At Your Service by Deborah Ford

This is a story from way back when, but had been forgotten by my bimbo self.


Here it is in all its original glory!

At Your Service

By Deborah Ford


Part One


I know every one envies me. “Wow Leslie you have it made,” they tell me. Particularly the men. “A gorgeous wife who is a successful advertising executive.’ They envy the fact that I stay at home, I mean what is the point of me working forty hours a week to earn only a tenth of what Helen brings home. And that is before her multiple bonuses. I notice that most women are not so much envious as a contemptuous of my ‘house husband’ position. But I don’t care about that. What worries me is the fact that Helen has a voracious appetite for sex. She expects me to pleasure her every morning and at least once a night.

If you saw her with her long legs and curvy figure, her cute school girl face and black hair you would say, hey what’s the problem? But expecting to perform all the time takes it out of you.

Which brings me to my anxiety. What does my horny wife get up to in office hours – or out of office hours? Executives like she can work very late. How do I know she isn’t getting seconds with some other man?

Exactly. I don’t. Until I had the chance to find out.


We were at one of her business parties and as usual Helen was swarming around with the other big shots and I was left with the wives. I don’t mind chatting about cooking and learning new tips for cleaning but I do get bored with all the talk about the latest fashions. I mean, honestly, who is interested in where a hemline should be this season – unless the girl has lovely legs! That was when I met Veronica.

Now Veronica is a little intimidating. Not so much because she has a permanent sneer and a ready line in caustic put downs but because she is six foot tall in the spiky heels she always wears. I am only 5′ 4” and for some reason she thinks this is incredibly amusing. She entertains the other wives by patting me on the head and teasing me. They think it is hilarious.

“Do you make souffl‚s little Lesley?” She would ask. I would ignore the ‘little’ reference and the titters from the other ladies.

“Of course,” I would say proudly.

“And do you wear an apron?”

“Only when I’m wearing a nice shirt,” I replied, wasn’t that obvious?

Veronica found this entertaining for some reason and I became the butt of her one liners from that moment on. It was like the school bully homing on you simply because you are small. I was desperate for Helen to come and rescue me but she was surrounded by her colleagues.

One of the wives was jabbering on about the lingerie her husband buys her if she has pleased him. Of course Veronica was down on me in seconds, “oh Lesley tell us what lingerie Helen buys you when you have been good.”

That was it. I turned my back on their laughter and went out onto the cool balcony overlooking the city. The night air felt good on my stingingly hot cheeks.

My only company was a small insect stuck on a spider’s web. I felt sorry for it. The web was strewn across the decorative plants. Stupidly every time the insect got free it moved further in towards the centre of the web. I was about to pluck it to safety and save it from itself when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Veronica. She held out a glass of wine. “I’m sorry Lesley. I guess I went too far.”

“You did!” I insisted hoping for a more grovelling apology.

“Let’s be friends.” She clinked my glass and smiled down at me.

I smiled back and soon we were chatting away like old friends. Veronica was in charge of personnel at the offices and enjoyed her power. She admitted that sometimes she didn’t know when to stop. I forgave her, quite taken by her sharing her worries about her bullying with me. I quickly found myself revealing my worst fear about Helen.

“How do I know”, I asked hoping that she would be able to provide me with an answer, “that Helen does not cheat on me?”

She looked back at my glamorous wife laughing with the men and nodded. “She is certainly surrounded by temptation. Those successful well paid hunks would turn the head of many women.”

“Thanks!” I said ironically. “I was hoping you would put my mind at rest.”

She called across to one of the tallest men, “Hey George come over here. We have a problem.”

My stomach turned over. I tried to tell her not to share my concerns with anyone but it was too late. George was with us in a second. He gave Veronica a kiss as she said:

“Lesley here is Helen’s wife and he is a very suspicious husband.”

George grinned down at me and I felt distinctly uncomfortable.

“Its not really a problem …” I began.

George cut across me, “yeh, I would be worried to if my Veronica, she’s my wife by the way, was alone in the office with those wolves. Thankfully we work together so I can keep an eye on her.”

Veronica grinned, “and I an eye on you.”

George prodded me with a finger almost knocking me over, “say why not get a job there. Then you could see what she gets up to.”

Veronica laughed at me. “Poor little Lesley’s skills only run to making souffl‚s and doing the ironing.’

George laughed at me and I blushed. She was going back to her horrible self.

“Say,” George said, “we use shit loads of temp girls upstairs. Why not have boys,” he looked at me and caught himself, “I mean men doing that?”

Veronica sniggered, “men! As if men would type and answer phones with a silly smile on their faces.”

“Just an idea,” George mused.

Veronica eyed me up and down, “on the other hand I could do with a boy to fetch my coffee.” Then she laughed and buried her head in to her husband’s shoulder.

I tried to ignore her bullying. “If I were present with her then obviously she wouldn’t misbehave. It is like Schrodinger’s cat. The observer affects the experiment….”

Veronica laughed, “isn’t he a dear. Can stop a conversation from forty yards! Tell us about your ironing.”

I was fuming. I looked up at her and narrowed my eyes but she was passionately kissing George. It was as if she was getting hot from tormenting me.

I shrugged, “I wouldn’t mind the work,” I said, “I don’t see this great male female divide in the work place.”

“A house husband wouldn’t,” Veronica giggled before patting me on the head. “Oh don’t mind me I am only teasing you.”

“Anyway, she would recognise me, and as I was trying to explain to you …”

George took a sip of his beer. “You could disguise yourself.”

I thought about that until Veronica cut in with a huge laugh, “yes, as a man!”

George roared. I stood up as tall as I could and gave Veronica a cold stare. I was about to tell her what I thought of her when George stopped laughing.

“Listen Lesley, I know this sounds mad. But it could be a real bit of fun. Veronica here used to work in make up in the movie business. She can make any woman look like a young pretty girl. Why not disguise yourself as a female secretary?”

Now I was livid.

“I am not going that far!”

Veronica eyed me evilly making me shiver. She closed the patio doors shutting out the noise of the party. “George is right.”

“No he isn’t!” I spat defiantly.

Veronica shook her head, “I didn’t think you’d be brave enough.”

George nodded. “It would take the courage of a real man to carry that one off.”

“Not a house husband like Lesley here,” Veronica added.

There was an awful sparkle in both their eyes. I felt as if I was being herded towards an elephant trap but could not find a way back. “I am brave enough,” I found myself declaring, “its just that …” I stopped short, thinking of a reason, any excuse, not to go ahead with this.

George stood to one side of me and Veronica the other. I felt like a little child being pressurised by older naughty children. “In a week you would know whether Helen cheats or not. And that would be it.”

“It would never work,” I said desperately. “I could never look like a girl.”

George slapped me on my back, “that’s settled then. On Monday morning drive around to our house. Veronica will work her magic and then we can find out if it will work.”

With that they retreated back in the party and I was left alone on the balcony my jaw hanging open. Oh hell!


So that was how I ended up at their home. Naked after a hot shower, shiny after the closest body shave you could imagine and sitting in a white towelling robe before a mirror.

Veronica was amazingly skilled. Within ten minutes she had made me up with flattering shape adjusting blushers, mascara, the works.

A short curly blond wig was pushed over my head until it settled tightly into position and we both looked at the result.

“George,” she called downstairs.

George came thumping up the stairs to us. “Wow.”

I must admit that the result was extraordinary. I looked like a wide eyed young girl.

“What do you think?” Veronica asked awaiting my praise.

“Its very nice,” I began, finally able to extricate myself from the situation, “but …’

“Exactly!” George exclaimed. “Continue and we will see the finished result.”

I stood up, “But I …”

George had raced back downstairs. Veronica guided me over to a full length mirror. “A basque first.”

“Veronica, If you don’t mind I would …. ooooh” I squealed. She had ripped the towelling robe from me. I hurriedly put my hands over my privates.

“Don’t worry dear,” she said as she rummaged through her drawers, “I have seen plenty of cocks in my time. Though none that small.”

She spoke without any sign of a smile. She must have been getting so used to putting me down that she was no longer aware that she doing it. I blushed hotly.

I found myself speechless. She was so forceful and manipulative. I hated wearing make up. I felt so sissyish. The blond wig tickled my cheeks. I felt ridiculous.

The basque was not a success until she had stuck two boobs on my smooth chest. “I knew all these props from my films would come in handy one day.”

The basque and falsies helped form a bit of a female figure on me.

I accepted the white panties gratefully though she was disappointed at the result. “How can such a small cock produce such a large, unsightly shape?”

“Yes – it won’t work,” I said breathily ignoring her constant put downs on my size. “Let’s give this a miss.”

“No. The dress might hide it.”

The stockings were dark American tan, the shoes had a three inch heel. The short sleeveless dress was black and had a slight rollover at the neck. Now I felt stupid and humiliated.

She called George back and they had me pose for them. I could tell they weren’t happy. At last I thought, they would give up on this crazy idea and let me go home.

“That bulge,” George said thoughtfully looking at my groin.

Veronica nodded. “It’s the only thing that gives it away. He needs a gaffe, but I don’t have one.”

“Maybe something else would do?” George said thoughtfully.

“Maybe it would,” Veronica answered a little too quickly.

If I didn’t know any better I would have said that they had rehearsed that little speech. But they could not have, could they.

“Hang in for a second,” George said. He left the room for only a few moments before returning with small metallic cylindrical object with a clasp and small lock.

“Lie on the bed and lift up you dress he commanded.

“Now listen to me,” I said but Veronica was already guiding me back to the bed.

She plonked me down so I was sitting on the edge. She then pushed my shoulders making me lie on my back with my high heeled feet still on the floor. I closed my eyes as you do at the dentists when you just do not want to see what is going to happen next.

She pulled up my dress and I felt as if I would die of shame. My panties were pulled down and I felt the cylinder slip icily around my cock. I heard a lock catch and I sat up. What had they done?

I looked down to see that my dick had vanished. A curling small tube of metal ran back between my legs.

“What do you think?” Veronica asked, once again looking for praise.

I was too terrified for words. “What have you done,” I managed to stammer out. “Where’s my ….”

“Locked safely away,” George said proudly. “Stand her up.”

Stand ‘her’ up. Her! And why not ask me to stand?

Veronica pulled up my little knickers which this time settled smoothly around my groin without any tell tale bulges. The dress was pulled down and lay flat at the front.

I stood on my heels.

“Brilliant.” Veronica laughed.

I fingered the front of my dress over my captured penis. “But how do I get it off?”

George shook his head. “Don’t worry about that. It will help with your disguise.”

“But I…”

“Try speaking more breathily,” Veronica mused.

“What?” I went to push my hands into my pockets but of course there weren’t any. Instead I found myself fluttering the pink varnished nails in her direction before putting my hands on the hips of my dress. “Now I think we need to get a few facts straight..”

Veronica gave me that withering sneer. “Listen Samantha …”

“Samantha!” I shuffled in my heels.

George laughed. “Nice name.”

She put her finger under my chin and tilted my head back. I felt collywobbles in my stomach. She was so daunting. “Now George and I are here to help you. If you don’t want any help then fine. But unless you speak as I have directed you we will not listen to you. Now try again. Nice and breathy and raise the pitch a little. But not too much!”

“I want you both …”

She tilted my chin back harshly, her eyes glaring. If I wanted to say anything I had better say it on her terms. The bitch!

I swallowed, my chin still on her finger. I dared not move. I cleared my throat and tried a breathy lighter tone, “all I am saying is that I am grateful for your help. Its just that I think we are going too far and …”

Veronica turned to George and raised her eyebrows. “What do you think?”

George nodded, “I think it’s very effective. I think she is stunning.”

Veronica grabbed a small black shoulder bag. “You’ll need this for your make up. Don’t worry about money. George here will sort you out if you need anything. Or else come to see me on the tenth floor.”

They guided me back down stairs to their chauffer driven car. They did not stop speaking for a moment and I didn’t have a moment to protest.

“The driver will take you into the offices.” Veronica said quickly.

“Report to reception and ask for personnel,” George said, “tell them you are Samantha Norton. They will be expecting you.”

Expecting me? But how could they have known this would work? How could it already be planned?

I had a fleeting memory of the insect on the spiders web the previous evening, before I was hustled into the car, flashing stockings and panties.

George grabbed Veronica around the waist; “we’ll follow you in about an hours time. We have a few things to sort out.” I watched them kiss passionately as the car swooped away down the drive. Through the rear window I saw them hurrying back in to their house tearing at their clothes.

I sat in my short dress on the cold rear seat. I felt incredibly vulnerable in a short sleeveless dress, looking as cute as this.

“Uhm excuse me driver,” I said.

“Yes miss?”

I wriggled forwards on to the edge of the seat. I used my new breathy higher pitched tone. “There’s been a little mistake and I must go home. I wont be going into work today. My address is …”

“I have been given my instructions Miss. Sorry. I am to deliver you to reception.”

Deliver me? Was I only a package?

I coughed theatrically. “Aren’t you supposed to obey instructions driver?” I said haughtily.

“I am Miss.” And with that he pushed a button and a glass screen rose between us .

The bastard! I was trapped in the back seat dressed as a girl being ‘delivered’ as he put it to an office block in the city and there was nothing I could do about it.


The receptionist had directed me up to the forth floor where another girl, sexily blond, with the shortest of skirts met me with a huge relaxed smile. “You must be Samantha.”

I tugged at the bottom of my dress. It constantly felt like it was riding up over my smooth stockings.

“Yes.” I was now getting used to my new voice. As no one looked twice at me I suppose the disguise was working. I was beginning to feel more confident. Perhaps I would be able to spy on my wife. I would know once and for all whether she was cheating on me.

“I’m Tracey and am I glad to see you!”

I saw that she had a large white badge over her right boob that read ‘Tracey’ in large print with a motto just beneath I in smaller letters: ‘at your service.’ I wish such a sexy girl was at my service.

She led me down a swish, wide corridor with carpet so deep I had to be very careful in my heels. If my hemline was high then it was nothing compared with Tracey’s, which barely hung below her gorgeous bottom. I felt a stirring down below but obviously it was not going to get any bigger. It pushed at its entrapment before finally giving up.

She led me into a small room with a table a few chairs and a coffee machine. “This is our kitchen. Not much is it. All the managers get to eat upstairs. Coffee?”

“Please.” I felt so self-conscious. I noticed girls dressed as sexily as we moving briskly up and down the corridor carrying reports or trays of coffee. I could hear phones going. The place had a quiet efficient buzz to it. Non of the girls stopped to chat.

“At least you’re with Miss Veronica,” Tracey said. “She is the nicest of the managers.”

“The nicest!” I spoke in my normal voice and quickly pretended to clear my throat before adopting the higher more breathy tone. “She seems quite severe!”

Tracey smiled, “Miss Veronica has never punished any secretary without good reason.” She leaned closer to me. “Which is more than I can say for any of the others.”

Suddenly a dark shadow filled the doorway. A really huge man in a suit. “Where’s my sales report bitch!”

Tracey smiled but her eyes showed genuine fear. “Please sir I have been told to look after Samantha here until …”

“Samantha?” the brute cast his eyes hungrily over my body and legs. He reached out and grabbed my bare arm, twisting me around so sharply I stumbled on my heels. “Nice arse too. Who’s this bitch been allocated to?”

Tracey swallowed hard, “please sir, Miss Veronica is handling her.”

I could feel my face and arms flushing red. I kept my eyes closed. Never had I been so humiliated.

He twisted me back and my eyes opened to look up at him.

“Get her allocated to sales resources.” He eyed me intently making me hold my breath, “You’d like to be under my direction wouldn’t you bitch?

I didn’t know what to say.

He then laughed. “I love them when they first get here. You’re going to be real fun.” His awful smile dropped from his face as he glared at Tracey. “You get that report on my desk in thirty minutes and then bend over it. Stay there until I have dealt with you.” He released my arm and gave me a final up and down lusty glare. “Miss Veronica hey? We’ll see about that.”

And then he was gone. I heard Tracey sigh with relief. “I thought I was in big trouble there for a moment.”

She handed me my coffee and I sat on one of the chairs. My legs had become too weak to hold me. “But, but,” I stammered, “he told you to bend over his desk. Surely you are going to report him?”

Tracey laughed. “The worst I’ll get is a paddling. Maybe only a spanking. If I complained God knows what I’d get.” She wriggled on her chair apparently quite content that some brute was going to spank her bottom.

“I love your dress,” she cooed.

“But you can’t let a man just beat you. This is the twenty first century.”

She looked at me quizzically, her cup caught half way to her lips. “Miss Veronica has explained about …” she trailed off with her question, looking away.


Another shadow at the door. My mouth hung open. It was my wife Helen. She looked a million dollars in her neat trouser suit. She looked troubled, much sterner than I had seen her at home. I was caught in two minds. To hide my face or reveal myself and ask Helen if the brute had ever tried to spank her.

“What’s happening Tracey?”

Tracey stood up, slightly cowed. The same smile and fearful eyes. “Please Miss Helen I have been asked to look after the new girl here …”

“Coffee is to be taken at eleven o’clock you lazy slut.”

I had never heard my wife spit out words in such a hideous manner before.

Tracey’s eyes widened. “Please Miss I was asked to look after ….”

“You can look after her at your desk can’t you? Lazy bitch. Can’t you girls think of anything for yourselves?”

Tracey put her hands to her mouth. I thought for a moment she was going to cry. “Please Miss Helen, I am so stupid not to have thought of that.”

Helen turned her fierce glare in my direction. “Haven’t you been told to stand when a manager enters a room?”

I looked to Tracey who flipped her fingers upwards. I understood immediately. I rose to my heels. The only certainty I felt was that Helen had not recognised me. But then why should she with me dressed as I was.

“Insolent bitch,” she spat at me. “That’s your first lesson. Now both of you get back to reception where you belong.

“Yes Miss Helen.” Tracey said eagerly dashing passed her.

I fled after her, feeling the red hot stare from my wife on my back.

At reception Tracey giggled with relief, “You are a lucky little madam. That’s twice you have escaped a penalty from a manager.”

I sat in a chair behind reception grateful to hide my exposed legs from the world. “Penalty?”

“Sure. God knows what she would have done with me if I had not stood. The lady managers can be the worst.” She leaned closer to me and whispered, “They all think they have something to prove in front of the men. That they can keep us under the thumb just as well as any man. So watch out.”

An hour later George and Veronica emerged from the lift. They held hands, kissed.

I waited for either of them to say something to me, but they ignored me.

George went down the corridor to a door near the end. Veronica then shuffled through her mail. Any messages bitch?”

Tracey smiled, “no Miss Veronica. But please let me remind you of the lunchtime meeting.”

Veronica nodded and without even looking at me said, “follow me Samantha.”

She moved down the corridor in the direction of the coffee machine.

I had to race in my heels to keep up with her. “Veronica,” I tried.

Veronica shuffled the envelopes and with out looking at me spoke quietly, “Miss Veronica when we are in work.”

“Yes Miss Veronica,” I tried. It felt humbling addressing a friend of the family in that compliant manner. “Its just that I have changed my mind. If you could get your chauffer to take me…”

She turned into an office with me following like a skipping puppy. “Close the door behind you bitch.”

Bitch! I stopped in the doorway of a richly furnished and neatly designed office. A huge window over looked the city.

She hung her coat on a stand and sat behind a large desk. She fired up her computer. “I did say close the door Samantha.”

I stepped in and closed the door. Obviously the word ‘bitch’ had escaped her lips without her realising what she had said. I mean, if the girls around here are content with acting like sluts who can be beaten on command, then even I would refer to them as bitches.

I sat in a chair the opposite side of the desk.

She opened her letters and again without even looking at me spoke with her quiet authority. “Don’t remember asking you to sit.”

I felt awkward. I didn’t want her to get the better of me. I wanted some respect. At the same time I had a strong urge to apologise and stand up.

“Are you still sitting little Sammi?”

Little Sammi!!!

I stood up back onto my heels, which were now making my feet ache. “Please Veronica, Miss Veronica,” I corrected myself. I didn’t want to be picked up on anything before I had a chance to finish it.

“Did I give you permission to speak?”

Permission to speak? “Well, I, I , er …”

“So keep your mouth shut.” Her pc had come to life and she checked through her e-mail.

I stood silently before her, self consciously wriggling in my short dress. What do girls do with their hands! Without pockets they become a self conscious distraction. Constantly fluttering around the hips of the dress. The first chance I had I would leave. If I had any money I could go now and catch a bus or a train. Even dressed as I was that would be less humiliating than staying here.

It was a good five minutes before she finished and sat back in her chair as if she was finally ready for me. I of course had just stood there like a fidgeting school girl until she did so. She tapped her pen against her screen.

“I have already had a request from sales for you to join them. Obviously you have been throwing yourself at every manager you have met!”

What! “Look Veronica I think …”

“Silence.” Her voice was firm but never raised. “I’ll put him straight.” She spoke the words as she typed them out: “find your own cunt please Mr Brown.” She pressed a button and seemed to look pleased with herself. She turned to me with a grin. “That will sort him out! I found you and I will keep you. Got that?”

Now was the time for me to make my stand. I put my hands on my hips, feeling the suspender belt through the dress and raised my chin. “I think we need to understand a few things here,” before sarcastically adding, “Miss Veronica,”

Veronica laughed. “Oh little Sammi you are going to be fun. I hate them when they just cower with the first simple telling off. But there again I have never had to break in a man before.” She laughed again. “Well someone who is new to being a girl.”

She stood up and walked around the desk to me. She was so big and menacing. I felt my knees knock. “Now then little Sammi, if you are to work in your wife’s office you will obviously have to know the rules of this organisation.”

She seemed to tower over me. I felt so weak and vulnerable in my short dress and exposed arms. “Please Miss Veronica, I found myself whining, “I just don’t want to do this any more.”

She smiled slyly, “oh don’t give in so quickly little Sammi. Lets have some fight from you. I do like a good fight. Don’t you?”

I hated fighting. I stepped back from her. If I have a problem with a shop I ask Helen to go along and sort it out on her day off. I always lose arguments.

She grabbed my bare arm as tightly as that horrible man, I now knew as Mister Brown, had in the coffee room. She forced me over to the full length cupboards and opened one of them. “I think you should fight a little harder tramp. People will walk all over you if you don’t stand up to them. You don’t want people walking all over you do you?”

“No Miss Veronica.” I was alarmed at the way she could so casually drag me from one point in her office to another.

The cupboard was full of stationary but also some items that chilled my heart. She took a pair of leather wrist cuffs off a hook and fastened one around my right wrist. I passively let her do this. She then span me around and brought both arms behind my back. Belatedly I struggled but it was too late. I heard clasps being clinked firmly into position. Now I was scared out of my wits. Here I was dressed as sexy office girl already feeling vulnerable and exposed, now I had my hands secured behind my back.

I felt like crying. “Please Miss Veronica ..”

“Now, now Sammi. No speaking unless spoken to. Let me see where should we start with a new girl?”

On the rear wall of the open cupboard was a collection of canes, crops and other instruments. She selected a paddle. “This should do it.”

She led me back to her desk with me stumbling in my heels, my wrists anchored at the small of my back. “Please Miss Veronica let me go. I want to go home.”

She stopped in her tracks and looked down at me. “Oh? Are you talking again little one?”

I bit my lipsticked lip. What was I supposed to reply?

“Pout your lips for me dear.”

I pouted my lips, feeling ridiculous.

“Very good. Now you keep them like that until told to speak.” She smiled, “in fact I think you can stay like that through out your stay here.

She then led me back to the chair behind her desk and flopped down into it. She gave my arm a tug and I collapsed easily over her, a mess of kicking heels with a load of squealing.

She arranged me over her lap so that my bottom was up high and my forehead on the carpet. My heels kicked helplessly out in space.

She tugged up my skirt and I groaned, “oh no, no, no.”

“Gosh this is tight isn’t it,” she laughed. “No wonder you are so much in demand from the men upstairs.”

Finally she had the dress up over my hips. She took hold of my panties and squeezed them down over my bottom and down my thighs.

This just could not be happening. I tried desperately not to cry but I was so shamed and helpless.

“I trust that you are still pouting down there.”

I pouted immediately even though I knew that my blond wig had cascaded around my face hiding my lips form her. But this was not time to be disobedient, even if Veronica could not see me.

The first whack was just plain shock. I didn’t feel anything. I was too staggered to feel anything. Even the second and third might have been dealt out to someone else. But the whacks continued fluently and effortlessly. Pretty soon the pain was intense and I was squealing like a girl.

Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack …

The tears came quickly. I had been ready to cry since she had cuffed me making me feel so helpless. “Please Miss Veronica no more. It stings. Ouch!”

I head her laughing. “My, my. Still talking? What a little chatterbox you are.”

Whack, whack, whack, hack.

The hits continued without a break. I squealed and cried out. But I did not speak any more words. But if I could not say anything how could I say that I had learned my lesson?

Whack, whack, whack, whack.

Suddenly they stopped. I heard her breathing heavily from her excretions.

It was over finally it over. The tears rolled down my face matting my hair.

I felt her take hold of my hips and edge me foreword. “We just need to get you over a bit more for the next part.”

The next part!

Now my face was fully on the floor and my legs were sticking out parallel with the floor.

“I remind you again Little Sammi not to say anything.

Whack, whack, whack, whack.

This time she was beating the tops of my thighs. Now I sobbed like a child. I desperately wanted to tell her that I would do anything she asked if she would just please stop the beating.

Whack, whack, whack, whack.

Oh God.

Suddenly it stopped. “Time for a rest don’t you think little Sammi?”

I held my breath. The tears had washed over my forehead and all over my face. Should I speak?

“I asked you a question, so you may reply. But keep your reply short and polite.”

A rest! “Yes please Miss Veronica.”

“And would you like to sit in my lap for a bit?”

Anything to get out of this situation. “Yes please Miss Veronica.”

She helped my get shakily to my feet and then tugged my sore backside into her lap. She manoeuvred me around so that her arm was around me, supporting me. My legs were sat over her, my heels not quite touching the floor. My thighs burned. My shackled hands were locked into place by her arm around me.

She lifted up a tissue and held it to my nose. “Big blow.”

I blew into it with her squeezing my nose rhythmically like mother with a child. “There, there. That’s it. My you are in a state aren’t you.” She took some more tissues and dabbed at my face. “You were asked another question. I said, you are in a right state aren’t you?”

“Yes Miss Veronica,” I sobbed as she dabbed at my eyes.

“So now then Little Sammi, I asked you whether you were prepared to stand up to the managers here or whether you will let them walk all over you.”

I was not really paying her much attention. My bottom and thighs burned. The tears would not stop. I just wanted to go home. “Yes Miss Veronica.”

“So you are prepared to fight?”

I stopped sniffling and looked at her wondering what to reply.

“Good girl,” she announced. “Stand up for yourself. With that she pulled me to my feet and made to drag me back over her lap. Oh God anything other than that.

“Stop, please Miss Veronica.”

She squeezed my arm spitefully. “But you are ready to fight back aren’t you?”

I shook my head feeling my hair, damp from my tears, tickle my face.

“I can’t hear you. Are you going to fight?”

“No Miss Veronica.”

She seemed shocked. “You mean you are going to let the managers walk all over you? Do what they want with you?”

I hesitated long enough to feel her give me a brutish tug downwards.

“Yes Miss Veronica. They can walk all over me. I will do what they want.”

She pulled me so that I was once again sat in her lap. “Now do you think that you have learned your lesson yet?”

“Oh yes definitely, yes Miss Veronica.”

“Such enthusiasm. I like that. Now working here is a very rewarding career for a young girl.”

I made to interrupt her; I was not a young girl! But she hushed me and continued:

“Just think, most days your biggest problem is knowing whether to empty the dishwasher or fill the washing machine. Should you tackle the ironing before you vacuum the house. Here you are very important.”

“Am I?” I sniffed.

“Of course,” she laughed. “How could we managers function without you girls working hard for us? We need you.”

“I had not seen it like that,” I sniffed. Of course Helen appreciated my housework but here I was part of the big machine. I sat up straight feeling proud.

“Now we if managers find that we have to devote some time on you girls to help you see the error of your ways, remember,” she held me tight, “we are taking time out of our important schedules just for you.”

My bottom felt more warm than stinging now. I wriggled on her lap. I liked her when she was sweet and helpful. “I hope you don’t expect me to be grateful for what you have just done to me,” I smiled.

My smile fell away like broken bottles. Her eyes were suddenly glowing with rage. I coughed and spluttered: “Of course I can see that you may see it that way. You think, ah, there is a girl who has been naughty and has to be helped …”

I ran out of words and she sat rigidly straight. Her eyes unbearable.

I tried again, “I suppose it does encourage me not to get on the wrong side of you. I can see the benefits.”

“Of what?” she demanded coldly.

“Of my, er your, you know ..” I floundered, “my spanking,” I whispered.

“I cannot hear you girl.”

I cleared my throat and said loudly, “my spanking Miss Veronica.”

“I hope so!” She said doubtfully, “I hope so for your sake.” She opened a drawer and took out a badge like the one I saw Tracey wearing. It said Sammi in large letters and had the motto ‘at your service’ beneath it. Oh no. Oh God. Don’t pin that on me!

She did. ‘Sammi, at your service.’


Minutes later I was helping Tracey make coffee for a sales meeting. My bottom felt warm and even pleasant now. My penis was held hard which was a problem when you are surrounded by sexily attired, beautiful, submissive girls. There were so many of them. The marks on my wrists from the cuffs had died away.

“I hope Miss Veronica wasn’t too hard on you,” Tracey said pouring the boiling water into the pot. “She isn’t too bad really. You could have had worse.”

“We just had a few words,” I replied in my best breathy girl voice.

Karen giggled cutely. “Of course. And perhaps a few spanks?”

I wriggled and blushed. How did she know?

Karen leaned over and kissed my cheek in a sisterly fashion. I gasped. I could easily fall in love with such a gorgeous girl. “Don’t worry, Sammi, my manager used a cane on me. On my very first day! Still, I certainly learned quickly.” She giggled as if amused by the memory. Suddenly her face darkened. “Don’t get me wrong. I am of course very grateful that he was so firm with me from the outset.”

“I’m sure,” I said. I felt dreadful. Did every girl in the office know that I had been spanked? My mouth fell open. And all the managers? Including Helen my wife. I shut my eyes against the fears of the world.

Through the day I soon learned to keep my head down and my mouth closed. If a manger demands something you obey him as quickly as you can. I saw one poor girl bent over a desk and slapped about her thighs with a ruler. All because she didn’t rush to the managers office quickly enough.

I kept my head down, a smile on my face when addressed and did my typing very carefully.

I saw very little of Helen. She seemed very busy, constantly hurtling around the offices. She was not the kind woman I knew from home. She rarely raised her voice at me no matter how disappointed she was with my chores. Yet here the girls were in terror of her. One poor girl dropped all her notes when Helen simply glared at her.

But there was no sign of her flirting with the men here. And why should they. As lovely as Helen was most men would be captivated by the submissive obedient cuties ‘at their service’.

At the end of the day Veronica whisked me away from the office and back to her house.

I showered and gratefully changed into my men’s clothes. She led me briskly back to the car reminding me that Helen would be home soon. I asked her for the key.

She pushed me into my car with, “oh we’ll sort it out tomorrow. But make sure you are here by eight. Otherwise I wont be able to release you. Now hurry or you will have to explain to your wife where you have been.”


I made it home only minutes before Helen burst in. She gave me her usual peck on the cheek, slumped on the sofa and held out her hand. Of no! I usually waited with a glass of something cool for her when she got home. In my panic my domestic routine had slipped totally from my mind.

She laughed when she saw me racing back. “Silly little house husband, you had forgotten hadn’t you.”

I poured her a wine from the fridge and sat next to her for my cuddle, “yes dear. I have had quite a day.”

She pulled my head onto her shoulder; “now don’t bother me with your domestic trials tribulations. I have had a hard day in the office.” She took a sip of her drink and looked around. “Lesley? Have you vacuumed the lounge?”

“Er no. I have been too busy.”

“Too busy? The DVD’s have not been put away from last night! And look there is my cup from this morning still out.”

I raced around the room, tidying it.

“What have you been doing? I fled into the kitchen with her following on my heels. My heart was in my mouth.

“Lesley!” She shouted.

I looked around at the dirty dishes and the unkempt kitchen. “I am sorry, really I am Helen. Its just that …”

“It’s a tip!”

“Yes dear.” I was in fast motion clearing the kitchen.

“And where is my dinner?”

I loaded the dishwasher and froze. I had to think. “Its something quick tonight dear.”

She humphed and put her glass down. She had never been so angry with me before. She had never needed to be cross with me in the past. I was very efficient around the house. Then she took me in her arms and hugged me.

“Its alright. It doesn’t matter. I am in a hot, horny mood tonight. I am hungry for my little man.”

She bit my neck and my penis grew only to be ensnared in its belt. “Owch”, I squealed.

She laughed, “did I bite you too hard? Come on upstairs I’ll sort you out. You can do the dishes later.”

Oh no. My restraint made intercourse impossible. “I have a bit of a head ache right now dear.”

“Nonsense,” she squeezed me in her arms. “Nothing I can’t blow away? Hey?” She pinched my arse.

I wriggled free my penis burning in its confinement. “Sorry Helen. Maybe later”.

She slapped my arse, “You bet big boy! I love it when you play hard to get and I have to chase you around the house.”

She returned to the sitting room and I sighed with relief. First thing in the morning I would be at that bitch Veronica’s, house to get this stupid contraption removed. Right now though I had an evening that promised to be a nightmare. How could I hide the chastity belt from my wife? She was always so raunchy. I dare not let her discover it. How would I ever explain it?

I made a pasta dish with some chicken and a tomato sauce. Fortunately I had the meal on the table within thirty minutes so she never had the opportunity to berate me.

I ate in silence as she kept making horny suggestions to me, while rubbing her stockinged foot against my leg. “Perhaps you can put that policeman’s uniform on tonight.”

“Yes dear,” I was horror struck.

I had to stay away from my hot wife. For the next two hours I remained tidying up the kitchen. Then I did the ironing. Anything to keep me out of the sitting room and away from my turned on wife.

Then I raced upstairs with a quickly shouted, ‘good night dear’. I changed and leaped into bed.

I pretended to be asleep when seconds later Helen entered. “Where is my little policeman with his night stick? Oh.” She saw me asleep and heard my snoring. “Pretending to be asleep is it?” She laughed. She leaped on top of me and I felt the air squeezed from my lungs.

“Helen please you are hurting me!”

She was livid. She took hold of the back of my hair and gave it a painful twist. “Listen! There is no point in keeping a dog at home and when you need it, it lies in bed pretending to be asleep.”

A dog! I felt tears welling into my eyes.

She softened, “oh little Lesley. I didn’t mean it.” She held me tight. “It’s just that I do want you so. I need it. I really do.”

“I am just not up to it tonight,” I lied my prick exploding from her physical attention.

“Maybe I am being selfish. I’ll see you tomorrow morning then.”

“Yes, good idea.” I lied.

Soon she was in bed cuddling up to me. My dick was on fire. Whenever she tried to put her hand on my groin I moved it away. She rubbed her self up against my backside desperate to get off.

“Oh hell Lesley you know I need a man’s dick inside me!” She screamed in frustration.

“Yes dear.”

“Even a dildo doesn’t do the trick for me. There has to be a man on the end of it.”

“Yes dear.”

She pinched my arse wickedly. “Tomorrow then”

“Owch. Yes dear. Tomorrow morning.”

I bit the bed sheets in my own sexual frustration, my own fear and trepidation. Tomorrow morning Helen would be in an even worse state of sexual need!


By the time I heard her moving around upstairs I had half dressed and laid out her breakfast stuff on the table. I had ironed one of her favourite trouser suits and hung it on a hanger on a chair near her bed. I had performed my chores as silently as I could, desperate not to disturb her.

She preferred ankle length stockings with her trouser suits along with a silk teddy. Just laying out her sexy clothes stirred my penis. I was desperate to have its metal prison removed.

“Lesley?” She shouted down, “get your arse back into this bed I need a fuck and I need it now.”

I stood trembling at the bottom of the stairs. I had carried my clothes out of the bedroom on tiptoe and was dressing furiously. “Sorry dear. It will have to be tonight.” I called back.

“What!” She thundered. “Are you cheating on me! Is that why you are not …”

I fled for the door, pulling my unbuttoned shirt around me. “I have to go early to the shops today. Dear, I will see you tonight.”

I reached the car as the bedroom window opened. “Lesley I need you!”

Had she no shame in the open street? I saw lights coming on in the other houses. I climbed into the car. It was still only seven o’clock. I drove away not daring to look back.

I knew Helen could only come with a man inside her. Not even the best dildo would do anything except frustrate her. Normally she would require me to service her twice in the night and at least once in the morning. She would be in an agony of need.

Just wait until I see George and Veronica. Their stupid plans had led to this. Now I would sort them out!

End of Part One

Deborah Ford



At Your Service. By Deborah Ford.

Part two.

In part one Lesley is turned into Samantha an office girl in order that he can spy on his sex mad wife Helen. Veronica and George may have ulterior motives for helping him and have locked him a way in a chastity belt. Now he races to their home to confront them: remove this chastity belt or else!


Veronica was sympathetic. “Now you sit there and tell me all about it.”

George was unsympathetic, “little sissy! He’s almost crying.”

“George,” she snapped at him.

I sat on their sofa and being as brave as possible and told them what had happened.

“I can’t satisfy my wife. You must get this awful thing off me!”

Veronica sighed.

George shrugged, “well that’s sort of difficult. We’ve left the key in the office.”

Veronica cut in, “so hurry along and get yourself changed. Then we can all go into the office and get it.”

This was too much! “I have had enough of your crazy schemes. Look at the mess I’m in!”

“Now, now,” she tapped my knee, “you must try not to get too emotional.”

“Just how horny does your wife get Lesley?” George asked.

“That’s none of your business!”

He shrugged. “Ok. It’s just that if she only needs it a couple of times a month then you don’t have a problem.”

“A couple of times a day is more like it!” I shouted.

He and Veronica exchanged an eyebrows raised expression and then he smiled. “Well that’s different then. By tonight she will be gasping for it.”

“I would appreciate it if you weren’t so rude about my wife.”

Veronica took my hand, “I thought a dress again for today. A yellow one as it is a nice sunny day.”

I pulled my hand from hers. “No way. You two go in, get the key and bring it back!”

“I don’t think I like your attitude young lady!” Veronica sneered. “We are only trying to help you spy on your wife.”

“Yeh,” George said, “and look at the thanks we get. Anyway we’ll be late home tonight, Veronica has a meeting with the sales people. You’ll have to go in and get it yourself.”

They headed for the door, “We’ll see you there.”

George laughed, “can’t wait for the sissy to explain to Helen why he is at the offices.”

Veronica nodded and said in a silly sissy voice, “hello darling I am just here to spy on you.”

Oh god. The thought of facing Helen in her present mood filled me with trepidation. She will demand that I make love to her immediately. If they don’t let me out of this confinement all will be lost. “I think you should bring the key home to me!”

“No way,” George asserted. “In fact you only get it if you turn up in the yellow dress. I am not bringing it back.”

Veronica nodded. “Yes, ungrateful little madam. The key can stay hidden until Samantha comes in and asks nicely for it.”

The door closed I was trapped. I felt the room spin. Trapped in this stupid belt. It was too tight up against my prick to be cut free by a hacksaw. Perhaps I could go to a lock smith and ask him to pick the lock. Yuck. The thought of being spread eagled on a table with a man between my legs filled me with nausea.

The door opened and Veronica darted in, “forgot my bag.”

“Please Veronica. Won’t you get the key for me?”

“Can you imagine me going back on my word?”

“No,” I swallowed.

“So what’s it going to be?” She asked, already knowing the answer.


Half an hour later I sat with Tracey on the reception desk. The yellow dress was strappy so I had to wear a scarf to hide my Adams apple. The stockings were pale and the high heeled shoes were a matching yellow. I felt like a gay canary.

I had ridden in the front with the chauffeur while Veronica and George made love in the back. It was very embarrassing. The chauffeur just looked me up and down with lust while I could hear the tell tale rhythmic thumping sound of two people ‘at it’ behind my seat.

I kept my eyes firmly on the road and my fingers at the hem of my silly yellow dress. One sudden move and the stocking tops would be visible.

Then when we reached Veronica’s office she shushed me as if I were just an office girl while she went through her mail.

“Oh no!” She said. “One of the sales staff has gone sick. I will have to fill in.”

“Can I help?” I asked.

She looked daggers at me. “Keep your mouth shut until you are replying to a direct instruction.”

I bit my pink lipsticked lips but her eyes made me cower until I whispered, “yes Miss Veronica.”

There was something about this place, something about the clothes that I wore that changed my views. I was never the most masculine of men, I knew that, but I always despised gays who dressed as women and acted like women. Yet here I was not just dressed as a woman but acting very girly in a sexy outfit.

She went back to her mail. “Your lock will have to wait. I need to get going.”

She headed for the door.

“But Miss Veronica my …”

She opened the door and there were two managers in the corridor.

Veronica turned to me and said very loudly, “yes Sammi what is it?”

The two managers looked at me and I felt my knees go weak. “You know Miss Veronica ,” I whispered nodding towards the floor.

“No I don’t Sammi. Spit it out.”

I blushed red and fell silent.

“Right. Join Tracey at reception, you can’t do much damage there.”

The two managers laughed at me and my cheeks grew red hot.

“I’ll see you later this afternoon.”


Tracey was very sweet and showed me how to answer the phone and sort the mail in to piles for the managers.

I saw the name George Richards on a few and asked whether I could take them up to him.

Tracey laughed, “you’ve heard about his reputation already have you.”

“Uhm, well,..”

She leaned closer, “yes it really is that big,” she giggled. The phone went and she answered it smartly. “Yes Sammi you take them up to him and try your luck. Fifth floor and ask Katie.” With that she turned her attention to the caller.

I picked up the letters and tugging down my hem headed for the lift.

Katie was a bubbly red head sat behind a reception desk like ours just outside the lift doors. Perhaps all the floors had a reception desk and girl.

She read my badge: ‘Sammi, at you service. She cooed, “oh you are the new girl. How are you finding us Sammi?”

I was not in the mood for small talk. “I’m after George Richards.”

“Aren’t we all,” she giggled, “but don’t worry he gets around to each of us regularly enough.”

“Oh,” I smiled trying to feel pleased at the way George saw himself as a rooster in a hen house. “Actually I am only bringing up his mail.”

She wrinkled her nose and giggled, “that’s my trick sometimes. Good luck. Third door on the left.”

Just my luck. When George said I could enter I found him with my wife Helen. They were analysing some reports. He looked surprised to see me.

“Your mail, Mister Richards.”

My wife barely gave me a glance. After all I was just another girl here.

He took them from me, “great. Yeh, thanks.” He came around the desk and guided me back to the door. “Yeh, thanks Sammi.”

As he opened the door I whispered, “the key.”

“Ah thing is,” he said loudly making my wife look at us, “it’s with Miss Veronica. Wait until she gets back and then we can sort it out.”

With that he patted my bottom and closed the door in my face.

Really! He patted my bottom. The so called rooster of the hen house patted my bottom. Then he closed the door in my face!

“Hey gorgeous!”

I yowled as my bottom was pinched. It was the dreaded mister Brown I had met in the girls coffee room on my first morning. Oh no. I made to leave but he grabbed my arm.

“Hey what’s the hurry?”

His dark eyes were glinting with good laughter.

“Very busy sir, please.”

“Good. I think you girls should be kept busy. Keep you out of mischief.”

Patronising bastard! “Yes Mister Brown.”

He hovered around me and I felt his sheer size next to me. I was so delicate and vulnerable.

“Why don’t you come in for a quick bit of dictation,” he rested his hand gently on my bottom and squeezed.

I was so frightened, “please Mister Brown, Miss Veronica says that I must stay at the reception desk downstairs.”

“Then why are you up here you naughty girl?” he laughed, his hand firmly caressing my backside as if he owned it. Had feminism or the twenty first century never reached here?

I closed my eyes, it is difficult to think when you are dressed like this standing next to a lusty man, “I er, well, I was told to bring up these letters.”

“Oh?” he was teasing me. “And by whom?”

He gave my bottom a hefty squeeze, “oooh. Uhm” I could not say one of the managers because he might ask them. “Er Tracey, Mister Brown, sir.”

He wandered behind me gently patting my bottom. This was outrageous. But I had to stand there and take it until he had finished with me. “So Miss Veronica commands you to stay at reception but you obey Tracey another scatty office girl like you, and leave reception.”

“Oh,” that was not how I intended it to sound. “Please sir, she was very busy and I thought ….”

He laughed. “You thought! Heaven save us from secretaries who think. Where would we end up?”

He now had one hand on each cheek of my bottom cheeks and leaned his head over my shoulder. “So you disobey a manager and obey a secretary?”

How could I think straight when he was doing that? It was disgusting having a man fondle me like this. Yet something was stirring. I was so randy after being denied release for a couple of days that I felt excited down below.

“Did you hear me Sammi?”

I opened my eyes. “Oh yes. Sorry. Yes sir.” I looked back over my shoulder as the massaging continued. “Er, what was the question again?” My mind was a complete blank.

Ouch! He had slapped my arse really hard. I rounded on him fuming and he easily took both my wrists, holding them out from my body leaving me to writhe entertainingly before him.

“Well, I think I shall have to have a word with Miss Veronica about your behaviour, shan’t I?”

“You can do as you please,” I pouted coming to a rest. Resisting a man as strong as he when you are wearing high heels is totally futile.

“I will,” he said calmly, “so I’ll expect to see you later today at my pleasure.”

The words chilled me to my heart. I knew that Miss Veronica would protect me from the brute but my knees felt like jelly.

“Run along Sammi, see you later.”

He released me, slapping my arse so hard I was sent careering along the thick carpet. I struggled to keep my balance on the high yellow heels. I heard his laughter even as the lift doors closed and my cheeks burned red hot.

I was furious. No man was going to treat me like that. The bastard.

I actually stamped my foot as the doors opened before Tracey.

She winced, “didn’t go too well then? Never mind, Mister Richards is very popular. Try again tomorrow.”

I sat on the chair next to her and quietly fumed at the indignities I was facing.


Fortunately Tracey was very sweet and supportive and at the mid morning coffee break told me that all men are pigs really and I should not let it bother me. We were talking about two separate actions of course. She thought that George had spurned me but I knew that the horrible Mister Brown had tried to take advantage of his position of power over a junior girl. He deserved a comeuppance.

We were joined in the tiny coffee area by some of the other girls. All of them seemed pretty pleased with themselves. We ran out of chairs and Katie suggested that Annie should sit on the counter but Annie just giggled and announced that she had just been spanked and could not sit down.

She said it so proudly and all the girls giggled. What sort of sluts were they? The girls wanted to know who had punished her, whether it was harsh or nice.

I listened with open mouthed astonishment. Annie gave us, in great detail, the events surrounding her spanking. Apparently the manager had turned her over his lap before the other girls in the accounts section.

Katie whoooed, “oh I would give anything to be spanked like that!”

The others sniggered.

Tracey was particularly excited by it all, “oh and listen girls Samantha here has had her first spanking.”

I could not believe that she had told them.

The girls squealed at me to tell them what had happened.

My cheeks flushed and I let the blond wig hide as much of my red face as possible. “It was nothing really just a few light swats.”

Katie patted my knee sympathetically; “it’s always like that the first time. But don’t worry they get harder later.”

She spoke as if I should be thrilled by that revelation.

“Mind you,” Tracey warned, “you must not deliberately seek a punishment.”

The girls shook their heads.

One pointed out to me, “if the managers think you are seeking punishment then they are ten times harsher on you! You could be caned, and that is not very nice.”

Tracey shivered, “or you could end up as one of their kittens.”

Kittens? This was an insane world.

Then a bell rang and we returned to our posts. I must say I was grateful to sit in silence away from the madness I was hearing.


By lunch time of this second day my feet were aching and I longed to remove my heels. As I reached down to undo the straps Tracey gasped.

“Oh no Sammi don’t let anyone see you half dressed without permission. That would be the cane for sure!”

So I sat back in the chair, bending my feet this way and that to help relieve the ache.

We had lunch in the coffee room, all jammed together. It would have been exhilaratingly sexy, being crushed up amongst all these sexy girls, but the cruel chastity container thwarted any idea of erection.

I wondered where the managers ate and decided that it would be a million times bigger than this little space. We were given salad sandwiches that left you hungrier after you had eaten them, along with a small pot of yoghurt.

A girl with the badge of ‘Mitzi, at your service,’ bragged about her morning, “of course he is taking me away with him this weekend.”

The girls listened with rapt attention. It seemed the manager in question had beaten her with his belt until she cried and then taken pity on her. He had promised her a holiday in the south for a couple of days.

When we were returning to the reception desk I mentioned to Tracey that some managers obviously had hearts after all and she laughed:

“Oh Samantha, many of the managers are married. He was only saying that to keep her sweet. Sometimes we do get taken away for a holiday but all they want is one thing all the time.” She shivered and giggled, “and I love it!”

She was as big a slut as the others.

Later that afternoon Helen marched through and I held my breath. Her cheeks were flushed. I knew that look. She needed sex. It made my penis stir, even in its rigid restrictions.

She yelled at Tracey for having her hair out of place, though I thought it was immaculate. Then she had a go at me for being too slow in standing when she approached us. She was in a foul mood.

She wagged her finger at me, “You are heading for a warmed up arse young lady.”

“Yes Miss Helen,” I said. I knew that her rage was brought on by her sexual needs being left unsatisfied. I felt a little sorry for her.

“Don’t I know you from somewhere?” She peered closely.

I dropped my head. “I don’t think so Miss Helen.”

“Don’t you look away from me! Your eyes!” She laughed. “You look just like my …er ..”

I held my breath.

“It doesn’t matter. You don’t have any relations with the surname Oak do you Little Sammi?”

“I don’t think so.”

“You could be the twin sister of my .. er, a relative.”

“No I don’t know anyone from this city,” I swallowed.

She smiled and walked away. Tracey and I made to sit down but she returned, smile gone. We leapt back to our heels.

“Don’t you think you should refer to me as Miss Helen, Sammi?”

My head swam. “Yes Miss Helen, sorry Miss Helen.”

Helen pursed her lips, her cheeks darkened. “I think a few strokes might straighten you out!”

“Oh please Miss Helen,” I stammered.

Tracey moved closer to me, “please Miss Helen, Miss Veronica has stipulated that only she should punish Samantha.”

Helen was livid, “And who is she to change the damned rules?”

Tracey shrank away.

Helen glared at me. “You! Upstairs! Sixth floor! Room 607! Now!”

The ‘now’ rang in my ears as I headed for the lift. As the doors closed I saw my wife as furious as I had ever seen her. Tracey had backed up to the wall, eyes wide with fear. Thankfully the lift doors closed before I heard any more.


Room 607 was neat and femininely decorated. Helen had a large panoramic view of the city like Veronica’s. If a person’s importance is judged by the size of their office then my guess was that Helen was pretty high up the ladder of this company. I really admired her and felt proud for her.

On her desk was her diary. That could give me clues as to whether or not she was cheating. Dare I open it? I had been there a good five minutes. I felt sorry for poor Tracey who was getting a roasting from her downstairs. I felt sure that Helen would not carry out her threat of beating me. In all the time I had known her I had never seen her being cruel.

The door crashed open and slammed shut. I took one look at her and suddenly I did not feel so secure.

“So that stuck up tart from Personnel thinks she can keep a girl to herself does she?”

My tummy turned over. “Please Miss Helen I didn’t mean to ..”

“Shut that hole in your head.” She pulled open a large double cupboard and I saw the same array of punishment equipment I had seen in Miss Veronica’s cupboard.

Oh no, no. Please.

She pulled out a long cane. “Bend over my desk you little bitch.”

Should I explain to her who I was? Tell her why there so much resemblance between me and her husband?

The slice on the back of my thigh sent me reeling towards her almighty desk. Another painful push in the back and I was sprawled across it.


“Stay there bitch.” She slapped the cane down next to me. I was scared witless. I would not move until she gave me permission.

She picked up the phone. “David? It’s me Helen. I have a little bitch here from Personnel section and Miss Veronica is saying that she is the only one who can punish her. Yeh. No. The slut on reception told me. Tracey. I’ve spanked her. Tracey has had it coming for a while. Eh? No. I don’t know. It’s just what the two bitches have told me. Miss Veronica is out until later today. Yes the little madam was insolent to me. Yes, to my face. She got up far too slowly when I came near them. Refused, absolutely refused to refer to me as Miss Helen. Yes. Yes, I am sure. Six strokes of the cane. I thought I’d be lenient. Yeh, great. I’ll wait.”

She slammed the phone down and leaped from her chair. The mix of sexual frustration, indignation and rage were stirring her up into a hell hound.

“Please Miss Helen I am sorry ..”

“Keep it shut. Our lawyer is getting back to us. He knows the ins and outs of all the contracts. With a bit of luck next time I enter a room you’ll be on your feet so fast people will think you have a spring shoved up your arse!”

Oh dear. Should I explain who I am? Tell her that I thought she was cheating on me. I closed my eyes. That would be suicidal given my present predicament.

I heard her mouth off about Miss Veronica when the phone went. I held my breath as she grabbed it.


I tried sitting on the edge of the seat in reception. But the six stings had covered my entire backside. Of course I was not allowed to stand and had to keep that silly pouting smile on my lips. I wriggled for the umpteenth time.

Tracey was considerate, “there is a cushion in the photocopying room you could use.”

I smiled at her and winced as my bottom settled again on the seat. “I just want to stand.”

“I know,” she nodded, “but you can’t. They are horrible sometimes aren’t they?”

The phone call in Helen’s office had been to say that I had not signed any contract of employment. The man my wife referred to as David actually came down with some sheaths of papers. He explained to my wife that it was imperative that I sign them or else there could be insurance and legal problems. All employees must agree to the conditions of the firm.

I made the mistake of protesting. All I wanted to do was explain that I was only here for a few days. I wished I had kept my mouth shut. Mister Woods, as I had to call him, though my wife could call him David, set about me quickly with a paddle. ‘Don’t you speak unless spoken to!’

All the time my wife Helen was saying, “do you see what I mean? Have you ever come across such a disagreeable, naughty, office girl?”

Mister Woods beat me with great enthusiasm pointing out that ‘she’ll learn fast enough. Even the stupidest of girls learns her place within a few days.’

After the paddling from Mister woods and then the canning from Helen I was very docile. I quickly signed the forms where Mister Woods pointed and apologised profusely for my errant behaviour.

I had never been so pleased to hear the words, ‘you can go.’

So here I sat on my sore bottom desperate not to upset any of the other managers waiting anxiously for the return of Miss Veronica.

When Miss Veronica appeared through the lift doors I had never felt so relieved in all my life.

“Follow me,” she said heading for her door, her coat sailing behind her like a cape.

Once in her office she threw her stuff on to the desk told me to keep my ‘stupid trap shut’, (very nice!), and poured herself a gin and tonic from her fridge.

“What a day!” She slumped in her chair with her eyes closed.

Humph! She should have been in my shoes!

“Miss Veronica?” I said sarcastically. “What about me? I have had quite a day too.”

She gave me her knee trembling glare forcing me to look away. “Listen you little madam. Don’t bother me with your day’s trials and tribulations. All you have had to do is sit on your fat arse at reception with that tramp Tracey! If sharpening pencils is too taxing for you then you could never do what I have just done.”

I folded my arms. As soon as she released me from this chastity container I would tell her exactly what I thought of her.

She turned to her computer to check her mail, “some of us have been busy earning the money that pays your wages!”

Really! I wanted to tell her how hard the girls worked here but I knew I would be wasting my time.

She flicked at her screen and stopped at one of her messages. She did a double take and gasped. “What on earth! You have been caned by Helen?”

Her mouth fell open as she turned back to me.

I shrugged and shuffled in my heels. “It was all a bit of a misunderstanding Miss Veronica. You see…”

She giggled and took a sip of her drink. “Well how appropriate don’t you think? Your wife finally gives you the beating you deserve. And I suppose you just bent over and accepted it like the other tramps here?”

“Well no, not exactly. I did try to explain but…”

Miss Veronica laughed, “but that made it worse so you simply did as you were told like a little girl.”

I flushed and looked away. It wasn’t quite like that. Well I suppose it was really.

“Please Miss Veronica what else could I do?”

She turned back to her monitor shaking her head. “You’re as tarty as the rest of them.”

I wish I could do something with my hands. They felt so ludicrous flapping about me. Why don’t dresses have pockets?

She laughed again, “so Mister Woods has been exercising his right hand on your backside. My you have been a busy little girl!”

There was nothing funny about any of this!

“And what’s this? Mister Brown says,” she read it to herself her jaw falling open again. She was not laughing now

She leaped from her chair and raced around to me. “What were you doing upstairs?”

“I, er, I … I thought I would go and see George, I mean Mister Richards.”

“What did I tell you?”

I bowed my head, “to stay at reception Miss Veronica.”

“Oooh I have a good mind to send you up to Mister Brown so that he can deal with you right now!”

“Oh no, please, please. Please Miss Veronica.”

My pleading amused her no end. She walked about me eyeing me up and down. “It could teach you a lesson couldn’t it?”

I felt tears warming my eyes. “Please Miss Veronica all I want is to get free of this horrible chastity belt and get these humiliating clothes off and go home to my wife.”

“Perhaps you don’t deserve it.”

“Oh please Miss Veronica I am so sorry. Please just let me go.”

“Perhaps I should call down Miss Helen for you to explain the entire story to her. That should be fun. Especially when she sees her husband dressed as a tramp of an office girl. And that she has beaten his arse. And that he is here to spy on her.”

“Oh don’t do that, please let me go.”

She walked behind me making me feel vulnerable and exposed in my short yellow dress.

“I think I have you just where I want you.”

I closed my eyes. I was in a nightmare. I was that insect walking the wrong way along the web. Totally unable to turn around.

The phone rang, saving me from any further humiliations under Miss Veronicas sadistic teasing. But then the situation worsened:

“Yes? Oh, yes!” She turned to look me full in the eyes with a grin that buckled my knees. “Yes. Mister Brown funnily enough she is right before me at the moment.”

Mister Brown! I put my hands up to my mouth. My eyes kept pleading with Miss Veronica.

“Oh I don’t know what she was doing up there. Naughty little minx. You are offering to punish her? That is very kind of you. I am somewhat busy at the moment.”

I stepped up to her desk my hands clutched together at my boobs, pleading with her.

“Just one moment,” she put her hand over the mouth piece. “Now little Sammi I think I need a bit of payback from you for your disobedience. Don’t you?”

“Anything, but please don’t send me upstairs to him.”

She took her hand from over the mouth piece, “I’ll get back to you Mister Brown. No, no, you are not interfering. I am very grateful to you. Speak to you later.”

She put the phone down and I guess I knew how the insect felt when he saw himself trapped with the spider.

“Now Samantha. You will pick up the phone and call Helen as Lesley and tell her that you have to stay away for a few days. Lets say you have a dying aunt. Ok?”

“But please Miss Veronica you don’t know how randy she is right now and …”

“Now what was that nice Mister Brown’s number?” She picked up the phone and I snatched it from her.

“Ooh,” she laughed, “the kitten turns.”

I did not like the mention of the word ‘kitten’. I knew it had another meaning in these offices and I also knew I did not want to know any more about it.

She told me Helen’s number and I dialled it.

As you can imagine the conversation did not go well.

“Surely you can have me once before you go on your journey?” She demanded, breathing heavily.

“Uhm no. I have already left. I am so sorry. I’ll speak to you soon.” I put down the phone and felt terrible.

“Very good.” She pushed back her seat and put her booted feet on the desk. “Now tonight you can stay at our house and you will be my date.”

“Your date? If all you wanted was for me to go out with you I am sure that …”

Miss Veronica laughed evilly. “I want Samantha not Lesley. I have seduced all manner of men and women but never an airhead sissy bimbo!”

At least she would be taking my belt off I thought. “And then tomorrow I can return to my wife?”

“Maybe. If you are good.”

If I am good! “And what about Helen. She is as randy as can be. How do I know she won’t just run off with some man for a quick one?”

She phoned her husband George asking him to come down.

What was happening now?

George arrived full of the joys of life. He patted my arse, “hey babe,” he laughed.

Veronica explained to George that tonight she was going to seduce me so it would be better if he made himself scarce. I could not believe my ears. She was telling her husband she was going to have another man and asking him to clear off.

“Fine,” said George as if he was being asked to pick up some groceries on the way home. “Do you want an ‘all nighter’ or just an evening?”

She eyed me like a predator, “oh all night I think. Thanks. Oh and there is something else.”

George grinned at me, “a threesome?”

Oh how sickening!

She laughed, “no. Not tonight anyway. Tonight she is mine. But you can help Samantha by taking care of Helen for her. Helen is now in desperate need of cock so why don’t you take her out for dinner and chaperone her. That way Samantha can be relaxed and know that his wife is in safe hands.”

“Would you?” I pleaded with him. If he took her out for dinner and made sure she got home at least she could not go chasing other men around night clubs. “That way I know she will be faithful to me.”

Veronica added, “and then she can concentrate on pleasuring me, which will be her aim tonight.”

George Richards grinned at me, “I would be pleased to help. Say why don’t I see if I can stay at your home in the spare bedroom. Then I can keep an eye on your wife all night.”

“I don’t think that will be necessary,” I cut in. The thought of a fertile male sleeping in a room close to my wife in her present erotic mood filled me with horror. She would be desperate for any man.

Veronica added, “it’s the only way of being certain Sammi.”

George took my hand protectively, “while she is with me no other man will come near her.”

I tugged my hand free. I hated male contact and turned back to Veronica. “So one night of,” I could not think of the words. Usually I ‘made love’ to Helen so that was easy. But how should I describe what Veronica was proposing? “Just one night of, whatever, and then we are quits. The chastity belt comes off.”

She pursed her lips. “If you are good.”

George slapped my arse and laughed, “she means if you are bad.”


Tracey showed me how to use the reception intercom and phone system. There wasn’t too much too it. You just had to make sure you were polite and always made a note of the callers name before passing on any messages. It was so simple the most air headed bimbo could perform the tasks.

Mister Brown wondered by at five o’clock with a huge grin on his face. We rose.

“Samantha you escaped my clutches again. Won’t last for much longer.”

“No Mister Brown,” I waited until the lift doors closed before sitting down and crossing my legs. “What a bastard.”

“Watch out for him,” Tracey said. “I know he looks gorgeous and everything but he really is bastard to the girls. Many of them have cried rivers over him.”

“Because he beat them so hard?”

Tracey laughed. “No. Well yes he does have a firm hand, but that is so important in a man don’t you think?”

I wondered if Helen thought that way and whether she thought I had a ‘firm hand’.

“No, I mean we all fall for him. I’ve had a bit of a crush. He took me to a hotel one weekend,” she added proudly.

Just then Helen and George appeared. They were laughing and she looked more relaxed than I had seen her since the very first morning when I was caught up in this idiotic plan.

“See you in the morning girls, but I might be a bit late,” Helen giggled, winking at us.

George raised his eyebrows knowingly at me.

The lift doors closed and suddenly ….

…no it couldn’t be.

A dark cloud blotted out the sun.

An awful thought crossed my mind. An horrific idea. A thought so dreadful it made me shiver.

Suppose that George had other more selfish ideas. Suppose he took advantage of my wife’s intense horniness. He might not be checking on her for me but to so that he could get his end away.

With my wife!

I had been facing the wrong spider!

So with such thinking you can see how I might do or say something silly. React in a thoughtless way. Get myself into trouble. Like an over excited child racing across the road.

And I did.

I thumped open Veronica’s door with a “Your George is a bastard …”

Before seeing that she chairing a meeting of four shirt sleeved men and a woman in a dark trouser suit.

My heart sank. They glared at me the way furious parents regard their mischievous child being naughty in someone else’s home.

I felt one stockinged knee fall in front of the other and tried a simpering smile, “sorry Miss Veronica perhaps I should come back later?” I asked as sweetly as I could.

“No. Get your fat arse in here and stand by me.” She pointed at a spot before her.

Why can’t I keep my mouth shut?

All eyes were on the naughty office girl who stood head bowed before Miss Veronica who was now a manager who had to prove to her own peers that she had control over her girls

“So, Mister Richards, as I think you were supposed to call him, has spanked you has he?”

I took a quick glimpse at the others and shook my head.

“Then the only reason you could possibly be upset is that you think he will punish you tomorrow when he gets in and you think that you don’t deserve it.”

Good idea! “Yes Miss Veronica.”

She handed me a notepad and pen, “Take a memo Sammi.”

I held the pad and nervously wrote out what she said: ‘memo to Mister Richards from Miss Veronica. Samantha Norton would like to remind you that you promised her a punishment of at least a spanking tomorrow morning. The little madam feels she does not deserve it, so hopefully you will add a few swats to help her appreciate that she does. Signed Miss Veronica. Thank you Sammi.”

I put down the pad and made to leave as swiftly as I could. “Yes Miss Veronica.”

“Going somewhere girl?”

“Uhm? I er … don’t know. Should I stay? Take a few more memos Miss Veronica?”

“Well I think you should apologise to each of the managers here for your intemperate behaviour and ask that they punish you in what ever way they deem fitting. Don’t you think that’s fair Little Sammi?”

This cannot be happening. My stockinged knee did its bowing action. “Please Miss Veronica I didn’t know that you had anyone in with you and …”

“So it is perfectly alright for a tramp like you to burst into a senior managers office if they are alone?”

The lady manager spat out, “ill-disciplined little madam,” for all to hear.

One of the men tutted.

I thought of the insect and looked at my own spider. Why could I never win with her. I was always in the wrong.

“Now you go along and introduce yourself to each of my managers in turn, apologise and ask for the required punishment.”

I could run for the door in my heels. I thought of getting out onto the pavement. I would be dressed like this, miles from home without money. I closed my eyes. The police? Courts? I would a be a laughing stock and worse, my lovely Helen would know I had tried to spy on her.

There seemed no other choice. I made my way to the end of the table and faced up to the first manager, a balding fifty year old who looked too fond of business lunches.

I swallowed a squeaked, “my name is Samantha and I am very sorry for being so naughty.”

I looked up at his dark eyes hoping for forgiveness. If he let me off maybe the others would too. After all I had apologised sweetly had I not?

He glowered at me, “is there something else you wish to ask me?”

I swallowed, “I am really sorry, sir, please I wont let it happen again.”

“That’s reassuring but isn’t there something else you wish to ask?”

I took in a deep breath for courage and said: “please sir will you punish me in what ever manner you see as fit.”

“I will indeed Samantha.” He looked triumphantly around the table. “I think its kitten time!”

Everyone cheered and the lady manager leapt up in her seat. “Just what the little madam needs!”

“Fetch me the fittings please Samantha.”

I was rooted to the spot. The dreaded kitten punishment, whatever that is. And what were the fittings?

Miss Veronica tapped the table, “she has only been here a day or so I think that more advanced punishments should wait. I feel a little bottom warming should be in order.”

Everyone looked disappointed. The lady manager sat back in her seat, “if I may remind you Miss Veronica you did say that we should punish her in what ever way we saw as fit.”

Miss Veronica nodded, lost for words.

The balding man slapped my thigh just below my skirt. “Its Veronica’s call. Babe, go to the cupboard and fetch me a paddle please. We shall start with a good paddling.”

I felt relieved that I was not going tot get the ‘kitten’ punishment even though I did not know what it was. I raced to get a paddle from the double cupboards before they changed their minds.

Having spent a lot of time over desks and people knees in the last twenty four hours you would have thought I would have been used to it.

The humiliating order to bend over. On this occasion over his lap. The instructions on how I should place myself. The awful moment when the skirt if raised and the mind numbingly shame of having your knickers tugged down.

But this time was worse than the others. It was more controlled. I would have to approach each of my tormentors in person and ask demurely for my punishment.

While Veronica prattled on about the previous months sales figures I lay obediently across his rough suit listening to the whistle of the paddle followed by the splat of the impact, which was closely followed by a squeal from me.

The canning from Helen and paddling from Mister Woods had left my bottom sore so it was not long before the paddle had me dancing helplessly over his lap.

He gave me twelve which I though was a bit excessive for being rude. The next man told me not to stand up but to remain over the first man’s lap. He raised my chin in his cupped hands, “something to say Samantha?”

He was very young, maybe only twenty. I shivered. “My name is Samantha. I am very sorry for being naughty. I really, really am,” I added, “please will you punish me in what ever way you see as fit.”

He took hold of my arms and dragged me over his own knees so that my legs were left over mister baldy’s lap.

“The paddle will do just fine.”

The familiar pattern of whistle, splat, yowl.

Now I was crying.

After those twelve I had a pat on my cheeks and mister twenty year old told me to move on.

The next man was middle aged but silver haired. He seemed much more relaxed about the occasion. He sat back and raised an eyebrow expectantly.

“Please sir my name is Samantha and I am very,” I had to do a lot of sniffing at that moment but he patiently waited for me. “I am very sorry for my behaviour please will you punish me in what ever way you see as fit.”

“Oh all right then,” he said making everyone laugh.

He chose a wooden ruler and arranged me over his lap so that my legs were caught between his rough trousered legs.

The whistle through the air was a lot sharper than the paddle and the splat much, much louder. And, oh my, did it sting.

My yowls were noisy squeals. I just could not take any more!

After those twelve I was crying like a baby as I stood before the horrible lady manager. Surely she would have some sympathy for me now.

She didn’t. She was worse than the men. Just as Tracey had warned me on the first day: ‘the women can be worse than the men. They have something to prove.’

She used a short crop and took great delight in exercising her power over me. It was a good minute before she had me arranged in a satisfactory manner. The twelve blows were the worst moment of my life. Every thick whack was delivered with terrific venom as if I were responsible for all her woes.

Finally it was all over. I slumped to my knees sobbing like a child. In the distance I could hear Miss Veronica’s voice: “we needed a 2 per cent increase in all areas and I just don’t see it happening this month.”

I rose stiffly to my heels, her voice still echoing in my head. I pulled my tight knickers up to above the stocking tops but no further. It would have been agony to try and smooth them over my burning backside.

I picked up the crop, paddle and ruler and took them back to the cupboard. I could not wait to get to the ladies toilets and cool my bottom with a cold wet flannel.

I stiffly returned to Veronica. The entire room was swimming in tears.

When I reached her she stopped talking and looked up. “Yes Samantha?”

“Please Miss, may I return to reception?”

“Isn’t there something else you wish to ask me first?”

Something else? What more could there be? Everyone had humiliated and beaten me .. Everyone … except Miss Veronica. Oh no. “Please Miss Veronica, oh please Miss let me go.”

The lady manager muttered something nasty about the dangers of being too soft with new secretaries.

I heard my voice through the shuddering sobs: “please Miss Veronica my name is Samantha and I am very sorry for the way in which I behaved earlier. I really am sorry. It won’t happen, ever again. Not ever. I have really learned my lesson. I will be ever so good from no on. Really I will. I will do as I am told. I will make you proud of me …”

Through the swimming tears I watched her closely as she pursed her lips and waited.

What a bitch! What about some mercy!

I could not think of anything more to add. The knee bowed before the other and I recited the inevitable chant: “Please Miss Veronica will you punish me in what ever way you see as fit.”

“I certainly will.” She rose to tower before me making me feel as vulnerable and frightened as ever.

She grabbed my wrists and cruelly stuffed them together under my chin. She then used the end of my yellow scarf that was around my neck, to secure my wrists tightly together.

“There,” she announced, pulling up my tight knickers over my ragingly hot arse. “Now you can run along. Once I have finished the meeting we can treat your bottom with some creams. You’ll like that. But run along for now.”

The pat on my cheeks might as well have been a gun shot for the effect it had.

I squealed like a pig my hands hopelessly secured beneath my chin.


Tracey was most concerned when she saw me hobbling back on my heels. “Oh Samantha what was happened?”

Not even the plumpest cushion she found alleviated the stinging as I sat down. If I could not perch comfortably on the chair after Helen’s and Mr Wood’s beating, now it was totally impossible.

“Poor Samantha you must remain sitting other wise you will get into more trouble.”

So I sat and cried with Tracey drying my eyes. It is so dreadful to have your hands tied beneath your chin. You cannot do anything for yourself. My last cup of coffee had to be fed to me baby style by Tracey.

“Don’t be too embarrassed. It could be worse,” Tracey pointed out. “Once I was tied to a chair on castors all morning. Everyone thought it was great fun to push me about when ever they passed. And I couldn’t do anything.”

“That must have been awful.”

“It was. Especially as I was tied over the back with my bottom in the air.”


It was not until seven o’clock that Veronica’s meeting ended. As they all filed passed me the men all nodded and winked as if I was in on some joke with them. The lady manager just glared haughtily at me. She looked so damned superior.

Veronica emerged pulling on her coat. She thanked us both for looking after reception until so late. “Tracey you may collect a box of chocolates for yourself tomorrow. And if you are quick Mister Thompson is still collecting his papers in my office. Say he has my permission to reward you.”

“Oh goody!” She exclaimed, jumping up and down like a little girl at Christmas.

Goody! She was a child being given a treat!

“As for you,” she glared at me, “follow me down to the car park.”

I stood up careful to balance in my heels. “Please Miss you said you would rub some cream in my bottom.”

She stopped at the lift and pointed to a spot just before her. I dashed over to it and looked up at her, my wrists still bound by the scarf about my neck.

“Did I say you’d get your lotion here in the office?”

“No Miss Vernonica.”

“So get your fat arse into the lift and keep that mindless mouth of your shut.”

“Yes Miss Veronica.”

I was frightened but I knew that once she released my wrists and cock I would escape. Even if I had to run naked from her house. All I would do was wait until she released me and then I would run like mad. She would never catch me.

End of part two

Deb Ford.


At Your Service

Part Three

Deborah Ford

Lesley has been turned into Samantha the office girl by the cunning Veronica and her devilish husband George. Lesley’s aim had been to ensure that his wife Helen remained faithful to him, but his plan is rapidly backfiring. Worse she finally learns what Kitten Punishment actually entails.


My plan to escape had to be put on hold.

Veronica introduced me to her maid Suzi who gigglingly dragged me upstairs by my hand.

“No gossiping you two,” Miss Veronica shouted after us. “I want her down here in one hour ready for dinner. We have a long night ahead of us.”

Suzi slammed the bedroom door shut and giggled, “oh don’t worry about her. She’s in a good mood tonight. She must really like you.”

“Now then Suzi,” I said, ready to explain to her my dreadful predicament.

She unzipped my yellow dress in a one fluent movement. It hung around me loosely, the straps falling down my arms.

“Get it off,” she giggled opening a wardrobe door.

“I think sophisticated black for tonight.”

She held out a short, lacey, black dress. It looked really sexy. I must get one for my wife Helen.

She had me strip down to just my bra and knickers.

I let her busy herself around me as I gently interrogated her. “I may wish to leave early tonight. Which is the best way out?”

“I’ve never dressed a boy-girl before,” she tittered. “Oh I don’t know. The front door I suppose. The other doors lead out into the rear gardens. Now a basque will be a wonderful foundation garment.”

While she squeezed me into a black basque I quizzed her further. “And once I am at the bottom of the drive which way should I go?”

She slapped my panty covered arse and laughed. “You really are a dumb blonde aren’t you Samantha? You go which ever way is necessary to get to wherever you want to go. Hold your tummy right in.”

I breathed in and she cinched the basque.

“Oooooh,” I gasped, “that’s too tight. I can’t breathe.”

“You’ll get used to it. Do you think she will let you out of your chastity belt tonight? Step into these.”

She pulled the black stockings with the patterned tops up my legs. They felt so sheer.

“Oh I am sure she will. She wants,” I coughed in embarrassment, “to have sex with me tonight so she will have to remove it at some stage.”

“Other leg, don’t be so sure.”

I wasn’t going to bother asking a maid what she meant. If Miss Veronica wanted sex then surely I would have to be released. End of story. In fact, end of this madness. The moment the key went into the lock I would be running down that drive and away from here.

“I think these black knickers would be the best match. Step into them please.”

I did so and she eased them up my stockinged legs. I was feeling very tingly. Turned on. My penis was stretching as hard as it could in the metal cylinder. There is something about smooth silk and satin.

Within fifteen minutes of entering the room I was stood in my underwear before the mirror as she slipped my feet into two delicate high heeled sandals.

My image was a truly sexy vision. The basque created curves and the silk and satin showed them off.

“We will make you up before you put the dress on. Just in case of accidents. We don’t nail varnish on your dress.”

I watched in wonder as she painted my face in light pastel colours. My fingernails were polished a bright pink to match the lipstick.

Only the mascara was black. My eyes looked huge and submissive in the pink face.

Suzi kissed my cheek. “Mistress will love you tonight. I almost feel sorry for her.”

I admired my reflection and found myself in agreement with Suzi. No one would be able to resist such a vision.

I stepped into the dress and it was squeezed up around my hips. When Suzi drew the zip tightly to the nape of my neck I felt that unique feminine thrill of having tight clothing from the hips up but the legs exposed and decorated.

She played with my hair and with only a few minutes to go before the deadline she led me downstairs.

Miss Veronica was lighting the tall candles on the immaculately laid dinner table.

When she saw me her face fell. She shook her head. “I don’t believe it. Give us a twirl.”

“Oh I can’t.” I replied blushing and looking away, but secretly wanting her to see it all. After all Suzi and I had spent time creating the result.

“Give us a twirl!” she barked.

I did so turning slowly enjoying the effect I knew I was having on her. For the first time in my life I felt I had power over someone.

“Dim the lights Suzi and pour some wine.”

The lighting darkened so only the licking candle flames sent shimmering light around the walls. My tummy was turning somersaults.

I let her guide me to the table.

“You are beyond my wildest dreams Sammi,” she whispered in my ear. I could smell her perfume. I felt oddly giddy. My knees had become rubber. I leaned against her for support. My eyes closed and I felt her lips on mine.

She kissed me gently. I was vaguely aware of her twisting me about so that she could put her arms around me and hold me tighter.

My mouth fell open and received her tongue. I could hear moaning and it was a moment before I realised that it was me.

I wanted to break free but as I attempted to push away she held me even more tightly. I totally submitted to her passionate kiss. It felt so good to turn someone on like this. I felt so aroused.

Her tongue slipped around my lips and own tongue. And I just let her do it.

Someone said, “Oh fuck, me fuck me. Please. Please.”

I found myself on my knees drunk with lust kissing her leather trousers.

She laughed and pulled my up to me heels. “We eat first.”

I had never been in so much need before. Obviously whenever I have been aroused in the past I simply masturbated. Now I could not touch my member until she released it. She seemed all powerful, wholly irresistible, my love God.

She sat me in a chair and I reluctantly let her release me, squeezing my legs beneath the table and watched my lover take her place at the head of the table.

“Please Miss Veronica I…”

She held up a hand and laughed knowingly. “All in good time. Tonight you will have experiences you have never dreamed of. You will never forget them.”

Suzi served the meal but it went by in a blur. Besides, being tortured by a constricting basque, made it impossible to do anything other than nibble at my food.

After the meal she led me – and I do mean led, I tottered on my heels with her helping me balance, to a sofa.

“Too much wine?” she asked me.

“No, too much you,” I replied breathlessly.,

She liked that.

She laid me on the sofa, cuddling up to me.

I put my arms about her neck and felt her entwine me. Her one leather clad leg forced it self between my stocking clad thighs with me just letting it all happen.

We kissed and I disappeared back into cloud nine.

She kissed my neck, my arms, my cheeks, my nose, my eyes. And I let her.

I was soon squirming beneath her.

In the candle light I half opened my eyes to see her smiling down at me. How could I have ever been afraid of her or even hated her. I loved her. I wanted her. “Please fuck me Miss Veronica.”

“Lets get this dress off you.”

I sat up so that she could unzip it and pull it off my body.

I felt a chill fall over my exposed flesh especially between the basque and the stocking tops. But she gently laid my half naked body back on the couch to continue her seduction. I was now in turmoil. I was so hot. I was more aroused than I could believe was possible. She slipped off my knickers, dragging them sensuously down my legs until they were pulled off my heels.

The chastity belt would be next. From some far away land I recalled something I had to do when she removed it but my head was swirling with sensations and I could no longer think clearly.

I felt her move around me. I heard a zip and the squeak of leather being pulled off.

I opened my eyes with a lazy smile, my arms submissively about my head. “Take me, take me, I am yours.”

I felt her hands on my hips turning me on my side. I flopped like a rag doll into the position she put me. Something cold and jelly like was smeared between my buttocks. I felt a probing finger. It felt so good. My hips went into automatic pilot and pushed back at the invading finger. They settled into a gentle rhythm, pushing back and fore at the finger until it pressed itself inside.

I murmured in pleasure.

She then turned me to my back and my legs fell apart.

I heard an odd buckling sound and opened my eyes. I looked up at a terrifying vision.

She grinned that awful sadistic smile of hers. “Just relax and leave everything to me.”

She was wearing a black basque similar to mine. No stockings around her muscular legs. But what I saw between her legs horrified me.

She was wearing a strap on dildo. Black to match her outfit.

“Eh!” I sat up straight. Suddenly stone cold sober. It was as if I had been plunged into freezing cold water.

“Just lay down lover and I will sort you out.” She closed her eyes high on some deviant sexual plane.

Sort me out! The romance disappeared in a flash. I screamed. I rolled out from beneath her hauling my knickers back on. I was desperate for any protection against that marauding member that waggled at me.

I ran back to the table. My bottom cheeks felt cold and sloppy with whatever foul lubricant she had rubbed over them.

It was a moment before she realised that I had escaped. She gave chase.

Obviously in my heels I could only mince around in short steps. But the sight of her waggling dildo urged me onto Olympic speeds.

As she came round one side of the table, her grin widening, I would dance to the other side. She was enjoying the challenge!

It was like a Charlie Chaplin movie.

Then I made my break for the dinning room door. I opened them with her only a metre behind me.

I slammed them shut in her face finding a key in the hole. “Oh thank you thank you,” I shouted as I turned it.

I saw the handle judder angrily as she desperately tried to open the door.

“I won’t hurt you my dear,” I heard her call. “I was only playing. Nothing will happen. Just unlock the door so I can explain.”

“No Way,” I shouted back.

“Open the door you fucking whore of a bitch before I smash it down and use the wood to beat your fat arse!”

I heard her running from the door. Oh no. There was a door to the kitchens. I remembered Suzi coming through it to serve us.

I needed to escape. Suzi had said the front door was the best bet. I dashed in my heels with short strides to the front door. I had to escape. I may have been clad in sexy underwear but if I failed to make the best of this opportunity who knows what devilish designs she would have on my person.

The front door was locked. I wrestled with the handles. Oh no. Oh no.

A door slammed behind me across the hallway. I turned in horror to see Miss Veronica prowling towards me shaking a leather whip. “Got you now my dear!” Her dildo seemed to be pointing her way to me as she approached.

I leaned up against the cold front door. “Please no!”

“Oh yes!” Miss Veronica was back to her cruel self.

Suddenly the door behind me pushed open sending me flying into the room towards my tormentor.

I turned around to see George and Helen, my wife, enter. I screamed in dismay and tried desperately to cover myself. I did not want my wife to see me with another woman dressed like this.

Helen stood statue like in the hallway her mouth hanging open as she took in Veronica and me.

I glanced back to Veronica to see that she was trying to hide the whip behind her back. Her actions brought more attention to it as the whip swung around her head like a car aerial.

I looked back at my wife. What would she make of this?

It was George who spoke first, “sorry dear but Helen just could not sleep in her own house.”

“Please come in,” Miss Veronica said wiping the sweat from her brow with a shaking hand.

She was acting as if this was a perfectly normal scene. Two women in their underwear, one with a whip in her hand, chasing each other about the house.

George closed the door and had the good manners to appear embarrassed.

“I am sorry,” Helen said eyeing me up and down, “but .. aren’t you that new girl in the office?”

I nodded yes.

Helen looked knowingly at Veronica and raised an eyebrow. “Taking advantage of the staff again?”

George ushered Helen in through the hall, “Helen asked if she could stay the night.”

Veronica brought the whip to her front, “you know I had plans for tonight!” She nodded in my direction.

I smiled timidly at Helen she simply looked away with a knowing smile.

“I am sorry Veronica,” Helen started, “but I am afraid that my so called husband Lesley has run off with another woman!”

“Never!” I exclaimed.

Veronica tapped the whip handle against my knickers clad bottom, “be quiet dear when the adults are talking.”


Helen shook her head, “I would never have thought it either. But I have rung all his relatives and none have died recently. He had told me that he had to leave for a few days because an aunt had died! The only possible reason to lie like that is that he is with another woman.”

Veronica put her arm about me, “could be.”

I shook her off. “Please Miss Helen perhaps you are jumping to conclusions and ..”

Veronica’s hand squeezed my already constricted waist making me gasp and preventing me from continuing.

Helen smiled at me. “I know you are trying to be sweet. Which is very kind of you after the beating I gave you earlier, but I am afraid that there can be no other explanation. Now if you will point me at a spare bedroom,” she looked dagger eyed at George, “with a single bed! I will retire and leave you two to get up to your fun and frolics.”

Oh she looked so sad. I wanted to reach out and cuddle her.


Two hours later I sat sleepy eyed in an armchair in Veronica’s bedroom. She lay in the bed with the sheets pulled back inviting me to join her. “You must be freezing out there. Come to bed my sweet and let me warm you up.”

I looked at the inviting warm bed and knew that my weak body was desperate to give in. “No,” I said bravely. “I would rather freeze out here than let you take advantage of me in there.”

“Come on you silly tart, you’ll love it.”

I saw the shape beneath the sheets, a phallic image pointing to the ceiling and shivered.

“Please just release me. Let me go to my wife Helen.”

“You can hardly go to her now can you. Now that she thinks we are lovers.”

I pouted. That was true. How could I reveal myself to her when she already thought that I was off with another woman? If I told Helen what had happened she would think that Veronica had already seduced me. My head span. It was such a mess and it was so late.

There was no other way out. The only way to reunite myself with Helen was to lose this chastity belt. “Ok Miss Veronica you may,” I swallowed, “have me.” Her face beamed. “But only if you release me first.”


She leapt out of bed and raced to a set of drawers.

She was wearing a lacy black teddy that really worked wonders on her figure. If it was not for the dreadful frightening appendage at her groin she would have been every mans fantasy.

She dragged open a drawer and pulled out a small key. Such a tiny piece of metal had kept me imprisoned and helpless for so long.

She jumped into bed and lowed the lights with the bedside dimmer. “Right you wonderful slut fulfil my dream of seducing a virgin boy-girl.

I reluctantly made my way to the bed clenching my buttock tightly together.

I tentatively climbed in beside her as she opened a jar and ran her two fingers about in a sort of jelly.

She held up her oiled fingers triumphantly. “Right on your tummy you gorgeous creature.”

I swallowed and rolled onto my tummy, my bottom vulnerably wriggling at her. I would endure any torture to get back my wonderful wife.

It didn’t quite work out like that.


The next morning aching and sore down below I dressed in a short powder blue dress. My member still encased in its chastity belt.

As super efficient and clever as Miss Veronica thinks herself she had stupidly pulled out the wrong key. After she had finally entered me, (with me humiliatingly on all fours, squealing like a pig!), she reached under for the lock and exclaimed that ‘this key doesn’t fit. Oh silly me this is the key for my jewellery box.”

Of course by then she was too far gone to withdraw and oddly my body betrayed me terribly by responding to her thrusts with little accepting movement of it’s own.

I even had a long feminine orgasm as she hit some spot inside me.

She screamed a triumphant ‘yes’ as I came and rolled over and fell asleep!

With my aching soppy bum I was left trying to shake her awake. She had forgotten to release me. But no amount of shaking would awaken her.

I fell asleep with the chastity belt very much still in place!


So the next morning found me sitting on my sore bottom trying to cheer up Helen at the breakfast table. Suzi served us efficiently, it had been she who had shown me the pretty little blue dress.

George and Veronica appeared an hour after us. Both looked shattered but strangely pleased with themselves. They gave each other a high five. What was that about? I saw that Helen blushed pink at George’s childish behaviour. I rolled my eyes at Helen and she did the same back to me.

Even as a girl I got on with my wife!

Veronica joined us with a coffee, “listen if you two are ready why not go on ahead to the office. George and I have a few things we want to sort out before we go in.”

George grinned.

To be honest I was pleased to get away from them and sat quite happily in the back of the car with Helen.

“Cheer up,” I said to her. “I have a feeling that your husband will be home with you before you know it. And I bet he has not been unfaithful!”

“No he hasn’t,” she sad despairingly, emphasising the he. “I wish I could say the same.”

I patted her trousers. “Silly you! You can say the same. Say: he has not been unfaithful!”

She patted my stocking thigh and laughed, “oh I wish I could be an airhead like you office girls. I am sure you have far less worries than people who think.”

I wish I could tell her how stupid Veronica had been the previous night in getting out the wrong key. Wait a minute! I sat up in the back of the car and crossed my legs. She could have released me this morning! I was so caught up in my concern about Helen that I had completely forgotten about the key!

Wait until I confront Miss Veronica when she finally gets in to the office! I will tell her how stupid she has been. She will see that I am not an airhead at all.


However as soon as I got in I saw that my plans would have to wait. Tracey grabbed my arm and led me upstairs in a flap. “Mister Brown is very cross so watch what you say!”

I clip clopped up the stairs after her. Tracey handed me my humbling ‘Samantha At You Service’ badge. I dutifully pinned it to my dress over my left breast.

“Mister Brown? Oh he’s horrible!” I said recalling how he had embarrassed me so much in the corridor the previous day.

“Well he can be. His secretary, Charlotte, is ill. He desperately needs us to type up his sales report. It is very easy, just don’t make any mistakes.”

We reached Mister Brown’s office to find him in shirt sleeves going through some typed reports. He looked thunderously angry. I stood behind Tracey.

He looked up as we closed the door. “About time.” He saw me and smiled. “Sammi! I knew I’d get my hands on you sooner or later!”

Oh dear! I tugged at my short hemline trying to reassure myself with the fact that at least he had cheered up when he saw me.

We were soon sat before two computers in his outer office. He called up his rough reports, which we were supposed to make look professional. It would have been easier to concentrate if he kept from putting his arm around my exposed shoulders!

I kept my thighs tight together as the short dress rode up. It was as if it had a life of it’s own every time I wriggled on the seat.

“There you are girls. Now any questions please come and see me,” he lifted up my chin, “in my office. Ok Sammi?”

“Yes mister Brown,” we chorused.

I was relieved when he finally disappeared and we could get on with our work.

I heard Tracey groan.

I asked her what the problem was.

“He hasn’t done the figures and I am hopeless with maths.”

“Me too,” I admitted. “There should be a calculator on the computer.

“True,” she replied striking at the keys in a haphazard manner. “It must be somewhere,” she grimaced. “Why do they make computers so complicated? Only managers can use them!”

Her scream could be heard all over the office. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed as her hands came up to her face.

Mister Brown was with us in seconds. “What the hell is going on?”

Tracey rose from her chair and backed away from him, “oh please sir, please don’t be angry.”

I held my breath for her. She was close to tears.

“What is it girl,” he said in a low menacing tone.

She pulled a face, “I just wiped the report!”


It was like a bomb going off. I thought Tracey would feint with fright. I knew I had to do something. After all she was my friend and Mister Brown did like me. I stood up and put my hand plaintively on his arm through his crisp white shirt and looked up at him with my best cow like eyes. The sort of expression I use on Helen if I want more house keeping money.

“Please Mister Brown,” I whined in a childish voice, “poor Tracey was doing her best and …”

He smiled and stroked my cheek. “Oh you are a gorgeous piece of arse. But you should not interrupt when an office girl is being told off. I’ll let you off this time Sammi because you did have good intentions. Say six swats on your arse? Is that ok?”

He smiled as if he was giving me a present.

“Oh … I …”

He patted my rump firmly. “Now don’t thank me Sammi, I just want you to know that with well behaved girls like yourself I can be a joy to work for.”

“Er yes … Thank you Mister Brown.” I sat down in shock. Six swats and I am thanking him? It was like he was giving me a nice present.

He took hold of Tracey by her ear. “As for you, you stupid bitch, Kitten Time!”

“Oh please Mister Brown it was an accident I will never ….”

The door closed behind them and apart from a few sobs all went quiet in his office.

How could I work wondering what was going on in there? I shifted around on my seat pulling my heels beneath my secretary’s chair.

I needed to know. What was this dreadful Kitten punishment?

I worked Mister Brown’s notes into sensible sentences but my eyes were fixed on his door. Oddly there were no shrieks or squeals from her. So she could not be being beaten – could she? Or could she be gagged. Yuk. That would be horrible. Gagged and spanked by a powerful manager.

The door opened and I immediately busied myself with the report. Mister Brown threw a floppy disc onto my desk. “That’s as much of Tracey’s work as I could recover. I am afraid I will have to rely on you to do a little more work. Sorry Luscious.”

“That’s ok Mister Brown,” I glanced passed him at the open door. I could only see his desk and filing cabinets. Like the other managers offices it was pretty big. There was no sign of her.

“You doing anything lunchtime babe?”

I was still glancing into his office. “Eh? Sorry?”

He sat on the desk next to me. “Concentrating on your work eh? Good girl. I could really use a girl like you in here. You’re not as stupid as the other blonds are you?”

What could I say? I giggled, flattered by his words. “Oh I don’t know Mister Brown.”

“I can see you are a girl who has got everything. Brains and looks.”

I felt myself blushing. I wish he wouldn’t say things like that. “Thank you mister Brown but perhaps I should get this report finished for you?”

“Good thinking babes and then we’ll get a drink in a wine bar lunch time. How’s that?”

“Oh no!”

My exclamation surprised him. His face soured. His dark eyes glared.

“You don’t think you’re too good for me do you tramp?”

Tramp! Where was the nice Mister Brown? “Oh no Mister Brown no. Its just that I have to see Miss Veronica lunch time.”

He nodded and relaxed. “Ok it will have to be after work then.” Then he disappeared into his office.

Fat chance. I would not be seeing him anytime! Though he was very sweet to me.

Another half an hour went by. I desperately needed to know what was happening in there. Suddenly I had a plan.

I tapped on his door.

“Come in.”

I stroked down my dress around my hips and entered. I smiled as sweetly as I could.

“Please Mister Brown may I make you a coffee?”

I looked around. The office was empty! She was nowhere to be seen.

“Wow. Just what I need! You’re a real asset.”

“Thank you Mister Brown.” It was a pleasant thrill when he complimented me so much. I made a big issue about looking around his room. “Er, what about Tracey? Shall I get something for her too?”

He nodded and laughed. “Great idea! How about a saucer of milk for the kitten. Just in case she has had too much cream?”

He thought this was hilarious so I giggled along with him as if I understood the joke.

The coffee room only had one girl in it, Katie, whom I had met yesterday.

“Oh don’t they drive you to distraction?” She asked prancing about on her heels. “Fetch me this, fetch me that. Two sugars for me, no milk for him. It never stops.”

“Yes,” I agreed.

She picked up her tray and quickly fled. Obviously she had a fearsome manager – unlike I. Mister Brown and I had obviously struck up a close working relationship. It could be worse. In fact it was quite nice working for a man who appreciated you and said sweet things.

I made two cups of coffee and took a saucer out of the cupboard. A saucer of milk he had said. For the kitten. Was he teasing? Must have been. I put the saucer back. But there again he had asked for it. I took down the saucer and put some milk into it. It was better to look stupid than get an even bigger spanking for being disobedient.

I carefully carried the tray back to his office. I knocked the door and after being invited in, entered.

He thought the saucer was very funny. “Babes you and I are really hitting it off.”

“Thank you Mister Brown.”

I looked all around the office but there was still no sign of Tracey. Where the hell could she be?

I settled the tray on his huge desk.

“Say babes why don’t we get your swats over and done with now. No sense in making you wait is there?”

“Please mister Brown perhaps if I do good work on your report you might let me off.”

He eased his executive chair back from the desk and patted his lap. “Sure babes. A fat lot of respect I’d get then eh? Come on. This will hurt me far more than it will hurt you.”

Another of his jokes that I dutifully laughed at.

There was no point in waiting. I eased myself over his trousers in the usual humiliating position we office girls often found ourselves.

“The best arse in the company!” he announced patting my bottom.

“Thank you Mister Brown,” I replied dreading the degrading spanking to come.

Then I screamed.

“What’s the matter babe?” he asked, sounding concerned. “I haven’t touched you.”

“No Mister Brown. Sorry Mister Brown. It is just that I have just seen Tracey.”

He chuckled. “First time you have seen a Kitten punishment?”

“Er yes Mister brown.”

He raised the back of my dress as I locked eyes with Tracey.

She was kneeling in the hollow beneath his huge desk where his legs would go. Her wrists were secured at arms length to the front of the desk making her kneel forward in a half crucified position.

She looked very sorry for herself.

“Ouch,” I squealed. He had not pulled my knickers down. “Ouch!” I should be grateful for small mercies. It would be far worse on my naked cheeks. Mister Brown was quite kind really. At least to me.

Tracey shrugged. I could see that she had been crying.

“Oooh!” That was a hard one. I mouthed ‘are you all right’ to her.

She checked to see if Mister Brown was concentrating on me rather than looking at her and replied with a little nod.

“Oh!” Now his slaps were stinging. I was beginning to wonder if my bottom had always been sore.

But it could have been worse. I would far rather be spanked than be secured like Tracey. On your knees, hands splayed helplessly wide. Then when Mister Brown rolls his chair back under the desk think where your mouth would be. Right in his lap. Yuk!

“Ooooh.” Another really hard slap. “Yowl!”

“Up you get babes.”

I stood up on my heels pulling down the short blue dress. I took a last look at Tracey as you could not really see her when you were stood up. I offered her a supportive smile.

With horror I saw that Mister Brown had a big lump in his trousers. Poor Tracey. When he sat up next to the desk she would have that bulge right next to her face!”

“You are really a brave girl Sammi.”

“Thank you Mister brown,” I wriggled a bit not wanting to rub my bottom in front of him.

He pushed his chair under the desk and his hands went down into his lap. I could hear a zip being undone. This was followed by fumbling, and then a slurping sound.

I screamed as I grasped what he was doing

He sat back and closed his eyes. “Don’t worry babe just giving the kitten some cream. If you like you can sit here and she can lick you until you cream.”

“Oh that’s horrible!”

He looked up at me shocked, his hips moving in his seat. “No babes. You’ll love it. All the lady managers around here love it when an office girl is being given the Kitten punishment.”

All? Including my Helen? Did she have girls with their tongues in her … Ooooh! She had betrayed me! Though not with a man.

“I know what you’re worried about!” he pushed his chair back from Tracey, folding his cock away. In the brief moment I saw it I was staggered by its size.

“Oh?” I asked innocently. How could he know?

“Your worried that I may have spent myself with this slut down here before our date tonight.”

Yuk! But this was a way of saving Tracey. “Yes Mister Brown.” I sat sassily on his desk, crossing my legs and arching my back. “Think about tonight!” He had not come! I had saved my new friend Tracey.

I didn’t have time to scream. He had stood, grabbed me and held me for a kiss in one solid swift motion.

I kicked my heels that were now off the floor as his tongue was forced into my mouth.

I hit his hard back but it was like striking concrete. He obviously works out.

The door burst open.

“Hey Daniel I hear you have a kitten …”

Mister Brown put me down onto my heels but my legs could barely hold me they had turned to jelly. I turned in his arms to see three male managers in the doorway.

One of them grinned. “Sorry Daniel. I can see you’re busy.”

He kept his arm around me as he led me around the desk. “No boys. The kitten is under the desk and she has not been fed yet.” He looked at me, “I was a little too distracted. So why not get in there and get busy while Sammi and I have an early lunch.”

The man laughed and gave him one of those silly man to man punches to the shoulder. “You to go for it Danny my son. My office will be free for a while.” He looked down at the helpless Tracey and grinned. “I haven’t had a kitten since last week.”

The other men pushed past. “After me!”

Mister Brown whisked me out of his office and closed the door while the boys battled it out over poor Tracey. “Isn’t that fortunate,” Mister Brown exclaimed, “I know Tracey, she’ll keep them busy for ages.”

He grabbed me hard through my thin dress and once again I impotently struggled.

“Please Mister Brown, not here …hmmph …”

How could a tongue push its way into my mouth so easily!


A sound of someone clearing their throat brought Mister Brown back to the surface he looked at the door to the corridor in which Miss Helen, my wife, now stood.

Thank God for her. She smiled. “Sorry to interfere with your fun and games Mister Brown but I would like a little word with your lunch date before you devour her.”

Mister Brown released me and adjusted his tie. “Sure, Helen just get her back as soon as you can.”

A loud male orgasm bellowed from his office. Obviously Tracey was being fed. Poor girl.

“On second thought,” Mister Brown said. “You take your time I have a few things to take care of in my own office.”

Helen laughed. “Don’t worry I know you have a kitten. Everyone in the building knows by now!”

Mister Brown laughed modestly. “If you want a share then please call up later.”

“I’ll remember that,” Helen smiled sweetly, “that’s very good of you. Right come on Samantha we have things to talk about.”

I was so relieved. “Yes Miss Helen.”

I got a good smack on my backside from Mister Brown as I left but at least I was escaping this frightening circus. I heard Mister Brown’s office door close behind me and felt a shiver of reprieve. “Oh thank you Miss Helen.”

Miss Helen, I mean Helen’s face suddenly darkened. “You won’t be thanking me for long you little tramp. Miss Veronica tells me that you know where my Lesley is!”


She raised my chin. “If so why have you not told me? Now get down to my office double quick. There is a crop waiting for your slutty arse!”

Oh no!


I couldn’t help it. I just cried.

We were standing in Helen’s huge office. She was sitting on her desk the crop chopping the air.

I stood before her, hands behind back, weeping in fear.

“So what did she mean? She said that you knew where Leslie was. Have you run off with him?”

“No, no, no! Miss Helen. Why did she say those things to you. I don’t understand.”

“You don’t need to understand, but for your information I gave her a piece of my mind about having her husband, George seducing me when I was at a low ebb. I added that an innocent little creature like yourself should be left out of their games. She laughed and said that you were far from innocent and that everything is your fault. She told me to ask you where Leslie is!”

“Oh please Miss Helen I can’t tell you.”

She nods calmly and stands. She shifts her executive chair back from the desk and calls me over. I dutifully apply.

“Kneel down under the desk please.”

I go to kneel then remember Tracey upstairs. “Oh no please Miss Helen.”

“Would you like me to call a few men in to help you get down there?”

“No thank you Miss Helen,” I mutter sinking to my knees. I can feel the carpet through my stockings and my heels against my bottom.

“Right under.”

“Oh no.” I squirm backwards the bristling carpet rubbing my knees. I look up at her feeling like a dog in a kennel.

Hold out your right hand.

I comply, “please Miss Helen. Please. I can’t tell you. You must trust me.”

“No one trusts airheads like you unless you are well and truly under the thumb. Otherwise there is nothing but mischief.”

She holds my hand at arms length against the front of the desk. I feel a short leather belt encompass my wrist before it is secured.

“Other one.”

I cannot do it. I am too terrified. I don’t want to be helpless like Tracey. I hold it behind my back. “Please Miss Helen.”

“Shall I get some help?” She asks patiently.

I shake my head, my blond wig tumbling about my face as I offer my free hand to her.

Already I can feel what its like to helpless as she buckles that to the front of the desk. My hair is gathered over my face and I cannot use my hands to mop it away. I shake my head and most of it clears. It is awful to lose the use of your hands.

I am in the crucified position in a short dress on my knees before my wife. I will remain there until someone releases me.

She sits in her chair and puts the crop under my chin forcing me to look up at her. “Now I know that you sluts like nothing better than to suck men off but let me assure you that after an hour or so it soon loses its appeal. I have seen the trashiest of tarts begging to be released because they cannot drink any more cream. I have had sluts beneath me licking until their tongues were sore.”

“Please Miss Helen.” More tears came. I could no longer maintain my courage. “Alright. I am Leslie. It is me.”

She smiles then the smile gives way to shock. She uses the crop to hoist my chin up higher. “I thought you looked alike! I just never thought that ….”

She rises and paces the room. “So you were in Veronica’s house when George seduced me!”

“Yes,” I whispered.

“And you just let it happen!”

I shuffled my thighs but in this position you can’t move much at all. “Please Helen I was too scared … it was Veronica’s idea!”

She sat down again trying to get a grip on what I was saying. “How was it her idea?”

“She disguised me so that I could …. Could …”

“Could what!” Helen glared at me.

“Oh, well. Oh please Helen I was just scared that you were being unfaithful to me and I needed to see for myself that you were still mine.”

The crop sliced my thigh and I squealed. On my knees with my hands pinioned I am unable to move out of its vicious path.

“I keep you in the lap of luxury, the laziest no good house husband in the world and you betray me?”

Another slice. I shrieked.

“Oh, oh please. I just needed to know. I was so worried and so jealous.”

“So I end up betraying you with George simply because you feared I might betray you!”

“Its all my fault,” I sniff.

“Too damn right it is. Dancing around Veronica’s house in lingerie with her trying to catch you. Wiggling around here to ensnare the men. Throwing yourself into the arms of Mister Brown upstairs …”

“No please you must understand …”



“Being chased around by Veronica with a strap on!”

“Please Helen …I …”



“How stupid do you think I am?”

“But Helen you assumed I had betrayed you when you didn’t know where I was. Isn’t it the same thing?”

She sat back and crossed her legs. Finally she nodded.

She stood up. “Right. I am going to ask Veronica and George for their side of the story. If it tallies maybe you will be forgiven.”

“Oh thank you Helen, thank you.”

“You can stay tied up in Kitten punishment until I get back.”

“Yes Helen quite right.”

“And it’s Miss Helen when we are at work don’t you think?”

“Oh indeed Miss Helen. Thank you Miss Helen.”

I heard the door close as she left.

I felt so relieved. I shook my hair back from my face and rested on my heels. I pulled at my bound wrists but they were not for moving. I settled down to wait for her return. I guessed that it could take quiet a while for her to hear George and then Veronica tell their side of the story so I tried to get comfortable on my knees.

That was why I was surprised when the door opened and I heard footsteps so soon after she had left. They must have put her straight immediately. At least I was about to be released.

“Miss Helen?” I called.

I heard a grunt and then the footsteps came around the desk towards me. A mans shoes were before me. I looked up the legs, knowing long before I got to the shirt over the hunky chest and the tie whose face I would see staring with disbelieving mirth down at me.

“Sammi you are in Kitten position!”

“Yes Mister Brown but its all a mistake and …”

Thankfully he ran off. I heard the door close and I exhaled a loud sigh.

With the door closed, the footsteps returned and he planted himself in Helen’s executive chair.

“Got to be quick babe or else she’ll be back.” He unzipped his fly. “Some managers get really jealous about sharing their kittens.

He pulled out his huge member.

I opened my mouth to scream.

That was a mistake.


Helen returned a long time later. She released me immediately. I surreptitiously wiped my chin with my numb but free hands.

“It seems that you have been telling the truth.” She helped me rise and held me tightly. “You did it because you loved me and feared losing me. I was the same. When I couldn’t find you I feared that someone had taken you. We are both the same. Too madly in love with each other to value what we truly have.”

We put our arms around each other and cried. Or at least I did, Helen never cries.

I let her hold me and suddenly looked up at her with a start, “wait, wait,” I sniffed. “The key! The key!”

Helen smiled and raised her hand. Between her finger and thump was a key ring with two small keys.

I cuddled her again. “Oh thank you thank you!”

I kissed her all over her face like a faithful puppy. “You are so good to me.”

I reached up for the keys but she snatched them away so that they were hidden in her hand. “Perhaps I had better keep this. You wouldn’t want to lose the keys now would you. You know how hopeless you are with keys.”

“No,” I sniffed. “But I could really do with some, er, relief right now Helen.”

“Miss Helen at work if you don’t mind. And you will be Sammi while you are working here.”

“But I thought, that …” my words trailed away.

Helen walked around me dropping the keys into her bag. “You signed a contract with me yesterday, remember? You must work a month’s notice before you can leave. But I think that it would be better if you remain here working part time don’t you?”

“Er ….”

“That way I can keep an eye on you in the morning,” she smiled, “and you can keep an eye on me. In the afternoon you can carry out your domestic chores at home.” She walked towards the door, “no one need know that you are anyone other than ‘Samantha, At You Service’.” She indicated my badge. “Do they?”

She held the door open for me and I moved uncertainly towards it. “I suppose not. But please Helen, er, Miss Helen these heels are very uncomfortable and the dress makes me feel silly and vulnerable.”

“Nonsense. If it is good enough for the other girls then it is good enough for you.”

I was beside her now. She was wonderfully confident and in control. I loved her when she was like this. I felt so safe. “Yes of course Miss Helen. But they are, you know, er,” I wrinkled my nose.

“They are what Sammi?”

“You know, a bit sort of easy.” She didn’t catch my meaning so I whispered, “the girls here are a bit sluttish. That’s why they wear short skirts and heels.”

She raised her eyebrow and smiled. “Last night you were playing hard to get with Miss Veronica and today you were throwing yourself at mister Brown upstairs. I hardly think you are in a position to say anything about the other girls.”

“Ah yes, but that was different because ..”

She patted my bottom. “Tell me all about it tonight after you have made dinner. I am sure it will be fascinating. And as I have the keys I am certain that you will want to make a very special meal for our getting back together. So run along I believe you had some business with Mister Brown upstairs.” She smiled and winked at me, “he is very impressed with you.”

I blushed crimson at the thought of Mister Brown and his impression of me. Especially after what had taken place when he found me under the desk in my Kitten position.

She patted me a little bit more firmly. “So chop, chop. Hurry up. Lazy girls soon learn the consequences of their actions around here!”

Then the door closed and I was back in the corridor. A girl dashed past carrying some files. She tripped along on her heels so quickly she almost collided with a girl carrying a tray of used coffee cups. They rolled their eyes at each other but did not have time to stop for a chinwag about how insufferable the managers were.

I certainly wasn’t going to spend my life running around at the beck and call of these horrible, egotistical managers for the rest of my life. But I would wait until after Helen had released me tonight before I explained the situation to her.

Even if I am very good at being a secretary.

I smiled to myself at the realisation that finally in life I have found something I am a natural at! And even Mister Brown thinks I would make a great secretary for him.

I thought of Mister Brown in his shirt this afternoon. He seemed so hunky and masculine. And he could be very sweet in his own way. He was very nice to me – except when he over-stepped the mark this afternoon. But then again he did think I was in for Kitten punishment so it wasn’t wholly his fault. And he was very grateful to me after he had finished using my mouth. He said I was the best, though that might have been because I was trying to push him out. Or perhaps he said that to all the girls.

“Girl! Have you got all day to day dream?”

It was a manager with silver hair and angry blue eyes. He was about to enter an office opposite Helen’s when he had seen me.

I shook my head and instinctively turned my sore bottom to face the wall, away from his large hands.

“Then run along and find something before I find something for you!”

“Yes sir!” I walked away putting a bit of a wriggle in my hips, just to keep his eyes on me. I smiled at the thought of him admiring me. Perhaps this was a lot more exciting than doing the ironing and watching daytime tv! I decided to give it a go for a while; just to see how I got on. I’ll take Mister Brown up a nice cup of hot coffee with cream and a few biscuits. He’ll appreciate that.




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  1. Aw, thank you Buzz. Really glad you enjoyed it. Yes, all my stories are available, somewhere between here for free and Kindle for a minor exchange of funds. There are some on Lulu too.

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  2. great start to story. I can see plenty of ways that you can tease us with your wonderful imagination. sadly, i cant get access to the following chapters.

  3. Thank you Gloria, sadly there is no more to this story.

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