Sasha Davison : Contract negotiations

Contract negotiations


Michael folded the final napkin and placed it on the table. Tonight was

more important for him than for his wife, he knew that. This fact made

him doubly grateful as he saw her rush in and out of the kitchen wearing

her best dress. All of this despite the tensions which had arisen over

the past year. As she rushed past him he reached out his arm to stop



“What, Michael?” she said impatiently


“I just wanted to say thank you, Natalie,” said Michael earnestly.


Natalie raised her eyebrows and moved on.


“Michael, he’ll be here in 5 minutes,” she flung over her shoulder.


The purpose of the evening was to entertain his boss Karl. Michael had

been working for Karl for three years without significant promotion. He

had tried to drop hints about possible promotions but Karl had seemed

not to notice. The annoying thing was that Karl was about the same age

as Michael and he hated having to kiss his ass.


Tonight Michael intended to be more frank with Karl and to ask him

straight, man to man, what the situation was. Karl arrived and the three

of them commenced with the awkward conversations round about ‘such and

such’ and ‘him and her’ and ‘not those two surely’? Natalie sat

everybody down for dinner and presented the starter course.


As the three of them ate and drank wine, the conversation inevitably

started to become less awkward. By the end of the main course they had

finished two bottles of red between them, and Michael went to the

kitchen to fetch another, pleased with the way the evening was going.

Coming back into the dining room, he heard Natalie start up a

conversation with his boss.


“So, how come you haven’t found a nice girl yet, Karl! I mean you’re a

prime catch, successful, fit, attractive.”


Natalie blushed at hearing these words come from her mouth and lowered

her gaze slightly. Karl glanced up at Michael slightly uncomfortably,

but Michael smiled and nodded to show that he didn’t mind. Karl turned

back to Natalie.


“Well there have been women, significant others. But I’ve never met

anybody that I felt it was worth giving up my freedom for. I have a nice

house, nice car, I can do what I want, see who I want, if you know what

I mean. I envy you guys though, having something so strong that you

committed to stay together for ever.”


“Maybe you think marriage is a bit old-fashioned?” asked Michael.


Karl turned to Michael. “Well, I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to say

something like that. Perhaps it is for some people. I find that I’ve

changed quite a lot over the years, I don’t know if I could promise

myself to one person and really be confident that I would feel the same

way, say, ten years later.”


Karl looked back to Natalie. “People change, their needs change.”


Michael was surprised to see his wife blush again under Karl’s gaze,

perhaps he had missed something while he was out of the room.


Karl changed topic. “Natalie, Michael tells me that you have a degree

in, what was it, geography? First in your class I heard.”


“That’s right,” said Natalie, smiling self consciously.


“So you never thought of turning it into a career, or…” he paused and

saw Natalie glance up at Michael for a split second then back at him.

Karl looked up at Michael, but could see no recognition of the glance on

his employee’s face.


“Well, I would say that the job opportunities are limited round here,”

said Natalie.


“There’s so much pressure these days on couples to both have careers,

sometimes I think it was easier in the old days,” said Karl to both of

them, then turning to Natalie with a concerned expression on his face.

“Although I’m not saying that my female employees are any less effective

than the males, in fact its often quite the opposite…”


“I’m not surprised!” smiled Natalie.


“…I just mean that having one person going out to work and another

looking after things at home makes a lot of sense to me, I don’t think

it really matters which does which,” said Karl. Hearing this, Natalie

briefly raised her eyebrows at her husband and Karl, seeing the rapid

gesture, smiled. “What, did I say something contentious?”


Natalie looked back at Karl and said, “Not at all,” before smiling a

forced smile.


Michael sat down at the table and nodded sincerely at Karl. “No, I’ve

always appreciated how much Natalie does for me round the house.”


Natalie laughed at this and said, “Oh, please Michael…”


“What?” said her husband, staring at her suddenly, a serious expression

on his face as if he was scolding her, although a slight tremor in his

voice made the exclamation less daunting.


“Nothing” said his wife quietly, picking up the wine bottle. “More wine,



Michael’s boss held out his glass to get a refill. “I’m sorry. I’ve

obviously said too much.” He raised his glass to Natalie and then to

Karl and smiled. “I apologise!”


“No problem,” said Natalie, apparently genuinely, “we should probably

change the subject.”


“Well, hold on,” interjected Michael, laughing nervously. “I don’t want

Karl to go away thinking that I send you out to do hard manual labour or



“No, but you probably wish you could!” said Natalie quietly and with a

cold smile.


“Oh come on, that’s not fair Natalie. I’ve never asked you to go out and

get a career.”


Natalie’s mouth dropped. “Michael, I’m sorry, but that is such a lie!”


Karl seemed to be unperturbed by the developing situation. “Hey, come

on, let’s not get crazy. This balance, the thing you are talking about

is one of the hardest things to figure out in… well in life.”


The couple both stared at their wine glasses sullenly, Michael clearly

embarrassed by his wife’s outburst and Natalie just angry.


Karl continued, “I see it all the time with employees, everybody faces

the same problems.”


Natalie raised her eyes from her glass. “I’m sorry Karl. It’s just that

Michael has always wanted me to have a career for myself.”


“Well he probably just wants the best for you!” smiled Karl. “He doesn’t

want your brain to go to waste.”


“Absolutely,” agreed Michael vehemently.


There was a brief silence, broken only by Natalie knocking back another

glass of wine. Alarm bells went off in Michaels head as it suddenly

occurred to him that his wife was drinking quite a lot.


“Besides, it’s a big responsibility being the single earner,” added

Karl, apparently as an after-thought.


It took a second for these words to register with Michael, then thinking

he should reply he turned back to Karl.


“Well, yes it is,” he replied quickly, then inwardly cringed, realizing

his reply may have shown weakness.


Karl turned to Michael as he refilled Natalie’s glass. “Do you find that

weighs heavy on you, Michael?”


“Well not as such…” began Michael


“Yes it does!” interrupted Natalie taking her glass from the table. “I

know it does. He tells me it does. It’s what I’ve always felt guilty



“That’s not true, Natalie,” laughed Michael, a feeling of foreboding

coming across him.


“Don’t LIE, Michael,” said Natalie, emphasizing the word by banging her

wine glass down on the table.


Michael started to panic now, his wife was really getting out of

control. He raised two hands at her palm downwards to try and calm

things. “Look Natalie, I’m sure Karl doesn’t want to hear about all of



Karl looked at Michael straight in the eyes. “No, no, don’t worry

Michael, it’s fine, it’s… ” He turned to Natalie. “I actually

appreciate the opportunity to learn… I feel it’s part of my job to

take an interest in the welfare of my…” He paused and turned back to

Michael before he said, earnestly, “Well one of my most important

members of staff.”


Michael blushed at this, everything suddenly seeming to fall back into

place again.


“It’s the decisions,” said Natalie suddenly, her voice slightly slurred.


Karl turned to the woman, and admired her jet black hair whilst keeping

his glowing smile fixed. “I’m sorry, what did you say Natalie?”


Natalie looked up earnestly at Karl. “The decisions. He doesn’t like

having to make decisions.” Michael cringed, realizing his trouble had

only begun. “He seems to always want ME to decide what we have to do,

even what HE has to do…”


Karl smiled at Michael knowingly. “Well I guess he makes enough

decisions at work for a lifetime.”


Michael half-sniffed, half chuckled as he nodded his agreement.


“Does he?” asked Natalie. “I mean does he really? Doesn’t he just do

what you tell him to do?”


Karl’s eyebrows raised as if negotiating a tricky situation. “Well, I…

I wouldn’t say that, I’d say that he makes a lot of decisions at work.”


“Natalie, what are you saying?” laughed Michael. “Perhaps you’ve had too

much wine.”


Natalie glared at her husband reproachfully then turned back to his

boss. “But really, Karl, I know he has to work out how to do things, but

from what I hear, in the end you tell him what he has to do, am I



Karl fixed his expression on Michael now, apparently slightly amused.

“Well I suppose you do have a point there, Natalie. Perhaps I should cut

his pay!” Michael laughed at the lame joke, wishing that the earth would

open up and swallow him.


“And yet he gets back here and it’s always ‘Natalie, why do I have to

decide everything!’, ‘Natalie, I wish you’d accept more



Despite his anger and embarrassment, Michael was actually very impressed

by the way his boss was reacting to the situation. He hadn’t looked

ruffled at any point, even though Natalie was really making a scene now.



“Look Natalie, it’s very difficult for men these days,” said Karl.


“Oh, I’m sure it’s terrible!” sniggered Natalie.


Karl laughed with her for a moment then carried on. “No, it really is! I

mean at work, we are expected, no required, to treat women as our



“Are you saying that is wrong?” interrupted Natalie. Michael tried to

find a way back into the conversation in but his boss and his wife

seemed to be ignoring him.


“No, not at all! Of course that’s the way it should be, but then there

are other women who like to maintain a more… traditional role.”


“Like me for instance?”


“Well, I don’t know, possibly,” Karl continued diplomatically. “That’s

not for me to say, is it?”


“I think that…” began Michael.


“So what ARE you saying exactly?” continued his wife to Karl, cutting

off her husband.


“What I’m saying is that your husband spends all day at work surrounded

by career women who expect, no demand to be treated as equals, and then

he has to switch every-time he comes home through the door. Maybe

sometimes he… lets say… forgets. I mean it’s not so easy.”


Natalie was impressed by Karl, by his grasp of the situation and how he

was dealing with their tiff, as if the normal rules of society had been

written for a lesser man. It felt like it was the first time she had met

someone who got right to the issue, could really see what the problem

was. She found herself transfixed by the way his large hands moved

confidently through the air as he spoke.


Michael looked on miserably as she stared at Karl, eyes wide. Michael

was trying to remember a time when he had felt more humiliated. Spurred

on by his new fan, Karl continued.


“I think the traditional roles of man and woman are really changing,

lets say evolving. I’ve seen plenty of couples where the women are going

out to work while their husbands stay at home, looking after the



“I’ve heard a lot about women like that, but I’ve never actually met

them,” said Natalie


Michael saw his opportunity to contribute. “Yes you have, what about

Cathy at the office? Her husband has been looking after the children at

home for two years.”


“That’s right,” confirmed Karl.


“Cathy?” asked Natalie trying to place the name, then she remembered.

“Oh, her… and him, well yes… but… well!”


Karl smiled. “What do you mean?”


Natalie stared at her glass and rotated the stem in her fingers. “Well,

I don’t like to say bad things about people… but…” She raised her

eyes to Karl. “That guy is such a drip, don’t you think?”


“Steve is actually a very interesting and intelligent guy,” said



“He is,” agreed Karl then started to chuckle. “But I sometimes wonder

who wears the ‘trousers’ in that relationship.” He emphasized the word

trousers by making inverted commas in the air with his fingers. “And who

wears the ‘skirt’!” Michael laughed at his boss’s joke even though it

inwardly terrified him. He looked over at his wife, Natalie was also

laughing. Perhaps he was safe.


The moment ended and the three were silent for couple of seconds.


Natalie got up from the table and sighed a contented sigh. “Yes. Michael

would like that.” Karl looked at her confused while Michael tried to

die. “I’ll get the desert,” said Natalie as she went to the kitchen.

Michael sat there for a second feeling his face burning red while he

felt Karl watch. He decided he needed to get out of the room.


“I’ll clear some plates!”


In the kitchen, Natalie was scooping cream onto the side of three

chocolate cakes. Michael walked over to her and whispered, “What the

hell are you doing? What you just said then, I think he heard you know?”


“Oh don’t worry, Michael,” she whispered back. “You think he cares? I

think a man like that has got more interesting things to worry about

than your panty collection.”


Hearing those words made Michael feel as if he had been punched in the

stomach. “Look, please, I’m begging you Nat, I need this promotion, you

need me to get this promotion.”


Natalie rounded on him defiantly. “No I don’t, I don’t care!”


“But the pay is a big increase.” Natalie looked at her husband with

despair and leaned closer to hiss at him.


“How many times do I have to tell you Michael, I don’t care about your

money.” She leaned still closer her eyes half closing in contempt.

“Perhaps you’re saving up for a little Gucci dress, or some expensive

heels or something?” Michael’s mouth opened and shut like a fish.

Natalie didn’t wait for a reply. “I’m going through.” And walked back

into the dining room. Michael took a couple of deep breaths and followed



Time to change the subject. He needed to change the subject. What would

he talk about? Golf. He knew Karl played golf, that must be a safe

subject. He tried desperately to drag something up about golf from his

memory but before he could get anything Karl started speaking again.


“You know, you can make jokes about that kind of thing, but when I was

at University I used to share a house with a guy called Simon who really

was a transvestite!” ‘Oh shit,’ thought Michael to himself.


Natalie looked at Karl with wide open eyes, apparently in shock, mock

shock as Michael understood, as she took her spoon from her mouth.


“Really?” then she turned to her husband. “Isn’t that extraordinary

Michael? A transvestite!”


Karl continued his story. “Well we didn’t know when we moved in with

him, but one time not long after we had moved in together, we got back

early from a weekend in the mountains and there he, well ‘she’ was on

the couch watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Karl smiled at the memory.

“I’ll never forget, there were two Audrey Hepburns in the room, one on

the screen and one on the couch, complete with little black dress, high

heels, long gloves and cigarette holder!” Natalie slapped her hands on

the table and laughed loudly at this, too loudly. Michael tried to laugh

and found he couldn’t. In fact he found he could barely smile any more.

Karl went on…


“I remember, I looked at my other flat mate, David, the one I had been

away for the weekend with and we looked back at Simon. Simon stopped the

movie and looked up at us and I remember he said, ‘OK guys, I’ll be out

of the house in a week, I’ll pay rent until you can find a replacement.

Just don’t judge me, OK?’ But my friend David, he just sat down next to

him on the couch and said, ‘Your mascara’s running’ and then he picked

up the remote and turned the film back on!” Natalie was smiling at the

nice story.


“So did you stay with him for long after that?”


“Oh yeah, another two years, and it was great for a while. But then…



“What?” asked Natalie apparently fascinated.


“Well it all got a bit weird. Weird and… and intense really, I… I

don’t think this is the place to talk about it.”


“No, please go on Karl,” encouraged Natalie, “we’re very open minded

about these kinds of thing.” She turned to her husband who was glaring

at her. “Aren’t we Michael?” Michael felt that he needed to deny that.


“Well, I mean…” He looked up at his boss who was staring at him. “Up

to a point…” His boss continued to stare at him, waiting for him to

finish or continue or something while his wife just smiled at him

deliriously, Michael cleared his throat before finishing,



Karl looked slightly confused. “Well… uh… OK. It’s a very strange

story though.” He turned to Michael. “And, I know I can trust you to

keep it quiet. I haven’t told anybody else at work, so…”


Michael interrupted him, slightly annoyed, “Oh come on Karl, you know

you can trust me by now.”


Karl looked guilty. “I know, I know. I’m sorry. But when you hear the

story….well, OK. One weekend it was Simon’s turn to clean the house,

and anyway, he had bought himself this French maid’s uniform.” Karl

turned directly to Michael. “You know that these cross-dressers seem to

love that kind of thing, don’t you?”


Michael swallowed and tried to chuckle, “Um… I guess”


“They certainly do,” said Natalie, not looking at Michael. Karl looked

at her quizzically. “Go on, Karl”


“Well anyway, he was prancing about the house in this uniform, and we

decided to play along, I mean we were never really bothered by his

dressing, it was just a joke to us, at the time. So we kind of pretended

to inspect his work. We followed him into the bathroom and David said

‘This mirror isn’t clean enough Simone.’ (that’s what he liked us to

call him, Simone) Anyway, he started to polish the mirror like there was

no tomorrow, I mean until it was perfect, then he turned back to David

with this huge smile on his face and said, ‘Is that better, sir?'”


Natalie nearly spat out her wine laughing, Michael tried to join her.

“And so we said, trying not to laugh you understand, ‘Yes that’s much

better Simone, thankyou.’ Anyway, to cut a long and very funny story

short, it turned out that he loved being set little tasks to do around

the house. In fact, we made sure he did all the cleaning from that day



“NO!” said Natalie, incredulous.


“I’m deadly serious, Natalie. Every Sunday, we would just sit around

while Simone ran around in his little uniform, fetching us the

newspapers, making us breakfast, and then she, sorry he, would clean the

entire house, the bathroom, the kitchen, even our bedrooms.”


“Your bedrooms, that’s incredible.” Natalie looked at her husband. “I

would kill for an arrangement like that.” She turned back to Karl. “Did

you have to black-mail him or something?”


“No, it was a lot weirder than that. We thought we were going to have to

threaten him with telling everybody on campus, not that it was the

biggest secret you understand. After a few Sundays, he started

complaining, getting lazy, not doing our rooms properly. Anyway, we got

back from the bar this one time, we’d had a few drinks, well a lot of

drinks actually. He was sat there in his uniform smoking and watching

  1. The house was exactly the way it had been the night before, a BIG

mess. Simone said something about not doing all the work anymore, and,

well we’d had a bit to drink you understand, well David grabbed him and

pulled him over his knee and said, ‘We’ll see about that,’ and just gave

him this hard long spanking.”


Natalie was transfixed by the story. “Oh, my god! what, on his ass?”


“Well he was wearing some of those stupid frilly panties, so through



“And what did he do?”


“Well I couldn’t believe it, I thought we were going to get in real

trouble, I mean like real situation. He wailed a bit, and even started

to cry a bit, but a few minutes later he was no his knees scrubbing the



Natalie laughed turned to look at Michael, who was breathing heavily.

“Isn’t that amazing Michael?”


“Yes, incredible,” said Michael quietly.


“From then on we realized that we had to supervise him a bit. I mean not

much, but we arranged it so that we sort of inspected his work at the

end of the Sunday. We usually found some little reason to punish him, if

it was me it was spanking, sometimes with David I got the impression

there was… well… other stuff going on.”


Natalie’s brain raced as she wondered what ‘other stuff’ could mean but

it was the idea of getting him to clean the house which really got her.

“Every single week?” she asked.


“Don’t you think that’s a bit cruel?” said Michael quietly. The other

two looked at him questioningly. “Basically taking advantage of him like



“Well actually, I think he really liked it you know, he certainly got…

well… hard when we spanked him. We use to tease him about that.”


Natalie leant back on her chair. “Oh my god! So I’m trying to picture

it, this is like three boys, 18, 19, one of them dragged up in a French

maid costume.”


“He was pretty convincing, kind of cute!” chuckled Karl.


“How big was he?”


“Oh, I don’t know, not very tall, 5-8 or something, and skinny.”


Natalie smiled at her grey-faced husband. “Like Michael, you mean.”


Karl looked at his employee. “Well… yes, I suppose.” Then he added

jokingly, “But I don’t think Michael’s got a French maid’s uniform

hidden away anywhere!”


Natalie smiled at Michael then at Karl. “Oh no, when Michael cross-

dresses he doesn’t usually get past the lingerie!” Both Natalie and Karl

laughed at this hysterically, while Michael desperately tried to laugh

with them. He felt slightly faint and rather sick.


Natalie started again. “I want to get this picture right in my head,

he’s over the knees of one of you two, being spanked?”


“Yes. If he tried to pretend to fight one of us would hold his arms

while he was over the other’s knees. But I think it was the ordering

around that really kept him under control. He really got off on being

told what to do.”


Natalie turned to her husband and said in a patronizing tone. “You mean

having other people making decisions for him, I know somebody else like

that!” Michael glared back at her.


“Well it’s hardly the same.” he muttered.


“Why not?” asked Clara.


Karl answered her question. “Well Clara, I think you’ll find all men

have slipped into a pair of ladies stockings and high heels at least

once in their life, I certainly have on several occasions, but this was

a different level.”


Clara stared at Karl. “You’ve dressed as a woman?”


“Of course, any man who tells you he hasn’t is probably lying. I’m sure

Michael has too, haven’t you Michael?”


Michael gulped, he was shocked his boss had said this and now he was

unsure how exactly to answer. “Yes, well… sure. A couple of times,” he

muttered. Natalie stared at him and started giggling. He turned red and

looked at her. “What?”


Karl regained the conversation. “But Simone, he would do it every week,

sometimes more than once a week. You’re going to think this is strange,

given that I’ve told you how we basically ended up using him, but I

actually really respected him for that you know. There are so many

people who would just suppress feelings like that and not act on them.

I’m sure that most people are sexually frustrated in one way or another

because they are just too afraid to act out their fantasies. Actually I

think it’s one of the really unhealthy aspects of our society.”


“What, people not doing what they feel like when it comes to sexual

urges?” asked Natalie.


“Yeah,” shrugged Karl, “exactly.”


“But if they’re married and have made a commitment to each other and

their fantasy involves someone else or something the other person is not



“Look, Natalie, I have seen far too many people ruin their lives by

‘doing the right thing’ through some misplaced sense of responsibility.”

He turned to Michael. “There are some feelings that you can’t suppress,

and you’ll probably just end up putting yourself in an early grave if

you do try and suppress them.”


A naughty smile spread across Natalie’s face. “So what’s your ‘thing’

Karl, you’ve obviously spent enough time thinking about it!”


“Who me? Oh I’m afraid I’m a bit boring in the end. I’d say I’ve tried

things, experimented, but when it comes down to the crunch, there’s

nothing that does it for me like taming an attractive, intelligent



“Taming!?” cried Natalie with an expression of disgust on her face-

“Sounds like you’re talking about an animal. What exactly do you mean



“Depends on the woman. Usually it just means seducing, but I like

passionate women who want… who need to be dealt with… passionately.

I like to know that if I am with a woman, she only has time for me.”


“Oh, so you’re the possessive type,” cooed Natalie. “Doesn’t that just

mean you’re insecure?”


Karl grinned at the rude question. “I’ll admit that I’m a control freak,

perhaps it’s neurotic, but it’s not really insecurity.” Karl’s face

cracked into a jokey smile. “Usually I prefer brunettes as it happens!”

Natalie unconsciously ran her fingers through her jet black hair and

blushed slightly as Michael watched in horror. Karl turned to Michael.

“But don’t worry Mike, I think you’re safe!”


Natalie sighed and smiled then leaned over to her husband and looked at

him in the eyes. “Well sometimes I wish I could get rid of him, but

unfortunately, I love him.” And she kissed him on the forehead.


Michael was not expecting to hear this from his wife, she had been

flirting almost openly with his boss, but when he heard these words

after the week of arguments they had had with each other he was filled

with emotion. He shook slightly as he replied. “I love you too,

Natalie,” he said, his voice cracking with emotion.


“Told you!” said Karl, warmly. “I guess I’ll have to keep on looking.”


All three of them started laughing at this. The tension in the room

suddenly dropping for the first time in what felt like hours to Michael.

Karl took another sip of wine while Natalie refilled her and Michael’s

glasses. Karl put down his glass.


“Yes, so my ‘thing’ is very boring, but you’d be amazed how many people

are into the same thing as our friend Simon.” Karl turned to Michael.

“Pete Rivers for example.” Now it was Michael’s term to stop himself

from spitting his wine out on the table cloth.


“W-what, Rivers?” he spluttered while Karl nodded gravely. “He’s into

dressing as a woman?”


Michael turned fully to address Michael conspiratorially. “No, he’s not

one of them, he’s into them.”


“Do you mean this guy from the contract?” asked Natalie.


“The very same. Our biggest customer by a long way. Michael manages his

account, but it’s me who had to entertain him when he was in town, and

the only thing he wanted to do as soon as work was over was to go that

girly-boy revue down in that nightclub by the sea front.”


“What, ‘The Pink Flamingo’?” asked Michael.


Karl looked astounded. “YOU KNOW IT?!” Michael looked uncomfortable.


“Well, I heard about it…” he spluttered.


“That place is something else.” He turned to Natalie. “I have to admit,

I’m not normally freaked out, but I had the weirdest time there.” He

turned back to Michael. “Some of the acts were extremely disturbing,

those girls – boys whatever you want to call them.” Winking at Natalie

he added jokily, “Took me right back to my student days.”


Michael desperately wanted to know more about saw Pete Rivers – the

rude, macho, nasty piece of work he’d been having to ass-kiss for

months. For the past year, his job had consisted almost entirely of

getting this guy to re-order for the next year, preferably increasing

his numbers. He had only spoken to him earlier that day and was

confident of getting his signature for the next year’s contract over the

weekend. “So Rivers, he was into it?”


“Michael, if you had seen some of those girls, you might have been

interested too, but yes, he was really into it.” Karl leant forward so

that he could speak more quietly for effect. “And let’s just say he

arrived with me, but left with someone else…”


Natalie said, “What, he went off with a… In front of you? Wasn’t he



“Hardly. He let me pay for it.”


“What?” spluttered Michael.


“Oh, I offered.”


Natalie looked disgusted and Karl put his hands up in the air. “Yes, I

know, I know. What do you do though? Listen.” Karl’s face became

extremely earnest. “It would not be an exaggeration to say that with the

money tied up in the new expansion, the new site, I’d have to sack more

than half the work force without a renewal of the Rivers contract. He is

a nasty piece of work, he likes to feel that he is manipulating people.”



‘Isn’t that what you said you like to do?’ Ttought Michael to himself.


Karl continued, “Personally I would never go to a sex worker, because

I’d be scared of exploiting them, but this girl-guy-tranny-whatever

seemed to enjoy his work and anyway, this contract…”


“Hold on, you said, ‘some of them.’ Don’t you think they’re all being

exploited? All kinds of prostitutes?” asked Natalie.


Michael looked at her and hesitated before saying, “Not all of them. I

think there are a minority that… how can I say… get a kick out of

the situation.” He saw Natalie’s eyes light up with outrage and he held

his hands in the air again. “Of course for the majority it’s a living

hell, but some of them…. Anyway, I’m not going to feel guilty because

I can tell you right now I have never paid for sex for myself. I have

met a few though. Once when I was in the city, I hired one for the

night, just to talk to.”


Natalie stared at him. “Oh, and you slept on the couch?”


“Yes! As a matter of fact I did!” Karl leant back, proud with himself.


Michael was finding out more than he felt he wanted to know about his

normally distant boss, but he felt that he ought to act as if he was

interested in what he was saying. He WAS actually interested, but Karl’s

openness also made him feel uncomfortable and vulnerable, vulnerable

because he was worried that he might be expected to tell all about his

private life, which of course he could not. Karl might then think that

Michael had even dirtier little secrets to hide, which of course he did.

‘Anyway,’ thought Michael to himself, ‘let’s try and feign interest.’

“So when you were… chatting… with this lady of the night,” he said.

“She told you that she enjoyed her job?”


“Yes, she was an expensive one of course, so that probably made a big



Natalie seemed to be oscillating between horror and interest. “what I’ve

never been able to understand is how those girls deal with it when they

have to let some fat, sweaty, ugly old man put his hands all over them,

inside them.. uurgh.” Natalie shivered.


“That’s what I wanted to know. So I asked her. She was in her mid

twenties, was called Lucy and she was extremely attractive.”


Michael chipped in, “Lucy’s normally quite a posh name isn’t it?”


“She was very well educated actually. She said that firstly, because of

her fee, they generally turned out to be clean, I mean washed. But, I

said, still, it must be pretty strange. Anyway, she went a bit quiet for

a while, so I just plied her with wine to see if I could get her to talk

a bit more, I remember, she preferred wine to champagne, that really

surprised me about her, and the bottle she ordered from room service…

well, she really knew her wine. Anyway, she became more talkative later

on and then I got a bit more out of her. It turned out that she had been

in an S&M relationship when she had been very young with one of her

father’s friends, and she had ended up going round at parties and

servicing old men by the dozen.”


“Urgh. And enjoying it? I always knew the upper classes were sick,” said



“Well she said that the humiliation did it for her. She said that

everybody in the room could see that she was disgusted at what she was

about to do, but they could also see that she was so easily turned on by

anything sexual that they knew that she was a slut (her words, not mine)

and that they knew that she knew that they knew etc. The whole thing

only made her think about sex more and get more excited at being used by

those old men. She said that she felt helpless and that turned her on.”


“So it’s the same thing as before, she enjoyed being told what to do,”

said Natalie.


“Yes, but it was her own reaction to the situation that turned her on

more. She was a slave to her own libido as much as she was a slave to

the men,” said Michael, his speech now slurring slightly. He suddenly

became self conscious about his familiarity with the emotions. ‘Fuck

it,’ he said inwardly to himself. ‘Karl doesn’t want to promote a

pussy,’ he thought using some drunk logic and carried on. “That made her

want the men more, because that was an act of surrendering to her urges,

which is the ultimate turn on.” Looking up, he noticed that the other

two were staring at him in surprise. “What?”


“Do you have something that you would to tell us about Michael?”

chuckled Karl.


“Oh, Michael has all sorts of hidden depths,” smiled his wife winking at



“I’m coming to the conclusion that everybody interesting that I have met

in life, certainly my closest friends, each of them has some kind of…

I don’t know… how can I put it… trait or something that they do that

a bishop would find obscene…” said Karl smiling.


Natalie started laughing.


“I like that,” said Karl, nodding at Michael.


Natalie was giggling good naturedly. Michael was gratified to see his

wife so glowing like the first time he had met her, especially after the

last months of fighting.


Karl turned to her. “So I’m doing all the talking, what about you

Natalie? What turns you on?”


Michael’s relief died away at this. ‘Please don’t say anything,’ he

thought to himself. He was less bothered about his wife letting his boss

know what turned her on than the fact that if she did, it would be his

turn next, and then…


Natalie smiled at Karl with a naughty expression on her face. “AND Why

should I do that?” she said playfully.


“Oh come on, that’s not fair. I told you!!” joked Karl.


“Hardly. The word ‘taming’ is about all we know. What do you do, I mean

do you dress up like a lion tamer and approach her slowly with a whip in

one hand and a chair in the other?”


Karl thought that this was very funny. Natalie was in one of her

sarcastic moods Michael thought to himself. It was a very risqué

conversation and he was glad that his wife had re-assured him with that



She continued, “Or do you put a collar and a leash on her and make her

sit up and beg in the garden?”


Karl laughed out loud at this, he seemed to like that one.


“Natalie, you’re kinky! If I’d told you I’d done the second one and I’d

like to try the first, you wouldn’t believe me!”


“No I wouldn’t.” smiled Natalie.


Karl shrugged. “Anyway you’re avoiding the question! Come on, tell me!”


‘Don’t say anything darling, you’re doing just fine,’ thought Michael to



“Well…” began Natalie, sounding like a kid in a sweet shop about to



“Ah, don’t be mean to her Karl, she doesn’t have to tell you anything!”

spoke up Michael.


Natalie waved her hand at him, smiling. “No, no, it’s OK darling, I

think it’s funny actually.” She turned to Karl. “Well, you know, the

usual.” She shook her head from side to side as she spoke as if she was

talking about curtains. “Strong confident men…”


“Strong… confident…” repeated Karl, pretending to write the words

down in an imaginary note book.


Natalie laughed. “Stop being silly,” she slurred.


Michael rolled his eyes to the ceiling, his wife was really drunk now.

“Strong confident men, and then a few fantasies, you know. The usual.

Being rescued from a burning building by a nice young, strong,

preferably topless fireman.” They all laughed, she went on. “You know,

all the usual stuff, the odd little rape fantasy…” Michael did spit

out some of his wine, and then felt around the table for a cloth while

he tried not to choke on the rest.


“Hold on, rape fantasy?” said Karl.


“Oh, you know, obviously it’s silly, but the idea of being forced by an

attractive stranger, or somebody I saw on the street.” Michael

remembered the nights, long ago, the aggressive sex that had turned them

both on so much. He suddenly saw an opportunity to prove his manliness

to Karl.


“I thought you’d grown out of having me bend you over picnic tables in

dark parks, darling!”


“Wow!” said Karl, shaking his head in genuine surprise. Natalie raised

her eyebrows at him and nodded. The she turned to Michael.


“Well I can’t really take you too seriously as a rapist anymore, can I



“What do you mean?” said Michael, offended. Karl sniggered at his hurt



“Well, we’ve been married for 4 years! And besides…”


“What?” asked Michael,


Natalie turned fully to face him. “Well… you know!” she said

conspiratorially. Michael felt empty as he thought about the wild sex

that they used to have. It was the first time it had occurred to him

just how much their sex life had deteriorated since then.


Karl turned to Michael. “And what about you, esteemed colleague! What

gets you all hot under the collar?” he said winking at Natalie, who



Michael got up from the table shakily. “Oh, I don’t know,” he tried to

say as dismissively and finally as possible. “I’ll go and put some

coffee on.”


“Ah hah! trying to wriggle out of it I see,” croaked Karl, sounding like

a pirate for some bizarre reason which Natalie found hilarious, of

course. She looked at Michael searchingly with a glint in her eye, her

arms folded. He met her gaze and acknowledged it with a short lifting of

his eyebrows, pretending not to understand the significance of her



“Do you both want coffee?”


“I want brandy!” declared Natalie loudly. “And Karl will have some too,

won’t you Karl?” she said to her new drinking buddy.


“Well, if you’re going to have some, it would be rude to say no…”


“Yes it would,” nodded Natalie, still staring at her husband, waiting…


“Right then,” said Michael, his quiet voice contrasting with the mood of

the other two. “I’ll see what I can find.”


He smiled and walked into the kitchen. Once through the door he took a

deep breath and started to make the coffee as slowly as possible. He

could hear giggling next door as they made each other laugh in turn,

then after a minute or so it went quiet. Michael put his ear to the door

and tried to hear what was going on over the noise of the coffee

machine. He heard them whispering to each other, were they talking about

him? Then he was relieved to hear more giggling. He heard Natalie coming

to the door just in time for him to get out of the way and stand at the

coffee machine. She walked into the room and came up from behind him,

wrapping her arms around his waist.


“Are you alright my love?” she whispered in his ear.


“Sure!” he smiled. “Just making the coffee.” Michael closed his eyes as

his wife nibbled his ear lobe.


“What are you going to say?” she asked.


Michael’s eyes opened and he stared at the ceiling. “What do you mean?”


Natalie’s hands moved inside the front of his trousers and rubbed him

slowly through the thin satin of his very pink, very feminine panties.

“You know what I mean. It’s your turn darling!”


“I really don’t know what you mean!” he lied.


“Come on Michael, you know what I mean. It’s your turn to tell us about

what pushes your buttons!”


“Oh that stupid conversation. I can’t be bothered with that,” said

Michael, feeling himself get hard.


“Do you like this baby?” whispered Natalie in his ear, rubbing her

fingers up and down his cock.


“You know I do,” breathed Michael pushing himself against her hands as

best as he could.


“I think you should tell him…”


“Tell him what?” asked Michael dreamily.


Natalie increased the pressure on his penis. “Oh you know what I mean,

about your taste in underwear.”


Michael maneuvered away from his wife so that he could face her and her

hands were out of his trousers. “Are you mad?!” he hissed furiously.


“He obviously won’t mind, he told that story about his flat mate. You

heard what he said, he admires people who have the balls to do their own

thing. Anyway, after all this build up he’ll be able to tell if you are

lying if you say something else, and then he’ll just think you’re a



“Natalie, that’s my BOSS in there! Your flirting is one thing…”


“Flirting?!” said Natalie, putting her hands on her hips and setting her

eyes. Michael couldn’t believe she was acting surprised about this but

he didn’t have time to have that argument.


“Whatever, look I’m not telling him about…” He waved his hands around

in the air. “Any of… that… stuff… That’s between me and you.”


“I wish it was between you and you,” spat his wife at him. “I can’t

believe you accused me of flirting,” she hissed.


“Of course you were flirting! God you were oozing all over each other!”

he whispered. Michael suddenly realized he needed to diffuse the

situation “But look, I don’t care about that.”


“You say I’m flirting with your boss and you don’t care?”


“No, I didn’t mean…”


“I bet you’d encourage me to sleep with him if it’d mean that you got

this fucking promotion!” his wife whispered venomously.


Michael felt them rolling down the hill towards another row. He knew the

routine so well by now, and he knew that nothing could stop it from



“Natalie!” implored Michael. “Please, I love you! Don’t say things like

that, I would never want you to sleep with another man.”


Michael watched his wife stalk around the kitchen opening cupboard doors

and slamming them shut again, having forgotten where the brandy was in

her alcohol fuelled rage. He knew better than to try and talk to her any

more right now. Finally she found the bottle and stormed towards the

door, putting her hand up to open it and then pausing and turning to



“If you love me so much you’ll tell him about your stupid dressing.”


“W-what…” stammered Michael, failing to see any connection.


“Tell him! Be a man for once. Prove to me that you love me, Prove to me

that you care more about me than a fucking promotion. Me! Your Wife!



“B-but Natalie, darling, that doesn’t make any sense.”


“Yes it does. You’ve treated me like dirt for months, god knows why I

didn’t walk out a year ago. It’s just been ‘promotion this’ ‘promotion

that’ It’s been HELL, Michael! You don’t seem to care about my feelings



Michael felt like the floor was dropping away from him. Natalie took a

step closer to him and her voice became softer.


“Michael, I need to know that you’d risk losing everything for me.”


Michael was horrified to see his wife was deadly serious.


“I really need to know. In fact… yes. I’ve had it. I’m at the end of

the line. If you don’t tell him, I’m moving out first thing in the



Michael’s throat ran dry “…Natalie, I-I”


“…and I won’t come back. And you know that I’m 100% serious, don’t



Michael wavered.


“Don’t you?” his wife repeated.


“Yes,” he answered, he did know.


“OK, so do it,” ordered his wife as she took the bottle from the room.


Michael started to move towards his retreating wife. “Nat…” he began

but cut his sentence off as she opened the door and went through it,

leaving it to shut in his face.


Michael stood in the kitchen staring at the blank white door, his head

spinning. He remained motionless for some time, the sounds of

conversation and laughter from the next room seemed to come from a

million miles away.


‘OK, get a grip on yourself Michael,’ he told himself. Breathing deeply

he smoothed down his trousers and turned to get the jug of coffee that

he had brewed. He picked it up with one hand and immediately put it back

down when he saw that his hand was shaking so much that he was going to

drop it. He brought both of his hands to his face and swore quietly, ‘Oh

god, oh god, oh god…’ repeating the words as if they would make

everything stop. He felt himself rocking and held a hand out to grip the

kitchen surface, feeling that he might fall down.


“Michael! Are you coming through?” he heard his wife shout out.


“J-just a minute!” he found himself replying. He let go of the surface

and moved towards the door, stopping before he got there. He felt like

he could barely stand up.


‘Am I really going to go through with this?’ he thought to himself. ‘Am

I really about to walk in there and tell my boss that I dress up as a



“He’ll sack me,” whispered Michael to himself. ‘He’ll sack me and

everybody in the business will find out about it, and I’ll be finished.’


Then he thought about the alternative, about losing Natalie… While he

hated her for putting him in this situation, he knew he deserved it.

Anyway, even if he didn’t tell his boss, she’d probably make a huge

scene, maybe tell him herself, and then leave him anyway. He thought

about the things Karl had said about the time when he found his flatmate



‘I guess it won’t be so bad,’ he tried to convince himself. ‘Who am I

kidding,’ he thought. ‘Oh well, perhaps it’s time to switch career

anyway.’ With that thought he gritted his teeth and headed towards the

door, barely able to remember how to walk.


The two were sharing a joke as he entered the room, but they raised

their heads as he entered. “You took your time, where’s the coffee?”

Natalie asked, smiling.


“I-I decided to go for brandy instead.”


“I knew you would, so I already poured you one.” Natalie pointed to a

very large brandy she had placed in front of Michael’s seat. He sat down

and took a big gulp, not worried so much about his hands visibly shaking



Natalie watched him smiling for a few seconds “somebody’s thirsty…”

she purred then she turned her head “Karl, I forgot, what were we

talking about before Michael went to not get the coffee?”


‘Bitch,’ thought Michael to himself. ‘Why do I love you so much, when

you are such a bitch!’


“Oh yes,” said Karl. “I forgot. Isn’t it Michael’s turn to tell us what

deviant sexual practices turn him on?”


“You’re right,” said Natalie, turning to her husband. “So… Michael ?”


Michael took another gulp of whisky as his heart rate rocketed. He tried

to meet the gaze of the other two but he was unable to. “I’m… I’m…

well, uh, listen I like… well… I mean it’s funny, what you were

talking about earlier…”


Karl just stared at him confused. Michael heard the blood rushing in his

ears. “I mean about… about um your friend. At university.” The point o

no return.


“Yes?” said Karl slowly


“Well I’m like that, I mean I’m not like that, I don’t want to clean the

house or anything. But… from time to time… very occasionally you

understand. I have been known to crossdress.” Michael rose his face to

look at the other two, who were both staring at him “…a bit.”  Karl

was looking shocked and Natalie was beaming at Michael, she mouthed the

words ‘I love you’ silently.


Suddenly Karl started laughing loudly. “Oh that’s great Michael, you

really had me there for a minute!”


Michael smiled back at him, realizing that he had just won. He had

proved to his wife that he would risk everything for her and now Karl

didn’t believe him anyway! He turned to Natalie and smiled and she

smiled back at him joyfully, ‘I’m right, that’s enough for her,’

realized Michael with joy.


“It’s all true, Michael owns more lingerie than I do,” said Natalie

suddenly. Karl stopped laughing. Natalie was staring at Michael, the

smile just as bright. “And on Friday nights, he puts on his make up and

his wig and his lingerie and he… has his fun,” she said as if it was

matter of fact. There was no question now. The open way his wife had

delivered these lines left no room for doubt. ‘Bitch!’ thought Michael



“My god,” said Karl, shocked. “My god Michael.” He started to smile. “I

never would have thought… you’re the last person…”


Michael swallowed hard. He didn’t know what to say.


Karl continued, turning to Natalie, “So he gets dressed up, and then you

guys have sex together or something?”


Natalie, who was in the middle of taking a gulp of brandy, waved her

hand in the air and shook her head at hearing this, then taking the

glass from her mouth and swallowing she said, “No, no, no!” She looked

at Karl as if he was slightly mad. “If he’s been a really good boy I

might tie him up – that’s what he likes, to be tied up.”


She explained to Karl before turning back to her husband, “Isn’t it

sweety?” Michael didn’t answer, he was trying to avoid the gaze of his

boss. He was praying to Aliens to abduct him.


“And if he’s been a really, really good boy, I might give him… well…

you know… a handjob through his panties,” she continued explaining to

Karl. “But I’m not going to have sex with him when he’s…” she said

rapidly, as if she really wanted Karl to understand.


Michael felt physically sick, he felt like the room was very large and

he was very small and far away from the other two. It reminded him of

the times when he was a student and had smoked pot after drinking too

much alcohol, he kept managing to convince himself that things were OK,

but then he would suddenly realize that they were not OK, and he was

still in trouble.


All the time he could see his wife continuing to talk about him,

gleefully exposing all of his deepest darkest secrets to the person in

the world he least wanted to know about them, while his boss regarded

him with an expression he’d never seen before, some mix of shock,

concern and amusement.


“Stop,” said Michael. Natalie turned to him as if she had forgotten he

was there.


“Sorry dear?”


“Stop it. … stop talking about me.”


“I was just telling…”


“Please Natalie, just stop it. Now.” Michael turned to his boss and

decided to try and see if he could retrieve any aspect of his career.


“Karl, I didn’t want to tell you, to embarrass you like this, but

Natalie forced me to…”


Karl interrupted him. “Michael I’m not embarrassed at all.”


Michael looked surprised and closed his mouth. “You’re not?”


“No, intrigued perhaps… I never thought of you as being anything other

than… well you know, competent at your job. Frankly I’m impressed that

you’re so interesting.”


Natalie stared at Michael smugly. “I told you he wouldn’t mind!”


“Of course I don’t mind. I’m just trying to imagine what you look like!”



Michael blushed, his wife answered for him. “Oh, he’s quite cute, he’s

got a little blonde wig, he wears pink satin stuff mainly.”


Michael cringed again at the details. Natalie turned to him. “Why don’t

you show him Michael?”


“NO WAY!” blurted out Michael in a terrified tremor which made the other

two burst into laughter. Michael sat there watching them laugh and

realized that they were not disgusted, that they did not instantly hate

him, that they could sympathise with him, at least a little. He felt

much lighter and started to giggle along with them a bit. Karl managed

to stop himself from laughing long enough to speak again


“Seriously, that’s a shame Michael, I’d love to have a look.” Michael

smiled back at him uncertainly.


“No, I..I really don’t want to do that,” he said.


Natalie reached her hand across the table to hold his. “Oh go on

sweetheart, it would be fun!” she said encouragingly.


“Go on, Michael, then we could all sit around and drink some more

brandy. I bet you don’t get much chance to dress in front of strangers.”



Michael’s heart ran at the thought of that, but he held his hands up to

stop them.


“No. Listen, thanks, I really mean it, for being so understanding and

everything, but I really feel I’ve gone way too far just by talking

about it, and I wish we could just move on.”


“Oh don’t be such a stick in the mud darling, come on, you only live

once! We could have a great party.”


“She’s right,” smiled Karl.


“PLEASE, leave it, you guys!” implored Michael, starting to feel nervous

again. “Just change the subject.”


His wife muttered, “Killjoy,” under her breath and took some more

brandy. The three of them went quiet for some time while they drank some

more, unsure of what to say next. It was Karl who broke the silence.


“Has she got a name?” he asked Natalie casually.


“Tamara,” smiled Natalie, ignoring Michael who was trying to shush her.


“Tamara!” repeated Karl, looking at Michael drunkenly. “That’s a

beautiful name.” Suddenly he rose from his chair. “I would like to

propose a toast.”


Natalie smiled and got to her feet, then the two of them looked at

Michael and waited for him to join them, which he did, getting up slowly

and resignedly. “To Tamara, even though I shall never meet her!” The

other two clicked their glasses with his. Michael started to feel

paranoid, both of the others were staring at him as if they expected him

to do or to say something. He really wanted this night to be over.


“Well, I don’t know about you, but is anyone else getting tired?”

Michael looked from his boss to his wife questioningly. Natalie looked

at him blankly.


“No, not really. Just starting to have fun, actually darling!” Natalie

turned to Karl. “You aren’t going to desert me are you Karl?” said

Natalie, slurring the desert into ‘dej-jurt’.


“Not while you have more of this brandy,” smiled Karl to her. “Don’t

tell me that you are calling it a night already Michael?”


Michael tried to smile. “NO, no I just didn’t want you to feel that you

had to stay or… or anything.”


Karl leaned back in his chair like a contented cat. “Oh, I’m fine

thanks, Michael.” Natalie giggled a little at this, confusing Michael.

He decided to try and get a few minutes to himself to see if he could

make sense of things. Perhaps get a grip on the situation.


“That’s great then. I’m just going to the bathroom,” said Michael and

scurried off upstairs. He sat on the toilet with his head in his hands

trying to make sense of the night. He couldn’t believe Natalie had

forced him to tell his boss about his cross-dressing. Why had she done

that? He understood that it was a test of his love for her, and also he

admitted to himself that he had been treating her badly over the last

months. But when he had told Karl and he hadn’t believed him, she had

insisted on making sure that he did. Surely he had already proved

himself to her? Michael decided that she must have been drunk and the

alcohol had impaired her judgment.


Michael then heard his wife running up the stairs outside the bathroom

door and going into their room. He heard rummaging and then he heard her

leave their room. “Natalie, what are you doing?” He heard her pause

outside the bathroom door


“Just showing Karl something.”


“What?” Michael heard his wife sigh and tut.


“Photos. Michael. Wedding photos, is that OK?”


“Wedding photos? Uh, I suppose so. If you think he’d be interested.”


Michael wondered why on earth she was showing him wedding photos,

especially after the risquŽ conversation themes that had gone on this

evening. However then it occurred to him that it might help remind them

that Natalie was married to Michael. He was painfully aware that his

wife was still flirting with Karl, and the admission had only seemed to

encourage her.


The implications of Karl knowing about his dressing entered his mind

again from behind a cloud of denial. He couldn’t believe that his boss

seemed to be so understanding, he almost wished that he wasn’t and that

he had sacked him in disgust. The way things had turned out, he was

going to have to face Karl at work with the knowledge that he would be

thinking of his dressing. Michael didn’t know how he was going to be

able to cope with that.


Michael sighed and flushed the toilet, washed his hands and trudged down

the stairs. He heard that Karl and Natalie were now in the living room.

He could hear them talking quietly inside, giggling as they went through

the photo album. He thought about the album, there were couple of funny

photos in there. ‘OK, we can get do this,’ he said to himself, smiled

and opened the door.


There was no photo album.


Karl and Natalie were sat together on the couch with the sports bag

where Michael kept all of his ‘Tamara’ things open between them Karl was

holding up a pair of ridiculously frilly full satin knickers in front of

him as Natalie was examining his recently acquired vibrating butt plug,

with a puzzled expression on her face. Karl noticed his arrival.


“Ah, here she is. Nice stuff you’ve got here Tamara.”


“Is this new darling?” asked Natalie, referring to the black bullet

shaped object in her hand.


Michael immediately moved towards the two of them, but his wife swiftly

picked up the bag of goodies and moved out of his path, holding the bag

behind her and smiling.


“Natalie, give me the bag.”


“Oh come on Michael, we were just having a peek. You won’t put it on for

us, will you?”


Michael moved towards her threateningly, he was livid with rage. Natalie

skipped out of his path giggling and threw the bag over to Karl, then

stood with her arms folded in front of her and a satisfied amused

expression on her face.


Michael turned to see that Karl was holding the bag above his head and

looking at him with a kind of amused ‘just try it’ expression on his

face. The two men stared at each other for a few seconds, then Michael

brought his eyes down to the floor, decided to give up and sat down on

the other side of the room.


Michael sat back on the couch. “I’m sorry we made you angry,” said Karl,

“but I was just telling Natalie how much I’d love to see you dressed and

she asked me if I wanted to see what you wear.”


Michael turned to his wife. “You had no right, Natalie.”


“I had no right?” repeated his wife. “You have no right to make me play

your silly games every week, then refuse me when I want to show somebody

how you look.”


“Leave it Natalie,” said Karl. “I wanted to see Tamara, but if he

doesn’t want to, he doesn’t want to. Lets not push it.”


Everybody remained quiet for a few seconds. Then Natalie added quietly,

“I bet if you said you’d give him that promotion he’d put anything you

wanted on.” Then she raised her face to her husband, “Isn’t that right



Michael scowled at his wife while Karl chuckled. “Natalie don’t be

mean,” said Karl, then he leaned back and smiled at the two of them. “I

know what you are thinking Michael, what’s it going to be like walking

into the office on Monday after tonight,” said Karl smugly. “I agree

it’s going to be a bit strange.” Natalie giggled slightly nervously.

Michael saw Karl’s brows furrow for a moment and then watched as he

leaned forward in his seat. “You know, that gives me an idea.”


“I’m not dressing up while you are here, promotion or no promotion,”

said Michael with finality.


“I’m not talking about that crappy promotion. But I was thinking. You

know that we have been looking for somebody to head up the new office.”


Michael tried to switch back into work mode. The new office was more of

a new set of offices, a large complex and distribution centre that was

being set up on the other side of the country. Karl was looking for

somebody very senior to run the site and was offering an appropriately

huge salary.


“What, are you going to make the applicants dress up in drag to get the

job?” asked Michael aggressively. He was pissed off. He tried to get

control of his emotions and enter into the conversation and pretend not

to be as humiliated as he felt. “Sorry. Who’s on your short-list, all

top MBA people I suppose?”


“I don’t know, have you got an MBA, Michael?”


“What do you mean by that?”


“Well you’re on my list.”


Michael’s throat went dry. “What, I don’t understand, for the Director

of the new site?”


“I don’t believe in CVs Michael, only what I’ve seen with my own eyes,

and I have to say that, thinking about it you are the natural internal

candidate.” Michael had no idea he was being considered for such a huge

post. He knew that he could do it, but he had decided long ago that

ability was not a great indicator of success in business, so he was

shocked by this news.


“I.. I don’t know what to say.”


Karl continued, “In fact, I had the last interview for the external

candidates yesterday. They were good, but I don’t know, I need someone I

can trust over there Michael. Someone who I know will handle the



“Well you know I understand the workings of the company as well as

anybody, Karl.”


“I know, I know.” Karl shifted in his seat. “Listen, Michael, I’m

willing to give you a six month trial as director of the new site. New

car, full salary, everything. If you pull it off, and I think you can,

We can talk about extending that contract afterwards.”


Natalie was listening puzzled. “I don’t understand, what are we talking

about here?”


Karl turned to Natalie. “We’re talking about a factor of three increase

in your husband’s salary.” Michael gulped, this was even more than he

had expected.


“Karl are you serious?” asked Michael.


“Sure. How about it Michael, chances like this don’t come along every

day!” Natalie moved over to sit on her husband’s lap, knowing how

important the moment was for him. She put her arm round him and kissed

him on the forehead.


“Well, yes, of course.. I’m interested.”


“You’d have to clear up this contract business with Pete Rivers before

the end of the month.”


“That will be no problem,” said Michael excitedly. “I was hoping to get

his signature before yesterday, I’m expecting it on my desk Monday

morning.” He looked up at his wife, who smiled back at him.


“That’s great Michael. And I want to meet Tamara. Tonight.”


Natalie held her hand to her mouth and giggled while Michael felt sick



Michael felt himself get angry again. “Karl, don’t make fun of me,

its… its just getting boring.”


“I’m not making fun of you Michael, I like games, you know I do.”


Michael knew that Karl was a gambling man, but this wasn’t gambling.


“It’s just another game but the prize is real. I will give you the job,

you have my word. I just need the Rivers deal to close and I want to

meet Tamara. Tonight,” he repeated.


“But, but why… why do you want to?”


“Because I can Michael, I like that. And if you do it, and get this job,

you’ll be on your way to being in a position where you can make people

do things too. That’s how it works. You know when I was 21 I had to

do… dubious things to get the loan which started my first company?”


“I don’t understand what you are saying Karl, I mean what exactly do you

want from me?”


“NO, I told you. I’m not gay. I just want to see.” Karl turned to

Natalie. “Let’s just say it amuses me. Besides I think you need to

loosen up a little, Tamara!”


“But…” begain Michael. He knew Karl was impetuous but making a

decision about the whole company just for laughs… But he didn’t want

to point that out now did he? “This is all a bit sick isn’t it Karl?”


“Perhaps. Who’s to say? Last time I checked, it’s still my company,”

said Karl flatly.


Natalie turned to her husband gripping one of his hand tightly in both

of hers “Come on darling” she whispered in his ear and then gently

licked it, sending a shiver up Michael’s spine.


“It’s going to be fun,” she said earnestly.




Ten minutes later Michael was standing at the bathroom mirror waiting

for the foundation cream covering his freshly shaved face to dry. His

hands shook as he applied eye shadow and he had to grip his black eye

liner pencil with both hands. The large amount of wine he had drank

meant that he was just about managing to see the fun side of the

situation. All the rules in his life had just been turned upside down.

For some reason which he couldn’t really understand his boss’s strange

sense of humour had changed his dirty little secret, Tamara, into the

one thing that was going to change his life and career around. The

alcohol coursing through his body was making him optimistic about the

whole situation – Natalie had just given the three of them tequila

slammers to celebrate and Michael was starting to get really drunk. He

couldn’t believe how his hands shook as he applied his make up. What was

it going to be like walking out in front of his boss in full dress? He

looked with pride at the reflection in the mirror shook his head and

laughed. Long practice meant that his make up was almost perfect despite

the shaking.


‘He’s going to get the shock of his life,’ he reflected.


Michael was finishing his lips as Natalie knocked on the door and walked

in with the outfit she had selected with Karl. She stopped in her tracks

when she saw him.


“You’re looking perfect…”


She walked over to him and pecked him lightly on his cheek. “…Tamara!”

she whispered, giving a tiny lick to his ear again, knowing just how it

sent him wild. Natalie ran her hand over his smooth shaven body.


Michael shuddered with delight then turned to her smiling. “Are you SURE

this is a good idea, Nat?”


“Oh come on, it’ll be hilarious! I can’t wait to see the look in his

face, and this job, it sounds fabulous!”


“I know,” Michael put his arms around his wife. “Things are going to be

different from now on Natalie, I promise.”


Natalie smiled. “Come on, let’s get you dressed!”


“What have you chosen?” said Michael as he looked down at the clothes

she was carrying.


“Well, I persuaded Karl that we should go for the full on sexy-sissy

look, I think that’s what he had in mind anyway after he’d seen your

collection,” she said matter-of-factly before helping him into his

outfit – pink panties with a smooth satin front and bouncy frills on the

back, the pink chiffon baby doll that came down to his waist, white

hold-up stockings with pink bows on the top, a white lace choker for his

neck and long white satin gloves. Natalie arranged his blond wig with

curly bangs on his head and then he stepped into his white high heels

and she fastened the ankle straps.


Natalie nearly feel over as she stood back and smiled at him, she was

clearly very drunk. “Wow, you look sho shweet darling! Just put these

bracelets on now,” and she picked up two white leather bands.


Michael looked down at them in surprise. “They’re not bracelets, they’re

cuffs sweety.”


“What do you mean?” said Natalie, taking his left wrist in her hand.


“Natalie, how much have you drunk, they’ve got D rings on them, you use

them to tie me up!”


“So what? he won’t notice, and I think they look nice,” said Natalie,

fastening the buckles round his thin wrists.


Michael chuckled, best not to disagree with her when she had drunk this

much. “OK dear, if you say so.” He was feeling the usual light

headedness which overcame him when he dressed.


“I do, and you know the rules, you have to call me ma’am now Tamara,”

she said, drunkenly waving her finger at him.


“Yes ma’am,” sighed Michael.


“There, now look at yourself in the mirror.” The two of them looked in

the mirror at Tamara, the transformation complete, all vestiges of

Michaels masculinity shaved, plucked, stripped and covered away. The two

girls giggled. “OK, I think you’re ready. The back curtains are at the

dry cleaners, so we had to move the party upstairs, we can’t have the

neighbours seeing!”


Michael tried to remember if he had noticed the back curtains not being

there. “Oh, I didn’t notice!”


“Silly Tamara, you wouldn’t notice if aliens landed in the back garden,

would you.”


“No ma’am,” muttered Michael. After all, why would she make that up?


“OK,” said Natalie and opened the bathroom door, “let’s go!” Michael

took a deep breath and followed her down the corridor. The room next to

the bathroom was a large room which served as a study and a spare

bedroom. Natalie opened the door to this room and stood in the open

doorway making a fanfare noise “TA-DA!” Michael shuffled slowly in to

see Karl sitting at the desk, looking at him with a shocked expression

on his face.


“Oh my god, Mi… Tamara,” Tamara smiled and lifted her hands slightly

as she flounced into the room and did a little curtsey. Karl laughed and

got up from his seat. He walked over to the sissy and shook his head

again in disbelief. “Really, you just look incredible my dear.”


“Why thank you,” said Tamara in her best feminine tone. The three of

them laughed again. Karl suddenly grabbed her by the waist with one hand

and used the other to catch her flailing hand, Michael reeled with



“Would you care to dance?” said Karl, suavely.


“Uh?” said Michael throwing a wary glance over his shoulder at Natalie,

who was giggling. “Um…” Karl started to move him round the small bit

of floor between the office stuff and the bed while Michael nervously

tried to keep up in his heels.


“So this is what you do every Friday night?” asked Karl as they waltzed

round the edge of the bed.


“Um, yes, More or less… Not the dancing part though,” said Michael,

desperately trying to stay upright on the heels.


“And then Natalie will tie you up.”


“That’s right,” interjected his wife. “I can show you if you like?”


“Why not!” exclaimed Karl enthusiastically to Michael’s horror.


“I’d rather not,” Michael blurted out rapidly.


“Me thinks the lady doth protest too much” joked Karl, spinning round

Michael faster. Michael tried to catch his wife’s eye, but she seemed to

be doing something.


“No really, I’m OK. Natalie?” he tried to see what she was doing.


“Now now, little lady,” said Karl as if he was talking to a little girl.

“Let’s not have any trouble from you or mummy will have to spank you!”


Suddenly he span Michael round until he was facing his wife and gripped

his fore-arms, holding them out in front of him.


“Natalie!” said Michael as she slipped the padlock through the two wrist

cuffs and a thin chain, which she then handed to Karl. Karl proceeded to

dump Michael on the bed and pull the chain above his head, wrapping it

round the head-board. “No!” exclaimed Michael helplessly, managing to

shake his hair out of his face in time to see his wife locking the chain

to itself with another padlock. Karl and Natalie stood back to admire

their handiwork.


In less than ten seconds, Michael had found his wrists chained together

and fastened via a short length of chain to the top of the bed. He

pouted at his captors sulkily, his face framed by the disheveled curly

locks of his hair.


“My god Michael, you are actually quite hot,” said Karl, panting

slightly from the rapid maneuver.


“Let me go!” shouted Michael pulling against the chain. Natalie sat down

on the bed beside him and stroked the hair out of his face.


“Calm down Michael, he only wanted to see how we play together.”


“Well he’s seen now, you can let me go! I’m serious Natalie!” His wife

started to giggle. “WHAT?” exclaimed Michael.


“Michael, do you know how difficult it is to take you seriously when

you’re dressed like that?” asked Karl, moving round the bed to sit next

to Michael on the other side, holding the tequila bottle. Michael kicked

at him to try and stop him from sitting down but Karl grabbed his legs

just below the knees and Michael suddenly froze at the strange contact,

his eyes filled with fear. “You look very nice indeed;” said Karl as he

slowly slid his hands over Michael knees and round his thighs.


“GET OFF ME!” squealed Michael, provoking bursts of laughter from Karl

and Natalie. Karl did let go. Natalie put her hands on his waist to

reassure him.


“Don’t worry, Karl’s just teasing,” she smiled.


“She’s right, relax and have a drink,” said Karl and offered the open

bottle to Michael, who turned his head away, looking for all the world

like a sulky little girl. Karl reached over and put the bottle on

Natalie’s lips, slowly tilting it back while she drank. Having taken a

gulp, Natalie began to lower her head to stop the flow of tequila, but

Karl reached over with his other hand and kept her chin raised with his

finger, ensuring she took a second gulp. Natalie’s eyes went wide with

alarm at this and once Karl had finally removed the bottle she looked at

him questioningly. Karl ignored her glance.


“So Natalie, why don’t you show me how you spank him?” Michael choked

and Natalie looked confused.


“I told you Karl, I don’t do that”


“Oh, but you should Natalie.” Michael grunted on the bed but both Karl

and Natalie ignored him. “Look I know that you’re not into it, but

that’s because you’re not in control. Even when he’s tied up you are

doing what he wants you to, dancing to his tune. I mean, you could get

him to do anything you want…”


Natalie replied to him, sounding relatively sober, “Karl, let’s just

unchain him and have a drink together, I’m not really sure I’m

interested in going any further.”


“If I told you that you could have him clean the entire house at the

weekend, and he would enjoy it.” Michael turned his face back to Natalie

at this. She started to giggle.


“That would be completely unfair,” she said, to Michael’s relief. “He

works all week, it’s only fair that I do my part round the house.”


“I just said you could make him enjoy it!”


“How?” asked Natalie, starting to get a little irritated. “By having to

follow him around making him come more often? It sounds like more

trouble than just doing the work myself. Certainly less fun.”


“NO, NO. Listen, if you get it right, you could have him toiling away in

his little panties for 6 hours and the only thing he gets in return is,

Oh… I don’t know… maybe you let him lick your shoes for 5 minutes

or… let him get a dirty pair of your panties out of the laundry basket

to smell while he jacks himself off in the corner or something!” Natalie

looked slightly disgusted at the last <!–  –>


“Ugh! are you serious?” she asked.


“100%! You don’t know sissies like I do,” exclaimed Karl. Michael

watched his wife’s face move from disgust to amusement as she turned to

face him.


“Natalie,” said Michael, his voice sounding dry and weak. “I would not

be into that. Let me go now, I’ve had enough of this.” Natalie stroked

his face gently.


“Shhh, sweety.”


“Don’t shush me!” said Michael furiously, pulling his face from her

hand, “Let me go!”


“Are you going to let him talk to you like that?” asked Karl. “After you

play his games every week…”


“Natalie…” implored Michael. Natalie looked worried and confused.


“You know you must have the patience of a saint,” continued Karl. “I

don’t know anyone else who would put up with this…”


Michael began, “Nat, just let me go, I promise, we can give this up,

whatever, just let me…”


“You need to show him that if he wants to play games, he plays them on

your terms, Take Control!” interrupted Karl.


Natalie turned to Karl. “Ülease stop it Karl, I’m too drunk for this.”


Michael saw a chance. “Natalie, let me go now!” Natalie turned to him

with her hand raised as if she was going to slap him.


“And you just SHUT UP!” spat Natalie at Michael, making him recoil in

shock. Karl pulled back slightly and folded his arms, watching in

interest. “Don’t tell me what to do! It’s your fault that you’re in this

situation!” Michael didn’t agree, but he reflected that now was not the

best time for debate. Natalie continued, “Maybe he’s right, maybe I

should get you to do more for me.” Michael’s mouth opened and closed

slowly. Natalie suddenly pounced on him, pushing down on his chest with

one hand and the other moving to the front of his panties where she

started to run her hand up and down on his cock. “What do you think

TAMARA? Would you clean the house just to earn the right to lick my

boots and nothing else? Hmmm?”


The image of kneeling before a leather clad Natalie filled his head.

“I… I…”


“What’s this?” Natalie interrupted and turned to Karl. “You know, Karl I

think he might be getting a little hard.” She turned back to her husband

and brought her face close to his, he could feel the warmth of her

breath on his cheek. “What about the thing he said about my dirty

underwear Michael?” Natalie murmured quietly. “Would you like to sniff

my underwear?”


“Oh come on, Natalie, I bet he’s been sniffing them since day one

whenever he gets a chance!” taunted Karl. Michael swallowed drily, of

course he had spent many happy hours sniffing his wife’s dirty

underwear. A growing sense of panic filled him as he looked at his Wife

and felt her touching him. He wanted Karl to not be there. He felt

himself begin to get hard and he panicked, glancing over his wife’s

shoulder to see Karl smugly watching.


Natalie leaned in and whispered seductively, her hand still slowly

massaging Michael’s growing bulge. “Is that right darling? Have you been

sniffing my panties without my permission?”


Michael felt light headed. “I… well I… No! what do you think I am?”

Suddenly Natalie let go of his penis and grabbed his balls painfully

through the satin. Michael cried out.


“That didn’t sound too convincing!” said Natalie. “HAVE YOU!”


Michael yelped in genuine pain as his wife tightened her vice like grip

on his balls. “TELL THE TRUTH!”


“YES, YES,” cried Michael. Natalie smiled for a second or two then let

  1. Michael panted as Natalie ran her fingers through his hair gently.


“Well Michael, I’m learning all sorts of things about you I didn’t know.

Isn’t Karl clever?” Natalie leaned in again to his face. “Well, I love

you,” she whispered, smiling, “so I won’t make you stop it, even though

it is revolting. However from now on, I’m going to put a lock on my

laundry basket and you will only get given a pair when you have been a

very, very good girl, understand?”


“Yes,” panted Michael.


“Yes what, darling?”


“Yes ma’am.”


“Good.” Natalie kneeled up again and turned to Karl. “So, Mr expert,

anything else I should know about?”


“Oh, lots! But you really should learn how to spank him,” said Karl

matter of factly. “In the end it’s the only way you’ll make him

understand his new position.” Michael smiled inwardly, he knew his wife

wasn’t going to go for that suggestion.


“OK, so turn over Michael, onto your tummy,” she said.


“But…” began Michael.


“OVER!” ordered Natalie, staring at him seriously. Michael used his legs

to get onto his front and lay there with his head between his arms,

lying to one side with his face pressed against the bed sheets,  away

from Karl. He was trying his best to forget what a show they were

putting on for his boss. “Such lovely panties,” said Natalie. Michael

was imagining what his behind looked like with the pink ruffles shaping

out his butt when he felt the first slap. Although it came as a shock to

him and he jolted slightly, there was no real pain. Natalie continued

with a few more slaps. Michael laid there feeling stupid.


“No, no Natalie, harder!” explained Karl. Natalie’s blows became

slightly harder for a second, then returned to their original half-

hearted strength. “No, Natalie. Look, can I show you?” Michael raised

his head in alarm.


“Oh!” said Natalie, looking at Karl in surprise she started to giggle.

“Well… I… Do you want to?” she asked incredulously.


Michael tried to turn his head round to his wife. “Natal…”


“QUIET, sissy!” shouted Natalie smiling back at him. “Karl’s going to

spank you now.” She moved away and let Karl move close to her husband.


“OK then Tamara,” began his boss. “Now get up on all fours so that your

butt is sticking up in the air.” Michael laid there, paralysed with fear

and wanting everything to stop. Suddenly he felt Karl’s hands grip his

waist and pull him up from the bed so that his knees came forward.  Karl

then knelt on the bed with his knees underneath Michael’s stomach. “OK,

you can relax now, rest your stomach on my knees.” Michael realized that

the front of his panties was about to touch Karl’s trousers and he froze

again, trying to turn his head in some vain hope that Natalie could get

him out of this hell. Karl slapped his butt hard. “I said relax,

Tamara!” Michael let himself down over his captor’s knee. Sure enough he

felt Karl’s leg through the front of his panties.


Karl’s left hand rested on Michael’s back and Michael didn’t have to

wait long to find out what the right hand was going to do as, to his

horror, he felt Karl grip his naked thigh. “So you should get him

excited a bit first,” said Karl, running his hand up onto Michael’s butt

and starting to rub it hard. Michael felt his crotch rubbing against his

bosses trouser leg as he was massaged.  Natalie started giggling. Karl

continued, moving his hand onto the other buttock. Michael gritted his

teeth and closed his eyes as he continued to rock forwards and backwards

on his bosses knee.


“Oh my god!” exclaimed Natalie. “How does that feel Tamara, do you like

that?” Michael blanked out the words of his wife. Blanked out the room.

Suddenly he felt his body jolt forward and a fraction of a second later

it felt like a bomb had gone off in his head as the pain from his butt

reached his brain. Clearly Karl really believed in spanking. “Answer her

Tamara,” said Karl calmly. Michael lay there in shock.


Again the jolt came, ramming his crotch harder into Karl’s leg.


“I..I.” he stuttered.


Again the jolt and the pain. He felt his legs go completely weak.

“Answer her Tamara” Karl was going so quickly, Michael could not think

between spanks. What was he supposed to say? Karl’s hand was again

rubbing his butt hard. He dearly wished he would carry on doing that and

not hitting him. He felt his crotch rub against his leg…


“Please sto…”


Again the jolt. “Tell her how it feels.” Michael realized that Karl

wasn’t going to stop, he was like a machine. He was going to carry on

rubbing him and spanking him, making his crotch rub against him… he

felt himself breathing more deeply.


Again the jolt of another blow. “You like this, don’t you Tamara?”

Michael felt himself falling into himself with every blow. The motion

was completely hypnotic. It seemed whenever a thought came into his head

Karl would spank him, completely clearing every….


Again Karl spanked his charge. “Tell her how you like it.”


“I like it,” Michael found himself whimpering to himself. Hold on, his

wife, he can’t let her…


Again a jolt. “Louder, come on! Tell your wife how you like it.”


“I like it!” said Michael more loudly now, his voice sounding desperate.


“Oh my god!” he heard Natalie say.


“The next thing you need to learn about sissies,” said Karl to Natalie

as he continued to rub Michael’s butt, “is that as long as you keep them

from coming in their little panties you can get them to do anything you

want.” Michael started to wonder what exactly he…


Again Karl spanked Michael. “Isn’t that right Tamara?”


“Yes!” exclaimed Michael, willing to say anything. The words he was

being made to say were not his biggest problem, he was desperately

trying not to…


Another hard spank. “Say ‘yes sir'”


“Yes sir!” There was no way for Michael to lie to himself – the rubbing

of his crotch against Karl’s leg was just divine against the backdrop of

the sharp pain of the spankings. He was going to have to…


Suddenly Karl let go of Michael and flipped him over onto his back.

“There, you see! Just like my friend at college.”


“Ohhhhh..” exclaimed Natalie. The two of them looked down at the sissy,

the front of Tamara’s panties looked like a tent, his cock was pointing

out, precum visibly soaking the thin pink fabric. Michael felt terribly

humiliated and, unable to cover his face, shut his eyes.


“Is that is as big as it gets?” asked Karl


Natalie kneeled down excitedly next to her husband on the bed. “What do

you mean, it’s bigger than usual! My god, Michael,” said Natalie, her

hand moving to gently rest on his cock. “You’re so hard.” Michael closed

his eyes and tried to move his face away from his wife’s gaze. Natalie’s

smile suddenly faded and she turned to Karl. “This doesn’t mean he’s



“Natalie, he’s not gay or straight, he’s a sissy and so long as you take

control you can make him be as gay or as straight as you want him to



“Oh,” said Natalie, her eyes lighting up again. “That’s… I don’t



“Don’t worry, you will. I’m going to go and get something to show you.

Keep him hard but DON’T let him come,” said Karl, hurrying out of the

room. Natalie leaned forward eagerly and started to rub Michael’s cock

through the damp satin.


“My god Michael, you’re a dirty little sissy aren’t you?” Natalie

lowered her voice and brought her face close to Michael’s ear to

whisper, “You know I got so wet watching Karl thrash you like that,  my

pussy is just dripping.” Michael turned his face to look at his wife.

“He’s a lot stronger than you isn’t he? He was throwing you around like

a doll!” She started to giggle. “Oh you looked so funny!” Michael hid

his face again but Natalie pulled his chin back to face her. “No, no,

I’m just kidding with you!” She was continuing to rub his cock. “You are

SO hard sweety, I know, shall I lock the door and climb on top so we can

have a quicky?”


The thought of being inside his wife made Michael catch his breath. “Oh

god, please Natalie,” murmured Michael. Natalie smiled at him.


“Actually it’s probably not a good idea. I don’t think he’s planning on

letting you come any time soon!” laughed Natalie. “Anyway, he told me

not to let you come. I don’t want him spanking me!”


“Natalie…” sighed Michael, shaking his head. “Please…”


“In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he needs some relief himself.”

Natalie winkled up her nose. “Hey, do you think he’ll make you suck his

cock?” asked Natalie excitedly. “Would you do that, Michael?”


“No!” began Michael, but his wife wrapped an arm round his legs and

lifted them up towards his face, exposing his butt. “What are you

doing?” asked Michael exasperatedly. SMACK Natalie brought her free hand

down hard on his already sore butt.


“Seeing if it works for me.”


“What do you mean?”


“Don’t worry!” said Natalie brightly.


“Darling, please, I don’t want…”


SMACK, went his wife’s hand on his butt, one hundred times harder than

before, then she moved her hand back to his panties and continued the

rubbing like Karl had. “Why don’t you tell me how you want to suck his



“Natalie… I’m begging you…” The feeling of her hand on his crotch

was so…


SMACK even harder. Michael felt tears coming into his eyes through pain,

he had no time to feel any actual emotion apart from fear and arousal.

“OK, carry on! Beg me then. Beg me to let you suck his cock.” SMACK

harder again, the pain intense now. “Say please,” whispered Natalie.


“Please…” murmured Michael.


SMACK “please what?”


“Please let me suck his cock!”


“Don’t you need my permission for that?” Natalie turned round to see

Karl stood in the doorway.


“Karl, oh, I was just… playing.” Michael wondered why she sounded



“Don’t worry, I’m not angry. You see, though, you really can get him to

do anything you want, so long as he remains under your spell, so long as

he doesn’t cum. That’s why I brought this from the kitchen!” Karl held

up a bag of frozen peas.


“Peas?” asked Natalie incredulous.


“Just watch,” said Karl as he strode across the room and pressed the bag

against the front panel of Michael’s panties. Michael’s legs thrashed as

the cold hit him but Natalie grabbed them. Michael immediately felt his

erection shrivel away and it was only a few seconds before it was a tiny

stub sticking upright through the satin.


“Oh Michael,” giggled Natalie, turning to Karl. “Yes, that’s more like

how I remember him.”


“Let’s put him on ice for a while,” said Karl and flipped him over onto

his tummy again, slipping the peas beneath the front of his panties.

Michael pulled away from the cold feeling. “Get back down there, or do

you want to be spanked again?” asked Karl. Hesitantly Michael lowered

himself onto the ice, gritting his teeth. “Now stay there like a good

little girl until I say you can move,” ordered Karl. “Natalie, would you

like me to give you some tips about your technique? Show me again.”


“OK,” said Natalie and then started to spank Michael’s behind again,

Michael now feeling only humiliation as the blows landed, the cold in

his crotch preventing anything else.


He felt Karl get up onto the bed. “No, do it more like this, give me

your hand.” Michael heard his wife giggle and a moment’s silence. “OK,

do it like this.” The spanking began again for a few slaps, then Michael

heard Natalie squeak in surprise. He tried to turn his head, but he felt

her push his face down into the sheets so that he couldn’t see. He heard

them start to whisper.


“Did you really think I’d want him to suck me?” he heard Karl say.


“Well, I didn’t know… you seemed to be enjoying yourself, weren’t…”

the conversation went dead. Michael tried to work out what was

happening, but he could only hear heavy breathing. He tried to turn his

head, but they were kneeling directly behind him. Suddenly Natalie spoke

to him. “Michael, I think that we’re just going to go and make some

coffee and let you lie here for a few minutes. We’ll let you go when we

get back,” she said. “So don’t go anywhere!” she giggled. Michael tried

to turn his head more desperately “Natalie!” he managed to get his head

round in time to see the door close.


Michael laid there for a few seconds on the ice, he had lost all feeling

in his crotch. He decided that he might get frost bite or something so

he shuffled his hips away from the peas and managed to push them out of

the way to the side of the bed. Then he lay there in the silence. How

long was this going to go on for? What was Karl telling his wife now? He

couldn’t believe that she was thinking of making him clean the house.

Then he thought of her wearing long leather boots and ordering him to

kneel before her and…


Karl. He had been spanked over his bosses knee. What the hell was he

thinking?! what the hell were any of them thinking?! He heard a faint

sawing noise ‘somebody doing carpentry at this time of night? maybe the

whole world has gone mad’. How was he ever going to be able to live this

down?! Even if he did get the big job, he couldn’t see how his working

relationship with Karl could ever be restored.


And Natalie, OK, some of the things Karl taught her tonight sounded like

fun to Michael, but she seemed to be loving it, and as for making him

beg her to let him suck cock, where was that going to end? She seemed to

have become a woman possessed. Michael was idly thinking about how it

would feel to have a real penis in his mouth when he heard the sawing

again, slightly louder.


‘What is that noise?’ Michael asked himself. Was it even a sawing, it

was more like a squeaking, a…a creaking noise, like something



Like a bed.


Everything stopped in Michael’s head, his heartbeat pounding in his

ears. The creaking grew slowly louder and each second Michael became

more convinced it was a bed. It seemed to be coming from… from his and

Natalie’s bedroom.


What was that noise, did he hear a whimper? ‘No, you’re just imagining

  1. They wouldn’t do that!’ he told himself. Again another whimper,

clearer now, clearly a woman, clearly in the house. There was no way to

avoid it, Karl was fucking his wife in his bed.


Michael closed his eyes and pulled against the chains, he needed to get

free, to go through there and put a stop to this before it was too late.

He imagined walking into the bedroom and seeing Karl in bed with his

wife, the two of them stopping and staring at him in his sissy lingerie.

Staring at the wet patch on the front of his panties from when he had

been spanked. He stopped pulling against the chains.


But Natalie! He was going to lose her now surely! How would he live

without his Natalie! The creaking suddenly stopped, then began again

louder. Michael imagined Karl must have changed position, maybe he was

holding her legs in the air now or maybe his wife was on all fours like

a dog. Michael imagined how beautiful she must look, especially being

fucked by Karl, being held in his strong arms…


What was he thinking, he needed to get free, he struggled again against

the chain, thrashing his body desperately to try and get free. He

carried on for a minute or two. When he stopped he could hear the noises

coming down the corridor again. The creaking was louder and he could

clearly hear Natalie let out a little “Oh!” with each creak. Michael

shook the chain helplessly ‘They seemed to have completely given up

trying to keep quiet, the bastards’ he thought as tears filled his eyes

‘They could at least have kept quiet,’ he thought to himself, succumbing

to despair and letting the tears role down his cheeks.


He listened as the noise slowly intensified. Natalie was making some

very peculiar distorted groans he hadn’t heard before. He imagined how

they looked, Karl’s penis sliding in and out of his wife, Natalie with

her hair disheveled and her eyes closed, clawing at Karl, kissing him,

biting him, gyrating her hips, hungrily begging him to fuck her harder.


Michael somehow felt himself get hard at these thoughts. As the tears

rolled down his cheeks, he rocked slowly, the comfort he got from his

erect penis rubbing against the bed seeming to deaden his pain slightly.

He found himself matching the speed of the creaks which were getting

louder and faster. He heard Natalie let out a long moan for several

seconds, the moan jumping into a squeak periodically with each creak. He

imagined that Karl was holding her breasts in his large hands, using

them to pull himself into her. Michael was getting harder by the second.


The noises stopped again, then started, this time the whole bed

creaking, Michael wondered if it would last this onslaught – they had

never made it creak like that, he had built it himself and it was solid

as a rock. He imagined the scene, he had decided that she must now be on

all fours, but that they had slowly moved up the bed, and now she was

kneeling half upright with her hands on the wall in front of them, while

Karl was behind her, pulling himself deeper into her with each stroke.

Michael heard Natalie’s cries become louder and then a bang, and

another. The headboard was now banging against the wall and each bang

was accompanied with a hungry groan from Natalie, the pitch of her voice

getting higher and more hysterical, Michael was convinced she was going

to burst into tears. The banging had started to vibrate through the

house and get faster and faster.


Natalie was making noises now like the girl in the exorcist and Michael

started to hear Karl’s grunting too. He heard a loud slapping noise

followed by a yelp from Natalie, was he spanking her too? After a few

more bangs he heard another louder slap making Natalie cry out. The

banging was very fast now and Natalie was crying out constantly. Michael

imagined her wearing handcuffs and a collar, becoming Karl’s sex slave.

He rubbed himself harder against the bed.


The fucking reached a crescendo and finally Karl bellowed his

satisfaction. Natalie cried out as if she was in pain, sounding like she

was choking for several seconds before the two of them became quiet.

Michael imagined Karl’s semen filling his wife’s pussy.


Michael realized that his pink satin panties were now full of semen too.


He lay there in silence, tears slowly dripping from his eyes onto the

linen. He looked down at the front of his panties which were now soaked

with his own cum and he cursed himself and the situation they had come

  1. There was no noise now from down the corridor. Michael wondered what

was going to happen next. He thought about what Natalie had done and how

it was his fault and he silently vowed to never dress again if he could

get out of this.


Suddenly he heard a door open and close in the corridor and footsteps

outside the door of the spare room. He looked again at the front of his

soaking wet panties and quickly turned over to make sure that they were

not visible. The door opened and Michael turned his head to see Natalie.

She was wearing her short black kimono and her hair was wildly

disheveled. Michael thought he had never seen her looking sexier. She

watched him guiltily from the doorway for a few seconds and then slowly

made her way over to the bed and sat down next to him. She put her head

in her hands and started to sob. Michael, not looking up, opened and

then closed his mouth, not knowing what to say, or what attitude to

adopt, he knew that she must still be quite drunk. He could smell

Natalie, and feel the heat coming off her body. Finally she spoke.


“Baby, I am so, so sorry.” She managed to wail before bursting into

tears again. “I…I don’t know what got into me, I’m just so drunk and

I…I don’t know… Part of me wanted to hurt you. Why didn’t you try

and stop me?” she said accusingly, looking down at her husband.


“Natalie, I’m chained up! Just unlock me and then we can talk.”


Natalie pulled at Michael, trying to turn him over, but he resisted,

terrified that she would see the front of his panties. She sobbed even

louder. “Please look at me, Oh god, please look at me Michael.” Michael

heard the desperation in her voice and he angled the top half of his

body onto its side, taking care all the time to keep the front of his

panties facing down. The front of her kimono was falling open and

Michael saw that she was wearing the red panties he liked so much. There

was a wet patch close to the crotch. Natalie lay down on the bed next to

him and held his face with both her hands. Michael tried desperately not

to let her pull his hips up from the bed and seemed to get away with it,

Natalie interpreting this rigidity as his anger and unwillingness to

forgive her.


Natalie stared into his eyes for a few seconds and then pulled his face

deep into her bosom and began to stroke his face, sobbing continuously.

Her skin was still clammy from her exertion and Michael thought he could

make out an unusual sweet smell on her breasts…. It suddenly occurred

to him that Karl had almost certainly been recently licking the place

where his head was now buried…


Natalie let him go for a second and stared into his eyes. “I’m so sorry

baby, I’ll do anything to make it up to you, please don’t leave me,

please don’t go! I’m begging you!”


“Unlock me from the bed, leave me alone for a few minutes and then we

can talk about this whole thing, OK?” said Michael impatiently,

terrified that the longer he was in this position, the more chance of

her finding out about his little secret…


“But you’ll go, you’ll leave!” sobbed Natalie to him. “You’ll pack your

bags and drive off as soon as I let you up!”


‘She really is sorry!’ thought Michael to himself. “Natalie, I’m not

going anywhere, I promise. We can work through this. I just need a few

minutes on my own!”


“Do you really mean it, I mean… I mean…” Natalie was clearly still

very drunk. “…How could you ever forgive me!” She began sobbing again.


Michael looked at her as earnestly as he could. “Natalie, you were

drunk, I was drunk. I forgive you and I love you and I just want you to

get me the keys. We can forget this whole thing ever happened.  Just get

me the keys, I’ll get out of this stuff and you get rid of him in the

mean time. OK? Natty? OK?” Natalie looked miserably at him for a moment

and then she jumped on top of him ‘shit!’ thought Michael as he found

himself rolling onto his back. He tried to raise his legs but not in

time to stop Natalie pressing her body against his.


“I love you Michael, I was drunk, you need to understand that, I hope

you can forgive me, I’m so drunk…” Natalie was hugging herself against

him, her arms round his chest and her stomach pressing against his wet



“Go and get me the keys darling! Right now please!” Natalie leaned up on

her hands, her stomach not moving. She smiled at Michael through the

make up which had run down her face.


“I don’t deserve you… I…”  To Michael’s horror she stopped what she

was saying and looked down at her stomach. “What’s that?” she said,

matter of factly. Michael looked down and saw that his cum had been

squeezed out of the top of his panties, transferred itself onto his

wife’s stomach and was now slowly dripping back onto him. Natalie looked

back at him. “Michael, is that…” Michael watched her screw her face up

in a way he had never seen in all their years together. “What the fuck?”

she said quietly before looking back down at her stomach and then back

at Michael.  A noise like “UUURRRGGGGHHH!” came out from behind her

gritted teeth.


“Natalie, I can explain.” She quickly got up from the bed and ripped

Michael’s panties down his legs to expose the large pool of cum on his



Natalie held the panties up between two fingers and stared at the

soaking wet fabric then turned back to Michael. “YOU LITTLE SHIT!” she

shrieked. “I just fucked your boss and… and… and you JACKED OFF TO

THE NOISE?” Michael looked up at her in terror as she moved round the

bed to his face.




“SHUT UP!” she shouted and suddenly stuffed the panties into his open

mouth then pushed his chin up. “Suck them! GO ON, SUCK!” Michael, his

eyes wide with shock, tried not to choke as he began to taste the cum in

his mouth. “You like that? Hmm? Michael?” she said as she rubbed his

cheeks, making him suck. “I should have known! You pathetic…” she

seemed to lose all energy as she fell onto her hands and knees on top of

Michael panting. After a few seconds she moved her face in front of his

“I can’t believe you did that Michael, I simply cannot. OH, GOD, you…”

Natalie started to weep again. “It’s too much… I can’t believe it…”

she sniveled “You know a real man would have tried to protect me, but

you just… Oh Michael are you really such a dirty little… sissy?”


“MMMN-WAAAH,” moaned Michael shaking his head violently.


Natalie stared down at him with contempt. “What are you saying?

Michael?” asked Natalie. “You want me to put a show on for you?”


“WO!” exclaimed Michael, shaking his head. Natalie put a finger in the

wet patch on Michael’s stomach and lifted it from his body, looking

disgustedly at the thread of cum which followed her finger


“Well it looks like you enjoyed the last one, doesn’t it?” She turned

from her finger to her husband. She seemed a bit calmer now.  She

laughed a bit and shook her head then she stopped smiling and shook her

head again. “This is just too much,” she said in a serious voice. “So I

wanted to hurt you but instead it turns out you enjoyed the whole

performance?” she said icily. “It’s all too much for me. Do you really

get so turned on hearing me with another man?”


Michael looked back at her his cum dripping from her finger and wondered

how he could try and deny it.


“I.. I bet you wish you could have actually watched, don’t you darling?

I bet you were imagining how it looked to see me being fucked by another

man!” Suddenly Natalie jumped onto Michael and pulled his face close to

hers. She stared deeply into his eyes and twisted her mouth into an

expression of disgust. “Michael, Michael, Michael.” She sighed heavily

“You’re nothing but a dirty little…sissy. Listen, sissy, I want you to

listen very carefully to this, because I want you to remember it. When I

came into this room a few minutes ago, I felt like my life had come to

an end. I would have done anything for you.” Michael felt tears roll

down his cheeks. “Now…” said his wife. “Now…” she shook her head not

knowing what to say. “Michael, I just stopped worrying about you.”


Natalie climbed down from the bed. She stood looking at her husband

thoughtfully then began to walk out of the room.


“WAAAH!” moaned Michael through the panties, pulling up away from the

bed to try and get her attention.


Natalie turned at the door. “Don’t worry, I’m coming back sweety!” she

said, before closing it. Michael fell back to the bed.


Michael tried to hear what was going on in the corridor. He heard the

toilet flush and then he heard Natalie walk past the door, then after a

few seconds he heard her walk back into the bathroom. Michael couldn’t

hear anything for around 5 minutes, then he heard the bathroom door open

and Natalie again walk past his door and down the corridor. He heard a

muffled conversation, he heard the conversation become slightly heated

and then quiet. Then he heard feet coming again to his door and it



Natalie stood framed in the doorway for a moment. She was wearing the

short black shiny latex dress he had bought for her and black high



“WOOO!” exclaimed Michael through the gag. Natalie smiled to him then

turned, holding out her hand to take Karl’s who was waiting in the

corridor. Natalie then wiggled into the room, Karl following her

sheepishly, looking at the floor.


“Karl! Can you guess who got so turned on by our little show he had to

jerk off against the bed like a dog?” said Natalie. This shook Karl from

his shame and he looked up at Michael in disbelief. Natalie turned to



“Well, here’s the dress, darling! How do I look?” She turned round

slowly, both men transfixed with the way the dress shone and clung to

her body. She winked at Karl. “Michael bought me this a long time ago

but I refused to wear it.” She moved over to Michael. “Hope it was worth

the wait, darling,” she said as she posed for him next to the bed,

holding her hair up above her head while she turned slowly, gyrating her

thighs like a pole-dancer. The dress barely covered her butt cheeks and

Michael could see that she was just wearing the dress and heels, nothing



He watched in horror as she moved back to Karl and danced in the same

way for him. “So Karl, how about it, want to give him another show?”


“Come on Natalie, that’s enough don’t you think?” said Karl. “We’ve done

enough. More than enough. Let’s not take it to the next level.”


Natalie moved over to Karl and put one hand on his shoulder while the

other moved down his body lightly. “What’s the matter Karl, don’t you

like the outfit?” Karl grabbed her hands roughly and she gasped,

smiling. “That’s it Karl, why don’t you teach me a lesson!”


“Don’t you think it’s time to stop now?” he asked before dropping her

hands in disgust.


Natalie put her hands on her hips and angled her head coquettishly.

“What’s wrong Karly?” she taunted. “Don’t you want to tell them down the

club how you fucked your employee’s wife in front of him?”


Karl headed for the door but Natalie jumped in front of him. “Natalie,

get out of my way, I’m not really into you, sorry.”


“Really,” Natalie rubbed her hands up and down her body sexily. “You

could have fooled me in the bedroom before.” Karl looked round the room

uncomfortably, seeing his gagged employee watch the proceedings with

horror on the bed. Natalie saw him glance at Michael. “Oh, don’t worry,

I think he heard,” smiled Natalie.


“I’m going to leave now Natalie, get out of my way, I’m warning you!”


Natalie smiled at him. “What, are you going to spank me again?”


“Natalie…” started Karl.


“You’re just a little boy Karl, running around with girlfriends, too

scared to get a real woman.”


“Shut up Natalie!” said Karl, irritated. “You talk too much.”


“You’ll fuck me but then you don’t have the balls to stand in the same

room as my husband, even when he’s dressed up like a god damn sissy!”

extolled Natalie with venom.


“Natalie, I’m warning you, I won’t be talked to like that!”


“Oh, I’d better be careful,” said Natalie sarcastically. “You know just

because you’ve got a big cock doesn’t make you a big man.” Natalie moved

over to Karl again and turned her back on him. She started to rub her

ass against him, smiling across the room at Michael. “I think that

you’re safe dear, he can’t seem to get it up again.”


Karl grabbed Natalie’s arm, spun her around to face him and slapped her

hard across the face. Natalie gasped and Michael pulled against his

chain. Natalie seemed to stand there in shock for a moment not knowing

what to do and then she spat in Karl’s eyes. Karl stood in surprise for

a few seconds, the spit running down his face and then he grabbed a

large handful of Natalie’s hair making her cry out. Karl marched her

kicking and screaming over to the bed, where he flung her down onto her

front. Michael pulled his legs out of the way, Natalie was lying across

the foot of the bed. She started to get up but Karl pulled her arms out

from under her. She tried again but again he pulled her arms away, this

time she tried to attack his arms wildly like a cat and obviously

successfully scratched him as he exclaimed in pain. Karl, his hands

shaking with anger yanked the bottom of the dress over her ass and

started to remove his belt. Natalie saw this and tried harder to escape

but he grabbed her hair again and pulled her towards him.


“Karl, no please…” implored Natalie, panic suddenly entering her voice

and making her sound much less confident. Michael grunted on the bed,

thrashing helplessly against his chains. Karl raised the thick leather

belt in his hand in preparation for the first blow. He turned to look

directly at Michael, then turned back to Natalie.


“No, you’re right. Let’s give him a show Natalie!” Karl brought the belt

down hard across Natalie’s butt cheeks and she cried out in pain. Karl

raised his hand again and began to whip her ass in earnest. Natalie

continued to squirm and fight, but less so as the b lows fell. After

maybe the eighth or ninth blow, Michael noticed the fight go out of her

and her eyes close. She bit her bottom lip and muttered to herself as

the strokes slowly began to turn her ass red.


Finally Karl stopped and let go of her. Natalie stayed completely still,

breathing heavily. “Stick your ass in the air and play with yourself,

bitch!” Natalie swallowed and nodded her submission. She was still

breathing erratically as she put one hand between her legs and started

to rub her clit. “Not so cocky now are you?” Natalie closed her eyes.

“ARE YOU?” persisted Karl.


“No,” breathed Natalie.


Karl reached into his trouser pocket. “NO SIR!”


“No Sir,” repeated Natalie. Karl pulled out his mobile phone and started

taking pictures of the scene, Natalie poised, waiting, rubbing herself

and Michael in the background looking broken and failing to hide his



Karl moved behind Natalie and bent close to her ass. He spat on her ass

hole, making Natalie shudder. “Oh god, not there, please Karl, please

Sir!” she wailed.  Karl slipped a finger inside her rear hole and rubbed

while he spat again on the opening.


Michael thought about how she had never let him go near that place. Karl

left his finger inside, rubbing the spit round. “Since you are so

interested in my private life, tomorrow I’m going to tell my friends

down the club about how I fucked my employee’s wife’s ass in front of

him, and them I’m going to show them pictures of me doing it, OK?”

Natalie was sobbing quietly and Karl grabbed her hair, pulling her head

round to face him. “OK?” he shouted viciously.


“Yes sir,” whimpered Natalie, broken. Karl dropped his trousers and

Michael saw him push his huge erection against his wife’s opening.

Natalie mewled like a cat and bit her lip as he pushed his way into her.

Michael saw tears roll down her cheeks as Karl slowly but surely buried

himself inside.  Every single tiny movement Karl made resulted in a

little squeak from Natalie, his cock was filling her so deeply.

Natalie’s hand dropped from her clit to steady herself.


“Get that hand back on your clit, bitch!” Natalie whimpered hysterically

and moved her hand back between her legs. Karl closed his eyes and

breathed deeply, his cock still buried fully in Michael’s wife’s ass.


“Oh god yes, now that is tight.” Karl turned to Michael who was staring

back at him in despair. “I don’t know why I was in such a rush to leave!

You should have told me your wife’s ass was so tight, Michael.” Karl

smiled. “But then again, you probably never found out did you?” Michael

tried his best to express hatred with his eyes. “And so submissive. If

I’d have known how submissive a little belting like that would make her

I would have done it as soon as I got in the house.” Natalie was sobbing

now, her fingers still rubbing her clit rhythmically. “You musn’t have

any problems at all with her, or maybe you do?” Karl placed his hand on

Natalie’s shaking shoulder. she jumped, terrified “You’re going to do

what you’re told now, aren’t you Natalie.”


Natalie gulped down her tears. “Yes sir,” she nodded, her eyes still

closed. Her breathing was becoming deeper.


“Good, I think we’re all going to have fun now, don’t you Michael?”


“WUCK WOU!” tried Michael through the gag.


“What did you say?” asked Karl, holding his phone out to take a picture

of Michael. “You know just because I’m fucking your wife doesn’t give

you the right to get smart with me.” Michael couldn’t believe what he

was hearing. “You know Michael, now that the pleasantries are over, when

are you going to get that fucking contract signed for me? I don’t know

why I’m offering you this dream job. It’s the only thing I ask you to do

and you can’t even do that. Maybe I can find some extra motivation for

you. Let’s see…”


Karl’s free hand reached down between Natalie’s legs and explored for a



“…Oh yes, you’re coming along nicely, aren’t you Natalie?” Natalie’s

eyes remained closed at these words and she didn’t say anything but

Michael thought that he saw her cheeks redden. “So Michael, since we’re

all having fun now, I suggest we maintain the present state of affairs

until we get a signature.” Natalie gasped suddenly at these words, her

body now shaking in rhythm with her hand. “Oh, I think she likes the

sound of that, don’t you, Natalie? Being my slave for a little while?”

Michael watched as Natalie buried her head in the bedsheets, her mouth

open, eyes closed, brow furrowed and her hand moving furiously against

her clit.


“OK folks, so that’s the next game. “said Karl sounding pleased with

himself. “I’ll be visiting much more frequently and Natalie here is mine

to do what I want with until you get me that contract. If you don’t

agree to the deal, I’ll sack you and I’ll send these photos to

everybody. Everybody either of you’ve ever met.” Michael groaned another

obscenity, but Karl ignored him. “A promise is a promise Michael. When

you get me the contract, you get the dream job, you get to move and you

get me out of your life. I’ll be just some bastard you used to know at

the other end of the country, and you can move on after a year or two to

something better.”


Michael was trying to let things wash over him at this point, everything

was too much. ‘He really is insane,’ he thought to himself impersonally.

‘I wonder what made him like that?’ Karl hadn’t finished though.


“Finally, just hold on.” Karl picked up his phone and started to compose

a text message. Michael watched the bizarre scene, his wife playing with

herself frantically, her red face half way between despair and hysteria,

her ass impaled on the end of a cock attached to the body of his boss

Karl, who was idly resting one hand, containing his leather belt, on

Michael’s wife’s back while composing a text message with the other.

Karl put the phone down by his side.


“There,” he said smiling at Michael as if they were finishing a meeting.

He turned to Natalie and brushed her face with his belt. “Darling, pay

attention, this is important. Are you listening?”


“Y… Yes sir,” whispered Natalie, her voice broken.


“Darling Natalie, are you going to cum for us now or am I going to use

this belt on your pussy?” he said matter of factly.


Natalie mumbled something in terror.


“Sorry, what was that Natalie?” asked Karl.


“I’m going to cum for you sir!” Michael looked at his wife in concern,

he knew that she could only come like that with her hand after a very

long time.


“Good. Hurry up then! You’ve got, lets see…” Michael looked at his

watch “…another four minutes.”


Michael watched as Natalie gingerly pushed herself up from the bed with

her free hand, rubbing herself with the other. She started to let out

little gasps and take gulps of air and then to Michael’s surprise he saw

her hips starting to gyrate slightly. Karl smiled as Natalie moved her

hips more and more. Now Michael could see his bosses cock slide in and

out of his wife’s ass. Natalie brought her head forward and opened her

eyes wide, she started to take great gulps of air with her mouth and

shook as she backed up against the large cock. Michael watched her move

faster and faster and take deeper and deeper breaths until finally she

was pumping her ass hard backwards and forwards around Karl’s penis.

After a minute or so of this, Natalie started to produce a medium

pitched noise like a police car which sounded to Michael like a mixture

of ecstasy and pain. The pitch and the volume of the wail both increased

until she finally threw her head back and bellowed. Karl reached between

her legs and thrust three fingers into her pussy, the volatile way that

Natalie’s body reacted instantly told both men that the orgasm was very

real. After a few moments, Natalie gingerly tried to pull herself free

from Karl, but his hands grasped her hips and stopped her.


“Not so fast Darling.”


Natalie turned to look at Karl with a terrified expression on her face.


Ten minutes later Michael was still in the same position but now Natalie

was kneeling on the bed facing away from him. Karl was stood facing him,

his cock in Natalie’s mouth. Michael watched his wife’s head bob

unhurriedly forwards and backwards on his bosses cock. He could see a

dribble of semen slowly run from between her butt cheeks to form a wet

patch on the bed.


A ringtone went off and Karl didn’t stop looking smug as he reached for

his phone.


“Hello, OH! hello, Pete! How’s the wife!…. What?… Oh-ho-ho!… Yes,

did you get my message?…. ” Karl looked at Michael meaningfully.

“Yes… yes… That’s right… I know… Yes…. I agree, it’s very

surprising, isn’t it? Hold on a second.” Karl pressed a button on the

phone and held it out in front of him. “Can you still hear me Pete?”


“You’ve gone a bit quiet.”


“I had to put you on speaker phone Pete, sorry about the interruption.

You were saying?”


“Well, I was actually about to sign the contract but now I think I might

like to go over some of the finer points in a bit more detail.”


“Well that’s fine Pete, I’m sure Michael will be very eager to help you

in any way possible.”


“Well… actually… I wasn’t really thinking of Michael.”




“Yes, well Tamara must understand the details equally well no?”


Michael’s eyes closed.


“Well I suppose she must,” smiled Karl. “It’s kind of inevitable



“Well that’s what I was thinking Karl. So I’ve booked a suite at the

Carlton tomorrow, plenty of room, less formal don’t you think?” Michael

heard a quiet sniffing noise and realized that Natalie had started to

sob again. “So I’ll pick her up tomorrow at her place around noon, sound

OK? Tell her I’ll have her back by, ohhh 7 in the evening or something.”

Karl stroked Natalie’s hair and stared at Michael.


“I think she’ll be eager to get that signature whatever it takes.”


“I hope so Karl. Will you send me the address?”


“I’ll do that tonight. I’ll speak to you soon, Pete.”


“I hope so, Karl, it’s always a pleasure. Goodbye!”


“Bye!” Karl turned off his phone and put it down. The room was silent

apart from the low sobbing from Natalie. Karl reached down his hand

between her legs and she started to rub herself against him like a dog

on heat, her sobs becoming animal like groans. Karl pulled himself free

from her mouth and Michael saw that he was fully hard again. As Karl led

Natalie out of the room, her eyes remained fixed to the floor, refusing

to look up at her husband. They paused by the door. Michael saw her

makeup running down her face. “Excuse us Tamara,” said Karl. “Try and

get some sleep!” and with that he shut the door.