The House by Lisa Smith part 12

The House on the Hill


Chapter 12


Unable to take his eyes off of the television screen Michael barely noticed Chantal being wheeled out of the room. Sophie looks so peaceful, he thought as the doctor finished closing the incision. Her testicles were so small. Why would Sophie ever hit her wife? Her wife was so pretty and petite. Maybe Sophie will be better off without them. But Sophie wasn’t what drew him to the screen. He couldn’t take his eyes off Sophie’s wife as she stepped away from the operating table and walked over to a sink where she rinsed her hands. Reaching up to her hair she undid her ponytail and shook her hair out while laughing as Christine’s wife joined her at the sink. He couldn’t make out what they were saying to each other but he was always intrigued with feminine banter. Unlike men, women were so expressive with their hands and their smiles. They looked like they had just run into each other at the grocery store and were sharing a friendly hello. Smiling, Christine’s wife relaxed her head back while running her fingers through her hair before pulling an elastic hair band from her wrist and tying her hair back in a pony tail. Will I ever be able to do anything as simple and feminine as that?

Thinking back to his afternoon in the beauty salon, Michael felt a shiver of excitement run through his body which caused him to repeatedly squeeze and release the butt plug in his backside. I’ll never tell anyone, not even Nancy, but I felt myself involuntarily doing the same thing just before Chantal came inside of me. I think I made her cum. Visiting the beauty salon was such a sensual experience that he found himself getting excited just remembering it. Going to the barber as a man was a simple utilitarian exercise. Going to the beauty salon as a woman was a gift of comfort, relaxation and pampering; a luxury worth savoring slowly. Will I remember it the same way when I get out of here?


“We are down to our final two contestants, Ladies,” Rachel began, “and I have to believe that one or both of you are going to win this game. Melanie, were you surprised when you saw your brother-in-law?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Melanie whispered, “He’s a Marine officer and he has been all over the world these last 10 years.”

“He must have thought that it was pretty important to be here so I hope that you won’t make him mad by lying to us. I’d hate to get a combat marine angry, sweetie, so please think carefully before you tell us if you ever hit or abused your wife.”

“I did, Mistress,” Melanie sobbed, “but only once when she told me that she didn’t love me anymore. She told me that she was leaving me for another woman; not even a man and I slapped her but I begged her to forgive me.”

“He did beg me, Rachel,” his wife, Mary, added. “And I did forgive him but I still realized that I wasn’t in love with him. I had experimented with girls when I was in college and I thought I was over them when I met Melanie. He was my brother’s best friend and he was so different than other boys. He was gentle and considerate and I thought I had found the perfect substitute—a feminine man. It wasn’t until we got engaged that I realized that I had created a problem. My brother, Danny, loved him too and when he realized that Melanie was going to be my husband he joined the Marines to get away from both of us.”

“Still, Melanie, the rules of the game are pretty clear,” Rachel sighed. “And if it wasn’t for the fact that Mary is a lesbian and Danny still loves you, I’d be inclined to break the rules. But I think you’ll be better off with Danny, dear”

As Danny slowly rose and removed the collar from his jacket pocket he gently kissed Melanie on her cheek and said, “I’m sorry that I left so abruptly before saying goodbye, Melanie. More importantly, I’m sorry that I never told you how much I loved you. I’m hoping that with time that you’ll grow to love me as well.

I’m hoping that after you’ve been castrated that you’ll agree to let me pay for additional facial feminization surgery to make you look more natural in your new gender. You’ll be so beautiful that you’ll be the envy of all the other officer’s wives. I know it will take you a while to acclimate yourself to being a woman but Rachel has recommended a charm school that helps ‘new’ women like you adapt and succeed in their new roles. And when you are ready, Melanie, I’d like you to become my wife. Reaching down Danny gently unclipped Melanie from the chair, “Please take my arm and I’ll ease that awful butt plug from your backside. Melanie, I promise that I’ll treat you like a queen and you’ll never see anything like these butt plugs again. You can even decide if you want to keep your penis. I’m fine either way. I just want you to be happy as the wife of a Marine officer; a man who has loved you since the day he met you.”

“Damn it, Danny,” Mary sniffled with tears flowing, “Now you have me crying. Melanie, I still love you but I love you like a girlfriend and I’m hoping we can be girlfriends when you and Danny decide your path. I hope you don’t mind if I masturbate you here before you get your orchiectomy but I thought that we could save some of your semen and freeze it. Hopefully, you and Danny could find a surrogate or two surrogates to carry a baby using each of your sperm. You’ll make such a wonderful mother! Oh, my, you are responding so quickly I think you’ll cum in moments. And as soon as you’ve cum into this jar you can take my arm and Danny’s and we can both take you to the surgery center.”



Michael wasn’t even paying attention as Melanie’s fate was decided beside him. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Christine on the television screen. The incision on her scrotum was so small and after each testicle was gently removed by the surgeon, Christine’s wife cut first one and then the second spermatic cord. He wasn’t positive but he would have bet that Christine’s wife was laughing under her surgical mask. Would Nancy enjoy assisting the doctor if he were to lose? But he already knew that he wasn’t going to lose. He knew that he never hit or abused his wife. But what if Nancy says I did? Will they believe me then? It never occurred to him that he could lose. But why was he here then? Maybe Nancy was responsible for all of this? Michael could feel his heart pounding as he watched the doctor cauterize the cords before returning them to the scrotum and stitching the incision. Did I just ejaculate? I’m not even hard but I felt something releasing from my penis. Thank God for this skirt or everyone would see what I just did. He needed to relax and think this through. What’s the worst that could happen? No more testicles, divorce and gender change. But I hate to admit this but I love wearing this dress even if it’s a maid’s dress. My legs look so sexy and the experience in the beauty salon was to die for. I’m actually jealous of the other girls because they are going to become more and more feminine while I have to go back to being a man.


“Evelyn, dear, I asked you a question,” Rachel smiled.

“I’m sorry, Mistress, I didn’t hear you.”

“I asked if you were ok because you seemed like you were shaking or shivering.”

“I’m fine, Mistress, I just had a little chill.”

“Well, I wish that I smiled like you did when I was shivering,” Rachel laughed. “It looked like you were enjoying the shivering. But enough of that; let’s get back to the question of the day. But to make this a little more interesting let’s change the order and ask Nancy first if she was ever abused by you.”

I actually don’t mind if she lies. I think I’ll enjoy myself as a woman although I hope this guy is nice and will let me go all the way. If I’m going to lose my balls then I want that facial surgery to make me look more feminine and hopefully the full reassignment surgery to give me a vagina. Who wants a penis if you’re a woman?

“No, Rachel,” Nancy said while caressing Michael’s arm, “the answer is no, Evelyn never hit or abused me.”

What did she say? Michael felt overwhelmed with a mix of emotions. He had already accepted that she was going to lie and he was going to be castrated. He was actually beginning to look forward to it. I bet I’d be more feminine than any of them; even Isabel and Sophie.

“Well, Evelyn, it looks like we’re going to have our first winner.” Rachel said. “I actually thought you were beginning to enjoy yourself; you certainly were one of the most feminine of all the maids. So do you agree with Nancy that you never abused her?”

Looking slowly from Rachel to Nancy and the back to Rachel again, Michael declared, “No, Mistress. My wife is just trying to save me. I’ve hit her so many times I can’t remember.”

“Oh, my God,” Nancy beamed winking at Rachel. “I’m so proud of you, honey. I always knew you should have been a woman.

But I need to be honest with you, Evelyn and I’m not going to start your IV until you’ve heard everything.  About a year ago I met your sponsor, Mike Crandall, while I was visiting Chicago. There’s no easy way to say this but we fell in love and began an affair. That’s why I encouraged Melissa to comfort you which led to your little tryst. I continued visiting him as much as I could and one weekend we went to a drag show where we saw the most beautiful drag queens. Up until then we thought it was just an illusion; gay men having fun dressing up as women. But after talking to one of the ‘queens’ we learned that there was an entire world we never knew about. The next evening we made a date with a beautiful shemale escort named Kimberly who rocked both of our worlds. She also had her testicles removed and it was actually cute seeing her flat scrotum. But what was most surprising was that she was able to get hard enough to penetrate both of us. We both thought that no scrotum then no erection but that isn’t true for everyone. Kimberly helped us to understand that so much of our physical arousal happens because of what goes on in our brains. Our evening was so spectacular that we knew we wanted to do it again which got us thinking about you. I didn’t want to hurt you but I couldn’t give up Mike either. That’s when Mike mentioned he had a friend who might be able to help us and that friend is Rachel.

Mike, will you please show Evelyn the necklace you bought for her? See, he’s not going to collar you, dear. He bought you the most beautiful necklace so lift your chin slightly while he puts it on you. After your castration, and I’ll understand if you don’t want me to make the final snip, we’re going to fly back to Chicago where they have the best Facial Feminization surgeon who does all of the prettiest shemales, or Tgirls as they liked to be called. The T is for transsexual I think. We’ve already made your appointment for this coming Monday. You’re going to be beautiful, dear!”

“I don’t know what to say, Mistress,” Michael smiled blushing deeply. “I’m so excited and I hope I won’t disappoint you.”

“Don’t be silly,” Nancy giggled caressing Michael’s hair, “We’re going to have so much fun together, Evelyn. I am going to take you shopping and help you select a wonderful wardrobe of the most feminine clothing and jewelry. We’ll get manicures and pedicures every week. We’ll go to the beauty salon together. I’ll introduce you to my girlfriends. You’ll be my BFF and you, Mike and I will make beautiful love together.

Most of the Tgirls told us that after a few years you’ll probably get tired of hiding your penis and you’ll want a perfect little pussy of your own. I can’t wait to teach you how to seduce men although after watching you give that blowjob to Mike earlier in the evening it appears that you have already studied most of my techniques . But won’t that be exciting!  Mike has already agreed to set aside money in your name for that surgery and….

Oh, Oh, Ughhhhhhhh……. I’m cumming again. I’m going to be so embarrassed when Mike and Nancy unclip me.




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  1. Great story absolutely loved it and can’t wait to read more from you …please. one thing though, although it turned out to be Michael’s wish – his wife’s deception and cheating didn’t deserve to be rewarded. Michael did get what he really wanted though but his wife came out as a really nasty piece of work.

  2. This was so engulfing. What a great fantasy. I’ve had done similar to this. I couldn’t stop reading!! And we’ll written. Please keep writing!! Thank you.

    1. I hope Lisa Smith is reading these comments and encouraged to write more.

      Thank you for the feedback


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