AN OPEN LETTER TO THE READER FROM “c.c.” by Clinton Crayle



Author of “TV for a Week”, “Evelyn’s TV Dance” etc…


Dear Reader,


The other day, I heard someone say that for a writer to take his work seriously, the characters he creates must be Important to him. It was a pretty innocuous statement, but it got me to thinking.


Over the last few years, I have created several characters, and put them into painful and embarrassing predicaments just so you, the Reader, could laugh at their antics and enjoy reading about the punishments my characters have had to endure.


Well, I thought, it’s about time to turn the tables. Time to make you, the reader go through some of the embarrassing ordeals for a change, and see how you like it.


Here then, is Your TV Adventure……


You just couldn’t believe it.


When you moved into this apartment building a week ago, one of the first things you noticed was the cute little Red-Head who had the apartment next door. You had also noticed her room-mate, a taller, brown-haired girl, but she stayed in the apartment most of the time, so you didn’t see much of her. Certainly not as much as you were seeing now!


It was late morning, a warm, summery day, and the three of you were soaking up the sun on the balcony of the apartment that Lori — the tall girl —  and Suzi — the Red-Head — shared. You wore a conservative pair of swimming trunks, but the two girls were proudly displaying their curvy, delectable bodies in the smallest black string bikinis imaginable. You kept stealing discreet glances at their figures: Lori, small-breasted but with long sexy legs, flat stomach, and a round, soft-looking ass. Every move she made set her lithe, compact muscles rippling beneath her golden skin. And Suzi, shorter and rounder, with full, firm breasts and deliciously creamy-looking skin complementing her auburn tresses.


They looked good enough to eat.


And there were you, a mildly successful free-lance writer, and right in between them! Suzi’s invitation to join them had come as something of a surprise, particularly on a Friday morning, when you assumed both girls would be working. But you were much too smart to miss a chance like this! You tore yourself away from the typewriter, quickly got into your trunks and gathered up your keys, and joined the girls out here on their balcony.


There, you learned that Suzi worked nights as a Dancer, and her friend Lori was “between jobs”, so the two girls had decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with their new neighbor. You told them about your success as a free-lance writer, and how you had moved to the City to get closer to the market-places for your stories. The girls seemed very interested, and asked a great many questions about whether you had any close relatives — none — or any friends in the City — none — or whether you had met any of your publishers face-to-face — no to that, as well. Finally, Suzi turned to Lori and said,


“Honey, he sounds just perfect!”


“I think you’re right!” Lori nodded and turned to you with a smile.


“How   would you like to try something a little different?” She asked.


You thought you knew what she was hinting at, and just the thought of participating in a threesome with these two lovelies was enough to start your cock throbbing inside your swim trunks.


“Sounds interesting,” You said, “Tell me what’s on your minds?”


Both girls rose, stretching their ripe, superbly-proportioned bodies, and took you by the hands.


“Better yet, we’ll show you! Come on!”


Much to your surprise, they took you into the Bathroom, where Lori produced a large jar of Lemon-scented cream.


“Let’s treat him with this first!”


Suzi giggled her agreement, and as you stood there in the bathtub, puzzled, both girls began plying your face and body with the thick, pasty cream.


“Get it all over, now,” Lori instructed, as she smeared the goo carefully over your cheeks and eyebrows.


“Right:” Suzi agreed. Suddenly you felt the waist-band of your trunks stretch out in back as Suzi’s hand darted in and began coating your bottom.


“Hey!” You squirmed, “What is this?” This cream business was a little bewildering, and it was certainly difficult to keep your composure as Lori’s strong hands stroked your chest and Suzi’s skillful fingers began working down your legs.


“Just an idea we have,” Suzi smiled, “Wait a bit; I think you’ll like it!”


For several minutes the two girls worked, coating you from the face down with the sticky cream. Only the hair on your head and your pubic area escaped their attention. Finally, Lori said,


“There! I think that’s been long enough. Shall we rinse him off?”


“Sure thing!”


Using a hand-held shower attachment, the two bikini-clad girls adjusted the water to a comfortable temperature and began spraying off your body. The water felt good, easing the mild irritation caused by the cream, even if it did splash up in your eyes, making it difficult for you to see. You felt


The back of your trunks tugged out again as warm water gushed over your rear and down your legs.


“My legs!” You gasped.


You looked at them in surprise. Your legs were hairless — smooth and silky — like a woman’s! You suddenly realized, running your hands over your body, that the rest of you must look like that too!


But Lori and Suzi were already coating you with baby oil, soothing away the last of the sting caused by the depilatory, which was what they had used on you.


“Now then,” Lori spoke firmly as she handed you a big, fluffy towel. “You can dry yourself off while Suzi and I go into the bedroom and change. If you need anything, just yoo-hoo.”


“And hurry up,” Suzi tittered, “We have big plans for you!”


Alone in the bathroom, you pondered this bizarre turn of events. Both girls had shown a clearly sexual interest in you. So why this? You looked at yourself in the full-length mirror, marveling at how changed you looked without body hair, your skin so soft and feminine. What was all this leading up to?


Then you took off your swim trunks to dry yourself completely, and discovered another problem. The depilatory had ruined the delicate synthetic fabric of your trunks! Already the skimpy things were shredding apart in a chemical reaction to the hair-remover. You desperately rinsed them in the sink, in a vain effort to stop the process, only to have them fall apart in your hands as you tried to wring them out!


With a slight chill, you realized that you were suddenly hairless and naked in the apartment of two strange girls! How could you ever get back down the hall to your own place without risking a lot of embarrassment? Better try your best to please these two and maybe they’d step over and bring you back some clothes.


Timidly, you wrapped a towel about your waist and ventured into the bedroom where the girls had gone to change.


And change they had! Suzi and Lori now wore rather severe slacks-and-blouse outfits, made of rough material, loosely fitting, to minimize their ample figures. They had donned plain, flat-heeled loafers, removed their makeup, and even pulled their hair back into prim little buns!


The effect was to make both these gorgeous women look rather strong and masculine. And when they eyed you, standing there smooth-skinned, with the towel wrapped around you like a skirt, you felt strangely small and vulnerable.


Before you knew it, you were seated on a padded bench in front of a vanity, and the girls were working on your face with powder and rouge, overcoming your questions and protests with reassurances that this would be “fun” and “a real sexy change.”


Lori and Suzi worked swiftly on you, applying lipstick, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and mascara. As Suzi fitted a wavy, long-tressed brown wig to your head, Lori shaped your fingernails, and painted them a brilliant red to match your lips.


“Now for some clothes,” Suzi tittered, “After all, our new Girlfriend, can’t go about in just a towel!” She tugged at the fleecy cloth that was now draped over your lap, and giggled again as you grabbed it in alarm.


So you sat there, feeling oddly trapped, as Lori snapped a garter belt around your waist and Suzi rolled long, dark silk hose up your bare legs. The girls showed you how to clip the garter snaps to the tops of your stockings, then handed you a skimpy pair of black silk panties and laughed at your antics as you struggled to pull them on without losing your towel until the last possible moment.


Once on, you found the panties terribly brief and confining. It felt as though your masculine genitals were being compressed into a tiny package, and you knew that the cut of your panties left nearly half of your smooth, round bottom exposed.  But this was no worse than the “bra” that the girls strapped around your chest. They called it a bra, but it was more like a silk-and-elastic breast-shaper, pulling the flabby flesh of your upper torso up, out, and into carefully shaped and padded cups, giving the illusion of real breasts!


Stunned at the lengths the girls were going to, you sat quietly as they squeezed your feet into narrow high heels that strapped firmly about your silken ankles. At last, Lori pronounced you finished, and the girls tugged you to your feet.


What a shock! You wavered and flailed your arms about helplessly as you struggled to get your balance in the heels. Suzi quickly steadied you and lead you over to a mirror,


Walking, you felt a wave of embarrassment at the way your heels made your ass swish with each step, as your breasts bounced in counter-rhythm. But that was nothing compared to the amazement that swept over you when, you saw your reflection.


It was a woman! Her scanty bra and panties seemed to barely conceal her full, luscious breasts and bottom. And the high heels and stockings certainly exaggerated the long, feminine allure of her shapely legs! Her face was a picture of sweet, feminine surprise as her shadowed eyes opened in surprise and her red lips gasped prettily. Yes, it was a woman, all right.


And it was you!


“Lori — Suzi…” You stammered in shock, “What is all this? Why have you done this to me?”


“As a prelude, Honey,” Lori smiled, “A very sexy prelude to something you might enjoy. Come into the kitchen and I’ll explain!”


Seated at the kitchen table, you tried to ignore the odd feel of your silken panties sliding across the vinyl seat, the whisper of silk stockings as you moved your legs, and the unfamiliar jiggling of your breasts. Most of all, you tried to ignore the bizarre un-reality of this whole situation as you, a man, sat feminized in Ladies’ undies while two mannishly-dressed women busied themselves about the kitchen, slicing bread for sandwiches and preparing iced tea.


Lori, the obvious boss of the two, explained as they worked.


“You may have guessed by now,” She said calmly, “Suzi and I are Lesbians. We’ve been lovers for years, and faithful in our fashion, but we’ve always believed in having an -urn-adventurous sex life!”


“A little too adventurous sometimes,” Suzi put in.


“That’ll be enough of that, you little minx!” Lori’s eyes flashed at Suzi. Then she turned back to you.  “Perhaps she’s right, though. Last year I got in a little trouble when a certain girl turned out to be underage! You’d never have guessed it from the way she acted, the little tramp! Anyway, her father was a wealthy and influential man in that town, and he pressured the Authorities until they agreed to file morals charges on me!”


She paused, obviously waiting for you to say something sympathetic.


“How rotten!” You said, “What did you do?”


“Well, I have some money myself, so I could have fought it in court,” Lori went on, “But my attorney said the best thing for me to do was lay low for a few months until Miss Rich Bitch turned eighteen. Then Daddy couldn’t prosecute for her and the charge could be dropped. But it hasn’t been easy!”


“What do you mean?” You were really a little bewildered by this story. What did it all have to do with you.


“For one thing,” Lori said, “It’s hard for me to get to my Banker when I need money. Daddy Big-Bucks has offered a big reward for my capture and put some Private Snooper on my tail. That Dick has found me wherever I tried to hide. A couple of times I’ve had to move out of apartments and hotels just minutes ahead of the law. And that can get expensive. Finally I moved back in with Suzi here, but I think that lousy PI is closing in on me again. I can’t lose this hide-out. I just can’t!”


“That’s where you come in,” Suzi said, smiling, “The first time I saw you, the idea just popped into my head!”


“Idea?” You felt worried. And even more trapped than ever, sitting there with your smooth skin and makeup, wearing women’s scantiest. Suddenly you wondered about the key to your apartment, that you’d brought over with you. Where was it?


“What we needed,” Lori explained, “Was a way for me to hide out from that peeper without getting too far away from here. I’m supposed to get a check from my Banker in a week or two and that should leave me pretty well off. What I need is something — or someone — to throw the Detective off. To make him think he was wrong about me ever being here. And that’s you!”


“Me?” You were completely at sea now. “I don’t understand; how could I do that?”


“Sooner or later, that snoop will find a way to get close to this apartment. Close enough to check out the girls here. But suppose when he does, he finds out that the girl he thought was me — is you!”


For the first time, you noticed that the brown wig you wore matched Lori’s hair exactly.


“You mean you want him to discover me here? Like this?”


“Just until Mr. Private Eye checks you out and goes away,” Lori persisted, “Meanwhile, I’ll be living right down the hall — disguised as you! We can still answer mail and phone calls and things, and you can go right on with your writing. Naturally, I’ll pay you for any inconvenience, and Suzi and I will do everything we can to make your stay here as pleasant as possible. Well? How about it?”


You almost turned them down flat. The idea of gadding about like this, all feminized, was bad enough. But to let a man see you in this state was simply too much! Then, you noticed that Lori was still holding the knife she had sliced bread with. Behind you, Suzi was coiling a stout length of extension cord, almost like a rope. These girls obviously didn’t intend to take No for an answer! Better think fast….


“Hmmm,” You stalled, “Um- How much were you thinking of paying?”


“Five Hundred,” Lori said, “I’ve got it here now. That’s a lot of money for a few days of hardly any work at all!”


“Not for an important job like this,” You countered, “you need me, remember. Make it an even Thousand!”


“A Thou—” Lori’s nostrils flared and her jaw clamped shut firmly. Then she controlled her anger.  “That’s a lot of money,” She said slowly.


You thought you had her now. Just stick to your price and she’d back out of the deal and you could get out of this.


“I’m prepared to do whatever you want,” You said, “But the price is a firm Thousand Dollars.”


“For that much, I’ll expect some extras-service from you,” Lori considered, “But you did say ‘whatever I want’, didn’t you? Very well! It’s a deal. You can start by serving lunch!”


“Good idea!” Suzi chimed in, “I’m getting tired of doing all the work around here!”


You stood up in confusion as Lori and Suzi seated themselves regally at the table. It had happened so fast! Seconds ago, you were pretending to consider their bizarre proposition. And now here you were stuck with it!


“And put on that apron over there,” Suzi added, “Like a good little Maid!”


“Like a Maid?” You asked, “Serve you? What do you mean?”


“In exchange for that exorbitant price you put on your services,” Lori explained firmly, with a trace of impatience, “You said you’d do whatever I wanted. Very well, this is the way I want it done, and you’d best do it,” Her hand strayed near the knife, lying on the table, and you quailed in fear. “Now serve!”


“And don’t forget the apron!” Suzi laughed.


Deciding you’d better go along with them, for now at least, you quickly donned the lacy white apron over your lingerie and dutifully set lunch out on the table, walking awkwardly about in your high heels.


Lori and Suzi made you spread napkins and fill their glasses as they ate the simple sandwiches. You looked hungrily at the meal.


“Err- Pardon me, Ladies,” You ventured, “But when do I get to eat?”


“Speak in a higher, more feminine voice,” Lori instructed, “You can eat our leftovers, if any, when we’re finished.”


“Don’t worry,” Suzi smiled sweetly, “You’ll get plenty off my plate. I hate to eat the bread crusts!”


“But I thought—” You started. Lori shot you a warning look and you continued in a higher-pitched voice, “You said you’d do everything you could to make my stay here pleasant,” You finished timidly.


“That was when the price was Five Hundred,” Lori said, “This is for a Thousand, and I think you’ll find it rather different. Just don’t try to reneg, and you won’t get hurt. Badly,” She finished her sandwich and lit a cigarette. “More tea, Maid!”


As waves of anxiety washed over you, you humbly poured more tea for your Mistress and waited patiently while Suzi nibbled at her sandwich. At last the girls were finished. You were quite hungry by this time, and you felt rather glad that Lori had left half of her sandwich uneaten — until she rose and casually stubbed her cigarette out in it!


“All right, Maid,” She said, “You can eat whatever you want off our plates. Throw the rest in the trash. Since Suzi’s water bill is rather high, we’ve decided not to use the sink disposal. Therefore, before you put the dishes in the dishwasher, you will lick them clean. Understand?”


Your hunger vanished as you looked at the ashes on Lori’s plate. Then, you felt a tiny shiver as a lock of your long, curly wig brushed over your bare shoulder. You thought about how feminine you must look and how helpless you were in women’s undies, heels, and the tiny maid’s apron, with your shadowed eyes, painted nails, and lipsticked mouth.


“Yes Mistress,” You said meekly.


A short time later, the girls decided it would be cute to take pictures of you in your feminized state. Suzi clicked away at the shutter and flash cubes popped as you walked curtsied, pirouetted and even danced for the two lesbians. Then came the costumes. Harem Girl, in baggy, see-through silk pajama-bottoms and a silken vest laced tightly across your bosom, your wig replaced by one with ornamental beads. Streetwalker, in a tight red jersey top and black skirt slit up the sides to your waist, set off by bad black net stockings and high heels. And French Maid, in a short black dress, lacy petticoats, frilly black undies, dark hose, and the highest heels yet!


“Hmmm,” Lori mused as you posed in this costume, “Yes, I rather like that. I think we’ll make that your standard uniform during your stay here!”


“Oh Goody!” Suzi applauded, “Isn’t she just so cute like that? Those pettis sway and flip up in back with every move she makes!”


Burning with embarrassment, you obeyed as the girls sent you scurrying about the apartment on myriad little errands, fetching polish-remover and paper towels for Lori and draping a bed sheet over her shoulders as she sat regally in a chair while Suzi cut her brown hair into a more mannish style. Then, of course, you had to clean up the loose strands of hair while Lori donned a sharp, masculine leisure suit. With her hair cut short, dressed in male attire, Lori now looked incredibly macho Just the opposite of yourself, you noted your lacy, curly-haired, feminine appearance in a mirror.


“Admiring our handiwork, Maid?” Suzi cracked a smile at the sight of you looking at your incredibly-changed self in the mirror. “Hard to believe that you and Lori could have changed places so totally, isn’t it? But you have!”


“That’s right,” Lori smiled in satisfaction as she flexed her masculine arms. “And just in time, too. I have to attend an important function tonight. I was afraid that with that PI watching, I’d have to stay in, but now that you’re on the scene, I can go to the party after all!”


“Not the Jameson’s costume party?” Suzi gasped in sudden remembrance.


“That’s right,” Lori said, “It promises to be a rather wild evening. I’ve got my costume waiting there already!”


Oh! — But I wanted to go too!” Suzi cried, pointing to a small white cardboard box in a corner of the room.  “See! I have my costume all packed and everything! Let me go, too!”


“Sorry, Sweetie!” Lori replied firmly, “I’m afraid our little Maid isn’t ready to be left on her own just yet, so one of us will have to stay with her. I have to be at that party to contact my banker, so I’m afraid you’ll have to stay here with Miss Cutie!”


“It’s not fair,” Suzi pouted, “I have my invitation and the directions and everything! Can’t we just tie her up and leave her here? Or take her with us?”


You had been listening intently to all this, and now you shivered at the thought of being helplessly bound by these two beauties — or being forced to go out this way where people could see you!


“Sorry,” Lori said to your relief, “I don’t want to leave a novice like our Maid bound up that long by herself. It’s dangerous.” And then she added something that you found interesting, “And you know that anything can happen at the Jameson’s orgies! What if you and I got into some kind of Bondage Thing and our Little Maid took advantage of us? She might try to turn me in for the reward! No, I’m afraid you two will just have to stay here.”


Suzi’s face fell with disappointment, but no more so than yours. From what Lori had said, that party might have been your chance to get out of this bizarre mess you had fallen into.


But it seemed to be too late. Disguised as you, Lori departed. Leaving a very disappointed and angry Suzi behind to take her frustrations out on you!


“Look at this carpet, Maid!” She snapped, “It’s a mess! Start vacuuming! And do a good job, or I’ll tan your fanny! Oh by the way, don’t get any ideas about trying something cute while we’re alone here. I have a Black Belt in Self-Defense, and my job keeps me in plenty good shape! Besides, Lori still has the key to your apartment and all those pictures of you simpering about in drag; so you really have no choice but to whatever we order — Have you, Maid?”


Eyes downcast, you murmured,


“No Ma’am!”


“Curtsey when you talk to your Mistress!”


“Yes Ma’am,” You curtseyed.


“That’s better,” She said, slightly mollified, “I’m going to get a shower now. Do a good job out here and I may let you come in and dry me off; slack off and I’ll use your face for a toilet! Understand?”


“Yes Ma’am,” You curtseyed.


Alone in the living room, you tried to think of some way out of this trap as you busied yourself with the vacuum cleaner. You could at least try to overpower Suzi….


.. Or maybe just run out now and try to get the police or your landlady to help you…. Then you saw yourself again in the mirror and your heart sank at the sight. Long shapely legs encased in black net stockings, accentuated by high heels. Your lacy pettis making a frou-frou above your bare thighs and flipping up in back to reveal your round, half-pantied bottom. The artful way your dress was cut and your bra padded to give the illusion of a full, jiggling bosom. Your incredibly feminine makeup and nail polish. All this, plus the demeaning apron and maid’s cap you were forced to wear! You could just hear your sophisticated landlady and her beautiful daughters laughing at the sight of you this way! Or see the disbelief in the face of some young cop or experienced policewoman! You had no friends in the City, no one to turn to….




Your thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a resounding THUD in the bathroom. Fearfully, not knowing what to expect, you swished over in your high heels and peeked in.


Suzi lay in the tub, moaning softly, trying to move as the shower sprayed over her body.


Alarmed, you rushed over to her and shut off the water. If anything should happen to her… you had visions of Rescue Medics seeing you this way, or of Lori coming home and finding her lover hurt….


But Suzi seemed to be merely stunned. You could see now that she had simply slipped and struck her head against the wall. Fortunately, she hadn’t hit anything sharp. You examined the back of her head and found only a small flushed area on it, not even a bruise.


She was going to be all right.


As soon as she came to….


Looking down at Suzi in the tub, naked, semi-conscious, totally helpless, the idea suddenly struck you. Your chance at last!


Tie her up, get her out of the way for a while, and you might have a chance against Lori.


You had to do it.


Frantically, you raced into the bedroom, looking for something to tie Suzi with. You found what you were after: Two pairs of hiking boots, fitted with long, strong leather laces. Quickly, you unlaced them, working as nimbly as you could with your unaccustomed painted nails. Then, back to the bathroom again, your high heels click-clicking on the floor, carrying the leather bonds.


“Ooo,” Suzi moaned, “What hap—”


Her dazed mumblings were cut off abruptly as you caught her left wrist in a tight leather loop and tugged it behind her back. Swiftly, you grabbed her right wrist and pulled it easily back, securing it to the left. She was bound J


But this was just the beginning!


As you worked on Suzi with the other shoelaces, you were suddenly reminded of what a luscious figure this little redhead had. Such smooth skin, full breasts and ripe ass, and all this naked before you! But there was no time to waste with such thoughts. Forcing yourself to concentrate, you used a second shoelace to tie Suzi’s ankles together, and there was just enough slack left to tie this loop to the one on her wrists, forcing her to remain in a kneeling pose in the hard tub.


“Ooo!” Fully conscious now, Suzi tugged at her tight bonds. It was useless effort, but you appreciated the way it flaunted her breasts. She tossed her head to get a damp lock of hair out of her eyes and looked defiantly at you.


“Untie me, Maid!” She spat, “Now!”


“Fat chance, Honey!” You laughed, “It’s too much fun watching you struggle like that! In fact, I think I’ll add a few more touches!


Smiling, you tied a loose loop around Suzi’s neck, adjusting it carefully so that wasn’t tight enough to choke, but was still too small for her to slip over the head. Then, you took the last remaining shoelace, tied one end of it to this makeshift leather collar, and tied the other end to the grating in the bathtub drain!


Suzi was really stuck now, forced to bend forward, face down, hands behind her bound to her ankles, bare rump shamefully displayed. But her helplessness didn’t dampen her temper any!


“I’ll get you for this, you little Sissy!” She ranted, “I’ll see that you spend months in slavery for this! I’ll make you so feminine you won’t even remember being a man! I swear I will!”


Such big talk from a bound, naked woman only amused you.


“Won’t that be a little hard to manage in jail, Dearie?” You asked sweetly, pinching her playfully on the bottom. “Because that’s where you and Lori are going, as soon as I’ve collected the reward. I’ve got it all worked out!”


“What do you mean?” Suzi tugged at her bonds and you pinched her again, this time on the nipple.


“You girls let just enough information slip for me to turn the tables on you,” You said, adjusting your stockings confidently. “All I needed was this chance! Now I can go to that costume orgy — using the directions and invitation you left on the desk out there — sneak up on Lori and take her prisoner! She won’t suspect a thing until I’ve got her. After all, I’ll be safely disguised in your costume!”


“You can’t!” Suzi stormed impotently, “You mustn’t take Lori! Untie me!”


“My but you redheads certainly are hot tempered,” You checked your lipstick in the mirror and grinned. “You’d better cool off!”


And you turned on the cold water, full force, from the shower head.’


Ignoring Lori’s muffled cries of rage and discomfort, you went into the living room. Everything was ready for you. The tightly-wrapped box with Suzi’s costume, the directions and invitation to the party, even Suzi’s purse, containing credit cards and money. You decided to take a quick look around the place to see if you could turn up anything else of value.


And you were glad you did! In a night stand by the bed, you found over Five Hundred Dollars in cash, and a small, flat hand gun. You didn’t know much about guns, but you packed it in your purse anyway, along with the money, then you removed your apron and maid’s cap and put on one of Lori’s raincoats to cover your short dress.


You were really a little nervous about your plan now, as you re-checked your appearance in a mirror. Neatly coiffed brown hair, perfect makeup, shapely legs, manicured hands,., a shiver of apprehension went through you as you contemplated passing in public this way! But you steeled your nerves, telling yourself that this was really the best way to get back into male clothing and revenge yourself on those two lesbians. Just keep up the masquerade a little longer….


Resolutely, you picked up the box and minced out of the apartment.


The taxi set you off right at the front door of the mansion set deep in the vast Jameson Estate. You tipped the driver handsomely and watched him drive away. Still slightly nervous, you clutched the boxed costume tightly at your side as you rang the bell.


The girl who answered the door wore maid’s cap, apron, heels, hose and garter belt. And that was all!


“Hello there,” She smiled nervously, “Welcome to the party. Got your invitation, Dear?”


You couldn’t find your voice to answer. Dumbly? You held out the card. She took it and quickly ushered you in.


“Gawd, I hate answering the door like this!” She blushed beet red. “And all because I lost a silly bet! Say, you wouldn’t want to trade places with me, would you? Just for a little bit?”


“No!” You were so alarmed at the thought you almost forgot to speak in a feminine voice. “I mean—” You corrected, “I’m afraid I have other plans for this evening.”


“Just thought I’d ask,” She sighed, “Some girls go for this sort of thing, you know. Well, anyway, the Dressing Room is on the other side of the Great Room and down the hall. Have a nice time, dear!”


Well, you thought, you seemed to be passing quite well as a woman. First the taxi driver, and now the girl at the door. Alone, you walked across the Great Room, where the party was in full swing, toward the Dressing room.


It was certainly some party! People in various stages of costume were either lounging comfortably about, watching the wild sexual scenes taking place all” over, or else actively taking part in the scenes themselves!


In one corner of the room, a bizarre Auction Block had been set up. It featured a raised dais with several posts mounted on it. Each post was equipped with a stout chain and collar, for securing “merchandise”, and a couple of the posts already displayed their bizarre stock in trade! A tall blonde woman was shackled there, wearing an elegant formal gown with matching accessories and fine jewelry. Only when you looked more closely at her, you discovered that what appeared to be a fur stole was really a cunning fur strait-jacket, pinning her arms to her sides. In addition, her heavy silk gown was so tightly cut in the skirt that she could barely move her legs. With her neck collared to the post that way, she was truly helpless, despite her regal appearance, and had to beg for cigarettes, drinks and food.


The figure shackled to the next post, however, was even more extraordinary. It was a man, but you could never tell what he looked like, for his entire head was encased in a tight leather hood, equipped with small holes around the nose and mouth for breathing. A tight — very tight — leather jock-strap encased his loins and pushed his ass out prominently. Leather straps pinioned his knees, ankles and elbows together, forcing him to stand upright, and a small strong leather cord on top of his helmet pulled his head back, back, to where it was bound to the center of his jock strap. In this fix, he had to endure the agony of being forcibly bent backwards, for the only way to straighten up was to pull on the cord, tugging painfully on the already-tight jock strap.


There was more, much more, going on in the room… A group of Black Women, wearing exotic native costumes, standing around a large metal cooking pot. Next to them, a rude wooden cage stood invitingly open… There was a gaily-dressed Dance Director with a riding crop, forcing a ballerina, a can-can dancer, and a strip-tease artiste through difficult routines. Only when you passed by them, you noticed that the dancers were all men… And there were bound women and men all about the room, acting as furniture, beasts of burden, or serving girls.


All of this swarmed about you as you made your way to the Dressing Room. The Masters and Slaves, Lesbians and Gays, Conquerors and Vanquished. All the nervousness in you grew even worse. How awful, being a transvestite in a room full of weirdoes like this! You felt the silken swish of your stockings brushing together as you walked, the unfamiliar bounce and jiggle of your breasts and ass with each high-heeled step, the chafing confinement of your tight panties, the heat of your wig and Lori’s raincoat. You could feel yourself breaking put in a cold sweat as you reached the Dressing Room. The walls were starting to sway around you. With an intense effort, you pulled open the door of the spacious, well-equipped room.


And fainted.


“Wake up, Dearie! Wake up! Are you all right?”


Tender hands were rubbing your forehead with a cold, damp towel. Patting your wrists. You took a deep breath and opened your eyes. You were lying on the floor and there was a man kneeling beside you. And then you saw that he was totally nude and hairless!


“Feeling better, Sweetie?” He said softly.


“Oh my!” You gasped in surprise and squirmed away from his nearby crotch. He must think you were a girl and….


And then you discovered that you were nude yourself!


“OH!” You curled into a tight ball, instinctively throwing your hands over your bare chest and genitals.


“My clothes!” You squealed, “What have you done with them? Who are you?”


You felt so horrid, crouched naked on the cold floor there. And not just naked, but feminized, with your wig, makeup, nail polish and smooth body. The naked man stood up and laughed.


“The name’s Rickie,” He smiled, “And as for your clothes, well, you’re supposed to cool off a fainting Lady, aren’t you? Can you imagine how surprised I was when I got down to your cute little undies?”


“Give them back to me!” You cried.


“Why should I do that, Honey?” Rickie grinned even wider. “Looks to me like you have another outfit in that box, and besides, I need your Ladies’ clothes. I lost my last set and all my hair as well in a game of Strip Poker! Unless I get new ones, I have to pay a forfeit. My wife has already had to do that; you may have seen her at the door. Anyway, this charming outfit of yours looks like my ticket back into the game!”


He gathered up your dress, hose, underwear, heels, even your raincoat, and took them to a nearby chair where he began dressing. All you could do was crouch there in naked embarrassment as you watched the muscular, smooth-skinned man calmly appropriating your street clothing!


“Better hurry and dress, Honey,” He cautioned, “You look awfully tempting in the nude, and someone may just decide to keep you that way!”


Blushing furiously at his eyes on your nude, feminized body, you began quickly prying at the strings that secured your costume-box. At last, they came loose and you looked inside.


Oh Lord, You thought. This is awful! A lime green, see-through, baby-doll nightie, trimmed with white fur. It- consisted of a tiny strapless top, held up on your chest by elastic, and matching puffy green parities, both made of some diaphanous, silky material. A pair of high-heeled white fur bedroom slipper went with this, and — a mocking touch — a hollow, white fur Teddy Bear with a zippered compartment to act as a purse!


Your purse! You suddenly remembered it with a start. All that money, the credit cards and the gun… If Rickie took it, you’d be really helpless now!


But Rickie finished dressing, zipping your dress up his back, straightening your hose on his legs, slipping his feet into your high heels, and calmly minced out, winking at you. Leaving your purse on the floor.


Oh good, you thought eagerly, a chance at last! Forgetting your feminized, unclad state, you scampered over and retrieved it. Great, everything was still in there! Feeling a bit more confident, you began to dress.


Well, it certainly wasn’t much of a costume! Suzi had obviously intended to come as a sexy little girl perhaps with a special hairdo. On you, wearing Lori’s brown wig, it looked quite different. The fuzzy white high heels brought you nearly up on tip-toe, accentuating the long, shapely bare legs that rose to the white fur hem of your nightie. The puffy green panties made your bottom seem fuller and more round, and the wispy fabric of your top, shimmering beneath your bare shoulders, gave the illusion that there might be real — albeit small — breasts beneath it.


You tried not to see yourself in the mirror this way and began transferring the contents of your purse into your un-stuffed Teddy Bear. But you knew how bizarrely feminine you must look, and the little-girl effect of your small chest and the teddy bear you carried was rather disturbing.


But you had to go on now. There was no turning back from your plan to capture Lori, get the reward, and get back into male clothing. Steeling your nerves, you picked up your white Teddy-Bear-Purse and pranced out to the party, the fuzzy hem of your nightie swishing about your pantied bottom.


A few more guests had arrived by this time, exhibiting still more bizarre behavior. There was a petite Black Lady in elegant riding attire, haughtily perched on the back of a full-breasted, long-legged blonde, down on all fours, naked except for knee-and-elbow pads. Another blonde was leading a man — his hands bound behind him to his elbows, wearing only high heels and panties — up to the Auction Block.


A serving girl offered you drinks and sandwiches from a tray that was bound to her arms. You took them gratefully and she hobbled off. Refreshed now, and a little more confident, you decided to look for Lori — when she saved you the trouble by walking right up!


“Well, doesn’t the Maid look so sweet!” She sneered, “I thought I’d find you here, but I never dreamed you’d actually put that ridiculous costume on and parade around where everyone could see you! You must really be hooked on this ‘femme’ business!”


She was an imposing picture herself, with her now-short brown hair combed mannishly back, wearing a black leather vest fastened with laces across her firm breasts, pushing them up and out. A pair of hip-hugger jeans encased her shapely legs and ass, and black leather boots completed her tough “butch biker” look. /As you took all this in, you felt suddenly tinier and more girlish than ever, in your see-through baby doll nightie, clutching your teddy.


But her words had been even more unsettling than her appearance!


“Expecting me?” You gasped, “Here? What do you mean?”


“Suzi called and told me you’d ‘escaped’, Lori smiled sarcastically, “And that you’d probably be dumb enough to come here instead of going out and buying men’s clothing with the money you stole from me. She said you had some idea about taking me in for the reward!”


“But you — she couldn’t have!” You protested, “I left her securely tied!”


“Mmmhmm,” The knowing smile never left Lori’s face. “Oh, she mentioned your attempt at Bondage, too. Leather shoelaces in the bath tub was it, Dearie? Just one thing you forgot: Leather stretches when it gets wet! And Suzi said you very thoughtfully turned the shower on her!”


A terrible sinking feeling hit the pit of your stomach. Suzi was free! Lori had been ready for you! And here you were, transvestite in a baby doll nightie in this weird house!


Then, you remembered the gun in your purse. Trying to keep a calm exterior, you casually put your hand into your zippered teddy bear.


“Very interesting report from Suzi,” You said. You whipped out the gun, partly hiding it with the teddy, but making sure Lori could see it. “Did she tell you about this, too?”


You jabbed the gun into Lori’s stomach, between the laces of her vest.


But instead of freezing in fear, she calmly put a cigarette between her lips.


“Listen, Doll-face,” She said, “Get wise to yourself. You love dressing like a woman and serving dominant lesbians, even if you won’t admit it to yourself! Otherwise, you would have gotten into male attire when you had a chance! You could have gone to any clothing store in town and bought a real macho outfit to wear here. But instead, here you are in that silly nightie, flaunting your girlish figure and pretty face!


You really hadn’t thought about buying a new outfit, and it angered you that Lori interpreted this as a submissive tendency on your part.


“That’s not true!” You snapped.


“Of course it is,” Lori reassured, “You were born for this life! Now I’ll tell you what: Just forget all about this ‘escape’ business and come back to the apartment. Suzi will be here soon, and together we’ll .’find some way to sneak you back in, I mean, you certainly can’t ride up in the elevator dressed like that of course, Suzi will want to punish you for disobedience, and I’m afraid we’ll have to re-negotiate our agreement; I think I’ll have you pay me for the privilege of serving us! But I think you’ll find it’s really the best way out of here for you!”


“And I think that’s big talk from a dyke with a gun at her belly!” You said angrily, “Do as I say now, and you won’t get hurt!”


Lori smiled wider than ever. Then, suddenly, with surprising swiftness, her hand swept sideways and easily twisted the gun out of your grip!


You backed away fearfully, only to see Lori calmly point the gun upwards and pull the trigger.


The barrel flipped forward and a tiny flame flickered and burned at the opening. Lori casually lighted her cigarette with the novelty lighter and tossed it away.


“Any more tricks up your sleeve — or in your panties — Sweet?” She laughed.


“You can’t take me,” You stepped back, more alarmed than ever. “I’m not going with you. You can’t make me!”


“I wouldn’t dream of it, Honey,” Lori said, “I’m just going to watch the fun when you try to leave here in that outfit! And just where are you going to go? Oh, this should be rich! I can’t wait ’til Suzi gets here! ”


You chilled even more at the thought of vengeful Suzi coming after you. You had to do something! Get some clothes, disguise yourself, get out of here! Quickly, you turned and ran across the room ducking around groups of bizarre revelers, leaving Lori far behind, losing her in the crowd. Must think of something!


Then you saw it. A doorway with a neatly-lettered sign, reading:




Just the thing, you thought. Before you could be spotted, you darted inside.


The small room was crowded with racks of costumes, makeup stands, even a Doctor’s Examination table! An attractive woman, neatly dressed in a Beautician’s uniform, stood behind a counter.


“I need a new costume!” You panted, “I must have a complete change! Give me something!”


“I’ll be only too pleased to help you out,” The Lady replied, “But my disguises are for sale, Honey, and they’re not cheap. Are you sure you can afford a complete treatment?”


Panic-stricken, you pulled all the money from your purse.


“Here,” You pleaded, “All I have! It’s yours if you just lock that door and don’t let anyone in until you’ve changed me completely! I must be totally different.”


The sparkle of an idea flashed in her t eyes.


“Someone after you, Dearie? „She asked, “Well, don’t worry. There’s a disguise I’ve  wanted to try on someone for months now. Just step over to the examining table here, and when I get through, no one will know you!”


Gratefully, you lay down on the table and obediently allowed her to secure your feet into little stirrups at the sides, raising your knees. But when she put your left wrist into a strap at the head of the table and tightened it down, you protested:


“Wait! I can’t move my arm! What are you doing this for?”


“Just a precaution,” She smiled as she secured your right wrist in the same manner, “This is a rather long treatment — over an hour — and you’ll have to hold very still for some of it. Now let’s get started!”


And so saying, she produced a large pair of scissors and proceeded to cut away your nightie!


No!” You cried, “Those are my only clothes!” Fear raced through you as you found yourself being reduced to feminine nakedness before this amused woman. You struggled helplessly in your bonds and blushed furiously as she smiled down at your nudity.


“Be still,” She snapped, “Or I’ll gag you!”


She busied herself at a nearby table, then turned to you — holding a large hypo!


“Now don’t squirm,” She cautioned, “This is very important.”


You looked away, to keep from fainting, and felt her give you a massive injection on each side of your chest.


“Oh please, Miss,” You winced, “What’s that for?”


“Part of your disguise,” She smiled, “Over the next hour, the concentrate in those injections will mix with the fatty tissue in your chest and start to swell, changing the shape of your bosom completely, from flat and manly to round and feminine!”


“Oh! But th-that’ll give me b-b–”


“Breasts?” She finished for you, “It certainly will, and I think they’ll be quite firm and well-shaped!”


“But- but… How long will they last?”


“Oh, two or three months I think,” She was working at the table again. “Now for the most important part!”


And she turned to you, holding a confusing tangle of nylon net and dark, stringy laces.


“This is a very special device, Dearie,” She said, answering the question in your eyes as she set to work, “These laces braid securely into your pubic hair and attach to this small bit of nylon net. As I tighten the laces, it will force the net very tightly down over your cock and balls, squeezing them into a tiny package high up between your legs, and holding them there very securely. Once I obscure your manhood completely, I’ll lace a little wig over it, just like my own pussy hair! Mmm, I know you’ll just love this thing! You can wash it, go to the bathroom through it… anything at all, except get an erection! I’m afraid that would be quite painful to your genitals cramped up in there. And it’ll stay on for months!”


As you felt the device knotting ever more securely over your maleness,   felt your breasts start to swell, you groaned,


“But you — you’re turning me into a woman!”


“But of course, Darling!” You said you wanted a complete change, didn’t you? Well, you came in here as a man, wearing women’s clothes, and you’ll leave here as a woman, wearing no clothing at all!”


“But you can’t! I paid you—” You tried to protest as her dreadful idea was revealed to you. “I can’t walk out of here as a Nude! Please, I just couldn’t!”


“Then you can dance out — or crawl out, I don’t care,” She had finished securing the wig to your crotch and was now donning rubber gloves, “After all, there are so many naked females out there that — well, you’ll just fit right in with them!”


“But how will I ever get out of here?” You writhed shamefully in your bonds, “How could I ever get home like this?”


She started calmly rubbing some sort of oil over you, starting at the feet and working up carefully, inch by inch.


“Oh, there’s plenty of clothing to be had out there — if you know where to look,” She said. Her hands moved up your thighs and deep into your smooth, round bottom, causing you to squirm with embarrassment as she continued,


“You might try the Native Girls, for example; they often give away clothing. And I’m certain you can find some man or woman who’d just love to take you home!”


Her hands were at your aching breasts now, and you cringed as your nipples stiffened in her knowing fingers.


“Feels sexy, eh?” She smiled, “Just you wait!”


At last, the “treatment” was over. The Beautician had covered every inch of your skin with the body oil. She had changed your makeup. And she had removed your wig and done an extensive dyeing and curling treatment on your longish hair. Finally, she released your feet from the stirrups and un-strapped your hands. You stood, timidly, afraid to look at yourself. Unsure of what to do.


“Okay, Gorgeous,” She smiled, “There’s a private, mirrored room right through that door, where you can get a look at all the changes I’ve made in you. Just don’t spend all night in there!”


And as you scampered over, she slapped you playfully on the rump!


Shaking with fear, you tip-toed quickly on barefoot over to the indicated room. At least I’ll have privacy, you thought. You hadn’t seen the total effect, but already you could feel a difference as you walked. A bounce and jiggle in your bare chest and bottom. An odd, tight feeling in your crotch. You went into the small room, carefully closing the door behind you.


The room was no bigger than a closet, mirrored on all four sides. Bright lights overhead beat down on you, illuminating your reflection vividly.


And what a picture it was! You gasped in shock at the woman — yes, woman — in the mirror.


Your skin now had a faint brown tint to it, suggesting some vague, racial mixture, an effect that was enhanced by the kinky —almost Afro style — treatment that had been worked on your dyed-black hair. Beneath this, your face was skillful]/made up with dark eye shadow under skillfully arched and plucked eyebrows, long, feminine eyelashes thick with mascara. Soft rouge and dark lipstick completed your sensuous face.


But that wasn’t the biggest change, not by a long shot! Firm, full, well-shaped breasts now jutted from your tan chest, swaying delightfully with your every move, atop your shapely legs, your hips and bottom seemed fuller and more round. And between those legs — where you were used to seeing your rampant masculinity — there was now a dark triangle that looked just like the hair over a woman’s pussy! You had been transformed into a nude Mulatto Woman!


The enormity of what had been done to you overwhelmed you as your mouth fell open at the sight. You were totally changed now. Completely unrecognizable. Now, even if you got back to your apartment, how could you ever live there? The Landlady had rented to a fair-skinned young man. What would she think if she saw this dusky, bosomy young miss sneaking about the place? If challenged, how could you ever prove who you really were?


It seemed worse every second you looked at yourself. Desperately, you clutched at the hairy net between your legs, searching in vain for some trace of the male organs that only you could tell were hidden in there. You felt like crying as you cupped your bouncing breasts in your hands and bent forward, trying to get some idea of their size. In the mirror, you could see your saucy bottom sticking out, and you heard giggles at the sight.




Shocked, you spun about. Of course, you were alone in the tiny room. But even as you moved, you heard laughter at the funny picture you made. Panicking, you turned this way and that, dancing about as you tried to figure out who was watching you, and from where. More hilarity greeted your movements, but all around you, you could see only your own nude, feminine reflection.


And then you realized.


Those mirrors on the walls. They were trick, see-through mirrors. Why, all three sides of this room might be exposed to the party! There would be people on the other side, watching, seeing you like this! You felt yourself blush furiously as you turned to the door.


It was locked.


And now, the laughter really pealed out as you wrenched desperately at the door, pounding, kicking, (Ouch! Your poor toes!) and hopping about on one foot. With every move, you could see your bare, feminine breasts bouncing and butt jumping in the merciless mirrors. Tears of humiliation swelled in your eyes as you tried desperately to escape from this awful public exposure.


Then, all at once, the door clicked open and you rushed gratefully from your cruel glass cage.


“You okay, Honey-chile?”


The speaker was the leader of a group of four Black Women, all wearing exotic native costumes. You remembered having seen them earlier, standing by a menacing wooden cage near a large metal cooking pot.


Now, however, the women were all sympathy and comfort. They crowded about you as they escorted you from the Disguise Room to their corner of the party room, shielding you from the rest of the crowd. The Empress of the group even put her warm black arm about your narrow waist.


“Imagine, treating a Sister that way!” She said, “Don’t worry, Child, we’ll fix you up just like one of us. Then we’ll catch us some male pig whitey and make him kiss yore ass!”


You began to look with new interest at the- Native Girls around you. The Empress was wearing a beaded loin cloth and metal breast plates. Beaded slippers and a feathered cape were the badges of her office. Earrings, made from the fangs of some wild beast, pierced her ears.


The two girls next to her wore beaded slippers and loin cloths as well, but you noticed with shock that their nipples had been pierced and were sporting rings made from animal teeth. And the fourth girl had a bone through her nose as well!


An alarming thought hit you: The Empress had said she would fix you up just like one of them. Did she mean to pierce you, too? Your nipples? Or your nose?


“Well, we’re here, Darlin’,” The Empress announced as you reached the rest of the group. In your fright, you barely noticed that the wooden cage now held three nude white males. Some of the girls outside the cage were amusing themselves by prodding the captives through the bars with sticks, forcing them into intimate and embarrassing positions with each other.


“Are you ready to join the tribe, Honey?” The Empress interrupted your thoughts.


“Err— Please, Ma’am,” Fear forced you to speak in a high, feminine voice as you stood, nude, before this Amazon, “I have a confession to make! I’m not really -uh- one of you!”


“Not what?” A few more girls gathered around.


“Oh, please understand,” You went on desperately, trying to hide your shamefully exposed breasts and pussy with your hands and failing, miserably, “I didn’t mean to trick you. The beautician changed my hair and skin color, and then locked me out there, naked,” You had already decided it would be wiser not to tell them about your real sex. Right now, it was much safer to be a woman. Best to continue the masquerade.


“Hmmm,” Said the Empress when you had finished explaining, “This is a matter I must discuss with Council. You will help the Cooking Girls while we confer. Get to it, Woman!”


So, continue the girlish masquerade you did! As the Empress and her Priestesses discussed your fate, you demurely set to helping two Native Girls with the oversized cooking pot.


This was truly a bizarre mixture of the primitive and the sophisticated. For the metal pot, fully four feet high and three feet around, proved to be electrically heated! At present, the Cooking Girls were mixing up a large batch of honey, syrup, and aromatic spices, kept to the temperature of a hot bath. Later on, you were told, the male captives would be made to sexually service the Native Girls and a few of their friends. Afterwards, they would be soaked in the Honey and covered with feathers. Those who had pleased their captresses would then get to run to the swimming pool at the other end of the estate, through the cool night air while native girls chased them with switches. If they made it, they could wash off. But any who had displeased the Native Girls would simply be packed in a van and dropped off at the estate of a well-known gay playboy, there to fend for themselves, naked, honeyed and feathered, as best they could.


Intimidated by the prospect of such awful punishment, you redoubled your effort to disguise your true sex. As you fetched spices and syrup, you minced prettily, spoke in soft, effeminate tones, and generally acted as woman-like as you possibly could, prancing about nude, with your caramel-colored, rounded breasts and bottom lovingly proclaiming your femininity.


Finally, the Empress and her hench-girls emerged from their session.


“We have decided,” She announced. The Native Girls gathered around expectantly, and two of them unobtrusively took you by the arms.


“Because this woman did not willingly deceive us, she will be set free,” The Empress stated. You breathed a sigh of relief. But then she went on, “But because she was unwilling to become a Sister, because she acted as though she did not want to be Black like us, she must be punished. We have decided on the Ordeal of the 7 Straps!”


A murmur of interest and excitement bubbled through the Native Girls. What was this, you wondered, the 7 Straps? Some sort of spanking?


All too soon, you found out. It was only minutes later that you were set free, to walk about the huge party room in search of some way out of all this. But it was much harder for you now, because you were wearing the Seven Straps!


The First Strap was a stout leather thong that bound your elbows together painfully behind you, forcing you to jut out your brown breasts as your forearms waved helplessly behind you.


The Second Strap, much thinner, was laced tightly into your dark, kinky hair in the back, then tied to the first strap and shortened severely. As the Native Girls tightened it, you could feel your head pulled back by the strain on your arms until you could only stare straight up at the ceiling!


The Third Strap hobbled your knees, forcing you to take tiny, breast-bouncing, bottom-swishing steps.


Perhaps the most ingenious were the Fourth and Fifth Straps. They were quite thin, only a few inches long, but they proved to be most effective. For one end of the strap was tied around your big toe, and the other end was attached to a steel ball covered with sharp points! With one of these on each foot, you had to remain on tip-toe, for they dragged behind you as you walked, and the risk of bringing your weight down on them was too great. Of course, they wouldn’t be directly under your feet all the time, but with your hair and elbows bound, you certainly couldn’t look down to check! No, the only way to be sure of avoiding the sharp, painful things was to stay on tip-toe at all times, which had your calves and feet aching in minutes.


The Sixth Strap was a diabolical thing that passed between your lips, pulled back the corners of your mouth, and tied to screw-in earrings clamped tightly on your earlobes, forcing your bent-back face into a strained, permanent smile.


And the Seventh Strap, perhaps most frightening of all, was a blindfold!


Totally helpless now, you tried to shrink back as the Empress ordered you to walk across the room. A few slaps on your tender buns — made more vulnerable by your bent-back, tip-toe posture — were more than enough to send you hobbling helplessly forward, out into the awful unknown.


And it truly was awful! With every aimless, pitiful step, you felt your bare bottom and flaunting breasts bounce in a horribly humiliating way. Within minutes, your arched neck and straining arms were aching terribly, not to mention your poor legs and ankles, as you went about on tiptoe. But your pretty tan face never lost its forced smile as you minced onward.


Walking blindfolded like this, you were absolutely helpless to avoid bumping into people and things. You felt your swinging butt bump someone’s full mug of beer splashing over your rump. He swore and poured the rest of the cold stuff down the front of your pussy.


“Oh look!” You heard a giggling female voice, “The bound black girl must really be enjoying this! See how wet she’s getting between the legs!”


More laughter as your huge, jiggling breasts grazed against a lit cigarette, causing you to squeal and jump away — straight into a plastic dildo that stuck between your tight brown buns, tickling your anus. And still more shrieks and catcalls at your jumping, dancing antics, trying to dislodge the obscene thing!


It was almost a relief to feel strong, feminine hands buckling a tight collar about your neck, clipping a leash to it, and leading you purposefully up a few low steps to a wooden floor. At last, you thought, someone will take care of me. Maybe help me get out of all this.


But your relief was short-lived. You felt your captress pull your leash downwards and affix it to a ring-bolt in the floor, forcing you to bend sharply forward. The only way for you to remain upright now was to try to bend your knees enough so that your ass stuck out far enough behind you to counterbalance the weight of your full, thrusting breasts in front, as you stood there on tiptoe. Of course, it was an impossible task, and you soon fell to your knees.


“Couldn’t take it, hunh?” You heard the familiar voice as your blindfold was whipped off.


And there before you stood Suzi.


“Happy to see me, Slave?” Her face was flushed with excitement until it was almost as red as her hair. Her fair skin was set off by her clothing, a black corset, black heels and hose, and matching elbow-length gloves. She stood above you triumphantly, her luscious pussy only inches from your face.


“My, my!” Lori’s voice sounded mockingly behind you, “How you’ve changed! What sexy breasts you’ve grown! And that pussy is a vast improvement over those male organs that you wanted to stick into us! I don’t think we even would have recognized you if I hadn’t seen my brown wig in the Disguise Room and put two and two together. Oh, and Honey, before I forget to mention it — I just love your outfit! It really shows you off, if you know what I mean!”


Looking miserably up at the two lesbians, you struggled to speak around the cord that pulled your mouth into a smile.


“…pu-Leeze,” You managed, “G-et mme ouut ob dis!”


“What’s that, Honey?” Suzi teased, “What are you trying to say?”


“G-et mme oud ob heer,” You pleaded, “Take be home wif you. Blease, dake me hom!”


“I think the little black girl said she wants to go down on you, Suzi!” Lori laughed, “Is that it, Honey? Do you want to pleasure Suzi right here in front of all these people?”


It looked like your only chance.


“Yes,” You managed to nod, “I doo!”


“Okay, Honey!” Suzi tittered, “From the rear!”


Casually, she untied your mouth strap (how good to have it off!) turned her back to you, and sat, resting her soft bottom squarely on your upturned face.


Frantically, knowing you might be working for your very life, you pleasured the proffered ass. You went at it eagerly, your lips sucking and tongue probing passionately. And then, something really unexpected happened: You felt yourself getting aroused. Yes! Despite your pain and embarrassment, the nearness of this woman and the intimate act you were performing was starting to make your feminine nipples swell and stiffen, even as your cock strained to become erect inside the tight pussy-disguise, squeezing your balls painfully.


Then, all too soon, Suzi gave a shuddering sigh and leaned back, grinding her crotch into your face as she savored every second of her orgasm. She rested there a moment, soaking in the after-glow, then stood up at last.


“Mm mm!” She beamed down at you, “You black girls have real talent!”


“I can’t wait to try her myself,” Lori smiled.


“Then—” You spoke in hopeful, feminine tones, “—then you’ll take me back with you And let me stay there until I return to — back to the way I was this morning? Oh, please do! I’ll be good. I will! I’ll even pay you as much as you’d like! Oh, I want to get back! Back to my own apartment, my own clothes, my own identity! Please?”


“Well?” Suzi smiled at Lori, “I think she’s learned her lesson. Shall we let her come back with us and be our naked black she-male slave for a few months?”


Lori looked tenderly down at you and cupped your lovely black face softly in her hands.


“Sorry, Sweetie,” She smiled, “But I explained things to you this morning: We need someone to take my place while I hide in your apartment, disguised as you! It has to be someone who resembles me, a white skinned, brown-haired girl. And you just don’t fit the bill any more, do you? I’ll have to buy a girl like I need at the auction here. But since you stole all that money from me, there’s just one way for me to afford a purchase like that. Know what it is?”


Suddenly, Suzi produced two objects: A thick rubber dildo, fashioned to resemble a rampant male cock, and a leather riding crop!


“Let’s see,” She pretended to consider, “Which of these do I use on which end? I’ll try it this way….” And she popped the dildo deeply into your lipsticked mouth, filling it completely!


Now the girls stepped behind you, and for the first time, you realized what part of the room this was. You were on the Auction Block!


“Step right up folks!” Lori called, “We have a choice item for sale here! Only this morning, it was a virile, white male, who expected to make love to two beautiful women! And look at her now!” Lori bent down and cupped jour breasts as you burned with embarrassment.  “A sexy brown slut! Look at those jugs! See how eagerly she sucks that cock? Probably reminds her of the one that’s locked away where she can’t get at it! Check this out…” She pushed a hand into your crotch and began kneading mercilessly. “… Yes, friends, there’s really a cock and a pair of balls trapped behind that net of hair — only she can’t take them out and use them on anyone!”


A crowd began to gather as Lori went on extolling your shameful virtues.


“Think of the possibilities she has!” Lori crowed, “Do any of you ladies out there love cock-teasing? Imagine how horny you could keep this little slut! Or you could go the other way; fill her with hormones until she becomes so feminine that she’ll get the hots for the first man she sees, then put her to work turning tricks for you. Are there any Closet Gays out there? Just imagine taking this little baggage out to parties and public places! Or having her wait on your straight guests at poker parties. Why, you could have sex with her right out in front of your buddies, and only you would know that she’s really a guy! Come on, now, what am I bid?”


A tall blonde woman held up her hand.


“I bid Vun Hundred,” She said, “I haf a Massage Parlor in Sveden, und she vould be perfect for my kinkier clientele!”


“Three Hundred!” The Empress of the Native Girls spoke up, “So that bitch is really a Honkey Man, hunh! Well, we got some real cool ways to get back at folks who try to jive us!”


“Like what, for instance?” Suzi asked.


“Like puttin’ her to work in a Topless/ Bottomless bar in the Inner City! She’d really have to hustle her ass in a place like that!”


“Five Hundred!” The Swedish Blonde countered.


“Wait! We’ll bid Six!” A pair of dark haired twins stepped up. “We’re going back to College next month, and it would be just totally awesome to have our own slave to show off to our Sorority Sisters! It’s the Lesba Delta house, and we can guarantee she’d never get out of her femme condition in that house! And talk about cock-teasing! We could make her a permanent Pledge!”


The bidding continued, growing higher and more animated.


“Stop the bidding!” Lori held up her hands. “This little number is going to go fast, and I want to have her once while she’s still mine! Bidding will start again in Ten Minutes, so be ready!”


As the crowd cheered, she pulled her pants down, stepped up to you, and pulled the dildo from your mouth.


“Do a good job now, Honey,” She warned, “Or I’ll find someplace else to put this!”


Deftly, she swung first one, then the other leg over your shoulders, straddling your face.


“Lay into her, Suzi!” She called.


The riding crop smacked sharply across your bare bottom. You tried to writhe forward, despite your bound elbows, but this only pushed your face into Lori’s waiting pussy as her legs encased your face.


You could no longer see or hear now. All you could do was feel and think. Feel the smacking of the riding crop across your shamefully exposed bottom. Feel the aching numbness in your straining neck and elbows. Taste the passionate warmth of Lori’s womanhood as you tongued her feverishly.


And think. Think about how totally feminine you looked now with your full breasts, tiny pussy, and round ass (Ooo! That riding crop hurt!) Think about how impossible it was now to ever prove who you really were and get out of this awful state! You might have to act as a woman for months! Even longer….


Once again, completely against your will, you felt your breasts stiffen and your cock tighten up in its confining disguise, as Lori rubbed her wet crotch up against your pretty face. You were becoming aroused again! In vain, you tried wriggling your sexy buns to satisfy your aching sexual need.


And as you squirmed there, nude and feminized, on the Auction Block, it suddenly occurred to you. In a bizarre way, your hope of this morning had come true: You had got to have sex with both Suzi and Lori.


You just couldn’t believe it.

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  1. Hi Deborah,
    Quick question: Can you please recommend any other good pay stories that are along a similar vein to your own? I don’t mind paying for quality but the ones I’ve bought lately haven’t been that good.
    Thank you for any help.

  2. Hi Deborah!

    Great to hear from you. Thank you for the tip but the link to the author display has expired.

    1. Ah!
      Then the safest way is to go to Fictionmania, then to search for author “slave4teamviewer”

      Hopefully that will get you to the series.


  3. Hey Deborah,
    I saw your comment on Storysite about SkinFiction. A little search of the internet turned up a few hints at the rest of Timothy Betticut works. I didn’t realise that there were other Pansy Pond stories out there. I also like the fake meta fiction stuff.

  4. Hi Deborah,

    I’m wondering if you have given any thought to licencing out The Hotel to any other writers? There must be some arrangement where you could collect a share of the proceeds from any stories they publish on Lulu. That way we could see some more Hotel stories and you would still receive a share of the returns from your creation.


    1. I allowed it once and I didn’t really like the result I am afraid. I know it sounds crazy but it felt odd seeing my characters doing and saying things I didn’t think they should.


  5. Well, that’s understandable. Is the other story still out there?

    I’m also wondering if the second part of “Girl Play Part 1” is still available somewhere.


  6. Excellent story so hamulating and arousing I only wish we found out who won the bidding and where he ended up, doing what, and for how long. So many possibilities. Great stuff!

  7. Deviant Dave, yup! C.C.’s work is always tingly. Occasionally he has followed up on stories.

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