening hard, but the house had fallen oddly still after the relentless noise.

Now he could hear low chattering, but far too quiet to make anything out. Occasionally Erika would giggle or gasp, but other than that the conversation was too low for him to make out what was being said. Which made him even more paranoid. Were they talking about him?

He shifted from aching heeled foot to the other.

God, he felt silly standing like this when Marcus wasn’t even present!

“Sissy!” It was Erika calling out. “Come in.”

He had heard her correctly? He turned slowly fearing he’d made a mistake. There was no obvious camera. He cautiously turned the handle and opened the bedroom door.

He stepped inside a room whose temperature had risen with the love making and in which a heavy sultry sex smell hung.

They were under the sheets, both naked from the chest up, the rest of their bodies hidden. Marcus held Eden’s wife in the crook of his hefty arms, so that her head rested against his hairy chest.

After a few uneasy moments of silence, Eden asked, “Yes, Mistress? You called?”

“Yes,” she looked half asleep, dreamy and exhausted. “Didn’t you want to ask Sir something?”

Relief! Of course he did!

“Oh yes, yes,” he spoke quickly. At last. “Sir, I’ve loads of points to make. Firstly …”

“Sissy,” She said, waiting for his jabbering to subside. “No, you wanted to ask him who he thought he was.” She stared at him, her eyes widening with innocence.

Eden’s mouth fell open in terrified shock. Oh God! No!


Advice from Bulls for Bulls

What are your views when you read the following guidance from Bulls to Bulls?



This from a Reddit sub group for BullPsychology.

Thought this might interest some of the visitors to HotelTransform Blog.

These comments are in reply to ways to establish dominance in realtionship to the cuck outside of sex:


Reply 1.

There are the obviously classics like having the Master Bedroom be off limits to the cuck when the Bull is around (or permanently), doing chores for the Bull and running errands (especially while he is pleasuring your wife), the Bull can take control of finances and give the cuck an “allowance”, the Bull can set restrictions on the cuck (TV time allowed, bed time, clothing options), the Bull can have cuck explain every day/time they pleasure your wife why you need them to do it/call him and beg to do it in the first place.

Being told when you can/can’t communicate with your wife, being kicked out of the bedroom even when the Bull isn’t there, paying for their dates, having speech restrictions (“quiet time” or “no talking in the Bull’s presence”), getting spanked/punished by the Bull and of course thanking him after.

Really it also depends on what your Bull and Wife consider as dominant/what aspects of control most interest them.

Hope this helped inspire some options!

reply 2

I establish certain things that are off limits while I’m over. Obviously we sleep in the master bedroom while the cuck is on his own in regards to sleeping arrangements. One of my favorites is the “no contact” rule where the cuck is not allowed any contact with his wife while I’m over even in between the time where we have sex. I like to have fun with it too. The wife will put on his favorite lingerie/perfume and will sit in my lap while we have the cuck sit inches away from us but not allowed any physical contact.

reply 3

Perhaps surprisingly, the most dominant thing a person can do is ask personal questions, and offer instruction and guidance. Taking a paternal role can be a gentle, subtle process of subjugation by assumption of responsibility. I think it’s important to earn the dominant position emotionally, before using it to issue commands. The three can roleplay however they want, but they’ll know deep down that it’s not serious. They’ll know the submission isn’t heart-felt if they jump right into a scene. I say take the time. Do the lap-sitting talks. Reward submissive attitudes and behaviors with quick little handjobs. Get the sub to open up about feelings and past traumas. Be a kind father before having the sub call you daddy.



The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Three



Erika knew Eden was desperate to ask some inane question – so she ignored him. Giggling inside, she used the remote to tap through the channels delighting in her new power.


The screen showed a sumptuous fish dish that captured her attention, she watched the butter melt over the textured fish before asking, “Hmmm?”

Finally!!! Eden closed his eyes and drew in a deep lungful of air ready to get all his complaints off his chest.

“Really! This is just crazy. Totally crazy! I mean, who the hell does he think he is?”

Some overweight bald guy on the tele held up some parsley and spoke about shredding them with ordinary scissors. When he finished and the music started, Erika spoke without taking her eyes from the images.

“Really? Shall I phone Marcus and ask him who he thinks he is?” She lolled her head on the cushion to stare up at him. “Tell him who was asking?”

Swallowing Eden looked away, already defeated. “No. Please don’t bother him.”

“Bother who, honey?”

Her eyebrows were raised with innocent expectation.

Shuffling his feet, Eden was about to say ‘Marcus’, when he caught himself. “Sir, I mean Sir.”

“I thought you did. You just forget to refer to him by his official title, didn’t you?”

“Well yes, I guess.”

“You guess? You mean you don’t know?”

“Please, Mistress. Its just that I think the three of us need to sit down and have a chat before this all spins out of control.”

Her eyes were now fixed on her fearful husband, “You haven’t answered the question, Honey. I asked if you forgot to refer to him as Sir.” She saw him thinking of ways to avoid answering the question so added pointedly, “Or did you deliberately disobey his instruction?”

Her horror struck husband was all smiles and bluster, “No darling, Mistress. No. I didn’t forget. You are perfectly correct. He needed to change the subject. “It’s just that …”

“Oh. I see.” She powered on. “So you need a reminder of Sir’s instructions then. If only you said so straight away.”

“Mistress. No, its ok. You don’t have to get up. I am sorry. Really.”

“Because you know what Sir said I should do to help you remember the new situation here.”

“Yes Mistress. But I am sure …”

“So why not be a good sissy and fetch me Sir’s cane from the bathroom.”

Oh no! Marcus had slippered his backside before he left that morning, only a few hours previously. It was still sore. This was crazy.

“Please Mistress, I …”

“And didn’t Sir say what I should do if you were hesitant in obeying an instruction?”

Her blue eyes fixed hard on her apprehensive husband. On one level it would be nice to have her man of the house back when Marcus moved on to another hot wife, yet, on another level relegating her know all husband like this was fun. Marcus had explained that sissies like Eden, or rather, as Marcus had put it, dumb sissies like Eden, loved having a dominant Mistress. She knew that was Eden’s primary fantasy.

When aroused he had, from their wedding day, urged her to tie him up and spank him. Marcus had unlocked Eden’s laptop and showed her all the images of leather clad dominatrixes wielding whips and canes. They had played games in the bedroom which weren’t particularly satisfying, but now that he had to obey her, it was erotically empowering. Little her having her egotistical hubbie run around like a genuine, timid maid.

“Mistress, all I wanted to say …”

Her look turned to a glare.

“Yes, I’ll fetch it now Mistress. Its just wearing this lingerie beneath my clothes all day. Every time I move, I am aware of the suspenders and the bra, and this tight corset and …”

“That’s how you insisted I dress for sex, wasn’t it?”

“Well, yes, yes, I suppose. But that was only for an hour or so.”

A wicked smile darkened her face, “With you it was for ten minutes. Now be a good sissy and do as you are told.” She clicked her fingers. “Cane!”

Eden had a few fears well up in his nervous mind. Whether she really would cane him. Whether he would have to take down his pants. How many strokes. But the overwhelming fear was: would she tell Marcus that he had said, ‘who does he think he is’?

When he pulled the bamboo out of the long jug in which it was held, he smiled. Of course she wouldn’t be that cruel! Not his submissive Erika.





The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Two



Marcus twisted the tiny steel mesh around in his fingers. It was so small and his hands so large he could clasp it without a problem between first finger and thumb, as if it were a small child’s toy.

Erika was in awe. “That’s amazing. It’s so intricate. How the hell do they make them so small?”

“They need to, for the smaller guys in life,” grinned Marcus.

Wrinkling her nose Erika spoke almost apologetically. “He’s got a chastity cage though. Remember? We showed it to you.”

Guffawing and shaking his head, Marcus said. “Nah. Those cheap plastic Chinese knock offs are hopeless.”

Widening her eyes, Erika prepared herself for some mansplaining from Marcus. Why did she find him expounding stuff to her as if she were a child, so thrilling?

“You see, those knock offs have a generic key. Dumb arsed sissies like your husband …”

She bit her lip to stop herself giggling while the continued.

“… just get a pile of keys. For safety they say. Then they indulge their own fantasies but unlock themselves for relief on the quiet.”

Shocked, Erika demanded, “Is this true Eden? When we’re playing your maid games you just go and unlock yourself and spurt for your own satisfaction? Without me knowing?”

She could tell be the way he grew even more pink and looked away that Marcus was once again totally correct.

Squatting down she said to him, “That’s despicable. Why couldn’t you be honest?”

Marcus said, “Nah. Its not his fault. They’re all the same these sissies. Saying one thing but then backing out of it. So how about we ensure he can’t back out of anything until we say he can?”

“Look,” Eden began, “yeh, you know, you got a point. I shouldn’t have gone against what we agreed. Sir, that’s how I should address you when we are playing. Like we originally agreed.”

“You reckon?” An amused Marcus asked.

A spring of confidence grew within the bound over the chair Eden. “Yes sure. And hey, rules like safe words, they are all open to discussion.”

Marcus laughed. “Yeh sure. Up for discussion.” He turned to the bewildered wife, “tell your hubbie to hush while the adults are talking.”

Slapping Marcus’ wide chest, she smiled. “You are terrible you know that?”

Gaining confidence from having spoken and his wife’s apparently admonishing words, Eden said, “How about, untie me and let’s all go downstairs? Talk it through. See where we stand?”

Erika folded her arms, why did he have to keep interrupting when Marcus was telling her stuff?

“Be quiet Eden!” Then she smiled and locked eyes with her Bull, “Adults are talking here.”

Marcus nodded as if a teacher encouraging a deserving pupil.

“And those plastic devices,” he continued, “they can pull their little dicks out of them anyway.”

“Really?” The thought that Eden cheated, filled her with rage. “I didn’t know that.”

“Na. Most wives don’t. Too trusting, and their hubbies too deceitful.”

Now she felt like an idiot. Eden must have been laughing at her behind her back. She had to play the dominatrix and he got everything he wanted. Bastard!

“Also,” the Bull sighed, as if speaking sorrowfully, “simple tools from a supermarket will break them out of those cheap containers like a finger going through a wet pussy.”

Erika laughed at his naughty gag. Normally she detested coarse men, but Marcus somehow could carry off dirty jokes.

Raising the tiny cage he continued, “so this is made of graphene.”

“What?” the wife asked, loving having this all explained to her – especially before her helplessly tied hubbie.

“Graphene. Its manmade. Not found in nature. The hardest substance known to mankind. 200 times stronger than steel, even when just a few atoms thick. And look at this key.”

Eden struggled to twist and turn to see the key being shown above him. He saw how wide Erika’s were eyes. Almost bulging.

“Oh! I’ve never seen a key like that.”

“It’s called a tubular key. Its designed only for that lock on that chastity cage. So once it’s on …”

He let the words hang in the air as he studied the hot wife. She was far and away the sexiest woman he had ever shagged. The fact that she belonged to another guy made her even more desirable. At that moment her eyes were twinkling with awe at the devices he held in his palm. The cage and the key, she now understood were unique. Once he locked her hubbie up into it, she would know only he could release the dumb sap.

This would amplify his power in her mind and further diminish her husband. Thus, she would be even more aroused when they had sex.

“So watch how I fit it, maybe I’ll leave the key for you to release him one day, and then you’ll need to know how to fit it again.”

“Wait!” Eden screamed out loud. “No!”

Crouching down, Marcus stroked the panicked, dumb sissy under the chin. “Now, didn’t you hear your Mistress say that you should be quiet when adults are talking. I tell you what. Just to help you learn your lesson, you know what I am going to do?”

Oh God! Eden froze. Not another spanking, his arse couldn’t stand further punishment. His rear cheeks were singing with pain.

Knowing he dare not speak, he simply shook his head in reply to Marcus.

“I’m going to lock you up for 24 hours in this device. That’s your first lesson. But,” he paused relishing the fear in the hubbies wide eyes. “To help you learn to keep quiet when ordered by your Mistress, I’m going to add another 24 hours.”

Eden desperately wanted to complain. This was ridiculous. He couldn’t stand 2 days without wanking.

“But,” Marcus slowed down his speech so that the dumb arsed sissy would understand the weight of every word, “but, if you are naughty, in any way, then I’ll add a third day. Do you understand? Just nod your head, as your Mistress told you to be quiet.”

A dry mouthed Eden nodded his head.

Moments later, out of his sight, he felt the oddly warm and smooth device being attached behind his ball sac.

“Easy, yeh?” Marcus asked. When Erika nodded a shocked yes, he continued, “and then simply slide the cage up his member, give it a little shove over the two pins, to line it up. Then use the tubular key to lock it in place. One chastity wearing cuckold ready to learn his lessons.”

‘Lessons?’ Eden thought, ‘lessons? What would he be taught?’

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part One



She purses her lips in that way she does when is about to make a contentious remark. Erika usually seeks to avoid conflict.

“Well, you were naughty,” she finally says then drops her attention to the woman’s magazine she is reading at the kitchen table.

This makes her husband even more irate. His cheeks redden. “He just doesn’t get it does he? This is a game for the weekends.”

“After a long moment, without looking at her husband Eden, she replies, “yes dear.”

“So what the hell am I supposed to do? I mean, Alicia’s back from college next week. We don’t want him around then!”

The world froze. Erika found something absorbing in her magazine.

“Do we? Honey? We’re gonna have to tell him, he won’t be welcome then.”

Erika stopped mid page turn as if fascinated by an article.

“Honey? Erika?” He swallowed. “He can’t be here when Alicia’s home.”

“How about,” her eyes glistened, “you tell him that?”

At that he flounces from the room to indulge in a good hearty sulk settled in his favourite armchair in the front room.

For a while, the steam increases. He curses his wife, Erika out loud and quietly insults Marcus, their Bull. “The egotistical bastard!”

Then the steam gradually dissipates. Maybe he could have handled it better. He didn’t have to make a tit of himself by blurting out those words. He tries to justify himself. He was being spanked when he didn’t deserve it. So he didn’t say ‘Sir’ once. He closed his eyes tight knowing it was more than once. He just refused to use the term even when in no uncertain terms Marcus demanded it.

The slipper stings like nothing else. With him bound over a kitchen chair, wrists to front legs, ankles to rear legs, he was helpless as blow after blow landed. And how he blubbed and spat out the insults. Until he realised he needed to get a grip and start watching his outbursts.

Marcus wasn’t about to ease off, and Erika’s entreaties for mercy for her husband were becoming less and less convincing. In fact, did she really spurt out a giggle when Marcus showed her the bright red colour of her husband’s buttocks?

With Eden left sobbing and helpless, bound to the chair, Marcus took Erika away for quick, hard noisy screw.

When they returned, Erika’s hair appeared to have exploded from the scalp, her eyeliner was smudged, and she clung sleepily to the half dressed Marcus as if he were going to save her.

Marcus stood proud and tall before Eden. “Now then, are you ready to apologise, little boy?”

For a crazy fleeting moment, Eden thought that if he demonstrated courage then Marcus would be impressed and free him.

“No! We agreed a safe word!” Eden found confidence in his self righteous belief that he was wholly justified in protesting at a long over the knee slippering.

Hence how he ended up tied down over the chair for further chastisement.

Marcus wasn’t just far bigger and stronger, he was a determined bastard. He got what he wanted, always. Having known that about the brute from the outset, Eden wondered why he hadn’t stepped back and apologise.

He had pointed out to Marcus, “I just think tonight is over. You know? We had a safe word for a reason.”

Expecting Erica to support his reasoning he was surprised when she remained silent only glancing up at her Bull to see his reaction.

Finally, Marcus nodded as if understanding and sighed. “I’m afraid you will regret your naughtiness.”

Briefly, a shame faced Eden checked his wife’s reaction. She put her tongue into her cheeks as she averted her gaze.

Producing his car keys from his pocket, Marcus said to Erika, “Go to my boot. Fetch in the black sports bag you see.”

Gasping with surprise she accepted the key, pausing only briefly glance at her terrified husband before leaving the room.

Marcus crouched and used his fingers to raise the tear stained face of Eden.

He spoke softly, “Don’t know why you let yourself get into these situations. Dumb bitch. Now you’re gonna have to learn the hard way what your bratty behaviour has consequences.”

Avoiding eye contact with the alpha male, Eden said, “Sir, please. I think this is going too far.”

“So it’s Sir now, is it?” His narrow eyes growing tighter from a wide grin. “Now if you’d use that little word earlier, you’d still be able to sit down.”

“What are you going to do,” Eden swallowed before adding, “Sir.”

“You’re about to find out. And you know something?”

With wide, open eyes Eden shook his head.

“You, you dumb bitch, are going to learn a lesson you won’t forget until they nail you down into a coffin. I am going to ensure that in future you will be respectful to all your betters. Be they Bulls or women. You’ll even be subservient to junior shop girls. If a school girl admonishes you, then you’ll apologise.”

Momentarily, Eden was going to be brave. The words fuck you, arrived in his head. But all he croaked was, “Please no. I really am sorry.”

Rising up to his full broad shouldered height, Marcus chuckled. “You will be, dumb bitch, you will be.”

Many thanks to the wonderful Lissa Daniels for this superb PDF document. Please use the page turners at the bottom of the picture to read it all. It is designed for Mistresses, but maybe of interest to some Sissies who want to understand how they find themselves so easily controlled.

Check if you need to pull the page over to the left to read more too.



There are another 2 magazines on the locked in lace website!