The House by Lisa Smithpart 3

The House on the Hill


Chapter 3


Concentrating on taking small steps and walking a straight line, Michael slowly minced his way down the hall to the next door with Isabel right behind. When they reached the door, once again, it slowly opened automatically and both Michael and Isabel watched as the lights slowly came on in the room. Cautiously Michael and Isabel slowly entered the room which seemed to be an exact replica of both of their rooms. Scanning the room they immediately saw another person dressed exactly as they were in a French maid’s uniform sitting tied up in the exact position in a chair that Isabel was 10 minutes earlier. Just like Isabel, she was firmly tied up and blindfolded.


Michael scanned the room again and saw another envelope on the desk in the corner of the room. Looking over his shoulder at Isabel, Michael said, “Isabel, why don’t you go over and untie her why I go over and get the new envelope with our instructions?” Hoping that their hosts had their fill of his humiliation Michael made his way over to the desk where there was another envelope addressed to “Evelyn”. Learning that his fingernails made envelope opening a chore, Michael opened the desk drawer and found another letter opener. After opening the envelope Michael looked over to Isabel who after untying the binds was removing their new guest’s blindfold.


“Hi, Sophie,” Isabel began looking at Sylvie’s name tag. “I’m sure that you been told that we must all use the girl names on our uniforms. I’m Isabel and that’s Evelyn over there. Are you able to get up from the chair?”

“No,” Sophie whimpered with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Don’t worry, dear,” Isabel replied softly, “I was in the same position as you for a day and a half until Evelyn came and helped me. Evelyn has just opened our instructions so please don’t worry. We will get you out of here.”

“I was hoping our humiliation was over,” Michael began looking at both Isabel and Sylvie, “but it seems it is just beginning. Here are our new instructions—“





                                Congratulations on a wonderful performance! Right now none of us believe you haven’t sucked cock before. You performed so well we’ve decided to give you another opportunity to work on your skills. Like Isabel, Sophie has a large butt plug in her ass that will only go down when her prostate is relieved. That is where you will come in. You get to practice your fellatio talents once again.

                                But before you start let’s see if we can find a job for Isabel. Have any of you ever heard of a fluffer? Of course not, I’m sure, so let me tell you. A fluffer is a person who works in the pornography business whose job is to get the main characters “excited and ready to perform.” This will be Isabel’s job. But here’s the catch—Evelyn, you need to open your purse where you will find a large tube of KY jelly. You need to take as much of it as you need and lubricate both the penis handle of the feather duster and Isabel’s backside. When you feel that both are adequately lubricated we need you to insert the feather duster into Isabel’s ass. You will see that it is made in such a way that Isabel’s ass will reflexively close around its neck and it will remain in place until you are told you can take it out.

                                Isabel, before Evelyn gets to swallow Sophie’s cock and all of her love juices, you need to prepare her by asking Evelyn to lift Sophie’s skirt and then slowly teasing her groin with the feather duster. I know it is something you haven’t done before but we think if you turn your back to Sophie and bend over you should be able to wiggle your ass and hips in such a way that it fluffs up Sophie for Evelyn’s next performance.

                                Well, that’s all for now ladies but remember that we are watching you. Remember that you still have C4 in your ass, Evelyn, which will destroy everything and everyone in that room so please make sure that you swallow all pretty Sophie’s cum. Oh, and one more thing, it certainly isn’t fair that you are the only one with a vibrating butt plug so after you insert the feather duster into Isabel you will see a switch that will turn Isabel’s on so both of you can have your prostates massaged.

                                As usual, when you are done you can proceed to the next room down the hall. You just need to help 3 more guest before dinner.


Hugs and Kisses   XOXOXOX



“No, this can’t be happening,” cried Sophie.

“I’m afraid it is,” sighed Michael. “Look at each of us. They told me we’ve been here for over 4 months. They’ve removed most of the hair on our bodies. When you get a chance, feel your face and you’ll find out you no longer have a beard. They have, also,  removed our eyebrows and filled them in with some type of make-up. They also used some other type of semi-permanent make-up on our eyes and lips. They told me that nothing is permanent but our shoes have locks on them and I can’t get mine off. They used extensions on our hair so it feels real but we can cut it when we get out of here. But everything tells me that this is real and it is happening to us.”

“Evelyn’s right, Sophie,” Isabel added, “The last thing I want is a feather buster up my ass but we have to do this. It’s the only way we’ll get out of here.”

“I guess we should get started,” Michael began as he reached into his purse and found the tube of KY jelly. “If you’re ready, Isabel, why don’t you turn around and bend over and I will lubricate your backside to make it as easy as possible.”

Turning around and bending over, Isabel braced for the inevitable. She was hoping this was a dream but when Evelyn’s left hand slowly spread her backside while the fingers of her right hand gently applied a soft jelly like substance to her anus she realized it was no dream.

“Brace yourself, Isabel,” Michael spoke, “I need to get my fingers and this jelly inside of you. Try to relax your sphincter while I push in. The more jelly I get inside of you the easier it will be. Let’s try on a count of three, ok? Here we go—one,,,two,,,and three. There you go. That wasn’t so bad was it?

“Not if you like someone sticking a finger up your ass,” Isabel whimpered.

“Well I hate to say this but I have to do it again with 2 fingers or we’ll never get this butt plug into you. Are you ready?”

“Please be gentle,” Isabel cried.


Five minutes later Michael was finished pushing the feather duster into Isabel’s backside. Despite the difficulty and discomfort Isabel felt as it went in, when it finally locked into place and her sphincter relaxed and grabbed the neck of the plug, she felt a huge wave of relief. To her dismay it wasn’t really that uncomfortable as she stood up.

Turning to Evelyn, Isabel began, “Evelyn, can you go over and hold up Sophie’s skirt while I position myself in front of her. I don’t think this will be too bad because it’s not that uncomfortable now.”

“That’s easy for you to say, Isabel. You don’t have to suck someone’s cock and swallow their cum,” Michael replied.

“You’re right, Evelyn, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry. I know you didn’t mean anything by it but please do your best to get Sophie excited so I won’t have to suck her for that long,” Michael sighed.


Five minutes of shaking her hips as the feather duster tickled Sophie’s groin was all it took to get Sophie rock hard and leaking pre-cum. Sensing that Sophie was getting extremely close to erupting, Michael asked Isabel to stop and immediately dropped to his knees in front of Sophie as Isabel stepped away. Worried that even a few licks would set Sophie off, Michael immediately swallowed Sophie’s entire member and began to bob up and down while softly cupping and massaging her scrotum. Less than a minute later, Michael was still sucking on Sophie’s penis but it was already deflating and Michael was just making sure that he swallowed late discharge.


Licking his lips, Michael looked up at Sophie and asked, “Is your butt pug deflating?”

“Oh, my God, yes it is. Thank you both so much. Just let me stand and stretch my legs,” Sophie replied as she slowly stood up. “Here, let me help you up, Evelyn” Sophie said as she reached down and grabbed Michael’s elbows. “Thank you so much for helping me. I can’t believe that there are more of us in here.”

“There are three more of us here so we have more to do before we can end this nightmare,” Michael replied as he helped himself up with Sophie’s assistance. “We need to grab our purses and anything else these bastards left for us and get to the next room.”

“I guess this is my purse,” Sophie said looking down at the table near the door. “Do I have to take these two things with me?” Sophie whispered looking at 2 objects that were obviously butt plugs.

“Sorry, but yes Sophie,” Isabel answered. “Stick them in your purse. Honestly, I’d rather have a simple butt plug in my ass than this feather duster. And this vibrator is driving me crazy. How can you stand it, Evelyn?”

“I don’t have a choice, Isabel,” Michael replied, “But at least you don’t have this chastity cage on as well. Being stimulated by the vibrator and at the same time encased so you can’t get an erection is almost painful. If you’re ready then let’s get going.”


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