The House by Lisa Smith part 6

The House on the Hill


Chapter 6


When everyone had grabbed their purses the bedroom door opened as if someone was watching their every move; but that shouldn’t have come as a surprise because they had been told they were being watched. Once again Michael followed behind Isabel and Sophie walking like they were strutting down a fashion runway. “Isabel, can you stop before you get to the door?” Michael asked. “Something is wrong with me. I think I’m leaking,” he said reaching his hand under the front of his skirt and petticoats and touching his chastity cage. “I am leaking. What’s causing this?” Before he even got the words out he knew the cause. “I can’t believe I’ve gotten used to this darn vibrating butt plug. It’s causing me to leak because it’s keeping me in a constant state of arousal.”

“At least you have a cage that keeps you from having an erection,” Isabel sighed. “This darn vibrating feather duster keeps me erect and dripping. I’ve spent the last hour trying to keep my erection hidden under my petticoats. I’m embarrassed to admit this but I just wish I could get some relief from this constant arousal.”

“I guess the sooner we finish this the sooner we will get out of here,” Sophie added as she stepped in front of the last door.


Right on schedule the door open while inside the lights turned gradually on. Stepping through the door first, Sophie noticed that this room was identical to all of the others up to and including another captive bound and blindfolded and dressed as a maid in a chair to the left of the entrance. “Oh, you poor dear,” Sophie said as she walked quickly over and began untying her binds. “My name is Sophie and I’ll introduce you to everyone shortly. Evelyn, why don’t you get the instructions on the desk so we can get started on this?”

As she walked over to the desk Michael noticed immediately that there wasn’t an envelope on the desk but before she could say anything a female voice announced a formal greeting—

Good Evening, Ladies! It’s so nice to have you all here together finally.

As everyone looked around for the source of the voice they all realized that was coming from a speaker system that was expertly hidden in the décor of the room.

Yes, we are nearing the end of this ordeal but we still have quite a way to go. First things first, we need a volunteer to help our lovely Melanie release her love juices. Like Sophie and Chantal did previously, we need some to sit on Melanie’s love pole and ride her to victory. But before we ask for a volunteer I wanted to ask the entire group if they notice anything different about Melanie and her outfit and your own outfits? Look closely at her because she is wearing something that really completes her look.


“That’s easy,” grinned Sophie as she finally finished removing Melanie’s blindfold. “She has 2 earrings in each ear; a diamond stud earring and gold and silver multi-circle drop earring.”


That’s exactly right, Sophie. How clever of you to notice the details. We have decided to give each of you the option of either using your nice backsides to help Melanie find relief or getting your own ears pierced just like Melanie. Our ear piercing specialist should be entering the room right now. There she is. She is going to set up her equipment and earrings over by the desk. Her name is Andrea and I’d like each of you to introduce yourself individually and then tell her whether you want to have your ears pierced or your butt filled with Melanie’s love pole. Let’s start with our first girl, Evelyn, and then work forward as you were found. Go ahead, Evelyn, what would you prefer?


Not believing this was happening but knowing earring holes weren’t permanent and would close quickly when he stopped wearing them, Michael began, “Hello, Andrea. My name is Evelyn and I would prefer to have my ears pierced.”

“That’s a very pretty name, Evelyn. Why don’t you join me over here on this desk chair and I will quickly pierce your ears so you can wear these beautiful earrings.” As Michael made his way to the desk and sat down in the chair, Andrea turned back to the group and said, “Now, ladies, I don’t know how many of you will choose to get your ears pierced but it will be easier if I told all of you about taking care of pierced ears. You’ll definitely want to prevent infections so always wash your hands before touching your newly pierced ears. You also need to apply rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball to both sides of hole before twirling the earring around several times to make sure the alcohol gets all over the earring post.” Turning back to Michael, she whispered, “This will be over before you know it. Now I’m going to do both piercings on the lower lobe with the diamond stud higher up on the lobe and the drop earring at the bottom of the lobe. This piercing gun makes it very easy. I’m just going to put a little rubbing alcohol on both ears and then the gun will allow me to put 2 gold studs in each ear. Then, as quickly as I can, I will substitute your diamond studs and drop earrings for these simple studs. There, that was pretty easy, wasn’t it, Evelyn?”

Not knowing what to say or how to act, Michael replied, “No, Andrea, I barely even felt it,” As he stood and made his way to the middle of the room he couldn’t help but feel the new weight on his ears. It wasn’t uncomfortable and for some reason he wanted to go over to the mirror and see how they looked but at the same time he wondered when it would all end and if he would ever be able to look at himself in the same way again. Before he could even explore this thought the voice from the speakers started again,

Isabel, it’s your turn.


“Hello, Andrea. My name is Isabel and, like Evelyn, I would like my ears pierced.”

“Well, hello, Isabel. I have a feeling everyone wants to get their ears pierced. Am I right girls?” Andrea asked turning to the rest of them. As if on cue, Sophie, Chantal and Christine nodded their heads in agreement and replied in the affirmative. “Then why don’t you just tell me your names and you can all come over here and watch while I do everyone. Girls just love to get their ears pierced together with their friends.”


Twenty minutes later they all had their ears double-pierced and to Chantal’s disbelief Evelyn, Isabel and Sophie had made their way over to the mirror and were each admiring each other’s earrings as if they were thrilled that they had them. “I need to get out of this place quickly,” Chantal thought to herself. “I don’t want to even think that I might start acting like those girls. I’m even calling them girls in my mind. At least Christine seems to be normal and just going along because we have to. The sooner I get out of here the better,” Chantal pondered before the speaker came on again.


Ladies, just as I anticipated. No one wants to volunteer to help poor Melanie and I completely understand. Every woman remembers the first time she allows herself to be penetrated and rides a love pole; and it’s not just because of the sensual and exquisite feelings that course through her entire body. There is also a little pain and tenderness that eventually goes away with continued practice. I am sure that Sophie and Chatal are feeling a little bit of that tenderness right now. Do you feel a little tenderness ladies?

            Sophie and Chantal, I am waiting for a response…

“Yes,” Sophie and Chantal responded in unison.

I am only going to say this once so everyone listen up. You are dressed as maids for a reason, ladies. We are going to teach you respect. So anytime you address a superior, and a superior is anyone that is not a maid like you, you are to address them as either Mistress or Master depending on their gender. Now I am going to ask this question as a group so I expect a group response. Do I make myself clear ladies?

“Yes, mistress,” they replied in unison.

Now let’s get back to helping Melanie. She has already sat here so patiently while you have had your ears pierced. We’ve been thinking that since Melanie is our final guest that those of you who are still virgins should have your opportunity to ride a love pole. So here is what we want you to do—Chantal, you need to lubricate our virgins. In case you haven’t looked, each of you has KY jelly in your purse. You should lubricate Evelyn first and then Isabel and finally Christine. Before Evelyn objects because of her chastity cage and butt plug you will find that you can easily remove it with a switch on the back of the device. Just slide the switch and the bar releases which will allow you to pull out her plug and collapse the cage and remove the entire device. In addition, you will have to gently remove Isabel’s feather duster which I’m sure has prepared her perfectly for this next task.

            While Chantal is lubricating our ladies, Sophie, we need you to prepare Melanie for this task; a little oral sex should suffice. Now don’t get carried away. We definitely want her to be able to shoot her load in Evelyn’s tushie.

            Now when everyone’s ready the fun part begins. Evelyn goes first and she needs to slowly impale herself on Melanie’s member. Don’t you just love alliterations, ladies? Once Evelyn has swallowed as much as she can then we need her to stop and let Isabel impale herself on Evelyn’s member. Now I expect that Evelyn won’t need any help here, Sophie, but if she does you will have to get her hard so that Isabel can swallow a hard pole. Finally, once Isabel is firmly on then we need Christine to slide her tushie down on Isabel’s pole. Once again you may need to service Isabel, Sophie, but if I were betting I would bet that she’ll be getting harder and harder as she slides down Evelyn’s pole.

            Once everyone is on tight then we need you all to take small slides up and down until everyone reaches orgasm. Taking small slides will make it slightly more difficult to reach orgasm so ladies you may have to squeeze your sphincter muscles to create some suction while you’re sliding. If you do you should be able bring your partner to orgasm very quickly.

            Lastly, since this is our last task we thought it would be unfair if Melanie missed out on all the fun. So here is the plan. Once Melanie is free and on her feet we want Chantal to lubricate Melanie for her de-flowering. Once she is prepared we need her to bend over so that Chantal can get behind her and get ready to enter her. Additionally, since Christine was only a rider and was not ridden, she’ll probably be bursting at the seams. We’d like Christine to position herself in front of Melanie and let Melanie suck her love pole. Now this will be the tough part, once Chantal has fully entered Melanie we want her to stop and let Melanie wrap her lips as far down Christine’s cock as she can. Then we want you all to work together like a slow piston driving a freight train home. Chantal you need to pull slowly out but not completely and then thrust back in. Next, Christine, you need to gently hold Melanie’s head while you slide your member out first and then thrust it back in. We want you to alternate turns until you both reach orgasm. And don’t worry about Melanie, ladies. We knew this was going to be difficult for her especially with all of you getting your ears pierced so we drugged her just a little so she should be completely compliant.

            Oh, ladies, before you start I need to say one more thing, don’t worry about your plugging up your love juices. Just let them flow freely and we will discuss your next step when you are finished.

            Hugs and Kisses, Ladies!


“This isn’t so bad,” Chantal thought to herself as she reached into her purse for her KY jelly. “I’ve fucked girls in the ass before so fucking someone who looks like a girl won’t be that big a deal. Maybe I’ll just lube her a little so she knows I was there. She won’t even feel it if she’s drugged like that bitch said.” “Evelyn, why don’t you come over here and I will take that chastity thing off….


One hour later with their tasks completed the girls were exhausted. It wasn’t just the sex that was exhausting but it was the combination of fear and fear of the unknown that was weighing on each of them. Add their unfamiliarity with high heels and one can easily understand both their physical and mental exhaustion. Standing in the middle of the room with semen running down everyone’s legs except Chantal and Sophie, each of the girls waited for the now familiar voice to give them instructions which would hopefully allow them to go home.


Well done, Ladies! That was very enjoyable to watch. Before we continue on we thought we would give you a few thoughts or observations we had watching your performance.

First, as we expected neither Evelyn nor Isabel needed any additional stimulation once they positioned themselves on their partner’s love poles. Evelyn, were you surprised that you were so hard after you took Melanie’s penis in your tush?

Blushing profusely, Michael hesitated before saying, “Mistress, I was both surprised and embarrassed that I had an erection after sliding down on Melanie’s penis.”

Did you like having a penis in your tush? Well, that’s a silly question judging by your response. I think a better question would be what were you thinking as you realized how excited you impaled yourself on Melanie’s penis?

Still blushing but hoping that a truthful answer would take their focus away from him, Michael replied, “Mistress, I guess I remembered what my wife always said when she decided get on top when we were making love. She used to tell me that the most wonderful feeling in the world was to slowly engulf a man’s penis from the top. She said she could feel it so deeply that it made her feel powerful and in charge. Sitting on Melanie’s penis helped me understand how she felt.”

What a thoughtful reply, Evelyn. It sounds like you had an epiphany as you opened yourself up as all of us women do to our lovers. What about you, Isabel? Why were you so excited when you sat on Evelyn’s love pole?

Not wanting to be outdone and yet speaking from the heart, Isabel began, “Mistress, I have always dreamed of having sex as a woman. I think my wife always knew I was just going through the motions so when I had the opportunity to finally feel a penis deep inside of me I just was thrilled.”

What a beautiful answer, Isabel! That was another completely heartfelt response, ladies, which brings us to our last observation. Chantal, can you tell us what you were thinking when you were lubricating your new friends?

Thinking that he was being asked the question because they knew he was homophobic, Chantal responded, “It made me uncomfortable sticking my fingers up another man’s ass but I knew it was important for all of us if I overcame my prejudices so we could be successful as a team.”

            I didn’t hear the proper salutation, Chantal, and you didn’t answer our question either. We noticed very clearly that you used plenty of lube on Evelyn, Isabel and Christine but you barely used any on Melanie who you then fucked. What were you thinking when you did that?

Clearly frightened and caught off guard, Chantal stammered, “I didn’t realize that I did.”

Stop right there Chantal. That’s the second time you failed to address me as Mistress. We have all agreed that the punishment should fit the crime. Ladies, will each of you help restrain Chantal and bend her over just like Melanie was a short while ago. Melanie looks like she has finally recovered sufficiently from her medication to repay Chantal for lack of lubing. Melanie, please let Isabel take a little lube and rub your penis until it is hard and then you can repay Chantal for her previous lake of respect.

Angered that Chantal had taken advantage of Melanie and realizing that it could have been any one of them, the girls quickly subdued Chantal and held her bent forward. Isabel, clearly relishing the job, dabbed a small drop of KY jelly on her left palm. Smiling while she walked over to Melanie, Isabel lifted Melanie’s skirt with her right hand while gently massaging her penis with her left hand. Within 30 seconds Melanie was rock hard and she didn’t have to be asked to position herself behind Melanie. It was difficult at first for Melanie to even penetrate Chantal. But when Evelyn realized that Chantal was squeezing her sphincter to prevent entrance she grabbed both of Chantal’s ass cheeks and pulled them apart which allowed access immediately. Melanie’s first thrust was 4 inches and with her next she was completely in. Not wanting it to end too quickly, she slowed her pace and tried to enjoy herself. Quickly though, Melanie was overcome with guilt and embarrassment. Despite being angry at Melanie for abusing her, she felt extremely uncomfortable having anal sex with another man so she quickened her pace and came as quickly as she could.


Well done, Ladies. I think you have all learned a difficult lesson. I mentioned earlier that you all were here because of the way you treated women, in general, and your wives specifically. I said we were going to teach you respect; and what I meant was respect for everyone; men, women, friends and foes. Remember that teaching from the bible: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It would be advised that you all take that teaching to heart.

Now here is how we are going to proceed. Since you have been resting so long you are probably unaware that it is now Thursday afternoon, October20th. Instead of proceeding to the final meeting we thought that all of you could use a rest to replenish your mental strength, physical stamina and, more importantly, your bodily fluids. You can return to your rooms where you will be assisted by a ‘real’ French maid. You are not allowed to ask any questions and you must obey her every direction. She will take care of your every need for the next day and I don’t mean sexual needs. She will assist you with your hygiene and grooming as well as your dietary needs. She will also launder your uniform and help you get dressed so that you can all get to the beauty parlor down the hall at 2 pm tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the big day. We will be having a number of guests for dinner and you will be our maids for the evening. If everything goes as planned, you will all have learned your lessons and you will be able to go home at the end of the evening. Enjoy yourselves until tomorrow. I look forward to meeting all of you at 5:00 pm in the downstairs parlor.


Hugs and Kisses














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