Deborah Ford books for sale!

The classic tales of sissy domination are to be released as ebooks on the internet.


The Hotel

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The book that gave birth to the entire genre of sissy, cuckold, chastity tales.

A full eight chapters of forced sissification and cross dressing, spankings, humiliation, canings, cuckold,

chastity belts and delightful lingerie.

Our hero(ine) talks his wife into spending a weekend at The Hotel where he can experience full maid

training in the cutest of outfits. However once beyond the doors no one escapes, save the wives with

their new lovers.

Experience Debbie’s full training from ham fisted cross-dresser, via school girl to elegant airhead maid.

Meet the dominant women and males who love to take advantage of a simpering, obedient sissy.

Experience it for yourself. Could you escape and save your wife from the attentions of the lusting alpha males?


 You Can read the entire first chapter free on this web site by clicking this link.


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The Office Dupe


office new cover completeLindsay seeks to impress his dominant sexy wife by joining her work place. He sees himself

as a manager but the tough boss Mister Davies sees him as a new office girl complete in

chastity belt, lingerie and short flared skirt. Can Lindsay, now Linzi prevent Mister Davies

taking advantage of his lovely wife Deborah and why is his wife finding such amusement

in his plight?











    You Can read the entire first chapter free on this web site by clicking this link.


Links to purchase this book:




if you must cover with cuffs


The classic story with new chapters making it twice its original length.

Oliver loves to play his maid games with his lovely wife Marie until one day it goes terribly wrong. He is trapped as the maid, forced to serve the bully Mister Rowlands who decides to become the ‘master of the house’.

Every attempt to escape his fate leaves him more and more ensnared. Why doesn’t Marie let him have the key to his chastity belt? Why is Mister Rowland’s bed always neat and tidy in the morning where as Oliver’s former marital bed looks as though animals have been running riot?

If you read the first two chapters when they were online you will be desperate to know if Oliver can manage to escape. In the third and fourth brand new parts where you will meet the aggressive Mister Thompson who takes a shine to the poor helpless sexy maid.



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29 thoughts on “Deborah Ford books for sale!

    1. Hey Why don’t you upload “if you must” story 1st two chapters here for free I haven’t reed em. do it asap please.

      1. Janet, great to hear from you. I think I used Daniel’s name in a few stories, which one did you have in mind? Though right now all my brain cells are concentrated on Austin and Riley.

        Will look at posting those first parts of If You Must, I have always liked that story.

        Deborah Ford

  1. Dear Deborah

    When will the other story come out at iBooks? I love your stories and hope i soon will read them again:-)

    Hug from Marianne

    1. Marianne, my editor returned a version some weeks ago and I am comparing it to a rewrite. So hopefully in the next few weeks 🙂

      Thank you for your kind remarks.

  2. Too bad this story is not in book form – hard back or paper back book, I mean. Oh, the perils of modern technology for us old fogies.

  3. Just bought this from lulu but what i really want is The Hotel which remains my favourite and the best sissy maid story ever written.

    Please say you are working on a Hotel series

  4. Is there any possibility of expanding on the “If you must series,” or “For whom the bell tolls”? I would love to find out what happened to the two of them…

    Love the work!

    1. They were two very popular stories, in fact I added Part 2 for If You Must because of demand. Maybe one day i will revist them

      Thank you for your encouraging comments.


  5. Hello Deborah. I wonder, next book out on sale? I really miss your stories, i know you have a life outside. But your stories are SO fantastic Deborah.


    1. Thank you Ingrid you are very kind.

      You have asked at the right time.

      My next book will be If You Must. It was originally on the internet at Ficitonmania. The published version will be mroe than twice as long as the internet one published on Fictionmania. It should eb out in a couple of weeks (all being well).

  6. I am dying to read your new “if you must” which is my all time favorite fiction among your works.

    I wonder how “Harding LTD” is going?
    is it suspened, or you are still making it?

    1. Thank you Cris. I think it was one of my most popular tales. I think you will love how it has developed. It is twice as long as the original.

  7. While i want, i let my Sissy Tiina read from The office Dupe to me, My Sissy blushed a lot. I smile and are happy for my little sissygirl 🙂

  8. Yes Deborah, she understand now why she has so strickt rules in her Sissy life. First time she read something by you. The next book will be The Hotel.

  9. Hi, thank you for your fantastic stories. I wonder if there’s next chapters after the first 10 of Sophie takes charge ? Thak you for answering and
    Have a nice day

  10. Thank you Michel for your kind words.

    I enjoyed the Sophie series, it was great fun, and may well revisit it at some stage. The trouble is, my poor brain gets a new idea and off it goes to complete that. If I am writing for the website then some stories just sort of peter out. When I am writing a book for sale, it is planned and I know how it is going to end so always gets completed.

    So in short form, all the Sophie series on the website right now.

    Deborah Ford

  11. Hi Deborah, I recently found this website and I just wanted to leave a comment to thank you for all your contributions to this genre of writing over the years :). Admittedly I haven’t read many of your works, but I have read Bunny Trap and I absolutely loved it! Lydia was one of the most deliciously mean and thorough dommes I’ve ever encountered in a story, it was riveting the way in which she trapped the hapless protagonist in his game and turned it into his humiliating reality.

    I think I enjoyed Bunny Trap to such a degree because it fit my tastes really well. In this genre of writing I always prefer stories where a dominant woman is the driving mind behind the humbling of the submissive male, and if there is a dominant male involved in the story I always prefer when he has a lesser/secondary role and is used as an instrument by the dominant woman to further humiliate her unlucky sub. Out of curiosity, which stories of yours would recommend for a Bunny Trap fan who is looking for one where the dominant female is the driving force?

  12. Thank you, Ally. Appreciated and glad you enjoy my stories.

    Bunny Trap was a departure for me, in that it was driven by the Domme who knew what she wanted from a very young age. Of my published books, I’d say most of them are geared to wives being second in command to the Dom male, usually the wife’s lover. But The Hotel series is driven by dominant women, and Club Zero Nine is also driven by very dominant women including a psychiatrist, who is my favourite Domme character, Miss Richter. You wouldn’t want her giving you therapy! I often think of her. Along the same lines, Palmer’s Education takes our hapless dumb sissy to the High Wood Lyceum of Improvement where he is educated by female dommes in the most squirmy ways imaginable.

    Fortunately, I also have two free stories on my site which might be of interest: Sophie Takes Charge and Jordan’s Diary, in the former Sophie knows what she wants and in the latter, the wife is driven to take more and more control over her sissy hubbie.

    Hope you enjoy them all.

    Deborah Ford

    1. Thanks Deborah for the quick reply and for all the recommendations. I have read Jordan’s Diary recently and I really enjoyed that one as well. I loved the way in which Blair methodically infantilizes Jordan with the nanny software and everything else even though its not his kink, and he just has to go along with it as he loses control of the game and is humiliatingly getting stripped of his dignity and authority as head of household. From what I saw the story goes to entry 27 so I’m not sure if it was completed, but regardless I really liked what I saw:)

      Given your particular words of endorsement I’m looking forward to meeting this Miss Richter, though with your talent as a writer I think when I do meet her before long I’ll be very grateful that I’m on this side of the page and that I haven’t found myself as one of her patients haha.

      Thanks again, and I wish you all the best!

  13. LOL, thank you Ally. And yes Miss Richter is both a fantasy and a nightmare for poor gullible sissies. I suspect you’ll love her and possible the other dominant women who bestride that world!

    I don’t know why is topped writing Jordan, but it was very popular at the time. perhaps one day I’ll pick it up and finish it.

    Deborah Ford

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