Jordan’s Diary, Entries 21 to 27

lockJordan’s Diary entry 21

The Onsie was more mortifying than I remembered. It even had a little bunny face complete with rabbit ears to flop over the top of the head.

I can picture the scene even now. I stood in before the mirror in my bedroom in just my tight underpants looking absolutely miserable. The chastity cage protruded a little but somehow it took away the masculine bulge you would expect leaving a smaller more feminine bump.

But that wasn’t the worst part as you well know. I had watched the video link Blair sent. In fact I watched it twice with my stomach tying in sickening knots. I kept expecting her to phone again and tell me it was all a joke.

There was no phone call.

So I stood looking at my handiwork. As instructed I had used the eyebrow pencil to blacken the tip and underside of my nose. I had then carefully, very carefully as I didn’t wish to upset my wife, extended the corners of my mouth up into a pussy cat smile. The whiskers had to be added meticulously to ensure they looked correct. I looked like a child at a face painting competition.

I dabbed white foundation beneath my nose with a few black spots dabbed on top.

I groaned.

Then I groaned again.

It was clearly time to beg for mercy, tell her I won’t ever lie to her again. Say and do anything to get out of this predicament.

All my life I had fantasised about a woman being in control of me, now it was happening I felt crushed.

I stepped into the Onsie feeling the fluffy warm material as I drew it up my legs. She had to choose a pink bunny one!

With a shock I realised the join between the legs would fall to below the knees making walking difficult. I pulled my arms through the sleeves, feeling oddly comforted by its warmth. I stared at my abysmal reflection as I zipped it up to my neck flipping the hood over my head. The bunny face sat on my forehead smiling at the mirror, the ears tossed out and I felt like weeping. Yet, and yet, my dick had tried to harden in its cage and, I kid you not, I even felt it spurt.

I was so aroused that I couldn’t recall a time when I wasn’t aroused. So desperate to play with myself it was all I could concentrate on.

I slipped my feet into the bunny slippers and just sat on the bed looking flushed but morose.

chastity 01
What I could no longer wear! All I could do was dream about a time when I would be permitted to play like this again.


Because of the lines drawn with the eyebrow pencil when my mouth twitched it seemed to smile!

Yes, that led to another moan. I felt so sick. How could I parade myself around like this downstairs before my wife?

The one thing I knew was that I must not cry. Not before her. The previous night’s canning had hurt but I managed not to cry, not on that occasion anyway.

So I decided to be brave, rose from the bed and descend the stairs.

With the bunny Onsie gathered just below my knees I could only take small mincing steps. Traversing the stairs downwards was positively dangerous. I gripped the banister taking one step at a time.

Then there was the fear. What if the door burst open and Chloe and her giggling sexy pals burst in?

It didn’t bear thinking about which was just as well because in my heightened sexily charged state thinking was the last thing I could do.

Shuffling into my downstairs office I wondered if I should phone Blair and tell her I have complied with her instructions, complied down to the last detail.

I didn’t have to.

A new development, one I had not thought of.

“Hello munchkins.”

Blair’s voice just appeared in the office. She was in the room.

My heart missed a beat. I looked around my office but she wasn’t there.

I heard her giggle. “Oh you do look a picture. I am using your computer speakers, silly!”

I looked at my workstation. Of course. If she could control my computer she could do anything. That damned Jerry would have shown her how to access the speakers.

“Into the middle of the room so I can see you bunchkins. Don’t be shy for mummy.”


That was the first time she had used the term and it struck me like a lightning bolt. I hobbled to the carpet in the centre of the room.

“Move your chair little boy, I cannot see you.”

I shifted the chair out of range of the webcam.

And then she started laughing. She laughed so loud it distorted the speakers and I felt sick.

Barely able to speak she gushed, “Oh don’t look like that. I am sorry. Oh my god.” More laughter. “I just never thought …” those words dissolved into giggles. “Just turn around please. Like a good boy.”

I shambled around so my back was to her.

More giggling, sounding as if it was being stifled by a hand over mouth. “Look at that tail. That is sooooo delightful!”

My cheeks burned.

“Turn back munchkins. Face the camera.”

Remembering not to use her name I began, “Darling. I really think we should have a chat …”

“What have you been told about thinking for yourself little boy?”

I was defeated at every turn. It was like I couldn’t say anything to her.

Trying again, I swallowed and began, “Darling would it be a good idea, do you think, if we …”

“Oh do put a sock in it honey pie. I will do the thinking for both of us for a while.”

“Yes dear.”

“Now then little bunny,” she giggled again. “Oh I am sorry. Oh my god!” She fought to control her mirth at the sight of me in the bunny Onsie.

Remaining in position I knew I had to bide my time to breach the chat we needed to have.

“Now then little boy tell me about this Singapore contract. This one that you have been working on for almost four months.”

“What would you like to know my love?”

“Just one thing. Have you been stretching it out like a naughty little boy?”

I swallowed. Unable to lie to her I bowed my head and nodded yes.

“I thought so. So all the time you were moaning about how hard it was, when in fact something else was hard and you were playing with it?”

“Darling, not always.”

“Hmm. That was naughty wasn’t it?”

I nodded again.

“Sorry bunchkins I cannot hear you.”

“Yes. Sorry.”

“Say it as a sentence. Tell me you were naughty.”

The laughter had gone and there was steel in her voice so I complied. “I am sorry I was naughty .”

“You have been lying to me forever. You must have thought I was complete idiot.”

“No darling, no I …”

“Well who looks the idiot now?”

My mouth dried out. “I do darling.”

“You do what?”

“I look like the idiot now.”

“No more lies little boy, your mummy doesn’t like it and you won’t like the consequences.”

“Darling please, I need to have a safeword.”

Looking back I don’t know where the courage came for me to blurt that out.

There was silence and I wondered if I would have to fetch the cane when she returned home.

“Safeword? What do you mean?”

“Well, I er I,” I stuttered. “You know in a Ds relationship.”

“A what relationship?”

“A, well, a D, S relationship darling.”

“What’s that?”

I shrugged. “Like this. A power exchange where one person has power over another. It is called a Ds relationship.”

I could hear the clicking of a keyboard.

“How do I spell it?”

“Well just with a D and an S but maybe add BDSM to the search.”

“Ah yes. See you are useful,” she held a pause for a moment before adding, “Sometimes.” Then she giggled again.31cHPCWzDcL

I was getting sick of this. I had no power at all. No means of drawing a line. What I wanted to do was to explain to her how to be a domme so we could both enjoy this turn of events.

“Oh heavens. There is mountains of stuff on here about this Ds business.”

“Yes darling. It is quite widespread.”

“A lot of it written by women!”

“Yes dear. It is said women think more about and discuss it more than guys.”

“I can believe that.”

I heard her laughing. “Oh honeybins, if you could see what I am looking at.”

“I would love to share it with you darling.”

“Oh I don’t think this is for little boys,” she giggled. “But we will see.”

I coughed to attract her attention imagining how she was reacting to this new world that was opening up before her eyes. “erm, so about the safe word?”

“Shhh little man I am busy. Why don’t you stand in that corner near the running machine? Go on. Face the corner where I can see your cute little tail. Go on!”


I was so shocked at the instruction that initially I didn’t budge but her last command was so fierce I shuffled to the corner.

Again this was one of my fantasies. I would love to standing in the corner at a mistress’ command, but wearing a playboy Bunny outfit not this ridiculous Onsie bunny outfit.

So I stood staring at the corner knowing that she could check her monitor and know if I even glanced about me.

Once again the reality turned out to be way different to the fantasy. In mind standing in the corner was wonderful because I could play with myself in some sexy lingerie. But of course with my dick locked away, and only Blair knowing where the keys were, that was impossible. So I had to stand there until she told me otherwise.

But there was something worse. Time passes in a different universe when standing in the corner. Since then I have learnt you have to just accept the punishment and let the mind wander. But on that first occasion, and a few following, I kept waiting for her to tell me to turn around. That makes the punishment worse.

After a while I wondered if the speakers were faulty or if I had lost the internet connection. Maybe someone had entered her office and she was now busy. I was certainly not going to turn around and earn a further punishment

So I stayed there whilst frozen time crawled by in another world without reference to me.

Was it 5 minutes? Ten? Fifteen?

I had no idea.

I was binging to feel hot and sticky in my Onsie. I was also feeling something else. My dick spurted again. I was aware of the dichotomy. I hated this yet at the same time it thrilled me.

“Come closer.”

It had been so long I had given up hope of hearing her speak again. So I jumped and made to dash to the computer but the Onsie soon let me know that anything other than a silly waddle was out of the question.

“Now then. I never realised there was so much in it.”

“It is huge darling. Massive. The world over.”

“It encompasses a lot of stuff form horrible torture to what we are doing.”

“Exactly. Yes.” She suddenly understood what we were engaged in.

“This safeword business….”

I held my breath. Once I had a safe word I would have some leverage in this new relationship.

“Yes?” I asked tentatively, waiting to help her better understand the situation.

“Well. I don’t like it. Not one bit. Sorry.”

“But darling, it helps …”

“I could tell you to stand in the corner when I am busy, like just then, and if you didn’t want to then you could say the safeword, couldn’t you?”

“Well, sort of, yes. But it is more for when there is real pain …”

She wasn’t listening. “I could send you to bed before your bedtime, say at eight o’clock and you could say the safeword and stay up late. Couldn’t you?”

“It isn’t for that, really it is …”

“But you could, couldn’t you?”

“I suppose so …”

“Yes I suppose so too.”

“And if I thought you needed 12 spanks and you felt you only deserved 6 then you could call a halt after the six. Yes? By saying this safeword.”

“Well, in a way all that is true but I promise I won’t …”

“So you are not allowed one.” She must have seen I was about to say something because she cut in with: “And don’t argue!”

I pouted.

“You can envy other little boys who are allowed one by their mistress mummies, but that is it. You are not allowed one for yourself.”

Not a allowed a safeword! Why didn’t she get it?

“Now then. You be a good boy and get that Singapore contract dispatched this afternoon. You will remain in your bunny outfit until four. Chloe will be back after 4.30 so you will have plenty of time to get changed. Use my makeup remover to get the lines off your face.”

I hung my head. “Yes darling.” What else could I say?

“I will check on you through the web cam to make sure that you are my little bunny until four. Got it?”

“Yes darling.”

“I am going to read more about this Ds thingee. Oh but honey?”

“Yes dear?”

“You cannot lie to me. So long as I keep you like this then I know where you are and what you are doing. Always.”

I felt my heart thump faster and my dick spurted once more.

“Your days of being naughty are over.”

I nodded.31MmOK0FfTL2

“Just thought I’d make that clear.”

“Yes I do understand my love.”

She laughed. “I know that. I have never seen you so red cheeked before. And one other thing my little bunny rabbit.”

Dread filled my soul. What would she command me to do next?

“You cannot do anything without me knowing. Even when you go outside, that little girlee phone of yours will tell me exactly where you are at any time of the day. And any time I want I can call you. I can force your phone to answer so I can see what you are up to.”

“I know darling,” I muttered, my eyes fixed on the floor.

“But you, you honeykins, don’t know where I am right now do you?”

I hadn’t thought of that.

“No, I guess not.”

“Nor what I am doing. How I am dressed. If I am dressed!”

My mouth hung open, what was she saying?

“I can do what I want, when I want and you not only have no say in it but don’t even know what I am doing or where I am. Yet I know everything you do or say.”

I swallowed remaining silent.

“It is a heady mix bunchkins. Makes me feel,” she paused searching for the right words. “I don’t know, just sort of relaxed. Like I can do anything. Oh listen to me rabbiting on.” She laughed. “Rabbiting on to my little bunny. You do as you are told and get that contract off. I never want to hear about it again. I am going to have some feet up time in my office and read some of this pervy stuff. You should see some of the pictures! See you later little boy. And please be good, we don’t want to get that cane again do we? Not when my little boy isn’t allowed a safeword.”

I said “No dear.” But heard a click before I spoke so knew she wasn’t listening anymore. She had turned me off. She could turn me on and off at will. I had no choice in the matter.

My head was swirling while I packaged the contract. The irritating hood with the bunny face occasionally slipped over my eyes but I dared not take the hood right off whilst before the web cam so simply pushed it to the top of my head.

I had just learnt that I couldn’t even beg for release. I emitted a long sigh and tried to concentrate on the contract. I couldn’t. I just longed for release so I could steer my brain into thinking of a way out of this pickle.

lockJordan’s Diary entry 22


I’ll never forget that evening.

Chloe returned home, disappearing up to her room do ‘sort out her History homework.’ Seconds later I heard pop music blasting from upstairs.

Now here’s the thing. Whereas I would normally go up and remonstrate with Chloe to ensure she worked hard on her school projects I chickened out. The reason? I didn’t know if Blair would back me up. I had an awful feeling she wouldn’t, just as she hadn’t done the previous evening.

Blaire arrived home just after six looking full of beans.

I said ‘Hello darling,’ and made to give her a hug but she shooed me away before darting up to her room.

“She called back. “A coffee little bunchkins and tell that lass to turn down her music. Else it will go off all together. Tell her, her mother said so.” She paused at the top of the stairs. “You hear that my little bunny? You make sure you say because her mother has said so.”

I nodded. “Yes darling.”

I wasn’t sure at that moment why she was giving me that instruction. But I soon learnt.

How Blair might look in her tight office skirt?


I opened Chloe’s door and shouted. “Turn it down. Your mother says so.” And it hit me immediately.

By using those words I removed all authority from me and handed it on a plate to Blair. Do not turn down the music because your father instructs you but because your mother says so.

I searched for ways to take it back, make it sound like it was my idea. “It is too loud.” However I said it so lamely I don’t think it would have had any effect even if she wasn’t suddenly looking so crossly at me.

She turned the MP3 player off to glare. “Shouldn’t you knock daddy?”

I knew of course that I ought to have knocked. “I, I, well, you might not have heard me. It was really loud.”

She leapt up in her school uniform with the skirt hitched up to race past me.

She always hitched up her skirt once she got out of school, just like all her friends, in fact like more than half of the girls who attended her fifth form.

“Mum, mum,” I heard her calling.

She disappeared inside Blair’s bedroom and in the silence following the turning off of the raucous music I could hear every heart stopping word.

“Mum. Can daddy just burst into my room without knocking? I am 16 soon and could have been undressed. That’s not right, is it mum. Is it?”

I closed my eyes hoping Blair would side with me. I whispered a prayer, “Please say it is ok, please, please, please say it is ok.”

“Tell him to come and see me. Now.”

My gut twisted at the force of her word ‘now.’

“Mummy says you must see her now.” There was a mischievous sneer on her face. She knew she held the upper hand.

I sloped into Blair’s neat lilac bedroom. “Yes dear?”

Blair had removed her jacket so was sat at her little computer desk wearing her see through crisp white blouse and short tight office skirt. She had kicked off her shoes so her brown tights were exposed all the way down to her toes.

Wow was she a picture.

Obviously I dared not gawp. I felt Chloe standing behind me in the hallway gleeful at the telling off I was about to recieve.

“Did you really just go into our daughter’s room without knocking?”

My cheeks heated up. “I went to tell her about the music. I was afraid she wouldn’t hear me knock.”

“Did you knock?”

“Erm.” My first instinct was to save myself by lying but lying was what had dropped me in all this shit in the first place. I hung my head. “No darling.”

“Do you think that is right?”

“No, I suppose not.”

“You suppose not?” She emphasised the word ‘suppose’ and my mouth ran dry.

“No dear. I am sorry.”

“hmmm.” She contemplated the situation for a moment. “And is it to me you should be apologising?”

I guess I must have stared at her with total, electrifying shock embedded in my face. Tingles ran through my tummy. My chastity belted cock shrivelled. “Blair,” I whispered, knowing Chloe would even hear me whispering. Yet I couldn’t think of what to say that wouldn’t worsen my plight.

“Come in here Chloe. Your daddy has something to say to you.”

Oh my god she wasn’t really going to make me apologise to my own 15 year old daughter?

Chloe shuffled in offering me a quick glance of guilty regret. She actually felt sorry for me now.

“It’s ok mum. You know, so long as it doesn’t happen again.”

Blair smiled. “That is very good of you Chloe but I think you are entitled to an apology. Dad?” She turned to me.

I nodded. “Yes of course.” I recall needing to get it done and dusted as soon as possible. “Chloe I am sorry about the door business.”

“That’s ok daddy. It was a bit loud.”

She was blushing for me!

Blair wasn’t satisfied. “Perhaps you might promise your daughter you won’t ever enter a room without knocking first. Hmmm? Don’t you think?”

“Yes of course, honey. Yes. Chloe I promise I won’t enter your bedroom again without knocking.”

“Aw thank you daddy.”

“That isn’t what I said, hubby, is it?”

How Blair might look in her tight office skirt?

Blair had that fixed look on her face I was still getting used to but swear I had never seen before she locked me into the chastity belt. It sort of hardened her face. I always associated her with a twinkling smile but lately she had evolved this harder, no nonsense look.

“I er, well. I thought that’s what …”

“I said enter a room without knocking didn’t I?”

“Any room?”

“Well Chloe or her friends or even I might not be fully dressed might we?”

“Well I guess that is …..”

“And we wouldn’t want that would we?”

My dick actually spurted. I had for so long fantasised about being dominated that this abject humiliation excited me, even though at that moment felt like running miles away. To somewhere I could get my breath back and try to think more clearly what I should be doing.

“No of course.” As you already know if you have read the later instalments of my diary, arguing with Blair made matters worse for me. It was as if I couldn’t say anything to her any more without landing myself in worse trouble. I didn’t want to lose an argument in front of my daughter.

“That makes sense darling.”

She sighed, raising her eyebrows as if I really were a child, “well I am glad you finally understand. So please make that promise to Chloe.”

“Yes dear.”

Chloe was nibbling her lip, her head bowed forward staring up at me with large sorrowful eyes glowing with remorse. I guess she knew what it was like to be admonished by Blair. This was all new to me.

“Honey,” I said to her, “I promise I won’t enter any room without knocking again. Just to be safe.”

“Ok Daddy, erm, thank you.” She turned to her mother. “I best go and finish off my homework mummy.”

“Good idea. I will send daddy into check on it after dinner.”

Send daddy in!

She was putting me down with every statement and not only was there nothing I could do about it but I was aroused and feeling like shit all at the same time. How was that possible?

As soon as I heard Chloe’s bedroom door, and the music start up a good deal quieter than before, close I stepped closer to Blair.

“My love, you can’t involve a fifteen year old girl in these games.”

“Really?” She relaxed and giggled. “Would you like to tell me anything else I can and cannot do bunchkins?”

She was amused, as if I had just told a silly joke.

Feeling light headed I swallowed. There was the bunny outfit in my bedroom and the handcuffs would be here tomorrow morning. I needed to be careful, especially if I was to get this damned cage off sooner rather than later.

“Well no. I didn’t mean it like that darling. It is just that …”

“How did you mean it honey?”

I er, well, I , I suppose … I don’t know.”

“Nor do I. So you be a good boy and don’t dare challenge me again. Got it little boy?”

She had already learnt how I hated the ‘little boy’ put down. My sub fantasies were to do with being a maid or at least a sissy, certainly not a young boy.

“Yes dear.”

She tapped the keyboard on her desk, staring off into space. “It is a shame I cannot put you back in your bunny outfit, I know how you adore wiggling around in that.” She laughed at her joke. “But it wouldn’t be fair for you to be laughed at by your daughter. So for now be a good boy and go into your bedroom. Lock the door and set your phone timer for ten minutes. You will then stand in the corner near the wardrobe until the timer goes off.”

“But darling,” I lowered my voice. “Chloe is here. We can’t …”

Her jaw set. I can recall her face to this day. I had genuinely upset her. “You listen to me little boy. I will not tolerate a mouthy brat around here. So ten minutes isn’t enough for you? You set the timer to thirty minutes. Your bedtime will be at 8 o’clock tonight, straight after dinner.”

I know my mouth just hung open. I was shell shocked. She was sending me to bed even earlier and there was nothing I could do about it.

“The corner by the wardrobe. Now. I can see you there on my computer monitor. Don’t you dare so much as bend your legs or look around.”

My mouth was so dry I couldn’t swallow.

With my chin on my chest I turned and headed for my room.

“Oh little boy?”

“Yes darling?”

“Hands on your head at all times.”

“Yes dear. Of course.”

My second corner time was painful. I know many of you will have fantasised about standing in the corner with your hands on your head but let me tell you, your arms ache within no time at all.

Just like early that day I discovered how time stretches painfully out when you cannot see a clock nor do anything other than simply stand there. It is a worse punishment than you can imagine. I knew Blair would be checking up on me with her webcam so ensured my legs were straight and that I didn’t look too far to the left or right. You have to move your neck a little as, like your arms, it gets stiff. I thought about doing this dressed as a French maid, in heels and short flared dress with the stocking tops showing and that engorged my dick in its cage.

The first thing I vowed to do once I was free of the corner time was put a condom over the chastity cage to stop it constantly leaking in my pants.

You probably think that I had already suffered my worst humiliation. Being told off before your 15 year old daughter and then made to apologise to her being even worse than standing in the corner with your hands on head. I want to warn you of a huge catastrophe that will take place that very night where the mortification will even exceed those events.

At first things went rather well, in fact I guess too well. The alarm sounded and I was able to relax my aching arms. As soon as I unlocked the door a grinning Blair burst in slamming it behind her.

She looked thrilled, throwing her arms around me, squeezing me to her. We are about the same height so I simply let my arms rest around her shoulders. Her hands went down to my backside squeezing it as she giggled.

“Oh you are such a good boy sometimes”. With that she patted my bottom.

Bewildered I found myself thanking her.

Keeping a grip on me she pulled back to look me fully in the face. “So long as you know that good little boys get rewards. How about if you stay up until 9 tonight? Would you like that?”

I am ashamed to say I replied very quickly, “yes, thank you darling. That would be wonderful”

I was thanking her for being allowed to stay up an extra half hour. My new bedtime was 9.30 but she had said earlier I would be sent at 8.30 for being, I blush when I use this word, naughty. What is there bout that word that is so humbling and thrilling all at the same time?

Patting my bum again she said. “Aw. I do like it when you are a good boy rather than pushy, mouthy brat. You know it is a shame we never had a second baby. A boy. Wouldn’t it be great dressing him up in those cute little dungarees and tee shirts? Eh? With those little boy sandles?”

“Erm, well, I guess it would have been good to have had a boy as well as a girl, yes.” My horrified mind was fixed on the ‘cute little dungerees’ and ‘little boy sandals.’

She had to know I just didn’t like that sort of thing, that my interest was in girly outfits. With her in a good mood I felt brave enough to chance my arm. “Oh Blair. Remember you said we would chat about these things. You know you did say. Honest.”

“Oh don’t you worry your little head. When you are tucked up in bed I will join you and we can talk then. I have so many ideas. I am just not sure of them. This is so exciting.”

“Well, about the little boy thingee you seem to like …”

How Blair might look in her tight office skirt?

“Now, now,” she laughed, “don’t get yourself into any trouble. Have I asked for your views yet?”

“No dear.”

“When did I say we would chat?”

I swallowed, hearing me use the excruciating line, “After I have been sent to bed darling.”

She patted my bottom. “Good boy. You do understand that good boys get treats?”

I winced. “Yes, of course my love.”

“Say it.”

This was ignominious. “Good boys get treats.”

Her eyes narrowed for a moment until she said. “Hmm. Say, ‘Good little boys get treats’.”

I believe I stifled a groan. It didn’t seem wise to upset her when she was in such a good mood. “Good little boys get treats darling.”

“Aw. That is sooo sweet! Now say, ‘but naughty little brats get punished’.”

I avoided her eyes by staring into space. “But naughty little brats get punished darling.”

“Now say the two lines together.

My head was so fogged up with the degradation and my overwhelming sexual need that I struggled to remember the words.

“Good boys get, no, no. Good little boys get treats and naughty little, erm, ah, brats get punished.”

“Not bad. Try it again.”

“Good little boys get treats and naughty little brats get punished.”

“Uh-huh. Now again.”

I sighed. “Good little boys get treats and naughty little brats get punished, my love.”

She released me patting my cheek as if I were a playful puppy. “Good boy. Now I want you to learn that but without writing it down. We will call that rule one. So if I say what is rule one then you will say?”

“Oh! Good little boys get treats and naughty little brats get punished.”

“Excellent. So you toddle off downstairs and make some dinner for us all. Really looking forward to our little discussion later.”

With that she left with my eyes fixed on her sexy arse in that so tight little office skirt. Oh my God was I so sexually frustrated.

And the catastrophe to come? I shake my head even now at how my silliness destroyed that wonderful moment when Blair was so happy with me she was going to let me stay up late and come and chat with me. Needless to say we didn’t get to chat that night. Well not about anything I wanted to talk about. Will explain all in the next entry.



lockJordan’s Diary entry 23


I know you want to hear about the catastrophe that upset the entire day but I need to start at the beginning. I want you to know how wonderful things were before I screwed up.

As you know my obediently standing in the corner pleased Blair so much she hugged me and was in blissful spirits. She promised me my long awaited chat after I was sent to bed and as you know I was allowed to stay up a little later because I had been good. So all was positive.

Indeed the evening continued in excellent spirits. I made a meal for us all and the chatter was amusing. Chloe, having seen me being scolded by my wife seemed to view me as more of a pal than her father at the dinner table. To be honest I even felt an affinity and closeness with her that had been missing for a few years.

Blair told us about what happened at work. It hadn’t struck me then why this seemed so unusual at the time. She chatted and we listened. But over the coming days I realised it had once been me who told the funny stories at the dinner table with everyone else being the audience.

Blair told us how she had little on in work at the moment, though they were expecting an avalanche of contracts to be sorted over the coming months.

“I spend a lot of time just playing games,” she said, winking at me.

Chloe giggled, “I never thought you would play games mum.”

“Oh yes, that and teasing the slaves in the office.”

Chloe tittered again as if in recognition of her mum’s joke.

“Slaves?” I inquired.

Blair when she was happy with me

“Oh don’t you worry about it,” Blair said, sipping her wine.

Chloe was more forthcoming, confiding with me as if I were an intimate pal. “Oh you get these guys who will do anything for you.”

“Don’t tell him,” Blair laughed, “a girlie secret.”

Chloe turned in her seat to face me, leaning forward to whisper confidentially. “They ogle your body and then they will do anything. So you say fetch me something. Like in school, I needed more paper so I look at this wimpy guy on the next desk and I say. ‘Aw I haven’t got any paper.’ And you know what? He is off like a shot to get it.”

“Fetch mees!” I said “yes your mum was told me about them. You have them too?”

“Oh sure. Ugly girls don’t have them which means more for the rest of us.”

I looked at Chloe and her mother and realised that they would win a fair share of the ‘fetch mees’. “Just never heard them called slaves before.”

Chloe turned back, putting her fork on the plate of the meal I had prepared. “Oh some of them are real wimps. They don’t know how much girls despise guys who do as they are told. They are only good for one thing. Fetch mees.”

“Chloe!” Barked Blair, making us both jump. “That’s enough.”

“But mum I am only telling dad.”

“You heard me, unless you want to go to bed early?”

Chloe blushed and pouted, cutting her chicken with renewed venom. “I was only saying.”

That shook me a little. Blair wouldn’t meet my eyes as I silently questioned her across the table. Did she despise me now because I had to do what she told me?

Blair changed tack her face brightening. “The best ‘fetch me’ is this guy called Jerry. You ‘ve met him, haven’t you Jordan?”

“Yes darling.” How could I forget the guy who had locked down my computer so that I couldn’t access anything without Blair’s permission? In fact I couldn’t even turn it off or reboot it, yet Blair could operate it from anywhere she liked.

“He is such a lazy arse hole. Oh my word.” She shook her head.

Chloe giggled.

“Sits in his own room, heavens knows what he is doing.”

“I bet I do,” Chloe giggled.

Blair laughed. “I did warn you young lady but I don’t think you are wrong.”

I had never heard Blair and Chloe speak like this to each other before. I felt like I was involved in some secret girlie society.

“Do you stick your chest out when he comes in mum?”

“Oh no. Your mother is much more devious. I sit on my desk crossing and uncrossing my legs.”

They both laughed and I thought I should join in with a small chuckle of my own. I wanted to part of this conspiratorial tête-à-tête.

“The poor boy doesn’t know whether he is coming or going. I would say he spends half his day with me offering me advice on computer stuff.”

“Mum what on earth could you possibly want to know about computers for? You hate them.”

“Put it this way darling I am learning how useful they can be to get what you want.” Her eyes caught me with a mischievous twinkle.

I thought it was wise to smile shyly back at her.

“Does it still work with your boss mum?”

“Chloe!” Blair was playacting with Chloe, laughing at her naughtiness in revealing her secret. “Of course not.” She glanced sheepishly at me. “Unless I want something of course.”

“You do that with Morgan Hopkins?” I gasped. As you know I like the idea of my wife flirting with her boss. It’s part of my cuckold fantasy but of course I never guessed she would actually do it. I thought of her as being too shy to flirt with anyone. Yet at that point I had the definite impression she had chatted to Chloe about it many times. “I can’t imagine Morgan Hopkins being a wimp and fetching you stuff.”

“Oh no. Not like that.” Blair said.

Chloe learned towards me again to explain. “That’s different then. With guys like that that. You get them in school. The rugby guys who the other boys are afraid of. Guys who always get what they want. So you always want them to know you might have an evening free. But you never, never try to get them to fetch you anything. That would be it!”

“But,” Blair added, “sometimes I need to get time off. Say I want to get my hair done. Well it is easier in the week when the hairdressers are quiet so I mention it to him, usually when I am standing before him. He loves that. God bless short skirts.”

I felt my cock spurt into my underwear and knew I needed to wear a condom until Blair released the cock cage.

Chloe asked me, “didn’t the girls in your office do that to you. Maybe you never noticed.”

I hadn’t thought of it before, but now that she mentioned it to me a memory sparked. “I think so. Yes, come to think about it. My P.A. was always being very sexy.”

“When she wanted time off like mum?”

I thought back. “Well there was when she couldn’t handle all the photocopying.” I said. “She said she couldn’t understand how to use the machine when there was a lot of photocopying. So I did it for her.”

Chloe burst out laughing, while Blair shook her head and giggled. “Stop it Chloe.”

“But mum. One of dad’s employees treated daddy as a ‘fetch me.’”

“Nonsense,” Blair giggled wiping a tear from her eye. “I am sure that is not the case.”

I felt myself grow angry. “Don’t be daft Chloe. She would have been out on her arse if she ever tried that with me.”

Chloe nodded. “So it only happened once then.”

“No. I said she didn’t like it when there was a lot of photocopying. So a few times. That’s all. Women and computers eh?”

“Unlike dad and computers,” Chloe laughed.

Feeling I needed to defend myself from being a fetch me in my daughter’s eyes, I continued. “I did all sorts like that for her. Change the ink in her printer, sometimes write up her reports if she wanted to get off early.”

“Get her pens from the office cupboard,” Chloe cut in with a gleam I her eyes.

“Yes of course, when she was busy.”

Chloe threw her head into her hands laughing loudly. “Oh daddy, daddy!”

“I am sure it is not what it seems,” grinned her mother.

“No!” I said defensively. But I recalled the time when she asked me to help her carry the coffees into the meeting room with my sales team. I died inside as I pictured her opening the door and me walking in carrying the tray of coffees and biscuits for everyone. I could see they were sniggering but couldn’t work out why. Damn! I was treated as a ‘fetch me.’

But what I can report is that at least Blair was still in a good mood. I was to screw it up later.

I put it down to Chloe’s remarks about me being fetch me. As did the dishes whilst the girls watch d some soap opera I agonised over the things my P.A. made me do. Vanessa was a stunning looking girl in her early thirties who looked good in anything, tight jeans or flared skirts. She just had the legs and figure for them. I guess that’s why I employed her in the first place. I recalled her leaning over her desk to get something and wriggling her shapely butt at me. Now I knew why and groaned inside. If I ever saw her again I would give her a piece of mind.

Once I finished clearing the kitchen I started making them their post dinner tea and coffee. As you can imagine I needed to keep Blair sweet so the kitchen was as clean as a house showroom.

I picked up the tray and my head was still humming with what the sales team must have thought of me carrying tray of coffees into the meeting. I wondered if Vanessa had a bet with them. Anger was stirring in me.

I guess I blame that distraction for what happened next. Also in my defence my head was in a permanent fog over my sexual frustration. Being constantly in need of release and not being able to takes the edge of your capacity to reason.

Careful not to let the tea and coffee spill on the tray I held it in my left hand whilst opening the door with my right.

I entered the sitting room with a smile. I can recall the scene exactly. Chloe and Blair in their short skirts, each sprawled on a separate sofa. The tv had a man and woman embracing with some awful kitschy music playing behind them.

Feeling pleased with myself I smiled and was at ease. So I almost threw everything to the floor when Blair bellowed at me.

“What are you doing?”

Blair when she was angry with me.

Her face had that expression I was getting used to in the last couple of days, hard set, her lower jaw extended, her eyes on fire.

“I, I …” Of course I couldn’t think what I had done wrong. She had asked for the teas and coffees as soon as I had finished cleaning the kitchen. Half my mind was concerned with how she could speak to me like that in front of my own daughter.

“What were you told earlier?”

“Erm, th-that you wanted a coffee and Chloe asked for a tea.”

Chloe groaned, pitying me. “Oh dad!”


“Earlier, birdbrain!”

I thought back but I couldn’t think of anything else. “Would you like cake with it?”

Chloe buried her head in a cushion. “Dad! Think! My door! Upstairs!”

“Eh?” I am ashamed to say I still didn’t get it until I heard my own words reciting in my head. I had promised I wouldn’t enter any room without knocking.

“Put the tray down on the coffee table there and come to the kitchen with me.”

I did as she told me and I was too terrified to wonder about the shame of being commanded about before Chloe.

Once in the kitchen Blair slammed the door.

I don’t think I had ever seen my wife with a scowl like this before, it was as if I had totally insulted her. I can confide with you dear reader that I felt terrified.

“Are you doing this on purpose?”

“No darling. No.”

“You sure?”

“No. No really. I just forgot.”

She nodded, her formerly pretty mouth now pulled down like a belligerent guard dog’s. “You forgot. You forgot. You were only told this afternoon. Tell me birdbrain, what is rule one?”

As you can imagine nerves vibrated through me, cutting off all thoughts to me head.

“I, I, ..” My mind was an empty mist of nothing. No words came. It was frozen.

“Good little boys,” prompted Blair her eyes screaming at me to recall the rule.

“Oh yes. Good little boys get treats.” I stared at her hopefully.


“And?” I shivered.

“Naughty boys?” She rolled her eyes.

“Ah! Yes. Naughty boys get punished.”

“Say it together.”

“Good little boys get treats and naughty boys get punished.”

“What does a good boy do before entering a room?”

“He knocks darling.”

“Did you knock?”

I wanted to throw myself on my knees to beg her for forgiveness. “Please Blair. I won’t forget again.”

“Well, let’s see.” She glanced at the cooker clock. “It is quarter past eight. Off to bed right now. And lights out. No phones. Nothing. Straight to bed.”

“But darling, Chloe will wonder why I have gone to bed so early.”

“Oh?” Her yes grew wide. “And is that my problem little boy?”

There didn’t seem any answer to that. “I guess not.”

I made to go but she stepped across my path. “I am going to help you remember that lesson. Believe me.”

“I won’t forget again. Please Blair. Please let me stay up.”

“Bed. Now.”

I stood for a moment trying to marshal an argument as to why I, a grown man, should not be sent to bed in my own home.

Blair raised her eyebrows. “Do you want me to shout at you so that your daughter will hear you being sent to bed early?”

Feeling like crying I wanted to explain to her that Chloe had seen her scolding me as if I were a child and would soon put two and two together. But I said nothing, simply slumped up the stairs in total abject misery.

lockJordan’s Diary entry 24

As you can imagine the next morning I was awake pretty early. I cannot recall ever going to bed at that sort of time before, probably not since childhood. I had lain there expecting, perhaps hoping, for a visit from Blair. But when, around eleven, she and Chloe came to bed they went straight to their rooms.

That was the point when I started to regularly wear a condom over my chastity belt. As you have seen my dick was constantly excited and spurting for reasons only it understood. I was in a continual state of arousal made more intense by the fact I couldn’t do anything about it. I have no idea, even now, why it should dribble when Blair was castigating me as if I were a child.

That night I actually slipped on my favourite baby doll nightie and matching panties and humped the pillow but apart from the usual spurting I gained no satisfaction. My last memory was of shaking my fists in helpless rage before I slipped into sleep.

So there I was at 5.30 in the morning with daylight a dull orange, downstairs in the kitchen tidying up the coffee and tea cups form the previous night. They had also had some biscuits so I made sure the crumbs were tidied up from the tables and thought it wise to clean the kitchen floor to get into Blair’s good books.

Now here was the unexpected part.

Blair came down, a little later than her usual time, jauntily greeting me with a peck on the cheek and a pat on my bottom. “Did my little boy learn a good lesson last night?”

“Yes darling,” I replied breathlessly. By now I rarely even thought about using her Christian name.

She giggled. “You can be so clever when you try hard.”

She ordered toast and then a panicky, flustered Chloe emerged.

“Oh dad can you make my cereals and toast? I haven’t sorted that history yet!”

“Of course,” I announced making sure Blair heard me. Sadly she didn’t. Having given me my pat on the bottom she was now engrossed in a woman magazine.

Oddly she didn’t seem set on going to work.

In fact it seemed weird that Chloe was picked up by one of her friends, leaving the house with a piece of toast between her teeth.

“Aren’t you going to be late darling?” I asked, desperate to seem helpful.

She flicked over a page, examining a photograph of a woman in a short skirted business suit. “Don’t you worry your little head about anything little boy.”

“Ah, right, yes.”

Then she gazed up at me. “Hmmm. Your overseas contract has been sent so you won’t have anything to do today.”

“Well I er …”

“You don’t. Remember? Little boys do not tell fibs else they will be punished.” She stood up slowly as thinking something through.

I felt my breath catch. Her short tight skirt had ridden up showing her sexy thighs. Her blouse was sheer exposing her white lacy bra. She was a picture of an erotic office girl straight out of a web site fantasy page.

Standing before me, she tightened her eyes as if in still in thought, then beamed. “So then little boy what do you do before you enter a room?”

“I knock dear. Always. I promise I will knock. Really darling.”

She laughed. “Just answer the question. I don’t want you wasting my time by jabbering away like a little girl.”

Ooooh. I spurted into my condom but managed a breathy. “No honey.”

“What happens to good little boys?”

“Good little boys get treats.”

“And naughty little brats?”

“Naughty little brats get punished.”

“Now combine the two for your mummy.”

My head swirled with arousal. “Good little boys get treats and naughty little brats get punished.”

“Oh you are so clever when you try hard. Good. Show me position one over the table.”

Position one? I know you must think me a complete idiot but for a moment I couldn’t understand what she was talking about. She arched her eyebrows and in a flash I recalled the time bent over the end of the bed when she had so brutally caned me.

I walked to the table and, feeling incredibly foolish, bent over it keeping my eyes away from hers.

“Aw isn’t that cute. Very good little boy.”

I sighed with relief and rose.

“What are you doing?” She barked.

My stomach twisted and I flung myself back over the table.

“Sorry darling I thought …”

She patted my bottom. “You thought? You thought?”

I bit my lip.

“Isn’t thinking for yourself what has landed you in this position?”

“Well, yes I guess so …”

“Yes. I guess so too. So learn to stop thinking. It is an irritating misuse of your time.”

She spoke with mischief in her voice but I dare not do anything other than take her seriously. “Yes darling. Sorry darling.”

I heard her ‘hmmm’ to herself as if contemplating whether she was satisfied with my response. I dreaded the cane. As I have told you, it may be sexy in a hot fantasy but when administered in real life it hurts like nothing else.

“Ok stand up like a good boy.”

I rose immediately awaiting the next instruction.

“I have been reading a lot of about this Ds thing you told me about yesterday.”

I thought ‘oh no.’ but just said, “Yes dear.”

butt in skirt 10
Blair in one of her new office dresses

Blair in her most daring leather dress, ready for work.

She crossed her legs, standing one ankle before the other. How I wanted to grab and ravage her.

“It’s a huge field isn’t it?”

“Yes darling. Massive.”

“Some women keep their hubbies locked in a chastity cage so that they are like protective knights for them.”

I nodded. I had only ever read about my own fetishes, as I was never interested in what anyone else did.

“Other women are clearly horrible sadists.”

“Yes darling.”

Glaring at me she announced, “you know I am not one of those don’t you.”

“Of course darling. You are nothing like one of those.”

She hummed as if not believing me but apparently satisfied, continued. “Other’s do it for the control. You know, like when they had wandering husbands, or guys like you who are lazy and tell lies.”

I nodded not feeling I was that lazy or that I told lies – other than necessary ones.

“I guess I fall in to that category. You know, needing to control, to know what is happening.”

“Yes dear that seems right.”

“I think that friend of mine who keeps her hubbie in kiddies clothes all the time is a bit of a sadist.”

“She sounds it my love.”

Folding her arms she looked out of the kitchen window. “Though I have missed out on dressing little boys. You know, because we only had a girl.”

“I suppose so.” They had said that before. Why one earth would women get a buzz out of dressing little boys?

She nibbled her lips still staring into the distance over the garden at the trees that lined our back area. “Anyway,” She said finally. “You on the other hand have bored me to tears throughout our marriage on what you like. Awful fetishes.”
I winced. “Sorry darling.”

“All this seedy wanting to dress as a girl. Yuk. Be a maid. And a cuckold.”

“Sorry darling.”

“Don’t apologise. You don’t mean it and you can’t help being a pervert.”

“Sorry my love.”

“So I have been thinking about you doing maid stuff about the house. You know clearing up, hovering. My word, there is always laundry to be done.”

I spurted. Obviously I only wanted to play act being a maid, as in a fantasy. I wouldn’t really want to do all that mundane housework.

“Just not sure about letting you dress.” She giggled. “Or maybe make you do it in your Bunny Onsie. Wouldn’t that be amusing?”

Grimacing I tried to smile. “Please darling, that isn’t my thing.”

Her face fell into that hard expression I told you about in the previous instalment, where her mouth curves down and her eyes become slits.

“Little boy you have done your thing for long enough. It is now time for my thing!”

“yes, yes, of course.”

“Stupid boy.”

“Sorry my love.”

My foolish comment engendered determination in her speech. “You can start today. Hoover the house and clean the bathrooms.”

I had no idea how to clean bathrooms, moreover Blair was now going too far. We still had to discuss the situation as she said we could. I thought of a good argument. “Honey what if Chloe were to know I was cleaning up the house? What would she think?”


The hard face. I jumped wishing I hadn’t said anything. “I mean, you know, it isn’t normal for the guy in the house to …”

“She would think you were being helpful and purposeful. Why do you always mention our daughter? You think it is wrong for you to make a contribution around the house?”

“Well, no, no of course not honey. But it is a bit,” I searched for the right words so as not to make matters worse, I failed(!). “It is just that I think it’s a little humiliating to have your own fifteen year old daughter learn you are the cleaner in the house.”

She nodded and stupidly, for a moment, I thought she got it until she spoke. “I see. You are thinking again?”

“Well, no, no … just a thought really.” I have to confess I was truly frightened at that moment.

“Ring Chloe.” She commanded. “Ring her now before she has to turn off her phone when the lessons start.”

Oh my god. I was dying. “W-w-w- why darling?”

“Ask her permission to clean her room.”

I goldfished unable to think of what to say. I just knew I couldn’t do that. “Honey you know she doesn’t like anyone clearing her room.”

Folding her arms, she tilted her head back revealing her hard face. “Well little boy, you had just better convince her, hadn’t you?”

Even now I can feel taste the fear in my mouth and feel my head swooning. I lifted up my pink phone, specially programed by that idiot Jamie. “Please honey. Please. Please don’t make me.”

“Little boys have to learn to as do as they are told.”

I speed dialled Chloe. It rang, and rang and rang. For a moment there was respite. She wasn’t answering, I was free! But then …

“Hi daddy. What is it?” She demanded. “They have just rung the bell.”

“I, erm,” I closed my eyes tight, feeling sweat build on my brow. “Honey listen. I am just sorting out some stuff around the house. You mind if I just clear some space in your room?”

“What? Yes? Like of course I mind. It’s my personal space.”

“Of course it is honey. I thought I might just put a few things away, you know and sort out your books. Just clear some space on the floor. Nothing major.”

“No! You leave it all alone. You know what mummy has said about you coming into my room.”

“Well it was mummy’s idea really.”

There was silence and I hoped and wished.

“Well if mummy says so,” she mused, sounding defeated. “I don’t want to get into a row with her. But I want to be able to find everything after you have finished.”

“Oh thank you Chloe, thank your. Thank you so much.”

The line went dead as if she didn’t need to bother to reply.

Blair, I am relieved to say, was delighted. “There little boy, that wasn’t so hard was it?”


Wasn’t so hard? I was dying of shame. Fancy having to beg your own daughter to clean her room.

“You make a good job of it bunchkins else she won’t let you do it again and then you will be in serious trouble.”

“Yes darling.” Spurt, spurt. What was my dick thinking?

“Oh my there is so much to discuss from what I have read. Let’s see. Ah yes. So being locked in that chastity cage thingee definitely makes a guy more passive?”

I had read that too and now I could personally vouch for it. I would do anything for Blair. I felt totally at the mercy of her whims and commands. “Yes darling. Yes.”

She grinned. “Interesting. One lady keeps her poor guy locked away for months at a time. Says he dare not do anything naughty these days. How cool is that?”

“I have read of such life styles honey but I really wouldn’t …” I froze.

Smiling, she raised her eyebrows. “And does it matter what you want bunchkins?”

“No dear. Just what you want.”

“Clever boy. So,” she paused staring out of the window again, “the longer a guy is locked away the more obedient and well behaved he becomes.”

“Yes. Oh please Bl …. “I honestly almost said her name. Imagine the trouble I would have been in! But I smartly corrected myself, “Please darling. I can barely stand it now.”

“Uh-uh,” she seemed concerned but there was an impish glimmer in her eyes. “Poor little boy. But that is good. Helps my control. Come here.” She pointed at a spot just before her.

I approached.

“Closer. I said here.” She indicated a spot right before her high heeled shoes.

I stood almost nose to nose with her, she being slightly taller in her heels. She embraced me giving me a squeeze and rubbing her cheek up against mine.

Her sudden bout of affection was such as shock I didn’t know how to handle it, what to do or say so I simply let her cuddle me. Eventually my hands snaked about her back and gently pulling her closer. I could have screwed her then and there if she allowed me.

Holding me firmly, she whispered in my ear. “So that brings me to the other thing.”

Other thing I wondered.

Kissing my face she continued speaking softly into my ear, “this, you know,” she giggled with embarrassment, “this cuckolding business.”

“Oh yes darling?” I was terrified. Blair didn’t seem to be able to see the difference between fantasy and reality any more.

“You have often mentioned it. You know, gone on and on as about it as much as that maid business.”

“It’s only a fantasy love. Just that.”

“Uh-uh. Yes. But some guys want it in reality. Not just in fantasy. That’s what I have read.”

“Yes darling but it would kill me to know you were with another man.” My eyes were wide open. I remember how they had fixed on the fridge as I dreaded where she wanted to take this conversation.

“Yes. Ok. Ok. Yes.” She released me and smiled before kissing my nose. “Good boy. You must always be honest with me.”

“I am darling, truly.”

For a long while she thought about something, something she wanted to add but then stepped back and grinned. “And later we get those handcuffs don’t we? Real double locking thingees.” She giggled. “Then we can think about letting out a good boy’s little dickie and letting him have some fun. How does that sound?”

I swallowed a, “Wonderful darling.”

“Tell me what happens to good and naughty little boys.”

“Good little boys get treats and naughty little boys get punished darling.”

“And what sort of little boy do you want to be?”

This is shameful to share but I truly gushed into the condom. “I want to be a good little boy for you darling.”

She grinned from ear to ear. “Aw. That is sooooo sweet. Love it.”

She picked up her bag and made for the door. “So good cleaning little boy, especially Chloe’s room. You won’t want to get on her bad side.”

Yes dear.” I followed her like a puppy to the front door where she paused before turning to me, slightly blushing.

“As a little treat,” she mused. “You have a maid’s outfit don’t you?”

I actually had a couple but I answered. “Yes darling.”

“It has one of those little dinky maid cap thingees?”

“Yes dear.”

“And an apron?”

“Erm yes dear.”

“Ok. And this is a special treat for a good little boy. Put them on whilst cleaning. Just the cap and apron, not the other stuff. I don’t want to see that on the webcam. Perhaps it will help you get through the day.”

“Yes darling.” I have to admit to a feeling more of irritation than excitement. I know that many of you think you would love to be in that position. But somehow it wasn’t for me. I just didn’t feel grateful simply because it wasn’t my choice to wear them. She had decided I had to put them on and I dare say would decide when I could take them off. Though I don’t need to tell you what my caged dick did into the condom! It had a mind of its own.

“We still haven’t got much on until the new contracts get in so I will read up some more on all this and summon you for a chat later. Bye little boy.”

She gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Bye darling.” I waited until she drove off before closing the door, fearing that to do so before she left the drive might insult her in some way.

What situation had I got myself in? How was I going to get out of it?

One thing I knew was that I had to do a good job of cleaning even though I had never done it before. Moreover I had to be really careful about Chloe’s room. I was fearful. would I be able to please both my wife Blair and my 15 year old daughter Chloe?

I guess I realised I just had to!

lockJordan’s Diary entry 25

I look back on those first days of cleaning with a gnawing fear in my tummy.

At that time I did not have a clue how to clean a bathroom and I suspect that few of you have any real experience of it either. ‘Being a maid is a profession not a hobby leading to wanking’, at least that is what I was taught a lot later.

Under the sink was a confusing endless supply of packets of wet wipes for all manner of surfaces along with bottles of cleaning fluids for everything under the sun.

Don’t worry I wasn’t going to fall into any traps. I dug out a maid’s apron from my clothing stash and tied it around my waist. I had three aprons from the different maid’s outfits so I chose the smallest, which seemed less humiliating. It was a frilly white square of silk that clung to the front of me and was tied off in a large bow at the rear. A couple of the maid caps were those huge Victorian ones so I selected the smallest one I could find, a sort of frilly silk tiara that I stuck into my hair. Though it looked quite sweet in my wig, my much shorter hair didn’t do it much justice.


I meticulously checked maids caphow I looked in my bedroom mirror as I didn’t want Blair to pick me up for not doing anything correctly.

Oddly the image that stared back was of a submissive looking metrosexual guy, smooth and feminine, whose girlishness was enhanced by the frilly apron and silly little cap.

Then the drudgery began. We have two bathrooms and two ensuites, each seemed to take an age to clean. The variety of wipes tackled them well but still required more elbow grease than I had ever imagined.

The result was that the bathrooms soon sparkled in the daylight sunshine. By simply tidying the various clutter of bottles and jars that litter any bathroom I felt I had achieved a reasonable result.

I had seen Blair add bleach to the toilet bowls so once cleaned I did likewise.

After a much needed coffee and some chocolate I returned up stairs to Chloe’s room. This was the one that, as you well know, troubled me most. If I didn’t clear it up sufficiently for Blair’s liking then I would be in serious woe, however if I disturbed it too much and upset Chloe I would still be in hot water with Blair.

I wondered if my wife knew how much turmoil she was putting me through, and I honestly think at that time she didn’t.

So, Chloe’s room? Weimg-thingll think teenager. Think girl who cannot put anything away. Think of a floor where the carpet is hidden by everything from two week old underwear to magazines.

Aargh. Where to start?

Even the desk and bed were littered with crumpled clothes. When I opened her wardrobes and cupboards I discovered them to be stuffed to the rafters.

I can recall sighing and shaking my head at the apparently impossible task. I needed to ring Blair and explain the issues involved.

It was then that the doorbell chimed and I stupidly humiliated myself totally.

Looking back I think it was me still getting used to wearing a chastity belt for a few days. So being unaccustomed to the permanent state of arousal and submission I simply couldn’t think clearly. That, sad to say, hasn’t improved to this day. In fact it has become worse as I have had to wear the chastity devices for even longer periods.

So I went downstairs and saw the shadow of the postman through the opaque glass of the front door.

Just then my pink mobile rang. I took it out and saw it was Blair. My reasoning decided it would be better to answer the door first and then call Blair back later. I didn’t want to get in to trouble for letting the postman wander off with the bondage items she wanted whilst I was delayed by the phone.
Then I heard Blair’s voice over the speakers in my office, “Jordan! Jordan!”

But outside the door was tonight’s relief. If I missed the handcuffs then I wouldn’t be allowed to cum. There was only once decision to be made. I answered the door and ignored Blair.

Indeed I guess you appreciate that the postman had the key to my sexual release, the end of my desperate frustration. So I guess you can appreciate my bimbo style behaviour.

I opened the door and can picture the postie now.

He was a little younger than me, taller by maybe a foot with a warm ever smiling round face.

I mentioned before my feelings of inadequacy when I faced the delivery guy whilst wearing my chastity belt. There is something mind tinglingly humbling about being near a guy who can use his willy for whatever he wants when yours is locked tightly away without you having access to the key. You feel subservient to them. A feeling I still have whenever a man walks into the room.

So I sort of simpered at him.

Oh, it actually hurts to think of it. I should have realised by the shocked then amused expression on his face that I had committed a wholly foolish act. But I didn’t.

“Mister Connolly?” His glittering eyes gave me the once over as if I were a girl.

“Yes.” I held out my hand for the parcels and letters he was holding. For a brief moment he just sort of stared at me then his grin grew wider showing his teeth. “Can you sign for this please?”

“Sure.” I signed his electronic device, thanked him and took the parcels inside.

When I closed the door I saw myself in the hall mirror.

The tiara maid’s cap was slightly skewwhiff and the maids apron wasn’t as crisp as it was when I tied it on earlier that day.

Oh. My. God.

I literally put my face into my hands. Had I really just shown myself off, dressed like this, to the damned postman? It would be all over the street by lunchtime!

“Jordan!” Blair shouted through the computer speaker. There was a chill threat to the way she said my name.

My mind wouldn’t work. I was terrified of her and the power she had over me.

I timidly slipped into my office, edging round to be in front of the webcam. Of course all I had was the childish screensaver to look at whilst she tumblr_n7f55p8zLS1sel8ayo2_500could see me perfectly on her screen.

“Sorry darling. I couldn’t take your call. The postman was at the door. I needed to get the package,” I explained defensively. “You know the stuff you wanted me to buy? Because if …”

“First stop jabbering like a nervous school girl!”

“Yes dear.”

But I was like a nervous school girl.

“Second, understand this. If I call you then I want to be answered. Got it?”

“Yes of course. Yes darling.”

“I am not second best to anyone!”

Wow, she sounded angry. “No you are not honey, really.”

“Thirdly, I was calling you to warn you how you looked! Idiot!”

I closed my eyes and sighed. Of course. Had I answered her phone call or gone to my office I wouldn’t have made a complete idiot of myself by answering the door with the apron and cap. “Oh. I see. Sorry.”

“You heard me calling you? Over the speakers?”

“Well, yes darling but I thought it best to get the door before the postman …”

“You thought? What have I told you?”

My tummy span over. “Not to think for myself. Sorry.”

“You are always sorry. A little bit of better behaviour and you wouldn’t have to be boring me by saying how sorry you are, would you?”

“No darling. Sorry.”

“I will deal with you later.”

I audibly groaned, closing my eyes as the fears of her ‘dealing with me later’ fogged my mind. A caning would be dreadful but if she didn’t let me cum then I think I would just dissolve into a lump of jelly.

“I have been watching you running around the house with the cloths and wipes. Good boy.”

I swallowed. There was hope. “Thank you darling.”

“Well, remember, I cannot see what incompetent work you have carried out in the bathroom, I will check that later.”

“Yes dear.”

“And you haven’t started Cloe’s room yet have you?”

“Darling. I don’t know where to start. It is full of rubbish, the wardrobes are jam packed. There are books everywhere …”


I held my breath.

“God do you ever pause for breath?”

Sorry darling.”

“Firstly a lot of the clothes will need washing. I sort it out very few weeks. So firstly get her dirty clothes into the washing basket. Then tidy up the cupboards and wardrobes, that will give you a space to put things away. Simply tidy the magazines and other thingees into neat piles.”

“Yes darling.” That all made sense.

“Show me these expensive double locking thingamajigs.”

“Yes dear.”

I put the post down and opened the smaller package to reveal a white box with the words ‘Genuine Double Locking handcuffs’ inscribed on it.

“Wow,” I heard her say. “Well get them out!”leg irons

“Yes honey.” I nervously tore open the box to reveal the twin sets of pink handcuff, one linked with a short chain and the other hinged. I held them up to the webcam.

There was silence for a moment. “Ooooh! They certainly look solid enough.”

She was right on that one. They felt heavier than my toy self-releasing ones in my private box upstairs. These could only be opened by the keys they came with, of which there were a couple for each set of cuffs.

“Show me the other box. The ankle cuffs.”


“Yes dear. I opened the larger package and pulled open a blank white box to reveal the hefty leg irons. They were elegant but felt heavier than even the cuffs. A length of chain of about 10 inches connected them. Again there was twin set of keys.

I heard her giggling and my mind froze. What was so funny?

“Little boy?”

“Yes dear?”

“You don’t want to be punished later for your naughtiness do you?”

“No dear.” I gasped hopefully.

“My little boy wants his little treat doesn’t he?”

“Yes darling. Yes, yes I do.”

“Uh-uh. So let me punish you now. This is going to be soooo entertaining!”

I winced.

“First, take off all your clothes. And I mean strip off everything!”

The words ‘strip off everything’ aroused a spurt form down below. It was so exciting, just like a real dominatrix. I think at that time I thought this dominating me would sort of blow over given enough time.

But let me tell you it doesn’t. Once a girl has dommed you in this way she cannot see you as a dominant male figure ever again. You think of those ‘fetch mees’ Blair and Chloe went on about. Guys they knew were slaves and would fetch them anything. How could they ever see them as real men again?

At that time I still didn’t realise that rather obvious, inevitable change of view point.


I really thought I could get past this period and then move on. Yep, I guess I am as dumb as she says.

So, incredibly aroused I ‘stripped’ off my clothes before the web cam until I was naked bar the chastity cage and of course the maid’s cap I had once again forgotten.

“What’s that over the chastity belt?”

“A condom Miss. Please Miss, I use it to stop me from leaking. I get aroused and as I can’t cum, it sort of dribbles.”

“Stop being vulgar.”

Blair never liked such talk.

“And who told you to call me Miss? What’s this Miss business?”

I was dumbfounded. Where had that come from? “I , er, I , well ..I sort of …”

“Miss,” she repeated to herself. “Hmmm. My friend gets called mummy by her little boy but I am not sure I like that. I would like to have a little boy, but not sure about the mummy bit. Miss?” She mused over the word, repeating it a few times. “Miss. Miss. I don’t know.”

“I didn’t mean to, it sort of just came out.”

“From those seedy little stories you read, little boy.” She giggled before adding emphatically. “Or used to read.”

“Yes darling.”

“Miss. I guess it is short for Mistress? Yes?”

“Eerm yes, I suppose so darling.”

“Uh-huh. Miss. Mistress. Mistress. Miss.” She repeated reflectively. “Well it would be good to be a mistress in a Victorian household wouldn’t it? All those maids to do everything for you.” She laughed. “And those sexy hot guys in the stables and around fixing things. Mistress. Ok. Call me Mistress Form now on.”

“Ok darling, Mistress.”

“Love the way you say ‘ok’ as if you are agreeing to it. Well if it is ok with you,” she giggled, “then it is ok with me. But do not shorten it to Miss. Not sure about that yet.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I spurted into the condom, grateful I put a fresh one on that morning.handcuffs hinged

“Well now put on the apron.”

“Yes Mistress.” Oh heavens, was that arousing. Feeling the cool silk against my bare smooth skin. I think I told you before that I was pretty hairless at the best of times.

I tied it into a bow at the small of my back feeling the ribbons hanging down and tickling my buttocks.

“Good. Now straighten your cap. I don’t like it when it looks messy. That makes it all feel very grubby. I want you to be looking good for me.”

“Yes Mistress.”

With everything in place I just wanted to go to my room and have a play. I reckoned it would take me about 5 seconds to cum.

“Now put the leg irons on.


I hadn’t expected that. I thought we would be playing with them later that night. I heard her sigh.

“Little boy I really don’t want to have to repeat every instruction as if you are so dense you need a spanking every time you get an order.”

Sorry mistress.”

“Do I need to be running behind my little boy constantly spanking his bottom?”

“God no Mistress. No.”

She laughed and relaxed. “Oh your face does look a picture! So let us have those leg irons on now.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I sat on the floor and raised them up. They were like enlarged handcuffs but they were more intimidating than my cuffs upstairs. With those I knew that I could just press the safety release and they would slip off. These required a key.

A slip of paper with instructions fell into my hand. It said about sliding the cuffs past a single point, hearing it click and then twisting the key for the second click, thus double locking them. That would stop the cuffs widening or closing tighter. A safety feature for prisoners. Prevented them from crushing their wrists or ankles.

The steel was freezing against my ankle as I closed it. It ratcheted closed with a click and I already felt trapped. I put the key in and twisted, feelings some resistance before the lock snapped shut.

My breathing became shallow, my head swam away. I had fallen into a foggy dream where my fingers felt like sausages I closed the second one around my other ankle and locked it twice.

“Very good. Wow. And you cannot take those off without the key. Amazing.”

I stood carefully keeping my feet close together.maid4

“Put the keys on your keyboard in front of the web cam, near the keyboard. So I can see them.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I did as ordered laying them in their single key ring on top of the keyboard.

“Now the pink handcuffs. So suitable for a sissy don’t you think?”

I spurted again and groaned a “yes Mistress.”

What a scene this was. And yes, stupidly I saw it as a scene. Some incredibly enhanced wanking session straight from one of my favourite stories. I selected the chained cuffs.

“Not those. Use the hinged ones. They look sexy.”

“Yes Mistress.” I picked up the hinged ones and snapped a bracelet around my right wrist where it clicked through the levers. I put the key in and twisted locking it shut.

I read the few lines of instructions on the box. ‘Simply turn the key in the lock to get the second locking mechanism in place.’

I did so.

“Now the other wrist.” I could tell Blair was getting short of breath herself. I wished she was here so we could satisfy ourselves.

That was when the problem began and again I blame myself for me not thinking this through. Maybe I was too aroused to think anything through.

With chained handcuffs you can use your already locked hand to help put the bracelet around the free wrist. However the hinged mechanism means the hands are secured so close together, and the hinged mechanism so rigid, that you are prevented from doing that.

By placing the wrist with the unlocked bracelet onto my desk and pushing down, and then bending my fingers back from the wrist already cuffed I was able to lock the cuff on.

I guess many of you will have already worked out the problem I was about to face.

I stood up, secured by the cuffs on my ankles and wrists, feeling totally helpless and worse than naked in my apron and cap. As I tottered back I felt the pain of the ankle cuffs and whinned. I would have to learn to take very short steps.

“I tell you something little maid. You look amazing!”

“Thank you Mistress.” She called me little maid and my dick reacted. Pretty soon I would have to change the condom.

“How do you feel?”

“Oh my word. Like I have never felt before. I cannot describe how aroused and helpless I feel.”

“Poor baby and your little dickie all locked away until I get back.”

There she said it. ‘Until I get back’. Relief jarred me, so she was definitely going to free my caged cock. I even smiled.

“So you toddle upstairs like a good boy and sort out Chloe’s room as best you can.”

“Yes dear.”

“And little boy?”

“Yes Mistress?”

“I don’t think you double locked the second cuff.”

“Ah no. No I haven’t. Thank you Mistress.”

And here came the shock of my life.

With my hands held squeezed together I picked up the keys and found the barely flexible structure totally prevented me from moving the key anywhere near the hole.

“I, er I , I can’t reach.”

“Oh.” Blair said as if concerned. “Yes. I see that.”

“I guess we need the chained ones to do that.”

“Erm, little boy?”

“Yes darling?”

“How are you going to unlock them before Chloe gets home if you can’t get the key in?”

My jaw fell open. I slumped into my seat which rolled back slightly with my weight. Whereas before when the seat rolled I could put out my feet to control it, now, with them chained together, I just hurt myself and had to wait until it stopped rolling. Helpless dread swept through me, which wasn’t helped by sitting helplessly locked up on a rolling chair.

As my anxiety intensified I was about to shout out her name but just caught myself as I started screaming, ‘Blair’. “Bl …er, Honey, er, Mistress. You must come home. You must come home right now!”

I rested my cuffs in my lap feeling the chastity cage beneath my apron.

“Little boy I do not ‘have’ to do anything.” She was peeved and I reacted letting my panic get the better of me. I had to learn to be polite at all times. “But it is a bloody nuisance. Why are you so hopeless?”

Me hopeless? I felt like saying I had just obeyed her commands but somehow it did feel like my fault. I should have realised I would not be able to release them once they were locked on. I sat their waiting for her to come to a decision.

“Look, I am seeing this friend of mine for coffee later and I am seeing Morgan, erm Mister Hopkins for lunch. We are going to that new wine brasserie. It is supposed to be a hoot. We always have a few drinks there.”

I felt my eyes sting with fear. “I cannot stay like this all day. Chloe will be back by four.”

“Hush. Let me think. If you believe I am going to give up my social life because you get yourself into a fix then you have another thing coming. Oh I don’t know. You make me so cross!”

“Sorry mistress. Really!”

“I will damn well make sure you are sorry. How could you be so plain dumb! You are going to ruin my day.”

I went to wipe away a tear forming in my eye but was shocked by the pull on my other wrist. I froze. I guess then I didn’t realise how long it takes to get used to being in cuffs. In stories people get cuffed and have a great time. I can tell you that for a while you just feel panicky and helpless, even a little stupid as you are in the hands of others.

“I can take the leg irons off,” I said, hoping that would please her.

It didn’t.

“Have I said you can take the legirons off?”

“No Mistress. I just ….” I was about to use the word thought and it caught in my throat.

“You will take the keys upstairs to your bedroom. You will tidy Chloe’s room as best you can.” She giggled. “Oh I wish I could watch!”

My cheeks burned red.

“Once done, get yourself some lunch and write Chloe a note. Tell her you are feeling tired so having a lie down this afternoon in your bed and she isn’t to disturb you. Then I guess my stupid little maid should stay in her bedroom until I get home to rescue you!”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

“Awww. You do look sweet like that. My friend is right about that.”

My ears pricked up. How much detail had that sadist of a pal gone into? Was Blair sharing our arrangements with her? I felt sick, but knew better than to ask of course.

“See you later little maid.”

For the umpteenth time I sported into the condom.

The speakers fell quiet and I rose from my chair and gingerly made my way to the hall. I can walk quite well with leg irons these days, even with quite high heels, but on that first day I felt like I was about to stumble and fall with every step.

Worse I couldn’t balance properly with my hands held locked before me.

The chain rattled and tinkled across the floor and was a real pain going upstairs. I found it safer to take them one at a time.

As for cleaning up Chloe’s mess, I found I had to concentrate. Every now and then I would forget my wrists were locked together and would reach out for something. Even today when cuffed I do the same but now it is occasional. At that point it was happening all the time.

But oh my word, it was so hot. Every so often I would see myself in one of her mirrors wearing the frilly little cap and the apron with my wrists and legs secured. Why the mind converts a humiliating and scary situation into one of lust is beyond me.

When I was finished I carefully made my way downstairs, made my sandwich and a drink.

That was a long afternoon. I rubbed myself helplessly over my pillows, trying anything to make myself cum. Of course the CB6000 saw to it that nothing like that would happen. I slept for a bit, woken by Chloe tapping on the door.

“You ok dad?”

I clambered under the quilt still not daring to remove the maids cap and called back. “Yes. Just need to sleep for a bit.”

And then began the long wait for Blair to come home and rescue me.

I was no longer sure if she would let me cum as she had been irritated so much by what she saw as my stupidity. I lay there groaning to myself at my plight.

Of course had I known that a line had already been crossed in our relationship I might have moaned even louder. But right then I just felt like everything would sooner or later return to normal.
How wrong I was.

handcuffs chain


lockJordan’s Diary entry 26

Shouting from downstairs awoke me. I must have nodded off. My first instinct was to pull the duvet down but I had forgotten about my manacled hands. I had to roll onto my back so I could use both hands to pull down the quilt.

A great deal of giggling.

I heard Chloe laugh, “Mum you are just so drunk!”

More laughter. I sat up in bed feeling the short apron tickle my thighs. Blair drunk? I checked my pink phone time, it was only just a little after five.

“Aw mum can I go to the cinema with the girls? Please?”

I didn’t hear the reply but it must have been affirmative judging by the gleeful laughter from Chloe.

I sat up in bed, my handcuffed wrists checking that the little maids cap was still in place. It was askew but thankfully still there.

A long half hour later I heard Chloe leave with her friends and Blair’s footsteps on the stairs.

I held my breath staring at the bedroom door. After an eternity it opened and a red faced Blair popped her head around. Her eyes were half closed by alcohol and her mouth set into a sexy toothy grin that looked like it had been there all her life.

“My, my, my. Look at my good little boy.” She laughed. “Erm maid. All ready for the arrival of their Mistress of the House.”

She entered and I gasped. I had forgotten how sexy she was. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Any man would have had an instant erection. Her dark dress followed every curve, her skirt hem line sat tight around the tops of her dark tights. Her heels tall and elegant.

“Chloe says you have been ever so good.” I recall how irrationally fearful I was as she closed the door and advanced like a succubus

She climbed onto the bed and crawled towards me. “And can you remember what good boys get?”

“Erm,” I swallowed, “treats Mistress.”

She giggled, thinking for a moment. “Hmmm. And what about good maids?”

“Do they get treats as well Mistress?”

She tousled my hair. “Oh such a clever maid.”

My cheeks flushed but I said nothing as she climbed, fully clothed into my bed to snuggling up to me. My dick spurted into the condom.

Had she forgotten about her promise?

Placing a finger under my hinged cuffs she raised them closer to her face, staring at them as if they were the finest jewels she had ever seen.

She sighed looking light headed. A smile flickered on her lips as if she was about to open a special present at Christmas.

Kissing my nose she whispered, “And my poor little boy cannot unlock these all by his little self?”

“No Mistress. Erm, the hinge, it is too inflexible …”

She put a finger on my lips. “Oh do hush. You gabble on like a school girl.”

Thank you Pauline for this wonderful image of Blair going upstairs to deal with poor Jordan


She placed her arms around me to draw me closer to her soft hot body. I spurted again feeling the agony of total frustration.

“Oh wow, you would have loved to have been with Morgan and me earlier. Oh! I mean Mister Hopkins,” She giggled. “He is just such a laugh. He doesn’t stop.”

She was slurring her words.

“On and on he goes. And he has such a filthy sense of humour. I was killing myself laughing.”

I glanced up at her, my face a picture of abject worry. “Mistress? You didn’t …. You know ….”

It was as if she had woken up, like I had distracted her from a dream. “What? Didn’t what?”

“I don’t know,” I felt frantic, placing my cuffed wrists under her boobs, not daring to touch her. “You know flirt with him or anything?”

For a moment she was bewildered then she grinned, tapping my nose with her index finger. “And if I did? Isn’t that part of this pervy cuckold thingee you always go on about?”

“But it’s not real! I wouldn’t want it to really happen!”

Clearly trying desperately not to laugh at me she adopted this school teacher admonishing expression. “And how should you refer to the mistress of the house, little maid?”

This was infuriating, though I recall my trapped dick reacting. “Mistress!”

“Don’t pout. Hmmm, I think a little maid who is expecting treats should be better behaved, don’t you?”

My face burnt and my eyes fell from her face to her curves. “yes Mistress.”

“Yes Mistress indeed. Naughty maid. But that’s the funny thing.” She held me tightly. “He was going on and on about maids. Morgan now, I mean Mister Hopkins. Anyways, now get this. You will adore this. I suddenly realised he wanted me to be a maid. Me! So I put him starlight,” she giggled under her breath. “Told him that he could be Master of the House and have as many maids as he wanted but I would be Mistress of the House.”

I think I almost feinted at her words. I certainly felt light headed, as if I were about to swoon. “Mistress you have to be careful talking to a man like him in that way. He will get the wrong idea.”

She stroked my hair softly. “Will he little maid? You sure?”

Trying to sit up I again felt the limiting power of the handcuffs. Blair gently held my shoulders and with my hands trapped I had to comply with her firm cuddle.

“Mistress. I know him, guys like him. He will think …”

I couldn’t finish the sentence, it was too dreadful to be spoken. A loud mouthed brute like Mister Hopkins screwing my lovely innocent wife.

My wife smiled sympathetically. “He has enough sluts chasing him. I think all the girls in the office have either dropped their knickers for him or would love to.”

Somehow that didn’t give me any solace. If they were all ready to drop their panties for him then why not my own wife? The world was rolling away from me.

“Mistress, please find another job.”

She laughed. “Aw poor jealous maid. She kissed my nose. I would never leave you. You would get lost wouldn’t you, poor silly maid. You are mine, always.”

My eyes teared up at that. I guess I was fearing that she no longer loved me and I couldn’t really blame her. “You mean that?”

She took hold of the hairs at the lower part of my head and tugged. I yelped, it was so painful, made worse by the fact I couldn’t reach around and protect myself.

“Shouldn’t you add a little word to that question my maid?”

“Mistress! Mistress.”

“Good boy. Let us say that if you forget again then,” She half closed her eyes and pouted for a bit before saying, “then I will cane you six times and send you to bed an extra hour early. Clear?”

I groaned. The last thing I wanted was to be sent to bed early again. “Yes Mistress.”

She laughed. “I am good at being Mistress of the House aren’t i?”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied. At that moment it struck me that she speaking a self-evident truth.

Smiling she said, “Yep. This is one thing I can do really well. Morgan would be thrilled.” She lay back on the pillow pulling her manacled husband over to her. “Anyways. Morgan thought that hilarious. He didn’t believe me. He thought all girly girls wanted to be his maid. So I put him straight on that. But oooh he is so naughty. Then he says well yes I could be Mistress of the house but,” her breathing grew shallow, “but he would be Master of the House and therefore master of the Mistress of the House. Isn’t that just so hot? Having cute maids to do everything they are told but still have a real man who could keep a firm hand on me when I needed it.”

“I could do that Mistress.”

Laughing, she lightly pecked my forehead. “of course you could babykins. You would be so commanding in your little maids hat and apron. Not knowing where the keys for that chastity thingee are.” She raised her voice to a silly whine, “’Oh pleath will you obey little me.’ She laughed. “No little boy I think we know where you would be in the household.”

I let out a stream of cum into my condom, feeling my head swim as if I were on a roundabout. If only I could cum properly and start thinking rationally.

“Mistress I am scared.”081004_PurpleCorsetPart1

Giggling she hugged him closer. “Morgan says scared servants are the best servants. He says a lot of things. I think he has really thought it through. He is more pervy than you!” She laughed again

But at that moment I wasn’t laughing. I know this was my fantasy with knobs on but quite frankly I felt terrified. This was a Blair I no longer recognised. This was a situation over which I had no say, in fact I didn’t even know what was happening. Things were going on outside my orbit.

“Please Mistress, you said I could, you now, have this chastity belt removed so I could cum.”

She opened her eyes as if she awakening from a sweet dream. “Ah yes I did. And Chloe was very impressed with what your tidying and cleaning. I thought you could do better with the downstairs bathroom. Remember to fold the towels neatly and layer them properly over the radiators. But hey. First time yes?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Be a good boy and fetch my favourite vibrator from my drawer.”

What? This was supposed to be about me! “Yes Mistress.” I struggled out of the bed with my manacled ankles proving a problem to get both feet onto the floor. “And the key Msitress?”

“Have I asked you to fetch a key little maid?”

“Well no, not exactly, no. But …”

“I hope my silly, muddle headed little maid isn’t wasting my time by thinking on it again?” She could barely keep a straight face especially when I guess, I looked so pathetic and frightened.

I could see that I needed to obey her directions before anything could be discuss so I toddled off in my chains.

“Oh and bring me the large penis shaped dildo!”

I froze. The large dildo? What did she want with that? I thought through all my stories of dominant women and how they used the dildo to further emasculate the poor sissy.

Surely ….? I peered at her with my head bent forward. I thought at the time, and I know now, that my submissive, worried look turned her on. She lay on her side supported by one arm her sexy legs pointing at me. But there was a look in her face. Arousal.

She moves her had down to the front of her dress but then seemed to realise I was still in the room, even though she was looking directly at me,

It was as if I wasn’t there, or no longer counted. She would never play with herself in front of me yet here she was about to do so.

She caught herself, smiled and said, “hurry up!”


lockJordan’s Diary entry 27

Moments later my wife was lying on her back, her silk clad legs slightly parted beneath her short dress. Her hands resting on the pillow, one holding the large penis shaped dildo.

I knelt next to her knees holding the rabbit.

“Turn it on to number one and gently rub it up and down my thighs like a good boy.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I felt it vibrate into life as I pressed the first button and made the necessary adjustments. I ran it gently about her tights feeling my dick dribble into the condom over his chastity cage.

After a moment she lay on her back, eyes gently closed, head to one side, quietly moaning, and humming to herself. I knew that was the sound she made when stimulated.

I rolled the vibrator further up her thighs just beneath her skirt. Her legs spread slightly allowing me further access.IMG_0998

I gasped.

As her legs parted so the hemline tightened and pulled up revealing the darker areas at the top of the tights.

I can picture them now. Wow.

I rolled the monster vibrator around her thighs, first the inside of one and then the inside of the other, rolling it over the silky nylon. Her legs parted some more. My brain was no longer functioning. This was a level of arousal I had never before experienced.

Then absolute and total astonishment.

The skirt rode up a few inches revealing the grips from a suspender belt. With my wife now delirious and arching her back I used the vibrator to push up the skirt to expose stockings!

“Mistress. You are wearing stocking!”

She moaned loudly, “And aren’t they sooooo wonderful? I bet you’d love to have them”

Not able to help myself I leaned down and kissed her bare thighs above the stocking tops. Breathless I was barely able to say, “But Mistress, Mister Hopkins will think …”

“Whatsoever the fuck he wants to think. Get on with your task little maid.” She shook her head, sweat appearing above closed eyes. She moaned loudly.

I pushed the point of the vibrator up to her panties pressing it against her tight black panties. She squealed, ‘Oh yes, yes. Yes.”

Using the point of the vibrator I edged the panties to one side and with a jolt I watched it slide effortlessly into her. I had never seen her so wet before.

Usually we had to have at least thirty minutes of foreplay before I could enter her and I was no way near the size of the Rabbit.

I twisted it around so that the Rabbit ears were aiming for her clit. Then I froze.

She had called out something, something I couldn’t quite understand yet it made me start.

My brain tried to turn the noises into words, a name loomed in my foggy brain

Did she really say that?

She couldn’t have. Not daring to desist from her instructions I pushed the Rabbit into her until the ears tickled at her labia.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, yes Mister Hopkins, oh yes fuck your woman, please. Please fuck me hard.”

I felt my mouth agape with shock. I was totally bewildered. I stared at the sweating shaking face of my wife as she pleaded with another man to fuck her and take her. Make her his, she had said it. ‘Fuck your woman’.”


As soon as the ears went inside her I experienced a surprise even greater than the stockings or the mention of her boss’s name. She grabbed the penis shaped dildo and thrust it into her mouth, slavering all over it like a total slut. “Yes, yes, yes,” she mumbled around it.

Her body rocked like a little boat under the forces of a severe gale as her back arched, she produced a long “ooooooooh, yes, yes.” And then lay quietly shivering. Every so often her body would convulse. But other than that she appeared to have fallen asleep.

I turned off the vibrator and slid it out ready of course to reinsert it if she should awake and demand me to do so.

Slowly she removed the dildo from her mouth kissing its tip with pursed lips before rolling over and gently snoring.

And me? I just knelt behind my wife’s sleeping form. Still lost in unrequited ecstasy, still desperate to cum.

I crawled on my bound hands and knees tMaidy_1805_00003o put the rabbit and the dildo on the bedside table before snuggling up to my wife.

“Mistress,” I dared to whisper.

“Hum?” She was speaking from a faraway world of deep sleep.

“Mistress? The key for my chastity cage please?”

I saw her face wince and immediately felt fearful. “Go to sleep. Sort it later.” The words were whispered and the snoring restarted.


I lay on the bed in my apron and cap, chastity belt and handcuffs with my legs secured by the ankle chains. I snuggled up to my comatose, satisfied wife and quietly cursed the world. It all seemed so unfair.

I awoke foggy brained and aching. Somewhere a dream was trying to resurface but I couldn’t quite catch its meaning.

I tugged on my hands but they wouldn’t move. My arms were stretched above my head, the muscles burning. I groaned from the discomfort.

It was hard to open my eyes. I remember them feeling welded shut by the sands of sleep.

A new dream overwhelmed me. I was being wanked, wanked hard. I groaned catching my breath, that time the hand was too tight around my penis. Strangling it. I needed to protest.

A hand around my penis? What was going on?

I forced open my eyes to see Blair in her silky back underwear from the day before, a suspender hanging away from one of her stocking as she leaned over the bed masturbating me. I caught sight of her dress over a chair.

“Too hard,” I complained.

She shushed me impatiently as if needing all her concentration on the task she was performing.

“Ouch,” I yelped. I couldn’t understand why my hands wouldn’t move down to protect me.

Well couldn’t until I glanced up and saw the pink hinged cuffs locked behind the steel barred head board.

My woozy brain may have been able to make sense of it had my dick not suddenly decided to spasm and cum.

Blair giggled. “Keep going little boy.” She shafted me harder until my back arched and I spurted out the last drops of my cum. I collapsed onto the bed utterly exhausted.


Something pinched my dick. “Ouch.” It pinched it again.

Looking down I saw Blair hurriedly forcing the cage back up my dick.

“No, please. It can pinch. You have to be …ow! Please.”

“Don’t be such a baby” She placed the fingers of her free hand under the half bar around my scrotum and pushed down the skin of my penis. This time the plastic cage slid into place over the pins. She took a few attempts to put the lock into place but once it clicked home she smiled and patted the packaged cock.

“Phew!” She said with a smile. “So that is how to do it.”


Her smile turned to a mischievous grin. “Haven’t you been allocated another word to use? You think the maid of the house should use the Christian name of the Mistress of the house.”

I closed my eyes. This was too much. “Look, let it go. For heaven’s sake.”

Now I was spent my manhood wanted to reassert my masculinity in MY house. That did not include being cuffed to the bed wearing nothing more than a little apron.

Still amused she stood before me in nothing more than her sexy black lingerie. The sexy black lingerie that she had worn for Mister Hopkins, her boss. Stockings attached to a silky tight teddy bar one that had become unclipped. The sort of thing she never wore for me outside the house because she said it made her too embarrassed.

“Now listen little boy. I have some news for you that I think you will find interesting. I wanted to tell you last night but, well,” she flushed, “I guess I needed something from you other than a discussion following my afternoon with Morgan, er, Mister Hopkins.”

“Can you release me, please, my arms hurt.”

“Something else will be hurting if you aren’t careful. I still have the cane in your wardrobe and your thighs do look sooooo tempting!”butt blonde

My head fell back into the pillow and I sighed, resigned to the fact this would be done her way.

“Now. I have told you we’re going to be rushed off our feet in work soon with all these contracts coming in. Mister Hopkins wanted me to employ an assistant, mainly for me. But I could tell he wanted a young attractive girl to work from home. So who better than my little maid here.”

“Blair! ….erm Mistress, we don’t need the money. “

She settled on the bed stroking my face. “No babykins we don’t. But working for Morgan is a real buzz. I don’t want to be stuck home here doing the vacuuming and making dinners and washing Chloe’s socks. Not when I have someone else to do that for me.”

I moaned. Why didn’t she realise this was just a game? A game that I was sick of because it wasn’t being played how I liked it. Worse, having now cum I wasn’t in the mood to keep playing it.

“So here is what you are going to do. You are going to be my assistant. You want to parade around here as a girl when I am not around? Fine. Now you can be a real girl. My secretary if you like.”

I stared at her. Being a secretary to a strong woman was definitely one of my fantasies and here she was handing it to me on a plate.

“How would that work Msitress?”

Excited that I seemed engaged, Blair shuffled closer to her fingers through my hair. “I’ll tell Mister Hopkins that you are an old girlfriend from law school. We studied together and you know your stuff about contracts. Which of course you do. Oh.” She paused, worried. “Have you got one of those fem names thingeees?”

“Well yes.” I blushed hot red. I most certainly didn’t want to tell my wife what my fem name was. It sounded silly.

“Great. You will need to create a Facebook page, oh and an email account. Gosh there may be more to this than I thought. What is your girlie name?”

I closed my eyes tugging on my trapped wrists. “Suzie,” I whispered. That did not seem the right time to seek to either deflect the question or deceive.

“Suzie!” She spat with theatrical disgust. “That’s a real slut’s name. You need something more classy. Suzie! Suzie doesn’t wear panties. Suzie would go to bed with any guy. Suzie is just not the sort of girl I would have been friends with at University!”

“Mistress. I think we need to think this through. Discuss it. We can find a name …”

“No time little bunchkins. He sprang this on me yesterday. The last thing I want is another girl around him. He has enough throwing themselves at him as it is. So you will be ideal.” She pinched his cheeks. “And you are allowed to completely dress up whilst you are, well, whoever we think ww will call you. You need a classy name!” She stared at the clock on my pink phone that sat on the bedside cabinet. “Heavens I really must go to work!”

Leaning down she kissed me as I gulped in her delicious scent just as her hair tickled my face.

“Little maid you were excellent last night. You really deserved your little treat.”

“But mistress I didn’t enjoy it. I knew nothing about it. I woke up and …”

She patted my cage firmly enough to alarm me and shut me up.

“Now, now little maid. I am sure you aren’t going to be ungrateful. Treats aren’t handed out like confetti. So you appreciate it when it happens.”

Not feeling particularly grateful I shook my head, “yes Mistress.”

“I’ll unlock your hands just before I go to work.” She sprang from the bed. “I need to shower. I must smell like a whore.”

“You smell wonderful Mistress. Truly wonderful.”

She giggled. “Aw, aren’t you sweet. So you need to find one of your outfits that makes you look like a secretary.” She laughed. “Don’t be too slutty. Suzie! Don’t dress like a Suzie. More like a Suzanne. Suzanne. Ah. Maybe.”

With that she went back to her room.

I lay there like a sleepy dog at the height of summer.

I recall how having the cage refitted didn’t feel too much of an ordeal. I guess I already was seeing it as being part of myself. Later I would feel undressed when it wasn’t on.

But right then I was pleasantly anxious. I couldn’t move from the bed until Blair released me and then I had to create a new fem identity. But it was a wonderful, thrilling task. I must have been beaming.

I am not sure I would have been so happy had I realised how my Suzanne character would develop.

5 thoughts on “Jordan’s Diary, Entries 21 to 27

  1. I had almost forgotten what a delight this tale is. I so hope you will continue. Bunches of thanks in the meantime.


    1. Thank you Michelle. The writing of Club Zero swamped all else and I am still planning its sequel so I fear Jordan’s plight may have to wait.
      Deborah Ford

  2. Oh please, please, please continue this story Deborah, I loved it! Or if that is not possible please please make a story with similar themes. I love that the wife takes a leading dominant role in the story, while the dominant men are less present, so it feels like the dominant woman is driving most of the story. I love the childish regression Blair imposes on Jordan despite it not being his fetish, and I really the way Blair emasculates Jordan in front of their daughter despite Chloe being unaware of their games. Jordan being slowly stripped of all authority in his household and in front of his unaware daughter is the best part, and that’s probably what humiliates him the most.

    I would be extremely happy to see more stories in this vein, thank you again Deborah

    1. Thank you, Alex. There are so few stories that run down this path, which, as you say, is so excruciatingly humiliating for Jordan. And, like you, I love the fact that the story is driven more by the wife’s dominance than his own submission. To be demoted in front of your own family is probably the most extreme a cuckold sissy story can go.

      Maybe I will revisit it, I very much enjoyed writing it and a year or so ago, re read it, and found the tale very ‘stimulating’!

      By the way, you may found more material to your liking on my reddit site,

      Deborah Ford

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