Best Friends by C.C. **new july 2010**

I guess what I did was kind of a nasty trick to pull on a nice guy like Jamie – particularly since we’ve been close friends since College. But I still think on some level he secretly wanted it.

I hope so, anyway.

Jamie and I were roommates and best friends all through College, despite the fact that I’m gay and he’s not. Back then I was very confused, shy, and guilt-ridden, and Jamie was completely open and accepting. He explained to me that guys’ bodies just did not turn him on, but he never made me feel bad about my growing certainty about my sexuality. The thing is, I dig men, but I’ve always been drawn to the effeminate type, so you can imagine how screwed-up I felt in my teens. But like I say, Jamie was easy-going and relaxed about all my issues, and he helped a lot while I tried to deal with it all.

We were both rather withdrawn, studious types, and with our temperaments so closely matched we became best friends. This wasn’t one of those “Party” colleges; it was a small but prestigious place in a small Midwestern town, and pretty quiet, really. And our relationship was just straight(!)forward friendship till something changed it:

One hot Saturday in late spring we went hiking at a nearby state park. We’d been up late watching TV the night before and were pretty tired, so when we got to a lake we figured to get a nap before lunch. I fell asleep almost immediately but when I woke up later, I didn’t see Jamie –

— but there, right next to me, all his clothes were piled neatly on the grass!

I looked over at the lake and saw him swimming off in the distance. Then I looked at the pile of his clothes. I knew he hadn’t packed a towel or swim trunks, so he must be skinny-dipping!

All of a sudden, I felt really strange, just kind of charged-up at the thought that Jamie was naked and I had all his clothes! I should add that Jamie was on the swim team, and he had a swimmer’s build: slim and toned but not muscular. He also kept his body shaved for more speed in the water…. Except for his pubic hair, that is! The sight of him out there all smooth-skinned and naked – almost girlish-looking — was turn-on enough, but like I say, the feeling of being in control of his clothes got me even more excited.

So I took them. Just gathered up everything, every stitch he had, along with the book bag we’d brought the rest of our stuff in. I took EVERYTHING and hid in the bushes to watch the fun.

Well it wasn’t long before Jamie came out of the water, dripping and shaking himself off. He came up to the tree where I’d been sleeping next to his clothes and the look on his face when he saw Nothing There was just Priceless! His eyes went wide, his mouth opened in a surprised “Oooo!” and he blushed all over. Best of all, though: his dick suddenly went stiff! Jamie wasn’t well-endowed to start with, and the cold water had made him even smaller, but he just looked so sweet, standing there all naked and smooth-skinned, blushing beet red and sporting his little boner! He clamped his hands down over it immediately and almost danced around, looking all over for me – and for his clothes — before running off in the wrong direction, with his pink butt waving in the breeze.

Well I had an idea, so once he was out of sight I went up the trail closer to the park entrance where we came in, and hid his clothes really well. Then I went back to the lake where he’d gone swimming. It didn’t take me long to catch up with him, and as soon as he saw me he jumped behind a bush! And demanded his clothes!

I made up a story that I’d woken up and didn’t see him, so I’d been looking around the woods for him. I hinted that while I was gone, someone else must have swiped his stuff. I kept doing little “innocent” things to emphasize his situation, saying stuff like, “You mean you don’t have ANY clothes on?” “You’re completely naked?” things like that. Finally I told him I’d give him some clothes to leave the park in, but I said I was hungry and we should eat first.

He protested, of course, but I as firm. And you should have seen how cute he looked, curled up there on the grass, trying to hide himself while we ate our sandwiches! His round bare bottom, the hairless skin, and the way he sat, with one hand over his privates, trying to keep his butt turned away… and I swear, a couple of times he crossed his arm over his chest, like a woman shielding her hooters – he looked just precious!

Finally I said we could leave and I picked up the bag. He asked what I was going to give him to wear, and I said that could wait; we’d look for his clothes and if we didn’t find them I’d let him carry the bag.

Whoa! You should have heard him howl! He stamped his feet, he demanded, he pleaded, but I just started walking up the trail till he scampered to catch up with me.

Well, I finally “found” his clothes, and I don’t know if Jamie ever suspected that it was me who stole them, but he was incredibly grateful as he put them on.

Or did he seem just a little disappointed that the episode was over?

Anyway, I must have jacked off every night for a month just thinking about that afternoon. And the thing of it is, I was pretty sure Jamie was just as charged up by it as I was.

But for some reason I didn’t try anything like tat again… till the next Summer!.

We were at the school gym in the middle of Summer Quarter of our Sophomore year; we’d been exercising, then swimming, and were showering off. For some reason Jamie decided this would be a good chance to depilate his body (he was still on the Swim Team and kept his body smooth except for his pubic hair and the air on his head.) so he was still in the showers when I was finished.

You guessed it: I took all his clothes and his towel, and I left a note:



I waited at the bottom of the steps outside the back door of the gymnasium for several minutes, trying to make my cigarette last, till I was finally rewarded by the sound of Jamie’s voice, nervously hissing my name. But I kept my back to the door and pretended not to hear. Finally, I hard the Gym door slam (It auto-locks from the inside!) and a quick padding of bare feet, followed by rustling in the bushes behind me. And Jamie calling my name again!

“Over here!”

I looked over, pretended not to see him, crouched naked there in the bushes, at first, then finally “discovered” him and went into milking the situation for all I could, with “innocent” questions like

“Are you naked? What are you doing there like that?”

“You mean you came out here Naked? Where’s your clothes?”

“Took everything? You mean they didn’t leave you a stitch of clothes? You’re out here completely nude?”

“Why on earth did you come out here like That?”

Finally I had enough laughs at Jamie’s expense and went to get him something to wear. What I came out with, though, was a bright pink towel… cut almost completely in half! When Jamie secured this around his waist with a safety pin, he looked like he was wearing a hot-pink micro-mini-skirt – slit up both sides clear to the hip! And it was easy to see his excited state under the front!

Of course I insisted on “helping him out” by walking back to the dorm with him. And of course I walked slower than he wanted, and when other students passed close I fell back a little so it looked like he was just sashaying across campus like that by himself. The looks he got from the students – male and female – made him blush furiously, particularly when a group of co-eds yelled “Put some clothes on, girl!”

But the bulge under that towel-skirt stayed straight up!

By the end of our Junior Year, I was pretty sure Jamie got turned on by being stuck out naked in embarrassing situations. He wasn’t an Exhibitionist, in fact he did everything he could NOT to be seen. But there was no denying that situations like that really turned him on. But — and this is despite the fact that I was a confirmed Gay Man by then – I didn’t really pursue this aspect of Jamie’s psyche in our relationship. We were good friends and roommates, after all, and I didn’t want to mess that up. So I didn’t do anything until the end of that last quarter.

We were going to have to part company soon. I was going to another school where I could pursue my studies in Pharmacology, and Jamie was just going to earn a Liberal Arts degree so he could qualify for an inheritance that would leave him pretty well set for the rest of his life. I figured if I was ever going to do this, I better make it soon, so one hot Saturday afternoon, I persuaded Jamie to come with me to a clothing-optional beach a few hours drive away. I told him he could wear his swim suit if he wanted, that lots of girls hung out there, and it’d be a perfect day. Well it was – for me!

At the beach we left my car in a parking lot and walked to the clothing-optional area, about a half-mile away. We were both dressed in jeans, T-shirts and beach sandals, and when we reached the signs indicating “CLOTHING OPTIONAL BEYOND THIS POINT I told Jamie he could go into a changing room next to the snack center and change into his swimsuit there if he wanted… I was just going to take off my clothes out here! After he went in, I waited a few minutes, then snuck in – sure enough, there were all his clothes (EVERYTHING!) lying on a bench, while he stood naked under the shower.

I took it all, every stitch, and gave it to the guy at the refreshment stand (I knew this guy!) then waited outside… still wearing my swimming trunks!

I can’t tell you how sexy he looked when he finally came out, totally naked, blushing all over, clutching his hands desperately over his crotch… and sporting the cutest little boner I ever saw! I’ve said before, Jamie wasn’t very well-hung, but there was just no hiding that stiffie in his hands!

I really got into it then, saying how I thought he wasn’t going to go nude, and how much he obviously liked it, and how he was drawing attention to himself trying to hide that little thing like that, and all the while he was practically dancing up and down on the hot sand in his bare feet, begging me for something to wear!

“Nope,” I said firmly, “This is the third time you’ve lost your clothes and as far as I’m concerned, That’s the Charm. You can just stay naked while we relax here on the beach. And you can do as I order. Or maybe you’d just rather try to get back all naked like that, eh?” I looked him up and down and he blushed even deeper… and got even stiffer under his cupped hands!

“All right,” He said, eyes downcast “I-I’ll do whatever you say. Only p-please, please d-don’t make me… uh…”

“Don’t worry your pretty little head about that,” I grinned, “Now c’mon.”

And I grabbed him by the pubic hair and led him down the beach like that!

Well you should have heard the whistles and jeers as I paraded him down to the Gay part of the beach. Everybody there just naturally assumed he was a Bottom, so when I laid out a towel and stretched out on it, and ordered him to kneel beside me, all we got was a lot of appreciative interest.

I had Jamie cover me with suntan oil then, and afterwards do himself. Then I broke out the cold drinks and ordered him to hold mine while I relaxed. And that’s how we spent the afternoon: with him serving me, all nude and submissive – and erect — while I enjoyed myself. . Some acquaintances of mine came up after a while and we sat around jawing. They were beefy, furry types, wearing the sexiest of tiny speedo’s and the contrast between them and slender, smooth-skinned naked Jamie was really hot! One of them handed Jamie a few dollars and told him to go over to the refreshment stand and get us some more drinks.

“And keep that dinky thing out of sight!” he barked.

So poor Jamie had to scamper clear over to the refreshment stand with his hands cupped over his privates… then tuck his equipment back between his legs so he could hold the drinks and come mincing back to us… wiggling his peach-pink bare bottom for everyone to laugh at!

By the time evening approached, everyone was getting pretty mellow, but I knew that part of the beach sometimes draws a rough trade after dark, so I packed up and we left… with Jamie following me on al fours, like an obedient puppy. When we got to the end of the clothing-optional part of the beach, I ordered Jamie to clutch the cooler we’d brought over his crotch and run back to my car. Man, it was wild, seeing him scamper across the gravel parking lot on bare feet, then crouch beside the car to keep from being seen till I sauntered up and unlocked it.

We drove back to the dorm in silence, me not sure hat to say and Jamie… I don’t know quite how he felt. But when we reached the dorm, he got out of the car, still naked, and knelt beside it, submissively holding the cooler, like a naked slave waiting for orders.

The next week I left for another University, but Jamie and I kept in touch over the years. I got into some very interesting Pharmacology research that made a lot of money for my company – and some for me, besides — and Jamie got his degree and his inheritance. A year later he got married, and though I couldn’t make it to the wedding, I saw a picture of his wife – Gloria was her name — and all I could think was to wonder why a beautiful woman like her married a… well, like I said, Jamie was kind of small-built. Something about the expression on her face in the picture, the look in her eyes, got me to wondering…

About a year after they were married, I had a chance to visit Jamie and Gloria. We had dinner in his nice house, and I met Gloria. And their Attorney, Jack.

And the way Jack and Gloria looked at each other told me everything I wanted to know.

Which is how the idea came into my head. The thing I mentioned that was a nasty trick to pull on an old friend.

I’ll tell you about it and you can let me know what YOU think.

Maybe the thought had been in the back of my head ever since I helped develop these experimental drugs for the company. Whatever the case, once I saw Jack and Gloria together, I knew I could make it happen – and I knew I WOULD! It wasn’t easy convincing them they could trust me (Jamie and I were old friends, after all) and after I had their trust, it wasn’t easy convincing them I could do what I could do what I said I could. But once I had Jack and Gloria’s trust and confidence, we were ready to set the trap for my old friend.

It was an easy matter for Gloria to start slipping the hormones into Jamie’s regular vitamins. And she was even able to get him on the skin treatments: the stuff I gave her that made his skin smooth and soft, like it was in college. She told him he looked sexy like that! And it was fairly simple for Jack to get Jamie to sign the papers we needed: the simple dissolution of marriage, power-of-attorney and some innocent-looking things that actually changed the names on joint checking accounts, switched the ownership on his trust fund assets, transferred his property… and committed him for medical care, in case that was necessary!

It was mid-summer when I called and suggested to Jamie that we might meet at a camping resort I knew of for a week’s relaxation. Gloria was initially supposed to go along, but at the last minute something “came up unexpectedly” so Jamie flew out by himself – with the stuff Gloria had carefully packed – picked up the rented camper and drove the hundred miles to the special campgrounds where I had reserved our spots.

Jack and I were watching from inside a rented van with darkened windows when Jamie arrived. But of course, he didn’t know that. So when I called him on the cell phone and told him I wouldn’t be in till next day, he had no cause to doubt me. And when I suggested he look around the woods for a good spot for hiking and swimming, I’d swear I could feel the excitement in his voice! Was he thinking about repeating his skinny-dip performance?

Gloria had packed the special bathing suit for Jamie, and doctored the sun-tan lotion and bottled water he took with the special drugs I had developed at work. So everything was ready. Jack and I watched as Jamie left his rented camper with a towel and butt-pack that probably contained his sun-tan lotion, water, and the keys to his camper.

We were ready.

Jack was a good woodsman and I’m no slouch. And we were both familiar with these woods. It was easy for us to follow Jamie without him seeing us, and hide in the undergrowth when he reached the spot we figured he’d pick for swimming: secluded, but easy to get to. He took a big drink of the bottled water and started undressing. Perfect! Jamie’s skin was smooth and hairless, thanks to Gloria, and he was wearing the tight swim trunks she had packed for him; I could see the special chemicals in them were already causing the fabric to tighten around his crotch. He took another drink (GREAT!) and started rubbing on the special “sun-tan lotion” I had provided. Then another drink (EVEN BETTER!) and he stepped into the clear, gently-flowing stream.

It was an easy matter for us to sneak up while Jamie was swimming and swipe his clothes. Just as I expected, his keys, cell phone, plastic, it was all in there, along with his driver’s license, ID….

Jack took the stuff and headed back to the parking area immediately, but I waited there, hidden in the dense undergrowth. I HAD to see what happened when Jamie saw the effect of the special treatments I had prepared!

First the crotch of the bathing suit tightened around him as the water caused special adhesives in it to bond to his privates, tucking them back behind his legs and sealing them there. Then the rest of the suit dissolved… leaving nothing but a triangle of coarse dark hair secured firmly over his 3-piece set, concealing, confining and disguising his maleness to look like a woman’s love-nest!

But he probably wasn’t paying close attention to his privates just then: not with the way his chest was swelling into a pair of full, firm and well-shaped breasts!

I saw Jamie stand up in the water and look down at his chest in stunned shock as the water oozed off those feminine treasures, and seeing the look on his face was beyond any thrill I’d ever had with him before! His gently-arched eyebrows shot up to meet the wet, disheveled shoulder-length blonde hair plastered across his forehead, while his long-lashed eyes widened in surprise. His full, red lips parted in an astonished “O!” and he blushed all the way from the roots of his hair to his naked pink toes!

Instantly he was racing-wading through the hip-deep water back to shore. And when the water got below his hips and he saw the “surprise” there – a totally feminine-looking crotch between two very shapely legs – he moaned in despair…. I just wish he could have seen how round and shapely his butt had swelled out! But he was scrambling out on shore, his shapely smooth legs scampering back to the tree where he’d left his clothes, and once again I was in a perfect spot to see the look of total despair on Jamie’s pretty face and hear him gasp “Ohhh no-o-o-o!”

He quickly crossed one arm over his shapely chest and clamped a hand down over his privates as he looked fearfully this way and that, and the enormity of his situation dawned on him: Naked. Feminized. No clothes. No keys. No ID. No money. No plastic. And totally transformed miles from home, out here in the woods!

I thrilled to see him practically dancing about as he looked around in complete bewildered terror. It must have seemed like some awful dream! Finally, he started fearfully tip-toeing back towards the parking area where he’d parked his camper, darting from bush to try to hide his feminine nudity.

It was easy for me to get back to the van before Jamie even got close to the parking area. And I used field glasses, scanning the woods when he finally got close, so I could fully appreciate the look of despair on his pretty features when he saw his camper was gone!

That’s right. Jack had simply driven off with it.

Leaving Jamie here.

Like THAT!

It was early evening when Jack drove his rented camper into the campgrounds and parked in Jamie’s slot. He and Gloria had deliberately picked the same make and model as Jamie’s rented camper, but in a different color. I joined them and together we set out the grill, table, VCR/TV and lounge chairs. Jack was wearing cut-offs and a muscle shirt that accentuated his macho looks, and when Gloria came out in a breath-taking swim-suit… well, they looked like the perfect couple!

The three of us sat around sipping cool drinks while steaks cooked on the grill. Then, after a long wait, we heard the tremulous, high-pitched stage-whisper:

“Hey! You guys…. Over here!”

We all looked over at the edge of the woods and tried hard to hide our amusement at the sight of Jamie… nude, disheveled, and beautiful, clutching a few leafy vines over his full, shapely breasts and feminized privates, half-crouching in the underbrush!

“Well what’s this?” I asked.

“MY!” Gloria grinned, “She’s sure not wearing much!”

“Damn,” Jack whistled appreciatively, “Look at those hooters!” Jamie twisted in shame. “And that ass!”

The three of us walked over to where my old friend was hiding in the woods, still in shock and blushing furiously.

“Quick!” he hissed petulantly, “Bring me some clothes! Can’t you see I-I’m naked!”

“Well just who are you, Dear?” Gloria asked sweetly, “And how do you come to be flitting around the woods in THAT get-up?”

“It-it’s me, Gloria!” Jamie sputtered, stamping his foot, “Your husband!”

“Oh you must be mistaken, Sweet-cheeks,” Gloria giggled, “I’d never marry a woman!” She took Jack’s arm and pressed her swimsuit-clad body against his. “This is my husband Jack – we were married last week.”

“But you can’t be!” Jamie’s soft voice still sounded outraged, but there was just a note of doubt and fear now as he clutched those silly vines over his feminine curves, “I’m your husband! I AM!”

“Yeah?” Jack grined, “Well we were just watching the video of our wedding,” Jack quickly grabbed Jamie’s delicate arm in a strong grip, tugging the poor naked feminized guy – who was still trying to cover his areas of maidenly modesty – over to the camper “C’mon, we’ll show you!”

The next thing poor Jamie knew, he was kneeling on the ground in front of the little TV/VCR watching tapes of his wife marrying Jack in Reno.

“But-but I’M your husband!” he squeaked.

“Silly thing!” Gloria teased, “Maybe you WERE my husband, but it looks like you’re hardly suited for the part now, are you? Poor thing, all feminine with your clothes all gone!”

“That’s not all that’s gone,” Jack grinned, “You’ve lost your wife, your property, your trust funds and checking accounts… your former male gender and whole identity!”

Terrified, Jamie looked over at me, his trusted old friend, for some sign of help.

“Don’t worry, Sweet-cheeks,” I smiled, “I’ll see that you’re well taken care of.”

It’s been six months now since Jamie and I were married, and I couldn’t be happier. As for Jamie…. Well, I think she’s getting used to the idea. She’s certainly gotten used to the exaggerated feminine mannerisms I make her use at all times; perhaps it’s because she doesn’t want anyone else to suspect the “little secret” under that pussy-wig bonded to “her” crotch. Whatever the case, she’s learned to mince and simper about VERY convincingly!

I keep her naked most of the time, of course, except for very high heels and a collar. Sometimes I let her have a skimpy silk micro-bra-and-panty set, (when she’s been exceptionally good) and for our Wedding…. She looked so cute in those new white heels, the borrowed garter, and vintage bridal veil, clutching the little bouquet of blue violets over her crotch as she tried to cover her breasts, while I put the ring – in her nose, instead of on her finger…. But she’s so shy! In the receiving line, as all the guests filed by, I let poor naked feminine Jamie stand with her face to the wall – which made her nude backside very handy for the congratulatory spankings!

Of course I let Jamie know from the start that ours would be an open marriage. After all, Jamie was so insistent that guys’ bodies don’t turn her on, and I don’t believe in rape, so… let’s just say a guy like me has lots of alternatives!

But things are much different for Jamie. With that false pussy bonded over her crotch, the poor thing can’t get at those precious male privates: It like being naked and wearing a chastity belt at the same time! And it’s making her sort of –uh- needy, if you know what I mean. Lately, she’s been suggesting all sorts of things, just to get me to promise to THINK about setting her free.

But I don’t want to force her.

Not me.

I want to know Jamie REALLY wants to do those things.

Maybe when she starts begging….

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  1. It was very cruel for the narrator to do what he did to poor Jamie, his best friend no less. But it did make for an exciting story. Personally, I would have loved to read about Jamie’s eventual deflowerment at the hands of his/her husband.

    Keep up the good work.


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