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Sissy Standing Position: Attention

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Now listen closely girls.  Many Sissies, especially those that are new, feel awkward and exposed when they first arrive.  What do you do with your hands?  Where do I look?  How do I avoid being punished?  What will make all the men turn and look at me?  It must be so overwhelming to your little sissy brains.But do not fear.  In this first series of lessons you will learn some basic standing positions that you should always default towards when in doubt of what to do.  Please note that these are not for when you are modeling or when asked to entertain a client, but rather a set of stances that you should use when being trained, inspected, disciplined or idle. 

These are not difficult and I am confident that even those fluffy boy-filled brains of yours will be able to master these with very little effort.  Let’s begin with the first one.


When you hear this word you will assume a neutral standing pose.  All of you stand up now.  Let’s learn what to do.

  • Place your feet close together and angled slightly inward.  
  • Stand up straight.  
  • Arch your back.
  • Shoulders back.
  • Now place your hands flat against your upper thighs… no not on the front and not on the side.  At a forty-five degree angle.  Good girls.
  • Suck your tummies in and clench your butt cheeks.
  • Be sure to bend your knees ever so slightly… do not lock them.  We don’t want you to faint after all.
  • Keep your chin up…
  • …and your mouth ever so slightly open and welcoming.

Very good, girls.  Now…

Your eyes should stay focused on whatever adult is speaking… but ONLY if it does not require you to turn your head.  So while I am standing directly in front of you, your eyes should be on me.  Good.  Very good.  As I move to the side, you follow me with your eyes, but do not turn your head… Very good.  As I move out of your range of vision behind you, your eyes should return to straight ahead position.  Try to unfocus them to create that nice vacant sissy look we all love so much.

See.  This is not so hard.  Even your little, empty heads can remember this.  Now kneel back down and let’s see if you all can do it on command.  Are you ready?


HOMEWORK:  Dress as feminine as you are able to in your current living situation and then arouse yourself until your panties are wet.  Once aroused, practice this position for five minutes.  Pay special attention to all the details.  Let your mind drift and go blank, comfortable in the knowledge that you are there to serve and not to think.  If you find your thoughts wandering, turn them towards one of the following subjects:

  • Makeup
  • Boys
  • A dominant mistress
  • How wet you are between your legs

 Remember to keep your expression vacant as you will most likely not have anyone dominant talking to you at home.  Once you have done this (and remember that you pledged to actually do it for real), you may take the test and continue onward.

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