The House by Lisa Smith part 10

The House on the Hill


Chapter 10


“Looking at the clock I see it is now 10:00 pm which gives us 2 more hours for our final game. Our last game will be a version of the old ‘Newlywed’ game from the 1970’s. Are you ready to begin?”


Michael was nearly despondent. Where was this going he thought as he looked down at his C cup breasts? How could he ever face his wife again knowing she had seen all of this and even helped spread his ass so he could be fucked in his butt? Now he had bigger breasts than she did. Was she somehow involved in this nightmare? And despite his humiliation, why was he somehow excited being dressed as a woman in front of his wife and these other people? He couldn’t stop comparing himself to them. Were his breasts larger? Could he duplicate one of their hairstyles? Who was behind this madness?


“Our new game will consist of three questions that our maids and their spouses have to answer. Two correct answers and you win. Two incorrect answers and you lose. But like the original Newlywed game each of you has to corroborate your spouse’s answer. Entering the room now you will see a few nurses with intravenous equipment. These nurses will connect an IV line to each of our maid’s arms to help them tell the truth. Ladies, the truth serum that you will be receiving won’t affect your decision-making but it will help us all achieve the correct resolution to our game.

Watching as a needle was being pushed into a vein in his arm, Michael wondered what else he might be subjected to while a slew of questions rolled around in his head. Why was his wife being so nice? Like nothing was unusual about the past four months? Why was he so accepting of his predicament like Isabel and Sophie while the others rebelled with each new task? Was he beginning to enjoy dressing and looking like a woman? Something wasn’t right but he couldn’t quite figure it out. It also seemed unusual that all of the maids seemed somewhat presentable; not beautiful but not grotesque either. He and Isabel were the tallest at around 5’ 10” and each of them were fairly slim so when made-up like they were they could almost pass as women.

“Well, it looks like everyone is all set so our first question should be an easy one, ladies, and dressed as you are I can’t help but calling you all ladies,” Mistress Wells started. “In percentage terms how often does your wife orgasm when you make love? Why don’t we start with you Chantal? If you and your wife are within 10% on either side then you get credited for the correct answer. I need an answer, Chantal”

Thinking she was being asked a trick question, Chantal quickly stopped herself from blurting out 100%. Maybe women don’t have an orgasm every time they have sex. I better be conservative and pick a number which is closer to the middle. “She has an orgasm about 50% of the time we have sex, Mistress,” she smiled.

Unable to hold it in, Chantal’s wife erupted in laughter bringing a series of chuckles from all of the wives in the room.

“Judging by your reaction, Emily, I’m pretty sure you have a different answer than Chantal,” Rachel/Mistress Wells smiled. “What is your answer to how often you reached orgasm when you had sex?’

“That’s a no-brainer, Rachel,” Emily laughed, “I never had an orgasm with Chantal. She doesn’t even know that I didn’t. What’s that say about our supposed ‘lovemaking’?”

“That’s your first incorrect answer, Chantal. You have no more room for error, darling. Let’s move on to Isabel. What’s your answer, Isabel?”

“I’m not sure, Mistress. Can I give you a range?” Isabel inquired.

“No, Isabel, we’ve already given you a range of 10% on either side of your answer. You just need to give your best single estimate.”

“40% I think, Mistress,” Isabel whispered.

“That’s a better answer than Chantal, honey,” Isabel’s wife injected, “but nowhere near the 10% that I remember.”

“Our second incorrect answer, ladies, let’s see if Evelyn can do better.”

Michael smiled as he considered his response. He and Nancy had often talked about her sexual response to intercourse and both had agreed that she preferred oral sex to reach orgasm. He actually enjoyed bringing his wife to orgasm and generally thought her orgasms were stronger and more satisfying than his own. Despite that knowledge they both agreed that she reached orgasm only about a quarter of the time. “I believe Nancy orgasms about 25% of the time we make love, Mistress.”

“I didn’t say anything about ‘making love’, Evelyn, but I’ll let your answer stand.” Rachel responded before turning to Nancy. “Nancy, what is your answer?”

“Oh, my sweetie is so self-deprecating,” Nancy gushed, “Evelyn is successful in helping me orgasm at least 30% of the time, aren’t you dear?”

“Congratulations, Evelyn! You have our first correct answer. Let’s see how the others do.”



“Ladies that was an excellent first round; only Isabel and Chantal gave incorrect answers. You only have two questions left so it’s probably appropriate for me to let you all know the stakes that you are playing for.  As I mentioned before, two incorrect answers results in a loss. Unfortunately for our losers, a loss results in an immediate bilateral orchiectomy in our little surgical center with your wives making the final cuts severing your testicles.” Rachel smiled. “Yes, you heard me correctly, ladies, if you lose this game then you lose your balls with your wives making the final cuts. But there’s no reason to panic because no one has lost yet. And, more importantly, your testicles are not that important if you do lose them. I mean, I know you all have a psychological attachment to your ‘balls’, but your life will go on even if you lose them and some women and even some men will even find you more attractive with a flat scrotum.

In addition, I told you a little lie when I said that we were connecting you to a truth serum. It’s really a bag of electrolytes to help you because you haven’t had a lot to eat today. But there is a second bag attached to your IV which your wife will open if you answer a second question incorrectly. It’s actually propofol which is a general anesthetic and will allow you to sleep comfortably while you are being castrated. Although we can really perform the procedure under just local anesthesia it really will be safer if you are completely under; we’d hate to have you move at the wrong time.

We also have a few more surprises for you but I think I’ll wait to see if any of you actually lose before explaining them to you.

Let’s move on to our next question, ladies. Rather than keeping the same order I think I’ll mix the order up and start with Evelyn this time. Our next question is simply- have you ever cheated on your wife during your marriage? Now there are three possibilities here: yes-yes, yes-no, and no-no. And for our purposes the only correct answer is no-no meaning our maids respond that they have not cheated and their wives concur. Any other answer is an incorrect answer. But each of you should realize that your wife may not know if you ever cheated on her or, even sweeter, she may want to keep you from getting castrated so think carefully before answering.

Evelyn, what’s your answer, dear?”

I can’t believe this. There’s no way that Nancy knows about Melissa. We were so careful and only got together that one time when Nancy was away on business. But it will only be my first wrong answer and maybe Nancy will appreciate my honesty and help me with the next question if I need her. Jesus, why can’t I get this image of a tiny limp penis with an empty scrotum out of my mind? I need to get out of here. “Yes, Mistress Wells, I have cheated on Mistress Clark,” Michael replied softly. “I am so sorry, Mistress, it was just one time. Will you please forgive me?”

“Oh, my Evelyn,” Mistress Wells gasped, “you were the last person I thought would get this answer wrong. That’s your first incorrect answer I’m afraid.”

Gently caressing his nylon covered knee, Nancy lovingly looked into Michael’s eyes and said, “Don’t be sorry, dear. Even though I knew all about Melissa I was going to give a ‘no’ as my answer. I felt so bad for you this past year when I was away so much that I asked Melissa to drop in on you. I asked her to seduce you so I really don’t consider it cheating on your part; no man can ever resist Melissa when she turns on her sexual charms.”

“Chantal, it’s your turn,” Mistress Wells smiled. “Now remember you already have one incorrect answer; one more and you will be our first gelding. Have you ever cheated on your Mistress?”

“No, Mistress,” she replied immediately with conviction.

“And what is your answer, Lily?” Mistress Wells asked looking directly at Chantal’s wife.

“I have to agree with Chantal on this one. She has never, to the best of my knowledge, cheated on me.”

“Wonderful, ladies, Chantal has her first correct answer. One more and you’ve won the game.



As if in a dream, Michael watched as, first, Melanie and then, Sophie, and finally, Christine each responded ‘no’ when asked whether they had cheated only to lose when each of their spouses contradicted them and answered ‘yes’. Sophie’s wife was the most demonstrative stating, “Sophie, dear, cheating doesn’t just apply to you and some other woman. It is also applicable if you have sex with men or even ‘shemales’. Isn’t that what they’re called, honey? One of your friends left a message on our home phone because you weren’t completely honest with her when you told her you were single. She really liked you, Sophie, and was heartbroken when I called her back and explained that I was your wife. She told me everything.”

“It now appears that everyone has one wrong answer, ladies,” Mistress Wells said as she looked directly at Isabel. “Isabel, it’s now your turn.”

Suddenly turning pale, Isabel started stuttering, “You… ..You’re not really going to castrate us if we get another question wrong; are you?”

“You forgot to address me as Mistress,” Mistress Wells answered glaring at Isabel. “The next time I won’t be so generous but the answer to your question is ‘yes’ you will be castrated. Now what is your answer?”

“No, Mistress,” Isabel replied with tears streaming down he cheeks, “I have not cheated.”

“Bullshit, Isabel,” her wife laughed. “I know all about your affairs. When you kept on going on your weekend business trips I couldn’t help myself; I signed into your computer and found out all about your little trysts. But the most shocking thing was I found out you liked reading this ‘forced feminization’ stuff. You must really enjoy it, Isabel, because you visited so many different internet sites dedicated to it, dear. You must really learn to clear internet history,” she smiled as she gently turned the switch on the second IV bag.

“That’s your second incorrect answer, Isabel,” Mistress Wells began, “and let me explain what is going to happen quickly before you fall asleep. First, your Mistress is going to collar you with a discreet silver choker that says, ‘Property of Mistress Louise’. Then your wife is going to show you a few papers that you probably won’t even remember signing. When she’s finished the nurses will help you into the gurney which they’re bringing in to take you to the surgical center. The best part is that we will all be able to watch your procedure here on the large screen that is right behind the bed while we continue to play the game.”

“Exciting, isn’t it, Isabel?” her wife grinned. “But the best part is the three papers you signed. First, you’ve signed our divorce decree which I have been working on for a while. Second, you signed a name change form changing your name legally to Isabel. And, lastly, you’ve signed a request to legally change your gender to ‘female’ which is allowed in California once you’ve been castrated and begin female hormone therapy. All we need is your surgeon to co-sign the document stating that you intend to eventually have surgery to remove your weenie. Now before you fall asleep I want to let you know the most exciting part. I was introduced to Mistress Wells by a member of my divorce support group which I joined 6 months ago without you knowing. And Mistress Wells was thrilled when she heard about your predilection for forced feminization. One of her best friends has a store that caters to transvestites and cross dressers and she is the one who just collared you. She has decided that you will help her business by becoming increasingly feminine and going to transvestite support groups and conventions which I didn’t even know they had. Can you imagine that? There you will help her by recruiting other transvestites to use her services. Being the entrepreneur that she is, she also thinks you can attract additional customers if she sets you up as a shemale escort. Can you believe that, honey? I didn’t even know there were shemale escorts,” she said pinching him. “Please, just keep your eyes open for another minute, dear. She tells me that there are certain men that prefer shemales and she thinks that most of these men are just frustrated transvestites. She’s going to have you work out of her store where she has a lovely boudoir and, I’ve seen it and it’s beautiful. What a wonderful way to increase business; having all of these frustrated transvestites go through her store before settling in with you for an hour of sucking and fucking. Sweet dreams, Isabel.”

Michael looked quickly around the room as Isabel was lifted onto the gurney and then pushed slowly toward the doors. I knew they were serious but I didn’t think they would go this far. They’re all smiling, he thought as he looked at each of the wives including Nancy.

“One more question, ladies,” Mistress Wells said smiling, “and then we can all go home.”


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