The House by Lisa Smith part 2

The House on the Hill


Chapter 2


For the first time Michael was more frightened than angry. Here he was outside of the room that he had been held prisoner in for the past 4 months and he was dressed from head to toe as a French maid. He didn’t even know that he had been held captive for that long as he had been obviously drugged. “What should I do?” he thought to himself, “Should I try to escape this insane asylum?” But where could he go dressed like he was? He looked like a woman. They had removed all of his body hair and glued breast forms on his chest. They put a chastity belt on him with a butt plug that was currently vibrating in his ass. They put semi-permanent make-up on his face including eye brows, eye-liner, lip-liner and a deep red lip color. Finally, they used hair extensions to give him a sultry head of wavy, shoulder-length auburn hair. “Where can I go looking like this?”


Deciding that the safest thing for him to do was to follow the instructions that he had been given, Michael held on to his purse and feather duster and stumbled in his 4 inch heels toward the closest door down the hall. When he got to the door it automatically opened and as Michael watched the lights in the room came on slowly like the ones in his room earlier.


Stepping into the room he could immediately someone dressed almost exactly like him sitting tied in a chair with a blindfold on. “Who’s that”, the person in the chair squeaked. “What else are you going to do to me?” Michael looked at the person in the chair and realized that he was almost looking at a mirror image of himself. He was dressed as a French maid with stockings, high heels, make-up and hair extensions.


“I’m here to help,” Michael whispered. “Let me untie you and take that blindfold off.”  When he was finished untying and removing the blindfold he asked, “What’s your name?”


“My name is Isabel,” he whispered.

“No, it’s not, “Michael responded, “You’re a man just like me and just because they did this to us doesn’t mean we have to call ourselves female names.”

“We do,” the person named Isabel responded. “I see that you have a name tag with Evelyn on it. I was told that I could only call you Evelyn or we would be punished.”

“That’s crazy,” Michael said. “How long have you been tied to that chair?”

“I woke up 2 days ago and I’ve been in this chair ever since. I was told that I would have a visitor who would help me.”

“Oh my, you must be incredibly stiff. Can I help you up?” Michael asked as he walked closer to Isabel.

“No, please no, not until you’ve read the letter that they left on the desk.”

“Why? Did they glue you to the chair?” Michael asked incredulously.

“No, but you’ll understand when you read the letter,” Isabel replied in barely a whisper.


Walking over to the desk, Michael wondered what other embarrassments he would have to go through to get out of this house. Grabbing the envelope he was immediately struck that it was addressed to Evelyn. Opening it he found the following note:


                                You made it to your first recue. Congratulations!

                As Isabel probably mentioned to you, we are insistent that you use your new name while you are dressed as maids in our little game here. So we only want to hear all of you using your pretty girlie names or there will be consequences. You don’t want to test us because you already know what we are capable of.

                Now your next job is to get Isabel up and go to the next room. The problem with Isabel is that she has a butt plug up her ass and it is connected to the chair. Her butt plug is much bigger than your butt plug and it will only get smaller if it feels her prostate gland release some fluid. And that is where you come into play my dear, Evelyn.

                You have to give her a blow job to get her to release that fluid and, more importantly, you have to swallow all of her love juices. Now I’m sure that you are thinking about running out the door this very minute but as you’ll notice now we have already locked it behind you. You only have one way out. Be a perfect cocksucker. Use your tongue, your lips, your beautiful hands with your long red fingernails and even swish your beautiful hair over Isabel’s groin to get her excited. I know you’ll be a wonderful cocksucker given your knowledge of how a man likes his cock sucked.

                Lastly, I like to plan every contingency and we were afraid that all of you might object to playing in our little game. So, we prepared for that by placing explosive, it’s called C-4 in both of your butt plugs. Refuse to play our game and you won’t be playing anything anymore.

Hugs and Kisses, XOXOXOX


Looking over at Isabel, Michael began to cry. “I don’t think I can do this, Isabel. I’m not gay.”

“But I don’t want to die, Evelyn. Please! I know its awful even to think about but neither of us has a choice. I know that you will be doing it to save my life. Please, I beg you.”

Walking over to Isabel, Michael slowly got down on his knees. “Please promise me that you will never mention what happened here when we get out. No one can know. I’d die if anyone found out. Will you promise that, Isabel?”

With tears flowing down both of his cheeks, Isabel replied, “I won’t ever say a word. I promise, Evelyn. You are saving my life and I will always remember that.”


After catching his breath and stopping his tears, Michael lifted Isabel’s skirt and stared at her cock. He had never looked at another cock in his life. He didn’t know what to do. But he knew he wanted it over as fast as possible so he tried to remember what his wife used to do. Isabel’s cock was completely soft and he remembered that his wife used to lick his entire shaft until it got a little harder. She also used her hands a lot rubbing her long fingernails around his thighs and balls and gently squeezing them. So he gently took his tongue and licked Isabel’s shaft as sensually as he could. At the same time he began to run the fingernails of his left hand on Isabel’s thighs and balls until she was nearly completely hard. His wife also knew that he liked it when she swished her hair over my entire groin area so he did the same thing for Isabel and within seconds she was rock hard. Another thing that used to turn him on was when she looked up at me and let me know that she was serving my needs so he turned his eyes upward and gazed at Isabel letting her know that he was doing this for her. He also knew that men never wanted to feel teeth during oral sex so he did his best to create suction with his lips and tongue. Knowing how sensitive the underside of his own penis was he began to lick his soft underside while moving my right hand to the base of his penis. Then it because just a matter of bobbing up and down taking him deeper and deeper into his mouth while moving my thumb and forefinger up and down his penis. Soon he felt his whole body tense and Isabel’s penis got a little bigger in his mouth. Even though he knew what to expect he wasn’t prepared for to velocity or quantity of cum that Isabel expelled. He seem to only remember squirting 2 or 3 times when he came but Isabel squirted at least 6 times and although he did his best to swallow it all some of it came out of his mouth and landed on his hand and Isabel’s thigh. He quickly forced himself to swallow everything in his mouth before continuing to lick up whatever he missed. He also never realized that you continue to drip as you get soft again and worried that he was required to swallow everything he put his lips around Isabel’s cock until it was completely soft and empty of any juice.

When he was done, he looked up at Isabel and asked, “Can you feel the butt plug getting any smaller?”

“Yes I can, Evelyn. Thank you so very much. I’ll never forget you for what you’ve done,” Isabel replied as she gently pried herself from the chair and helped Evelyn up off of her knees. “Look the door has reopened so I guess their satisfied. Let’s go to the next room before it closes again.”

“Wait, I need my purse and the feather duster. You probably have a purse somewhere around here and see if there is anything else that is near the purse that was left purposely for us.”

“Here is a purse on this chair. I guess this is for me. What do you think these tampons are for?” Isabel asked softly.

“I think we need to take them. I am sure that they were left purposely,” Michael sighed. “I can’t believe they have us wearing these heels. My feet are killing me, I can’t seem to walk properly and we have to find 4 other guests.”

“I’m almost embarrassed to be telling you this but our hosts had me practice for 3 hours walking in heels before they sat me on the butt plug,” Isabel winced. “Here are a few pointers: first, take small steps and walk heel to toe; so put your heel down first and then your toe. Then walk as if you are walking on a straight line like you are taking a sobriety test. Finally, try to sway your hips as you walk. This sort of brings it all together so it feels natural and you cause less stress on your feet.”


Leaving the room Michael was at a loss for what to say. Did he say “Thank you” to Isabel? What were these people doing to them and why? Despite his misgivings, he turned and smiled, “Thank you, Isabel, let’s go to the next room. The faster we get this done the better.” Despite his misgivings he found himself trying to take smaller steps, walking heel to toe in a straight line while swaying his hips. At least he seemed to walk easier. “Oh my God, here I am worrying about how to walk in high heels and I completely forgot about the vibrating butt plug in my ass. I can’t believe I just spent 5 minutes on my knees giving someone a blowjob and I never even thought about the butt plug in my ass. What are these people doing to us and Why?”

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