By Karen Albright


There are many parts of society that remain shrouded in mystery, and the

world of private investigators is just such a part of society. Its players

remain largely unknown outside their clients, their counterparts, the police,

and other restricted groups of people. Clinton Crayle had been an exception

to that generalization. While his ability to dealing with kinky sex crimes

was a very special area, he was generally known for those exploits.

Currently, however, the problem facing the community was that no one knew

where he was. He had not been seen or heard from for over a year, and that

left a small, but significant, group of “problems” without solution.

A young private investigator, Joseph Wilcox, tried to step into Mr.

Crayle’s shoes, and fill this need.


My name is Joseph Wilcox, as a private investigator with 5 years

experience I felt that I had the skills to prosper in this specialized

“Market”. To get a start, I had researched as much of Crayle’s work as I

could find, which was very little because most of Crayle’s clients required

absolute secrecy. I had located the names of only a few people who had met

him, including a woman named Evelyn Traynor. Those who had been willing to

talk to me told me of many cases that Crayle had resolved by masquerading

very convincingly as a woman, but my only clues as to how Crayle accomplished

that feat were that the woman named Traynor had helped, and no-one had seen

or heard from her for over a year either.

I have some of the traits that made Clinton Crayle successful. I am a

slight man, with a boyish face and light facial hair. Lacking a resource like

Traynor, I spent a some time “undercover” in the transvestite community to

learn some of the secrets that they had used. In the process, I had located

a few sources of ideas and a few stores that catered to transvestites.

Even though this was little to start with, I let it be known that I was

capable of handling the kinds of cases that Crayle specialized in, and I

waited for the business to build.


Initially, my efforts turned into a few cases of proving adultery for

divorce cases, and finding run-away girls who had turned to prostitution.

These had paid well, but had required no talents beyond those that any good

private investigator might possess. Undaunted, I continued to seek strange

kinds of cases, and was finally rewarded with a curiously cryptic message on

my answering machine one afternoon. The message was simply to please call a

Samantha Edgars, the private secretary of the head-mistress of a very small,

private girls college in an adjoining county. I knew little about the school,

and could not find out anything easily, so I simply returned the call. I was

rewarded with a very alluring voice on the other end.

“Good morning, Highland Forest Academy”, she said.

“Hello. I am Joe Wilcox” I replied. “How may I help you”

“Oh, Mr. Wilcox!” she responded. “Miss Abernathy is expecting your call.

Please hold while I tell her you are on the line.”

There was a momentary pause, and an equally alluring voice said “Good

Morning Mr. Wilcox. I am Edith Abernathy, the headmistress of The Academy,

and I desperately need to talk with you. Can you meet with me this


I did not want to appear without work, but I knew that I could not pass

up this opportunity. “I have a busy afternoon, but I believe that I can make

time. When would you like to meet?”

“I will be finished with our regular lunch period at 1:00 PM.” She

replied. “Can we meet then?”

“Certainly!” I answered. “I will see you then.”

Not wanting to appear ignorant, I did not even ask for directions to the

school, and I soon found out that it was difficult to locate. I finally found

it with the help of an old friend in the tax assessment office. There I

learned that the Academy was located on a huge, wooded parcel of land about

25 miles away. The only access was via a small, back country road that led

North from town. Lacking more data, I left immediately in the hopes of

learning more about the school.

The drive was not difficult, even though the roads were poorly

maintained once they left the main highway. I soon saw a small sign that

indicated that the school was just a short distance away, so I slowed down.

In about a mile, I noticed a high, chain link fence, with a barbed wire top.

It emerged from the woods, turned, and ran along the right side of the road.

I followed it for at least a mile until I saw a large, brick gateway. The top

of the gateway said “Highland Forest Academy”. I got out of the car, and

walked toward the gate to a small box that said “Phone”. I opened it, and

followed the instructions for dialing. After a short discussion with someone

at the other end of the phone, the name Ms. Abernathy got some action.

I returned to my car, and had barely started the motor when the gates

slowly opened. I drove through, and noted that they immediately closed behind

me. I followed the road through the forest for at least a half a mile until

it opened onto a beautiful open area, with a number of Gothic granite

buildings at the other end. To one side, there were three playing fields with

soccer and field hockey goals, and a well developed running track.

One of the buildings was next to the fields, and looked like a

gymnasium. The one next to it, with its clock tower and tall windows,

appeared to be the classrooms and administrative areas, and the others one

must have been dormitories for the students.

I parked my car in the small parking area, I straightened my tie,

grabbed my brief case, and walked toward the front door of the middle

building. It and had a crest above the door that said, “Discipline leads to


Inside the door was a small listing of offices that indicated that Ms.

Abernathy’s office was on the first floor, to the right, so I immediately

went there. Inside the door, I was met by a strikingly beautiful blond.

“Hello Mr. Wilcox. Ms. Abernathy is expecting you.”

“Thank you” I responded as she led me to a large door to one side of the

office. She knocked, and I could barely hear some sort of response. The girl

opened the door, and I had a view of a very large room, very tastefully

decorated in Victorian furniture and fixtures. We walked inside, and the

woman gestured to the left. There was an empty desk, some chairs, and a

couch. Pointing to the couch, the secretary said “Please have a seat. Miss

Abernathy will be right with you.”

Very quickly, I heard the adjoining door begin to open, and I stood up.

As I did, an even more beautiful woman entered the room. She was dressed in

a severe business suit, with long, straight blond hair, five inch stiletto

heeled shoes, and a body that looked sexy even in the formal suit. “Good

afternoon Mr. Wilcox. I am Edith Abernathy. Thank you for making time to talk

with me.”

“It is my pleasure”, I replied.

“Please sit down and let me explain the situation”, she responded. She

walked quickly toward the couch and sat down beside him. “Mr. Wilcox, do you

know anything about Highland Forest Academy?” she asked.

“No, I don’t.” I replied. “Even though I tried to learn out about it.”

“Well!”, she replied. “Highland Forest Academy is a very special sort of

college. We provide schooling and training for the daughters of a select few

very wealthy families. We specialize in “evolving” these ladies into very

beautiful women, with tremendous poise and character. As you can guess, their

parents do not want anyone to know that their daughters have undergo such

training, so everything that we do is surrounded with great care and secrecy.

That is why there is such high security to enter the campus.”

“I see”, I replied. “But, what kind of training do you provide?”

“I will tell you in good time!” she snapped. “Please let me finish!

I was startled by her abrupt tone, particularly coming from such a

beautiful woman, so I rested back against the couch and listened.

“My reason for calling you has to do with a seeming problem in our

security”, she continued. “You see, three of our students have disappeared.”

“Oh” I replied cautiously.

“Yes.” she replied. “Even with our tight security, three ladies could

not be located at roll-call last Monday morning. We conducted a search of the

campus, but have been unable to find any clues as to their location. As you

can guess, we will loose our reputation as an institution of extreme

discretion if we can not locate these ladies. Their parents have made a

tremendous investment in their future here at Highland Forest, and they will

surely sue us into bankruptcy if we can not locate their daughters.”

“I can understand”, I commented. “When were they last seen?”

“They were present for the bed-check on Sunday night.” she replied. “But

they were gone the next morning before breakfast.”

“I can understand your problem, before we continue, I have a lot to

learn about your school,” I commented. “Can we start with a quick tour of the


“Certainly”, she replied. “Samantha can take you around the campus.” She

stood up, moved quickly to the intercom on her desk, and said “Samantha,

please take Mr. Wilcox for a tour.”  As she moved, I could only marvel at her

tremendous beauty. Her striking figure made even a woman’s’ business suit

look alluring, and her beautiful face, with pouting lips, was almost an open

invitation to kiss. I felt an erection straining in my pants as I sat there.

Samantha Edgar walked into the room, and talked quietly with Ms.

Abernathy. She too, was incredibly beautiful. She and Edith exchanged

glances, and she came back to the couch. “Will you please come with me?” She


I stood up quickly. Fearing that my now raging erection might be

apparent, I held my coat in front of myself as I moved away from the couch.

“It would be my pleasure,” I answered.

“Samantha will give you a quick tour of the campus,” Edith commented.

“Then we should discuss how you might help us.”


I was having difficulty keeping from staring at Samantha Edgar as I

followed her out of the room. She said “Please follow me and we can go

through this building quickly.”

Trying to concentrate on the school was very difficult with Samantha

with me, but I tried to remember details as we walked down the hall. The

first floor contained mostly offices of various administrative functions. I

saw doors with titles like “Dean of Academics”, Dean of Students”, Security”,

“Admissions”, “Finance”, Buildings and Grounds”, and “Food services”. All of

the doors were open, and in those that I could look into, I saw sparse

offices, with incredibly beautiful secretaries. In both the Security and the

Buildings and Grounds offices, the secretaries were talking with other

striking women. From the outside, the building had seemed to have long

corridors extending toward the back, but the main hall ended at a large door.

“This is the Dining Hall,” Samantha commented as she opened the huge doors.

Inside, there was a large room, equipped as a dining hall should be. The

menu selections posted near the door all contained calorie data beside each

selection, but nothing seemed worthy of note.

We left the dining room, and walked toward the other end of the main

hall. After passing the main entrance, the hall contained more administrative

offices, and another large door at the end. This one had a sign “Medical


Samantha opened the door, and there was a small waiting room, with a

nurse sitting at the desk. She, like the rest of the women that I had seen,

was strikingly beautiful. Samantha turned, and left the room before I could

ask if the clinic took up the whole side of the building.

We walked up a set of stairs, and down the long halls. Here, the halls

extended in a large U shape, with class rooms, each carefully numbered,

arranged on each side. It was in the middle of classes, so most rooms were

occupied. The few that were open were very well equipped, I noticed that none

of the rooms seemed to have more that about 10 chairs around the tables.

Only one room had a teacher at her desk, but she, like all others he had

seen, was beautiful.

We descended via stairs at the middle of the hall, and left the building

through the front door. Once outside, she turned toward the large building

that had been on the right as I entered. “Let’s go to the gymnasium next,”

she commented.

The gymnasium, was pretty much what I had expected. I also noticed three

large exercise rooms, and two rooms with mirrored walls and a bar for dancing

practice. What surprised me most was the huge, fully equipped exercise room

with Nautilus machines, and weights.

The dormitory also was pretty much what I expected. While we did not

leave the lobby, Samantha explained that each suite held two girls, and each

floor had a teacher living there to keep things “running smoothly”. The lobby

contained a large TV, several couches, and some vending machines. As we left,

Samantha commented, “All 200 of our students live here. Even local students

must stay on campus while they are in school.”

As we entered the main building again, a loud buzzer rang, and the sound

level increased dramatically. “The classes change rooms by grade,” Samantha

commented. “The younger ones move first, then the older classes.”

As we stood outside the main office, I was impressed with the order of

the students as they moved between classes. As subsequent bells rang, I began

to notice that, while all of the girls were attractive, each class seemed to

be more beautiful than the last.

Back in the office of Ms. Abernathy, I pulled up a chair before her

desk. “Well, what do you think about the school?” she asked.

“I am impressed,” I responded. “Your facilities are all well planned,

and the students seem very well behaved.”

“Thank you,” she replied. “We believe that we provide a unique

environment to help young women mature into beautiful ladies.”

“Please tell me more about the school’s training,” I asked.

Ms. Abernathy paused for a moment, and then spoke with carefully chosen

words. “The parents of our students are all very wealthy. They demand the

best of everything, and we try to please them. We provide a very rigorous

education for all grades. We are, in fact, regularly at the top of the state

for National Merit Finalists, even with a very small student body.”

“That is admirable,” I commented. “They all seem to be exceptionally

beautiful ladies.”

Ms. Abernathy paused again. “One of our other strengths is our training

in poise and manners,” she replied. “We require strict dietary control,

vigorous exercise, and extensive figure training as a part of every students’

ongoing life at Highland Forest. We even provide limited cosmetic surgery and

advice for families who believe that their child needs special attention.”

She paused for a third time, then said “Well Mr. Wilcox, can you help us

find our missing children?”

I thought for a minute, and replied, “Yes, but I will need a day or two

to obtain some data.”  I paused again, trying to think as fast as I could.

“Do you have pictures of the missing girls?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied, as she pulled a small envelope from her desk. They

were three very beautiful girls, just like all that I had seen.

I took the envelope, “Thank you, I will return this once I solve the

case. One other matter,” I said as I thought. “I will need to have one of my

employees admitted to your school.  I believe that she looks young enough

that she can fit right into your student body. Can that be arranged?”

Ms. Abernathy looked concerned, but she replied, “Well, I believe that

we can allow that if there is no other way. We will have to require that your

employee abide by all of our rules and regulations.”

“Certainly,” I responded. “She must appear to be just an ordinary

student. One thing that would help would be if she could use the room and all

of the clothing of one of the missing girls.”

Again, she paused. “I believe that that can be arranged. Your employee

must be young looking, and about 5′ 6″ in height.”

I almost sighed in relief. Now a plan was beginning to form in my mind.

“I will call you tomorrow to arrange for the new student,” I said. “I believe

that I know just the right person for this work.”

“Fine, just bill us for your fees when you find the girls,” she

commented as she stood up. “I hope that you realize how important it is to us

to find out the breach in our security. We will loose our students, and our

reputation, if word of this disappearance gets out. You, and your employees,

must maintain absolute secrecy in this matter.”

“Don’t worry, you can count on me to help you,” I commented as I left

the room.


Back in my office, I began to think about ways to solve the Academy

case. I thought to himself, “how would Crayle have solved this?” The obvious

answer was that Crayle would have disguised himself as a girl, and gone to

the school as a student. That sounded easy, but how could I do that?  I

increased my research into possible ways.

One clue that I had found from my studies of Crayle’s methods was a

name, NB Enterprises. I had no idea what it was, so I looked it up in the

phone book, found an address, and drove past it.

NB Enterprises turned out to be a small office in an older building in

the business district. I parked my car, and went to the office. Inside, I

found nothing but a small office, with a beautiful receptionist. I had no

idea what they did, so I decided to try a ploy. “Good afternoon,” I said to

the receptionist. “You were recommended to me by a Mr. Crayle.”

She looked at me and replied, “Certainly, please have a seat. What was

your name?”

“Wilcox, Joseph Wilcox,” I replied.

She then typed something into the small computer on her desk, waited for

its response, and then made a quick phone call. She then turned back to me

and said, “Are you here to get some M/X?”

M/X must have meant Metacalpholate-X I thought. That was one of the

things that I had heard vague references to that Crayle used for my

disguises. “Yes,” I replied.

She disappeared for at least 5 minutes, and then returned with a small

box. She opened it carefully, checked its contents, and then turned to me.

“This is the latest batch Mr. Wilcox. We have made substantial changes since

we last sold it to Mr. Crayle.”

“Oh,” I responded. “What are those differences?”

She looked at me quizzically, and answered, “As we told him, we have

separated the product into different compounds, and it took a lot of work to

do that. The old M/X used to provide three effects at once, development of

secondary female sexual characteristics in a male, enhancement of certain of

those characteristics such as breast size, and significant enhancement of

female sexual drive, even in a male.”

“With this batch, the first compound, M/X-2 provides just secondary

female sexual characteristics, similar to an extended female hormone dosage.

Breasts develop, hair grows longer, fat displaces to the hips and breasts

from the waist, the voice becomes higher, and body hair decreases. In

addition, with this batch, the penis and scrotum change shape to perfectly

imitate a female vagina, complete with clitoris, and labia, that can take a

full sized penis exactly like a woman, and provide climaxes like a woman’s.

The resulting physical changes are to the figure of an averagely proportioned

woman, with a thin waist, normal hips, and about a 34A bust.”

“The second compound enhances certain characteristics, primarily breast

size. It enlarges breasts on both women, and M/X converted males,

proportional to the amount administered. It must be used with care. A little

will produce substantial changes.”

“The third compound provides the same increases in sexual drive that the

old M/X developed. Again, be careful of the dosage. Results are proportional

to the amount administered.”

“The final vial is Metacalpholate-Y, the antidote of M/X. This will

reverse all of the changes that M/X makes. Just be sure that M/Y never mixes

with either of the other three,” she continued. “It must always be

administered separately, from its own syringe. If it mixes, the results are

unpredictable, but we believe that it will both multiply the effects of the

other three, and also substantially prolong their duration. Instead of the 3

to 4 months of changes normally experienced with M/X, the changes seem to

last much longer, possibly permanently.”

“Well, I will have to be very careful,” I said. “What is the price?”

“$4,000 for this dosage,” she replied quickly.

I gulped, but I had no choice. There was no other way that I knew to

solve the case, so I paid and quickly left the office. Now I had a way to get

into the school.

Back at my office, I called Ms. Abernathy and told her that my

“employee”, Megan Cartright, would be the new student that I had suggested.

I suggested that she be a Senior at the school, because the missing girls

were all Seniors. I said that Megan would be at the school the following

Sunday to start classes. She would arrive in a chauffeured limousine at about

2:00 PM. Ms. Abernathy agreed.

I also asked that the clothes of the missing girls be sent immediately

to my office, as well as their luggage. Ms. Abernathy agreed, and a small van

appeared within 2 hours with 6 trunks of girls clothes and school uniforms.

With all of the clothes, I now had a plan in place.  I hoped to do some

additional investigations of the missing girls’ parents and then I could get

to work.

By Friday, I had found little about the families of the missing girls

other than having memorized their pictures. I only knew that they all lived

over 500 miles away from the school. I was running out of time, and I knew

that I would need time to adapt to my disguise, so I stopped that afternoon,

and prepared for my change.


I opened the box from ND Enterprises with caution. Inside I found a

small case carefully packed with 4 vials, and 2 syringes. The vials were

marked M/X-2, MX Enhancer, Behavior Modifier, and M/Y. One syringe was marked

M/X, and the other M/Y.

My plan was to start with just the M/X-2. I did not want to stand out

from the rest of the class, and I wanted to see all of the training that

Highland Forest provided. With that in mind, I read the enclosed dosage

information, determined that for my body weight, and for average development

I required 250 units, and filled the M/X syringe with that much M/X. I was

scared, and my hands shook as I carefully took the syringe and injected its

contents into my right hip. Then I undressed and sat on my bed to await the


The drug seemed to feel warm as it spread throughout my body, but

initially I felt nothing else, then I became very sleepy, and lost


I awoke with a start. The clock beside the bed said 11:35 PM. I had been

asleep for almost 4 hours. I moved slowly in bed and everything felt

different, but I could not describe how it felt different.

The first thing that I noticed was that I had long hair that moved on my

shoulders as I moved my head. I reached up to touch it, and saw that it was

light blond. I then sat up, and felt my chest move as I did. Again I reached

up, and touched breasts on my chest. The amazing part of the sensation was

the warmth that spread throughout my body as my hands touched my new, large

nipples. I looked down and saw two average sized boobs.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed, and stood up. I felt a new

center of gravity, with new weight on my chest, and enlarged hips as I moved

toward a mirror. The mirror showed a slight, attractive girl, who could have

been anywhere from 17 to 25 years old. She had a slim waist, an attractive

face, slim hands and feet, prominent but not large boobs, long blond hair,

wide hips, and just a triangle of hair between her legs. Instinctively, I

reached between my legs. The change was complete. My fingers went into a slit

between my legs, and a new, pleasant sensation spread over my body again. I

was both excited and afraid. I was now a complete woman to anyone but a

doctor who had performed a complete physical exam. This was a perfect

disguise, but I was afraid that I could not carry it off. The new sensations

were so alien to me that I had to sit down for a bit and rest.

I then went to the 6 trunks, and began to look at the clothes in them.

I quickly found that 1 of the girls was too small, so I closed her trunks and

used the trunks that belonged to the remaining 2. They contained all sorts of

girls clothes which I quickly sorted into piles. Feeling exposed, I first

picked out a pair of panties and a bra and put them on. It felt funny to be

wearing girls’ clothing, but I knew that I had no other way to solve the


Wearing just bra and panties, I looked sexy even to himself. They felt

smooth as I pulled them on, and the support that the bra provided, once I got

it on, made me feel less off balance. It felt so strange to see myself as a

girl in the mirror.

I then concentrated on the other clothes. I initially tried the school

uniforms. They were white blouses, short plaid skirts, white stockings, and

loafers. The uniform made me look exactly like all of the girls that I had

seen changing classes the day I had been at the school. What a strange

feeling to look into a mirror and see a young girl looking back!

Next, I tried the casual clothing. It included only skirts, blouses,

sweaters, and a few simple dresses. I could find no slacks at all. Again,

they were easy to wear and comfortable.

The dressy clothes were more difficult to wear. I had to master wearing

pantyhose, slips, and strapless dresses before I felt that I had tried them

all out. The most difficult items were the high heeled shoes. I found that

they fit, but were difficult to get used to. I finally took off the last

dress, but left the shoes on just to practice.

I looked at the clock. It read 3:00AM. It was getting late, so I found

a nightgown, and pulled it on. The silky feeling as is slid on was great, and

I felt the warm feeling between my legs again as I finally got into bed.

The bright sun of mid-day finally awoke me, and I was initially startled

at my condition, until I remembered what I had done the previous day. I got

up and took a shower, and put the nightgown back on. I pulled on the high

heels to practice some more. They were very hard to get used to, and I

constantly stumbled as I walked around my house. I then spent almost 2 hours

practicing with the makeup that was in the trunk. I was not very successful,

so I decided to use minimal amounts, and let the school teach me how to use

it. With that in mind, I put on some subdued lipstick, and some fingernail

polish and considered that enough for now. Then I spent a few minutes in

front of the mirror, combing my long hair.

I began to like the smooth feel of the nightgown, and the sensation of

it rubbing against my new, big nipples was erotic. As I went about the task

of closing up my house, and choosing and packing my new clothes, I gradually

learned to walk well in the high heels. I figured that I had to overcome that

obstacle before arriving at school. I carefully selected the clothes that I

felt looked best, and packed them in 2 trunks. The first items that I put

into the trunk were the vials and syringes from NB Enterprises. I concealed

them, and some additional “tools of the trade” like a very small camera, in

a false bottom that I had put into one of the trunks. I also spent some time

watching old movies with attractive woman stars to learn some feminime


That night, I slept better, and awoke early on Sunday morning. I spent

some time cleaning up the house, and practicing with the leftover make-up. By

about 11:00 AM, I had pretty well closed up the house and packed. I had no

idea how long I would be away, so the mail was on hold, the paper was

stopped, the utilities were paid for the next 6 months, and the  heat was

turned down. I could not decide what to wear, but with a 1:00PM arrival of a

limousine, I finally decided on a rather dressy outfit, with skirt and coat,

over a lacy blouse. I loved the feel of the pantyhose, and the slip, as I

pulled them on, and the suit looked very expensive. I used very little

make-up, just some lipstick and nail polish, and I felt ready for my new life

as a college student. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I could feel a

stirring between my legs as my male needs began to react to the attractive

girl I had become.


The limousine arrived, and the driver loaded the 2 trunks into the back.

He seemed attracted to me as he held the door, and I was surprised at my new,

high voice as I said “Thank you.”

At 2:00PM, the limousine pulled up at the Highland Forest administration

building. I was initially concerned about what would happen then, but Ms.

Abernathy quickly appeared from the building door. The driver opened the door

and Ms. Abernathy said “Hello,” as I climbed discretely from the car. I was

afraid that he might recognize me, but that did not prove to be a problem.

“Hello,” I said in the new, high voice. “I am Megan Cartright.”

“Mr. Wilcox said that you would be coming. We are glad to have you,” Ms.

Abernathy replied. “Let me take you to your room.” She walked slowly toward

one of the dormatories. “Did Mr. Wilcox tell you of our problem?”

“Yes Mam,” I replied. “He also explained how sensitive the issue is to

the school. I am sure that we can solve your problem.”

We entered the front door of one dormitory, and climbed a set of stairs

to one side. On the second floor, we entered the main hall and walked to the

end door. Ms. Abernathy knocked and a beautiful woman opened the door. “This

is the new student, Megan Cartright. Megan, this is Ms. Wallace, the teacher

who lives on this floor.”

“Hello Megan,” she responded. “Won’t you both come in for a moment.”

“Hello, Mam,” I responded politely as I followed Ms. Abernathy into the

apartment. “I am pleased to meet you.”

“Ms. Wallace teaches gymnastics,” Ms. Abernathy commented. “She is in

charge of this floor. If you have any problems, she can help you.”

“Yes,” Ms. Wallace responded. “Once you get settled, please come down so

that we can talk.”

“Thank you, I will,” I responded as we turned and left.

At the other end of the hall, Ms. Abernathy stopped at a closed door,

numbered 238. She knocked, and a voice said “Please come in.”

She opened the door, and a beautiful young woman in a skirt and blouse

stood up from her chair. She was statuesque, with large breasts thrusting

against the silk blouse, and beautiful legs. Her hair was perfectly styled

and cut, and her make-up was perfect. “Stephanie Hickock, this is Megan


“Hello,” Stephanie replied. “Welcome to Highland Forest. I heard that

you would be coming and have been expecting you.”

“I am pleased to meet you,” I replied. I stepped into the room, and saw

that it was a sitting area, with adjoining bed rooms on both sides. My trunks

were sitting inside the door of one of the rooms.

Ms. Abernathy turned to go and said “Megan, dinner is at 6:00PM, I am

sure that Stephy can help you get settled. We are glad that you decided to

come to our school”.

“Thank you Ms. Abernathy,” I replied.

I was getting more concerned about how to act among these beautiful

girls, and I was afraid that my male drives would ruin my disguise. I had no

idea what they would talk about, or be interested in. Initially, I decided to

spend some time putting things into my room, so I started arranging clothes

in the dresser and closets I found. “Let me know if I can help,” Stephy

called from the next room. “We all put our trunks under the beds.”

“Thanks, but I am OK,’ I responded as I finished the first trunk and

opened the second. I unpacked it, and pushed it under the bed. I then

undressed, hung up my suit, and put on a casual skirt and sweater. The sight

of myself, a grown man, in bra and bikini panties, with a beautiful feminine

figure was confusing to me. It felt good to take off the high heels, and put

on the comfortable loafers, but  I felt tremendously torn between my desire

to solve this case, and my fears of having to live this new life. I really

had no choice at this point, so I checked my hair, brushed it a little, took

a deep breath, and walked into the sitting room. “Well, that is finished,” I

commented idly. “Now maybe I can rest.”

“Where are you from, Megan?” Stephy asked.

“From a New York suburb in New Jersey,” I responded as I sat down. “How

about you?”

“From the West Coast of Oregon,” Stephy answered. “We are both a long

way from home. Did your parents come with you?”

“No,” I answered. “They are divorced. I took a plane here myself, and

Dad arranged for a limo at the airport.”

We chatted idly for a while, and I became more comfortable with Stephy,

but I still had to be careful of my mannerisms so that they would not give me

away. As long as the talk stayed with current music, clothes, and school, I

was comfortable. When Stephy began to talk about boys, I felt uncomfortable,

but tried not to seem disturbed. Suddenly, a knock at the door prompted a

“Please come in,” from Stephy. Then Ms. Wallace walked in. “Hello Ms.

Wallace,” Stephy responded.

“Hello Ms. Wallace,” I said also.

“Hello girls,” he answered. “Megan, why not come to my apartment for a


“Yes, Mam,” I answered as I stood up, remembered to smooth my skirt as

I stood up, and walked out of the room. Stephy was smiling.

“Megan, I will explain some of the rules to you,” Ms. Wallace began.

“You have started late and have missed the orientation that the other girls

had in the late summer. There is really not much to learn, but we are firm in

our requirements. Remember, we are training you to be a beautiful, poised

woman, and that requires a certain amount of discipline. We have a dress

code,” she continued. “During school hours, you must wear a full school

uniform. For dinner, you must dress up in dressy clothes of your choosing.

Any infraction is punishable at the discretion of the faculty member who

finds out that you are not fully dressed. After dinner, and on the weekends,

casual wear, such as you have on now, is permissible, as long as it is

discrete. Occasionally, we have a formal party, and you must wear a formal

gown then. Do you have any questions about this so far?”

“No, Mam,” I answered.

“Good,” she replied. “On Monday, you will receive a short physical

examination to see what exercises and diet are warranted, but from your

current condition, I think that you are in pretty good shape. Then, our

finishing school instructors will interview you, and recommend improvements

in your appearance and clothing. New clothing and other improvement actions

are entirely financed by the school. I think that this is the area where we

will need to do some work.”

“What ever you say Ms. Wallace,” I answered.

“Academically we are most demanding. Your class schedule is determined

by your class, so you will be taking the regular Senior classes,” she

continued. “We require participation in at least one sport each season. You

can pick your favorite from those available. Athletics are from 3:30PM to

5:00PM.  You have 30 Minutes to dress, and then dinner is at 6:00PM. Stephy

can help you with all of this. Is that OK?”

“Yes Mam,” I responded. I was becoming more concerned about what I was

getting into. After all, Crayle had done this many times, but this was my

first attempt at such a disguise.

“It is almost time for dinner,” Ms. Wallace remarked. “You had better go

back to your room and get dressed.”

As I walked back to my room, I thought about the past two days. I was

having trouble getting my roles straight. The new sensations of the M/X

induced changes, my new breasts, my new voice, and my virtual imprisonment at

the school all concerned me. This was compounded by my sudden need to learn

to act as a young woman. I was worried that someone would find out who I

really was, and then I would not be able to solve this lucrative case. On the

other hand, I could not stop being amazed to see and feel myself in girls’

clothing. The arousal that I felt when I saw my new breasts, and the

different feelings of the new clothing all compounded my confusion.

Stephy and I talked some more, but by about 5:30, Stephy stopped talking

and said, “It is time to dress for dinner.”

“What should I wear,” I asked.

“We must dress up for dinners, let me pick it out for you,” Stephy

answered as he walked into my bedroom. “Where did you hang your clothes?”

I pointed them out to Stephy, and she picked a low cut cocktail dress,

and high heeled, black shoes. From the dresser, she picked panties, a tight

girdle, an underwire bra, a slip, and pantyhose. “This is the way we dress

for dinner. During the day, you do not need the slip, the pantyhose, and the

high heels, but you must wear the school uniform of skirt and blouse with

white stockings and low brown shoes. For class, the nametag goes on the

pocket of your blouse.”

I dressed quickly. What a strange feeling to again see woman’s breasts

on my chest, and to be wearing a dressy woman’s clothing. I was surprised at

how attractive I looked in the dress that Stephy had picked, and I liked the

sensations of the smooth slip as I pulled it over my body. The dress left the

tops of my breasts exposed, with a slight edging of lace at the top. The silk

material, with a tailored waist, emphasized my slim waist and my hips. The

girdle was very uncomfortable, but I knew I had no choice but to wear it.

We both left the room and started to walk out of the dorm to the

administrative building. As we did, we were met by many other girls, all well

dressed. Stephy introduced me to many of them, all of them beautifully

made-up, and generously endowed. I felt that I looked like a youngster next

to these beautiful women, yet, they were all supposed to be college seniors,

not fashion models. I was concerned that I did not have on much make-up, and

I was obviously not as well endowed as my classmates.

Dinner was at long tables, with Ms. Wallace at one end of ours. The

girls took turns being waiters for the various courses, and I and Stephy both

cleaned the tables after dinner was done. Ms. Wallace motioned to me and we

walked to her once the tables were cleaned. “I have made appointments with

the clinic for a physical tomorrow morning, and a finishing interview right

after lunch. You should go to classes with Stephy because roommates always

take the same classes. That makes studying easier.”

“It is late, we had better hurry to our room before it is 7:00PM,”

Stephy said suddenly, so we turned and walked quickly to the dorm.

We put on casual clothes, and at 7:00 promptly, Stephy went into her

room, and began to study. I sat in the sitting area and read a book that was

sitting there. It was about make-up techniques and appearance tips.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Ms. Wallace walked in. She looked into

Stephy’s room, and motioned for me to go into my room. “That is a good book

for you, but we all study in our own rooms,” She announced as he left.

All was quiet for a moment, but then Stephy whispered, “She can be a

real bitch,” from the other room. I stayed silent as I read the book. Again,

mixed feelings of being trapped in the body of a young girl flooded over me

as I read. There I was, dressed in a skirt and blouse, and there was so much

that I did not know that I was afraid that I would tip-off the faculty at the

school. More importantly, I was beginning to like the feelings I had while I

was dressed as a girl, and that scared me.


At 11:00, Stephy left her room, and put some music on her tape player.

It was a currently popular group, so I at least knew its name. We chatted for

a while, and then two girls appeared at the door. “Hi Cindy and Leslie,”

Stephy said. “Did you meet Megan at dinner?”

“No,” said the taller one. “Hello, I am Cindy Jacobson, and this is

Leslie Harken. We are in the room next door, 240”

“Hello,” I responded. “Megan Cartright, pleased to meet you.”

They were both as striking as Stephy. We all chatted for a while, and

then had to stop at 11:30 so that we could wash and get ready for bed. Stephy

took off her clothes, except a bra and panties, took a towel and cosmetic kit

from her dresser, and left for the bathroom. I did the same. In the bathroom,

I could hardly control himself. There I was, wearing just a bra and panties,

in the midst of 20 giggling, half naked girls, brushing my teeth. I could not

decide how to get used to it.

A buzzer sounded, and Stephy said, “Only 10 minutes, better get back to

our room.”

Back in the room, we put on nightgowns, and talked for a few minutes. I

was getting used to the idle chatter and giggling that seemed to be the norm

among the girls, and I adapted himself to it as I seemed able. Suddenly,

another buzzer rang. “Time to go to sleep,” commented Stephy as he turned off

the sitting area light, and walked into her room. I turned and did the same.

I turned down the bed clothes, and felt a warm feeling as I slid into

bed in the silky nightgown. Again, I had trouble reconciling my normal

feelings as a grown man with my new circumstances. Here I was, with long hair

and breasts, living as a college co-ed, and feeling a growing warmth between

my legs as I thought about it.

I was tired, and quickly fell asleep. I was just in the middle of a

confusing dream, when I was shaken awake. It was Cindy standing over her.

“Time for your initiation,” she announced as she pulled me out of bed. “Make

one sound, and we will be REALLY hard on you,” she continued.

As Cindy pulled me out of the room, I saw about 5 girls, including

Megan, standing quietly in the sitting area. They all had smiles on their

faces. “Now it is time to become real friends,” Cindy commented as she pulled

my nightgown off. “We all did this too,” Cindy said as she sat down on the

couch, spread her legs apart, and said, “Eat me ’til I come!”

I did not know how to act. One part of me looked forward to it, the

other part, my new feminine side, was repelled, but I kneeled down in front

of her, and buried my face in her cunt. This was nothing new to me, so I

performed well, and quickly heard a quiet moan as she came. I tried to stand

up, but was pushed down by the next girl, who did the same thing as Cindy

had. They all seemed almost sex starved. I felt a continual stirring in my

transformed organ as I serviced them all.

After all of them had been serviced, I tried to stand up, but they tied

my hands and feet, and then tied me to my bed. Cindy then looked through the

dresser, and pulled out all of the girdles.

“You must get through the first day without these,” she announced. “We

all did it.”

“But… I have a physical exam tomorrow,” I pleaded.

“Too bad, you will have to fake it.” was the reply. Then they untied me,

and all of them left except Stephy.

“You were great,” she commented with a smile. “We are going to have

fun.” Then she turned and left.


In the morning, I got up, and went into the bathroom with Stephy. None

of the girls from the prior night seemed to say anything special to me, they

all just said, “Good morning Megan,” and acted as though nothing had


Again, I was torn by the feelings I had showering with all of these

nubile young girls. I noticed that they all seemed to have Bra cup sizes much

bigger than mine, probably size C to my size A. I dressed in a school uniform

as quickly as I could, and rushed to breakfast with Stephy.

Ms. Wallace was sitting at the breakfast table as the arrived. “Good

morning girls,” she announced. “Megan, your physical is at 9:00AM,” she

continued, “And the finishing interview is at 1:00PM. Please do not be late.”

We finished breakfast, cleaned up our rooms, and went to classes

together. The first class was in English, and I was given the appropriate

books, and a very large catch-up assignment. The class ended at 8:50, and I

went cautiously to the medical clinic.

In the clinic, I waited nervously until the nurse came into the waiting

room. The nurse led me into an examining room, and told me to strip to my

panties and bra.

When the nurse got back, she weighed me, measured my height and hip,

waist, and bust measurements. I looked curiously as she wrote them down. My

height was 5″ 6″, but my weight was much reduced to 125 pounds. My

measurements were 35-26-35. She then took a small blood sample, and a urine

sample, and then told me to get dressed again.

Once clothed, I walked to the waiting room and waited for the nurse to

return. She did so, along with a beautiful woman in a white smock who was

obviously a doctor. The doctor looked at the data collected and mentioned

something about scheduling something to the nurse. Then she turned to me and

said, “Your weight is good, and your waist and hips are good, but we need to

work on your bust to meet our standards. We demand at least a C cup bust to

graduate. I will give you a hormone treatment that should help there.

The nurse returned and looked at me with a smile. “I see that you did

not have your girdle on. I will have to tell Ms. Wallace.”

What could I say?  I made an excuse about not knowing, but she made no

further comment as she opened the door of the clinic.

I finished the morning with Stephy, and we had an uneventful lunch with

the girls who had been in my room the night before. At 12:50, the others

left, and Stephy showed me the way to the “Finishing” interview.

As I walked into the room, I faced a table of three incredibly beautiful

women. I could not help but notice that everywhere I went, everyone seemed

more beautiful that I looked.

They asked me to stand next to a wall with lines drawn on it, and they

took a number of photographs of me. They were included in a folder that was

on the table. One of them took the same measurements that the nurse had

taken, and they discussed them quietly.

I sat nervously as they consulted a set of papers on the table, and then

they asked me a number of questions about my childhood. I had to make up

simple answers simple so that I could remember the answers. Finally, they

asked me to walk slowly back and forth in front of the table.

I sat again to await their discussions. Finally, the woman in the middle

spoke. “Megan, we are glad to have you at Highland Forest. We believe that we

can provide the kind of training that you and your parents would wish. We

have reviewed the data from your physical, and from this interview, and we

note a number of areas where we must intensify your training.”

“We will start with your figure,” she started. “You have acceptable hip

and waist size, but your breasts need augmentation to meet our standards. We

need to work you up to at least a C cup size.”

“Yes, Mam,” I answered. “The Doctor mentioned the same thing.”

“OK, then it is not a surprise,” she continued. “We will simply provide

you with some hormonal treatments which should solve that problem, and we

will provide new bras to accommodate the changes.”

The tall woman at the end of the table then began to talk. “Megan, we

also believe that you need some exercising and posture training if you are to

become the beautiful women we know that you can be. We will start a

concentrated exercise program, along with other measures, to help improve

your posture. We also suggest that you take dance instead of regular

athletics for the next semester.”

“Yes, Mam,” I again responded.

“The other areas, such as cosmetics and dressing, will be covered

quickly through remedial classwork. We realize that this will give you a

large class load, but we believe that you can handle it,” she finished.

Suddenly, the doctor walked into the room, and talked with the three

women in hushed tones. They discussed something for some time, and I became

concerned about what they were talking about. They finally stopped talking,

and the woman in the middle said, “Thank you Megan. You may leave now.”

I quickly caught up to Stephy at the end of the next class, and we

finished the afternoon uneventfully.

After classes, we left our books in the dormitory, and went to the

gymnasium. Stephy was playing field hockey, and I had to take dancing. The

gym office gave me a locker, and combination lock, and I got leotards,

tights, shoes, and an athletic bra from the gym trainer’s office.

I dressed for dance, and was again aroused by the pretty picture I made

in front of the mirror. I still could not adapt to seeing myself with wide

hips, a slim waist, and breasts. The bright tights and leotard made my

girlish body even more definite. As the class began, I became aroused when I

saw all of the beautiful girl in the tights and leotards.

The class was difficult. It was both demanding and strenuous. Being new,

and late, I was constantly learning things that the rest knew. The teacher

recognized that, and suggested that we schedule a remedial session on

Saturday, which I agreed to immediately.

After the dance class, I once again found myself in the midst of a huge

number of beautiful, nude women as we all showered and dressed.

That night, I was swamped with homework, and lights-out seemed to come

way too soon. Stephy and I climbed into bed, and she whispered, “Wait until

the bed check.”

We lay quietly, and shortly Ms. Wallace stuck her head into the sitting

room, saw that all lights were out, and left without saying a word. Stephy

lay quiet for a few minutes, and then I heard her leave her room. “Lets have

some fun,” he commented as I felt her lay down on the bed. “Now it is my

turn,” was her comment as he pulled the covers back, and pulled my nightgown


Immediately, she had her tongue into my cunt, and I felt waves of

pleasure move through my body. I moaned briefly, and she whispered, “Be

quiet. We can’t let Wallace hear us.”

I just lay back to savor the feeling. It was so different from those

that I had as a man. Once again, I was torn between my masculine feelings,

and the pleasures I felt as a woman, including the entirely new sensations

that I felt in my nipples.

Stephy and I played for at least an hour, bringing each to multiple

orgasms, before she quietly pointed to the clock, and left the room. This was

going to be fun I decided!  The girls seemed to be continually aroused and

interested in sex.


Before the end of the Tuesday, I received a note from the medical

clinic. It was an appointment for Wednesday morning to meet with the doctor.

I had no idea what it was about, but I reported to the clinic at 9:00AM.

The doctor appeared, holding the usual charts, and said, “Good morning,

Megan. This is the start of the treatments the Finishing Committee

recommended. Please lie down on this table, we will start with a quick shot,

and proceed from there.

The nurse entered the room, and took a syringe from a cabinet. She

filled it with some substance, and gave it to the doctor, who immediately

said, “This will just pinch a bit.”  she gave me the shot, and left me on the

table. I lay there for a while, became sleepy, and quickly fell asleep.

I awoke with a start. I was not in the medical clinic room that I had

remembered. I tried to move, but my arms were secured to the sides of the

bed. I tried to sit-up, but could not because of my arms.

The doctor appeared. “Well, I see that you are awake,” she commented as

she walked toward the bed. “I hope that you are feeling all right. While

administering the hormones, we took the opportunity for some slight

corrections that the Finishing Committee requested.”

I moaned and pulled against the bonds that tied me to the bed.

“Don’t be alarmed,  there were some minor changes we did to make you

even more attractive than you were, and the restraints were used so that you

did not disturb the bandages,” the doctor replied. “That does not matter now,

because I am going to remove them today.”  She took a pair of scissors from

a small table, and came toward me. “Just hold still, this is easy,” she said

casually as she reached toward my face with the scissors. I had not realized

it, but there were bandages on much of my face except my eyes. She cut around

my mouth, cheeks, ears, and neck. “Well, that looks much better. Why don’t

you get up and look for yourself,” she said as she released my wrists.

I stood up slowly, and immediately felt a heavier weight on my chest. My

inclination was to feel my breasts, but I decided that that was not the thing

to do. I turned and walked to a mirror on the wall.

The face looking back at me was mine, but it had been subtly changed. My

nose was smaller, with a “button” end. My lips had a definite pout to them,

and my cheek bones seemed higher. All-in-all, the effect was very much an

improvement. My face was now much prettier than it had been. As I looked

down, I noticed that the change to my figure was much more dramatic. My

breasts now stuck prominently from the plain hospital gown. They were much

larger than I remembered them.

“What do you think,” the doctor commented. “I think that these subtle

facial changes were good suggestions from the Committee, and the liposuction

at your waist will mean that strict dietary restrictions will be unnecessary

if you can keep at this weight. In addition, the hormonal injections have

corrected the other deficiencies that they noticed in your figure. You now

have breasts that will easily pass our graduation requirements as to size and

shape. We measured them as 36C yesterday. You have a 24 inch waist, and 35

inch hips to go with your new C cup breasts. This is a new treatment for

breast augmentation that I believe is much preferable to surgery. It is a new

compound that enhances breast size through normal body functions and normal

growth of fatty tissue. It is called M/X, and we use it extensively now.”

M/X!  The thought even scared me. What would more of that compound do to

me now. I remembered what the woman had said as she sold me the M/X

compounds. “Will the hormones cause a permanent change?  I won’t have to do

this again, will I?” I asked.

“We are not sure.” the doctor answered. “All of our use to date has

indicated that the changes are permanent,  but you should not be concerned.

We at Highland Forest are very concerned about our students. We are careful

about our procedures, and that has given us the fine reputation that we now

have. You can be sure that we will monitor the effects of the M/X, and will

correct for any unplanned effects that occur. If you have no further

questions, your clothes are in the closet, and you can get dressed and return

to your normal school activities.”

She turned, and left quickly. I walked quickly to the closet and found

my school clothes. I took off the hospital gown, and looked into the mirror.

What a change!  I had a body that would stop traffic. My waist seemed much

thinner, and my breasts were significantly larger. I became aroused just

looking at myself. Those changes, along with the subtle facial changes, made

me look like a Hollywood starlet. What was I going to do now?  What would

happen once I had solved this case?  What else could they have done while I

was asleep from the anesthesia?  I should have questioned Ms. Abernathy’s

comment about “training” more carefully.

It turned out to be Friday afternoon so I had no more classes for a

while. Back in the room, Stephy and I talked a bit before we had to go to

dinner. She commented that everyone had gone through similar changes when

they came to Highland Forest. Apparently, they were all happy with the

changes that the school had “made”. She even commented on my new figure

showing, even in the school uniforms. At least now, I would not stand out

from my class.

After dimmer, Ms. Wallace asked me to come to her apartment. I had no

idea what she wanted, but I really had no choice, so I knocked on the door

promptly after dinner.

“Hello, Megan.” she answered as she opened the door. “I need to talk

with you about certain school rules. It has come to my attention that you

violated one of the school dress rules,” she started. “The nurse told me that

you did not have your girdle on when you had your exam on Monday. I assume

that Stephy had told you that they are required at all times.”

What could I say. I made some excuse about forgetting but she would not

accept it.

“Well, we must impress upon you that our rules are firm,” she responded.

“I am authorized to impose some additional training in such circumstances.

This is not considered a severe violation, but one non-the-less that requires

correction. I think that just a weekend will suffice.”

She left the room, and returned quickly with a flat box. “You must wear

this for the whole weekend,” she announced as she opened the box. Inside was

a severe looking boned corset. “Take off your dress,” she commanded.

I undressed to my bra and panties and she pulled the garment around me.

“This size looks good,” she commented as she hooked it behind me. She then

proceeded to pull the lacing so tight that I could hardly breathe. I was

almost gasping for breath as she said, “Breathe with your diaphragm, not your


I found that I had to take numerous small breaths instead of large ones,

and that even then, I felt as though I was being cut in half. “You must wear

this at all times until Sunday evening,” she said. “I want you to report to

remedial dance training tomorrow with it on, and the instructor will inspect

it after you shower to be sure that it is securely fastened. This should

remind you to follow the school’s dress code.”

Back in the room, Stephy, Cindy, and Lisa laughed as I returned. “Well,

I see that Wallace caught you,” Cindy said. “Don’t worry, we all had to do

something similar.”

“Do you remember Martha,” Lisa commented. “Wallace made her wear a

corset over a girdle and tight spandex for a week. She lost 20 pounds before

it was over.”

We all laughed, and I resolved that I would tolerate it.

Saturday remedial dance practice was very painful. Performing all of the

required exercises and moves in the tight corset was almost impossible, but

the instructor would not accept any excuses. I even noticed Ms. Wallace

peering into the practice room at one point, just to see that I was behaving


By Sunday, I had adapted to the garment. It was still uncomfortable, but

I could tolerate it. That evening, Ms. Wallace asked me to her apartment

after dinner, and told me to remove the corset. I did so, and I felt as

though my waist was even smaller than before. “Let this be a lesson, Megan,”

She began. “We will not tolerate any more violations of our dress code.”

Back in my room that night, Stephy gave me my missed assignments, and I

worked for the whole study period just to get ready for Monday. After

lights-out, Cindy and Lisa quietly came into our suite. Like Stephy, they

both said that now it was their turn, and they both licked my cunt until I

came. The pleasure was unbelievable. Then we all brought each other off until

almost 2:00AM, when we all got tired and went to bed. They all seemed to be

as highly aroused as I now felt.

Monday started my first full week of classes. I was constantly trying to

find out about the three missing girls. Even Stephy, who had roomed with one

of them, knew nothing other than that they had been in their rooms at

lights-out, but they were missing the next morning. I could not find anything

that seemed to link them together.

As I settled into the school routine, by dual existence became more

bizarre. Here was a grown man, living in a woman’s body that was incredibly

beautiful, and attending an all girls college with 200 other equally

beautiful girls. I seemed to be as horny as they were. We all looked forward

to lights-out so that we could play together. In addition, my breasts

actually seemed to swell a little more during the week, so I was becoming

concerned that the long-term effects of the hormones may not be fully

understood. That scared me. What would happen when this strange case ended,

and I tried to resume my life as a private investigator.

I was especially enjoying the dinner time so that I could wear the

revealing dresses with my new cleavage. I tried all of the lowest cut ones

just to see how I looked. What a knock-out I was! Right now though, I had to

be more concerned with trying to solve the case at hand.


By Wednesday, I had begun to hear small comments about some activities

that seemed outside school rules. I could not prove anything, but it sounded

as though some of the girls had access to pot and Cocaine. Stephy, Cindy, and

Lisa seemed to know nothing about it when I asked them what was going on. By

using my normal investigation procedures, I soon found out that at least one

girl at our end of the hall was a regular user. Now I had a clue to begin

working with.

The strict school timetables made my work difficult, but I soon had

taken concealed photographs of the girl in a Cocaine “buy” with a faculty

member. Now I had something to start with. The faculty member was Ms.


I decided that my next step should be to get to know Ms. Wallace better.

I started sitting next to her at dinner, and asking questions about the

school and her athletic teams. I even attended her additional exercise

classes during an extra period that I had. For the next week, I discretely

watched for some sign that she noticed my attentions.

The school week continued normally. My academic load was difficult, even

for me as an adult, and the dance and exercise classes actually reduced my

weight by an additional 10 pounds. The girls seemed as sexually aroused as I

was, and we played games with each other each night. They all had some sort

of sex toy hideen in their rooms, and they traded them freely. Tuesday

morning, Lisa came into our room as I was dressed in just my panties and bra.

“Here is something for you to try today. We all use them occasionally. Just

sit down on the bed.” In her hand, she had two metal spheres. She pulled down

my panties and inserted them into my cunt, and pulled the panties back up.

“There!” she said.

Stephy smiled as I continued to get dressed. During the day, the two

balls continually moved inside me. They created a continual state of arousal

during the while day, and during exercise class, I almost climaxed from their

motion. In the dormitory, I took them out in the shower, and I could see Lisa

smiling at me. In the room before dinner she asked,  “How did they feel?”

“Just great,” I confessed. as I returned them to her. “What other toys

do you have?”

I found out later in the week, as she spent a night in our suite with a

variety of vibrators and dildoes. It was the first time that I had

experienced penetration since using the M/X-2, and I really enjoyed the

sensations as she played with me until I climaxed.

I concluded that all of them were as sexually aroused as I was. We all

must have been gived the M/X “behavior modification” compound.

I also continued my efforts to learn more about Ms. Wallace, and

finally, on a Friday night, she commented that she was going to try some new

exercises, and wondered if I would be willing to test them for her.

This might be a good chance, so I said yes. I met her in the gymnasium

the next morning, and we both dressed in leotards, tights, and exercise

shoes. In the dance room, the mirrored wall emphasized my beautiful figure

slim waist, large, thrusting breasts, and a finely featured face topped with

long blond hair. What a sight I had become.

Ms. Wallace was equally attractive. She was slightly taller, and a bit

firmer, but she too had a beautiful face, and an exquisite figure.

She started by describing some new exercises she wanted to use in her

classes, and then she asked me to try them. They were strenuous, and she

shortly began to help me do them. I noticed that she seemed intimate in the

way that she touched me to change my positions or stance. She became

increasingly forward, and complimentary about my figure, and my performance

of the exercises. On more than one occasion, I felt her hands on my ample

breasts, and I said nothing.

At one particular moment, she was trying to position me in a difficult,

ballet like move, when her hand again brushed my breasts. I took the

opportunity to make a slight moaning sound, which she immediately noticed.

Would she take the bait?

“Does that position feel OK,” she asked. “Can you move more to the

side?”  She then, again, brushed my breasts, and I moaned again.

There was no question that she had taken my clue, because she began to

hold my body tightly as she asked me to try various difficult positions. I

made no attempt to stop her, and even smiled occasionally as she did it. We

worked for at least two hours, with her advances becoming more obvious by the

minute. “Well,” she finally commented. “That is probably enough for this

morning. Thank you Megan.”

“That was a lot of fun,” I responded. “I would like to do it again


“Why, that is very nice Megan,” she responded. “Would you like to work

some more this afternoon?”

“Yes, Mam. I would love to,” I responded.

“Good, let’s get some lunch.”

We both left to shower and get dressed for lunch. We met in the shower,

and her look and motions were obviously provocative. I responded similarly.

After lunch, we again dressed in the gym, and worked out for 2 more

hours. Ms. Wallace continued to touch and hold me in some of the exercises,

and I responded positively each time. In the shower after we finished, she

said, “Megan, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?”

“Yes, Mam. I would be glad to,” was my response.

“Good. Why not come to my apartment about 6:00PM,” she responded.

Back in my room, I noticed that Stephy was studying. “Where have you

been?” she asked.

“I was doing extra exercises with Ms. Wallace,” I answered.

“Oh,” she said abruptly. “I would watch out.”

“Is there a problem?” i asked.

“She can be funny sometimes,” Stephy answered. “No one can seem to

figure her out. You know how bitchy she can be sometimes.”

“Yes, I remember,” I responded, thinking about the corset incident.

At 4:30, Stephy left to go with the Debate Team for an evening debate

across the state, so I was alone until very late that night. That would be

perfect, no-one to have to know where I was.

At 6:00PM, I knocked at Ms. Wallace’s door, and she answered quickly.

“Hello Megan.” she was dressed in a particularly revealing dress for a

Saturday night at school, but I choose not to say anything. We talked for a

while, and she offered me a soda before dinner. I said yes, and she brought

out one in a tall glass. We continued to talk for a while, and I got

strangely tired, to the point that I passed out.

I awoke lying on my back in a different room. I felt that my hands and

feet were tied to the bed, just like they had been in the hospital. I looked

around, and realized that I was completely naked, and tied to a bed. The room

did not look like a bedroom. It just had the bed I was on, and a couple of

large trunks near one wall. I lay there for a while, struggling against my

bonds, when the door opened.

I was both shocked and scared as Ms. Wallace walked quickly into the

room. Her incredibly beautiful body was barely held in a black corset, with

exposed breasts. and she had thigh high, black boots on.

“What are you doing Ms. Wallace?” I asked.

“Call me Mistress! Now, you just you relax and enjoy it, my pet,” she

answered as she opened one of the trunks. Reaching in, she pulled out what

looked like a long feather. “Just relax,” she said again. “I will not hurt

you. This will be fun for both of us.”

As I lay there, she sat next to me, and began to lightly touch me with

the feather. The feeling was unbelievable. It was so light and smooth. She

started on my stomach, but quickly had it lightly brushing my large nipples,

which immediately became stiff. Then she moved it between my legs, and I felt

its light touch on my cunt lips and clitoris. I moaned loudly.

“Now you can enjoy it, my pet,” she said softly. “Just relax.

I loved the feeling, and really did not want her to stop it, as I moaned

more and more. Her hands began to stroke my body lightly, and she soon kissed

one of my nipples. My passion was building. My tongue was moving across my

lips, and I writhed against my bonds.

“Oh Mistress,” I moaned. “That feels so good.”

“Good, my pet. Just enjoy it.”

Her hands kept moving lightly over my body, and soon one of her fingers

touched my cunt lips. It was like an electric shock through my body. She

could see me move more as she did it. She continued, and then suddenly she

bent over me, and kissed me on the nipple. Again, I moved under her touch.

“That feels so good.”

“Good.”  She moved up, and her lips touched mine. I could feel a fire

building between my legs as my tongue reached out for hers and they met. The

kiss went on for a long time. Finally, she broke the kiss, and moved between

my legs. I could feel her tongue lapping my cunt, and I began moaning again.

She persisted until I climaxed with a loud moan. I had never felt anything

like that!

“How was that, my pet?”

“Oh, Mistress,” was all that I could say.

She moved to the head of the bed, and I stretched my tongue out toward

her. She climbed over me, with her cunt above my face, and we buried our

tongues in each others cunts simultaneously. I licked as hard as I could, and

she quickly had two intense climaxes before I had a second one. This lesbian

love was unbelievable. The pleasure was so intense.

We continued for at least 2 hours before she loosened the tethers on my

arms and legs. I sat up, and we both embraced and kissed. My hand moved to

her crotch, and my fingers slipped into her wet cunt as she fell back onto

the bed. Within 2 minutes, I had brought her to another climax.

“Oh, my pet,”  she moaned. “Let me try something else.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I responded as I sat on the bed. I could not tell if it

was my male feelings, or some sort of strange lesbian tendencies, that had me

so attracted to this woman.

She went to the trunk, and returned with a large bag. Inside were a

number of different leather garments and straps. She took some of them, and

turned to me. First, she buckled a wide belt around my waist. then she put

wrist and ankle cuffs on me. Then she put cuffs on my elbows and thighs.

“What are you doing, Mistress?”

“Just wait, my pet,” she replied as she clipped my wrist cuffs to the

thigh cuffs, the elbow cuffs to the waist belt, and the ankle cuffs together.

Then she pulled a latex item from the bag. It seemed to be some sort of

hooded device, which she slipped over my head. The darkness scared me

initially, but I could breathe OK so I did not complain. Then I felt her pull

me to my knees in front of her. As I knelt, I could feel her doing something

else with the garment, and something brushed my face. Then I knew. It had a

pair of pants attached to the front of the hood. Sure enough,  Her other leg

entered the garment, and I felt her pull it up her legs, positioning my face

right in front of her cunt. “Follow me, my pet,” she ordered as she stepped

backward, and I followed on my knees. Quickly, she was lying on her back on

the bed, and I was forced to follow her, with my face tightly pulled into her

cunt. “Now, give me pleasure,” she commanded, and I began to lick and suck

her cunt.

The tight hood, along with the various restraints, kept me from moving

except to roll, and the panty-hood held my head tightly against her crotch.

She was writhing and moving in ecstasy as I worked. Shortly, I heard a loud

moan as she climaxed, but she did not move. I kept going, and brought her to

three more before she stopped it, and pulled herself out of the latex

garment. Then she took off the hood. “That was wonderful, my pet!” she

exclaimed. “Now it is my turn.”

She did not remove my restraints, except my arms, which she clipped to

the corners of the bed. Then she tied my feet tightly, and removed the other

unused straps. She returned with a leather hood, which she slipped over my

head, and closed. Again, the darkness scared me initially, but I quickly

overcame it. I heard her walk away, and then return quickly. “Just wait, my

pet,” she said in a low voice.

Then I felt the soft feather again, plus her warm lips on my nipples and

cunt. I began to moan and writhe on the bed, and I heard a low hum. Then I

felt it, a vibrator, as she rubbed it on my clit. This was an incredibly

pleasurable new feel. Particularly when I did not know where it would touch

next. She ran it over most of my body, and then I felt it at the lips of my

cunt. I had never been penetrated before, and I was going mad waiting for it.

She pushed the device slowly into me, and continued to stroke my body.

I almost screamed in pleasure. “Must be quiet, my pet,” she said softly. “I

know just how to do it.”

In a moment, I felt a rough, rubbery shape on my lips. It rubbed against

them, and then she forced it into my mouth. It was a rubber penis dildo, and

she quickly had its full length in my mouth. I felt straps around my head,

and I knew that I could not get it out.

She continued with the vibrator, and the pleasure kept building. I

moaned through the penis gag, and writhed even more as she brought me to

incredible heights. The mixture of sensations kept me continually aroused.

Finally, she stopped, and removed the hood and gag. “How was that, my

pet?” she asked.

I could only moan, so she lay beside me, and kissed me again. I wondered

when this would ever stop.

She left again, and returned with a small syringe. “What is that?” I


“Don’t worry, my pet. It is just an antibiotic in case of infection.”

she replied as I felt a slight prick in my upper arm. Now what?

She released me, and I sat up. Then she sat beside me, embraced me, and

kissed me again. I loved the feeling, and returned the kiss as well as

caressing her beautiful tits. We continued for a while, and then she noticed

the time. “You must leave, my pet,” she said. “We would not want you to miss

lights-out, now would we?”

“No, Mistress,” I answered.

“Remember, only use Mistress when we do this,” she reminded me.

“Yes, Mam,” I responded as I left her apartment. “That was really


“I am glad,” was her response. “Even if we did not get a chance to have


Sunday passed uneventfully, Stephy and the debate team returned and

school returned to its normal events. Stephy asked how the weekend went, and

I said that it was just a normal one.

During the week, I seemed to be more aroused that I had ever been

before. Getting dressed for dinner, and seeing all of the other beautiful

girls also well dressed, was exciting, and I could never get enough pleasure

as Stephy, Cindy, Lisa and I played in the dark at night. My sexual drive

seemed greater each day.

Ms. Wallace asked me to exercise with her twice during the week, and I

did so gladly. I loved the sight of the sleek, sexy bodies, even if one of

them was mine.

I was able to get two additional pictures of her selling something to

students, and I put them safely into the false bottom of my trunk.


By Friday, Ms. Wallace had asked me again to practice with her. This

time, she mentioned that another girl, Lisa, would join us. I remembered her

as one of the girls buying cocaine from Ms. Wallace as soon as I saw her at

the gym. Now it was becoming interesting.

During practice, Ms. Wallace continued to touch me, as well as Leslie.

Again, she asked me to dinner as well as Leslie. She seemed much more direct

with Lisa though.

I got to her apartment first, and she told me that Lisa had been with

her a number of times before, so that I should not be embarrassed if we did

the same things that we had done before. “Oh Mistress,” I responded. “Don’t

worry, I would love to spend another afternoon like the last one.”

Lisa arrived, and we began immediately. They laid me on the bed again,

and strapped me down tightly, then both of the put on corsets, and high

boots, and returned. “What will you do to me Mistress?” I asked.

Ms. Wallace just smiled as Lisa climbed onto the bed, and sat down over

my face. Her intention was obvious, so I immediately began licking her cunt.

Then I felt something between my legs. It was the feather first, then the

vibrator. Lisa stuck it completely into me, and then began with the feather

again. I loved the pleasure of both at once, and I immediately climaxed and

moaned loudly.

I was so aroused that I would do anything. That “antibiotic” injection

she had given me must have been the third M/X compound, the one that

increased sexual drive. How could I reconcile my masculine thoughts with my

insatiable desire to be penetrated and licked?

Ms. Wallace climbed over my face, and Lisa left and returned in a minute

with a strange mechanical device. She set it at the bottom of the bed, and

strapped it to the foot of the bed. It looked like a small table, with a

motor and wheel on it. Ms. Wallace got up to help her. They attached a rod to

the wheel, and put something on the end of it. It was a huge rubber penis. I

could feel them place it on my cunt lips, and push it into me a little.

“Now, my pet,” Ms. Wallace said. “Lets see how well you can control

yourself. The more that you try to stop this machine from penetrating you,

the greater the pleasure you will feel. You need to keep it from turning, and

we will reward you.”

Then she turned it on, and the wheel began to turn. As It did, it pushed

the large penis into my cunt. They adjusted the speed a bit, and let it begin

to work. With each stroke, I felt my arousal increase, until I finally

climaxed. Then they turned it up faster.

I tried to hold it back with the muscles of my cunt, and the pleasure

was even greater. I was so aroused, that I tried to stop it, but I could not.

It plunged into me inexorably, until I came again, with a loud moan. Then

they speeded it up again.

All the while, Lisa was stroking my body with the feather, as the

“fucking machine” continued its pace. I kept trying to slow it down, to get

greater pleasure, but with each climax, they speeded it up. Ms. Wallace moved

her cunt over my face, and I began to lick her as the machine continued. The

triple sensations were driving me almost crazy as I climaxed again and again.

I even began to climax when Ms. Wallace did also.

Within about 30 minutes, I was at such a fever pitch that almost any

touch made me come. My muscles were able to slow the machine to almost stop

it, but each time I almost stopped it, Ms. Wallace would come, then I would

come and loose my concentration. The machine would speed up, I would climax,

and they would make it go faster.

I was in a cycle that was constantly ratcheting my arousal up to a

climax, only to make the next one better.

My moaning became constant, and suddenly they stopped the machine.

“Oh no, please don’t stop it Mistress,” I pleaded.

“That is enough my pet,” she replied.

I was almost addicted to It. I would do anything to have them start that

machine again. “PLEASE, Mistress. PLEASE!”

Lisa stroked my body with the feather, as Ms. Wallace kissed my nipples,

then my lips. I responded with my tongue, and she was all over me again.

Lisa removed the restraints, and the three of us were quickly all on the

bed in a pile. Each doing something to one of the others. It was an orgy

unlike anything I could imagine.

Finally, Ms. Wallace stopped, and said “Lets have something else to

arouse us.”  She got up, and returned with a small package of white powder.

Now I knew I was at the source of the problem.

She cut a couple of lines for Lisa, who immediately became high, and did

so for herself. I pretended to have some, and watched them as they rested

back on the bed. Pretending to be high also, I lay back on the bed and


Ms. Wallace got up first. “Girls, it’s late. you must not miss dinner.”

We dressed quickly, and both left for our rooms.

On Sunday, Ms. Wallace acted as though nothing had happened, and another

week started as usual.

During the week, my sexual arousal did not diminish. Stephy, Cindy, and

Leslie even commented one night that I just could never get enough. They were

right. I was constantly aroused. I would bring myself off at night with my

fingers, and Stephy would hear my low moans in the next room.

Ms. Wallace asked me to practice exercises again, and I did so. She

mentioned that some other girls occasionally joined her, and accidentally,

she mentioned first names that were the names of two of the three missing

girls. Now I knew that I was even closer to an answer.

School began to follow a predictable pattern. As a student, I worked

hard to pass the academics. Nightly, Stephy, Cindy, Leslie and I would “play”

together. I may have been aroused, but the other three were almost as aroused


Ms. Wallace would ask me to practice during the week, and she, Lisa and

I would do so. On Saturdays, we would meet at her apartment for long sexual


During all of this, I continued to get occasional pictures of her

selling dope to various students. Finally, I got a picture of her selling it

to another teacher, and then to Ms. Abernathy’s secretary.

This was not right, but I still did not know what had happened to the

three missing girls.


One Tuesday afternoon, I was asked to go to the office to pick up

something. It was in the middle of classes, so I got permission, and walked

to see Ms. Abernathy. Once inside, Sarah, her secretary, asked me to just go

into Ms. Abernathy’s office, which I did.

“Well, Miss Cartright,” she said once the door was closed. “What have

you found so far?”

“Well, Ms. Abernathy,” I began. “I think that the problem is somehow

connected to cocaine sales at the school.”

“Cocaine!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, Mam,” I continued. I believe that one of your teachers is selling

Cocaine to the students and faculty. I do not know what that has to do with

the three missing girls though.”

“Well!  Who is it,” he demanded.

“I have some pictures, but I had better not disclose who it is until I

find out where the three girls are,” I said.

“Where are the pictures,” he exclaimed.

“They are safe,” I replied. “Just let me finish the investigation and

you may have all of the evidence.”

She did not seem happy with that answer. “How much longer will this

take,” she demanded.

“It should not take much longer,” I answered, but I will need your

cooperation so that I can continue this investigation.”

“Ok, but hurry up, Highland Forest needs to have this cleared up


I left and returned to my classes.

That Thursday, I had exercise practice with Lisa and Ms. Wallace. She

seemed to act strangely with me, but I thought that I might just be her time

of the month.

On Saturday, Ms. Wallace said that the practice would be held at a

nearby gymnasium that had certain gymnastic equipment that we did not have.

I really did not give it much thought as she, Lisa, and I climbed into a

school car, and drove off the campus.

She drove to the main road, and turned to leave town. Then, she turned

off the road, onto a smaller road, and finally onto a gravel road. This

seemed strange to me. The road ended at a large old house. Now I was becoming

more concerned.

I did not have a moment to act before she and Lisa had handcuffed me,

gagged me, and tied me securely so that I could not walk. They picked me up,

and carried me into the old house.

Inside, they walked through the main hall, and down a set of stairs into

the cellar. There they went into a large room, with white painted walls, and

strong overhead lights. They took me to one end of the room, undressed me

completely, and securely tied my hands and legs outstretched to hooks in the

wall. The they buckled a belt around my waist, and tied the rings on it to

the wall also. I could not move. Now I knew that they knew I had found out

about their scheme.

“Well, Miss smartypants,” Ms. Wallace started. “You think that you are

so smart, but now we are in control. We can not let our little scheme get

out. You see, Ms. Abernathy is a part of our plan. She is the one who

actually controls it. You are the fourth girl to learn about it and threaten

us with it. You, like the others, will conveniently disappear, and our plan

will remain safe. This time, we have learned where our security is poor so

that no one else can find out what is happening. Good by, my pet.”

She just turned, and left me hanging on the wall.


I was left there for what seemed like a very long time. Then I heard

noises upstairs, and footsteps on the cellar stairs. Suddenly the door

opened, and the school doctor walked in.

“Hello, Megan,” she said. “I am Dr. Naomi Bernstein. You may remember NB

Enterprises. Well, that is my company. and M/X-2 is my own invention. I have

worked years to take the original compound from Mexico and refine it to its

current strength and actions. You have even seen how little amounts of it


I was scared. I could go nowhere, and I was at the mercy of this strange

doctor. I had almost solved the case, but to no avail.

She walked up to me, and touched my breasts very gently. “You were such

a beautiful example of what I can do.”  Then she walked out of the room.

There was nothing I could do. I was securely tied to the wall, with no

visible way to escape.

In a while, I heard her return down the cellar steps. The door opened,

and he entered with a tray of medical instruments. She carefully filled two

large syringes with two different substances, and then picked up a third

bottle. It read M/Y!

She drew a good bit of M/Y into each syringe, and moved to my side. I

struggled against the bonds, but I could not really move. I felt the pain of

the injections, one in each side, and the doctor smiled as she walked back to

the tray.

“What have you done to me,” I pleaded.

“Oh, just an extension of what we already did at the school,” she

replied. That was just some additional treatments for your figure, and for

your sexual drive.”

Suddenly, I remembered what the receptionist had said at NB Enterprises.

“Just be sure that M/Y never mixes with any of the other three… If it

mixes, the results are unpredictable.”

She had mixed them!   Then she left.

I was trapped!  Suddenly, I felt a tingle in my body. My breasts felt

very warm.

Nothing else seemed to happen for a while, then I had an increasing urge

for sex, just like I had felt after the cosmetic surgery.

Again, nothing, then the tingling again. I looked down, and my breasts

seemed much bigger than I remembered them.

Dr. Bernstein walked into the room, took a quick look at me, and left


More waiting, more tingling. I looked again, and they were even bigger.

More time passed, and my sexual urges grew even more. I looked down

again, and my breasts were huge now. Way out of proportion to anything


Then Dr. Bernstein walked into the room again, this time carrying the

machine Ms. Wallace had had in her room. She sat it down beneath me, and

plugged it into an electrical outlet. This time, it just sat on the floor,

and the rod extended straight up. The rubber penis was still on the end as

she inserted it into my cunt and started the machine.

I immediately moaned, and she laughed. “This will teach you to meddle in

my affairs. Each climax will heighten the effect of the injections. Your sex

drives will increase, and so will your breast size.”  She walked over to me,

and hefted one of my huge tits. It was almost the size of a large grapefruit.

The machine speeded up, and I moaned again. It cycled endlessly into and

out of me until I climaxed with a scream. The doctor laughed again, and left.

For what seemed to be an eternity, the machine assaulted me, driving me

to greater and greater desires for sex. I was climaxing repeatedly, and then

I tried to stop it like I had done in Ms. Wallace’s apartment. That slowed

it, but made the pleasure even greater. I soon was making continual moans,

punctuated by frequent screams as I climaxed.

Finally, the doctor returned, and turned off the machine. “Please no,”

I pleaded. “I must have it. Please turn it on. I need a fuck. PLEASE!


She laughed, and walked over to me again. She reached up, and lifted one

of my tits again. It was much bigger. It stuck out at least a foot as she

held it up. They were bigger than anything I had ever seen. “That should do,”

she commented. “They are bigger than needed anyway.”

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked.

“You will see soon,” she said as she left.

Shortly, the doctor returned with Lisa. They untied my waist, and

carefully untied my wrists and ankles. Then they handcuffed me with my hands

behind my back, and led me out of the room.

At the top of the stairs, there was a large hall mirror, and I was

shocked at the effect of the injections. I had two of the biggest boobs I

could imagine. They were like two soccer balls attached to my chest. They

stuck out past my arms on the sides, and hung down almost to my navel. The

sight of my slim body, with the immense boobs, was extremely arousing to me,

and I began to moan again.

“Lets go,” the doctor said. They led me upstairs, and dressed me in

bikini pants, panty hose,  a bra that could barely hold my immense mammaries,

and a knit dress that made my extreme figure look even more so.

As I walked, I could feel the immense weight of the bra straps on my

shoulders, and the tremendous movement in them as I moved. What could they be

doing to me now I wondered.

They handcuffed me again, and led me out of the house to a waiting van.

I was pushed into the back, and the door closed. Dr. Bernstein climbed into

the front, Lisa followed, and we left the old house.

“I had a bad feeling about you the moment that we finished your physical

exam,” the doctor said. “The urine tests, and the blood work, showed

chromosome anomalies. There was an X chromosome, which is the male one, in

the tests. I kept quiet until Abernathy told me that you had traced our

operation. Then she told me all about you, and our records indicated your

acquisition of the M/X-2 items last month. Then I knew what was going on, and

who you really were. There was no “other employee”. You are actually Wilcox

under the influence of M/X-2. Your use of Crayle’s name at our office was a

tip-off. Mr. Crayle and I have met before, when he was using similar

disguises. He too encountered problems once I became aware of what was really

going on, and in a number of cases, he was able to overcome those problems.

Recently, however, he has not been around, so I suspect that his luck, like

yours, has run out. You both are stark evidence that I am not one to try to


There was nothing that I could say. Now they knew all of the facts.

“That is OK,” the doctor continued. “We can continue as we did with the

others. You will just react differently to the injections. You have already

shown greatly increased sensitivity to the M/X enhancer compound, I would

think that the behavior modifier compound should work the same.”

“What will happen to me?” I asked cautiously.

“Well, we have an arrangement with the producers of M/X in Mexico,” he

began. “They send us raw M/X in exchange for money, and other items. Those

other items are primarily women who we want to get rid of, just like you. You

see, in Mexico, they have lots of good places for someone with your

“endowments”. They will probably use you in one of their strip joints as a

dancer. Those boobs will really draw the local population. Maybe, in your

case, they will also put you in one of their animal acts. The audience loves

to see animals fuck women, and you, with those boobs, will be an ideal


The van was shaking, and it began to arouse me. I moaned and the doctor

just smiled.

The van slowed, and then backed into some place. The door opened, and it

was dark. I was pulled out of the van, and pushed onto the nearby loading

dock. There was a large crate there, with the front open. The doctor came to

me with another syringe, and injected me again. I quickly fell asleep.


Joe Wilcox awoke on a darkened stage. He felt someone removing all of

his clothing, and then fasten something around his knees. Then he felt

something moist rubbed on his exposed cunt. Somewhere, a loud crowd was

screaming in a foreign language. As he tried to move, but he found that his

knees were chained tightly to the middle of the stage. He raised up onto his

hands and knees, with his mammoth breasts hanging down, brushing the stage.

The music started, and the crowd became louder.

Then the stage became lighter as a curtain began to rise. He could see

the smoke filled room, full of tables of screaming men in large hats.

He had no idea where he was, but he knew that he was uncontrollably

aroused. He HAD to have something in his cunt,  He HAD to be fucked NOW!

Then the stage door opened again, and a huge Doberman dog raced out,

snarling. It smelled for something, and then went to his rear. It sniffed his

cunt, and then licked it quickly. They must have wiped something on his cunt

that attracted the dogs. The huge dog immediately mounted him, and stuck its

huge penis into his cunt.

It pumped as it coupled with him, and he began to moan as he became more

excited from the dog’s dick. He was just beginning to climax as the dog

howled, and backed away, having obviously come. He did not care, he was still

not satisfied

The dog then backed away from him, and ran off the stage, leaving Wilcox

moaning and screaming “FUCK ME PLEASE”.

Then the stage door opened again, and a donkey walked out onto the stage

toward him. He raised up on his hands and knees again as it walked straight

toward him.

As thought it had done it before, the donkey walked right over him, and

stopped with a short. He looked up, and saw its huge red penis extending out

of its sheath. He was so aroused that he raised his head, and sucked on it as

hard as he could.

The donkey, obviously trained for this, just stood still as Wilcox

pulled and licked its dick. He sucked for a while, and then the animal became

restless, as his efforts were beginning to take effect. It began to move its

hindquarters in time with his motions, and was soon driving its huge tool

into and out of his mouth. He held on tightly, until it obviously came into

his mouth with another loud snort.

The animals semen began to drip out of his mouth as he continued sucking

and hoping for his own climax.

Finally, a dirty man walked onto the stage, released his wrists, and led

the donkey off the stage.

The music started, and Wilcox stood up, his immense breasts hanging

down. He began to move to the music, his tits swinging wildly. The crowd went

wild. Suddenly, someone jumped up from the crowd, opened his trousers, and

climbed onto the stage. Wilcox took him in his mouth, and began licking him

hurriedly. The man from the audience moaned, came in his mouth, and then left

the stage. Then another followed him. The screaming was unbelievable.

Finally, after three others climbed onto the stage, the lights dimmed,

and the curtain closed.

Back on the stage, Wilcox moaned. “I need a fuck”. The stage hands

laughed as they grabbed him, put him into a room, and locked it. “I need a

fuck,” he kept moaning. The band came onto the stage, and set up their

instruments; and he just sat in the room, moaning, and waiting for the next


“What can I do,” thought Joe Wilcox as he sat in the room. “How could I

ever get into such a fix. I wonder if Clinton Crayle ever had this kind of

problem?  What can I do to get another fuck?”

In the audience, a shadowy, well dressed woman had watched the act. She

laughed to herself, and walked out of the old movie house. She turned, and

left quietly, carrying a large case containing a huge amount of raw M/X.

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