Club Zerø 9 Story – Sabine Learns a valuable lesson

Another free story from the Club Zerø 9

As you know the Club Zerø 9 trains many sissy husbands to learn their respectful positions in the relationship between their wives and their lovers, but we get to hear about so few.

Here is a brand new one about Sabine, whose stunning wife, Tara, is fixed up with the bully Mr Franks.

If you haven’t read either of the Club Zerø 9 books, please do not be distraught as this is a self-contained story.

The usual rules apply. Sensitive sissies should find a comfortable place to sit and have enjoyed a light lunch before attempting this tale. If you feel the vapors coming on, then wave a frilly handkerchief to demonstrate your level of distress.

Sabine Learns a valuable lesson.


Chapter 1

Sabine wasn’t happy. She was being dragged on an unrelenting leash attached to her collar by her wife’s lover who insisted he call him daddy.

Having been at his lessons only an hour before he was still dressed in his bib tunic, school girl’s uniform, where the flirty, short pleated skirt barely covered his tight white panties.

As Sabine was enduring only her second week of lessons he wasn’t allowed to wear tights under his knee high thin white socks, so the chill of the early evening struck his bare thighs.

His wrists were handcuffed behind him and as he struggled to balance in the three inch heels he found himself weeping. At least the car park for the club was deserted at this early evening time.

‘Please no,’ he sniffed.

But already they were close to the entrance at the rear of Club Zero 9.

Sabine felt her blond curls tickling her cheeks every time the brute tugged her forward.
Why hadn’t his wife done something to stop this happening? He had pleaded to Tara with all his heart, though it was difficult for her to take him seriously when he had to address his wife as Mummy.

‘Daddy. Please. We should discuss all this. Back home.’

They were inside the foyer now where one of the more advanced ‘girls’ stood prettily behind the reception desk with the tell-tale vacant, fearful face of a ‘girl’ who had completed several months training.

The slap to the back of Sabine’s thigh stuck him so hard that his legs buckled and he squealed. Tears filled his eyes as they waited for the lift.

His wife’s lover, whom he had known as Mister Franks rather than daddy, until just a few days before, scolded him.

‘One more sound and I will put you over my knee. I have a tawse in pocket. Do you want to feel that on your fat arse?’

‘No, no, Sir, erm I mean daddy.’


The bully tugged the leash, his teeth were clenched.

Poor Sabine swallowed hard and squeaked: ‘I mean, no thank you, daddy.’

He slapped the sissy on her other thigh. ‘Do not embarrass me by forgetting your manners. Never forget to say thank you.’

‘No, daddy. Sorry. I promise.’

Another hard slap. ‘And shouldn’t you be lisping, you dumb bitch?’

‘Yesth Daddy, thowwy daddy.’

Mister Franks shook his head in contempt at the stupidity of the sissy. ‘What Tara ever saw in you is beyond me.’

‘Yesth Daddy.’

The lift started upwards, groaning and creaking with Sabine studying himself in the mirror.

Tears had leaked down his lightly made up face. His skirt flicked tantalisingly around his knickers. He knew he was a hot sight but his dick was locked away in the tiniest chastity cage he had ever seen. Only Mister Franks, his daddy, had the keys. So there was no chance of her cumming without being released.

Even Tara, his wife wasn’t allowed access to the keys. Mister Franks felt Tara was way too soft with her sissy husband, while Mister Franks felt Sabine actually required nonstop firm discipline until he learnt his new place in life.

As usual Sabine’s heart thumped and his tummy twisted in fear as the lift rose. He never knew what was going to happen at the club Zero 9. He had endured abject terror, pain and suffering at the hands of the single minded but gorgeous staff, yet he had also found himself at the heights of arousal. Today for example Miss Martinique had shown them all how to wear Basques and stockings. He and his fellow pupils had a sensual afternoon sitting around chatting in this exotic, sexy lingerie and 5 inch high heels. Yes 5 inches! Sabine had proudly won a silver star for being able to walk in them perfectly, with her bottom wiggling impeccably.

Miss Martinique had given her a big cuddle and the other girls in the class were jealous.

The happy memory fizzed away into the familiar mood of dread as they alighted on one of the higher floors.

With a harsh tug of his leash Sabine found himself wriggling behind the scary dominant male as they made their down the well-lit, thickly carpeted corridor.

The pristine modern décor meant they were high up in the areas where clients were allowed. Further down some of the corridors were terrifyingly industrial with lots of large pipes and dark corners.

Two maids passed him, smiling supportively. They must have seen from the look on Mister Franks’ face that Sabine was not in a good position.

Sabine smiled back with his pink lips, envying the girls their delightful maid’s outfits, in black with the frilly white aprons. Everybody adored the maids yet Sabine had only spent one afternoon and one evening as one. It wasn’t fair. Though his wife, Tara, and her lover had put him down for advanced servant courses the following weekend so Sabine hoped he would be allowed to be a maid more often.

They stopped outside a door with a panel that read: Psychiatrist.

For a moment Sabine was delighted. He thought he was going to be seen by the supportive, friendly Miss Richter. She was always so helpful he felt like crying with joy whenever he was with her. But then he saw the name on the door was Dr Thorn and he shivered.

They entered the outer office where one of the ‘girls’ immediately stood and curtsied in her tight secretary’s outfit of blouse and short skirt. ‘Good evening Sir. Have you an appointment?’

Sabine noted how the figure hugging skirt showed off her rounded bottom and felt envious. Why did he have to wear this school uniform when the girls who had graduated could be dressed as attractively as this receptionist.

‘Of course I have an appointment, dumb bitch,’ barked Mister Franks. ‘Sabine. Six thirty. Check it girl!’

‘Oh yes, yes Sir.’

Even this proficient secretary could be relegated back to the classroom and a school uniform if her work was found wanting. So she desperately tried to please the irate, aggressive male.

‘Oh yes Sir. I am most terribly sorry. Please accept my apologies for my silliness. I will tell Dr Thorn you are both here.’

‘Then hurry up!’

‘Oh yes Sir, yes.’ She made to pick up the phone but then thought better of it. She darted in that odd ‘horse trotting’ fashion, girls have when wearing high heels and trying to move quickly.

‘Daddy,’ Sabine whispered. ‘I’m sorry. I am sure we can resolve all this out at home. Please’

Mister Franks smiled at the foolish little girl. Placing a hand on her soft bulging blonde curls he spoke softly, ‘Sabine. This is for your own benefit. I promise. We are all trying to help you deal with these changes you’re are experiencing.’

‘B-b-but,’ Sabine began earnestly hoping to take advantage of this sudden show of empathy from the Alpha male.

‘Shush now girl. It is not something we can straighten out. That’s what you don’t understand. You don’t have any say in what is happening any more. You cannot be involved in straightening out anything. You should just do as you are told like a good girl. We are going to see if Dr Thorn can help with your bratty behaviour.’

Knowing there was never any point in arguing with a dominant male, Sabine smiled and nodded, desperately wishing he hadn’t created a row when he got home from school.

‘Yesh daddy.’

The vacant looking receptionist darted back to her desk as a tall willowy man in his sixties appeared at the internal door. He wore a three-piece suit and shiny black shoes. Losing his hair on the top was balanced by his unshaven strong jaw line. There was the look of the military about him, particularly as he stood almost at attention, with straight back and chin held high.

These days poor Sabine was intimidated by virtually any adult and gulped at the size and presence of the man.

The psychiatrist wore a grumpy impatient look and Sabine feared an hour of being spanked lay ahead of her.

Mr Franks approached him with Sabine tugged along as the leash became taut behind him.

‘Hi Dr Thorn. Long-time no see. Hope you’re well,’ Mr Franks said holding out his hand.

Almost reluctantly Dr Thorn accepted the hand and grimaced as he took in Sabine. ‘Life would be easier without all these naughty, mischievous little minxes. But I start a new relationship soon with a delightful young lady called Laura.’ He chuckled. ‘Her poor hubbie thinks he will just be watching us have sex.’

Mr Franks laughed. ‘These cucks deserve all they get. Talking of which …’

Rather than finishing his sentence He flicked his head at Sabine who blushed dark red and lowered her eyes.

‘Ah yes.’ Dr Thorn nodded. ‘The little scallywag you mentioned on the phone.’

Mr Franks seemed defensive. ‘Na. Much of the time she is reasonably well behaved. After all it is only her second week.’

‘And what’s the problem?’ Dr Thorn asked.

‘Well, she says she’s depressed and I’m a little worried to be honest.’

Sabine tightened her fists in her cuffs. Why had she used that word “depressed”? Oh my God had she kept her mouth shut then she would still be at home doing her homework. It was just as the teachers said, ‘If a silly air head, sissy is cross then she should pout and sulk but never, ever, say anything she will regret.’ Oh the teachers were always right, why didn’t she pay more attention in class?

‘Ok, Dr Thorn said, as if it were perfectly normal to be brought someone who claimed to be depressed. ‘Release her leash and handcuffs and give me an hour.’

‘Great,’ Mr Franks said. ‘I’m seeing his mummy in the bar in ten minutes so just give us a shout when you want us to take her home.’

Chapter 2

The psychiatrist’s consulting room was Victorian in feel, with dark, flock wall paper, a few leather couches and a huge desk with an oversized ink blotter on it. Almost out of place were the computers on the desk and full length modern mirrors on the walls. The curtains were drawn, making the room feel dark, warm and cosy.

Sabine rubbed his sore wrists. Cuffs always made his wrists ache though he had come to learn that ropes could actually burn the flesh.

He could hear the two men discussing something in whispers in the outer office but didn’t dare go closer to the door to eavesdrop. Sabine felt he was in enough trouble as it was.

He jumped when the door slammed behind him, feeling his short skirt billow out around his panties.

Dr Thorn ordered, ‘On the first couch girl and be smart about it.’

‘Yes Dr Thorn,’ Sabine said, anxious to be pleasing to the intimidating psychiatrist.

Settling on the thick firm surface of the buttoned down leather coach, he felt his bare thighs freeze when touching the surface. He let out the statutory, ‘oooooh!’

This sound was de rigueur for the girls when encountering any level of shock.  The reaction had been hammered into their heads by Miss Martinique. Whenever startled or surprised, the girls had to say ‘Ooooh,’ with fingers to lips. Then they should then giggle if the occasion called for it.

Sabine decided that this particular occasion called for silence rather than giggling, so made herself comfortable.

She chose ‘lying position 3’, with arms turned upwards slightly, so that the palms faced to the ceiling and one knee fell across the other.

Dr Thorn pulled up a chair next to him, placed an Android device on the coffee table but held a thick yellow legal pad plus fountain pen in his hands.

‘I gather you have seen Dr Richter every day since your education began at Club Zero 9.’

Sabine swallowed, ‘Yes Dr Thorn.’

‘I have access to her notes but you understand it is all confidential. Your owners are never permitted to read anything recorded here. Is that clear, young lady?’

‘Yes doctor.’

‘And that I will not discuss anything with your owners that may be said or should arise here?’

‘Yes Dr Thorn. Dr Richter is very caring and patient and explains these things so I can understand them.’

‘Good. So you must be honest with me at all times. If I am to help you then you will be open with me.’

‘Yes Dr Thorn.’

Sabine found the psychiatrist a good deal more friendly than she feared.

‘So tell me Sabine, why do you think your daddy has brought you here?’

Sabine’s face darkened and she pouted, crossing her arms tightly under her small, padded boobs.

Waiting for a moment Dr Thorn interrupted the silence. ‘You can share it with me, I promise. In your own words why are you here?’

‘Well for a start I hate that word, “‘daddy”. I mean it is so demeaning and horrible.’

‘I see. How do you feel when you address your owner as such?’

Sabine groaned. ‘And that’s another thing. Right! He isn’t my owner!’

Checking his android Dr Thorn shook his head, ‘Sorry little girl but it says here he is. He registered you at the club and for lessons and he pays your school fees.’

‘Yes, maybe. I don’t know.’ Sabine clenched her fists tight together.

Why could she no longer win any arguments?

Narrowing her eyes, to look firm and resolute she said, ‘He might pay for all my lessons and clothes and stuff but the point is Tara and I only came here to see the induction. You can ask Miss Hall. Then everything went all wrong. It got mixed up.’

Dr Thorn chuckled. ‘Seems to me Sabine that the Club is run very professionally indeed and rarely makes an error. Whilst you,’ he checked some details on the android, ‘it seems you often make goofs or say the wrong things. I see you had three beatings today for being silly.’

‘Well, yes, yes. I suppose so. I hadn’t realised until I came here how stupid I could be. The teachers have explained this to me. I know I can be an air head.’

‘Nothing to be ashamed of,’ Dr Thorn said. ‘Everyone loves airheads. They are so harmless and cute.’

Sabine giggled and shuffled her legs. ‘Aw, thank you Dr Thorn. But I did tell them, on that induction day, that I had only come to observe. I didn’t know what I was signing. Miss Hall must have got the contracts wrong. She said it was for health and safety reasons I had to sign, or maybe it was insurance, I don’t know. I forget now. But once I signed, all hell broke loose. It was horrible Dr Thorn.’

Dr Thorn spoke slowly, ‘often the adult school girls here are in denial or lack sufficient understanding as to their own actions. I am sure if you spoke to a teacher or your mummy or daddy they could help you understand.’

‘Oh yes. Miss Richter was very patient to me. She explained it all very slowly, so I could grasp what happened and it made sense. But when I left her consulting office I forgot again. It no longer made sense.’

‘Well Miss Richter and the rest of us can do no more than explain things to you in a way even you can comprehend. It is not our faults if you are unable to process, or even remember, what has been said.’

Sabine nodded. Clearly he was a very clever man, and all that made sense. ‘I suppose so. But these things are games aren’t they? That’s what I was explaining to Mr Franks. That’s why he should release me.’

‘Release you? You have barely started your schooling with us Sabine, how could he release you?’

‘No I meant down here,’ feeling his cheeks burn, he glanced out of the corner of his eye at Dr Franks. ‘Between my legs.’ Then he whispered, ‘my chastity cage.’

He patted his groin through his too short pleated skirt.

‘I see. Have you spoken to your mummy or daddy about this?’

Sighing and feeling like crying again Sabine said, ‘Oh Mummy is no help. She just tells me to talk to daddy.’

‘And what does your daddy say?’

‘He gets cross with me. Tells me not to interrupt him if he is working in our house. He has taken over my old downstairs office. That’s not right is it?’

‘Young lady!’ Dr Thorn admonished him. ‘Please try to concentrate on the matter at hand. Forget your office and everything else. Ye Gods, why would a dumb blonde like you need an office? To do your nails?’

Sabine pouted, that wasn’t fair. Up until two weeks ago that had been his very own office, and he had completed work in there.

Dr Thorn continued, ‘So your daddy is very busy. And I am sure he is. For a start, he has to earn sufficient money to pay for your education here.’

‘But that’s the point Dr Thorn, I don’t want to be here. That’s why I feel depressed! I feel sick with humiliation and worry. I don’t know who will beat me next or why they will hit me. And I don’t know what I am going to have to learn next. And I get no choice! It’s so unfair and horrible.’

A hand stroked his hair making Sabine jump on the coach.

‘Oh!’ the adult school girl squealed.

Seeing it was the psychiatrist, simply calming him down as if he were an upset puppy, Sabine giggled at her silliness, just as she had been taught.

‘Please, young lady,’ Dr Thorn said softly, ‘do not trouble yourself so much. We will uncover all sorts of demons within you and I will help you deal with them, I promise.’

‘Aw,’ Sabine beamed at the kindly man. His powerful presence now felt protective rather than intimidating. ‘Thank you Dr Thorn. That’s sweet.’

Like all the girls in training at Club Zero 9, Sabine’s head was always turned by someone who appeared understanding and protecting. Equally their heads could be turned by people who were powerful and compelling.

‘Now then, we are covering great deal of information here, young lady, but let us rewind to calling your owner Daddy. You have an issue with this?’

‘Dr Thorn? An issue! Please! How do you think I feel when I have to call him by that horrible name in front of my wife?’

‘You mean in front of your mummy?’

Sabine kicked the couch with her heel. ‘You see! Oh my God. That’s so unfair? I mean, how does Tara respect me if I have to call her mummy? Eh? Or, what does she think when she hears me calling that horrible bully, daddy? Oh it is dreadful, Dr Thorn.’

‘I see.’

There was a long silence as Dr Thorn scribbled some notes. Sabine was hopeful. Sabine knew she couldn’t sort out anything herself. Her teachers had demonstrated to her time and time again she required an adult to resolve any matters. Now she had the tough Dr Thorn on her side!

‘What should I do about it Doctor?’

He sighed and stroked her naked thigh. ‘Now Sabine, according to my notes and records you were present when your owners adopted you.’

‘Well yes, I was in the room, but I wasn’t permitted to say anything.’

He stopped stroking, ‘Why would you be permitted to say anything?’

Sabine had no answer to that, realising that most things she said were seemed silly in the eyes of the adults.

The Doctor continued, whilst still stroking her thigh, ‘Sometimes we have to think about your best interests, little girl.’

The adult school girl closed her eyes, her brain turning into soup as the powerful man caressed her leg. If only she was allowed to cum, then she could clear her head of all the erotic thoughts and start thinking clearly.

Sometimes, when she merely saw herself in heels in a reflection, her little dick filled its cage. She was always on the edge of cumming, but could never quite release herself.

The hand crept up her leg, the thumb pressing in to the smooth skin. All girls used hair remover in the shower every three days to ensure a velvetiness of the skin that many excited those who played with the girls.

Gosh, what was the psychiatrist saying? Sabine tried to concentrate but couldn’t remember what he had just said to her, though it had seemed important at the time. It was like trying to connect with a dream after you had woken. The thought lay there just out of reach of her mind.

‘I see your owner used a Californian agency to arrange your adoption. Quite clever of your owner. That is one of the few places in the world where you can adopt someone over the age of 18.’

Sabine’s eyes flickered blankly, she tried to concentrate on his words, but was mainly aware of the fingers caressing her naked thigh. ‘Oooh yes Doctor. Yes.’

‘So, once that was all signed, including by you Sabine, then you became their little girl.’

Placing her hand on the doctor’s she tried to stop him rubbing, as it was so distracting her brain had ceased up. She wanted to argue.

‘But, Doctor I …,’

Sadly, there were no more words. She thought that somewhere there might be a good argument for her not being adopted, but as had just been patiently explained to her, they all signed the necessary forms.

‘Yes girl?’

Dr Thorn sat back and Sabine felt both relieved and disappointed. Relieved, that without his hand on her she could finally try and think. But she was disappointed because she missed his touch, it had been so erotic. Sabine was beginning to think he could actually cum, even inside his cage.

The adult school girl opened her eyes and moaned in sexual need. Her eyes were heavily made up with lots of black mascara to offer the most sultry, sexy appearance.

‘Oh yes,’ She said, remembering where was. ‘You see, what actually happened is that he, I mean Daddy, ordered me to sign. He said if I didn’t he would cane my bottom until I couldn’t sit down. Oh, and Dr Thorn, everyone laughed at me, so I had to laugh too. That isn’t fair is it?’

‘Sabine, are you thinking too much about yourself now?’


‘Your mummy wasn’t upset, was she?’

‘Well, no I guess …’

‘And your daddy wasn’t. So they were happy. Do you like making people happy Sabine?’

The girl beamed. ‘Oh yes. Miss Martinique spent an entire morning explaining why our only purpose in life was to make everyone else happy.’


The psychiatrist appeared so pleased with her that Sabine beamed and simpered for him. ‘Did I get that right Doctor?’

He stroked her curls back from her forehead, ‘You were very clever my little angel. Well done.’

Suddenly, Sabine sat up resting on her elbows, her face open and expectant. ‘Will I get a gold star Doctor? If I get 5 then I can stay up late. I already have 3 stars this week.’

The doctor scowled and Sabine knew she had been naughty, but wasn’t sure why.

‘Tell me young lady,’ he drawled, ‘do you think a girl who sits up without permission gets gold stars?’

Sliding back onto the firm leather couch Sabine felt ashamed.

In her best sing song voice she said, ‘Sorry, Doctor Thorn.’

‘You got a little carried away there didn’t you, you little minx.’

‘I did,’ he felt his cheeks flush. ‘Sorry.’

The shrink smiled, running his palm over her soft, naked thigh. ‘It’s not fair to ask you this I know Sabine, but do try and think before you act.’

‘Yes Doctor. I do try. I’m just not very good at thinking. Miss Richter says that when I think I am wasting everyone’s time.’

‘She is a very wise woman Sabine. I suggest you pay the closest attention to her.’


‘Yes little girl?’

‘Miss Richter says I can make the world a better place by being pretty and obedient and helping everyone. Is that right?’

He chuckled again, bringing his large hand around her soft cheeks. ‘Yes it is my precious.’

Sabine sighed. ‘I have been very naughty haven’t I?’

‘Yes girl you have. It’s not entirely your fault. Sometimes even the best, most experienced maids try thinking for themselves. Never ends well.’

‘Do they?’ Sabine was astonished. All the advanced maids appeared to be perfectly and totally obedient.

‘Indeed. You see it is the dominants duty at the club to keep a close eye on all you little girls, watch out for any bratty behaviour.’

Sabine felt herself welling up inside. It seemed so kind of everyone to look after her that she became soppy.

Taking a tissue from a nearby box the doctor dabbed at the tears and carefully blew the girl’s nose.

‘There, there,’ he said. ‘Better?’

Her smile exploded across her face. ‘Yes Doctor.’ It was so sweet of him to care for her like this.

‘So you see, when you feel humiliated or abused by your daddy in front of your mummy you should revel in it, knowing you are making them both very happy.’

‘I hadn’t thought of that Doctor. I am so dumb!’

‘Not for you to think at all young lady. And you can’t be sexy and clever can you? That would be most unfair to other girls, wouldn’t it?’

Sabine giggled until she caught sight of the psychiatrist’s eyes taking in her legs and body. She adopted laying position 4 with her hands behind her back, to display herself fully for him. A frisson of heat passed through her being at the thought she was turning him on. A man like this, powerful and intelligent, interested in her!

A bell tinged on his desk and Dr Thorn shook himself out of his reverie. ‘Ah, I am afraid our time is up. I’ll ring your daddy in the bar and he will come down and leash you. Then he’ll drive you home with your mummy.’

‘Thank you Doctor. Have you cured me then?’

He stared at those amazing legs in their tight socks and ridiculously short pleated skirt and shook his head. ‘I think not my dear. I suspect we will have a few more consultations. Perhaps starting with tomorrow night.’

‘Oh. You are so kind.’

‘It is my duty to you as a patient. And I would like you to do something for me.’

Sabine felt her body shiver with excitement. ‘I would love to do something for you Doctor. I am good at tidying up now. I got a gold star for that. And I can vacuum your floor too. I can iron shirts, but not suits yet.’

‘All very impressive I am sure. No. I want you to do something for yourself. You must tell your daddy while he is driving you home, that from now on, you will be the best behaved little girl a daddy could ever ask for.’

‘Yes Doctor,’ she beamed, but then the smile vanished and her face darkened into worry. ‘But doctor, my wi ..’ he stopped himself saying wife just in time. ‘Sorry, I mean my mummy will also be in the car. It really distresses me, if I say things like that in front of her.’

The doctor sat on the couch beside the troubled girl, smiled and took both her small hands into his own huge paws.

He said, ‘Now, now. You’re trying to think for yourself again. Won’t it amuse your mummy to hear you say those words?’

‘Well, yes, I guess,’ Sabine muttered.

‘And won’t it ensure that your daddy will be a true alpha male in her eyes?’

‘Yes, I suppose.’

‘And then your mummy will have a better time in the bedroom with your daddy won’t she? Do you see how many people you will make delighted? So much joy a cute little thing can bring to the world, and all you will feel is a little bit of pain.’

She grimaced. ‘It doesn’t always feel like a little bit of pain doctor. Sometimes I am so humiliated I feel sick.’

He chuckled, cuddling the delicate creature firmly in his hands, feeling the softness of her blouse and tunic dress. ‘You mustn’t worry about that. That will pass and then you feel good about it. And remember, it will make me very proud of you.’

Her eyes grew wide as she leaned back out of the hug to stare up at him, ‘Will it doctor, Truly?’

‘I can see one young lady earning two whole gold stars if she is does as she is told.’

‘Wow!’ Two gold stars! Sabine only received one when she came top at cock sucking when there were two men to please. ‘Aw thank you doctor.’

He cuddled the delightful girl and whispered in her ear, ‘What must you say to your daddy on the way home in the car?’

Nibbling her lip to recall the exact words, Sabine finally said, ‘from now on I will be the best behaved little girl a daddy could ever ask for.’

‘Excellent Sabine, excellent.’

Sabine was thrilled. Two gold stars! Though she knew the mortification would be excruciating. But on the other hand she would win two gold stars and would please so many people. Dr Thorn was so helpful.

Chapter 3

It was five minutes before her owners arrived to leash and cuff her ready for the ride home.

Dr Thorn was struck by the ‘mummy.’ She was a real knockout. Light auburn hair, freckly cute skin and a slim but gently, curvy body. She wore a short dress, not as short as that of her daughter’s, but certainly one which showed off her lovely legs.

Like mummy, like daughter Dr Thorn smiled to himself.

Seeing the doctor in good spirits Mr Franks asked, ‘all go ok Doctor?’

‘Indeed Mr Franks,’ he turned to Sabine’s wife and pecked her on the cheek, ‘you must be the wonderful Tara.’

Tara giggled and blushed. ‘Not sure about wonderful Doctor,’ she said.

As Mr Frank’s twisted Sabine around to cuff her wrists behind her, so Sabine heard the doctor say:

‘Lots of the girls here have problems. Not just over the first few weeks either. The poor little things let all sorts of little inconsequential issues play on their little minds. They can’t help it. They are not chosen for their brain power.’

Everyone laughed so Sabine thought she ought to giggle rather than risk having he rthigh slapped by Mr Franks.

With her hands cuffed helplessly behind her, Sabine was pulled back to face the two people he now knew he had to get used to addressing as ‘mummy and ‘daddy’.

Was Tara smirking at him? No, he knew she was very loving to him. He must have misread the signal.

Mr Franks attached the leash to the ring on the collar just below the adult school girl’s chin. He knew Sabine hated this act of humiliation so smirked at the adult school girl until she lowered her eyes and turned bright red.

‘And this business about being depressed?’ Mr Franks asked.

‘Teenage girls have mood swings Mr Franks. Its only right that someone who is in the same position as a teenage girl would also be so confused as to think they were getting moody.’

‘Ah,’ Tara said noting her hunky lover, Mr Franks, was less impressed with the explanation.

‘Well good you sorted it,’ Mr Franks said, ‘because these psychiatry fees are pretty hefty.’

‘Ah,’ Dr Thorn announced, as if sorrowfully, ‘I’m afraid I must recommend a few more sessions for your little girl. You wouldn’t want her to revert and feel depressed, would you?’

Tara gripped her lover’s arm. ‘Honey. You know you said she was more compliant when she’s happy. And I don’t want her to feel too bad about all this. Just bad enough so she knows her place.’

‘Yeh I know babe. It’s just that, to me, she seems ok now.’

Sabine wanted to tell them that Dr Thorn was as helpful as Miss Richter but knew he shouldn’t speak unless directed to.

‘I think,’ Dr Thorn said thoughtfully, ‘another five sessions should do it.’

The psychiatrist saw the doubts on Mr Franks face. The shrink then took in that sexy, simpering adult school girl in her fetching garb. What he’d give to spank that every night!

‘I’ll you what,’ Dr Thorn said, ‘and don’t tell anyone this, but I’ll give you a fifty percent discount and we’ll say this one-hour consultation was free. How about that?’

The two men shook hands vigorously.

Mr Franks said, ‘sounds good to me. Certainly impressed with her demeanour after just an hour with you.’

‘Excellent!’ Dr Thorn said, resisting the urge to dance around the room. He thought of the things he would get that pretty, little airhead to do for him, gave him an instant hard on.

As they left the office, Dr Thorn saw his new patient mouth, ‘Thank you. Bye.’

Then he observed her cute arse wriggling away in its tunic. He patted it as firmly as he could, making the adult school girl squeal and giggle.

He whispered, ‘And young lady, don’t forget what I told you!’

She looked up horrified. Oh! Sabine tried hard to remember what it was she was supposed to remember.

Thorn was concerned. He needed her dad to be impressed with her new disposition. Just how dumb was she?

Suddenly Sabine’s face brightened. ‘Oh I remember!’

In her cotton wool mind, she played over the hateful words she knew she must say in the car to the man who tormented her. Worse she would recite them in earshot of his wife. ‘Daddy, from now on I will be the best behaved little girl a daddy could ever ask for.’

Chapter 4

Tara, knew that she would try and hang onto Mr Franks for as long as possible, but if he left she would find another bull who could keep her little girl under their thumb. There were loads of hunky dominant guys at the club, but that evening her lover totally impressed her.

She found the situation incredibly amusing. Her lover had strapped the still cuffed Sabine firmly into the pink and cream child seat in the rear. Then whilst driving home, her lover thrust his free hand under her skirt to play with her pussy. She loved the way he took liberites with her, as if she was just there as sexual play thing.

Then from the rear seat she heard her ex-husband:

‘Daddy, may I say something?’

‘Sure princess, go ahead,’ he’d said sharing a silent laugh with Tara.

Sabine was silent for a long time, then when she spoke, her voice croaked as if she were crying, ‘Daddy, from now on I will be the best behaved little girl a daddy could ever ask for.’

The two adults were in shock, then they looked at each other and burst out laughing so loudly they didn’t hear the sobs from the back of the car.

‘Hey,’ Mr Franks said to an awestruck Tara, ‘I tell you what. This shrink guy is the best thing I’ve ever bought for our little girl.’

Then they laughed some more.

That night, Mr Franks fucked a compliant, impressed Tara three times before they fell asleep.

Sabine was allowed to stay up late but only bound to a rocking horse to watch a Barbie cartoon. Her daddy had tied her wrists beneath the head and pulled up her ankles to tie them to the saddle of the horse.

With her dressed in her little canary yellow negligee and bound so she was bent over with her arse raised, her pantied bottom was on display for her daddy to whack every time he went into the nursery to check on her.

‘Tell me again,’ he would demand.

And little Sabine would announce: ‘From now on I will be the best behaved little girl a daddy could ever ask for.’

She had to be careful not to weep too much as sometime her daddy or mummy would ask her what happened in the cartoon, and then would check to see if she had watched it vigilantly. So she needed to pay attention and not let the tears cloud her vision too much.

Still, at least she had a further appointment with the wonderful Dr Thorn so she smiled in gratitude.  He would explain it all to her and make her feel better. It wasn’t all bad being a helpless girl for his wife and her lover if he could please people. Wasn’t that what Miss Richter and Dr Thorn had explained to her?

Dr Thorn sat in his new lover, Laura’s, home showing her how to beat her sissy husband’s bottom. This was amusing of course. The stupid hubbie hadn’t yet had a full day at the club and didn’t yet have the school girl hair style.

But as sexy as Laura was, and as much as he looked forward to pounding the arse off her that night he couldn’t get the imagine of the cute little submissive Sabine out of his head. Nor could he stop thinking about all the cruel things he was going to make his new hot plaything perform for him.

Life was good for everyone.

12 thoughts on “Club Zerø 9 Story – Sabine Learns a valuable lesson

  1. Love the classic sissy schoolgirl look, popularized by “When You Awake.” Perhaps some therapeutic hypnosis is in Sabine’s future. The doctor from that story can even make a comeback or a cameo as a recording.

  2. Great to see you going through the older stories. And yes totally agree but wasn’t When You Awake only on Fictionmania? Maybe I did move it here. I’ll have to dig around, see if I still have the story

    Deborah Ford

  3. RSVP if you need it for the archive.

    While we’re on that story, the Mistress is named Mrs. Hall….any connection or relation to Mrs. Hall at CZ9? Also, schoolgirl Simone would make a nice addition to the stable.

  4. Frau B, can you remind me, have I posted that story on this site or have you still got a copy from Fictionmania days?

    I fell out of love with it and have never returned to it to see if it could be the basis of a book. I do have it (I think) in my archive, just never gone back to it. Its nice to hear that you like it, perhaps I ought to revisit it.

    As for Mrs Hall, finding names is often a chore so names to come back around like the seasons. Though, it is a nice thought that the dom ladies are all related from my writing. DF

  5. Mine is a copy from FM, I saved everything you ever posted before the great purge. I don’t think ‘Awake is here.

    I think ‘Awake could be made into a book with the addition of a bull and some rewriting in places….IIRC, Simon’s wife was shagging some dood while he was running around in public en femme in a schoolie uniform. He eventually gets dragged to the office where the wifey takes over, but that was pretty much the end of it.

  6. oh also, Simone never went through any kind of office training program…so Mrs. Hall devises a custom plan for her sissy hubby, which becomes the basis of the training program at CZ9. Just a fangirl gushing brainstorms. <3

  7. Thank you Frau B, some excellent suggestions.

    I might dig it out and just add it to the site here. Perhaps have a look at any other tales from those early days that were shelved.

    Neat hand over to the Club Zero 9 universe!

    Deborah Ford

  8. The dynamic I would get from Mrs. Hall would be that she would be the ultimate authority in the relationship and that the Bull is subordinate to her. Maybe one of Simon’s Alpha Male co-workers or an employee he once treated like shit.

    If you have anything in that archive of yours that you haven’t posted elsewhere, I’d love to see it. Might be the basis for an anthology book with scenes instead of full-blown stories, kinda like how you’ve been posting little excerpts from the realm of CZ9.

  9. oh I just realized that Mrs. Hall and CZ9 Miss Hall may not be the same person. CZ9 Miss Hall is “…a matronly woman in her late fifties” Unless CZ9 takes place 20-25 years after Awake LOL

  10. Funnily enough there are many stories I have started and petered out. Where they are would take an army of locators to find!

    Deborah Ford

  11. I should have purchased CZ9 parts 1 & 2 a long time ago. I have corrected this grave oversight. Your two little snippets went a long way in reigniting my love for the genre.

    You don’t use Discord by chance do you? A DF server would be legend.

  12. Aw! Pleased to hear it.

    CZ9 was very popular when it first came out, hope you enjoy it.

    Yes i do have a discord group. Its for my own personal use. I just add pix from other sites to it. I have often thought about opening it up for others but then fear that I do not give enough time to this site. DF

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