“Property of Harding Ltd.” Part Four By Deborah Ford

“Property of Harding Ltd.” Part Four

By Deborah Ford

They set off up the small steps to the long corridor to the lift. He hears the clicking of keyboards from behind closed doors.

A door opens and he groans. It is Chrissy! Her neatly cropped blond hair easily identifiable. She sees Miss Willis and stands to attention, one knee in front of the other, eyes cast down, hands behind back.

“Trudy!” announces Madam as they pass her, “up to no good again?”

“Please Madam I have been allowed to go to the toilet.”

Miss Willis tuts. “Wouldn’t happen in my day. Way to lax with you tramps.”

The girl says “yes Madam,” her eyes fixed on the floor.

Daniel and the girl catch eyes. He sees a dreamy sexy look in hers. He also sees she is not Chrissy. Her name badge reads Trudy. But she looks wholly identical to the first girl he met.

Trudy gives him a little knowing smile and he smiles back until a sharp yank propels him away.

“Keep up birdbrain.”

She stops. As if waiting for something. He stands behind her, his mouth dry. She turns and approaches him glaring into his eyes making him look away. “Trudy stand still just next to the sissy.”

Immediately she is at his side.

A hand grips his chin. “Birdbrain?”

He looks up to her, his eyes wide with fear.

“And what does a girl say when spoken to by a manager?”

He hears Trudy suck in a lungful of air and he shivers. He whispers. “Madam. Yes Madam.”

“Sorry girl I cannot hear you.”

He leans closer to her speaking under his breath. “But Madam there are others here!” he rolls his eyes towards Trudy.



His thigh stings and he dances on one leg. He is standing here, leashed by his collar wearing only a chastity belt over his smooth naked body.

“Say it girl and say it loud!”

“Yes Madam.”


“Yes Madam!” He cries out.

Eyeing him warily until he cowers she puts her finger under his chin lifting him up on to his toes. Her eyebrows rise as if she is expecting more.

Finally he says. “Sorry Madam.”

“If silly airhead doesn’t offer me a reply how do I know she has heard me?”

“I don’t know Madam.” He wants her to end this humiliation before Trudy.

“So when I say ‘keep up birdbrain’ what do you reply?”

“Yes madam.”

She releases her finger from under his chin, her head tilting back with a superior grin. “Good. So you don’t like to be embarrassed in front of others then?”

He feels himself blush hard. “No madam.”

Her grin widens. “And think sissy this is just before an office girl. She doesn’t even count. Imagine being naughty in the middle of a busy office?”

He gasps at the terror. “Madam please, I don’t like this, please let me go.”

“Silly sissy. You are not supposed to like it. You are owned. You are here for the benefit of others.  Like Trudy, You do not count!”

As if finally satisfied she turns, tugs his leash and they continue walking.

He twists around to smile at Trudy. He feels she is a friend. And she looks drop dead sexy in her high waisted brown shorts, boots and transparent little blouse. They wear the same collar, they have a lot in common.

She smiles back and gives him a wink before wiggling sexily in the opposite direction.

He could watch her wiggling arse all day but a little stumble brings his attention back to the woman with his leash.

“We are concentrating aren’t we birdbrain?”

“Yes Madam.”

“I bet you were watching the attractive young lady! Sex mad all you office girls.”

They reach the lift and as the doors open Daniel steps back. “No please.”


Tears fill his eyes. “Please don’t take me up like this Please. My wife is up there. Oh my god my daughters are up there.”

“Another rule girly. Office girls do not swear on any occasion. Besides you can relax. We are going down.”

She tugs him into the lift and to his relief it descends.

“So these are the wife and daughters you wanted to be in your position to try and save your skin?”

She glowers at him, her head tilted back.

“No, no. I its just that …. well. I thought ….”

“Thinking always gets office girls into trouble.”

The leash relaxes between them.

“Yes Madam. It’s just that I must get all this sorted before my wife sees me.”

She smiles running the back of her fingers along his cheek. “Don’t worry little one, I will make sure you are well sorted before your wife sees you.”

“Thank you Madam.”  He feels a little better. As if she is his confident. “Can you arrange to have my daughters taken home please? It is best they don’t see any of this sort of thing.”

Miss Willis appears perplexed. “They will adapt. Just like you.”

The lift doors open and he is tugged out. “But Madam …”

A hard yank on the collar shuts up him up.

They are in a corridor resembling more a dormitory than an office. He can hear giggling.

Two girls in the brown outfit appear out of a door, huddled into each other laughing as if at some secret little joke they are sharing. When they see Miss Willis they stand shoulder to shoulder straight, one knee in front of the other and eyes cast down. One is blond like the other two girls he has seen and the other black haired. Both have pink pouting lips and identical makeup.

He can see the neat collar around their necks beneath their skimpy blouses.

“Nothing better to do girls than waste my time by giggling?”

“Please Madam we have been given the afternoon off.” The Blond one says.

The dark haired girl cuts in, bubbling with excitement. “We are going to the party this weekend.”

They both giggle again.

Miss Willis stoops before them and the giggling stops as if turned off by a switch. “Turn around you wanton sluts.

They chorus “yes Madam”, turning in their boots so the curvaceous arses swell out their shorts.

Miss Willis lifts up the little book attached to the waist of the blond using her thumb and index finger to push through the pages full of scribbled notes. Daniel can see the notes are written by different hands and different pens, he cranes to try and read them.

Noticing him edging forward, his eyes fixed on the book, Miss Willis clears her throat. “Birdbrain, why don’t you try standing facing the wall like these other sluts?”

As he does so she slaps his sore arse. “Office girls are never allowed to read the little black books. Never. Clear?”

“Yes Madam.”

“I hope so young lady! There will be serious trouble if you are ever found nosing around in one.”

He gasps. “Yes madam.”

Close up he can see the brush strokes of cream paint on the wall. He feels totally vulnerable. Collared, leashed and naked with his bare arse at the mercy of this devilish woman.

“Well, it appears some silly manager has written how you are obedient and well behaved and in need of a treat!”

The blond gasps “yes Madam.” There is a tremor of fear in her voice.

“I wonder what you had to perform to get that from him.” She then spits out, “slut.”

“Let’s see yours.”

As the tension in his leash slackens he Daniel is aware she has moved behind the brunette. They are all silent now.

He can hear giggling and chattering muffled by the walls.

Pages are turned. “A gold star! They hand them out way too easily these days!”

“Yes Madam.”

“Turn around!”

He hears the girls turning on their brown heels with a joint “yes Madam,” and wonders whether he should.

A slap to his arse and the words “quickly!” answer that query.

He turns around on his bare feet. “Yes Madam.”

A sharp tug on his leash brings him to stand before the two girls. “Look carefully birdbrain. These are two good girls, though heavens knows what standards were applied.”

Daniel nods, “yes Madam.”

“They will be leashed and allowed to leave the castle on Friday night. If they are lucky they might meet up with a customer who will put up with them and keep them for the weekend.”

The blond looks excitedly at her friend who nibbles her lips.

“I have known very good girls to spend an entire weekend free from their chastity belts. An entire weekend!”

The two girls giggle breathlessly, hopping on the spot.

Daniel sees Miss Willis smile warmly, “let’s hope these two sluts behave sufficiently for such rewards.”

“Thank you Madam,” the girls chime.

“Right come on birdbrain. You are a long way from earning such treats.”

Daniel hears the giggling girls skip down the corridor.

A few steps later Miss Willis stops at a double set of doors to their right. A sign jetting from the wall reads “closet.”

They enter without knocking.

Immediately Daniel is in heaven.

It is like the interior of a huge lingerie department store. Racks and shelves layered with girly frills, pastel and bright colours.

Near one wall is a line of boots, white, brown and black he has seen the girls wearing. Then shelves of heels and boots in a variety of sizes, colours and styles. Ones he has not seen since his arrival.

He says “wow” out loud.

“Miss Willis!”

A woman with flaming red head embellished with subtle curls appears. Like Miss Willis she is attired in all black.

“Miss Carter.”

The women air kiss until the redhead’s attention falls on Daniel. And does she give him attention. She steps back in her black stiletto boots to run her eyes up and down his naked blushing body gorging on his shape and shame.

Daniel closes his eyes, shaking his head as if to shake away the humiliation of being on display.

“My, my, what have you got here Miss Willis?”

“New arrival.”

He opens his eyes to see Miss Carter walking about him, lifting up his arm, stroking his hair, running a hand over his buttocks. “And still a virgin Miss Willis?”

The black woman laughs. “Of course.”

The red head pats his arse very hard. “And already seen a bit of education too I see, judging from the colour of his cheeks.”

“Not terribly bright I am afraid. But sufficient for office girl status.”

Daniel’s mouth falls open but he dares not contradict her.

“Well, well, well. Cute and a bimbo. We have a popular little sissy here.”  She taps at the metal triangle over his dick. “I take it he is a sissy not a genuine girly?”

“Just about,” Miss Willis responds and they both laugh.

Daniel feels his fists clench as he bites his bottom lip.

“Doesn’t he blush like a cutie!” The red head exclaims tilting up his head.

“Especially when you mention his wife upstairs.”

Miss Carter laughs. “Is that true little sissy? Poor little sissy down here, collared and leashed, little dicky locked away out of temptation’s way whilst your wife is upstairs with all those manly guys. Oh my, oh my. How dreadful for you. What must you be thinking?”

His eyes widen. His wife with those “manly guys”? What was she saying? Davina wouldn’t cheat on him. She is loyal. A pang of worry tickles his stomach. He knows how determined and persuasive masculine men can be and Davina is sexy beyond measure.

Miss Willis moves closer tapping her finger roguishly on her lips. “And it gets worse Miss Carter.”

“Indeed? How does it get worse Miss Willis?”

They are both laughing at him, taunting him and there is nothing he can do but stand there and blush and shiver with rage.

The black woman leans close to the red head to stage whisper. “Two daughters too.”

Miss Carter gasps theatrically before laughing. “Oh no. How terrible. And how old?”

Miss Willis stares at Daniel her expression demanding an answer.”

He swallows. “Sixteen Madam.”

“Aw, how sweet. Shall I call them down to say hi?”

Daniel erupts back on his heels racing for the door but the leash pulls taut and he is hauled back close to tears.

The red head ruffles his hair. “Aw isn’t she so sweet. Don’t worry babes. I won’t do that. Well not just yet.” She turns to her colleague, “she is so much fun!”

“She will be very popular Miss Carter. But I think we need to get started with her. She must be catching her death of cold standing naked there.”

Suddenly the door bangs open and a short woman with dark hair wearing the black uniform enters pulling a leash.

One the end of the leash is a pretty young strawberry blond. Like Daniel she is naked. Like Daniel she wears a thin metal triangle over her groin. And like Daniel she has a silver collar with the words “Property of Harding Ltd” layered across it.

She looks drawn, red faced and has been crying. The moment she sees Daniel she puts one arm across her breasts and her free hand over her metal triangle.

Daniel immediately feel protective but dares say nothing.

Miss Willis raises an eyebrow. “Miss Shania? Having trouble?”

Miss Shania smiles, looking at the girl on the leash. “Na. First day nerves. Isn’t that right bimbo?”

The pretty girl clears her throat. “Yes Madam.”

Miss Shania eyes Daniel. “And what have we here? He is a sissy I take it?”

Miss Willis smiles. “Yes. Excellent material.”

Miss Carter says, “they both are. Shall we get started?

The strawberry blond and Daniel are tugged by their leash holders towards the racks of clothes. Daniels heart skips a beat as he takes in the fine neat blouses on one of the racks. If he wasn’t being forced like this he would be in seventh heaven.

He can now see the rack of panties and feels his cock engorge in its prison.

Miss Willis unclips his leash and Daniel pulls back his shoulders feeling oddly free.

Miss Shania unclips her girl’s, “can you imagine a threesome with these two puppies?”

The pretty girl clears her throat. “Look please. It is a mistake. Really.”

Miss Shania pats her arse. “Of course girl.”

“Madam, if I could see Mister Harding I am sure we can …”

The women laugh.

The strawberry blond flushes with indignation. “Please. I came about the manager’s position and …”

Daniel feels emboldened. “Yes me too. It is a mistake. I should be a manager.”

The strawberry blond raises her eyebrows. “You! You don’t look like a manager to me!”

Daniel turns on her. “And you don’t look so clever in that collar either!”

Miss Willis claps her hands and the two collared office girls fall silent, each seething at the other’s insults.

Miss Shania says, “that’s the trouble bimbo. You tramps get one look at Mister Harding’s huge cock and you are smitten for life. Next thing you know you are collared, owned and down here with us.”

The strawberry blond woman sniffs. “Please. It is a mistake Madam. Really.”

“Of course it is.” Mistress Shania wiggles away. “See you ladies and see you girls.” She turns to stare at Daniel with her dark eyes. “And I will definitely be keeping an eye out for you!”

Miss Willis laughs. “Get in the queue.”

Miss Shania leaves and Miss Willis air kisses Miss Carter. “Any problems and give me a call.”

She then snatches Daniel’s collar and hauls him close to her face. He stands on tip toes the collar catching at his neck.

“But we won’t have any trouble from you will we birdbrain?”

“No Madam.”

“You are going to be a good girl aren’t you birdbrain?”

His cheeks grow red hot. He is totally humiliated before this pretty girl who came in. The girl he had felt protective towards.

“Yes Madam.”

“What are you going to be?”

He swallows, “ a good girl Madam.”

She releases him. “Thought so. Ta ra for now.”

She then wiggles out leaving the two collared “girls” with Miss Carter.

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  1. As Daniel continues to get sorted out, I begin to wonder (again) whether there has ever been a Deborah Ford protagonist with pierced ears. I cannot recall one. These queries help pass the agonizing time between chapters.


  2. Hi Deborah,
    I know it is impolite not having left a favourable comment after each chapter because you really deserve it! I hope you can forgive me. I have been reading all of your stories throughout the years and you are still one of the best tg writers out there. It seems you are like wine, the older you get the better you become. Now I have to apologize again, lol, I never meant to say you are old.

    hugs and kisses, greta

  3. Oh, another thing. I really wish you´d somehow make a “little bit of advertisement” for your site because it deserves lots of visitors. If I wouldn´t (still) frequent storysite even if there are no updates anymore I simply wouldn´t know you still existed.

    hugs and kisses, greta

    1. I am not sure how to advertise it really. I am not clued up on such matters. I have added links to some like minded sites, these you can find on the front page of the Hotel Transform. But please offer any guidance you can in such matters.

      In fact my site has just this week, starting monday 18/10/10 passed the 100,000 visitors amrk which I feel very proud about. I get about 1000 hits a day of which around 200 are new readers.

  4. This just keeps getting more and more intense. I really liked the interplay between Daniel and the Strawberry blonde!

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