Cheerleadered, Cinder on Ice, Glamoured and Kong … all by Timothy Reisling Betticut

By Timothy Reisling Betticut

It was  an automatic corseting machine. I stood in it…. both hands
and feet splayed wide and snapped off to the far hooks while it pulled
my waist down to twenty three inches… then sealed it off beneath the
terribly boned pink satined thing that hugged me now from boobs to
hips. In moments it’d slid the brilliant pink thigh highs up and then
the savagely heeled sandals were locked onto my ankles. My arms
clicked free just after the metal belting locked at my tinyed waist.
And the lighted signs ordered me to slide each hand into one of the
holes where I felt the fingers spread, sniggered down and new wrist
cuffs holding them into place.

Meantime the hood descended. An apparatus the size of a wide
lampshade, dropping about my head and down to my shoulders….
wrapping me in darkness. Inside it pumped full, engulfing my head and
face in porous something….. I couldn’t twitch as it seemed to
vibrate against me skin… my eyebrows… my closed eyelids…
something warm… slick poured against my lips…. cheeks… face.
Shooting some sort of brackish liquid down my throat. Yuch!

Why did I step into this shower stall? I knew it was for the women…
but somehow… well… it was inviting and after I washed… and it
dried me….. those little lights inviting me to spread my arms and
legs wide until…. “SNAP!” They were caught and the corseting began.

Then all of my body was wiped by those odd sponges… some sort of
moist cream… then wiped free…. ALL MY  BODY HAIR… dropping….
falling away!!!

And in the darkness…. things pressed at my chest…. What?
Somethings affixed there? If only I could see… what happened to me
in that hood? Now…. things dangled heavily at my bust… above that
ghastly corset….. Dangled and jiggled?

“Pouf……fffff……” The helmet esploded away in a gust of warm
air… drying my face and … “WHAAAA!….. Honey blond curls cascaded
all about my face. Curls? And my hands free…. “OMAGAWD!” My fingers
have long nails…. painted the fieriest red… with silver and
sparkles and they are pointed and …… I’m free of this thing and

Out… out into the bathroom… How to escape this corset? How to get
free of these heels and…… “Jesus Christ! BREASTS!” Two…. double
D’s perked from my chest… No seams? And they’ve been somehow
attached to my nipples! Yikes… when I touch their fat, extended
nips… mine  vibrate beneath! How?

Who the fuck is that? In the mirror… She’s… she’s… That gorgeous
sexy semi naked corseted, high heeled slut with tons of curls fat red
lips… flashing red nails and a….. holy shit…. That’s my prick!
That machine’s made me into a Vixen! One of the cheerleaders! I’m….
I’m…. a super sexy…. whore!

Gotta wash off this makeup… Get outta this rig. Tear off these tits.
“Ohhh!” Who said that? That was a girl’s voice! Where?

“Who’s there?” THAT’S ME! That stuff I swallowed…. it’s tightened my
vocal cords. My voice is higher, yet reedy and….. “Testing…. One




Cinder on Ice
By Timothy Reisling Betticut

Gay or straight, men are fuses. So I made Cinder. She was my boytoy. Me, but different. Me as an airhead slut babe. She was fun but, degrading. I hated me after I took off my Cinder outfit. I hated men after I put Cinder away. So I needed something to make me get back at Cinder and men for what Cinder and men made me feel like. You know what I’m saying? So I made Tim Mitty into Cinder and set him to lighting fuses.  And left him there to deal with the explosive mess.

Tim Mitty is my boss. A candid video of us in bed was all I needed in this age of sexual harassment. We played dominant and reluctant  slave. I was the reluctant girl on bottom… for that one night… for that one tape. For that one lever that now makes him be Cinder- no matter how much he hates it.. He despises Cinder, and male animals even more than I do. Poor Timmy. Poor little fluff headed Cinder. Lucky me.

Want to see some tapes? I can show you the first night. We double dated with a couple of studhunks I picked up at the mall. Cinder looks just like Kim Bassinger with honey blond hair and much bigger tits. In that vicious boned corset, her double D’s poked up and out against her  pink halter top. I chose Timmie carefully. He’s a slight guy, maybe five four and balding. But in Cinder-drag… up on four inch heels…. In a jiggling Wonder hip/butt panty…. WOW! Cinder ignites.

That night Peal Trescott exploded two, maybe three times… Here, it’s on the tape. See Cindy suck? Suck Cindy Suck. See Peal plead? See Peal cum into Cindy’s mouth. See Peal come again into Cindy’s mouth? Ahah….. see.. a tearful Cindy suck him up again and….


Tonight we’re playing tie up. Cindy’s up on that towel covered block… wrapped so… so snugly. See how she squirms against her shiny red straight jacket? The thing’s industrial strength taffeta-Spandex. See how the lights flash off of her gleamy opera stockings that run all the way up under her teeny cheerleader skirt? See how she teeters atop those white ankle high spike boots? Hear how she ‘mumphs’ and ‘nuhs’ around that ‘O’ ring jacking her slick red lips so wide? Don’t you love the tendrils I left when I pulled her hair into that pony tail and tied it taught to the ceiling?  Isn’t it neat how straight it makes her stand? I love the bells that dangle from her earrings. Listen to them jingle as she shakes her head at me. And here’s the cool part….

The way cool part. Under the towel that’s under her stilt heels… Well that block is ICE! Uh-huh…. slowly it’ll melt to leave her dangling by her honey golden hair. I’m so glad I made Timmy grow it so long in back. On top of course it’s a glue-on wig, but poking through behind is Tim’s own lovely long hair. And of course there’s the capsule.

And Tim knows all about it. Can’t help it. I rammed it up him with the vibrating penis that’s humming in his back hole. A timed release triple dose of Extasy! When that thing melts in an hour… Cinder will wanna suck start Harleys till oh, about five tomorrow morning. Of course, if Cinder’s real good, and wears her dates out  before that pill melts. Well, maybe we can tug it out in time. I like incentives, don’t you? Ohhhh… it’s neat to see her struggle, and lookit the way she’s pleading as I move this ladder in front of her.

“Well we want the boys to be able to get to you right, Hon?”

Ohhh.. I can’t wait to see how she’ll ignite them tonight. These hetero boys are in their late teens. Each could be good for say… three, maybe four ejaks each? Well Cinder ought to be hungry, she’s been on a savage diet to get that corseted waist down to 24 inches. She sure looks hot huh? She sure will lignite fuses huh? And when those guys pump away into those pretty red lips…. When Timmie sucks and swallows for dear life. I’ll feel like Cindi and men are getting everything they deserve for everything they did to me. Well, at least I’ll feel that way for tonight… and maybe when I show you the video… Was that the door knocker?

“Yoa Cindy Slut…. It’s party time!”

“Jingle… jingle….. JINNNNNNGLE!”



I decided to try to have a glamour portrait done. Had a friend work
on it. First I wore a pretty print body blouse that simultaneously flows,
but clings to the right places like spray paint. Especially when it’s
tucked inside of my four inch Spandex belt. You realize that with my boned
corset, that WunderBra and my killer buckle – gosh I can’t bend! No way.
But while all of that keeps me immobile from the waist up, that skirt binds
my knees together like glue.

So you see I was held to such little movement in all of that – but of
course, my high heels would have made me mince, even if I wasn’t wearing
all of that other stuff. You realize how much a slinky outfit is like
bondage? And girls do this to themselves. Wow! So there I was, sitting for
the camera.. all helpless and flouncy – at the moment…

My friend did the makeup and hair. Well, he enhanced it. That’s what those
glam-guys do. I went to SkinFictionStudios for the work. And of course I
smiled on cue. I mean, what sort of choice do you have but to take orders
when you’re laced up into this kind of rig? If I look a little stiff,
you’ve got to remember the lights and the makeup and the garter belt and
the stockings and …. and… Well actually the worst was the panties.

I blush a little to think about them now. They were thongs and sitting
there like that… Well they worked their way up, you know? And I wanted to
… do something. But there was little way, under those lights with all of
those people running around. And that glassy eye of the camera staring me
right in the face. Well, you wouldn’t, um, dig around to pull at… I mean
pull out… I mean… Like me, you’d just sit there and smile – at the

By Timothy Reisling Betticut

The damned plastic cylinder was hollow and pierced by hundreds of holes.
He’d screwed the cap back on the rear after stuffing it full with the
soiled Tampax pad, carefully wrapped in the three tiny pairs of well
dampened panties. Candi’s eyes were bigger than Dolly Parton’s assets as
he dangled the thing, like a hypnotist’s pendulum not inches from the ‘O’
ring that jacked the blonde’s teeth wide. The scent of the mess oozing
from those holes was like a switch that jerked all of Candi’s limbs anew
against the straps that dangled the golden haired bride from the
implacable eyebolts in the overhead beams.

“Oh, you’re hungry eh, Beauty?” He tightened the cap a turn on the penis
shaped thing that caged the syrupy mass as his hand slipped under the rear
of the long virginal veils and wound under the blonde’s curls fingers
tightening against back and neck muscles. “Open wide… oh yea… like
that Babe… just like that.”

The high corset collar strung so snugly kept Candi’s face up and both
fattened red lips, covered with a half hour of drool, aimed at the tip of
that monster sausage. The blond swayed in suspension, both ankles caught
by cuffs around the white kid bootlettes under the dazzling floor length
skirts and pettis – legs splayed so wide that there was no more way those
fuck-me heels could kiss the floor. But the hapless victim’s jerks set the
big D cups ajiggle beneath their lacy coverings while both sets of bells
dangling from quivering earrings tinkled a tune of frantic distress.

He was against Tim now, holding his dazzling gowned body close, the thing
in his hand stopped now, just millimeters outside of its glistening
target. “Release is so simple my dear. All you need do is yank on that
cord, and your wrists will come free.” Tim, now made humiliatingly into
the ravishing blond Candi Bride stared again at the cord, just inches
beyond his reach.

“See,” Derk pointed at the cord with the dildo. “See how it’s held from
your hand by that little string? See if the string comes loose, how the
cord will fall into your satin gloved fingers? And see how the string his
held over there on that table by the ice frozen into the cup? Now surely
you realize the ice will melt. The string will come free, and the cord
fall into your grip. Why you only have to wait. And…..” Suddenly he slid
the fat rancid tip of the penis-thing into Candi’s mouth. “Just a little
taste my Dear. Good eh?”

Tim couldn’t believe what had happened. How the cheerleaders convinced him
to go a costume party, dragged up as this beautiful blond bride. How
they’d teased him to don the full outfit, including the full vinyl body
suit that came with these massive breasts and hid his male apparatus so
completely beneath this hairy swollen mound. They were beauties, he was a
geek. A night with them, they’d promised. Then, before the others arrived,
one last tease. “Let us try these straps? Oh please, please, please?”

And he let them. HE LET THEM! And then they’d given him over to Derk Kerl!
And left. Derk, the guy he’d ratted on for cheating in the engineering
exams. They guy who gotten expelled. The vilest, handsomest man in the
class. All the girls loved him. Tim hated that.

“UUUUULLLP!” Derk slid the thing farther into Candi’s mouth. Yea, they
introduced Candi to Derk. His bondage bride. And giggled, stripped off
their panties and left. Lylia even left her pad.

“Not to worry, this is a private room, little Candi,” we rented it special
for tonight. Who would ever come up? Especially before the ice melts? I
just wanted you to get a taste of what I’ve been eating … well maybe a
little worse,” he rammed the thing all the way in, causing it to ‘click’
tight as the ridge before the cap caught firmly in Candi’s ‘O’ ring.

“Wow,” he stepped back to admire his hapless victim, humming and shaking
her head to dislodge the cargo in her mouth, “You look terrific. Remember
King Kong? The way they prepared the virgin sacrifice for the beast?”

Tim wondered what Derk was babbling about as he swayed in his suspended
spread eagle, just beginning to taste the acrid secretions filling his
mouth. Was Derk going to leave him in this rented hotel room, here in this
godforsaken road house until he could get the attention of someone below
at the bar? Would he spend the night, gowned, and corseted, heeled and
vinyl, blonded and bridaled sucking on this ghastly mouth piece? How long
until that ice melted, he wondered and his freedom cord fell into his
satined fingers?

“Hmmmm…. still early my dear,” Derk  turned off the main light leaving
only a dim lamp he walked toward behind Candi – back the drape covered
window. “Look, there’s still some light in the evening sky.”

Candi straightened in her bonds and struggled to see behind as Derk
swished those curtains apart, just behind her. “Nuhhhhg!”

“Let’s see, it’s almost eight thirty on a long July evening, how long till
the customers come down below? An hour? Two? This is a pretty rowdy place,
my dear,” he was in front of Tim again, patting his boobs and making the
jiggle. Until it’s quite dark, I don’t imagine many of the bikers or their
bitches who come here on Fridays will look up, at this window directly
over the main door. But as it gets darker… Hmmmm. I wonder who will
notice the back of a blond bride…. dangling from the rafters, just in
front of the window. My, how all that white will pick up this little
light, huh?”

“Here, let’s make the bait a touch more… um… attractive, huh?” Again
behind him, and now …..

“Nuhhhhhhhh… Uh-Uhhhhhhhh…….. NUH NUH NUH NUH!!!” Derk arranged the
hem of the bridal skirts high up into the wide ribbon that wrapped Candi’s
waist, exposing and showcasing the long white stockinged legs, those heels
and the white flouncy panties. And as terrified Candi screamed into her
gagging it spat back the tastes of those women – to choke over Tim’s
tongue and down into his throat.

“You’re the engineer Candi,” Derk walked to the door. “Will the light in
the room excite Kong to come and sacrifice his bride before the ice in
that cup melts enough to let her free? Let me know huh?” And he exited,
pulling the door – NOT QUITE CLOSED!



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