“Property of Harding Ltd.” Part six

“Property of Harding Ltd.”

Deborah Ford

Part six

picture by the superbly named Pansy Peccable

many thanks to my editor Pauline

After advancing only few doors down the corridor Miss Carter leads Daniel and the cute strawberry blond into a room looking like a cross between a suntanning salon and a hairdressers.

Two tan outfitted girls, both with neat blond hair, leap from their chairs dropping their OK magazines in a guilty manner.

They stand to attention, one knee slightly folded before the other, hands at the side with fingers pointing out, their worried eyes fixed on Miss Carter.

They could be twins and sisters of every other girl Daniel has seen.

“Can you hurry up with these two tramps. Tech ops needs them in an hour.”

Tech Ops? What on earth has a technical area to do with girly girls Daniel wonders?

“As you can see both are new. So no black books.” She tugs the leash to bring Daniel and the cute strawberry blond staring into her eyes.

“We have cameras in all the lifts. If we see either of you so much as enter one without supervision you will be returned to your first Madam for correction!”

Daniel gasps at the thought of being returned to Miss Willis for being naughty and choruses with the strawberry blond: “yes Madam.”

The red head unclips the leashes, coiling them as she leaves. “Good bye girls. Behave!”

As soon as the door closes the cute girl and Daniel exchange a glance. Escape?

The cute girl sees a full length mirror behind Daniel and beams. Standing before it she poses this way and that. “Am I to die for?”

“Not yet,” giggles one of the blonds.

Daniel notes their name labels. Like all the girls they are difficult to tell apart at first. Rosie is slightly taller with a sweet smile and Sammie has a rounded nose and bows her head as if in submission. Both are drop dead sexy in their uniforms.

“You look very good girl,” Rosie opines.

Sammie nods in agreement. “But we will make you look even more yummy. Into the chairs girls.”

Daniel drops a complete octave as he says, “ I am not actually a girl I …”

Sammie pats his bottom screwing up her rounded nose. “Never mind,” she consoles him, “after we have finished you need never have to say that again.”

Shocked but intrigued Daniel sits into the leather hairdressing chair facing a large rounded mirror.

In trying to sit he finds himself sliding around the smooth leather chair. No matter how he tries to remain still his silky-smooth clothes in conjugation with the leather chair make him feel like he is sitting on slippery ice.

He sees the cute girl take her seat and giggle. “I bet the guys have their tongues out when we go past.”

Rose giggles. “Only one draw back girl.”

“Oh?” The strawberry blond is concerned.

Rosie and Sammie giggle as, in unison, they announce a well rehearsed gag. “Going to the loo. It takes about twenty minutes to get down to your knickers!”

They both laugh and Daniel thinks about the layers and how they are worn. To go to the toilet he would have to remove the shorts all together. Then he would have to tackle the myriad of tiny buttons down his back before he could step out of the blouse. Only then could he pull down the body shaper and step out of that. Wow, he would have to strip off everything and put it all back on! They are right.

Sammie ruffles his hair. “Oh don’t worry sissy you just make sure you get permission in plenty of time.”

“Like asking the day before,” giggles Rosie.

The cute girl giggles too. “It will be worth it. Wow. All those hunky guys upstairs.”

Sammie pushes her hands through her strawberry blond hair. “Lot of competition girly. But we will give you a helping hand.”

Rosie tugs at Daniels hair. “You will need some extensions. Shall we keep you black haired? Or would you like to go blond?”

He blushes, always having fantasised about being blond and keeps his voice pitch low. “No. Not blond. Of course not.”

In the mirror he sees Rosie nod. “Wise. Make you stand out from all the blonds. Espresso brown I think.”

Daniel is breathing hard. He so much needs to play with himself, to cum and find some relief. He cannot think straight when he is so aroused. He knows he ought to protest but he desperately wants to know how he will look with feminine hair.

The girls are efficient at their task. Within thirty minutes he has felt the pain of his hair being pulled tight so extensions could be attached, and the intense heat from the dryers. The girls keep up a nonstop banter about men and some hints at sex with the lady managers. Apparently the lady managers are the cruellest. Men are more fun.

He stares at the sweet girl in the mirror. It is him! His hair is kept in the short style he has seen the other girls wearing. He has now learnt it is based on a 1970’s ‘wedge style’ brought up to date by a hairdresser from Paris.

Rosie tilts his chin back her eyes narrowing in thought. “Hmm. Best keep your face simple. You have rounded girlish cheeks so that is a good start and nice big eyes. A little blusher around here for definition.” She runs her finger around his cheek bone making him gasp. Everything feels so erotic. “And obviously dark mascara and eyeliner to match your hair. Your eyes will look adorable.”

“No!” He chokes.

The room falls silent. A frightened Rosie glances at the mirrors and at the corners of the room. She fiddles her collar, sharing her fear with Sammie.

Sammie bustles over with a fixed smile barely concealing her alarm. Why have they reacted like this Daniel wonders? It is obvious he is not going to want to have make up over his face.

Sammie keeps her smile, but her eyes flicker with apprehension. “Please sissy, you are not thinking,” she says loudly and clearly as if for an audience. “I am sure you would not wish to upset Miss Carter. Do you wish us to bother her? I am certain she is very busy.”

Rosie chips in with, “yes exactly. I wouldn’t wish to bother her now. Managers are way too busy to bother with us girls. Why not let us show you how to do a simple face and then you can chat to her later?”

Struck by their intensity Daniel succumbs.  “Erm, yes ok.” He certainly doesn’t fancy Miss Carter or Miss Willis knowing he has upset anyone. Oddly the two girls look relieved, as if a disaster has been averted.

The makeup is easy to apply. He is told not to make the lines too thick all the way around the eyes. Rather to mould them to help shape the eye. More above than below. It is merely a matter of taking care and concentrating.

Suddenly Miss Carter Bangs the door open. “Done?”

The two hairdressers fall into their pose with one knee before the other and hand at their sides, fingers sticking out. “Yes Miss Carter,” they chorus.

The cute girl languidly rises and leans forward into the circular mirror to admire her new hair style.

The leash whips through the air catching the cute girl on her bottom filling shorts. She yelps, stroking her backside as the leash whips down a second time catching her knuckles.

“Don’t rub your slutty arse until you have asked permission!”

The cute girl holds her palms out, her eyes huge with shock. “No Miss Carter. Sorry.”

The leash is clipped onto her collar and the second onto a stunned Daniel’s collar.

“Ok Rosie. Punch their ears.”

“Yes Miss Carter.”

The cute girl squeals. “No please. I don’t want to have them punched. I wear clip-on earrings.”

“Do the slut first,” Miss Carter says with a malicious grin.

Daniel watches in terror as a hand held punch creates a hole in each of the girl’s lobes. The cute girl shrieks, cupping her hands to her head.

Rosie approaches Daniel with the weapon and he steps back feeling his leash grow taut. “Please no. No.”

Moments later his ears feel boiling hot. A sharp, singing pain in both earlobes.

Miss Carter is holding a handful of metallic objects with tiny chains. They are little more than a couple of inches long and the smooth surfaces catch glitter in the lights.

She reaches beneath Daniel’s hair style and he hears a clasping sound, metal clipping into metal. They feel heavy on his ear tickling the side of his neck. The second one is attached to his other ear. He sees the same thing happening to the pretty girl. The earrings are lost beneath her hair style.

He realises all the girls must have them.

“Right come on you two!”

They are hauled the corridor as two brown outfitted girls come giggling from the lift. At the sight of Miss Carter they stop giggling and adopt the one knee before the other pose, flat against the wall.

Miss Carter pays them no attention as she passes by with her two pets skipping to keep up on their leashes.

Daniel has only ever worn heels in the bedroom, he had certainly not walked any great distances in them. Yet here he was trying to keep up with the impatient Miss Carter. He constantly feels as if he is going to topple forward so has to pull back his shoulders to maintain balance.

He all too well knows the affect s of such a manner. His arse and tits are pushed out and his head is kept upright.

As they are dragged into the lift Daniel hears the giggling start up again behind him as the tan girl’s heels click away down the corridor.

The lift rises and Daniel feels his tummy turn over. What if they go up to the top and the horrible Patrick Harding sees him like this. Or worse, his wife. He closes his eyes feeling sick. Or worse still, his sixteen year old twins, Zoe and Katie.

He feels relieved as the door opens onto a yet another below ground corridor. The leashes are tugged as Miss Carter wiggles briskly away before them. Daniel finds his eyes fixed on her bouncing arse as it nods hypnotically to the left and then the right as if on springs.

As he scurries after her he is aware his own arse is aping exactly the same motion. The combination of the figure hugging shorts and the shaper along with his heels means his arse is fully rounded and pushed humiliatingly out. It makes him feel self conscious, embarrassed and, it has to be said, hot.

Three girls, all blonds of varying shades line up along the one wall as they pass. Daniel wonders how many girls are kept here.

Every step he takes is a luxurious experiment in swishy sensuality. The blouse delicately tickling his body, the bra straps pulling tight around his shoulders, the shorts gripping his groin and hips and the tights sensuously rubbing together as he tries to keep up with Miss Carter’s determined pace.

The tech room is a set of double doors near the end of the corridor. It requires a key code for them to enter.

They are led into a large computer engineering room festooned with crates of cables and whirring drives.

Daniel stops dead in his tracks his mouth open in horror.

Two men are near a control console. One sitting and the other standing behind him but leaning forward looking at a screen showing what looks like a map of the castle on different levels with a string of lights moving around it.

At that moment Daniel knows just one thing, he does not want a man to see him dressed like this on the end of a leash. For some reason girls are not too bad, they seem less judgmental. But guys!

The men are in their mid twenties, some ten years younger than Daniel thus making his shame even more acute. The guy sitting is balding with a neat beard. The man standing is tall, maybe six-six and beefy looking, like a rugby player. He has one of those masculine looking faces where the cheeks are hard slabs of stone. His neat short, curly dark hair comes down into short sideburns. Both wear fashionable shirts and jeans.

They glance around to briefly ogle the two girls but quickly turn their attention back to the screen.

Miss Carter leads the reluctant red faced Daniel closer to the men. “Two more for processing. Busy week.”

The bearded man laughs. “They come, they go. The world keeps on turning.”

“Girls this is Mister Lewis,” the sitting guy waves a hand without looking around, “and Mister Temple.”

Mister Temple barely acknowledges them with a curt nod.

The cute girl wiggles around into their eyeline making her leash grows taut. “Hi boys. Something interesting on the screen?”

The men ignore her, leaving her to pout in disbelief. Daniel understands. She is wondering how any red blooded males can ignore a girl dressed as she is.

“Slut!” Miss Carter smiles.

“Sorry Miss Carter!” Pink cheeked she shuffles up close to Daniel fearful of another strike from the tall woman with the flaming red hair.

“You address them always as Mister Lewis and Mister Temple. Got it Slut?”

“Yes Miss Carter!”

“Got it sissy?”

Daniel’s teeth grind. Oh my god. Now the men will know what he is. “Yes Miss Carter,” he whispers.

“Ok I will leave you in their capable hands for processing. And understand this slut and sissy, these men have full rights over the girls and a nice collection of canes and paddles.”

“Yes Miss Carter,” the cute girl says.

Miss Carter unclips the leashes and wiggles from the room with one last admonition. “Do exactly as you are told. It will be easier.”

Then she is gone and the girls are alone with the two men.

Daniel and the cute girl exchange a lost look as they stand behind the men, feeling totally ignored.

Mister Lewis says to his colleague, “it looks ok now. They’re on their way back.” He turns his chair around to face the two girls attired all in white.

Mister Temple nods, stands up straight and also appraises them.

Mister Lewis grins. “Nothing like a pair of virgins to get the day going with a bang. Hey, my turn with the real girl you take the sissy.”

Mister Temple shrugs but Daniel can see the contempt in his face. This is a man who would not look at a sissy if all the women on the earth were gone. He watches as the hunky male picks up a hand held computer, a little like the ipad, along with an electronic pen.

Mister Lewis also collects a similar look gadget, holding it like a clipboard. “Have you been told what will happen here?”

The girl and the sissy shake their heads.

Mister Lewis sniffs. “Don’t look so scared. All the girls go through it. And they seem happy enough don’t they?”

Daniel realises he is right. Every girl he has seen appears cheerful. All looked worried when one of the Misses walked passed but generally they are all smiling and giggling.

“So listen closely. We know you are bimbos but don’t worry. If it doesn’t make sense now it soon will.” He points at the cute strawberry blond girl. “You! Here!” He indicates a place to one side of the huge monitor.

The girl jumps before she wiggles into the place specified.

Daniel swallows and looks to Mister Temple who beckons him with just a slight nod of the head.

Nothing is said as he follows the big man to a control area riddled with readouts and displays.

He hooks a beefy finger under Daniel’s collar to haul him closer. Not a word is said.

Behind him he can hear Mister Lewis talking and the cute girl giggling. Daniel feels slightly envious of the bearded man being allowed to chat up the cute sexy looking girl.

No such warmth for him. Daniel understands how Mister Temple must feel ending up with the sissy and not the genuine girl. He wants to apologise but dares not say anything.

“Ok sissy listen to what I have to say. I won’t be happy if I have to repeat anything. Got it?”

His voice is slow, confident deep and coloured by impatience.

Daniel nods.

The finger hooks deeper under his collar and pulls up, lifting him onto his toes. He finds himself forced to look up at the hard face of Mister Temple. “When a sissy is told something she replies ‘yes sir’. Else how is a manager to know whether you have understood? So,” he clears his throat, “I won’t be happy if I have to repeat anything. Got it?”

“Yes Mister Temple,” Daniel replies, his voice shaking as he desperately tries to balance on his toes. He is deeply aware of little budding breasts protruding out towards the man. How must women feel when they are put on display to a sex that wants to fuck them?

He feels himself released and drops to his heels. Instinctively his hands go up to his locked collar. Suddenly he feels totally humiliated. He wants to cry. His very fantasy is playing out yet he is so helpless, so much in the hands of others that he is frightened and ashamed. He needs to hide somewhere.

“Ok here we go.” Mister Temple has a long thin green USB cable which he plugs into a box near a monitor and then takes the long thin end and raises the hair at the nape of Daniels neck.

Daniel feels the plug slot into his collar.

The main screen flickers and then a note comes up: “Sissy 135.”

Mister Temple taps away at the keyboard. “That is your reference. Don’t forget it. The managers here will rename you for the hell of it. Maybe every day. Badges can be changed but Sissy 135 is what you will always be.”

“I, er, I er..”

Raising a hairy hand to stop him speaking Mister Temple continues. “I don’t want to hear from you. We will start a new file for you.”

More taps on the keyboard and Daniel sees a series of blank forms appear one on top of the other. They filter through too quickly for him to read but he makes out the titles of a few. ‘Sexual activity.’ ‘Punishments.’ “Stars.” There are a couple of education files and others zooming past too quickly to be read.

All are blank.

“The collar must be fully charged. Plug yourself in every evening for at least ten minutes. You’ll have a charger in your room.” He turns his head around to glare harshly at Daniel. “Never, never plug yourself into an office computer!”

“Right, yes Mister Temple.”

“A manager can do that for you if they want to check anything or you need charging.”

“Yes Mister Temple.” Need charging? Plugged into a computer? He was full of questions and could hear the pretty girl gassing away and giggling with Mister Lewis. He would have to ask her about all these elements.

“You charge your chastity belt in the same way.”

“What?” Daniel steps back on his heeled boots his palms up in defence. “Sorry Mister Temple. Please.”

Mister Temple draws in a breath for patience and looks down at the ground before continuing. “If either falls low on charge they will give you a small electric shock. Don’t look so scared. It is like a tickle. If it does so you must charge straight away. If you are with a manager just ask for permission to speak or raise a hand and then explain your predicament. All managers must let you recharge.”

“An electric shock?”

“A tickle! Pay attention stupid sissy.”

“Yes Mister Temple.” he wants to run his hands over his collar and chastity belt which have now taken on the air of some fearsome torture device.

“If you don’t get charged you get a second harder jolt. You then have fifteen minutes to get charged.”

As Daniels mouth falls open in fear he feels his legs twist and turn below him. “What happens, please Mister Temple,” he chokes, “if they don’t get charged.”

His eyes grow cold. “You will know about it. The collar and chastity device will totally discharge. The pain will be sufficiently painful to knock you out. Once it has happened to you girl you will not want it to happen again.”

“Oh my God!” he runs his hands up to his locked collar than cups his mouth with his fingers.

“The devices will alert us and we will send medical staff to attend to you. As soon as you are well you will return to white girl status for remedial retraining.” He stops speaking, his eyes half closing as he concentrates on Daniel. “Oh no,” Mister Temple stands up straight and sighs. “You aren’t going to cry?”

Daniel sniff and sobs, flapping his wrists about. “Please. I am so scared. I don’t want to be electrocuted. I don’t want this collar and this chastity belt. Please take them off, just …”

Suddenly he feels himself enveloped. Two muscular arms curl around his shoulders squeezing him tight up to the hard body of Mister Temple. A hand pats his bottom through his white shorts. “There, there sissy. Be brave. You can do it.”

Daniel has felt nothing like this in his life. Dressed so erotically sexy, frightened to death and yet protected by a big strong pair of arms. He finds himself submitting to the cuddle, letting his silky blouse rub up against the man’s shirt. His senses have washed away any ability to think.

If his dick were free he would rub it against this powerful man and feel relief in seconds.

Just as suddenly as it began so the embrace ends. He is left feeling cold, fragile and vulnerable. He sniffs up his tears.

“Just be a good sissy and keep yourself charged. You will be fine.”

Daniel nods. If he were to try and thank him or say anything he knows he will end up pleading for release from a real man.

Mister Temple returns to the monitor and presses a button. “Your collar will be cleared for different areas within the castle depending upon the duties you are given. If you stray out of the areas you have permission to use then you will be zapped.”


“Yes! Pay attention Sissy,” he shouts. “Zapped. By the collar. You get the tickle warning when you are close to your allowed boundaries but if you cross them you get zapped.”

“I am so frightened Mister Temple,” Daniel says raising his palms to shoulders height ready for another luxurious cuddle.

Mister Temple ignores him. “Just pay attention. You get plenty of warnings from the collar. Even the stupidest of bimbos will know she is in the wrong place. We can monitor where you are and someone in this room will know if you are in danger of crossing …”

“You can see me on there?” Daniel interrupts in horror as he stares at the computer screen.

Mister Temple hunches his shoulders and sighs.

“Sorry to interrupt Mister Temple. I am sorry. Really I am.”

His cold eyes meet Daniel’s terrified eyes. “You have one more chance Sissy. ‘Mister Temple’ at all times. If anyone heard you being rude I would deal with you. Think yourself lucky!”

“Yes Mister Temple thank you Mister Temple.”

Daniel hears moaning from the other side of the central monitoring area. He gasps wondering what Mister Lewis is doing to the cute girl.

“Just a couple of tests and then you can be on your way.”

“Yes Mister Temple,” Daniel rocks back on his heels trying to see what is happening to the strawberry blond. She sounds as if she is in pain. Has she been caned?

“Sissy, stand at the far end of the room by the equipment bays.”

“Yes Mister Temple.”

Daniel wiggles over in his heels towards the bays. A quick glance over his shoulder shows exactly the cause of the cute girl’s moans. She is on her knees before Mister Lewis, her face embedded in his groin. Mister Lewis’s head is tilted back with a huge closed eyed smile on his face.

“Slut!” Daniel thinks as he stands next to the bay and turns to see Mister Temple facing away from him.

“Hello sissy.”

It is Mister Temple’s voice but he is whispering. Daniel gasps. The voice is coming from his ears. He shakes his head hearing the earrings rattle.

“I said hello sissy?”

He shouts back. “Hello Mister Temple.”

Mister Temple turns and laughs. He shouts across the room. “Sissy bimbo! I can hear you through the mic in your collar. Just talk normally.”

Mic in his collar? He speaks quieter, “erm Hello Mister Temple.” Mic in his collar!

He hears Mister Temple’s deep voice in his ears. “Ok that is fine sissy. Get you arse back here”

Daniel stamps his foot and ignoring the gasps and actions from the slut on his left marches across the room right up to Mister Temple where he looks up into his face. “Now look Mister Temple!”

Mister Temple waves him away as he taps away at the keyboard.

“I demand to be heard Mister Temple. I don’t want you listening to me and being able to speak to me like that …”

Mister Temple rises to his full height and his beefy finger hooks  yet again under Daniel’s collar.

Daniel feels himself hoisted up onto his toes and cannot even gulp as the collar tightens around his neck.

“Listen sissy. If you think I want to listen to the nonsense you spout you need your empty head examined got it?”

Daniel splutters a “yes Mister Temple.”

“And the chances of me speaking to you again after today are remote. Got that?”

“Yes Mister Temple. Sorry Mister Temple.”

“The managers may need to get hold of you at short notice. The earrings have tiny ear phones built in. The collar has a mic. The communications link ensures we can contact you and keep an eye on you. Watch you are not getting into mischief.”

He releases Daniel and returns to typing.

“So you know where I am? At all times? You can hear me and speak to me whenever you want?”

“Nope.” He doesn’t look around.  “Not just me. All managers can. So your full name is Daniel Christopher Lowe?”

“Yes. Why?”

“We will use the Deed Poll to legally change your name.”

“What? Look. This is all crazy Mister Temple. I only came here for a job and …”

“Shush! I am concentrating.”

Daniel grows quiet feeling tears melting his eyes. He pulls at the collar but it is steel and locked solid around his neck. It is so unfair. From across the room Mister Lewis’s groans rise to an orgasm.

“Your new name is now Danni Harding. We will notify banks and credit card companies to shut down your old accounts.”

“Wait, please. This is terrible.”

Mister Temple raises a small black device with a bulbous end. He runs it over Daniels collar. The machine bleeps and the words “Danni Harding. Virgin. 1 day old” appear on the monitor.

“Good,” Mister Temple mutters half to himself, “the barcode works.”

“I am barcoded?”

“At the moment all your files are empty. They will fill up as you go through your training.” He holds up a small black book with a pen attached to its spine. “This is your book Danni but this is the last time you will see it. Turn around sissy.”

Daniel turns on his heels, his head feeling woozy. “What is it for?” he hears a clipping sound and feels something tap against the small of his back and the top of his bottom.

“Managers will make notes in it from time to time. You know, saying if you have been good or if you have been naughty, that sort of thing. Miss Willis is your mentor and she will check it from time to time. You are not allowed to look in this or any of the other girl’s books.”

Daniel thinks about his collar locked around his neck. He cannot remove it. The earrings whereby managers can speak to him whether he likes it or not. The mic hearing whatever he says. The punishments in the collar and chastity belts if he ventures into prohibited areas. He winces at the thought of them keeping track of where ever he is in the entire building.

He feels totally humiliated and helpless right down to his core. He bursts into tears.

Mister Temple groans. “Aw sissy! No water works. I can’t handle that. Be angry or shout or something but don’t …oh god she is crying like a baby!”

“I am sorry Mister Temple,” he blubs. “I can’t help it. I just don’t know what to do. I am so powerless. Everyone has control of me and I just, I just …” his voice rises to a squeal, “I don’t know what to do.”

Mister Temple swings around in his seat tugging Daniel into his lap as easily as if he were a rag doll. “There, there sissy. Come on it’s not so bad really is it?”

Daniel sits up perched on his lap kicking his heels. His B cup boobs stick out through the thin blouse. “Yes it is!”

Mister Temple lifts a tissue from a box to mops up the tears from Daniel’s face. “Ok answer me this sissy. Do you like making decisions in life?”

“Of course I do!”

“Oh? And didn’t your decisions get you into this pickle?”

Daniel sniffs looking up at the rough, hard face and thinks. “It wasn’t my fault Mister Temple, really!”

“Haven’t you found that making decisions is tough for you in life? You worry about them? You agonise over them?”

“I suppose,” Daniel pouts. He thinks about how Davina his wife gets so exasperated with him for “ummng and arring” as she puts it over everything in life. She constantly lectures him on how she has to make the decisions despite having a man in the house.

“Well here you don’t have to worry about such things any more. The managers will do it for you. All you have to do is look pretty or sexy. Can you do that for me?”

“I don’t know,” he sulks. “It is still not fair. Look at what they make me wear.”

Mister Temple turns the chair around so quickly Daniel has to grip his neck for support.

“Let’s see,” the big man says as he taps at the keyboard. “Weren’t you found wearing girl’s underwear in the gym in school?”

“Oh my god! Is that in there?” His dark secret on a computer for all to see.  Wasn’t my fault. That horrible Mister Harding is a bully. He and his friends gave me a wedgee and ….”


“A wedgee is when they grab your underwear and pull it right up out of your trousers and …”

“I know what a wedgee is,” Mister Temple says with exasperation. “So you were you wearing panties of not?”

“I suppose so.” Daniel pouts.

“So now you can wear them every day and not have to worry about anyone finding out. You are a sissy. You are not allowed to wear anything else.”

Daniel thinks about this and a little smile plays on his lips until he sees Mister Temple smiling back at him and then Daniel grimaces. “But I should get a choice.”

“You making choices is what got you into this pickle in the first place little sissy!”

Why did all that make sense?

“Up you get Danni.”

Standing on his heels and sniffing up the tears he feels Mister Temple take his hand and pat his bottom. “You will be fine. Some managers love sissies, especially the girly ones like you. Here.” He pins a label reading “Danni” to his blouse just above his little breast.

He leads the stupefied Daniel back to the centre of the control room. The cute girl is now on her feet wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Her eyes are half closed, her cheeks reddened.

“Please release me,” she moans rubbing her crotch.

He sees a label on her blouse reading “Lizzie.”

Mister Lewis laughs towards his colleague. “Don’t you love the virgins? So needy!” he checks the zip is up on his pants.

Lifting the phone Mister Temple taps out three numbers. “It’s me. They are both ready,” he pauses and smiles, “and one has been fed. Nope! Lizzie. Yeh!” he eyes the shocked sissy. “Her turn will come.”

He puts the phone down and the two men go back to checking the systems.

Lizzie and Daniel exchange a look of fear. She mouths “what do we do now?”

He shrugs back a ‘I don’t know’ shrug

Suddenly he hears Miss Carter’s voice in his ears. “Sissy exit the main door turn right. Walk down the corridor till you reach the door marked “deportment”. Enter it.”

He freezes, frightened. Should he go? He sees Lizzie is also shocked. She no longer looks semi orgasmic. She must have had a similar command in her ears.

“Now sissy!” bellows Miss Carter in his ear.

He leaps and dashes to the door as fast as his heels will let him but only collides with Lizzie who is in the same manic haste.

End of part six

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  1. Thank you for another scrumtious chapter. The vision of sissy Danni and slut Lizzie crashing into each other on their way to deportment is just too fun!

  2. It is no secret that I, like so many, absolutely adore this story. I wonder how people will know a sissy from a real girl without being told. I also hope at least one of the twins ends up on the management side of things and involved in Danni’s supervision. I sooo await the next chapter.

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  3. Dear DF,

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    1. Thank you Ceci.

      I am afraid the story arc was written a long time ago and may only now be shuffled slightly as each part is writen in full. However if my stories springboard yoiur own fantasies then good luck to you. 🙂


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  5. Exquisitely paced, amazingly imaginative. Everything I have come to expect and love about Deborah’s writing.

    Lots of love, girl!

  6. The clothing and the hi tech new things like the earrings with speakers and mic in the collar are brilliant additions to what I felt might be just a pseudo hotel story (the greatest of all tv fiction stories)

    So worried for Danni about the threat of his daughters seeing him

    Love your work forever x

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