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These are the original online reviews of the Office Dupe posted between 1999 and 2009

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The Office Dupe


Online Story Reviews for:

The Office Dupe
by: Deborah Ford

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Reviewed by cheri_tvon 01/26/2002


An awesome story! The humiliations of Linzi are exquisite. Please, please, please write more chapters. Thank you very much for writing The Office Dupe. 

Reviewed by Abigail on 12/02/1999


This was a wonderful story! I have read it three times already and plan to do so at least once more.

How about a sequel? It would be interesting to read of “Linzi’s” and Miss Deborah’s further experiences -training – adventures.

Sissy Abby 

Reviewed by Kammi on 12/02/1999


Really enjoyed this so far and disappointed it ended so soon. Please add MANY more chapters as soon as possible. I expect we will be seeing our hero/heroine spending many more hours at the ironing board for his misbehaviour. 

Reviewed by paul jutras on 12/01/1999


At first I didn’t really think I’d like it but the more I read the more I got into it. 

Reviewed by Ohmster on 12/01/1999


I thought that this was really good but I usually only look at those stories with an X rating. Would you consider spicing it up a bit more in future chapters? The theme and plot were very good, by the way. 

Reviewed by Stefania on 12/01/1999


I enjoyed the story very much. I think this guy is a little less smarter than a dupe because as he is being led down the path of femininization he continues to think about how he will change things around once he gets to do this or tell someone in charge. It is almost funny at times…not for him though. I like the way at the end of the tale (after he has been disciplined), he is now thinking how he will do anything not to be caught up in that circumstance again. Please continue this story and have our himoine find out the true meaning of keeping his managers pleased with him. 

Reviewed by GFriday on 11/30/1999


Really nice beginning to what looks to be an interesting story. Office femdom/TV is a really ripe category on here, and stories as well structured as this one prove that. Other FM writers should take a shot at this as well, not only of new employees being forced into female clerical jobs but pompous execs like the one here being “demoted” to clerical jobs working for women they bullied. Look forward to part 2!


Online Story Reviews for:

The Office Dupe: Chapter Two
by: Deborah Ford

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Reviewed by katlo on 12/09/2006


One of Ford’s best! A must read. 

Reviewed by “gina”…the sluton 05/29/2001


there are no words to describe the excitement ..the arrousal and all sexy feelings reading the two “serials” of DEBORAH FORD!
i feel so…pity i’m not a young “man” anymore-i am 55
y.o- to have the …time to become in real! the slave-
slut-sissy “gina” to a DOMINANT WOMAN!!! 

Reviewed by Priscilla Gay Bouffanton 05/26/2000


Debbie Darling! Tres Fabu my sweet! As both a writer, (Posted on several sites, Mistress Psyche, Sissy Dani, Mrs. Silk, Bea Wylle, Sissy Bobbie, Our Way, Tanya Sissipus, Miss Vicky)reader and shamliess self promoter of sissy literature, I can say this ranks right up there with “Sissy Therapy” by Kate. I really wish there were more stories like yours at Fictionmania. One tires of those blasted Witches, Outer Space Characters and Magic!?!? I just adored the way you have your character become a unisex sissy before making him a full girl. The humiliation the character suffers at the hands of his wifes lover and his wife is great. Even better while dressed as a sissy. Will Miss Morgan be taking Linzi (love the name) to the salon? Hope so. I always put my characters in androgynous clothes before they go full femme. It’s fun! Please keep up the good work, stay in touch and maybe we can collaborate. I usually have my characters wives or girlfriends have a Lesbian lover. Only recently have I had the wives get boyfriends. Also I recently have had one of my characters have a boyfriend. I have two stories going now and I also have a business trip coming up. I’d still attempt to stay in touch if you’d write. Love, Priss Priss. 

Reviewed by Chastityon 05/25/2000


I’m enjoying this tale very much. Linzi’s continued descent into transformed submission is equally as exciting as the obvious fact that (s)he is unaware of where she is going. This is very well-written, with subtle hints of mind-control, costume fantasy and (my favorite) the tantalyzing chastity belt. I wonder if the author could email me regarding the possibility of reposting this on the Other Authors page on my (free) site?

Take care; I look forward to part 3


Online Story Reviews for:

The Office Dupe Part 3
by: Deborah Ford

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Reviewed by joanon 05/28/2001


ahhh, ok.. it’s a laugh riot.. still?… the only way this story makes sense… is if linzi.. is related to dick solomon… one of those space aliens from 3rd rock… that is, no one could be this stupid and live…lol…

that being the case, why do i continue to read?.. well, hoping against hope.. that lindsay… still exists somewhere… and at some point…. (speaking of “the point”…lol) will get it.. WAKE UP… and smell the coffee…

alas, i sense that’s not to be… ok, i am off to read.. the next part… as you have completed this long ago…(last year, anyway)….

thanks for writing an entertaining.. if somewhat disturbing story……


Reviewed by ashley on 07/20/2000


Deborah, Dear,

That I check daily for part IV says it all. Great series! 

Reviewed by OTGon 06/11/2000


I have read the first three chapters… and so far
so good… but the story is unfolding a bit fast… when I read the third installment (chapter)…it was
still the first day of work, and a lot had already happened to him…

I guess, it’s just a personal thing for me… but when I wrote the story titled, ‘The Debutant’ I stretched the story out for several years… so my suggestion was to make the story unfold more slowly, and develop the victim’s emotional feelings a bit, in a slow, and deliberate, and well planned program of transformation …which seems to be more consistent with real life…

You could use punishments for wrong behavior, and then
use praise, and sexual rewards for correct behavior.


Reviewed by mariamichelleon 06/11/2000


Cher Miss Ford,

Merci Beaucoup for Your wonderful story. i am waiting like everyone else for part IV.

linzi is so disrespectful. Is Miss Morgan going to make her suck cock?



Reviewed by Stefanion 06/10/2000


Hi Deborah,

The best story in this series yet. Inserting the scene where Ms. Morgan calls Mr. Davies and he frets about his decision to wear an item of lingerie is titillating. He must like a tender behind. Having her encounter with the unmarked police car was a nice touch which led to more humiliation for poor Linzie. I’m looking forward to Linzie’s trip to the hotel. Are you going to explore the story of Linzie ignoring those women at the receiption? Thanks for a great series, keep up the good work.


Reviewed by wandaon 06/10/2000


Deborah, You have made this series a fun one to read. I hope You do a part IV ! I can’t wait to see what happens to poor little Linzi !


Online Story Reviews for:

The Office Dupe, Part 4
by: Deborah Ford

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Reviewed by Janelleon 06/08/2008


This is so cute!
You have created the most stupid idiot in all of TG fiction. He is a riot! I can’t wait to finish the series. 

Reviewed by sissy patriciaon 08/17/2002


This was such a fantastic story! The gradual humiliation and degradation of Linsay/Linsi was so erotically portrayed. i could feeeel the little slut’s frustration, locked inside the metal cage, as he was teased and aroused continually. And so marvelously written! So exquisite! Would you consider continuing the story a bit further?
sissy patricia 

Reviewed by Paton 02/08/2002


Oh my goodness. I was reading the story, and I stop at the point of the money falling from Linzi’s bra. I know the punishment will not be good. This is so mean, I feel awlful!

I will finish reading it later. Oh, Miss Ford, this is so devilish, I feel bad for her, but also the thoughts she thinks, and having her not thinking this out, I feel pity.

What a story. I do promise to continue reading later, and will add more reviews about this.

Thank you. 

Reviewed by Paulon 09/14/2000


This is the finest bit of writing in this gendre in years. The main character is enslaved slowly, we get to see every step of the way.

I hope to see more stories from this fine author. 

Reviewed by Shania on 08/25/2000


Wonderful darling

Reviewed by Mark on 08/22/2000


Great story. Is it really the end? i like the way Linzi is still trying to save himself and his wife! even when she is in on his Feminization will he realize that there is no escape??
Please continue the story. 

Reviewed by Tomon 08/20/2000


I liked the story, I stopped a little short. I would definately like to hear about the week end with Deb, Linz and Mr. Davis. Also Linz’s weekend serving Miss Morgan.


Online Story Reviews for:

The Office Dupe, Part 5
by: Deborah Ford

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Reviewed by Gerda-Berlinon 04/03/2003


Hallo, ich habe gerade die Geschichte „The office dupe“ übersetzt und gelesen. Eine gute als Roman. Leider nicht in die Realität umzusetzen. Kein Mann würde sich bereit finden einen Keuchheitsgürtel zu akzeptieren. Auch nicht die Bürokleidung. Die Schläge usw. Kein Chef könnte dies so einfach fordern. Es ist eben nur ein Märchen.

Sie fragen am Anfang von Kapitel 3, ob seine Frau ihn befreien will und kann. So wie es bisher geschrieben war, ein klares Nein. Linzi ist solch ein schwacher Mann; da wird seine Frau schon längst mit Herrn Davis geschlafen haben. Auch das ende ist kein ende. Er kann zwar nach Hause, aber damit fängt es wieder von vorne an. After all that was what I wanted. Wasn’t it? Nein und nochmals nein. Dieser naive und gutgläubige Ehemann wollte nur seine ehe retten. Er wird nun als Hausmädchen gehalten, während seine Frau Herrn Davis fickt. Schreckliche Vorstellung. Nun trotz allem. Gut geschrieben, aber nicht direkt mein Ideal. Ich ziehe Geschichten vor, die sich auch in der Wirklichkeit zutragen könnten. Zu wissen, dass dies auch mir selbst geschehen könnte. Durch Erpressung oder Abhängigkeit, durch Fehlverhalten meinerseits usw. Ich liebe die Dominanz der Frauen. Überlege mir jetzt aber sehr genau, wie ich meine Wünsche meiner Frau beibringe. Den Übereignungsvertrag habe ich jetzt schon mehrmals verändert. Ich möchte nicht durch eine falsche Formulierung in eine ausweglose Situation gelangen.
Trotz allem, schreiben Sie weiter. Ich werde weiter übersetzen, lesen und den einen oder anderen Kommentar abgeben.
Viele Grüße
Gerda aus Berlin, Deutschland

I have just translated and read the history “The Office dupe”. A good as a novel. Unfortunately not converting into the reality. No man would find himself ready to accept a chastitibelt. Neither the office clothes. No boss could the blows etc. so simply demand this. It is just only a fairytale.

You ask at the beginning of chapter 3 whether his wife wants and can free it. You wrote like it till now, a clear no. Linzi is such a weak man; its wife will already have slept long with Mr Davis there. Also this ends no-one is ends. He gets home but but catches it from the front with that again. Anus all that what what I wanted. Wasn’t it? No and again no. This naive and trusting husband wanted only his before save. He is regarded as a housemaid now while his wife is fucking Mr Davis. Terrible idea. Defy everything now. Written well but not direct my ideal. I prefer stories which could take place also in the reality. Knowing that this also could happen to me myself. I love the dominance of the women by extortion or dependence, by abnormal behavior for my part etc.. Wonder now very exactly how I teach my wishes of my wife, however. I have already changed the transference contract repeatedly now. I wouldn’t like to reach by a wrong wording into a hopeless situation.

Despite everything you further write. I will further translate, read and make this comment.
Yours sincerely
Gerda from Berlin, Germany 

Reviewed by sissy rhondaon 12/11/2002


You are simplly the best, you can feel the humiliation comming out of the screen. love your descriptions of uniforms especially the miro mini kilts that with every shows off the panties you are made to wear. Keep up the good work you will be keeping me excited for a long time. 

Reviewed by Sabrina Cutieon 07/19/2002


Oh my dear Deborah, That was the funnyest story I have ever read at this Fictionmania site. I could not stop smiling at Linzie’s antic’s. I think I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading it, that is when I was not giggling or laughing out loud, REALLY!!!!! Thank you so much for the good time. Oh, & it was well written too.

Reviewed by Betsy Wetsy on 01/21/2002


I started reading the Office Dupe after reading the Hotel. Both series are well written. Deborah, You are truly a very talented writer. I really wish you’d continue Both series further. 

Reviewed by Rosiewoofon 12/16/2001


Dear Deborah,

Congratulations! This is one of the best “sissy” stories on the internet (and I must have read over a hundred not counting the ones that I pass on). You really have got the sissy motif mastered. I just read this all in the last few days. I notice that the episodes have been posted over a long period with sizable gaps of time in between. This is unfortunate as I wish that you would concentrate more on this storyline. I tried “Hotel” and some of your other stories but couldn’t get into them enough and stopped. You must know by now that there is some confusion with the names of the girls during the first spanking scene and also in the spanking scene after sex with the two women clients (or I’m confused). I really enjoyed this one. Thank you.


Reviewed by Amy on 12/15/2001


The story is great. It’s well written and fun to follow. I would love to see further chapters where Linzi is taken home where she must serve both her wife and Mr. Davies. Her foolishness and punishments would double. Please continue writing about both Linzi and Debbie in Hotel. Well done. 

Reviewed by ann on 04/05/2001


I must say I enjoyed OFFICE DUPE more than HOTEL(so far) primarily because of Linzi’s innocense which was much more than Debbie.Debbie wanted to cross dress where as Linzi was innocently drawn in.Such as-
wearing panties at home(household efficiency),chasity device(prevent him from interfering with office efficiency,address managers as miss or mr.(a very professional co.and was a good policy), calling his wife miss Ford (her maiden name) was a little troubling but explained as no one would think he is getting special treatment(she no longer considered him a worthy husband placing him in a subservient position),will be called Linzi(seems a little like a girls name,mildly protests- doesn’t want to upset miss Morgan-Deborah will fix it),office uniform(a little hesitant-thought kilts were rough -not thin and silky-buttons on the silky shirt were on the wrong side but he did sign the office contract and miss Morgan was getting upset-fix it later,wife first sees Linzi(tell him its a sweet name-doesn’t seem to notice his kilts or blouse-no doubt because she is busy and important things on her mind,office protocal spanking(by this time Linzi will accept a shorter mini skirt or dress in any maner and do as directed.In all these examples their is no torture,magic pill,but innocent events that could easily draw almost anyone in vs. I want to wear girls clothes and it happens( not nearly as erotic as your stories. Again I congratuate you on an exceptionaly well written story-keep them coming.


Reviewed by rbeon 04/01/2001


I am boy and I have been so excited reading about Lizzi
I was surprised….I think I would lke to feel like “her”.

Reviewed by Anita Coxon 03/28/2001


I can only say it is great. I also would not have read it if I had not started the Hotel. Please don’t stop. 

Reviewed by ashleyon 03/24/2001


Once again Ms Ford makes me feel like poor Linzi trapped in ‘her’ chastity device. i keep waiting in frustration for release: the day when linzi has to suck Mr. Davies off in front of his wife while she laughs at him for liking it?

Keep up the great writing, and don’t lose that key, please 🙂 

Reviewed by Nancy boy on 03/23/2001


Terrific series. I must say that if it were not for “The Hotel”, I probably would not have have started “Office Dupe”. Despite my initial misgivings (I guess i would have preferred a “Ms” Davies character to “Mr” Davies), I found myself totally engrossed by the stories.
Although the concept of a highly intelligent, virile male like Lindsay, being duped against his will into acting like a sissy is … well… repulsive, I enjoyed the many places where Linzi, ..I mean Linsay, completely outfoxes Mr Davies and Miss Morgan. Unfortunately, due to equal parts of bad luck, brutish force and legal chicanery he is unable to escape their snares. Nevetheless, I think it is inevitable that in the end, he will be able to rise to his proper position in Davies Ltd. This must come to pass not only due to his own obvious intellectual abilities and will power but also to the efforts of his loving and almost virginal wife, Debbie, er…I mean Miss Ford. She demonstrates time and again her devotion and respect for her husband, which is perhaps best reflected by her sexual fidelity. In addition, given the enviable size of his manhood, it is clear he generates a level of erotic excitement in her that she knows will never be matched by another. Judging by the amount of office time she spends with her boss, he must certainly value her business judgement and therefore, I am sure she can make him recognize Linzi’s full potential. Especially now that Mr Davies has graciously agred to come live with them!
Please continue your story soon. I can hardly wait to see if I am correct in my forecasts as to Linzi’s success. 

Reviewed by sweetbabytesson 03/23/2001


outstanding. i really really love your work. you get just the right mix of….sensations in the story and character development. and you always leave the reader with that delicious frustration of wanting more. please continue to grace us with your talents. 

Reviewed by Candy Sissiboion 03/23/2001


(curtsey) Oooh, do I love these stories about Linzi, and how I was I was Linzi! She is just so insistent about getting herself in trouble in this story as in all the others, as she tries to stand up for herself just a bit (just like I do sometimes), only to be put in her proper place *just* like a sissy deserves. There’s plenty of strict lecturing, hard paddling and too-short skirts. If those kind of thingies turn you on like they do me and you have not read the series, then please do read this and all the other stories by Ms. Ford.

Girlies who are too smart for their panties soon find out otherwise…that is why I want to be Linzi! Do you want to be Linzi too? Or do you want your own Linzi? *giggle* I am so bad! Pwetty pwease, read the story!


Candy Sissiboi


Reviewed by jimon 03/20/2001


Great story, thank you for continuing it.



12 thoughts on “The Office Dupe – original online reviews

  1. Awesome story!!!!
    Thank you very much for writing The Office Dupe.
    Please write more chapters Add more.
    I suggest you An Idea to add more chapter in office dupe.
    Just add the other office girls stores how they become office dupe with different start and then combine with linzi in office. Each sissy have own story and each one ended in office with linzi and then humiliate them all in same room and in front of their own wife’s or by wife’s.
    I hope you like the idea.
    Thankx for really nice story

    1. Many thanks for that Avri, and the ideas! I can see the story triggered your imagination which is great. Sadly i have too many tasks in fornt of me to continue with the office dupe, though suddenly people seem to be asking for more. I ownder if readers have only now caught up with my very first story. DF

  2. MANY many thanks for reply i am a fan of your every stores …. i read almost every one

    The Best Laid Plans Of Wimps And Men
    At your service
    For whome the little bells tolls
    Happiness for all
    Exposed in the sun
    The hotel
    The hotel christmas special
    If you must
    The office dupe
    When you awake
    Bunny trap

    I don’t know why but Office dupe dupe become my fav. I read it many time…. and about my Idea … well it is not my idea you are the one give many hint about it like ….

    In Part one chappeter Katie !”
    “Suddenly I realised that Katie was wearing the same white kickers as the ones Deborah had me wear.”

    In Part Four
    In the mini bus ride to the hotel….
    It was Beckie that I saw it on first. Beneath her little lacey black knickers was a sliver of steel, tightly
    stuck to her pussy. I took a closer look as she wriggled passed. Definitely, there it was again.
    then Jilly
    Then the dark skinned Jilly performed a twirl which raised her skirt and beneath her French knickers was exactly the same. The girls were wearing chastity belts just as I was.
    So i just understand that every office dupe(girl)was a sissy man and some how they trap in office like linzi so may be they have there own stores that is why i suggest
    I read you every stores many time again and again. So i just wish you keep writing and best of luck for your every stores. Once again thanks for reply.

  3. Good luck for Club Zero book 2. FAN like me always their to read your every stores So keep it up.
    BIG THANKS for sparing time to reply and reading our messages. 🙂

  4. I just finished reading Office Dupe …. but never count how many time i read may be 100 time or more … Actually Every time i read Office Dupe ….then …. every time i think … at least once more. I know Office Dupe posted between 1999 and 2009 and i am reading since form fictionmania time. I just want to say that this story never being old for me. May be we(Reader) involve with story and live the life which we miss in our life.Thank you very much for this kind of wounder full story.

  5. hi Deborah

    Thank you very much for Office Dupe.
    I don’t want to push you but ….. without pushing you … i am still waiting for more chapter on Office Dupe. I know you are very busy. I just want to told you i am a biggggggggggerst fan of your Office Dupe.


      1. BTW I had request for you to make a story based on Indian context offcourse with seamed stockings or maybe pantyhose haha would love it if you do it.

      2. BTW I had request for you to make a story based on Indian context offcourse with seamed stockings or maybe pantyhose haha would love it if you do it.

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