The House by Lisa Smith part 8

The House on the Hill


Chapter 8


As soon as they were settled in the parlor a tall elegant woman walked slowly into the room. “Good evening, ladies. Thank you for being so prompt.” She was wearing a black chiffon gown with a simple A-line skirt and a deep V neckline adorned with jewels. Her hair was styled in a simple pageboy hairstyle but when taken all together she looked like royalty. “Before we get started I want to let you know our schedule for the evening. First, in just a few minutes you will all get to meet your sponsors for these past few months. As I mentioned you were all chosen because of your lack of respect for women and these people were kind enough to offer their financial resources to help you learn something you should have learned a long time ago. These sponsors will join me up front and then I will introduce you individually to your specific sponsor. When you are introduced you will walk forward and stand directly in front of your sponsor where you will curtsey and say, ‘Good evening Mr. or Mrs. So and So, My name is whatever. Thank you for sponsoring me these past 4 months.’ Now Evelyn, I’d like you show everyone what to do. You can practice with me. My name is Mistress Wells.”


Michael’s heart nearly stopped when he heard his name. He was getting to familiar with being called Evelyn but he knew he had to quickly respond so he slowly walked to the front of the room. He didn’t want to embarrass himself so he held his elbows close to his body with his right hand holding his purse and his left hand held high with his wrist limp. He walked a straight line with his heels clicking as he stepped heel to toe with his hips swaying. He stopped three feet in front of Mistress Wells lowered his head and placed his right foot behind his left foot while grabbing the outside of his skirt in each hand. Bending his knees outward, he began, “Good evening, Mistress Wells. My name is Evelyn. Thank you for sponsoring me these past 4 months.” When he was finished he stood back up and waited for his dismissal.


“That was perfect, Evelyn. You certainly seem to have mastered your heels. I hope everyone else has practiced their curtsies as well as you. Before our sponsors join us I’d like each of you to take your purses and clip them to the right side of your aprons. At least for the next hour or so you won’t need them so this will allow you to use both of your hands while you’re helping with dinner. Now as you step back our sponsors will join us.”

Several audible gasps could be heard as 5 men and 1 woman walked into the room dressed in similar black tuxedos. “It appears that a few of our maids recognize some of the sponsors,” Mistress Wells smiled as she directed the sponsors shoulder to shoulder in a straight line in the front of the room. “Chantal, I’m sure you recognize your former business partner who you fired to cover up a sexual harassment suit filed against your firm. I’d like you to come forward and introduce yourself to Master Davis.”

“Screw you, lady,” Chantal screamed.

Oh my, I was afraid of that,” Mistress Kelly replied while pushing a button on a control unit which until now no one realized that she held. Immediately Chantal fell writhing and screaming to the floor. “That was for a first offense, Chantal. I only had it set at 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. Ladies, those butt plugs that were inserted in your backsides are equipped to send an electrical charge through your anus if we don’t think you are behaving properly. Each of your sponsors and I have a control switch we can be directed at each of you individually or all of you together. Now Chantal, would you like to try your introduction again, sweetie?”

Unable to stop crying but unwilling to get another shock, Chantal rose to her feet before walking forward, lowering her head and curtsying in front of her ex-business partner, “Good evening, Master Davis. My name is Chantal. Thank you for sponsoring me these past 4 months.”  With tears freely flowing down her cheeks, Chantal stood back up and like Evelyn waited to be dismissed.

“You’re welcome, Chantal. It was my pleasure to sponsor you.”


Michael was the last person introduced. It appeared that only he and Isabel were unfamiliar with their sponsors. Sophie’s sponsor was her next door neighbor. Later in the evening she whispered to Michael that she always assumed he was gay. Melanie’s sponsor was her brother-in-law. She hadn’t seen him in over 10 years.  Christine’s sponsor was her wife’s hair stylist who was flamboyantly gay and kissed Christine directly on her lips before dismissing her. Isabel’s sponsor was a woman who, like the men, was dressed elegantly in a tuxedo. She also kissed Isabel before dismissing her. Michael’s sponsor was introduced as Master Crandall. Despite racking his brain, Michael was unable to recognize either his face or his name.


“Ladies, despite Chantal’s initial reluctance, you all greeted your sponsors with proper deference and gratitude. Now we are going to step into the foyer where we will greet our next guests when they arrive” Mistress Wells said as she walked out of the parlor. Turning around she began, “Chantal, will you please grab the tray on the side table with the champagne flutes the so that you can offer them to our guests?  Now, quickly everyone line up shoulder to shoulder against the wall because I think I saw our first car arrive. I’m sure you’ll all be thrilled to know that your spouses will be our remaining guests.”

 Smiling at Michael, Mistress Wells began, “Evelyn, will you please come forward and stand beside me because we are on a schedule and your spouse will be our first guest? When you here either a knock on the door or the doorbell ring you will quickly open it and stand back until your spouse enters. Then you will perform another curtsey and say, ‘Good evening, Mistress Clark. My name is Evelyn. May I please help you with your coat?’ When you have removed her coat you will then turn to Chantal and offer your Mistress a glass of champagne before asking one of the other maids to escort your spouse into the parlor with the sponsors. Can you handle that, Evelyn, because I want you to set a good example for the other maids?”

“Yes, Mistress Wells,” Michael replied blushing, “I think I can remember everything,”

“Well, I hope so,” Mistress Wells responded as the doorbell rang.

Still blushing Michael nervously opened the door and stepped back. When his wife was fully inside he lowered his head, took the sides of his skirt and held them out sideways, placed his left foot in front of his right, and bent his knees outward and began, “Good evening, Mistress Clark. My name is Evelyn. May I help you with your coat?”

“Thank you very much, dear,” his wife began as he slowly rose to help with her coat. “Oh my word, is that you Michael?” she said nearly laughing. “I’m sorry, dear, I forgot my instructions. Did you say your name is Evelyn?”

“Yes, Mistress, my name is Evelyn,” Michael replied nearly choking as he helped slide her coat from her shoulders and arms.

“Well, Evelyn is a beautiful name and look at you, you’re stunning. I love your hair and make-up. You look so sophisticated. Did you do your hair and make-up yourself, sweetie?”

“No, Mistress. I had both done this afternoon at the beauty salon upstairs in preparation for this evening.”

“They did a wonderful job, sweetie, because I barely recognized you. Frankly, I wouldn’t have recognized you if I didn’t know that you were going to be working here as a maid this evening.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Michael continued turning toward Chantal. “Can I offer you a glass of Champagne?”

“Thank you, dear, I’d love that,” his wife said as she took a flute.

“Hello, Nancy,” Mistress Wells smiled as she air kissed both of her guests cheeks. “I’m so happy you could join us this evening.”

“I’ve been so looking forward to tonight, Rachel, that there was no way I was going to miss it.”

“Go ahead, Evelyn,” Mistress Wells said looking at Michael.

“Oh, yes, I’m sorry, Mistress,” Michael whispered. “Melanie, Can you please escort Mistress Clark into the parlor so she can join our sponsors?”

“Well done, Evelyn.  Isabel, your spouse will be joining us next so please join me at the door.”


When all of their spouses had arrived it became clear that each of them reacted with similar responses when they finally realized that the maid that was helping them was, in fact, their own husband. Their reactions were a combination of shock, hilarity, and even anger. Chantal’s wife was exceptionally grateful upon being greeted until she recognized her husband and immediately slashed out and slapped him across the face before laughing hysterically and saying, “I guess it looks like what goes around comes around; doesn’t it, Chantal?”

When all of the guests were in the parlor, Mistress Wells took charge again as she turned to her new charges and said, “I’d like you all to form a single line and follow me into the parlor. There you will continue into the kitchen where the kitchen staff will give you instructions on serving us dinner. Each of you will be responsible for serving only your wife and your sponsor.  Now quickly get into a single line and follow me. I most certainly need time to mingle with our guests before it’s time to sit down for dinner.”

Michael was beside himself as the girls lined up in a single file to walk into the kitchen. Until now the novelty of seeing their husbands dressed as maids had allowed them to escape from embarrassment of their ‘bell’ treatment. Michael was convinced that when they all minced through the parlor together that one of their spouses would hear their ringing and inquire about its source. Just before he could breathe a sigh of relief at the kitchen door, Michael heard his wife address Mistress Wells behind him, “Rachel, what’s that lovely ringing sound I hear?  It seems to move with our lovely girls. Do you have tassels on their heels?”

“Ladies, please stop and turn toward me,” Mistress Wells said as she picked up a flute of champagne and waited until the maids stopped their progression.  “Mistress Clark has so astutely picked up on your ‘calling’ bells. Could you each grab your skirts and petticoats and lift them and show our guests your calling bells. We certainly want our guests to realize when you are nearby and serving them. Being a maid requires both certainty and stealth; certainty that you are doing your job and stealth so that you are unnoticed.”

Blushing profusely, Michael and his new sisters each raised their skirts to expose their ‘calling bells’ which were tied with a cute bow on their penises. Not believing their embarrassment could get any worse, they were soon nearly brought to tears when Mistress Wells said, “Ladies, could you please turn around and show our guests your anal plugs? I know your sponsors are familiar with them but your spouse’s might enjoy knowing that you are enjoying life from both sides now.” As they turned around and exposed their backsides, Mistress Wells continued, “These butt plugs are unbelievably wonderful tools. Once they are inserted their design requires a sphincter grip which holds them tightly in place. At the same time they are designed so that that they can be attached to a chair  while our guests are wearing them and securing them for as long as we’d like. Thank you, ladies, for the wonderful show. Now continue on to the kitchen so you can help with dinner.”



“Ladies, could you please remove the dessert plates and refresh your guests’ coffee.” Mistress Wells smiled as she looked around the table. “When you are finished please return and stand directly behind your sponsor’s chair. It’s time for your dinner and you must be famished.”

When everyone was positioned behind their sponsor, Mistress Wells opened her purse and turned her remote control to 1 and pressed the button which activated the electrical shock in all of their butt plugs. Grimacing with pain but realizing that it was a minor shock they all looked agonizingly toward the Mistress.

“Just a little shock, ladies, to remind you all that you are required to perform all the tasks that we set out for you. Now I’d like you all to assist your sponsor out of his or her chair,” Mistress Wells began. “When your sponsor has stood up he or she will offer you their left arm which you will take interlocking both your right and left arm and follow them as they escort you across the dining room to six chairs on the far wall. Your sponsors will then sit down in the chair designated for them while each of you kneels down on the floor mat in front of your sponsor. You can proceed now and I will give you additional instructions when you are in place.

While everyone was getting into position, Mistress Wells looked at her watch and smiled at each of her guests, “It’s 7:00 pm, ladies, and now the fun begins. Getting out of her chair she walked slowly over to the sponsors and the maids and began, “Ladies, it’s finally time for your dinner. I’ve asked each of your sponsors to refrain from any type of sexual activity during the past week so that each of you will be able to whet your appetites without too much trouble on your part. Each of you will undo your sponsor’s belt, pull down their zippers and pull down both their pants and underwear. When you are both ready you will then suck either your sponsor’s cock or clit until you bring them to orgasm.”

Immediately upon hearing the word ‘cock’ Michael reached to his side and instinctively reached into his purse and grabbed both his compact and his lipstick. Unable to stop himself, he opened the compact and looked at his lips in the mirror before quickly refreshing his lipstick. Watching Evelyn perform this extremely feminine gesture and not wanting to be out done both Sophie and Isabel reached into their purses and followed Evelyn’s lead by refreshing their lipstick.

“Now remember, ladies, this is your dinner so hopefully your sponsor’s recent abstinence will allow them to cum quicker and with a larger load. You may begin,” she finished before walking back to the table and joining the wives who were watching with fascination.

Slowly each of the maids reached up and undid their sponsor’s belts and pulled down their zippers. Still unfamiliar with their extended nails, Chantal and Christine struggled somewhat and fell behind the other maids before their sponsors reached down and assisted them. Soon each of the sponsors had their pants and underwear on the floor while each of the maids resisted the urge to stand up and attempt to flee. Finally, Michael lifted his eyes upward and smiled at his sponsor. Oh my God, Michael thought, I can’t help myself. I want to suck his cock just like my wife used to suck mine. Reaching up he slowly removed the pin from the back of his head and as sexily as he could he shook his hair until it softly cascaded in waves on his shoulders. Leaning forward he slowly licked his sponsor’s penis and then his balls before allowing his hair to softly caress his entire groin.  Immediately his sponsor’s penis was rock hard and Michael wrapped his rich red lips around the shaft while grabbing the base of his penis with his right forefinger and thumb.

Just like earlier, Isabel and Sophie watched Evelyn as she smiled up at her sponsor. Watching her remove the pin from her updo set their hearts racing and they immediately wanted to do the same thing. Like Evelyn they quickly removed their pins, shook their hair out and veraciously began to suck on their sponsor’s cocks; hoping and praying that their efforts would be met with their sponsor’s approval.

“I can’t believe it, Rachel,” Nancy gushed quietly at the table. “You did it. She’s sucking Andy’s cock just like I used to suck hers; even down to the hair massage. She’s beautiful.”

“Thank you, dear,” Rachel laughed. “It wasn’t until I saw her reach for her lipstick that I knew that our programming might work. I programmed her to respond to a number of word triggers; one of which is cock. When she hears the word cock she immediately feels a sense of both vulnerability and femininity; vulnerability, in that she knows she is no longer an alpha male but someone who wants to service one, and femininity, in that she realizes what all females of all species have realized forever, the prettier and more feminine you are the greater likelihood that you will attract the alpha male.”

“What about the updo? What’s her trigger there?” Nancy inquired.

“Oh, that’s pretty simple, dear, and by the way your audio tape was wonderful. Evelyn listened to it every day for her first three months. All you have to tell her is that she is going to a formal event and she will want to get a sophisticated updo and her make-up done. The word ‘formal’ is the trigger and I had her helper say the word just before she went to the beauty salon.

You all should have noticed that Evelyn, Sophie and Isabel appear to have accepted their situation far better than the others. It was just as you requested. We implanted each of them with a desire to become more feminine which is triggered when they see someone engaged in a typically female action or response. I was thrilled when Sophie and Isabel watched as Evelyn touched up her lipstick and then, not wanting to be outdone, performed the same feminine ritual. Now we have implanted Chantal, Melanie and Christine with the understanding that they have to accept their feminization but with the downside of not enjoying it. But we can talk about this later; let’s enjoy watching our girls eat their dinner.”

Reaching up and gently massaging his sponsor’s balls with his left hand, Michael began to rhythmically move his lips up and down on the shaft. Realizing that his sponsor was going to cum quickly Michael quickly increased his suction while he swallowed the shaft deeper and deeper into his throat. In less than 2 minutes he was rewarded when his sponsor pulsated load after load deep into his throat. Nearly gagging from the volume Michael swallowed as quickly as he could. Despite his best efforts, a certain amount of the semen dripped out of his mouth dripping like teardrops down his chin. Smiling up at his sponsor Michael took his finger and reached up to his chin and cleaned up as much of the semen as he could before sticking his finger in his mouth and swallowing the remainder.



When everyone had successfully brought their sponsor to orgasm, Mistress Wells stood up and said, “That was beautiful ladies; a real treat for us and, hopefully, a treat for you as well. I’d like you all to get off your knees and mince over to the ladies’ room where you can touch up your make-up before we make our way downstairs where the real games will begin. Just keep in mind that it will all be over at 12:00 and you will be free to go home.”










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