Property of Harding Ltd -Part Three

“Property of Harding Ltd.” Part Three

By Deborah Ford

He finds himself rubbing his thighs. They have never felt so silky smooth. They tingle. He runs his hands over his narrow waist feeling the skin tingle at his touch.

He places his finger tips to his cheeks and chin. He rarely needed to shave at the best of times but now his face had the same qualities as his daughter’s. Totally warm, smooth and soft. When in the future he plays his dressing up games at home he will buy himself an electrolysis machine like that. He will  be able to wear sumptuous teddys and other delicate underwear and it would feel right.

“Ya!” he almost fell off the couch.

Miss Willis had put her huge hands about his neck as if she were going to strangle him.

“Oh what a baby!” She steps back holding a yellow tailor’s tape measure in her hand. “Hmm. You haven’t exactly got a mannish neck have you sissy? Thirteen inches.”

Due to his lack of height and slight appearance he had often been forced to buy children’s shirts which bizarrely could be more expensive than adults.

She rummages through a cupboard as she calls back to him, “The average man’s neck is around 17 inches, the average woman’s neck around fourteen. So you will need a small woman’s.”

He hears metal striking metal and sits up on the couch feeling the leather rub against his tender bottom. “Madam?” He has so many questions but his jaw drops in horror as he sees her walking back towards him carrying something he has never seen outside of pictures. “Oh my God,” he mutters, before crying loudly, “no, no, no!”

She sits next to him smiling, stroking his hair. “Oh little one don’t be such a baby. I trust I am not going to have to chase you around the room and wrestle you to the floor?” She giggles. “Of course that could be fun but I would also have to punish you for it too.” She pulls down her mouth theatrically as if telling off a child. “So come on then. Chin up.”

“Look please Madam I …”

She prises up his neck with her fingers and slips the metal collar about him. It is a smooth silver metal circle, hinged at the rear with a locking mechanism in one of the open arms. He feels its metal cold on his now sensitive warm neck.

“Please,” he blubbers.

She pulls the two ends tight around his neck. He gasps holding his breath. With a chilling finality a lock clicks shut.

“There. Was that so bad?”

He raises his fingers to the metal touching the impossibly smooth exterior. He runs his touch to the front and the small lock.

He is shivering. He can see a mirror near the door and dashes for it. The reflection shows a tear stained, pink faced child staring wide eyed. Around his neck is a silver collar about an inch wide, exactly the same as Chrissy’s, the girl who led him down here to this hell hole. The words engraved across the front read “Property of Harding Ltd” just as they had on hers.

Panic. Sheer mindless, brain exploding panic. He is on his knees tugging at the collar crying. “Get it off, get it off! For fucks sake get it off!”

He feels himself hauled to his bare feet and enveloped in the arms of the strong black woman. He feels her breasts on his face, her sturdy arms gathering him up, lifting him gently off the floor.

“There, there, little birdbrain. Poor sissy.”

With barely any effort she picks him up, cradling him in her arms with a gentle rocking motion. “Be brave little one. Everyone is like it at the start. Poor birdbrain,” she coos.

He blubbers in the safety of her arms.

Suddenly he feels something tickling his nose. He opens his eyes to see a lacy handkerchief held over it.

“Big blows!” She commands.

He struggles. “I am not a baby!”

The room somersaults. One moment a white handkerchief is filling his vision. Then he sees the ceiling, the wall, her desk. He is being spun around.

“Ooof.” The wind is knocked out of him as he finds himself settled over her lap. Her thigh muscles are hard like iron.

Groaning he knows what is to follow and shakes his fists in rage.

With him settled and not daring to move she rests her palm on his hot bottom. The slipper has left a neat array of red marks over his bottom.

“Now then sissy, tell me who needs a spanking?”

He moans. “Aw please Madam. Please. I am sorry for whatever I have done. Honest.”

Patting his bottom she replies, “I am sure you are … now. It is just we must stop you being naughty in the first place mustn’t we birdbrain?”

“Madam I … yeow!”

“I am sorry birdbrain, I cannot hear you. I said I know you are sorry now but we need to ensure you are obedient in the first place don’t we?”

He twists around to look up at her, his eyes full of fear. “Yes Madam”

Scowling, she shakes her head. “Yes madam what? What do we need to assure ourselves of?”

This is so painfully humiliating but the alternative is worse. “We must ensure I am obedient in the first place.”

She smiles. “Oh well done. So shall we let you off with, say, six for good behaviour then?”

“No!” He kicks his legs and immediately regrets it staring at her with sorrowful eyes. “I mean I have learned I promise.”

He sees her face darken and swallows, his Adam’s apple catching the collar.

“I said,” she says emphatically, “we shall let you off with just six for being good.”

“He lowers his head feeling his forehead touch the carpet. “Yes madam. Ouch!”

“Yes Madam what?”

This is infuriating! “Yes madam we shall only give me six because I have been good.”

He feels her pat his bottom.

“That’s better. I know you are not the brightest of fairy lights on the tree but please try harder little sissy.”

“Yes Madam. Sorry Madam.”

“So how many are you going to ask me for?”

He wants to swear at her. Scream abuse but he knows he daren’t. He grits his teeth. “Please spank me six times Miss Willis.”

“I think a little sissy is going to have to ask nicer than that. We wouldn’t want it to be twelve … would we?” She emphasises the “would be,” again as if speaking to a child.

“Sorry madam.” He pleads, “Please may I have six spanks.”

“There. That is better isn’t it? Don’t you feel better now for asking politely like a good sissy?”

“Yes madam.” Why doesn’t she just get on with it?

“I think you are going to be a wonderful new asset to Mister Harding’s belongings little one.”

‘Mister Harding’s belongings’? Is that what she said? He has a collar fixed about his neck stating to the world he is owned by Patrick Harding. Now she is speaking as if he truly owned by that horrible lout. That school bully who made his life such a misery leading up to that awful moment in his life when …

His thoughts are shaken from his head by an almighty slap to his already sore bum




She is spanking him. He is over her knee and she is spanking him!

“No. Stop. Owwwww!”


“Please …owwwch. Madam. Please stop.!”

The spanking stops. He tries to slide off but she grabs his hips and thumps him back into the same position. “You stay right there birdrbrain until you are told otherwise.”


“Och! Please no more Madam.”

“So birdbrain you have finally remembered how to address me?”

“Yes Madam. Sorry Madam”


Tears fill his yes. His arse is already ablaze from the canning the spanking is sheer torture. “Sorry Madam. Please. It won’t happen again.”



“Too damn right it won’t. So birdbrain let me make something absolutely clear to you. You never tell a manager what you are or aren’t unless they tell you. If I want you to be a baby then I will get the diapers and dummy and you will be one. Clear?”

“Please Madam I …”


“Ooooohh! Yes Madam It is clear Madam.”

“If I want you to be a baby what will you be?”

“A baby Madam?”

“Clever birdbrain. And If I want you to be a pony what will you be?”

“A pony Madam.”

“You sure?”

“Oh yes Madam.”

“But all I want from you right now is to be a good little office girl. So what will you be?”

He pauses. Thinking. His red face looks over his shoulder up at her, his eyes full of questions. He sees the huge palm raised to her shoulder height.

“An office girl Madam!”

“And what sort of office girl?”

“A good, erm,” he hated describing himself as little, but he knew he has no choice for the time being. “A good little office girl Madam.”

“So tell me what you are birdbrain.”

“A good little office girl Madam.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Madam.”

With a little more effort she lifts him up and settles him into her lap. He sniffles like an adolescent staring in horror at her.


“Yes birdbrain?”

“I would like not to have to wear the collar please.”

“Nonsense! What if you got lost? It clearly says who owns you. ‘Property of Hardman Ltd.’ No danger of anyone not seeing that is there.”

He closes his eyes, muttering “oh my god” under his breath. She is right. Everyone will see it. Everyone!

In his deep submissive fantasies he has thought about being collared yet now it has happened he feels totally humiliated and frightened.  He wants to hide, even in her arms.

“Also we can attach a leash to the front and take you for walks in the forest outside the castle. You would like that wouldn’t you.”

He mouths words that don’t sound like anything recognizable.

She smiles. “The girls all get a bit stir crazy in here so are grateful when a manager snaps a leash onto them. It means they are being taken somewhere. And while you are a white girl you may need to be leashed while you are taken to different places. Again we wouldn’t want our little birdbrain getting lost would we?”

His mouth continues to move, searching for words. He looks so sweet and vulnerable she laughs and kisses his nose. Pushing her cheek close to his he hears her whisper. “Oh babe one day I am going to fuck that cute arse so hard you won’t know what day of the week it is.” She laughs and he holds his breath. “I will make you squeal and thrash around like the slut you really are.”

With that she pulls herself back, kisses his nose again and announces in a brisk voice. “Now then birdbrain. We have a great deal to be getting on with and time is getting on. Stand!”

Obediently he stands his hands touching his wicked chastity belt. The collar feels secure around his neck. Not too loose as to move and yet not tight enough to feel threatening.

Wearing a wicked smile she surveys his nude figure. “Have you ever seen a puppy on the leash for the first time birdbrain?”

He watches the impossibly curvy woman wiggle around the front of her desk where she opens a drawer and pulls up something coiled up.

“Don’t worry birdbrain. They are always the same on the first few days.” She laughs. “Girls and sissies. No difference. Always that look of disbelief. You cannot believe it is happening even as it is happening. Exquisite humiliation.”

Her hand whips out to his neck making him recoil. He hears a click. She is standing before him holding a leash that runs up to his collar. She gives a tug and the collar pulls forwards making him take a step towards her.

“Office girls are not allowed to touch the leash. So you may not unclasp it. Nor must you ever touch another office girl’s leash. Clear?”

“Yes Madam.”

His heart is thumping. He is feeling sick with fear.

“I take it no one has ever taken you for a walk on a leash?”

“I er ..erm, well, no Madam.”

“Ok. Listen carefully.  Try and keep your ditzy brain awake. You don’t have to worry about where we are going but you still have to concentrate. Watch where I am heading. Keep up. Don’t let it get too taut. Watch for self closing doors. Girls always get one of those in the nose. Take care with men too!”


“Yes. They walk much faster, bigger strides so you may have to canter to keep up. Any problems give me a shout. Here we go.”

With that she twists around on her black boot’s heel to march to the door. The collar tugs at the rear of his neck making him bow before he is propelled after her.

“I said keep up sissy. Don’t think I am going to drag you everywhere!”

She opens the door.


She pauses. “Yes girl?”

“Madam!” he points to the corridor.

She grows impatient. “Yes girl?”

“You can’t take me out into the corridor. Someone could ….”

Rolling her eyes, she strides out dragging him into the short corridor near the steps up to the double doors. She closes the door behind him.

He is terrified. Being bullied by her in the privacy of her office is one thing, being bullied before others is his greatest fear. This is school all over again.

6 thoughts on “Property of Harding Ltd -Part Three

  1. Will the humiliation of being led about nakkie have him begging to get into his new outfit? And if so, will it be preceded by sexy undies he hadn’t counted on?

    Another scintillating chapter unfolds, even as I squirm in anticipation of the next.

  2. Again,the rhythm of the dialogue helped accentuate the humiliation. And you broke it off at the best point: just when there’s worse to come!

  3. I have caught my breath at last. This is simply exquisite! I can’t imagine how this story could get any better, but, if anyone could fine a way, I know it will be you. I know I am but one of so many who are grateful that you returned from retirement, if only for this.

    Many, many thanks, Michelle

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