Duplex by Missy


Duplex by Missy

At first we just wanted to spice things up a bit. Leanne and I had been married for ten years and although sex had always been good with us, we’d fallen into bit of a rut. So we tried a few different things, like role play as someone else or we’d each change our look as if it we were having sex with a new person. We tried having riskier sex, in public places or in rooms in our house where we might be seen. We also used more toys, like vibrators or massagers, as well as some bondage gear like thumb cuffs and collars. Leanne suggested I take a dominant role, forcing her to serve me sexually. Everything worked a little at least at first, except perhaps me as a dominant. I mean I just couldn’t pull it off believably. So, we role played an imaginary person to dominate us both.

We began to use a large realistic dildo, black with large balls that contained a reservoir that could simulate ejaculation. She would have me go down on her orally, bring her to multiple orgasms, and then fuck her using the dildo. She loved the contrast the black cock provided, both in color and large size compared to me. It did hurt my feelings a little, since I was only average, cock wise, but it was fantasy play. Eventually she scripted me sucking the dildo before using it on her and of course, I had to clean her pussy once it had ‘cum’ into her. This whole fantasy angle seemed to create the most excitement we had during sex in a long time, so Leanne looked to expand it.

That’s when she bought the chastity device for me. Even though it was just a toy for sexual play, she had gotten a nice metal design that fit snuggly around the base of my cock, the balls wedged between a metal ring and the tube that held my penis. It had a metal cup that fit over everything and locked to the base ring with a small brass lock. The design kept me from touching anything but the balls that poked out under the cup. I would have to wear it a day or so before the role play and then after she had experienced three or four orgasms she would unlock me and I would have the best orgasms of my life. Something about having me nude with only the chastity device, serving her orally, and then pleasing our ‘master’ as he fucked her gave me thrills like I hadn’t experienced in long time. I could tell she loved it too; she was submissive, so it worked well that our imaginary lover filled the dominant role. At first when she unlocked me, it was a bit disconcerting to put my cock into her pussy, stretched out by the large dildo. We soon learned that by having her get on top and ride my penis, I would come very quickly. We’d repeat this scenario once or twice every week, mixed in with straight sex it made our sex life much more exciting. The only request I made, was that we keep this private from our friends. Leanne was good with that too.

Other than this fantasy sex, our lives were quite normal. We were similar in height at 5’7”, trim, and in our early 30s. She had dark brown hair that she wore to her shoulders, bright green eyes, and a curvy body, highlighted by her perky B-cup breasts. I had a Nordic heritage with blue eyes, pale skin, and light blonde hair. She tended to dress more fashionable than my generally conservative look and was always asking me to try some new fashion or fad; the one consolation that I made for her, was to keep my hair long enough to pull back in a ponytail.  I worked a typical 9-5 job; Leanne managed our house. Since it was a duplex and we rented out the other side, she also handled our rentals. We had been lucky to have an older couple in the duplex for a couple of years. Their requests were simple maintenance issues that I could handle or could arrange for a handyman to cover. I did all the yard work for both sides of the house. So overall, the rental gave us an extra income with few demands.

When our renters left to move closer to their grandkids, Leanne started advertising and interviewing possible replacements. Our town was a small college community, so there was the usual mix of students, visiting professors, and technology buffs among the applicants. She was quite selective as we didn’t want young students that might party too much or cause damage to the place. I was pleased when she told me she had found a suitable renter and a contract had been signed. He worked for one of the financial firms in town, but only expected to be here a few years until he moved on to a bigger area, so he didn’t want to be tied down by a mortgage. It seemed like a nice fit. I was at work when he moved in, but took the time when I got home to bake a fresh batch of homemade brownies. Although Leanne did most of the housework, she was not a cook and I had assumed that role in our relationship. I had developed quite a knack for cooking and had even taken a few classes in night school so I could make ethnic cuisine as well as special desserts.

We went over after dinner, so I could meet our new renter and give him the welcome brownies. Knocking on the door, we waited to meet him. When he opened the door, I took a quick breath. He was about 4 inches taller than me, about 6’1”, slim, and was wearing a suit from his work. His hair was short, and he had a neatly trimmed goatee. But what caused me to startle was his ethnicity; he was black. I had grown up in mixed communities and really had never thought about race before. But because of our recent role play with the black dildo, I had become anxious about black men. Leanne loved to talk when I fucked her with the dildo, about how better black men were as lovers, how she had longed to be a black man’s sex toy, and how serving a black man would be heaven.

As I introduced myself and shook his hand, I shot a quick glance at Leanne. She was smiling smugly and winked at me. The rest of the conversation with Malik was routine, although I was nervous. He was a day trader and loved how our duplex was set up with the latest electronic connections; he imagined he would be able to do more of his work from home. His whole demeanor was of a calm and cool person who was used to being in control under any situation. The stress of making short-term trades where lots of money was involved seem to run off him like water off a duck’s back. When he complemented Leanne on the brownies, she corrected him and told him that I had made them. He looked at me in a new way and told me they were excellent, and asked if I cooked other things. Leanne jumped in and described how I did all the cooking, and basically ran the kitchen. Malik smiled broadly, even more so, when she asked him if he wanted to come over on Friday for dinner. He readily accepted and we returned back to our side of the duplex. I was full of questions and began asking Leanne as soon as we were in our own place.

“You didn’t tell me our new renter was black. Are you sure he was the best choice?”

“Most definitely, he met all my financial criteria and even paid 3 full months in advance in addition to the security deposit. He works for one of the best firms in town and had a real nice personality. Besides, I liked the idea of a handsome black man next door.”

“So you admit you chose him in part because of his color. I must say it makes me a bit nervous.”

“Lewis Reece, just relax will you; I admit it was a bonus that he was black. I mean now, we can have a real identity for our imaginary lover. But truthfully, he impressed me more with how suitable he was as a renter. His references were outstanding, his finances secure, and he was quite accommodating on all our requirements. The fact that he was black and is next door doesn’t mean I will be unfaithful. I love you and realize that fantasy is fantasy. If I wanted a secret lover I wouldn’t put him under your nose. I bet you become good friends; he mentioned he liked to run to keep trim. So you already have that in common.”

I muttered my consent and we talked some about what we needed to do for his dinner visit on Friday. I decided to make one of my signature fish dishes, with a white-wine sauce, wild rice, vegetables and a bread pudding dessert. It was very unique, appearing to be difficult to make, but was really quite easy. It would also let me judge him a bit since it was not usual fare. We had the place cleaned up and I had bought all the ingredients for the meal, when Leanne approached me at bed time on Thursday.

“Lewis, let me put your chastity device on tonight. I want you to wear it tomorrow and through dinner. That way when Malik leaves, we can have sex. Knowing you are locked up while he is here will get me horny as hell; I think it will do the same for you. Since we have him next door, I’d like to use him for our benefit.”

I wanted to say no and deny her offer, but it did sound good. So I let her lock me up. The next day, sex was on my mind constantly at work. When I got home, she had laid out some clothes for me; simple black pants, white shirt and a black tie. She was wearing a short black dress and heels, simple but sexy. I thought we might be over-dressing, but she insisted. When Malik showed up, I was right. He was wearing polo shirt and jeans, much more casual. He was cool about it though, I could tell he wouldn’t be rattled if he showed up to a black-tie event in a swimsuit. As he entered, he nodded at me and then took Leanne’s hand and kissed it.

“I want to thank you for the invitation. I hope this is the start of a special relationship. You look really nice, that dress is very attractive. I like women who wear heels and dresses; so many that I work with seem to be locked in pant suits.”

Turning to me, he smiled or was it a smirk.

“I see you dressed up as well. Although given your assignments in the kitchen, I thought you might be wearing an apron or a pearl necklace rather than a tie.”

His jovial laugh finished the comment, indicating that he was joking. Leanne joined in, leaving me to smile and mumble something about men being chefs, etc. I already felt nervous and this comment made it worse. Of course my cock was throbbing in its cage. I retreated to the kitchen to continue cooking, coming out as I could to bring them both a drink and slip into the conversation. Malik was sitting next to Leanne on the couch, and I could tell they were hitting it off. The sounds of laughter came into the kitchen as I finished cooking and brought the meal to the table.

Dinner went well. He loved the fish and even the bread pudding, complimenting me on its taste and texture. His comments made me feel better, but I could see his eyes taking in Leanne’s figure as we talked. She definitely was attractive to him. Again, I had to leave them alone as I was stuck tidying up the kitchen a bit and putting away the left overs. We finished the evening with a nice after dinner brandy. After an hour or so, he said he needed to leave, as he had errands to run tomorrow. We said goodbye at the door, and then Leanne literally dragged me upstairs to our bedroom.

“Strip Lewis, I want you naked in 30 seconds.”

She peeled off her dress and lay back on the bed watching me disrobe. As soon as I had my clothes off, she pushed my head between her thighs and made me start licking her already wet pussy. Her orgasms came fast and hard, she had been very aroused by our evening. It only got better when I began to suck the black dildo. She lay back in anticipation.

“That a boy! Get Malik nice and hard for me. I want to be fucked by a real man; a man who has a cock worth screwing. He looks ready, put him in me.”

I slowly began to move the dildo in and out of her pussy. She reacted wildly coming in minutes. She insisted that I screw her more, until she had come two more times, each one more violently than before. As she climaxed the last time, she told me to help Malik cum too. I squeezed the balls and the artificial ejaculate, a homemade recipe of corn starch, water, lemon juice and corn syrup, shot into her. That sent her over the edge. As she began to relax, she looked at me and told me to clean her up. That Malik had left a nice present for his kitchen boy. As I finished licking her clean, she directed me to clean him as well. I was going down on the dildo when she rolled me over, unlocked my cock and mounted me. It took only a few strokes for me to blast my cum into her. She obviously needed more, so she pulled the dildo from my mouth and straddled me. I licked her to another orgasm cleaning my own semen from her pussy, a first for us. Finally she collapsed next to me, smiling broadly. That had been our best sex in many years. The tension built during the evening was all released during our sex. Her use of his name had made it all seem much more real and exciting. We fell asleep in each other’s arms in short order.

The rest of the week went by normally. We didn’t talk about our sex after his visit, and I only saw him briefly entering his apartment one evening. I had almost forgotten about it, when Leanne approached me at bed time on Thursday.

“I need to lock you up now. I invited Malik over for dinner again on Friday. I want you to be as horny as before.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner? I need to plan something to cook. I was just going to make a simple beef stroganoff for us.”

“Oh that will be fine. He is a single guy and even your ordinary dishes will taste great to him. Just stop by the store on the way home and get some fresh bread. You’ll have time to make a few of your peach tarts for dessert. I know you have everything for that.”

I wanted to be mad, but she had locked me up and insisted she needed me to lick her before we went to bed. I complied even though I was upset. To be honest, I was glad she had invited him over, but wanted to be able to make a more striking dinner. Although I liked playing submissive in bed using him as our imaginary lover, in real life I wanted him to be impressed with my cooking. I felt a bit odd doing the cooking for another man and I wanted to show-off my skills.  I didn’t want him to think it was just some ordinary meal but more like a meal a talented chef would prepare.  It took me a while to fall asleep as my mind went over everything.

The next day I was distracted at work again. My cock alternated between being hard and soft, frustrated by the cage. I left work a little early, picked up the bread, and got home to start the dinner. The tarts baked quickly and I soon had the dishes simmering. Leanne called me upstairs to get dressed. As I entered she was holding a black silky shirt with a gold pattern on it. It looked a bit exotic, not my normal fare at all.

“I found you a casual shirt to wear. I wanted us to stay looking sharp, but the shirt and tie was too stiff. Just put on your black slacks and then you can wear this over them.”


“I can’t put on the black ones. They got dirty in the kitchen last weekend, so I took them to the cleaners and haven’t picked them up yet. I’ll just wear a pair of jeans.”

“Jeans won’t do. Don’t you have another pair of black pants?”

“No, it’s not a color I wear often.”

“Well you’ll just have to wear a pair of mine then, because I want you to wear black with this shirt.”

She went in her closet and rumbled around a few minutes, finally returning with two pairs of black pants. The first pair fit my legs, but was way too tight in the waist. Also, the large baggy style and shiny fabric didn’t look good on me. The second pair fit much tighter through the legs and hips as it was a skinny style, almost a legging, and the fabric was simple cotton. This pair was too tight in the waist also, although only by a little. I was about to suggest I just wear something else when she went to her dresser and pulled out a black spandex item and gave it to me.

“Try this, it’s a shaper and should make you smaller in the waist and hips.”

“I don’t think so; it was one thing to wear your pants, but not your underwear.”

Leanne just ignored me and told me to try them. I reluctantly took off my underwear and pulled the shaper up my body. It fit like a really tight pair of boxers. Once I had it on, the pants fit nicely, very snug, although I again protested the look because they were so tight and even zipped up the side. Although I didn’t mention it to her, I was also nervous about how the flat front molded around my chastity-bound cock; it looked more like a smooth pussy mound than a cock-type shape.

“Don’t worry; the shirt is long enough to cover the zipper. Put it on and let’s see.”

I slid the shirt over my head, as it only had buttons part way down. The band collar and puffy look was much different than my usual style. Leanne eyed me and then went back in the closet. Returning with a gold and black braided belt, she fastened it loosely where my waist was. That gave me some shape and she liked the look. She also clipped a gold chain around my neck; I could see she was wearing a similar necklace, only hers had the key to my chastity device hanging off it. Handing me a pair of tasseled black loafers she told me I looked good and to go down and make sure dinner was okay. She started dressing and was still upstairs when the bell rang. I hesitantly went to the door. Malik was there; this time in only a t-shirt and baggy jeans. It was as if he was going to go more casual than me at each turn. He glanced up and down at my outfit, and commented as Leanne came into the foyer.

“Nice blouse, the gold pattern is the same as the Saints use. That’s my favorite team.”

I wanted to correct him that it was a shirt not a blouse, but the confident way he said it made we wonder so I glanced down, but it looked fine to me. But before I could respond, he turned to Leanne. She was wearing a tight pink dress and very high heel sandals. The dress was so tight; you could see she was wearing a thong and bra both in lace. The low cut top showed her cleavage and the little gold key to my chastity device was nestled in between her boobs. I was floored at how she looked, but Malik just smiled.

“Now that is smoking hot! You look fabulous babe. Between your sexy dress and Lewis’s blouse you two look very inviting.”

She thanked him and lifted her hand for him to kiss it, which he did. She then led him back to the den, telling me to bring them a couple of drinks. I was mad, a bit humiliated, but also straining against my cage. I knew deep inside that Leanne was playing with me, so that our sex would be better later, but even so it was a bit hard to take now. I brought us all drinks, and told them that dinner would be ready to eat as soon as they finished. Malik did not seem to be in a hurry, as he sat on the couch with Leanne again, only this time he was sitting closer so their thighs touched. I sat in the arm chair opposite and we talked a bit about our week at work. He had apparently made some killer moves that earned him a nice reputation at work, as well as some bonus cash. He asked what I had done that week; my reply that we had revised an inventory form sounded pretty lame, but he just smiled and said it sounds like I was a good admin person. As we had finished the drinks, I stood up to gather the glasses. I could see him eyeing my waist with a questioning glance.

“Lewis, I know that is a blouse, but are you wearing women’s pants as well? They seem to have a side zip and that’s not normally a man’s style.”

I blushed and hurriedly pulled down my blouse over the zip, although I knew it was too late. I was trying to answer when Leanne giggled and spoke up.

“He had to wear a pair of my pants to match his top. His black slacks got some sauce on them last week in the kitchen when he was cooking for us, so they were at the cleaners and unavailable.”

“So you two share the same sizes? I know you’re about the same height but you look trimmer than Lewis.”

“The pants were a close fit, but with a pair of my Spanx shapers, he could zip them closed.”

“He’s wearing your underwear too. How sweet! I know it makes his legs look killer. The tight fit of the pants highlights their pretty shape. In fact your whole outfit looks dynamite. The only thing I would change is the shoes. As sexy as those pants are and the way they taper to the ankle, they need some heels to match, maybe something in gold.”

“Yes your right! I do have a pair of gold pumps; I know we wear the same size shoe, as he is always wearing my flip-flop sandals at the beach. How bout I go get them and we see how they look?”

With that, Leanne hopped up and quickly went upstairs. While she left, Malik watched her butt jiggle in the tight dress, ignoring me. I was mad as hell because Leanne had told Malik so much and indicated I had willing wore her clothes, that I left the room to put the empty glasses in the sink. As she came downstairs again, she called out to me to come in the room.

“I don’t think that is necessary. These loafers look fine to me.”

“Come here and stop being so sensitive. Malik had a good suggestion and I want to see how it looks.”

I reluctantly went back to the den, where she was standing there holding her pumps. She came to me and indicated that I should lift my foot. I did as she wanted and she quickly had switched out the comfortable loafers for the pumps which fit, although tightly. I had to put my hand on her shoulder to steady myself at first, but she stepped away and told me to try walking with them. The   first few steps were awkward, but she gave me a tip or two about walking in heels, and I made it to the hall and back without breaking my neck.

“I was right. The gold pumps look hot and they really emphasize how nice your legs are. You don’t happen to shave them do you? I’d love to see them in some sheer hose and heels.”

“No I don’t shave my legs. In fact, I’ve never even had heels on before now. It is not part of my usual wardrobe. This is the first time I ever wore anything like this.”

“Well you might consider making it a regular part. I mean they match your blouse better and are in keeping with the spirit of your lingerie too. Just saying, around the house it might be a nice touch to see your sexy legs. I know I appreciate how Leanne dresses to emphasize her assets; I just thought you might be willing to do the same. You need to get an apron at least. That way you can keep your clothes clean and not have to borrow your wife’s clothes.”

I blushed at his suggestions, especially when Leanne agreed that I had pretty legs that would look good in hose. I was getting embarrassed by all this talk, so I told them that dinner was ready and to go sit at the table. I was tempted to take the heels off, but decided I wear them through the meal. It was a bit awkward serving them in my feminine outfit. But Malik seemed to be totally focused on Leanne and she was flirting back at him. The meal went quickly, Malik again praising my skills. He asked me to bring them a glass of brandy before I cleaned up. I was a bit taken back by his assertiveness, but I wanted to be a good host, so I complied. They took the drinks and went out on the deck while I stayed inside to take care of the dishes and leftovers. But I wasn’t going to let them control me totally, so I slipped off the heels while I worked; I’d show them. When Leanne called for a refill, I went to get their glasses and she saw my bare feet.

“Lewis, where are your pumps? No one wants to see your bare feet while we are eating. Go put them back on. I expect you to wear them the rest of the evening. It is insulting to our guest to not follow his wonderful suggestion about your attire. Maybe I need to buy you a few pairs to wear around the house so you get accustomed to their feel. That way it will be natural for you. Now bring us our drinks!”

Her sudden outburst surprised me and as I started to leave the deck, I looked at her. She winked at me and gave me a sly smile. I could see she was playing this up for later. Malik stayed another hour or so, sitting close to Leanne. She continued to flirt while I sat by, the pumps firmly on my feet, and the Spanx shaper holding me tightly. When he left, she showed him out. They stood in the doorway, while she held her hands up for him to kiss and he did, holding them a while after he kissed them. They were softly talking while I put away the last glasses.

“I enjoyed tonight, your company is the highlight of my week. I can’t make it next Friday, but I can come over on Saturday. That work for you?”

“Of course Malik, whatever is convenient. I’ll have Lewis make something special for dinner. Maybe a seven course meal; he took some classes on European dining and can make a meal that lasts all evening. I can’t wait to see you again.”

With that she leaned in and kissed his cheek. His broad smile filled the doorway as he left. She immediately turned and walked to me. Undoing the belt from my blouse, she reached under and un-zipped the pants, pulling them down. I had slipped off the pumps and wiggled my legs out of the pants. I stood there, the longish blouse looking so much like a short dress, with the sheer shaper peeking out beneath it. She slapped my butt as I bent over to pick up the pants.

“Put your heels on and get upstairs. I think you need to show me how good you are with your tongue, before I let Malik fuck my brains out. You need to realize your new role in this house since I’ve found a real man to take control.”

Looking at me, she winked again and leaned in for a long French kiss, our lips and tongues running wild. I was as hot as I had ever been. The mix of the humiliation in front of Malik and how he had unknowingly pushed all the right buttons made me want her so badly. She felt the same and we spent the night awake in bed. I ate her to four orgasms, fucked her to three with the dildo, and came four times in her pussy myself. It was the best night of sex we had ever experienced. Whatever humiliation I had endured during Malik’s visit was well worth it.

The week flew by. I had planned out the meal in grand style, including appetizers, soup, salad, a beef wellington main course, dessert, and after drinks. The key for such a meal is to make the portions small and take your time. It is as much an event as a meal. The sexual afterglow of the weekend extended into the week as well. We had normal sex on Tuesday night that sparked like when we were first married. The heightened sexual tension created by our interactions with Malik was remaining strong. So I should have been expecting it, but was caught off guard when Leanne approached me in bed on Wednesday.

“Lewis I been thinking about this weekend, and I want to increase the sex play. I had never thought about feminizing you as part of our play, but when Malik made the comment about you needing pearls or an apron, something clicked and it seemed sexy somehow. I intentionally put you in a blouse last weekend thinking that after dinner I would point it out to you for effect. Even when I had you wear my pants and shaper, I truly didn’t think Malik would see them. Most men are clueless to such details. I really expected him not to even notice you, especially the way I was dressed. But his discovery and playful interactions were scary but thrilling. So, after the rewards we reaped last weekend I don’t want us to fall back into a rut. I want to implement Malik’s suggestion.”

“I agree that last weekend was magic, but what suggestion are you talking about?”

“He thought you’d look good in heels and hose. I think so too. Having you be more androgynous, even feminine will make the role playing much better. I can just imagine how he’ll react. It will be like adding gasoline to our sexual fires.”

“I don’t know. It seems over the top to wear something like that. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in front of anyone in a dress. It was humiliating enough that you told him I was wearing your underwear.”

“I thought of that already. I found a nice short-and-vest outfit for you and bought all the necessary accessories. I think he’ll be surprised but he seems capable of reacting on the fly, so I think it will be fine with him. But he’s right about your legs. They will look dynamite in hose, after they are prepped, which means I want you to shave them tomorrow night.”

I started to protest, but I knew it was futile. Also, I thought about it. The only time my legs were exposed was when I ran, and that was early in the morning, with long basketball shorts it would be okay. It wouldn’t take the hair too long to grow back and since they were light blonde like my head hair, they really weren’t noticeable at a distant. I made the mental calculation that the potential sexual excitement was worth any short-term humiliation. I had been pretty nervous about our bedroom secret becoming known by someone else, but Malik seemed fairly safe. I mean he was new to town, knew none of our friends, our businesses weren’t related, and we had a bit of control over him since he was our renter. If we had to involve someone else more in our fantasy, even if they didn’t know it, then he seemed our best bet. I imagined he would just think we were a bit of an odd couple.

Thursday after dinner, Leanne took me to the upstairs bath and helped me shave. To my surprise, she insisted that I shave everywhere, so soon my body was smooth. She took great pleasure in carefully shaving my cock and balls, leaving me with a narrow little strip of pubic hair above them. Of course she couldn’t leave it like that, so she just announced that I would wear my chastity device till Saturday evening. The sexual tension had been building all night and I willingly gave her a couple of orgasms with my tongue after she had locked me up. My throbbing cock would wait till the weekend, which was okay as the explosive orgasms were worth the wait.

The next day when I was getting dressed for work she gave me a little white lace thong. She said when she bought my outfit for Saturday she went ahead and made some other purchases of female items for me. Even thorough it was just a plain white style I was focused on it, what other clothes she might have gotten, and my chastity all day. Relief did not come Friday evening either, on top of giving her two more orgasms orally; she bluntly told me she had made an appointment in the morning for us to get our nails done. She said that my feet were a mess; that a good pedicure included removing calluses and rough skin as well as working on the nails. Without a good pedicure I’d have runs in my hose within minutes. Not knowing whether that was true or not, I didn’t try to argue.

I woke with a bit of dread. The idea of going somewhere public to get a feminine procedure like a pedicure was more than I had originally bargained for. I almost went ballistic when she showed me what I was to wear. The satin pink thong was okay, but she paired it with a tight pair of Capri-style jeans and a very light pink tee shirt. That and a pair of her beach sandals. I complained immediately, but she pointed out that the pedicure would involve me soaking my feet, so if I wore pants they would need to be rolled up. Shorts would show more of my shaved legs, so capris were a good compromise. Even as I pulled them up, I was worried. They were very tight, had no rear pockets, and sat low on my hips. I had to check that the thong was not visible at the top of my butt. The tee shirt wasn’t much better as it had a scoop neck and cap sleeves. She wore a similar outfit, only in baby blue. I could tell the reversal of colors, blue for her and pink for me, was intentional.

Luckily the shop was not close to our duplex, and it was small. Even though it was a Saturday, we were the only customers. We each sat down in front of a nail technician to begin the work. They soaked our feet first while discussing the details of our services. Leanne had long fingernails and wanted her normal dark pink color. It was pretty straight-forward for her. But for me, she detailed that my feet needed the full treatment. She was a bit concerned that my fingernails were too short, but the girl insisted she’d make them look nice. That was a bit of relief, because I definitely didn’t want any extensions. Leanne had told me that we would just get mine shaped and buffed. The tech said if I really wanted them to look nice, she would need to polish the nails. Short nails needed that extra pop to be attractive.

I immediately disagreed. But she seemed to realize who was calling the shots and talked to Leanne, telling her that she could put a narrow white band on the tip of each nail and coat the entire nail with a light pearlescent polish that would be pretty but subtle. She recommended a pearl color with just a hint of pink. Although Leanne promised me I wouldn’t get polish, she readily accepted the girl’s recommendation. I was mad but also worried. She said I would just have to live with it through the weekend. That was code to me, that she wanted Malik to see me more feminized. The throbbing of my cock in its cage ended my resistance. The whole process only took about 30 minutes once they started.  I was amazed at how soft the pedicure made my feet and the nails did look nice when they finished. I just hoped no one I knew saw me going home. My relief when I entered our house was immense.

We spent the rest of the day getting our house clean and prepping food. Leanne had decided that we would eat at our small Parisian style café table. It was a bit higher than our dining room table, with two high back chairs. It was really designed for two, providing a cozy, romantic dinner setting, especially with the flower center piece. But she persuaded me that I could sit on a bar stool at the side closest to the kitchen. That way I could easily get up to serve and clear. It was obvious that she was going to fuel the idea that Malik was her lover and I was just a domestic servant tonight.  Finally it was late afternoon and time to start getting ready. We both took a quick shower; she kept her hair dry but had me wash mine. She intended to style it so it looked femininely to match my outfit. I got out and shaved my face while she finished. I was stunned when she came out of the shower. She had shaved her pussy totally smooth. I had longed for her to do that and tonight I would get to kiss and taste her in a way I never had before. I thought my cock would explode in the chastity device.

As we dried off, she sat me down and put very small rollers in my hair. I sat under her hair dryer while she began to do her makeup and get dressed. She was only wearing a small sheer G-string in white. Her dress was also white, very short, tight, in a thin spandex fabric, and had a tube top that molded to her breasts. Without a bra, the dress clung to her curves and looked like it was painted on them. She curled her hair with a curling iron so it fell in soft waves to her bare shoulders. She used just subtle makeup, her long lashes complimented her green eyes, and the thick dark pink lipstick glowed sexuality. Her only decorations were some large gold hoop earrings and the gold chain with my key. It snuggled in between her breasts, teasing me with how close my release was. I was amazed at how hot she could look and wished we could fast forward through the evening to get into bed.

After she finished dressing, she checked my curlers. They were dry enough for me to start dressing. She handed me a small black lace thong. By now I was used to them and actually liked how they cupped my chastity device. The pantyhose were next. She had chosen a smoky gray color that shimmered due to a hint of spandex in the nylon weave. She rolled them up and put them on my legs, having me point my toes as she guided them up. The hose were extremely sheer and bare, with no toe or heel guard and only a thin waistband, being a sheer-to-waist style. I didn’t tell her but the silky feel as she slid them up my legs was magic. That and how they snug they held me was totally unexpected. She then picked up a bodysuit type garment. It was nude with black lace overlay and lace trim on the straps and the built in bra cups.

“Leanne, what is this? I didn’t think I was going to wear anymore of your lingerie?”

“You’re not silly! This is something I bought for you. It is one of the sexy Spanx shapers. Although the pantyhose feel snug now, as you wear them they will stretch. They will tend to sag and droop.  Wearing a tight shaper over them will keep everything in place. Besides, the vest and shorts are a bit see-through so you need a little more coverage.”

I reluctantly stepped into the garment and she pulled it up, positioning the straps over my arms on my shoulders. She reached into the garment bag and brought out a couple of small silicon pads. I recognized them as breast pads. She slipped one into each cup, moving them until they settled in place.

“The shaper is an A-cup, but even though you have some breast tissue, you need some help to fill them out. This won’t be too noticeable, but will make everything look nice and rounded.”

Looking down I thought they were more noticeable than what she indicated. Leanne smiled to herself, as she saw me check out my padded bust. I was right, they were noticeable, because the pads were for a B-cup, as were the cups on the shaper. Like a lot of things, she knew I would not question her if she just said something about a subject I was not familiar with, even if it didn’t look correct.

Next she took out a dark grey crocheted pair of shorts. Slipping them up my legs, she positioned it at my waist and tied them using the ribbon that served as the belt. A similar designed vest was next; it tied at the front with 3 small ribbons. They were both very snug on my body. I could see in the mirror that the shorts extended barely below my butt, and were not lined. The vest had widely spaced opening in the knitting, a deep v-neckline, and rather large arm openings. The bodysuit shaper was very visible through both items.

When she had mentioned a short and vest outfit earlier, I immediately thought of a set she had worn before; it had Bermuda length shorts and the full coverage vest, both in a small floral print cotton fabric. I wanted to protest that this was too see-through, too lacey, not what I had in mind at all, but I knew it was too late at this point. She completed the outfit with a pair of ankle strap heels also in a metallic gray. They had a narrow strap that crossed right behind my toes, and even with the hose, my white tipped toenails were visible.  The heels seemed a bit higher than the pumps I wore last weekend, but with a few practice walks around the room I felt comfortable.  I sat back down at her vanity as she asked. She took out some makeup and was looking at my face. I looked at her questioningly and I saw she understood.

“Lewis, I just want to put a little touch of cosmetics on your face. I’ve curled your hair and it will look slightly feminine, so I think your face needs something too. I will just put a little eye shadow, some mascara, highlight your eyebrows and give your lips a touch of color. The eye shadow is a smoky color I picked to match your hose and the lipstick is a pearly pink that will go well with your nail polish. Just sit still and let me do my work, we don’t have much time now, and Malik is due here in a few minutes.”

She quickly and efficiently made up my face, undid the curlers and teased out the curls. My face and hair looked really feminine and totally matched my outfit. I had to admit I looked pretty cute, especially for a guy, but realizing I would soon be seen this way by another man made me blush. Leanne saw me and laughed.

“You ready for your debut?  I think Malik is going to like what he sees. I’m warning you, I will tease you a bit about your appearance in comparison to him. I want to build that fire that we felt last week. So keep in mind, that my comments are just fantasy-based. I love you and would not hurt you in any way. We are going to play this game to the fullest. If you feel humiliated, just channel it inside and it will come out when are alone together later.”

She squeezed my hands and we rubbed noses. I wanted a kiss, but our lipstick would smear and I knew it would have to wait until Malik left. We headed downstairs and I had just finished mixing the drinks when the doorbell rang. Leanne went and opened it, letting Malik in. I swallowed hard, trying to steel myself for his first look at me, hoping this wasn’t a big mistake.  I put the drinks on a tray and stepped out to greet him, as Leanne shut the door. I could see his eyes focused on her, taking in her tight curves.

“Honey don’t you look delicious. I didn’t think you could top that pretty pink dress from last week, but this one looks even better. You make me weak seeing you like this. Leanne, you’re just blazing hot.”

He took her hands, kissed each one, and pulled her closer to kiss her cheek. I could feel my emotions start to boil; I just hoped I could handle this. As I moved a step closer, my heels made a clicking on the hardwood floor of the foyer. He heard me, and turned to look.  A wide grin spread across his face. I could see he held a flat package in his hand, topped with a red ribbon.  His eyes went up and down my body, taking in my appearance, his smile growing wider.

“Well I see Leanne isn’t the only pretty one in the house tonight. I was hoping you might have taken my suggestions last week. I couldn’t have been more correct. Your legs are great looking. I must admit I hadn’t expected you to be so fem looking, but I can’t argue that it doesn’t suit you. I assume those drinks are for us?”

Taking two drinks off the tray, he gave one to Leanne, took her by the arm and headed back to the den. I was left with no option but to take my drink and follow. He led her to the couch, where he sat down, and then pulled her down to sit close so she was right up against him.  As I entered the room after them he looked me up and down again. Raising his drink, he indicated that he wanted to make a toast.

“Here’s to my new friends, you’ve made we feel welcome in so many ways and here’s hoping that we continue to develop our special bonds.”

We lifted our drinks and took a sip. The tone and words of his toast made me even more nervous than I had expected to be. As we lowered our drinks, he looked at me again.

“Do a little spin for me, I want to see your whole outfit.”

Embarrassed, I slowly turned around. As I finished he motioned me to repeat the turn and then told me to come closer. Placing his left hand on my right leg, he slowly moved it up to the edge of my shorts, and then back down.

“My, my, that feels so sexy. I love the feel of nylons on a pretty leg. I see you’ve got another pair of heels too. I appreciate your effort to please me. You two make a guest feel very special; wearing heels, hose and a pretty dress just for me. I hope your wife doesn’t mind you borrowing them”

“I’m not wearing a dress, these are shorts.”

As soon as I said it I felt stupid. Did it really matter? I was standing there in front of him, dressed as femininely as possible, the fact that I had lace shorts on rather than a dress was not real important. I heard Leanne giggle.

“Yes, he was nervous about wearing a dress, so I told him he could wear shorts tonight. But those are his. I decided it wasn’t fair for him to have to borrow mine. All the clothes he is wearing are his.”

“I see, so the pantyhose and pretty lingerie under his shorts and vest, those are his too? I guess he wanted to be fully accessorized for his debut. I noticed he seems to be walking a bit more confidently in his heels too. I guess it comes pretty naturally to some.”

As he spoke he moved his hand up my leg, slipping under the edge of my shorts. I could feel his hand caressing my butt through the lace shaper. He ran a finger under the edge of it, tracing the line up and down my ass. Although it was strange to have someone else touch me, it gave me electric shocks. But I could also feel my face turning a bright red.  I tried to step back a bit, but he kept his hand firmly gripped on my ass, so I kept still. As he resumed moving his hand, he turned his attention back to Leanne.  He put his drink down on the table, and smoothly slid his right hand along the top of her breast, dipping into her cleavage to grasp the gold chain with the key. Pulling it slightly, it forced her to lean toward him so the chain wouldn’t break.

“I notice you wore this same necklace last weekend too. The key is shiny, but seems too realistic to be jewelry. This is a real key, a key for a real lock. What are you keeping under lock and key?”

I was stunned by this move. He had blatantly touched her breasts, while he grabbed the key. As he spoke my heart seemed to stop. Malik was obviously more observant than we had expected. I could see the shock in Leanne’s eyes as well. This evening had quickly taken a turn we hadn’t expected and she was a bit unnerved. His question had caught her off guard, and I could see her struggling to find a believable answer. As she hesitated, he pulled the necklace a bit more, putting her face almost touching his.

“What lock is so special that a woman wears the key on her necklace all the time?”

I saw her blink, her face a blank. She was caught and didn’t know what to do. Her mind was racing with no real answer, but the truth. So to stop his withering gaze, she blurted it out.

“It is a key for Lewis’s chastity device. I lock him up on occasion.”

Malik smiled broadly and turned to me, still holding Leanne close to his face. I could see his eyes glance at the round little mound, where my cock should be, highlighted by the tight crochet shorts. He slid his left hand around the edge of the shorts and then grabbed the mound through my shaper and hose. I could feel his fingers exploring the edge, feeling the hardness of the metal cup through the fabric.

“Well that explains one thing. Last week and tonight, I could plainly see a little mound highlighted by his clothes, rather than the outline of a cock, even a small white cock; it looked more like a pussy. So you let Leanne lock you up? That can make for some fun sex play.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say or do. I stood there stunned with a face burning red. Turning to face Leanne again, he smiled.

“So is this the only key?  Normally little locks come with two, do you keep the other here in case you lose this one?”

Befuddled by the turn of events and a bit embarrassed by his sudden intimate knowledge of our practices, she boldly answered him. She wanted him to know that he was not holding the only key.

“No, we put the other key in our safe box at the bank. That way we always know where the spare is and it is protected.”

Satisfied, he slipped his hand out from my shorts and moved to the back of her neck. Releasing the pressure on the necklace slightly, he quickly unhooked the clasp and pulled it off Leanne’s neck. Glancing at me, he slid it in his pocket, while he kept her close to him with the other hand.

“Well enforced chastity can be a wonderful sex enhancer. But it works best when the key holder is outside the couple. What is the longest Leanne has kept you under lock and key?”

My heart was pounding and my mouth was dry. All I could think about was him putting the key in his pocket, and how he was holding Leanne so closely to him. I swallowed weakly and softly answered.

“A few days at most, it is not a big part of our routine.”

“A few days, I guess you’re really ready to come after that. But those feelings of frustration, anticipation, and anxiety can really build with a longer period of chastity. After a longer period of confinement the sexual release can be much more explosive. Maybe we should try that. Part of the excitement of being locked up is the loss of control and not knowing when release will come.  I now have the control here, at least until the banks open on Monday.”

With that, he turned back to Leanne and pulling her in closer, kissed her fully on the lips. It was a shock at first, and she gave a bit of jerk as if to pull away. But the pressure of his hand and his soft lips lured her to stay and they exchanged a deep French kiss. Finally releasing her, he turned back to me. Taking the present off his lap, he gave it to me. I was standing there stunned, not believing he now had my chastity key, that he had just kissed my wife in front of me, and was so calm and cool about it. I took the present almost as if I didn’t know what else to do. He indicated that I should open it.

Looking down, I pulled off the ribbon, lifted the lid and took out the item inside. It was fabric, and opening the folds I could see what it was. It was an apron, red with black hearts printed over it, and black lace trim on the halter top and hem. Across the bodice was a script version of ‘I Love Lucy’. I held it up, both puzzled and embarrassed by it. Leanne had begun to recover from the shock of losing the key. She knew we had another one and decided that Malik’s actions would only make things hotter. The kiss was a surprise, but she liked it. If she had her way, they would continue to tease me and then I would spend tonight and tomorrow with my head between her legs and using the black dildo to work her to orgasm after orgasm. She decided to get back in the game.

“Oh how nice, it is a pretty apron. It really has that fifties housewife look. Are you a fan of the Lucy shows? They were hilarious at the time.”

“Not really, I prefer raw, cutting edge comedy. But I was looking for a nice apron for Lewis. I mean I felt sort of responsible for his getting his black slacks stained that first week he cooked for me. In a way, I thought he wound up wearing your clothes because of me. When I saw this at the store, it seemed perfect. When I had been here before, he acted like an innocent housewife, intent on impressing her guest through her cooking and how nice everything looked. But it also suggested a solution to a problem I had with him. My best friend growing up was also named Lewis. He was a rough and tumble guy, someone who wasn’t afraid to try anything and who would fight you in a second if you crossed him. Nothing personal, but your husband just didn’t seem to deserve the name. When I saw the apron, it gave me an idea. Maybe his name ought to be Lucy rather than Lewis. Now that I’ve seen him in his sexy little outfit, the not-a-dress-but-shorts-outfit, I know I made the right choice. So, put it on for me Lucy. Let’s see how you look in a pretty little apron.”

Leanne burst out laughing, and looked at Malik. Grinning she stood up to help me put on the apron, spinning me around so she could tie the strings into a big bow in back. I was totally confused. I thought she would be scared, worried and a bit outraged at how controlling Malik had become. And to top it off, he was now suggesting I be called Lucy. It was too much. But when Leanne got up and tied me into it, I didn’t know what to do. Standing there, I just looked at her. Smiling she stepped back to check me out.

“That is totally darling. I couldn’t agree more Malik; he definitely needs a new name. Lucy is perfect. I’ve always wanted a nice little housewife. Now that we’ve put him in an apron, I can work on that. I assume you’ll keep the key for us? It will be easier to extend his time locked up, if I can’t give in to his whining. I’ll talk to you about a suitable arrangement for how and when you return the key. For now, let’s just enjoy the show and the wonderful dinner my little Lucy has prepared.”

She laughed and offered Malik her hand. Standing up, she led him to the table and indicated that I should start serving. Sitting intimately at the romantic table, they enjoyed the delicious gourmet meal I had prepared. Malik made it clear from the start that I wouldn’t be sitting at the table with them. Instead he suggested I stand and eat off the sideboard serving table that was adjacent to their table. I wore the apron in the kitchen, but slipped it off while we ate. Wearing only the open-weave crochet outfit seemed almost like wearing nothing.

I felt totally humiliated by how the evening was going. However, Leanne loved how he took charge. She was getting wetter and hotter with every turn. She imagined how I was straining in my little prison and how my mind was tortured by the loss of the key. She was content knowing it would be all unlocked on Monday and so relaxed to enjoy my torment. She knew I would translate that angst into sexual release for her. She also was bathing in the attention from Malik. He was a younger man, a handsome man, and a man who exuded confidence. That he found her so attractive was complimenting to her. She thought that a little foreplay between them would only stoke my fires, especially if I had to wait two more days to release them. So, she didn’t resist his overtures. The stroking of her cheek, the lean in to exchange a kiss, or the feel of his hands along her thigh or waist, all these made her hotter and me more tense.

Malik’s mind was also racing. He had been on edge ever since he came to look at the apartment for rent. The place seemed perfect and he also got the distinct impression that the owner, Leanne, found him attractive. She was extremely friendly the first time he looked and when he returned for a final check through and to sign the papers, she was wearing a tight shirt and small shorts. She had a lovely body with a round ass and small but perky breasts. Malik had learned early on to judge people not just by what they said, but also by how they said it and the subtle body clues they gave off. This woman found him attractive and desperately wanted him to rent their place. She also knew she had a nice body and took special measures to emphasize her breasts. He got the feeling she made them more noticeable because in reality she wanted them to be bigger; so he would remember to pay attention to them. That would make her like him even more.

The feeling of attraction continued when he met the husband, Lewis, after he moved in. Leanne gave off vibes that she wanted him. Lewis on the other hand was a bit shocked and nervous when they met. Malik could tell that something, likely his race, was making the man nervous, not in a racist sort of way, but more of an intimidation factor. He sensed the husband had a submissive nature. A nature that his wife was working to enhance, deliberately portraying the husband’s cooking as a domestic role. The offer for dinner was not unexpected, since he thought the woman had some ulterior motive.

That first dinner gave him more clues about them. He had decided to be a bit aggressive in approaching Leanne and to throw out a dismissive barb at her husband, cloaked as a joke. Lewis was embarrassed and a little angered by the so-called-joke, but Leanne loved it. Malik knew then that she wanted to further subdue her husband. He suspected they were using him to stoke some sort of sexual game.

The second dinner quickly confirmed his analysis. When the husband opened the door, Malik could see immediately that he was wearing women’s clothes. Many men would not have seen the clues, but Malik had worked in a clothing store during college. He knew right away that the top was a woman’s blouse, from the button locations, the cut of the shoulders, and the small print pattern. The pants looked like women’s wear as well. Men just didn’t wear skinny ankle gripping pants like that; later seeing the side zipper waist opening clinched that diagnosis. His other suspicions were confirmed during the course of evening. Again, he threw out a loaded comment to see how the Reece’s would react. The wife did as he expected, taking the opening to further feminize the husband in front of him. Why else would she have told him that the pants were indeed hers and that she had forced Lewis to wear something as overly feminine as a control garment as well? The pumps were the clincher. The submissive nature of the man was now fully established.

But Malik also gained clues from Leanne’s appearance. Again she wore overtly sexual clothing emphasizing her boobs. But nestled between them was an odd piece of jewelry, a small key on a chain. He’d seen keys that represented love, usually with a matching lock on another chain, but they were representations of keys. This looked to be a real operational key; there were even small scratches where it had been inserted and turned in a lock. What would she be locking up? As the evening wore on, he spotted it. The skin tight pants would have highlighted any man’s genitals, even if they were small. There was a pronounced bulge in Lewis’s pants, but it was an ovoid shape, symmetrical without the lumps or protrusions that testicles and penis make. It looked like his genitals had been hidden in or under something; maybe something like a chastity device. That fit perfectly with his analysis of the couple using him for a private sexual boost.

Now that he had that established what would he do with the knowledge? He decided to push the edge a bit to see how the couple would react. He gave Lewis an order, sat close to Leanne, and generally took control. While Lewis was in the kitchen, Malik started hitting on Leanne, leaning in, being suggestive in his language, accidentally brushing her boobs, or making a show of looking at them before gazing back into her eyes. She reacted positively to all of it. She was a natural flirt and the attention he gave her breasts was well received by her.  By the end of the evening he had a plan, in mind. He would research it over the next week; he confidently invited himself back for the next dinner, even changing the night just to prove he could.

By the time Malik knocked on their door for the third dinner, he had worked out his plan for success. Just like his day trades, he had learned as much as he could to be prepared. First, he searched online for chastity devices that might look like the profile that Lewis showed. The one he found that looked like the best match had a metal cup that was ovoid in shape and would look smooth under clothes. If this was the model, he was in luck, because it was well made and would be difficult to get out of without the key. In case Leanne was a little slow to push Lewis, Malik wanted to put him in something feminine himself, an apron would be perfect. He looked online till he found something suitable, the 50’s housewife look. He had noticed that some of the aprons featured Lucille Ball, an icon for that era. That gave him the idea to not only give Lewis a new feminine item, but to rename him, if possible. He made up a story that would support the name change. He had decided that Leanne wanted Lewis to be submissive and it looked like feminizing him was her strategy If so, providing him with an apron, a universal sign of both femininity and submissiveness, and a girl’s name would be well received by her.

Malik also found out about Lewis’s job; his boss, what he did and what the company produced. Lewis was what he appeared to be, a middle level administrator in a small local company. In a lucky coincidence, Joe Simons, the owner of the company had approached the firm where Malik worked for investment advice. He had originally been assigned to another broker because he only wanted to invest a limited amount of funds; Malik had started getting assigned bigger investors because of his success. But Malik had been able to trade a larger more lucrative account to get assigned Mr. Simons’ account. He might make less money, but his odds with the Reeces’ would increase tremendously if he had leverage, real or just perceived, on Lewis through his company. As Leanne opened the door that night, Malik started his operation.

Looking at her, he was pleased that she continued to dress so provocatively and that she was wearing the key.  He was overjoyed at how Lewis was dressed. Leanne was literally forcing him to be feminine in front of Malik. Malik saw the embarrassment in his face as well as the gleam in Leanne’s eyes indicating she loved seeing her husband squirm. The presence of the chastity device was also confirmed quickly. Leanne snuggled close to Malik as they sat down, giving him more encouragement. By the time, he had directed Lewis around, and fondled his leg and ass, Malik was almost certain that he was going to succeed. That gave him the courage to pull the key maneuver. It worked better than he had dreamed possible. Not only did she tell him about the chastity device, she also confirmed that the only key accessible that weekend was in his hand. By the time, he pulled her close to kiss her, Malik knew that all the phases of his plan would work. Even Leanne’s initial resistance to his kiss seemed almost scripted for Lewis; her tongue plunged into his mouth as if she were starving. She quickly became a co-conspirator, pushing Lewis, now Lucy, further into a feminized submissive role. However, Malik knew Leanne’s secret. He saw it in her eyes when he grabbed the key. As much as she wanted to dominate Lewis, she also craved someone controlling her. That would happen, but just not tonight. Tonight he needed to get the couple to the point where it could all be tied together tomorrow. He would allow her one more night to think she was pulling the strings.

The dinner was now complete, and I wanted to clean up and get back to the kitchen. The evening had been a tug of war between my sexual arousal of being humiliated and dominated and the agony of watching my wife flirt with a man; now the sexual tension was becoming unbearable. I had been able to convince myself that the kisses shared between my wife and Malik were meaningless, done just to ratchet up our lust. But it was still hard to watch and the heels, shaper and cosmetics were becoming more annoying with every minute. I don’t know how women stand it. What was even worse was how Malik seemed to find a new button to push every minute. I just wanted to speed everything up; the idea of waiting till Monday to be release was playing in all my thoughts. I was just getting ready to clear the table, but now Malik wanted something else.

“Lucy, you’ve been flashing that pretty little lace shaper all evening, how about slipping out of your manly shorts to let me see it fully? I think it would be cute to see how your new apron would look just wrapped over your lingerie and hose.”

“That’s a great idea, Malik. Lucy you do as he says. I know you were eager to wear your new sexy shaper tonight. Let him see how good it looks on you.”

I looked at her with disbelieve. I know she was teasing me purposely to increase my humiliation so she would receive the benefits later, but she no longer even winked at me to signal she was playing a game. Plus, he would not know what was true from what was fantasy. But I felt I had no other choice, so I stood by the table and slowly untied the bows that held the vest together. Sliding it off my arms I put it on the couch and then turned to slip the crochet shorts down my legs. I did manage to angle myself so that my butt was not in full view as I bent over, but I had some trouble with the shorts catching on my heels as I tried to step out of them. They both laughed at my struggle.

“Leanne, I think you might want to invest in skirts for Lucy from now on. Now that he has made his point tonight with his shorts, it might be easier for him to just wear dresses when he feels the need to show off his legs. You do look very cute in that lacey shaper. Turn around let me see your butt. Nice. Just one more request. Leanne indicated that she locked you up in a chastity device and asked me to hold the key. Why don’t you let me see it, so I can appreciate the value of this request?”

I was dumbfounded. He expected me to undress and show him my bound genitals? I glanced at Leanne but she just smiled bigger, as if she was an innocent bystander to this whole evening. I knew I either had to come up with an excuse or go ahead. I thought momentarily, but had no reason not to show him. Defeated, I bowed my head and started to slip the straps off my shoulder. I heard Leanne giggle and saw her shake her head no.

“Lucy, you don’t need to take it off. Just reach down between your legs; the crotch has two snaps you can release to pull up the bottom so you can get to your hose and panties. Malik, please understand, Lucy is new to girls clothes. She has a lot to learn about the intricacies and subtleties of her new fashions. Sometimes I think it is true what they say about blondes being ditzy. Lucy seems as if he needs everything spelled out for her.”

I was starting to get mad now, but did as she suggested. Undoing the snaps, I pulled the panty part of the shaper up to my waist. I slipped my hands under the waistband of the pantyhose and pushed it down, below my crotch, so that it was tight across my thighs. I could feel my face flush as I pulled the thong down to where the hose were sitting. I was smooth everywhere, but the narrow little strip of hair right above my chastity device. My cock was fully hidden by the metal chastity cup over it, but my small balls were visible, squeezed out between the cup and the metal ring behind it. The lock hung down between them symbolizing how I had surrendered my control over my own sex organ. I would have never imagined having to do something so embarrassing in front of anyone let alone a man I barely knew.

I looked up to see Leanne, covering her mouth with her hand, trying to stifle a giggle. I must have looked ridiculous. I know I felt that way. Malik merely stared at me silently appraising my chastity bound cock for a moment before speaking. Not showing any emotions, he was wildly celebrating inside. The chastity device was the exact model he had seen on the internet, a solid quite functional design. Knowing that Lewis could truly be controlled was the final piece of information he needed to implement his plan. Clearing his throat, Malik questioned the humiliated husband in front of him.

“Nice job Leanne. He looks all locked up. I assume that it helps that he has a small cock. That would make the job much easier. Exactly how small are you Lucy?”

That comment was like a slap to my face; I had never considered myself to be small there, only average, so I let him know that.

“I’m more average in size than small, but I’ve never really measured myself.”

“I can’t believe that Leanne hasn’t put a tape measure to it. I would have thought at least you would have measured it Lucy, with your inventory background. Maybe that’s why you think it is an average size. From what I can see, it appears to be well below average. Average cock size for white males is 5.5 to 6 inches when erect. Black males are bigger naturally, averaging 7 to 7.5 inches when hard. Of course cock sizes are smaller when soft. So a small white man would be about 4 inches hard and around 2 inches soft. It looks like your device is close to 2 inches, so I’m pretty sure you are in the small category. We can settle this some other time since Leanne should know how you stack up against other, real men. But I’ve seen enough now. Go ahead and pull your panties up and get dressed again. I think you still have some chores to do. I want to spend some more time with your wife.”

I did as he said, my mind racing and my anger about to boil over. I couldn’t believe how he had insulted me and Leanne had said nothing to defend me. I quickly got dressed, pulling up my panties, hose and re-snapping the shaper. I slipped on that damn apron he had given me and started cleaning up. It was hard not to be mad, and I was almost stomping around in my heels so they would realize that. But they both seemed oblivious to me. They sat close together and I could see him being quite aggressive with her, as they exchanged some kissing and he fondled her. I was about to call it quits as I put away the last dish into the washer, when he stood up. Holding her hand, Malik brought Leanne to the kitchen where I stood nervously, tottering in my heels.

“This has been a very interesting and entertaining evening, but I’m afraid I need to be going now. I have a lunch meeting tomorrow with a new client, Joe Simons. He’s the CEO of a local company and wants me to handle his investments. However, I would like to get in some running in the morning. Leanne told me you like to run too, so how about you meet me tomorrow morning, say 7:30. So Lucy, just wait on the steps for me. Leanne, do you run too?”

“No I’m not into running, but I do work out at an exercise club, three times a week. I take dance and aerobic classes.”

“Well I guess you have something that Lucy can run in tomorrow? I want him to continue to express his new femininity. Something on the order of a tank top, tight shorts, and a lacy thong would be okay.”

“Malik, you think of everything. I will have him ready for his run tomorrow.”

With that, he leaned in and kissed her once more, slowly running one hand down from her waist to grip her ass, while the other slipped upward to fondle her left breast. I was beyond humiliation and just stood there, looking down at the floor. Hearing that Malik was meeting with the CEO of my company had elevated my worries. The whole night had seen our sexual fantasy take a much more realistic turn than I could have ever foreseen or desired. Now Malik was threatening to take it beyond a fantasy. I’m sure he knew that Mr. Simons ran the company I worked for, or he wouldn’t have mentioned it. Add to that the nervousness about running in public in Leanne’s gear. Now I had that to worry about as well as the temporary loss of my prized key. Leanne showed him to the door, and then turned to me. Her face was beaming and she had a sexual lust in her eyes.

“Oh god Lewis, I need you so badly. This has been such a turn on tonight I practically came a couple of times, just watching you and him. Malik knows how to push things, not to mention he is a really good kisser. But what I want now more than anything is the sweet touch of your mouth and tongue on me. I need to come.”

She reached behind her, unzipped her dress, and let it drop to the floor. I could see that her little G-string was soaked, and her thighs were shiny with the excitement running down her leg. She came to me and kissed me roughly and she pushed me down to a kneeling position in front of her. I pulled down her panty and began to kiss and lick her smooth lips and pussy. It was as if I had never tasted her before. I couldn’t get enough and she came almost as soon as I started. She held my face tightly into her pussy as she came, her legs trembling. As she released her hold on my head, she took my hand and we went upstairs.

Grabbing the large black dildo, she told me to strip. It felt like such a relief to get out of the tight feminine clothes. My cock was throbbing in its prison; it seemed to make it much harder, knowing that my release was no longer under our control. Once I was nude she laid me back on the bed, straddled my face with her thighs and told me to lick. As I worked my tongue on her pussy and down to the curve where her ass met her legs, she began to fuck herself with the dildo. Lying beneath her seeing that dark piston plunging into her, releasing the lust, made me both horny and scared; I couldn’t help but visualize Malik taking the role of the dildo, taking the role of the man in our sexual life. The pent up energy we had been building all evening led her to massive orgasms, but they hardly satisfied her. Not until she had come six times in less than two hours did she appear to be sated. My cock strained in its prison, leaking pre-cum and throbbing as I ate her. For me, it just built my sexual frustration and tension, wondering about how I could survive until Monday without releasing this energy.

We were both worn out, so she set the alarm for the morning and we cuddled together. She whispered how she had never been so horny in her life and that I had brought her to another level of sexual satisfaction. She whispered that Malik thought he was so hot, but while she kissed and flirted with him, all her thoughts were on me and our rendezvous later. She also consoled me that on Monday she would make my wait worthwhile, even suggesting that I call in sick so she could release me as soon as the bank opened.

The alarm startled us both, but Leanne was quick to give me some orders. She wanted me to take a shower to wash off our sex and the leftover makeup, then shave, but keep my hair dry.  I did as she asked thinking I had never cleaned up to run before. When I was finished, she handed me a nude lacy thong. With that firmly wrapping my imprisoned cock, I sat down at her vanity as she indicated. She began to put some curl in my hair, supplementing the ones that had survived from last night. I tried to protest, but she shushed me. Telling me she wanted to deliver a sexy little running mate for Malik. I could tell she was already developing a sexual tension. After she was happy with my curls, she applied a small amount of waterproof mascara, a touch of eye shadow and the shiny pink lipstick that matched my nails. I protested again, but she ignored me. I could tell she had planned this and I fully expected that when I returned I would find myself kneeling between her legs.

From her dresser she brought out a racer back tank top with a built in bra. It fit tightly over my chest and again she ignored my protests as she slipped the silicon breast pads into the cups. Stepping back she smiled as she liked what she saw so far. Turning back to the dresser, she rifled through her exercise clothes for a moment, until she found the bottom she liked. Holding it out for me, I stepped into it, and she pulled it up my legs. As she adjusted it, I noticed it was pair of tight shorts, with no legs, but with an attached skirt. It had a yellow trim around the waist and down the sides that matched the yellow in the flower pattern of the top. I really protested this, saying I won’t run in public in a skirt. I was about to pull it down, when she reached under it and grabbed my chastity cup. Looking me in the eye, she said I should do as she wants, unless I want her to wait till next week to get the key from the bank. I was surprised, but resigned myself to her demands. She finished the outfit off with a pair of her sneakers with bright yellow, pink and green colors that matched the colors in the floral pattern of the top.

I felt totally humiliated as I left to sit on the porch steps. My only consolation was that it was early for a Sunday and few would be out at this time. I was a bit relieved that Malik was not already waiting so I sat down. The occasional car driving by made me nervous and as I waited, the time began to pass. I kept looking at my watch as it crept toward 8 o’clock, but still no Malik. I began to worry that I had indeed missed him, and he had left without me. Just as I was about to go inside, I heard him come out. Smiling he looked at me as I stood up.

“Well aren’t you sweet looking. Good morning, Lucy, I see your wife has taken my instructions to heart. You ready to parade your sissy status around for everyone? Although, I must admit you look so feminine, few will realize you’re actually a boy under that skirt.”

As he talked, he came over and adjusted my skirt, pulling it down a bit. he then grabbed, the back of my thong, pulling it up so that the waist band was above my skirted shorts. He positioned it so that the lace was fairly visible at the back and sides. Slapping my ass, he told me to start jogging, he would follow. As we started I could almost feel him looking at me, the skirt dancing around my smooth legs as we went down the street. When we got to the turnoff to go to the park where I normally ran, he told me to go on down the street. That meant I was to keep running where more people might see me. We went past several businesses and houses, where activity was starting to increase, and even past a church were early attendees gave me some odd glances. Reaching a small commercial intersection, I had to stop to wait for the light. Malik came up behind me and whispered to me that I need to adjust my thong; he wanted me to pull up the waistband a little more. As we returned to jogging I felt dejected. It was as if he was parading me around as proof that he controlled me. Finally we got back to the house. It had been a stressful run, not from the exertion standpoint, but from an emotional one. As we started I was sure everyone would stare and laugh, but the glances I got were more admiring. It was almost more embarrassing that I was seen as an actual girl rather than a sissy. Malik was right. I looked so feminine as to be passable. That hurt my male pride more than if people had seen me as a sissy.

The relaxing jog had been just what Malik needed. He was totally surprised by how feminine Lewis had been when he saw him sitting on the steps. It made him feel powerful to know that Leanne was so intent on pleasing him, that she had basically sacrificed her husband’s masculinity. But the boy was cute in the skirt and padded top. She had done just enough with his makeup and hair, as to make him look very passable. It really helped that his long legs looked so hot in the short little jogging skirt. He had intended to pull up the thong, so Lewis would be showing some really identifiable feminine article of clothing. But with the skirt it seemed almost excessive. Malik did stick to his plan to run down the road. He knew there were at least a half dozen security cameras that would capture Lewis as he pranced along on his run, including one at the bank where his firm had connections. Malik’s luck continued when they were stopped at the light, so the traffic camera would fully record the cute little hottie adjusting her thong. But now that they were done, he needed to finish the charade and make this arrangement more permanent.

“Lucy come on inside and have some water with me. That was a good run. I can see you are in good shape. Get us two waters from the fridge and bring them into my living room.”

I was hesitant to follow him into the duplex, but knew I had few choices. I was trapped until Monday, and decided that since I had made it through the public gauntlet that things couldn’t get worse. I brought the water into the room.

“Good girl, now do me a favor and strip off that pretty little skirt and sexy panties. I want to get a closer look at your chastity device.”

I did as he ordered, leaving the damp clothes on the floor, as I stood there in front of him. Slightly embarrassed, I took a drink of water. He rose off the couch, and walked around me once, continuing until he stood behind me. He told me to put my hands back behind me in a matter of fact tone. I had become used to doing as he said, so I complied. I felt him grab my hand and he put my thumb in a small cuff, clicking it shut; I knew the feeling, because Leanne and I had a pair like this. My other thumb was soon locked up as well, so my hands were securely fastened behind me.  Stepping back in front of me, he was holding a small black lock in one hand. He held it up for me to see.

“Seen this type of lock before Lucy? It is a very secure design, built of titanium; very hard to cut or break. It is built by Master-Lock and is very appealing to me, and perfect for this situation. The black color and the large M on the front are perfect symbols for our relationship. You see I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by. I mean to be able to have a sissy slave to do as I say, plus his beautiful wife as well. I’ve always wanted to cuckold someone. I mean what young black man wouldn’t want to own a submissive white couple. But don’t worry, you’ll be treated fairly and will experience sexual desires like you’ve never expected. You’ll just have to surrender whatever male pride Leanne has left you as part of the price. But if you do as I tell you, everything will be fine.”

As he spoke, Malik took our key, still on the gold chain, and unlocked the small brass lock on my chastity device. He then smoothly slipped his lock through the hasp and clicked it shut. Pulling on it twice to be sure that was securely locked, he stepped back. I had begun to panic as soon as I saw the lock. Even though I hadn’t thought of this before, now it made perfect sense. Why would he allow us to get a key on Monday? That would end whatever control he had established. By exchanging our lock for his, he was in complete control. My breathing became rapid and shallow, and I felt like I was going to pass out. Malik stepped behind me and unlocked the thumb cuffs; he didn’t need them anymore as I was fully his. Once my hands were free I couldn’t help but run my fingers over the lock, hoping beyond reason that it wasn’t truly fastened.

“You do understand the significance don’t you Lucy. Your life is now mine, as is your wife’s. Look online when you get a chance, you’ll see how effective this lock can be. But first, I want you to go home, and get cleaned up. I want you and your wife back here in about 30 minutes. You’re to be dressed in nice outfit, a skirt or dress, with hose and high heels with your face fully made up. I want you to be pretty when you work for me. Leanne is to have on those gold pumps, her smallest pair of panties, and that white terry cloth cover-up she wears outside occasionally. While I’m eating lunch and getting to know your boss, I want you to clean my apartment. Leanne will supervise your work to help you learn all that a proper maid needs to know. Now, put on your little skirt and get back home. Here you can have your lock and key back. I won’t need it any longer.”

I did as he said my mind in a panic. The move with the lock and knowing he was going to see my boss seemed to put me in a hopelessly vulnerable position. All I knew to do was follow his orders and try to figure out something as we went along. I burst into our half of the duplex. Leanne was sitting at the kitchen table, leisurely having a cup of coffee. She smiled at me when I came in.

“Have a good run dear? Hope Malik wasn’t too good a runner for you to keep up. Did you enjoy showing off your pretty legs in my exercise skirt?”

I didn’t waste any time answering her silly questions. I needed to let her know how bad the situation had gotten so we could start trying to find a solution. I put the lock on the table. She smiled, obviously thinking that Malik had freed me so I could get some sexual release. As she looked at me, the expression on her face changed from excitement to puzzlement as she could see the worry on my face. I simply pulled down the skirt to show her the new black lock on my chastity device.

“He switched locks. Now I can’t get out without him. And he is going to have lunch with my boss. This isn’t just a fantasy to him. He wants control, control of both of us.  We need to think about how we can stop this. But unless you have a big idea, he wants us back at his place in 30 minutes. I am to clean his place while you show me how. So you need to get me ready.”

Leanne was distraught, but knew she needed to keep Malik happy at this point. She had me take a quick shower, while she dressed in the outfit I described to her. For me, she had a simple sheer white blouse and tight black mini skirt. I wore a white lace bra, filled with my forms, sheer to the waist black pantyhose, a black thong, and a pair of black pumps. She put a few more curls in my hair with her curling iron and did my face up. She used foundation, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, some false eyelashes, and a dark red lipstick. I looked really overdone, but we wanted to be sure Malik thought it was enough. When we were ready, we looked at each other and tried to be confident that everything would be ok. Knocking on his door, I felt like I was going to my doom.

“Right on time, I’m glad that you realize that being punctual for me is very important. Good morning Leanne, I assume you know the current situation. There is a new order here from now on. Lucy is our slave. She is to obey both of us, and will be our servant. You will also be my submissive, but you will be reserved for my pleasure. I don’t want you to waste your time doing household chores either in my apartment or yours. So I want you to fully train Lucy on all the necessary jobs to keep our places spotless. Of course she will continue to provide healthy, delicious meals. You can start training her on domestic skills while I’m gone. But first I think it will help you understand the situation if we do a bit more examination. Lucy, turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

I did as instructed and soon my thumbs were cuffed together like earlier this morning. Malik then picked up a wide leather collar, placed it around Leanne’s neck, and locked it tight. Hanging down from the front of the collar was a short metal chain with a pair of thumb cuffs welded to it, which Malik placed on her hands and clicked, shut. Seeing that we were both incapacitated, he unbuttoned my skirt and pulled it down. Hooking his fingers in the waistband of my hose, he pulled them and the thong down to mid-thigh. Unlocking his lock, he opened the chastity device so that my cock was exposed. He turned to Leanne and gave her a cloth tape measure.

“Get down on your knees and let’s take an inventory of Lucy’s little penis. Measure along the top of his shaft, placing the end of the tape against his body; don’t push in as we want a realistic idea of how much cock he could give a woman.”

Leanne reluctantly did as he instructed, fumbling a bit with her restrained hands. But she was able to get a measurement. Just her touch on my penis felt great, even under these circumstances. Her answer to his question about my length caused me to blush a bit.

“How long was he?”

“About 2 and half inches”

“Not about, what was it exactly?”

“2.1 inches”

But I couldn’t believe it, when Malik told her to suck me. He wanted her to measure me when erect. The feel of her warm, soft lips and probing tongue were like ecstasy. I hardened up immediately, the pent up sexual tension expressing itself in my rock hard cock. Just as I was beginning to lose control, she moved her mouth away and again awkwardly measured my penis, using the same technique as earlier. He looked at her. This time she blushed.

“3.9 inches”

“Well that is pretty good; almost double the size than when she is soft. Of course, that means it is officially a small penis, so small as to not deserve to be really called a cock. I can see why you felt no loss when you put it under a lock and key. I’m sure Lucy gave you much more pleasure with his tongue than you ever got with his little stub. Now do me one more favor, measure me.”

With that, he unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them and his underwear down. The move revealed his cock and although still soft it appeared to be substantial. Leanne measured him, stretching the tape out. Looking up at Malik as she finished she did not need to be prompted.

“5.3 inches”

He smiled. The implication was immediate. He was longer soft than I was hard. Although she tried to be reserved, a smile crossed her face. I could see that she was anticipating the feel of his cock in her; the feel of something big enough to touch everywhere and to give her much more stimulation. He stepped back and began to get dressed, telling her to face me again. He told her to deal with my erection, by squeezing my balls. She looked at him for a minute in a questioning manner, but after he waved her on, she softly squeezed my sack. The pain was enough to make my penis softened quickly. Once I was soft, he told her to put my stub into its cage. She did as told. After he put his pants back up, he turned to me and locked up my chastity device, removed the thumb cuffs, and told me to straighten up my skirt.

As I was doing this, he had Leanne standup and without any ceremony, unzipped her cover-up, letting it fall to the floor. She stood there virtually nude before him. He leaned in and sucked softly on her left nipple as his left hand caressed her right breast. Her gasp was barely audible, but I could tell she was aroused at this whole situation. Smiling, Malik stepped back, but ran his hand down to her panties and groped her pussy momentarily through the fabric. Already her arousal was beginning to make her panties wet.

“Leanne I will satisfy you later, if Lucy does a good job on my apartment. She is to clean the whole place, do my dishes, strip and remake the bed, and gather the laundry. She’ll do that back at your place, while I show you your new role. I expect you to supervise her work only, do not help her, but just tell her how to do it properly. I should be gone about two hours. I expect Mr. Simons will be interested in my plans for investing his money, but I’m sure the fact that I rent from one of his employees will come up in the conversation. Maybe I can mention how you re-worked the inventory form, Lucy. I want him to know what a good worker you are. Of course, I could always invite him here for one of your delicious meals. Is that how you want your boss to get to know you better?”

The implied threat was left hanging, as Malik left for his lunch. Leanne and I commiserated only momentarily on our dire position, before I began to clean his place. Leanne was insistent on doing each task as best as I could. I could sense the fear in her voice as she realized how precarious our new position was relative to Malik. But there was also an undertone of anticipation. I knew her well enough to realize the prospect of fucking Malik and his large cock was turning her on. She began to get more turned on by her situation, virtually nude with her hands cuffed, but still in charge of me. It was approaching her ideal fantasy. She was both submissive and dominant. As we worked our way through his apartment, the time speed on and as it was approaching two hours since Malik left, we hurried. I had just gathered all the laundry in a basket by the door and bagged up the trash when he returned. He surveyed the room, and went down the hall to the bedroom, appraising the work we had done. Returning to the living room, he caressed Leanne’s ass cheek as he spoke to me.

“Very nice Lucy, it seems you are capable of learning the responsibilities of your new role. Your boss was very interested in my situation with you and confirmed that you were a reliable, if perhaps unspectacular, worker. Of course, I didn’t expose your secret desires, but I had a feeling that Mr. Simons could understand how I might take advantage of the situation. He seemed to like to be in control too. Well you can go home now and do my laundry; get everything washed and dried. Leanne can show you how to iron my stuff later. First she needs to learn her new role with me. It’s time she finds out how slutty she can be. I can see she has been anticipating the feel of my cock, if her wet panties are the indicator I suspect they are. They obviously need to be laundered now, so why don’t you kneel down, take off her panties for me, and then you can go do your work, while I start her training.”

Kneeling before her, I pulled down her panty, slipping it past her heels as she raised her trembling feet one by one. I could sense both dread and excitement in her body, the same feelings I was experiencing. Adding her panty to the laundry basket I picked it and the trash up and made my way outside. Although the weekend had been full of humiliating experiences, nothing felt like this. I was surrendering my wife to another man, knowing full well that he planned to sexually use her. Compounding that fact was that I was now exposing myself to the neighbors in my feminized appearance. The walk to put his trash into the can by the street made my heart race and I felt light headed. The click, click, click of my heels on the concrete sounded like church bells ringing out in the neighborhood. I tried not to look around, but could almost feel the stares of a couple of people across the road.  My only consolation was that I knew my appearance was convincing as a female and perhaps they would not recognize me.

Reaching the safety of the porch again I entered our half of the duplex. I felt like crying as I racked my brain to see a way out of this, but I realized we were stuck in his control. Starting the wash took my mind off what was happening next door, but I had to busy myself by cleaning our apartment while the washer was running to keep my mind occupied. I went through the motions of cleaning his clothes and by the time they were done, I had cleaned our floors, dusted, and straightened up the house. Making the bed was agonizing; it only reinforced that Leanne was now in another man’s bed and made me wonder if we would every share this one again. As I was sliding away in despair, the phone rang. It was Malik, or as he made clear to me, Master.

“I trust you have finished my clothes. Your slut wife and I are ready for a break, so I want you to prepare a meal for us. Nothing fancy, just something nutritious. Bring my clothes back, as I need you to clean up the mess we made.”

I walked quickly from our apartment to his, trying to use the basket full of clean clothes as a shield. Inside the apartment, I went back to the bedroom. As I entered I could see the evidence of their sexual actions. Malik had removed the collar and cuffs and Leanne was totally nude, reclining back on the bed, her legs spread wide. I could see her pussy was coated with his cum, the lips swollen and red, and her opening gapping widely from the size of his cock. He was lying beside her, idly playing with one of her breasts, his cock also coated and lying semi-hard between his legs.

As I looked at the scene, I suddenly noticed that he had decorated her body, using a black marker. Immediately above her pussy, was a black spade and close on each side of her slit were two numbers, 5.3 and 8.0. Further away, at the crease where her thighs met her torso were two smaller numbers, 2.1 and 3.9. The significance of the design was very clear to me. The larger numbers were his, the smaller were mine. His were close to her sex as was the black symbol. He had marked her as his territory, and in doing so was reminding me of how my size was inferior to his and my position was submissive to his.

Leanne seemed a bit embarrassed, but also had an air of satisfaction on her face. I could tell she had thoroughly enjoyed being fucked by his large cock. The way she spread her legs, it seemed apparent that she was proud of herself and not ashamed of what had happened, not even the temporary markings near her pussy. Malik said nothing, but merely motioned toward her pussy. I knew what he wanted, so I knelt at the edge of the bed. Despite all my anger at what was happening, how he had taken her, how she had violated our vows to each other, and what he had done to me, I obeyed his unspoken command and began to lick her. Softly at first, I ran my tongue over her labia and her inner thighs. Pursuing my lips, I removed as much of his cum as I could. The taste was pungent, salty with a musky flavor. It was both similar and different than the way my cum tasted.

As I focused more on her pussy, she moaned softly, as if the stimulation although pleasant was painful because she had almost too much excitement with him. I ran my tongue between her lips and as deep into her as I could. Her murmurs became muted, as Malik leaned in to her and they kissed. Glancing up I could see the excitement on her face, as being kissed by two men was heavenly. Again, despite my frustration at what was happening, my own cock was rock hard confined in its prison. It throbbed unrelentingly confirming to me that I was indeed a submissive and even though I wanted to protest this event, my cock betrayed my real feelings.

I continued to clean her until I had removed all the slimy cum with my tongue. Seeing I was done, Malik tapped my head, and rolled his body, so that his cock was more accessible. My face flushed deeply, as I moved between his legs. They continued to kiss, as I took his cock into my mouth. I had gotten used to the size and shape of Leanne’s dildo, so I could easily take his length into my mouth. What surprised me was the warmth and softness of his organ. Those sensations were totally absent from the artificial penis I had sucked. The taste was the same as on her pussy, and it was easier physically to strip off cum from his shaft than it had been to tease it from Leanne’s folds. But the mental humiliation was far greater in cleaning Malik. I knew Leanne was watching me, watching me become a cock sucker, watching me debase myself for this man.

Whatever image she had of me as a man was now being blurred by visions of a feminized Lewis with a large black cock in my mouth. This knowledge did not cause my cock to soften, in fact it was now as fully engorged as the chastity tube would allow, causing me a heavenly mix of pain, pleasure, and humiliation. As I worked my mouth up his shaft, he began to harden. His reaction to my oral attentions was noticed by Leanne, and she chuckled softly. Their reactions caused my face to flush deeper and I couldn’t look her in the eyes.  Finally, as I had cleaned him sufficiently, he told me to go back to my apartment and start supper. They would join me shortly. As I rose, Leanne pointed out that I needed to fix my makeup; all the cosmetics were on her vanity.

“Lucy you’ll need to remember from now on when you lick me or suck Malik’s cock that you will to touch up your makeup. We can make it a little better by getting you some waterproof styles, but even so it will important for you to check your look. I expect you to be neat and pretty for Malik when you are serving us.”

I couldn’t do anything but nod my head, as they got out of bed to go take a shower.  I retreated to our apartment. Wiping their sexual juices off my face, while looking in the mirror made realize how my life had changed. I couldn’t dwell on it, but fixed my makeup and went to the kitchen to start something for them to eat. They appeared shortly. He was dressed minimally in a long bathrobe and Leanne was naked. She slipped upstairs to put on a clean thong and a sheer robe that did nothing to hide her breasts. She snuggled up to him while I cooked. We ate the meal in silence; I think because Leanne and I were stunned at how quickly our life had changed.

Once I had cleaned up from dinner, I brought them both a drink and they began to renew their sexual interaction. She knelt between his legs and slowly sucked his cock, while he explained that he was now the master of the duplex. He would allow us time to our selves, but when he wanted us we had to serve him. I was to always be dressed femininely when at home, must wear women’s underwear at work, and he might even expand my work wardrobe to include women’s pants and blouses so I would always be reminded that I was no longer the man of the house. To reinforce that point, once Leanne had gotten him fully erect, he made me kneel and replace her. Malik made a point of telling me how to suck him, how to run my tongue around the rim of his cockhead and how to softly suckle his nut sack when I stuffed it into my mouth. While I was servicing him, Leanne kissed him and allowed him to fondle and kiss her breasts.

Once he had fully demonstrated that he ruled us now, he took Leanne upstairs and fucked her again in our bed. Because of their earlier sex, Malik took forever to come, bringing her to multiple orgasms while I knelt watching at the foot of the bed. It was obvious Leanne loved his sexual prowess, and I had to admit he was far better than I at bringing her off. Once they both climaxed, they rolled over to rest. Looking at me, he set out some orders.

“Lucy bring me all your sex toys. I know you two sluts must have some and I deserve to know what pleasures you create for yourselves.”

I did as he commanded. He examined most of the items knowingly but not showing any emotion. It was obvious he knew about thumb cuffs, wrist restraints, and the range of dildos we had, but when I showed him the large black one, he smiled.

“Lucy is that yours or is just for Leanne? What have you done with it before?”

“We both use it, although it is mostly for her. I’ve gone down it, as a role play device simulating serving her black lover and then I use it to fuck her to orgasm.”

That answer, although honest, brought a deep blush to my face. It seemed clear from that statement that we had initiated our relationship with him for more than a need for a good renter. Leanne found it hard to hear the explanation and looked down at her hands while we talked.

“I see; it makes sense as a tool to compensate for your small size. It also reinforces your submissive nature, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, I guess it does. We had made a conscious effort to use role play in our love making and to heighten those feelings we couldn’t achieve on our own.”

“Has Leanne every fucked you with it?”

Blushing even more, I answered.

“No, that was not something we tried. That kind of sex didn’t appeal to me. I know she loved the size, but to me, it seems too big.”

“Well we might want to try that sometime, but it would be more logical for you to work up to a big size. I could enjoy watching Leanne mount you and show you what a submissive girl feels when being taken. But that will be for later. Now I want you to understand that your pleasure is no longer under your control. I’m sure this day has been a shock to you and Leanne, but I want you to end the day remembering how explosive your climax was. Leanne you take the wrist cuffs and restrain Lucy to the bed.”

She followed his instructions, spreading my arms and attaching them to the headboard with the locking wrist restraints. She then removed my pantyhose and lace thong, so my chastity tube was uncovered. As I lay on my back, my cock throbbed in the cage. Despite all my humiliations and knowing that my wife was probably hooked on Malik’s large cock, I was as excited as I had ever been. The idea of getting to come was overriding everything else. Malik then took the thumb cuffs and locked Leanne’s arms behind her. As we waited on the bed, he took his key and unlocked my chastity device. Once it was free, my cock sprang up, pulsating back and forth in the air, as if begging for relief.

Malik then directed the scene. I first cleaned her pussy as she straddled my face. Then she had to take one of the small dildos in her mouth and work it into my ass. The feel of its hardness in me reinforced how I was truly submissive to her and Malik. Once it was buried, she was allowed to lick my balls and shaft. The touch of her tongue and lips was like electricity and my passion was peaking. Finally he told her to take my small white cock into her pussy. As she engulfed me, I could tell how much she had been stretched by his size during all the encounters of the day. But because it was similar to how she was after I used the dildo on her she knew how to wiggle and hump so that she could bring us both to a momentous climax. The wet warmth of her pussy was like a magic potion, removing all the shame and humiliation that occurred earlier. Finally as I could hold back no longer, I erupted into a climax which also triggered one in her. Writhing and moaning we both collapsed into a wet sweaty heap, she laying across my body as we gasped for breath.

Malik had been silent since we started fucking and he now stood up by the bed, wrapped in his robe. While we lay there together, recovering from a sexual high, he reached over and unlocked Leanne’s thumb cuffs. Then unexpectedly he tossed the keys to my cuffs and to the black lock of my chastity tube on the bed.

“I see you loved this experience. I hope the weekend and all the excitement of my dominance were what you were seeking. I have a good intuition about people and I felt you both needed this and would reach heights of sexual passion that could not be achieved without me. I certainly had the time of my life. If this is what you sought, then do as I ask.

Leanne you put that key in you safe box at the bank. I’ll keep the other key. After you clean up and rest, lock Lewis back up. He can begin to build the sexual urges for the next time I grant his release. He is to wear something feminine and sexy under his clothes to work tomorrow. Leanne you pick out what he should wear. Tomorrow I want Leanne to come by my work and we’ll go out to lunch. If you both want to be my slaves, I will explain how we go forward from here. If you decide not to follow up on this sexual peak, then just invite me over for dinner next weekend, and we’ll drop back to our normal landlord – renter relationship. But I hope you choose this new path, a path that will allow you to enjoy a duplex life; one role as a normal couple and one as a submissive pair to dominant black man.”

With that he turned and headed down the stairs and back to his apartment. Leanne and I were stunned, but as we lay there, smiles crept across our faces. The worry that the loss of control that we felt earlier was gone, but it was rapidly beginning to be replaced by thoughts of how we could continue this frightening and thrilling game. Exchanging soft kisses, we unlocked each other and hugged tightly for a while before going to take a relaxing shower. By the time we finally went to sleep we had made our choice.