Peter and Louise By – Tafod Arian

Peter and Louise By – Tafod Arian (

I had arrived in London from Switzerland and my
adventure in Grindelwald with Jonathan and Jane (see
‘The Climbing Hut : Part III) that morning and I went
straight from the airport to one of my branch offices
to conduct a surprise inspection of the operation. As
usual on these occasions although I had had an hotel
booked I didn’t expect to need it. The taxi dropped me
outside the modest-looking building and before long I
was in conference with the Branch Manager, Peter, who
was clearly awed by a sudden visit from the Company
Chairman and Owner. This was a visit lacking real
significance for me but it rapidly became apparent as
the day wore on that it was extremely significant to
him. As time passed his anxiety grew and he clearly
felt that his job and his future were on the line. This
gave me a power over him that I didn’t really need
because it soon became obvious that he had a very
submissive and easily dominated personality. The
eagerness with which he agreed with all my suggestions
which slowly became scarcely-concealed orders was
gratifying. Even more interestingly I caught his dark
eyes flicking uncertainly over me when he thought I
wasn’t watching him.

During the day as I was working I gradually drew some
personal history from him and it became more and more
interesting. While we were having afternoon tea he
confided shyly under my questioning that he had been
married for eighteen months. He sat looking
embarrassed, much younger-looking than his twenty-five
hears twisting his fingers as he answered my probing
questions. His wife, Louise, was three years younger
than his twenty-five and worked as a secretary in the
same branch office. I was beginning to turn over in my
mind plans for the evening. I had to stay until
tomorrow and I was not fond of hotels. It began to look
as though I had found somewhere to stay.

Before I finally made up my mind I decided that I would
have a look at Louise. I thought too that it was time
to let Peter begin to get an idea how things were
going to be. I pushed my chair back and stood up,
looked at him, and said in my quiet commanding style,

“OK Peter, it is time for a tour of your operation.
While we do I’ll check out your pretty young wife so
make sure you introduce me. While you are about it, you
can tell her that you have invited me to dinner this

He looked at me in startled shock. He tried to speak
once or twice and swallowed uncomfortably. I could see
his Adam’s apple jerking with nerves. I did not give
him time to answer but walked out of the room leaving
him no option but to follow. I let him conduct me
around the offices, introducing me from time to time to
members of staff. I was polite but distant and he could
see me watching him. He led me to a door at the end of
the corridor which opened into a large open-plan area.
Next to a window was a desk bathed in sunlight at which
was seated an extremely pretty girl. I did not need his
rapid inspiration to tell me that this was Louise. I
looked at her for a moment before she noticed us. She
was slightly plump and I could see from where I was
standing that she had large, very firm looking breasts
neatly encased in a very low-cut pale yellow summer
dress which showed a deep cleavage displaying the
upper third of her splendid bosom to advantage. She
must have been wearing a very sheer bra because the
sharp little cones of her nipples were evident through
the thin material. She had a lovely long delicate
aristocratic neck. Her long hair was styled casually
unkempt and fell in rolls of tumbling blonde curls to
her bare shoulders. As I inspected her I noted that she
was rather lightly made up with a rather pale lipstick
and her eyes nicely defined.

“‘Bedroom-eyes’,” I thought, with an internal smile.

She was wearing a pair of delicate discreet earrings
but no other jewellery. I decided to have a good look
at her so I just stood where I was by the door and
looked meaningfully at Peter. He coughed delicately and
Louise looked up with a start, putting a hand to her
small mouth.

“This is Mr Evans, darling,” he said hesitantly, “he is
visiting the Company today and I have invited him for
dinner tonight, I hope that is alright.” The young
couple exchanged a glance but I didn’t move from the
door. As I stood looking without comment at Louise the
silence became too much for her and she pushed her
chair back and stood up. As she did, she bent a little
forward putting both hands on the edge of the desk. I
looked with appreciation down into her bosom as the
neckline of her dress fell a little away from her body
and her cleavage deepened. I could see down the deep
groove between her creamy breasts to the sheer cups of
her bra and beyond to the darkness concealing her
belly. She glanced quickly into my eyes and blushed
slightly as she saw where I was looking and not
troubling to hide my interest. She came around the desk
and walked towards us.

“Very nice,” I thought, “very nice indeed.” Louise was
about five foot six and very well made. I had already
noted her breasts, at least 36C, and I ran my eyes over
the rest of her trim figure. She had broad roomy hips
and a slender waist supported on a set of really
splendid legs, slim, sexy and encased in dark seamless
nylon. The hemline of her short summer dress was at
least five inches above her rather chubby knees. Her
shoes were very neat, patent leather with at least a
four inch heel, sharply defining the muscles of her
firm young calves. She held out her hand as she was
introduced and I took it and pressed it more firmly
than she expected, looking into her blue eyes as I
gently stroked my finger across her warm palm. I heard
her sharp intake of breath and her flush deepened. I
did not release her hand but stood looking into her
eyes as she was held captive by my commanding grasp.

Her husband stood anxiously beside me knowing that
something was going on but he had not yet figured out
what. I smiled at Louise and caressed her palm again
before releasing her hand. She gasped.

“So nice of you to invite me for dinner,” I smiled,
“please join me at my hotel for a drink before dinner.

Then I have a short meeting and I will be at your house
about eight o’clock. Peter has already given me the

“I look forward to it,” she said in a high-pitched
breathy, almost teen-aged voice. I smiled again and
just stood looking at her. As I knew it would, the
tension became too much and she turned and walked back
to her desk allowing me my fist view of her bottom.

This was really splendid. Some people may have thought
it a touch on the large side but I thought that it was
perfect. The plump firm cheeks of her buttocks
stretched the thin silk of her dress and as she walked
the line of her panties was clearly visible. Even more
interesting I could se the slight bulge of what could
only be a suspender. I continued to watch her as she
sat, unavoidably giving me another brief flash of her
cleavage, before smiling at her and turning to leave
the room.

“Very nice, very, very nice,” I said quietly,
apparently to myself but loud enough for Peter to hear.

I heard him gasp and when I looked at him I could see a
flush high on his cheek bones. I led the way back to
Peter’s office and automatically as though by right
took his large upholstered chair leaving him standing.
I sat and looked at him as he stood uncertainly, his
cheeks still flushed. He made two or three efforts to
speak before the words came out.

“Would you like some tea or a drink?” he finally asked
me, anxiety in his eyes. I smiled at him and said
nothing making it obvious that I was looking him over.

He was wearing neat trousers and a tight-fitting shirt
with an unobtrusive tie. He was, like his wife, rather
well made but stopping short of being plump. His
pectorals were rather well defined raising little
mounds under his shirt. I thought back with pleasure to
Derek (see ‘Derek and Susan’). Coincidentally, Peter
and Louise lived rather close to my other captive
couple and plans began to germinate in my mind to bring
the four of them together. But I still had quite a lot
that I wanted to do tonight before I could even begin
to think of this. All this went through my mind as I
sat looking at him considering his offer.

“Tea would be nice,” I said quietly, watching him as he
walked to the door and spoke quietly to his secretary.
I enjoyed the sight of his plump bottom as the muscles
flexed against the tight fabric of his trousers. Peter
came back into the room and sat on a hard visitor’s
chair, legs crossed and his fingers interlaced around
his knee as he looked anxiously about him, sneaking
glances at me. I did not say anything but just sat
watching him and letting his apprehension build. There
was a discreet tap at the door and he sprang to his
feet with a look of unmistakeable relief on his face.
I watched his secretary, in whom, under other
circumstances I may have been interested, bring in a
tray with tea and biscuits which she set gently on the
corner of the desk before giving me a shy smile and
tip-tapping back to the door on her high heels, her
trim bottom wiggling deliciously.

She was a rather trim tall pretty girl with fairly
small breasts but with long red hair and very sexy long
legs hardly concealed by a very short skirt. I looked
at Peter without comment and he leapt to his feet and
poured me tea handing it to me in a noticeably
trembling hand. As I drank I kept my eyes fixed on
Peter and the continual scrutiny was making him more
and more uncomfortable. He crossed and uncrossed his
legs finally trying with an obvious effort to control
his nerves by again lacing his fingers around his knee.

I could see that he was uneasily waiting for my next
words but I decided that enough was enough. I finished
my tea, got up from the chair and walked to the door,
turning to look at the concerned young man before I

“It is about four o’clock now and I have a meeting with
the Financial Controller. You know where I am staying,
your secretary booked the hotel. Be in the lounge bar
with your sexy wife at six o’clock and don’t be late.”

I closed the door on his shocked face and went to
complete my business for the afternoon having arranged
my entertainment for the evening and, without my hosts
realising it yet, my accommodation for the night.

After my business was concluded I returned to my hotel
and had a drink and a shower. I dressed for the evening
in my usual attire of black slacks and a black polo-
necked silk sweater. I did not wear a jacket. Glancing
at my watch I saw that it was approaching six o’clock
so I made my way to the lounge bar and took a seat in a
small alcove. There were two bunk type seats with a
table between them and I sat on the outside of one of
the benches and waited for the pretty pair who, unknown
to them were to entertain me during my short stay.

I relaxed and looked about me. The room was almost
empty. There was a couple of young women at the bar,
clearly wrapped up in each other. I ran my eye over
them with a secret smile. On another occasion it would
have amused me to intrude on and to distort their
relationship, leaving them permanently changed but
tonight I had a more interesting diversion in mind. I
sat thinking about Peter who had clearly been over-awed
by the Company Chairman who had visited him in at such
short notice to inspect and comment on the systems that
he had instituted and had been, until now, totally
responsible for without audit. However, the axe had now
fallen and without warning I had appeared to assess his
performance in guiding this small part of my Company’s
business and he also knew from my attitude during the
day that much worse may be in store although, despite
his apprehension, he did not know what. He just knew
and had been unable to avoid communicating his feelings
to me, that he found my presence both personally and
professionally threatening. I had easily divined from
Peter’s attitude and responses during the day that he
was a very submissive personality and I felt from my
brief acquaintance with Louise that she was probably
the same. While I was sitting musing about all this I
saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. Peter and
Louise had entered the lounge and were standing just
inside the door looking round uncertainly.

I noted with amusement the Louise was holding her
husband’s hand. They had not seen me immediately as I
was concealed in the alcove behind a large potted palm.
After letting them stand and look around for a moment I
stood up. I did not gesture, I just looked at them and
that was sufficient.

Hand in hand the young couple walked over to me. I did
not hesitate but reached out and shook the surprised
young man’s hand briefly.

“Hi Peter,” I said warmly, “have a seat.” I indicated
the bench opposite where I had been sitting and he sat
down automatically and rather warily. Without looking
at him further I turned to his young wife and slipped
my arm around her waist. I held her for a moment
relishing the warm feeling of her body in my encircling
arm. I dropped my arm a little so that my hand was
resting on her hip and as I looked into her eyes I let
her feel me run my fingers along her suspender belt
prominent under the delicate silk of her dress. I had
moved so suddenly that neither husband or wife were
prepared for what was happening and both gave a shocked
gasp. Louise’s face became tinged with red and she
tried to move from my grasp but I held her firmly.

Looking into her eyes I tilted her chin up and as the
shocked and frightened young husband watched I kissed
his pretty wife, sliding my hand onto her bottom and
fondling the firm plump cheek of her ass as I did so. I
just brushed my relaxed lips against Louise’s tightly
closed ones as I looked into her wide scared blue eyes
without making any attempt to deepen the intimacy of
the kiss .It was sufficient for now that I had
established my dominance and begun to assert my right
to her body by kissing her and feeling her up in public
and in addition, demonstrating to her husband that he
was unable to prevent what was happening. I tightened
my grip slightly and drew her firm young body
momentarily against me enjoying the firmness of her
lush breast as it was pressed into my side. I held her
to me for a moment and then took my lips from hers and
smiled into her eyes before releasing her.

“Hello Louise,” I said quietly, “please sit down.” She
made an effort to move to sit beside her husband but I
firmly directed her into the seat on my side of the
table so that she was trapped on the inside of the
booth with her husband sitting opposite her. At my
gesture the waiter brought a bottle of champagne
and poured our drinks. When he had left I picked up
my glass and proposed a toast to the anxious couple,
“Here’s to a happy, sexy evening and to getting
to know you, particularly you, Louise, an awful lot
better.” I watched with amusement as they looked at one
another trying to work out the implications of the
toast and I half turned to give Louise a careful

Hoping that I wouldn’t notice, she moved as far away
along the seat from me as she could. I didn’t say
anything as I looked at my pretty companion totally
ignoring her husband. She glanced quickly up at me and
then dropped her eyes to her hands, twisting the long
thin stem of the champagne glass in her fingers. Her
breasts were heaving from the after effects of my
caress and her cheeks were flushed. I could hear her
rapid breathing, a combination of anxiety and reluctant
excitement, although she didn’t yet recognise the
latter emotion. Louise was a very pretty girl I had
decided when I met her earlier in the afternoon and
now, studying her closely I could see that I had not
been wrong. Her body was shown to absolute perfection
by the revealing silk dress and as she raised her arm
to take a drink the low cut arm hole of the dress
revealed her pale yellow bra and the beginning of the
side of her breast. I leaned back on the bunk seat and
looked her over, making no secret of my interest and
that I was ignoring her husband. Her flush deepened and
I could hear his ragged breathing on the other side of
the table. My eyes dropped from her flushed cheeks to
her upper chest and she glanced quickly sideways at me.

I smiled at her as I let her see me openly assessing
her full figure. The flush spread from her cheeks to
her shoulders and her upper chest.

Her breasts were really magnificent and displayed to
perfection by the delicate summer dress. The upper
third of her breasts was bare showing a deep tanned
cleavage which swelled out in a lovely curve. Her
nipples were still evident through the material. Her
breasts, although large, seemed to be confined in a
relatively flimsy bra, needing little support. I
dropped my eyes lower. From the swell of her
magnificent bosom her body narrowed to a trim but not
too slender waist and I noted a cute womanly swell to
her stomach. It was not completely flat. There was a
little bit of fat there but she was definitely not
overweight. My eyes continued their journey down to the
swell of her hips which, although broad, were in
proportion to her breasts and to her height. She
really had a magnificent lush womanly figure. She
glanced at me again and saw me openly assessing her
cute belly and her legs and took a quick nervous gulp
of champagne. I interrupted my scrutiny of his young
wife to look across at Peter.

“Pour some more champagne for Louise and I,” I said
with a touch of mockery in my voice. He rushed to obey
and it was noticeable that although his own glass was
empty he did not refill it. I chuckled to myself.
“A real submissive,” I thought, “doing exactly as he is
told and not realizing it!”

I then ignored him and continued my scrutiny of his
wife. My searching gaze dropped to her legs. As she sat
on the bunk seat of the alcove her thighs were slightly
apart. The hem of her short dress had ridden up a
little and was about six inches above her knees.

The muscles of her thighs had slightly flattened as she
sat and the tightness of her dress outline the strap of
her suspender. I had noted her chubby knees, calves and
neat ankles in the office and close up they were just
as good. I smiled into her embarrassed eyes and leaned
back and took a sip of champagne as I looked from one
to other of the young couple. Although we had not
spoken much I had been so deliberate in and taken so
long over my scrutiny of Louise that, taken with the
time it had taken to get the champagne, half an hour
had passed. I sat quietly drinking and watching Louise,
gradually raising her anxiety level. I completely
ignored her husband and I could see them exchanging
continual frightened glances. Finally I glanced at my

“It is time you two left,” I said with authority, “I
will be at your house in an hour. It doesn’t matter
what you wear Peter but listen carefully to me Louise.

You are to wear your very sexiest underwear and your
prettiest dress. You are to be wearing the highest
heels you have and you will have attended to your make-
up. While you shower and change for me you, Peter, can
make the supper. Anything simple will do.” I looked
into their shocked eyes and stood to allow Louise to
pass me as she got up and moved out of the booth. I
knew that she half expected me to touch her and that
she was terrified but I desisted knowing that it would
be all the sweeter later on. I leaned back and took a
sip of champagne as I looked up at the young couple.

“Now get out,” I said sharply, “and be ready for me
when I come or you will both be very sorry. When I come
to your house, you Louise, are to open the door. Peter,
you will stay in the lounge until either I call you or
until we come in. One last thing – make sure that there
are fresh flowers in the bedroom.” They looked at one
another again and turned and made for the door and I
smiled to myself as I saw the young woman reach
instinctively for her husband’s hand. They reached the
door and she flashed me a last anxious glance before
they left and the door closed behind them. I stretched
out with satisfaction and finished the champagne. I
went to my room and had another shower and ordered my
car for a quarter to eight as the young couple lived
quite close to the hotel.

At precisely eight o’clock I rang their doorbell and
before the chimes had died away Louise opened the door
and stood aside for me to enter the small hall. I
smiled at her and looked her over from head to toe
slowly and deliberately but did not touch her. She was
wearing a very low-cut wrap-around dress made of a very
soft silky clingy pale blue material held by a single
clip at the waistline. As she turned to close the door
I could see that from the back it clung tightly to and
outlined every curve of her young body and when she
nervously turned to face me I saw immediately that from
the front it was even sexier because, in addition to
clinging, the split skirt gaped exposing her thigh with
each step as far as her stocking top. The neckline of
the sexy dress displayed her cleavage to it’s full
advantage revealing at least half of her firm full
breasts. She had left her hair loose falling to her
bare shoulders in blonde sexy waves. She had clearly
paid a great deal of attention to achieving just the
right effect. Apart from a pair of small earrings she
was not wearing jewellery. I could smell the delicate
scent of her perfume in the small hall. I smiled at her
and held out my hand which she took nervously. I could
feel her small hand trembling in mine and I could sense
that she was terrified that I was going to touch her.

She was clearly as submissive as her husband. I smiled
at her, released her hand and indicated the door to the
lounge which she opened with relief. I followed her
into the comfortably furnished room.

Peter was standing by the fireplace and I did not miss
the anxious questioning look that he flashed to his
wife as we entered. I looked around and immediately
walked over and took possession of a large comfortable-
looking settee. I relaxed, leaned back and looked
across at Peter.

“Get us some drinks, I’ll have a whisky,” I commanded
brusquely, not even pretending to ask, “Louise, come
here and sit beside me.” He obediently went to a small
drinks cabinet and began to prepare the drinks while
his wife reluctantly crossed the room, looked down at
me and sat beside me on the settee, as far away from,
me as she could. Peter put my drink on a small
occasional table at my right side and gave his wife
what looked like lemonade. I indicated a chair opposite
the settee and Peter sat down warily looking at us. I
ignored Louise and began to talk to her husband about
my visit to his office. I could have used this to make
him anxious and insecure but that was too easy and too
crude. There were much better ways. I complimented him
on his performance in the office and let him know that
was completely satisfied. He blushed with pleasure and
I saw him beginning to relax. I moved along the settee
until my hip was pressed against his young wife,
trapping her in the corner of the deep seat. As I
talked to her husband I slid my arm along the back of
the settee behind his wife, still not touching her but
this movement was enough to bring the anxiety back into
his eyes. I could feel the tenseness in her body
communicating itself to be through our touching hips.

As I continued to talk to her husband I dropped my hand
a little lower so that it was now resting on her
shoulder and neither of them could pretend otherwise. I
saw the fear in Peter’s eyes as saw my hand resting
with an air of confident ownership on Louise’s
shoulder. I carried on with my analysis of the Branch
Office performance under his care, but now I moved my
hand lower along his wife’s bare shoulder. I gently
played with her blonde hair as I talked and ran my
fingers up and down along the thin strap supporting her
dress. I moved my hand slightly so that my fingers
were slightly splayed on the bare flesh of Louise’s
upper chest just below her collar-bone and I gently
caressed her with my fingers. She gave an involuntary
gasp and I saw with amusement her nipples harden
against the thin fabric. I trailed my fingers along the
neckline of her dress towards the deep valley of her
cleavage and as her dress was so low-cut it was clear
to Peter that my fingers were now caressing the upper
surface of his wife’s breast. I saw him stiffen and his
muscles flex as he stood to make at least a token
protest. I looked into his eyes and what he saw in
mine caused him to sink back in his chair.

“Sit down and stay where you are until I tell you to
move,” I ordered quietly and he did not miss the menace
in my tone.

He sank back in his chair breathing heavily and watched
with horror in his eyes as I moved my hand to cup
Louise’s full breast. Louise sighed and I could feel
her tremble but she didn’t say anything. As though
nothing was happening out of the ordinary I continued
to talk about the commercial performance and the
competitiveness in the Market of the Branch Office but
now my hand roamed freely over the young wife’s full
breast as I fondled and massaged the firm springy flesh
under my hand, conscious of the bud of her erect stiff
nipple in my palm. I kept on talking to her husband
but it was clear that now he was not listening to me.

His whole attention was fixed on my hand as it played
with his wife’s firm breast. As I talked, I rolled her
stiff nipple between thumb and forefinger and Louise
gave a little groan and pressed her thighs together.

She was clearly being affected by the attention I was
paying to her breast. I gave her flesh a last firm
squeeze through her dress before withdrawing my hand to
her shoulder. She gave a sigh of relief but her
respite was short-lived as I slid my hand down on to
her breast again but this time straight under the loose
neckline of her thin dress.

I looked into the frightened young husband’s eyes as I
fondled his wife’s breast through the inadequate
protection of her flimsy bra-cup. Her nipple was like a
warm bullet against the palm of my hand. Louise stirred
uneasily under my caress and slightly parted her
thighs. This had the effect of causing the slit of the
loose wrap-around dress to gape and expose her dark
nylon-clad thigh as far as her stocking top. I looked
down at the exposed sexily covered flesh and gave her
breast a firm squeeze making her gasp as I smiled at
her husband.

“Very nice indeed, Peter. You have a very sexy wife and
I appreciate her getting dressed up for me.” He glared
at me in impotent rage. I turned to Louise and smiled
into her terrified eyes.

“I think it would be really nice if you sat on my lap,
don’t you Louise darling?” I asked her quietly. She
looked at me in horror.

“Please don’t make me. Please leave us alone.” She
begged wretchedly. I just smiled and squeezed her
nipple through the thin bra. She gasped with shock and

“Just do it,” I said with menace and I knew that she
would obey. I could feel her trembling against me and
the faint smell of her perspiration was in my nostrils.

I withdrew my hand from the neckline of her dress and
allowed her to stand. I could see her shaking as she
straightened her dress. I moved along the settee so
that I was sitting by the deeply upholstered arm.
Louise appeared paralysed with fear. I reached forward
and took her hand and pulled her down onto my lap. She
was sitting with her back to the upholstered arm of the
settee and her plump bottom spread comfortably on my

Her legs were hanging to my right although had I wished
I could have lifted them on to the settee. I slipped my
left arm round Louise under her armpit. I could feel
the warmth of her flesh on my arm and I took immediate
possession of her breast which I squeezed again with
pleasure through her dress making her gasp with anguish.
Her legs flexed a little and her thighs slightly parted
making the sexy dress gape and revealing her right leg
and thigh almost as far as her stocking top. She saw it
and gasped, instinctively moving her hand to her dress
to close it.

“Leave it,” I ordered quietly, “clasp your hands in
your lap and keep them there until I tell you to move
them.” I squeezed her breast a little harder to
emphasise my point and she blushed but obeyed. As I
felt Louise’s left breast with my left hand I ran my
right hand down her right arm to her fingers which
rested compliantly in her lap and from there on to her
thigh outside her dress. She gasped again with fear and
shock. I could see her husband watching and I could
hear his ragged breathing. I slid my hand down Louise’s
plump thigh relishing the feel of the material of her
dress slipping against her stocking until I came to the
slit in the wrap-around dress. I slid my hand into the
gaping dress on to the inside of Louise’s thigh just
above her knee and I began to caress the soft flesh
through the sexy nylon of her dark stocking. As I
played with her I began to pressure her husband.

“Tell me about your husband Louise,” I asked casually,
“do you have a good sex-life and can he satisfy you in
bed. Is his prick big enough for you?” She stiffened in
my arms and I heard the sharp intake of breath from
Peter. I could feel her beginning to shake but she did
not answer me. “Well?” I asked, squeezing her nipple
hard between thumb and forefinger through the
inadequate protection of her thin dress and bra, “don’t
make me repeat myself or you will both be very sorry.”

I saw them exchange glances and she made a couple of
attempts before she was able to get the words out in
her breathy teenage voice.

“We have a lovely sex-life and I am very happy with my
husband.” I laughed and looked across at Peter.

“Is that true?” I asked maliciously, “and don’t even
think of lying. Before tonight is over I am going to
know everything there is to know about you two. If I
find that you are not telling me the truth about
anything I will take my belt and thrash your wife’s
plump sexy bottom until it bleeds. Now get on and tell
me the truth.” Louise gasped with shock and horror on
my lap. I ignored her although I still held her left
nipple between thumb and forefinger and my right hand
was caressing the soft flesh of her inner thigh. Peter
made several attempts before he could speak and he
finally began to mumble, blushing furiously.

“My penis is not very big,” he whispered almost
inaudibly, “I usually have to finish satisfying Louise
orally.” I laughed at his discomfiture.

“I thought as much,” I said, “stand up and take off
your trousers and shorts. Don’t bother arguing, just do
it or I have told you what I will do to Louise. I might
thrash her anyway because I enjoy doing it but if you
continue to do exactly as you are told you may be able
to save her some pain.” Peter slowly stood up,
unfastened his belt and pulled down his zip. I watched
him take of his trousers as I played with his sexy
wife. He put his trousers on the chair and paused. I
squeezed Louise’s nipple harder and she gasped with

Peter hurriedly drew off his shorts and stood with his
hand concealing his groin. I let him stand for a moment
as I gently kissed his wife’s ear, caressing it with
the tip of my tongue and relishing her gasp of shock.

“Put your hands by your sides,” I ordered her husband
and squeezed his wife’s nipple again a little harder
when he did not immediately comply. “I have told you
and I will not tell you again,” I said with some
menace, “do exactly as I say immediately or Louise will
suffer.” He dropped his hands to his sides and stood
looking at me. I cupped his wife’s plump left breast in
my hand and continued to gently feel her as I caressed
her inner thigh and looked at her husband as he stood
blushing displaying himself. He had a very childish
appearance with small almost hairless balls and a very
small prick, about two inches when flaccid as it was at
this moment and fairly thin. His hips were fatty, plump
and girlish and his plump legs were smooth, almost
devoid of hair.

“Come over here and stand close by me,” I ordered, and
was not surprised when he immediately complied. My
threats were having an effect at last.

I slipped my right hand from the opening in Louise’s
dress and rested it on her thigh outside her
dress as I looked up at her husband. I reached out and
cupped his balls in my hand. He and his wife gasped
again. I gently fondled his balls and his little prick
began to stiffen. I whispered into Louise’s ear, loudly
enough for her husband to hear, “It looks as if your
husband likes being felt by a proper man doesn’t it
Louise?” Peter stood blushing deeply with shame as he
stood looking down at me feeling his wife as I fondled
his little balls. I grasped his prick and gently wanked
him to stiffness. Even with this stimulation his prick
was less than four inches long and very thin.

“So that is all you have to satisfy such a sexy wife,”
I mocked, “no wonder you need to use your tongue. You
are hardly a man at all. Just look at you, plump girlie
thighs, hairless legs and little mounds under your
shirt like little tits.” As I spoke I continued to wank
him and his blush deepened. I released his prick and
slid my hand back into the folds of Louise’s dress,
gently but firmly parting her thighs.

“I am going to tell you both now how things are going
to be tonight. Louise is mine for the night. I am going
to do anything and everything I like to her. We are
going to need a maid and that is your function Peter.
Tonight you are going to serve us while I service your
sexy wife.” I could hear their uneven breathing as they
looked at one another.

“I like my maids nice and sexy. You are about the same
size as Louise so go upstairs and get out of those
clothes. Put on a pair of her sexiest black panties and
a black garter belt and stockings. Louise’s bras are
too big for you so don’t worry about that. For the time
being, find a nice sexy black slip and wear that. You
have fairly small feet so force them into a pair of
your wife’s high heeled shoes. I don’t care how
uncomfortable it is, just do it.” Peter looked as
though he was about to cry.

“Please don’t make me,” he said quietly, “it is so
humiliating.” I laughed.

“Just go and get on with it,” I said, “and when you are
changed, put fresh sheets on your bed and check that
there are fresh flowers in the bedroom. Make sure that
the lights are nice and low and have a bottle of
chilled white wine ready for when I ask for it. Then
come down and lay out the supper for Louise and I. You
will not be having supper. It won’t do you any harm to
lose some weight and I do not allow my maids to eat
with me.”

He looked at me once more and left the room on
reluctant feet with dragging steps.

I turned my attention again to the sexy blonde on my
lap. She became tense and rigid and gave a loud gasp,
followed by quiet sobbing as she began to cry but I
felt her nipple hard and erect under my palm. The
strain was clearly getting to her. My attentions
combined with watching my domination of her husband
had broken whatever resistance she had and she wept
quietly with fear on my arms. I blew gently into her
right ear and whispered quietly,

“Give me a nice kiss, Louise.” She looked at me
helplessly her baby-blue eyes wet with tears and
reluctantly raised her lips to mine. I gently kissed
her closed tense lips, at first not pressing but just
relishing the feel of her softness. I gently ran my
tongue along the groove of her closed moist lips and
her eyes widened. I pressed a little with my tongue and
her reluctant lips parted. I tightened my grip on her
breast and slid my tongue possessively between her lips
taking complete command of her hot little mouth which I
began to thoroughly kiss while I was feeling her. I
casually explored her lips and gums enjoying the
movement of her hot little tongue under my caress and
despite herself, the passion of the kiss and the
feelings my hand was evoking in her breast and nipple
began to work her up. She began to pant into my mouth
and I could begin to smell the unmistakable tang of a
woman excited despite herself. I removed my lips and
smiled down into her eyes wide with fear and reluctant

“I think that you are beginning to like this, Louise,”
I said maliciously “I can smell your excitement. I
think that you are a very sexy little piece indeed.”

She blushed a fiery red as she looked helplessly into
my eyes. I put my right hand halfway up the inside of
her plump right thigh just below the top of her
stocking and gently spread her legs further.

She looked tensely up into my eyes but was too afraid
of me to object. I lowered my lips to hers and began to
kiss her again while I moved my right hand slowly up
the inside of her right thigh towards the junction of
her thighs enjoying the sensuous feeling of the sheer
silk of the stocking on my roving hand. Keeping my left
hand firmly on her breast, I moved my right hand up
between her thighs over the soft bare flesh at the top
of her stocking where I stopped for a moment and cupped
my hand around the smoothness of her inner thigh. I
could feel the strap of her suspender under my palm and
the ball of my right thumb was just brushing the silk
of her panties which I was not surprised to find were
very moist indeed. I deepened my kiss and as the
terrified but reluctantly excited woman squirmed on my
lap I moved my hand a little further and cupped her
moist and quivering cunt through her tight wet panties.

She gasped into my mouth. I took my lips from hers and
looked down at Louise with a smile, relishing the
moistness of the core of her being cupped possessively
in my right hand. “Please don’t” Louise begged
wretchedly “no-one but my husband has ever touched me
there. I feel that I am betraying him so badly.”

“You have a really lovely cunt Louise,” I said “and I
think that, from the smell of you, you like having it
felt, don’t you darling?” Louise gasped and the blush
spread to her shoulders as I moved my fingers gently
over the contours of her cunt gently feeling her
through the soft cling wet material of her panties. I
began to kiss her again and she had learned that there
was no point in resisting. Her lips opened compliantly
under my caress allowing me the freedom of her fragrant
mouth. I moved her thighs further apart and began to
work her up as I kissed her by rubbing the tips of the
fingers of my right hand along her prominent cuntal
groove as it was outlined and defined by her wet
panties. Louise began to blush more deeply, the flush
spreading to her neck as her breathing quickened under
my caress. I slipped my fingers from her groove to the
leg of her panties and slid my hand up inside the hem
taking possession of her bare wet cunt. I felt her
stiffen in my arms as she became aware of what was
happening. Looking into her wide blue eyes as I
continued kissing her I slipped first one and then two
fingers deep into her wet clinging cunt and began a
slow finger-fuck. Louise gasped again but did not dare
to close her thighs. Her cunt rapidly became more moist
and she began to breathe quickly and shallowly. I could
see the blush beginning to spread from her cheeks and
shoulders towards her breasts as I carried on finger-
fucking the horrified but very sexy little blonde. I
knew that she was very tense and afraid and I did not
know whether she would be able to cum but I carried on
kissing her and finger-fucking her more and more
deeply. Eventually the strength of the stimulation
overcame her anxiety and she gave a deep shuddering
gasp, burst into floods of tears and came in my hand.
I took my lips from hers and she buried her face in my
shoulder as she sat shaking and sobbing on my knee. I
rested with my fingers deep up her cunt as she tried to
calm down. Eventually she gave another of her deep
shuddering gasps, took her face from my shoulder and
looked reluctantly into my smiling eyes.

“There you are, Louise” I said maliciously “It was
pretty easy to make you cum, wasn’t it?”. I let her
rest and think about it for a few moments. I still had
one hand possessively on her breast and the other up
the leg of her panties resting on her soft warm thigh
with my fingers up her cunt. She calmed down and looked
miserably at me. Although she looked a little tear-
stained she had stopped crying.

“I’m so ashamed. I’ve never felt anything like that
before,” she said “I just couldn’t help it.”

I smiled at her. “It didn’t take much to make you cum
though , did it?” I asked, “you are a really sexy
little piece, Louise.” She blushed furiously and looked
down at her clasped hands twisting nervously in her
lap. I kissed her ear and whispered in to it, “This is
a very pretty dress Louise, but you have made it all
sweaty. Stand up, face me and take it off.” I slipped
my fingers from her cunt, gently pushed her from my lap
and helped her to her feet. She turned to face me and
her little hand went to the clasp at her waist and
unfastened the simple but stunningly effective dress.

She unfastened the clasp and the dress dropped open.
She quickly shucked it off her shoulders and it fell
with a whisper around her feet. She bent and picked it
up and I looked appreciatively at her deep cleavage and
the little creases in the flesh of her belly as she
bent forward.

She saw me looking at her virtually naked body and
flushed again prettily. I smiled up at her, “Your
panties are very wet darling. Take them off but leave
your suspender belt and stockings on.”

She looked at me without speaking but knew better than
to delay or protest by now, and slowly unfastened her
suspenders and, bending forward again slid the wet
panties down her legs, She lifted first her right foot
and then her left freeing herself from the clinging
material and then, as I sat watching her, fastened her
suspenders and stood in front of me, her hands at her
sides. Clearly, for the time being at any rate and
perhaps for good, her resistance was broken. She seemed
to have no initiative, waiting to be told what to do.
Well, that suited me just fine. I leisurely inspected
her from head to toe taking my time. She was a most
attractive sight in almost transparent black underwear,
her firm ample breasts encased in a deeply plunging
black transparent bra with seamless cups and very thin
straps. She was now only wearing in addition only a
delicate lacy black suspender-belt supporting sheer
dark stockings and shoes with about a four inch heel.

Her hair had become a little tousled from her emotions
and hung to her shoulders in wild sexy waves and curls.

She looked stunning. I indicated for her to turn round
and she slowly rotated on the spot till she was
standing with her back to me. I looked at her back view
with appreciation. She had a very straight back above a
swelling plump exceedingly well made bottom. The crease
between her buttocks was deep and below each buttock at
the junction with her thighs there was a sexy fold in
the soft flesh. Her thighs were rather plump tapering
to shapely knees and well made calves clearly defined
by the high-heeled shoes. I relaxed and picked up my
drink and considered her delicious rear view.

“Turn and face me, Louise,” I said quietly and the
frightened girl immediately did as I asked. I reached
up and took her hand and drew her trembling body down
on to my knee. I sat her as before with her legs
pointing to the right and I motioned for her to put her
right arm round my neck. I put my left arm round her
under her armpit and straight on to her breast which I
began to feel slowly and deliberately though the thin
material of her bra. She became tense and rigid again
on my lap clearly not yet used to submitting willingly
and completely to my caress and gave a loud gasp,
followed by quiet sobbing but I felt her nipple begin
to erect under my palm.

“Give me another nice kiss, Louise, like I gave you
earlier,” I said quietly. She looked at me helplessly
and reluctantly raised her lips to mine. I kept my lips
passive and just looked into her eyes. She pressed her
lips to mine and did not proceed. I squeezed her breast
a little tighter and she understood immediately. She
pushed her tongue into my mouth between my parted lips
and began to clumsily kiss me. That was sufficient. I
smiled to myself and took control beginning to
thoroughly explore her hot little mouth again while I
was feeling her. She began to pant into my mouth and I
could begin to smell again the unmistakable tang of a
woman excited despite herself. I removed my lips and
smiled into her eyes.

“I think that you are beginning to get used to this
Louise” I said maliciously “I can smell your
excitement. Can you smell yourself?”. She blushed a
fiery red but did not reply as I continued to feel her.

I could, of course, have stripped her myself but I
always find that it is more exciting and humiliating
for them if you make the wives in your power strip
themselves for your pleasure and this is what I always
do as it emphasises their humiliation and submission
and consolidates my domination over them and their

“Take off your bra, Louise” I ordered. She looked into
my eyes for a moment before reluctantly reaching behind
her and opening the catch of her sheer black bra as she
quietly sobbed on my lap. She slid the flimsy garment
down her arms dropping it beside her on the settee. I
looked appreciatively down at her breasts. For a woman
of her size they were large but had a nice sexy shape
to them with prominent up-tilted nipples surrounded by
rather large dark pink areolae. Although large, there
was hardly any sag.

I swung Louise round on my lap so that her back was
against me and her splayed wide-open thighs hanging on
either side of mine. I could smell the perspiration
from the frightened but excited girl as I pulled her
back against me and kissed her shoulder and neck under
her hair. I put both arms under her armpits and cupped
her bare breasts and, as I carressed her neck I began
to thoroughly feel her. She gasped and tensed again as
she wriggled on my lap as her nipples erected
involuntarily under my touch as I casually pulled and
twisted them. Louise gave a shocked gasp of mingled
pleasure and pain.

“You have such lovely breasts, Louise darling, I really
could play with them all day,” I said as I fondled her.
“Let me go please” Louise whispered, “I’ve never done
anything like this before. I always want to be faithful
to my husband.”

I laughed at that and moved Louise around so that she
was back in her original position on my lap with her
back against the arm of the settee and her legs hanging
to my right.

As I looked into her eyes I slid my right hand up the
inside of her right thigh straight on to her bare cunt
and began a gentle finger-fuck with first two and then
three fingers. Her cunt was very wet and although
tight, accommodated three fingers easily. I lowered my
mouth to her right breast and began to deliberately
suck her breast teasing her nipple with my teeth as she
squirmed on my lap under the multiple stimulation. I
moved from one breast to the other sucking hard until
both nipples were fully erect and despite herself
Louise was breathing heavily again. She was beginning
to sweat harder and was getting excited again in spite
of her obvious anxiety. I gave her another deep kiss as
she wriggled on my lap as I continued to finger-fuck
her moist cunt. I took my mouth from hers returned to
sucking on her nipples, first one and then the other.

Her legs parted further and Louise leaned her head back
against my shoulder and gave a deep groan as with three
fingers deep in her wet cunt I finger-fucked her

“You like that, Louise, don’t you darling” I said with
a smile. She gasped and screwed her eyes up but did not
cum and I knew that she was too tense so I let her
relax, fingering her cunt with one hand while with the
other I gently felt her soft springy breast.

There was a quiet noise outside the door in the small
hall at the bottom of the stairs. I quickly swung
Louise around again on my lap so that she was facing
the door with her back against me and her splayed
wide-open thighs hanging on either side of mine. I
could smell the exciting increased odour of her
perspiration as I pulled the horrified but excited girl
back against me and kissed her shoulder and neck again
under her hair as I watched the door. I put both arms
under her armpits and cupped her bare breasts and, as I
kissed her neck I continued feeling her. She gasped and
tensed again as she wriggled on my lap as her nipples
erected again involuntarily under my touch as I
casually pulled and twisted them. I slightly opened my
thighs, causing Louise’s thighs trapped outside mine to
splay more widely and the slit of her pretty cunt to
gape open.

She gave a shocked gasp of mingled pleasure, pain and
horror as the door opened and her husband reluctantly
entered. He stopped short as he was faced with his sexy
young wife virtually naked on my lap, her breasts
firmly cupped in my palms and her cunt gaping wide
open. He just stood and stared dumbly as we took in his
appearance with mixed emotions, mine a feeling of quiet
satisfaction and Louise of sheer horror.

Peter stood just inside the door blushing with
embarrassment, standing twisting his fingers. He was
dressed in sheer dark nylon stockings supported by a
delicate lacy garter belt and very sheer panties
closely clinging to his balls and not concealing his
little prick which was obviously stiffly erect. Over
this he was wearing a virtually transparent black slip
with a plunging neckline which clung to his little
breast mounds the material of which was dented by the
prominent cones of his nipples. He was balanced rather
uncomfortably and precariously in high heeled shoes
with about a four inch heel. He looked very
uncomfortable but, I thought, rather sexy. I could feel
Louise very tense on my lap, her body trembling under
my hands. She looked at her husband and burst out,
“Peter, how could you?” He looked very uncomfortable,
as though he was about to burst into tears.

“I couldn’t help it darling,” he whispered wretchedly,
“he made me do it, I couldn’t help it!”

I smiled at him over his wife’s flushed naked shoulder
and decided to have a bit more fun with her while her
crushed husband could do nothing but stand and watch

I moved my right hand down over the soft warm curve of
her belly tickling the indentation of her navel as I
passed it. She gave a deep gasp and I felt her thighs
clench against mine. I slipped my hand over her hairy
prominent pubic mound and again took possession of her
cunt. I gently ran my finger down the groove of her
slit and she shivered convulsively. Her cunt began to
moisten again and I could see that, in spite of her
horror and fear, that she was an excitable and sexy
woman with relatively little control over the responses
of her body. I began to finger-fuck her as gently as I
could just using about half an inch of my finger and
she rapidly became much wetter in my hand. I took my
left hand from under her arm and turned her head so
that I had access to her mouth and began to gently kiss
her as I moved my exploring finger forwards to the hard
little bud of her clitoris which I began to gently
caress and stroke. She gave a great shudder and pulled
her lips from mine and buried her face in my chest.

Without warning her body went into spasm against me as
the waves of a powerful orgasm swept through her. Her
cunt flooded into my hand and I kept on stroking and
fondling her clitoris. She threw her head back and her
hair hung in a shimmering blonde curtain as she looked
up at the ceiling, gave another shuddering gasp and
came again with an involuntary squeal as she burst into
tears. I took my hand from her wet cunt slipped my hand
under her armpit and began to gently feel her right
breast as I gave her a deep kiss on her lips wet with
the sheen of perspiration from her two powerful
orgasms. She no longer resisted but accepted my kiss. I
looked at the dejected figure of the husband standing
looking vaguely foolish in his frillies watching me
deeply kissing his wife who I had just so easily
brought off in my hand.

I took my lips from hers and gently moved Louise around
again so that she was sitting with her back to the
upholstered arm of the settee and her plump bottom
spread comfortably on my thighs. Her legs were hanging
to my right and I gently spread them to open the groove
of her cunt to her husband as he watched. I slipped my
left arm round Louise under her armpit holding her
firmly by the left breast as I lowered my lips to her
right breast. I began to suck on her prominent nipple
gradually stiffening it with my lips and tongue. Louise
was convulsively trembling in my arms from the effects
of the two powerful orgasms and her small hands were
clenched on her thighs. I sucked more forcefully on her
stiff nipple, drawing the areola into my mouth. She
groaned and, despite herself, put her hand on my head
pressing it into her breast. She obviously had very
sensitive nipples and having them sucked certainly
aroused her again in spite of all the recent
stimulation. I continued to torment her plump but firm
breast, sucking hard and teasing the stiff proud point
with my lips and tongue. She groaned again and clutched
my hair with her hand, pressing me into her. Her heels
pressed against the floor and again, despite herself
and clearly involuntarily, her thighs were so widely
spread that both I and her helpless husband could see
the pink slash of her gaping cunt. As I sucked hard on
her stiff right nipple I dropped my right hand to her
right thigh and gently and slowly slid my palm up the
soft warm flesh of the inside of her leg until I was
cupping her moist and quivering cunt. I gently trailed
the tips of my fingers along the prominent open groove
of her excited cunt and began to fondle and press the
fleshy lips with the tips of my fingers, caressing her
gently and rubbing my fingers forward towards the stiff
little bud of her clitoris. I sucked harder on her
nipple drawing as much of the firm springy breast flesh
as I could into my mouth as I brushed the hard nubbin
of her clitoris gently with the ball of my right thumb.

She gasped again and threw her head back looking
straight up at the ceiling, her hair hanging to her
thigh in a soft curtain.

“Oh God!!!” she gasped, “please don’t do that, I beg
you, please don’t.” I took my lips from her nipple and
blew gently on the hardened wet point as I laughed
gently. I slowly kissed up the side of her neck and the
line of her jaw until I reached her mouth which I
immediately claimed and which compliantly opened under
my demanding lips and tongue. She looked helplessly
into my eyes as I squeezed her firm left breast and
continued stroking her cunt. As I kissed her and looked
into her wide and staring baby blue eyes I cupped her
wet cunt in my right hand and began to tickle the
perineum, the smooth silky area between the back of the
groove of her cunt and the dimple of her ass with the
tips of my fingers as I gently but persistently rubbed
her clitoris with the ball of my thumb. She tried to
shake her head and I saw her eyes widen as the multiple
sensations began to overwhelm her again. I held her
firmly with my lips and tortured her tongue with mine
as I stroked her clitoris gently but persistently
bringing her to another powerful orgasm. Her breath
rasped in my mouth and I released her lips as her tear-
filled eyes gazed helplessly into mine. I let her rest,
holding her on my lap with my left hand still cupping
her full left breast and my right hand lying on the
soft swell of her belly just above her cuntal mound
relishing the feeling of the soft pubic fleece on the
lower border of my hand. With a great effort she
brought herself under control and sat breathing heavily
on my lap, her breasts heaving. Her whole body was
covered with a fine sheen of perspiration and the room
was filled with the intoxicating scent of her
excitement. I let her calm down and her breathing
gradually quietened and she gave a deep gasp and wiped
the perspiration from her brow and eyes with a shaking
hand. I gently kissed her cheek and released her breast
and carefully slid her to her feet where she stood on
shaking legs. I reached out and fondled her buttock and
the soft flesh of her plump bottom clenched under my
hand but she did not move away. I smiled to myself and
reached up and took the shaking blonde’s hand. She
looked down at me, her lower lip trembling. I decided
to have some more fun before I let her relax so I
tightened my grip on her little hand and pulled
downwards causing her to bend towards me. I released
her hand and slipped my right hand between her thighs,
cupping her cunt and slipping two fingers up her. They
slid easily into her gaping wet slit. I pulled the
bending blonde towards me by the grip I had on her cunt
and she gasped with anguish but obediently allowed
herself to be manoeuvred until she was standing
alongside my thigh.

I slipped my left hand behind her, tweaked her garter
belt and insinuated my fingers between the cleft of the
protruding buttocks of her trim ass, brushing the
dimpled rose of her ass-hole before moving forward
against the resistance of her thighs towards her cunt.

I looked up into her frightened eyes, taking my right
hand from her cunt and grasping her swinging left
nipple as she bent uncomfortably over me. I could see
her husband behind her watching helplessly.

“Spread your legs,” I said quietly but firmly. She
looked back, wide-eyed at me but did not move. I
squeezed her nipple, twisting it slightly harder with
my right hand and hurt her breast a little more. She
gasped and stood bowlegged while I felt her cunt. The
pressure I was putting on her nipple caused her to bend
further forward. I continued pulling her down by the
nipple until I had her reluctant trembling form spread
on my lap at my complete disposal. Louise finally lay
limply and submissively across my lap her resistance
for the moment broken. She lay as I had put her, still
being controlled by the pressure I was exerting on her
nipple waiting in tense anticipation, head inverted,
and her blonde hair hanging in a shimmering curtain to
the carpet. Her dangling breasts were pressed against
my left leg as I held her by the nipple and admired the
exotic contour of her ripe curves. The rounded contours
of her rather plump bottom lay over my lap rather more
to the right than to the left and she must have been
aware of my stiff prick against her bare cunt as the
stimulation of forcing the reluctant girl across my
knees in front of her frightened husband had begun to
excite me even more. Her long legs, sheathed in dark
stockings defining her neat calves and rather plump
thighs, were slightly parted and the toes of her high
heeled shoes scraped on the carpet. I proceeded
slowly, knowing that the anxiety of waiting to see what
would happen would build up the tension in Louise’s
mind. In fact, I could feel her gently trembling as she
lay unwillingly across my lap. I released her nipple
now that she was completely under my control and
reached down to feel her breasts, arranging her so that
I could enjoy the feeling of the soft springy flesh of
her breasts pressing against the firm muscle of my calf
as she dangled helplessly head down over my lap. I did
not remove her shoes preferring to see her discomfort
as she tried to cope with high heeled shoes as she lay
across my lap.

I ran my hand up the outside of her thigh on to the
soft springy flesh of her buttock and spent a moment
contemplating the enticing sight her naked bottom
presented across my lap, so temptingly displayed for my
enjoyment as I drew my forefinger very gently down the
crack of her ass-cheeks. I laughed quietly as I saw the
reflex clenching of the muscles of her bottom and heard
her gasp. I returned my hand to the outside of her
nylon-sheathed thigh and slid it up her lush curved leg
caressing her soft flesh through her stocking until I
again reached the summit of the globe of her right
buttock. I pinched the soft flesh gently and noted with
amusement her instant instinctive reaction. The muscles
of her buttocks clenched tightly and I could see the
waves of contraction passing through the firm flesh
under my caressing hand. I immediately released her
flesh and continued to soothe her with a gentle caress.

The powerful feelings were too much for Louise and she
gave a great shuddering sigh and a lot of the tension
seemed to leave her body and I saw and felt the muscles
of her ass relax and become quiescent under my hand. I
had won another victory over my unwilling victim. Now
that she was relaxed, even if anxious, I began to feel
her bottom at my leisure. I passed my hands over the
perfect globes squeezing and kneading the soft yet firm

The muscles of her bottom clenched and unclenched under
the demanding attention of my exploring hands but she
kept her thighs as closely together as she dared. I
put up with this for a while and then I slid my right
hand down the inside of her nylon-covered thigh to her
knee and pressed slightly outwards. She understood at
once and reluctantly parted her legs in response to my
demanding hand. I continued to caress and mould her ass
flesh with my left hand and slid my right hand between
her newly parted thighs along the deep crack of her
ass-cheeks on to her bare cunt which I began to feel.

Already moist, she rapidly became wet under my
attention and I thoroughly coated my fingers in the
juice from her sopping cunt. With my left hand I widely
parted the twin globes of her perfect ass baring the
puckered little brown rose of her ass-hole. She sighed
deeply which became a gasp as I trailed my wet finger
across her orifice. She gave a sharp gasp of horror as
I gently but deliberately slid my finger past the outer
ring of muscle, straight up her clinging bottom.
“Oh God, No!!! You mustn’t do that,” she said shrilly,
the teenage timbre very evident and making her sound
very young when she was under stress.

I just laughed quietly and relaxed for a moment,
enjoying the feel of the internal muscles of her ass as
they clutched and pulled against my finger. She
shuddered deeply again which had the delightful effect
of pressing the full globes of her hanging breasts more
firmly against the muscle of my calf. I began to slowly
finger-fuck her delicious bottom and she was unable to
remain still under the attention, wriggling on my lap
in spite of herself and agitating my stiff prick
deliciously. I slid a second finger into her ass and
she gasped with a mixture of surprise and pain. I began
to fuck the tight orifice with two fingers of my left
hand deliberately stretching and loosening it.
“Please stop,” she begged, “this is so dirty, you
mustn’t do that to me.”
Her husband at last found his voice as well.

“For God’s sake, leave her alone, you bastard,” he got
out almost in a whisper. I just smiled at him and
continued to play with his sexy wife who continued to
wriggle as she lay helplessly across my lap as I played
with her reluctant body. I pushed my two invading
fingers as far up her bottom as I could and held her
impaled while I reached down with my free hand, slid it
between the soft flesh of her breasts and the hard
muscle of my calf and began to feel her, roughly
moulding and squeezing the soft springy flesh of her
firm breast. I could see her breast becoming reddened
by my tormenting fingers and she groaned again loudly.
Giving her captured breast another firm squeeze and
eliciting an accompanying deep gasp of pain I released
her and slipped my fingers out of her wet clinging ass.

I smiled at her husband as I smelt his wife on my
fingers. I motioned for him to come over and stand by
me which he did on reluctant dragging legs.
I held up my left hand, extending the two fingers that
had so recently held his wife impaled by the bottom and
smiled at Peter.

“Clean my fingers,” I ordered.

“I couldn’t,” he gasped, going visibly pale. I just
sighed and reached out capturing his balls in the palm
of my right hand and beginning to slowly squeeze.
“Just get on with it,” I said He reluctantly and with a
look of sheer revulsion, took my two extended fingers
into his mouth and began to gently suck them. I left
his young wife lying waiting over my lap as I fucked
his wet mouth with my fingers and felt his balls
through the thin material of his wife’s panties. I
released his balls and slid my hand to his little prick
which I gently wanked as I smiled up into his horrifies
eyes as he cleaned my fingers of the mucus from his
wife’s ass. He rapidly stiffened and I removed my
fingers from his mouth but made him stand helplessly
beside me as I played with him.

I smiled at him as I glanced down at his stiff little

“I think that you like being dressed in frillies and
being wanked by a real man, Peter,” I said maliciously,
“only someone who was more of a girl than a man would
get as excited as you seem to with what I am doing to

“I don’t like it,” he whispered, “I hate it and I hate
you!” I heard Louise gasp and I laughed quietly and
released his prick.

“Go and get our supper ready,” I commanded, “I still
haven’t finished with sexy little Louise.” They gave a
simultaneous gasp and Peter moved slowly away to begin
to prepare the supper. I could hear his high heels
first on the carpet and then tip-tapping on the parquet
flooring. As the room was open-plan, part lounge, part
kitchen, I could continue to watch him as I played with
his wife.

I turned my attention back to Louise and to improve her
concentration I gave her bottom a sharp slap with my
right hand which echoed through the room. She gave a
convulsive jerk, deliciously agitating my stiff prick
and I began to methodically spank the trembling plump
white bottom so temptingly at my disposal on my lap.

I started relatively gently taking care not to land
too many stokes in the same place and as her buttocks
reddened I began to increase the force. With each
slap, delicious waves and ripples spread over the
plump flesh of the globes of her buttocks and her
body jerked convulsively, exciting my stiff prick
against her wet cunt. At first she began to wriggle
gasping with each stroke and she even tried to escape
from my lap to avoid the punishment but I held her
cunt firmly against my prick by reaching down with my
left hand and grasping her nipple. By pulling down
firmly on her nipple I held her completely at my
mercy and she wriggled and gasped under the spanking
which was now becoming rather harder. She began to
emit a soft cry as each slap landed and echoed
through the room. Her husband looked across as he
busied himself with the supper as I had ordered. He
didn’t dare stop doing what I had told him to but
with an effort he said, “Why can’t you leave her
alone, you can see she has had enough. We haven’t
done anything to you.”

I just laughed and carried on spanking his wife. As her
ass began to be more clearly marked by the effects of
my palm her cries became louder wordless moans. I
increased the force of my strokes more and she began
to emit wordless screams as each blow landed. I
varied my target, thrashing the tops of her slender
thighs as well as her plump fiery arse. She was
gasping more loudly now and I felt a tell-tale warmth
in my groin as her cunt moistened. Despite herself,
and in spite of the pain, the spanking was exciting
her again and she wriggled helplessly on my lap,
desperately agitating her bare wet excited cunt
against my prick. She gave a sudden loud cry and
through all her pain came on my lap with a shattering
orgasm. I stopped spanking her immediately and her
cries subsided to a quiet sobbing as she burst into
quiet tears again. I let her lie for a moment
trembling across my lap as the waves of her orgasm
faded. I could feel the wetness on my slacks over my
prick where she had cum and I could smell her sweat.

I gently stroked her red arse and slipped two fingers
up her again for a last quick finger-fuck of her
tight little hole as I smiled across at her husband
and let him see my fingers deep up his wife’s tight
bottom. I withdrew my fingers and gave her red arse
cheek a last sharp slap.

She gasped in pain and shock. I let go of her nipple
and pushed off my knee to the floor at my feet. She
looked up at me in startled surprise. As she lay in
front of me with splayed legs, the right leg out
straight and the left bent at the knee her lacy
garter belt made an erotic band around her trim waist
and the suspenders formed a delicious frame for her
wet gaping cunt. Tears ran down her face as she
sobbed, her eyes all puffed up. I looked down at
Louise and smiled, “Did you enjoy that darling?” I
asked cruelly. She shuddered. “You came again
anyway,” I said with a smile. She blushed furiously and
looked at her husband quickly before looking away. She
did not answer and I smiled quietly to myself and
motioned for her to get up. She struggled to her feet
and stood looking down at me. For the moment all her
resistance appeared over and she seemed devoid of

“Go and have a shower, Louise darling, change into your
sexiest nightdress, and it had better be one that I
will like, and then come down and have your supper.”
She sighed and went to the door on trembling unsteady
legs looking across the room at her husband as she
went. I relaxed and lay back on the soft settee as I
looked across at Peter as we listened to his wife’s
steps receding up the stairs. He looked back fearfully
and I could see that he was gently trembling. I could
see that he had finished setting out the supper and was
avoiding coming back into the lounge.

“Come over here,” I said quietly and he came
reluctantly and stood in front of me. I lay back and
looked up at him as he stood blushing. I ran my eyes
over his plump rather feminine form and my thoughts
went to the other young husband whose feminisation I
had begun (see ‘Derek and Susan’). If anything Peter,
standing clad in his wife’s sexy underwear was even
more effeminate-looking than Derek/Debbie had been when
I first met him. Peter had rather plump breast mounds
with prominent cone-shaped nipples now protruding
against the lacy material of the nearly transparent
slip. I let him see me casually examining him from head
to toe and his blush deepened. His rather plump chest
narrowed a little to his waist although there was a
cute swell to his belly and then broadened out to
rather plump roomy feminine hips. He had slender
virtually hairless legs well displayed by the sheer
nylon stockings. I felt my prick stir again as I looked
him over and decided to have a little fun with him
while I waited for Louise.

“Take off my shoes and socks,” I ordered and without a
word he knelt at my feet and complied, loosening first
one shoe and then the other and sliding off my socks. I
let him stand again.

“Now the sweater,” I said and raised my arms. He pulled
the sweater over my head and without thinking folded it
and put it on the arm of the settee.

“Unfasten my zip and pull off my trousers,” I said
quietly. He gasped and bit his lip.

Without meeting my eyes he reached for my zipper and
pulled it down being very careful not to touch my erect
prick which immediately protruded through my open
trousers. I raised my ass from the settee to allow him
to pull off my trousers. I was now naked and erect and
I grinned up at him as he folded my trousers and laid
them on top of my sweater.
“That’s a good girl,” I said with malice and watched
with pleasure as his face flamed. He could not meet my
eyes. I began to pressure him and he looked more and
more uncomfortable.
“How often do you fuck your sexy little wife?” I asked
him. He looked miserably at me but like his wife, his
resistance appeared to have crumbled rather easily. He
made a couple of attempts but finally got the words

“Two or three times a week,” he whispered.

“Is that all?” I said incredulously, “such a sexy wife
and is that all? What else do you do when you are by
yourself and Louise is out? I bet that you have a wank
then don’t you?”

I asked him suddenly. I saw the guilty look of shame in
his eyes but he was too afraid to lie to me. He looked
down at me with desolate eyes.

“Sometimes” he whispered.

“Right” I said “I feel like a nice wank to get me ready
to fuck your wife so get on with it”. I reached up and
took his hand with my right hand and cupped his balls
with my left as I drew him down on to the settee beside
me. He would not meet my eyes and did not look at my
prick. I waited a moment and then looked at him and
squeezed his balls gently but warningly. He got the
message immediately and hesitantly reached out, grasped
my stiff shaft in his hand and began to toss me off. He
was not bad at it and worked up a nice rhythm
manipulating my prick in his soft little hand. I smiled
at him. “You are quite good at this Peter darling. Just
go a bit faster”. He blushed furiously but gripped me a
little tighter and lengthened the stroke and began to
wank me harder.

“That’s just right Peter” I said “that’s exactly how I
like to be tossed off.” I lay back enjoying the
sensations flooding me as the effeminate young husband
manipulated my stiff prick with unconscious expertise.

I decided to take things a lot further.

“Does Louise suck you off Peter?” I asked casually. He
passed in his rhythmical stimulation of my prick and I
squeezed his balls warningly again. He hurriedly
resumed the delicious stroking but did not answer.

“Well?” I asked again, this time squeezing his balls
more firmly he gasped with pain and flashed me a

“Sometimes she does,” he said almost inaudibly.

“And do you enjoy it?” I asked. He just nodded.

“Well I like it as well and since Louise isn’t here,
you can suck me off.” I felt him stiffen with shock
and his hand stopped its rhythmical stimulation.

“Oh God, I couldn’t,” he gasped, “please don’t force
me. It is so horrible.”

“You certainly can Peter darling” I said with a smile,
putting one hand round his shoulders and moving his
face towards my groin, “you don’t think it is horrible
when Louise does it to you, do you?”

He still tried to pull back as he smelt the male tang
of my sweat but I just squeezed his balls a little more
firmly and soon I felt his breath on my balls and the
softness of his tongue as he began to lick me. I put my
hand on his soft hair and pressed his head into my

“Lick me harder,” I said, “go all over my prick and
balls”. I relaxed back, enjoying the sensation while
the plump girlish-looking young man licked all round my
balls and stiff prick with his reluctant tongue. I
noticed that he although he had accepted licking my
balls and the shaft of my prick he was carefully
avoiding the threatening swell of my knobhead. I
squeezed his balls to get his attention and he looked
up at me, not daring to pause in his work.

“Kneel between my legs facing me,” I said quietly. He
knew better than to hesitate and scrambled down
kneeling between my spread thighs as I released his
balls. I looked down at the submissive young husband
kneeling in his sexy slip between my spread thighs. To
my pleasure, as he bent forward, I could see down the
front of his slip to the suggestion of a slight
cleavage caused by he prominent breast mounds as he
hunched his shoulders.

“Now take the end of my prick into your mouth and suck
me off.” He looked hopelessly up at me and bent
forward. I watched with pleasure as he took a prick
between his lips for the first time. I reached down and
put my hand on his soft hair pushing his mouth firmly
on to my prick.

“Wank me gently into your mouth,” I ordered, “and suck
my prick as you wank. Look at me while you are doing
it and don’t dare move your eyes from mine. Just keep
on sucking me off until I tell you that you can stop.”

He got the message very quickly and before long I was
looking down at my new little cocksucker with his soft
wet lips firmly closed around my thick shaft, his wide
eyes fixed on mine, tossing me off into his mouth and
giving me a really pretty competent blowjob.

“Every so often, Peter, pause in sucking but keep on
wanking. Draw your lips back so that only about an inch
of my prick is in your mouth and run your soft tongue
over the bottom rim of my knobhead.” He did as he was
told without hesitation and a delicious wave of
sensation flooded through my whole body from my prick
and balls washing up my back and down my legs.

“You are a really good little cocksucker Peter,” I said
cruelly. He mechanically went back to tossing me off
into his mouth drawing my stiff prick deeply between
his soft wet lips and sucking me off with just the
right degree of suction as the blush deepened on his
cheeks. I just lay back and watched him humiliating
himself as he sucked off a man for the first time
enjoying the distaste in his eyes. He was doing such a
good job that I could feel the pressure beginning to
build in my balls. In spite of his lack of experience
and his repugnance he was such a natural cocksucker
that I knew that I would not last long. As I felt the
pressure continue to build in my balls I held his head
with both hands and pushed my prick deeper towards the
back of his throat. My prick hardened more and I came
in a shattering ejaculation which flooded my body with
waves of sensation. I felt the jets of hot cum drowning
his mouth and throat as I held him firmly on my prick.

He gave a loud gasp as he felt the hot cum and blushed
deeply more deeply with shame. As I came into her
husband’s mouth the door opened and Louise came in. She
took one look at the scene on the settee and went pale
as she saw her young husband on his knees sucking off a
naked man.
“Oh my God!” she whispered. I held her husband’s head
firmly for a moment my softening prick still between
his lips and then I moved his head back gently so that
he released my shaft. A thin trickle of white cum ran
from the corner of his mouth highlighted in the roseate
blush of his embarrassment. He rubbed his mouth
furiously with the back of his hand and remained on his
knees obviously waiting for instructions.

Being compelled to suck me off appeared to have
destroyed the last vestige of his resistance.
“Get on and open the wine for your wife and I,” I
ordered, “go and clean your teeth and then be ready to
serve us our supper.” He struggled to his feet went to
the kitchen where he opened a bottle of white wine and
put it in a wine cooler. Then he crossed to the door to
the hall passing Louise without a glance as he went to
the bathroom. I looked at her as she stood just inside
the door. She was wearing a pale peach coloured low-cut
virtually transparent baby-doll nightdress just long
enough to reach her hips and a pair of high-cut
matching, very skimpy panties pulled right up into the
groove of her cunt. The bodice was very simple and
fitted to her firm full bosom and so low-cut that more
than half of her creamy breasts were on display. There
was no lace on the very simple garment but on her well-
rounded figure it was stunningly effective. To complete
the effect Louise had left her hair loose and it fell
in sexy blonde waves and curls to the bare velvety
flesh of her shoulders.

“You look absolutely sensational, Louise darling,” I
said sincerely. She glanced quickly at me and blushed.
I patted the settee beside me.

“Come and sit down,” I smiled at her. With noticeable
reluctance she crossed the room and gingerly sat beside
me, instinctively pulling down the inadequate hem of
her nightie.

I let her see me looking appreciatively at her, running
my eyes up from her knees to the junction of her closed
thighs so inadequately concealed by the tight panties.
She blushed as she followed my eyes. Just then the door
opened and Peter came in. I looked at him.
“You can serve us our supper now. We will have it here.
Pour us some wine first.”
He brought a long coffee table and put it in front of
the settee and then poured a glass of wine for his wife
and I.

“Now you can serve the supper,” I said. The humiliated
husband served a light supper for his wife and I and I
kept him kneeling on the other side of the low coffee
table with his thighs spread and his hands behind him,
only allowing him to move when I needed him to bring
something from the kitchen. He was obviously
uncomfortable kneeling on the carpet and kept fidgeting
but I ignored him as I enjoyed my supper. Louise ate
very sparingly, continually glancing at her husband who
did not meet her eyes. The supper must have seemed
endless to him but at last I finished and told him to
clear it away. He rose from his knees but I stopped him
with a gesture.
“I am going to take your wife to bed now,” I said
casually, “take the wine upstairs and pour us a glass
and then come down and do the washing-up.”
The pair both gasped and just looked at me but I stood
up and without giving Louise time to object I took her
hand and with gentle persistence, pulled her to her
feet ignoring her husband. I walked to the door and
went straight up the stairs drawing the reluctant young
blonde after me. I entered the bedroom and looked
around. The room was dominated by a large bed and was
lit by subdued concealed lighting. There was fresh
flowers in vases on each of the small bedside tables
and the room was filled with their scent. I nodded

“Very nice,” I said quietly, almost to myself, “just
I went and lay down on the bed and motioned for Louise
to join me which she reluctantly did. I could feel how
tense she was by the rigidity in her muscles. The door
opened and Peter entered carrying the wine cooler and
two glasses. I looked across at him over his wife’s
reclining body.
“Pour us both a glass of wine and go and do the washing
up. When you have finished, come back in here and sit
in that chair over there until I tell you to move.” I
said quietly, indicating a chair with a good view of
the bed. He gulped nervously, poured our wine and left
the room. I listened with amusement to his high heels
as they receded down the stairs and turned to Louise,
who glanced at me anxiously and then dropped her eyes
quickly. I ran my hand gently up her thigh towards the
hem of her nightdress and with a great intake of air,
she gasped and blushed bright red. I removed my hand
from her thigh and smiled into her anxious eyes.
“Prop yourself up a moment darling,” I said quietly and
she raised herself obediently on her elbows. I
positioned the pillows so that she was slightly propped
up and with slight pressure on her shoulder, moved her
so that she was lying on her back. I looked into her
eyes and put my hand on the inside of her thigh just
above her knee. I could see her lower lip trembling and
she was gently shaking with nerves.

“Pull your heels up to your bottom and spread your
thighs,” I said quietly. She just looked at me and did
not move. I sighed and hooked my hand behind her knee
and drew it upright, pulling her heel up the bed so
that the ball of her heel brushed her pantie-covered
“Now the other one,” I ordered and, looking up
helplessly at the ceiling, she obeyed without
hesitation. She was now lying on her back, propped up
on the pillows with her heels against her bottom and
her thighs firmly together, upright and tightly closed
with her knees touching. The short nightie had slipped
down her thighs leaving them bare but was lying in
folds concealing her pantie-covered cunt. I put a hand
on the inside of each knee and gently but firmly spread
her thighs. She made no real effort to stop me but gave
a little sob as she looked up into my eyes. I lay on
one elbow looking back into her cloudy blue eyes and,
without shifting my gaze I reached for the hem of her
nightdress and folded it across the plump feminine
curve of her belly at about the level of the cute
indentation of her navel where it was caressed by the
elastic at the waist of her tight panties. Her cunt was
covered only by virtually transparent tight-fitting
peach-coloured nylon and I looked at it with pleasure
as the embarrassed girl blushed furiously. Her tight
panties moulded closely to the plump fleshy outer lips
of her well made cunt and the gentle swell of her mound
was decorated by an attractive little blonde fleece,
clearly visible through her panties. I smiled into her
eyes and gently ran my finger along the gaping groove
of her cunt feeling her through her panties. She sighed
deeply, a sigh that progressed to a deep sobbing intake
of breath. I began to play gently with her cunt through
her panties as I looked into her eyes, moving from the
delicate area behind her slit along her groove until I
could just flick the prominent bud of her clitoris.

Despite herself she began to breathe more heavily and I
felt her hips twitch as I felt her cunt rapidly
moistening under my fingers and the dark stain of her
reluctant excitement was obvious on the thin nylon
covering of her twitching cunt. I began to feel her
more deliberately and her hips, despite herself began
to squirm a little on the bed as she moved under my
fingers and her breathing began to quicken. I carried
on working her up with my fingers and then, smiling
down into her eyes, I slipped two fingers up the leg of
her panties and began to slowly and deliberately
explore her bare wet cunt. She gave another deep gasp
and her breathing became more ragged. She screwed up
her eyes, overcome by the sensations flooding her from
the centre of her being. Her whole world seemed to have
contracted into the waves of sensation emanating from
her hot wet cunt. I slipped two fingers straight into
her and began to gently finger-fuck the shaking young
girl. She gasped, tensed and blushed more furiously but
was unable to control the movement of her hips as,
despite herself, she began to become aroused as I began
to finger her more deeply. I could smell her reluctant
excitement. I bent and brushed her lips with mine and
her eyes widened. I slipped my fingers from her
clinging cunt and put my hand down the front of her
panties and gently cupped her as I looked into her eyes
and said quietly.

“Take off your panties Louise.” Her hands went to her
waist and as she looked into my eyes she hooked her
fingers into the waist of her panties and, lifting her
bottom slightly from the bed supporting herself on her
heels raised her parted thighs so that they were more
together and pointed at the ceiling. She slipped her
panties up her thighs to her knees and then I took over
sliding them down her calves and off over her pretty
feet. I looked into her eyes with a smile as I put the
delicate wet fabric to my face and breathed deeply in
her feminine essence. Her eyes widened again as she
watched me and I dropped her wet panties on the floor
beside the bed. I looked down at her and put a hand on
the inside of each knee and gently but firmly spread
her thighs again. The pink slit of her pretty cunt
gaped widely again and the wet sheen of her excitement
was very evident in the subdued lighting.

“Give me a nice wank Louise, and get me ready. I feel
like a nice slow
fuck”. She gasped with shock looked up at me, bit her
bottom lip and said quietly,
“Pleased don’t. I have never been with anyone except
Peter.” I looked down at her and smiled as I slipped my
hand between her spread thighs. I slid my middle finger
from the back of her slit along the smooth flesh of her
perineum to the dimple of her ass which I gently
pressed. She flushed even deeper but I did not persist,
drawing my fingers back along her firm flesh to her
cunt and sliding two fingers straight up her. I began a
gentle but firm and deep finger-fuck brushing the firm
nub of her engorged clitoris with the ball of my thumb.
She gasped again and her eyes widened and her hips
began to twitch on the bed again under my tormenting
“Get on with it,” I said curtly. She gave a deep sigh,
and reaching out tentatively, wrapped her small fingers
around my semi-hard shaft just below the crown of my
knob-head and began to wank my prick nice and firmly. I
rapidly became stiff and I looked mockingly down into
her eyes as I played with her pretty cunt and enjoyed
the feeling of her hand on me.

“You are really very good at this aren’t you Louise,” I
said mockingly. Her cunt was very wet under my probing
fingers and she was beginning to pant again more
deeply. I slipped a third finger inside the panting
sweating girl and I began to finger-fuck her wet cunt
rather harder as she wanked me.
Peter came in and stood dumbstruck just inside the door
as he watched me playing with his wife. I looked across
at him as Louise continued wanking me, too afraid to
“You are a very lucky man Peter,” I said with a smile,
“your wife really knows how to wank a man properly. She
must have had plenty of practice, probably before she
met you.” They both gasped and Louise’s face flamed.
“I’ve only ever been with Peter,” she said again. I
laughed with derision.
“You are so good at this,” I said, nodding down at her
little hand as it rhythmically stroked and excited my
thick shaft, “that you can’t tell me that you have
never wanked anyone else.” She would not meet my eyes.
“Well, Louise?” I persisted.
“I used to do this with my first boy-friend,” she said
very quietly, “he used to make me do it to him all the
time.” I heard Peter gasp loudly. Clearly this was news
to him! I laughed and pointed at the chair.
“Just sit down like a good girl while I fuck your
wife”. I said. Peter looked at me with hate and fear in
his eyes and sat down on nerveless legs which almost
seemed to collapse under him. I grinned at him and I
turned to concentrate on his wife. I lay on my side on
one elbow with my fingers hard up the pretty young
blonde who looked at me hesitantly as she wanked my
stiff shaft. The stimulation of her expert attention
had caused precum to ooze from my prick and I watched
with pleasure as it moistened the curled fingers of her
little hand, shining softly in the subdued lighting.. I
could see that she was trying to say something and
after a few tries it came out.
“You can’t make love to me like this,” she said in a
whisper, “”you just can’t. I am not on the Pill. I
don’t want to get pregnant.” I just laughed.
“Please,” she begged, “if you are going to make love to
me against my will, please use something, please,
please don’t make me pregnant.” I laughed again and
brushed her clitoris more firmly. Her hips twitched
convulsively and she gasped again..
“Firstly, I am not going to make love to you, I am
going to fuck you,” I said, “and secondly I never use
anything. I love making young wives pregnant. Don’t
worry Louise, it may not happen. It may be your lucky
“Oh God!” she whispered not meeting my eyes, “you have
to use something. I am in my most fertile period now.”
I laughed again.
“Bad luck then, Louise,” I commiserated, “it probably
won’t be your lucky night after all!”
A tear rolled down her cheek as she sobbed with
anguish. I smiled across at her husband who glared back
at me. I drew his sexy young wife towards me slipping
my arm around her and, looking into her wide eyes
lowered my lips to hers. I did not press at first just
content to explore her soft lips but then I began to
explore her closed lips with the tip of my tongue
becoming steadily more demanding until, despite
herself, her eyes widened further and her lips parted
under mine. I took possession of her soft mouth and
began to kiss her deeply, exploring her slowly and
completely as her tongue writhed against mine. As I
kissed her I slipped my left arm on which I had been
propped up round her back pulling her to me. I moved my
left hand under her armpit on to her breast which I
began to thoroughly feel through the thin fabric of her
nightdress. She gasped into my mouth with three
fingers hard up her I continued my slow deep finger-
fuck as I kissed her and felt her breast. Her hips
began to twitch rhythmically against my fingers on the
bed despite herself as her breathing became more ragged
against my mouth.
I took my hand from her cunt and, holding her firmly by
the breast, grasped her thigh and turned her partly on
her side so that she was facing me. I took her little
wrist in my right hand and, as I was kissing her, moved
it from my prick which was now as stiff as it ever had
been. I lifted her thigh so that it was over mine
giving me ready access to her and I slid my eight inch
prick straight up her tight wet cunt. With a deep gasp
she took the whole length of prick with no problem and
I slowly began to fuck her while I kissed her deeply
and worked on her hot little tongue. I looked across
her body and I could see her husband sitting tensely
watching us with fascinated horror but not daring to
move. I knew that Louise was becoming very excited
despite her anxiety. My earlier manipulation of her wet
cunt had worked her up as evidenced by the rhythmical
twitching of her hips.
Indeed, she was beginning to pant more raggedly into my
mouth and her hips began to move frantically as,
despite herself, she tried to thrust her pubic bone
into me so that she could push her cunt as deeply on to
my prick as she could. She started making little
wordless squeaks against my mouth in time with each
I took my lips from hers and, looking into her eyes,
moved her gently but firmly on to her back so that I
was over her, supported on my arms, between her plump
but firm thighs stuck hard up her. I bent forward and
pressed my lips to hers again. This time her mouth
opened under mine without hesitation and I began to
fuck her more deeply. Her thighs instinctively wrapped
around my back and she clasped me tightly. I felt her
heels pressing into me and her nails beginning to claw
my shoulders. Her breathing became shallower and faster
and a blush started on her neck and spread to her
chest. I took my mouth from hers and she threw her head
back and began to gasp loudly. I moved my hands to her
big firm breasts and began to squeeze them through the
silk of her nightdress in time with my thrusts. I could
feel her approaching orgasm as her fit young body
writhed under me. I took my lips from hers and as I was
fucking his wife deeply and hard I looked across to
where Peter was sitting tensely watching.
“Watch your wife Peter,” I said. “I am going to make
her come and with luck, give her a baby”. As I said
that Louise gave a shuddering gasp and became rigid as
an orgasm swept through her sweaty excited body. I
continued to fuck her deeper and harder as I looked
into her staring eyes. I began to feel the pressure
building in my balls and I gave a couple of hard final
thrusts and came hard shooting jet after jet of potent
cum into the young wife’s unprotected fertile womb.

Breathing heavily, I lay with my stiff prick buried in
Louise’s hot wet cunt gently fondling her beautiful
breasts while I watched her husband as he glared
angrily but helplessly at me. The shocked young girl
slowly began to get her breathing under control and
when she had calmed down I kissed her gently to get her
attention and, still stuck up her, said quietly so that
they could both hear, “I have just deposited my cum in
your womb Louise. If you are not pregnant after that it
will be a miracle. I want you pregnant after tonight.”

Louise lay in a state of shock under me sobbing
quietly. I enjoyed the rhythmical reflex squeezing of
her tight velvet soft cunt muscles as my softening
prick was massaged by her sobbing. Unsuspectingly she
was contributing to her own downfall by drawing the
last drops of cum from my prick. I rolled off her and
lay with my hands behind my head.
“Go and have a shower,” I said shortly, “and then come
back to bed. Put on a clean nightdress but no panties.
Peter, pour me some wine and then go and make some
coffee.” I knew that she would try to wash my cum from
her cunt but I also knew that it was probably too late.
She was going to be fucked again anyway before the
night was over. I lay watching Peter as he poured my
wine enjoying his discomfiture as he stood in his
pretty feminine underwear serving a man he had just
watched, but not dared to stop, fuck his wife in front
of him. He was standing close by the side of the bed
and the temptation was just too much. I reached out a
hand and cupped his balls. He stiffened but didn’t dare
to move away. I smiled up at him as I felt his little
balls, noting the immediate stiffening of his little
boy’s prick which I began to gently wank through the
material of his panties. I made him stand there as I
relaxed and recovered from my exertions with his young
wife, and enjoyed casually playing with the reluctant
straight young man. I could feel him becoming tense as
I wanked him a little harder and he began to breathe
more heavily. I smiled up at him and released his
prick. He gave a sigh of relief.
“Pass me my wine and then go and make the coffee,” I
ordered, taking the wine glass from his shaking hand
and watching him carefully walking on his unaccustomed
high heels as he crossed the bedroom to the door. As he
left the bathroom door opened and Louise came in
modestly wrapped in a towel. I grinned across at her.
“A bit late for modesty, Louise darling,” I laughed.
She blushed and went to her dressing-table from where
she took from a drawer a short nightdress in very pale
pink. It was almost transparent. She slipped it over
her head, shook out her hair and dropped the towel
before turning to face me. I took my time looking her
over and her blush deepened under my scrutiny, her
cheeks matching the delicate colour of her flimsy
nightdress. The nightdress was very short reaching only
about an inch below the junction of her thighs. It had
a low plunging neckline revealing her deep cleavage and
was fitted very snugly to her breasts. There was no
lace on the simple neckline and her prominent nipples
and large pink areolae were very evident through the
thin material. I ran my eyes from her head to her feet
and she flushed slightly deeper. The hemline of the
sexy nightie was trimmed with a little frill of lace
and this was just thick enough to hide but revealing
enough to provide tantalising flashes of her soft pubic
fleece. I smiled at her.
“Brush your hair, Louise, and then come back to bed.”
She bit her lip as she looked at me but went and sat at
the dressing table and picked up her hair-brush. As she
began to rhythmically brush her hair I watched her with
She kept glancing at me in the mirror and coloured as
she saw my eyes on her. I like watching women in
intimate moments such as this almost as much as fucking
them, almost but not quite! I enjoyed the sight of the
muscles moving under her soft flesh and the tightening
and lifting of her full breast pressing against the
delicate fabric of her nightdress as she raised her
arms to her hair. Finally she was finished. She sighed
and put the brush down on the dressing table and sat
looking into the mirror. I just waited and, as I knew
it would, the tension became too much for her. She
glanced quickly at me in the mirror and saw my eyes on
her. I smiled at her and patted the bed beside me. She
stood and reluctantly came to the bed, first sitting
and then lying beside me on her back, her hands at her
sides, fists clenched and looking up at the ceiling. I
could feel the tension in her body. I could smell the
delicate perfume of her talc and I knew that I did not
smell so sweet. Needless to say, this did not trouble
me much!
The door opened and Peter came in with a tray with a
pot of coffee which he carried carefully over and put
down on the bedside table. He was still having trouble
negotiating his high heels! He glanced at me and I
nodded. He poured three cups and handed me one before
going round the foot of the bed and putting a cup on
the bedside table beside his wife. They did not look at
one another. Louise pulled herself up so that she was
sitting half-upright resting against the pillows. With
one hand she modestly pulled down the hem of her brief
nightdress as far as she could and reached for her
coffee. I looked up at her husband and patted the bed
beside me. He took off his shoes and lay down. I sat up
a little drinking my coffee between the pretty pair and
my thoughts were of a similar occasion in a house not
too far from here when I lay between Derek and Susan
(see ‘Derek and Susan’). My thoughts began to wander to
Peter. Apart from playing with his balls and gently
wanking him I had left him alone. I remembered the fun
that I had had with Derek and the plan for the night
began to clarify in my mind. A similar night to the
first I had spent with Derek and Susan would be just
fine by me. I finished my coffee and gave the cup to
Peter to put on the bedside table. The young couple had
already finished theirs and were lying tensely beside
“OK you two, I’ll sleep in the middle so that if I feel
like it in the night I can have which ever of you I
fancy. I was going to make you sleep on the floor Peter
so that you could listen to me fucking your lovely wife
but you are too good to waste. I have plans for you!”
I could feel the sexy soft waves of Louise’s hair
brushing my naked shoulder as she lay beside me gently
trembling with nerves.
“It’s time to settle down for the night,” I said and,
without prompting, Peter lowered the level of the
bedside lights. The bedroom was now just lit by a
romantic subdued glow from a hidden source. I had only
come once this evening and I now felt full of energy
and ready again. I decided to give the young couple a
nasty surprise. Although they did not know it I had
done this before and the memory was very fresh.
“Louise,” I said suddenly. She gave a little start and
turned her head to me and I could see her eyes shining
in the dim light. “You can go to sleep. I don’t need
you at present.
Just make sure that you don’t touch your cunt. If I
find you playing with
yourself I’ll spank
your sexy bottom.” I ignored her and turned to her
“Now, Peter, I have left you alone until now but I feel
like a bit of fun before I go to sleep, how about you”.
He looked sick and miserable but did not reply. I put
my arm round him and drew his softly rounded young body
against me, pulling him to me so that our cocks met but
our upper bodies were still apart. I knew that he could
smell my sweat but I didn’t much care. I looked into
his eyes and began to gently rub my big man’s prick
against his little boy’s organ as I had done with
Debbie. It felt incredibly sexy through the nylon of
his slip and panties and I rapidly became erect. I felt
his little pencil-prick becoming hard under the silky
fabric. I smiled in the darkness.
“Do you like that Peter? You are getting very excited”
I whispered. He gulped but did not reply and I gently
continued rubbing our pricks together in a handless
mutual wank. I slipped one hand behind him and began to
cup and fondle his soft sexy buttocks while pulling him
on to my cock continuing the gentle prick-wank. With
the other hand I began to feel the soft mounds of his
chest through the sexy material of his slip. His erect
nipples rubbed deliciously against my hand through the
sheer nylon. I felt his little arse twitch and he
groaned. I knew that, in spite of himself, the gentle
stroking I was giving his little knob with my prick was
getting to him.

“Do you like that?” I asked quietly again. He groaned.
I could hear his wife breathing heavily behind me as I
played with her young husband. I could feel her soft
hair on my back but she knew better than to interfere.
I looked into Peter’s frightened eyes and put my lips
to his in a dominating kiss that brooked no refusal.

His lips opened under mine and I began a long soft sexy
deep kiss that must have seemed unending to him. I did
not allow his tongue to move forward but took immediate
possession of his mouth and began to thoroughly explore
it with my demanding tongue. I was looking into his
wide and startled eyes all the time and I began to
increase the pressure of my hand on his plump bottom,
pulling him even closer onto me and rubbing his little
cock just a little more firmly with my prick and balls.

I felt his arse twitch convulsively and he gave a
breathy squeak into my mouth. I knew that he had come
all over his plump thighs and belly, soiling his
panties. I took my lips from his and smiled at my young

“I told you that you would enjoy it” I said, my hands
still occupied with his arse and his little tits. I
heard his wife’s gasping horrified breathing intensify,
aghast at what was happening but knowing that she was
unable to prevent it.

“It’s a pity that you have dirtied your panties Peter”
I said maliciously, “you will have to sleep in them
now” He looked at me miserably. I had decided what
would get me nicely off to sleep.

“I feel like a nice wank before I go to sleep so get on
with it”. I said abruptly, pulling my body from his to
give him access to my prick and balls. He did not move.
I just looked at him and he hesitantly reached out, put
his hand on my prick and began to toss me off working
up a nice rhythm as he gripped my thick shaft in his
soft little hand. I smiled at him as he humiliated
himself and pulled him towards me.

“Don’t stop what you are doing” I said. I put my hand
behind his head into his soft hair and pulled his face
to my sweaty chest putting his mouth to my erect
nipple. “Just you suck on that, you sexy little
bitch, and keep wanking me” I felt his lips close
around my erect nipple and I pressed it into his mouth.

“Get sucking” I commanded. My hand was still between us
and I was feeling his immature teenage-girlie tits. I
worked his slip up at the back and put my hand down the
waist band of his panties on his bare plump buttocks
while he was sucking my nipple and vigorously tossing
me off. I pressed firmly with my hand against the cleft
of his buttocks and his thighs reluctantly parted. I
moved him to the other nipple taking pleasure in the
complete control of my reluctant young partner. I knew
that this would not last long as I could feel the
familiar hot tingle in my balls. Peter’s eyes widened
and he reflexly sucked harder on my erect nipple as he
felt the spasm in my prick. I pressed my middle finger
slowly right up his moist arsehole to the root and held
his bottom on my splayed hand as, remembering what I
had done to Debbie, I came deliberately all over his
belly and thighs, soaking his slip and his side of the
bed with my copious cum.

“Now you’ll have to sleep in my cum as well as your
own” I said. I could hear Louise’s shallow breathing
behind me and I knew that she was not asleep. I
released Peter giving his arse a short finger-fuck
before I let him go. He lay on his back in the pool of
cum with his soiled slip and panties sticking to his
belly and thighs as I put the finger that had been up
his arse to his lips.

“Suck that” I commanded. He just looked sick and shook
his head. I pushed it into his reluctant mouth and
worked it round until it was clean then I dried it on
his hair. He looked at me with bleak hatred.
“I am going to get some sleep,” I said, “during the
night stay where you are” I relaxed back and rapidly
fell asleep leaving the young couple to their own

I woke much later and was rather surprised to find both
Peter and Louise asleep. Of course they were bound to
have been exhausted as much by the emotional tension
as by the physical effort I had forced on them but I
was still a little surprised that their nerves
allowed them to sleep. I lay for a moment looking at
the ceiling thinking of the sexy pair I had in bed
with me and, not altogether to my surprise, my prick
began to stiffen. I turned to Louise who was lying
half on her back turned away from me with her thighs
slightly parted. I slipped a hand between her plump
thighs from the back and gently began to feel her
fleshy cunt enjoying the softness of her pubic
fleece. She stirred slightly in her sleep and sighed.

I began to fondle her a little more firmly, slipping
my finger between the plump outer lips of her cunt
and beginning a gentle finger-fuck flicking her
clitoris from time to time. She began to become moist
under my attentions, sighed again and woke up with a
gasp. I gently turned her face towards me and began
to kiss her. As soon as my lips met hers her mouth
opened allowing me full possession. I kissed the
sleepy young blonde awake, took my lips momentarily
from hers, and whispered in her ear, “Do you fancy
another fuck, Louise darling?”

She shivered a little with nerves as she woke fully,
became aware of her surroundings and recalled her
situation. She sighed deeply. My freedom of movement
was too restricted in this position so I moved my hand
from between her thighs, put my arm round her and
slipped my hand straight up under the hem of her short
nightdress on to her cunt. I gently ran my finger down
the groove of her slit and she shivered. Her cunt began
to moisten again and I realised now that her nerves
were beginning to settle just how excitable and sexy a
woman she was. I began to finger-fuck her as gently
as I could just using about half an inch of my finger
Louise began to pant and rapidly became much wetter in
my hand. I began to gently kiss her as I moved my
exploring finger forwards to the hard little bud of her
clitoris and I began to gently caress and stroke it.

She gave a great shudder and pulled her lips from mine
and buried her face in my chest. Without warning her
body went into spasm against me as the waves of a
powerful orgasm swept through her. Her cunt flooded
into my hand and I kept on stroking and fondling her
clitoris. She rolled on to her back, pulled her heels
up to her arse and splayed her thighs as she came
again. I took my hand from her wet cunt and began to
gently feel her breasts through the sheer bodice of her
nightdress as I gave her a deep kiss which she now
I lowered my lips to her breast and began to suck on
her prominent nipple through the nylon of her
nightdress. Louise was trembling from the effects of
her recent orgasms. I took her small hand and moved it
to my stiff prick which she grasped and began to wank
with instinctive skill. I sucked more powerfully on her
stiff nipple, drawing the areola into my mouth. She
groaned and put her hand on my head pressing it into
her breast. She clearly had very sensitive nipples and
having them sucked certainly aroused her in spite of
her anxiety and tension. I slipped the low-cut neckline
of her nightdress down and freed a plump breast tipped
with a bullet-hard nipple which I began to suck and
tease with my lips and tongue. She groaned again and
clutched my hair, pressing me into her.

Her heels pressed against the bed and her thighs were
so wide that I could see the pink slash of her gaping
cunt in the dim light of the bedroom. I started to work
her up with another gentle finger-fuck, teasing her
hard little clitoris. She was rapidly losing her
inhibitions under the continual stimulation and now,
for the first time, she took the initiative, pulling my
head from her breast with her hand in my hair and
pressing her lips to mine. I put my tongue to her lips
which immediately parted allowing me the freedom of her
mouth. She was panting into my kiss as the sensations
emanating from her hot cunt swept through her excited
body. I did not want her to come in my hand so I gently
rolled on to her between her splayed thighs and,
without breaking the kiss gently pushed the whole
length of my stiff prick straight up her wet receptive
cunt as I looked into her wide baby-blue eyes.
I took my lips from hers and raised myself off her so
that I could feel her plump breasts while I was
fucking her. I began a slow gentle fuck while I
fondled her firm breasts trough the sexy material of
her nightdress. I was not riding her hard as I would
have liked her to begin to enjoy my attentions but
her anxiety made this too much to really expect. I
made sure as I was fucking her that I was far enough
forward that the front of my prick rubbed and
stimulated her clitoris with each stroke. I was only
using about half of my prick and the internal muscles
of her cunt were massaging my organ deliciously. I
looked into her eyes, “Are you enjoying this Louise?”

I asked quietly. She bit her lip and looked up at me.
I knew the struggle that she was having admitting it to
herself and to me so I just waited, feeling her firm
breasts as I gently fucked her.

“You mustn’t,” she whispered, “you are raping me. I
don’t want to have a baby. If you won’t stop, please
use something.” I smiled down at her.

“You don’t really want me to stop, you are enjoying it
too much. I told you before, I never use anything. If
you have a baby, that’s just too bad.”

She gasped and I saw a tear at the corner of her eye
but her hips continued to move sweetly and rhythmically
under me as I rode her gently. I began to fuck her a
little harder using a longer stroke and pressing deeper
into her. It became clear that now she was beginning to
relax she was not at all inexperienced. Her hips began
to move more with each of my thrusts until we had
worked up a nice rhythm. She clasped her thighs around
my waist and pulled me hard into her cunt with each
stroke. I started to ride her more roughly and she
began to emit a high pitched squeal with each stroke as
my stiff prick massaged her hard clitoris. She was now
writhing and sweating under me, her blue eyes wide and
staring with the intensity of the emotions that were
sweeping through her. I could see the tell-tale flush
spread from her cheeks to her shoulders and down across
her upper chest and I felt the warmth in my balls and
lay further forward on her perspiring body. I squeezed
her breasts firmly and pressed my lips to hers taking
possession of her mouth as my prick spasmed and I came
up her hot cunt. Simultaneously she gave a kind of
loud squeal as her whole body was overtaken by orgasmic
spasms. She was gasping in to my mouth as I withdrew my
lips from hers and buried my face in her hair lying on
her sweating body. She sighed and her thighs unclasped
from round my waist to lie spread and relaxed on the
bed. She slowly brought her breathing under control as
I lay on her with my softening prick in her wet cunt. I
lay on her, ensuring that my cum as deeply embedded in
her womb before rolling off her. I fell asleep almost
straight away, leaving the worried young wife awake
alone with her fears.

As always, I awoke early and ready for action the next
morning. Peter and Louise were both awake as I could
tell by their breathing but they did not speak. I
stretched and turned to Peter who immediately

“You can go down and make me a nice strong cup of
coffee and don’t be all day. When you come back, sit on
that chair where you were last night until I am ready
for you. Don’t forget to put your shoes on.” I added

He got off the bed and sat on the chair as he forced
his feet into the high-heeled shoes and went to the
door, his slip clinging to his sticky thighs. I turned
to Louise and slipped my arm around her straight under
her armpit and on to her full breast. I began to firmly
feel her as, with the other hand I tilted her chin and
kissed her deeply. She panted against my lips as I
squeezed her fleshy breast and I released her lips and
smiled into her eyes.

“You are a very pretty girl, you know,” I said “just
what a man needs in his bed in the morning to wake up

I carried on feeling the reluctant blonde and taking
possession of her mouth again slowly deepening my kiss
until I heard her husband come in with my coffee. He
put it down beside me and stood angrily watching me
playing with his wife. I took my lips from Louise’s
sweet-smelling mouth and let the young husband watch me
put my other hand between his wife’s plump thighs,
finger-fucking her casually as I looked up at him.

“Sit down over there” I ordered and I knew that he
would comply. I let him watch me play with his wife for
a while, enjoying his humiliation. Louise squirmed in
my arms and I could smell her cunt, excited despite her
anxiety and tension.

“We don’t need you watching us Peter” I said “you’d be
better employed downstairs cooking my breakfast. I want
a nice full breakfast, ham and eggs and all the
trimmings with plenty of coffee. Go and get on with it
and call me when it’s ready if I am not down already.”

He got up and went out with a last look at his wife in
my arms. I took my hand from between Louise’s plump
thighs and had a drink of my coffee, smelling with
pleasure the mingled aromas of her essence and that of
the strong coffee. I put my cup down and smiled at her.

“Do you fancy a fuck before we get up Louise?” I asked,
“it is always such a nice way to start the day.”

“Please don’t make me” she whispered “you’ve had me
already against my will and I feel so dirty and
ashamed. I am terrified that you will get me pregnant.”

I just laughed and lay on my back and looked at Louise.
I nodded down at my semi-stiff prick.

“Give me a nice wank and suck me a little to get me
ready,” I said brusquely. Her eyes widened but she did
not move. I reached across and took her slim wrist,
moving her little hand to my groin. She grasped the
shaft just below the knob-head ridge and began to
gently wank me as she looked up helplessly into my

“That’s lovely darling,” I said, “now suck me off.”
Again she didn’t move so I took my arm from around her
and wound my hand in her soft hair. I slowly but firmly
moved her head down towards my groin until I felt her
cool breath on the stiff prick she was tossing off with
such instinctive skill. I knew that a little gentle
compulsion was now necessary.

“Suck me off Louise,” I said harshly, “I don’t want to
have to hurt you.” I moved her head firmly down so that
my stiff prick was pressed against her closed lips. I
pressed a little harder and with a little sob her lips
parted and her warm wet mouth accepted my stiff prick
unwillingly. I relaxed the grip on her hair and she
began to wank me into her hot mouth her blonde head
bobbing backwards and forwards on my stiff prick the
soft curtain of her hair caressing my thigh. I took my
hand from the wet cunt of the trembling woman and lay
back with my hands behind my head, smelling her on my
fingers and luxuriating in sensation as the now
completely compliant young wife sucked me off. The
powerful sensations of her skilled mouth rapidly
brought me close to cumming and as I did not want to
cum in her mouth I wound my hand in her hair again and
pulled her lips from my prick, A tendril of spit
connected me to her lips as she looked up at me. I
thought to see some disappointment in her cloudy eyes
and I smiled to myself. I suspected that she had tried
to make me cum in her mouth to avoid the dangers of
pregnancy associated with my cumming up her cunt if I
fucked her again. I pulled her hp the bed by her hair
and she gasped with pain as she struggled to lessen the
tension in her soft hair. I motioned for her to kneel
astride my thighs facing me. She did as I commanded,
instinctively arranging the hem of her short nightdress
so that it lay on her thighs, hiding her cunt from me.

I reached out with both hands and took hold of her full
firm breasts through the thin material of her nightie
and began to squeeze them. “Now Louise, darling,” I
said, “guide my stiff prick into your cute cunt”. She
blushed and did not move, looking helplessly into my
eyes. I squeezed her breasts a little more firmly and
she raised herself on her knees, took hold of my
prick in her soft hand and guided it so that it
passed easily between the fleshy moist outer lips of
her hairy cunt. I pulled down on her breast flesh so
that she was forced to sit more firmly on my prick
and I slid easily up her to the balls. I pulled the
low-cut plunging neckline of her nightdress down,
freeing her plump firm breasts and slid my hands over
the contours of her breasts until I came to her stiff
nipples which I took between thumb and forefinger and
began to roll and squeeze the sensitive flesh.

Louise gasped and, despite herself. I felt the walls of
her cunt grip my prick more firmly as she yielded to
the sensations spreading out from her nipples. I
pulled her down to me by the nipples which I slowly
squeezed more firmly as I kissed the young blonde
wife deeply as I lay stuck hard up her clinging wet
hairy cunt enjoying the sexy feel of her nylon
nightdress on my thighs. I took my lips from hers
after a while and looked into her scared blue eyes,
“Now, fuck yourself on my prick,” I ordered. She
immediately began to move up and down giving me a
delicious slow fuck as I guided her by the pressure
that I was exerting on her sensitive nipples.

“I must say, Louise, you pick things up fast,” I
commented, “have you ever fucked in this position
before?” She shook her head. I was in no hurry and just
lay feeling her firm breasts and stiff nipples while
she was doing all the work. I began to smell her
perspiration and her nightdress was beginning to cling
to her. I slowly speeded her up by manipulating her
nipples until she was bucking on me with her head
thrown back looking at the ceiling with her hair
swinging. The room was full of the smell of woman and
cunt and the head of the bed hammered rhythmically
against the wall. She was gasping in deep gulps of air
and ramming herself as hard as she could down onto my
prick. I began to feel close to coming so I pulled her
down to me by the nipples and fastened my mouth on hers
giving her a deep hard kiss as I came up her cunt and
shot a river of hot cum up into her womb. She lay
panting on me as I moved my hands to the fleshy globes
of her bottom and began to pull her hard on to my prick
causing my prick to rub more firmly against her excited
clitoris and, completely unable to control her body,
she came with a deep gasp. She tore her lips from mine
and lay on me with her face in my chest, her wet sweaty
hair covering me.

“I have just cum up you again Louise,” I whispered into
her ear through the wet curtain of her hair, “another
chance to leave my baby in your belly!” She burst
into a flood of hysterical tears and clung to me as
she sobbed, gently, despite herself, milking the last
drops of cum from my softening prick as it was still
buried in her body. I grasped her by the shoulders
and moved her off me, my prick sliding deliciously
slowly from her wet cunt. She lay curled up on her
side, her thumb in her mouth, sobbing as she looked
at me. I got up and looked down at her “Get yourself
together, have a shower and come downstairs, I am
going to have a shower and then breakfast,” I said
and went into the bathroom. I had a quick shower and
dried my hair. I re-entered the bedroom and looked at
Louise who had not moved her position. I shook my head
slowly and left the room, closing the door quietly
behind me and walked, naked, down the stairs.

I pushed the door open and entered the living room.
Peter was standing by the table and he glanced at me
anxiously. I smiled at him as he stood backlit by the
window red with the glow of the rising sun. It shone
through his soft hair creating a delicate halo effect.

I ran my eyes over him. He looked rather disheveled in
his cum-stained slip and panties that he had been
wearing since the previous evening. I could see dried
cum very evident on the inside of his thighs and his
stocking tops. The room was filled with the fragrance
of fried bacon. I walked over to Peter and cupped his
balls in my right hand, put my left behind his head and
drew his unwilling lips to mine. I kissed him deeply as
I looked into his wide eyes. I did not prolong the kiss
but gave his stiffening prick a last squeeze and went
and sat at the table.

“You make a very obedient little servant Peter,” I said
with a smile, “now serve me my breakfast and go and
fetch Louise. I left her having a shower. Tell her from
me that she better be wearing something sexy when she
comes down.”

He brought me my breakfast and poured my coffee and
then looked at me wretchedly. I knew from the way that
he was looking at me that he wanted to say something
and after a couple of efforts got the words out.

“Leave us alone, please,” he begged. I laughed as I

“Just do it,” I said deliberately harshly to
concentrate his mind, “She better be down here by the
time I finish eating or I will thrash her fat bottom
with my belt.” He left the room hurriedly and I heard
his heels receding up the stairs. I had finished
eating, quickly dressed and called a taxi and was just
pouring some more coffee when the door opened and the
pretty pair entered. Peter, of course had not changed
but Louise, after her shower had changed into a long
white silky sheer nightgown. It was very tight-fitting
and clung to and accentuated every curve of her full
figure. She had brushed her hair and repaired the
damage to her appearance with a little make-up. She
looked absolutely stunning. I let them stand as I
finished my coffee, leisurely running my eyes over

Finally I spoke as the doorbell rang.

“It is time for me to go,” I said as I got up from the
table. They were standing close together and I walked
over and took Louise’s shrinking body in my arms.
Slipping my hand behind her I grasped her buttock and
pulled her cunt hard on to my prick as I gave her a
deep lingering sexy possessive kiss relishing the feel
of the sexy material of her nightdress I released her
lips and looked into her blue eyes.

“Good-bye, Louise, till next time. You were a lovely
fuck. Look after my baby for me.”
She gave a sob of anguish.

I released her and turned to her husband cupping his
balls with one hand and drawing his mouth to mine with
pressure on the back of his neck. I gave him a long
kiss and I could hear the shocked breathing of his
young wife. I released his lips and looked into his

“You got off quite lightly this time Peter. Next time I
won’t go so easy on your plump sexy bottom.” I said
conversationally. His eyes widened with horror as the
meaning of my remark sunk in.

The doorbell rang again rather more insistently. I
released Peter and walked to the door which I opened
and looked round for the last time.

“Good-bye you two, thank you for the hospitality. I
will be back to see you both again.” I shut the door
gently, got in the taxi and gave the driver
instructions to take me to Peter’s office. I still had
one more morning’s work before I left for my cottage in
Wales, and the previous evening and night had sharpened
my appetite for further adventure.

If you would like any more on Peter and Louise, let me
know. I may add to this if there is enough interest.
Comments, criticism and suggestions for future
stories are welcome at

10 thoughts on “Peter and Louise By – Tafod Arian

  1. well that was very intersting,cool and really good.Love the making the man dress as a of my would love to read more of this and your other stories to.thanks for letting me read them.bye bye larry.

  2. I know Tafod isn’t writing anymore but ‘tafod arian’ is in Welsh and means ‘silver tongue’ in English so almost certaiinly a psuedonym anyway, he may well be still writing but using another pseudonym or even his real name (ive used the pronoun ‘he’ but maybe equally be a ‘she’)

  3. You are right, ChrisLydi. Yes, Tafod Arian is Silver Tongue in English, and yes, sadly no longer entertaining us. In fact there hasn’t been anything from Tafod for a long while now. One of the reasons I tried to save his stories as they were being lost on the internet as web pages shut down.

    Deborah Ford

  4. There are quite a number from Tafod on the asstr archive, although possibly just as old (I didn’t check dates) – one story is referenced within the above Peter and Louise story (Derek and Susan, this can easily be found via Google or any web search engine – it’s within the Kristen archives on – I found about 15 stories although tbf they may not all be classified as under this genre

  5. 15 stories. That’s interesting. Maybe I only selected those that are within this sort genre. Will definitely have a look at some time


  6. i’ve browsed a few that definitely aren’t, the Derek (Debbie) and Susan one is very similar to this Peter and Louise story and the only one definitely in this genre.

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