TETHERS – a classic tale by C.C.

TETHERS (a transvestite fantasy) 

How you get involved with the group of submissive women  
known as "Tethers" is a case of everything just coming  
together by itself. You married your wife June knowing she  
was the submissive type, and you certainly enjoy tying her  
up, etc., but due to the pressures of your job as a research  
biologist, you don't always have time to indulge her. So  
when she hears about this informal group called "Tethers" -  
seven women who enjoy playing bondage games - you encourage  
her to join.  

Then she starts coming home telling you how delightful her  
afternoons at the Club are, and how the women really love to  
be dominated by each other, turning you on with accounts of  
their naughty doings! You want to visit, but the group is  
strictly for women only. In fact, June tells you, of all the  
women in the group, she is the only one whose husband is  
understanding enough to give his wife permission to do those  
things! The others are all sneaking out for these meetings!  

Well, it's nice that June thinks you're such a wonderful  
guy, but you'd still like to get into one of those  
gatherings someday and enjoy yourself with all those  
submissive gals! June would really like to have you come,  
too, and agrees to help you if you figure out a way.  

That's when Project M-X at the Lab starts taking off.  

This M-X stuff is the new experimental wonder drug you've  
been supervising the Lab Staff on. It has remarkable powers  
to make the user look younger and erases blemishes and scars  
from the skin, but it also develops pronounced female  
characteristics in males who take it. These side effects can  
be reversed by a dose of M-Y, but it has to be taken within  
a week of the initial treatment, or the user will be stuck  
permanently with large breasts, round bottom, smooth skin,  
soft features and a feminine voice. Naturally, with side- 
effects like these, this stuff is going to need a lot of  
work before it can be marketed! 

But as director of the project, you figure it's a Natural  
for what you've got planned. You have some difficulty  
sneaking the doses of M-X and M-Y out of the Store Room,  
what with your swishy assistant Arnold Astin and his butch  
wife Evelyn around all the time (Something creepy about  
those two; Makes you wonder what drew them to this project  
in the first place!) but you think you manage it unseen.  
Then there's the problem of taking a week off with all the  
work there is around the lab, but you just tell them that  
they're going to have to take over, make all the  
arrangements for them to run things, and get ready to take  
off. At the last minute, some guy wants to see you about  
something personal, but you tell Arnold to go ahead and get  
rid of him, using your office if he has to.    

So FINALLY you're able to get back home and take the M-X! It  
works perfectly, enlarging your breasts and swelling out  
your hips and bottom, even as it softens your skin and  
facial features. You look s-o-o-o feminine! A little  
depilatory to remove a trace of masculine body hair, and  
you're ready for the false pussy.  

This is a device bought from a mail-order novelty house.  
It's a fully working replica of a woman's sex organs,  
designed to glue over your masculine crotch with a special  
bonding latex. A semi-rigid plastic net inside keeps your  
manly organs squeezed into a small package while allowing  
you to urinate, and with the fake pussy fastened overtop,  
you look completely transformed!  

In female disguise as Jackie, you make a lovely girl, and  
with your hair dyed and permed into a classy style, your  
maleness is hidden completely. June loves you looking like  
this, and she gladly makes arrangements to bring you to the  
next meeting. For yourself, you're just looking forward to  
all the fun you can have with a group of unsuspecting   
submissive women at your mercy! That crotch-piece will get  
in the way, of course, but you should be able to store up  
enough pleasant memories to ignite many a future session  
after you've taken the M-Y and returned to normal.  

Once at the meeting, held on the large estate of Jane, whose  
husband is out of town, you are introduced by June as  
Jackie. Being the Newcomer, you are Mistress to all the  
ladies, who must now serve and service you all day!  

You have dressed yourself in a leather corset and panties,  
with matching gloves and thigh-length boots, the perfect  
costume for a Dominatrix in charge of eight servile  
sweeties! And you enjoy yourself royally, binding and  
teasing the women in various ways, stripping them naked, or  
having them strip each other, making them tease each other  
in front of you.... They are quite put out that you won't  
permit any of them to have an orgasm, but you figure if you  
can't get your jollies then no one will, and besides, you  
find the horny frustration of these naked women sort of  
amusing, so you are firm on this point despite their  

Everybody is having so much naughty, giggling fun, that it  
seems perfectly natural that you shed your clothes along  
with them. The leather corset and thigh boots were getting  
uncomfortable anyway, and you're much more relaxed now as  
the equally nude women admire the perfection of your  
breasts, teasing the nipples, probing your false pussy and  
kissing your smooth legs and bottom. Wow! You're getting  
horny yourself, and the feel of your swelling sex inside  
that tight pussy-cover is somehow painful and pleasant at  
the same time!  

You begin giving playful spankings to the women, and someone  
suggests they use willow switches.  

"Wouldn't it be naughty for all nine of us to run down to  
the pond this way? After all, the estate is secluded enough  
that we don't have to worry about intruders or being  

Someone suggests a race. you agree, but stipulate binding  
them first! You put ankle and wrist cuffs on each girl,  
chaining the ankles with about two feet of slack and cuffing  
the wrists in front. You also add collars and tell the girls  
that once you've caught them all and spanked them, you'll  
chain them together and lead them back up to the house.  
Someone picks up a bag of bondage equipment and adds, "But  
if you can't catch all of us, we'll tie you up!" and you  
laughingly agree.  

Everyone is giggling and having such a good time as you  
chase the eight bare lovelies around the yard and down to  
the pond that no one really cares who won, and you playfully  
let them bind you. First a collar around the neck. Wrist- 
and-ankle cuffs come next, joined by leather thongs, wet  
from being dropped in the pond. The cuffs go behind your  
smooth back, joined to the collar so that you have to hold  
them up, just above the small of your back. It's a little  
uncomfortable, but not too bad. A thong is tied around your  
waist, then another is tied to the front of it. It runs back  
between your legs, up the crack of your ass, and on up to  
your collar, forcing you to stand with your back straight.  
Then one end of a longer thong is tied to your right ankle  
cuff, run up and looped through the thong between your legs,  
and back down to your left cuff, where it's tightened so  
that you must bend your knees slightly.     

And now you nine nubile nudes in bondage link all your  
collars together and scamper merrily back up to the house.  
You find it an interesting sensation, being forced to hold  
your back straight, knees bent, and your arms behind your  
back, and the feeling of the strap running through your  
crotch is Unusual, to say the least! Since you're not  
accustomed to being in bondage, you lag behind a bit and the  
girls playfully swat your bottom.  

You all reach the sun-drenched patio, hopping about barefoot  
on the hot tiles, and before un-linking collars, everyone  
makes a bet that the first girl who hops off the patio is  
the loser. Those tiles are positively toasting, and the  
ladies are soon dancing about like mad! Breasts are  
bouncing, butts jiggling, and chains tinkling all around  
you, including your own!  

Then you notice something: The sun is shrinking your wet  
thongs - tightening the bondage! Your knees are already in a  
half-crouch, your wrists pulled up to your shoulder blades,  
and you have to arch your back sharply to relieve the  
pressure of the taut leather cord biting into  
your crotch! 

All that and jumping about on bare feet is just too much!  
You lose your balance and fall right onto your dishy tits,  
squealing as they hit the hot tile, then you flop over,  
landing your tender bum in the same predicament! Oooch!  
Owww! You tearfully roll off the tiles and the other girls,  
a little relieved not to be the losers, follow.  

Then they have to figure out a punishment for you, and it  
doesn't take them long to decide that each girl should get  
to come up with one of her own. That's EIGHT punishments!  
You look over at June for help, but she's giggling  
helplessly at your little secret and how it's turned out!  
Well, you decide, it can't be too bad, and you might as well  
go along with it. And besides, you don't have much choice as  
long as you're in this bondage!  

Jane decides on a simple spanking, since you're sticking  
your bare butt out anyway, and to make things interesting,  
she lets you suck her wiggling toes as she sits in a lawn  
chair and uses a long-handled barbecue spatula to give you a  
swat for each toe! As you kneel in front of her, your white  
bottom temptingly upraised, you feel the grass tickling your  
nipples and the strain of your arms being pulled upwards by  
the thongs, the pleasure and ache vying for attention in  
your confused mind. Then you begin kissing and sucking each  
wiggling digit, the spatula starts cracking on your ass and  
you blush bright red as you bend to your shameful task.  

This gets them all quite aroused, and Jessica, the next  
member, says that since you were such a stinker about not  
letting anyone Come, you can just hobble around and kiss  
everyone's ass while they make love on the lawn!  

By this time, your cords have shrunk so much that getting  
about is becoming difficult, and your cramped limbs pain you  
terribly as you go from bottom to bottom, but the women are  
all in such throes of noisy ecstasy that they scarcely  
notice your moans. And for your part, the nearness of these  
bound, nude women pleasuring each other as you worship their  
asses is so erotic it's almost agonizing!  

Having taken the edge off their sexual hunger, they turn  
their attention back to you. Jill uses different shades of  
suntan oil to paint you up with Tiger Stripes. The feel of  
her artistic fingers stroking your bare flesh is thrilling,  
especially since she and all the other girls are still  
wearing their leg and wrist cuffs, but it's also  
frustrating, and as your lush body gets coated in bizarre  
patterns, you wonder how you'll ever get the marks off in  
time to go back to work!  

Next Joanna teases out your blonde hair, stiffening it with  
hair spray that dries instantly in the hot sun, making your  
once sedate hairdo into a passionate tangle!  

Jaclyn tweaks your nipples and asks how you like looking so  
sexy, and if you wouldn't like some clothes? When you beg  
for some, she gives you high heels - and earrings! A long,  
dangling pair screwed tightly in your ears; Then another set  
clamped on your swollen nipples and joined together by a  
chain with a tiny silver bell attached! Another pair hooks  
into the corners of your mouth, then links up with a pair in  
your ears, forcing your red lips back in a wide smile and  
making speech difficult. But the most embarrassing Ring of  
all is the one in your nose - with a leash attached!  

Your bonds have shrunk so much by now that walking is almost  
impossible, but Joyce makes you do it, leading you by your  
nose-leash as you duckwalk around the yard with a big  
plastic penis in your mouth! Everyone thinks it looks so  
charming, they'll just let you keep it there!  

That's six penalties done now, and only Judy and June, your  
giggling wife, are left to inflict punishments on you. you  
crouch there in your bondage, butt-naked, your skin painted  
in tiger-stripes, blonde hair teased out wildly, tugging  
uselessly at the bonds that hamper your legs, force your  
wrists up behind you clear to your shoulder blades, and arch  
your back sharply, making you thrust out your jiggling ass  
and flaunt your big, bouncy, striped titties in front of  
you. As your jewelry glitters and jingles in the afternoon  
sun, you feel the strain of the earrings in your mouth and  
smile miserably around the dildo up at Judy, who towers over  
you, thrillingly nude and erotically hampered in her loose  
wrist-and-ankle cuffs. She smiles down at you.  

"Let's Pussy her up, Girls!"  

They all cheer as you quiver there. June has told you about  
pussy-ing up and it sounded lovely when she described it,  
but right now, it's the last thing you want!  

Judy cuts the strap that runs from your ankles up to your  
crotch strap. It's wonderful to be able to stretch out your  
legs once more, but the relief is short-lived as the strap  
running between your legs now bites even deeper into your  
crotch and the women swarm all over you... Pussy-ing you up!  

It's a simple and wonderfully ingenious torture. First Jane  
stands you up, facing her, and presses her body up against  
yours. She slips her cuffed wrists over your head and down  
your back, grabs your big round bottom to pull you closer,  
and grinds her real, wet vulva up against your false one.  
Beneath the crotch-cover, you feel like you're being gently  
masturbated as she rubs herself around and around, but the  
touch is somehow too light, too erratic to bring you off...  
all it does is arouse you, despite the pain of your bent-up  
arms, arched back, strained smiling mouth, clamped nipples  
and stinging rump!  

In minutes, Jane gasps in orgasm, soaking your false pubis  
in her juices as she rubs frantically over it, then raises  
her cuffed wrists and pushes you gently back.... into the  
waiting arms of Jill and Joanna!  

They lay you down on the grass, marveling at the way your  
bound arms on the ground underneath you force you to arch  
your back and thrust your breasts out even more! Jill takes  
advantage of this, straddling your chest as best she can in  
her ankle cuffs and dipping her moist cunt down over first  
one breast then the other, then back. The feel of her wet  
nether-lips kissing your stiff, earringed nipples is  
tingling, thrilling.... and, in your present state of  
frustrated hornyness, even more agonizing! And it doesn't  
help that Joanna as stroking her OWN pussy up and down your  
gently-scissoring legs!  

By the time they have come to shuddering climaxes, your  
stems and bosom are glistening wet with their fluids. Not a  
bit put off, Jessica and Jaclyn merrily roll you over onto  
your face, Jessica straddling the back of your head while  
Jaclyn moves her crotch around and around over your big,  
round, tiger-striped bottom! Of course, this puts even more  
pressure on the strap that runs from the front of your  
waist, between your legs and up your back to your collar.  
You feel it digging mercilessly between your false pussy  
lips and up the crack of your ass as the women writhe and  
rub themselves over you!  

When they get up at last, your hair and rump are both a  
sticky mess. They pull you up to your knees, and you kneel  
there on the grass as Joyce and Judy masturbate themselves  
on your bound-up arms while June -your tender, loving,  
submissive wife June - pulls the dildo from your mouth and  
rubs her moist womanhood up and down over your pretty face!  

At last they finish with you. As they purr contentedly  
around you in the afternoon sun, you rise miserably to your  
high-heeled feet, a sticky mess! Now, you not only look sexy  
and feminine, but also positively reek of aroused womanhood!  
Burning with shame at smelling this way, you look hopefully  
to June as she decides on your final punishment.  

"Let's put a minidress on her and take her downtown,"  
Someone suggests, "We can drop her off and give her cab-fare  
to get back"  

"Or a Bus Token!" Someone giggles, "Can you imagine her  
riding around town on a public bus in that state?"  

"Why bother with the Dress?" Someone else puts in, "We can  
take her to one of those topless/bottomless clubs...."  

"Or a Massage Parlor!"  

"....and make her earn her way back!"  

"You're all making this much too complicated," Jaclyn  
objects, her chains jingling merrily, "My house is less than  
a mile from here, and there's no reason why we can't just  
tie Jackie up out here until Dark, then have her run over to  
my place!"  

"But won't your Husband be home by then?"  

"Exactly!" She titters, "To keep from being seen, our little  
Jackie will have to get in that big Dog Pen at the back of  
our property! There's a little dog house she can hide in if  
anyone comes, and a lock on the gate to keep strangers out!  
Of course, once she's locked in, she'll have to spend the  
night there, but we can come down tomorrow and feed her and  
think about letting her out. What do you say, June?" 

"Well..."  Your wife puts her hand thoughtfully to her chin,  
studying you, and of course her other hand, chained to it,  
raises as well.  

"Oh, do it!" Everyone urges.  

"Well," She says at last, twitching her naked hips as she  
speaks, "That sounds really lovely, but I happen to know  
that Jackie has to be someplace tomorrow. And it's almost  
Five, so some of us are going to have to clean up and get  
home as well. So I think I'll just take her inside and let  
her shower off with us - with her nose leash tied to the  
shower drain! That way, we can have a little more fun with  
her before we go!" 

They're a bit put out, but everyone agrees that since most  
of them will have to leave anyway, this is probably the best  
they can do. Chattering gaily about the possibilities of  
having a bound victim in the shower with them, they start  
back into the house at last, June leading you with the nose- 
leash flung over her shoulder.  

The back entrance to Jean's house has one wall done up in  
Mirror Tiles, and as you scamper in, you get a look at your  
self. And felt even worse than before, if that's possible!  

Your spine is arched back by your bondage until it's almost  
in a semi-circle! As you canter forward in your high heels,  
you can see your tiger-striped skin undulating lewdly, even  
as your jewelry glitters and sparkles in the light. Your  
blonde hair is a wild, frizzy mess, and you smell, stronger  
than ever, the redolent aroma of Womanhood all over your  
sexy bod. And speaking of Bods! You have to lean forward  
just to see ahead, and this makes you thrust your swaying  
breasts out in front and stick your bouncing bottom out  
behind. Every move you make is a helpless, wanton display,  
and to make matters worse, that damn crotch strap has  
separated your ass cheeks and the lips of your false pussy,  
putting even more of your shameful state on Exhibition!  
Everyone in the room can see and smell your pulsating,  
feminine need, and the awful posture you are forced to  
assume makes you look like you're presenting yourself to all  
comers! Despite your pulled-back smiling lips and the dildo  
in your mouth, you could just scream with humiliation!  




But it's the women around you who are screaming!  





"MARK! You're supposed to be in...." 

"STEVE! How did you get back-?"  

"LARRY! What are you doing here-?"  

"ED! What are you doing with that camera?"  

Dumbfounded, you stare in the direction they are screaming  
at. The Living Room is full of MEN! MEN!! Seeing us like  
this! Seeing YOU like this!! Nine of them swarming all over,  
grabbing their wives' bondage and securing it to rings in  
the wall. To one side of you, you see a man - somehow  
familiar - take your naked wife June by her wrist cuffs and  
tie them to the floor, forcing her to bend and crouch. Who  
is this guy, treating your wife like this? And where the  
hell have you seen him before?  

And then someone tugs on your nose leash. You look straight  
ahead, into the smiling eyes of Arnold Astin, the gay  
assistant, whom you'd left in charge at the Lab!  

"Come along, Evelyn!" He sneers, "It's time you girls  
learned a lesson about cheating on your husbands!"  

EVELYN! That's it! That strange-looking guy over there tying  
up your wife June is really Arnold's butchy wife Evelyn -  
disguised as a man! But why is Arnold calling you by her  
name? And her by YOURS!?!?!?  

"I'm just glad Ed came to see me at the Lab last week,"  
Arnold is saying, "He told me all about what your friend  
June over there was doing behind my good buddy Jack's back,  
and I knew right away that you must be planning to sneak  
over here with her!"  

"RIGHT," Evelyn - disguised as you - slips a gag between  
your wife's lips and belts it over her mouth as he/she picks  
up the story, "So all of us husbands got together and  
decided we'd teach our kinky wives a lesson!"  

She has finished binding and gagging June, who, like the  
others had been nude and half-bound to start with! You look  
around you at the women helplessly tethered by their  
husbands, even as Arnold secures the plastic penis in your  
mouth with a grommet and rubber strap, rendering you  

"We snuck over from my place," Jaclyn's husband Art says,  
"And all afternoon, while you tramps were out on the lawn  
degrading yourselves, we've been upstairs at the windows...  
taking pictures!"  

"We could take you to court with those and get divorces that  
would leave you penniless!" Ray puts in.  

"That's right," Evelyn, leaning over your naked wife, speaks  
insistently enough for both of you to get her meaning. "If  
we show those pictures around, you'll be recognized all over  
town. You'd lose your job, your house, and any chance you'd  
ever have of finding another job or being accepted in decent  
society again!"  

Her words strike terror into both of you, but they pass  
right over Tim, who continues, "But we decided that as long  
as we've got you on a string, we might as well jerk it a few  
times while we decide what to do with you."  

"So we're going to show you," Mark concludes, "If you wanted  
to be dominated, you should have come to us. We'll show you  
how Slut Slaves ought to be treated. One at a time!"  

Arnold jerks down on your nose-leash, and you fall to your  
knees, watching in penis-gagged silence as the husbands  
laughingly free one woman at a time and pass her from man to  
man. one man might want a Blow Job, another may feel like  
delivering a spanking, a third perhaps fancies entering a  
puckered anus and some even want an old-fashioned Fuck.  
Whatever the order, the helpless, trapped female bends to  
the task, humiliated at first, then warming to the  
debasement, (These women are masochists, after all!) and  
finally surrendering herself to the joy of Total Slavery.  

As the pile of used rubbers grows, you watch first one wife,  
then another, subject herself to a servitude much different  
from what she has been used to. For they all know that this  
is no game; there will be no escaping the bonds of their  
outraged men.  

And it thrills them!  

Finally, Jane's turn comes. You see Evelyn, whom everyone  
calls "Jack", open her male trousers and reveal a realistic  
artificial penis. As you watch, she forces June to sit on  
her lap, then bend over to take another man in her mouth,  
while her hands are-freed to fondle two more randy cocks.  
Only after all four of them have shot their load is she  
permitted to climb off and give oral sex to yet another  
husband while a sixth man spanks her!  

You burn with shame and outrage at watching your naked wife  
subjected to this! You tug uselessly at your bonds,  
screaming gibberish through the gag as the lovely naked,  
bound form of your own wife gets passed from man to man!  
YOUR WIFE's pussy invaded by randy cocks, right in front of  
you! It's galling! And even more so when she at last tumbles  
to the floor, wiping sperm from her lips.... and smiling!  

And now it's your turn!!!  


It's been a year now since you and June signed everything  
over to Arnold and Evelyn, and my! haven't things changed!  
No more business to run, no more money to handle... All you  
have to think about anymore is your looks, your sex life,  
and pleasing everyone you meet.  

You don't even have to think about clothes anymore. Arnold  
doesn't let you have many, and those you get are carefully  
prescribed: You wear the tiny leather string bikini and high  
heels around the apartment while Arnold's at work, then  
replace the bikini with a collar as soon as he comes home.  
Of course, he may want you to wear wrist, ankle, knee or  
elbow-cuffs - or all four! -but usually he prefers the sight  
of you helplessly displaying your feminine charms in just  
she collar and heels.  

And speaking of Feminine Charms, yours are really Something  
these days! Your breasts have grown out to a 44-D, your  
waist is a narrow Twenty-Six, and your hips and bottom swell  
out to a bouncy Forty. Sometimes when you see videotapes of  
yourself getting a spanking, your tits and ass look like  
four giant balloons jiggling around! The new cover over your  
male crotch has been carefully designed to look like a  
shaved pubis, with passionately swollen nether-lips, and  
your long blonde hair has been artfully teased and styled  
into a sensuous tangle. Of course, it takes a lot of time to  
make sure that your body remains hairless and soft, but the  
electrolysis treatments are starting to take hold, and now  
that your face has been permanently tattooed with pouting  
red lips, pink cheeks and shadowed eyes, you don't have to  
spend nearly as much time on Makeup!  

For serving Dinner, or when Company comes, your loving  
Husband Arnold lets you wear a frilly white apron and maid's  
cap, plus dark silk stockings with white garters, and  
whenever you're dressed like this, it's understood that you  
must be on your Best Behavior. Smile and curtsy to everyone,  
obey any order, and don't protest, even when they pinch your  
bare bottom or squeeze your big boobs!  

If you have to go out Shopping or to the Laundry Room, you  
get to wear your heels and stockings with a short, tight,  
black satin minidress, strapless, with buttons down one  
side. Strutting down the street or bending over to unload  
the washer in this garb, you look positively indecent, with  
your bottom-globes peeking out underneath and your ripe  
breasts bubbling over the top! You blush furiously every  
time someone whistles or makes a rude remark, but you know  
better than to try to disobey any of Arnold's orders or to  
leave any of his errands unfinished. Just smile and do as  
you're told, and maybe he won't be too hard on you tonight!  

Once a month or so, Arnold removes the artificial cover from  
your male penis and lets you relieve your frustrated male  
desires. But you don't enjoy it. For he always removes the  
crotch cover after he's dropped you off in your heels-and- 
collar outfit at a Gay Bath House! You have just one hour to  
bring yourself off and meet him outside the Steam Room, or  
you'll have to go another month without relief of any kind!  
Naturally, your appearance and your perpetual erection draw  
all sorts of unwanted attention, and the few minutes of  
privacy you'd need to bring yourself off are next-to  

Of course, once the sexy pussy-cover goes back on, it's back  
to the apartment and your Wifely Duties, which you always  
perform very eagerly. A few sessions with your nipples  
clothes-pinned and hung from the shower bar while Arnold  
paddles your bottom have made you very eager indeed! You've  
become his perfect little Passion-Slave, and sometimes you  
almost forget that you were ever called anything but Evelyn.  

What reminds you is the weekly meetings of TETHERS. The  
husbands bring their wives to show off whatever new tricks  
they've been taught, and you get to see June performing for  
Evelyn. Evelyn has slipped into your identity very  
comfortably by now, and the way she looks and acts with  
June, you could almost believe that they really are Husband  
and Wife! Evelyn knows perfectly how to exploit June's  
bisexuality and masochism, and June's response to her  
domination is unmistakably passionate and loving. She shows  
off her bizarre hairstyles, tattoos and nipple rings with  
obvious pride in her subjugation and genuine love for her  
Master/Mistress. She hasn't forgotten you, though, and  
whenever it's your turn to perform for all the men, she  
watches you with a special secret smile.  


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  1. Pretty awesome story. I love that everyone is so happy with their new state affairs except for him. How utterly humiliating.

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