My introduction to the delights of Female Domination happened almost by accident.

Indeed, luck, opportunity, and circumstance came together so neatly that day that now it

almost seems like Fate was working things out. But let me tell you about it:


My name is Justine Howard, and I work as a nurse for a doctor in a large city with a general

practice. The Doctor, whose name I cannot reveal, is good at his job, but really too

swamped with patients to give them much personal attention or even keep track of them

sometimes, so most of the routine examinations are done by myself and an aide, a cute

little oriental girl named Miko.


It was rather late on a Friday afternoon when Miko took a call for a last-minute^ j

appointment and managed to schedule it in. She mentioned that the caller had been rather

rude to her on the phone, but that was probably because of the pain he was in from an

aching back.


An hour later, when he arrived for his appointment, however, it quickly became apparent

that there was a lot more wrong with this man’s disposition than mere pain. From my

cubicle, I could hear him complaining to Miko, who is also the receptionist, about the

traffic, the weather, people in general, and Women in particular. His language was plain

crude, as if he had been drinking, and when Miko tried to politely ignore his veiled insults,

he accused her of being stupid! Like all women, he said!


All this was going on in the waiting room, and when Miko brought his file back to me, I

looked at it with interest. Then, I saw the name on the Folder, Ed Michaels, and something

clicked: Janice Wiles, a girlfriend of mine, had been seriously dating a wealthy bachelor

named Ed Michaels until very recently, when they had quarreled over his sexual demands

of her. I had seen his picture once, and when I sneaked a peek into the Waiting Room, sure

enough, it was him! Dark haired, with fine features, a little short, and not muscular, but

not overweight, either.


“Get him into Examination Room “A” Miko,” I whispered, “And try to do it without the

Doctor seeing him. I have an idea for this boor!”


Now I don’t want you to think that I had everything planned from the start. Actually, if I

had any plan at all, it was just to cause this guy a little embarrassment. I was as surprised

as anyone at the way things worked out — but I’m getting ahead of myself.


Anyway, Miko showed Mr. Michaels to the Examination Room and told him to disrobe, the

Doctor would be in shortly. She could have given him an Examination Robe, but, sensing

my plans, did not. Meanwhile, secluded in his office, the Doctor asked me if there were any

more patients for the afternoon. I told him there were none, and he took off for the Golf

Course like a rabbit on a Dog Track. Now, I had things just as I wanted them! I waited Ten

Minutes, then calmly walked into the Examination Room, carrying a clip-board and a few

other things.


“Good afternoon, I’m Doctor Howard,” I said aloofly, ignoring his surprise at being

confronted with a fully dressed female while he himself was nude.


He quickly clamped his legs together and put his hands over his lap, a bit of modesty that

I found very cute — and completely useless.


“Oh!” He squeaked, suddenly very abashed, “Er- where’s Dr. –?”


“With a patient,” I lied calmly, “He asked me to do the preliminaries on you. Now where is

the pain?”


Wriggling around uncomfortably, he showed me his lower back. I was more interested in

the rounded buns beneath it, but I pretended concern.


“Hmmm,” I said, “Better have X-Rays. Follow me, please.”


I opened the door of the examination room very wide and gestured for him to come out.


“Oh! Just a min…” He reached for his clothing.


“You won’t need those,” I interrupted, “It’s just down the hall. Hurry now.”


And to my surprise, he actually came out into the hallway, stark naked! I decided that his

unclad condition must make him very docile, and promptly made up my mind to keep him

that way as long as I could.


In the hallway, much to my delight, we passed Miko, and I stopped to talk to her, leaving

little Eddie (as I now thought of him) with nothing to do but stand there in the nude, now

in front of two fully dressed women!


“Miko,” I said, in a detached, professional tone of voice, “Please bring the cream from my

office — the cream in the cabinet there.— to the X-Ray Room. Mr. Michaels here,” I

gestured toward the embarrassed man, “Will need it for the new X-Ray techniques.”


“Certainly, Doctor,” Miko smiled at me, intentionally prolonging things a bit. “Will there be

anything else?”


“Hmm, I don’t believe so,” I said slowly, “But I’ll check in the Lab and let you know.”


“Very well, Doctor,” Miko sparkled, “I’ll be with you in just a moment!”


And, all too soon, I thought, Eddie and I continued on to the X-Ray Room.


“Now these X-Rays will be of a different type,” I explained to him as he sat bare-assed on

the cold table, “We’ll be covering your body with a special cream, then letting it soak into

the skin. That way, we can pick up your muscle configurations on the machine with a much

lower level of radiation.” None of this was true, but I thought it sounded good, and I

lectured ina rather monotonous tone of voice so he’d not pay too much attention when I

slipped in the catch, “Of course, the cream has a depilatory side-effect, but we generally

find that the beneficial results of the reduced levels of radiation are more than worth it. I’ll

need your signature on these insurance forms, by the way,” I handed him my clip-board.


“Oh, sure Doctor,” He snatched the clip-board greedily and hastily put it over his lap,

grateful-for the concealment. So absorbed was he in his discomfort and embarrassment

that he signed everything without looking: A complete release, authorizing me to

administer any form of treatment I chose. A legal waiver of rights in a lawsuit, even

commitment to my care for as long as I deemed necessary!


Miko came in then, with the cream. It was a strong depilatory I had bought on my lunch

hour that day. (See what I mean about things just working out right?) But before I applied

it to Eddie, I handed the papers he had signed over to Miko and told her to file them.


Alone with Eddie again, I put on a pair of rubber gloves and began soothing the

lemon-scented cream all over his body. His chest, arms, legs, back, even his lower face and

pert round buttocks all got lavishly creamed. And then something happened that I found

terribly amusing: He began to get excited! I could see his little cock start to twitch and

stiffen as I worked on his flabby chest. His face reddened as I moved down to his ass, and

when I started working around his balls, his pecker sprung to full attention! I almost broke

out laughing, both at the embarrassment he felt and at the silly uselessness of him getting

excited when the only thing I had planned for him was more humiliation. But I hid my

mirth and worked to prolong his condition, still acting cool and professional, as if I had

seen nothing out of the ordinary.


“Just stand over here, please,” I led him over near the X-ray screen, “In order to get a clear

picture, I’ll need pictures of you in different poses. Stand here, with your legs apart, like so.

Good. Now raise your hands over your head, with your arms curved, like a Ballerina. Turn

your head slightly. Now hold that position while I go to the next room to take the X-rays!”


Leaving him in that silly ballet pose, his cock straining forward, I went into the next room,

and found Miko taking pictures of him through a see-through mirror that divides the two



“Good work, Miko!” I smiled, Of course, I’m not really going to take X-rays, all he has is a

minor pulled muscle, and I’ll give him a pill for that. But these pictures…? Miko continued

snapping as I spoke. “Will be really interesting!”


“What fun!” Miko giggled, “But oh dear, his cute little cock is starting to sag!”


“I can fix that!” I said, leaving, “Just watch!”


Back in the X-ray room, I approached the naked, cream-covered man, standing in that

awkward pose. I had undone a few buttons at the neck and hem of my uniform, and

intentionally walked rather sensuously up to him.


“Fine, Mr. Michaels,” I said in a warm voice, ” Now another pose. Put your hands on your

back. Arch your chest out,” I stroked his chest gently as I put his hands high up on his

back, forcing him to bend his arms rather painfully behind him, “Now bend your knees

slightly, so that your rear sticks out,” As I spoke, I ran my hands caressingly over his legs.

Sure enough, his cock surged up and out once more. I ignored it. “Fine,” I said, when I had

him standing there, elbows and knees bent, back arched, strutting his chest and ass. “Just

hold that pose while I get the X-rays!”


In the next room, behind the one-way glass, Miko was trying to keep from laughing long

enough to photograph Eddie in that ridiculous pose.


“Oh do some more!” She urged, “Make him stand on one foot with his hands on his head!

Or bent over with his face between his knees!”


“Hmmm,” I said, “It’s tempting. But he might get wise if I prolong this too much. Besides,

I think it’s time we moved on to better things!”


Returning to the X-ray room, I directed Eddie to a shower stall in one corner and instructed

him to rinse off the cream.


“Doctor!” He cried from inside the stall, over the running water. “My hair! My body hair is

falling out!”


“Why of course it is, Mr. Michaels,”


I replied, “I told you that cream had a depilatory side-effect. Don’t you know what a

depilatory does?” I handed him in a jar of hand lotion I keep around the office. “Soothe

your skin with this after the last of your body hair is gone. I’ll go develop those X-rays.”


When I returned to the X-ray room, carrying a couple of old slides, I was delighted to see

how smooth and feminine Eddie’s skin looked without all that masculine hair. His legs

looked silky and well-shaped, and his flabby chest, now hairless, almost suggested

feminine breasts!


But to my annoyance, Eddie had taken advantage of his shower to wrap a towel around his

waist, like a skirt. That was definitely coming off, I decided. And I had a good idea how to

do it!


I gave Eddie a pill to relax his muscles — that was really all he needed — and showed him

the X-rays. He sat on the edge of an examination table while I explained them.


“These pictures indicate a rather severe back and muscle problem,” I said, “The usual

procedure in such cases is Corrective Binding, to immobilize the muscles and correct

excessive curvature. Basically, we will be changing the way you stand, walk, and move

about. Lets start with a neck brace.”


And before he could protest, I slipped a strong neck brace from our large inventory of

orthopedic supplies around his neck and buckled it closed in the back, forcing him to hold

his head erect, facing slightly-upward .


“Hmmm,” I mused, “It’s a start. Feel any better?”


“Yes it does!” Eddie said, surprised. Of course, he didn’t know it was simply the muscle

relaxer taking effect.


“That’s only the beginning,” I said, “Now try this.”


From the office storeroom, I brought a strong elastic sacro-iliac brace. This is basically just

like a corset, and it pulled in Eddie’s stomach nicely, causing his hips to swell out beneath

and his chest to look even more feminine. By this time, the towel was no longer wrapped

around his waist, but was simply draped across his lap. I gently grazed Eddie’s chest with

my breast as I pulled the brace tightly around his waist, and I let my silken hose glide

against his bare leg. The towel started to bulge in an interesting spot.


“Now, I think something to hold the shoulders back,” I said.


I had intentionally buckled his brace on backwards, so that the fastener was behind him.

Now, I buckled an ankle brace onto his right arm, just above the elbow, and another one

around his left arm. Then, I had him put his hands behind his back and I fastened a leather

belt to the braces.


“See what happens as I tighten the belt?” I suited my actions to the words. “It draws your

elbows together behind you, completely relieving your back of any strain. My, it also makes

your chest stick out! How does it feel?”


The muscle relaxer was at full strength now, and Eddie could not feel the awful cramp he

would get later from having his elbows bound together behind him.


“Better, I guess,” He said doubtfully, “It’s awfully awkward, though, with my arms sticking

out behind me.”


“Only temporary,” I lied reassuringly, “And you’ll find you can still use one hand at a time.

Now let’s see about corrective shoes.”


And I laced a pair of boots onto his feet. Boots with adjustable heels! They were black

leather, and came up to mid-calf. And I fixed each one with a four inch heel! Naturally,

sitting on the table with his back arched and his head forcibly held up, Eddie couldn’t see

exactly what the shoes were.


“Now try walking around a bit,” I ordered, easing him gently off the table. His towel

fluttered to the floor as he lurched clumsily forward, teetering desperately in the heels. I

grabbed him, partly to keep him from falling, but also I used this opportunity to press my

breasts up against his thrusting chest. I let my hand stroke around his privates as I

steadied his hip, and this brought his erection back up to full attention.


But I pretended to ignore his state and cooly studied his posture as he stood there, nearly

on tiptoe, elbows bound behind his back, head upturned, waist nipped in. With his smooth

skin and feminine contours, he looked more girlish than ever, especially as the high heels

accentuated his legs and made him thrust out his breasts and bottom.


“You’ll need help walking,” I said, “Oh, Miko! Come here, please!”


Miko promptly walked in, and Eddie blushed redder than ever at having another woman see

him in his erect state. Also, he got a look at himself in the mirror, and his eyes widened in

shock at the silly picture he made.


“Mr. Michaels needs some assistance walking, Miko,” I said, matter-of-factly, “Would you

guide him around the room, please, so that I may study his movements?”


“Certainly, Doctor,” Miko smiled. She calmly put her hand, fingers wide, on Eddie’s smooth

ass and pushed him gently forward. Oh! It was so comical, seeing the embarrassed man

tiptoeing daintily about! The high heels made his rump swish saucily with each step, and

the bondage on his arms thrust out his chest in the same jiggling manner. Miko stroked his

naughty bottom gently as she guided him to the end of the room, then, to my delighted

surprise, used his stiff cock as a handle to turn him around and walk him back to me!


“Ooo! Doctor!” Eddie cried as he drew near, “This is awfully uncomfortable! And I’m getting



“I see what the problem is,” I said in a professional tone, “It’s in the jaw muscles. Miko, will

you kindly fix Mr. Michaels1 mouth so that he can’t open it?”


“Yes, Doctor,” Miko said. With calm efficiency, she soaked a big lab sponge in water and

approached Eddie. Swiftly, she tugged down on a ring in front of his neck brace, bending

him forward. At the same time, she pressed the cold sponge against his privates. As he

gasped in surprise, she quickly popped the sponge into his mouth and secured it there by

sticking a wide, flesh-colored, waterproof bandage across his lips!


All this time, I had been at a nearby medicine cabinet, preparing an injection. Now, I

approached Eddie with a wicked-looking hypo.


“Now hold still, Mr. Michaels,” I said, “You’ll need two shots in your chest, and we certainly

don’t want any accidents with this needle, now do we?”


He started to mumble something through his gag, then froze in panic at the sight of the

needle. Some people are like that. He just stood there, petrified, as I gave the injections,

first under one breast, then the other. It was a solution that would work to temporarily

swell the muscles, much used in Italian Gladiator Movies, but unpopular in this country

because it makes the muscles rather soft and malleable, not hard the way body-builders

like them. Knowing this, I now had Miko help me wrap his chest with flesh-colored

bandages, kneading and shaping Eddie’s rapidly expanding bosom into truly feminine

contours. He moaned in embarrassment as Miko and I led him over to a mirror to survey

the result.


“Why, what’s the matter, Mr. Michaels?” I asked innocently, “I think you look rather

charming! In an hour or so, your chest should swell up to about a Forty-D. Miko and I are

quite envious!”


He moaned again, and I think he blinked back a tear.


“Enough complaining,” I said, “Let’s go back and get your clothes so you can leave.”


He was so overjoyed at this command that he went along eagerly, even obeying my

command to raise his knees high as he made his swishing, jiggling way back to the

examination room. You can imagine his feelings, then, when we got back in the room and

I held up a flesh-colored bathing cap!


“Here are your clothes, Mr, Michaels,” I said, calmly strapping the bathing cap onto his

head, tightening the strap snugly so it would cover his hair completely. “It should be all

you’ll need at the Clinic! Miko, you can get Mr. Michaels’ wallet, check book and keys. Just

throw the rest of his things into the incinerator. What’s that, Mr. Michaels? Are you trying

to tell me something?”


He was capering about wildly, screaming — or trying to, beneath the gag — waving his

bound arms as much as he could, and stamping his pretty little high heeled booties on the

floor. Naturally, all this activity caused his massive, feminine bosom to jiggle wildly. Titties

were shaking in every direction, and his bottom was doing a cute little dance as well! Miko

laughed out loud at the sight as she tossed his clothes down the trash chute. I managed

somehow to conceal my amusement beneath a professional exterior as I spoke:


“Just calm down, Mr. Michaels, and I’ll explain exactly why I’m taking you to the Clinic,” I

reinforced my order by grabbing his balls, and he quieted right down, bending forward so

that he could look at me despite the neck brace that kept his gagged, bathing-capped face

turned upward.


“You are quite wealthy, and don’t work,” I explained, “So you won’t be missed in any

professional capacity. Janice, your ex-girlfriend, tells me that you have no close friends or

servants, so no one will be looking for you. In fact, you could drop completely out of sight

— anything at all could happen to you — and it wouldn’t cause a ripple of concern, except

at your Bank, when your trust fund account began to mount up. Because you weren’t

draining it with your frivolous spending, you see. Understand?”


He nodded his head fearfully and I went on.


“Under these circumstances, I think a visit to a nice clinic is the least you could expect,

after treating my old friend Janice so badly and insulting sweet little Miko here, as well as

all women! There are much worse things that could happen to you; don’t you agree?”


Another frightened nod from the bare-assed, big-breasted man.


“Very well, then,” I said, “To the clinic!”


I clipped a long, stout strap to his neck brace, to use as a leash, and, on impulse, hobbled

his knees about six inches apart, using small braces connected with rope, the way I had

done his elbows. In this fix, his walk was much more exaggeratedly feminine, bouncing his

hips and boobs quite amusingly as he coped with the double handicap of high heels and

hobbled knees. But when I started to lead him out of the office, he balked.


“What’s the matter, Mr. Michaels?” Miko tittered, “Afraid someone will see you?”


“Well,” I mused, “It’s late, and the building should be pretty well deserted, except for the

guys at the Gay Pride meeting downstairs. We ought to be able to get our little Patient out

to your van without too much trouble,” I turned to the quivering, naked man, “Of course,

I guess it would be pretty awful for you if anyone recognized you like this! Would you like

me to fix that?”


Eddie nodded his bald-looking head eagerly.


Of course, I had been planning on putting makeup on his cute little face all along, but I had

waited until this moment for him to play into my hands. It’s so much more fun tormenting

a victim when you can get him to ask for it!


So it was makeup time for little bare-breasted Eddie! First, though, I changed his bondage

to make it easier for me to work on his face. I bound his wrists together, then cut the strap

that secured his elbows, making certain to leave the braces still on his upper arms. He

sighed with relief as his bondage was thus eased, but not for long. I quickly made him duck

down and I secured his wrists under his legs to his knee-hobbler. He couldn’t straighten up!

What a pretty picture he made, stuck in that half-crouch with his bottom sticking out!

Then, working with pure inspiration, I connected his elbow-cuffs again, this time in front of

him,_ with a wide strap that ran just under his breasts, lifting them prominently up!


So there he was. Bent over, wrists behind him, under his knees, elbows bound in front,

forcing him to “stick out his huge breasts and naughty bottom lewdly. What a sight!


I sat his big, round, naked rump down in an office chair and began applying makeup to his

upturned face. I put heavy eyeshadow on his eyelids and mascaraed his long lashes.

Powdered his nose and put rouge on his cheeks. Finally, to finish things off, I painted a

smiling, feminine mouth on his flesh-colored gag with bright red lipstick. All this time, the

poor Dear sat there helplessly as Miko laughed at his growing transformation. What else

could he do?


“One more thing, please Doctor,” Miko said. And she applied liquid blush to his bulging

nipples, squeezing and massaging them until they stood up. And they weren’t the only

thing! Despite his terrible fear and awful humiliation, our little Eddie was getting excited

again. I deliberately stroked his cock to full arousal, then snapped a sturdy rubber band

around the base, trapping the blood there, forcing him to remain in a state of frustrated



“Now,” I said, leading him over to a mirror in the waiting room, “Anyone who sees you can

see just how much you’re enjoying this!”


The sight of himself this way was almost too much for poor Eddie. And who could blame

him? Duck-walking pitifully in his high heels, bound in a half-crouch position, nude and

feminized, with magnificently thrusting breasts and saucily jiggling bottom, his waist

nipped in by the brace that arched his back, forced by another brace to hold up his

feminine face, and see the entire expanse of his smooth-shaven skin and the bathing cap

that made him look as though he’d been shaved hairless. All this. And to top it all off,

smiling red lips and a rampant cock, disguising him perfectly as a feminized masochist

really enjoying herself!


“You know,” Miko said thoughtfully, “I think Mr. Michael’s disguise would be more

convincing if his bottom were a bit redder!”


“You’re right,” I agreed, “And I think he needs a name-change, too. ‘Mr. Michaels’ is so

inappropriate for a nude, feminized creature like this! Especially with those breasts!”


“In my country,” Said Miko, rolling up a magazine from the waiting room table, “We have

a very pretty name: Ushi! I have always thought it sounded so very feminine!”


“Ushi it is, then!” I secured the leash to a door knob, so the bound and transformed

creature at the other end of it could not move. Then I rolled up a magazine for myself.


“Let’s christen her!” For nearly fifteen minutes, Miko and I slapped pain into Ushi’s

naughtily upturned bottom with the rolled-up magazines. By the time we stopped, our

arms were aching and we were panting from the excitement. As for Ushi — the former Ed

Michaels — her ass glowed a bright red, positively radiating heat! Tears streamed down her

prettily made up face. But her lips never lost their painted smile, and her cock stayed

humiliatingly erect!


“Enough — for now, anyway,” I panted, “Let’s get her to the Clinic!”


We got Ushi downstairs and out to Miko’s van — duck-walking in her bent over bondage —

without anyone seeing her, to my mild disappointment. Once in the van, we tied her behind

us with her head between the bucket seats. Then we unbuttoned our uniforms completely,

Giving Ushi an excellent view of our nylon-clad legs and dainty undies as Miko started the



“Where to?” Miko asked.


“Head for the Outerbelt,” I said, “I know a couple of girls — real man-haters — I who own

a small farm out in the country. They manage to maintain their alternate lifestyle by

supplementing their income, by boarding animals!”


“How charming!” Miko smiled, “Our little feminine Ushi can live in an animal pen until she

has been properly trained!”


“Yes,” I said, “The girls will love feeding her female hormones and training her in Domestic

Duties. Of course, she won’t be allowed to wear clothing as such, but if she’s good, perhaps

she’ll be allowed to have a Maid’s cap, apron and heels.”


“Ooo! And pretty black net stockings?”


“Could be,” I said, “Anyway, every month we’ll remind Ushi of her former identity by letting

her write the name Ed Michaels on a generous check to pay for all this. Then, in a few

months, I’ll bring her ex-girlfriend Janice out to see her. It ought to be quite a thrill for

them both, having Janice see the man, who acted so snotty with her, transformed like this.

And of course, by that time we’ll have trained our little Ushi and taught her all sorts of

pleasing techniques,” I licked my lips meaningfully. “And when Janet sees how well Ushi

serves us, perhaps she’ll allow her to come back, as a sort of live-in maid and sex toy!”


“It sounds delightful,” Miko sighed and put a warm hand on my bare shoulder. We both

shivered pleasurably at the contact. “What fun this weekend will be!”


Down below, between the seats, I thought I heard a muffled sob.


That was some time ago, and things turned out pretty much as I said. Miko and I are

room-mates now — well, perhaps a little more than room-mates — and we often reminisce

about the sexy fun we had, trapping and feminizing Ushi. Lately, I’ve been screening the

male patients a little more closely, looking for another one that we could catch. I’ve

discussed it with Miko and I think we’ve agreed on just who our victim will be. We’re just

waiting for the right opportunity. Meanwhile, I get a thrill just writing this, and wondering

if perhaps our intended prey will unknowingly read it. How about you?



4 thoughts on “SADISTIC NURSES’ TV VICTIM by Clinton Crayle

  1. Love the beginning of this story, where Ed Michaels accidentally becomes a victim.

    The description that the whole affair happened by chance without a plan highlights how unlucky Michael is.

    If only a little luck had sided with Michael, he could have escaped from this fate!

    If he had a job, or had a good interpersonal relationship, at least if he hadn’t visited on Friday afternoon! He would have had his usual weekend as michael, not ushi.

    but whatever happened, happened. poor bitch 🙂

    and I think the best part of this novel is the ending that the intended prey may be myself reading this story. But im sure this won’t happen to me , im right?

  2. It would be better if there was a description of wearing lingerie with a more seductive and lewd design. If this is not a novel but a real thing, I hope that the next target of the two nurses will be me. I look forward to my future, crying out and begging for mercy while wearing only chastity cage, garter belts, fishnet stockings, corsets, and tiny lace panties.

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