Bridaled Date by TRB

Bridaled Date

by  Timothy Reisling Betticut   1986


Jerry had just snicked up the zipper on the tight leather micro skirt

when it rang.


Hey, the apartment was supposed to be his for the weekend. Both his

sister Lylia and her roommate Candi were off to the shore. Who was at

the door?


No matter, he’d let it ring. Back to the mirror and the finishing

earrings, one dangling on the right… short and flashy on the left.

There, with Candi’s long blond wig swept back and away, they peeked

out and flirted wonderfully in the light.


Jerry got up and looked into the full length mirror. What a show. A

flirty young beauty peeked back from under lush long lashes. Her

frilly white blouse was buttoned up the back and a lacy camisole

showed clearly through. Of course it hid the crushingly tight corset

that let him pull off this masquerade in his sister’s stuff. Black

lace hose, matching gauntlets and pencil thin four inch heels

completed the picture. He brushed a golden curl away with his scarlet

nails and admitted that a man could fall in love with that girl. Or

was it lust?


“Damn!” he thought, looking out of the bedroom at the living room

door. “Somebody’s sure persistent on a Friday night.” He pranced into

the front room to peer through the peep hole. Each step sent the saucy

jel sacks in his cups aquiver. But not five steps from the door, he

froze! A key turned in the lock and he hadn’t set the chain. In an

instant that door would open.

“Who the hell are you?” the big guy asked, almost as startled as

Jerry. “Oh, you must be Candi. Lylia’s new roommate, huh?”


“Who are your?” Gerry whispered, trying not to give himself away to

the tall muscular man who towered in front of him. He looked at the

dark haired guy in his three piece banker’s suit, shiny penny

loafers, blue oxford and rep tie. Except for his size, he was an ad

for brooks Brothers’ richest racks.

“I’m Derk. Derk Kerl? Surely Lylia’s said something about me. I mean

we’ve had problems but she can’t have wiped out the man she lived

with for two years.” He spoke with a boy next door smile but there

was something in his eyes. Something scary. He extended a hand toward

Jerry as be pocketed his keys with the other.

Derk Kerl couldn’t believe this Cupcake – a hot blond bimbo with dumb

Bambi eves the size of saucers. He’d come ever hoping for one more

chance at reconciliation with Lylia only to find this intoxicating

young vision. All done up in innocent white lace and fetish skirt and

spikes. He knew he’d never get Lylia to ‘The Sex Object’ again, so he

was willing to try just a couple of ropes. Maybe after all these

months she’d forgotten his quirks. But all thought of his lust for

Lydia were smothered by the charms of this creature fidgeting here in

front of him.

Jerry’d never heard of his sister’s lover. Of course, knowing how

strict their parents were, it’s no surprise that Lylia kept her

affair a secret. And until this trip to New York, Jerry had never

even seen her apartment. It was terrific of Lylia to let him stay

while he looked for work. Lylia was nine years older than Jerry, so

he only saw her on occasion. But now that he’d graduated from Junior

College it was time to leave the Midwest and make a go of the city

like his big sister. And it was wonderful to be left alone with the

foxy unmentionables of two beauties for an entire weekend.

You see, Jerry really had no desire to dress up. Trouble was, he’d

tried to find a lot of jobs in the past few days, but the only things

he could do seemed to be in traditionally female positions. Still,

while he hadn’t given up, seeing all of the clothes around the

apartment gave him a bazaar idea. Why not see if he could pass. After

all, he’d done a lot of acting in college and he could handle makeup.

Dustin Hoffman did it right?


Let’s make something clear. Jerry liked girls. And he was just

discovering that while he could pass for one exquisitely – he really

didn’t much like the idea. Slight for a guy anyway, Lylia’s corset

tugged him into her size. But without the plastic bags he’d filled

with jelly, there was no way he’d ever have filled out the rest of

her stuff.

“Hey! Are you all right? I said my name’s Derk? You’re Candi, right?”

The words brought Jerry back with a start. “Uh yea. Yes. Hello Derk,

I’m, er… Candi Lipiz. I’m sorry about this whisper,” Jerry added

quickly, taking the giant’s hand. “I’ve got a really bad sore throat

after, er…,  after the concert last night. I guess I screamed a

little too much at The Boss.”

“Ah, you’re a rock groupie, eh?” There was that strange smile again.

Was it just a little evil? “Hmmm, in that leather skirt, you must

have turned the whole band on. Going out again?”

“Yes. Uh…, I mean no. I was, er…, I was on the phone just now. My

date can’t make it. Something at the hospital. He’s a… he’s an

orderly at the uh…, sanitarium and a patient needs….”

“Gotta tie down a looney huh? Well, all dressed up and no place to

go. What a pity. I was just dropping off Lylia’s last key. Found it

in my car. you know, I’ve got the same problem. I’ve nothing on

myself tonight. Hey! Comeon. Let’s go out. You’re dressed for a big

night. And I know just the place for a girl in a shiny leather

skirt.” He didn’t really ask. It was as if this guy was used to

taking charge and it made Jerry very nervous.

“No Derk. I couldn’t… I mean..” He searched for a reason why a


lady, already gussied up for a terrific night, might not want to go

out with a hunk like this. He considered the most obvious answer, but

if this guy ever told his sister about any of this… “My friend

could call again later and…”

“Hell with your friend. Any guy who stands up something like you at

the last minute deserves a little shot of jealousy. Comeon, grab a

purse and let’s boogie.” Derk Kerl was trying not to blow this. But

he’d never wanted to see anyone done up right as much as this. He put

on his best take charge smile and walked easily over to the girl.

Normally, Derk Kerl felt easily confident with women, but this one

was so sensual, yet somehow shy – like she didn’t know her own

power…. It got him a little jumpy inside.

Jerry was intensely aware of how he looked. The gleaming white

camisole peeking through his blouse, the shiny skirt hugging and

hobbling his legs and those skinny heels that jutted his buns hard

against the clinging fabric in back, all squealed out for attention.

And of course the honey curls falling down to brush those quivering

buns in back must have been as erotic to Derk Kerl as the twin D

cannons straining to burst through his bust. And he also was getting

curious…, if he could pull off a little flirtation with this guy,

maybe he might be able to get a nylon clad foot into the door at one

of those companies.

“Um… Where would we go, Derk?” What was he saying? Anything. Buy


time, think.

“Leave that up to me. Is this yours?” He held up the black purse that

matched Candi’s little skirt…, the tiny one with the long thin

strap that Jerry’d crammed with cosmetics to complete his outfit.

“Here, take it, and let me get you a coat. Hey, why not wear the

white fox fur I bought for Lylia. Yea, it’ll look terrific on you.”


Things were happening too fast. He was draping the waist length fox

jacket over Jerry’s shoulder and actually hustling him out the door.

In the corset and heels, it was impossible to slow the strength of

this huge guy. Before he knew it, he was into the hall watching the

door lock shut behind them. “Wait, my keys, my money. I… er, I

haven’t got everything.”

“You’ve got me Candi. And I’ve got your key, and plenty of gold card

for us both. Come on, let’s do the town! There’s a little place that

Lylia never liked, but then again, she never liked leather. I’m sure

this will be a night that will really turn you on.” Derk Kerl hadn’t

had a girl to ‘The Sex Object’ in weeks. It was getting harder to

find women who would get into it for him without asking a lot of

money. Of course money wasn’t really a problem, it just ruined the

mood. There was the other problem too. Unfortunately, Derk Kerl

demanded more of his dates now than at first. ‘The Sex Object’s’ toys

acted like a narcotic… he needed a bigger fix every time.

Candi licked her cherry lips as she clicked to the elevator. Of

course the corset and heels combined to rev her hips into a full

sway, accentuated by that devilish skirt. Here he was, outside the

safety of his apartment, in drag and being escorted who-knew-where by

a handsome giant who was obviously turned full on. It was awful – but

damn – it was the first challenge he’d had since coming to the city,

and he had to pull it off. His sister must never know. And given the

size of this hunk behind him, he’d better not find out what he was

spending his money on.

As the elevator door opened, Derk Kerl took his arm and gently pulled

him inward (was he trembling slightly?), “You know Honey, this might

just be a wonderful weekend…”


Over the years, marketing’s come to the city center. Whole blocks of

streets have developed specialties, with competitors next door to

competitors. Some blocks are aimed at the toni expense account set…

in town for a business whirl, others for day traffic… catering to

luncheons. There are strips of boutiques here, men’s stores there,

and nightclubs somewhere else. Alleys cut between the districts,

frequently serving specialty services that cater to a subset of both

tastes. And many of these businesses are as shady as their settings.

‘The Sex Object’ is an expensive downtown spot with a naughty main

door in one of those darker passageways linking the expense account

set with the gayer nightclubs. Its only light, the club’s pink neon

sign. As Candy clacked along the pavement, he understood how shoes

with heels so high can push a girl’s bottom out and thrust her

breasts forward so as to make things uncomfortable. They also had the

effect of pressing her false nipples deeply into that tightly

stretched blouse, outlining them pertly through the material.

Normally a woman this attractive is used to being mentally stripped

by most men she meets, but this was new and terribly embarrassing for

Candi as she swayed toward the door at Derk Kerl’s side.

Once inside, Candi heaved a relieved sigh, feeling finally safe from

the nightmare of walking a public street in that getup. It was an odd

place. They were greeted in a hallway by an elegantly gowned woman

who took their coats and handed Derk Kerl a card and pen. Since he

apparently wanted to fill it out himself, Candi turned to a nearby

mirror to puff his hair and straighten a crooked seam on one of his

nylons. He’d discovered that those things demanded a lot of

attention. Now he realized why women preferred seamless pantyhose.

But as he dropped his hem, he blushed to notice that Derk Kerl was

watching him closely.

“Hmmmmmm,” the hostess said, reading over Derk Kerl’s work. “She’s

new, eh? Well, maybe a little girl look?”

Derk Kerl nodded with a small smile and turned to Candi. “Now honey,

you follow Mary here and she’ll get you ready for the evening… and

I’ll be waiting out by the bar. Take your time and get really

beautiful.” Mary the hostess took Candi’s elbow and led her through a

door to the left as Derk Kerl walked away.

“Uh, wait a minute. What’s happening here? Where are we going and…

What the hell?” Candi’s eyes opened in total wonder at the scene in

the next room. It was surrounded by cubicles, each with a beige

curtain, some closed others open. In the middle of the sparkling

white room were a number of circular racks, a couple were filled with

all sorts of clothes, dresses, skirts, petticoats in a riot of

colors. One was spilling over with lacy feminine underthings. Another

held what looked like corsets of various materials, sizes and colors.

Yet another was covered with hooks that held hundreds of leather

devices, shiny metal object… and straps and ropes. From time to

time an attractive girl in a nurses’ uniform would emerge from one of

the curtained cubicles to pluck something from rack and disappear

back again.


Much was happening; gentle music, grunts and struggling noises, some

muffled shrieks… Did bodies rustle against those curtains? “Hey!”

Nurses pulling at Candy. Pinning her arms. Cramming something thick

and round and leathery deeply into her glossy red mouth. ‘Snick!’ A

choking gag’s buckled tightly behind.

This shock, her own stringent corseting and heels, together with the

strength and skill of her attendants made her easy bait. In moments

she was into one of the empty cubicles with her hands quickly tied

and pulled high above her by some sort of pulley device.

“My god!” Candi thought. “What’s happening here. These girls are

handling me like a side of beef. Why, they’re unbuttoning my blouse

and unfastening my skirt! I’m being stripped and I can’t do


“You’re new dear,” Mary the hostess was back and smiling at the blond

who was now stripped down to her corset and stockings… even her

heels had been removed and the wrist ropes forced her to stand on her

highest tip toes. “We’ll change that gagging later, it’s just a

temporary thing so you’ll be quiet through the process. Now tell me,

Does Derk know?”

“Nuh, oh… duh el im. Peeeeeees!”

“I thought not. Derk Kerl’s quite macho, you know. So he thinks he’s

out with a cock teasing princess tonight? What a surprise if he

discovers she’s really a queen. Hmmmm. Well, his card only calls for

a light binding… but given what we’ve found here, I think we can

throw away the rules, don’t you?”

“Wul duh yuh ean? Whu ruhles?”

“What do I mean? Well normally we prepare a date to whatever

specifications the order card spells out. We only hire the best

dressers… each of our nurses is a graduate beautician with at least

some credits in clothing design and beauty. We think of bonds as a

tease, like sexy clothing. And you obviously love sexy clothing or

you wouldn’t be out in this get-up to begin with, right?”

“Nuh! Ihs uh missake. I ihin wah ah go oww ike ihs.”

“A mistake? Funny how sissies never want to do what they’re doing. No

matter, you’ve done it and so I think I’ll get our most experienced

costumers in here. Yes Dear, we’ve decided to take you on as a

special challenge tonight, since you’ve got such wonderful stuff to

work with.” Clapping her hands and calling nurses, Mary smiled evily

at the tightly corseted blond hanging enticingly and helplessly.

“Derk Kerl is going to love this… and I have just the fantasy,

especially since there are two other girls in the adjoining cubicles

who have been sent by their dates for very special treatment. Super!

I’ve let Derk know that this will take a little while so he can get

some drinks… and now we’ll get started.”


Ninety minutes passed swiftly for Derk Kerl out at the Bondage Bar.

He liked the dark, expensive room where italian lights sparkled off

of chrome and highly polished golden oak panels. It was very much the

men’s club, except for the decor of the female guests. The dark

haired stud drank and flirted with the semi bound barmaids. One in

particular, Cindy, looked fantastic in her little satin dress with

the big bustle and chains. It was amazing how much these girls could

do in handcuffs and leg hobbles. Their gags were just ornamental

scarves strung tightly through their lips. After all, they had to

talk with the customers… but still it added a nice touch and a bit

of drool that looked wonderfully appealing. He was staring down

Cindy’s considerable cleavage over his fourth Scotch when the music

began to swell, letting everyone know that something special was


Behind the bar was a clear glass tube… more a tunnel with a

diameter of about 6 feet. Curtains from the changing and bonding area

marked one end and it was open on the other. Lights played on it so

that anyone inside could be lit to any effect along its thirty foot

length. It was designed to allow the dates their most dramatic

entrance. And something truly erotic was about to happen, because

that music was unmistakable. “Dah dah d’ dah… Dah dah de dah… ha

deedeedee dah d’dah DAH DAH!” The fanfare to the bedding March. It

was time for a bound bride!

First out came an attendant… absolutely stunning in a skin tight

shimmering slip gown. Cut on a bias, each of her gliding steps caused

the lights to sparkle off the ruby fabric and emphasize her erect

nipples that pushed demurely out from the thin red material. Her

voluptuous breasts heaved vulnerably against the garment. Except for

skinny straps, her shoulders and arms were bare to the top of the

elbow length red gloves that glossed down and over her hands. Of

course those hands were tied with a matching bow behind her where she

held a bouquet just over her pert little buns. She glided atop four

inch skinny heels, and her long black hair hung straight down to her

shoulders. The tight ruby skirt dropped to her ankles and its

restrictions allowed her only the shortest steps. A red leather gag

harness held a ball deeply between her lips and matched the red

leather sandals on her feet.

A moment after, a second brunette appeared… identically dressed,

gagged, bound and made up. In fact the two could be twins. Her dress

was just as shiny and stretchy, sinfully provocative. Her prancing

showed how much she knew that the garment hugged every curve, crevice

and bulge of her body. And there were a lot of them for hugging. Her

lovely globular breasts nearly popped free, driving her to

distraction along with much of the audience.

Next came a short redheaded child, a flower girl in a busy little

girl’s dress, pink with tiers of lace and a floppy hat… she carried

a basket of flowers in her gloved hands. Her hair was wildly curled

and the pink bow in her hair matched the ones at the back of her

waist, and on her wrists that bound the white gloved hands together

in front to the basket of flowers. It wasn’t until he looked closely

that Derk Kerl noted the woman’s chest that heaved upon this child’s

bosom, and he realized that someone had turned a much older girl into

this infantile fantasy. Her head harness was also pink matching the

maryjanes on her white stockinged feet. But this apparatus apparently

pushed something much larger between the glossy pink lips.


Candi was badly frightened as she watched the flower girl disappear

into the curtains. She knew she was next and powerless to resist.

Mary did her job well. She’d used one of the special vibrating plugs

that was filled with Metacalpholate-X. The drug was easily absorbed

through the skin and the anal lining. When it was emitted from the

vibrators, it did its job on the victim swiftly. An additional amount

of time delayed Metacalpholate-X had been injected into each of

Candi’s tits. Now they swelled and jiggled beautifully as the drug

sponged water from other areas of his body and created fat swelled

boobs to rival any woman’s. But of course, the narcotic effect also

worked on Candi’s libido and made him hornier with each passing


The dildo stuffed deeply into her rear made its’ point well. For at

the moment, a partially inflated rubber rod was sitting in there…

just inside the entrance of his back door. Every move made its

presence excitingly obvious. But the device was only a third its

potential size. The white leather strapping holding it in was

equipped with a micro receiver, and transmitters were cunningly

placed in the hands of his three attendants. One could make it grow,

the second made it whorl, and the third made it vibrate at various

speeds. All of them worked the drug.

They’d squeezed her into a crushingly tight bustier corset with a

lace dripping bodice to display and hold her swollen breasts and show

a lot of cleavage (something new!). Decorative romantic lace skimmed

across its top and trickled down around the cleavage. But this was a

special, step-in device so that now, between her legs, all trace of

masculinity was gone. This thing looked like an open crotched panty

trimmed in the palest blue lace (something blue!). In fact, it had an

ingenious fake pussy bulging within. His own apparatus was laced into

a harness that pulled it back and up between his legs. A ring at its

tip was tied to  thin lines that pulled tightly over the butt plug

and exited through a tiny hole between his buns.

His head was held up and straight by a wide collar. And around his

long blond hair, a white rhinestone studded harness was locked

tightly. The thing involved a number of skinny belts that passed

under his chin and over and around his head. Two features of the

harness were particularly interesting. The first was the tubing which

it thrust and held deeply in the blonde’s mouth. The gag pried apart

her lips and teeth, its white leather covered rod extending into her

mouth about two inches, and hollow at its center. This left her

unable to speak clearly… unable to bite anything… yet it turned

her warm moist facial cavity into an open playground.

The second feature was the ring at the very top of the harness. This

was locked to a chain which passed down her back and locked off to

handcuffs joining her wrists high up upon her back. And her opera

length white gloves were so tight that she could hardly wriggle his

fingers. The result forced Candi to stare virtually straight upward

unless she exerted fearful pressure upon her arms to give her

straining neck muscles any release. A pearl studded tiara strap in

the top of the harness held a flouncy and full white veil around her

head which, fell over her bound hands to the floor behind. The line

which tied her penis was then pulled taught until it too was affixed

to her high cuffed and white gloved wrists.

This left her in control of some terrifying options. Should she pull

her wrists upward to relax her aching neck muscles, the pull upon her

penis increased painfully. Yet to give her sex member relief meant

jutting out her breasts while stretching her neck farther back.


As he squirmed to find some relief for his sore prick, he remembered

Mary’s giggles as the nurses adjusted his penis harness. That was the

most diabolical part of this whole outfit. The thing was decorated

with two small pockets. The first held a pill, Metacalpholate-Y, the

antidote to his swelling breasts. Unless he took it within twelve

hours… sometime before nine tomorrow morning… he’d be stuck with

those huge mammaries for at least five weeks.

Nestled in the second pocket against his malehood was the key to his

head harness, the chains and his handcuffs. So someone would have to

go to his most private parts and retrieve the keys to release him.

Who? Could he get one of the other girls to do it? Would Derk Kerl?

What would happen if he asked Derk Kerl to… Yeow! That thought was


A satin garter belt held his shiny white nylon stocking up his now

shaved legs (they’d removed virtually all of his body hair and

plucked his eyebrows into delicate arches). And he swayed uncertainly

up on white patent sandals with super thin four inch heels. Without

arms to help his balance and a three inch hobble ribbon tied between

his knees, each step was an uncertainty.

Four flounced crinolines dropped from his waist over his two tiered

bustle down to the floor and accentuated each shaky step. He wore a

sort of diaphanous boudoir jacket on top… the thing dripped with

clear lace. It had a ruffled high stand-up collar, full diaphanous

sleeves ending in a flourish of organza ruffles at the cuffs. It

dropped totally open in the front to reveal the top and front of his

corset. A wide white satin ribbon had been tied around his waist as a

belt to join the crinolines that formed his skirt with the jacket and

bustier. It was tied into a large floppy bow at back, its ends

teeming to the floor.

Around the dainty lace collar was affixed an elegant five row pearl

choker with a mocha on ivory cameo of the head of a lovely wide eyed

young woman accepting the penis of her lover into her mouth.

Pearlized earrings dangled large silver hoops from each of Candi’s

ears. Both her waist length blond curls and the diaphanous veil

obscured the fullness of the strictures that bound her hands to her

head and her nether regions.


Derk Kerl gasped as she glided from the curtains into the light. He

didn’t know where to look first. He took in the harness that held

something between her lucious lips, noted the pearls and cameo at her

lacy neck and gasped at the size of the melons jiggling to escape

their crushing confinement. He stiffened as he watched each mincing

step amplified by the dozens of yards of petticoats encircling her

legs. And he grew heated by the sight of the corsage that jutted from

its resting place in the crevice between her mountainous boobs. This

was more than a fantasy, it was an erotic imagining come to life… a

gorgeously packaged, bondage bride was marching down the aisle

directly toward him. It was all he could do to keep from erupting

right there in front of everyone.

Candi was wet between his legs and he sensed that both his buns and

his breast glistened with perspiration under all of their coverings.

He knew that he had to stop the girls from pressing their buttons and

goosing him onto higher carnal levels. But how? Staring upward into

the spotlights he minced blindly forward into what looked like a

glass tunnel, frightened almost to death and what waited at its end.

The table was set for eight, the bride, her two maids, the flower

girl and each of their dates. However, only the men sat on chairs.

Candi knelt on a white satin pillow by Derk Kerl’s chair. Her ankles

had been daintily crossed and lashed together with white nylon cord,

then tied off under her veiling to her wrists still way up on her

back. This forced her into a kind of kneeling hog tie, and all of the

knots were outside her most desperate reach. It was all she could do

to hold herself from falling on her side like a log.

Kneeling there, her averted face stared right into Derk Kerl’s… a

helpless, beautiful bondage bride, slavishly serving her groom’s

tiniest whims. The corset kept her back straight, the collar her neck

straight and the tubing her red lips open invitingly wide for

whatever he might care to drop or slide inside. As bad as it all

felt, as humiliating as the moment was… suddenly Candi became aware

of how much worse everything could get as that blunt finger probing

her anus began to slowly swell. One of the girls was pushing her

buttons. “Uhhhhhnnnn!”


“We’re sorry Derk,” Mary was saying. “I know that you only called for

a little touch of rope, but Candi asked for something really special.

Seems she really wants to make you happy… Right Dear?” The hostess

smiled down at Candi, who moaned again at the intrusion into her

bottom. Unfortunately for her, the sound couldn’t have been better

timed to indicate her acceptance of the woman’s explanation. “Uhhhhh.

I eeeen uhhhh. Uhhhhh!” The tube did its job so well. No’s came out

as uhh’s. Candi could babble like a child, but real talk wasn’t

possible. Derk Kerl was intoxicate.

“You know Mary,” he said. “I think that gagged sounds are the most

erotic part of all this. I want a tape. You’re recording this of


“Are handcuffs inescapable?” She said, wiping a thin drivel from

Candi’s chin with a handkerchief. “There are two cameras on the whole

table, and we’ll charge the tapes with your meal. You can pick them

up as you leave. Well have fun dears.” She clicked away as Cindy

brought their meals, and Candi actually blushed to see what awaited

her. There in the middle of her plate were two mounds of mashed

potatoes that were obviously going to be crammed into her mouth tube

and a thick round sausage.

She was right about the potatoes. And for awhile the sausage was used

a sort of stopper to keep her babbling noises down. Then, she was

shown how she was supposed to eat it. The tube made her teeth

useless. However the flower child’s gagging had been removed during

dinner. Now the frothy little creature crawled over to sit at Candi’s

side, smiling an impish grin.

It was disgusting. First one of the men would slide the sausage into

the flower child’s mouth and let her play with it like a phallus.

Then, on command, she bit a small hunk off and chewed it slowly and

sinuously, never closing her pink lips. Finally, when it was nothing

but pulpy goo, she leaned over and kissed Candi full on the lips!

And… to his utter disgust, she spit her slimy mouthful into Candi,

jamming it down with her tongue. Candi’s mouth was being raped by the

another woman’s food!

And as her face was molested, so was her ass. That thing in her rear

began to vibrate and slowly whorl. All three girls poked at their

buttons to join in the attack taking place in full view of the four

men sitting about the table.


The blond bride tugged fitfully at her bonds. Her gloved fingers

twitched uselessly for something to grab, yet each jerk and pull

caused new distress to her sex or her neck. Her skirts fluffed and

whipped futility about, and as the sausage within her swelled and

writhed, the white veiled beauty tried to imagine what could come


Would he have to dance with Derk Kerl? Would he be taken somewhere

like this? What would become of those terrible tapes? How would he

get home? Would Derk force something else into that tube between his

lips? And how would he get to the key to his bonds, along with the

antidote to the drug that engorged his tits and drove him up to a

sexual frenzy? Was there an escape without letting Derk or his sister

Lylia onto his terrible secret? But all rational thought was slipping

as the enticing drug brought on new waves of passion and the lovely

woman dressed as a child leaned forward to plant a full mouthed kiss

onto his painfully parted lips. What a horribly wonderful night.


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