De Plane, Boss, De plane! by Karen Albright

De Plane, Boss, De plane!


Karen Albright


CASE        : TV004438

SUBJECT     : Lance Henderson

NET WORTH   : About $27,000,000.

HIS FANTASY : Seeking B&D scene with himself as masked dominant.

SITUATION   : Medium size, attractive, 3 outstanding paternity

suits. Obnoxiously confident.

PLANNED     : Dominate him. Turn him into a whore.


ARRANGEMENTS: $500,000 conversion. $20,000 per week.

COMMENTARY  : Complete realism with hypnosis, implants, and


OBSERVATION : He is really quite handsome. It’s a pity he is

so clumsy at describing his experiences.



I was picked up by a striking but aloof bitch at the airport. She

carried my baggage to a jeep, and drove me to a large plantation house.

She rejected all of my suggestions that we have dinner together. In the

building, another striking woman met me, gave me coffee and gave me an

“Experience Contract” to review and sign. I signed quickly, because my

attorney told me that he could get me out of anything. I was forced to

wait for a while, and then another beautiful woman, in a white coat,

arrived to interview me. I did not want to waste time with her, but she

reminded me that I had agreed to an initial evaluation, so we proceeded.

I could hardly wait to start my fantasy and domination all of these

beautiful bitches.

After the interview, I became very groggy and passed out.


MEDICAL NOTES: Complete Realism conversion. 12 days sedated in clinic

for transformation.

No nutrition; estimate 40-pound weight loss in 12 days. Goal is 125

pounds weight and 25-inch waist.


Sedative, including enzymes to increase subliminal receptivity. Must

enhance with unconscious shock treatments.

Female Hormone Z, including accelerators with a 5-day period to full

effect. Triple dosage while sedated.

Eroycin aphrodisiac on day 11 to accelerate sex drive.

Dermosol D to accelerate hair growth on head; shoulder-length in 6 days.

Depilimycin to remove beard and body hair and to retard further growth

of same.

Surgery:  Full silicone implants to a 37D. Liposuction of waist to 25-

in. diameter. Move some of abdominal tissue to hips to obtain 37-in.


Plastic surgery to face to reduce nose and ear size and to augment lips.

Full sex change. Remove penis and testicles. Use skin flaps to form

false vagina. Move urethra to new opening behind new vagina. Will need 5

days with form in vagina to maintain shape; 10 days full convalescence

while sedated.

Arizona Clinic experimental hormonal implants to provide continual

female hormonal balance.

PSYCHIATRIC NOTES:  A very difficult patient. Husky, with  strong

features. No past crossdressing. No homosexual tendencies. Therapy will

continue subliminal tapes  to  train  in  feminine  behavior  and

submissiveness. Must augment with unconscious shock treatments and mind-

altering drugs during sedation. Will have to monitor carefully.



I awoke with a horrible headache and with pains all over my body.

It felt like I had just finished a full workout. The room was dark, and

I quickly found that I could not move much. My arms, legs and abdomen

were restrained to the platform I felt under me. The room was dark and

completely quiet.

Suddenly, I heard a loud voice say, “You may prepare for the day

now,” and the restraints released. Without any light, I could not see,

but I sat up slowly. The headache and muscle aches made it hard to

concentrate, but everything felt strange. I felt something brush against

my back and I reached up to rub my sore arms. As I did so, my hand

brushed against something, and I felt it in my chest. I touched my chest

and immediately felt two huge breasts. What had happened?

I felt a second time and felt the same thing, and they were real,

because I could feel the sensation of my hands upon my nipples. I

touched my head and felt long hair.

Just then the lights came on and the voice said, “You have 10

minutes to get ready. ”

I looked around and saw a small room, with a small dresser and

three doors. I stood up and walked to the largest door to get out, but

it was locked. The second one opened to a small closet, which contained

a few woman’s clothes, and the third went into a bathroom. I entered the

bathroom, turned on the light and saw a beautiful woman looking back

from the mirror. Then I was really shocked. As a reflex, I reached

between my legs and I felt nothing! My fingers moved further back and

they felt a moist slit between my legs. I screamed and passed out.

I awoke on the platform again, but without the restraints. I sat up

again and this time felt the weight of my large breasts settle on my

chest. Again, the voice said, “You have 10 minutes. ”

Ten minutes to what? I went into the bathroom to urinate and

remembered that I had to sit down. As I sat, I fondled my ample breasts

and noticed that they were very sensitive. I then took a quick shower

and dried myself as I walked into the room.

In the room, I was shocked to see another person. It was a tall,

blonde woman dressed in thigh-length black boots, a black corset with

exposed breasts, and long black gloves. She carried a small black riding


“Let’s go,” she demanded.

“What is going on?” I replied.

“No questions! You must get dressed immediately,” she ordered.

I looked around and saw a small pile of clothes on the dresser. I

picked them up and spread them on the bed. “Let’s go!” she demanded

again, and she hit me with the crop. I swung around quickly. No woman

was going to hit me like that I thought, but something inside  me

prevented me from taking action. She moved toward me and held my arms

tightly behind my back in a painfully high position. “Let’s go.”

She released my arms. “Put on the clothes now!” She reached over to

me with a white corset like she was wearing. I put it around my waist

and found it to be very tight. After I hooked it, she reached behind me

and pulled quickly on the laces. That pulled it even tighter around me

so that it was hard to breathe. The tightening further emphasized my

sizable breasts, which stuck out of the top of the corset. Then she

handed me a pair on black net stockings, which hooked to garters on the

corset. They were followed by black panties, a pair of 6-inch high heels

and a very short, black dress with petticoats built in, and a small,

white apron on the front. The last items were high-heeled shoes that

were so high that I could barely keep my balance as I tried to walk in


When I finished, I looked like the classic  French  maid  in

pornographic literature. The skirt barely covered my panties and my

breasts were uncovered down almost to my nipples. As I turned to her,

the woman hit me again with the riding crop. “We have work to do,” she

demanded. She grabbed my arms, and held them both behind my back. I felt

her wrap bands around my elbows and then clip something onto the bands.

When she released my arms, I felt them held together at the elbow behind

me so that I could just get my hands in front of me. Just as quickly,

she attached bands to my knees and hooked them together so that I could

take only short steps. She then turned, opened the door and motioned me

to leave.

Outside, I was in a poorly lit corridor and she pushed me to the

right. We walked a ways with great difficulty. The combination of the

knee hobble and the very high heels caused me to continually stumble.

Soon, a set of stairs appeared. Again she pushed me toward them, and I

moved as quickly as my new shoes would let me.

Everything had happened so quickly that I still had not had time to

understand what was going on. The stairs opened into a hall of what

appeared to be a large Victorian house. The walls here covered with a

red, velvety covering, the woodwork was almost black and the furniture

was the ornate sort of the late 1800s. The woman led me down the hall

and into a large parlor. “Mistress Marion awaits,” she said as she

stopped at the door and pushed me into the room.

I walked unsteadily through the door and saw a large, attractive

woman sitting in an armchair at the far end of the room. She  had

strikingly long red hair and an unbelievable body with huge breasts that

were immediately obvious through a silky robe that she was wearing.

“Come here, slave,” she commanded.

Slave? What did she mean?

“Come here NOW,” she said sternly.

I walked uncertainly toward her.

“So you are my new maid. How well prepared is she, Helga?”

“Not well,” was the reply from behind me.

“Well, we shall have to get right to work,” the woman remarked.

She stood up and I was even more overwhelmed. She stood over six

feet high with her high-heeled boots and the silk robe clung to her

incredible body. “Follow me,” she commanded.

She walked quickly out of the room and I struggled to keep up.

“Hurry,” she remarked without even looking. We walked back down the

hall, past the door I had entered through, and to another door at the

end. Helga hurried in front of the “Mistress” and opened the door for

her. We all went down a set of darkened steps into what felt like a

cool, damp basement.

I had considerable difficulty on the steep steps with the shoes and

hobble and Helga kept prodding me with her riding crop. The basement had

huge stone walls flanking the corridor we entered. At the end, Helga

opened a massive oak door and turned on the lights. As I neared the

door, taking many small steps to cover the distance, I could see nothing

but a gray stone wall.

Once inside, I became very concerned. It was equipped with every

type of bondage device imaginable. There were racks, horses, padded

chairs, leather items on the walls and a single arm chair in one corner.

The mistress went to the chair, sat down and said, “Lets get started,

Helga. ”

I could hardly react as Helga took my arms and pulled me into the

middle of the room. There she put straps around my ankles and clipped a

chain to one ankle and to a hook in the floor. Now I could not move very

far in any direction. She then unhooked my elbows and knees and removed

the straps.

“Take off your dress and panties, ” Helga commanded.

I had no choice. I pulled the dress up over my head and removed the

petticoats from my waist. Now I was standing in just the  corset,

stockings and shoes.

“Not bad-looking,” was the comment from the corner. “I am your new

mistress,” she continued. “You will ALWAYS call me `Mistress’  or

`Mistress Marion.’ Do you understand?”

I could only nod before she spoke again. “You WILL do anything and

everything that we tell you to,” she continued. “You must immediately

learn what pleases me, or we will make life very uncomfortable for you.”

“What is going on –” I began, but was stopped by a sharp blow from

Helga’s riding crop.

“Do not press your luck,” the mistress said sharply. “Never address

me without saying `Mistress,’ first, and the same goes for Helga. You

have no purpose in life but to please me. Let’s continue, Helga.”

I stood motionless as Helga approached. She unlaced the corset and

replaced it with a lacy garter belt to hold up my hose. The then went to

a table and selected a number of items.

The first thing that she did to me was to place a mask over my

eyes. It was really a blindfold, which completely blinded me. Then there

was a pause and I felt her squeeze my cheeks. “Open your mouth.”

I opened my mouth and immediately felt something being shoved into

it. It was a wrinkly feeling, rubbery object that completely filled my

mouth so that I could not speak. It seemed hollow, because I could

breathe air through it. I then felt straps being attached behind my head

and then tightened to force the gag further into my mouth.

There was another pause and then Helga began to pull long gloves

over my arms. It felt like thin leather as it slid up past my elbows and

began to get tighter. The ends felt like gloves, as my fingers slipped

into it. The top tightened in my armpits. Then she pulled on the second

one. The gloves were followed by another corset, that felt much tighter

that the first one. Then I felt my arms pulled back again and clipped to

the corset at the elbows. My hands were pulled in front of me and hooked

together with a short chain.

Another pause, and then something cold touched one of my nipples.

In a second, it began to squeeze and then became painfully tight.

Helga then seemed to be talking with the Mistress and then I felt a

high collar being wrapped around my neck. It forced me to hold my head

very high and straight. As this was going on, I had the first real

opportunity to think about my situation. I was overwhelmed with the new

sensations I felt. The cool leather, the jiggling breasts, the strain of

the high heels, the pain of my constrained elbows.

Suddenly, the blindfold and gag were removed, but the blindfold was

quickly replaced with a tight, black hood over my entire face. The hood

seemed to have holes for my mouth, nose and eyes, but Helga put patches

over the eye-openings almost immediately. Now I was back in the dark


“Let’s see how good she is,” the Mistress said suddenly.

I felt Helga push me towards the Mistress and then force me down to

my knees. She then pushed me down onto my hands and knees, and further

toward the woman in the corner. I had no idea where I was, until I began

to smell the musky scent of a woman. Now I knew what she wanted. Helga’s

hands pushed my head further, until my lips contacted hairs and my nose

was overcome with the odor. “Lick,” Helga commanded, and I responded


Even in these stressful surroundings, the thought of kissing a

woman’s cunt aroused me, but the feelings were different. I could not

feel anything stiffen between my legs, just a warmth spreading over my

body. The riding crop suddenly hit my rear. “Faster, faster!”

My tongue moved as quickly as I knew how to. The moist cunt walls

tasted wonderful, and the odors increased my arousal. Suddenly, I heard

a moaning and then the woman’s thighs closed tightly around my head as

she shuddered to a climax. There was a moment of silence, her thighs

relaxed and then a weak voice said, “Wonderful.”

I felt myself being pulled around and then down toward the floor.

Quickly, I smelled another cunt and felt the smooth, moist vagina with

my nose. I began lapping again. Helga was far stronger  and  more

athletic. She wrapped her strong legs around me and her hips bucked and

writhed, and I had trouble staying in contact. Each time I lost contact,

I felt the riding crop sting my ass sharply. I worked for a considerable

time without any indication of results, and then she started to moan. I

increased my efforts and she soon climaxed with a loud moan as she

squeezed my head with her strong thighs. By this time, I was becoming

uncomfortable in my restraints. The elbow restraints made kneeling on

hands and knees very painful and I collapsed onto Helga as she relaxed.

“Enough of this,” remarked the Mistress. “Get  her  to  work


I heard the Mistress leave and I felt helga stand up from under me.

“Get up!” she commanded, and I obeyed. She removed the hood and the

elbow restraints and gave me the maid uniform. “Get dressed.”

I dressed as quickly as my sore joints would permit, with Helga

prodding me all of the time, and then followed her slowly back up the

stairs. She led me into the back of the house and pointed to a large

closet. “The equipment you will need is in there,” she said. You are to

dust and vacuum the entire first floor. The punishment will be severe if

you are not quick about it.”

“But I am still restrained,” I pleaded.

“So what? Make do,” she commented as she left.

I looked into the closet and found dust rags, a vacuum cleaner and

many other cleaning items. I took the dust rags and a broom first and

began to work. The restraints made work difficult, because I could not

get my arms fully in front of my body and I could walk only slowly. I

began in a small den and worked carefully, but slowly, around the floor.

With no one to bother me, I had an opportunity to reflect upon the

first few hours. I was very puzzled. What had happened to my fantasy?

Why was I now a woman?  What did it mean?  I got no clues as I worked. I

did begin to explore my new body. As I passed a large mirror in the

hall, I stopped briefly to look at myself. For the first time,  I

realized how attractive I actually looked. I seemed much thinner, with a

slim waist, huge breasts and large hips. My face was much finer, with a

smaller nose and ears. I had shoulder length hair that swept across my

shoulders as I worked. The combination of the high heels and the short

skirt provided a view of a pair of very attractive legs.

The day went slowly, as I moved from room to room. Occasionally,

Helga would arrive, comment on my progress and leave. I saw it become

darker outside and concluded that it was evening.

Shortly thereafter, Helga came back. “Go wash and get dressed for

dinner.” she commanded. I put the equipment back and walked with her to

the room I had awaken in. There she unlocked the restraints, removed

them and locked me in my room while saying, “You have 20 minutes to

clean up.”

I undressed quickly and showered. In the shower, I had the first

opportunity to really explore my body. I felt my huge breasts, and the

nipples became hard as I did so. The sensations they gave me aroused me.

My hand then felt between my legs. As I had felt before, I found no

trace of any male genitals. Just a moist slit. I put my fingers into it

and it felt good. I stroked for a while and eventually had a climax. It

felt entirely different from what I had remembered. It was a warm wave

that swept through my entire body.

A voice then said, “Ten minutes,” so I hurried. I dried myself off

and found a pile of clothing on the bed. It was similar to the clothes I

had worn all day, with a corset, hose, panties and a very short maid’s

dress with billowy petticoats. The same high-heel shoes sat next to the


I dressed quickly and felt a need to put on makeup. I went to the

dresser and found some in the top drawer. I was surprised that I seemed

to know how to use it. I also combed my long hair to make it look

better, and waited for Helga.

“Let’s go,” boomed from the hall before I heard the door lock open.

I got up just as she walked in. Without a word, she took my arms, put on

the binders and hooked them behind my back again. Then she hobbled my

knees again and said, “Follow me.”

Downstairs, I found that the dining room was set for a full dinner

for one person. “You will wait on the Mistress,” Helga announced as she

led me into the kitchen. There I met the cook, who gave me the tray and

food and instructed me about how the Mistress liked to be served. I

listened intently, fearful of the consequences of failing, and then went

to work.

Dinner went quickly. The cook had instructed me well and I made

only a minor mistake, which was not seen. After dinner, the Mistress

said, “Well done. ”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I replied as she walked out.

“Let’s go,” was Helga’s order, and she took me back to my room and

locked it. I was so tired that I took a soothing shower and looked for

something to sleep in. I found a sheer nightgown in the closet and was

aroused by the smooth feelings it gave me as I pulled it on and as I

moved about the room. I quickly fell asleep.


PSYCHIATRIC NOTES: Has withstood the first day well. Submissive training

seems better that expected. Must continue to monitor.

MEDICAL NOTES:  Has held up well after surgery. Sex change work seems

good, climax achieved. Implants good, figure is as expected. Do not know

pain tolerance yet.



My life soon fit into a pattern. I would be awakened in  the

morning, dressed as a maid and I would spend the day under Helga’s

watchful eyes, cleaning, serving meals or attending to the Mistress’s

sexual needs. Occasionally, I would be taken back into the cellar and

put into various bondage devices.

I had never been permitted to have enjoyment in the presence of the

Mistress Helga, so my only sexual relief came in the shower.  The

Mistress heard me moan once while licking her cunt and she suddenly

said, “It is time for the machine.”

Helga smiled, and when I was through, she led me to the cellar.

There I was undressed and then tied on to a vertical rack-like device.

It spread my arms and legs out like an X. The Mistress said, “Wait,” and

she came over to me.

“Do you know that you are really very pretty?” she said.

“Thank you, Mistress,” I replied. She began to fondle my large

breasts until the nipples became very hard and a warm sensation spread

over them.

Helga then tightened the bonds until I was stretched tightly on the

device. She then rolled it away from the wall and rotated it until I was

lying on my back. The Mistress then took the opportunity to have me lick

her to a climax as I lay there.

“Go on,” she said when she was finished.

Helga walked out of the room and wheeled back a small motor-driven

device on a pedestal. She adjusted the pedestal to be the same height as

the rack that I was on and then hooked it to the bottom of the rack.

I could barely see what was happening because of the bondage hood

that I wore that restricted my vision and the collar that prevented me

from moving my head, but I could feel the motion of the devices as they

were being attached. I heard a motor start and turn over slowly.

The Mistress then came to my head. “My slave,” she started, “We

have deprived you of the great pleasures of being a woman too long. It

is time to let you enjoy yourself.” Helga seemed to laugh and then I

felt her hand in my crotch. She seemed to be spreading something in my

vagina. Then there was more motion on the rack and I felt something

being pushed into my vagina. Other than my fingers, I had nothing in

there and the sensation of this large object was very pleasurable.

It stopped just as it began to enter my cunt and Helga giggled it

some more. “Are you ready, slave?”

What could I say? I responded, “Yes, Mistress.” Then I heard the

motor start and I felt the object begin to move into my vagina slowly.

The sensation was incredible. I could feel it stretching the vagina

walls and sliding across the sensitive tissues. It seemed to fill my

whole insides as it continued to enter me. Then, the motion reversed and

it began to withdraw. I did not want it to; the feelings it gave me were

new and wonderful. Then the motion became faster and faster, as the

motor speed increased.

I was being fucked by a machine!  And I loved the sensations. I

began to moan and writhe as much as the rack would permit and then I

climaxed with a huge sigh. The machine stopped momentarily and stayed

off for what seemed like a few minutes and then it started again.

Again the sensations started. I was unaccustomed to being able to

have multiple orgasms and this was a new feeling. The machine sped up

again and I began to moan again. Soon I climaxed for the second time and

it seemed to be better than the first time. Then the machine stopped.

“Oh, don’t stop,” I moaned, and I heard the Mistress laugh.

The machine started a third time and sped up even faster. I was

anticipating the feelings this time and moved against the machine to

enhance them. Again I moaned and then climaxed quickly after that. The

cycle kept repeating as I lost count. I was loosing control. I would

moan and move even before it started and then I would move to hasten the

upcoming climax, as the machine proceeded at its mechanical pace. The

pauses between motion seemed to shorten, until  the  machine  ran

continually and I was almost crazy. I was  moaning  and  writhing


Suddenly it stopped!

I moaned and moved, but to no avail. I began to beg. “Please

Mistress! Don’t let it stop. I must have more!” I heard them both laugh

because they knew that I was addicted. I would never forget the intense

pleasure of the orgasms. They had control of me now!

“See what we can do,” the Mistress commented. “We can repeat this

if you are a good slave. ”

I had no idea what would prompt it, or when it would occur, but I

knew that I had to obey them immediately from now on, on the slim chance

that I would again experience the machine.


PSYCHIATRIC NOTES:  Submissiveness is complete. Will do anything to

repeat that experience.

MEDICAL NOTES:  Operation a success. Stress of machine withstood.

Multiple orgasms. Sensations normal.



One other afternoon, I was stretched out with a chain from my arms

and suspended from the ceiling. Helga then took five plastic wrap rolls,

and tightly wrapped me from head to foot, leaving only my face and

breasts open. The wrap held me tightly in a straight position. She even

wrapped it between my huge breasts. I could barely breath and could not

move a muscle. The Mistress seemed to enjoy my plight.

I heard a noise behind me, and the Mistress smiled, but I had no

idea what was happening. Then I heard a machine sound like a hair dryer.

I was right, Helga had a hair dryer that she was blowing onto the wrap.

Initially, it felt a bit warm, until I realized that they had wrapped me

in a shrink wrap plastic. I could feel it slowly tightening around my

body. The warmth increased and so did the tightening. My legs were

pressed together as though in a vise, my hips and stomach ached and the

pain as my arms were drawn into my sides was severe. With all of the

pressure, my new breasts stuck out even more that usually and Helga

delighted in tickling them with a feather as I hung from the chain.

When Helga finished, I was wrapped so tightly that I could barely

breathe. She then pushed a button and the chain moved up, lifting me

from the floor. She moved a table under me and lowered me down onto it

on my back. The table was only about two feet above the ground and I was

immobile, staring at the ceiling. The Mistress then laughed and walked

over to me. She spread her legs and moved over my face so that her cunt

was just over my mouth. I could move only my head and I reached up to

lick it. She squatted down, squeezing my face between her cunt and the

table as I licked. Shortly later, she began to moan and then climaxed,

covering my face with her juices. Helga then did the same thing.

After they used me numerous times, the Mistress left and helga

began to tease me. She used the feather to tickle my nipples and the

soles of my feet. of course, I could not move and she delighted in my

predicament. She soon tired and released me carefully using adhesive

tape scissors. I was exhausted and barely able to get dressed and follow

her to my room for a shower to prepare to serve dinner.


PSYCHIATRIC NOTES:  Will do anything asked, even if painful.

MEDICAL NOTES:  Pain tolerance high.



One evening, I began to set the table and I noticed that there were

11 seats. That implied a busy night serving. As the meal started, I

noticed that there were five couples plus the Mistress. They were all

well-dressed and the dinner was normal, except for having more work to


After dinner, Helga came to the kitchen and told me to follow her.

I did so and we went down to the cellar. I had no idea what would

transpire, but I knew that I must do it. We entered a room that I had

never been in before. It was a huge room, with many mattresses scattered

on the floor and couples on them. There were as many as five on one

queen-size mattress.

“Undress,” Helga ordered, and I did so.

She then bound me, on my knees, with the hood and other restraints.

“Come here,” I heard the Mistress say, so I crawled on my knees to her.

She was part of the group of five.

“Something new,” she mentioned as one of the men rolled onto his

back near me.

“Service him,” Helga commanded, and I was immediately moving toward

him. I seemed to know what was expected, as I felt his legs and took his

huge cock in my mouth. I had never done this before, so I choked the

first time, but I quickly learned how to hold and kiss it. He lay quiet

for a while and then began to move. I moved also, without loosing my lip

lock on his dick. He moaned, and I could feel him stiffen, then I felt

the rush of semen against the roof of my mouth. I swallowed quickly and

more followed. I found the taste of it pleasant.

Once he climaxed, the other man rolled off a woman and lay on his

back. The intent was obvious, so I went to him and did the same thing.

As I was working on him, a third man moved behind me and I could feel

his huge tool entering me. Now I remembered the machine and I began to

move with him as I sucked the other man. All three of us came together.

The pleasure was the greatest I had ever felt. I had to do it again.

I began to crawl to a fourth man, and heard Helga laugh. She and

the Mistress just stood and watched me as I chased a man around the

floor on my knees, blinded by the mask. He stopped and I was on him with

my mouth. I could not stop. I had to have more.

The women were laughing as I chased the men around the room. I

would do anything for another climax. One woman stopped me and  I

immediately began to lick her. I did anything to be in a position where

one of the men could enter me. Helga left the room and then appeared

with a large, black object. She turned it on and a low hum started. It

was a huge dildo with a vibrator in it. She inserted it into my vagina

and I immediately began to writhe on the floor and moan. I was coming!

A man went by and I grabbed him and clamped my mouth on his dick.

Everyone laughed again.

I was like an animal. I would do anything for pleasure. One of the

women began to lick my cunt and again I went crazy. I wrapped my legs

around her and held her tightly as I climaxed. Soon, all of us were in

one pile, everyone trying to get to me to see what would excite me most.

I soon lost track of time and finally passed out.


PSYCHIATRIC NOTES:  Therapy complete. Nymphomaniac. Will do anything for


MEDICAL NOTES:  Surprising endurance. Surgery is holding up well. Can

reduce aphrodisiac levels.

CONCLUDING PSYCHIATRIC NOTES:  Therapy a success. Can make anyone

addicted to pleasure. Only hormonal implant replacement needed. 6 month

checks on integrity of vagina. Is in constant demand for new clients who

need exposure to such a strong need. Have even transported outside the

resort on special occasions as the need arose.



CASE        : EXP01903

SUBJECT     : Harold Walker

NET WORTH   : About $35,000,000.

HIS FANTASY : Called for a resort weekend. Just wanted to relax.

SITUATION   : Medium size, nothing remarkable. Research reveals

substance habit.

PLANNED     : Slow transformation experiment.

DISPOSITION : To be determined based on findings.

ARRANGEMENTS: $500,000 conversion. $20,000 per week, $1,000,000

cancellation, $5,000 Maintenance.

COMMENTARY  : Experimental slow transformation. Will use

hormones and derivatives only. Vaginal substitute

only if needed.



An associate of mine had mentioned a wonderful week that he had

spent at a small, exclusive resort in Georgia. As he left his office to

get some documents, I noticed an invoice to him with a Georgia address.

I remembered the phone number and called that night to discuss a week.

They said that they would get back to me and I received a letter the

next week with suggested dates and rates. It was very expensive, but my

friend was so enthusiastic that I thought that I would try it.

As I left the airport, I was pleasantly surprised to meet an

attractive woman who drove me to the resort. The trip took a significant

amount of time, with an hour on poor back roads. The final part could

only have been done in the Blazer that we rode in. Finally, I saw a

resort community within the forest and she drove me up to the door of a

small hotel.

Once inside, the desk clerk gave me a number of forms to fill out

and I signed them without looking. She gave me a room key and directed

me to my room on the second floor. As I opened the  door,  I  was

pleasantly surprised to see a full studio apartment, with a fine view of

a distant mountain range. I unpacked and rested before dinner.

At dinner, I was met by a strikingly beautiful woman who directed

me to a small table. I noticed that the room was occupied by about 15

others, most of them sitting alone. The dinner was very good and I took

a short walk before returning to my room. I read for a while and then

became sleepy, so I went to bed.


MEDICAL NOTES: Experimental gradual transformation. Medications:

Sedative including enzymes orally to increase subliminal receptivity.

Female Hormone Z, Including accelerators to obtain a 5-day period to

full effect. Injected while asleep.

Eroycin aphrodisiac orally each day to accelerate sex drive.

Dermosol D derivative orally to accelerate hair growth  on  head,


Depilimycin orally to remove beard and body hair and retard further

growth of same.

Lipoattractors incorporated into hormones.

PSYCHIATRIC NOTES:  Details unknown. Must monitor carefully.



The next morning, I ran for 45 minutes, showered and went to

breakfast. I then walked around the resort for the rest of the morning.

I had lunch and felt tired, so I took a short nap and then went fishing

in the lake. I found everyone very friendly and helpful.

At dinner, I noticed an attractive woman who seemed to be watching

me. I said nothing that night, but I thought that I would introduce

myself if the opportunity presented itself.

The second morning, I ran again. I seemed to tire easily, but I

still finished five miles. I showered and noticed that my chest seemed

sensitive. I thought that it was from the new sweat shirt that I had

bought, so I gave it no more thought. I walked again that morning and

happened to meet the woman at the general store. I introduced myself,

and she did also. We walked for a while and then decided to have lunch

together. We walked back to the hotel and enjoyed a relaxing lunch. I

got very tired after lunch and excused myself after we agreed to meet at

seven p.m. for dinner.

Dinnertime came quickly and we met in the lobby.  We  had  a

delightful dinner and took a walk. I was pleasantly surprised when she

suggested that we go to her room for a drink.

She had an apartment like mine and we sat on the sofa a while and

talked. She got up to get me another drink, and I was delighted when she

kissed me as she sat back down. I kissed her strongly and we held each

other for awhile. She then stood up, took my hand and pulled me toward

her bed.

We undressed quickly and made love for an extended period of time.

Finally, I excused myself and returned to my room. The next morning, I

ran again and seemed even more winded. In the shower, I noticed that my

chest was even more sensitive, and it seemed a bit flabby. I thought

that I might be eating too much.

At breakfast, I ate alone and went fishing. The next few days

followed a similar pattern. Each evening, I met the woman for dinner and

then we went to her room to make love. I could see why my friend had

such a good time. The fifth day, I awoke as usual, but I felt very sick.

I tried to run, but could not get very far. I called the hotel doctor,

and he agreed to see meat 9:30 AM.

I went to the doctor’s office and he examined me. He said that I

had a virus and he injected me with an antibiotic. As I was getting

dressed, I became very dizzy and fainted.


MEDICAL NOTES: Oral administration seems to be ineffective.  Must

accelerate medications via injections.

PSYCHIATRIC NOTES: Sex drive normal. Little effect seen of medications.



I awoke with a bad headache. I was in a small room. The room

contained only a table, a bed and two doors. I found that  I  was

restrained at the wrists, ankles and waist.

Shortly, the doctor walked into the room with the woman I had met.

They were talking about something.

“What is happening?” I asked.

The doctor and the woman said nothing. He injected me with four

different medications and then they left the room. The doctor returned

with a TV and VCR on a stand. He turned it on and I saw an attractive

woman sitting behind a desk. The caption read:

Harold Walker Stay.

“Hello, Mr. Walker,” the woman began. “You were selected randomly

from a number of our clients for an experimental stay at this resort.

Before I continue, let me describe some of the research  we  have

performed prior to your arrival. It has to do with certain of your

recent activities. ”

The tape changed to film clips of me buying cocaine on a downtown

street corner. It then switched to pictures of evidence of some recent

business transactions of mine that had embezzled money from my employer.

“As you see, we know about your activities,” the woman began again.

“You have no choice but to follow our instructions or we will release

this data!”

With that, the doctor gave me another injection, removed  my

restraints, removed the TV and locked the door. I was left alone in the

room. Within a short time, my entire body began to tingle and I got

severe cramps. A trip to the bathroom had no effect.

I fell asleep and awoke shortly when the doctor returned to give me

another injection. “I feel horrible,” I commented, but he did not

respond. He left and I walked into the bathroom. I looked into the

mirror and was shocked. I had shoulder-length hair. I looked more

closely, and I had breasts. What was happening?  I reached to my chest,

and they were real. I could feel my hands squeezing them and the nipples

hardening. I felt my cock and it seemed smaller.

I walked back into the room and lay down because if the pain. I

could almost feel my hips and breasts growing as I lay there. I drifted

in and out of consciousness. Finally, the doctor gave me  another

injection and left. I went into the bathroom and I did not recognize the

person looking back at me. It was an attractive woman, with very large

breasts, fine, rounded hips and a narrow waist. I had long brown hair

and dark, expressive eyes. What were they doing to me?

Gradually the cramps subsided. I got up and felt for my cock. It

was still there, but it was very small. Just then, the doctor returned.

He examined me thoroughly and then gave me some clothing. “Get dressed,”

he ordered as he left.

I had some trouble with the unfamiliar clothing. The lace panties

felt good as I pulled them on, but I had great difficulty with the

pantyhose. The bra felt good against my sensitive nipples and I could

feel the weight of my large breasts pulling on the bra straps.

There was a plain dress and a pair of high-heeled shoes. I got them

on with some difficulty, but had great difficulty in walking with them.

When I finished, I again looked into the mirror and was struck with the

beauty of the person I saw. Why were they doing this to me?

I waited in the room for some time and they finally gave me some

food. The woman came in to talk with me about my stay, and I am getting

tired again.

FINAL MEDICAL NOTES:  Conversion completed, but method is flawed.

Experiment indicated oral administration of existing medications is too

slow. Will have to work on them some more. Have  injected  strong

aphrodisiac and have immersed in a dark skin dye. Client  appears

negroid. Has no further experimental value so will remove from resort.


FINAL PSYCHIATRIC NOTES:  Mental changes never happened with oral

administration. The subliminal therapy is  most  effective.  Have

stimulated sex drive and will leave in New Orleans slums.



I awoke slowly from the eight-day treatments. I had a slight

headache, which I had expected. I sat up slowly and enjoyed the new

sensation of weight shifting on my chest. I reached up and touched two

beautiful, large breasts. The nipples sent a pleasant electric shock

through me as I touched them and I loved holding the weight of them. I

reached to my head and ran my fingers through my shoulder length hair.

My scalp tingled as I pulled on the hair.

I stood up and reached between my legs. I smiled as I felt a moist

slit. I pushed two fingers into it and waves of pleasure swept over me.

Enough for now, I would have lots of time to enjoy it.

I walked to the dresser and looked at the clothing there. First I

picked up the lacy silken panties. They felt so soft as I pulled them

tightly over my new wide hips. Next I put on the pantyhose and smiled at

the feeling as I ran my hand up my slim legs. I picked up the lacy bra

and hooked it around my chest. The feeling that it gave my nipples was

tremendous and I could feel the bra straps pulling down as I settled my

ample breasts into the D cups.

I looked into the mirror and used the cosmetics on the dresser

until I was satisfied with my makeup. I put on a little lipstick and

brushed my hair. Then I picked up a sheer, lacy half-slip. It slid

easily over my hose and rustled as I moved around. I walked to the

closet and reached for the silk blouse. It fit tightly across my breasts

as I buttoned it and the open neck showed a lot of  my  wonderful

cleavage. Next, I found the woolen skirt. It rubbed against my hose as I

pulled it on and it felt tight around my hips. I loved the feel of a

tight skirt as I walked around the room. I picked up the suit jacket and

put it on. Then I found my high heeded shoes near the dresser. Their

five-inch heels giving my legs a much nicer shape. I looked into the

mirror and smiled.

The door opened and the doctor walked in.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

“Great,” I answered.

“Our experiments have all improved the therapies. Now I have

accomplished my greatest dream since the beginning of the resort.” He

paused, “You see, I am really the woman at the desk in the video.”

The doctor walked up to me and kissed me. I returned the kiss

passionately and we walked out of the room, hand-in-hand.

– end –

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