The House by Lisa Smith part 11

The House on the Hill


Chapter 11


“We’ve finally reached our finale, ladies. You all have just one more question to answer and then we can all go home. Our final question is simply have you ever hit or otherwise physically abused your wife? Let’s start with Sophie this time.”

Looking up at the television screen and seeing Isabel lying on the hospital gurney being prepped for surgery, Sophie was filled with equal parts fear and excitement. She didn’t understand where it came from but she was excited for Isabel who would soon get to live as a woman with her new mistress.

“Sophie, dear, did you hear the question?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mistress Wells,” she replied still fascinated with the proceedings on the screen. “Yes, I heard the question,” she said and before she could stop herself she added, “and, yes, I have hit my wife before.”

“Well, that was easy, Sophie,” her wife laughed as she opened the switch to the IV bag, “It’s almost as if you want to be castrated.” Leaning forward she looked over to her next door neighbor and Sophie’s new master and said, “Tim, she’s all yours.”

“Lift your chin slightly, Sophie,” Tim began as he put his silver choke collar around Sophie’s neck. “No more hitting women for you, Sophie. Instead you’ll learn to honor and obey me like a proper wife. That’s right, Sophie, you and I are going to be married just as soon as your divorce is finalized and your name and gender change are completed. You probably long suspected that I’m gay and you’re right. But I really prefer living in the suburbs in a family friendly environment. But that’s a difficult proposition in a traditional gay relationship. So when I saw the bruises on your wife an idea popped into my head. I already knew Rachel or Mistress Wells as you know her from mutual friends and it occurred to me that a completely feminized man would make the perfect wife for me.

So after you are castrated I am going to send you to a specialist for facial feminization surgery and maybe a little liposuction here and there. Your wife and I don’t want anyone to recognize you in our neighborhood and the facial surgery will take care of that.”

Slapping Sophie’s cheek her wife added, “Don’t fall asleep yet, Sophie. I want you to know that Tim wants me to be your maid of honor. It’s just going to be a small affair but Tim wants everything to be perfect. We’ll be next door neighbors and no one will ever suspect that you used to be my husband. I’ll invite you to join our book club so you can make some more lady friends but we’ll have to prepare you beforehand so you’ll be comfortable when we discuss those delicate female issues. It will be such a rush knowing that, despite your hyper femininity, you’ll still have a tiny penis that will continue to shrink as you take your female hormones. And I can’t wait to hear about your sex life; no more sleeping with shemales since you’ll be the shemale from here on in. There you go, dear. Close your eyes and go to sleep.”


Before Sophie’s wife was finished speaking the nurses were once again in the room and within moments were wheeling her to her new destiny. At the same time the remaining maids sat expressionless as they waited to see who Mistress Wells would call on next.

“Well, ladies, “Mistress Wells smiled mischievously, “I can’t believe that all of you are wife-beaters. Christine, have you ever hit your wife?”

“Never, Mistress,” Christine replied immediately. “I’ve never hit my wife.”

“I’m sorry, Christine, but I have to disagree, dear,” her wife chuckled watching Christine’s new master collar her. “Christopher, you have yourself a new shop girl. Christine and Christopher, isn’t that so cute, ladies?”

“I’m so excited, ladies,” Christopher laughed. “Who would have imagined this turn of events? The man who openly mocked me because I’m gay is soon to become my life partner. But before we have our commitment ceremony I’m am going to allow Mistress Wells to implant in your mind a desire to become more feminine whenever you see another overtly feminine gesture or movement. Imagine how feminine you’ll want to become as you work daily in my little feminine sanctuary. No facial surgery for you though, Christine. I want everyone to know that despite being legally female you still have your male facial structure. Oh, I know that you’ll learn over time how to hide your male features with make-up, especially working in a beauty salon, but it will take a while and everyone will get to see you as you increasingly feminize yourself. Think of it, you’ll soon be more flamboyant than me.”

“This is going to be so much fun, Christopher,” Christine’s wife interjected. “I’ve already told our children that we’re getting divorced. They were so disappointed until I told them that Christine wants to live the rest of her life as a woman. The two oldest boys have disowned her but our 13 year old daughter, Mary, is a little curious. When I told her that she was going to be living and working with you she was so excited and asked if she could request her when she has to have her hair styled for proms and fancy daces when she gets older. Won’t that be so much fun, Christine? Styling your own daughter’s hair for a dances and giving her advice about what boys expect when they take girls to dances. In addition, all the women who I confided in while Christine was beating me will soon get to meet her as she becomes more and more feminine knowing that she is living with you now as your lover. I wonder if Rachel can create a trigger that causes her to want to share her sexual experiences when she hears other women discussing their own in the shop. Well, Christine, the papers will be filed tomorrow so you can close your pretty eyes and go to sleep.”



“Our lovely, Chantal, is our next contestant, ladies. And what is your answer, Chantal?”

“I’m not going answer you, you bitch. Castrate me if you want”

“That little display of defiance has earned you the number 5, Chantal,” Mistress Wells responded while pushing the button on the electrical shock controller.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Chantal screamed unable to even move in her seat.

“Sally, maybe Chantal’s answer will be unnecessary if you tell us that she has abused you in the past, has she?”

With a viciousness that Michael could only guess was the result of years of abuse Sally replied, “You’re damn right that bitch abused me. And I feel so empowered calling her a bitch. Now she’ll be Marty’s bitch and I hope he treats her like she treated me. She either hit me or pretended she was going to hit me every day for the past seven years; ever since the fertility doctor told us that there was nothing wrong with my reproductive system. She refused to allow her sperm to be tested and isn’t it so ironic that in a little while I’ll get to slice off the very source of her anger issues. I’m not going to switch on the IV until you let her know what she has to look forward to, Marty.”

“Can you lift Chantal’s chin so I can collar her, Sally?” Chantal’s former business partner, Marty asked. “I haven’t really thought this through yet, ladies.  I want her to suffer for the pain that she caused me including the failure of my marriage due to her false sexual harassment charges. No matter what Chantal, I’m going to force you to be a model of feminine comportment. You’ll get your face feminized with surgery and I’ll make you visit the beauty salon weekly for the works; manicure and pedicure, hair color and styling, and even full body waxing although with all of the electrolysis you’ve had you won’t have much hair to wax.”

“I just thought of something that I just I have to mention, Marty,” Sally laughed, It’s just so fitting that the last time that Chantal ever ejaculates was into another man’s ass while she was jerking him off. I hope you always remember that, Chantal.”

“Maybe you can discuss that during your manicure, Chantal, “Marty smiled. “I’ll leave it to you to explain to the ladies who work on you why you still have a penis with no testicles because they’ll find out when they re-do your Brazilian every other week. I’m thinking it will be easiest to tell them that you’re a transsexual but that’s your decision. Eventually they’ll wonder why you’re not getting the surgery and you’ll be so embarrassed that you’ll beg me to allow you to get it done. You’ll be the first one I call when she asks, Sally. Can you turn on the IV solution now? Maybe you can stay with us when she’s recovering from the sexual reassignment surgery? I’ve read that it’s pretty difficult and that she’ll have to dilate with progressively larger dildos so her new vagina stays open. Can you imagine helping her dilate? Well, they say that paybacks a bitch,” Marty finished with a laugh.




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  1. I loved your story I wish that my wife could feminize me completely including hormones, breast, butt and lip implants and gender reassignment and then marry me off to a big cocked man against my will so she could marry someone else and humiliate me

  2. I am a submissive fem and girly male with a small dick .and I would like to a dom. woman to make her sissy cuckold and her sissy maid and I have an 31/2 inch dick and I want to be wife and I willing to have a castration soo my panties will fit better and I no longer want to be a male I want to be my true self the woman I am on the inside and help take care of her bull daddy

    1. John, thank you for posting here, but I don’t think this is the right place for such comments.


      Deborah Ford

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