A Berry Big Problem Timothy Reisling Betticut

A Berry Big Problem
Timothy Reisling Betticut

It was so vivid. A memory seared into my Tim Mitty brain. That terrible
broiling Summer with Barry and Suzi and ….

*** ***

“Taffy? Aren’t you going to suck on it?”

I wore a teeny strawberry sun dress, with matching thigh-highs, and a
wide strawberry belt, three inches of strawberry sandals and matching
tarty plastic hoops poking out from under my raven pageboy. My lips were
strawberry red and coated with a strawberry flavored gloss that was so
thick, it looked like I’d just finished a blow job. I wore a strawberry
ribbon choker with a tiny plastic strawberry pinned to its front. My
long nails were strawberry acrylics and I wore a clunky bracelet
encrusted with dozens of jingly metal strawberries and cranberries. I
peered at my brother from under extra thick mascara beneath strawberry
and charcoal eye shadows. I’d have arched my brows into a question at
his request, except they were already plucked into the highest thin
arches that my face could manage. With those eyes, my new thick lips,
strawberry blusher and those brows…. my face always seemed to say….
“Oh my god!”

“Um, suck on what Barry?” I squeaked, pocking my fingers up under my
little skirt into my ass crack to pluck out the thong on my pretty berry
panties that was driving me weird. The damned throat spray would last
for days, leaving me with a voice that sounded like a chipmunk in heat.

My brother Barry smirked, and pointed at a lollipop on the table by the
door, “I got it just for your date little sissy faggot.”

“You bastard,” I mumbled looking at the thing he must have found in some
sex shop. It was a shiny red penis on a stick. “No way I’ll have that
thing in my mouth when Murdoch gets here.”

“Suck it Taffy. Now!”

The bell rang as I clutched the long thick thing and brought it to my
lips. In a moment, my big brother’s competitor at work was going to meet
me standing there in the doorway coyly twirling this sweet phallus
between my engorged lips and peeping at him through smoky pinkened blue
eyes. I didn’t look like a sissy in a dress. I looked like Taffy Berry –
air headed tart. It was awful.

*** *** A week before, I’d tried to blackmail Barry with the pictures
I’d sneaked of him balling Suzy, his boss. I figured that I’d get the
upper hand for the rest of the Summer with those snapshots. With our
parents gone until Fall, Barry was acting like a dictator. I was just
eighteen, he was twenty two. Next semester I’d start college, this was
my last Summer for fun in the city. But he was using his control over
the bank account we were allowed, to pretty much dictate my days. So I
got turned into the pool boy, gardener, butler, cook and gopher – while
he ran around with Suzy. It was one thing to mess with Barry. But I
screwed up with pictures that included Suzy.

See, she’s a pharmacist – with a dual major in psychological therapy.
Never mess with a hypnotist who has access to drugs. I did, now I don’t
have those pictures anymore. Nor do I have a mind. Well, not one of my
own anyway. See, I’m kind of slight for my age. Hell, I’m a geeky
shrimp. I stand only 5’5″ and weigh a scuzzle over 110 lbs. And girls
think I’m handsome but my features are a little delicate. Okay…. I’m
pretty. And my hair is too long. Well it was. Now it seems to be just
right, since Suzy had it styled into this shoulder length page boy with
long bangs and points that come back up to my chin. It’s like wearing a
strawberry blonde bubble. And my nails are so long that I can hardly
dress myself. And in this damned padded corset my waist is only 18
inches, but the glued on tits are C cups and they jiggle and jounce and
swirl their big nipples against whatever thin top they let me wear. This
is nuts. No, I’m nuts. Whatever anyone tells me to do… I gotta do it.

Now that’s not quite as bad as it sounds, because most strangers don’t
actually tell you to do anything. They might ask, or request… But they
rarely actually say… “DO THAT!” So while Suzy turned me into an
invitation to a raping in this body and these getups, not many people
walk up and say… “Fuck me!” Even when I know that I’m a walking
billboard for sex.

And I am. They make me constantly primp in mirrors and windows and
anywhere I can see my reflection. And I’ve got to keep my makeup and my
hair and everything just so. That’s how I know how hot I look. And I had
to read that book on flirting, and practice turning on the sizzle in
front of a video camera. The tapes look as if I am loving all of this.
And of course, I have no idea what they will do with the videos.
Meantime, I am gaffed tight and locked up in place so that I have to sit
to pee and well…. I’ve been living as a girl for a week now. What with
the drugs and the hypno therapy, I’m getting perfect at the
impersonation. And It’s detestable. DAMNIT. I wanted to ball a bunch of
chicks all Summer long. And now, I’m a mall bunny and there’s a guy on
the other side of that door who …. Well, I know damned well what he’ll

“That’s Murdoch at the door Taffy. You will seduce him today. But be
careful. He’s a mean character. I think you could get hurt if he should
discover your little, um, disability. Murdoch likes to brag about his
conquests Babe. He probably won’t tell me what he did to my, um…
cousin, but you can bet he’ll let the rest of the guys at work know.
Suzy went out with him once and then she heard the rumors. She doesn’t
like him much. She doesn’t like you much. A perfect couple, eh? Well,
you wanted to have a sexy Summer, what better way to enjoy it than with
a boyfriend, huh? ”

I shook my head and felt my bangs, the hoops and the tips of my curls
brush against my face. Yet I stood there – lips parted perched up on
spikes that jutted me out in front and behind – simply waiting for the
rest of Barry’s instructions.

“Here’s the deal. Go to the door. Flirt with him the whole time he’s
here with me. I’ll get a call and have to leave. You will give him the
tour of the house. Satisfy him in the bedroom with the hidden camera.
And from then on, it won’t matter what he knows about you. No way he’ll
want pictures of him all around the office getting sucked off by a
faggot. Yea, he’ll be very tolerant of your little problem. Especially
after one of Suzy’s therapy sessions.”

“Ooops. There’s the bell again Taffy. Mustn’t keep your sweetheart
waiting, huh?”

I swirled on my heels, a flirty smirk crossing my lips in spite of the
revulsion bubbling up and, lollipop in one hand, I reached for the
doorknob with the other when Barry barked, “Quick Taffy, put this on as
you smile hello.” Barry tossed me a button as the door pulled open. I
looked up quickly into Murdoch’s startled face. The guy was huge, maybe
six seven and body-builder massive. And as I swirled back to let him
give me the once over in my berry outfit I peeked at the big badge in my

I almost choked on my taffy. It was round and white with strawberry
letters that read, “Your command is my …. wish!”

*** ***

“Um, why do you want my telephone number Tommy?”

Barry made Taffy go food shopping. At the Food Bin. Where a bunch of
kids from his class worked through the Summer. It was Barbi who peered
at him oddly at the checkout. Barbi sat beside him in Biology.

“Have we met?” Taffy poked around in his purse trying to avoid her eyes,
but Barbi’s question snapped his head up.

“You know my cousin Tim Mitty I think. He’s off in Wisconsin. We traded
placed for the Summer. Hi,” putting out his long nailed hand. “I’m
Taffy. Taffy Berry.”

“Wow, you two do look a lot alike. The family resemblance is cool. You
look a little younger than Tim – but more mature or something odd,” she
squinted, then smiled, “and a lot prettier. I’m Barbi,” the petite
brunette quickly inventoried the stacked redhead with her swollen red
lips and flirty hairdo, then went back to zapping up the total of
Taffy’s purchases. “Do you know anybody here?”

Taffy was uncomfortably aware of the bag boy staring at his chest,
“Well, no. No one actually. And yes I am a little younger than my
cousin. Seventeen really. But,” he was rambling now. Just chattering to
try to build some sort of identity in his bimbo chipmunk voice. “But
I’ve got a birthday next week. Uh, next Friday.”

Barbi grinned, aware of where her assistant’s gaze was glued as she slid
Taffy’s produce toward the bagger.. “Pretty nice melons huh Tommy?”

“They’re perfect and…” The boy turned red, abruptly aware of what
Barbi really meant. “I mean. Uh. Need some help with these bags Taffy?”

Taffy led to the car, feeling Tommy’s eyes on his jouncing ass barely
protected by it’s little berry red tennis dress. And as the last bag
disappeared into the trunk the boy finally spoke.

“If I could have your number. Maybe we could meet some of the gang?”

“Um, why do you want my telephone number Tommy?” Taffy smirked, hating
the flirt mode that kicked in.

“Well so I could call you sometime and…”

“And what will we talk about Tommy?” the redhead stepped in close to the
gangling boy.

“Well, what we can do together and stuff,” he grew pinker than Taffy’s

“We can do that right now Tommy. Or better yet. When do you get off?”
Taffy’s eyes went wide and innocent. “Um maybe I didn’t mean to ask you
about,” Taffy looked into his face and snapped a dangling earring back
with a sharp strawberry nail…. “Getting off?”

“At at…. I um, get off. I mean,” he giggled and looked around the
parking lot. “I mean I finish here at… at,” Taffy caressed Tommy’s
bare arm beneath his tee shirt. Involuntarily the boy flexed his biceps
under her light grip.

“I get off at seven.”

Taffy plucked down into the open buttons of her taught shirt front and
slid out a berry colored card, “You’ve got my number now Tommy. And if
you hurry I should be finished getting pretty by then. Maybe we can
both… ‘get-off’ together. Hmmm?”

The boy stood gape jawed in the lot as Taffy pulled away, the card
glowing almost red as his cheeks as the redhead flicked a bang aside to
peer at him in the rear view mirror of the grocery filled car. Taffy
despised his success. Boys were so easy. But then, so was Taffy. And
that was going to be a Berry Big Problem this Summer.

Summer Memory 2

Barry laughed milk from his nose.

“It’s… it isn’t that funny damnit. The hell you think woulda happened
if, Tommy… I mean with me all dolled up in that blueberry rubber
stuff… in the heels and…. I couldn’t even have run away, or made a
fist or …. I WAS DEFENSELESS Barry!”

Tim’s older brother blew his nose and coughed; tears running down his
face. “Wait till Suzy hears,” Barry coughed again, banging his fist in
glee on the breakfast table. “And you got the call from who? What was
her name again?”

“Barbi. She works at the supermarket with Tommy. She goes to school with
me, thank god she didn’t recognize….” Taffy blushed crimson. “She
really sounded embarrassed,” Tim rolled his big blue eyes and tossed an
errant bang from his eyebrow, “If she only knew how I felt. Imagine I
was waiting there, for this boy to come and… and…”

“Do to you,” Barry wiped away a tear with his napkin and picked up his
cereal spoon… “Do to you what you were going to do to Suzy and me.
Right you little turd?”

“That’s not fair,” Tim pouted. Or actually Taffy pouted as she sat
demurely in her copper nylon tank top her slinky berry skirt pulled
neatly beneath her. In a fit of vengeance for a blackmail stunt Tim
planned, the would-be victims got the upper hand. Now Suzy, Barry’s
pharmacist girlfriend had the short eighteen year old Tim Mitty under
both a hypnotic and drug supported spell. He’d become a pretty young
strawberry blonde with no will of her own. In fact today she wore the
pin as Suzy directed, “Your Command Is My Wish.”

“Tell me again. I want every word. What did this Barbi say? And why did
she call you?”

Tim went over the meeting in the store with his classmate who now
thought that Taffy was Tim’s cousin from out West, here to spend the
summer. Apparently Taffy so rattled the bag-boy Tommy that he was almost
crying and, “Well Barbi felt sorry for both of us. So she finally called
to tell me that Tommy is..”

Barry smirked, “A boy’s boy?”

Taffy sighed and tumbled some Raisin Bran into her bowl and poured on
the skim milk. “Yea. He’s a queer. So the last thing he wanted was a
night with me.”

“Queer?” Barry finished his bowl and rose to go to work. “Have you
looked at yourself in the mirror Tim, er Taffy? Maybe you shouldn’t
judge? But anyway,” Barry tightened his tie and reached for his
briefcase. “Tell me what else Barbi said.”

“Well, she wanted to know if I wanted to hang out with her and her
girlfriends this summer, since I obviously didn’t know about the boys
here and all.”

“Great… You will do that. * ORDER * You’ll call her tomorrow morning.
* ORDER * But don’t make any plans until then. You have an appointment
with Suzy at eleven o’clock at Dr. Fen’s office. Dress pretty. * ORDER *
And be there on time. Bye now Cutey.”

They were orders. Tim had to. If things were worded in the imperative.
No matter how they were meant, Tim … or Taffy heard that sound. Like
the bubble in a Pop-Up video and it sounded just like * ORDER * ! And
there was nothing he could do. Thank god so few people worded things
that forcefully or he’d be doing almost anything and everything. The
only limits were things that would permanently injure him. Otherwise,
Suzy had fixed his mind. And he could only imagine why Suzy wanted him
at a doctor’s office. And as he tasted his lipstick mix with his raisin
bran, he hated everything he imagined. And worse yet, Barbi, exactly the
sort of girl he wanted to ball this Summer was about to become his guide
in hunting down guys. This was getting awfuller and awfuller…

*** ***

They were real tits. Big ones. And now his waist was narrower and hips
wider. The stuff made his muscle tone go limp and sucked body oils from
his midsection, legs and arms to his new boobs, hips and cheekbones. Dr.
Fen administered Metacalpholate-X, the pre-op drug that transsexuals had
to take before the state allowed them the final, irreversible procedure.
Suzy made Tim pose as Taffy. Forced him to sign the papers and get the
injections. Had Tim practically beg the Doctor for subcutaneous
time-released tubes that would fill him full with hormonal cocktails.
Worse yet, Suzy prepared the things, that were a lot like Norplant. Dr.
Fen thought she was giving Tim a slight female hormone drip. She was
only partially right. The drip was filled with a ton of female hormone
mixed with testosterone. For about three months, Taffy was going to walk
around in a sexual fog. Only thing was, this now, drop dead gorgeous
strawberry blonde was still directed by Tim Mitty’s heterosexual wiring.
Well hot wiring actually, thanks to the drugs. And Tim was a randy
eighteen year old heterosexual male.

“Won’t it be nice not to have to shave your face for three whole months
Timmy?” Suzy grinned. “Of course you have a lot more work to do on your
legs and underarms. Not to worry, we’ll get you a waxing right after we
go shopping for a bra that’ll hold your gigundo new titties. I mean my
little B’s get uncomfortable jouncing around bra-less, those must be
killing you. I always wondered what it was like to pack a pair of
perfect D’s, well now you can tell me.”

Lost in a confusing mist, Taffy brushed her hair out of her eyes and
felt her new breasts shift under her tank top. One thing certain. Tim
never wondered about carting this much meat. Now he wondered how to get
it under control. A bra sounded like a very good idea. He looked down at
his new round and flawless breasts jutting invitingly from his chest
like a couple of ads for a dirty video. Taffy knew that she was about to
get lots of looks from everyone with these things and unless there was
some way to hide them better, there was no way to avoid the attention.

At the mall, Tim discovered how incredibly sensitive his new breasts
actually were. Just the feel of clothing against his bare nipples was
crazy making. And every bra that Suzy made Taffy buy either had nipple
holes or acted as a half shelf to wire his boobies high but to leave
both fat nipples to jounce against his blouses. As they passed windows
and mirrors on their way to the beauty salon for his waxing, Tim saw a
delightful young strawberry blonde, long hair caught up in a pony tail,
her enchanting sway exaggerated by the high heels that advertised a new
jutting posture.

And the outfit was …. All of Taffy’s underwear was glossy ivory.
Classic. But she’d been rigged up in saddle shoes, white sheer thigh
highs under this teeny pleated berry plaid skirt. Well, more than a
skirt. It was a partial school girl uniform with those wide straps. It
was like a partial dress starting under snug his boobs, then billowing
out at his waist so that the thing flipped with each step. Then the
straps sort of circled his breasts passed over his shoulders and crossed
in the back to large white buttons at the waist in back. A button riding
atop each of his buns. And of course they were all exaggerated by both
the M/X and the fanny girdle he wore that poked them up and out against
his skirt.

Awkward as that all was, the blouse made the look agonizing for Tim. It
was back buttoned and white and high necked with lace at his wrists and
collar, plain and snug everywhere else. Actually the thing was a body
suit. Problem was, it was seventy percent…. SHEER! Get this, white
blouse, white thigh highs, berry and white saddle shoes… and shiny
ivory underwear. It glimmered right through! And there were teeny
pearlike buttons all along the bra cups with the tiniest hole, in the
very tip of each cup. The very peak of each nipple just barely … bared
through to pick at his blouse. Oh you had to look very close to see
them, and they actually looked like decoration on the bra… But the
sensations were majorly distracting.

In order to minimize the insane sensations of nips against blouse, Tim
found himself taking deliberately feminine steps, swishing his
stockinged thighs as he put one strawberry saddled foot in front of
another, like he was walking on a tight rope. A tightrope walker in a
filmy little berry plaid flip skirt.

*** ***

“It’s a pulsed costume party Taffy. It’ll be so cool.”

“What are the rules again?” Taffy asked Barbi, trying to figure some way
out of this terrible invitation. But his newly pierced ears till smarted
as his learner studs clicked against the telephone earpiece.

“Simple. You wear anything that you want, as long as it has something to
do with water or could be appropriate around a pool.,” Barbi giggled. “I
wonder what sort of kinky thing they’ll do to us this time? These guys
are so…. So co-ol!”

Barbi unstuck a curl from her thick lipstick, staring again at the inch
long nails Suzy had installed at the mall, “Um yea, wear anything with a
water motif, which, means something that looks like a bathing suit huh.”

“Oh… I know you can do better than that you flirt. I remember what you
did to Tommy,” Barbi was getting excited. “I know.. I know. You’ve got
to do your darkest fantasy.” * ORDER *

Tim snapped upright, almost dropping the phone, “My … my….”

“Yea girl. You must wear an outfit that …. the costume that you know
is the sexiest, daringest… riskiest … naughtiest thing that any
female ever took near water. * ORDER * Do the helpless bit you did with
Tommy only full blast.” * ORDER * Ohh its be so doable. You must! You
Must! You MUST!”

“Oh Barbi… I.. I….” Visions were exploding into Tim’s head. Things
that were both arousing and terrifying. she had slipped unconsciously
into the imperative tense, and he really winced over the Œkinky’ remark,
but she was phrasing this … she was, what was he…. “Uh, do mermaids
wear tops?”

Barbi squealed, “MERMAID!!! Oh that is nasty. I’m not sure. Fred is a
pretty wild guy and the other men who will be there are all kind of well
off, hunky and good looking. In fact I think Murdoch… You know, the
Baldwin who works with your brother is coming. What is his first name
anyway. Maybe I’ll start with a top? What do you think?”

“Uh-huh, a top probably…. His name is Derk… Derk Murdoch” It
happened again, ewwww. Like a little jolt of electricity going from his
left nipple as his arm brushed against it, right to his crotch. What …
what was, “Sorry Barbi, I’m sorta distracted today.”

“It’s okay Taffy. I can imagine you get into party preparations a lot
more than I do. I mean after the way you heated poor Tommy up the other
day. Did you really offer to slurp on his tool or did he exaggerate? I
could never do anything like that girl. You’ve got to let me in on your
secret. But look… I really can’t wait. Do your meanest fantasy.
Whatever you think will make boys cream. * ORDER * And then multiply it
by ten. * ORDER * Ohhhhhh. Can’t wait girl. Yea, mermaid is good.”

“Uh -huh,” Tim murmured having no idea what Barbi was prattling about.
Instead he was distracted by his distended nipples and the terribleness
of his problem. Here he sat, awash in some sort of sexual swamp wearing
high heels in mid day, a sleek new pair in shiny red and cream stockings
with an elaborate pink seam woven up the back. They were clipped onto
the bottom of a super snug bustier that shoveled Taffy Berry’s big ripe
boobs up and out into the embrace of a sweet little pink, back buttoned
blouse tucked into a pleated raspberry red rayon skirt. Truth be told,
ever since he got the M/X procedure yesterday, Tim Mitty wasn’t thinking
very well. He seemed to be caught up in a sexual frenzy which got worse
as the night grew later. It took him forever to get to sleep. But things
were easier this morning, although he sensed the passions coming back
ever so slowly. And of course his spectacular breasts with their berry
red nipples that hardened as they rubbed inside his dress with each and
every move…. well they made it VERY tough to concentrate on something
non-essential, like thinking.

“Taffy? Are you there?” Tim heard Barbi’s voice tumble out of the
telephone and tried to hold onto it. Used it to pull him back from the
fantasy mermaid world that Taffy was starting to create in his mind/ A
world that he would love to see Barbi caught in, yet one that he knew
Taffy was going to enter very soon.

“Um, yea… I’m here. And…. What was the question again Barbi?”

Uh- oh… Imagine if you were suddenly condemned to your own deepest
flirting fantasy. Imagine if you were ordered to prepare a woman in a
way that left her no initiative. In an outfit that banished the word
ŒNO’. In clothes, and makeup and hair and ….. In a situation where
every way she moved, smelled, felt and looked simply gave permission.
Suppose you were ordered to create a sexual temptation. To create a
totally helpless libido toy. Imagine she was to prepare herself for
display to a party filled with the randiest men in Speedos. And imagine
she was as reluctant as possible. Because… she …. was you!

Summer Memory 3

Stripper. A paradoxical word. It can mean such different things. To the
audience. To the stripper. To the stripper who wants to strip. To the
stripper who doesn”t. To the girl who needs the money more than the self
respect. To the stripper who…. is simply forced……. “Stripper” More
than a word. A puzzle, with so many solutions.

Take yours for example. You hear the word “stripper” and right away you
have visions of pasties, bumps, and bass drums. Close your eyes and you
can feel the beat, smell beer and smoke and see a flashy fleshy show.
And you”re in a very different place. From Taffy Berry.

Because that night, Taffy was oddly, but rather completely covered. See,
she was, a red fish. At least from the midsection down. It’s radiant
scales were …. you guessed it, strawberry colored and they started as
tiny overlapping things from just below her massive boobies and then
grew larger until they ended in a large upside down heavy crescent
flipper at her toes. Well, covering her toes. It was a rubber tube that
laced up like a corset from her waist, but rolled over her legs, fusing
them into a fishy stem. The acrylic fins were hinged somehow atop that
rubber so she sort of clacked with each tiny move. It was waterproof…
from both sides. The shopkeeper warned her against trying to swim in the
thing though.

“Just make sure your arms aren”t impaired dear and you”ll swim perhaps a
little more like a fish than a rock….” she giggled, “Until the
weighted flipper takes you under. Of course should you get your arms
entangled, “she giggled louder, an annoying thing, like television’s
Nanny on fast forward, “You”ll look less like a rock and more like…
well, a reef. The underwater kind. I”d try to stay poolside and just
look pretty dear.”

It came with a CLAM SHELL BRA! Twin tiny things that covered Taffy’s fat
nips and aureoles and little else. They were tied up with a twine that
looked like miniature versions of the stuff you used to tether ships.

“Wouldn”t make any fast moves in that thing Darling,” Suzy smirked tying
off the string behind Taffy’s neck. “You might get those udders of yours
going faster than these shells and it”ll be like the that trick when the
magician whaps a cloth from under a fully set table. Gross.”

From his bed, Tim Mitty looked at the reflection. A friggin” mermaid
peered back. A strawberry fish bimbo scaled from tail to the rubber
bathing cap strapped too snugly under her chin. The thing framed a face
painted in brilliant water proof reds that screamed out a message even
older than amphibians. This was a sailor’s wet dream.

“Hmmm….. Let’s see,” Suzi backed off, “Whadaya think Barry? Anything
that doesn”t squeal “fuck me?”

Tim’s brother chortled, “And your boyfriend Derk Murdoch’s going to be
there tonight Timmy. You will seduce him. *ORDER* You hear? You will…
seduce… him *ORDER*”.

Barry was still pissed that a call for Derk pulled him away before Taffy
could take his rocks off with his virgin blow job. Murdoch worked with
Barry, Tim’s older brother. He and his girlfriend Suzi had taken this
nasty revenge on Tim, after the eighteen year old had tried to get
compromising photos of Barry and Suzi rutting. Now Suzi, a pharmacy and
psychological therapy student, had tricked Tim up into becoming Taffy
the Strawberry Tart. And they were dead set on humiliating him for the
entire Summer, even more wickedly than Tim’s nastiest plans for them.

So, instead of a pre college summer of babes and parties, Tim was now
Taffy Berry, the still-virginal “cousin” tricked up for a poolside
costume party filled with older men, liquor and drugs. And the
medication and hypno therapy left Taffy a happy, dumb and very obedient
strawberry blond ready to obey any direct order, even when Tim despised
the command.

But tonight, Taffy was a stripper. Not the kind on spangles, spikes and
Velcro panties. Tonight Tim was stripped of a lot more than clothes.
This dilemma stripped him of … his self respect, his malehood and his
will. And this outfit stripped him of any need for initiative. Because a
girl in a getup like this had no need for, and wouldn”t be heeded if…
she ever uttered the word, “no.” And Tim not only knew that. He CHOSE
it. The terrible drugs and hypno therapy made him a mindless slave to
orders. And without knowing it, Barbi had ordered Tim to prepare
himself… Or to prepare Taffy in just the way he”d most like to find a
girl. He was his own helpless fantasy… waiting, in horror, for the
games to begin. A beautiful, dumb, flirtatious, hampered, flaunting
thing with no will beyond seducing men. Yet Tim, understood how terrible
all of this was to his heterosexual needs, to his very concept of self
worth. Now he was the true schizoid… an observer as a different,
dangerous, personality took over his body.

“Bing-Bong” – First the doorbell, then the footsteps on the stairs….
Men were coming up. Men who were driving Taffy and her girlfriend Barbi
to the estate.

“I can”t. Suzy, Barry… I”m soooo sorry. I only wanted to get you to
let up a little. To let me have a little more of the money Mom and Dad
left for us this Summer while they were away. I wasn”t going to do
anything to you….. ” Taffy’s terrified eyes were wide as Suzi swung
the bedroom door wide.

“Ulp,” Two burly guys stood there grinning. “I can”t go out… Into a
car…. Not…. Not in a car, like this…. with … With them!”

*** ***

Taffy was poolside. Literally. They”d sat her on the very apron of the
thing, flippers in the deep end. And then the mean little surprise. Her
wrists were handcuffed! Every girl’s were. It was one of the kinky
touches that made these parties, “So cool!” according to Barbi.

And while the strawberry fish perched at poolside, underwater lights
glimmering off her shiny acrylic scales – Barbi had a different problem.
She was up on the grass, in the middle of the croquet court. Or what was
the court. Now her arms were stretched above her head where a wicket was
pounded about her handcuff links deep into the turf. Her legs were
stretched wide by wickets around each ankle and two more were pounded in
above each of her knees. She”d been sort of croquet-stapled to the grass
and the nervous smile on the busty brunette belied the invitation her
tiny thong bikini offered to the gentlemen who stood about her drinking
martinis and smoking Cubans.

That’s when Murdoch arrived, spied the strawberry fish and grabbing a
cold beer strutted to poolside. Murdoch remembered the fluffy flirt at
his buddy Barry’s house. Recalled how she”d come on and invited him to
her room. If only the telephone hadn”t summoned him to the job site,
he”d have grabbed a piece of that bitch. And now there she was,
teetering helplessly like a berry on branch, ready for plucking.

So far Taffy was virginal berry. She”d missed the bullet, first with
Murdoch, then with the bag boy Tommy. But now he watched the hulking
Murdoch get closer, Tim realized he couldn”t wriggle far in the rubber
fish tail, considered falling into the pool, yet with his hands cuffed
and the heavy suit… Then he looked back at Derk Murdoch again, just as
Barbi squealed… then screamed…. a cry loud enough to be heard in
Rangoon. Something was happening up there inside that circle of men….
Something that stopped Murdoch for a moment and veered him off toward
the group on the grass. And then Barbi started to yowl again, but it was
suddenly muffled, as if… as if she”d been gagged or something. Still
it was very loud.

*** ***

It was so simple for Derk. With an evil smile the beefy guy simply sat
beside Taffy, grabbed each side of her capped head and rolled. Rolled
her squealing, and easily into the deep water. He held her under for a
couple of moments until her struggles slowed then pulled her sputtering
head back up, to bob between his knees as his big legs dangled on either
side of her. Now she floated in his hands, staring directly into… his
bulging crotch.

“Here’s the deal Bitch,” Derk let her slide down till her mouth was
submerged and only her nose got air. “You will use your teeth to let me
out. *ORDER* And then you are going to use your pretty lips to suck me
in. *ORDER* And then you will use every talent to send me to heaven but
you will take your time. *ORDER* If you finish me, before I finish this
beer. You will go home carrying this bottle in a very hidden place. Tell
me you understand and every little thing you plan to do for me. *ORDER*”
He pulled her head up to her neck.

Tim tried to separate Taffy’s imprisoned legs. Tried to wriggle free of
those handcuffs. Tired to pull free of Derk’s big hands. But even free,
then what? He”d sink like the Titanic without his hands. That tail would
pull him down like an anchor. “Ulp. I.. I will… I mean I understand
what you want and I will give you the best blow job you… I… we..
have ever….”

“Oh shut-up and give me head, Bitch!”

*** *** ***

It almost happened that way. With just her mouth, Taffy had some trouble
getting Derk’s tiny Speedo over his large snake. But finally it came
lose. And she would have tried to take the massive thing between her
glossy red lips. Except….

The cops made them all go home. Just in time, the boys in blue arrived
over the disturbance that neighbors reported. Something about a
screaming woman. They arrived to discover Barbi, naked and choking on a
monstrous boner. One she couldn”t resist… because if she did…. She
got more ice shoved into her tiny thong bottom. No one claimed rape
(these were important men after all), but the cops put an end to the fun
by carting the girls home. Good thing, because Murdoch was sitting
poolside by then, naked, his legs dangling into the water. And between
his knees he held a red bathing cap… that was around Tim’s very
reluctant head. A head aimed at Derk’s not-at-all-reluctant prick.
Taffy’s berry red lips were O”ed and ready for a plunging when the
police pulled Tim up and Taffy out, the clamshells long since gone.

And once more, something had come between Taffy and, whatever it is
that’s the inverse of …. virginity. No matter, it was still June.
School started in September, and now…. Suzi and Barry were determined.
Which is why they got Taffy her first, second-skin, fiery red Spandex,
ankle to neck, wiggle when you slither, genuine inescapable – bondage
dress. But that is another story. To Tim Mitty it looked like a long
summer, and sooner or later, he was certain that some of that length
would get to him. The only questions where: When? and Where?

Maybe at, or after, the Country Club formal? Taffy had a date. Seems
Tommy-The-Bag-Boy’s Mother worked with Suzi. She had no inkling of her
son’s gender preference. And she loved fixing him up for the dance with
the young woman who was visiting Suzi’s boyfriend for the Summer.
Probably nothing would happen. After all, what use would a prissy
homosexual boy have with a flirty girly girl date? Tommy had to go of
course, but he”d hate it right? Unless he somehow discovered something
about his date… in her flirty, femmy berry hued formal that… That
made him very interested… Couldn”t happen right? Imagine getting
trapped for an evening against your will, dressed like a teenage
fem-fatale… at the hands of a sissy. A very horny sissy… And imagine
that your flouncy summer gown had a few, um, unconventional accessories.
And imagine your only defense against a very unpleasant, er, ending. …
was your astonishing masquerade as a super sexy girl.

Summer Memory 4

“It’s a straight jacket dress. I borrowed it from the Loony Bin at the
hospital.” Suzy stood back as Taffy pulled the thing free from the box.

“But what’s it made out of? Rubber or something?” It was crinkley, deep
dark red and shiny and it had buckles all over its” shapeless mass.
“They make straight jackets outta rubber? A straight jacket DRESS?? What
kinda kinky place do you work?” Taffy’s mouth pursed into a pink pout.

Giggling, the young pharmacy student pulled the ball of vinyl from
Taffy’s hands and started to shake it out, “We take what we can get.
There was a bunch of stuff donated to the asylum wing a few months back
when the Feds closed up the Dungeon Club, remember that? Well, they
figured we could use the newer things, and as you can see, this has
never been unboxed. It’s worth a fortune I”ll bet. God, it’s so thin,”
she pulled at the smoldering dark fabric, “and the color of blood. But
it”ll keep you where Derk wants you this time Bitch. Especially with the
rest of this stuff, um… installed.” Suzy nodded her red head toward
the things sitting by Taffy’s bed.

Tim couldn”t believe it. His brother Barry and this diabolical
girlfriend of his were hell bent on humiliating him all summer long for
a trick Tim was going to play on them. Okay, it was more than a trick,
but this ordeal was terrible. Now Tim was transformed into his visiting
Strawberry blond “cousin” Taffy Berry. He”d been shot full of some drug
called M/X and was wearing subcutaneous that oozed hormones and
aphrodisiacs. They remodeled his body and his emotions terribly. Worse,
mind drugs and hypno therapy left Taffy helpless before any direct
command. ANY order, short of something that would do permanent physical
damage, was her command. Tim was Taffy, a bubble brained blonde who”d
luckily escaped…. “fates-worse-than-death” three times now. Twice with
a monster who worked with his brother Barry and once with a fairy named
Tommy Bannister who packed bags down at the food mart.

“Ah, you”ve got the stuff for tonight’s date,” Barry walked into the
living room and grinned at the parcels and boxes. “That the dress? It’s
long but so small.”

“Yea. It stretches,” Suzy made a smirk at Taffy. “See, it’s got a built
in corset and boning. And this skirt goes all the way town to his
ankles. Actually farther if we don”t perch him up on some nosebleed
spikes. Whoa. How”d a girl ever breathe in this thing?” Suzy found the
top of the apparatus and held it up against Taffy who wore a long
sleeved romper, covered in berry pink hearts, over white sheer shiny
panty hose, berry-pink flats and of course perfectly matching cosmetics.
A white hair band separated her full strawberry blonde bangs from the
rest of her page boy do.

“What date? Whadaya mean? My date? In this stuff? Oh come on Suzy.
Please Barry. You can”t put me into…..”

“Not to worry Babe,” Suzy smirked at Barry who was hefting some sort of
ring that seemed to connected to a narrow belt. “We won”t put you into
any of this.”

*** *** ***

They didn”t either. The Vol-Upt/U-US did. As an apology. That is Tim
Mitty was an apology, or Taffy Berry was… It gets confusing.
Vol-Upt/U-Us is a very special boutique. It works for ladies who want
their men to be, lady-like. Whether the men want it or not. In Tim’s
case, he seemed to want it very badly.

“I…. I owe the guy real big,” Taffy said from the stylist’s chair. He
was already to get a BJ, you know,” Tim blushed, so Taffy did too. “And
then the cops came and took us away and Derk… That’s my boyfriend (Tim
hated to hear that word) Derk…. Well Derkie was so frustrated. I still
remember how… His face was almost as purple as his.. his….”

Suzy simply ordered Tim to be the docile, bubbling, perky submissive.
The girl who lived to be her boyfriend’s bimbo. To tell everyone at the
salon this absurd story. And to make them all want to help her so much.
To make her into such a helpless little package that her boyfriend Derk
would just die to poke his thing in her mouth… and maybe even up
her… Well, it was obvious to the girls at Vol-Upt/U-Us, that the naked
little vixen with the big tits in that chair was particularly unable to
take a man in more than two places. And given his sincerity and the
bundle of money he was shelling out, why they were highly motivated to
… motivate Derk exactly the way that Taffy was asking them to …
motivate Derk.

They even made suggestions. “Hmmm… you”re friend Suzy says that you”ve
been sorta unsuccessful with men recently, you want a makeover. You need
a makeover *ORDER*. You”ll love a makeover *ORDER*.”

And that’s what happened. Injections pumped up Taffy’s lips while her
ears were pierced and her eyebrows plucked into a perpetual look that
said…. “Startled!” The girls agreed that blonde, especially strawberry
blonde was just too innocent. It failed to say…. “Do me!” So they
fixed that, along with the length.

“You”ll love the hair weaving, Taffy. Without the fix, this hair will
fall to your buns… but not to worry, we”re planning lots and lots of
blue-black curls. Instead of strawberry, think of it as…. dark blue
berry, eh?”

“No… don”t worry dear, it won”t come out, even when he uses it to,
um… direct your singing… or humming… lessons. Why, you could hang
by this stuff, we”ve woven it in so tight.”

“Yea, the lacing’s snug girl,” the heavyset stylist said as her two
burly fem assistants crushed the corseting around Taffy’s midsection.
“But it will finish the look after we have your arms wrapping around you
beneath those massive titties of yours… Really will make you look

*** *** ***

And it did. That night. as Tim knelt on Derk’s front porch. The dress
was high and tightly collared, his arms were straight jacketed around
him, then belted off in front, forming a shelf for his big titties that
were coated in blood red latex, every pucker of his fat nipples showing
through. His gaff was incredibly snug, keeping him up and tight between
his legs. The dress only had three openings: One for his neck, another
for his ankles, and the last… now zipped closed, barely containing the
bulge of his bare buns. But until that zipper came down, it forced a
long vibrating finger way up inside of his lubricated back end. He wore
ankle high ballet boots tied then locked tight. Other little locks
gleamed at the belts at his knees, ankles, where his mittened hands
touched in back, at the base of the corset ties and of course at the
back of that collar jacking his chin up so high.

Two more belts connected his thighs to his lower legs holding him into
that enforced kneel, each with their own silvery locks. And finally
there was the lock that kept Taffy smiling. Right, the most annoying of
all. twin belts each connected to the thin prong of a U shaped rod were
belted and locked together. The U’s were slipped into either side of
Taffy’s mouth the much wider prong passing under her rear teeth holding
them open wide. Then the belts were pulled back and buckled, then locked
behind her head. While she could close her fat, “Trailer-Park-Tramp”
lips to stop some of the drooling, no way those teeth would come more
than a couple of inches together. And…. the way the things tugged back
the corners of her mouth… She kept that maniacal grin across her face
until the whole thing was unlocked.

They”d put the bubble mirror sunglasses over her eyes and … Well it
was, quite a job of packaging. And an even better job of delivery. Just
as Taffy asked, they deposited her, on Derk Murdoch’s front porch, a
doggy leash snapping her neck to the knob. The jingling envelope
marked… “My Keys” was dropped through the mail slot, and the address
label hung around her neck…. “Deliver Me To My Darling Derk Murdoch,
117 Toll Rd. Handle Without Care.”

And that’s where Taffy knelt, in the darkness, maybe twenty feet from
the city sidewalk, shielded only by the shrubbery and the darkness,
awaiting her.. maker – when “they” came rumbling down the street….

*** *** ***

Maybe it was a crack in the walk, or maybe the pimple faced lout was
just a bad skate boarder. It was bad karma though when he stumbled and
fell onto the little lawn in front of Derk’s house.

“Shit man,” his squirly friend muttered, standing on the back of his
board to do a wave brake. “You fell again Squig. I gotta find somebody
who can ride these things. You”re a loadie.”

“Aw Arnie… Hang it. There’s something on the walk is all. It’s dark.
Street light’s too far off and…. What the fuck?” As a car passed, he
saw some sort of reflection from the porch behind him. And it seemed to

“Didja see that,” The little guy, he must have been early teens, pulled
himself up and peered at the porch.

“Yea, I seen it Squig. HEY YOU! What cha” doin” there?”

Tim was frantic. What to do? If Derk came home and found him like this,
he was…well fucked for sure. But if these kids found him. Then what.
He decided fast. He”d been ordered to seduce and face Derk. But there
were no directions about these skateboarders. If he could somehow get
them to reach in and retrieve the keys. “Hell eh…. Neeed hell…..!”

“Jeeeeezuzzzzzzzz!” The bigger boy strode around Taffy. “Lookit her

“Better yet, lookout her ass swelling out back here. Shit if I pull this
zipper… What… what should we do? She seems to want something….
Shit, she’s drooling all over, lookout the way the stuff’s dripping off
her boobs…”

“Yea, cool. This babe…. she got herself delivered here it says. And
are they sunglasses or is that a blindfold. It”d be real neat if she
can”t see us. Tell us you can”t see us, hush Babe. *ORDER*

Tim hated it, but no choice. “I can see you.”


“I say you are rig….I can see you.”

“She’s…. she’s helpless AND blind? She… she….”

“Can”t identify us????”

It took them so little time to paw through the box next to Tim and to
discover the belts that now fixed either bent leg to a different skate
board. Like weird skis, Taffy wore a board along each lower leg. They”d
fit the belts around the bottom of the boards and over each thigh. Three
leather belts to a leg, each roller buckled taught. So Taffy knelt,
rubber crushed, straight jacketed and lashed to the boards as they used
her leash to lead her quickly along the sidewalk up the hill, and into
the center city park.

“Holy shit Arnie, I don”t like t”be in this place at night. Isn”t safe.
People die in here.”

“Stop whining ass hole. We need a dark spot, but not too dark to figger
out how t”open our louqued out package here. Hey, over by the bench,
there’s enough light from the pole…”

“Christ, why open anything? Lookout the way her mouth’s open already.
Let’s just stick this in.”

Tim’s eye’s bulged under his glasses. The little guy had his wang out,
and he grabbed a handfull of Taffy’s blue-black mane.

“Do It Man! Do the bitch!” Arnie squealed holding Tim’s struggling
shoulders. “She wants it bad. You want it babe. You know you do. You
want it worse than anything. *ORDER*

*** *** ***

Cops keep coming into this story. Always at just exactly the wrong …
or right instant. No exception this. The park was a bad place. Too many
incidents. So, an embarrassed Mayor beefed up the bicycle patrols. Two
of the beef-in-blue peddled onto the scene just as Squig was about to
… well, squig…. Taffy’s gaping, smiling, drooling mouth.

One thing that a young skateboarders is… is quick.

“Hey you Fuckers. Stop that shit,” hollers cop one from twenty five
yards away.

“Gah-dammit Squig…. It’s cops. Shove her and Bolt!”

And the two boys are gone into the night. Leaving the police with a
choice, go after them, or the form, squealing atop a skate board that’s
beginning to careen back down the hill toward the busy street outside of
the park.

*** *** ***

Gravity sucked Taffy down the path ever faster as the boards swept along
the brick walkway. Blue black hair waving wildly behind. Uneven bricks
with uneven pointing, smacking her up and down as she watched the road
ahead terrified. But the rocking, banging and jouncing were even worse,
plunging the stick up into Tim, then snapping it back as Taffy bucked
over each new bump and sped toward the curb and the street ahead.

“Get on either side and grab…. Grab her hair Mustapha,” The white cop
hollered as they peddled furiously along beside the speeding package.
“I”ve got a handfull. You? Okay… Break… BREAK Damnit… NOW!”

They”d burst through the gates onto the sidewalk aimed directly into
traffic. The two cops squeezed with one hand and pulled with their other
and stopping … dead. Sending the skateboards forward and upward like a
pendulum, flipping and arching Tim into a somersaulting circle by
Taffy’s new blue-black hair. Would it hold. Could the cops, now
standing, hang onto Tim, and their bikes, and their balance?

“WHACK!” The front of the boards dug into the sidewalk, Taffy bolted
forward and downward. They held to her hair pulling it impossibly hard,
bringing tears to Taffy’s eyes and loud piercing squeals to her still
smiling lips.

“She’s packaged tighter than hell Mustapha. No way we can open them
locks. You okay lady? How”d this happen and, “hello”,” After he righted
her, the white cop found Tim’s address label still dangling
humiliatingly from around his neck.

“Can you believe this? You wanted to be dressed and tied like this
didn”t you? All bound and delivered right?”

“Yea. Yea. Uh-huh,” Tim couldn”t help nodding. Couldn”t stop the
agreement. He”d been ordered to Vol-Upt/U-Us. Ordered to have himself
packaged and sent. Ordered to seduce Derk Murdoch as an…. an apology
for the last time the cops came. They simply avoided ordering him to
like it. In fact, Suzy Captre, his brother’s girlfriend, had
specifically ordered Tim to hate every instant of all of this with every
male, heterosexual fiber of his being.

But as Tim knelt on those boards, a dildo vibrating deeply up his ass.
As he struggled against his corseting, and skirting, his heels and
curls, his makeup and straightjacketing…. He nodded and squealed,
“Yeah I wan-eh to eee tied.”

“And I guess you want us to take you back to this address, hush? Lucky
kids just found you waiting I bet,” the dark skinned officer peered at
his partner. “People are so fucking kinky. But we can”t open these

“Look, the place is just down the street, let’s lug her back and give
her to her boyfriend. Not our worry. Too much paperwork.”

Can you imagine being drug along a sidewalk by two big cops? Wheeled
toward a tryst with a hulking monster of a man who considers women toys?
Heeled and locked and latexed and straight jacketed? Your teeth cranked
open and your tits jiggling wildly with each bump you hit. Struggling,
squirming, drooling, fighting to get your hands or arms lose from a
ghastly rubber prison. Worse yet, imagine how those skate board
vibrations work along your legs, up your thighs and how… where your
ass meets the line of those heels the vibrations are transmitted
directly up to that rod that splits you? And with each bump, each crack,
each little hole… your hole gets another jounce. Another stab,
another…. And as the hormones and ecstasy drip into your body…
imagine the sighs and moans that each of those little, and big, jounces
coax from your drooling red lips. And unlike the last time when they
brought you home… This time it’s the police who bring you closer and
closer to Derk’s…. Derk’s great big…. engorged….

*** *** ***

The house was still dark. If Barry and Suzy had told Murdoch of their
special delivery, he was playing a game. Making his package wait.

“Now what?” Mustapha muttered.

“Open the screen door and knock on the front. Maybe he went to bed

Yea, it was a screen door. This was summer remember. Screen door opened.
Envelope dropped out. Cops found keys. Used them to open locks and
belts. A barefoot Tim scampered home carrying those boots, his prong
still buried deeply inside. He was too embarrassed to remove it in front
of the police. Just minutes later Derk’s car pulled up outside. Puzzled,
he found the box of paraphernalia, a crumpled envelope marked “My Keys”
– and nothing else.

*** *** ***

“She is pretty one,” Daphne Bannister smiled as they walked through the
boutique. Tommy Bannister’s mother worked at Suzy Captre’s school. Suzy
was Barry Berry’s girlfriend, and Tim Berry’s tormentress. And tomorrow
night, Taffy Berry was going to a Country Club dance as Tommy’s date.
Tommy, you”ll recall is gay. His Mom is either in denial, or doesn”t
know. She is worried about his apparent disinterest in girls. So she
jumped at the chance of matching him up with the torrid Taffy, at Suzy’s
suggestion. In fact, was so excited that she volunteered to help shop.
Weird. A mother helps do a son’s date up into his fantasy.

“Something like this should get Tommy working Mrs. B,” Suzy held up
something tiny and barely there. “This is just the place for Taffy’s
very first little black dress don”t you think?” Taffy, as usual blanched
as Suzy held the teeny dress in front of her.

For the mall excursion, Taffy was in a flippy skirt, leotard, flats and
thigh highs, all in a strawberry spattered with green little girls in
party dresses. Her face was pink and her blue black hair dangled below
her waist in a shiny pony tail. Each boy that stared made Tim shudder.

“No, not black. I don”t think Tommy likes black. In fact…. come on
over to the younger area. I was thinking something like this.”

Both Taffy and Suzy stood speechless. The thing Daphne Bannister held
was, flouncy and sheer and pink pastel and empire waisted and scoop
necked and long sleeved and… while it ended way .. way .. up on the
leg the rest of it was so girlishly gee gawed and frou-froued that …
that Taffy muttered…. “Little Bo Peep!”

“Uh-huh! And I can make you such a pretty little mock bonnet that we
weave into your pretty hair, with a great big bow under your chin and
look, there’s a bow in the back and a satin ribbon at the hem. And over
sheer pink panty hose and on top of really high pink pumps. Well, it’s
like.. like,” she turned the dress to her and seemed to tear up. “Like
the things in his magazines.”

Mothers find things. Usually under beds, or at the very topmost parts of
closets. maybe in the garage or up in dark attic corner. Things that
boys don”t ever, never want their mothers to find. Places where they
hide their very secret things. Like picture books of men. Dressed like,
flouncy, pretty girls. Drag queens done up like Dolly Parton. Gross
charicatures of femininity. And that’s what this dress was. Hopelessly
out of style and much too young for the eighteen year old Taffy… It
was the hot dream for an adolescent at war with his sexual
identification. And Phoebe Bannister wanted to dress up her son’s date
like that. Hoping that he”d see in Taffy the object that he desired and
hoping that he”d switch from his peculiar fantasies with men, toward
this sexy, breasty girl who”d be his date at the Club this weekend.

Pathetic. And perfect for Suzy. “I LOVE IT! You love it Taffy! *ORDER*
Tell Mrs. B you love it and how much you want to wear it for Tommy at
the dance. *ORDER* Tell her. Go on……”

*** *** ***

“You want me to be like this in front of him?” Taffy turned and posed in
front of the mirror. From every angle, she looked like … a very
pretty. Very femmy… Transvestite. Oh, she was feminine enough. Her
pretty face all pinked and painted. Her dangly pink strawberry bell
earrings tinkled gaily. The four inch pink pumps. But the outfit was
just way over the edge. Her hair was way BIG and wildly curly and framed
by a summer pink satin bonnet that tied at the left side of her chin an
a great floppy satin bow. A bow that matched the one that bounced atop
her buns. The hemline was satined ribboned, the scooped neckline was
satin ribboned. The bow formed a wide belt around her upper body
starting just under her boobs and dropping to her waist… in satin. The
tiny skirt was snug, almost pocketing her buns while the top of the
dress definitely pocketed each of her boobs. There was a cavern of
cleavage and her nails sparkled in a pink that matched her glossy lips.
This was a look that simply stripped the wearer of any ability to take
an initiative. The getup did that. In fact, any initiative to the
contrary would simply be ignored. It was a look called, “Proposition”.

And he wore no panties! They”d glued a wide ribbon about his penis,
pulled it back and between his legs and then glued the ends on either
bun. If his skirt came up, he”d look feminine enough in front. But from
the rear, anyone would see the head of his prick framed by those wide
satin ribbons.

“You have a chance to avoid getting hit on again tonight Taffy dear,”
Suzy oozed, pulling on some rubber gloves, as Barry smirked. Tommy’s a
full fledged sissy. We know that now. He doesn”t like little girls. And
you are the girliest girl who ever flounced to a dance. I can”t wait
until the other young women getta gape at you in that Little Bo Peep

“The boy’s will cream over those lips, boobs and buns though,” Barry
stood behind his little brother in front of the full length mirror.
“Have you got the “accessory” Suzy?”

<<Giggle!> “Give me your hand Cutey. No, the right. Uh hush, here,” she
took Tim’s right hand in hers and rubbed some cream into the pads of his
forefinger and thumb. “There, now I want you to take those fingers and
daintily pinch that pretty skirt right in the very center over your own
hidden apparatus. Cool. Now hold it tightly really, really tight…..
two, three, four….. Good. Oh this”ll be soooo neat!”

*** *** ***

A bonnet is very similar to the blinder they put on a horse. You lack
all peripheral vision. The satiny thing makes you look at whatever is
straight in front of your nose. It also acts like a bandshell in
reverse. Amplifying the gay tinkle of your earrings and funneling other
sounds right to your ears. If that thing in front of you is a pimply,
geeky Tommy Bannister in a too big summer sport coat and a oiled back
hair. Then that’s what you peer at and listen to as you dance with him,
your earrings jingling in time with his every movement. And you”d better
peer girlishly. Especially if Tommy is only interested in boys, and you
are a boy and you are his date. Oh Tommy was aware that his mother was a
chaperone. And that he’d better try to look … interested. So he’d let
his right hand drift down to rest upon Taffy’s meaty bun as he led her
around to that desperate oldie… ‘loving feeling.’ And he tried his
best to look like that was what he was giving Taffy. But girls just
weren’t his interest. Even one as doable as this slut Taffy.

Imagine, they started to dance and she… Well she took his right hand
into her left… But instead of putting her other hand around his
neck…. she’d kept it down there. Rubbing against him! And rubbing
against her at the same time. Probably turned her other dates into
Jello. But it was almost enough to make Tommy puke. Still, it’d get his
mom off his back to see a girl coming onto him like this.

Tim was so humiliated. They’d put glue on his finger tips. If he raised
his right hand.. well, he raised his skirt. And since there was so
little of the tiny thing to begin with… He didn’t dare move it. It was
okay while they fast danced. And when they sat at the table. But now…
to this cock sucking music…. He’d been ordered to do anything Tommy
asked. And Tommy asked Taffy to dance. The both knew Daphne Bannister
was peering at their every move. And now it looked as if they were
putting the moves on each other! The dirty looks from the other girls
were terrifying. You could tell they felt pressure to match Taffy’s
shameless little dance trick and even a few were apparently starting to.
But the dislike seethed in their eyes.

*** *** ***

“Are my lips kissable Tommy?” Taffy heard herself murmur to her date?
“Go ahead, the bonnet will hide us out here. Touch them. We’re close
enough. I’m wearing ‘BerryBerryLoveKiss’ lipstick. Touch them with your
tongue.” Argghhhhh, how Tim hated this script. Hated the way Suzy had
given him those corny lines. Rehearsed him so that halfway into his
second slow dance Taffy would recite them for her date. And that second
slow dance was starting. Tommy turned, “Let’s dance.” Taffy did.

“Slide our hands down Tommy,” Taffy pulled the hand she held toward her
breast and slowly moved it around to caress the back of Tommy’s. Down..
down she tugged his open palm until it rested alongside her bra-less
breast. “ummmm…. You devil. Touching me there.” Taffy looked up into
Tommy’s face, their lips so very close. “Are…. are my lips…. ”

*** *** ***

It was out on the golf course it happened. Finally. They went out after
Tommy came from the men’s room. Came out with Barry! Tim’s brother was
leering. But he never came to the table. All at once, there was a
difference in Taffy’s date. No hiding it. Tommy knew! Worse yet, all
night Tammy had come on so shamelessly to the wimp. And Tommy was
reprocessing it all. Fitting it into a brand new paradigm. What was
previously so ugly and repellent, was, in a flash… a pink flash….
MAGNETIC, alluring…. provocative. And best yet. Tommy knew that his
mother didn’t know. That right here, under her nose, at her
direction….. Or did she know? And was she giving him permission? After
all, Taffy was dressed exactly like …. well something out of his …
Yes, he saw it now. It was just like the hapless guy in ‘TV Petticoat
Discipline’. His mom must have found it. This was too perfect to be a
… a coincidence.

“Let’s get some air!” *ORDER*

“Let’s go over to the Ninth Hole” *ORDER*

“Okay, now I know what’s going on Bitch. And I love it. I’ll sit on this
bench, you kneel down.” *ORDER*

“Ahhhh… This’ll be so cool. Take me out Baby. *ORDER* Go on, pull me
free. *ORDER* That’s it. Yes…. now massage me a little. *ORDER*
Uh-huh. UH-HUH!”

Tim was inches away from the thing. He Peered into yet another one-eyed
snake, his third in less than a week. But this time, alone on the golf
course, the music off in the distance. On his knees. He was one order
away. If Tommy put the statement right…. He was using both hands, the
glued fingers pulling his skirt up to his waist, the evening breeze
chilling both his bare buns and the tip of his own, newly exposed prick.
And Taffy slowly kneaded Tommy’s wad larger and larger….

Summer Memory 5

In life, there are two sorts of cops. There are the boys/girls in blue
who stop the illegal, and there are them who resist the – merely wrong.
Problem is, what’s wrong to some one… may not be wrong to say… The
President of the United States —- or his wife. Who’s to say? But in
all of us there is that nagging conscience that got planted very early.

You’ll recall, our himoine was in a prayerful pose out on the golf
course. Her head was about to give… it hovered inches from another
head. This one purplish and moistened by the passion of nineteen year
old Tommy Bannister. In moments it would seed Taffy’s lovely face with
that sticky goo which is the point of man’s quest. Well it comes from
the point and to the point anyway.

And here was raven tressed Taffy Berry puckered and about to be probed.
Bent to her task… Both hands wrapped about the long slim rod. Which
was a hard thing for Taffy to do, since the forefinger and thumb of her
right hand were glued to the center of her tiny skirt. But in life,
things yield to the drive of life… and this drive, drove Taffy’s hem
above her waist, pointing her bare, unpantied buns skyward into the
light of the Summer moon, which Tim Mitty mooned in turn, since Tim was
trapped inside this Taffy Berry packaging. Bent Taffy was, she kinda
displayed it all to the summer night. Suzy Captre had diabolically
gaffed Tim up so sweetly with pink ribbon. The wide satin thing was
glued about his penis, the ends pulled back between his legs then glued
down decoratively across either cheek. So that, in the light, they
pointed, gayly back down to the little blueish head bobbing out and up
in a second tribute to the bright yellow moon.

And awareness of his shameless exhibition was additional humiliation
upon the ravished self esteem of poor Tim Mitty, imprisoned within that
teenaged slut’s body. Tim was fettered by a cocktail of drugs and hypno
therapy that made him want to make whatever he was ordered to make. And
Tommy Bannister had ordered him to kneel, knead and prepare to knuke his
wad with Taffy’s injection fattened lips.

Four times now, Tim had faced the human sausage, only to avoid a meal.
But this time there were no police to race to his rescue. No telephones
to interrupt. No homosexual squeamishness to kill the moment. Tommy
understood that Taffy was Tim…. And in an instant Tommy wanted some

A proud mother is a fearsome thing. A doting mother is worse. A nosy,
doting, proud and worried mother is the beast from hell. Daphne
Bannister, you’ll recall was becoming frantic over her only boy because
that is what Tommy seemed to prefer… boys, that is. So she’d whipped
up this plan to actually have her son seduced by Taffy-The-Sexpot. She’d
even helped turn Taffy into the kind of bait she figured Tommy would
lunge for. And she was so curious. Too curious to sit at home waiting
news. Curious enough to hover around the country club hoping to catch a
glimpse of her Tommy reacting to the plan. That’s why she agreed to
chaperone the ŒHigh Teen’ Dance. This was one of those summer affairs
for kids too old for high school things, but too young to drink.
Chaperones were a curious anachronism for the over-eighteens who were
legally adults, yet considered necessary by the club to avoid booze and
drug liability.

But Daphne’s luck was low. The kids seemed gone. Neither Tommy nor Taffy
appeared to be about.. She’d peered through the halls, looked through
the locker rooms, but she couldn’t spot the couple. It was too
depressing. That’s why she’d decided to stroll through the moonswept
golf course. It was sniveling back a tear that she’d spotted them. And
her heart leapt. Tommy was getting a blow job! From a girl! Fantastic.
Wonderful. Oh the thing was just too… too….

There are two kinds of cops. The kind who enforce morality, and the kind
who enforce conscience. Now some mothers might have trouble with a girl
blowing their boys. But, hell, that was before Clinton created the
National Lip Service. Everyone now understood that good men needed to be
sucked. If the new morality put a bit more pressure on girls, who cared?
But the one person in your life who most cares about your conscience is
the one who installed it… MOM! And Daphne Bannister’s pride in her
son’s ability to fuck this young beauty’s face suddenly clouded over
like the mind of a she-bear watching her cub endangered.

Daphne Bannister saw the figures. Watched the moonbeams dance off of
Taffy’s pink dress and creamy white ass. And as she snuck closer, she
saw the moonbeams dance off of the pink ribbons dangling from Taffy’s
bonnet and from around her gleaming buns…. Around her buns? Ribbons?
What the f……?

Taffy was in no position to see Daphne. The combination of Tommy’s
thighs and her encircling bonnet left her only one area of focus. And it
was near enough that her eyes could no longer focus on all of that. But
her nose did. She smelt that aroma again. The one that wafted from Derk
and the kid the park. It was unmistakably male and …. trouble. When
you’re close enough to smell it… you’re too close. And both her long
hair and those thighs dulled her hearing of the thudding steps of the
charging mother. But just as Taffy’s lips opened wide to encircle that
bulbous manhood…. Daphne made them both VERY aware, that Mom was
having none of…. THIS!

*** *** ***

“She called me a queer faggot.” Tim massaged his left arm just above a
small bruise.

“Redundant, don’t you think?” Suzy sat, head in hands, staring down at
the breakfast table. Barry was in the third chair, peering out the
sunlit window. His lips were pursed, he’d said nothing in the five
minutes since Tim finished the story of The Golf Course Massacree.”

“I’m still surprised she didn’t kill you Timmy. Didn’t she even hit?”
her voice was flat and Suzy didn’t raise her eyes, didn’t move her head
as she spoke, just kept peering at the table grain. “I can’t believe
this. It’s like you’re some kinda virginal cat with all these lives and

“WHAM!!” Barry’s fist slammed onto the top. “Enough of this shit. All
you’re cute little schemes Suzy, and what have we got? Just a little
sissy in dresses is all. And you go…. ŒOh gee I can’t believe….’

“This is crap! This little queen’s never even been KISSED!!! NOT
KISSED!! Shit, it’s all over. If you want something done. You gotta do
it yourself.”

“You’re…. you’re not going to fuck…” Tim shuddered and stared at his
big brother.

“You think IŒm the queer here?” Barry was screaming. “Have you looked in
a mirror you dumb fairy? I wouldn’t fuck you. But Tommy wants to. And
tonight, you are going to suck him off and let him fuck you up that
virgin ass of yours. And we’re not going to send you to dances, or tie
you on porches. We’re going to take the two of you out to Uncle Joe’s
farm. We are going to park with you two in the back seat. We are first
going to show him exactly how …. and then we are going to watch Tommy
stick himself into you! Understand?” Barry jerked up, flung his chair
aside and pushed his nose up against Tim’s. “I said. DO YOU UNDERSTAND

*** *** ***

They even took Suzy’s car. It was a two door. That way, there were no
doors for Taffy to Œfall out of.’ No phones to interrupt. And they sat
Tim in back on the driver’s side, so he’d have to knock Barry out of the
way to escape. And they prepared him. Did they ever prepare him.

Of course Tommy Bannister was hot to go again. He hadn’t spoken to his
mother since the night before when she’d grabbed Taffy, pulled her to
the car and carted her home. Tommy was pissed and massively horny. They
said come at 8:30 and he was there at 8:15.

Upstairs, Suzy finished Taffy. He dark hair was big and teased down over
her right eye, “I know you can’t see through that. Annoying huh? Ah what
we do for fashion. Men love us helpless.” Meantime Suzy made Taffy’s
makeup – brazen. She wore those earring bells again and Suzy painted her
lips to match her nails and her nipples – neon ŒStreetwalker’ red

Suzy was dazzling. She was taking no chances with her boyfriend’s anger
this night. She wore an off the shoulder white peasant dress that
revealed the cavern between her medium breasts, and a tiny pink flippy
skirt. “Easy access, if I even decide to keep it on. I want Barry to
sizzle. We’re going to show the two of you just exactly what to do – and
I am taking no chances,” she giggled, flipping back her blond curls.
“And neither are you, look at this Taffy darling.”

“Ulp… You want me to wear that in …. in front of… him? Outside? In
a car?”

Barry heated up Tommy while they awaited the girls. Telling him all the
things Taffy wanted to do with him. Promising him a date that would make
Monica Lewinsky seem… chaste. Then Suzy came down… and …

Taffy’s yellow spiked sandals were first, then her pale yellow knee
highs. Followed by… the diaphanous, fluffy and flouncy, lemon and
white… baby doll nightie. Taffy seemed to float, a tiny smile, almost
of satisfaction, on her red lips as she flicked the curls that kept
dangling over her eyes. Each flick flashed her inch long enameled nails
and caused her earrings to tinkle happily.

“I’m…. I’m ready for a B I G night Tommy,” Tim hated the orders he’d
been given. Hated the flirtation and seduction Taffy was performing. “I
understand you’re taking me for a ride. How do you like my, um, riding
clothes?” She twirled slowly holding the hem out over the full cut and
flouncy sheer panties. Of course, her berry red nipples showed through.
“Do you like my perfume Tommy? It’s called…. ŒEasy’.

*** *** ***

Uncle Joe’s farm was ten miles out of the city, forty minutes by
backroads. It was isolated and dark. Uncle Joe no longer lived there and
Barry locked the pasture gate behind them. No cops, no mothers, no
busybodies… nobody but the birds, bees and little animals of the field
to play about them tonight.

“Take it over by that blown-down tree,” Suzy directed. “Get in real
tight on my side so this door won’t even open. Anybody leaves this car
Barry, it’ll be through you honey.”

Taffy was very trapped. She sat behind Suzy, meaning she’d have to
clamber over Tommy and Barry to escape. All along the ride, Taffy rested
her head on Tommy’s shoulder and her hand on his crotch as ordered.

“Now first the two of you watch…. but, you do it naked!” Barry ordered
and Tommy happily, Tim reluctantly, stripped bare. Tommy even took the
opportunity to fling Taffy’s nightie and panties out his window leaving
her in just knee highs and spikes. Tommy’s clothes went out next as Tim,
his little penis all too apparent, snuggled back into her date’s arm for
the show.

And it was neat and complete. With an added attraction. First Barry
threw Suzy’s blouse on the floor, then her skirt. His clothes followed
at warp speed. That’s when Suzy herself pulled the cuffs from her purse.
“Do me Babe. No, behind my back. Yea. Now snick the seat belt on snug.
Ewwww. So nice and helpless.”

It was an exercise in erotic helplessness as well as a preview for the
kids in the back seat as naked Suzy’s head went down on the meat
thrusting man. Pity about the curls. Taffy’s that is. the ones covering
her right side view. She might have seen them, if she could’ve look that
way. After all, they were right outside the open passenger windows, on
the tree limb and trunk, peering in.

Suzy sort of screamed when Barry exploded in her mouth. Probably the
first mistake, it really startled the audience outside. But when Barry
suddenly thrust that penis gag between her lips and she struggled and
all against his locking it… well that really agitated the little

“Uh-uh…. ah hay uh be gagud! Uh-uh… UH_UHHHHH!” Barry grinned at his
naked girlfriend’s plight. He knew how much she hated gags, and
especially the sounds of things locking onto her. He knew that the cuffs
must have been tough for her, but she knew they’d really turn him on. So
with his gunk getting shoved down her throat by the fat plastic dick…
Barry was glowing. And distracted. Everyone was. That’s why they really
didn’t notice them… until the biggest stepped on Suzy’s bare,
struggling shoulder.

*** *** ***

Odd how curious some nocturnal beasts can be. Especially when their tree
homes are scraped by great big cars. Why, the whole family can come out
to see what the hell is going on. And that’s just exactly what this
little furry band was doing. All six of the curious, babies along with
their mother… skunk!

There’s this adage. You charge a gun and flee a knife. You also flee a
skunk. And seven skunks? Tommy, Barry and Tim were out of that car
faster than Road Runner escapes Charlie Coyote. They almost made
Œswooshing’ racing to the field. Leaving a screeching and mumbling, Suzy
staring pop eyed at the little band of fluffy things that were leaping
through the two windows.

And then, as the fat mother skunk dropped to her naked lap, Suzy froze
and got very very quiet. With the interior light now on, the three in
the field watched the rodent sniff at the naked woman’s cleft, then
standing on her rear legs and using her front paws like hands, actually
rub at the goo around Suzy’s chin, smell the stuff then tentatively
taste it. No one moved, not the humans anyway.

The little skunks were all over the car, three had found clothes on the
floor and determinedly scratched around while the others investigated
the seats and dashboard. None appeared the least alarmed or unhappy.

*** *** ***

With her hands locked behind her, Suzy couldn’t unbuckle her belt. So,
what to do? Simple.

“Go in there and let Suzy free,” *ORDER* – Barry told Taffy.


“No? The fuck you mean, ŒNo?”

“I… I mean, I can’t be ordered to do anything that might do permanent
damage to me, and ….. skunks bite. They could be rabid. I’m terrified
of them. I…. won’t. And you can’t make me!”

And he couldn’t . That was the out. Suzy had carefully layered drug and
hypno therapy over Tim Mitty’s mind so that he would perform any order,
with this one exception.

Pity though. Suzy heard the rabies and bite cracks, resulting in a high
pitched wail from around her cum gurgling lips. They could see her
muscles taughten as she prepared for another frenzied tug on her

“NO! No… Don’t… Don’t do that, Suze….. I’ll…. Tommy and me…
We’ll get you out.. Just don’t … DON”T MOVE!”

*** *** ***

So slowly they crept. Tommy got to the car first and inched the driver
door wide as it would go, never even shaking the young skunk, who’d
settled down along its window sill. Was he asleep? Mother was on the
dashboard now, all of the others seemed to be down in the clothes, as
Barry stretched agonizingly inside….

Over … over … over to the buckle holding …. Closer….. The mother
skunk saw him, turned, watched….. Closer now, inside, kneeling on the
driver’s seat… not inches away from the buckle. Almost…. just

Got it. Fingers under it’s chrome lip. Suzy watching. The little heads
popping up all over the car… fourteen beady eyes along with Barry’s,
Tommy’s, Tim’s and Suzy’s staring at those finger tips. The only things
moving now… perhaps in the world…..

And Suzy coughed. What? Cum in the throat? Swallowed the wrong way? But
with most of her mouth covered. And the edges coated in Barry’s stuff…
Well, it was a messy cough. Lots of gooey spittle. Which hit one of the
little skunks right in the head. Not a good move.

Seven skunks whirled. Seven skunks fired. Tommy was first hit full in
the face by the guy on the door window, flipping him back onto the field
AFTER he pushed the door closed knocking Barry across Suzy letting
Mother and two babies drench them. Meantime the other three just
exploded around them. Of course, around them were…. clothes. Barry’s
and Suzy’s.

*** *** ***

Tim was the only one who could go. Tommy, Barry and Suzy wreaked of the
mess. Barry and Suzy’s clothes were ruined. And since Barry had lost the
keys to Suzy’s car, cuffs and gag in the mad exit from the automobile…
well she was not only nude and wretchedly stinking, but had her mouth
stuffed full of jizm and penis gag while her hands were useless.

Tommy’s clothes were saved, along with Taffy’s nightie. But smelling
like that, Tommy couldn’t hitch a ride, so Tim wore Tommy’s stuff. And
since it was so cold, and they all needed shoes in the nettled
fields….. Barry and Suzy wore their smelly sneakers, and Tommy pulled
on ….you guessed it, Taffy’s yellow baby doll and heels.

That’s how the Triple A folks found them. And that’s how they looked
pretty much (except for some blankets) as they were taken to the
locksmith that finally undid a humiliated Suzy’s fetters. You can
imagine, Daphne Bannister’s reaction when Tommy came home stinking, in a
girl’s negligee. You can imagine Barry and Suzy’s moods the next day,
after their fifth baths in tomato juice. You can imagine… But unless
you were there… You could never, ever know.

*** *** ***

“I feel like some cartoon character who can’t shoot a wabbit!” Barry was
disgusted as he worked on the apparatus. “So this time: No fields, no
parks, no golf courses, no dances, no swimming pools, no porches…
no….. NONE OF THAT SHIT!” He slid another weighted plate onto the end
of the left chain. “There, just exactly 136 pounds distributed evenly on
both sides. It weighs what Tim, I mean, Taffy weighs. We’re ready Derk.
Start the damned music CD Tommy. BRING HER DOWN SUZE, THE CEREMONY CAN

A black marriage is what it was. The video camera was whirling in
Barry’s hands. And the Œgirls’ were all gussied up ready to descend down
the cellar stairs as the Bridal March boomed…. ŒTUM TUM Te-TUM…. TUM
TUM Te-TUM’! And here came the bimbos.

Suzy first, in a bridesmaid’s dress she’d carefully dyed black for the
evening’s event. A week had passed. A week of careful preparation. And

Derk Murdoch was called. And he was told the Œterrible news’ Barry Mitty
had discovered about his Œcousin’ Taffy Berry. That, it turned out,
Taffy was really not a girl at all. But a fairy who wanted to seduce the
VERY macho weight lifting male Derk. Derk was not amused. His two
hundred eighty pounds of beefcake muscles rivelled with anger. He wanted
to fix that little male bitch. And he gleefully signed onto the
ceremony. That’s why he stood. Naked, rippling muscle, like some sort of
statue designed by the same firm that did Stonehenge…. Stood between
the two channels one on either side of his wide shoulders. Between the
metal things was an exercise bench and threaded through those
perpendicular channels which went on either side from floor to ceiling,
was a horizontal wide rod, now very high up because it was fixed on
either end to chains that were then threaded through ceiling pulleys and
down to the piles of weights totaling exactly to Taffy’s weight.

Derk glistened in the dozens of candles that lit the cellar room that
Suzy glided down into.

Then there was Taffy. In a neck to floor, totally veiled, swishing and
rustling… black-as-coal… wedding gown. Her white face glowed through
its dark gauzy covering and her red lips were plainly pursed and worried
as she did the bridal glide toward that bench… to the strains of the
wedding march.

*** *** ***

Well rehearsed, Taffy marched to Derk, pirouetted and waited as he
un-velcroed the gown and let it fall. Waited and smiled for the camera
as he gently removed her veil and left her standing only in black
stockings and shoes. Then Taffy sat on the bench and waited as Suzy
knotted a rope about her long curls and tossed it over then lashed it to
the bar which Derk tugged down to a foot above her. She sat as Suzy tied
ropes about each of her nyloned knees and tied them up and wide to the
same bar. Sat as Suzy strung more ropes around her waist, then down to
splay each of her upper thighs apart. Then she hung as Derk slowly slid
the counterweighted bar easily upward a foot or two above the bench. A
bench were a naked, smirking Tommy soon took his place.

*** *** ***

“Do whatever you want *ORDER*. Be whomever you want *ORDER*,” Derk
murmured into Taffy’s ear as he pulled her high and roped her forearms
together so tightly behind her then threaded those ties around her torso
so firmly above her breasts. Well actually it was no longer Taffy who
hung there by Taffy’s hair. Free to be himself… It was Tim. Naked
except for stockings, spikes and ropes, his flaccid prick drooping
between his legs. Tim felt that they’d made him into…. into a pointing
thing. With his knees drawn high, and his hair arching his back… It
spread his cheeks and left his anus aiming….. straight downward…. To
where Tommy now lay. With his naked prick, assisted and greased by
Suzy’s pretty hand, aiming straight up …. at the dangling target.

*** *** ***

“If anyone here has an objection as to why this boy and boy should not
be joined,” Barry spoke from behind the camera as Derk moved to take
hold of Tim’s arms…. “Let him speak now, before Suzy holds…. the

And? And??? Pictures speak more loudly…. Scream more loudly as…. as
the end possibly nears….. look at…

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    1. sadly Timothy Reisling Betticut is no longer writing, as far as I am aware. But please make the most of his amazing talent to be found on this web site.

  1. Dang! Now that’s a story with sizzle! If I was still writing, I’d write a screenplay for this story… But it’d never work you know. After all, who’d ever audition for the lead role of Taffy? I’d never get the part cast, right?

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