Property of Harding Ltd Part Two

“Property of Harding Ltd.”

Deborah Ford

Part Two

Daniel hides his parts

“If you start blubbering I’ll give you something to cry about.”

Miss Willis says this in such a matter-of- fact manner it hardly registers as a threat to Daniel.

“I’m not crying!”

“Your bottom lip is shaking like a cowering puppy.”

He stands naked with his hands covering his privates before the huge, muscular, black woman.

“Stand still!”

He does so. She returns with a small pink plastic gun with a glowing blue tip.

“God have you got any hairs on your body?”

He blushes. He knows he is blessed with very smooth hairless skin.

“Raise your right arm.”

Carefully covering his manhood with his left he raises his arm.


He does so. She holds the gun beneath his arm and he feels a warm prickling.

“From now on you refer to all managers as sir or Madam got it?”

“… erm, I told you this is a mistake.”

“Sure. Arm straight out.”

She runs the gun along his arm all over the skin.

“You call all black girls Madam.”

He swallows. “Look I …”

“Other arm up.”

He covers his manhood with his right hand and obeys her with his left. His right arm feels tingly, itchy. “Please. I need to speak to Patrick …”

She runs the gun under his arm pit. “Arm straight out. You talk to him when he wants to hear from you. You’ll soon learn. Now listen up!” She runs the gun over his face and laughs. “Do you shave?”

He feels offended. “Sometimes.”

“About as often as a teenage girl if you ask me. Black girls are not black skinned girls. They are girls who wear the black uniform. Got it?”

His face feels like it is glowing like after a hot bath. “What is that device?”

“One thing at a time birdbrain else we will be here all day and you have lessons to attend. You go that? Girls in the black outfit are to be addressed as Madam.”

“Yeh, yeh.”


His thigh stings.


He looks up at her with hurt offended eyes.

“So you address me as Madam. Every time  you speak.”

“But I …”


He yowls.

“Ok, ok, Madam. But you will be in for it when Patrick finds out!”


He screams.

“No manager is to be referred to by his or her Christian name by office staff. Got it?”

“Yes Madam”

Slap. “Jeeez!”

“Louder birdbrain. “I can’t hear you.”

Tears swell along his eyes. “Yes Madam!”

“They are referred to as sir or Madam, though Mister Harding is to be called master.” She plants a finger on his shocked lips. “Don’t ask. We’ll get through this one step at a time else you will be lost.”

He nods, his eyes wide staring into space.

She runs the gun over his chest. “Nothing here but this will make sure nothing grows.”

“Make sure of what? What grows?” he quickly adds, “Madam.”

She eyes him. “Careful birdbrain. Madam at all times!”

“Yes Madam.”

“This is the latest in electrolysis. It means hairs won’t grow back for at least a year.” She runs it over his tummy. “Spread your legs apart.”

He does so. “But why are you doing that?”

Crouching she runs the gun down each of his legs covering every cell of his skin including over his feet. “Ok hands on hips.”

He stares blankly at her, his hands fixed over his manhood.

She smiles sweetly, reaching up to rub her fingers down his cheek. “Aw, you are so sweet when you are scared. I feel like bundling you up in my arms and protecting you.”

He mouths something but cannot find the words.

Her smile falters. “On the other hand bitch slapping you on your first day would be amusing too. So hands on hips like a good office worker.”

Her biceps bulge as her arm moves. She looks so powerful and he feels so puny.

Slowly, very slowly his hands go to his hips. His eyes close and his face glows pink.

She laughs. “Well that wasn’t anything worth a song and dance over was it?”

He has always known he is small, hence why he avoided the showers and sports lessons in school. Hence why the worst moment in his life occurred at the hands of Patrick Harding. A moment to haunt him forever. A moment ensuring he left school and moved away as soon as he could.

“Now then. Hold still. This is where I get artistic.”

He feels the warmth just below his tummy and he feels so helpless he wants to cry.

“There.” She grabs his ear and drags him over to a full length mirror near the door. “Take a look!”

He sees his body glowing pink where the gun has emasculated him. Where his pubic bush had been there now sits a neatly cropped heart shape. Like a freshly mown light auburn lawn.

He feels three pats on his bottom and hears her giggle. “I am not even sure you needed electrolysis! Best be safe yeh?”

“Safe?” he looks up at her, fear filling his eyes.

Slap. His arse is struck so hard he is propelled forwards.

“And what did little birdbrain forget?”

“Look I have had enough of this!” he reaches down for his trousers lying on the carpet.

He doesn’t get far.

Yanked up by his hair, he screams in pain. His hands are gripped together at the small of his back in just one of her huge hands. She twists him around. Her expression is one of amusement. “Now let’s see,” she says as if pondering a dilemma. “I am a black belt in Judo and Karate. I work out twice a day. I wrestled for my country at the Olympics. Now then birdbrain what you say we have a little fight. See who comes out on top?”

He gives up tugging on his hands. They are stuck fast. Pulled flat up against her muscular body he feels like he is crushed against soft stone. The muscles are hard but there is a feminine layer of fat around her. Hence the large breasts, hips and her stunning backside.

He swallows trying to be brave. “Look please. I made a mistake. It should be my wife down here. And I think my daughters are to be employed down here too …”

With her free hand she grips his jaw and twists. No more amusement in her eyes, just rage. “You little shit. You forget to address me properly. Worse, you are happy for your wife and kids to go through this rather than you! You are a little shit!”

She releases his jaw sufficiently for him to moan. “Sorry Madam. No, no that’s not what I meant.”

“Oh? Then explain.”

“Well Madam. My wife was supposed to be the office girl and he, erm, mister Harding, Master, said my daughters could work here too. I was supposed to be a manager and …”

“So you would like me to sort that out?”

“Erm, yes please Madam.”

“You want to be released and your wife and kids to go through all this.”

He swallows, not able to catch her eyes. “Well that was the original arrangement.”

“Hmmmm!” She looks as though she has just sucked a lemon. “You are one nasty little shit. I was just beginning to find you cute. I am going to personally ensure you behave. When was the last time you had your bottom spanked?”

“Spanked? Erm, Madam. What do you mean?”

“I’ll show you birdbrain.”

She marches him towards her desk.

“No!” he squeals.

Grabbing his testicles with her free hand she gives a gentle twist. Nothing painful, more a warning. Hanging onto them she looks deep into his dazed eyes.   “No? Well little birdbrain you are not allowed to say ‘no’ to me again. Got it? The word no is not to be uttered by your kissable mouth in my company.”

“Yes, yes, Madam. Please let me go. You might damage me. I am sorry.”

“So you need a spanking yes?”

He glares at her about to shake his head and say no. He bites his lip.

“I can’t hear you. I said you need a spanking don’t you?”

His lips tremble. “Please Madam. I am sorry.”

She lifts up his balls bringing him onto his toes. “I said you need a spanking don’t you.”

“Yes Madam.”

“Yes Madam,” she repeats. “Yes you do. And you need a hard spanking don’t you?”

She glares at him, daring him to say no.

“Yes Madam.” He swallows.

“Spanked like a naughty child?”

“Please Madam. Ow!” She yanks him up onto tiptoes. “Yes Madam, yes Madam! Please stop.”

“So ask me nicely for your spanking little birdbrain.”

Tears well in his eyes. “Please Madam will you spank me?”

She relaxes her grip. He gratefully falls to his feet, his hands still ensnared behind him.

“Well as you ask so nicely how can I refuse? Bend over the desk.”

He steps up to the large desk looking back over his shoulder. “Please Madam I …”

“It is easier if you do as you are told. You will learn.”

With his head in a whirl he bends forward feeling the cold wooden surface against his flesh.

“Legs two feet apart.”

He does so feeling his anus expose itself to this dreadful woman.

Palms flat on the desk and not to be raised at all.”

Never had he felt so vulnerable. Not even back in the gym in school on that dreadful day. Here he was bent over a desk with his arsehole exposed to this mad burly woman.

His palms feel the rough surface of the wooden desktop, they seem almost glued to the surface.

“Now this is your first spanking here so I will use a slipper. A cane or a tawse would be far too cruel.”

He swallows not daring to look behind him.

“Oh my word. Just look at that white virgin arse waiting to be spanked.  You make me feel so horny. On day we will have wine on one of the upper balconies. A little dancing. And then I will have my wicked way with you.” She leans down close to his ear. “And you will love it!” She reaches beneath him to play with his cock which reacts to her stimulation by stiffening.

It is doubly humiliating to have it respond to her stimulus when she is degrading him like this.

Giggling , she whispers, “oh my. It’s way too small to satisfy a woman but little ones are so much more fun to play with when I am in the mood.” His cock is now straining hard. “Is that it birdbrain? Aw.” She kisses his cheek, forcing her groin hard up against his arse. He can feel the hard cotton material on his smooth bottom. “I’ll be so gentle with you on the first time.”

He is gasping. His cock wants to cum. His hands are fixed to the table and he is bent over helpless beneath her. He feels her weight as she rests on him. “I’ll make you squeal like a girl as you cum.”

Suddenly standing she slaps his bottom. “But all in good time birdbrain. You may be cute but your manners are slovenly. Your wimpish ways are amusing but offensive. How could you offer up your wife and daughters to me like that!”

“Madam I am sorry. It won’t happen again.”

She chuckles. “Indeed it won’t”

He hears a swish through the air. His arse explodes on fire. Making him leap to his feet, his hands racing around to grip his burning bum.

“Position birdbrain! Now!”

“Yes Madam” he lies back over the table . His heated skin stretching over his bottom. It hurts like nothing he can remember.

Another swish. A huge crack. This time he only bounces on the desk. Half making to rise before collapsing quickly back into place.

“Please Madam. No more.”

There are two more quick ones and he finds himself on his knees before the desk not daring to touch his bum. He is screaming and crying.

“Position birdbrain.”

Slowly he folds his aching body over her desk.”

“Legs spread!”

He spreads his legs out feeling his bum cheeks blazing.

An insistent knock on the door.

He hears her groan. In his mind he says please don’t let anyone come in.

Before and ...
.... after.


The door cracks open and he can just see over his arm as a tall man in neat dark suit, white shirt and tie bursts in.

Daniel buries his face into the desk, his fingernails scratching at the wood in mortification. How could she let anyone see him like this?

“Ah Mister Heath. As you can see I am somewhat engaged right now. Can we catch up later?”

Daniel hears the door slam shut.

“Problem!” A deep masculine voice says.

“Go on.”

“I have lost my slut Sandie for the weekend.” He pauses before adding, “again!”

“Ah well she is very good at what she does mister Heath.”

“Of course she is. I trained her!”

“We all played our part Mister Heath.”

“Yeh, yeh. Of course. But she has been under me for over six months. Yet every weekend I lose her.”

“If you want to collar her for yourself you only need ask her.”

“Na. Free agent me.”

“Exactly. Typical. You men want all the fun without the responsibility of ownership.”

“I want my girl”

“She is the property of Harding Limited. Unless you wish to purchase her.”

“Yeh, yeh. I won’t ever collar a girl. There are free pickings around here and that suits me.”

“Some of us are proud to own a girl”

“Right now I need a girl for this weekend.”

Daniel listens to this conversation with incredulity. Collaring? Owning? He then hears Miss Willis laugh.

“Well we have this new sissy but she will be a white girl for another week or so. Maybe for the rest of the month if she doesn’t get her act together.”

Why does she refer to him as a sissy, as a girl. Has his wife Davina revealed his secret?

“I need an experienced girl. And note the word girl. Not a bloody sissy!”

“You macho men should get over yourselves. Sissies are so much fun.”

“I hate these gay boys. And it would be appreciated if I could get some notice when I am losing my girl.”

He hears her laugh. “Oh Mister Heath. You have got it so bad. Collar the slut. Make her yours. Anyways I think I have a couple of girls I can let you have. It is always difficult over weekends. The good girls always get to go to the corporate parties.”

“Yeh well thanks Miss Willis.  And keep this white sissy away from me.”

“Oh she and I are getting along famously, aren’t we birdbrain?”

He had hung on to every crazy word of their conversation so was shocked at hearing himself being addressed.

“Birdbrain?” She asks gently.

“Erm, yes Madam?”

“We are getting along famously aren’t we?”

“Yes Madam.”

“There,” she chuckles, “I thought so.”

Mister Heath sighs. “These gay sissies make me queasy.”

“Such macho silliness,” Miss Willis tuts. “Wait until I have finished with her.”

“Yeh sure! Anyways thanks for your help. I lose Sandie on the Friday morning.”

“I’ll take care of it.”

They say their byes and Daniel hears the door slam. His head is swimming with questions.

He feels her weight over his body again as her thick dark hair falls against his cheek. She whispers. “And a word of warning. Watch out for the guys. They have it in for you sissies sometimes. I think they feel threatened. They fancy the sissy and that makes them angry. So just stay clear of them and be doubly obedient in their presence.”

She pats his burning bum. “There is a lot worse than a spanking you know.”

“Madam. May I ask a question?”

“No silly. All will be explained to you as we feel it necessary to explain it. We could easily overload your airheaded birdbrain couldn’t we?”

“Yes Madam. But collars? And ownership?”  His huge frightened eyes swing around to face her.

“All in good time young lady,” she pats his bottom. “Now, where were we? Ah yes you need two more swats.”

“Please Madam honestly I will be good.”

“I know cutie-pie but who can resist an arse like that?”


Daniel thuds into the desk whining and squealing. “Please, please.”

“Nearly done. Be brave little birdbrain.”


Slumping to the floor he endeavours to keep his burning backside as far from the rough carpet as possible.

“No rubbing now birdbrain. That’s the property of Harding Limited.”

Through his tears Daniel looked up at the blurred image of his tormentor putting away the slipper, her stunning bottom and hips wiggling in their tight shorts.

“Can I get dressed now please Madam?”

“Soon birdbrain. We need to sort out a few little items first. Lie on the couch with your slutty thighs apart.”

As the dark leather couch was only a feet away he crawls, sniffling and sobbing towards it before dragging himself onto it like a wounded animal.

“Well what a performance! What are you going to be like after one of the men has caned you?”

“One of the men! Ouch!” he had sat down with his sore bottom on the cold hard leather of the couch.

Miss Willis approaches with a flat, triangular shaped metallic device about four inches wide at the top and gently curving down to a rounded tip.

“I said thighs apart! And move those silly mischievous hands away from that apology for a penis before I slap them away!”

He lies on his back looking up at the elegant light fitting. Panic seeping up from his stomach. He feels like he needs to scream, or run, yet he remains quite still with his knees spread and his privates on display.

“Now just hold your legs apart for me like a good girl.” The triangular device has a tube fixed to its inside and he can see the triangle surface has a gentle curve.

“Oh my nothing to brag about down there little birdbrain.”

“Madam?” he feels his breathing quicken. “What is that?”

“This? Oh this is your chastity device.”


“Please calm down. You are hyperventilating. I fit and remove these all day long. There won’t be any problems.”

He slams his thighs together his bottom lip quivering. “Please!”

“Now, now, didn’t you agree to this?”


“Mister Harding seems to feel you did.”

Recalling their bizarre conversation up on the balcony he nods, wide eyed. “Well, yes, sort of I …

She slaps his thighs apart. “So we don’t want any nonsense do we?”

Leaning over him, her muscles bulge as her eyes become set and determined. He shakes his head as his legs pull apart.

She smiles as if to a baby. “I thought not. Good girl.”

“Please don’t call me a girl Madam.”

“All office staff are girls. Now this goes around here …”

He jumps as the cold metal slips around the top of his ball sack and willy.

“Then this pushes on like this. Sooooo easy isn’t it.”

He feels his penis pushed into a cylindrical chamber. Fortunately his cock has shrunken even smaller than usual following his beating.

“Then this fits over the pin like this,” She clips down the triangle.

He feels determined pressure on his dick and balls.

“And finally on goes the lock.”



He hears the lock bite home and immediately sits up to look down at his smooth groin. The heart shaped triangle of hair points to the thin silver metal triangle disappearing down between his legs.

He is now completely flat around his groin, no sign of his manhood. He tests the space between the metal and flesh and finds he cannot slip a finger between the two.


She ruffles his hair. “Oh don’t you worry. It is normal to panic when you feel so helpless. All the managers have keys. Just ask one for release any time you wish.”

“Oh? Erm, Madam?”

“Yes little birdbrain?”

“May I be released?”

She smiles indulgently as if to a child asking for a biscuit between meals, “Oh? Now why would you want it off? I have only just fitted it.”

She watched him thinking. Suddenly his face brightens. “I need to visit the bathroom!”

“Come along then dear. Today you can use mine. But after today you must only use the staff toilets unless given express permission.” She pats his raw bottom. “Aren’t you the lucky one.”

He enters her elegantly tiled spacious shower room and sees the loo. “So, er, can you remove it please? You know the,” he swallows and blushes before whispering the word, “chastity belt.”

“Aw babe. You  are trying so hard to be clever aren’t you?” She giggles. “You are so much fun. No girl. Just sit down and do what comes naturally.”

“But, but …”

His eyes are as big as twin moons. A film of tears over both. His mouth pursed in a shocked “oh” shape.

“Go on, you will soon get used to it. You will wonder why you ever stood like a real man. You’ll see.”

Defeated, head bowed, he settles on the loo. She is studies him, with a sweet smile on her face.


“Yes birdbrain?”

“Well …I am about to pee.”


His cheeks darken red. “Can you close the door please?”

“Oh silly. You are only an office staff member. Carry on. We have a great deal to get through. We might even get you into training class for the final lesson today.”

Daniel buries his head into his hands and feels himself wee. The urine splashes out between his legs. It seems odd not to be able to hold it and direct the peeing.

“All done?”

“Yes Madam.” He holds back more tears. He has a headache from crying so much.

“So don’t forget to wipe yourself like a good girl.”

“I don’t need ….”

“Oh yes you do now girl. Men can give it a shake but you can’t touch yours can you?

He stamps his feet. “Madam. This is all illegal. Against the law. I will report you!”

“Once you are dressed I will drive you to the police station in the village. You can jabber on to them about whatever and I will tell the hunky policemen how naughty my little birdbrain has been.”

He looks for sarcasm in her features but she seemed to be being serious. Take him to the police station like this? He feels sick.

Taking some tissue he wipes at the dampness between his legs. Once he is released he is going to make sure they don’t fit this infernal device again.

End of part 2

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  1. Dear Deb.

    True to your word……………..and Superb build up.I am sure its going to be even better than the hotel series………………..waiting for the part 3………cant help it u see it takes so much imagination and hard work on your part to put all this and only some minutes for us to read through.

    But then we expect the best from you and you newver disapoint……………


  2. Her obliviousness, and resistance to her inevitable change of life and station is unfolding with exquisite pace. Love it Deborah!


  3. I so adore this story and cannot wait for more. Still, perfect as it is so far, it is making feel a bit like wonder woman. I wonder what name will end up on our girl’s name tag and whether it will give a clue to Mr Harding’s youthful bullying. I wonder about her first encounter with her manager-wife and whether they will share quarters. I wonder how she will relate to the daughters and whether she will take them for back-to-school shopping, since the wife will no doubt be too busy for that. And, I especially wonder when the next chapter will appear.

    Thanks sooo much, Michelle

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