The House by Lisa Smith part 1

The House on the Hill


Chapter 1


Opening his eyes, Michael slowly took in his surroundings. He appeared to be in a bedroom although he had no memory of falling asleep in this room. It was impossible to guess the time of day because it was so dark. He felt like he was awakening from a dream; or waking up after an operation. Lots of hazy memories and fuzzy visuals and, what was worse, his body felt sore and uncomfortable. As he slowly shook away the cobwebs he realized that he remember getting an invitation to dinner with that new couple who just bought that house on the hill on the other side of town. His last memory was sitting down to dinner with his wife and 5 other couples and the hosts. He remembered that they introduced themselves as Ted and Rachel Davies.


Pushing the covers away he immediately noticed that something was wrong; terribly wrong. Someone was playing a horrible joke on him because he immediately felt that he had longer finger nails which made it harder to even push the covers off.  Needing to find a light so he could see what they had done he tried to lift his feet out of bed they got caught in the covers and he immediately tumbled to the floor beside the bed. Tossing the covers aside he saw that someone had put women’s shoes on his feet. It was still pretty dark in the room but they looked like the stiletto type heels that his wife liked to wear when she wanted to look sexy. “I needed to find the lights….”


But before he could get up the lights in the room began to slowly go on. Was someone in the room with him?—“Hello, Is there someone there?” he asked slowly. But before he could even finish the question he began to notice his body. Not only was he wearing stilettos but he was also wearing sheer black stockings and garters—and someone had put some type of cage-like device around his penis. Panic began to set in when he noticed that he had hair tumbling over his shoulders. Looking to his right he noticed a floor length mirror just three feet away and staring back at him was what appeared to be a woman. This woman had breasts being held up by corset with attached garters. Her wavy, long auburn hair cascaded around her shoulders and she appeared to be wearing make-up. He used to dream of getting blow-jobs from a vision like this; feeling her luscious hair around his stomach and balls while she slowly sucked on his shaft. But the illusion snapped quickly when he realized that he was looking at himself in the mirror. Although she had make-up on she was clearly a man.


Slowly getting to his feet he realized immediately that he needed to get these shoes off and figure out what was going on. Seeing a chair on the other side of the room he slowly stepped across the room and sat down. “My God, there’s something in my ass,” he cried as he lifted himself from the chair. Looking at his waist he saw that the cage around his penis was connected to some sort of contraption that went around his waist. From his penis it went around his ass and then seemed to connect again around the back of his waist. There must be something that I can’t see that they have fit in my ass. “This is sick. Someone put a butt plug in my ass.”


Sitting gingerly on the edge of the chair he looked at his feet and tried to see how he could get the heels off. First, he tried pulling them off but soon he realized he couldn’t without undoing the ankle straps. Reaching down he tried to see how he could loosen the ankle strap. But for the first time since falling out of bed he noticed his fingernails. “What the fuck? How could they have done this?” he wondered. His fingernails were colored a rich shade of red and extended at least ½”past his fingertips. “How am I going to do anything with these nails?” he screamed.


Realizing that his anger wasn’t helping him he decided he needed a plan. First he needed to get out of the clothes he had on and find his own. Second, he needed to get out of wherever he was and find out who did this to him. “First things first,” he mumbled reaching for the ankle strap on his right ankle. “Oh, my God, this can’t be happening,” he screamed as he felt and saw what appeared to be a lock on the ankle strap. Reaching across to his left ankle he felt the same metallic lock and screamed, “Someone is going to pay for this so help me God. I sure in hell hope my wife wasn’t involved in this shit.”


Trying to calm down he closed his eyes and focused on slowing down his breathing. “Breathe through your nose,” He told himself, “Breathe in for 5 seconds and then breathe out for 5 seconds.” Slowly he relaxed and opened his eyes. Someone had gone to a great deal of trouble doing this to him he thought as he reached down and slowly felt the breasts on his chest. “Thank God, there not real,” He said as he looked at the rest of his body. It appeared that all of his body hair was gone although there was a thin narrow patch of pubic hair just above the cage on his penis. “What did my wife call that when she got waxed? A Brazilian, I think. That’s right. Someone thought it would be funny to give me a Brazilian.”


While continuing to focus on his breathing, he slowly looked around the room and noticed a desk with an envelope on top. Hoping the envelope contained some answers to his current situation, Michael minced slowly across the room in his heels mumbling, “How do women walk in these things?”  Reaching the desk Michael saw that the letter envelope was addressed to “Michael/Evelyn.”


Forgetting about his newly lengthened nails Michael grabbed the letter and attempted to open it to no avail. “How to women do anything with nails this long?” He whispered. Looking over the desktop he saw a letter opener that allowed him to easily open the envelope. Inside he found the following letter,



                I am so glad that you finally decided to join us. In case you are wondering, you have been resting here for a little over 4 months. While you were resting we performed a little work on you—nothing that can’t be undone (except the hair removal but you’ll love not having to shave and who really needs all that body hair anyway?). The make-up on your face is semi-permanent and will wear off in another 2 months. You may have to have someone re-do your eye brows every once in a while since we permanently removed them with electrolysis. The breasts I am sure you discovered are just good breast forms that have been glued on but will only stay on for another month or so. And the hair is just professional hair extensions that can come out whenever you choose.

Now as to why you are here. You and the 5 other men that joined us for dinner 4 months ago have been behaving badly for quite a while. You treat your spouse’s like you own them. In general, you treat women poorly so we thought that you each could learn a little empathy for the weaker sex.

Your job is to go and get each of your new friends and help them all get down stairs so we can all have dinner and a meeting to discuss what you will have learned throughout the day we have planned for you. You will proceed out your door and then go into each room one by one and help perform whatever task is necessary to help your friend join you in the next room.

Before you go I think you should get dressed in your uniform that we have provided in the closet. Unless you want to walk around showing off your little caged penis I would suggest you comply with our uniform request. You will find a perfectly fitted French maid’s uniform in the closet with the most delicious petticoats that will both tickle your nylon covered thighs and hide your little penis. Your uniform will have a name tag with your name on it and you will need it to stay on if you want to finish our game.

By the way, our house is a fortress. All of the doors are automatically locked and can only be opened when we see that you are ready to perform your next task. In addition, we have hidden cameras everywhere so we will see everything that you are doing so please comply with our little game and see it through until the end. We don’t want to have any accidents.

Finally, you will each find a cute little purse with your uniforms. Like all women you are required to keep this with you at all times. Each of you may also find some other tool in your room—like the feather duster by your purse—bring these with you to each room because you will need them to perform your chores.

When you are dressed and ready to go you will find a remote beside the door. Just press the red button, open the door and go to the first room on the right. We will open the door automatically when you get there. BTW, we have a surprise for you when you press the button.


Kisses and Hugs XOXOXOX


Shaking with both rage and fear, Michael let the letter fall softly to the desk. Walking over to the closet he considered his options. He was locked in a room and a house that he knew nothing about. He was barely dressed in heels, stockings, corset and penis cage and he looked like a woman. As he opened the closet door and looked at the maid’s uniform he couldn’t think of any alternative other than putting it on and playing whatever game they putting him through. As he grabbed the dress he decided that he should probably put on the flouncy petticoats first. Leaving the dress on the hangar he grabbed the petticoats and slowly stepped into them and shimmied them up his legs before carefully settling them on his waist. He then took the dress and lifted his arms and pulled the uniform over his arms and chest until it fell perfectly over his hips. The white petticoats were perfectly accentuated by the white trim on the collar and sleeves and the large white bow in the back. The dress itself was a black satin and he didn’t want to admit it but if fit perfectly and looked incredibly sexy with his sheer black stockings and 4” stiletto heels. Worse than his anger and fear was the unwelcome acknowledgement that he felt in his groin that he was excited by what he was wearing. Worse was the penis cage which painfully stopped any excitement from causing an erection. “That’s what that is—a chastity cage,” he thought as he looked into the mirror on the back of the closet door and saw a name tag on his right breast with “Evelyn” printed on it.


After closing his eyes and calming himself down again, Michael looked back into the closet and grabbed both the purse and the feather duster. When he looked at the handle of the feather duster it nearly brought tears to his eyes. There in his hand was a perfectly shaped penis that was at least 6 inches long. “These people are sick,” he thought as he lifted his eyes looking in the mirror. Taking his purse and the feather duster he slowly walked to the door and reached down and grabbed the remote control that was on the table right beside the door. “Let’s get this game over with, “he whispered as he pressed the red button. Jumping with a start he was shocked as he felt the butt plug in his ass begin to vibrate at the same time the door slowly opened. His humiliation was even worse as he realized that the vibrating butt plug was going to keep him constantly aroused while the chastity cage was going to keep him unable to get an erection. Not wanting to cry or show any anger or emotion he lifted his eyes up and shoulders back and stepped out into the hall before turning to the right.




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  1. Very nice!

    I’m having a hard time with the 4 months though. Couldn’t everything have been done in a couple of days?

    1. Ah quite Possibly RH, guess it is in the hands of the writer 🙂

      I have been criticised for making the changes occur too quickly

      BTW many thanks for adding a comment on here and as a heads up to anyone reading this RH Music is a wonderful writer, whose story Becoming A Housewife, on Fictionmania, is one of my favourites.


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