!Sophie takes charge parts 1 to 10 complete text

Sophie Takes Charge. Part One


By Deborah Ford


My ex hubbie loved being in a chastity cage so this time, when James mentioned it, I wasn’t knocked out of my stride. My ex dictated terms, expecting to be played with whenever he wanted. Then he would be released when he wanted. And all the time he was in my ear making demands. Pain in the arse. Never again.


So this time I was prepared for James. What are the odds at having two guys with this peculiar chastity fetish? Maybe I attract them!

What I didn’t want was this constant nagging for attention so I had to make it clear what was demanded of James from the outset.

We had a few drinks, I was clearing away the meal. All was at ease, we were both in a good place.

‘So what do you want?’ I ask him as I plucked up the last of the plates.

James, red faced with the alcohol. ‘Well, you know Sophie.’

He left it hang so I sat down and waited. I knew he would fill the silence eventually.

‘I’d like to have a cage on, down below,’ he laughed away his embarrassment. ‘You know, for a laugh.’


Swallowing he avoids my eyes, opening his hands. ‘Well, a bit of fem dom, you know.’

‘That covers a huge area. Whippings?’

‘God no!’

He looked terrified but I resisted a giggle and kept a po face.

‘Maybe a spanking,’ he took a gulp of wine.


‘I’ve told you.’

‘Remind me.’

‘I like the idea of cuckolding. But I don’t really want you to do it.’

‘Just pretend?’

‘Yes. Yes.’


Oh my love, you know.’

‘Say it.’

Now he can’t catch my eyes. ‘I told you before.’

I grin. With his head down he can’t see me enjoying his discomfort. I am not a bitch but some guys sort of just ask for it. ‘Tell me again.’

‘I like a bit of crossdressing. Nothing serious. You know, play the maid now and then.’

Having heard what I needed I rose.

‘Darling? What do you think?’ He looks needy, like a puppy.

‘I think I want to mull this over. That’s all.’

He makes to interrupt but I glare at him the way a teacher might at an errant young pupil until he bows his red face.

‘I will hear no more for now. You will not mention it again. I want to think about this, very carefully.’

‘No more! You don’t say any more until I mention it.’

He nods like a puppy dog, his eyes wide and uncomprehending. Just how I like him -sometimes.



Sophie Takes Charge. Part Two

Having established the ground rules, I did the research. Last time I left it to my ex to get a chastity device so I never knew if he was being honest with the keys nor if he could squirm out of it.

Having ordered James not to mention the chastity business until I instigated the conversation, he was of course bursting to do exactly that! Each time he hesitantly raised the topic I would shut him up.

‘Every time you mention it I will delay by a day when I tell you what will happen.’

Of course he then became all helpful. ‘Anything I can do for you Darling?’ Which I didn’t mind.

In truth I was struggling with my online inquiries. The majority of the web sites seemed to be by men and felt too fantastical to be true. Those written by women chimed with my own experiences of creating a monster. My ex constantly pestered me for some action. It was a nuisance I was determined to avoid with James.

I found what I was seeking by accident. On the third day, when I was actually looking at prices, not information web sites, I came across Gatemare Ltd a shop geared to male chastity devices but owned by a woman. Her prices were a little higher than others but there was a great deal of practical advice recorded around the site. At the bottom was a phone number to call for further assistance.

I had to have a stiff gin and tonic before making the call. Though I needn’t have worried. Genie, not her real name, had set up the shop three years ago in her spare time and now it was so busy she actually employed a couple of staff. She was very friendly to me but I could tell her opinion of men was not of the highest.

When I told her about my exasperating experiences with my ex, and all his irritating pleas for games, she laughed.

‘They are all the same. Honestly. That’s why you are right. You must lay down the rules at the outset. Just tell him the chastity affair will be over for good if he doesn’t follow your rules. Remember your rules. Not his rules. Big difference.’

I told her about the device I thought looked best, a long plastic, cage device.

‘Well first things first. You need to know how small he is when flaccid. If it is too long for him then he won’t be comfortable and you won’t hear the last of it.’

‘Well, I have never measured it really.’

‘Is it four inches or more when small?’

‘Oh no. Not that big.’

‘Then you don’t want the long cage you just suggested. A male chastity device is at its best when his little dickie touches the end of the cage.’


‘Is he between 2 inches and four?’

‘Nearer 2 really, I would say.’

‘If he is 2 or less then I have the ideal item for you. Just look up the Attica Hell 2.’

I did so and laughed. It was so small.

Genie laughed with me. ‘Yes, there is not much dignity in that is there? But he will be comfortable. No moving about. Also when he looks down he won’t be able to see much, which is also amusing.’

‘What is that thing at the end? Does it go into his penis?’

‘It’s called a ‘sound’. Don’t worry about it. Needs to be cleaned with alcohol before insertion but will ensure total security. It has a hole through it for him to pee. He can unscrew it without you having to unlock it.’

‘Wow. It would be funny to see him put that on. I know it is not what he expected.’

‘It comes with three keys of which we recommend that we keep one here at the shop. For an emergency.’

I felt doubtful. ‘Well, won’t he be able to call you for the key?’

‘Oh yes.’ Genie laughed evilly. ‘They all do that. That is part of the buzz. I love it when they try that on.’

‘Really?’ That sounded interesting.

‘Oh sure you wouldn’t believe it. I get emails first, pretending to be from the wife.’ She strikes up a whiney voice, ‘oh please help me. I have lost the key. Can you send me a replacement?’

‘Gosh. Do you?’

‘Of course not. But I tease them. I email back asking for details of the purchase. Then I get the ‘I have lost all my emails and the packaging’. And so it goes on. For days and days. Then they phone. Now they get shirty.’

‘Really,’ I am chuckling at her tale imagining my poor James trying that.

‘That’s when I put them straight. I am telling your key-holder, I say. They go quiet then. Because that’s when the begging starts.’ Again the comical whiney voice, ‘oh please don’t do that. Oh Please.’

‘Do you?’

‘Oh of course. These days I usually tell the keyholder straight away. I’ll have your mobile so I can text you. So he doesn’t know what is happening.’

‘Ah, James checks my phone messages.’

‘You must put a stop to that. You will encode your phone.’

I don’t like being told what to do. This was clearly a woman with an edge to her. On the other hand, it gave reassurance that James was never going to get the spare key from her.

‘In fact you will take control of his phone too. So you can see his messages and block his viewing of any porn sites.’

Now I was a little cross. ‘I am sure you have many suggestions but I want to do this my way.’

‘Of course. Sorry, didn’t mean to step on your toes. Would it be ok if I sent you an advice sheet? I do send it to all the women who buy these devices.’

I laughed. ‘I am always open to advice.’

‘Excellent. This will be the best decision of your life.’

I am embarrassed to say that as I put the phone down I felt more than a little hot. I looked at the Attica Hell 2 and grew even wetter. This was not what he was expecting at all. Wow!





So I ordered the Attica Hell 2 from Genie at Gatemare Ltd. Knowing I would only have a day to prepare myself I started to panic. All my planning had been in my head. Genie had given me a list of what she called ‘must haves’. The handcuffs she would supply along with something she called a bed bondage kit. Neither seemed too expensive. The bedroom bondage kit is designed to easily secure a guy to a bed but looked a bit complicated. I guess I would have to trust James to set it up, not that he is the most practical of guys!


The handcuffs were German police issue, with Genie promising they were hefty enough to make even a beefy man know he was secured until released. She insisted I needed a cane and sent me a further PDF specifically about canes! Who knew there was so much to buying a cane for punishment? Apparently the easy to find bamboo canes are rubbish, as they splinter and can easily cut the skin. Rather, I had to find a rattan or birch cane. I could see this was already becoming tiresome. I wanted to give James what he wanted, with a little amusement for me, not seek a degree in domination.

Fortunately, a family run shop in a town near where I was born stocked rattan canes. I bought six so it wouldn’t look suspicious, even though I couldn’t look the young girl in the eye when I paid.

According to the fact sheet, a cane does not require any effort. Genie maybe over the top in terms of advice, but some of it is amazing. A cane works because it compresses the skin on impact. That causes a little pain and give’s a tell-tale ‘U’ shape in the flesh, with two ridges forming either side of the impact. But seconds later the nerves that were compressed swell back and that is what gives the searing pain. Thus only a little wrist action from a dominant woman is required to get a satisfying result .

Genie insisted a collar was necessary. This I didn’t mind. I think the sub guys in the pictures on the internet shops look cute in their collars. Not like grungy punks, more like sweet adorable subbies. Once again Genie came to the rescue. She sold collars but pointed out that all BDSM stuff was a crazy price. She suggested I find an inexpensive large dog collar at a pet shop. However once again I had exacting but helpful instructions. This time to check his shirt collar size and use that as a basis for the dog collar. Now that was seriously good guidance! I found this really sexy, beefy leather collar with a choke chain at the front. It truly looked the part! The leash needed to be either leather or part leather and chain. It ought to be two metres in length and to avoid the retractable ones.

The problem was that the collar was in this gorgeous deep blue and none of the leads had a matching colour. In the end I chose a dull black one, but made a mental note to do some shopping online for a better match.

My feet were aching by the time I returned home. When does the fun start?

James was getting frantic, I hadn’t mentioned anything to him and he was not allowed to bring up the subject. In fact, this had been our first power exchange. A simple instruction for him not to attempt to discuss my femdom plan, which of course he was bursting to do. It made me feel hotly commanding. I know it is only in a minor way, so please don’t think I am overstating the situation. But to see James trying to be so helpful because he thought he is going to get his fetish box ticked is very emotional for me.

So I planned out in my head what would happen on that Wednesday evening. It would be a big moment for us both and if it failed then I would move on. I could move on but James wouldn’t be able to. This was the moment he had dreamt for all those years. I had to get it right. To be honest I also like playing the dominant role from time to time, so was interested how it would develop for me.

I think by Wednesday he was bristling. We hadn’t had sex for a few days, and he must have been wondering if his moment would ever come. The post van delivered the box and as James didn’t know his cage had even been purchased he didn’t even bother to find out what was delivered.

Unboxed, the Attica Hell 2 appeared scarily smaller than it did in the pictures online. Would he honestly be able to get his dick into it? The cage was little more than a severe looking miniature wire basket.

But now was the time and I felt hot. I mean really, dreamy hot. I wasn’t going to let this moment pass without dressing for it. I always feel really sexy in a particular short, tight mini skirt of mine. It is so daring! So with the matching tall heels and a tight top I knew I looked the part of the sexy dominatrix.

I went down to our dining room, pulled one of the tall high backed chairs from the table and sat down. I needed my breathing exercises to gain composure before calling out to him.


He came in carrying a newspaper, clearly not expecting the sight that greeted him. His face was a picture of shock and then expectation.

‘Put down the paper like a good boy James and then kneel before me right here.’ I pointed a finger at my feet and James dutifully dropped down to his knees, staring up at me with his mouth dangling open.

He was about to say something and I told him to shush. I am pleased to say he did. I saw his Adam’s apple bobble in his throat.

‘Now James, you have been asking for some time for me to take control, have you not?’

He actually stuttered ‘yes.’ I cannot recall him ever stuttering before.

‘Once we start, all decisions will be mine. Is that clear?’

‘Yes, yes.’

‘I am going to lock away your little member down there and it doesn’t get out until I say so. Is that clear?’

‘It is yes, yes.’ He was drooling, and mopped up his spittle with his hand. Just how aroused was he? My first error! I ought to have stripped him for my speech so I could check how excited he became.

‘I know you have ideas about how we should …’

‘I am happy with anything you want Sophie, really.’

I sat up straight and crossed my legs watching his eyes bulge as they eyed my nylon clad thighs. ‘Now little Jamie were you asked for an opinion?’

He actually bowed his head and flushed. ‘No, sorry. I just wanted you to know I didn’t …’

‘Hush!’ And he did. Wow! I resisted the urge to giggle. ‘Just pay attention like a good boy. Once this starts it will continue until noon on Friday. During that time, I will be in charge. If you want it to end, then fine. But be warned. Your little thingie will not be released until Friday midday and I will never do this again. Is that clear?’

‘Yes. I honestly understand. I want to …’

‘Little Jamie. I hope I am not going to have to punish you for interrupting and jabbering like a school girl when you should be listening?’

‘No. Sorry. I am really sorry.’

I ‘humphed,’ hoping to sound like a teacher who is growing weary of a troublesome boy. In actual fact a dynamic in our relationship had changed merely with him naturally bowing his head whilst on his knees before me.

‘Once this starts there is no escape hatch.’

‘I understand.’

‘From now on you will address me as Mistress. Always. Every time you speak to me must include the word Mistress. Is that clear?’

‘Yes, erm, Mistress.’

‘If you forget or I think you are sounding sarcastic or trying to be funny with the word, then you will be punished.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘What I say goes. Until Friday lunch you may be asked your view but I make the final decision. Always. There is no arguing.’

His breathing was growing deep and I could tell he was already erect in his pants. Damn, damn, damn. Why didn’t I strip him first?

‘The next step is to get you into your chastity cage.’

He looked up beaming at me, a child at Christmas. ‘Yes Mistress. I have it in my drawer upstairs.’

That pissed me off. Genuinely. he didn’t know I had purchased one so that I would always know where all the keys were. He needed to hear me out. ‘Little Jamie haven’t you been told twice about your inane jabbering?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

He smiled, enjoying the role playing. One thing was for sure, he wouldn’t be enjoying it for the first 24 hours. I was going to make a point, a point he would never forget.

‘So I say to you one last time. Are you sure you want to agree to me being your Mistress?’

‘Mistress, more than anything in the world. Truly.’

I did smile at that. I realised my new sub could be really cute when he behaves. I wanted to hug and kiss him there and then, an urge I had to resist for a couple of days. I needed to put him in this place and then have him love me the way I wanted.

‘Then little Jamie it is time to begin.’


I had to hush James a few times on the way upstairs to the bathroom.

It was like ushering a frantic puppy up the steps. I needed to be firm, but I was still fearful I would frighten him away. The knowledgeable Genie had warned me not to be too heavy handed until the cage was locked into place.


We were on the landing outside the main bathroom and James looked at me with a knowing grin. He was loving this. I ensured I didn’t return his smile as he eagerly pulled off his clothes, piling them near the second bedroom door. That would be a behavioural trait I would remedy in the coming days and weeks. I hate seeing clothes strewn over floors.

He stood up right and proud, his erection now a steel girder rigid pointing almost vertical. I ignored it, though I would love to have it inside me.

‘Into the shower now little Jamie.’

‘Yes Mistress!’

The water gushed into steam and he carefully stepped into the shower unit, his hands protecting his dick from the heat.

Opening the bathroom cabinet, I pulled out a bottle I had placed there a few days earlier, all ready for this purpose.

‘You will need soft skin Little Jamie. So hold out your hands and do exactly as you are told. I don’t want to hear from you and I do not wish to discuss anything!’

‘Sure Mistress.’

Sure Mistress? Really? Had he not only just been told the only response? Again I had to bite my tongue. But he did hold out his cupped palms and I poured the apricot coloured fluid into them.

‘Rub it in thoroughly under your armpits. Good boy. You are doing well. Now roll it into your skin down your arms.’

‘It stinks.’

He heard me sigh and added ‘Mistress’ with a grin. If only he knew where this journey was taking him.

‘Hold out your hands.’

He did so, couldn’t fault him on his obedience as I poured more of the gloop into them.

‘Good boy, now over your chest and tummy. Good. You are doing really well.’

Apparently you are supposed to offer encouragement and positive reinforcement when possible. ‘Now take a bit more and rub it into your genitals, between your legs and your arse crack.’

‘Loved it when you said between my legs Mistress’

He laughed, but I kept a straight face because I was honestly getting pissed off with his insolence. I most certainly wasn’t going to indulge or encourage such brattiness.

‘Excellent. Now take a good dollop and roll it over both your legs. That’s it. Good boy. Do your feet too.’

‘It stinks to high heaven Mistress.’

‘It will make you nice and smooth Little Jamie. Now listen carefully. This is important. Concentrate.’

‘Yes sir, Mistress!’

I could have slapped him there and then.

‘Take enough just to rub over your neck, chin and face up to your hair line. But no further. That is important Little Jamie.’

His body was lathered in the orange foam.

‘Just under the nose as well.’

He did as he was told and I told him to turn around so I could rub it over his back.

‘Ok boy. Under the water and wash it all off.’

‘Be glad to!’

I had a brief vision of him bent over the chair weeping like a child as I spanked him. At least that thought helped offset his naughtiness.

The orange frothed up into a pale white running down his body and into the plug hole.


Mister ‘aren’t I so clever’ has finally understood.

‘My Hair. It has all gone. What the hell?’

‘You were told it was to make you smooth.’

He flipped off the shower.

‘Hell, I thought you meant a body lotion! Jesus look at me!’

Swearing was something else I was going to cut out of his new existence. However, at that moment I was so amused at seeing him glowing naked and hairless, like a little boy, that I had to do all I could to resist laughing at him.

Glancing down at his naked cock we could both see the erection had vanished and its place taken by something that looked like that of a child. Wholly hair free.

‘Dry yourself and come with me.’

I turned and left him mumbling and cursing.

He joined me in the main bedroom looking aggrieved. As he looked me up and down in my heels, hose, short skirt and top his dick engorged a little.

‘Ok open that box on the drawers and read the instructions.’

‘Wow a chastity cage Mistress. Look, I already have one. I thought I told you. I know how to fit that one. Shall I get it?’

‘Did I tell you to fetch it?’

‘Well no, all I am saying is …’

‘What did I tell you to do?’

He stared at me with wonderment in his eyes before grinning.

‘Mistress you told me to open the box and read the instructions.’

‘Then do so.’

He sighed, thinking as ever that he was right. This is man thinking for you. He cannot accept someone else might be right.

‘Jeez! It is way too small.’

That swearing again! I needed to keep calm. ‘You will be surprised.’

‘Look mine fits and works ok. Believe me Mistress.’

‘Just be a good boy and put it on.’

‘What the hell is this?’

‘It is a called an urethral plug. Some people call them sounds. Don’t worry. Just hurry up.’

His Adam’s apple jumped as he contemplated this tiny prison.

‘Well I’ll give it a go Mistress.’

That’s good of you, I thought sarcastically. This was one little boy who had it coming!

His smooth body looked so enticing I wanted to rub my hands over it. Free of hairs and appearing baby smooth to touch. So enticing!

‘That’s easy.’

He had clipped the ring behind his ball sac and was now wrestling with the urethral plug and cage.

‘You dint read the instructions did you little boy?’


‘It says to use the bottle of oil over it before insertion.’

‘To tell you the truth I am a bit scared.’

‘Try it.’

Glum faced and with his dick shrinking in size with his fear he smeared the oils over the tube and then in less than a minute fitted the entire contraption over his little cock and pushed it in place up against the ring.

‘Now the lock.’

He nodded and pushed the lock home.

When I heard it click shut I thought my heart would explode. He had just imprisoned himself. He hadn’t asked about keys. Just as Genie said, he would be too lost in its fitting it to ask about the key.

Excellent! I had him and it was sooooo easy!

‘Good boy. Let me see.’

He stood with legs slightly apart, his smooth cheeks blushing.

Wow It was incredibly small. Little more than a nub between his legs. Amazing. Genie was brilliant! Just what I needed to take him down a few pegs.

‘Ok you have done very well.’

‘Thank you mistress.’ He no longer sounded quite so sure of himself.

‘Follow me like a good boy.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

Oh I liked him now! Cowed and a bit troubled. I could eat him up, lick all his soft skin.

I returned to the sitting room and the high backed chair. I ensured I sat as sexily as possible when he entered. My legs crossed with a rasp and he couldn’t take his eyes off them.

‘Kneel.’ I pointed to the same spot as before and he collapsed down to his knees. Delightfully kept his head bowed.

‘Good boy. Now spread your legs and place both hands on them so your palms are facing up.’

He stole a sharp glance at me but complied.

‘Good boy. You are doing very well. That is kneeling position one.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

The little wired cage between his legs looked so cute. No hairs, nothing to make him a man.

‘Now place both hands behind your head. That’s it but just sit up straight. Back straight.’

He complied, pulling back his shoulders. Oh wow, I should have done this years ago.

‘Good boy. That is kneeling position two.’

‘Show me position one. Good boy. Now position two. Excellent. Ok, now back to position one. That is the usual one we shall use for you. If I don’t say a position, then you adopt that one. Is that clear?’

‘Mistress, can we …’

‘I asked if that was clear?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Tell me Little Jamie, when do you get released from your little cage?’

His cheeks were dark red. ‘Friday lunchtime Mistress.’

I actually laughed at the subservient manner in which he said that. When he looked up to see why I had laughed I adopted a straight face and added, ‘if you are good. As a punishment I may extend your time in the cage.’

His eyes grew huge. ‘Longer?’

‘Don’t trouble yourself about that. That will be my decision. Just be a good little boy and you will be fine.’

‘To be honest I am a bit nervous about this. I mean this thing is so damned small.’

‘Were you given permission to speak little boy?’

‘Erm. No I guess not. Sorry. Just had to say it.’

‘I will beat you six times for that and six times for every time you speak without permission from now on.’

‘You are wearing the smallest chastity cage in existence because that is what you have, a tiny little cock.’

‘Hey, come on now!’

‘Six more. That is 12. You will check online and see.’

‘I don’t want to be in the smallest chastity cage Mistress!’

I laughed and let me one leg bounce over my knee to attract his attention. He looked at it the way a fish might look at bait.

‘I have spoken to an expert and you require the smallest because your dick is so small. I trust that is clear.’

‘Right. I am out of this! I don’t want to hear this!

He rose to his feet.

‘Fine,’ I said calmly. I stood too, brushing down my short skirt.

‘So, you know, Sophie.’ He looked so bashful I wanted to cuddle him, ‘Where is the key love?’


His face grew dark with anger. ‘I want this ridiculous thing off right now.’

‘Really? Well you agreed until Friday lunch time even if you bailed out of me being your Mistress. You were too chicken too see it through and bailed within a few minutes.’

‘The key please!’ He said through gritted teeth.

‘Friday lunchtime, boy.’

He looked down at his imprisoned little dick and plucked at the cage with his fingers.

‘You need to know that isn’t chrome plated or nickel plated. That is solid, heavy duty stainless steel. It isn’t a toy like your plastic thingee upstairs. Once on it stays on. Oh, until I release you.’

‘Look Sophie, I just think we needed to discuss all this before we started off. That’s all.

‘Did you now? You didn’t hear me tell you that I would be in charge?’

He held out his palm. ‘Stop messing and give it to me.’

I simply stared at him.

‘Mistress,’ he tried to smile.

‘You have been told, not once, not twice, but I have repeated myself endlessly. It remains on until Friday lunch time. Get used to it Little Jamie. Because I am not changing my mind. Oh and by the way. You can tear the house apart searching for the keys, because they aren’t here.’

‘Now he was staggered. ‘Where are they?’

‘Nowhere where you will ever find them. It stays on until Friday. Deal with it.’

He growled through his teeth.

I walked out of the room laughing as I heard him curse me, ‘You crazy bitch. This is fucking stupid!’

Oh Little Jamie, you are a boy who isn’t getting out of that for a week! I felt a buzz electrify my entire being. I had never understood the word ‘empowered’ until that moment.

James sulked in his room for almost two hours. I heard him visit the bathroom once and then he thumped downstairs and slammed his office door. Me? I just sip a long cool drink, watching a little day time tv and catch up with my magazine reading.

It is all advancing as Genie at Gatemare Ltd had said. Her library of information was too voluminous to actually read in its entity but all the parts about how the ‘boy’ reacts with anger and disbelief to discovering he is no longer in charge, were very true.

The PFDs next promised an ‘attempt to regain control of the situation.’ This could be through anger or pleading.

Both proved wrong. James tried humour:

‘Hey, looks as though you are right, as usual!’ he grins, standing in the doorway.

Only glancing over my magazine long enough to see that he has dressed in jeans and short sleeved shirt without permission, I ask, ‘oh?’

‘Yeh. Seems it really is a heavy duty stainless steel. You know not chrome plated or whatever.’


‘How about that, hey?’

‘Indeed. How about that?’

He stews for about 30 seconds before slumping on the sofa next to me. ‘Look I really appreciate this. I mean this effort and research. I mean it is amazing. I am really grateful.’

‘Are you now?’

‘Aw, don’t be like that. I am sorry Honey. Truly.’

‘Good to hear.’

‘But I can’t keep this thing on until Friday. I mean, I am bursting inside it.’

‘That was the arrangement. Do you recall?’

‘Yeh, but what if it hurts?’

I give him as icy a stare as I can. ‘And does it hurt?’

‘No. No. It is surprisingly comfortable.’

I flicked over a few pages. ‘That is because it is an appropriate size for your little cock.’

‘Jeez! Sophie! Will you ease up on that. I’ll get a fucking complex.’

Grimacing, I vow with all my heart to end that terrible swearing.

After a long pause he asks, ‘Look, babe, if I agreed to your requests, do I get to have it off?’ He laughs at his joke, wanting to play the funny man. ‘I mean take the cage off not, you know, have it off with me.’

Keeping my serious face, I place my magazine in my lap and stare at him with a curled up eyebrow. I fancy it would be how a teacher would look at a naughty boy. ‘Only the Mistress decides when her boy is released. There is no discussion. No reasoning. No debate.’

He nods, his jaw hanging open. I know he is aroused. He loves me being dominant.

‘Yeh. Right. How it should be,’ he chuckles.

God, he just didn’t get it!

‘Ok then Sophie. I agree.’

Wanting him to remain on edge I flip a few more pages before replying. This is my decision, not his. ‘Ok. Go and strip off. Wait! I haven’t finished. Hang your clothes up properly. I don’t want a messy boy on my hands!’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Then report back to the dining room in kneeling position one.’ I turned over a page and muttered, ‘if you can remember what that is.’

‘Yes sure Mistress. Be back in a tick.’

Returning to the dining room I calmly retake my position on the high backed chair. A few of the dominant wives had mentioned that there should be a set place where discipline is handed out. This concentrates the mind of the boy. He learns to understand that when summoned to that place he knows is to be disciplined, but doesn’t know the degree. It could be a simple admonishment, a writing exercise, being sent to bed or something more fearsome. He will learn of his fate when the Mistress deems it right to share it with him and not before.

James enters with a forced, brave smile, his hands cutely clasped over his diminutive cage. He drops before me, spreads his knees before placing his palms face up on his thighs. He tries a quick glance up at me but isn’t sufficiently brave to hold it.

‘Good boy.’ Any appropriate behaviour has to be rewarded verbally, in order to reinforce and encourage improved future conduct.

He nods. Thankfully he isn’t daring to say anything this time. I believe James has crossed a line of understanding though he is yet to learn of how many more lines he will cross.

‘You were a very naughty little boy earlier.’

A sigh. ‘I am sorry Mistress.’

‘Sometimes sorry isn’t good enough.’

He actually holds his breath, but doesn’t interrupt.

‘So little Jamie, where are the keys to your tiny chastity cage?’

‘Well, I erm, I guess I don’t know.’

‘You guess?’

‘No Mistress. I do not know.’

‘So how are you going to take it off?’

‘I cannot.’

‘Be a good, little boy and remember Mistress with everything you say.’

‘Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress.’

His cheeks grow red and his head remains bowed. This is easier than I thought. All the dominant wives said to keep a constant eye on the boy in the early period, but that it would get easier.

‘You have researched the Attica Hell 2?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Speak clearly! I don’t want my boy mumbling like a naughty child.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Good boy. And what did you learn little boy?’

I could tell he was aggrieved at my constantly calling him a boy. James loved the idea of being a chastity caged maid and probably hadn’t thought of himself as a boy. He would be my maid one day but according to my exact instructions. It needs to be on my terms, not his!

‘Well Mistress. It is impregnable. It isn’t plastic like some. Nor is it plated. The man’s cock fits into it so tightly you can’t get steel clippers in there and …’

‘I am sorry?’

Huge, troubled eyes look up like a puppy how knows he has done wrong. When had anyone spoken to him before in that manner?

‘Sorry Mistress?’

‘You said a man’s cock. A man’s cock fitted inside it.’

His eyes fall to the carpet.

‘I think you mean my little boy’s little dicklet, don’t you?’

Oh he did not like that! This was hammering on his male self-respect. I want to take him up in my arms and reassure him everything will be fine, so long as he behaved. But I have to be cruel for now. Better cruel now than later, all the women said that.

‘Yes Mistress. My little, erm, dicklet.’ He swallowed so loudly I am sure they hear him out in the street.

Brushing my high heeled foot against the cage I listen as he moans with pleasure. ‘In fact little boy I am going to take that cock off you.’

His head shoots up, as if on a spring. He is terrified.

‘That sorry excuse for a little boy’s dicklet is now mine.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

You have been told to speak up.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Better boy. That worthless little encumbrance between your legs is now mine. It may be attached to your body but I own it. Understand?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

I am afraid I laughed. He didn’t understand, poor boy, but I ruffled his cute dark hair and said ‘Good boy.’

‘You must keep my little cockette clean and always refer to it as mine. Ok?’

‘I think so, yes …’

‘Oh please do not think little boy. We will be here all day. What is that between your legs, little boy?’

He cheeks were fire engine red. ‘Your little dickette Mistress.’

‘Yes, I do believe it is. My little dickette.’ Oh if I could have put my fingers down inside my panties there and then I would have done so. Sheer empowerment. I was pulsating with power.

‘You are a good boy. What do you say when I give you a compliment?’

‘Erm, thank you Mistress.’

‘Good boy.’

The next step is a huge rung up on the poor boy’s training.

‘Now be a good boy and run up to my room and look in the top drawer where my panties are kept. Now you are not allowed to look at them, like a naughty little boy. Just take out the hand cuffs and the lengths of chord and bring them to me.’

‘Yes mistress.’ He glances, his face a cute picture of uncertainly. Was he really allowed to stand and go? I simply raise an eyebrows and he races from the room.

Laughing, I can hear his feet on the stairs. He was actually running like he had been commanded!

Whilst he is gone I check the cane beneath the sofa in the dining room and am ashamed to say that whilst crouched down I actually put my hand between my legs to rub at my pussy.

He is back in no time. Time to begin.

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‘Mistress those handcuffs feel amazing.’

‘You think so little boy? An improvement on your little handcuff toys in your pervy box?’

The smile drains from his face, his hands still covering his little caged dickette.

‘Now little boy why not bend yourself over one of the dining room chairs like a good boy?’

His mouth goes dry as his eyes nervously take in a chair pulled away from the table. He knows that once over it, his cute arse will be stuck up in the air for me.

‘What are you going to do? Mistress.’

The word Mistress is tagged on as an afterthought. His nerves have got the better of him. Eventually, according to the notes, he will use the word Mistress when he addresses me as automatically as breathing.

‘You can only find out when you have obeyed the first instruction. Yes?’

He is staring at the chair and I can tell the last thing he wants to do, is to bend over it. I have spanked him a few times, but always under his direction, for his little games. This time he knows the world has turned full circle. He will be spanked under his Mistress’ direction and it will not be a game.

‘I really think it would be helpful if we sort of chat about all this first, Mistress.’

Again, the word ‘Mistress’ wanders along in its own time, long after the sentence has passed by.

‘Now I did say I would release your little apology for a dick at Friday lunch time?’ He is confused so I continue, ‘Clearly that can only happen to good boys.’

His head snaps around until he is facing me with his reddened cheeks. He doesn’t dare say anything, which makes me dizzy with heat. I pretend I am thinking about the consequences of his naughtiness, though this is all just as I had planned it. ‘So let us say it is now Sunday lunchtime when you will be given release.’

‘Sunday lunchtime?’

I have to work hard not to laugh out loud. I must keep that serious demeanour. ‘If you are not over that chair by the time I count to three, then it will be Monday lunchtime. Then Tuesday lunchtime. I wonder if I am getting through to you?’

‘Mistress. I just want to say how I feel about …’


‘Look, this is silly.’ He has lost all confidence.


He flops over the chair his cute little bottie facing me. I am a Goddess. Queen of all I survey, which is little Jamie gasping, as the chair back knocks the wind from his tum.

I snatch the handcuffs, feeling their weight and wrap one around his nearest wrist, clicking it shut. I swear, even the clicking of a wrist cuff makes me feel like swooning.

I loop the chain behind the bar running beneath the seat and drag back his free wrist. There is little resistance. Snap. He is locked down. All the time I am speaking, very gently, at an even pace. No need to emphasise anything, I am just saying it exactly how it is.

‘Now my Little Jamie has been very naughty. Stomping about like a toddler early on. All that swearing like a grown man. Really. My Little Jamie needs a lesson in behaviour and manners.’

‘Mistress I …’

‘Just listen for now, little boy.’

His face is so red I could make toast with it.

‘Yes Mistress. May I ask what you are going to do?’

‘No little boy. You can listen and that is all you can do right now.’ I take the lengths of rope and secure each ankle in turn to the chair legs.

Genie sent me a zillion PDFs on tying up a boy. The most important part is to ensure the blood can circulate, so just keep the bonds loose but secure enough so that the boy cannot slip out of them. There is a huge variety of knots but I simply mastered the ‘square knot’ and the ‘lark’s head.’ That is all I need for now, but I was taken by a photo of a delightful young man hog tied by his owner.

‘Bratty behaviour will not be tolerated. Not at all. I don’t expect to hear you swear. I do not expect you to be tiresome with questions either.’

I cinch the rope before taking a belt and pulling it through the chair frame and around his waist, pulling it tight enough to keep him secure in one place. No wriggle room for little Jamie.

Rising I see my helpless hubbie for the first time. Chastity caged, cuffed and bound to a chair awaiting his punishment. Just as importantly he is silent.

‘You will receive 6 lashes of the cane.’

He groans.

I pause before adding: ‘For each offence.’


I fear he hears me snigger at his astonishment. I must keep control, he must know how serious this is. How he is about to be tugged over a marker in life.

‘Now, that is 6 for behaving like a brat, 6 for questioning me and 6 for swearing.’

Another moan, though he dares not challenge me.

‘After those I will beat you to make a new rule clear.’

‘Mistress please I can …’

I pinch his bottom, giving it a twist as my thumb and forefinger leave his skin. He squeals like the child I want him to be. Twin red marks flush up on his skin.

As he falls silent and quite still, so his breathing becomes shallow. as if listening for what I am about to say next.

This feels wonderful.

I pull out the cane from beneath the sofa and tap it on his taut cheeks, watching him flinch.

‘Now then boy, you are looking forward to being released on Monday lunchtime?’

Another little groan followed by, ‘yes Mistress.’

In your dreams, I think.

‘After each strike of the cane you will say ‘thank you Mistress,’ for me. Got that?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

There is a tremor in his voice. He can’t escape. He is held down and he is mine. Has there even been a more exciting moment in a woman’s life when she hears her hubbie so fully complying with her instructions?

I pat the cane on his exposed bottom and have to catch my breath. If you have read my earlier entries, you will know that the first rule of using a cane is not to beat too hard. Let the cane’s structure inflict the pain.

‘Thank you Mistress.’

I laugh. ‘Silly boy I am just taking aim.’

‘It stings!’

‘It is supposed to, silly. Ok, here we go.’

I pause out of a sadistic need to watch him hold his breath until he can no longer do so. As he exhales so I swat him. Just a few inch back lift and swish!

He yowls like an animal, his limbs pulling at the chair.

‘Please Mistress, that is too hard!’

I shake my head. ‘Another six, little boy.’

‘Oh God!’

‘I trust you are not swearing?’

‘No Mistress.’

‘Only adults are allowed to swear.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

Another whack just above the first. Two perfectly formed purple lines form.

‘Ouch. Thank you Mistress.’

Then a couple on the underside of his bottom, followed by a quick two on his thighs.

I need to steady myself. I am feeling lightheaded and have to recount how many blows I have already delivered. I feel reasonably sure it is only 6, so 18 to go.

After twelve I hit a problem mentioned by the dominant women in their PDFs. James is crying, well sniffling really. As they say, the first time you make your boy cry is a difficult point in the emergence of your dominant side and I am feeling that gnawing pain right now. There is an urge to show clemency, pat his sore bottom and release him. However, all the women say that should not be allowed to happen.

If you show mercy once then they will expect it each time and then grow to loathe you if you don’t.

However, I cannot help but crouch down next to him where I can see real tears on his cheeks. I kiss him, very tenderly and whisper. ‘Be brave little Jamie. Do it for me.’ I kiss him again and I think he mutters ‘yes Mistress.’

When I rise I find myself desperate to grab him, sweep him into my arms and tell him how much I love him. But that is a no-no, well for now anyway. A point has to be made.

When his 24 canings have been completed he is sobbing quite openly, trying to thread one manacled hand up to his cheeks to give them a wipe. His backside is a neat array of red and purple welts, like a plumped up cushion.

‘Now then you have a new rule. Just as I promised you. It is an important rule, so I want you to pay attention.’

‘Yes Mistress,’ he splutters.

‘Do you know what topping from the bottom is?’

‘I think so Mistress. It is when the sub tries to dominate the dom.’

‘Hmm. Well it is a bit more complicated than that.’ I pat his bottom. ‘But good boy for having a guess. It is when the sub seeks to influence the situation. For example, by dropping hints or by trying to be a wise guy and asking for things in a roundabout way.’

He makes a noise to show he understands, but the women all say they have to learn not to top from the bottom. It is ingrained in men’s behaviour to seek control.

‘So, if you are told to do something you don’t want to do then I know you will try to squirm your way out of it.’

‘Please Mistress, I won’t, I …’

I pat his bottom very hard on his stinging swellings, making him wriggle.

‘Be quiet little boy. You don’t know it but you are trying to do so right now. Interrupting me and correcting me.’

He is about to say something but then thinks better of it. Good! Maybe he can learn from a single punishment.

‘Arguing is an attempt to top from the bottom. Questioning is an attempt to top from the bottom.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Also not doing something and hoping the mistress will forget is exactly the same. Avoiding doing something because of some infantile excuse, such as it is raining, or someone might see you or you forget. None of those excuses will wash. They are trying to control the situation.’

‘I see Mistress.’

‘Maybe you do little boy.’ I squat down beside him so I am within inches of his troubled face. ‘If ever I think my little boy is trying to top from the bottom, in any way, and I mean any way, do you know what I am going to do?’

‘Erm, no Mistress.’

‘I will automatically add a week to your time in the chastity cage.’

His eyes close, his head lowers and he emits a long whimper.

Is this how a cute, little animal appears when it is trapped, helpless in the hunter’s cage. The final acceptance of its hopeless fate?

I’m ashamed to say I grip his hair, twist his face around and give my little boy the kiss I have been desperate to deliver since we began. I know I shouldn’t but it gives me a charge through my entire body. If I’m not careful I will unlock him and have him fuck me. As you can imagine, the ladies in the PDFs have strong views on such weakness.

Am I sufficiently strong willed to put Little Jamie in his place? Right now, all I want is my tongue roaming his mouth.


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I have left him chained to the chair, still weeping, having told him he should think of his apology but really it is because I need a stiff drink. My hand is shaking. It is all going to plan, except of course that I kissed him. How do those women avoid such weakness? He looked so cute, all helpless, his bottom stuck in the air with a series of angry welts.

My husband actually listening to me as I lecture him to never top from the bottom. Listening to me? That was a first. Usually I am always in the wrong or should heed his advice on everything. Actually I like that in a guy but I also have this fantasy to make a guy squirm.

Apparently, according to the advice in the PDFs, it will take him many weeks if not months to understand his new position. I am to be firm at all times. No weakness allowed if I am to be Mistress of my Little Boy. Sadly, that includes avoiding kissing him unless he is been well behaved.

It took about thirty minutes for me to feel sufficiently at ease to re-enter the dining room where my husband’s bottom resembled a powerful work of art with glorious hues of blues and reds. He was no longer sniffling.

Crouching beside him as he stares back at me as if seeing me for the very first time, which maybe he was.

Interestingly he didn’t speak. I kiss his cheek again, to hell with what the women online say, Jamie looks too cute to resist.

‘Now have you anything to say to your Mistress?’

He smacks his lips together to moisten his dry tongue. ‘Yes Mistress. I want to apologise, please.’

‘Uh-uh. For what?’

He seems surprised. ‘Well for all that earlier stuff. Upsetting you and everything.’

‘Sorry Little Jamie. Not only do I think that is not good enough, I fear you know it isn’t too. Now tell me. What are you apologising for?’

‘Running upstairs Mistress.’

I shake my head doubtfully. ‘Mmmm. Children do that Little Jamie. I will have to be patient with you behaving like an adolescent. But what are little kiddies not allowed to do?’

His eyes fix on the carpet in panic but suddenly he smiles. ‘Swear. Mistress I shouldn’t have sworn.’

I beam. ‘Excellent! Now promise me you will never swear again.’

A shocked expression descends. ‘Well, everyone swears at some stage Mistress.’

‘Not you. Not anymore. Not ever.’ My eyes narrow at him, making him fidget quite deliciously. ‘So promise me right now. And believe it when you say the words.’

‘Yes Mistress I …’

‘Don’t you dare mumble to me little boy!’

‘Sorry Mistress! I promise I will never swear again.’

I tell you right now, when he spoke those words he believed them.

I kiss his cheek again and ruffle his hair. ‘Such a good boy.’

He actually smiles with relief. Wow. Point scored.

I pick up his phone and flash some pictures of him. Suddenly he is buffeting around on the chair as if he is in a storm. ‘Please, no Mistress. No.’

He hides his face behind an arm but by snapping him from the rear, between his legs, I can get a perfect shot of his tear stained face along with his colourful backside.’

‘Please Mistress!’

‘Now you stay there like a good boy.’

I pat his bottom very firmly making him wriggle and squeak an ‘ow.’

The pictures are destined for a secure cloud on Genie’s web site. Though hopeless with techie crap I follow her printed instructions and within seconds the pictures are on my section of her site. I then download erasing software to his phone to erase the photographs from the camera’s memory. At this moment I am a bit edgy about all the techie stuff I am supposed to do but Genie says I need to lock him down completely.

Selecting one of his trainers from the shoe cupboard I return to the room. Let us see if the ladies are correct in predicating his next move.

‘Mistress. I think we need to talk this through. Really. I mean anyone might see those pictures.’

I smile. They are indeed correct. He is trying to seek back control.

I stand beside him and his eyes are fixed on my stockings. If he could I am sure he would kiss my legs.

‘Hmm. Poor little boy. Haven’t we had a chat about this? Remember?’

He seems confused but then realises. ‘Please. No. I am not trying to top from the bottom. I am just saying that pictures on phones …’


The trainer whacks against his already bruised cheeks making him squeal like an animal.

‘Please no. It is agony Mistress.’

Again I actually laugh. I didn’t realise how sadistic I am. ‘Hush now. Obviously I didn’t make myself clear. Little boys do not get to discuss anything. Not one little action of mine. You simply obey like a good boy.’


He yowls. ‘Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress. Please no more.’


He starts to say Jesus but wonderfully he turns it into Jeeeesh. I will let him off that one! I know I haven’t yet cured his swearing, but that is at least a start.


‘Oh please. No.’


‘I won’t do it again.’

I use as much force as I can with the sixth and it knocks the wind from him.

He lies over the chair moaning.

Squatting by him I stroke his now sweaty hair. ‘Next time I will add on that extra week in the cage. Clear?’

‘Yes Mistress. Very.’

‘Uh-uh. I am being patient with you.’

His eyes widen, obviously surprised at hearing me use the word ‘patient.’

‘But you try once more to question what I am saying then that will be it. Another week in your little cage.’

His eyes are wide with indignation. He wants to protest but doesn’t dare.

‘You must learn that I have plans for you.”

His eyes widen.

“You don’t know what those plans are until I visit them upon you. When you have your instructions your only thought is to obey them. Fully. If I want your opinion, it will only be to entertain myself. Clear?’

He is confused but says, ‘Yes Mistress.’

I am sure he is convinced this is some heavy game I am playing. That by tonight he will be out of his cage and bossing me around again.

‘For your information the pictures are perfectly safe.’

He opens his mouth ready to speak.

‘Ah, ah, ah! Do not ask where silly boy. Nothing is of concern for you except pleasing me.’

‘Yes Mistress,’ he nods.

I untie the knots around the chair legs feeling so glad I learned to tie a few from the PDFs and vowing to study some more. They are so simple to tie and even easier to release. Each of his ankles has a red ring around it but nothing worrying.

I unlock the cuffs and wonder how he will react. The ladies insist that the longer his dickie is caged the more passive he becomes. Something to do with chemicals in the brain, but that section was too dull to read.


He does so rubbing his wrists.

‘Position one.’

He kneels before me with his hands upturned showing his palms. He does so without the swagger and jokiness of earlier in the day. His little steel cage sticks out between his legs. It is gloriously tiny.

‘Now then Little Boy. I am going to give you a little reward.’ I run my high heeled shoe across his little cage noticing with delight that he pushes his pelvis forward to get more traction on my shoe. ‘As a little treat I want you to go upstairs and fetch me a pair of my panties from my frillies drawer. I don’t want any of those horrible pervy ones you have in that box of yours. Fetch a clean pair from my drawer. A pair that is obviously sexy.’

Taken aback he nods but charmingly he doesn’t stand until I say …

‘Off you go. No running up the stairs like a naughty boy.’

While he is gone I fish out that amazing collar and leash. He is about to get a lesson in humility he will not forget in a hurry.

I hide them beneath the sofa so that when he returns, with all four of his cheeks a most agreeable shade of red, he finds me back in my chair.

‘Will these do Mistress?’

He is holding up a pair of pink ones with a ribbon tied into a bow at the rear.

Laughing I say, ‘Just the job. Put them on.’

Incredulous for a moment he hesitates. Usually I only play his dressing up games to help him.

He steps into one leg, shyly regarding me, expecting me to command him to stop. He then steps into the other leg and pulls them up. The minuscule panties stretch around his thighs and snap into place. They are diaphanous so I can easily make out his shrunken member locked in the cage. They rise up, turning into a bow at the rear over the bottom, with the pantie line stretching across the centre of his bum.

I have never before found him so sexy in girly underwear. I guess that is because he is dressing under my instruction not his own perverted drives.

‘Now reach beneath the sofa and bring me what you find, Little Boy.’

As he turns around I see his multi coloured, hot bottie through the rear of the knickers. Oh what heaven. I did that to him!

Holding up the bright blue collar with its front chain and the black leash, he stares at me with puzzlement.

‘Position one, boy.’

He does so and I snatch the items from his grasp. He makes no attempt to prevent me.

‘Chin up.’

Obeying he studies my hands wrapping the thick collar about his neck. As I link it at the front, so his eyes become misty with submission. He sighs. He is such a beautiful slave, and all for me! But I won’t be enjoying his dick for some time, if ever again.

‘How do you feel,’ I pause and then add, ‘slave?’

‘Strange Mistress. Really hot. Like nothing I have felt before.’

Stroking his hair, I smile at him. He looks so cute in his collar.

‘Now listen carefully.’

Concern shakes away his smile.

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘That collar remains on until I say otherwise.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

I laugh. ‘You don’t get it do you little boy?’

He is mystified but doesn’t say anything so I take the leash and snap it onto the collar, where the chain pulls it together.

‘I don’t need a lock because you are mine. I have said it stays on and stay on it will!’

‘He nods. ‘yes Mistress.’

Then I stand and hear his breathing grow heavy.

Oh the sight of his cute bottie in those panties make me feel so moist. I hadn’t realised how wet I had become until I stand.

‘Ok Little Jamie time for you to learn a few things about your new position in life. It is time to take you walkies.’



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Tugging the lead in order to haul him to the centre of the room I watch his cute bottie in the sexy panties with the bow perched right on top of his bum. I could not have chosen a more humiliating pair myself.

I tap the cane on his bottom and a nervous head turns to look up at me.

‘Now this is the dining room little boy.’

The ladies online are adamant that the first action with the newly collared boy is to show him the house as if for the first time. The idea behind it is to give him a new view of his position in each room.

He gazes at the table with its collection of high back chairs, the sofa and the tv. The curtains are drawn across the patio windows, not that it is easy to see into our back.

‘The dining room is where you will serve food and maybe drinks. Ok?’

‘Erm, yes Mistress.’

Oh the poor, little boy just appears nonplussed. I might as well have read a piece to him about the history of Greece, in the original Greek.

‘Come along.’

A sharp couple of taps on his bottie have him scurrying forwards until I snap back the leash. He will walk around the house at my pace. Which is going to be very leisurely indeed.

‘Here is the hallway. So here you will collect the post and sort it and answer the door.’

A flash of horror from him. I tell you, inside I am killing myself laughing. ‘Oh Little Jamie, don’t look so shocked. You won’t always be just wearing panties.’

I hear a sigh of relief as he takes in the carpet at his splayed fingers.

‘You have always wanted a full maid’s uniform haven’t you?’


Settling down beside him I tickle his hot cheek, the one on his face!

‘Oh, do not be so terrified. It won’t be one of those silly little maid’s dresses people wear on Halloween.’ I look over his head in thought. ‘Though, we will get a few of those too. No, what I want to see you in is a real housekeeper’s uniform.’

I rise giggling while he gazes at the front door, which must now appear to be some sort of threatening enemy. He knows he dare not speak, let alone argue. His world is changing and he can’t do anything about it. Not a single, tiny, little thing.

‘And into the kitchen boy.’ I lead him onto the wooden flooring of our large kitchen with the central work services. ‘This is where you will prepare meals. Don’t worry. I am going to have you taught how to cook by a professional.’

He mouths some words but dares not say them. If only he knew that the ‘professional’ is a lady from just ten miles away who will be training him. A regular on Genie’s website. A lady who appreciates fine cooking, neat domesticity and despises the male of the species.

Obviously, I won’t let her terrorise him too much, but the feeling on the site is that it is better if the boy fears someone other than their mistress. The theory being to inculcate in the boy’s mind the nightmare that out in the world there are terrifying ladies all too eager to come and give him hell for misbehaviour.

Most people don’t know of this entire universe of fem dom that has grown up in the country thanks to the web. A place where likeminded women share and exchange ideas to manage their troublesome boys.

‘And over here, come along boy, no dawdling, is our utility room. Not a place you have frequented much since we moved in. Further back you can see the laundry room. The ironing board remains in the middle, ever ready for you to ensure that everything from my blouses to the pillow cases are sharply ironed. Just like those in an up market hotel. Again I have someone who is willing to spend time enhancing your skills at domesticity. Isn’t that cool Little Jamie?’

‘Mistress, Mistress, please may I say something?’

I sharply pull the lead making him stare up at him. He is just so impossibly cute! It is like having an eager to please child in the room.

‘If you must.’

‘Well, I …’

He loses his courage. The memory of the beating will be seared into his backside for a while yet. Worse for him he is on all fours, on the end of my lead, wearing nothing but a pretty pair of panties and his chastity cage.

‘Go on boy, I don’t want to have my time wasted.’

‘Well. I don’t know what’s serious and what isn’t. I mean these two women you are talking about. I don’t want anyone seeing me like this.’

Crouching down I stoke his hair, the way some might a puppy. ‘Aw. Two women aren’t going to teach you domesticity darling.’

It finds a smile of relief as if he suddenly sees that we are in a game.

I pause long enough to ensnare him. ‘There will be five different ladies, and one gentleman who will coach you in your new skills.’ I laugh at him. ‘Silly boy. How could just two women know everything there is about all you need to become proficient in?’

I rise and tug the lead taking him onto the cold tiles of laundry room. And there at the back of the utility room are the washing and drying machines. Got it?’

He doesn’t say anything before I am already ushering him back to the hallway with my crop.

We reach the sitting room. ‘This is an important place for the maid of the house and for my Little Jamie. You are not allowed to sit on any of the furniture without express permission. Got that?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

He speaks quietly but I buy his acknowledgment. I don’t wish to be too cruel.

‘Think of it like a puppy in the house. Banned from all soft furnishings.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘So in here you will serve just as you always fantasised about doing. Remember all those pictures you showed me of male maids with their silver trays? Oh what a sight. Well that will be happening here. For me. I can hardly wait. Come along.’

Hearing him choke as we go back across the hallway to his downstairs studio I feel a tinge of guilt. I must be more careful. I have read the instructions about taking people on leads. Apparently you have to be careful of self-closing doors, staircases and floors going across different levels. No one mentioned chocking your pet with an inadvertent fast twist.

I give the downstairs bathroom a miss, we will cover it upstairs.

The studio is his lair. A large room with a running machine, his computers with their three screens, a tv and a sofa. He spends a load of time in here watching football and of course scouring through the internet for his pervy porn. Mister Young is to be with us tomorrow to sort out his computers and phone. I feel it wise not to torture him with all that. The poor soul has enough on his plate.

‘So here is your studio where you will do your graphics work like a good boy every morning between 9 and 12. Outside those hours you are mine Little Boy. Totally,’ I tap his cute, ink pantied bottom in time with my words, ‘inevitably, forever mine.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Right upstairs.’

I hear him moan so slap him hard with the cane across his thighs. He yelps like an animal but scampers forwards.

‘Come along. No disobedience. You know what happens to naughty little boys.’

So I take the stairs charily, one treacherous step at a time, just so he can keep up without stumbling.

‘Our landing area. Which must be kept clean. And here is the Mistress’ bedroom.’ I direct him into what had been our room with its panoramic windows overlooking the hills and its beautiful King sized bed. ‘You should always knock before entering here. You never know what you will find beyond the door.’

‘Erm Mistress?’

‘Yes Little Jamie?’

‘Well, sorry to ask. Please don’t hit me, but we are only taking this as far as Monday aren’t we?’

Those huge eyes! You could sell tins of chocolates with his eager face pictured on the lid.

‘Of course we are silly.’ Nestling down I tickle his ears as his eyes fix on my stockinged thighs. I guess he can see the suspenders from his position. I wait until he smiles before adding, ‘So long as I have a good, little boy.’

Oh, that panic in his face! So cute!

Suddenly he lunges forward. My first thought is that he is attacking me, but actually he is kissing my legs, up and down just below the skirt hem.

‘Mistress. Please. I am so hot. Please unlock me. Please. I will do anything. I just need release.’

And double wow! That came from nowhere. I rather thought I would face an insurrection before his submission.

Moments later he is kissing my high heeled sandals. ‘Please Mistress. Please.’

I am lost for words. Exactly what I am not supposed to be. Not over. As Genie at Gatemare says, ‘A mistress controls. That is what she does. A boy obeys.’

But no one had mentioned this. Not within hours of being locked away.

I know it is wicked but when I squat I spread my thighs wide so he can see my stocking tops and probably my panties. His eyes are half closed, mesmerised at the sight.

I speak softly, warmly, as if he is a mere child. ‘All you have to do is get through the next few days and be a good little boy. Do you think you can manage that?’

Tickling his ear, I watch as he cranes his head towards my fingers, desperate for my touch.

‘Yes Mistress,’ he mumbles.

‘I am here to help you through your transition babes. I am on your side.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

Oh lord! Now I am in deep sexual heat. I need to be fucked. If this works out, as the ladies on the web site say, then Little Jamie will never be servicing my needs again – well not those needs! I can look forward to a string of well hung bimbo studs frequenting my bed. Guys whose only purpose on this planet is to provide satisfaction to ‘hot wives.’

But that is months down the line and I need gratification right now! Why the hell should I suffer because his training will take months?

Snatching the lead, I hear him choke even louder than down in the sitting room. But right now I don’t give a rat’s arse about him.

‘Get over to the bed.’ I correct myself, ‘My bed!’

We have the upstairs bathroom, the guest rooms and his new room to view but hell’s teeth, what needs to be done must be done. And right now I need to be done!

I snatch a long silk scarf from a wardrobe rail and say, ‘Quick, little Jamie. Up onto the bed like a good little boy.’

He joyfully obeys.

Though he doesn’t know what’s coming, only I and a few hundred ladies on the websites know!

edited 12/01/16

Doubling the pretty silk scarf length ways, I then proceed to wrap it around his eyes, tying it off as a lovely bow at the rear of head. He says and does nothing. Kneeling on the bed, naked apart from the delightful panties, acquiescing to my actions.

With him blinded I run my hand through his hair watching his flushed features. He moans, wriggling his hips. In the groin of his pretty pink panties I can see the tiny rounded nub, his chastity cage, the cruel Attica Hell 2. I rub it gently, listening to him sigh. Oh what power. I am now soaked between my legs.


‘Little Jamie, I don’t want you to think of yourself as totally useless in the sex department while you are caged.’

He groans.

‘I will train you to use your tongue to please a woman. But you will never choose who you please little boy. Others will decide that.’

A guttural, ‘Yes Mistress.’ He sounds as if his brain is running on empty.

‘Nor will you be allowed to ever see your Mistress’ pussy again.’ I pause noting the shock on his face, before whispering in his ear, ‘the only guys who will see my pussy are real men. Not sissies like you.’

He exhales a long sigh, those words live in his fantasy world.

I fall onto my back pulling down my panties with my hands, the leash getting caught up around my ankles in my frenzied actions. I need his tongue the way a starving woman needs food.

The panties are too tight to come off my heel, so too hell with them, I leave them hanging from one foot like a slut. What does it matter? Even my collared toy cannot see me. It is like masturbating but with a compliant slave. Leaning back, I tug the lead, edging him forward until I can reach his hair and pull it to direct his mouth over my pussy.

It takes him a moment to blindly land his mouth in the right place but then he sets off with a hungry enthusiasm I have never known from him. He always complains when asked to do oral. In fact, he usually just gives me a few licks and then comes up ready to screw me with complaints about it being smelly or distasteful. Not this time. I have an animal at work down there.

My hips buck, gaining that inward, automatic millennia old rhythm. His tongue slides out as he gasps for air. I feel a fury explode within me. Who the hell does he think he is? I use the handle of the lead to whip his face.

‘Get down boy. Back to work.’

And he does so. Just like that!

If anything he is powering forwards with even more enthusiasm.

‘Good boy!’ I shout, but the word ‘boy’ emerges as little more a squeal as he hits my clit.

I smile and purr, ‘Oh, good, good boy.’

But then his mouth moves lower, a pleasant erotic feeling but nowhere near what I want.

‘Boy! Back to the clit. Do it. You move from there again and your little dicklet won’t see day light for months!’

At that moment I actually mean that. I have read how the women online do exactly that but I cannot see me being so cruel. Though at that moment, his submission to the task makes me more aggressive and determined.

He pops up. I imagine his eyes behind the blindfold trying to see me, but he quickly gets back to work and zing! Hits my spot bang on.

And now I move into the pre orgasmic stage, mind numbed to everything except my body.

The tremors start.

‘Faster little boy!’

Ok I don’t know if I got those words out as the first waves began.

Moments later I actually have to tell him to stop. I am laughing, spent. He is still lapping away like a cute puppy.

‘Boy, that’s good, I am finished with you.’

With a shiny forehead of sweat, his blindfolded head bobs up as if ensuring he heard me correctly.

‘You did well.’

‘Thank you Mistress,’ he pulls at the pubic hairs in his teeth, my juices around his mouth. ‘Do I get,’ he grows timid, uncertain, ‘you know, erm,’ he nods down to his groin

‘I trust my little Pet is not going to dare ask for release from his little cage?’

Looking away he winces, I can tell he is searching for words he can use without upsetting me.

I pull up my panties feeling how wet and uncomfortable I am down below, before tugging down my skirt.

Untying his scarf, I give him a kiss on the cheek, again, a rewarding action that I am told he should not receive for a while. But he does look so cute kneeling on the bed with my juices around his mouth.

Pulling him up with the leash I am able to untie his blindfold. He blinks at first then gazes at me.

Oh, his eyes are so needy, he is so scrumptious.

‘Mistress, I am really in need. Honest. I am not sure I can take it.’

Rather than putting him down as I ought, I pull him tight to me, cuddling him. His heat radiates through my blouse and I feel myself growing hot again. At this moment I am thinking the other Mistresses have got it wrong. It is a wonderful, soupy warm feeling to love your pet. And warm, comforting sleep rolls over me.

I awake feeling a little sleazy having slept in my clothes, yet still aroused.

I wonder where my boy is, perhaps get him to work again. And then I hear it.

Drawers being pulled out and shut hard. A wardrobe door opens with a squeak. It is coming from the guest bedroom.

I sit up and see that the wardrobe doors are ajar in this bedroom. I always ensure they are closed. I think it looks messy to have doors half open. Worse, the drawers containing my underwear have not been closed properly, and items of mine are sticking out of the top.

I slide from the bed feeling furious. How stupid is he? He is obviously searching for the keys, but hasn’t the sense to cover his stupid tracks.

I hear the wardrobe doors close in the next room.

Someone is in trouble!

He is hunkered down on the floor peering under the guest double bed. He uses his phone as a torch, with his arm pushed deep below the bed pulling at a shoe box. He hauls it into view, snatches off the lid and shakes the contents. He sighs with frustration.

‘And what do you think you are doing?’

He freezes. His naked hairless body growing angular with alarm.

‘I asked you a question little boy.’

The shoebox is pushed back into place beneath the bed before he slowly, oh, so slowly, turns to face me.

‘Mistress, I …’

‘Yes?’ I adopt that stern school teacher glare, complete with the raised eyebrow.

He slumps onto his pink pantied bottom, unable to look up at me. ‘Please Mistress. I just wanted to find those damned keys.’ He groans before lowering his chin. ‘I know I shouldn’t have.’

His pathetic, apologetic demeanour infuriates me more than his naughtiness. How can a man let himself be trapped like this? I felt like I needed to strike for women everywhere.

‘Well little boy, you are in big trouble.’

‘Look, Sophie, this isn’t working out. I just need to cum.’

The slap across his face knocks him off balance. He rubs at his sore cheek gawping at me in shock. I guess he has never seen me so livid before.

With my teeth barely parting I say, ‘you will go down to the hallway and stand facing the fucking wall with your hands on your head. I will summon you later to deal with you!’

He mouths words that didn’t dare be heard and half crawls before darting, half stooped from the guest bedroom. I hear his heavy footsteps on the stairs and promise myself to lighten his footfalls over the next few weeks. I don’t want him crashing around the house like a real man any more.

The women on the web site had always said never to punish in anger, always allow a period of reflection to pass before disciplining the boy. Maybe I should not have slapped him, certainly not as hard as that. But how contemptable he was. Sitting on the floor like a child caught in a naughty act, not daring to protest at the slap and then cowering out of the room to start his punishment in the hallway. I know he dreads the hallway as the front door has opaque glass and people might see him, yet he submitted to me without protest.

Isn’t this what I wanted? I growl out loud. Sometimes a woman needs a real man.


Sophie Takes Charge 10

The following morning Little Jamie is full of contrition. I had sent him to bed early and he didn’t dare make a single effort to remonstrate. His searching for the keys had genuinely riled me and he now feared the power I held over him.

He had slept in the spare bedroom, as I had directed him.

So now, I am awoken by Jamie with his clattering tray of breakfast. Wow. I didn’t even get this treatment on my birthday. Over his chastity cage he is wearing the same pink ribboned panties as yesterday and a little boy smile, full of hope. His pretty blue collar is fastened around his neck. As it is unlocked I have no idea whether or not he slept in it, but I like to think he did.


‘I put marmalade on your toast Mistress, just as you like it.’

I laugh. ‘That’s a good boy. Just place it here over my lap.’

He does so, his eyes not quite meeting mine. Then he stands there, awkward and lost.

‘You know this does not make up for trying to find the keys, little boy?’

‘Yes Mistress. I am sorry. I just got, sort of, well, a bit desperate.’ He glances at me to see if his remorse has any effect.

‘Weren’t you told that they keys weren’t even in the house?’

Blushing he looks down at the bed. ‘Yes. Yes, I was.’

‘Uh huh. And weren’t you told that you would never find them?’

‘Yes Mistress. Yes. Sorry.’

‘Do you think I would leave anything important where a naughty little boy like you could find them?’

He winces. ‘No. Not really. You seem to have thought this out.’

‘Yes I have little Jamie.’ I pause, a little of the rage from yesterday rolls through my mind. I try to swallow it and speak calmly. ‘And you used my Christian name.’

He shakes his head as if trying to erase the memory of his action, but remains silent.

‘And didn’t I tell you not to use it? Do you think you are an adult?’

Sighing, his shoulders tensing, he shakes his head. ‘I’m sorry Mistress. Really I am.’

‘Uh-huh. When do I release you from your cage little boy?’

‘Oh. Monday lunch time Mistress.’

‘Do you think naughty little boys get released on Monday lunch time?’

He doesn’t like that. His teeth grit together, his red face darkens but he replies evenly enough, ‘no Mistress.’

‘As a sentence little Jamie. Like a good boy.’

‘Naughty boys do not get released on Monday lunch time.’

‘So what sort of boys do get released?’

A pleading glance from him is met by my hard teacher face so his eyes drift back to the floor.

‘Only good boys get released on Monday Morning Mistress.’

‘Good, little boys,’ I emphasise the ‘little.’

‘Yes Mistress. Good little boys get released on Monday lunchtime.’

‘Do good little boys use the Christian names of adults when addressing them?’

His fists clench. ‘No Mistress. Good little boys do not use the Christian names of adults. I am sorry Mistress.’

‘I will cane you six times as soon as I get up.’

I hear him moan under his breath but he says, ‘Yes Mistress.’


‘Yes Mistress.’

As he reaches the door I add, ‘Oh. And obviously it will be Tuesday lunch time now when you will be released.’


I ignore him, settling about the toast, which is cut a little too thin for my liking. The tea is too weak as well. Still, I have plenty of time to improve his domesticity.

An hour later, after his caning, which he accepts like the good boy I know he can become, he showers and, as directed, shampoos his long hair. I sit him down in a fresh pair of baby blue panties before the wardrobe mirrors to blow dry his hair. This gives it more body, makes it thicker, so it bushes out around his head in a neat fashion that is at once feminine and soft.

As he takes in the final result he grimaces, before asking ‘Mistress. I am not complaining. But is this going too far?’

‘No. It suits you. It is fine. Tomorrow I will show you how to do it every morning.’

He is surprised but simply responds with, ‘Yes Mistress.’

Using two fingers beneath his chin I raise his face so I can study it in the mirror. He always had a boyish, soft, chubby appearance but it requires a little work to help de-masculinise him. I use a light foundation and a pinkish powder to give him colour and shape around his cheeks and to soften the jaw line. I was no expert but there was a definitely a subtle improvement and that was all I was after. I didn’t want him to be too girlish. Maybe one day, but not just yet. I just needed him to be less of a man.

‘Hmm,’ I study his eyes and decide a brown mascara would be understated and generally unnoticed by most people, though of course thick black around the eyes is far sexier. Maybe try a deep black a little later in his development.

For his part James sits compliantly in the seat, though he squirms enough for me to know I am getting to him.

The ladies in the online forums spoke of the excitement of creating a truly submissive guy to whom they could do anything. I wasn’t there yet with Jamie but I could see how this could work out.

I grin. ‘Not bad Little Jamie.’

‘Can we wash it off now Mistress?’

‘Oooooh noooo!’

‘But Mistress, suppose someone sees me?’

‘I wouldn’t worry your little head about it too much little Jamie.’ I run my hand through his gorgeously thick hair. ‘We don’t want anyone mistaking you for a real man do we?’

He hangs his head. ‘Mistress. I know this is sort of part of my fantasy, but it is just a bit scary. You know, not having a say in anything.’

‘Aw. But you are mine aren’t you?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

There is a sigh in his voice that irks me. For years he has gone on about wanting to be dommed like this, just like my previous husband. Only my ‘ex’ was always topping from the bottom. This time I need to ensure that I am in charge and that Little Jamie doesn’t continuously mither me about his needs. Once it starts it never stops. As the ladies on the web sites had also discovered. Nip it in the bud from the outset. Nail them down from the beginning, that was the guidance on offer.

I fluff up his hair. ‘Don’t worry about it. It is very subtle make up. Very natural, few people would even know it is there.’

‘Yes but it makes me look like a girl. I am just saying that if …’

‘Hush now Little Jamie. I am in charge. You are my little dolly today. It is time to dress you up.’

Ah, now that has got his interest.

‘As a maid Mistress?’ He grins.

‘Noooo. Not yet my adorable little boy. But I think you will like it!’

And he does.

I give him the extra strong support tights with bottom and thigh shaping and watch with amusement as he drags them on.

‘Oh Little Jamie. Be more patient. Roll them up first and delicately unroll them. You’re not some beefy, smelly man hauling up his socks!’

Eventually he is easing them around his hips as I smile, ‘they will do wonders for your figure.’

As the panty hose snaps into place around his waist Jamie runs his hands over the steely smoothness holding him together. I am sure none of his own cross dressing garments match this for tautness, not even when they were new.

‘Excellent,’ I am grinning form ear to ear. ‘Truly wonderful. Now this. It’s a body shaper, it is from the Miracle Worker ranger. It’ll give you an hour glass figure.’

My husband’s eyes widen, his lips fall apart in dreamy lust. ‘Wow. I have always wanted to try something like that!’

‘Now is your chance Little Jamie!’

The Miracle Worker has to be rolled up, stepped into and dragged as far as the hips. Then the top part uncoils upwards while the bottom part rolls downwards.

‘I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get this off again,’ He laughs.

I run her fingernails down his cheeks. ‘You’re allowed to remove it when sent to bed for sleeping darling. Then straight back on in the morning.’

His laughter falters away as he notices my serious expression.

Stepping back, I see a person who is most certainly not male, not quite female but definitely feminine. The shape and face show a girlish figure but the stance and mannerism are decidedly male. Jamie falls somewhere between the two stools already.

A quality of the sight excites me. I love the idea of having a masculine guy chase me before being put off the chase when learning I possess a husband. However, when actually seeing the sissy in the flesh the masculine guy realises he can take me. It is a hot fantasy.

No real man would be intimidated by the sight of my hubbie when he looks like this.

‘Ok, now this. It’s one of my old blouses but was always a little too roomy for me.’

Holding out a white shirt that buttons between the legs I hand it to him, frilly collar first.

He pulls it on, the Miracle Worker helping it shape around him as he buttons it to the top. ‘Damn these buttons being on the wrong side.’

I slap his leg with a sharp whack bringing surprise to his cute lightly made up face.

‘The buttons are on the correct side for you Little Jamie. And do not say damn again, else I will extend your period in the chastity belt by another day.’

He is nonplussed. ‘But da…erm, that word, isn’t a swear word Mistress.’

‘It is if I say it is. And yes I do say it is a swear word. Don’t use it again else I will ensure you’ll regret it.’

‘Ok, yes, of course Mistress.’

I’m annoyed at the fact he won’t take my word that ‘damn’ is a cursing expression but I know time is pressing so no point in wasting it by arguing. I smile as he reaches awkwardly between his legs to attach the fiddly tiny buttons that will pull the blouse taut over his streamlined curves.

‘Now these stretch pants. I bought them an age ago. They have shaping properties too, around the hips and buttocks.’

He pulls on the leg hugging pants.

‘These are so tight they might as well be pantyhose, Mistress.’

‘That’s what girls wear Little Jamie. Only men wear loose clothing. We girls like to show ourselves off to men.’

I can see poor little Jamie fears that by pulling the waist connections together they might snap. Everything will feel so delicate to him after men’s clothes. He even treats the tiny pants zip as if it will fall apart if he uses any effort. He gently tugs it up until his entire body is moulded and erotically held together by industrial elastics.

‘Finally these ankle boots. They are girls but the heel is only small so I guess could pass as a guy’s pair.’

They are brown, with zipped up sides and look anything other than man’s apparel to Jamie. But I can tell he is aroused and imagine his dick crushing against the tiny chastity cage. Dressing in girl’s clothes is heaven to him, he has told me often enough.

Now his entire outfit is so smooth and tight as to be bursting with excitement. I bet he’d do anything to be allowed to cum right now.

With the boots zipped into place, he stands unsteadily before me, finally appearing very feminine.

I fuss with the shirt’s neckline, buttoning it higher to better hide the blue collar fastened around his neck, though it remains visible every time he moves.

‘Mistress. How can I ever thank you? I feel wonderful. Perhaps in bed like yesterday?’

Adopting my cold stare, I ask, ‘Have I instructed you to please me little Jamie?’

‘Erm, no Mistress. I guess not. Sorry. I just thought that …’

I am about to remonstrate with him for ‘thinking’ as the doorbell chimes.

I see fear race through Jamie like an electric current. I guess he would do anything to avoid being seen dressed like this.

‘Ah, she is early. Come on Little Jamie, it is time you met Mrs Edge. She will train you in your household duties.’