LipStuck by Timothy Reisling Betticut

by Timothy Reisling Betticut

Part 1

She pulled at her hands and legs. Tugged and tumbled. Her bondage
partner worked just as hard while the two women watched. They were stuck
tight. “Good thing their shoulder straps are so snug or there’d be much
slippage of tittage! Ewwww. Wouldn’t that be hot?” She smiled at the
gropers on the bed and capped a small tube in her hand. “Gotta be
careful I don’t get any of the stuff from this thing on me, or I’ll be
helpless as those two.” The brunette carefully dropped the used
container of epoxy glue into the trash. “Hmmmm Let’s turn down the
lights and let our friends enjoy one another. G’nite girls.”

Hooking at the Movies

“Thousands in gold, and nobody knows,” Wendy shook her short black curls
in an excited shiver. Normally, Wendy’s schemes annoyed Tim. Hell, only
one thing about her didn’t annoy him. Wendy kind of peered at life
through the wrong end of binoculars. Still, his jeweler’s mind told him
to listen this time. Listen closely.

“You say all the fixtures are gold, but they’ve been painted over?”

“U-huh! I researched the theater for Judge Nelson and came across the
original newspaper stuff. When they built the Cine Palace back in the
Tenties, the ladies lounge was a landmark,” she wiggled some Xerox
sheets at him, “Go on, read it yourself.”

The papers said it. That seedy old theater sitting in the middle of
B-Town’s Combat Zone was built to be the local Radio City Music Hall.
Now it stood a clumsy crone on the slime street of town. What didn’t
lean sagged, what didn’t sag excreted. But sure enough, back in the
Twenties, they built the thing grandly, all the fixtures in the Ladies’
Lounge were 24 carat gold. “It’s worth checking out Babe. But how do I
sneak into a women’s bathroom?”

Wendy’s feelings for Tim soured weeks ago. His arrogance, his put-downs,
he casual acceptance of her role as sex toy turned her passion to bile.
But, he owned the biggest jewelry business around. And the gifts she got
she felt trapped on the sun-hot side of life, starting to burn. The
recently he’d become more demanding. She found lesbian magazines around,
gentle hints of Tim’s newest kink.

Truthfully, Wendy got turned on by thoughts of homosexual love. But not
between two women. Like a lot of guys fantasize about watching girls
make it, Wendy found herself dreaming about two guys getting it on. For
their first time. Even better if they weren’t gay! Like if they didn’t
know that their partners were men?

Girls Talk

Problems tumbled about in Wendy’s mind, and Wendy shared everything with
her best friend, Lylia Peachtree, ever since they started working
together as court researchers.

“Wow! Whyn’t you leave the shit, Wendy?” Lylia sat bug-eyed, shrugged
her red hair back and angrily lit another cigarette. “He’s a schmuch
and…WOW!” Lylia exploded a thick cloud as her friend scooped a handful
of pearls from her purse. “Tim?”

“Tim,” Wendy poured the milky balls back and shrugged. “He just brings
the stuff over. Girl, I’m ready to throw his butt out and suddenly I’m
wearing another thing that’s flashier than a strobe light and set in
platinum. Hell! It was so good when it started. I mean you oughta’ met
him. He’s not all that big, but he’s got a great face, almost pretty,
long thick hair, and dreamy eyes. But now…”

“And he wants you to make it with another girl?”

“Lemme tell you. You oughta see the magazines he’s dropping off. And you
know how I feel about that.” Wendy paused, her green eyes staring off,
“But I think I know how he feels. Like I’d kinda like to see a coupla
guys going at it. Am I weird?”

Lylia never shared anything like this before. It took a moment, but she
nodded. “Yea, especially Thunder.” Her voice dripped to a whisper, “I’d
really get off on watching my gut Thunder with another man. He gets
these macho attitudes, y’know? I want to chill him something awful. He’s
like you describe Tim. He’s not all that tall and he’s got a cute face.
I guess he over-compensates with his Mel Gibson moods. But he’d

Wendy leaned in close to her friend. “Suppose I had a plan? Would you
help? What’s Thunder like you to wear?”

Finished Candi

“You’re almost finished stop fidgeting.” Tim tried hard not to curse.
Wendy tried harder not to giggle. “Alright, I’ll keep quiet Tim, but I
think it’s dumb. We ought to tell them.”

“Are you kidding? We only have to see them tonight of the stuff’s junk
and only once more if it’s as good as you claim,” he watched her finish
his lips in the mirror. “your sure this girl knows plumbing? Absolutely

“I trust Lylia, and she says her buddy’s a hydraulic engineer. That
oughts’ be good enough. I’m glad you’re finally going to get a chance to
meet Lylia, she’s a wonderful friend. Alright, you’re done, get up.”

Tim’s humiliation built with each new feminine layer. Now, looking at
the mirror, he fought to control the gushes of embarrassment. Never a
large boy, the others teased him growing up. He got in a lot of fights
over the word ‘sissy’. From nothing, Tim had built a chain of jewelry
stores. And girls found him attractive. Money did that. Tim discovered
you get what you can buy.

What’s it matter what you have to do to get more bucks? Dollars make it
right. So it’s painful posing as a cheap whore to sneak into the girl’s
room at a dirty movie house. So what’s a little pain? Get in. Check out
the gold. If it’s good, have this other broad figure how to sneak it
away next week. In. Out and we’re richer. Simple.

“What’s the engineer’s name? Shit,who ever heard of a girl engineer

“Y’know, I don’t know her real name. Everyone calls her Brat.”

Wendy pulled down the short tight hem on Tim’s skirt. “But be careful
Tim. Look, I still think we oughta tell them you’re a man.”

“Dammit Wendy, drop it. No girls are going to know I’d do something like
this. Nobody finds out. Never. So what’s the problem? Why should I be

“Well …” she bit her pretty lip. “You aren’t supposed to know this.
But … Brat’s …” Wendy blushed, “Brat likes girls.”

Tim’s blue eyes flashed under his arched brows. “She’s a lez?” He spun,
lost his balance and bumped Wendy.

“Hey! You alright? What’s wrong?” Wendy steadied the lady in red,
smoothing her blonde bangs from her big eyes. “look. Don’t let on I told
you about Brat, Tim please. She’s a lipstick so femmy and pretty so you
don’t really notice. But, well, she’s gat a … uh … reputation.”

“Reputation? Time draped his hands on his padded hips and stared at his
girlfriend. “Whadaya mean?”

“Well, first off, she’s easy. Y’know what I’m saying? And well, I never
met her, buy Lylia says she kinda hits on other girls. It’s disgusting.”
Wendy feigned a tiny shiver that made her outfit jiggle.

“Yea?” Tim grinned, and visions of sugar plums danced in his head. “She
sounds sick. But those kind of girls need help. Wendy, I can’t believe
you sometimes. You’re always on my case because you think I hate fa …
uh … gays. And then you come down on some poor girl becasue she likes
women. Where’s your feminine sympathy? Maybe there’s something you can
do to help instead of just ragging her.”

Sleazy Movies

Cine Palace isn’t the place for uptown girls. The grand old theater’s
fallen to showing triple-X sex injections. In fact, the candy counter
sells marital aids and bondage apparatus right there beside the popcorn.
So the plan called for the four of them showing up, rigged out like
hookers. Wendy wore a snug green leather skirt and a lime green blouse
with a neckline deeper than a Texas oil rig. She perched herself up on
stilt heels and trowled on the makeup. Time looked so good, Wendy
shivered with jealousy. She knew his features were delicate, but she
never dreamed what makeup would do.

“Maybe you’re right. After all, Lylia’s been nice to her.” Wendy wanted
to chortle, she knew the hook was baited. “We could bring them back for
a drink or something afterward. By the way, what’ll we call you? TIm
sure won’t do. Hehe, you look good enough to eat. How ’bout Candi?”

“Candi. Hell, sure, it doesn’t matter, anything. Let’s just get going.”

Part 2

Fixing The Brat

“If you’re a hooker, Lylia, why can’t you wear red? You know it’s my
favorite, and I hate the way your red hair looks against a yellow
dress.” The brunette in the black slick stretch material wasn’t happy
with anything. Even though her little dress fit like skin, hugging her
curves like a Masserati on a mountian road – she detested it. She hated
the way it looked like a little mailot bathing suit with a tiny flared
skirt that fell way short of her stocking tops. She hated her hair,
thick and full and wild. She hated her rich makeup. She hated her high
f-me heels, the hourglass corset, the tight black opera hose over her
freshly shaved legs. She hated it all because it made her look so
desirable. “I’m an invitation to a raping is what.”

“You got that right,” Lylia handed over a tiny black purse. “You’re a
tart, remember? If we go into that place dressed any other way, they’s
call a cop. Besides, Wendy’s friend’s wearing red tonight. One crimson
whore is enough.”

Thunder looked at himself in the mirror, a strumpet in a micro black
dress looked back. “Who is this jeweler girl anyway? Why do we need her?
I can tell gold when I see it. I’m an engineer ferchrizake! We’re
trained in metals.”

“Yea, but she’s a professional appraiser. She’ll be able to sell the
stuff if it’s real. She’s even got ovens to melt it down. I tell you we
need her. I only wish she didn’t have … Never mind.”

“What? What’s she got?”

“Comeon, let’s go. I’ll tell you about her little thing for girls on the
way. We’re late, Brat.”

“Thing for girls?” Thunder rustled out ahead of Lylia. “You mean she’s a
lez? My god. The poor thing.”

Gold Out Of Lead

“Damn stuff’s lead! It’s all lead.” Candi scraped the last fixture with
her surgical tool. Wendy and Lylia were down in the theater while Brat
and Candi did the test.

“A waste of time, huh?” Place smelled of mice, old cigarettes and urine.
It stood decaying so long that any wall you touched was gummy with slick
rot. Candi peered into the grimy mirror. The blonde in there sizzled,
with a bad girl pout and the brunette in the black outfit was just as
hot. He wanted her bad. And she looked back at him the way a butcher
sizes up a piece of meat. Tim knew that look, loved it in singles bars.

Brat was distracted. He wanted to be furious for the whole mess, but
this blonde had lusty lips. Could he get her in the sack? Maybe she’d
like a man when it was too late to stop?

“Hold it, you’ve got a speck of something on your cheek,” that line
always got Tim in close with girls. “Here, let me get it.” Candi flicked
Brat’s cheek with his long bonded nails. They were close. Brat didn’t
back away.

“I love red,” Brat licked her lips. “You make a wonderful slut.”

Candi blushed. “well, I like that wet material you’re wearing. Looks
like sex.” Candi left her hand on Brat’s shoulder. They looked into each
other’s eyes. Brat leaned forward and in. Their lips met gently as
Candi’s hand slid around the brunette’s neck.

“You bitches!” The door popped open, Lylia and Wendy bundled in –
furious. “Shit! What are you? Animals? Can’t you keep your perverted
hands off each other even in a skank place like this?”

“It’s not…I mean, there wasn’t any…god…and we were just… ,”
Candi’s voice trailed off. She was redder than her dress. They both

She’d done it, and Wendy felt wonderful. She sensed the juices seeping
between her legs as she glared at Tim in his slinky dress and wild
blonde hair. Lylia was just as excited. This was their moment.

Stick Around

An hour later both boys were on Wendy’s bed. Candi and Brat were
stripped to their corsets, hose and heels. They wore tight wide collars
locked in back. Both collars were locked in front as well – together! A
three inch chain tugged their mouths kissably close. Good idea, because
they were kissing. Couldn’t stop. There was a lot they couldn’t stop.

Each of them had a hand on the other’s thigh, their other hand was high
up on their partner’s back. They huggeg one another. Had to. And each
pressed a knee into the other’s panty girdled groin, held hard against
their upper thigh.

They rolled on the bed, in passion from any distance. But close up you
could see the frantic looks flashing through their tumbling curls. Hear
the grunting squeals “Eh uh oh. EH UH OH! Eh ee owww uh ih! Ulll!”

Candi pulled at her hands and legs. Tried to get off the brunette.
Tugged and tumbled. Brat worked just as hard while the two women watched
the sissies. And waited for the shots to work.

“Good thing their shoulder straps are so snug or there’d be much
slippage of tittage! Ewwww. Wouldn’t that be hot?”

Lylia smiled at Wendy and capped the small tube in her hand. “How ’bout
we spray them with some perfume, girl?”

Wendy closed the syringe back into its case and tossed the empty vial of
Extasy into the waste-bin. “Great idea,” she grabbed an aerosol bottle
and shot a thick sweet fog over the wrestling bodies. “Lylia, be careful
you don’t get any of the stuff from the tube on your hands, or you’ll be
helpless as these two.”

The redhead dropped the empty container of epoxy glue carefully into the
same trash-can. “You’re right, Wendy. Well, let’s turn down the lights
and let our friends enjoy one another for the video camera here. G’night

“Goodnight?” Candi groaned around the lips cemented to hers. ‘They
wouldn’t leave me stuck to her like this all night. And that shot into
the fat of my buttocks. It’ll work whatever that was slowly into my
system. I…I can feel…feel… Got to get out of this. Got to kiss
her. NO! Got to get loose and pull her close and feel her boobs. SHIT!
My hands on my thighs…can’t get any anything into her body…need to
get my…get free…get free at the crotch…ohhh she kisses so… NEED
TO GET OUT OF HERE! Hell! I can kiss her, and just get hornier. They’ve
got to let us up. Or at least let us DO IT!’

‘A whole night like this?’ Brat tugged at her hands, felt the tongue
dart into her mouth. ‘This is torture. Gotta get myself free. Dammit
Lylia. I wasn’t really going to cheat on her. This is…is… Shit,
under the panty girdle… It’s twitching. I’m getting hard.’

“Um. One teeny last thing,” Wendy turned out the overhead light leaving
the bed-bound couple aglow from two golden lamps. She smiled at Lylia.
“Just thought you ought to know, watching gay love is a turn on but the
girl you’re hugging’s really a boy.”

‘Shit, now she knows I’m not a girl. What’ll she do?’ Tim and Thunder
thought simultaneously.

‘Well, why not show her what a man can do,’ Tim thinks, pressing his
lips harder against Brat’s.

‘Well, why not show her what a man can do,’ Thunder thinks, hugging his
arms titghtly around Candi.

“Well, why don’t you show what a man can do,” Wendy grabs Lylia’s Hand,
giggling at the lovers tumbling and kissing in the dim red warm glow of
the camera’s lights.

‘What the hell they laughing at,’ the boys wondered as they worked to
arouse their lesbian partners


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