Sasha Davison: Maid Management

Man Maid


Philip was running out of time, he knew that he needed to be dressed and

ready to greet his wife, Vanessa at 6pm, it was 5-15 and he was still 10

minutes from home. Finally his car drew into the drive and he rushed

into their large house and up to the bathroom, shedding his clothes as

he went. He shaved his face and checked his body was hairless. Moving

quickly down the hall to the bedroom, he was surprised to find a lock on

the door so that he couldn’t get in, but then he remembered that Vanessa

had arranged to have some internal security locks fitted to the doors.

She would have a key to give him later. Just then he spied a post-it

note on the door-frame.


‘I’ve put your “Lisa” stuff in the spare room, Vanessa.’


They had inherited the house from Vanessa’s family and it was too large

for the two of them. More than a century old, the house had lots of

spare bedrooms and even rooms for staff below the level of the ground

floor. They had mothballed most of the spare rooms apart from one large

bedroom which they kept fresh for guests. When he got to the spare room

he noticed that Vanessa had taken his female clothes out of their

suitcase and hung them up in the cupboards. He smiled, reflecting on how

she must be getting more comfortable with his dressing.


The first thing that he did, as always, was to lock his penis away. The

chastity device consisted of a steel cylinder about 3 inches long with

the end closed off with a rounded cage. The cylinder just barely fitted

over his penis when it was soft. At the top of the cylinder were two

short thin metal chains, one on each side. Philip pulled them tight

around his hairless balls and fastened them together at the rear with a

tiny padlock. Vanessa kept the key to this lock in her purse. He had

already decided what underwear to wear and he fastened a tight black

satin suspender belt round his thin waist and rolled silk stockings up

his legs. Fastening the stockings to the suspenders so that they stopped

just 2 inches below his crotch, he sat on the large guest room bed and

swished his legs round in the air, watching the silk glisten in the

light. Having no time to play, he quickly pulled on the matching gaff

thong which hid his penis perfectly and fastened on a c-cup bra with

breast-forms. He pulled out the black satin maid’s uniform and pulled it

over his head, his hands reaching behind it to pull up the zip. The

uniform was hand-made to his size and still fitted perfectly – the cut

being just low enough, but not too low and the puffy shoulders giving

him a more feminine figure. He pulled up the net petticoat which made

the skirt of the maid’s dress balloon out and sat down to do his make

  1. Philip applied foundation and a little rouge, eye shadow, eye-liner,

black mascara on his already long eye lashes and red lipstick. Smacking

his red, pouting lips together at the mirror, he smiled and placed his

straight brown wig over his head. 5-55 pm, he had no time to lose so he

buckled the one inch thick leather collar around his neck, stepped into

his high heeled shoes and rushed to the front door to wait for his wife,

his mistress.


As Philip, now fully transformed into Lisa, stood there expectantly, she

eagerly wondered what task her mistress would ask her to perform

tonight, how she would mess it up, and what her punishment might be.

Maybe Vanessa would use the riding crop again, or maybe this time she

had bought a strap-on like Lisa had always begged her to. Lisa’s mind

drifted off to the image of a strap-on punishment from her mistress and

she felt her ass tingle at the thought. She was brought back to earth by

the sound of Vanessa’s car pulling into the driveway. Through the glass

by the door he watched her long legs swing out of the car and walk up to

the door. When she reached it, Lisa swung the door wide and held it open

for her, her head bowed. ‘Good evening mistress’ she said in her most

feminine voice and, holding her skirts, she performed a low curtsy.


Vanessa sighed, ‘Good evening, Lisa.’ as she walked in, took off her

coat and handed it to the maid. Vanessa took the clips out of her long

flame red hair letting it fall as Lisa turned round to face her. ‘Okay,

let’s have a look at your uniform.’


Lisa stood to attention as Vanessa straightened the sleeves of her

uniform and turned the maid round to face the wall. This uniform

inspection was one of the highlights of Lisa’s nights as a maid, but she

knew Vanessa thought it was a bit silly.


‘Pull up your skirt, good those stockings seem straight. Okay turn

around; let’s check out your make-up.’


Lisa faced Vanessa who studied her face closely. Vanessa had never

actually found a particular problem with Lisa’s make-up, sometimes she

had ordered her to go and do it all again, but she had never actually

pointed anything out. Because of this, Lisa was very surprised when

Vanessa took a tissue, wet it with her tongue and started to fix the

edge of Lisa’s eye liner. Having finished fixing her make-up, Vanessa

stood back and took in the whole effect.


‘Stand up straight!’ Lisa stood bolt upright at the unexpected command.

Vanessa studied her from the front, then from the left in profile.

‘Tummy in, stick your butt out… good. You know, I never really thought

about it in this way before, but you’re actually quite a convincing

maid. Actually quite a pretty girl.’


Lisa blushed and smiled uncertainly – this wasn’t how things normally



At this point, Vanessa would normally walk down the hall into the living

room and fling herself on the sofa to watch TV. Lisa would have to

scurry after her and wait in silence. Finally after a few minutes, Lisa

would summon up the courage to clear her throat and Vanessa would sigh

and set her on some chore around the house without really paying any

attention to her until she (deliberately) smashed a plate or spilt

something on the floor, or on Vanessa. Vanessa would then get angry and

then what Lisa was really after, her punishment, would begin. Tonight

though, she continued to act out of routine. Remaining with Lisa by the

front door, she actually looked her in the eyes, smiling while she gave

her orders.


‘Okay, tonight, I would like you to go and…. well you can dust the

dining room.’ Vanessa moved closer to Lisa and touched her cheek. ‘I

have a little surprise for you around 7.’


Lisa smiled up at her, overjoyed at this new enthusiasm for her

dressing. She grabbed her duster and rushed off to the back of the house

to make a start on the dining room.


As she dusted the ornaments on the sideboard, Lisa contemplated what

Vanessa might have in store for her. Maybe she had bought a new outfit,

or a new crop to thrash her worthless maid with. No, she must have gone

and bought a strap-on, it was the only thing that could explain the

change in her behaviour. As Lisa dusted she wondered what it would it

feel like to be powerless and at the mercy of her mistress’s own strap

  1. From the dining room she wasn’t able to hear what was going on in

the living room and she wondered if Vanessa was trying it on for size

right now. Lisa shuddered as a delightful tingle of anticipation ran

through her body.


The hour passed quickly and at 6-55 Lisa decided she couldn’t wait any

longer and she scurried back to the living room. Standing outside she

heard voices coming from the TV as she straightened her skirt and

stocking tops. Finally she knocked on the door. She heard the TV become

silent and after a short pause, Vanessa called for her to come in. She

opened the door and saw Vanessa sat opposite with her legs crossed

sipping a drink. She moved into the room and performed her curtsy.


‘I’ve finished the dining room like you asked, mistress.’ Vanessa smiled

and put down her drink


‘Thank-you, Lisa.’ she raised her eyes to the fireplace behind Lisa.

‘You see, she’s very subservient.’


Lisa felt her stomach lurch and her knees become week as she realised

there was somebody standing behind her. Vanessa raised her eyebrows,

grinning. Lisa took a deep breath and turned round to see a man standing

by the fire. She had to fight to control her bladder. Her hands moved to

cover her face as she rushed back towards the hall but he had already

anticipated her escape attempt and was stood in front of the closed door

before she could get there.


‘Don’t rush away, Lisa, your wife hasn’t finished yet!’ He grinned.


Lisa felt the blood run from her face, Vanessa had actually let a man

come round when she was dressed, clearly explained the situation to him

and here he was making fun of her and stopping her from leaving the

room. The dark haired man was about Lisa’s height, but he was wearing a

T-shirt which showed that he was much more muscular than her.


‘Oh, don’t tease her like that Mr. Collins, be nice.’ Vanessa said in an

amused tone.


‘Let me out.’ ordered Lisa between clenched teeth, her eyes fixed on the

floor in front of the stranger’s feet, too humiliated to look him in the



She was shaking as she made a fist with her hand and struck out at him,

only to have him catch her wrist in the air. He twisted her arm round

behind her back and roughly threw her forward into the centre of the

room and she let out an embarrassing yelp as she fell onto her hands and

knees facing Vanessa. Vanessa watched Collins check out her exposed

behind. Lisa caught her breath quickly and knelt up to face Vanessa who

was smiling back at her calmly. Lisa’s head was spinning and she moved

closer to Vanessa on her knees.


‘Lisa, I would like you to meet Mr. Collins.’


‘Vanessa, what’s… he… what are you…?’ she implored.


‘Now Lisa, spit it out, please.’


Lisa glanced to see if the man was still guarding the door, still

without looking him in the eyes. ‘Tell… tell him to let me out…

now!’ Vanessa’s smile evaporated and was replaced by an icy expression.


‘Lisa, that’s enough! Now you know you are only allowed to speak when

you are spoken to!’


‘But you’ve got to…’


‘ENOUGH I SAID! Not only do you fail to greet our guest properly, you

seem to have forgotten who’s in charge! Anyway, I’ve locked all your

male clothes away, so I don’t know where you intend to go dressed like

that.’ bellowed Vanessa.


The room fell silent for a moment. Lisa’s arms crossed her chest as she

clutched her shoulders, desperately looking left and right to find some

way of covering her vulnerability. She suddenly noticed that her skimpy

outfit did little to protect her from the cold. A draft of icy air was

coming from under the door, right from where that man was stood and

blowing straight up her skirts to her virtually bare ass. Lisa shivered.


‘Right then,’ said Vanessa, starting to get up ‘let’s go and see how she

did in the dining room.’ She started walking towards the door but paused

next to where Lisa was kneeling on the rug and looked down. ‘Well, come

on then Lisa.’


‘Vanessa, what’s going on, what are you doing?’


‘If you get up and come with us you’ll find out, won’t you?’ Lisa

scowled up at her. Vanessa lent down to whisper in her ear ‘Don’t give

me any trouble, Lisa, I already let you get away without curtsying to

him.’ Lisa’s eyes met hers.


‘What, and you expect me to be grateful for that?’ hissed Lisa. Vanessa

paused for a second then shrugged, nodded and started up again towards

the door. She stopped at the door and looked round.


‘And from what happened a few seconds ago, I’m sure that if you don’t

want to come with us, Mr. Collins can easily make you.’


Lisa watched Collins glare across the room to her, menacingly. She got

up quickly and made her way round him towards Vanessa, who started off

down the corridor to the dining room. Lisa followed in tow casting wary

glances at Collins, who took up the rear, all the time staring at Lisa.


When they got to the Dining room, Vanessa turned and addressed Collins.

‘This morning they came to fit locks on every door in the house, but I

haven’t started to use them yet.’


She opened the door and the three of them walked in, Lisa trying to stay

close to Vanessa while keeping her eye on Collins. Vanessa stopped in

the middle of the room and Lisa, her eyes on the man behind her, bumped

into her.


‘Ow, you stupid girl!’ Lisa was surprised by the collision and started

to apologise before she had had time to think.


‘I’m very sorry mistress.’ she said and bowed her head.


‘Well at least you’ve remembered my proper title now. You stand there.’


Lisa blushed, embarrassed at using the word mistress in front of the

stranger Collins, who was guarding the door again. Vanessa moved over to

the large wooden dresser at the side of the room. She ran a finger along

one of the shelves and held it up to show Collins.


‘You see? Filthy! This is what I’m talking about. I sent her in here an

hour ago to dust this room, and she’s done absolutely nothing!’ Vanessa

brushed the dust off her hands. ‘And it’s exactly the same whatever I

ask her to do. If she mops the floor, she just seems to move the dirt

around from one place to another, if she does the dishes, the ones she

doesn’t break are still filthy.’ Vanessa walked over to Lisa and stared

at her. ‘God only knows what she is doing when she’s supposed to be

working.’ A cruel smile appeared on Vanessa’s face. ‘I know she gets off

on wearing her little uniform but its not as if she can play with

herself with it locked away like that.’


Lisa heard Collins chuckle and she felt the blood running into her

cheeks again. Her eyes dropped to the floor and as they did so she

looked down at her shiny black high heeled shoes and her silk stockings.

The full humiliation of her situation started to flood throughout her

being. How could Vanessa be so cruel to her?


Vanessa put a finger under Lisa’s chin and raised her face to look at

her. ‘So, Lisa, this is what is going to happen. You’re going to do the

room again, but this time, Mr. Collins is going to stay here and

supervise, make sure you do it properly.’


Lisa’s eyes opened wide in shock and her mouth ran dry. ‘You… you’re

not serious.’


‘Deadly serious I’m afraid. If you remember, when we made our little

arrangement I said that I would act mistress to your maid, and you said

that in return you would actually clean the house. I’m just making sure

you honour your side of the arrangement.’


‘But, I will, I promise, I will from now on, please don’t do this



‘MISTRESS Vanessa – your rules Lisa.’


‘I’m so sorry, mistress, but you don’t need to have him check up on me,

I promise…’


‘Oh this is all so dull.’ Vanessa turned to Collins. ‘I want this room

dusted and then, lets see…’ she turned back to Lisa and the cruel

smile returned. ‘Ah yes, you can clean the windows in here. You’ll have

to show Mr. Collins where the step-ladders are.’ Lisa stared at her wife

in disbelief. The feather duster Lisa had been using earlier was lying

on the dining room table, Vanessa picked it up. ‘And you won’t be

needing this stupid thing.’ She opened a draw and pulled out a can of

furniture polish, a cloth and a pair of yellow rubber gloves and thrust

them into Lisa’s hands. ‘Get on with it, then.’ she turned ‘Collins,

here’s my pager, I’ll ring it if I need you two for anything and make

sure she does it properly this time.’


‘Don’t worry, it’ll be like you’ve got a new maid.’


Vanessa turned to look at Lisa despairingly, ‘Just a real maid will do.’

And with that she left the room.


Lisa watched the door close and then turned to face Collins. He stood

there grinning, nodding his head occasionally. She decided to get this

over with.


‘Listen, I don’t know who you are or how she knows you and I don’t care,

I don’t even care if you two are fucking, okay? So you can beat me up,

you’re much stronger than me, you’ve shown us all that but still,

whatever Vanessa has told you I’m not going to play along with this

stupid game.’


Collins listened to her tirade quietly and after Lisa was finished he

remained motionless, seemingly thinking about what she had just said.

Then he answered calmly.


‘If you don’t keep your pretty little mouth shut, I’ll put something in

it to keep you quiet.’


Slowly he stalked over to where she was stood and circled her, examining

her. Lisa closed her eyes, praying that somehow this would end up being

a bad dream.


She heard him stop right behind her and felt his breath on her ear as he

muttered. ‘You’re so skinny, so… feminine.’ Collins lightly brushed

her neck with his hand and Lisa’s blood ran cold as she realised with

horror that it wasn’t only being beaten by him that she had to fear.


‘Don’t touch me!’ Lisa stammered and pulled back from him.


‘Well, you’d better get those gloves on and start polishing if you want

to be left alone.’ Collins chuckled.


Lisa wavered from toe to toe for a second, weighing up her options. She

could make a run for it, but there was no way she could get past him.

Finding no way out she reluctantly pulled on the rubber gloves, walked

onto the other side of the table so that she was facing Collins and

could keep an eye on him and started to polish the surface of the wooden

table. Collins pulled out a chair and sat down with him arms folded

watching her.


‘That’s right, you’ve got no choice so you’d better get cleaning. And

you’d better do a good job if you don’t want me to beat your sissy ass

to a pulp.’


Lisa felt his eyes following her as she moved around the room polishing

every surface where she could keep an eye on him. She tried to forget he

was there but every so often their eyes would meet and she would feel

herself blush under his gaze. Soon she reluctantly admitted to herself

that she would have to turn her back on him to start on the dresser. She

swore she could feel his eyes burning into her back as she worked, but

he let her work unhindered and remained silent. Finally she finished the

polishing. The room was spotless this time. She walked over to the table

and put down the cloth and the polish. Then she turned around and idly

played with an ornament on the side, preferring to face the wall than



‘Okay, I think we can take a break for a minute, get to know one another

a bit. So Lisa, how long have you been Lisa?’


Lisa decided to ignore him. She needed just two minutes alone with

Vanessa to explain that she didn’t think this game was in the slightest

bit funny and that she should call this monkey off but before that she

didn’t know how she was going to get past him.


‘Oh, it’s okay, you can speak when you’re asked a question.’ said

Collins casually. After a few seconds of silence he prompted her.



Lisa realised her mouth was dry, but she managed to crackle. ‘I don’t

want to talk to you.’


‘Cat got your tongue then?’ Lisa heard his chair scrape on the floor and

him stand up. ‘Turn around and face me, come on, the windows can wait

for a minute.’ She didn’t move. ‘Oh, I see. You want me to come over

there and turn you around, don’t you!’


Lisa slowly turned around to face Collins, her eyes lowered.


‘It’s pretty clear you’re too much of a girl to talk to me like a man so

I’m going to have to make this very easy for you, aren’t I? Okay, I’ll

ask you questions which require only yes/no responses and you’d better

answer them, or I’ll give you something to be scared about. Understand?’


Lisa muttered something under her breath and Collins raised his voice.



‘Yes.’ said Lisa, rolling her eyes.


‘Good, see it’s easy! Okay, lets see, Vanessa told me this Lisa thing

was your idea, so tell me, are you gay?’




‘You just get turned on by dressing as a woman?’


‘Listen, this is none of your damn business, I’ll just do the stupid

windows then hopefully you’ll get lost and I can…’


‘You know, I used to be pretty wild, but now I like to think of myself

as a reformed character. I haven’t actually hit anyone properly for more

than, oh, six months. I used to fly into these mad rages…’ Collins

eyes became vacant, and then he snapped back into the present. ‘So do

you get turned on dressing as a woman?’


‘Yes.’ Lisa told herself he was probably bluffing as she gulped.


‘Do you imagine you are a woman when you’re dressed?’




‘Vanessa told me you’ve been trying to get her to buy a strap-on!’ Lisa

cringed. ‘Did you want her to fuck your ass?’


‘Do you just want to humiliate me? Okay, you’ve humiliated me, alright?

I’m a man who dresses as a woman because I get turned on by it and I

want my wife to do me with a strap-on. And you can beat me up. Okay?

Does that turn YOU on?’


‘I’ll take that as a yes. So you want your wife to screw you with a

strap-on but you don’t want man to do you with the real thing? …



‘No, I Don’t!’ spat Lisa at the floor.


Collins counted his conclusions out on his fingers. ‘So you’re not gay,

but you want to be as close as possible to being a woman, to be fucked

when you’re dressed as a woman, imagining you’re a woman but by another

woman with a plastic dick? That doesn’t really make sense does it Lisa?’


‘Perhaps not to a fuck-wit like you.’ For the first time, Lisa saw the

smug smile disappear from Collins’ face and he moved round the table,

trapping her in the corner of the room. ‘No, okay, no, please don’t hit

me, I’m sorry, don’t hit me.’ Lisa pleaded as she backed into the



He grabbed her shoulder with one hand and raised his other ready to

strike her and she cowered with her arms above her face. ‘NO, please I’m

begging you, I’m sorry, please I won’t do that again.’


Collins lowered his raised hand to her other shoulder and she could feel

his strong fingers gripping her like vices through the satin. ‘You’re

going to have to learn to show some respect for me Lisa.’


‘Yes, okay, I’m sorry, I respect you, please, I respect you.’


‘Well I think that you need to prove that to me. Let’s see…’


Collins eyes moved around the room as if he was searching for something

but then they rested straight down between them. A wave of fear ran

through Lisa as it occurred to her he might be looking between her legs

but then Collins said casually, ‘My shoes could do with a clean. I’ll

tell you what, I won’t hit you if you lick my shoes clean Lisa.’ She

looked up at him in terror. She suddenly realised that she was in the

hands of an experienced pervert.


‘Get down on the floor and lick my shoes, will you do that for me?’

Asked Collins levelly while Lisa’s mind reeled, desperately thinking of

some way away from this guy. ‘You don’t have to do the soles, just the

tops, seeing as it’s your first day,’


First day? More alarm bells started to ring in her head but as she

looked down at the strong arms gripping her shoulders, her terror turned

to hatred as she realised she was probably going to have to do it.


‘Oh come on, I told you I respect you.’ Lisa tried a smile. ‘You don’t

need to make me do that do you?’


Collin’s fingers dug harder into her flesh and his smile started to



‘Is that a yes, or a no?’


Lisa’s mouth opened and closed a couple of times. ‘Okay, I’ll do it.’


‘Look at me in the eyes and say “yes Mr. Collins.”‘


‘Oh come on!’ thought Lisa, this guy is a psycho! Then her mind repeated

it to her – this guy is a psycho. She looked up at him warily; his dark

eyes were boring into her. Her shoulders were tingling where he was

touching him but she fought against being taken over by new, disturbing

images. She forced herself to look back, she felt stupid, weak and

afraid as she stammered out her response in a thin wavering voice.


‘Yes Mr. Collins.’


His arms let her go, for a moment she didn’t move trying to look

anywhere but straight at him, but then slowly, gingerly she got down

onto her hands and knees. She glanced up at his face before putting her

head down and gently licking the top of his left shoe. The shoes tasted

mildly dusty. She continued and licked all over the top, looking up

occasionally to see him smiling down at her.


‘You’ve done this before, haven’t you? You look so fucking sexy doing

that. Lick round the sides.’


Lisa’s tongue continued down the side of Collin’s shoes and then she

repeated the licking on the other foot. Finally, the humiliating few

minutes came to and end and Lisa started to get up again, all the time

sure that he would stop her and keep her on her knees, but he didn’t and

she stood facing him again, quietly, cautiously waiting for him to

speak. He looked even more pleased with himself.


‘Good! Now why don’t you show me where the stuff is to do the windows.’


All the rooms on the ground floor had high ceilings and the dining room

was no exception. Because of this, the windows were also high and it

took a step ladder to clean them fully.


It was only when Collins gripped the ladder and said, ‘I’ll just stand

here and keep the ladder steady.’ that she realised he would be able to

see right up her short skirt as she climbed. The fact had barely sunk in

when Collins said, ‘Go on then, don’t be scared.’


She stepped gingerly up the ladder, having to remain on tip-toes in the

high heeled shoes. When she got to the top she turned and looked down at

Collins. Sure enough he was staring straight up her skirt.


‘Okay, Lisa start cleaning.’ Lisa sprayed the top of the glass with the

liquid and started to move the cloth backwards and forwards in long slow

movements. ‘NO, Lisa, do little circles, not long strokes, haven’t you

seen karate kid?’


Lisa huffed and started to do little circles but then felt her hips

swaying from side to side with her motion. Embarrassed, she slowed down.


‘Lisa, I want you to do it faster.’ Lisa sped up a tiny bit then slowed

again. ‘FASTER!’ shouted Collins.


Lisa nodded silently to herself, the pervert wanted a show and she’d

just have to give him one. Just keep him happy until she could make a

run for it. She bit her lower lip and sped up. As she got faster there

was nothing she could do to stop her bottom wiggling rapidly from side

to side. Looking down, she wasn’t surprised to see Collins staring up

her skirt, mesmerised.


‘Oh yes, that’s good Lisa.’ he said, slowly.


After she had finished the top half of the window she began to climb

back down the ladder. When she got down to the third step, she felt both

of Collins’ hands reach up underneath her skirts, grip her hips and lift

her down onto the ground facing him. Once she was down, his hands stayed

where they were.


‘Get off me.’ said Lisa coldly.


‘What’s the problem? I was just helping you get down from the ladder?’


‘Please, I’m down now, so you can leave me alone.’


Lisa felt one of Collins’ hands move backwards round her buttock, while

the other gripped her hip keeping her here she was. She hit his arms

with hers, but his grip was too strong and he carried on. ‘No, please,

leave me alone, I meant it, I’m not into this.’ His warm hand moved

round, exploring her butt, tracing the material of the thong between her



‘What are you going to do to stop me?’ Lisa closed her eyes as the

humiliating examination continued. ‘Don’t you like this, Lisa? Real

women like getting their butts felt up by men.’


Lisa tried to pull away from his probing hands, but his firm grip kept

her there. She felt her breathing quicken and her hands moved up towards

her face then wavered half-way helplessly.


‘You know it’s just a question of time before you admit to yourself that

you like this, don’t you Lisa?’ She pulled away as hard as she could and

this time she got away from his grip and moved back.


‘No, leave me alone. Let’s carry on with the windows.’ Collins moved

back and she saw his face was flushed.


‘Okay. No rush… there’s no rush. I’m going to go and smoke a

cigarette. I’ll lock the door on the way out, so don’t get any ideas.’


As he left the room, she heard the door handle rattle several times as

he locked it. She had moved the ladder to the next window and started up

it when it occurred to her that if he had only been told about the new

locks when they entered the room, he couldn’t have a key. She rushed

over to the door, turned the handle and the door swung open. She looked

to her right and saw the door to the back garden was open but Collins

was nowhere to be seen. She turned left and rushed down to the living

room and burst in. Vanessa was laughing to someone on the telephone but

when she saw Lisa, she quickly said goodbye and hung up.


‘What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you finished the windows



‘Vanessa, what is going ON! Look, I don’t know if this is your idea of a

sick game, but I don’t think it’s funny.’


‘What’s more sick? My husband wanting to dress like a maid or me trying

to get him to behave like one?’


‘Don’t be ridiculous, you brought a fucking stranger into our house,

some thug, God knows where you found him. He can’t keep his hands off me

you know? I don’t know if he’s going to kill me or rape me first!’


‘Really? Okay, you’ve said enough Lisa, I’ll deal with this.’ Vanessa

picked up the phone and Lisa went and poured herself a whisky, downed it

and was in the middle of pouring another one when she realised Vanessa

was paging him.


‘Don’t get him to come in here! For God’s sake, we should probably go

and hide or something!’


Vanessa looked up at Lisa angrily. ‘Be quiet, Lisa, I’m going to sort

this out with Mr. Collins!’ She dialled the pager and hung up. ‘The

situation can’t go on like this.’


‘You’re damn right it can’t, Jesus Vanessa.’ Lisa sat down in the sofa

opposite her wife. ‘I know what you were trying to do; you were trying

to make a point about the cleaning that I did or didn’t do. Well, okay I

get the message, but it’s not as if you needed to get some thug to bully

me around! He was actually feeling me up you know! He had his hands

right up my skirt!’


Vanessa looked on at Lisa expressionlessly.


Lisa leaned towards her. ‘Vanessa, are you listening to me? He would

have raped me if I hadn’t got away, I’m sure of it!’


Vanessa said nothing, she seemed to Lisa to be staring right though her

as if she wasn’t there.


‘I just can’t believe you thought you could actually do that to me and I

would just take it lying down!’


Once Lisa had paused to take a drink, Vanessa said quietly. ‘Lisa, did I

tell you you could sit down?’ Lisa stared at her wife in confusion.


‘What? Have you gone crazy?’ She asked but before Vanessa could reply,

the door flew open and Collins walked in, his eyes flashing angrily as

he pointed at Lisa.


‘I told you to stay in the dining room!’


Lisa got up from the sofa and scurried behind it to have some protection

between her and Collins. ‘Yeah, well the games over, so you might as

well just get going.’ she turned to Vanessa. ‘Isn’t that right?’


Vanessa turned to face Collins ‘Mr. Collins, I thought I told you to

personally take charge of dealing with any complaints made by the staff

but this… Lisa has just burst in disturbing me in the middle of a

phone conversation.’ Lisa stared at her wife incredulous.


Collins replied. ‘Yes, well I’m sorry; I only left her for a minute. It

won’t happen again.’


‘What the fuck!’ Vanessa cried. ‘You two! HELLO!’


‘It appears that she’s not very afraid of you if she thinks she can just

run away from her work like that. You told me that you would be able to

control her but now I’m left wondering. Maybe you should give me a

demonstration just to put my mind at rest.’


Collins eyes fell on Lisa, glinting, ‘Yes, that’s a great idea.’


He started to undo his belt buckle and pulled the belt away from his

jeans. Lisa backed across the room as she saw him double up the thick

leather, fear tightening her stomach. He moved towards her and she tried

to rush past him, but he grabbed her round the waist. She howled and

pounded his back as he lifted her through the air and dropped her down

on her knees next to the coffee table in front of Vanessa’s chair.

Lisa’s eyes shot up to her wife’s’ as she tried to clamber to her feet.


‘Vanessa, PLEASE stop this! Come on! Don’t let him do this.’ Collins

pushed Lisa back down and swore angrily as she scratched his arms. The

edges of Vanessa’s mouth twisted up into a smile.


‘Oh do be quiet Lisa! Take it like a… well… just take it.’


Collins knelt with one knee pinning Lisa’s lower legs to the ground. He

caught her flailing arms and transferred both of her wrists to his left

hand. He then pulled her arms up behind her back so that she was forced

to bend down low over the table. He pulled her skirt out of the way,

revealing her butt with only the thong for protection then he picked up

the belt and looked up at Vanessa.


Vanessa was leaning forward in interest, closely examining the flailing

form of her husband. Suddenly she noticed that Collins was waiting for a



‘Well go on then! Show her!’


Collins brought the belt down hard across Lisa’s buttocks and felt her

entire body jerk under his hand. Lisa howled in pain and her struggles

to get free became even more desperate, but still did little other than

to make her body writhe and her butt jiggle in a way Collins found very

hot. The second blow was the same and Lisa’s head turned to face

Vanessa, who was transfixed by the display.


The third blow was much harder and it seemed to knock the breath out of

Lisa. Suddenly she felt like everything was moving in slow motion. She

felt her thin body shaking like a frightened animal’s. She felt the cold

air around her stocking tops. She felt Collins stroke her butt again

with his hand, his finger running up the lacy material of her thong,

over her anus this time. Then a seconds’ pause before she felt the belt

come down again, then the wave of pain half a second later. She heard

herself cry out as if it was coming from somebody else far away. She

could see the black satin of her uniform in the corner of her vision.

She felt Collins remove his leg from hers, only to replace it in a

different position and pull her arms down a bit, pushing her bottom

further out and up, closer to his hands, closer to the belt. Then the

belt again, lower down towards the top of her thighs, this time the pain

seared through her like he had used a red-hot poker. She turned to see

her wife’s face watching her belting with glee. She felt her breathing

start to come in quick gasps, she was having trouble catching her

breath. The feeling was so overwhelming that by the time she had

realised what was going to happen next, it was too late to stop it. She

felt her breathing jerk and her shoulders wrack and then with horror she

realised she was going to start crying.


Lisa tried to keep her sobs silent in the useless hope that Collins

wouldn’t notice. Vanessa looked down at her then held her hand out to

stop Collins’s belt from falling again.


‘Hold on, I think…’ she smiled, fascinated, ‘Oh yes, she IS!’ Vanessa

clapped her hands together in glee. ‘Yes, she’s going to start crying!’


Vanessa began to chuckle and Lisa’s sobs became clearly audible. Her

body jerked as her frustration, anger and fear all came out at once.

Tears rolled down her face and she began sobbing loudly.


Vanessa seemed to be in heaven. ‘Did the nasty man make you cry? You’re

a pathetic little sissy, I’d be embarrassed if I wasn’t having so much

fun.’ she turned to Collins who had stopped belting her and was watching

her weep. ‘Go on then, drive the point home!’


Lisa turned her face to implore Collins. ‘NO! NO! Please don’t, please

I’m begging you, don’t AAARGH!’


The belt fell again on her bare behind.


‘Please stop it!’ Lisa begged breathlessly. ‘Please let me go, I’ll

clean the house, I’ll do whatever you want, just please, don’t hurt me

any more.’


‘Whatever I want?’


Lisa hesitated for a second realising what she had said. Collins raised

the belt and Lisa, seeing his hand go up started to shout quickly.


‘No, NO please, whatever you wa-AAH!’ The belt knocked the words out of

her mouth and replaced them with another wave of tears. ‘I’ll do…

whatever… you want.’


‘Do you want me to stop then?’


‘YES, please for god’s sake, please… stop.’ she sniffed


‘Now remember, say “Yes, please Mr. Collins”.’


Lisa shook her head as she lay there. She contemplated telling him where

to stick his Mr. Collins, but she admitted to herself that she couldn’t

take anymore of the belt. A fresh wave of tears hit her as she realised

she was going to have to give this bastard what he wanted again.


The words came out through gritted teeth and between sobs. ‘Yes

please… Mr… Collins’


‘Okay, good. Now I’m not going to have to tell you again about how to

address me, am I?’


‘No Mr. Collins.’


‘Because now you know what will happen to you if you don’t do things

exactly the way I like them, don’t you Lisa?’


Lisa tried to convince herself that he was referring to the windows.

‘Yes Mr. Collins.’


Vanessa stood up smiling and patted Mr. Collins on the back as she

walked past him. ‘You see Lisa, I wasn’t bluffing. Mr Collins really is

going to make sure you do your job properly, whatever it takes!’ Vanessa

knelt down next to Lisa, put her hands on her shoulders and leant over

to talk quietly to her. ‘And I was watching, he seemed to really enjoy

belting you so you’d better be careful!’ She turned round and smiled at

Collins then leant very close to Lisa to whisper in her ear. ‘And he had

a huge hard on!’ Lisa’s sobs began again


‘W-what do you mean Vanessa?’


Vanessa rolled her eyes and hissed quietly. ‘Do I have to spell it out

to you?’ Lisa didn’t move and Vanessa shook her head. ‘I get someone to

make sure you keep the house clean, and he gets… God you really are a

stupid little sissy, aren’t you.’ Vanessa started to get up.


‘Vanessa, please, what do you mean?’


‘Lisa, don’t expect to be able to talk to me from now on, if you want

anything, you’ll go through Mr. Collins. I’m tired, I think I’m going to

bed. You two have fun together! I’ll see you in the morning.’


Lisa turned her head to face her wife, confused at what these words

meant, she looked up at Collins fearfully and then back at the

retreating figure of her wife. She decided she needed to stop her even

if it meant another beating. Just as Vanessa was about to close the

door, Lisa called out to her weakly. ‘Vanessa!’


Vanessa turned to her. ‘WHAT NOW, Lisa?’


Lisa looked up again at Collins then back to Vanessa. ‘Where am I going

to sleep?’


Vanessa’s eyes lit up and she snapped her fingers. ‘Thank you, Lisa, I

nearly forgot! Wait here, I left something in the hall.’ She walked out

and returned a few seconds later carrying a shopping bag. ‘Okay, Lisa,

since you and Mr. Collins are getting on so well, I’ve no objection if

you share the spare bedroom together.’


Lisa’s eyes nearly popped out and she started to get up from the table

until Collins gave her a threatening look and she stayed where she was.




‘No, it’s okay Lisa, I know what you’re worried about. All your pyjamas

are locked up with me in our old bedroom now, I know, but don’t worry!’

She held up the bag. ‘I went shopping for you today!’


Vanessa pulled out a hangar bearing a transparent red chiffon baby doll

trimmed with black lace. Lisa froze. Vanessa brought it over and laid it

down on the table just in front of Lisa who regarded it with horror.


‘See, it’s got matching panties. A bit see-through I admit but I want

you to make a good impression.’ Lisa looked from the lingerie to Vanessa

and then over to Collins.


‘Say thank-you to the mistress, Lisa.’ said Collins, smiling with his

belt in his hand.


Lisa’s mouth flapped open and shut. She shook her head as if trying to

sober up, then she looked up at Vanessa. ‘Um… Thank-you, mistress.’


Vanessa smiled back. ‘You’re welcome Lisa.’ She turned to Collins and

handed him a box from the shopping bag and muttered quietly. ‘I imagine

she’s probably going to need loosening up a bit.’


Collins looked at the box and then smiled up at her. ‘Very thoughtful,

thanks. You have a good night’s sleep now ma’am.’


‘Thank-you Collins, goodnight.’


Lisa watched the door close then she slowly turned her head to face

Collins. He sat down on the sofa and opened the box. He pulled out the

contents and Lisa realised with horror that Vanessa had given him a butt

plug. Collins held it in front of his face and examined it critically

from several angles, then he reached back into the box and pulled out

something which looked like a key ring. Lisa saw him press the thing

between his fingers and saw the butt plug vibrating wildly. Collins

laughed at this, looked up at Lisa thoughtfully then back at the plug.


‘Lisa! Can you dance?’