Property of Harding Ltd. Part Five

“Property of Harding Ltd.”

Deborah Ford

Part Five

Miss Carter wiggles her finger at them. “Follow me girls.”

Daniel and the cute strawberry blond walk obediently behind her to a line of changing rooms and some seats.

“Ok girls. Until you qualify you are known as white girls …”

The strawberry bond clears her throat. “I am sorry to interrupt,” she then adds, “Madam,” with a smile. “But you see there has been an almighty mistake. It is my fault really …”

Miss Carter reaches around and grips the pretty girl’s hair raising her onto her toes. “Listen bitch if I want my time wasted listening to your mindless jabbering I will tell you, ok?”

The girl squeals a “yes Madam”.

Daniel is compelled to act. “Look you cannot treat her … yowl!”

Miss Carter has used her free hand to grab the back of Daniel’s hair and he too is lifted high on his toes.

She now has one office girl in each hand, her blue eyes glitter with malice.

“You say something sissy?”

“No, no. Please Madam. Sorry Madam.”

She shakes the strawberry blond’s curls. “You saying anything slut?”

“No Madam. Nothing. Sorry!”

She releases them both at the same time. “I thought not. I am glad we cleared that up. Now listen carefully. You are white girls. That means what ever you wear must be all white. Got it?”

“Yes Madam,” they say in unison.

“Knickers, shoes, shorts, blouses, headscarves. If someone so much as gives you a hat and it is slightly cream in colour you have permission to refuse it and explain.”

“Yes Madam.”

“One day, when you have qualified, you will wear the tan coloured shorts and boots.”

Daniel has a thought. “Erm Madam?”

Miss Carter sighs and glares at him. “Yes trouble?”

He smiles sweetly. “Suppose one doesn’t qualify. You know I am not good enough to wear the brown shorts ..”

“Tan shorts bimbo, not brown.”

“Ah yes. If I am not qualified to wear the tan ones?”

He stares at her with hope in his eyes.

“Well if you don’t qualify then we send you home with a pat on your cute arse.”

Daniel beams, he hears the strawberry blond sigh with relief. There is an exit. All he has to do is be incompetent.

Miss Carter laughs. “You two are total airheads aren’t you? Send you home! If you don’t qualify then we start again on you. Every girl qualifies. Without exception. Harding Industries have been in operation now for over ten years. Not one failure. We only lose girls when someone from outside buys them.”

Daniel is shaken. Buys them? Is that what she said? Buys them? What does she mean?

The pretty girl sighs, her eyes fixed on the floor.

Daniel smiles bravely at her. His smile wanes as he notices she no longer covers her breasts or triangle.

Miss Carter pulls at the racks until she takes down a white body shaper, complete a built in breast shapes.  She holds it up to the pretty girl and shakes her head. She tries another.

“Size 12?”

The girl nods.

“Try this. And be smart about it.”

The strawberry blond gratefully accepts it and starts putting it on.

She tugs out another one before holding it up to Daniel’s hairless naked body.  “I would say you must be size 12 too. Try that.”

Daniel takes the hanger between thumb and forefinger seeing the smooth shaping material. His erection grows immediately. How he would love to wear this alone in safety of his home when everyone was out. How he would love to play with himself wearing something as sexy and feminine as this.

“Excuse me Madam.”

He hears her groan as she rummages through more racks. “Yes?”

“Well,” he laughs nervously, “this is girl’s underwear.”

She emerges from the racks with a wicked smile. “And?”

He laughs again. A forced laugh of embarrassment.

The strawberry blond is eagerly pulling her garment on to cover her nakedness. He notes how difficult it is for her to get the firm elasticated material over her thighs.

He swallows. “Well I am a man and …”

“Prove it.”


The pretty girl stops wrestling with the garment, leaving it taut around her hips to take in the exchange.

“Well. I am,” he swallows.

Miss Carter’s smile grows even wider. “And what do men have that women don’t?”

He blushes. “A penis,” he whispers.

“So. Show me yours.”

“Well …” he looks down at the flattened form between his legs. “I can’t.”

The pretty girl giggles quietly.

Daniel feels cross. “Look. It is covered.”

A slap across his face sends him staggering backwards.

“Manners young lady,” Miss Carter says softly.

“Madam!” he shouts rubbing his sore cheek. His brain feels scrambled.

“If you have a penis then show me.”

“I, er, can’t,” he stutters.

“And which gender cannot show a penis?”

He feels tears welling. Why doesn’t the pretty girl get on with dressing and stop listening to them?

“Look. I, er …” he feels lost for words. He can not confront her logic.

“Put it on silly. And be smart about it. You don’t wish to test my patience do you?”

He drops the garment to the soft carpet before placing his smoothed legs through the leg openings. He has seen how the pretty girl ruffled up the garment to help ease it up her legs so does likewise.  It is like being squashed into a tight elastic band.

The strawberry blond has managed to squirm sexily into the outfit and is pulling the shoulder straps into place.

This is too much for Daniel. All this girlyness, the sexy girl dressing next to him. His mind swirls away into sensual dreamland. His cock grows rigid in its confines.

“Very good slut,” Miss Carter says, “come on sissy, we are waiting for you.”

The silky stretchy fabric was now nested tightly around his hips pulled up tightly between his legs. Fortunately the metal chastity belt prevents it crushing his privates.  He gasps as it rolls over his waist hugging his waistline. He is delirious with sensuous pleasure.

Securing the straps over his shoulders makes him feel bound in to the lingerie, as if there is no escape. He must try and keep his senses in check.

He sees the pretty girl checking her curvy form in a full length mirror, running her palms down her front and turning on the balls of her feet this way and that.

In the same reflection he can see himself behind her. He has a slight hour glass figure with small pert breasts. The “shaper” has rounded and pushed out his bottom. It cuts neatly down in a rounded U shape to the little breasts.  When he is free from here he will buy one for himself for his own pleasure

“Excellent,” Miss Carter exclaims. “She offers the pretty girl a few packets labelled “panty hose body shapers, dance edition”. “Colour slut?”

The girl flinches at the word slut but studies the packets. “American tan.”

The slap across her face bowls her to the floor. Daniel puts his hands to his mouth, frightened by the noise and the ferocity of the action.

The girl sits on the floor in her body shaper, tears brimming in her eyes.  “Sorry Madam.”

“Get you slutty arse up off my floor!” Miss Carter emphasises the word “my”.

Red faced the girl scrambles to her bare feet. “Yes Madam.”

“Let’s try it again. Which colour slut?”

“Erm. American tan Madam?”

“You want me to slap you around again?”

“No Madam!”

“It is no thank you Madam!”

“Oh yes, I mean no thank you Madam.”

“So try some manners bitch. You reply American tan please. Here we go. Last time slut. What colour do you want?”

With hunched shoulders she blubbers, “American tan please Madam.”

She has a rustling packet thrust into her hands as Miss Carter turns to Daniel as he steps back shaking his head. The body shaper is one thing but wearing tights in front of people!

“Right sissy which colour?”

“Madam? Please may I ask something?”

The tall woman shakes her red hair and sighs. “Well you did ask politely. Go on.”

“Please do I have to wear them?”

“Sissy! It can get cold in some parts of the castle so they are practical. Anyway they make your legs look nice. Colour?”

He can see the cute girl smiling at his dilemma. The bitch!

Smiling softly Miss Carter takes out a packet. “These are natural. No one will know you are wearing them.”

“Yes Madam, Thank you Madam.”

“Get on with it. This is taking all day.”

Daniel snaps open the packet. The picture on the front shows a girl in a leotard with a short flared ra ra skirt lifted up. It shows none of the darker areas found near the knickers the usual tights he has worn. It dawns on him that dancer’s tights must be the same material all the way to the panty part. Nothing reinforced around the upper thighs.

He pulls out the tights as he settles on a chair. He ruffles up one leg and pulls them up as far as his knee before doing the same with the other leg.

Miss Carter laughs. “I think sissy has put tights on before.

The strawberry blond giggles.

Daniel flushes red. “No!” he lies. “No. I have seen my wife put them on. I wouldn’t wear anything like this. Not in a million years I …”

“The sissy doth protest too much methinks.”

The strawberry blond puts her fingers up to her smiling mouth.

“No, no Madam I …” as she smirks at him he realises he is digging a deeper hole for himself.

He pulls on the tights aware how the strawberry blond is tugging them in place over her hips and waist.

A horrible thought enters his mind. Has Davina told them about his predilection for wearing girl’s clothes when masturbating? Surely she would never betray him.

Then could it be …

….his mind enters the nightmare of the worst event in his life. That dreadful day in school with Patrick Harding and his bully friends. His tummy turns over. Did Harding remember what happened? Surely Daniel had been just another victim of his constant terrorising.

The tights squeeze about him, snapping into place around his waist. He is now sensuously smooth from his toes to his shoulders. The mirror shows his legs as being shapely somehow flattered by the qualities of the tights. As if they are smoother, unblemished.

Miss Carter is delving through a rack of white blouses identical to the gorgeous one worn by Cherie.

She hoists out two. “Size 12 we thought didn’t we? So try these.”

He is shocked. The blouses resemble one piece women’s bathing costume in that they are joined between the legs. Tiny buttons only start half way up the back.

They accept the garments.

“What do you say?” Miss Carter taunts.

“Thank you Madam,” they chorus.

“Indeed. Manners account for a lot around here young ladies. Remember that!”

“Yes Madam,” they reply.

The material feels gauze thin in his fingers, the most delicate item he has ever touched. His willy fills the chastity tube and he feels breathless. If only he could lie down and play with himself until he cums. At least then he could think straight, find a way out of this fix.

Stepping into the leg holes and pulling it up his smooth calves he feels his will squirt precum into his body shaper.

He has never worn anything as delicate as this before.

Several times he feels himself catch his breath as it rolls so silkily over his tights up to his body shaper.

He mouths oh my God as it settles around his hips and tummy. He pushes his arm through the sleeves feeling himself tingle with excitement.

“You girls will find it easier if you button each other up the back. They are a devil to get on.”

“Yes madam.”

He looks at the pretty girl and she at him, each waiting for the other to take the initiative and offer to do the buttoning.

“We are going to be here all day!” She slaps his arse hard making him yelp. “You do the slut’s up first. Then slut, you button up the sissy.”

They both say “yes Madam”.

The cute girl turns around raising her strawberry blond hair at the nape of her neck. How he longs to kiss the back of her neck. Sexually he is on fire.

The buttons are so tiny and the slots for them so tight he takes an eternity to button her. Well aware his bottom is vulnerable to more slaps he concentrates on each button in turn.

When he finishes she turns on the balls of her feet to enjoy seeing herself in the mirror. She stands on tip toes twisting one way then the other. A vision in white with dark brown legs.

“Ok Slut you can admire yourself later. Sort out the sissy’s buttons.”

“Yes Madam,” she replies.

He turns, the soles of his feet sliding in the tights. He can feel the nylon rubbing against his thighs. He must concentrate.

Her fingers delicately pull the buttons together tightening the garment about him. He sighs with unmitigated pleasure.

He hears her say, “there sissy.”

‘Sissy!’ Blushing he turns to give her the eye but receives a slap across his thigh from Miss Carter. “Say thank you to slut, sissy.”

His mouth drops open. Thank her! After she has called him a sissy!

He glares at the cute girl seeing her lips purse into a superior ‘ha, ha, got you’ expression.

“Sissy!” Miss Carter’s pitch lowers in admonition.

“Thank you,” he says smiling sweetly, before adding , “slut” as pointedly as he can,

The cute girl’s face opens in astonishment. “Sissy!”

“Slut!” He answers back.

“Girls please!” Miss Carter shouts. “Office girls must use their best manners at all times. Even when addressing the other girls. So make sure you use works like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ at all times. Understood?”

“Yes Madam,” the girls sulkily reply.

Miss Carter wiggles away, Daniel’s eyes fixed on her bum bulging through the dark high waisted shorts.

“Come along girls.”

As Daniel makes to set off the pretty girl leans close to his ear and whispers, “sissy!”

He quickly whispers back, “slut!” he is not going to let her get away with that!

“Girls,” Miss Carter shouts. “Quickly!”

They swiftly chase after her with Daniel staggered at the luxurious sexy feeling of walking wearing such clothes. At home he would wear them but only parade in front of a mirror before playing with himself.

He cannot resist running his palms down his blouse and over his tights. This is absolute girly heaven he muses.

As he walks he notices how slippery his tights are, even on the carpet. Also he is aware of how the tight delicate garments slide over each other with his every movement.

He just has to cum!

“Now then. Shorts,” muses the tall red head. “Slut has a narrower waist but more rounded hips. So these!” She flourishes a pair of neat white shorts with the high waisted buttons and throws them to the cute girl.

“But sissy has narrower hips. Hmmm, try these.”

Daniel accepts the shorts and is immediately surprised. They have the same silky feel as the other clothing. He had expected them to rougher, more hard wearing. He holds them in his hands seeing the high waist and the twin lines of silver buttons at the front. The buttons are for decoration as the shorts have a deep strong zip at the rear, running from the mid buttock area to the top, where the small of the back will be.

The cute girl is already pulling them on, grateful to be dressed.

A conundrum for Daniel. He wonders if he should show some level of obduracy. He desperately wants to see how he looks when fully dressed, it promises to be a wet dream, but he doesn’t want either of these bitches to know he loves being dressed like this.

“Must I miss?” he whines, his eyes fixed on her, testing her.

“No of course not sissy,” she smiles.

“Oh.” His disappointment is obvious, even to him. He tries to hide it by smiling and nodding.

“You can parade around in your underwear. Bent over the desk for the male managers. Wiggling it, saying ‘please look at me’.”

The cute girl giggles. “Now who is the slut Madam?”

The strike across her thighs sends her staggering.

“Ouch! Sorry Madam!”

Miss Carter grabs her strawberry blond hair and shakes the terrified girl. “Listen slut. The only time you open your mouth without being told is when a man is waving his hard cock at it. Got it?”

“Please don’t hit me Madam. Sorry Madam. Yes Madam.”

Miss Carter shakes the girl again. “You want Madam Shania to be called back? Hear what a mouthy slut you are?”

“Oh no, no. Please Madam I promise to be good.”

Miss Carter spins around on her heels to glare at Daniel. He finds himself jumping back with alarm. Quickly he steps into his shorts and slides them up his legs. They grip his crotch and hips like a firm second skin. Reaching around he grabs the heavy zip and hauls it up feeling the waist band cinch him tight. He draws the thin belt tight around his waist and clips it together.

Oh my god this is too much for him. He takes hold of the back of a chair for support, his breathing deepening.

“Shoe size slut?”

“4 Madam.”


Daniel leans over the chair, feeling on the edge of an orgasm he knows can never be satisfied because of the chastity belt securing his penis between his legs. “Erm, 8 Madam.”

Miss Carter walks down the racks of boots. Daniel reckons there to be at least fifty pairs of each colour, white, tan and black. Then more in other colours. The tan coloured boots are the most numerous, then the white and then the black ones. But there also red, yellow and silver boots too.

“Here slut.” She hands the pretty girl a pair of white boots with a spiky four inch heel.”

“Thank you Madam”

“Here Sissy. These are size six. If you can squeeze into them it will make your feet look smaller. Then you will look more attractive. Just three inch heels. Help you get adjusted to wearing heels.”

Daniel smirks to himself. If only she knew he spends as much time as he can in heels. But the opportunities are so few these days with the girls coming home early from fifth form and his wife Davina working a lot from home.

The smooth material of the leather boots feels like ice cream in his fingers. This is a complete overload of his system.

He sits down on a chair feeling his silky clothes slide about his body before resting one of his stockinged feet in the white boot. It takes some effort to push it home but he is determined. The zip encases the boot to the leg like a bondage trick.

With the zip at the top he repeats the procedure with the left boot.

“Legs together sissy. You look like a cheap slut.”

He tightens his thighs together moving his knees in unison to view the boots on his legs. His feet are squeezed tight, but it is a small price to pay for such elegance.

Stand up girls.  As he balances on the heels he feels a tug on his collar. He has been leashed again.

Looking up he sees the cute strawberry blond girl looking down in shock at her own chain leash. Both leads run to the hands of Miss Carter who with a tug leads them back to the corridor.

Tilted upwards on his heels with his waist pulled in and his arse and breasts pushed out makes him feel absolutely delicious. No wonder girls spend so much time buying clothes and dressing.

As the door opens he is suddenly full of terror.

“Oh no Madam,” he calls out. “Please don’t take me out dressed like this.”

With a sharp yank she brings Daniel running towards her in his heels, his wrists flapping to keep balance. She stops him colliding by taking hold of his chin and lifting it up to meet her amused eyes. “Now sissy. I have a wonderful lockable gag in my drawer. It has a nice little cock for you to suck. Shall I fetch it or are you going to be a good little girl?”

He swallows. “Yes Madam.”

“Yes Madam what?” She cocks an ear to his mouth.

He shakes his head quickly, summing up the courage to debase himself. “I am going to be a good girl Madam,”

She shakes his collar eliciting a squeal.

“A good what sort of girl?”

His mouth dries. “A good little girl Madam.”

She pats his bottom. “I thought so. Good girl. I can see you earning a silver star in your first few days.”

With that she turns on her black booted heels to march away pulling her two girls along behind her.

Daniel just about catches the pretty girl’s breathy whisper, “sissy!”

“Slut,” he quickly responds.

Miss Carter coughs. “Girls!”

5 thoughts on “Property of Harding Ltd. Part Five

  1. It’s hard waiting for the next installment because of the quality of Ms Fords writing and the way she leaves the reader hanging to see what happens next. Sissies are ment to be abused and this one really needs to be treated in the most vile manner by all including her wife and daughters. After all, why should this sissy have all the fun.

  2. *giggles madly* at the amusing dynamic between the “sissy” and “slut”, even as I squirm as only Deborah Ford can incite me to. Imagining the layers of clothing, devlishly designed to render and keep the victim in a helpless state of arousal… oooh, how clever!

    I’ll definately be adding a bodysuit and tights to my Second Life avatar 🙂

  3. Oooh, I so adore this story and can’t wait until our sissy is obliged to assure Davina, Zoe, and/or Katie that he will be a good little girl. Thanks so very much Ms Ford.


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