Out of the Way Part 2 By Miss Michelle Miller (Continuation of the original Sascha Davidson story)

Out of the Way is a superb three part tale by Sascha Davidson on a subject matter many on this web site will enjoy. It might be wise to read the earlier instalments before reading Michelle’s continuation.

I have not been able to reach Sascha to ascertain consent so if she is reads this can she get in touch with me please at deblforduk@yahoo.com.

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Out of the Way Part 2

Continuation of the original Sascha Davidson story



Roberta continues to do her best to be a perfect girl…a perfect sissy.  After several weeks, things at work have become quite routine.  She has been fully absorbed into the world of the steno girls.  Gossiping at lunch and following each and every suggestion to improve her femininity.  She is really becoming quite the girly girl.  In conversation, she moves her eyes as only girls do.  She has been taught that girly touching is part of conversation, too.  Even a man from time to time, although she must still address all of them as “mister.” And, the men have generally grown comfortable with Roberta around the office. Some cannot but help enjoying her rather sexy walk, although a few still address her as “sissy” from time to time.  She is also certain that her bottom has been patted, more than once, but at least so far no one has hit on her.


Her work product, thanks in part to Jenny, has measurably improved.  She is even in line for a small bonus.  Jenny, of course, still delights in enforcing Sarah’s rules.  In their team offices, in spite of her actual work, Roberta is, to all appearances, a secretary.  In fact, Jenny calls Roberta into her office.  Roberta stands respectfully before her, not being invited to sit.


“Yes, ma’am?”


“Well, sissy, you probably do not know this, but we have a supervisors’ meeting at lunch today.  Usually, Jerry’s P.A., you know, Donna, arranges for the food, sets up the table, and helps everyone get their food and whatever else they need.  She’s out with the flu today, so I volunteered you.  Sarah’s told me what a great maid you make, so I figure this will be right up your alley.  So, why don’t you be a good sissy and go around and get the lunch orders from the guys?  Just tell them you’re taking Donna’s place today.  Here’s the list of who’s coming today.  So grab your steno pad and get going.”


“Yes, ma’am.”  She gives a quick bob and wiggles away.


Pad in hand, Roberta sets out to get the lunch orders from the men who, though not really her friends, were her peers.  Not now.


Tom Lewis is her first stop.  His P.A., Nancy, is at her desk outside his office.  She looks up as Roberta approaches.  “Hi, Roberta, can I help you with something?”


“Hi, Nancy.  I’m, um, taking Donna’s place today to get Mr. Lewis’s lunch order for today’s meeting.”


Nancy laughs.  “My, God, Roberta.  It wasn’t that long ago that you actually attended these meetings, was it?  Now you’re the lunch girl?”


“Please, Nancy. Donna has the flu, and Jenny asked me to help  out.”


“Asked or ordered?  We’ve all seen how she bosses you around and how she moved you to her old station.  A lot of us girls think she takes a little too much advantage of you being a sissy.  Anyway, let me check with Tom.”  She picks up her phone.  “Hi, Tom.  Do you have a moment to give your lunch order.  Sure.  I’ll send her in.  Go on in, Roberta.  No need to knock.”


Roberta delicately opens the door and steps into the room.  Tom looks up.


“Um. Mister Lewis. Do you know what you would like for lunch today?”


“Roberta?  Doesn’t Donna usually do this?”


“Yes, Sir.  But she’s sick today, so I’m filling in.”


“But you’re not a secretary, are you?”


“Oh, no Sir.  I still have my old job. Jenny just asked me to help out.”


Tom chuckles.  Like most of the office, he knows how Jenny dominates Roberta. “You know Roberta.  Just between us, you really are cuter than most of the other girls in this office.”


Before Roberta can respond, the phone rings.  His picks it up and listens. He puts his hand over the mouthpiece.  “Sorry Roberta, I’ve got to take this.  Tell Nancy I want my usual, she’ll fill you in.”


“Yes, Mister Lewis.”



“You might as well make a copy of that Roberta, Tom always has the same thing.  Don’t tell me Jenny also has you waitressing at the meeting, too?”


“Um, yes.  I’m afraid so.  Why?”


“Well, watch your fanny around Guy Jones.  Donna says she gets goosed every time she’s not careful.  The guys just think it’s funny.”


“Wow.  Thanks for the warning, Nancy.”


“Well, we girls have to stick together when it comes to a pig like Guy.”


Later, Roberta waits at the secretarial station outside of the conference room, having seen to the supervisors’ lunches and drinks.  Jenny has called her back in twice.  Once to refresh people’s coffee and later to jot down a summary of the groups decisions of the day so she could type and distribute them by the close of business.  As she is working at this task, Nancy happens by.


“My, don’t you look the perfect secretary?  By the way, was I right about Jones?”


“OMG!  Were you ever.  Every time I got anywhere near Mister Jones, he had his hand on my bottom. He even tried to reach under my skirt. The others just laughed, even Jenny.”


What Roberta does not tell Nancy is about the little game Guy Jones came up with to amuse the supervisors: “guess the color of Roberta’s panties.” Jenny comfirmed that Roberta would love to play.   Roberta was obliged to write the supervisors’ names in her steno pad and then record their guesses.  Each supervisor put ten dollars in the pot.  Roberta was then to wiggle to the winner (since only she already knew the color of her panties), face away, and then bend from the waist so her skirts could be lifted.  It was just her luck that she has chosen pink today.  A grinning Jones slowly lifted Roberta’s skirts revealing her frilly pink panties to the applause of the other supervisors. He can’t restrain himself from goosing Roberta, who can’t help but squeal as the supervisors laugh.  They resolve to play again next week and send Roberta back out to the secretarial station to wait until they finish their meeting so she can clean up afterward.


Having cleaned up the lunch debris, Roberta reports back to Jenny.  “You did a good job at lunch sissy.  Don’t worry sweetie, I won’t make you do that again, unless Donna is out, but all the guys really enjoyed the game, so we will need you for a few minutes at next week’s meeting, OK?”


“Um, yes ma’am.”




Roberta, of course, simply hated Jack, but having him away for a week on business had its drawbacks.  For one thing, without Jack to distract her, Sarah turned her full attention to her sissy.  She put Roberta through her sissy paces, scrutinizing every aspect of Roberta’s sissy life: grooming, walking, sitting, speaking, hygiene (two douches a day now), table service, the perfect curtsy, and every other feminine detail imaginable.  She also remembered that Roberta should wear her but plugs more often, after Jodie reminded her in one of their weekly chats.  So far, what with Jack around, she really wasn’t up for a return to the Club, yet.


After Sarah’s supper and with the kitchen and dining room cleaned up, Roberta spends twenty minutes on her knees in the library “dining at the Y” and bringing Sarah to her first orgasm of the day. It takes Roberta at least twenty minutes to redo her makeup before returning to do Sarah’s nails. As Roberta carefully brushes out the enamel Sarah has selected, Sarah quizzes her about work and learns of Roberta’s bonus, which will of course be deposited into Sarah’s account.  “See, Roberta, weren’t we right to let you be a sissy at work?  A bonus already!  Good girl.  I think we should spend some of that on you, sweetie. Something to make your life a little easier. Save you some time. I have just the idea for a girl like you.  Can you guess what that is?”


“Getting our old cleaning service back? Ma’am.”


“That would be silly.  They were never as good as you are now.  No.  Seeing so much more of you this week, I’ve noticed how much time you spend doing your makeup and shaving what little hair grows on your face, so we are going to treat you to laser hair removal!  I’ve looked into this for you.  You don’t have much hair at all, and you have just the right skin type. Then you won’t have to shave and you probably won’t need all that foundation you spend so much time contouring. Wouldn’t you appreciate that?”


Actually, Roberta liked shaving.  It was practically the only masculine she was still allowed to do.  And, the idea of losing her beard forever was terrifying.


“No need to thank me sissy. You’ve earned it.  You start Friday after work.  Your evening off.    Oh look, you’ve smudged that nail.  You’ll just have to do it over, won’t you?”


“Yes, ma’am.”  She sighs.




The weeks go by and Roberta’s face is becoming baby smooth.  She continues to amuse the supervisors with the panty game each week.  More than once she has noticed Jenny trying to get a peek at her panties, and once she deliberately wore a very short skirt so she could accidently give Jenny a view of her frilly fuchsia panties so Jenny would go a little easier on her.  That day, at least three guys commented that she should wear skirts like that more often. Curiously, her steno pool chums were slightly critical saying that skirt really didn’t fit with the ladylike image they had been working so hard to give her.  Roberta was not about to tell them about the panty game.


Then, one evening while Sarah was out with a girlfriend, a moment Roberta had been dreading arrived.  The phone rang and, as required, Roberta answered “Good evening, Miller residence,” in her now natural girly voice.


“Hi, is Robert there?”  Oh, no.  It was Roberta’s sister Barbie.


Roberta holds her breath and then clears her throat, praying that somehow she can sound like Robert again.


“Hi, Barbie.  Long time no see.  I guess you can tell, I’ve got a bit of a cold.”


“You sure must. I really didn’t recognize your voice at first.  Anyway, I’m calling to ask a favor.  I wonder if I could impose on your hospitality for a few days next week.  I’m coming into town on Friday for a conference and the hotel is booked solid, so I need digs through Wednesday. I hope you don’t mind.  Besides, we haven’t seen each other in a year.”


“You know I’d love to have you,”  Roberta lied, “but I’d better check with Sarah first. Can I get back to you when she gets home?”


“Sure. Of course.”


“I’ll call you back in a bit.”

Barbie was the last person on earth Roberta wanted to see in her present state.  Roberta’s relationship with her younger sister had always been difficult.  From puberty on, Barbie was a bitch to Roberta.  She resented every privilege and opportunity that seemed to have been granted her older sibling. As she began to outgrow Roberta by several inches, she took delight in dominating her at every opportunity.  She easily bested Roberta at any sport and took to calling her “sissy” when their parents weren’t around.  It was only in the last year or two that she seemed almost fond of Roberta.  This visit simply could not be allowed to happen.  Or, if it did, Sarah just had to let her dress like a man.


Sarah laughs when she learns of Barbie’s request.  “Oh, my gosh Roberta.  I don’t think Barbie knows you’re a girl now, unless you told her.”


“No, ma’am.  Of course not.  Please let me tell her she can’t come.  Pleeeese.”  Roberta performs her most perfect curtsy.


“Really, Roberta, that would be nasty. She’s your sister, for crying out loud.  Call her back right now and tell her she’s welcome to stay.”


“Please, ma’am.”


“Now, sissy.”


Roberta dials her pink phone.  “Um.  Hi, Barbie.  Sarah told me to tell you’re really welcome to stay as long as you’d like.  Do you need a ride or anything?”


“No thanks.  I’ll have a rental car.  That must be some cold.  Your voice sounds almost like a girl’s.  But then, you always were a bit of a sissy. See you Friday, sweetie.”


“Please, ma’am.  Could I dress up like a man while Barbie’s here.  If she sees me like this I’ll never live it down.  She will tell the entire family.  She is such a bitc….bad person, I mean.”


“Let me think about it.  You’ve been such a perfect girl lately. We don’t want any backsliding, do we?”


“No, ma’am.  But pleeeeese.”


Sarah sighs.  “Ball gag, now!”


“Yes, ma’am.”  A quick bob and Roberta wiggles off to her room to install her gag.  God knows how long Sarah will make her wear it.


Over the next days Roberta sweats bullets at the prospect of her sister’s visit.  She knows better than to pester Sarah.  She has never liked the ball gag. Jack of course can’t help but tease her, asking how she thinks Barbie will like her new sister.


“Maybe Sarah will have you wear your cute shorts so your sister will know what sort of sissy you really are, or, even better, that maid’s outfit you were wearing when we first met at the club.  Sarah told me how much you loved wearing that.”


Thursday night, after supper and still in her work outfit and frilly apron, Roberta timidly raises her hand to get Sarah’s attention.


“Yes, Roberta?”


“Um, ma’am,” she bobs “have you made a decision about tomorrow.  I have tried so hard to be a good girl.”


“You have been a good girl lately.  So, I’ll tell you what.  I’ll have Jack open the trunk in the garage that has some of Robert’s clothes from when he was pretending to be a man at work, and you can choose an outfit.  Then you can dress up and we’ll have a look at you.  You may remove your makeup and comb your hair.  And, I suppose you can remove your breast forms,” she chuckles.


“Thank you, ma’am.”  She bobs and follow Jack.


In the garage she selects a polo shirt, blue blazer, gray slacks, brown loafers and a brown belt.  She is disappointed that there is no underwear or socks. She carries these treasures to her sissy room.  She cleanses her face and replaces her large earrings with little studs.  She works her hair into a short low pony tail, combing her bangs to one side.  She removes her breast forms and pulls on the shirt.  She is hoping the jacket will hide what appear to be A cup boobies resulting from her shapewear. She pulls on the trousers and threads the belt through the loops, cinching the waist inches tighter than when she last wore this wonderful garment.  Oh, to be actually wearing pants.  Men’s pants that zip in the front!  Heaven.  The shoes slide on easily over her sheer hose. She will have to walk carefully to keep the shoes from flopping. She buttons the jacket.  Yes, it covers her chest.  She is still sporting a pink manicure, but she thinks she may just pull this off.


She has grown so used to her face now that she really doesn’t think about how her face looks, so smooth, plucked brows, lashes augmented by the salon, and no sideburns.


She makes her way to the library, walking the only way she can now, hips swinging, one hand on a hip and the other well above her waist…wrist limp.


Sarah and Jack are grinning and can barely restrain their laughter.


Roberta does a little bob.  Sarah nods so she may speak.  “Thank you so much, ma’am. What do you think?”

“I think you should decide for yourself, sweetie.  Why don’t you walk out to the parlor, come back, ask me the same question, and have a seat right there?”


Sarah sets her cell on video and records as Roberta sashays

to and fro, asks her question in her girly voice, and glides into the chair, immediately crossing her legs at the knee, pointing her toe down like a good girl.


She watches the little movie and realizes there is nothing remotely masculine about the girl dressed in boy’s clothes.  The clothes just make her look silly.  Her eyes tear a bit.


“Well, Roberta, I’ll leave it up to you. This outfit or skirts and makeup?”


“Please can I just not be here when she comes.”


“I don’t think so.  We all know you are a sissy girl, and you can’t change that. I’m not trying to be mean. I really do love you as a sissy, at least when you follow your rules.  I’m willing to make an exception while your sister is here and let you dress up in some male clothes.  But you saw the movie just now.  You don’t even look like a tomboy.  You look a lot less silly in your regular clothes.  You know everyone thinks you’re cute.  I’ll bet you sister will be like most other people when they see what a good girl you make.  Look how well work is going. Why don’t you sleep on it and decide in the morning.  I think you will probably need to sleep in curlers to get your hair fixed for work. Oh, and I’ll tell you what.  Whichever way you dress, while Barbie is here I’ll relax your rules a little.  You may call us Sarah and Jack, you won’t have to curtsey, and I’ll have Jack pretend to live at his place.  You will be able to spend some quality time with your sister.  I’m sure she’ll be very understanding.”


Jack chuckles.  “Why don’t you have her wear her shorts outfit or uniforms.  Then there won’t be much for Barbie to understand.”


“You heard me, Jack. It’s up to Roberta. And, while Barbie’s here, I expect you to be a perfect gentleman, especially to Roberta.”


“Oh, all right.”


Even without the curlers, it would have been a long night for Roberta.  Still in her frilly baby dolls and hair bonnet, she slips into the kitchen to start the coffee and pour juice for Sarah and Jack.  Sarah pops in to grab a glass of juice.  “Well, sweetie, have you made up your mind?”


“Um. I’m going to wear my regular clothes, I guess, ma’am.  But please, could I not wear my shorts outfit or maid’s dresses.  I would simply die if Barbie saw me in any of those.”


“I understand, sissy.  As long as you are good girl I won’t make you wear those outfits.  Just remember, if you’re bad, it’s back to full sissy rules and discipline…those outfits will be the least of your worries.  Understand?”


“Oh.  Yes, ma’am.”


“One more thing.  Before you leave for work, I want you to call Barbie and explain to her that when I found out you were a sissy, I decided you should be one all the time, so she shouldn’t be too shocked that you’re pretty feminine now.  Use your best girly voice.  I think it may go better for you if she has some time to prepare herself.”


“Oh. Ma’am.  Please. Could you do that?”


“Would you rather have Jack do it?”

“No. Mam.”




Sarah listens in as Roberta makes the call from the house line.


“Um. Hi Barbie.”


“I can only talk for a minute, Robert. We’re on the runway. Still have that cold?”


“Well…Barbie.  Uh. Sarah makes me talk this way all the time now.  Y..  You see, Sarah found out I was sort of a sissy. She decided I should be one all the time. She’s in charge now.  She didn’t want you to be too shocked by how feminine I am now.”


“I am hardly shocked.  I always knew you were a sissy.  I can’t wait to see the new you. Have to hang up.  See you tonight, SISSY.”


Roberta endures an incredibly anxious day at work and arrives home shortly after Sarah, who, not by coincidence, is wearing trousers…with a front zip, of course.


“Barbie is going to be here any minute, sissy.  So, why don’t you refresh your makeup right now.  I want Barbie to meet my sissy at her best.  You can leave on what you’re wearing; that’s a cute outfit.”


Roberta curtsies.  Barely able to utter “Yes, ma’am.”  She is so nervous.  She sees her reflection in the hall mirror.  Her hair is fully restored.  Her larger earrings peek out.  Her work outfit of the  day is a gray just above the knee wool jumper with a black patent belt.  A back buttoned white blouse with a ruffled baby collar and a black silk bow. The collar hangs over her black silk bolero jacket which ends at the level of her belt. Her three inch patent heels have an obvious patent bow at the vamp.  A gold charm bracelet jingles on one wrist and Sarah’s little Rolex is on the other. She wears a large Zircon which Jack gave her as a reward for keeping him very well satisfied for one of Sarah’s entire periods. She clutches her patent pocket book which contains, along with the usual feminine necessities, the hairbrush Sarah so enjoys wielding.


Makeup refreshed, she returns to the living room and sits across from Sarah, her legs crossed, dreading the inevitable.  The bell rings. She almost faints.  Sarah stands, “I’ll get it, sissy.”


“Oh, thank you sooo much, ma’am.”


Sarah laughs.  “Remember, you may call me Sarah when we’re with Barbie.”


Roberta hears the door open and the laughing exchange of greetings between the two women.


“May I leave my bag here for the moment? I can’t wait to see Robert as a sissy.”


Sarah laughs.  “It’s Roberta now, and I’m sure she can’t wait to see you, too.”




“Of course.  All the time now.”


They pass into the living room and Barbie spies the sitting Roberta and shrieks “Oh my God.”


“Stand up Roberta and greet your sister properly.”


She delicately rises, extends her manicured hands and smiles as Sarah had instructed.  “Um. Hi Barbie. It’s so good to see you again.”  Roberta can barely speak above a whisper.  Of all of her many humiliating sissy moments, this is the ultimate.  She is standing before her sister a complete and perfect sissy girl.  There will be no way she can explain this away, and there is no way Barbie will let her forget this if she ever gets to be a man again.


Barbie grabs Roberta’s hands, her laughter out of control for the moment.  “Sissy, sissy, sissy.”  She laughs again.  “I always knew you were a sissy, but I never imagined you’d ever be this much of a girl.  Sarah, this is fantastic!  Does she dress like this often?”


“Well, she never dresses up like a man any more.  That’s for sure.  She’s a sissy all the time now, aren’t you Roberta?”


Roberta just shakes her head yes and looks down.


“This is simply unbelievable.  Sarah, I always thought you wore the pants in the family, but not literally.”


Sarah laughs, “Yes literally.  Roberta, tell your sister how often YOU are allowed pants.”


“Um, almost…..never.”


“She does have one shorts outfit, but that’s it.”


“I just can’t imagine how you did this.”


“Why don’t you go freshen up, and then we can chat about Roberta’s sissy life.  Roberta, wheel Barbie’s bag to the guest room and find out what she would like to drink.”


Roberta starts to bob, but catches herself, then she turns and heads for the entryway and Barbie’s roller bag.


Barbie laughs again as she observes Roberta’s walk.  “Gosh Sarah, that’s some walk she’s got there.”


“Of course. That’s the way sissies should walk. All the time.  Now you go freshen up.  Give Roberta your drink order, too.”


Roberta is just leaving the guest room as Barbie arrives.  Barbie giggles. “I still can’t believe it’s you Robert.  I would NEVER have imagined you would make  such a perfect girl.  Oh, and white wine will be fine for me, Sissy.”


“Yes ma’am,” Roberta whispers and hurries from the room.


Later, seated in the library Sarah and Barbie are enjoying their wine and some cheese and crackers as Roberta stands respectfully in attendance.  At Sarah’s direction, Roberta has removed her bolero and donned an organza serving apron to protect her dress.


“My,  you’ve become quite the little hostess, Roberta.  It’s too bad I didn’t see your potential when we were kids.”


“Well, to be honest, Barbie, I didn’t see it until about five months ago.  Roberta did like to dress up from time to time when she felt like it. I didn’t much care for it, actually. She was more in charge then.  The word sissy was a no no then.  Right Roberta?”


“Yes, ma…uh Sarah.”


“That’s obviously completely changed. What happened girls?”


“Roberta, why don’t you tell your sister what you are now and how you got this way.”


“Please, Sarah.”




“Um, Barbie, I’m a sissy…..”


Sarah gives the blushing Roberta a stern look.


“Sorry.  I’m actually a sissy girl.  All the time now.  About five months ago Sarah and I went to a club for fun. Actually, I sort of made Sarah take me there, dressed up like a maid.  And I had on a ball gag.  I just wanted to stay for a little while…”


“Roberta, don’t forget the leash and cuffs you insisted on.”



“Um,  yes.  But it was just supposed to be for a little while.  Please, this is so embarrassing.”


“Really, Roberta. The truth never hurt anyone, and you know sissies aren’t allowed to keep secrets. Go on.  What else were you wearing?”


“Oh.  A chastity cage. With a lock”


“By the way, Barbie, she put it on herself and left the key at home.  Go on sissy.”


“We met a horrible, horrible woman. She had a whip. She told Sarah I shouldn’t be in charge and offered to take me home with her to be trained.  At first Sarah said no, but then she met this big handsome man who wanted to be her slave.  She took him home.  She had never done anything like that before.  She gave me to Jody for what was to be a week of hell with her and her husband.  When they finished with me, I was so scared and confused.  They made me do everything as a girl, every second, and I had to actually be their maid.  I thought when they gave me back to Sarah everything would go back to normal.  But it didn’t.  They had made me be in a yucky movie.  I was a girl and got used by this huge Greek guy.  Sarah had seen it, and she had completely changed.  She said she had decided she could only think of me as a sissy girl and that I would have to actually be a sissy girl from then on.  And I guess I have.”


“I’ll say, Roberta.”  Barbie stands to inspect Roberta more closely.  She notices Roberta’s smooth face with no sign of sideburns or masculine neck hair, her shaped brows, and pierced ears.  She lifts Roberta’s pink manicured hand which, like her arms and legs, is girlishly smooth and hairless.  “You have become utterly feminine.  You really seem committed to this.  I mean there is no way you could be anything but a girl now.  I guess you must really love being a sissy and not a man.”


“Um, well, um.”


“Let me help, Barbie.  It doesn’t really matter whether Roberta loves being a sissy or whether she wants to ever be a man.  I t’s simply not up to her.  I like her just like this.  So, she is a sissy and her job is to be the best girl she can, obey her rules, and avoid unnecessary discipline. Sissies are always obedient.  We have a zero tolerance policy for any disobedience. She doesn’t make many choices any more, although she no longer needs much supervision with her grooming and wardrobe. She is really vastly improved now that she has completely given up pretending to be a man.  She knows better than to ever ask to do that again.  Right Roberta?”


Roberta sighs and looks down.  “Yes, ma’am.”


“What about work, Sarah?”


Sarah laughs.  “She’s wearing her work clothes now, well, except for the apron.  You know how gender rights are these days.  Her boss is an old friend, so I was able to that it was important for Roberta to be a girl at work. Once he  saw what a girl she is, it was fine with him.  Just no switching back and forth.  And, you know what’s really funny?  Her work performance has actually improved.”


Barbie has returned to her seat and in a stage whisper says to Sarah: “Tell me she still has her boy parts.”

“I’m sure she does, but to be honest, I haven’t looked recently.  Roberta, come over here and lift up your skirt.  Now.  Sissy.”


Roberta slowly complies, revealing her fancy white panties which Sarah slowly lowers to reveal Roberta’s little thingy in its locked little cage. “It’s her new clear Holy Trainer.  She’s now down to the smallest they make.  A ‘present’ from Jack.” Sarah giggles causing Barbie to do the same thing.


“I’ve heard of these things, Sarah, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen one.  God it’s small. Do you mind if I touch it?  I don’t think I ever touched it when we were kids.”


“Sure, go ahead if you’d like.  Keep that skirt up Roberta!”


Barbie takes it between her thumb and forefinger and gives it a little wiggle. “I am assuming you make her wear this. How come?”


“Lots of sissies wear these.  It helps keep them docile and focused on being good sissies.  She’s got to be a perfect girl to get out of that thing.  What’s it been Roberta, about three weeks now?”


“Five.”  Roberta whispers.


“Oh.  Dear.  Sorry, Roberta.  You see Barbie, she’s not allowed to ask, so sometimes we forget.  Oh well, let’s get these panties back up.  You may lower your dress.  While you’re up, why don’t you refresh our glasses, sissy?”


The conversation turns to Barbie’s conference and its scheduled start at the beginning of the week and then to everybody’s plans for the weekend. Barbie wants to shop, and Sarah volunteers Roberta to be her companion.  She also suggests that she might want to join Roberta at the salon in the morning.  “Roberta has a standing appointment every two weeks.”  Sarah’s phone rings.  “Excuse me one sec girls.”  “That was my friend Jack.  I haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks, so if you two girls don’t mind, I’ll join him for a quick bite and you two can catch up some more.  I know you love Chinese, Barbie.  We have a great place that delivers. Just tell Roberta what you want, and she’ll phone in the order.”


“Sounds great!  Does Roberta like Chinese food now?”


“I’m not  sure, but it doesn’t really matter does it?  Let me get you some money for the delivery guy, Roberta.  Jack should be here in a few minutes.”




“Jeeze, Roberta.  If  Mom and Dad could only see their second little girl now.  You are so totally a girl. While we’re waiting for the delivery guy, why don’t you walk back and forth a bit for me?  I think it’s sooo cute.  I just love the new you.  Tell me the truth, Robert.  Do you actually want to be like this?  I don’t see any sign of masculinity.  Even your little peepee is girly and locked up in that tiny thing.  You really must be a sissy to let Sarah make you do all this.”


“Honestly, Barbie. I would give anything to be a man again.  Sarah has taken full control. And I mean taken.  I was worn out when those people gave me back. I had been sort of trained to be a real sissy by them.  I really never was before.  I just liked to dress up sometimes.  Just from time to time and just for fun. The second Sarah took me back, she was in control.  She even spanked me in the parking lot of the club.  She was actually a little stronger than me. She said from then on I was going to be a sissy and not a man and gave me a bunch of horrible ‘sissy rules,’ as she called them.  She threatened to expose me to everyone, to ruin my life, if I didn’t  do exactly do exactly what she wanted.  I think she was somehow getting high by dominating me.  She hasn’t stopped since.  Any infraction still gets me a nasty spanking with a hair brush…”


“Oh!  I’d love to see that. Go on, sissy.”

“She was absolutely relentless in making me be a girl.  The clothes were nothing compared to speech and deportment practice, grooming and makeup, and, ugh, figure training.”  She puts her hands around her waist as she continues to walk for her sister’s amusement.


“Has she got you on hormones, too.”


“No, but I’m almost always in shapewear or a corset.  I don’t even need much padding any more.  I tried to wear some guy clothes for your visit…”


“OMG!  What did you look like?”


“What do you think?  Like some girl in her brother’s stuff. I’m really stuck right now.”  She stamps her foot and starts to tear up.  “Oh, Barbie. I would give anything to be a man again.”  She sniffs.


“Again?  Looking at you now, it’s impossible to tell you were ever a man.”  She laughs.


Roberta sniffs again.  A tear rolls down her cheek.  “I was!”  She stamps her foot again.  “You know I was!” She squeals.



“Calm  down, sissy. I’m sure you were.  But now you are what you are, what it seems Sarah has made you.  What would she think if knew you had been squealing and stamping your feet at me?  That’s not very ladylike, is it?”


“Um. No, Barbie. I am sooooooo sorry.  Pulleeese don’t tell Sarah!”


“Wow.  She’s really got you under her thumb.  I’ll think about it.  Why don’t you continue your cute little walk and  go on with your sissy story.  Tell me.  Since she turned you into such a girl and locked up your little,” she giggles, “peepee. What do you call it now, by the way?”


“Um, my little ……clitty.”


“Ah, of course.  So, what does Sarah do if she needs a man for something?  That would obviously not be you.”


“Um.  Well. We, uh, have a sort of an …open marriage.”


Barbie laughs.  “Well, I can see how Sarah would go out with actual men, but I never thought you would be into men.”


“Really, Barbie.  I’m not!”


She laughs again.  “So.  How many women have you met who want to go out with a girl like you?”




“So, it seems Sarah has an open marriage, and judging from the state of your ‘little clitty’ you have a ‘closed’ marriage.” She chuckles.


“I just keep hoping Sarah will change her mind.  I know I can be a man again.”


“Mmm. A man?  Come closer Roberta.  You always were rather a pretty boy, but now your face is absolutely girly.  It doesn’t look like you even shave.”


Roberta looks down.  “Laser treatments,” she sighs.


“So how do you go to work?  I assume Sarah was kidding when she said this was a work outfit.”

“Uh.  Actually….no.  Sarah convinced my boss that I should be a girl at work, too.  I still have my old job, although I don’t exactly hang with the guys any more.  Sarah put my old P.A. in charge while I’m at work.  She’s almost as strict as Sarah when it comes to my being a sissy girl.  She makes me spend all of my free time with the steno girls, and they have sort of made me their hobby.  They think it’s fun to try to make me a perfect girl, even to the way I talk.  This little lisp was their idea.  Now I can’t talk any other way, no matter how I try.  Sarah really thinks the steno girls are a good influence.  Now she has made me get their advice on reading material.  I have subscriptions to most of the women’s magazines and gossip rags, and I am only allowed to read Harlequin romances.  I even belong to the Romance Book Club!  Excuse me a moment, there’s the delivery guy. I hope Sarah gave me enough money.”


Roberta has just enough money for the food and tip.  “Thank you very much, sir,” she says as the pays the boy.


After the boy is gone, Roberta begins unpacking the food.


“Why did you call that boy ‘sir?”


“Sarah says sissies call all males ‘sir.’”


“And why did Sarah have to give you cash for the take out?  It’s not like you don’t have a job.”


“Everything is deposited in Sarah’s account, and she thinks sissies shouldn’t use cash.  With credit cards she knows exactly how I spend money, not that my allowance is all that much.”


Roberta sets the table and puts the takeout into serving dishes she has preheated.  She places Barbie at the obvious head of the table and proceeds to serve her choices and pour a sauvignon blanc.  After ensuring Barbie’s needs are fully met, Roberta serves herself a small portion of a vegetable dish and a glass of water.


“Aren’t you having wine, too?”


Roberta shakes her head sadly no.


“Let me guess.  Sissies aren’t allowed to drink?  Gee, where does Sarah get all these rules?”


“Some she got from that awful woman from the club, but I think for a lot of them, she just improvises for the fun of it…and maybe for an excuse to discipline me.”


“I still don’t know why you don’t just rebel.  Grow a pair for heaven’s sake.”


“Please, Barbie. The last time I just asked not to follow a rule, I couldn’t sit for a day.  And, I actually have a pair and I have to be a perfect sissy if I want to see them any time soon. I also worry that Sarah may make me grow a pair….a pair of boobs.  She’s threatened that more than once.  Then I would be totally stuck.  I just have to wait it out.”


“I just never imagined you could become such a total sissy.  I don’t think there is any masculinity left in you at all.  It’s a good thing mom and dad are gone.  Anyway, while you are ‘waiting it out,’ I could use some more wine. I assume you sissies are supposed to be attentive to that sort of thing.”


Roberta pops up and brings the wine. “I am so sorry, Barbie.  Can I get you anything else?”


“No. I’m fine.  I wouldn’t want to keep you up past your bedtime.”


Roberta flushes and looks down.  She is not about to volunteer that she actually does have a bedtime.


Roberta continues to wait on her sister and tidies up from dinner.  She sets the breakfast table, setting a place for herself for the first time in ages.  They retire to the library.  Their chat about old times often interrupted by more questions from Barbie about Robert’s new life and as many of her rules as Barbie can get her to relate.  Meanwhile, Roberta grows anxious as her actual bedtime approaches. Sarah has not given her permission to stay up, and she is never allowed to disturb Sarah on a date.


“You keep looking at your watch, sissy.  Is something wrong?”


“Oh, no, Barbie.  It’s just that I’ve had such a long day, and you must be really tired from your trip…”


Barbie yawns.  “Actually, I am rather tired.  Maybe we should both get into our pj’s…..or do you sissies wear pj’s?”


“Um, well….just baby dolls.  Nothing with pants.”


“Why does that not surprise me?  I’m sure you’re cute in those.  Go change, and come give me a kiss good night.”


Roberta looks at her watch.  She will just have time to get ready for bed in time.  “Gee, Barbie. I’m sooo tired.  I don’t think I can stay up a second longer…”


Barbie has guessed her sissy sibling does have a bed time and decides to give her a break…..at least tonight.  “OK sissy.  You get ready, and I’ll come tuck you in.”


Roberta races to her room and through her night time preparations.  Thank goodness, she has fifteen minutes before lights out when she calls for Barbie who enters while Roberta is still sitting at her makeup table.  Barbie has not been able to resist wearing her plain blue cotton pajamas which are indistinguishable from the male ones Roberta used to wear.  “My God, Roberta, this room is even girlier than I expected.  May I look around a little?”


Roberta looks at the pink clock next to her ballerina night light.  Fourteen minutes.  “Um, sure, Barbie.”  She gives a big yawn, hoping her sister gets the message.


Barbie moves around the room. “Cute nighty, sissy.  I don’t think I’ve owned anything that frilly since high school.  It does just scream sissy, though.  So, I suppose it’s actually perfect for you.”  Barbie giggles and notices Roberta’s curler set and sleep bonnet on the table.  “As soon as you put your hair up, I’ll tuck you in, sweetie.”


Roberta had not planned on her uncomfortable curlers this night, but decided it would be quicker to just put them in than quibble with Barbie.  Roberta starts the task. Barbie senses that Roberta is running out of time and decides to help with the curlers.  “Almost done sweetie.  You know, I don’t even own a set of these things any more. I don’t know how you stand them.  There.  All done.”  She places Roberta’s frilly bonnet over her curlers.  “Now let’s put our sleepy little girl to bed, even though it’s not quite nine-thirty.”


Thank God, Roberta thinks as she slides into her girly bed. Barbie pulls up the covers and kisses Roberta on the forehead.  “Nighty night….princess.”  She says, noticing Roberta’s night light.


Barbie isn’t quite ready to turn in and sits in the library to catch up on her email.  A little after ten, Sarah returns, her makeup not quite as perfect as when she left.  “How was your dinner with……Jack, was it?”

“Yes.  Jack.  It was good to catch up with him. He may come by tomorrow and you can meet him.  I’m sure you’ll like him.  He’s charming and, between us girls, quite a hunk.”


“Do you think Roberta might mind…”


“Of course not.  Not that it would matter. Anyway, Roberta knows Jack quite well. Speaking of my sissy, I hope she was on good behavior and that you girls had a good chat.”


“Actually she was on good behavior and it was certainly interesting to see how my broth….sister?  I guess siss may be best. How my siss has developed. I was just getting to some of the interesting stuff when she suddenly got really tired.  She looked so cute in her nighty.  I even helped her put her hair up.  I never imagined I would ever be doing that. She was down before nine-thirty.”


“That’s her bedtime. She should have been.  She didn’t tell you that?  That really wasn’t very polite of her. Making you think she could stay up later if she wanted. Really, I’ll have to speak to  that girl in the morning.  See, she still needs supervision.  By the way, you’ll be in charge of her when she’s with you tomorrow.  She shouldn’t make any decisions without your approval.  She knows that already.”




All the girls are still in  their sleepwear as Roberta serves breakfast.  Of course Roberta is the only one in a gown.  Barbie and Sarah have worked  out the agenda for the day and Roberta has tidied the table.  “Roberta, Barbie said you were a pretty good girl last night except for one little thing.  Do you remember what that was, sissy?”


Roberta looks mystified.


“I’ll give you a hint.  Nine-thirty.”


“But I was in bed on time.”


“Maybe, but did you let Barbie think you didn’t have a bedtime?”


Roberta grabs the hem of her nighty.  “I suppose that might have happened, but, please Sarah, I really was in bed by nine-thirty.”


“I’m sure you were, but you misled your sister.  You know better than that.  Go get your brush.”


Roberta whispers.  “Please Sarah, not in front of Barbie.”






Roberta finds herself with her hands grasping the seat of a dining chair, her nighty pulled up and her panties below her knees.  “Like I said yesterday, Barbie, we have zero tolerance for sissy misbehavior here.  Five swats is the smallest penalty.  Misleading you is going to get Miss Roberta ten.  Watch how I do this, in case you need to discipline her when she is with you today.  She’s actually lucky she hasn’t put on her make up yet.”


In no time Roberta’s bottom is bright red and she is in tears.  Roberta knows better than to change position without permission.  There are two more swats to go.


“Here Barbie, why don’t you give her the last two?”


“Sure, why not?  There were certainly a lot of times she should have been spanked.”  Barbie is even stronger than Sarah and also a formidable tennis player and she elicits two mighty squeals from her sibling.  “Thanks, Sarah. I enjoyed that.”  Roberta is actually crying.


“You know, Barbie, to be fair, Roberta has been such a good sissy lately. I think this must be the first time in six weeks she needed to be spanked, isn’t that right Roberta?”


“Seven weeks, sob.”


“Sorry, but zero tolerance means just that.  You don’t want to back slide do you?”


“No, sniff.”


“So ladies, let’s get going. Those salon appointments won’t wait.  Just put the dishes in the sink, Roberta.  You can do them when you get back.  I know you will be a good girl for Barbie, won’t you?”


“I promise, sniff.”




Roberta drives them to the salon.   Her car now sports a plastic flower on its antenna and a vanity plate that says “grlpwr.”  “What happened to that big black Mercedes you used to drive?”


“Um.  Sarah drives it now. She said….”


“Let me guess.  Sissies don’t drive cars like that?”




“Tell me, Sissy…”


“Please, Barbie, would you mind not calling me sissy all the time?”


“You prefer Roberta?”


“Well, it is better than sissy, and given how things are at the moment, it is less embarrassing.  I have sort have gotten used to it.”


“I was about to ask what would happen if you got stopped while driving?”


“Um.  Well.  My license says Roberta now and has my girl photo.”


“How did you do that?”


“Sarah made me change my name last month…I can always change it back, you know?”


“Did you get a new middle name, too?”


“Yes, sigh, Anne.”


Barbie laughs.  “Just like mine.  How cute! Boy has Sarah done a number on you.  I think you are deluding yourself big time to think you could ever be a man if Sarah would let you.  You have everything but a menstrual cycle!”


Roberta turns bright red.


“Oh no.  Don’t tell me that’s why you have that giant enema bag in your bathroom…and that calendar!  I remember when you used to tease me about being on the rag.  Now you have cramps like the rest of us.” She giggles.


Finally, the girls reach the salon.  Before exiting the car, Roberta reflexively reaches for her purse, removes her lipstick and reapplies a thick coat, barely looking at the rearview mirror.  This is not lost on Barbie, who continues to marvel at her sibling’s feminization.  “I like that color on you, Sis….um Roberta.  So sweetie, what are you having done today?”


“I’m not sure, Barbie.  Sarah never tells me what she’s told the salon.  Probably not nails since I’ve gotten so good at doing my own. I hope they’re just freshening my hair…maybe a color touch up?  I just hope no more laser treatments.  I worry that my facial hair will never grow back… not to mention my sideburns and neck hair.”


Barbie reaches over and lifts Roberta’s hair to observe its most feminine line. “OMG. I mean if that’s true, you could probably get away with a smooth face, but without that other hair, you’ll look like a girl even with short hair.  It would look like a pixie.  Actually, I bet you would look cute.”


“Thanks, so much.”  Roberta says glumly.


“Well, maybe you could get a wig…or go bald.  But, what about your girly eyebrows?  I hope they’re not permanent.”


“I don’t think so.  They’re just waxed and plucked.”


“Is anything else permanent?”


“Well.  So far just my arms and hands, and of course the few hairs I had on my chest.”


The girls make their way to the salon and Roberta introduces Barbie to Milly, the receptionist.  “Nice to meet you Barbie.  Wow, now I see where Roberta gets her looks!  You could be sisters!”  She giggles.


“Well, one of us, anyway,” sighs Barbie.


Milly giggles again.  “Well you do look like it.  And you’re really pretty close to being….a sister and..” she giggles again, “and a sissy!  Although to be honest, Barbie, most of us here think of Roberta as one of the girls.  I think the only possible exception is Mr. James, but then,” she whispers, “he is gay, but you’d never guess because he’s such a hunk.  He adores Roberta because he knows what she is.  I’m sure you’ll see.  It’s kind of funny, because if Roberta were gay, they would make a beautiful couple. Anyway, give me a moment, and I’ll let them know you’re here.  Barbie, you’re going to start with Monica for hair, and I’m sure Roberta can guess who’s doing hers.  Have seats ladies.”


Monica comes first, and Barbie stands for the introduction, just as Mr. James enters. Milly was right.  He would look great as any girl’s date.  What a waste. He chats a moment with Barbie and Milly and then looks down at Roberta, who uncrosses her legs.  “Ah Roberta.  It’s good to see my favorite sissy is back.  Here…”

He reaches down to help Roberta up and continues to hold her hand pulling her close to his chest.  “How about a little kiss to start the day, honey?”  Roberta, mortified in front of her sister, says nothing and tries to look away.  “Sweetie, I don’t have to tell Sarah you were a bad girl, do I?”  Roberta shakes her head no, turns and looks up to Mr. James who gently places a hand behind Roberta’s head to support her as he gives her an obvious French kiss.  That over at last, he reaches down to squeeze the right cheek of Roberta’s bottom.  Continuing his grasp, he guides Roberta to the hair station, his hand being undulated a bit by Roberta’s girly walk.


Barbie and Milly smile knowingly at one another, amused by the complete submission of Barbie’s sissified brother.


“I can’t believe my brother has become such a girl.  I just hope Sarah lets him keep his penis.  He thinks he’s going to be a man again, you know.”


“I’m not sure how manly she’ll feel after today’s new laser treatments.”


“What more can you do?  Her face and arms are like a baby’s and she says her chest is too.”


Milly giggles and points subtly toward Barbie’s crotch.


“You’re kidding!”


“Nope.  Sarah was very definite.  Everything down there must go.  Pretty soon she’ll look like a baby there, too.  Anyway, we shouldn’t keep Monica waiting.”


Meanwhile, Mr. James trims and plays with Roberta’s now shoulder length locks, gently running his fingers over the smooth areas of Roberta’s neck and the former location of her sideburns.  “Sarah wants to see you in an updo, but before that, I’ll do a little trimming and show you how to do a pony tail and braid as well as your normal style.  After that, you’ll spend some time with the laser girls.”


“What? What could they possibly do, Mr. James?”


“I don’t know, sissy. Sarah talked directly with them.”



Later Mr. James leads Roberta to the laser girls in what was becoming his customary fashion…a hand tightly grasping one of Roberta’s ass cheeks.  As if he didn’t make Roberta feel submissive enough as it was. “Girls, what do you think of Roberta’s new style?”


“Oh.  It’s really cute, and sophisticated, too.  Great job, Mr. James.”


“It was almost a labor of love. Why don’t you thank me, sissy?”  Roberta knows she has no choice but to look up and open her lips for the inevitable exploration of her mouth by Mr. James’ tongue.  After that, Roberta is left for whatever treatment Sarah has ordered.  Kylee is Roberta’s regular tech.


“That style really does look good on you, sweetie.  Big date tonight?”


“I don’t think so.  Wh… What are you guys going to do today, anyway?”


“You don’t know?  Well, why don’t you remove your skirt and panties and sit up here…..good girl…now lie on your back and spread those legs….I’m sure you’ve guessed.”


“Oh, no.  Please, not there!”


“Sorry, honey, Sarah’s orders.  It’s a good thing she finally trusted us with one of your keys.  You know the drill.  Hands on your breasts or above.  Don’t think of touching, girl.  Sarah says all your pubies go.  You’re going to be one tidy little girl. Besides, Sarah said you wanted this so much you were paying for this out of your own money.  Relax, and we’ll get started, sweetie. I like the way this new chastity device unlocks.  Much better than fiddling with those silly padlocks.  I also think it’s cute that it’s clear. You can see your whole clitty even though you can’t actually touch it.  But, tell me Roberta, is it just me, or is this a lot smaller than your old one?”


“Um…yes.  It is smaller.”


“So, is all this girly stuff shrinking you down there?”


“Uh.  I don’t THINK so.  I just think the device is smaller.  It certainly feels smaller.  They said it took a lot of lube to get it on.”


“Well, were about to find out, aren’t we Roberta?   Ta Da!  Let’s clean that thing up and see. My gosh, it looks exactly the same  size it was before. I may actually need help getting it back on.”


“Maybe we could just leave it off?”


Kylee snickers.  “As if, silly girl.  Do you think I should ask Sarah about your clever idea?”


“Never mind Kylee.  Pleeeese don’t mention this to Sarah.”


“Don’t worry, honey.  I’m sure you were just making a little joke.”


“Yes, Kylee…….just a little joke.”




Kylee was right.  She could replace the ring but she couldn’t get the tube on by herself, and to Roberta’s excruciating embarrassment, nor could the two other girls who tried.  Finally, Mr. James is brought in.


“Girls, I guess this is a job for a man.  Hand me that thing.”  He examines the device. Spreads more lube into the tube.  Roberta’s clitty shrinks at the prospect of being touched by Mr. James, who observes, “Isn’t that just the cutest little thing,” before beginning to massage that clitty with his lube covered hand. The oh so frustrated Roberta, in spite of the humiliation, cannot stop it from getting hard, and she begins to pant in a rather lustful way.  Mr. James grabs the shaft, wrapping one hand tightly around it, leaving the head exposed.  With his other hand, he flicks the head with one of his massive fingers and then does the same with each of Roberta’s testicles.  Roberta squeals as Mr. James stuffs the shrunken shaft into the tube and pushes it into the ring so Kylee can lock it in place.  Roberta is in tears. Mr. James gives Roberta a kiss on her forehead.  “Sorry, sweetie, but Sarah was most explicit that had to go back on.”


Later, as the girls reach the mall parking lot, Barbie’s phone rings.  “Oh.  Hi Sarah.  Thanks for the referral, that’s a great salon.  Roberta?  You want to see?  I agree, she’s never looked so cute.  And yes, she’s been really good, although she did cry when they finally stuffed her clitty back into that thing.  She seems fine now.  What?  Wow, that sounds great.  Thanks!  I’ll make sure we get her something appropriate.  I’ll try to show it to you before we actually buy it.  Bye, bye.”   “Guess what Roberta?  We all have dates tonight!  Of course Sarah’s going with Jack, and he’s found a date for me, and Sarah says yours will be a special surprise.  Now we have to find you a really cute dress to go with your new hairstyle.  This should be really fun.  We’ll make sure you’ll look your very prettiest for your date!  Let’s try Bloomies first. Sarah suggested it. You are so lucky to have one nearby.”


“Um, Barbie, why don’t we start somewhere smaller.  That place is so big.”


“Really Roberta.  Bloomies is the best.  Don’t be such a sissy!  But,” she laughs, “how could you be otherwise? So, Bloomies it is.”


Roberta, of course, is hoping they won’t run into Tiffany, who helped her find her first outfits when she looked like a sissy boy, so long ago.


The “sisters” get down to the business at hand.  After an hour Barbie has found just the outfit she wanted, formal enough for evening but still smart.  “What do you think of this one, Roberta?”


“Oh, Barbie.  That is sooo cute on you.  It really is the best so far.  Turn around, let me see the back.”


“Gosh,” Barbie giggles. “I still can’t believe I’m actually dress shopping with my sissy brother….and looking for her advice to boot.  OK Roberta.  I’ll put this one aside for now.  Now we’ve got to get going with you, sissy…sorry…Roberta.”


The girls split up for a while.  Thinking she’s found something good for her sibling, Barbie calls across the shop, “Roberta…Roberta!”  Roberta appears not to hear her.  Finally, a bit frustrated, Barbie calls more loudly, “Roberta!  Look over here sissy!”

As this is going on, Roberta’s old personal shopper is passing by and her attention is captured by Barbie’s exclamation.  Curious, she takes a close look at Roberta and begins to suspect that Roberta might just be a very femmed up version of her old customer.  She approaches Roberta and can’t help but ask, “Excuse me, miss, are you Roberta Miller, by any chance?”


Roberta blushes and looks down.  “Um, yes.”


“OMG!  The last time I saw you, you were a very cute boy with a rather cruel shopping list from his wife.  But now?  If that girl hadn’t called across the shop, I would have never guessed it was you.  Are you still  a boy?”


Blushing even more Roberta responds, “Ah, yes, I really am.”


“Gosh.  That’s hard to believe…”


Just then, Barbie approaches, carrying the dress she has picked out for Roberta. “Excuse me Roberta, I don’t mean to interrupt.  Why don’t you introduce me to your friend?”


“I’m sorry, Barbie. This is Tiffany. She’s a personal shopper here.  Tiffany. This is my sister Barbie. She’s visiting for a conference next week.”


“Wow, Barbie.  I see the resemblance.  Now I see where your brother gets his cute looks.  You know, I helped him  get all his first outfits on his wife’s list.  He was one embarrassed young man.  This is the first time I’ve seen him since then.  It looks like his wife hasn’t changed her mind.  Even then, she only let him buy one pair of pants, and those were shorts with a back zip.  In fact, just the other day, my assistant and I were wondering whatever became of Robert.”


Roberta blushes, takes a deep breath, and looks down at her shiny toes peeping out from the open toes of her shoes.  Barbie breaks the silence.  “Well, to be honest, Tiffany, until I got here, I had no idea what Sarah had done to my former brother.  I always thought he might be a bit of a sissy, but nothing like she is now.  She has to be a girl all the time now, even at work…..Sarah is friends with her boss.  And not just a girl, a girly girl.  We just came from her salon where she got that new hair style Sarah ordered.  See if you can find anything masculine about her.  I know I can’t.  She even talks like a girl. Show her Roberta.  Tell her about your name.”


“Sarah made me change my name.  Now I am Roberta Anne Miller.”


“Oh…I see what you mean.  You poor thing.  It must be hard when you need to be a man.”


“I wasn’t kidding, Tiffany, Roberta is a sissy girl ALL the time.  And Sarah is so strict with her.  I’m beginning to doubt she will ever get to be a man again, even though she still has her parts and isn’t on hormones. I don’t know why I’m telling you all this.  I guess I still in a bit of shock myself.”



“It must be upsetting.”


“What’s funny is how quickly I’m getting used to her.  Look, I’m even helping her find a dress for tonight.  What do you think of this, Tiffany?”


“I’m not sure that fabric is right with his coloring.”


“Don’t you mean HER coloring?”


“Oh, dear. Really?  Is that right,  Roberta?”

“Um…yes.  It’s probably better given how I look.”


Tiffany chuckles.  “I suppose you’re right.  Well, come with me …..girls and we will find just the right dress for HER.”


Nine dresses later, Tiffany and Barbie have Roberta in an outfit with a short leather skirt hemmed with ruffles and lace and a cashmere top with ruffled cap sleeves and sky high peep toe patent heels with big butterfly bows at the vamp.  Sexy and oh so girly at the same time.  Perhaps even a little sissyish.


“Don’t you think this is the best, Barbie?”


“I do.  Roberta, do a little twirl.  Yes!  Absolutely.  And, those shoes are just perfect.  Don’t you  love it, Roberta?”


“Um..I’m not so sure.  The skirt’s a little short for me, and these heels are taller than anything I have.  And…it’s really, really expensive.”


“I know.  I’ll text Sarah  with a couple of pics and see what she thinks. I’ll text the price, too.  Just in case.”


Barbie does just that, and a minute or so later, her phone dings.  Barbie giggles, and hands the phone to Roberta who reads : “Just perfect for, so why not?  It’s her money.  Go girl.”