“Sissy Maids: The latest trend in relationships” – part two – by c.w. cobblestone

“Sissy Maids: The latest trend in relationships Part II”
By Lolita Lankenstein
Cornudo News Service Correspondent
(as told to c.w. cobblestone)
In the last edition of CNS Weekly, I discussed my visit with Dawn, Mike and Tulip, who introduced me to the world of sissy/cuckold triads. It was a moving experience which prompted me to dig deeper and learn more about this amazing lifestyle.
Next, I reached out to Kimberly and James. Through our brief emailed correspondence I learned they’re an interracial couple (she’s white, he’s black), and they own a sissy named Daisy. I didn’t have travel far from the Cornudo News Service’s New York offices for this leg of my journey; my interview subjects lived in a Manhattan high-rise. It’s a truly elegant space with a stunning view of the Chrysler Building, although the otherwise-luxuriant apartment had just a few pieces of furniture during my visit.
An emaciated maid whose lips were cartoonishly blown up with Botox answered the door. I felt a rush of female power as I gave the once-over to this mousy, androgenous servant who was curtseying to me. I drew a deep breath and smiled. This lifestyle was growing on me.
“Welcome,” the pathetic creature squeaked through those bubble lips. The maid peeked up at me with sad, saggy, dark-circled eyes, a sure sign that sleep-deprivation was a way of life for this sissy. “Please come in.”
Kimberly and James met me in the foyer smiling. I was surprised to see she was pregnant; they hadn’t mentioned that in their emails.
After niceties were exchanged, Kimberly nodded at her maid. “Daisy, take drink orders. Orange juice for me.”
Daisy curtsied in response to my request for a vodka spritz and scurried off to the kitchen.
James waved me toward a chair. “Sorry, most of the furniture’s gone. In a few days, we’re moving to a house in Rye now that we’re going to have two kids.”
I settled into the chair and fished my recorder from my bag. “Oh, do you already have a child?”
“Yes, Shondra; she’s sleeping in her crib,” he said, easing onto the couch next to his lady.
“She’s 15 months old,” Kimberly added.
When Daisy returned with the drinks, I noticed the baby monitor receiver clipped to his apron strap.
Kimberly snapped her fingers and pointed. “Take a break, Daisy, and come kneel over here. This nice lady wants to do an article about us.”
Daisy curtsied and complied. I pushed record.
CNS: So, tell me how you three came to this kind of relationship.
Kimberly: Well, once upon a time, this … thing was my husband, believe it or not. I was never happy, and cheated on him like crazy. Then James came into the picture.
CNS: What happened then?
Kim: Tell her what happened when James came into the picture, Daisy.
Daisy: Um, Master took over the household, Ma’am.
Kim: Well, duh, that’s obvious, you stupid sissy. Tell her what happened the night he stayed over the first time.
Daisy: Um, well … Mistress brought him home, and I started to whine about it, so … um, so my Master hit me.
Kim: No, actually, he did more than hit you. He kicked your little pansy ass.
James: (chuckling) Oh, come on, now, I just slapped the little sissy around a little bit. Had to establish the pecking order.
Kim: (snorts) As if that was ever in doubt. (turns to Daisy) Tell her what else James had you do that night.
Daisy: Uh, I had to stand in the corner with my hands on my head holding a dollar bill against the wall with my nose.
Kim: Tell her how long your master kept you there.
Daisy: A-a-all night, Ma’am.
CNS: Wow, and you kept your nose to the wall that whole time?
Daisy: Yes, Ma’am.
Kim: (giggles) It was kind of mean; when we finished in the bedroom, we forgot about the little sissy and fell asleep.
James: Oh, the little candy-ass was fine, weren’t you, Daisy?
Daisy: Yes, sir.
CNS: Daisy’s quite the little sissy. His lips sure are … full. Obviously a heavy Botox treatment. There’s a lot in there; does that hurt at all, Daisy? It looks painful.
Daisy: Um, yes, Ma’am, really it hurts when I smile.
James: But what did we tell you about that?
Daisy: (lowers eyes) Sissies have no reason to smile, sir.
James: Sissies have no reason to smile. Besides, I like how they look. Tell the nice reporter: what do we call those lips?
Daisy: (swallows hard) They’re your dick-sucking sissy whore’s lips, Master.
James: Damn skippy. I want my dick-sucking sissy whore’s lips to look like dick-sucking sissy whore’s lips. I don’t care if it hurts when you smile.
CNS (to Daisy) So, going back to the beginning of your marriage, when did you first tell Kimberly that you were into crossdressing?
Daisy: Well, um … Ma’am, I don’t mean to contradict you, but I never was into crossdressing.
James: (grins) That was my rule. When I moved in, I told him there was only gonna be one man in this house. So, I had Kim sissy him up.
Kim: He was already a skinny little wimp, so it didn’t take much work.
Daisy: (in response to the sound of a baby crying crackling through the speaker on his apron strap) May I please be excused?
Kim (nods at the sissy, who labors from his kneeling position and darts down the hall. He reappears moments later holding the crying baby.)
Daisy: Permission to change her, Ma’am?
Kim: Go ahead.
Daisy: Yes, Mistress. (lays a blanket on the living room floor before setting the baby on it and removing a shitty diaper)
CNS: She’s beautiful.
Kim: Thank you. We don’t let Daisy change her unless one of us is present.
CNS: I don’t blame you. But, wow, that’s got to be great to have a sissy around to change all the diapers.
Kim: Tell me about it. (crinkles her nose) I don’t do diapers.
James (grabbing Kimberly and hugging her) You shouldn’t have to. Your time should be spent pleasing me!
CNS: How does that work if you both are out? Who changes the diapers then?
Kim: Oh, if we go out, we just have James’ little sister Janae come babysit. Daisy hates it when Janae comes over.
Daisy: Um, ma’am, permission to put Miss Shondra back in her crib?
Kim: First, tell the reporter why you hate it so much when Janae babysits you.
Daisy: Um, Mistress, it’s an honor and privilege to serve Miss Janae—
Kim: Don’t give me that shit; tell the truth or I’ll have James whip the skin off that sissy little ass. Why do you hate it so much when Janae comes over to babysit you?
Daisy: (tears welling up) She … she’s really mean to me, Ma’am.
CNS: Mean? How so? Give me an example.
Daisy: Well, last time she came over, I was rubbing her feet, and she put the roach clip on my nose and kept trying to knock it off by flicking her toes at it.
CNS: Ow, poor sissy, I bet that hurt.
Daisy: Yes, Ma’am, it did.
CNS: What else does she do to you?
Daisy: She puts Ben Gay inside my cage.
CNS: Oooh, that IS mean. Poor little you.
Kim: Stop complaining, sissy, and put my daughter back in her crib. And then come refill these drinks. (points to my drink, most of which is gone) Look at that. How dare you let our guest’s drink get so low? (turns to James) Can you teach the little sissy a lesson after he puts Shondra to bed?
James: You got it. (winks at Daisy) Hurry back now. That candy ass is mine. I think maybe it’s time I give you another respect notice.
Daisy (face turns white) Y-yes, sir. (scurries down the hall with the baby in his arms)
CNS: Wow, whatever you said really scared the sissy. What’s a respect notice?
Kim: (chuckles) Just watch. You don’t mind if things get sexual, do you?
CNS: Hell no, girl. This article isn’t PG.
James: (guffawing) Well, what’s about to happen ain’t exactly R-rated, either.
(Daisy returns, head hung low, shoulders drooping. He kneels before James)
James: (nodding at his crotch) Come on, bitch.
(Daisy slinks forward, unzips James’s fly and pulls out his long dick. James slaps him upside the head, prompting him to start sucking. It takes only a minute for James to get hard, whereupon he slaps the sissy a second time, and Daisy stops fellating his master)
James (to Daisy) You know what to do, sissy.
(Daisy flips up his maid’s dress, shimmies down his fluffy panties and bends over the couch, a look of abject fear in his eyes. James walks up behind him and positions his dick)
James: Put this in your article. (shoves his dick in, causing Daisy to yelp) Sometimes the sissy gets lazy and needs to be taught a lesson. It was completely disrespectful to let a guest’s drink get low like that. And we have a way of dealing with disrespectful sissies, don’t we, sissy?
Daisy: (crying) Owww, y-yes, Master.
Kim: (to CNS) Isn’t it sexy watching the little pansy get put in his place like this?
CNS: Oh, gawd, yes. This is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.
Kim: He’ll be the meekest little sissy in the world when this is over. Won’t you, Daisy?
Daisy: (still openly bawling) Unngh, owww, y-yes, Mistress, please, Mistress.
James: (increases the ferocity of his humping, causing Daisy to cry harder): Ahhhhhhhhh!
(The battery light on my recorder flashed. Damn it, I forgot to change the batteries! I pushed stop.)
After James came, he threw Daisy onto the floor. The sissy landed with a thump, curled into the fetal position and began sobbing. It made me so horny to see the little sissy so utterly debased and defeated like that. It took the little pansy damn near 10 minutes before he could even move.
He finally got up and continued serving us. For the rest of the evening, my drink never got below the halfway point. And Daisy was indeed the most cowed, eager-to-please sissy I’d ever seen!
My visit ended after about three hours. I was now a cuckold/sissy maid triad junkie.
I needed to find out more.
And I did just that. But that’s a story for next week.
Until then, this is your roving CNS reporter Lolita Lankenstein signing off.